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"gooney guy agent j" Discussed on Agent Academy - An Ingress Podcast

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04:14 min | 10 months ago

"gooney guy agent j" Discussed on Agent Academy - An Ingress Podcast

"Thirtieth. Two Thousand Twenty. I'm agent Gooney Guy Agent J and tonight we're GonNa talk about the ingress virtual first Saturday which were co sponsoring with this other. Podcasts prime tips. Has Anybody heard of this? It's a hack. He's a hack. That of course is the podcast that do we. J. Puts out so if you're not subscribed you should go subscribe to it and listen to it but I would say I just getting. That was the old name like Youtube. I they would all yell that in that when the videos posted not all just the first person where it wouldn't really make sense. So how was your week? Do J. Pretty good of course work work work. I did do a little work for coming first. Saturday created a virtual mission which I've had one person go through and he's wasn't too bad. It wasn't horrible. I well I'll let you talk to that. We get to that point. I did get to some old school. Ingress saying I got to do this weekend. Yeah actually on Tuesday. One of the agents. That disappeared might. That's the flow of Nemesis. Cy News Anyway he came. I think I don't know. He must have been driving somewhere something but he came out of the woodwork and dirt up the cell and through a bunch of links through a little bit of feeling. And I'm like well now. I've got something I can do so I blew off work on the part of the morning on Tuesday and stuff up through five layers then went to work so so. It's good to be out there doing that stuff and I did it responsibly. I got out of the car one time. Nobody around and so I was able to Congress the whole thing so that was good and just getting ready for this podcast and her Saturday. Let some of this a lot of work. She's been he's been killing gremlins left and right. I haven't heard of any cuss words but they were close. I say under my breath. Okay smurfs. Well I just got and vein. Were you locked up in the House all week? Again Kirk much. Yeah I mean I am trying to limit the amount of church said I'm taking so unless it is going to the grocery store which only doing trying once a month at this point. It's like wait and just going outside to to rock so try not to use the car the one or two times. I have gone out trying to hit a trails. Its use it on the days where it's raining. Where typically the only person out crazy enough to be going a couple of miles in the rain there is still a decent amount of folks out so I think a lot of people are using the trails as just extra middle housebreak during all this. I can't really blame them. But I'm seeing very the lack of masks out there so that is kinda annoying. Yeah I haven't heard the term but I think it's I think people are starting to feel that cabin fever. You know the ice is broken. We get out. We just need to move down here in Alabama. They don't give a flip and you know they're like People can go to work now except for these few businesses. That are the few that can't work from home and I'm like everyone else that you're saying of go back in the pretty much have learned how to work from home or they're out of a job so. I don't know how much that makes sense down here that it's crazy. So you all.

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