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‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Law & Order’ actor Paul Sorvino dies at 83

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‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Law & Order’ actor Paul Sorvino dies at 83

"Actor Paul sorvino known for his roles in Goodfellas and on Law & Order has died of natural causes in Jacksonville Florida according to his publicist serving was 83 I'm Margie Szaroleta with the latest You know that you're only out early because I got you a job Not only does he Paul sorvino knew that no matter what role he played everyone would think of him playing a gangster as he did in Goodfellas serving said in a 1997 interview that was not him I'm really a comedian but the thing that strikes the hardest is the Goodfellas and the thing that I guess has a bigger impression on your psyche is the guy who can scare the life out of you Sorvino loved to sing but said he could not bring it to the level he wanted serving was the father of actor Mira Sorvino and famously broke down in tears when she won an

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