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Tarasenko scores twice, Blues beat Coyotes 5-1

AP News Radio

00:39 sec | 4 months ago

Tarasenko scores twice, Blues beat Coyotes 5-1

"Barbara Barbara Barbara Barbara bush bush bush bush Davidson Davidson Davidson Davidson Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir Tarasenko Tarasenko Tarasenko Tarasenko led led led led the the the the blue blue blue blue square square square square sheet sheet sheet sheet in in in in a a a a five five five five one one one one down down down down into into into into the the the the coyotes coyotes coyotes coyotes Tarasenko Tarasenko Tarasenko Tarasenko provided provided provided provided the the the the eventual eventual eventual eventual game game game game winner winner winner winner while while while while St St St St Louis Louis Louis Louis scored scored scored scored four four four four unanswered unanswered unanswered unanswered goals goals goals goals in in in in the the the the second second second second period period period period which which which which maybe maybe maybe maybe Chad Chad Chad Chad in in in in the the the the Golan Golan Golan Golan to to to to assist assist assist assist for for for for the the the the blues blues blues blues who who who who move move move move within within within within three three three three points points points points of of of of the the the the wild wild wild wild for for for for second second second second place place place place in in in in the the the the central central central central division division division division Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota has has has has a a a a game game game game in in in in hand hand hand hand Robert Robert Robert Robert Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas had had had had two two two two assists assists assists assists giving giving giving giving him him him him at at at at least least least least two two two two points points points points in in in in seven seven seven seven of of of of his his his his last last last last ten ten ten ten games games games games just just just just as as as as a a a a team team team team we're we're we're we're we're we're we're we're playing playing playing playing really really really really well well well well and and and and you you you you know know know know chances chances chances chances are are are are coming coming coming coming coming coming coming coming from from from from everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere everyone's everyone's everyone's everyone's having having having having good good good good looks looks looks looks at at at at once once once once you you you you know know know know chipping chipping chipping chipping in in in in offensively offensively offensively offensively Philly Philly Philly Philly who's who's who's who's so so so so turned turned turned turned back back back back twenty twenty twenty twenty one one one one shots shots shots shots and and and and blanked blanked blanked blanked Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona until until until until next next next next March March March March beat beat beat beat him him him him three three three three oh oh oh oh nine nine nine nine into into into into the the the the final final final final period period period period I'm I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

Barbara Barbara Barbara Barbar Bush Bush Bush Davidson Davidson Davidso Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir Vla Blue Blue Blue Blue Square Squ Coyotes Coyotes Coyotes Tarasenko Tarasenko Tarasenko Minnesota St St St St Louis Louis Louis Chad Chad Chad Chad Golan Golan Golan Golan Robert Robert Robert Robert Th Philly Philly Philly Philly Arizona Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie
Fentanyl-laced cocaine sickens 6 on spring break in Florida

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Fentanyl-laced cocaine sickens 6 on spring break in Florida

"Police in fort Lauderdale Florida say at least one person is in critical condition and six people overdosed on cocaine laced with fentanyl police were called to a vacation rental house during spring break there were multiple people in cardiac arrest in the front yard this witness spoke to WPLG TV in a couple dudes laid out a couple of girls I believe they're blonde came and picked up a couple of guys back in the house fort Lauderdale fire battalion chief Steve Golan says two of the people who overdosed got sick because they tried to give CPR to the initial overdose victims these are healthy young adults you know a lot of college students and the prime of their life and getting this drug into their system you know that there it's unknown what the recovery will be on the critical individual the CDC says fentanyl is fifty to one hundred times stronger than morphine and is meant to treat severe pain it also slows a person's breathing and heart rate I bet Donahue

Wplg Tv House Fort Lauderdale Fire Bat Steve Golan Fort Lauderdale Florida CDC Donahue
Hughes scores 2, lifts Devils past Blackhawks in OT

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Hughes scores 2, lifts Devils past Blackhawks in OT

"Jack Hughes capped his two goal performance by scoring less than a minute into overtime completing the devils four three win over the Blackhawks I get to own one for most the ranks you know so I have a lot of options going through my mind during the skate and surf you know gravy drove that stuff you know I have the patience and kind of move the Golan hi ninety nine after that Dougie Hamilton scored on his first shot is the devil and Andreas Johnsson gave his team a three one lead early in the third period Hamilton scored just seventeen seconds into the game the fastest goal by a devil in his team debut the hawks gained a point when Dominic bahkan Kirby dach tallied in the final three fifty three of regulation Jonathan Bernier made twenty four saves for the devils on the ferry

Jack Hughes Dougie Hamilton Andreas Johnsson Blackhawks Devils Dominic Bahkan Kirby Dach Hamilton Hawks Jonathan Bernier
Donald Trump Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for the Abraham Accords

The Eric Metaxas Show

02:58 min | 11 months ago

Donald Trump Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for the Abraham Accords

"Question. I wanna ask you and you can go anywhere you want. But when people talk about the abraham accords. I'm not sure. I understand the significance of that. I haven't heard much about it. Tell us what's your perspective on that. What did trump achieve anything. Well the media did a terrible job covering most important storage game. Changing set of arab-israeli peace agreements in a generation re literally have not had an arab-israeli peace accord in twenty five years We've only had two prior egypt and jordan and president trump who was told by everybody in the peace industry in washington. You'll make the middle east worse you'll never make peace. You don't know what you're doing. You're a moron. And yet he accomplished four arab israeli peace agreements plus an agreement between kozo a muslim majority but non arab country and israel. It's extraordinary what trump pulled out and eric. You know this about me. In sixteen i was a sharp critic of trump. i would've considered myself a never-trumper. But i did would always know whether never-trumper did i said. Okay i have these deep concerns about him but let's let's pray for him every day and let's see how he how how he does. When i sat with them in the oval office a scene described in this book. I told him that. I'd been a never-trumper now eric. You know the man. How often does the term never-trumper get used with mr trump in his presence particularly in the oval office because judging from the looking at his is not that often. But i said to him. Listen i didn't believe your promises. I didn't trust you. But i've been stunned by what you've accomplished and i began rattling these things off. Let's just take a few right. The abraham accord had not yet happened. But we were trending there. It was clear to me that he was going to be able to pull these things off. Four arab-israeli agreements. Okay plus destroying the isis kathy. Liberating five million christians and muslims and yazidi from the reign of terror of isis taking out the isis terror. Commander abu bacher all-body taking out the top iranian terror general qasim sulamani ripping up the iran nuclear deal of imposing a maximum pressure sanctions campaign against iran. Moving the us embassy from talbot to jerusalem recognizing israel sovereign rights over the golan heights. And i could go on. And on as i do in enemies and is i believe. Trump deserves a nobel peace prize for the abraham accords. I doubt that he's going to get it. But if you don't win a nobel peace prize for creating peace with four arab countries and israel. What's the price

Trumper Kozo Donald Trump Mr Trump Eric Egypt Jordan Middle East Israel Oval Office Washington Commander Abu Bacher Qasim Sulamani Abraham Iran Talbot Golan Heights Jerusalem United States
The Link Between Cancel Culture and Supremacy

The Eric Metaxas Show

02:02 min | 1 year ago

The Link Between Cancel Culture and Supremacy

"Okay evan so you were making a point about the democratic party and the nazis and it's hard for me to believe that this is happening in america it's disturbing but finish your point you're making it is it is beyond disturbing it actually looking back and say this is something else that george orwell recognized. Is that look all of these cultures. All supremacist movements are cancelled cultures. Nazism was cancelled culture. Stalin was a cancelled culture. Maoism was cancelled. Cultures lamaism is a cancelled bolger. The only difference. Is that the technologies available to the nazis to to missed scotland's to the maoists were primitive. They didn't have the technology that we have today which is exactly what was warning about so they can accomplish the same ends. Using far less bloody and far less obvious means so for example. You know why hitler put the jews into ghettos. It was to remove their voice for the community so that they could not counter the lies of the narrative of the narrative of supremacists with their humanity. Well that's i am now right now as we speak in on. my voice has been removed from twitter permanently. I cannot account the lies that are on twitter humanity. I am sitting right now. In in sucker bruce gulag serving the same purposes the golan to remove by voice from the community so the fact that they don't have to build dr towers they want to build railroad tracks. They looked to build logs. Man mental institutions. Those are just a primitive technologies that were available to those earlier cancelled. Colts lesser burgum courses. Jewish at you. Evan said are. It's tremendously ironic. Isn't it that we have people unaware of what they're doing. I mean the idea that your fellow jew is employing the same tactics that the national socialist did accept more effectively. It's it's horrifying thing to think

George Orwell Evan Democratic Party Stalin Bruce Gulag Dr Towers America Scotland Twitter Colts
"golan  " Discussed on Overdue


05:03 min | 1 year ago

"golan " Discussed on Overdue

"There's as big storm. The objects have started coalescing into like golan's they're called gatherings there's no there's like okay. I'm going to read your description. The long thin man wasn't a person he wasn't a person at all he. It was a collection of things it was made of metal of pipes springs of gears and pistons mechanical being consisting of so many things brought together with some sort of engine inside. Its top hat was along with. A lid and a little steam was coming out of it. There was many small objects. Attached who has large metal pipes barnacles upon his ships whole there was a corkscrew. A clay pipe. There was a magnifying glass. There was a ball string and apron a great hook hanging from tat swinging before the face like a monocle. I quite seriously what it's face was now. It had no real face was polished brass plate and i think it's belly is like a bathtub or something is just my garbage has unionized helped me a and this is kind of these. These things represent a sort of magic gathering. You might say. I would like to tap out of this conversation. Yeah well okay. If there's going to be a short one you said before the show to curse cursor episode length than we should wrap up cheese. Well anyway it's it really takes us like fantastical leap where you're getting some interesting stuff about the world building in about this cookie house and about the servant dynamics and there's also this really kind of like arch language that i think you may have gotten tastes of in the like snippets..

Evanta Malbec 2019

The CheapWineFinder Podcast

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Evanta Malbec 2019

"We've got a very inexpensive wine. The vonda e. v. a. n. t. a. mullebeck twenty nineteen from mendoza argentina. It's from all d. And of course it sells for four dollars and forty nine cents four fifty. They found a way to get a penny under that much. So there you go so it's very cheap wine ma back from mendoza's good. I mean they have a ton of mullebeck rape. There's been years all over the place. You're doing a young lines. Twenty nine thousand nine vintage those wines are plentiful. Those grapes are plentiful so to get a good wine from there isn't unexpected. This puts this wine in at four forty nine this puts in this in the two buck. Chuck charles shaw category. Because he got to pay importer and they got to ship it up margin tina to plug chuck house. We central coast california. It's a little bit. There's some cost associated there that are savings so so i didn't know what to expect with it and it's actually pretty good. It's not a complicated one. What what you get is what you get up bra. It's all the way through the wine put. It's not bad taste is pretty good. It's got some toasty vanilla oak things going on which is which is oak barrel flavoring and at four dollars and forty nine cents. I doubt if they entry used barrels they are kind of expensive. And there's no room in poor forty nine wind for that and there's other ways you can get oak flavoring in and at four for you. Don't care been whatever way they used to get that labor there. It's much appreciate emmett. Take a sip. It's kinda smooth. It's scannel medium bodied. it's got really rich. Black cherry flavor scott. Some black pepper's sop spice. Maybe maybe some cranberry towards the end of it. You know no midfeld like that but it does taste good. It's four forty nine people in europe place where they drink wine bottle wine with their every meal every lunch. Dinner only moved a couple of euros for those those wives. I mean they're made go with know. Pay four forty nine for their wines. So you know when you think about that. You shouldn't be surprised when a wine that's very expensive tastes pretty good and and not being complex. This would go with burgers pizza. You know chicago got we have als beep beep or for tillers would another place where struggled to have this one rack that would make make gay ordinary a dinner even better minute drinks fight on its own. Sometimes food. wine doesn't drink that great because it's not meant to drink graves spent bear with putin and this actually from four forty nine kind of handles both things. If there's a lot of mullebeck some good wineries and argentina the entry level mullebeck. That are really good. And i wouldn't put this up there with the best of the wineries foot as a four forty nine mall beckett actually is fine. I mean if you're at a budget you know you're having a party four bottles of this for twenty bucks in home. People are not going to complain. You ask you how much the wind class golan's guessing four fifty good

Chuck Charles Shaw Chuck House Coast California Mendoza Argentina MA Tina Emmett Black Cherry Scott Europe Chicago Putin Beckett Golan
The Celtics are "gonna love" Tristan Thompson

The Cedric Maxwell Podcast

01:07 min | 1 year ago

The Celtics are "gonna love" Tristan Thompson

"You know, I think we're still look at the cellphone right now. How are they going to be? I mean a lot has got you Tristan Thompson comes in. I think he comes in and elevates your game defensively, you know as much as I love woke answer as a a rebounder Tristan Thompson is just as good rebounding the basketball but he's much better defensively on a question. I talk to Jim troubles about this how many times do we see off when cancer was playing against Miami and dragash? They would make that switch a drug is in cancer to get. Oh my God, it was a it was a foul waiting to happen, especially cuz when you get in on the slope and that pick-and-roll, I mean he would just get torched. Yeah. Yeah, and and that's something that you can't do that with Thompson Thompson is very good. I talked to my My buddy Jim Jones who is my counterpart with Cleveland and dust radio form. He played there for a while. He said you're going to love Tristan Thompson in the annex. The Golan is in now. It's a man. We just on the floor. He's all about business. Yeah,

Sports NBA Celtics Boston Tristan Thompson Cancer Thompson Thompson Basketball JIM Miami Jim Jones Cleveland Golan
Turkey Jails Hundreds for Life Over 2016 Coup Attempt

PBS NewsHour

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Turkey Jails Hundreds for Life Over 2016 Coup Attempt

"Today In Turkey, a court found hundreds of defendants guilty of taking part in 2016 failed coup attempt. A total of 475 defendants have been on trial for three years more than 300 were given life in prison. Sweeping trial was part of a government crackdown that's jailed Thousands. Relatives of the convicted insisted today that many are innocent. No, But you said Mr Daley Aroma Muslim Brahmin. They were convicted today for life despite not participating in the coup attempt, despite fighting against the coup by locking themselves in a room to avoid aiding the two efforts. They were very young when they were thrown in prison. 24 25 now they're convicted for life. How do you explain this in the spirit of justice? Turkish President Richard Tie affair. The one accuses the clerics that to the Golan of orchestrating the uprising. Glenn is based in the United States and denies any involvement.

Mr Daley Turkey Richard Tie Golan Glenn United States
Trump Administration Labels Movement To Boycott Israel 'Anti-Semitic'

Morning Edition

03:36 min | 1 year ago

Trump Administration Labels Movement To Boycott Israel 'Anti-Semitic'

"Martin. The clock is running out on the Trump administration. But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is making pro Israel policies that could last after he's gone. Pompeo has spent a couple of days in Israel this week and in areas under Israeli occupation, which is a controversial move in and of itself, and he is stepping up U. S support for Jewish settlements. That could complicate things for the incoming Biden administration. NPR's Daniel Estrin joins us Now from Jerusalem, Daniel Good morning. Good morning. So, as you know, everywhere, a top U. S official goes in the Middle East is seen as symbolic in some way by some party, Which is why these itineraries air so carefully planned. Having said that it with that context, Where has Pompeo gone? A lot of symbolic places. First of all, he visited the museum affiliated with the U. S evangelicals, and he was the most senior U. S official to visit the Golan Heights, which Israel annexed from Syria, and most countries do not recognize that but the Trump administration has. He also was the most high that the highest ranking U. S official to visit an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. He visited an Israeli settler winery, which has a wine label called Pompeo. That's an honor of pump. Oh, saying that Jewish settlements in the West Bank are legitimate. Now. Activists point out that the vineyards of that settlement winery are on lands that Palestinian land owners say are there's Thea's Railly, who runs the winery lives in a home on a Palestinian landowner's property, they say, so there's even an Israeli demolition order on on that home. And the bigger context. Most countries say that the very presence of Israeli settlements on occupied land violates international law and hurts the chances of Palestinians being able to establish their own state there. But Pompeo signed the winery guestbook, referring to the West Bank by its biblical name. He sees this as the land of the Bible, and there's speculation he's thinking about a presidential run in 2024. So perhaps these visits can help him with evangelical voters. It's not just where he's going right. It's what he's saying to he's announcing new new policies. That's right. He made two new Decorah declarations. He said that a pro Palestinian movement to boycott Israel is anti Semetic. Now, most or many U. S. States have passed laws against these kinds of Israel boycotts and some boycott supporters. Say that Israel should not exist as a Jewish state boycotters say this anti Semitic label is wrong and an attempt to delegitimize a nonviolent protest in support of Palestinians. Of the second declaration that Pompeo made is that when the U. S imports products like wines, for instance, from Jewish settlements in the West Bank, they must be labeled as made in Israel. Now the West Bank is not Israel. Israel has not officially annexed those lands. But here again, Pompeo is siding with the Israel's claims to the land. So how how is all this going to box in the incoming Biden administration? Pompeo is clearly trying to cement you know his view and the administration's view of settlements before leaving office, And this does point put Biden in a bind. One Israeli settler leader compared it to chests and Pompeo declaring check. So now it's Biden's move. He has opposed settlement expansion, and if he reverses these policies that could lead to tensions with Israelis. Of course, Pompeii was not the only one trying to influence the Biden administration. Now I should mention that Palestinians themselves are taking steps to create warm relations and the Palestinians just re established security and economic ties with Israel that could Be something that buy them would would recognize and and

Pompeo Trump Administration Israel West Bank Mike Pompeo Daniel Estrin Daniel Good Biden Thea's Railly U. Golan Heights NPR Martin Jerusalem Middle East Syria Bible Biden Administration
Pompeo on Golan Heights: ‘This is a part of Israel, and a central part of Israel’

NBC Nightly News

00:47 sec | 1 year ago

Pompeo on Golan Heights: ‘This is a part of Israel, and a central part of Israel’

"Overseas secretary of state. Mike pompeo step into controversy visiting the disputed west bank and golan heights firmly taking israel's side in the long conflict over those territories with more on that here's andrea mitchell. Today secretary of state. Mike pompeo trying to make it harder for the president elect to reverse the trump foreign policy becoming the highest ranking. Us official to set foot in an israeli settlement land. The palestinians also claim in the west bank settlements can be done in a way that are lawful and appropriate and improper another. First pompeo. Also visiting the golan heights. Viewed by most of the world has occupied syrian land. president trump recognized. The previous presence refused to do that. This is a part of israel in the central part of israel

Mike Pompeo Golan Heights Andrea Mitchell West Bank Israel United States
Pompeo becomes first top US diplomat to visit Israeli settlement, labels boycotts anti-Semitic

Mike Gallagher

00:44 sec | 1 year ago

Pompeo becomes first top US diplomat to visit Israeli settlement, labels boycotts anti-Semitic

"Secretary of State Pompeo, visiting Israel says the U. S. Will regard the Palestinian led boycott movement is anti Semitic and will cut support to any organization taking part in the movement. BBC is your landed. Nell is in Jerusalem. It follows Mr Pompeo, saying last year that settlements weren't necessarily illegal under international law breaking from decades of U. S foreign policy. Palestinian leaders called the plan a provocation and said it would set a dangerous precedent that already been protests. It's also suggested that Mr Pompeo will go to the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Which was officially recognized by Washington is part of Israel on his watch, and Pompeo is visited at Israeli West Bank settlement, becoming the first top

Secretary Of State Pompeo Mr Pompeo U. S. Nell Israel BBC Jerusalem U. Golan Heights Pompeo Israeli West Bank Washington
Israel strikes Syrian, Iranian targets in Syria, military says

Richard Eeds

00:26 sec | 1 year ago

Israel strikes Syrian, Iranian targets in Syria, military says

"Say they have sent another message to Iran. That message came in the form of air strikes in Syria that killed several military personnel, according to reports. Israeli military officials say the strike's targeted Iranian forces operating in Syria as well a Syrian defense installations. The strikes were ordered after Israeli soldiers found explosive devices along their border with Syria in the occupied Golan Heights. I'm Bill's emperor. Astronomers want to put

Syria Iran Golan Heights Bill
Israel strikes Syria, killing 3 troops, after finding bombs

Hugh Hewitt

00:54 sec | 1 year ago

Israel strikes Syria, killing 3 troops, after finding bombs

"Israeli warplanes struck Iran back targets in Syria overnight after troops uncovered roadside bombs along the frontier and the Golan Heights from Jerusalem. The VCs, Yolanda Nelle and Israeli military spokesman said Fighter jets hit eight targets, including arms depots, military headquarters and surface to air missile batteries. Western intelligence sources suggest Israel has stepped up strikes on Syria this year with Washington's approval in an effort to check Iran's military reach. The Israeli military spokesman said Three explosive devices were found near an Israeli military position in the Golan Heights on Tuesday on that they were planted on Iranian orders. Israel rarely acknowledges or discusses such military operations. With this time, officials appear anxious to publicize the discovery of the bombs and the retaliatory strikes as a message to Iran and its proxy

Yolanda Nelle Golan Heights Syria Iran Jerusalem Israel Washington
Overwatch League: MuZe picked up by LA Gladiators

Blackwatch Report

01:08 min | 1 year ago

Overwatch League: MuZe picked up by LA Gladiators

"On saturday more positive news muse formerly of technically attornal academy but also before that talent and currently played on two hundred. Ms the cream team playing in contenders was officially picked up today. Like not even more than an hour ago to the la gladiator. So get another big. Call up here A player that we didn't get too much opportunity to see because two hundred. Ms first off. Because they're playing two hundred milliseconds ping did not do particularly well in na contenders but that doesn't necessarily mean he's not going to be a good player. Some people are really hyped on this pickup. I am still a little. Like i haven't seen too much great things from him in recent years not years but like in recent times But like back in the day he was really good. I think this was Town when they went to the golan did super duper well there so i think he's a solid player. I think he just had some rough goes recently. So that turns out well. I can wear my. La gladiators hoodie again.

Attornal Academy Golan
Episode 136 Mega Movie Monster Mania pt 1 - burst 16

The Moratorium

03:17 min | 1 year ago

Episode 136 Mega Movie Monster Mania pt 1 - burst 16

"Or Bose Davidson whatever you. WanNa call it Yeah and the reason why I chose this is my second film. Today is because Bows Davidson, our boas whatever you WANNA call him. I think, I think you're right. But he also directed the last American Virgin Okay with a girl from twin peaks with the girl from twin peaks and Diane Franklin as well. But if you look down on that list also, Brian Peck, who was the director of the willies the writer and director is also in last American Virgin while and that was not planned I did not follow this movie to get to that movie somehow it just happened to have a weird coincidence. Weird Yeah I had no idea that Scuz- wrote directed at those crazy but it's the only thing they ever let him do. So right at that. Okay. You're done bows or boas whatever you WANNA call him and we gotta find out we really do the sky has been around for awhile. He's produced a ton of films the other to the Golan Globus skies probably just like Oh yeah. They just mountains of cocaine just we'll see what we can put together He directed a movie called Hot Bubblegum. Not Even GonNa read it sounds disgusting in his producing credits you're you're looking at all. A Weird Shit Ya. I don't know where to start. But a lot of horror stuff to walk pos spiders to breeding ground. replicant which I think we've talked about before that. Now that was a van Damme movie yeah. No Code of conduct that is a Golan Globus film. Okay. Sure. Yeah. And hold on a second holy Shit Sorry. Should not have brought that up no code of conduct was written and directed by Bret Michaels of poison. Why? I shouldn't have clicked on that Charlie Sheen and Martin. Shane marked the Costas. I'm sorry. Paul gleason courtney gains I should not click on that I. Apologize Everyone please just fast forward this podcast for another three or four minutes because I'm not going to be able to stop talking about this for a few. So just fast forward and. Put like a child walk on it or. Bret michaels. You should be should be ashamed of your so I should. But there's a ton of movies that this guy did but he also did a bunch of the Rambeau Shit I. Mean he produced I thought they were like three or four Rambos, but there's so much shit. I'm Kinda blind with how much has on there's probably five ramble. and. I could beginning him mixed up with somebody else to you now disregard this. I'm glad we don't have to try to say his name anymore the x

Bose Davidson Diane Franklin Brian Peck Scuz Twin Peaks Davidson Bret Michaels Paul Gleason Courtney Golan Costas Charlie Sheen Shane Martin
Data privacy careers: A passion for learning

Cyber Work

03:00 min | 2 years ago

Data privacy careers: A passion for learning

"Lot of our listeners, the main slant of cyber cyber. Listener, working out what type of careers they want to enter? So I wanted to sort of. You. Know some of the career steps that you took to get to the position you're at now what types of positions experiences skills learning that you need to do to become a chief innovation officer? The sort of past signposts. Yeah. Well it certainly. Routes that is decided in wake up one morning any number of years ago. A vats where I want to be specific ob although you know it was it was in general arena if you would. Terms of getting to that place a large part of by. Three quarters of my my career path was very much on the practitioner side of the House. So let's say I was actively. Putting together the programs in medium security solutions to solve problems directly for the business. So in this capacity, it's it's. A lot of the skills learned from there kind of blow it out to do on a larger scale for for numerous organizations hundreds of. Thousands written that scale, and so some of the things that really helped me along the way was a very. Very, early understanding of technology and its interconnection point. So I. Don't know that everyone needs to necessarily you know the the different layers of the model, but it's helpful. Know that everyone needs to to know how to programs, but certainly advocate for it and so you know picking up those types of deep technology skill sets along the way along with the swerve just managerial skill sets. You know by the time you talk about you might position on is very helpful but. I still spend a lot of time learning a lot of time learning and I think not so much what? What the steps were to get here so much as the steps to to be good at what one does win they're they're not does require constant learning. So you programming for example. So I've been I've been getting my hands dirty in learning. Golan, for example. I'm actually really enjoying that Trying to think. Spent a Lotta time working with it. We've got a number of data scientists on the team in, and there are some new concepts in theories that spent the last two years really getting very deep into an understanding how how they operate you know how adversarial networks are created in those different types of emo models or building Sarah. I think the the easy easy. The short answer is regardless of where you want to end up I think it has to be A. Passion so much so that you have to enjoy getting really deep into the study of it as opposed to just the practice of it, but that does need to be be healthy balance of both studied MMG this. Yeah.

Chief Innovation Officer Golan Sarah
Enes Kanter: Enemy of the State

ESPN Daily

04:58 min | 2 years ago

Enes Kanter: Enemy of the State

"Jeremy SCHAAP WE'RE GONNA talk to and his canter himself later in this episode. But I I wanted to talk to you specifically because you did cover kanter story really in depth for sixty last year, and by now I suppose a lot of American Mba fans are vaguely aware that cantor is deep into this long-running feud with the government of Turkey, his native country. But most fans also probably couldn't explain what that viewed is actually about. So let's start off broadly because protests of all kinds have become kind of relatively commonplace in the NBA. What about kanter situation here mixed the so unique. Well Here. We have well established NBA player. Who is one of the most famous athletes his country's ever produced? Who cannot go back to his native country because he is someone who has every reason to believe if he set foot on Turkish soil now? You'll be arrested. Or that? Physical harm would come to him. And his canter made a decision a long time ago. that he would be a vocal outspoken in highly visible opponents of the Turkish government would sees him as nothing less than its enemy. And so what are the roots of this conflict between cantor and his home country? It's very simple and also very complicated. It's simple in the sense that cantor is persona non grata because he is a supporter. Of a man named Fatullah Doolan. Who is Muslim cleric whose lived in the United States last twenty, one years, and at one time was very close ally of president of Turkey but there has been a falling out between the two men and the respective movements. Over the course of the last decade aired one has been ruling in an increasingly authoritarian way. Silencing his critics, intimidating critics locking up opponents of his government's he's believed that Fatullah NHS movement has had too much power and he believes that ghoulish followers had too much influence particularly in the judiciary civil service in the police and that they have been working to undermine him grueling and air to honor now sworn enemies nemeses of each other. In an his canter as a supporter of Fatullah doolan vocal one at that. is considered by many intricacy as kind of traitor. How does cantor even get involved in this in the first place like you just described? An extreme religious political situation how does he end up taking side in this? Well, he's someone who grew up in fact as part of Fatullah Goulding's movement. The Movement had established schools by most counts, very good schools, not just in Turkey, but around the world and his cancer is someone who was educated in the schools someone who was associated with the movement as tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of Turks have been over the last several decades. Now, as an adult kanter has continued to follow the teachings of Fatullah, Golan, who has promoted a moderate form of Islam in NS is certainly one of if not his most prominent supporter. So Jeremy described a dispute between two men who knew each other well, the president of Turkey Air Lan and this cleric Fatullah Golan now struggling for control of the country. And the date July Fifteenth Two thousand sixteen is a really pivotal one in this story. So what happened on that day roughly four years ago now? The details are still now for years later. Unclear in some respects. But what we can say is that there was an attempt to seize power in Turkey. By some elements of the military, we are coming on the air with breaking news and apparent military coup. Now, unfolding in Turkey Turkish state television has been seized by the military martial law imposed across the country. After a few hours, the coup was beaten back several hundred people died. And prison air to one immediately laid the blame at the feet of Fatullah Golan and his supporters.

Cantor Turkey Kanter Fatullah Golan Fatullah Doolan Jeremy Schaap NBA Fatullah Turkey Air Lan Turkish Government President Trump Fatullah Goulding American Mba United States NHS
Call of Duty 2020 Teaser Site Updates With Cold War References

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Call of Duty 2020 Teaser Site Updates With Cold War References

"Call of duty twenty, twenty teaser site updates with cold war references and code to unlock a door in warzone. Keep in mind. The next teaser takes place tomorrow August fifteenth. Now, all the official reveal of call of duty twenty twenty has yet to happen. It's teaser site now features cold war references a hint of things to come and even a code that unlocks get this a door in call of duty warzone. What is his store? Where is it? What are the numbers? We got all those juicy details in this article if you over to pond takes pawn dot com slash TV you'll be greeted by old television set VCR, phone, Chesapeake, and computer. If you're wondering the videos here if you like I need to show notes. News Gadget, Dot Net, and then you could just click on the article. You can click on link we'll take you there The, TV displays static. But if you click on a VHS tape above the VCR with nineteen, sixty, one, sixty, two. A video appears onscreen with real life footage of JFK space race, the civil rights movement to Cuban missile crisis the crisis and more as the video continues to play certain numbers will flash on screen including thirty seven. Twenty five in forty eight additionally, the VCR will occasionally flashed a text. WBZ Hyphen H, six, hyphen, four, nine, two, eight, five, one, six, three. At Charlie, Intel on twitter followed these developing teases closely and it was discovered that the h six in the above code was a reference to the farmland location and call it duty warzone players including procedures key use the code from VCR that being four, nine, two, eight, five, one, six, three on a door farmhouse had a keypad and it hit a secret room with further clues. Where did it go? Oh While let's find out. Here it is. He founded. Punching numbers. Where is it going or it Golan? Let's take a look. The door opens. Are Som-, and that's all I can show. I know I mean. But this is I can't I can only show so much Some of the documents found in the room included a list of chemical components and Chemical compounds sorry and references to W-a-n-n-a, which was a US counterintelligence program that helped decrypt messages from the Soviet Union. There are five by five mattresses that use to decipher these codes and they make reference to other warzone locations including quarry born bone yard, and prison. Furthermore, two codewords. Zephyr in Trident were written on two of the documents and if you're wondering, do we have the documents? Yes they are eight here. Blow the TV. There is a sticky note that has tangled web an EMC to written on it, and if you go to those associated pages, it takes two to other pages with more INFO. And it's interesting. Know your history. It has been revealed. Arrested document has been redacted. All we got on day two. There are four more redacted lines possibly stating what we getting a new clue everyday until potential reveal possibly of Kala Duty Twenty, twenty on Wednesday August nineteenth. No Way. No Way I'm looking at this on Article Interesting interesting interesting while we officially are still wondering what in the world is going to be going on with call of duty twenty twenty. We do know one thing it is being developed by TRIARC and Raven software and will integrate with call of duty warzone. So. See. What happens what do you guys think? What are these clues? What are they trying to tell us? Where is this going to go? What kind of information can we be expecting at us? Even, know.

Twenty Twenty Dot Net Official United States Chesapeake SOM Soviet Union Intel Triarc Twitter
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"golan " Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"And have that relationship with american home shield shield but one of the great things about our coverage. Is you know we don't we don't offer any age restrictions on our warranty so you know you might have <hes> something that shows the home inspection as limited life expectancy. <hes> you know we cover that appliance or that system. You know thirty or thirty year old system just like we what a five year old system so we don't appreciate on the value that we pay out for that repair replacements and we don't have an obsolescence class so those are really great the areas that make us standout in the industry and we also i also look at the coverage that we offer to our clients. We offer the same comprehensive coverage across all plans. Our clients just need to determine what components what systems or appliances they want covered in their home. We offer undetectable pre existing conditions which a lot of other home warranty not companies out there. <hes> you know don't offer that so for us when our technician goes out to the home there's no mechanical tests require. Just a visual inspection action is required to determine the diagnosis of that item well. That's a big deal. I had a feeling consumers probably look at the home warranties a home warranty you either have it or you don't and that is absolutely not the case and they need to dive a little deeper. Don't they and find out what are the working parts of this home warranty him. I i will tell you that in the past i i i know this for a fact that <hes> other home warranty companies have approached the new homeowner and said we want to see a copy of your inspection report really we. We wanna see what the inspector said about the furnace or whatever i want us. We want to see it. I in addition to what they're doing and that'll determine what they cover saw <hes> having a good home warranty companies important in american home shield is a great mortgage company. They don't cover everything nobody does but they do a great job of working with people all to do that yeah hey kristy golan with american home shield wanna thank you for coming by to this has been great and informative live and i think <hes> anybody who doesn't have any familiarity with home warranties. I think to some great information here if somebody is interested in <hes> in getting a home warranty. Where do they go. What's number that they call. Ho- how do they go about doing that. They would absolutely go to our website at h. Dot com and they can get all the information available at that site real simple absolutely perfect perfect christie. Thank you so much. I learned stuff. That's for sure so thanks for listening listening to avoiding real estate turbulence. If you'd be so kind to subscribed review and rate we would appreciate it. Please share with your friends family and coworkers that they too can find us on apple podcast google podcast and spotify.

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"Hi the Golan Kaylee C. as Ellie from the Padres tended to elsewhere around the majors the Atlanta Braves now lead the National League east by seven full games after being the Reds four to one in a rain shortened affair Freddie Freeman went deep in that one newly acquired closer Sam Dyson blew his first save for the twin since being acquired at the trade deadline as the Marlins came back to shock Minnesota in the nine five to four the Indians fell to the astro seven to one starter Gerrit Cole improves to thirteen five the rays blasted the red Sox nine four makes a Nino and Austin meadows with fingers for Tampa Matt Chapman hit a slump busting two run Homer of Josh heater in the eighth giving the aids a five three win over the brewers the cardinal shut out the cubs eight to nothing to jump in the first in the National League central the Phillies beat the giants tended to the Mets won their seventh in a row for nothing over the white Sox and the blue jays took apart the Orioles eleven to two and Major League Baseball has handed down some punishments for a nasty brawl between the pirates in the Reds in Cincinnati Tuesday Pittsburgh earlier Keyon kill I received the biggest punishment a ten game ban after admitting he threw it a battered during the game Cincinnati reliever Amir Garrett earned an eight game suspension and former red Yasiel tweak picked up a three game suspension for their roles in the brawl no well it doesn't count in the standings NFL football returned for the first time this year last night with the drops a troll.

cubs Major League Tampa Austin meadows Minnesota NFL Amir Garrett Pittsburgh Cincinnati Baseball Orioles white Sox Mets giants Phillies Kaylee C. brewers Josh heater Matt Chapman red Sox
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"Golan Heights. All Israelis were deeply moved. When President Trump made us a start decision to recognize Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Therefore after the Passover holiday tend to bring to the government a resolution calling for a new commute. Unity on the Golan Heights named after president Donald J Trump. That's amazing. That's amazing. He's been Trump has been amazing on the Israel stuff. I mean, I better than anyone could have possibly imagined. I would have never guessed it. But I didn't wrong on really wrong on Israel. I had it nailed, but you'd really did miss that. I was disappointed the whole time. Yeah. It's it's incredible. I mean, you know, step by step this entire time. We're coming up on a year anniversary of him naming Jerusalem and opening the embassy in Jerusalem as the actual capital of the country. That says it's the capital, which is usually how we judge what the capital is a country. That's coming up in just a couple of weeks. We've got a great special coming up on that. It is a it's one of these things where you kind of step back and think wow. I mean, like all the president's all these times, both democrat and Republican who said that they would do the things that Donald Trump has gone gone ahead and actually done and it deserves a lot unqualified credit for what he's done with Israel. It's been incredible incredible. I'm blown away by I'm blown away and grateful really truly grateful, and.

President Trump Golan Heights Israel president Jerusalem
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"Chali, you just got back from Israel. What do you think of that? Statement by the prime minister, all I love it. People don't realize that the teacher imports Golan Heights. The Golan Heights mountain it still region that for years controlled by Syrian Paris and the lot bit in rockets into Jewish communities and during the conflict in the nineteen sixties I believe it was sixty seven war when the idea is really pushed back to countries that invaded them on their most holy day. They reclaimed the Golan Heights actually instrumental ports piece anti-cook back to go on hyphen that Hillary there's been less rockets terrorist attacks networks as president recognize Israel sovereignty over that land and the more important in more reason to celebrate now one of the towns being named after our president. I wish America loved Donald Trump is much of your life. Now. This. This is my next question. So I just in the break. I watched the video of your event last night with the Don jR, and with Kim to Guilfoil, and you the three of you when the event started men did they show you a lot of love at the university of Pennsylvania that was quite a standing ovation. I don't know if you as much of a recognizable rockstar in the Middle East. But how did when when when when America came up when you're talking to Israelis when Donald Trump came up show with a little bit about what you heard from cousins in the Middle East. They love Donald Trump get I mean, look, the the president has story way American interests and Israel's interest also out his presidency. Let it be canceling the Aram deal moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Funding the Palestinian Authority, not allowing rainy oil waivers purchased anymore. The open market, which is just us win in the last week. Go to go keeps by pieces foreign policy agenda and always on the side of America. On the side of western civilization, and Israel and all those things are one in the same. If you love freedom. Love America liberties, freedom expression, commerce, enterprise, private property rights freedom, you know, all the freedom to be joined the west you must love Israel. And it is the one beacon of hope in a region that they see tyranny on that does not respect the rights of people are free expression, democracy or have Republican any forms and the president deserves substrate recognition for his courageous and repeated fan by Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East if not the world, and it's just really amazing, Dr Gorka amount of vitriol and hatred. That is thrown even within our own country towards the president. And all they love President Trump. They love courage conviction. They loved his moral clarity. And I think some Americans can learn to appreciate our president more. When they see you know, how the people that really appreciate. What he's done for their country for man, who's probably giving at least a thousand speeches in the last two years. You you've got a good way with woods that c- of tyranny Charlie cook in the last sixty seconds. We have left show with our listeners. What are you doing tonight with twenty point USA tonight? We are at our final lead here at the university of Missouri. Nothing controversial ever happens here of cars. Couple years might remember a lot of campus protest that the nation actually rich this here with candy. Brandon Tatum are turning point USA Coleman issue of our campus class series coming right up against graduation. As many of your listeners probably preparing for right now and this out of the end part spring series of our campus clash, and then we'll be on our summer program where Dr you're speaking at a couple of events, I am, but my well, I don't I assume you're going to be showing up that tell me what you just tell me win. Board. You're always there and always invited. It's always on a pleasure. This will you give the America's team our love to Candice Owens, be safe for keep doing the Lord's work and bringing the principles of the Republic back to the next generation..

President Trump Israel president Golan Heights Middle East America prime minister Palestinian Authority Chali Charlie cook Paris Brandon Tatum USA Coleman Aram university of Pennsylvania Candice Owens USA
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"golan " Discussed on News Radio 1190 KEX

"About stuff like that? Why who who is it that, you know, who's privy to this information is that what it is a new someone from the inside? Yeah. From the inside. And then who knew this that wasn't. That was not the best performing stuff names zoo. Since late March shares in zoom technologies so called penny. Stock whose ticker symbol is. Mm-hmm. Jumped twenty seven thousand percent. On March twenty I assure of technologies traded less than a penny. Although none traded hands that day. It's a stock show dead. Nobody's trading it. Right. Nobody's buying it. But here comes zoom video right there. I PO the hand in their paperwork and public offering zoom technologies shares rose to six cents the stock hit a high yesterday, five seventy six. Now from less than a penny to five dollars and seventy six cents. That's a heck of a lot of money made. If you if shares thousands and thousands of shares penny what's that, right? Thousand bucks. Yeah. That's put in a thousand you you've made. What did I say twenty twenty seven thousand percent? Oh my God. Yeah. Trouble is those things don't last today. It's traded everybody wise. How stupid are people with their money. Like, oh, Susie. You gotta get into to jump on zoom. A penny stock goes to five five fifty or whatever I said it was today. It's back down to one sixty five junior's been doing some day trading. Just it's crazy. The people wouldn't know, you know, if price. Indicate any might might have confused. But we're there people that got out at five seventy there were and made a ton of money. That's why I guess the stock market's not for me. I remember the same thing with Twitter Twitter to right. Oh, yeah. That sounds like a comedy a radio show the Twitter Twitter, noon to three on great. Great when snap Snapchat came along another snap company. You know? Why are we thinking these things guys come on? That's I'm working in here. I leave it up to you guys to get into it. And keep me waiting for collusion to take off. Be rich Benjamin Netanyahu who was visiting the Golan Heights today, and he talked with reporters, and he said, you know, what I'm on a name a Golan Heights community f Donald Trump. So. Place to live. You know? That's the kind of he was up there. He was rodent riding ATV up there just kind of enjoying that that whole disputed area in the Middle East. But but so happy working with the president said, we'll name a community after these things maybe you shouldn't say out loud because Twitter, then picks up on things and people on Twitter and not the nicest people in the. The breaking news. I mean to come up with the how do you name a, you know, a town. Maybe maybe the prime minister thinking, you know, Trump is real something like something very straightforward to go along with the rest of the Trump portfolio. There's Trump golf courses from towers and Trump hotels, he's getting rand Israel. He says he plans name a community after Trump correctional at the internet the internet's going further than that. You know, maybe a sound like Trump thin skin. Good. Infuriates her Israel, would you like to live in Dumbledore Israel. Yeah. Sure. Dr hater is really. Bradman Israel premadonna old. Yeah. That's just that's just for starters. Euch ZUM has just ticked up to one seventy one. Just talking listening. Guys, the name of it was Uhm communications, not zoom technologies. So get your money out while you're still well, you're still up while you're still ahead. And then and then this is from ABC action news in Tampa. Here's a here's a story about a poor kid in school who hates her teacher. None of us ever had a teacher. We we hated right. We always loved our teachers did you really liberal, Mike. Here's. You could tell me after here in this story. His daughter used to love school. But after they moved to Springhill that all change after the first day daughter came home crying. But we got her to to tell us that the teacher was mean, and she was very loud. His wife went to the principal at pine grove elementary who they say explain the teacher who's been with the district for thirteen years was naturally loud. Yeah. Teachers loud and the kid, you know, kids tiny kid in Tampa suburb, and here's this little school. And the teacher this kindergarten teacher is just naturally loud. That's how they explained it to the parents and their daughter needed time to adjust. Okay. So you wouldn't you say you give it time. She'll she'll get used to the teacher she'll bond with a teacher weeks and weeks passed every single day was the same came home crying every morning. She would cry that she had to go to school after confirming with the sheriff's office. It was perfectly legal. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. After after confirming when the sheriff's office that it was perfectly legal. What's dad doing hit a tiny recording device in his daughter's hair to find out? What was happening? Maybe it wasn't the teacher. Maybe other kids were bullying her. Maybe there was something that nobody knew about what they captured in a six hour period shocked, then you're ready. All right. Okay. Teachers, you guys you guys. Listen this kindergarten teacher talking to the kids. Talking about some kid put milk in the backpack in spilled all through the backpackers leaking out.

Twitter Donald Trump Trump Israel Tampa Golan Heights Middle East Bradman Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Susie Snapchat Dr hater Uhm communications prime minister Springhill pine grove elementary president Mike ABC
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"golan " Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"Wow. Unbelievable. News roundup information overload hour of interesting few weeks, Saami Horowitz had as his work took him to a major Duke UNC conference where you can hear and he'll explain in more detail and was exposed to it actually filmed open anti semitism that we've talked a lot about congresswoman, Omar and others and the comments variant antisemitism on the rise. Not just that America, but sadly in the halls of congress throughout Europe and now on tape at this particular conference, and literally, you know, he has traveled the world himself. He's embedded himself in Palestinian groups. And even with terrorists member, he did the he joined the migration to Europe in Germany when he got in boats and Greece and Turkey and on me was pretty shocked to see this open hatred for the. Jewish people here in the US. And then he puts it on YouTube and YouTube took down him, exposing hate speech, which is in on an of itself. Unbelievable. To me, I'm Horowitz. Are you? View Shama, man. I it was amazing. And I'm very grateful and thankful that the people of Israel reelected, prime minister Netanyahu in a in a really simple election. All the polls had it wrong as they usually do, but he's been a voice of moral clarity on the world stage now for a long time and to lose that voice, especially at a time when the United States and Israel have never been closer as President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the rightful capital of of Israel and Golan Heights as the territory of Israel, very important important distinctions that other presidents said they would do but never did. All right. So you go to do this and the this UNC conference. Let's want to paint the picture bring us into what's going on. I heard about this conference that was going to be about Gaza. But as we all know, these things always end up being, you know, Israel bash fast. Even though they're, you know, major university conferences. So I went to see what I cover in fine. Of course found that. It was a whitewash of HAMAs way wash attacked Israel at every turn. But that unfortunately, was not what shocked me which shocked me was this volved into open an obvious and gusting every semitism Homer near used to be maybe a few years ago that when people were attacking Israel debate, whether or not only attacking Israel, not other countries that make you an committee. I think it does. But. Could have pretended that it really was about Israel, not about us that has all gone away over the last few years and the only good news adoring over lining is that we see who these people are for what they really are. So I got this conference. The main of that you played a part of what he was saying name of the main entertainment for the night Palestinian rapper who by the way, the New York Times a few days later, not knowing he made these comments to release to get had this fawning article about him how wonderful years and how how great he is for first cosmic community got up there and wrapped openly at openly. He says this is my song and the whole audience is giving them repeated standing ovations. It was absolutely disgusting. As they watched by the way, the head of this of this conference who works at universal Carolina banning they're watching with a big smile on his face, Sean. One of the most repulsive that ever witnessed in my life. What's the worst that you heard there and explain in detail? I mean, it was it was all awful. Actually, I wanted to get a sense from the from the professors the students administrators were attending what there's us about not Israel Jews. So I used one of the most offensive damaging troops that has ever existed about Jews that Jews are money to control governments. Okay. I asked him Jewett Jewish money, not Israel Jewish money control, the US government. And I would say I spoke to probably thirty forty people. And I would say I'm only thirty four people two people said, I don't really think so everybody else. Absolutely. And totally agreed with that statement. Okay. It was absolutely insane. It was incredible. And it was unbelievable that this is exactly what the response was getting from the students professors administrators, you know, so you hear about this conference going on and. You know, this is what you do. And this is what you really good at. And you have a lot of courage to go into this environment. I was really insulted. You know, when this I knew your Jewish ship like what you know with all due respect. I can tell. Valid the worst of it. Then then I'd be okay with it. But I mean, you're you expect and you know, there's you expect these attitudes from Neo Nazis or these insane white nationalists. But or radical Islamists that believe in this extreme sharia that chant death to America death to Israel burn the American flag? Burnley Isreaeli flag, or some of the propaganda that kids HAMAs. They even have cartoons that he shouldn't doctrinaire young children into hating the Jews when they two and three in the eye. Doctor made some kids the, you know, that it's okay, we'll strap bombs on you to kill innocent people, and you know, Allah await you in heaven with seventy two virgins and parents allow their children and encourage their children sometimes to do this. Yes. This. You don't expect it from the halls of congress and the halls of academia and the big lie. That's out there. The big lie that all everybody agrees that end to this on the rise. But they all somehow to audit all in two thousand sixteen which is the biggest lie the growth that we know that that Neo Nazi don't make Jews won't be. Thanks a lot. I didn't realize that. But the grows ninety semitism on our college campuses. And it's coming from the left almost exclusively our college campuses from the left and they're doing nothing about it. Look you looking at at the leadership of people in the left our shit to leave. The Omar are not just to freshman congressman, they are dictating the policies of the democrat party, which is why most major candidate for president wouldn't even go to a pack a BI partisan organization for Israel. They wouldn't go there because essentially they got their marching orders from shoot til leave allow no more and the rest of their disgusting. Proof. You know, let me play because I really we we've had these anti semitic comments, for example, a congresswoman Omar, and the the more recent controversy about and something happened about nine eleven, and well, we lost three thousand nearly three thousand Americans that day because radical Islamist, you know, thought that this attack on America was something good that they were doing and that they were trained to believe is a good thing. Let me let me play her remarks. Was founded after nine eleven that's not true because day recognize that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access.

Israel congresswoman Omar United States America Saami Horowitz HAMAs congress YouTube Europe Germany New York Times Golan Heights Gaza Greece UNC Shama Jerusalem Turkey President Trump prime minister
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"The president of the United States, President Trump has been without a doubt, the most pro Israel presidents in American history. There's really no question about this recently, the president recognized the Golan Heights as is sovereign Israeli territory, which of course, it is joining us on the line to discuss all of this is Tony, but he's a research fellow at the foundation for defense of democracy. Tony thanks so much for joining the Ben Shapiro show. Mark letter, thanks for having me. So Tony you can explain for folks, what exactly is the Golan Heights. Why was it important? What President Trump did? With regard to the Golan Heights. So the Golan Heights is a strategic plateau that borders, Syria, Israel is Israel's border with with with Syria. And this has been basically before Israel took its in a defensive war in nineteen sixty seven used to be used to shell Israeli citizens and and to launch attacks against Israeli citizens in nineteen sixty seven in a in the sixties war, Israel, ends up taking the plateau and in nineteen Eighty-one, basically extended Israeli laws and defacto an b. The the territory so for the longest time, it was the physician that that this was this territorial dispute would be resolved through peace talks between the Syrian government, which is basically the Assad family, which we've seen what has done over the last decade to its own people. And this will be resolved through peace talks. And that the Syrians would somehow get back the territory what President Trump has said. Now with this decision is that this is not going to be the case anymore. This is Israeli territory. It's not going to be a returned to a client of the Iranians and a terrorist sponsor regime that murders its own people. And this has been this is the right decision that should have been actually done many many years ago. I'm Tony their critics. Of course, who suggests that President Trump in hock to the Netanyahu government that somehow he's doing their bidding this is sort of the contention made by people like L Hannah. Mar who obviously is an anti Semites. What what do you make of that criticism? President Trump's great warmth toward the state of Israel. No, I think this is leading what whatever benefit Israel gets from this. This is actually a move that is in the US national interest for first of all it aligns US policy with reality. Which is a very important thing it grounds. Yes. Policy in reality. The re- the park Richie of the people who are saying that well, we shouldn't have acknowledged it in public. Even though we know that Israel was never going to return. The plateau is quite a remarkable position. Basically, it's wants US policy to be a schizophrenic into always imply legitimacy of the Israeli position. Even as we basically, wink and nod at it, so President Trump to his credit said, no, no, no, we are going to align. American policy with reality and the sooner US interests because America's interests is to create an order of allied state. That advances common interests in the region against common adversaries, obviously, the Iranians are are the number one such adversary. But also you've been there all your adversaries in the region, including the Russians and the Russians were trying to position themselves on the Golan Heights. To the mediator between Israel and the Assad regime, and they're going to use the prospect of future negotiations between Israel and the butcher in Damascus to rehabilitate, the Assad regime, and this is something that the Assad family has used since the nineteen since the nineteen nineties. It's not before whenever it wanted to get the negotiations with Israel would kind of get out of free get out of jail free card for them. There were there were a Soviet client and an Iranian ally. And a state sponsor of terror. But every time they said, hey, we want to negotiate with Israel, everyone treated them as though they were a legitimate normal government. Well, of course, they continued sponsoring Hezbollah in Lebanon, and for Nash in Gaza Strip and so on so forth. So all of that now is off the table. President Trump has taken all of that off the table as far as America's concerned and wreck aligned American policy with reality. Tony tunnel. For you here. We only have about a minute left. What is what do you make of the current status of ISIS, obviously, the collapsed territorially, but there's still a lot of ISIS fighters. Where do we stand with regard ISIS? Basically, they're like you said, they're territorial grip is is effectively finished. So I mean, there might have been pockets now were they might turn into some sort of like a terror hit and run strikes. We are basically going to continue with the policy that we've had in Syria of working with some local allies there to make sure that they continue hunting after them. But basically, I think it's important that we realized that that's not no longer in wasn't really ever the strategic priority for the United States in Syria strategic priority for the United States is always Iran. And this is why Golan decision again is a strategic decision that aligns that basically furthers American interest before it even further. Israeli Tony thanks so much for joining us, Tony, but drum of the foundation for defense of democracy. Appreciate your time coming up. We're gonna be talking about the latest on.

President Trump Israel Golan Heights Tony tunnel president United States Assad Syria Golan Ben Shapiro America ISIS Mark Syrian government research fellow Hezbollah Richie Netanyahu L Hannah Lebanon
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"The full report will be coming out in the next couple of weeks. They said weeks, not months. That's good news. We've got the Golan Heights declaration at the beginning of the week. We have the green new deal vote in the United States Senate going down. We have the attempt to override the president's declaration of national emergency failing. So there's a lot to talk about we're gonna get and we're getting a lot of phone calls and comments as well. Let's go to Robert calling in Maryland. Robert, welcome to the broadcast. You're on. Yeah. Hi, doing Jay. I wanted to ask you, a what's your opinion about president Donald Trump's declaration of the Golan Heights is actually a geographical part of the nation of Israel from our strategic standpoint as well as from an Old Testament biblical standpoint knowing that that's a part of the boundaries that God has given the nation of Israel. Yeah. So yeah, I wrote that I did that book called Jerusalem on that very topic. And I mean, it's clear scriptural each extremely clear and under international law. It's also clear that this is now the sovereign property of the the Jewish state the state of Israel. Now, what's interesting here is that's the position of the Israeli government that this is their land. It's not extraterritorial at that point, the international community has disputed this international law supports that it's their land. But I will tell you from the president issue that I was able to be there for a portion of this and was actually with the prime minister of Israel and mayor Giuliani and the president and. It's a moving moment. And then the president was kind enough to give me on the really for all of you. We're putting it up on the screen right now. This the declaration. So I think he signed a dozen of them like they normally do any pattern which I am treating it is a biblical archaeological fine right now because I'm going to get it back to the office in one piece and get it protected forever for generations to come. So I think it was a huge move. It was tremendously successful. I think it is going to help in the peace process because you take these issues off the table, the Golan off the table Jerusalem as the capital of Israel off the table. It's going to an end in the Arab world wants to see a resolution to this. I think taking these things off will help any moving on congress. There is going to be movement in congress there's legislation, but I think Jay first of all you set it up by saying I mean, this has been lip service from the United States since nineteen seventy five it has been semantically the position of the United States, but no administration has been willing to officially designated. So I think you accurately describe it as taking an issue off the table making it clear, reunited states, stands j two pieces of legislation one in the house. One of the Senate sponsored by Senator Cruz and Mike Gallagher in the house. They would essentially echo that position. And here's the reason that that's important. The president has the authority to do what he didn't designated. He doesn't need congress to follow suit. But j if they pass these two pieces of legislation what it will do is define Israel in any appropriations or any legislation that passes through congress as including Golan Heights. So what does that practically mean, it means we in the United States sends foreign aid Israel when it sends military aid to Israel. It can be used for and in the Golan Heights j I expect that to clear the United States Senate sometime in the coming weeks. The question will be will speaker Pelosi put it on the floor of the house. I hope she will. I think she might really I do only if there's pressure from the American people, but I think this is an eighty twenty issue for the American people. I think she's gonna feel some pressure to do what would the legislation look like it'd be this exact legislation. The MIR legislation to center cruises says it's the sense of the house that the Golan Heights belong. Things to Israel, and the most important part of that Jay will be that final closing part that puts Golan Heights squarely in the definition of Israel for all future pieces of legislation that could get eighty twenty support. I think it weird voted on in the house. I think you'd only have a dozen or two that actually voted against the scheduling it is the key. You think she'll do it? I'm hopeful. All right. We're gonna work on that. Or right. We have not right. All right. Very good. One eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten Scots calling from Colorado on line five. Hi, scott. Hi, guys. Thank you for Michael J and hair fan. I think you're all correct. The way I see this as the left is guilty of an old legal trip. He can't find someone guilty of the courtyards. What's in this case? It's collusion. Look her guilt in an ancillary charge like obstruction, and I think Trump saw through this this false foundation and Komi was fired not because of obstruction. But because of his corruption he was wed to the other side. Well, look first of all it was in the prerogative of the president under article to determine James call me if you wanted to he did that. Now, what's interesting about the obstruction issues because there's a lot of attention has been paid to that one line in the in the where we're Bill bar quotes Robert Muller's report where he says while we did not find that the president Gaijin criminal conduct. We also Don don't exonerate. I said this on Chris Cuomo's program. He does his job is not to exonerate number one. That's not what the prosecutor does either bring a case or they don't. And then there was a very interesting line in the of course, then the attorney general the deputy attorney general in the office of legal counsel determined. There was no obstructive conduct. That's a pretty that's a pretty great exoneration. But there's also interesting line in there where Bill bar quoting again. The the special counsel says that Bob Muller team put together saying these raise the obstruction you raise difficult questions of law. In fact, in Harry, when you've got difficult questions a law. In fact, you don't bring the case, I think that's absolutely cracked and one of the things that we should keep in mind. Is the news conference at which James Komi, essentially, exonerated, Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen that was not James commes job. And so we can actually let me one second here. Let fish we actually said what he did to secretary Clinton was wrong. I should've never happened. Go ahead. Absolutely. So our position has always been consistent. And so in this particular case, if there's insufficient evidence to charge anyone that constitute an effective vindication or exoneration, and it's very important to note that Bill bar and rod Rosenstein and the office of the legal counsel within the department of Justice looked at the obstruction of Justice claim, and there was no legal basis for bringing such a claim beyond that, of course. The Muller team, basically destroyed the narrative that Trump and the Trump campaign actually colluded with the Russians indeed they found zero evidence that anyone from the Trump campaign engaged in collusion. So if there's no collusion, then the fundamental question becomes how can there be obstruction of Justice? Now, I know technically from a legal perspective, you can claim obstruction of Justice, even if there's no underlying crime, but the reality from a moral perspective is if there's no underlying crime there should not be an obstruction of Justice charge. And there was clearly insufficient evidence to do so. I completely concur. Here's what's interesting. I just looked at the clock. And there's only a minute and thirty seconds left in the first hour. This program has gone. So I will say that was a fast, thirty minutes radio. I'm glad we have another thirty minutes ago, by the way, we're adding new stations to the hour long format every single day. Let me encourage you to stay with us. If you're on Facebook periscope. We encourage you to share it with your friends when it reached some of those Facebook and periscope questions during the break. So we'll get those in. But also let me encourage you to give us a call at eight hundred six.

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"Welcome back. Big news, big development. Let me read you the proclamation. And as I said on behalf of the our ACL J members here in the United States. But around the world around the globe on behalf of my friend. David Benjamin, our colleague, I was able to be the privileged to be at the White House yesterday and saw the president and the prime minister and was handed a signed copy signed Dekel, I was handed one of the bedding about ten or. So of these proclamations, and we're showing it on the screen right now. Let me read it to you. It says that the state of Israel. I let says proclamation on recognizing the Golan Heights as part of the state of Israel, the state of Israel took control of the Golan Heights in nineteen sixty seven to safeguard at security from external threats today aggressive acts by Iran and terrorist groups, including Hezbollah in southern Syria continue to make the Golan Heights potential launching ground for attacks on Israel any possible future. Peace agreement in the region must account for Israel's need to protect itself from Syria and other regional threats based on these unique circumstances, it is therefore appropriate to recognize Isreaeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Now, therefore, I Donald J Trump president of the United States of America by virtue of the authority vested in me, by the constitution, the laws of the United States do hereby proclaim. The delighted states recognizes that the Golan Heights are part of the state of Israel in witness whereof. I have here on to set my hand this twenty fifth day of March in the year of our Lord two thousand nineteen and of the independence of the United States of America, the two hundred and forty third Donald J Trump I get a little emotional. I'm with you on this, folks. This has been a big issue for us at the ACLU j it's been a big issue for me personally for a long time. Joining us on the phone right now from our office Roussel, MS our senior council in charge of our Lille operations in Israel. And that is David Benjamin David first of all your reaction to all of this. I have to tell you. Hey, I'm choking of it. This is the first time I've actually heard the text of the of the proclamation, and it's as you'll feeling emotional. I can only describe that that I'm I'm having the same experience here. I'm in Jerusalem, right now, what has happened in Israel. It's actually had a problem having been able to digest as incredible news because we've been under missile of fire. So actually, we're kind of in a state of not quite understanding what's going down. But of course, you cannot begin to overstate the importance. They started the importance of this proclamation. It's huge. And of course, the idea of Israel. Leaving the Golan Heights is unthinkable today. So so, and that's across the board that's consensus in Israel. So this is a huge huge. And as I say these radius after basically wake up and take it in because it hasn't happened getting that it has to sink in how how significant and important to stay is. I want to digress. For a moment. Let's talk about what is going on with the missiles coming in. And then we'll get back to the the Golan high-tech, David. What is the state of situations right now, what is actually happening at the moment. It seems as if there's this whole this this flare up his has wound down things are slowly getting back to normal just announced on the radio that the train services being resumed in the south of Israel. So that's a sign that things are getting back to normal. But we've had a very, very, quite terrifying. Lost twenty four hours since come. You know, what they claim they sent in a masala Oba by accident through some kind of technical mistake, which destroyed a house in civilian several people in Israel third time. This has happened by accident over the last few months accident that goes I use in in inverted commas, and there there there's been an exchange of of blows basically something like sixty missiles projectiles landing in Israel during the night and schools have been canceled people being in bump shoulders on your to bump shelters for most of the most of last night. And and today, but things are finally they finally seemed to be settling down even though there's no official official statement about a cease fire from both sides. So we're still in a state of uncertainty. Although it seemed to be winding down. What was the precipitating event? This time David for this this recent round of missile attacks. Well, we again, I'm Oscar that it's mistake. And and I heard that the security establishment actually might be inclined to accept that that explanation on the other hand, they're all kinds of reasons why does this have to know Maasais actually at the moment under great pressure internally because there are being demonstrations and riots inside Gaza protesting come us. And and and of course, it would be reasonable for them. You know, this is a well-known tactic on their part to divert attention to Israel. You know, always blame Israel for the problem. Start a flare up with Israel and take take the heat off so to speak internally. So that's one explanation for what might have been going on another one is yesterday. Well, two days ago. There was a there was an altercation between prisoners security prisoners of come and and jailers are one of the prisoners stabbed a jailer. And then there was a there was a whole riot that developed as a result of including some injuries. So that also might have been a background. But again, this was an accident. Do we believe them? I don't know that was storm going on at the time that the missile was launched. We hope to some degree cleary from where I live. So whether that's a possible explanation that bolt of lightning could have launched a missile by mistake. It might be, you know, they're they're they're kind of advanced in some ways and rather primitive in others. As far as their weaponry is concerned. So you're very accepting mode. David benjamin. Very accepting mode. That's good. Let me ask you this. Let's talk about the significance of the Golan. Here. We stay skipped talked about it as well. But let me get your perspective. First of all how significant is in from a military strategic standpoint for Israel to maintain control of the Golan Heights. I recommend anybody to just visit visit the Golan Heights. And you understand if we did see what it's about basically, if you stand on the Golan Heights, you can look into Israel for miles and miles and miles and you have this onto the high as well. So basically, you can see just about anywhere in the northern part of Israel. You can and you can drop anything any way you like in the northern part of Israel. It's really just just spread out at at your feet to the strategic importance is is again cannot be overstated considering what's been going on in Syria over the last few years just to think of Israel. Pulled out of the Golan Heights and the Syrian civil war, ISIS, Iran, etc. Had been able to take positions on on in that area. Absolutely atrocious situation would would have resulted. So I don't think that could be it could be any discussion about that. Even you know, even further Jay, even though only the United States at stuck. It's an now very very bravely and said we need to recognize Israel's right on the Golan Heights. I actually think despite the international poorest against it. But there's actually a kind of tacit consensus in the world that newsreel is actually justified in holding onto those heights. Whether it's a question of sovereignty, but Israel's presence there is justified and that it would be suicidal on Israel's parts to give it up. I think there's a consensus in many places around the world. But no one will admit to it because it's certainly not politically, correct. And if I may say just one more thing, Jay, you know, it's amazing how so many countries in the world. Thing to recognize a change of borders in the sense of recognizing Palestinian in a place where it it doesn't make any of the requirements of the state. So in some respects the world is prepared to go ahead and change borders and accept new states etcetera. But for some reason when it comes to something so obvious, and and and and so necessary, you know, when it comes to Israel interest that those same countries all of a sudden silence. Well, this is this is great news. We've got another thirty minutes of the broadcast coming up. David. We staying with us. We've got I believe that. We're also going to be joined by Harry Hutchinson. And Colonel west myths that we got skip ashes gonna stay with us. Colonel Ashe we've got a lot of Colonel staked Benjamin. You. I'm not a Colonel Colonel. He's a director. I we're taking a break. We come back. More on the great day. Great move on the situation with the Golan Heights. I will tell you. I was David I wrote emotional there..

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"Syria, rain deadly fire from the Golan Heights and Israel's citizens below. A generation of this really children moved in constant danger. And then in two days in June, nineteen sixty seven the brave soldiers of Israel. Scale those don't ignites and liberated the Golan this has profound meetings for all Israelis and for me personally. One of those rape. Soldiers was my brother who was wounded in battle three hours before the end of the war and a few years later as an officer in a special unit led to the covert mission into Syria, and as we came back to the Golan to Israel. We nearly froze to death. In a blinding snowstorm. Well, as you can see I'm still here. But at that point in nineteen sixty seven Israel seized the high ground which has since proven invaluable to our defense because in nineteen Seventy-three Syria launched a surprise attack against Israel and those same Golan Heights. Proved to be able to stoop Zorba the initial attack. It was a horrific attack and successfully cutter attack the invading Syrian forces within three weeks, we were at the gates of Damascus outmanned outgunned. Our brave soldiers triumphs after one of the hardest fought tank battles in our history. But while Israel one those two wars. You would have to wait nearly half a century until this moment here in this room to translate our military victory into a diplomatic victory. And that is why Mr President you were decision to recognize Israel solvent on the Golan Heights is slow historic recognition is a twofold. Act of historic Justice. Israel won the golden heights. In a just war of self defense, and the Jewish people's roots in the Golan, go back thousands of years. In the long sweep of Jewish. There have been a handful approximations by non Jewish leaders on behalf of our people in our land Cyrus, the Persian king Lord. President Harry Truman and president Donald J Trump and you Mr President. President you've done it. Not once but twice with your bold proclamation on Jerusalem. And with your bold proclamation today on the Golan. Vision comes at a time with the Golan is more important than ever for security when Iran is trying to establish bases in Syria. Who strike at Israel from across the border. Iran is launched drones into our airspace missiles into our territory. Mr President Justice Israel stood tall in nineteen sixty seven. Just as it stood tall in nineteen Seventy-three. Israel's stands tall today. We hold the high ground, and we shall never give it up. This president. We have a saying in Israel. I'll say it in Hebrew. It says. That means the people are with the Golan, but thanks to you. We now know that there are two peoples who stand with the people of Israel. And the people of America. So on behalf of all the people of Israel. Thank you, President Trump. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your friendship. And thank you for all you've done to make the alliance between America and Israel, stronger and greater than ever. Thank you. Mr president..

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"Out there that have done some very very evil things very bad things. I would say treasonous things against our country and. Hopefully that people that have done such harm to our country we've gone through period of really bad things happening. Those people. We'll certainly be looked at yesterday attorney general William bar released a four page summary of the findings congressional Democrats are demanding that the full report be released to the American people. The president has signed a declaration recognizing Israel's claim of sovereignty over the disputed territory of the Golan Heights and be ours Windsor, Johnston reports the move represents a major shift in US policy in the region. But it may only be recognized by Israel and the US speaking at the White House is rarely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, thanked President Trump for his continuous support showed that when you recognize Jerusalem is Israel's capital and move the American embassy there, you said you did it and you showed it once against today. Mr President with your official proclamation recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria during the nineteen sixty seven war and annexed it in nineteen Eighty-one. But the move was not internationally recognised. Trump calls the proclamation along. Time in the making serious foreign ministry calls it an attack on sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Syria Windsor Johnston. NPR news, Washington outspoken. Trump critic attorney Michael Evans, who represents stormy Daniels has been arrested for alleged, extortion and other charges. He faces charges in California and New York. The European Union says it is increasingly likely the UK will leave without a deal on April twelfth NPR's. Frank Langfitt reports EU has made preparations for a no deal Brexit, which will cause longer waits at you borders for British citizens. European Commission's is leaving without a deal will quote, obviously caused significant disruption for citizens and businesses Britain's will face additional checks at EU ports and airports won't be allowed to use special fast lanes for you citizens which can vastly cut transit time border guards may also ask about the duration of stay in whether visitors have the means to support their time abroad, the train of goods will immediately come under World Trade Organization rules with you enforcing customs checks. And the appropriate tariffs. In addition telecom companies will no longer be bound by roaming rules, which can make operating a smartphone throughout the EU, quite affordable. Frank Langfitt, NPR news, London. This is NPR. And you're listening to WNYC in New York. I'm Jamie Floyd, lots of reaction this Monday to special counsel, Robert Muller's report. And of course, the summary of the report by attorney general William bore Diana Matthews from forest hill says she's disappointed. Well, I wish you would approved..

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"You said it you did it and you showed it once against today. Mr President with your official proclamation recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. President ladies and gentlemen, this is truly historic there. For two decades from nineteen forty eight to nine hundred sixty seven. Syria, rain Dudley, far from the Golan Heights. And Israel's citizens below a generation of Israeli children lived in constant danger. And then in two glorious days in June nineteen sixty seven the brave soldiers of Israel skill those daunting heights and liberated the goal on this has profound meetings for all his railings and for me personally. One of those brave soldiers was my brother who was wounded in battle three hours before the end of the war. And if you years later as an officer in special unit, led my to a covert mission into Syria, and as we came back to the Golan to Israel. We nearly froze to death. In a blinding stowstorm. Well, as you can see I'm still here. But at that point in the nineteen sixty seven Israel seized the high ground which has since proven invaluable to our defense because in one thousand nine seventy three Syria launched a surprise attack against Israel and those same Golan Heights. Proved to be able to stoop Zorba the initial attack. It was a horrific attack and successfully counterattack the invading Syrian forces within three weeks, we were at the gates of Damascus outmanned outgunned our brave soldiers triumphs after one of the hardest fought tank battles in our history. But while Israel one those two wars, we would have to wait nearly half a century until this moment here in this room to translate our military victory into a diplomatic victory. And that is why Mr President your decision to recognize Israel solvent on the Golan Heights is so historic. Your recognition is a twofold. Act of historic Justice, Israel, won the Golan Heights in a just war of self defense, and the Jewish people's roots in the Golan go back thousands of years. In the long sweep of Jewish history. There have been a handful approximations by non Jewish leaders on behalf of our people in our land. Cyrus the great the great Persian king. Lord balfour. President Harry Truman and president Donald J Trump and you Mr President. President you've done it. Not once but twice with your bold proclamation on Jerusalem. And with your bold proclamation today on the Golan your participation comes at a time with the Golan is more important than ever for security when Iran is trying to establish bases in Syria to strike at Israel from across the border in Syria. Iran is launch drones into our airspace missiles into our territory. Mr President Justice Israel stood tall in nineteen sixty seven. Just as it stood tall in nineteen Seventy-three. Israel stands told today, we hold the high ground, and we shall never give it up. Mr president. We have a saying in Israel. I'll say it in Hebrew. It says I'm good. That means the people are with the Golan. But thanks to you. We now know that there are two peoples who stand with the Golan the people of Israel. And the people of America. So on behalf of all the people of Israel. Thank you, President Trump. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your friendship. And thank you for all you've done to make the alliance between America and Israel, stronger and greater than ever. Thank you. Mr president..

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"The decision to recognize that that hard-fought real estate that important place is proper to be a sovereign part of the state of Israel. President Trump made a bold decision to recognize that an important decision for the people of Israel will truly be historic and the people Israel should know that the battles. They fought the lives that they lost on that very ground worthy. Noura erica. Can you respond to secretary of state Pompeo? I think it's so responsible for secretary of state to be describing occupied territory recognized under international law, including UN Security Council. Resolution two or two and three three eight as hard fought real estate, this violates a long-held principle that decries the acquisition of territory by force. And so I would say to pump peyot you're doing an incredible disservice to your job, you're an embarrassment to yourself. This is not the message that we should be sending the principal opposing the acquisition of territory by force isn't just relevant to the Middle East. But but as relevant to the world, if we're going to say this in the Middle East, then we might as well tell Russia, you can stay as long as you want and criminal because you. Also one that territory one that real estate by by warfare. And so this this is an embarrassment to the United States to pump peyot and certainly a bad signal for the entire world. And what exactly does it mean? Nura? I mean, Trump tweeted this that he plans to do this. What would have to happen to make it real? You're absolutely right to question. What what is the value of a tweet? This is about the US. Now, it's within the presidential authority to recognize territory as a sovereign even if it violates international law. What will be consequential is how the international community responds. The has already decried this Turkey has decried this Egypt has decried. This Jordan has ironically Russia has as well. And so we see the international community stand in opposition. And the US is declaration will be merely that a declaration where the US is a lone figure in the rest of the world consider that when it moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in similar contravention of long-held principles one hundred twenty eight states at the UN voted against the US. And there have been very few countries that have followed suit. So in fact, what this demonstrates is the weakness of the United States and its waning influence, and it says more about domestic concerns in the US and Israel than it does for the region. This is about Netanyahu deflecting attention from corruption charges three weeks ahead of elections about the United States and Trump speaking to an evanger base rather than that doesn't care for regional stability and international law, but is more concerned with with seeing Israel establishing itself as a hedge Amman within an Islamophobe framework that positions Israel as the easternmost front of the US war on terror. So this clearly is something that the embattled prime minister Netanyahu has been pushing Trump very hard for the Israeli attorney general has said he's about to indict Netanyahu for corruption. The election is just weeks away in Israel. Can you talk about the significance of this? What it will mean for the Israeli elections Nora. So one can only speculate what it's going to mean. But what we know about Isreaeli society is that it has a position in regards the Golan Heights that signifies that the Golan Heights as part of Israel. It's similar to the mythologies. That are created. They have a slogan La Motte Golan's a knee that the Golan Heights are me. And so this is speaking to a base that would be more concerned with establishing Israel's expansionist policies that it is with the corruption of a particular politician. It's a deflection tactic similar Pompeo's. Visit right now secretary of state Pompeo is the first US official to visit the western wall in occupied east Jerusalem in a similar bid to establish that if you work with Netanyahu, you will be in lockstep with an imperial power that were might makes right in the Middle East where there is no accountability in where Israel will be able to trample Palestinian human rights will continue to act as an aggressor in the middle. East and continue to benefit from the US is unequivocal financial military and diplomatic support that frames that aggression and self defense. And what does this mean for the if you can call it the Israel Palestine peace process, if there even is one, but what does this mean for any kind of pursuit of peace? Well, I think if we just pay attention to what Israeli leaders have told us, they don't want peace. They don't want a two-state solution. What they're offering to Palestinians is a situation of permanent subjugation and derivative sovereignty where they don't control Jerusalem where they can't access their water where they can't access free movement where there is no human rights. And now if we thought that Palestinians who are stateless people had any chance of achieving some sort of equitable resolution with the US as broker we can see that the fact that the US is willing to declare Israel's sovereignty over Syrian territory, which is not, you know, in Palestine, the West, Bank and Gaza has been subject to really Philly and. And. Basically indefensible legal argument that says that there is no Palestinian sovereign. And so the territories are disputed, but there is no dispute over the Golan Heights that is Syrian sovereign territory. If the US is willing to stand by Israel to declare that sovereign territory as no longer occupied by decree than what chances do Palestinians have of achieving any kind of equitable resolution for themselves. This just adds more imperative to a grassroots campaign in the form of boycott divestment. And sanctions in the form of legal cases in the form of grassroots movements. That are aligning in an anti-racist global movement and a global anti fascist movement in order to overcome diplomatic intransigent, and the fact that their governments do not represent them. This is more fuel to the fire for people's movements. And as we've seen people do overcome. Earlier this month, Senator Lindsey Graham visited the Golan Heights with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the US ambassador to Israel, David Freedman. He said he would lobby the Trump administration to recognize the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory. There.

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"American troops killed Golan controversy. I'm Michael Toscano to American soldiers names. Not yet released have been killed in Afghanistan. The operation they were involved in not officially described more from correspondent Ryan Reynolds. Afganistan just celebrate its new year. Typically, that's a time when insurgents and terrorists to groups attempted mount attacks really underscores that despite talks between the US government, and the Taliban talks at the Trump administration has said has made progress that fighting very much continued CNN is reporting that the two soldiers died during a US, Afghan military operation against the Taliban in northern Afghan. International reaction is coming in this morning to President Trump's surprise decision to reverse decades of US policy and recognize the contested Golan Heights region as under Israeli sovereignty correspondent Oren LeBron's following that for us serious. This is a sign that the US is blatantly biased towards Israel Russia weighing in saying that the US can't simply ignore on its own. The UN Security Council resolutions and international law. So the condemnation has started to pour in isolating US foreign policy France's foreign ministry has just said is really sovereignty over the Golan is against international law. A federal judge in San Francisco will hear arguments today on the Trump administration's policy of returning some asylum seekers to Mexico instead of allowing them to wait in the United States. British Prime Minister, Theresa may has been given a little more time for a Brexit deal to leave the European Union as we hear from Nick Robertson in London. What the European Union is to Theresa May is get the deal policy in the house apartment, and you can have an extension until the twenty second of may to sort out all the sort of legal details the need to be put in place for Britain to leave the European Union. That would help avoid widespread economic turmoil. The Alabama department of corrections says a hunger strike started Monday by eight inmates protesting solitary confinement ended last night after the water to their cells was cut off. I'm Michael Toscano. It's amazing. But true when it comes to one of America's biggest household expenditures health care, a lot of people think they've gotten no choice. People used to thinking we have to do it this way. But they don't. Yes, you have the freedom to choose an alternative with your healthcare. It's meta share in it costs way less than the alternatives. The typical family as five hundred dollars a month, not a year a month. And if you're single this can save you a lot too. And let's face it. A big reason medishare's four hundred thousand people strong it just works. They shared over three billion in medical bills. So they can help share your needs to joining medishare for so many people is one of those things that makes you say why didn't I do this before? So yes, the time has come for something better. Looking joining meta share and see why so many people are opting out of the old way into the new why not look into this? Just call eight four four ninety one bible. That's eight four four ninety one b I b l e eight four four ninety one. One bible in New Zealand one week after the racist shooting rampage that killed fifty people and mosques the bodies have all been identified in the families are finally putting their lost loved ones to rest two minutes of silence in New Zealand to remember those killed one week ago right before that the Muslim called her prayer was broadcast across the country. We.

US Michael Toscano European Union Taliban Afghanistan Trump administration Golan Heights Golan Theresa medishare President Trump Ryan Reynolds UN Security Council Alabama department of correcti New Zealand Oren LeBron San Francisco Prime Minister
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"golan " Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

"On Monday birthdays include w hall of Famer the late Arnold Golan one momentos when I got to WWE I'd heard all about Arnie from the cowboy before I got there everything he said was true and aren't was classic classic guy. And I don't know if you ever do my name, he just gave a gave Choon that cigar a gave. So I was gave another hall of famers birthdays on money Ivan pesky, can you believe this Ivan punchy seventy eight? He'll be seventy eight on Monday. I remember when I came through the mid south territory and Cowboys book it. Joe Bednarz sqi was a handful AK Penske. And the star the USA's hit reality series, MS and MRs MAURICE. Zanna thirty six. Well, the most beautiful women ever perform WWE. I remember I met her we're making she was making her first TV early TV. I was kinda out of the loop a slot home. I saw she is flying home, and I saw her and I'm talking talking to her. I'm thinking, this may be the most beautiful woman. To get into pro wrestling in my lifetime. This hit me that way, the light or what she's wearing, you know, I don't know. Too much coffee. I don't clue but what a beautiful beautiful woman and beautiful mom how the good step saver take thirty six on Monday. Look, they don't say Louis Vuitton this time to take it back and on Tuesday, a fellow member of the w innovate halls of fame. The father of one of our guest today Tessa Blanchard. The great telly Blanchard would be sixty five years old on Tuesday. And we'll be talking to tell his baby girl route here program coming very very soon. And that folks are the birthday so good, folks. Have birthdays this week happy forum? Gladys celebrate with them. And whatever you do you. Remember this OJ ours? Got the cake, you got mail. You know, we all enjoy getting mailed. I don't enjoy getting unwanted emails, but getting mail from our audience or fans, my friends like you listening right now. Appreciate you can always Email me and producer Ted. This. The Jim Rausch report at.

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"golan " Discussed on Democracy Now! Audio

"Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org. The Warren peace report, I mean, me Goodman. The partial government shutdown is now in its third week is the impasse over President Trump's demand for five point seven billion dollars in border wall. Funding shows no signs of bathing over the weekend. Trump threatened to call a national emergency. If no agreement is made or look at it as you'll Burgess because we have emergency just read the papers. We have a crisis at the border of drugs of human beings being faffing all over the world coming through. And we have a absolute crisis and criminals and gang members coming through. It is national security. It's. Casual in Jerusalem. Rather democratic lawmakers swiftly condemned. The idea calling into question the gallery of the move chairman of the house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff called the idea anon- stored or Sunday saying quote, if Harry Truman couldn't nationalize the steel industry during wartime. This president doesn't have the power to declare an emergency and build a multibillion dollar wall on the border on Sunday. Trump said he pushed for the construction of steel barrier. Instead of concrete, presenting the ideas, a compromise for Democrats. He also repeated the idea Mexico would pay for the wall through the US MCA trade deal, which would create billions in revenue for the United States. The USC has yet to be ratified by congress federal agencies have been ordered to suspend plan pay raises for top administration officials. Amidst the ongoing shutdown the raises had been set to go into effect on Sunday after a long standing pay freeze for senior officials lap. I eight hundred thousand federal workers have either been furloughed or have been working without pay since the government shutdown started three hundred eighty thousand furloughed workers will not receive backpay and Trump cancelled their January first raise in Jerusalem. National security adviser John Bolton said US military withdrawal from Syria would happen only after ISIS is defeated and Turkey would guarantee they would not try to destroy US trained Syrian Kurdish fighters. Bolton's comments contradicted. Trump's initial announcement from December nineteenth ordering an immediate withdrawal. And declaring the US had one against ISIS at a cabinet meeting last week. Trump also contradicted. His December announcement stating I never said fast or slow Bolton also said the US would absoulutely assure the security of Israel and other regional allies Bolton set to meet with officials in Turkey today while at a joint news conference with Bolton the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cold. On the US to recognize his really sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights. Go up to Golan Heights. Again, depending on the weather, the Golan Heights is tremendously important for security, and I think that. When you're there you'll be able to understand perfectly. Why will never leave the Golan Heights? And why it's important for that all countries recognize Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Israel next, the Golan Heights hundred nineteen Eighty-one after capturing the territory from Syria during the nineteen sixty seven war, but the international community does not recognize it sovereignty and November the US said it planned to vote against you and resolution calling for Israel to end its occupation of the Golan Heights in Yemen. A US air strike killed one of the suspected masterminds behind the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in two thousand which killed seventeen sailors and wounded at least forty others al-qaeda militant Jamal Badawi was indicted on terrorism charges in two thousand three but twice escaped prison in Yemen. The airstrike, and I'll always death which reportedly occurred on January. I was confirmed Sunday in tweets by President Trump and US central command. Meanwhile, Pentagon chief of staff Kevin Sweeney announced he was resigning Saturday. Sweeney's resignation comes just over two weeks after Mattis step down as secretary of defense publicly rebuking Trump's foreign policy moves he's the third senior Pentagon official resigned since Trump announced the US with withdraw troops from Syria. Pentagon spokesperson Dana white also left her position last week. Why was being investigated for ethics violations? At the time of her departure in France, the yellow vest. Protesters took to the streets again over the weekend on Saturday group of protesters and Paris, rammed a forklift into a government ministry building while violent confrontations between some demonstrators and police took place in the capital..

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