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468.  Romance and Video Games with Amanda and Sarah

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468. Romance and Video Games with Amanda and Sarah

"Hello, and welcome to episode number 468 of smart podcast trashy books. I'm Sarah Windle with me today is Amanda and we are going to talk about all of our favorite romance. Filled video games, we're going to talk about stardew valley dragons ages Witcher 3. We're going to talk about our favorite characters. Our favorite options, our favorite pairings? And we're going to chortle about a tick tock that we saw as well, we'll be linked in the show notes, if you need to find it, but you should cuz it's pretty funny. We have the best time and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did a special. Hello, and thank you to our Patriot Community. If you have supported show, you're making sure every episode is transcribed and you keep the show going each week. Thank you for being part of the Patriot Community. If you'd like to join have a look at patreon.com home, This podcast is brought to you in part by outrageous by Minerva Spencer which is book two in the rebels of the top series. If you love romances that take perfected tropes and turn them upside down, this book is perfect for you in this story, The heroine kidnaps, the hero and threatens to have her way with him as they raced to the Scottish border. When Eva, hey Courtney, kidnaps godric Fleming? Her only plan is to stop him from persecuting her beloved brother, but once she has the Intriguing oil in the confines of her carriage, she is terribly tempted by pretty much everything about him. Her forbidden plan is foiled when God Returns, the tables taking her hostage instead and demanding that they marry at once. So, we have a road trip, home forced proximity and a Hero trying to be honorable, with a heroine who is definitely not trying to obey the rules. This series features heroines who are determined to carve out Agency for themselves. So that dog Is your thing, get your copy of outrageous by Minerva Spencer. Wherever books are sold and find out more at Kensington books. 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New customers can try, Amazon music unlimited free for 30 days, no credit card required, just go to amazon.com trashy books. That's amazon.com / track books to try Amazon music, unlimited free for 30 days. Amazon.com renews automatically cancel anytime terms apply, we had a ridiculously good time, having a conversation and I am so excited to share it with you. So let's do this thing on with the podcast with me and Amanda, and talking about romance and video games. Booster and I play video games and often there's a romance element Z video games where there are a variety of characters that you can choose to smooch. Yeah, I thought it would be interesting to discuss why we choose just noticed the characters we smoked in these video games? Yes we have very different tastes. Oh when it comes to romance level characters oh yes you know what life is probably reflects on our rebirth case to absolutely does? I know there was one area in which I am completely incongruous to my normal self in ninety-nine percent of things. I am very decisive, I like wage decisions. I don't like being indecisive, I find being unable to make a decision, extremely stressful, and anxiety-provoking unless Sara play stardew Valley. And she literally gives everybody gifts because she can't log Side. Exactly. I cannot pick a single romance in any game. I play unless I know like, for example, okay. In Witcher 3, which I love say you wander around and you kill Bandits and you lose your pants for chicken sandwiches, cuz some guy wearing a helmet and a pair of medieval drawers, is got a whole roast chicken in his pants there? Maybe there's a secret pocket. We don't know about Tara and I have decided that what is actually happening, is that his butt is a penny press, cuz sometimes you get a grilled chicken sandwich. So he's just between the cheeks. There's a whole chicken betwixt. The future wage is just hanging out waiting for you to come across him in the bush, kill him and then take his chicken out of his pants. Yeah. But with Witcher 3 characters that you can have sex with that aren't part of the main storyline, but the main line is essentially geralt choosing between two different characters, both of whom have a. I believe in Prior games. And you can't romance from both is a bit of a spoiler. If you try to Rome Both and you sleep with them both they will trick him in the end of the game and having a threesome, they'll tie him up and they'll leave him there and he gets nobody, he he's alone and I can understand having a hard time, right? But sometimes games right? Really good. Characters are like, well I would love to smooch both of these and I think we're seeing more games that allow for like, yes, Holly or like multiple something about you that I think are like that. Like, verdant Skies. It's another one where you can have a relationship with multiple partners. Yes, um, and a couple of others that I can't remember, but but I know with Witcher 3 who I want to romance, although I did send you pictures of Triss merigold and you were like holy shit, cuz the costumes for the women in this game. I want to like I have no interest in playing Witcher 3 because I usually prefer not to have a male main character right off. And play a Siri the the girl character eats her own game. Oh my gosh, it would be so good for Siri to have her own games. Zelda needs her own game, it help them rebuild and we like no offense to link but we get to follow link around everywhere. I want Zelda to have her own goddamn game. Yes, I agree. And when you're playing starting for example there are some characters first, what you can play as you design the character you could unless you're me and you forget to change the gender and you think you're playing as a female and then you look and you're a male character and that's dialogue. Choices are sometimes confusing, but you can marry characters there are several marriageable characters and you can choose whichever one you want. Yeah. And a lot of them aren't locked by, like, gender or anything. You should be whatever gender and Gary, whatever gender you want. Then there's characters in the background who have relationships, which are terrible. But like you said, despite being a decisive person, I can log I choose a character to smoke and romance in stardew. I want to give everybody ten Hearts. I want everyone to have the the the the desire to marry me. And there's a point of the game where people don't walk around with a rabbit's foot in your pocket. For luck, you'll go into a specific location and all of the characters with whom you have 10 hearts and Fleury. It's still be pissed at you and they'll be like your home, cuz they're all mad at you for leading them on. So you have to like protect yourself, a little phallic foot in your pocket, but meanwhile like I don't make any friends in our starting off game. It's like, oh, I'm just like, I'm going into the minds to kill things. I don't care about anything else me while I'm Farming and smoking and she's killing things. And you in our playthrough you took atomically married, the sewer demon, the steward. Human who's my roommate though and my own play through I romanced. Sebastian who was the email motorcycle hacker pin off? Is indicative of all of the other characters like romanced in previous games like, in Mass Effect and like, Dragon Age, I go for, like, the Moody character, with the most baggage and Trauma is the one I go for like, in Dragon Age II. There's I think his name's Fenris, he seemed like an Elf character who was kept as like a, like, who was tortured with magic. And so he like if you play a magic-user, it is very hard. If not impossible to get him to romance, you filled with trauma, a loaner angsty, angsty and Inquisition each time. I go in thinking, I'm going to romance Iron Bowl because he sounds like a good time and each time I romance current without without birth. Steve Salley tortured in addition to what is it? Like, I see mm or whatever it is Miriam Lyra Lyra. Oh my god. Did not like waiting for you. Inquisition. Like I'm like, yeah, I'm going to do iron bowl and then I black out. Next thing I know, like I'm going to bed with current and it's big furry shoulders, which is weird because current can't be a party member, like technically an MPC but I don't know what it is. But I always go for like, the sad torch, but what about black wall? He said, and tortured and his terrible Secrets, but, you know, he's very mopey. Yeah, he's too sad. He's like, I don't want them to be so sad that I pity them. So you like, sad and tortured and curmudgeonly. Not sad and tortured and mopey. Yeah. Yeah, it's a fine line there, so and everything time, I like it's going to be different. I'm going to romance so-and-so know and I just do the same thing over and over like dead. I think what does it is? It the second one with Anders fuk Anders, he is the worst character. I will never romance Sanders and I wish I could kill him off. Like, I hate answers. I bought Dragon Age Origins for on sale, for like seven bucks and after having played Inquisition for like a year or two years, I was playing that game. I'm still not done with it. I am the most pedantic video game player. Don't ever sit and watch me play video games. It's like one of those I just wander around. I pick all the flowers. I'm really not interested in killing things like oh I gotta kill a detail about Skyrim is that like God damage Explorer? Can I not kill stuff? I want to go pick flowers. My horse is fine. My horse will kick bandits in the face. Facts. If they get too close like we're good like it's a guard horse, we're fine. But I just love to like I don't know like in Mass Effect. So the first mass Fact we need Garrix who was like a space cat man with an eyepatch and we all know that I love an iPad. There's a mystery there with an eye patch and people got so mad at myself included, that you could not romance Garrison. The first one that I feel like BioWare was like, okay, fine, you horny, weirdos, you can romance Garrus in the next one. And we all Rejoice, the only reason I bought Dragon Age Origins was so that I could be a male character and romance the swamp, which she is so ridiculously hot. The only time that I was curious about playing a male character, was an inquisition with the very with the like sassy magic met with the finely-tuned facial hair. What does the snake? Oh, who gets with Iron Bowl if you don't romance him which is wonderful? Oh, more, first of all, the characters dead. Is Morgan it to completely flown out of my room, which swamp witch Morgan? She's the one with the drapey. The drapey top, Dorian Dorian. Yeah, Dorian. There's a wonderful Montage. Wage story in an Iron. Bowls banter. Oh my God. In the game. This is why I did not romance iron bull because I wanted iron bowl and Dorian to get together cuz I had read. Oh if you let them sort of quest with them, they start flirting. Yeah. Yeah, baby. I'm sure is so good. They they tease each other and it's just adorable. Yeah. When I play Dragon Age and I'm still off on the first playthrough, I started a second playthrough but I this is so silly. I tend to wander around and level up so that I am overpowered whenever I needed. Yeah, cuz I only The Killing things like I would just rather be thirty-eight levels and hit you one back to playing pick flowers and band pants. So, I started a new character with a new weapon and I'm like, oh my God. I'll turn this is annoying. I keep getting dead. I don't want to get dead. The original game. So like my stardew problem, I cannot decide who I want to romance. I am a dwarf which limits your choices. Dragon Age Inquisition will limit your romantic choices based on the character type. Yes, but I didn't want to romance Iron Bowl because I wanted are able to get together with Dorian. I didn't want to ruin sculling and I and I ended up with the Tall Blond elf named Sarah. So is a handful, in my opinion, is a handful. But when you were a short dwarf down, there are love scenes with you and a tall elf woman. It's amazing. There is one Quest this bit of a spoiler. There is one Quest where I had to run around and Survey all the characters and ask them how I should groom home care. For Sarah was incredible. So I ended up Romancing the elf and now she's she's got such vulnerability wage Shows up in the cutest ways that I'm afraid to break up with her. So I'm just stayed with her, Who is the very tall? Sorceress Lady, Vivian Vivian. That's God of an, yes, I told drink of water. Oh, she is Harsh and I love it. I'd LED. I've let her step on me like hands off. And also, there are relationships that happen between the, the companion, characters and supporting characters in Dragon Age, inquisitions where you don't get involved with one of them, then they will walk up. And I don't like killing things. I want everyone to be happy. So I want everyone to get together with someone else. And so, then I can't necessarily romance somebody because I'm more interested in seeing everyone else pair up and pack myself up, one of. I know later eyewear Centric but one of the biggest things that I hope will happen in the new Dragon Age game whenever we should birth. It. Hey, take your time. After you know cyberpunk, take your time. Take as much time as you need. I want the developers to have good sleeping habits and good work-life. Please complete. This is a plea to BioWare. Please let us Romance of Eric. Come on, he's a Charming romance. Secret romance, author home, so sweet. Yes, such Joy such a great companion. Let us have Varick, please. I would love to romance him. He he would write such fun dialogue. You could be a character in a story. Yeah, like that's what I want, but then, of course, knowing me like, yeah, totally, you know, romance Barak and then I get into the game, like, he's not sad enough for me now, what about Skyrim? What are your romance options in Skyrim? Are there any not? Particularly, like, you can choose to like, I don't know, like have a flirtation, but there's Like any sort of story to them, right? It's not like Dragon Age where if you romance this character this is what happens in a there's no like partying either. Like you don't get off Ian's that you like go on adventures with is pretty like solitary and also like I was super, so I loved Assassin, Creed, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Kassandra is beautiful wage. You couldn't smooch the ones you wanted to smooch, right? Like in Odyssey, there are, I wouldn't even call them romances. They're just like little Affairs or trysts you can have and it's like, nothing really like lasting in the storyline. And when Valhalla was coming out they were like oh you know we're going to have more like better like romance options that will affect the story and blah blah blah, right? We'll take him to. There's only like three? Oh, that's not enough. Women and one man. But one of the women choices is a pretty big deal. I don't not super comfortable doing that route. Spoiler alert. Essentially you get with your adopted brother's wife thought. Oh, cuz he's like away. And you spend a lot of time with her and we ought to get it anyway. I thought that was little, but like there's one that like I really wish would have delved deeper, but a lot of the stuff is more surface things than I based on. What was it? Be soft was saying, I expected more cuz they're like this is a better romance system and like, yeah, but it's just feel felt like the same. I also did not enjoy Valhalla as much as honestly, I would say. But I don't know if you like better about Odyssey over Valhalla, so involved. There's a lot of focus on like building your Camp necessary. Oh, so you have to, like, do things a farm in farming, but you have to, like unlock certain off. Buildings and stuff like that and I wished I feel like Odyssey had a lot more exploration. The more open the world, the happier. I am I speaking. I want to feel like it was scaled back compared to Odyssey. Yeah. But I don't know. I just would like I wish video game creators or developer would be like, just throw in some smooching like everybody. Need more ways to kill things and I know that a lot of RPGs are, you know, let's kill the things. I actually liked that part beliefs, even in, even in stardew. The thing that I will level up the last is, is defense that like, I, I don't even like killing things that are trying to kill me. I just want to grow turnips and parsnips. And, you know, give everybody presents alignment combat at all, but like, I, I love what like BioWare has done in terms of like creating chaos. They're focused stories and let your ability to build relationships and friendships. I want more of that in games and I feel like only a certain number of Chicago. Bears are, like game companies do those sorts of things? And I can imagine the complexity of the code is significant because the trees. Yeah. Right. The storage in the conversation tree becomes very complex. If you have multiple romances. Yeah. One of the things I think is so interesting about stardew, is that when you get divorced, isn't there? A spell, where your, where your spouse will forget, that, you were very damaged, very well where you can turn your children into doves or something, right? That's certain creepy. That is not a thing. I would be able to do I want to ask you about the romances in Mass Effect? Yeah. Yeah, it's been a while, but, are they good? Did you were their characters? We how many characters are there? Because I know there's, that's one of those games where there where Shepherd has a bunch of choices. Spoiler alert birth. The first games, the first Dragon Age and the first Mass Effect are very similar where your choices are kind of limited to like a female supporting character and a male supporting character, right? Right. Like more often or Alistair or whatever and at the end of Dragon Age one spoiler alerts for people there's this thing where like Morgan has this spell and you can shoot like there's like clubs involved and someone may die or whatever and that is very present in Mass Effect 1 where like Depending on who you pick, it's possible. The other one may die. If you don't like combat, I feel like Mass Effect is more of a has more combat yeah, August than Dragon Age. Yeah, I usually either romance Garrus or Jack, who is this like bionic like woman with like a shaved head and like tap shoes, and she's like mean to you. So that's your chip. That's, that's a man debate right there. Yeah. And then there's also an assassin who was like a lizard man, which I was okay. Yeah. But it's also locked to like there are certain people you can romance if you're playing a male Shepherd versus like a female Shepherd. Yes, Inquisition is like that the, the, the character type you play. Like, if you are an M Life, You Can Dance Solace but you can't romance him. If you're not an elf and I think that's right. More characters, carry over between games and home. So like Gareth is in all three games, right? I think Jack shows up into an 3. So there's less variety pack because a lot of the supporting characters show up multiple times, right? And I think in Mass Effect there's a lot more like casual encounter scenarios. Yeah. So there's more like trysts and Affairs and not long-term romance has the spam, the whole story and influence the outcome though. And the long-term romance is are usually with established characters where I feel like in zagan age. Each of your party for each game is different. Like, you know, Alistair is like King, right in the second one, but he's not a romance option. So you should get completely new characters to romance with each Dragon Age game. Whereas there's where overlap in terms of like the romanceable characters in Mass Effect birth, We will be right back with more about video games and all of the romance. But first, I have one thing to tell you about this episode was made possible by Wilbur my feelings sound engineer and by Pratt litter. Everything I do for Wilbur is rooted in love even when he is, testing my patience. I always want what's best for him. For example, love is using one of the two hands that I need for work to pet the cat home and love is attending to his desire for snacky treats and rubbing his back. Whenever he asks, even if he's hitting me, love is also keeping tabs on his health because nothing is more important than his health and well-being. And that is why I use pretty litter. Pretty litter is the best cat litter for your cat. It changes colors to help detect early signs of potential and illnesses including urinary tract infections and kidney issues. 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Cam promo code for 20% off, pretty litter promo, code trashy, and now back to our conversation with, Amanda all about romance and video games. What about dream daddy because that's just about romance, okay? So my biggest problem with dream jabbing is off the romance reader, not all of the options. Have a happy ending certain options where there is no romantic hea home. So, and I think the one that I really liked the sad, sad, ma'am. I who is this early mopey one that the sad man who has like I think like a drinking problem. Last I checked unless they like patch something in my dream characters. I don't think he had like a romantic hea where you Like stayed together, right? Is it was Robert and he had like yep, Scruff. And like a leather jacket, and a, just put him under a box with this with this pumped-up. He said he's aloof widower. Oh yeah, yeah, you know, the Trap ready. Hang on. Yeah, so like last time I checked, I didn't think there was like a satisfying romantic happily ever after, and that's what made me sad about dream. Daddy is like, normally with those sort of visual novel games, do you have like a bad ending? A good ending and like a, maybe a secret ending, right? Not the case here but I guess I know, I know you're cyberpunk was super glitchy. Did you ever finish it with your tips out of your leather jacket? Isn't there a romance in there too? There's yeah, it's similar to where there's different routes birth. Right? I think like maybe if I remember correctly, it was like maybe three or four romance options and none of them are super none of them really appealed to me. So for you, which video game has the best romance option Dragon Age, Inquisition, or all of them? I feel like all of them though. I think I'm partial to the second. One Origins wage know, the first one, I'm sorry. I might be mixing, which is called Dragon Age 2. I think it is called Dragon Age 2. I am so amazed. I don't think it had a subtitle. Yeah, no Dragon Age Origins dragon, a dragon Kitchen 2 in Roman numerals and Dragon Age Inquisition. I think that one, mainly, because I really loved, I really love the Fenris romance plot. It was like an Elven Warrior and he's so tortured. One of like, literally a New Jersey. Emotionally tortured, of course. Yeah, a bit and I liked as you play as like Hawk instead of like phone was on sale for $6.79 off, I liked it a lot and the complete bundle is $8.60. I'm screwed, aren't I? Yeah. Oh yeah. Okay, that's fine. But I think that one is my favorite of the franchise and then I would say, Inquisition is second month and then Origins is third, but they're all really good. I think it's really interesting that in terms of my own experience, as a romance reader, and this one area in which I'm a Civ, maybe the root of my indecision is that I want to watch all of the romances happening around me. Yeah, and not make choices that then diminish, the chance of romance for someone else. Yeah. Like, I want everyone else who can pair up to, you know, want to make anyone else feel bad. Exactly. I don't want anyone else feel bad. And I want to watch all their cutscenes. Yeah. That aren't influenced by whatever. Do key thing. I said, like, I realized in, in motion that a decision that I had made in like the first couple of days influenced a conversation, I had Thirty levels later and I felt awful because I had clearly chosen the wrong thing and that was not dead. Like it was not the outcome that I wanted, and I'm like, well, can't change it now. One of the worst feelings is when you pick a wrong decision, or you do something like on accident or whatever, going through a storyline and you're like, this changes the entire game, and it's not what I want and I'm screwed. Now, I just have to start over. Yep. And, and I did that recently bought screwed up a quest and instead of saving and stages I had accidentally overwritten. Yeah, so I had no unless I wanted to go back like three days worth of play like where your stomach, it's just drops. When you really is what you've done, the thing is like if you want romance and games, I know there's like a ton of like visual novels, right? But I think that's more interactive. Like I want to run around naked do things instead of like going through just lots of dialogue which is yeah. And there's like four poses per character. Yeah, it's like off. Oh, you're older. Oh, your arm is on in your head. Oh, you are being Coy because your hand is under your and I get kind of visually board. Yeah. Like I I can only play a visual novel out for so long before. Yes I need something like more interactive. It's like reading subtitles. I have a limit to how much I can ingest that way. I backed a few recently a few years you like stardew Valley ask games on Kickstarter that I like super excited or so like I was playing wasn't my time in Portia or Portilla or whatever it is which is very strong Valli asked. But it's more three D and they have a, a sequel coming out called my time. It's Saint Roch. So it's kind of a similar game but set in a different environment that I'm like super expensive, it's more like farming and stuff like that. But yeah, I just want more of those games. I feel like, I've kind of exhausted, all of the options and I don't know. There's so many, there's only so many people. Items that you can play Dragon Age. I feel like yeah. If I restart a game, I will get to a level that I will remember. As being just endless. Like, the one thing that like, oh, oh God, I gotta run around this. And again, I'll fucking fucking Swift. And there's some demons. Can I just walk around and smoothly? I just want to get to the good part, right? Give me some Smoochy cutscenes and it's weird. Because if it's all Smoochy cutscenes, that's not quite enough. There needs to be some kind of tension. I just don't need it to be all killing things like with you. And like, what you said with with, with Mass Effect, it's a battle. The whole point of the game is to be in a battle and I'm like, yeah, it's not for me. I watch the cutscenes on YouTube. Dragon Age has such, it's such like a popular franchise and I just don't understand why more games aren't like that. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why it's so incredibly unique and I will say, even though you are limited to playing as geralt, the storyline of Witcher 3 is really complicated. And there's a lot of nuances just that the major romance elements are very limited. Yeah. And how and it's weird how you feel about these characters depends on how you a lot of ways, how you were introduced to them. If you met, if she and which are to then your impression of her might be different because Jennifer isn't really a character in that game until the end, but she's in the book. So, if you're reading the books, it's a completely different thing. It's interesting with the choices that people will make inside Witcher 3 based on how they learned about the, the two main choices. And then there's a third person that you can have sex with. And she like, lays out a whole picnic in a swim. Okay. I'm like girl bug bites. You get your service so she can keep them away. I mean, it will say big spoiler. Tho big spoiler home. I tell you about the sex on the horse. Yes, I know about the sex on the horse. Well, there's sex on a horse. Yeah. Jennifer has a stuffed unicorn and if you have a cut scene with her, they do it on the stuff wage unicorn. Yeah. But now, no, I did not know when this was about to happen, right? And Adams playing trivia online by way of zooming. With this bar trivia team doing it online, trivia, and all of a sudden, he hears me go, oh my God, oh my God, oh horse, oh my God on the horse and there's like silence and he's like, we're all wondering what just happened. Like wage. I can't even tell you, I don't know them. Well enough to tell them about what just happened on my screen. And when I had sex with the me, but girl had sex with the, with the witch, by the swamp, it was streaming at the time and place. And clicked explicit and all of a sudden there were CGI boobs I was like whoa whoa boobs I'm sorry, everybody, I did not expect there to be breasts. Pressure is low cut enough on that on that game. I mean I found to happen at some point. Someone would need to animate a nipple that I was not expecting nipples again in like Dragon Age. She's got like that deep shirts as like, how does that stain? You've got like a tape which which, which looped swamp boot boot tape. And the people who successfully cause play that and get the drape of the bowel neck. I can't with the size of my chest, I could never, I would need like Gaffers tape. I'm just like holding everything up. I would need many yards of drapery fabric, could be a lot. Less them now. I couldn't. So you sent me this tic. Talk I did. It's amazing, really large. Right? Yeah, instead. But more types of husband, which one yours watch it, too. And and and find supportive yummy very large and Brian like male romance options in Dragon. Age Inquisition is supportive. He's mopey, he's not dead. He's got reason to be mopey. He did some shity things. Yeah, Julian is charming and this is yummy. Yeah, he's so yummy. And even if you are not his his preference or if you are a dwarf or your female, I said I think weight does. If you're a male dwarf. Will he get with you? I can't remember. I think so. But even if you are not a romance will option. For Dorian your role in his story is just wonderful. He's like, he's got some good like background dialogue, regular like, he's very snarky, I love him and birth. In a party together. They just snark at each other the entire time and while having to what's the word I'm looking for, it's not wizard. It's not sorcerer or Shaman off, just like magic users. Yeah, two magicians to having two Mages, that's what having two Mages in your party is suboptimal cuz you'll die a lot. Yeah, that's not necessarily good defensive support. Dialogue, support adventuring around. Yeah, just wander around the desert and listen to them. But each other, it's great. And then massive Cock & Bull is very large, which makes style you remember. We were talking about t shows and you said, you can sort of tell that sometimes there are some some actors that are having a really good time. You can just tell it Freddie, Prinze jr. Had a really good biggest nerd, right? I like, he's been on like, panels about Dungeons and Dragons and like, you can just tell that he really loved In the voice acting for Iron Bowl like she was in heaven. The dog heard me getting really happy and excited. And wanted to say I was happy and excited about your wood. And what I give him treats can I please have some I keep I know the lady. She's like she's in a good mood, I'm going to give her some treats and then Ryan, which Colin color looks like a Brian. Like you're totally does and he's just the right amount of angsty emo but still competent to the thing about black wall blackwall, right? Yeah, he's got cool thing about him is cuz here's the problem. This black one and then there's kirkwall and I get the stuff. Yeah, so blackwall, he has reason to feel bad. Yeah, he should feel bad and I, and as a result of knowing what his backstory is, I don't want to Bone him know understand that the, the romance seems are very. He's, he's also a little too grizzled for me like wage. He's two years old. Yeah. Like a bushy beard? Yeah, I think the beard is a little too much for me. Hmmm of the characters you can't like you can romance Cassandra. You can romance. I think you can romance Liliana though. It's Tricky. You can't romance Julie judge. Montilyet know the Diplomat is her name is Josephine, Jacqueline. Everyone is just going to yell at me in the comments cuz I can't remember names. I'm sorry, romance Josephine. Wait, you can wait. I I'm going to start a new game is sefin can be romanced by a male or female Inquisitor of any race. Wait a minute. I did not know. And then like there's other romance options, and like the DLC, right? The trespasser DLC? Yes, there are trespassers. If I think there's a way that black wall and Josephine start, flirting was, yeah. Yeah. You know what, if any character would be able to understand him off the hard, terrible choices that he had made? I think it would be just Fame. Yeah, but I think just finished romanceable. All right, I'm going to restart and romance Romance the park. Oh, I love it off. There are romance specific side, quests. Yeah, I never know this new world has opened up to me. I woke up today thinking about this. About Dragon Age. Yeah, about this topic in about Dragon Age and playing it again. The second one. Yeah, I would just go Fentress again. I just thought no one can beat Fenris. I am still playing through origins as a dude. So that I can romance Morrigan although have you romanced Alistair wage Yeah, that's who we didn't romance him the first one. When I first played through. It is allister. Yeah. I still want to romance Morrigan. I mean, I don't blame you. I mean, she's like Vivian. She's just smoking. Yeah. She's she's super hot and often the the romance of factors that have really interesting stories have really interesting romance dialogue. Yes. And I love doing a study dialogue, which is probably why I know just get off. Yeah, I love the whole like we can't be together because I'm sad all the time. Like it's usually how it goes and I'm like, oh my my love will heal your sadness. Really, that's usually how it goes. That's usually what I prefer to see. No I misremembered, I beg your pardon, I missed it because I am not a male Inquisitor. I can't romance Cassandra Cassandra will only romance him and she's just awesome. Please, I just want the next Dragon Age. So much wage Or just something similar. I just need something to fill the void and I feel like I haven't found anything yet or nothing comes close. If you were going to create the ideal game, like, creating the ideal takeout meal, like the idea of fast food meal with fries from this place, and the chicken from that place. Yeah. What elements of your favorite games? Would you combine? So I think I prefer a fantasy setting. Yeah. So you can imagine over space. Yeah. Magic over space. Although space is horny. I've heard they just very horny, but in terms of like, playing video games, I prefer, like, I'm not big on like Shooters anymore or like guns, like useful, like Halo and like, first person shooters a lot, but, like, those don't really appeal to me anymore, right? Like being like a range to like, either magic or like an Archer or something like that. Let's see. I like a party Focus. So, like Dragon Age over, like Skyrim were you have to have like a, a group that goes on adventures together and different characters have different strengths. So yeah, like I said, if you have two Mages, you're going to get killed a lot but the dialogue will be great. Yeah. Um, let's see I do like like you do the balance of non combat and combat stuff. Right. Yeah like I love Puzzle Quest. Yeah, you like you have to walk in the right order to do the things. You don't wake up the giant or whatever you have to do things in the right order of figure out the puzzle and it's not super obvious. I loved, I loved getting that stuff right? Combination of like, high-stakes and low stakes. Yes. Storytelling. Like, with Dragon Age, you have like everyone's personal, like side-quests, but you have also took like this huge overarching thing where like bad shit will happen and destroy the world. If if this if this happens I feel like I just described in age is what I just described. Yeah. Yeah. There's a lot that's that's most of the elements of Dragon Age, I just think like Dragon Age aren't perfect games but in terms of me as a, a player like took it pretty much hits. All the notes that I like in a game and I just want more of that style. I agree for me. Combat is fine. I understand. That's where a lot of the conflict comes in, but I'm not that image. First combat mechanics. I'm much more interested in a character-driven story and in the intricacies of the different characters affecting the story that I am in because, like, I've talked about when my brain is tired and I don't quite often enough cognitive energy to read the video game has created part of the story. I just have to choose the pieces and then I get to watch it happen and wander around different places. One thing Witcher 3 does so well, especially with a mod that I've installed, that turns up the resolution, it's fucking gorgeous. Yeah, yeah. Some really gorgeous, not just the bag on the Unicorn. I mean, the Landscapes are beautiful. Just have some like, really beautiful and oh yeah, I even like skyhold once you get the style truck guy was fun. I like the where you first meet Vivian, kind of like the ritzy magical City where everyone's like wearing masks or lay yes, dead. I was I'm I was in France. I was on a tour of all sauce. Drinking wine, because Hobbs, and we stopped in a medieval town on the day that they were having some sort of parade and festival and I was like being in orlais. Everyone was dressed up wearing masks and I was completely freaked out. I was like I'm in Dragon Age right now. No one understands what that means except me, but I'm in Orland right off the leash. It's Yeah, I just, I want more games. It doesn't even have to be the next Dragon Age. I just want more games like Dragon Age where it's like yeah. And we'll see RPG lives, you know really good like character Focus off some dialogue and you know, like smooching I also understand like that probably takes a lot of time and effort you make, but I want I want developers and programmers to have good sleep, sleep and good, work-life balance and a healthy work environment. I would prefer to know that the game that I am enjoying was not produced by harming other people to make it happen. And maybe like there's stuff coming out, like I try to sneak on top of video game releases, the, maybe there are games similar to that coming out that I just don't know about. And if so, please tell, you can tell me how I'm wrong about all the character names to. I understand that I can remember these correct? Yes. After cyberpunk which was such a disappointment was like which was incredible. That was like, that's the only thing I could have thought of that wage. Recent dish that had like RPG elements in like romance elements. But man, was it a bummer? Yeah. I like I know they were offering refunds but I decided not to get a refund and I know like, patches and fix right out, or whatever. Yeah. I feel like it's a hazard. Having your tits out in the middle of a gunfight. So I mean, I guess I mean, I'm not speaking from experience. I'm just assuming you brought your tips to a gunfight bringing home. I have one last question for you. Yeah. What about World of Warcraft? Cuz you're still playing right? You're super intense super into it. So for all you nerds out there Thursday with Warcraft, there's like an expansion, right? And it's like the new storyline and then within that expansion is like patches of new content, right? Well, everyone was pissed off. Because pretty much there hasn't been any new content or like and we've all been bored, but the new patch came out last Tuesday off. So there's knew there was a new Zone and just for air conditioning system and today. So there's maintenance every Tuesday for World of Warcraft off today. The new wave comes out like new book, release and maintenance General. A new dungeon comes out in a new raid comes out. And so my my guild and I were doing the new iPhone 8 on Thursday, which I'm very excited about and then I'll probably do the new dungeon content with some of my other guild members today. And for anyone curious, I play off restoration Shaman. So I'm a Healer and her name is Judi Dench and she's great. Now, it's Judy doing, do you guys doing wonderful? I also, I love naming my characters. Like I have a warlock's name Panini. This is last name. Betwixt, the butt cheeks. No, we can't do last name so she just and I I have a hunter who like she's a void elf so you can make her purple if you want to and I've named her crunch Berry cuz she like a Captain Crunch when you and instigate romances and World of Warcraft. Now, unless you want to start cybering with another way. So there aren't any NPCs that you can just go to gather around and romance. They just give you quests in. That said, there's nothing like them off this morning for Philip fulfilling the quest. There's no smooching. Well, it's funny, you should say that there's one Quest where you have to help out this like weird, like fairy group of people and they need to get this egg away from this giant bird as you do. So they turn you into a giant bird to flirt with the other giant bird. So you gotta walk up to this bar be like, Hey, Baby song. You doing yeah, to get it to like, leave the egg alone so essentially you they turn you into a bird so you can Court another bird bath no practice mostly like social interactions, but I'm still playing it. It's still very fun. Awesome. And I love, I love my character. Judy just great choice and that brings us to the end of this week's episode. Thank you to Amanda for hanging out with me. And having the idea to talk about this in the first place, that was super fun. Thank you to garlic dinner for transcribing, this episode and thank you for listening. It is awesome that you hang out with me each week and I'm honored to be a guest in your eardrums which sounds really ski, but I totally mean it. I mean audio is pretty intimate and I really appreciate you thoughts on each week. As always I end with a terrible joke. This one's really bad. I love it so much. What do you call a computer that sings? What do you call a computer that sings Adele? Adele, I love it so much. I hope you tell many, many people and that they all grown Adele. Thank you to kicks nineteen ninety-one, voir, that joke, it still makes me chortle. I want to give you a special heads up about next week's episode. My guests will be the host of the podcast romance. And we are going to be talking about a brand new book that comes out on the 27th. It is out, so you can read it if you want to, and listen to this episode, it would be Nifty if you did. We are going to be talking about awakened by the CEOs, Kiss by Therese Beharie. So, if you want to read ahead and join us in the conversation, we would love to hear your thoughts about this. Book are episode will be out next week on August 6th. And on behalf of everyone here, including wilberg have a wonderful weekend. We will see you back next week. Smart podcast. Trashy books is part of the Frolic podcast Network. You can find out standing podcast to listen to add Frolic. Media podcast.

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#S02EP06: English For Social Inclusion

Recorte Verbal Podcast

14:32 min | 2 months ago

#S02EP06: English For Social Inclusion

"Oh la, bussola has a ql in Hawaii from Benzene is Thomas Choi. This is especially the most of the professors Sarah Walker English for social inclusion. Comes Black Sheep and also special offer best price on the internet and also give you the start of Walker off the Infinity Crystal shade about the Players Club ocean ocean. Yeah you get off. Los Angeles. Orange playing against us like mice lunch. Is it? What is simply unplug back to talking cheese and now changes? I'm speaking English because I think those of you who are English, teachers will enjoy the opportunity to listen to some English. So the same thing again. As always, it's a pleasure to be back with my friends in talking, teens thumbs, only managing from Spencer desigual wage was like twice as palabras also an inch before picture plug consigned to a subjective as in English girls. And has a steady job. It plays through square inches. Okay? Think about inequality what English words come into your mind. Think of three adjectives for the packaged on the left and three for the needy people on the right. Okay, on the left. You might think of fat. You see a fat off? Or you might think of well said, privileged selfish white is only lunch Brown course nip-and-tuck lucky. You desolate radhika chemist, poor film, undernourished hungry. Taught me how to see afro descendants unlucky in palabras, despite lifting millions of people do Out of poverty. Over the last decades, Brazil still faces a huge gap between the country's richest and the rest of the population off. Some time to kill slightly. I believe me use of registering some Ronnie next slide. Please. Okay, your PT prefer to do. Y'all do? See what was this car inch of Spencer? Nice color, public, nice color but people are are so keen on contest. Okay. And this contest too versus, profesor, is it for Taurus profits? Or he's probably spends r o, nice color. I guess I ran into storage systems. Should follow a difference cuz she didn't put in terms of his mirror is profesor. He's he was my study calibers houstonians. You know, public. Oh my God. King janir, Amanda sales figures for his collar particular, I see him control his computer. His name is supposed to be the largest wish to the new stereo. I believe that in the context of Haves and Have Nots as teachers and future life teaches you may well of sort of private school and public school. The perceived just difference between the two systems is great, I said wage perceived distance because I understand that the best and most dedicated teachers are in the public schools, not in the private schools, but take anyone with money since their children to private schools. They are you can find computers expensive equipment and students was real possibilities of traveling abroad. No idea of remote Christmas like you prefer for my okk. I know what is the quality of life. You show you what it is not okay. With a profit sort of its everyone gets an equal amount minority aside well done wrong because the G80 opportunity that possibility that she suggests involved. Okay next slide please press wage Elkins no conspiracy theories serve you you Russian Professor, Daniel Elisa important month. So your dad will don't see a former some Hangover song. No, shogi, father would be a big, I'll go to banyo Thursday, okay. Boom, sir, was this necessary but I mean, would be a big someone who has thought you meant to do. I play this improve his sword, but it's a virtual operator in. Seattle, imported straight yesterday in the Symposium with Professor Xavier Russian, Danielle and Alyssa. An important matter of came up the change and renewal don't throw the baby out with the bath. Sport. We must what? He's good. And exchange. Only the dirty water. We don't need for me. The baby is human values. The home teacher relationship? It can be virtual or face-to-face. Both are equally important. Another important Point home or 3.2 important in our Congress doing this. You do Savvy now. You wanting it would be, our goal, not sold recently. Fiber is not home next, slide. Please another important point in yesterday's session is the north-south dialogue, which seems always to favor the North When we consider the importance of language, culture and discourse in how we make sense of the world and how the world makes sense of us wage that aspect of the worldliness of English emerges, the extent to, which the world is in English. Pencil being photo de Brazil in Monroe helmets, putting cuanto in English. The actual module are some of the 17s as normal Network 12 or more in English means of Frank being a group. Okay, tables can probably tell them, you know, milkshake giving the ultra-cool to that next slide, please. Okay. In my opinion, we should take advantage of s, i e, which I learned to love with my daughter. Selma not the milkshake that comes from another culture thus has applied linguists, linguists and English language. Teachers wage would become political actors engaged in a critical federal godric or project to use English to oppose the dominant discourses of the West Palm or the North. And I hope the articulation of counter discourses in English. Okay, that is a key but contests are dead. Or somebody's do not a computer, do not press his almost follow English coronavirus adequate against paranoid Community, Schools, such as computers off. If it's a lease meant to imply his Mansion or she Frank. So students can only can test the values of the north, if they know enough English to communicate with other cultures. Okay, next, slide, please, what can we learn from a pandemic? Next slide? Please enter crazy. Technology. Aquino slide who sews your system and see Soulja Mundial places and use if his, the technology package is important, in terms of birth, Now you said something about the affirmative his second choice, but to do that sound, okay? We can learn a lot about technology here in this slide. We have Health Care Systems on a round-the-world all Healthcare Systems. Need efficient use of ICT, that's wrong information, and communication, Technologies, ICT. Okay. Cooperation between Municipal state and federal government job. Is a key and we must plan ahead for future network Evolution. Okay? Next. Slide, please. Christmas lights off and play the song Winter. This is that you might cut off coupon but it's Devon truck ideas in seguin's. Yeah okay well that was in my discussion of wage up to the education and education reimagined. How can we achieve it? Next slide plus more Raleigh is off your question which to follow free. This is Portuguese. Chemistries is sensor so nice. Yep. No Transformer Mundo specialist here. So as in Adam and what we're supposed to write home or for a lease, I believe our results reliable between seems simply salty. Okay, I will give her that full. So in English, it's a closing for a Polish really always considered human values. Education doesn't transform the world, education changes people, people change the world, Altima slightly preferable. Okay. Kia includes on social came up with the physical strain passage see that is okay. This is my final slide to show you the kind of diversity dead. I would like to include in teaching and in our life as teachers have already send off and not because we interpret sensors around much of the Gaza Strip Club. Is Spartacus first part of the movie made to eligibility, podcasters through Thursday, eligibility, podcasters all the sites. Www.por to eligibility podcasters Point, Portobello.

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