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Gloria Marmolejo

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Hey guys, welcome to the first degree the true crime podcast that you might end up on. My name is Jack Vanak. I'm sitting next to Billy Johnson and across from Alexis linkletter. And if you guys didn't know we're going to be at crime con next month June seventh through tenth in New Orleans. And if you guys want to come, you can get ten percent off your badges with our code degree nine teen. The Bill is going to be doing some other shit, not with us because he's a traitor, but he is going to be wearing matching signing hotel gear with. Against his will even though Jack agree to it when she was drinking. And now is having second thoughts, but it's too late. I agreed when I was drunk because it seemed like a good idea, but I know they're going to be really Janke items of clothing, and I'm shaker than that. But, you know, maybe we'll have a shining hin or something like abo-. All right. Let's get into our case on the morning of July twenty fifth two thousand nine Julia Serano was sitting in her El Paso home, and it's situated in a quiet cul de sac in youthful neighborhood, in El Paso, in suddenly, she heard knocks at her door. And when she opened the door, there were two men were the sons of our next door neighbor, fifty four year old Gloria marmolejo. The older son was named Manny. And the younger son was named David David live next door with his mother, who was missing. Manny lived in Phoenix Arizona, the mania driven to El Paso, after not being able to reach his mother for days. My name is Julie Serano. I live in Texas and Loria marmolejo was actually my neighbor. She was a right across the street from me. I've lived in full, the fact for about twenty plus years. My Marcus, you want a have you. For me. I'll pay the. Always smiling like solo say, hi very friendly with everyone. Well, in Florida, like with their on she pretty much issue my alone efforts, and Vancouver spun gave him a man with her. She had like you know what you have a feminine those over here. We have family, so she was never a little. If not for the fact that you kind of pretty much know what everyone's doing or whatever was up to that. I like my mom is mentioned, you know that you haven't seen our next neighbors, Loria marmoleum home. And you know, things on for fight like a few months. So it would be only person, I was outside David normal on or famous. And then you have like, like it was always I don't, I'm not sure if it was like that he has around, or if it will like cousins, there was always kids, like it was there's was silly family. Okay. So back to the day Manny and David marmolejo came knocking on Julie's door became knocking out the door. And it was Gloria are fund Davis. And it was also another one of her older son, and be full payment, and they were not looking for their mother, you were asking if we've had any information, and if we feed her older brother, you can tell they will have been crying all they really. You know what they really quite fee. It was he was the one who was in the backseat didn't say anything. He wasn't asking question for block his bomb. It was more his older, brother, and he will go into. He was interacting with a more like kind of seeing him. He seemed a little over. So Gloria is missing and a little bit of background about her. She was fifty four years old, and she essentially raised her two sons by herself. So she was married previously, but that marriage ended in nineteen seventy nine and she was left alone to raise her son, David, who has nine years old, and Manny junior who is thirteen their father traveled a lot. So he never really ended up being in their lives after the divorce David and Manny were really close growing up, but their age difference and it's ended up separating them as they got older. And Gloria had a different relationship with each of the boys, she showed her youngest son David, a lot of support. He needed more attention. So the family ended up catering to him a lot more than Manny junior. And in two thousand and two glorious ex husband remarried and his new wife had two children of her own a teenage boy, and a ten year old girl named Mariah. Now, the boys were adults at the time this happened, and they were about to start families of their own and David had been in a relationship since middle school. And he eventually married this middle school sweetheart named Laura. They immediately start having kids. They have four total. But by two thousand six David said he wanted out of their relationship, and because he had sort of gotten married so quickly. He never really had another girlfriend. His eyes start to wander. He leaves her any moves to Hawaii, and for for a while. And then he also goes to Phoenix before landing back at his mom's place in El Paso. Right. And meanwhile, is obviously information and background info about them spanning decades. You know, this is just a kind of overview about this family. But Gloria meanwhile started new chapter retiring after twenty seven years of working really hard to support this family has single, mom, and after she retired. She sensually moved to Phoenix to be closer to her older, son. Manny and his wife Jennifer in there for kids. So she was really splitting her time between Phoenix and Paso. And glorious plans were to open a daycare with manny's wife. Jennifer, they had a really amazing relationship, and they both loved children. This is something they were going to pursue together. So that's the background info on this fam-. So let's get back to the fact that Gloria is missing in retrace the days leading up to her disappearance, so on Saturday, July twenty fifth two thousand nine Gloria was in Phoenix and decided to head back to her home, in El Paso, her son. Manny tried to get her to stay with them. They're going to the lake with his family, but she declined and decided to continue with plans heading to L Paso. She drove off in her red Honda SUV, and she was set to arrive in El Paso, at five pm based on when she left. Manny started calling his mother that evening to make sure she arrived. Okay. And he called her a bunch of times. But there is. No answer. And he ended up calling his brother David, and asked him if he saw his mom David said that he saw her when she got in, and he helped her bring her bags inside and told many that everything was normal, his mama's fine. And he left to go meet friends after that he saw her. So the morning comes and the next day her phone keeps going to Boyce, male, and it's not like Gloria to keep Manny out of the loop on what's going on savannah, calls, David again in the morning. David answers at ten thirty. He s David where's mom and he says, oh, I don't know. I never went home last night. So call star ping pong between all of chlorine, family members, where's Gloria whereas Gloria whereas whereas she no one had heard from her and from Phoenix. Manny tries to call the El Paso, PD to file missing persons support. But they said that the report would have to be made by the last person who saw Gloria, which I think, is kind of odd that is weird. Is that like it's always, I've never heard of that. Four but have, you know, but, you know, they're probably just like maybe they were just a putting him off like somebody here to do it. You can't do this from stayed away. I don't know what's going on. Like how to you know she's missing. She might not just be, maybe she went to the store. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. So with this point, Manny is freaking out and decides to come his Goan El Paso with his family to look for his mom. And by the time he gets to El Paso, and the whole family is their glorious parents cousin siblings. And then they call the police. So at glorious house, the detectives arrive to ask questions in take information pertaining to this missing persons report that they're getting. So David went over step by step is interactions with his mother the day. She arrived in L Paso. And he said that on that Saturday, July twenty fifth the days mother arrived, he was at the Carmichael theater on the east side of town. He ended up receiving a call from his mother around five pm and he was surprised. He had no idea. She was coming. That's interesting. So I mean, the background information is, is that she's living halfway in Phoenix in halfway in Paso? And she's allowing David to stay there while she's not there, right? So the idea here being that she wanted to drop in on him to see what was going on unannounced. See how he was carrying for the house, all of that kind of stuff. So when she did arrive to the house, he was at the movies, and she noticed when she got there, there was a lock on the door of her master bedroom, but she called David upset about. She wanted to be let into her bedroom, which seems reasonable. And so he kind of left in a hurry in the middle of a movie to go let his mom in. Right. So when he got there, she was bitching at him for this stuff understandably. So he left. And that night, he didn't come home. And that's what he said on the phone to Manny. Like when he answered the phone at ten thirty I didn't go home. So in Gloria's room, her suitcases sat untouched and she had her 'cause medics case sat zipped, close on the bathroom vanity and this was super uncharacteristic of her because she usually unpacked and settled, right in right away and Heredia car was missing and cars calls her cell phone. We're going straight to voicemail, which is never a good sign. The police immediately confirmed David story with his friends that he went to the movies with. So it all seemed to check out, but the word that she was missing was starting to spread through the neighborhood. They were understood is that we have got an updated 'cause he works out. Laurie. I'm level her poignant eighteen list again up. She wouldn't walk tool, middle school, or he would drive, depending on the weather sold their mentality was okay, she's a festive, we just need to see, you know where difficult. So I mean, that's what we were understood for vile are full. The fact is, it's pretty much like unlock them, you know, there's ret cakes. And it was really hard to get any get out because you have to identify yourself. There was like it just seemed like there was a lot of pants wasn't a lot of family. There said it saving normal hold up the only one bringing their so I don't think anyone was allowed to go to the house. It was pretty much just a lot of -pective trying to figure out what had happened or what happened to her recipe. So police start pressure testing theories while they're digging into glorious background. They learned that she was very religious. She loved God. Loved helping families helping others, she'll helping your family, she attended the university of Phoenix and got a degree from there. She worked for the Texas workforce commission for over twenty years, where she served as the integrated service area manager and after retirement, she went on to pursue a new career as a real estate Asian for Coldwell Banker. So there really wasn't anything that they found in her background, in her work in her church that we're gonna leave them any leads that they could potentially smokeout. Right. And her house actually, was this really cute a frame house, in on kind of the roof over the porch. There was like a giant cross. I mean, this woman was like a God, loving woman, you know, buttoned up just to super solid person said they weren't exactly like there was no red. Flags and there's like no enemies to point nothing, nothing. So as police are speaking to all the family members, they start to pick up on the fact that there was kind of this family secret that people in the family were tiptoeing around, because they're all in the same room like all the family was congregating. So as the police are questioning people, I assume people are kind of overhearing in there seems to be something people are avoiding and uncomfortable about. So remember how we mentioned that glories visit was announced. So she didn't tell David that she was coming, because she wanted to catch David off, guard in confirm a sneaking suspicion that she had been having that David was a sexual relationship with his stepsister fifteen year old Mariah Wilson that they were secretly living in glorious home together. And how old is he at the time twenty-seven up? And so this is this not. Okay. No. This is step sister thing is whatever they're not blood. Related. But the age difference in conjunction with that is disturbing that rape then. Right. Well, it depends on the laws. We looked at it depends on the laws and depends on the state, but you see Mariah had actually played a key role in causing the split between David, and his middle school sweetheart, Laura, and over the years has Maria hit, puberty and started to become a teenager. There started to be this very palpable tension. Involvement between them that started to kind of evolve in Texas is considered stats rape, statuary, rape to have sex with someone under the age of seventeen wherever there was a close in age exception that allows a person of sex with someone under seventeen as long as the older person is not more than three years older than the minor. So we've got the lend. This is two thousand nine. Well, it is bad now. In general. This is a father of a father of four and has children are probably closer in age than she is. I think they're like six yet is I could at twenty one just snow around the same at the same age difference. Yeah, that's gross. So Gloria was right. David Mariah had been in a sexual relationship for a while. It was on and off. And Gloria made it clear that she disapproved of this relationship and threatened to Victor Davis. If she found out that Mariah was living with him under Gloria's roof. So that's precisely why she came over to see what the hell is happening at her house. So she had a problem with a relationship for all the obvious reasons or is the age difference. He was being a total, absentee father to his kids, and obviously, it was his stepsister and disgusting and Gloria had been growing increasingly more frustrated with David she was chastising him for not getting his life, together, not paying the bills at her home and breaking promises to see his nephew in Arizona, as well as relationship with Mariah. And she specifically asked Manny not to tell his brother that she was going to El Paso, to see what was going on. So if you're a true crime freak and I'm assuming that you are since you listen to our podcast. I'm sure that you remember the death of Rebecca's a how, and one of our favorite network's oxygen is premiering a four part limited series on Saturday, June first and guess what? It's featuring our very own Billy Johnson. So I'll give you a little refresher on the story. Rebecca's a how was found dead hanging naked bound and gagged in the courtyard of her billionaire boyfriends Coronado mansion in two thousand eleven just two days after his six-year-old son, max suffered a fatal accident while under Rebecca's care. It's a crazy story and Rebecca's cause of death was ruled as a suicide leading two years of endless public intriguing speculation. So there's a lot going on in this case, and Billy along with combs. And you guys know Paul holes are taking another look at the mysterious case, and they're reexamining, all of the theories surrounding the bizarre case meeting with experts family members witnesses, and never before interviewed law enforcement. It's gonna be crazy. I've seen it and you guys have got to watch it. So go check it out on Saturday, June. First at six PM eastern standard time slash Pacific on oxygen. Glorious family keeps talking and Gloria's mother, Mary, she tells the police that she had gone to the home looking for Gloria the first day she'd been missing. And she noticed something interesting, she noticed used women's underwear, and a Bank statement with mariah's name on it at the house. So many people on the outside were admitted to the family that they were suspecting that, that Mariah was living here with David, but they didn't know for sure David was constantly denying that he was not involved or statutory raping so. Yeah. And okay. So we the we have we have a Bank statement with his name on it at the house. We have used women's underwear. It's getting kind of obvious now. What David is doing? And Mariah is at the house living at the house. Right. So it's at this point that police learn a little bit more about David and at some point as requesting them in this is something you would notice after a few minutes, maybe they noticed that he's missing a leg. And he explained that he had become somewhat of a rebel after he split from his wife. Laura, not a motorcycle started doing wheelies all the time. He came daredevil in Las one of his legs in a terrible accident that almost cost him his life. E continued that Gloria at been his rock through this entire thing in got him through that injury in without her. I mean he would have died. He thinks so he split from his wife gets motorcycle gets into an accident almost loses his life is like it's cut off. And then his mom is the one that's nursing him back to health. Exactly. So police are going door to door to just talk to neighbors to see what they know about the family. I mean, what they observed because it seems like this is a little soap opera going on under this roof. Yeah. So they knock on Julie's door. And Julie who said she saw a woman who is driving glorious car the night, she'd gone missing. And it wasn't Gloria. Actually came knocking at our door as well after they seem in. I ended up sharing that that night I was off I with the right. Usually, I, I kind of wish we've done nice little, I would be out by truck on the phone, but there's frame, I had a friend over everywhere outside, and I will we were parked by the mailbox fellow sitting on my friend thumb on his trunk looking towards glory. I'm Alexis house, and it was kind of it was a normal, because, you know, I, I feel like garage stores we're opening but the car was moving in, like hesitated, and then the next pay. No, it just drove off. But if he just pick a wild the garage. Well, when they look over a appeared to be a woman on. That's what I saw the car. That's the only thing I was able to go if it happens pretty fast. All right. So according to Julie, she saw what looked like a woman, driving glorious Hyundai in late night slash early morning, which I soon to be around, like three AM. It's a little convoluted but it was an odd time. And she just assumed that it was Gloria driving her own car. She's back in town. And she said that Gloria was like an avid, fitness person like up early every morning exercising. It doesn't seem that crazy. So that's what she assumed. She was seeing then on Wednesday, July, twenty ninth Gloria's car was found abandoned near nullum entry school on the east side of El Paso, her purse, including our keys and cell phone were found inside a car. And this news of the discovery obviously horrified her entire family, because nobody knew what the hell happened to her or where she was the situation was extremely grim. It worked parked out of middle school. You know as I three visit down. I, you would occur what? But I wasn't sure if the you that it was there, like I mentioned, I that was some routine to go rebound. So I kind of like the moment that they found out like, oh, the cards slider part of me will kind of like Ardita like I wish I could have shared that with them. After that he's still couldn't figure out where she was phasing-in though. She was thinking if she was even alive like they in the happening. So the car was possessed for evidence by an E P, P D crime scene technician. And he discovered Harrison polls, and the interior of the vehicle that were consistent with glorious hair. So the police then conduct a search of her home, and they find a few curious things they find some beads in her garage that look like they came from a necklace, as well as blood on metal cabinet. The blood was in a smear. So it looks like it ended up being from somebody's hand and the blood was sent to a police lab, and El Paso, and the assumption was that the blood belonged to Gloria because obviously, everybody thinks that something happened to her there. So the home was now a crime scene. None of this is adding up for anything good. Not so glorious body was found along some New Mexico desert trails behind Santa Teresa elementary school by women who was walking her dog and her body was so badly decomposed. That officers didn't know it was her right away. But because if he's. July. It's brutal. And but the person found was wearing the same clothes that were that were in Gloria's missing persons reports or three days later, the medical examiner in L pass confirms through her fingerprints that it was her obviously glorious family is crushed. No one had any idea like, who would do this, who would do this to her? She was just incredibly wonderful, God, fearing person. Nineties, that they had found the body in Mexico Mexico, and they couldn't identify the woman. So that's, that's, that's where I could find out a little bit more about her afterwards. I believe. S. Who like in the fight a woman is into the the after about his is did from other. The news other was remember where old that was that was. Really out bad. It's heartbreaking owning like you know, this is one of like one of my neighbors us really nicely. You read very religious. So I think everyone was pretty much devastated. Laura's autopsy revealed that she'd been strangled to death. And she was choked so hard that her larynx collapsed, and her neck was left with the marks from the liquor used to kill her so strangulation is something that if you are in Detroit crime, or that sort of thing, a lot of passion, a lot of intimacy a lot of anger behind these sorts of murders in what was interesting, though, in something not immediately noticeable. It's something that canes them. Eventually was that she didn't have any cuts. So whose blood was in the garage, and if it's not glory, as you know, that they were sure it was they thought this was the crime scene in now they're kind of confused in the results hadn't come back yet. So a few days after the discovery of glorious body a funeral was planned. The beginning of her her obituary read she lives such a beautiful life loving and kind, all her ways is how we will always remember are beautiful Gloria marmolejo or love compassion, and golden heart was always upright, and just she loved God or family. Everyone and her funeral service was held at abundant living faith center with internment to follow at the evergreen east cemetery. Then to the a bit read our hearts, grieve, deeply the pain compares to no other in there at the funeral Gloria sons Manny and David and glorious brother released doves during the ceremony as they all saw bd, and Oliver family and friends, everyone knew are, and loved her were there, and it sounds so sad, so sad. So soon after this, one of her sons David makes a really bizarre statement to a family member and he was telling his family member that he was concerned that police would end up considering him a suspect because of a hug, and a kiss that he had given Gloria, which could result in DNA found on her and bowl, this, this is. A question he obviously saw her right before she left, he admitted to seeing her. So if he had hugged and kissed her like earth. Anybody had been around their DNA is going to be on her that can't prove that. But that's what he's saying. He's like, you know, he's saying, like, oh, I kissed my mom, like, if I was the last person to see her, and they find my DNA is it going to look bad? So the results on the blood in the garage ended up coming back and it revealed that the blood belonged to Mariah. And if you guys remember who she is. She was David's fifteen year old step sister, and girlfriend that Gloria was not stoked about so things are becoming super murky, like what is going on? So police bring Mariah in for questioning and she explains that the blood in the garage was a result of a fight that she had with David about a week prior to glorious return Ryan admitted to the relationship that she had with David and also to living glorious home with him. And she's talking to the police, and they noticed that she has his large cuts on her knuckles. And she says the cuts come from an accident at work. She was a waitress hooters, and she was explaining to them that she cut herself on glass, which seems possible the police were skeptical, but they called her manager, and they were able to confirm that her explanation was a apparently drew. Okay. So this is interesting, if we're thinking about this from the cops perspective. They're kinda like ooh. Star crossed lovers, her blood is here. He's weird like she's a child like what do you think? Their brains are doing or was she abducted going to work out? No. But I think they know. I think they're getting. I mean, the blood and the garage is weird, the blood had on the blood. She's a little kid like she's little. No. That's weird. Like it's weird. How young she is. But the but it's weird. So she says that the blood she cut herself at hooters, but then was she just dripping all over the place. And she got home. She said that was from a fight. So maybe it's like she reopened horse. Violently fight. I mean who knows? But the interesting thing here is, so her body was taken to New Mexico, like, don't think kid in. She is a kid carrying a body like I don't know. It seems like a stretch. But who knows. I don't think the cops know what they're dealing with its giant puzzle right now. So with this point, they're noticing the inconsistencies in David's story in the fact that he was the last one to see Gloria alive. They're starting to get it. Because after I guess what they found her body for v started to put together. They started to I get real lifestyle. David was the reason why should I? So I mean, if they have known that, I'm not sure how I would have been because I feel like he saw me that night, like, I know her Samih outside that night so feedback skirting a little bit. I didn't know if he was going to come to my house, you know, like it's just stuffy stuff, you know. And the police have they've heard this, the story about the stepsister they start piecing the story together. Laura's blood in the garage long with those beads that were from a necklace reflected that they're very well could have been a struggle in the garage. So what they're looking at now because the blood is from Araya could Mariah had been responsible for murdering Gloria because mariah's the one in the car, and it's mariah's blood. So I you know, as a police officer, you're going to go straight at Mariah. And I have a feeling they're thinking that would Mariah have done this all by herself. They're gonna start to lean on her. So since the discovery of glorious body, the police had pulled, Mariah and David cellphone records, just to see kind of what was going on. And to see if their cell phone activity would corroborate their stories so they noticed that David cell phone had pinged from tower that was approximately four miles from where law. His body was found incidence it with his story David said that he was asleep starting at ten pm during the window of time and made no mention of a drive to New Mexico. And they were painting calls that happen at one thirty seven and four fifty two close to this tower New Mexico and ho- far away was that from him again, I actually don't know the distance between I'll Paso and. The state border of New Mexico. I don't think it's about that far, you know, if it's in another state like he would have mentioned. Hey actually go, by the way. New Mexico in the middle of the night. So police are starting to suspect that either David or David Mariah together. A responsible for Gloria's murder, all signs are pointing their way, so they bring Mariah in for interrogation and their Sturt pressing her pretty hard. She breaks down and spills, everything with the prominence promise of full immunity. She admits tensions were rising over their relationship and glory, was about to kick them both out of the house, and the next details ended up being pretty horrifying to police. She told police that she had been at the movies, with David and their friends when Gloria called David after her surprise arrival at their home, David left and said that he'd be back in an hour. But he disappeared for nearly four hours or hours for out, yet, one turn to four. Pretty quick. She texted him asking where he was. And he said that he was simply, quote, taking care of business. She said at that point that she felt that David was up to something. But she didn't know exactly what he was doing. And when she met him back at the home, David coaster on how to answer certain questions and told her to stick to the story that he was going to tell her and she was afraid of David. And initially it was complying. Right. So she's going to be afraid of David, but once she gets into that interrogation room and she's talking to the police, she's gonna turn, and the in the police know that. Yeah. She's she's young. They're, they're gonna lean on her. So the police are leaning on Mariah. And then she this is what he what she says to him. Does she spills at least a bit of it? She said that David told her he killed his mother on the way back to Gloria's decide side home after leaving the movies David admitted that he did the deed. He said he's this is what he told. She told them quote. He's telling me, he killed his mom. You don't expect someone to say that? And go. Oh, really? He kept saying he did it. He did it. I didn't believe it at first, it's David she then described what happened on the day that Lori disappeared when she and David arrived at Florida's house, quote, that's when he's telling me, his plan of what he's going to do to make it seem like she was leaving for a walk and that she was abducted from there. He still insisting he did it and he says, I'm not going to show you her body, and she says, I'm thinking, oh, my God. I'm sitting in a room and a she supposed to be here and that he did it. Then. They leave the home briefly and drive around to nearby neighborhoods that were under construction. And she says he takes me to a dumpster and says, that's where I was going to put you Laura, at one point Lawrence, X Y, this end she said she was scared to death. Yeah. When they get back to the house, David has Mariah sit on the floor while David explained how he killed his mother. So this is what Mariah tells the police. So the police are there, this is not the whole story, though. 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He blacked out, quote unquote. And when he woke up had a belt around her neck in one foot on her back and kept pulling and pulling in pulling in polling. He then said that when she hit her head on the door. She started bleeding. He poured mustard all over this. Danes. Mariah continued about how David cleaned up the scene. We started cleaning. He took a screwdriver in fiend. Leftover blood spots in the grout between tile grounded bathroom mats from the dryer. We flip them over and started picking off a rubber that had stains in this is in reference to grout as well. You know how there's caulk like in cracks. He's like that. He then grabbed one of glorious shoes in snacks, Gloria in the head with it niece said that when he was choking here. He had one foot on her back, and he wanted a smaller footprint. Throw them off to me. It sounds like he's trying to flame frame, Mariah. Yeah. If you have a woman's shoe, you're trying to make a smaller footprint for wet who in the woman who would it be dammit. So. David venues, black painters, plastic to wrap up Corey, his body and used wire hangers that he looked the belts to hold all the plastic together as he dragged the body to the car. A hand when a glorious hands fell out, and he tucked back in. Then they left the house in drove around looking for a place to dispose of his body. She said we were driving around everywhere aimlessly when we exited he was looking for canal. But everywhere we went to his afraid, somebody would see us. I'm pretty scared. We're gonna get pulled over. And I just wanna make him think everything is okay between the two of us probably he doesn't turn on her. I mean, the has to be the most terrifying thing. Ver- just killed his own mother, and she's so young like you don't you're, you know, I can't imagine what was going through in her brain. Like how do you defend yourself? What do you like to comply with the person that she's got this strange relationship, where it's like her romantic something? But also her brother since she's ten bright. That's what when she said like it's David, like my brother. You know, like Christmas is, it's just probably very weird confusing. Yeah. So one point, when they're driving around they stopped at a gas station. And Mariah used David's cash to pay for gas inside the convenience store. I'm sure the police were asking her why shouldn't ask for help when she was inside the gas station. And she said that she was in love with David and didn't want to get him into trouble. So Gan like the confusion there. Well, he's, he's manipulative. He's a predator. Oh for sure. So it's like she. Yeah. He's been grooming her since she was like eleven years old. Yeah. Like a young child as they left the desert David told her to drive really slow. And he sat on the trunk and he was trying to fan out the tire trails. And they didn't talk much on the drive back to Gloria's house. And we're Iowa starting to think that she was next when there are back at the house. David tried to lighten the mood. She said that he asked for oral sex, but he wasn't serious. He laughed and she said that he was just kidding just terrifying. Mariah said that they got into several fights over moving glorious car. And those were the phone calls that happened between five thirty and six in the morning, the following day, she said that he yelled at her because he thought people had seen him and he also was saying that he should have worn pants because people would have seen has prosthetic leg. Subarea also comes clean about how he and shave. It went from step siblings to a relationship, which it was, which was in her terms. She said it happened on a trip from Phoenix to El Paso. She said it was on July fifth twenty two thousand five we, let's do the math doesn't five this is two thousand nine and she's fifteen in two thousand nine to two thousand five. She's eleven. Right. I mean I pull this from the appeal. So it's not like we made it up. So we start touching me. They known each other since she was eleven and she got pregnant by him during her freshman year in high school, which means that she was fourteen she had his baby at fifteen and gave the baby boy up for adoption. So aki. So now this guy obviously is a predator, and he saw it. It's. This is really one of the more twisted cases that we've done because the idea that his mother any had a good relationship with his mother. His mother bear offense took care of him when is when is foot got chopped off or as as lead got chopped off. I mean and the fact that him live for free in her home. Let the his wife, Laura in her four kids move, in with her so they could save for a house. I mean, they I think consistently had a good relationship in knots, then he's rolling party us. So after they have everything they need from Mariah. They get a warrant for his arrest and on September fourth two thousand nine he's arrested. So what he was being walked out to police car a reporter asked him a question. He says, mom, I love you with all my heart. Please. Help me. One. I think I if crazy things time, it's more like, wow, like, do you really did up your mom? I think that's her is like his mom looks like a really nice lady. You know what to me, I'm, like, really like your third like, don't make other women out there and you're going to kill your mom over, like island. It was worth it. Of I'm wondering how long this time was before they started questioning her, and they actually arrest him in are they in contact during that time 'cause it has to be so uncomfortable in scary for Mariah? So she basically, when she cracked it was when she was offered immunity. So I'm sure after that point, I am. Sure. There are they protecting her like police. Well, I think I mean once he's in custody, she's fine. But I think that Osama bin. She was probably like, oh. Like, but then he could find I don't know. That's just like a scary place to be all the in between like limbo of, you know, he did it and he could kill me, too, or no. I understand what you're saying, but I think that they, I have magin what they probably would have said it, especially if she was saying that she was scaring scared for her life. Okay. You stay here. We've got an arrest warrant for him. We're gonna go pick him up right now. Right. Answer your question. I mean she went missing on July twenty fifth arrested September fourth. So home to mom on the half. Yeah. I mean six weeks. Eight seven weeks, whatever which is kind of speedy considering I mean it took. Over week to find her. So, you know, and then just had to probably process that DNA evidence, right? Ryan's blood. But yet to be a fly on a wall of their conversations between the when she confessed Lord. I don't know. 'cause I'm sure it will I mean for a fifteen year old days it'd be it's, it's high stakes. It's also she's child. Do you think that they're still talking and seeing each other during that time? They're talking seen each other, probably not because he was probably not trying to upset his family and attract attention. So I would say just in like self-preservation probably not agree because on his core. He was he was doing so much to. I mean, the idea that he had her drive the car while he sat on the trunk and then used his feet to try on the fan. Now, the tire marks that's ridiculous more like tell him. He was really was like swerving footmarks on that. You know, he, he was he was he knew what he obviously that shows that, you know what you're doing was wrong. You know that you're trying to cover it up. And I have a feeling that Alexis is right that he would want to distance this himself. Yeah. Just to not seem so guilty. Every car comes with its share of stories that ding in your bumper. When you nervously picked up the first date the luxury package, you got after your big promotion or the mileage that you save by riding your bike all summer. Good job, by the way, while he can't put a price tag on your stories now with truecar you can at least find out what your car is worth when it's time to sell or trade it in just go to truecar simply enter your license plate number, and watch how your car's details pop up. Then answer a few questions if you have navigation and a moon roof watch as they bump up your value. If you have high on mileage, you already knew that was going to cost you. But now you know how much danger wallet so that you can plan ahead? Once you're finished. You'll get a true cash offer sent in minutes, which you can take your local certified dealer to cash out or trade in. So when you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car, check out truecar today. So, you know, after all this is happening. David is feeling the walls closing in on him. And he started hearing whispers that interest was impending so he took it upon himself and turned himself in. He was held on one million dollars bond. And as he was being led to jail. He told TV reporters that he loved his mother like Billy said following his arrest. He was administered the Miranda warnings any voluntarily waived his rights as he was questioned by detectives he gave a statement about the inconsistencies in the story and the events, surrounding Gloria's murder me, completely denied what Mariah said her version of events were, so this is one of those perp that's gonna come in and think I can I try them? Outsmart yes. So this arrest shocked, the marmolejo family, they were extremely close, which I think Julia's mentioned in her interview. They love David like, you know. They just I mean, I don't think any of them ever saw anything like this coming within their close. God loving family and the family members characterized David as being a caring father or spectral, son. You know, a who was loving, and they can never see him doing something like this. But the police describe him as a brutal rapist who imposed control on victims and I know you're thinking, okay, rapist, I know we've talked about Mariah and a statutory implications with her, but there's more we're getting there, so the arrest shocked, the bulk of David's family. But the arrest didn't shock David's ex wife. David's Twenty-seven-year-old ex wife, Laura, so that she was not surprised when she learned about his arrest and the charges against him, which sounds alarming. I mean this is the mother of his four children. She's not shocked the but she said that, while she was still married to him. He started as a normal person describing their relationship her on the time of their first child this out. She characterized it, it was like mean him against the world. We were so young with both of us having a baby so young. He took full responsibility. He was normal, a good dad and everything else, a few years later David, Laura, and his young family, moved to Phoenix. Whereas father lived the stepfather of Mariah. So it's work. Took him to San Luis Obispo California flagstaff Arizona and Hawaii and a couple of times. He also went to Yuma, Arizona David, and Laura plan on buying a house in two thousand four but to save money, the couple and their children, and they had three at the time they moved back to El Paso, and live with Gloria, but David state alone to work in Phoenix sketchy. But the most notable shift. Billy. Billy. And I own a house jets at around and visit each other, and I own a house sorry for you. Good for you in an apartment. Yes, you own a house in Phoenix, Phoenix houses are cheap not mine. House isn't payment off. Maybe one day, we'll never get to go. Nope. You might you Jerry, probably. Well, yeah, we'll have you ever for barbecue? Oh, it's actually very like big kind of, like it has a great party lay out, but we're hoping. Yeah, it totally has that, but we don't like people, so but she also noticed a shift in David after his motorcycle crash when he lost his leg. Laura also said that she knew about the attraction between Mariah and David even before the split which has to be the weirdest thing to notice between somebody in their step sister. She said it was just the way that she acted towards him. It was kind of, like if you see a little girl, kind of like a fatal attraction, it was just so Irie to me because she was always with us. She was like our daughter. And when we're when Mariah went through puberty. She said that the relationship between David and her started to change the entire family suspected a relationship. It just made them all feel uncomfortable, into rightfully so reminds me teacher's pet. Yeah. Yeah. Like, oh, it's right under your nose. But it's so crazy that I would like it's to incentive leave. Yes. Did your psycho right this gusting, but look, we're actually doing it right? And he's a predator. I mean Mariah was groomed by him since she waits done. You know, this is no way me saying she was a willing participant. Lou. So while David was left to his own devices in Unix. There were sinister ominous things that happened. Laura said, little by little sort of realizing things that would happen that were out of character when I wasn't around this is in reference. David Laura learned of rape allegations against her husband, between December two thousand five in February two thousand six in March two thousand six David was arrested on suspicion of viciously raping and robbing four women sex workers from Ben Buren street in Phoenix than Buren street in Phoenix is. The road is note was was originally known as the capital of the of in the universe of motels. There was one hundred forty motels on this road is the entry point into Phoenix, but remember, the movie cars from Pixar. They built the you know, they went around route sixty six and they build the highway and then nobody went to the cars land anymore. But just think about think about if this happened cars, so they go around they build the ten highway, which is the one that's right out here in LA on van Buren, all the motels go into disrepair and then it becomes a haven for drugs and sex workers interest in that. And that's what happened. So, especially if it's like the mouth of the city like Phoenix, it's like truckers in transients and vacations to bachelor party. And it's the only the only stop in between attack the box Texas in LA. Yeah. You wait a Vegas forever. But van be so there's the van Buren venue there that I've been to. That's obviously on van Buren street. But it's but it's, it's like it's not quite east. That's in a nicer kind of more like hipster type area would go to stir area. Yep. We'll see your show til. Yeah. He jerry. So. When David was confronted with these allegations. He denied them in an interview with a Phoenix detective. He told the police that he had not been with a prostitute before. In Phoenix only in Las Vegas. But when detectives told him that all four women reported being raped by a man and a two door white Mitsubishi eclipse, who had the word faith tattooed on his neck, David began to change his story. Can we talk about what a douche canoe David as well? Number one, not a girl car and a clip says the car that I wanted when I was thirteen years old seem, I was like looking at what color white. I wanted like a turquoise one but like the spoiler. I was like, that's it's girly. It's tight. Yeah. And then faith tattoo like he's like a male basic bitch. Yeah. With neck tattoo. So we I tells police that he, he picked up ten prostitutes during his time in Phoenix. Then he said, okay. Now, wait a minute. Okay, wait. It was eleven but he continues to deny raping them and this happens a lot. And this is what he says would ask why each victim told police that he robbed him rate them at gun point. He said that, you know, sometimes he would shortchange the prostitutes. He said that. When he would pick up the women, the women who usually drunk or on drugs. So then he would throw them up a rolled up one dollar Bill or a ten dollar Bill after sex, which called a Bronx role where you see where you sort of, like, you know, you see that sometimes where you put a twenty and then you put five singles and it looks like oh, it's one hundred dollars. Kind of thing. So that's, that's what that's what he was saying. He was he was doing and some of the women reported the crimes immediately others several days. But the women who waited to report the assaults told authorities that they didn't believe anything would be done because they were sex workers, and you see this, honestly, this happens so much, and all that people who are anti sex worker, I are sex workers. Most men. I know have have admitted to me, not even with shame that they have hired sex workers before route their life at one point, whether it's a bachelor party, or they were in Thailand, or this, or autumn Assad. Like it is so common. And the fact that they don't get any support or protection the support from law enforcement is crazy. It's one of the worst things that you see in law enforcement, it's starting to open up, and I think there are certain detectives that no. That, that, that there are some sex workers, that can be allies for them. They're definitely a lot of sex workers. Most of them are victims. There are other victims of guys that will come in and, and try to eventually, you know, really take over their business. It's essentially a fucking hostile takeover what they do. Yeah. One of the vice cops that I know they would set up a you see these, these stings for John's. So they set up a, a woman. Who's saying that she's looking for dates? Guys come to the hotel. They'll might pick up eight guys. And there's these guys that are just looking for days with these girl, but these other guys will come in, and they are two types of pimps, and their pimps that see there's a new woman or a new girl in town. What are they going to do? There's two types of Pam says, I is the Romeo pimp. The Romeo Pimm comes in and says, baby. I'm gonna take care of you. You're, you know, everything's gonna be great. It'd be exactly. And then there's what they and they actually call it the gorilla pimp, and the gorilla pimple come in and actually attack the woman beat the hell out of our and say, yes, your mind, now this happens, and it happens a lot, and it's starting to open up now talking with. Police are starting to realize that a lot of these women are not doing it for any kind of lifestyle choice. They're doing it because they have become addicted there become addicted on. Yeah. Or I mean, if they're from another, like they steal passports, these steal, ID's and cell phones where it's like trot, like you're not going out of my sight to you. Don't have a cell phone or any money. You know, you have no way to escape your wallet. I took your credit cards like you'd have to really literally run from me down a highway escape, so and then what? Yeah, exactly. So one of the women who was twenty two years old. She said that David had pointed a gun to her and said, put a good, right outer and said you're going to do what I want you to do or I'll shoot you. And he raped her stroke on the face again with a gun and stole a hundred fifty dollars from her, according to the police reports, and he learned lured, another woman into his car when he backed into a poll to gas station. The twenty year old did he do. Let me stop here. What that's just opportunistic like, right. He's just saw girl after he like back to car his car. I mean well, the no, you're talking about this. What I'm talking about. Yeah. So I'm like, did he her car? Purpose, because he saw grabby like do that, though. I think it was like, well, like yours like Ted Bundy kind of thing or it's like can you help me with this? I don't know. He's got a gun. He's not doing it like Bundy, right? I think it's like he saw hot girl, who was like, are you. Okay and oh well, this sounds good for me. Yeah. Sounds like he's like a mood swing operator. Like he's, I mean, the thing with his mom real quick. I, we haven't gotten into this the thing with his mom didn't sound premeditated to me. No. So I think he's just like a moody head like this reacts, extremely violent. And it's like I mean, the writings on the wall with Mariah saying that blood smear is from a fight with David a few weeks before. Yeah, not shocking and she's fifteen and it's your brother. So like your brother beats you up. Like, I think she's got this very skewed perception of, like what's okay. Now is your older brother kind like runs the show. You're a little brothers protective and controlling and like. Can throw you around like Nina older brothers. I don't know. I wrestled with my little sister, like we were in kids. I don't know. I think it's, it's everything up. Yeah. As far as like, what's, what's okay. And what's out? Okay. No. For sure. So, like I said he lured this woman into his car when he backed into a poll, the gas station, she walked up and asked if he was okay. And that's when he pointed a gun at her forced her into the car and told her quote, keep a smile on your face. I'm in control. Now if you move or anything, I'll blow your head off, and this was similar to a lot of the other cases that when, when we're reporting. So he was arrested for investigation of four counts of kidnapping four counts of armed robbery and ten counts of sexual assaults and there are ten sexual assault charges. Because each woman was raped in different ways. So his ex wife, Laura claimed that at the time she didn't know much about the rape. They had already been separated at this point in living separately when it started. So she, no, the rape, she didn't know about the rape or really the kidnapping allegations. She said at the time when I found out the family pretty much kept it all under wraps, and I really didn't know what was going on as far as I knew it was just robberies. And she found that the whole story later, but this offers an interesting peek inside of this family in that, like everybody Cottle's, David David is being given the benefit of the doubt over and over and over, despite Yar people are just like kind of like despite the shit with his stepsister in leaving his wife in having four kids in making that being a mom, live with his wife and four kids while he Duff, and wherever he was like it just sounds like they're making a lot of excuses for him. I don't know. Laura continued. He had moments where he would snap. You never knew what David was capable of who would make you believe what he wanted you to believe or what he needed you to believe. So at the time all these rapes occurred. Or these these rape allegations. Manifested, no charges were filed. And apparently, this was because the victims couldn't be located in, it would have been impossible to make a case without them. But it gets even worse because if you actually go into Google home, look at this case, they said that all these women were dead. Oh, god. And whether that's true. It's conflicting. Like, I think some of them are they bring this up later? Yeah. We'll they're going to bring it up, though. I mean listen. I don't want to throw shade on them, but I'm gonna the euro, the shade. Billy Bill, the of. But because lean because they're going to say that. Oh, you know what we tried to prosecute him? Obviously he was dangerous, but. And this woman lives in ten women are dead, and we couldn't find them. So we couldn't prosecute him. If you just say, we couldn't find them, people are going to say immediately, while you didn't look hard enough. Yeah, take probably didn't. So then they're going to say, well, you know what they're all dead. That's the reason why this woman is dead because Gloria would be alive, if they would've put this guy away. Trial started to happen. But, you know, for us little by little to like pose him. And started talking about life is criminal charges back in Arizona. So that's kind of a little bit more, like, like carrier with him. I mean these people I need him like most definitely finally looked like a normal guy. He there was only family, you know about. He was always around family. You were going around, you know, and honestly, like he was very good with kids. But what you see. But then you hear what he did was mom, and it kind of airy heartless person, I need to his own mother, like he had no heart. Is crazy. I mean, I father pictures of him crying, and really the and to knees I that's not normal, like there's something wrong with you. I think the most of the moment for me is not expected. But when he showed up with his brother looking for, like, I'll never forget that. I mean you know you. Oh, I mean, you never know. Like I mean this man is over here, crying listening, for his mom, like athletes for how then at the end of the day like you had like, in the back of his mind like, I'm the one that comply mom like over his mom that, but he's really here knocking people's doors asking for help that is. I think that that's phrasing. So what is in custody for glorious murder? The violent rape cases from Phoenix are put back in the spotlight and charges are actually finally filed and there's actually more a completely separate investigation. Police start questioning David about the Arizona baseline murders which was a serial killing that was a long south Phoenix, which was from van Buren. It's probably like two miles away and other man. Markelle DOE was later arrested connection with nine of the baseline slayings and David walk, David did not get. So let's baseline martyrs. So the baseline killer was a guy that around two thousand five he was committing sexual assaults and then homicides all over sort of around the area of baseline road, which is south kind of south of Phoenix, and it one case. And I'm going to read this directly from Wikipedia while walking home from a Phoenix city park at night. Two sisters, one of whom was clearly pregnant were approached by Adele, who was armed with a gun, he sexually assaulted one of the sisters while pushing the gun into the other sister's pregnant belly ears arrest of one year later when DNA evidence found. On the woman matches profile and that was actually the breakthrough that led to the arrest of the of the base on killer investigation. So he was he was going off and killing a ton of people's actually right before I got to Phoenix. It was probably a year before. I got there must awesome fucked up. After all this David's trial finally, approached and glorious family was super deeply divided at the trial. One section believed that David did it. And then the other half thought that it was Mariah. So nobody could really come to a conclusion of who they thought it was Mariah was testifying against David in exchange for total immunity, which you always have to call a question. But she is a child, you know, there's no doubt that she is a victim in the situation or just saying, in general, somebody's testifying was that the thing is. It's like she's a victim, but she could also have been involved, her in law would have been contingent, it would have been a result of being a victim like she's course, and he got this total control over her. I do not think she's responsible in any way, right? So there was a cast of characters who were caught who were called as witnesses for both the prosecution and defense, including family members friends. Guess experts FBI agents, inter first degree. Julie had to testify during the trial to and face David in court. Scary. I'll tell you that, you know, the moment to sit there though, I feel for the first quarter can you point out who gave him or Melissa? So, of course, you have to find, and then they'll advocate p please identify proposing that he's wearing, of course, to make sure that I'm talking about the interesting. And he's just very Nessie Mike and you had that one like. There is like really intimidating scary. I think it's probably look I believe on his on purpose. The writer of the less, I had like late guy for. This is a little freaky. From what I am understood is that the family was divided. So you have some people that, that they did support him, but their, their mentality is Mariah Mariah, did it like they think Mariah is the one that burger, you know, their mom their sister, and then to have the other side of the family where they're like, felt. Told them so that they were pretty I I'm not sure if I if I did this day, but I know there were some. I know they were profile. That's a hard one. I mean I know like I don't know. So I feel like you probably went and helped him to the body. I think you should have served time as well. Maybe that with fan but they should have been something. The prosecutors intended to use the vast evidence against David to prove their case and the defense pointed their finger squarely. At Mariah as a murderer of Gloria Manny, who is David's brother cried when he took the stand as he recounted the last time he saw his mother, because if you guys remember he was kind of begging his mom to go to the lake the lake and she's like, no, no. And it was like a hassle. Like haunt you, you know, though his brother is being wrecking ball, like, whoever, you know, and we didn't bring this up because honestly, there are a million things this guy did. But Laura had all these accounts of all these domestic abuse abuse situations. Mariah. I mean. Had a bloody palm print in her in the house like this guy's a violent guy. Yeah. So after each side argued their case it took the jury only three hours to find David marmolejo who at this time was thirty one years old guilty of murder in the July two thousand nine strangling. Death of his mother, Gloria marmolejo in after the sentence was read it took a deep side. But showed little emotion other than that family members said that they won't receive any closure until he acknowledges that he did. In fact, commit the crime up until this point. He continued to deny is involvement and has never waned in that regard. He said, then I still maintain my innocence, sir. I don't mind going to prison for something. I did. But I didn't commit this crime. He was given fifty four years every year represented a year Gloria had. And she was fifty four when she died. He will be eligible for parole after serving twenty seven years in prison. And he was going to be credited for the year in six months. He spent in jail awaiting trial. Manny. The older brother said he took my mom away from me. I know somewhere at the bottom of my heart there. Select for him but I can't find that right now. And then later, he pled guilty to only three counts of sexual assault and two three lesser charges of attempted sexual assault and all the other charges against him were dismissed. That was in regards to these rape starting to. Yeah. Oh man. You guys that there's a lot unpack. There is a lot to unpack. I think I should we should all go around and talk about though, like the most glaring in interesting in different thing about this case. And that's the thing like when I say interesting, it's not like a revisiting I it's more just like this has a lot of disturbing components. That had never seen before. I mean having a knowing that you're illicit relationships last statutory, rape of your stepsister is being discovered by your mother, your mother's coming back to catch, you kind of in the act, and then your response to that is to kill her. Is something that I can't remember a case, that's like that. What was interesting is, so they casually. I mean, in, I mean you guys also like when we were we didn't he researched these cases? I mean, the child abort the child adoption of our I was like an after thought it was like a footnote in an article and I was like, that's huge. When the she got pregnant debut and gave it for. And I'm like, how is that a footnote in the story, it's insane? Because this girl was pregnant nine months pregnant gave birth in gave up this baby. So that's a big deal. And what was that, again, fifteen so around this the same the other time that this is happening? So I'm just like the media's manipulating the information or I mean 'cause maybe that I don't really know. But my, my biggest thing I think this amputation really messed with him. Whether it was like he was actually good looking guy if you look at pictures of me and my music got a handsome face. He's tall. And I think like part. Of him was like Pooley shit. I'm like, now, do you think he felt like emasculated from, I think we were everyone we were in a group chat texting about this earlier. I thought it was in emasculation thing like a piece of me as missing. I got let people know I'm not around. I'm. I'm john. Yeah. Yeah. And I think he got really domineering and controlling and mean I don't know. But I think you have to have this in you. I mean it's not like in. Billy is a man. So his response, not to speak for you. But you can elaborate once I'm done was, maybe she's just Pissy couldn't do stuff. Because Billy's practical at such a man response. Yeah. He's like, maybe wasn't into. So maybe it is more of a practical response. Listen, I mean, if he was able bodied guy, he used to. Go around do things. Right. His bike and everything like that. Not getting those things taken away from you is a big deal is a big deal. I mean, being able to but that's not going to turn you into a Mark, but it's not exactly is that it's not going to tell you all into a murder Ilter, new alcoholic or something else, or you might very well just be able to cope with it. This guy had something in him. And we learned that I it seems I know I know Laura had said that there were things that changed in him afterwards. But it just like makes me think of like CT, and I know it's not that, but that's the first thing I thought of two but I couldn't find any evidence and I looked, I couldn't find any evidence that he hurt his head. Yeah. But the idea that like you would be so hurt enough where you're, like would need to be amputated. It'll rattle your brain around a little bit. Yeah, get it concussion from a, a linebacker hitting you in high school. I'm sure yeah I'm sure surmising. Johnny lewis. Yeah. But you know there's little I mean he was fine. But I mean can you can get a concussion from flying on the stairs? Yeah. I'm fifty each. Could've beat each other. I'm getting cussin' justify bang your head into stuff, which, I know because being four, I know I know a lot of stuff. Ways. Luckily, wife is. He's under close. Be in a better position. No, but it's like I guess you never know. If you're in a motorcycle accident. That's bad enough to amputate your leg. I'm sure your head. Got bashed around a bit hundred percent new. But so for me, I mean Jack, we each weighed on, on ours, that was for me. The, the amputation thing in saying that the behavior really escalated after that is what was most interesting. But, like, yeah, there's a lot of weird shitless case. No, there's a lot also. Like what do you think about, like, Manny seems to be like, besties with this mall like this was not a nurture situation where it was like her mothering 'cause this like she was? No everyone else in the family. This is like a bad seed. So we wanna think Julie for being are first degree connection, and we found her because one of her friends reached out to us, one of her sisters coworkers to us and said, you have to talk to my friend, Patty in an I reach out to Patty she's like, no, it's not me. It's my sister, Julie. So every, you know, we love this share stories. I mean he was attacking women for years before the crime. He was actually apprehended for right? Change needs to be encouraged because like this whole sex worker thing, the fact that they're not listening to. I mean they were like, oh, no one's gonna listen to us. They didn't even bother no-one needed to die. Well, they also they did the right thing, which is brave for them to do, and they say this guy robbed us, this guy, raped us, they told their stolen. And then the police once they finally got around to doing something about it. They said oh, you know, we couldn't find it. Not literally alive. All right. Well that's it for now. Crime cons and a week and a half again, if he goes wanna come and get ten percent off your badges by using our code degree nine teen on the crime, con website. We're going to have some goodies at our booth Dotto. They are yet. I am federal apps. We'll probably have some drinks if they're allowed I have they are New Orleans and will be in some sort of matching garb. Yep. Billy just apprehensively agreed to it. Cautiously cautiously to the show. Like on a day, I have planned is the motif is this shining, 'cause I was, we're shining colors. All right. Well, you were shining necklace or some other things small I'll help you. Okay. Thank you. Okay. I'll we're the big thing and then I'll just be like the guys were like a sock in a pocket square and easily. Okay. I'll wear socks though, by the way. One sock. It's going to be anything. I want to our whole body, sock, which is actually a sleeping bag. Very that sounds like lashed onesie, oh shining ones. I'm saying, I'm gonna make sure we're once. Okay well until next time. Or if you guys have until next time if you guys have a first degree story, or, you know, somebody who does please reach out ties on Instagram at the first degree out, Alexis link gutter at Jensen at check panic or Email us float, the first repot costs dot com. Alexis read some very neurotic Louis, and in till next week, keep your family close, but not that close, you can prevent serial killers. I'm Rita Foley with an AP newsmen at the dangerous tornadoes continued a terrorize parts of the nation. A tornado touchdown down on the Kansas City Kansas area last night. Twisters in eastern, Pennsylvania to Berks county. Jen diangelo toll. W. F. M's E, T V in Allentown. She heard an approaching tornado sound like a train. Exactly what it sounds like a trading forecast or Jared Guyer is with the storm prediction center Vania parts of New Jersey were particularly hard hit by severe thunderstorms, a number of those storms scattered about the that region produce large hail. Also damaging winds on Friday, Missouri's only abortion clinic may close for good. Because the states threatening to not renew it's license as Planned Parenthood that would make Missouri the only state in the union without an abortion clinic, the Louvre museum in Paris is now reopened to the public after being shut down for a day when workers complained about overcrowding and walked out. I'm Rita fall lay.

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