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Pete Rose Pt. 2: For or Against?

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Pete Rose Pt. 2: For or Against?

"Another day another ballpark Kevin Harlan and loved his job but the newly minted head of security from Major League Baseball had to admit it was getting a bit monotonous on the surface. So many of these stadiums have their own mystique from Green Monster Monster at Boston's Fenway Park to the Ivy covered brick outfield wall at Chicago's Wrigley Field each place had its own quirks its own personality but underground they were all the same the long concrete tunnels the bustle of activity everyone doing his or her part to make sure the game going on above them went off without a hitch but there was another side to what was happening a darker side when he first I started touring the Ballpark's Helen was surprised at how easy it was to gain entry into players club houses they were packed with all sorts of characters none of whom had any form of security clearance that included the vast entourage of slime balls that accompanied Pete Rose rose everywhere he went they were big guys with bulging muscles slicked back hair and pagers clip to their belts Helen a new type right from his days in the nypd he could spot bookies from a mile away. Hallinan had heard the rumors that Pete Rose was a profligate gambler earlier and once he saw the kind of people pete surrounded himself with he began to suspect the whisperers were true however this wasn't some scrub Auber journeyman outfielder this was pete rose the hit king it was only a matter of time until he was enshrined into the Hall of Fame But if HAL ammon suspicions proved to be correct it didn't matter how influential Pete was if it turned out Pete's gambling habits had spread to baseball he would be in violation of one of the MLB as most iron clad rules. Anyone who bad on a major league baseball game would be banned from the sport forever. Welcome to sports criminals podcast original every week we dive drive into the dark side of sports history and look at athletes who not only broke the law but broke the rules and covenants of their sport will also so uncover how their actions impacted the history of the sport they played. I'm Tim Johnson and Carter Roy. 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We love let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram Damn at podcast and twitter at podcast network this is our second episode on Pete Rose Major League Baseball's all time leader in hits as well as one of only three living people currently on the MLB's ineligible list last week we traced Pete's incredible career career as he went from unheralded prospect to legendary superstar we also examined his obsession with gambling and how this lifestyle became more problematic Blah matic as his success group this week we'll continue to follow peace quest to pass ty COBB's all time record of four thousand one hundred within ninety one hits but as his gambling habits catch the eye of the most powerful men in baseball pizza place amongst the greats becomes uh-huh jeopardized ninety four hits. That's all forty four year old Pete rose needed to pass ty hi cobs all time hits record and is the nineteen eighty five season approached. The newly minted Cincinnati Reds player manager was all but guaranteed to shatter a record once considered unbreakable that is if his gambling problems didn't catch up with him first Pete's returned to Cincinnati also meant a return to his old gambling circles. Although he had kept up his illegal sports betting after leaving leaving the reds in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the bookies in Cincy knew him he was Pete Freak and rose an icon a legend what's more he was one of them. Pete may have been a celebrity but he didn't act like some stuck up millionaire take away the baseball ball uniform and he was just another guy from Anderson ferry if he wanted to make a bet all he had to do was ask and Pete Pete certainly wanted to bet in the fall of nineteen eighty four he found out from a friend that the real action was taking place out of a local Gold's Gold's gym but Pete was too recognizable to stroll through the doors and start placing bets himself as we discussed last week betting on any sports sports other than horse racing was illegal. If it was too obvious that Pete was breaking the law he could risk getting arrested however that didn't didn't keep him from gambling he just had intermediaries place wagers forum with a bookie named Ron Peters by December he was using using Peter's to place two thousand dollar bets on up to ten football games every weekend and as the bookie would later confess pete eventually started betting on baseball to his bold play on the field to his extramarital affairs pete had had always been reckless but betting on baseball was taking it to another level betting on baseball had been a stain on the MLB MLB legacy since the so called black socks nineteen nineteen scandal in which members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of purposely throwing throwing the world series the black SOx scandal violated one of the most sacred tenants of the sport that the most deserving team would emerge emerged victorious to restore the public's faith in the League rule twenty one section D was created in nineteen twenty seven according to this stipulation if any employees of a major league baseball team was caught betting on baseball games they would be placed on the permanent imminent in eligible list that meant they would be barred from participating in any official. MLB events for the rest of their life. If repeat got caught betting on baseball he wouldn't be able to continue his quest to break ty Cobb's record. You'd be forced to step down from his position and as the reds manager he wouldn't even be able to enter a stadium unless he bought a ticket like everyone else but for Pete to be found in in violation of rule twenty one he would have to get caught betting on baseball and there were few factors making such a thing extremely unlikely first the very nature of underground bedding made it hard to trace any wagers back to pete in addition to relying on cash Asha exchanges bookies also made sure to refer to people using codenames for instance Pete's Moniker was the number fourteen gene. It wasn't particularly subtle it word on his back and every time he took to the field but it's still kept his name from being uttered allowed second unless a police officer went undercover exposed a bookmaker and convinced them to out their clients. There was no real way to catch Pete Red handed ended and even then with so little in the way of physical evidence it would be hard to actually prove Pete had made the bets especially Louis if he used someone as an intermediary to place bets for him but all these roadblocks were useless. If Pete didn't keep his mouth shut talk about what he was doing all it would take to bring him down was pete trusting his secret with the wrong person as it turned out that person was his own mother Laverne apparently Pete Disgust discussed his gambling with laverne however he neglected to mention that she should keep it a secret unbeknownst to Laverne she was sitting on a powder keg that could destroy her son's career and when a Cincinnati Inquirer journalist named John Iraqi came calling she inadvertently Lee let it blow up ahead of the nineteen eighty five season Iraqi visited Laverne to do some background research for his upcoming book chronicling Glinka Pete's attempt to break ty COBB's hit record as they chatted Laverne. Let slip that Pete had lost a lot of money when he bet on the San the ACL padres to win in the eighty four world series against the Detroit Tigers although a rarity had just moved to the sports division from Metro he was pretty sure that it was against the MLB's rules for Pete to bet on baseball. If he decided to dig any deeper he could probably find out not enough to get P placed on the ineligible list but Iraqi stayed quiet betting on baseball was considered a high crime against the sport court at the same time. Pete was only ninety four hits away from passing COBB. If Iraqi exposed the hometown hero when he he was so close to breaking the record the journalists would probably get run out of town for the moment pete secret was safe as the nineteen eighty five season dawned all anybody in Cincinnati could talk about was when Pete would break the record. It didn't matter that the man known as Charlie Hustle was old and slow the reds faithful knew he deliver come hell or high water. He always delivered even at forty four years old Pete certainly seemed up to the task even though his body couldn't take the grind of playing almost every day he got into the lineup enough to consistently rack up heads throughout the spring and summer by the time the calendar hits September he was within striking range of COBB's record by September eighth. Pete was at four thousand one hundred hundred eighty nine hits only two hits away from COBB. It was the last of a six game road trip and much to the delight of Reds Fans Hands Back in Cincinnati. The Chicago cubs were planning on playing a left handed pitcher one of Pete's rules when he returned to the reds was that he would never never play against lefties even as a switch hitter they gave him too much trouble. Despite the fact that the record was in his sights he planned to honor honor that rule he wouldn't bat again until the reds came home. It was all but assured that Pete rose would become the new hit king in front of the Cincinnati Cincinnati faithful however fate had other plans the morning of the Game Pete found out that the pitcher the cubs were planning on playing got injured instead the right handed pitcher Reggie Patterson would be taking the mound when Pete heard the news he practically we started salivating. He had scored a single off Patterson only two days earlier although he had hoped to break Cobb's record while at home he couldn't risk not not playing at his age every game counted so he put himself into the lineup in his first. I Bat Pete hammered another single off of Patterson he was one hit away from matching ty Cobb's fifty seven year old record occurred of four thousand one hundred ninety one hits with more than twenty eight thousand fans looking on and countless more tuned in on their TV's TV's and Radios Pete came up to bat again in the fifth inning as he stepped up to the plate. The normally hostile Chicago crowd rose to its feet and cheered. It didn't matter that Pete had given them so much heartbreak over the years. They wanted to witness history but pitcher Reggie Reggie Patterson didn't want to be a footnote in Pete Story on his first Pitch Patterson through a heat seeking missile straight into the CATCHER's commit strike one the second pitch also evaded Pete's bat strike to the crowd held. It's breath as Patterson wound ended up for the third time the pitch hit the dirt ball won the next two were similarly wild all of a sudden the count was full at three and to the crowd new the significance of the next pitch they turned on their own player Booing Patterson and as he ready to throw Patterson's final pitch was a screwball meaning it moved down in in towards Pete it was one of the most is challenging pitches to hit in baseball but not for Pete he perfectly Red Patterson subtle wrist movements that gave the pitch away and and smacked the ball into right field when Pete arrived at first base the crowd went wild ty Cobb was no longer alone on the mountain top where he had stood since nineteen twenty eight the question now was whether they'd get to see Pete climbed past him even though the reds owner had personally called him in the Dugout to Beg Pete to save the record for a home game he refused used to call it quits whether it was in baseball or gambling Pete only knew one speed full throttle despite the pressure from from his boss he went up to bat two more times while he didn't end up getting the record breaking hit. It wasn't for lack of trying after the game the press lauded Pete for his unbending integrity just as much as they did for tying the hits record here was a man who refused to put his own interests. I ahead of the game of baseball. He was a shining example to the sport. A man worthy of his place amongst greats little did they know he was also committing a cardinal sin against the game of baseball but for the moment all all anyone knew was that pete needed just one more hit to become the one and only hit king three days later on September eleventh nineteen eighty five he finally did it. It was a picture perfect late summer evening. Eh nearly fifty thousand rabid fans had come to the stadium to see one thing and one thing only to see pete rose break aac ty Cobb's record. They got their chance. When Pete came to the plate in the first inning facing San Diego Padres pitcher Eric Chow Chow Pete rose easily knocked the ball into left center field the standing ovation from the crowd lasted for nearly ten minutes minutes his teammates mobbed him he had achieved the impossible it had taken over two decades of averaging over three hundred with elite play an unrelenting desire but he had done it he had passed ty Cobb as his teammates return to the dugout? Pete shared a tender hug with his teenage son Pete Rose Junior. It was a perfect moment an enduring image that would define pete rose's life or at least it would have if he had decided to quit the game of baseball after that season if he had decided to retire are his legacy would have been secure and nobody would have ever found out about his bedding practices but Pete loved the game too much to leave of it. Even as he approached his forty fifth birthday. He was confident that he still had something left in the tank. Baseball was his life and he wasn't wasn't ready to hang it up just yet even though peed had secured one of the most sacred records in the sport nothing had changed for them. Aw that included his gambling he was pete rose a living legend. Nobody could touch him or so. He thought coming up Pete gets caught red handed now back to the story. After forty four year old Pete rose became the new baseball hit king in the nineteen eighty five season. He decided to come back for another year. As the Cincinnati Reds player manager he also decided to take his underground betting activities to another level as nineteen eighty five bled into nineteen eighty six pete's gambling activities intensified to the tune of approximately fifteen eighteen thousand dollars worth of bets per day even with Wealth Pete at accumulated in his two decade career. It was a lot out of money too much money to cover his growing debts. Pete was forced to sell off some of his most treasured memorabilia including including his World Series Rings and the Bat He'd used break ty Cobb's record only months before these items represented his greatest. It is professional triumphs but pete was willing to let them go long as he could keep gambling. Even though these sales were conducted got to quietly with private buyers they didn't go unnoticed within the baseball community they were of particular interest to Kevin Jalan Major League Baseball's new head of security ahead of the eighty-six season. MLB Commissioner Peter ueberroth hired Talon to be the league's new head of Security Ueberroth liked Helen's background is the commander of an FBI NYPD anti-terrorism terrorism task force. He wanted Hallinan to tighten the ship so to speak regarding everything under the security umbrella that included access to the players clubhouse before Jalan took over there is almost no control over who is coming and going from the clubhouse logistically speaking. This lack of control represented a security threat if someone wanted to hurt one of the players it was almost too easy to get access is to them. One of the first things Hallinan did upon becoming head of security was to make sure there was someone standing guard at the clubhouse entrances to sign people all in out by random chance as Jalan toward stadiums throughout the season he frequently ended up being in town the same day the Cincinnati Reds in his efforts to curtail access to the players clubhouse Pete's entourage was particularly egregious in terms of how they seem to have free rein over the stadium as a former. NYPD Lieutenant Helena new and underground betting operation when he saw one he also heard about Pete's recent memorabilia sales and Helen's experience people like Pete Rose only needed that kind of cash for one reason to cover debts so he decided to dig a little deeper into peach activities with commissioner Ueberroth Permission Helen in had Joe Daley an ex FBI colleague who operated out of Cincinnati put out some feelers raise through daily. Helen was able to find out about the shady operations going on in the Gold's gym heat frequented although although he wasn't able to get any concrete proof daily heard a lot of whispers that Pete was betting on Baseball Helen and decided the best course of action would be to conduct a quiet investigation into Pete's gambling practices the whole time Helen's investigation was ongoing Pete had no idea he was under any sort of scrutiny he continued to bet on baseball including games games involving the reds. We never bet for them to lose but that didn't change the fact that he was completely violating rule twenty one won once the nineteen eighty six season ended. He decided he was finally ready to stop playing baseball. After collecting a grand total of four four thousand two hundred and fifty six hits he felt like it was time for him to transition into working solely as the reds manager but even though Oh he was no longer playing for the team that didn't mean Pete was in the clear rule twenty-one clearly prohibited any team employees from betting on on Baseball Games and that included the manager over the next two seasons while Pete managed the reds Helen daily continued their investigation while they were still short on proof they had heard enough rumors to suspect Pete violating rule twenty one in February wary of nineteen eighty nine about a month before the season was set to begin Pete was summoned to the MLB headquarters in New York. He had no idea idea he was walking into an ambush as he entered commissioner. Peter Ueberroth Office Pete was greeted did by the grim faces of Uber Off Incoming Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti and his deputy Fay Vincent they asked him point blank. Thank you bet on Baseball Pete admitted that he bet on other sports but categorically denied that he had ever wagered on a baseball game game he insisted he would never be that stupid. The three men had every reason to not push the matter any further although Hallinan had had heard rumors that Pete had bet on baseball he didn't have any real proof and that was good enough for you broth and GM Mati in addition to being being a steward of the game the Commissioner of baseball also answered to the owners and that meant taking the bottom line in the consideration Pete was one of the greatest players of all time is relentless drive and passion for the game made him one of the sport's most popular stars financially it made sense to cast him out of the League but Deputy Commissioner Fay Vincent was a man of unbending principle. He felt that their responsibility he was to make sure the integrity of baseball superseded any financial obligations. You've Pete was betting on Baseball Games that meant he was spitting in the face of one of America's noblest institutions. They couldn't go easy on him. Just because of his status Vincent's passionate case of integrity over money honey one over Ueberroth Giamatti they resolved open an independent investigation into Pete's gambling habits Vincent's recommendation attorney. John Dowd was chosen to conduct the inquiry as a no nonsense attorney so you with an aptitude for big cases dowd was the perfect choice he'd leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of the Truth Investigation Gatien officially began on March Sixth Nineteen Eighty nine upon arriving in Cincinnati Dowd was certain he had a long road ahead of him and not only was a local hero but getting his associates to reveal their own roles in the enterprise was a big ask underground around rings ran on loyalty and trust if these men were willing to betray Pete rose of all people for the rest of their clients might leave leave them however nearly the moment dowd set foot in the city. The men involved in Pete's betting circles ratted him out during Kevin Evan Helen's more discreet questioning. Nobody had turned on Pete but by March one thousand nine hundred nine he owed too much money to too many people. Oh if they weren't going to get their money back they were willing to get payback in a different way. The first one to betray Pete was Paul Paul Janssen a steroid dealer Gold's gym would place bats on Pete's behalf in the spring of Nineteen eighty-seven Jansen was so eager to help make wagers with a bookie Ron Peters that he even paid around forty thousand dollars out of his own pocket to do it. The expectation was that Pete would pay him back later but peed had racked up another thirty four thousand dollars in gambling debts with Ron Peters at the end of the summer of eighty seven and Peter's refuse to pay out forty thousand dollars Pete had one claiming it as payment with interest for the money Pete still owed him that refusal had an unintended ripple effect on Paul Johnson who was still in the whole for the money he had used on behalf but pete reportedly refused to fully repay him this betrayal Stung Jansen to his core Janssen heard about John Dowd's investigation when he was all too happy to turn on his friend in addition to his own notebook in which he meticulously tracked every wager he placed Janssen provided what he claimed repeats own records of the bets dowd had them analyzed by a handwriting writing expert who concluded the Janssen was telling the truth after Janson came forward the bookie Ron Peters also decided to help with dowd's house investigation at the time of the investigation peters was awaiting sentencing on cocaine trafficking and falsifying tax returns. Even though the doubt investigation was independent of the Justice Department. Perhaps he thought he might get a lighter sentence for cooperating in addition to providing the copy of the thirty four thousand dollar check Pete had given him Peter's turned over his own betting records these records confirm the bets that Pete had placed laced via Johnson and that many of these wagers were on baseball games as news from the investigation leaked to the press pete vehemently humanly denied he had ever bet on baseball games even with over a dozen witnesses saying otherwise and the evidence to back them up Pete refuse to admit what he had done. When the nineteen eighty nine season began in early April Pete Rose had gone from beloved hero to despise villain with the exception of Pete's loyal home fans everywhere the reds went pete found himself relentlessly booed? It didn't matter how many records he had he had betrayed the game itself wants dowd had gathered his evidence. He called Pete in for a deposition in late April nineteen eighty nine with so much publicity surrounding the investigation allegation they had to find a quiet discreet place to meet away from the scrutiny of the press instead of meeting in Pete's office or at the New York Doc. MLB Headquarters Pete Rose and John Dowd sat down across from each other in the school cafeteria. The Small Catholic school in Cincinnati natty over the course of two days of questioning Pete steadfastly denied that he had ever bet on a major league baseball game even when Dowd showed Pete the betting slips journal entries in phone records that served as evidence against him even when he he played a phone call Paul Johnson had recorded with another one of Pete's associates about the debt zeroed Pete still refused to yield but dowd dowd didn't need Pete to admit to betting on baseball he had all the evidence he required and nothing Pete said contradicted the proof doubt how had collected he was ready to move forward with his findings only two months after beginning his investigation on May ninth nineteen eighty nine dowd provided the newly minted. MLB Commissioner Bart Giamatti with his report it spanned roughly two hundred and twenty five pages along with nine volumes of unedited supporting evidence dowd had shown that Pete had clearly bad on Major League Baseball Games now now it was up to GM Mahdi to punish him. Although G Amati was a fan of Pete as a player. He didn't like how Pete it was refusing to own up to what he had done. If Pete had admitted his mistakes maybe there would have been room for mercy but if he wasn't gonNA come in clean he would be subjected to the full brunt of rule twenty one permanent ineligibility to determine Pete's fate Timoti set a hearing for May Twenty Fifth Nineteen eighty-nine However repeat wasn't going to take his punishment lying down. If he managed to escape permanent ban he could emerge his reputation relatively intact according to an informal poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times many the journalists who voted on hall of fame inductions would still put them on their ballots just as long as he never bet against the reds he and his legal team scrambled for any way to fight against commissioner G Ahmadis wrath and managed to get the hearing pushed back a month. Even with the extra time time Pete had no real recourse he wouldn't admit it but the fact was that he had bet on baseball there was simply no disputing muting the evidence against him so instead of going after the evidence Pete decided to go after Giamatti claiming the commissioner was never going to give him a fair hearing Pete filed the lawsuit in Cincinnati where a friendly judge agreed to enact a temporary temporary restraining order to delay the hearing but pete wasn't the only one who can make moves within the legal system in response to the temporary cold Giamatti had the case moved to a federal court outside the local jurisdiction of Cincinnati realizing his chance of having a sympathetic judge was much lower in this new setting Pete agreed to enter settlement discussions in early August nineteen eighty nine. The negotiations were short with no real leverage. All Pete could get out of Giamatti was that he didn't have to admit or deny to betting on baseball baseball. It was meaningless concession. He was still found in violation of rule twenty one. The agreement was signed the morning of August twenty twenty third nineteen eighty-nine Pete Rose one of the best to ever swing the bat was officially out of the game of baseball coming up Pete Finds Life Without baseball even more difficult than he had imagined and now back to the story on August twenty third nineteen eighty nine forty eight year old Pete rose was placed on major league baseball's balls permanent ineligible list for betting on Baseball Games while he was employed by the Cincinnati reds however there was still a sliver of hope for Pete per the League's rules he'd be allowed to reapply for reinstatement in one year's time it was an option. He fully really planned on exercising. Unfortunately there were more repercussions from his gambling habits still come with Pete's bedding woes firmly we in the national spotlight the irs decided to take a closer look at his finances on April Twentieth Twentieth Nineteen Ninety Pete pleaded guilty to two counts of filing fraudulent tax returns from nineteen eighty four to nineteen eighty seven he had had failed to disclose close to three hundred fifty thousand dollars in autograph and Memorabilia sales the equivalent of nearly seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in today's money most likely that money had gone to paying off his significant gambling debts the judge sentenced him to five months in a minimum security security prison with a further three months in a halfway house upon his release additionally he slapped Pete with fifty thousand dollar fine and one one thousand hours of community service in the end. It was a fairly light punishment. If he'd had been punished to the full extent of the law he could have faced up to six years in prison but in this instance his honesty in cooperation helped him get a lighter punishment. Perhaps he had learned a lesson lesson from his hard headed approach to the doubt investigation Pete reported to the Minimum Security Facility in Marion Illinois on August Eighth Nineteen Ninety Ninety he had traded in his reds number fourteen for prisoner number zero one eight three two zero six one the day he was incarcerated Pete was two weeks shy of being able to apply for reinstatement to the MLB. He didn't bother filing an application Fay Vincent had assumed the role of baseball commissioner after Bart Giamatti died in September nineteen eighty-nine. There was no way the incredibly principal commissioner would ever reinstate Pete while he was imprisoned in an ironic twist of fate the reds Ed's reached the world series while Pete was incarcerated he wanted nothing more than to be in the dug-out alongside his former players instead he was forced to watch the Games on TV alongside his fellow inmates. When the reds won the championship in a clean sweep many of Pete's former players were quick to thank their former manager regardless of what he had done Pete had laid the foundations of a great team and they would never forget it as the other prisoners cheered high-fived him pete felt mix of pride and sadness it would have loved to be part of the Action Pete was released from Marian on January seventh nineteen ninety one by all accounts accounts he had been a model inmate even though he had a long road ahead of him in his fight to get reinstated to the LB he still had something to look forward to getting enshrined in the Baseball Hall of fame in Cooperstown New York the debate over whether or not pete should be voted in had begun gone the moment he was found in violation of rule twenty? One Pete was confident in his chances overall. The selection process was extremely democratic when it was established in nineteen thirty six. It's founders had a vision that the players who were chosen would reflect the sentiments it's of baseball fans in general to that end. The voting process was entrusted to the Baseball Writers Association of America or B B W A A in order to qualify a player must have appeared in at least ten. Mlb Seasons and five years must have passed since he last played in a game then if a player appeared on more than seventy five percent of voters ballots he would be selected for induction since Pete had never played in the nineteen nineteen eighty-seven season he would have been eligible to appear on ballots when voting began in late nineteen ninety one and if he was only being judged by his career achievements he would have been a shoo-in at the time there was no rule against an ineligible player or manager being voted into the hall of fame name but three days after pete got out of prison a special committee created by the Hall of Fame Board of Directors voted to make one colloquially known as the rose rule. This motion went against the intentions behind the hall of fame voting process. Yes Pete had betrayed the game of baseball but it wasn't up to the committee to decide whether his betting had outweighed his performance on the field however over the B. B. W. A. was powerless to do anything to change the rule unless it was amended to allow Pete to be voted in the only way away he could get inducted would be for the Commissioner to revoke his ineligibility and that wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Pete continued into steadfastly denied that he had ever bet on baseball. Even though the evidence against him was staggering unless he made a serious attempt to right right his wrongs Pete would remain on the outside looking in being cast out of baseball deprived speed of more than his eligibility within the League deprived him of experiencing one of the most important moments of son's life in September Nineteen Ninety Ninety seven twenty seven year old Pete Rose Junior was finally called up from the minor leagues to play for the Cincinnati reds although he was a talented talented player in his own right junior lacked the same spark that made his old man so special but Pete Signature Hustle ran in the family despite his talent deficit Pete Junior who is still known in baseball circles as PD had refused to give up his big league dreams and after toiling oiling in the minor leagues for nine full years PD was finally getting his shot hit the big show although his major league career lasted only eleven eleven games PD could claim something his father never could he got hit in his first contest and while Pete was watching from the stands dance and shared a hug with his son outside the players tunnel he wasn't allowed to partake in the hallowed tradition of celebrating with his son in the Locker Kurram all because he had bet on baseball games but with the good feelings around PD's MLB debut a Byu Pete decided to apply for reinstatement in late September nineteen ninety seven however commissioner Bud Seelig never even officially considered it heat still refuse to admit to betting on baseball until he did he'd never have a shot at reinstatement almost seven years past with Pete remaining steadfast in his denials but with each passing day his chances of getting inducted into the hall of Fame Reg- winding the limit for eligibility was twenty years after a players last game for pete that would be in two thousand six if he wanted to get reinstated and therefore regain eligibility he would need to take drastic action shen in January two thousand four Pete appeared on Good Morning America and finally admitted to what everyone already knew he she had bet on baseball and you could read all about it in his new book my prison without bars. If Pete was expecting to to be praised for his admission he would be sorely disappointed. The timing was considered extremely suspect. His revelation was seen more more is a PR move than a genuine apology regardless of what Pete's intentions were his confession wasn't enough to get him reinstated had admitting what he had done was a good first step but he hadn't done anything to truly show he was sorry for what he had done but as the years passed the MLB started to loosen Pete's shackles on the night of September eleventh two thousand ten the League permitted the reds to honor Pete on the field for the twenty fifth anniversary of his record breaking hit after the ceremony there was a dinner held in Pete's honor at the Hollywood would casino in nearby Lawrenceburg Indiana sitting amongst his old teammates flooded with installed for days gone by something must have broken compete when he took to the podium to give a speech he broke down and cried looking out at the crowd out of Diners Pete acknowledged that he finally realized what Bart Giamatti had meant when he told Pete He'd have to reconfigure his life if he hoped to get reinstated he acknowledged that he had disrespected the game of baseball speaking to his former teammates rose said I'm a hard hard headed guy but I'm a lot better guy standing here tonight. I guarantee everyone in this room. I will never disrespect you again. I love the fans I love the game of baseball. I Love Cincinnati Baseball this time. It seemed like Pete's apology was genuine. There was no deadline for reinstatement coming up no ulterior motive it appeared that he truly regretted what what he had done. However Commissioner Seelig never made a decision on pizza eligiblity and despite Pete's two thousand ten apology the new commissioner Rob Manfred didn't believe that he had shown adequate remorse or adjustment of lifestyle he denied pete application but Manfred did give the reds permission to celebrate pizza on field legacy in two thousand Sixteen Pete was inducted did into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of fame and had his famous number Fourteen Jersey officially retired additionally a statue of Pete launching into his iconic headfirst slide was installed in front of the Reds Stadium as of two thousand Nineteen Pete Rose is still on the ineligible list and remains barred from being inducted into the MLB Hall of fame but the controversy swirling swirling around him continues to make headlines especially with the revelations about the rampant steroid use that plagued baseball in the nineteen nineties and two two thousand the question of how much damage Pete did to the game has been re framed although notorious steroid users like barry bonds and Sammy me Sosa have not been inducted into the hall of fame they are still eligible? An argument can be made that what Pete did was less detrimental to baseball all the action steroid users took to enhance themselves according to he never bet against the reds. He only bet on them to win. There's so that means he never made any decisions that would cause the reds to lose and there's no evidence to prove lying however that doesn't mean his betting interests didn't interfere with his duties as the reds manager. Although he wasn't doing anything to impact his team's chances of winning Pete could could have put his short term goals of winning that night's bet over the long term goals of the season now seventy eight years old hello pete claims in interviews that he is long past caring whether he makes it into the hall of fame or not. He's a regular presence in cooperstown during induction and weekends gladly selling his autograph. If you ask him he'll right. I'm sorry I bet on baseball and maybe truly means it. Thanks again for listening to sports criminals. We'll be back next week with a new episode in addition to the many sources we used we found Pete rose an American dilemma by cost you Kennedy extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of sports criminals and all of their podcast originals for free on on spotify not only to spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you. Enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals slakes sports criminals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream sports criminals on spotify just open the APP tap browse and type sports criminals is in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at par cast in twitter at podcast network will see an sports criminals was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network. It's produced by Max and Ron Cutler sound designed by Andy Wait eight with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Paul molitor Maggie admire and Freddie Beckley. 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