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"glinka pete" Discussed on Sports Criminals

"Welcome to sports criminals podcast original every week we dive drive into the dark side of sports history and look at athletes who not only broke the law but broke the rules and covenants of their sport will also so uncover how their actions impacted the history of the sport they played. I'm Tim Johnson and Carter Roy. You can find episodes of sports criminals and all all their park asked originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream sports criminals for free on spotify just open the APP anti sports criminals and the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do it. We love let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram Damn at podcast and twitter at podcast network this is our second episode on Pete Rose Major League Baseball's all time leader in hits as well as one of only three living people currently on the MLB's ineligible list last week we traced Pete's incredible career career as he went from unheralded prospect to legendary superstar we also examined his obsession with gambling and how this lifestyle became more problematic Blah matic as his success group this week we'll continue to follow peace quest to pass ty COBB's all time record of four thousand one hundred within ninety one hits but as his gambling habits catch the eye of the most powerful men in baseball pizza place amongst the greats becomes uh-huh jeopardized ninety four hits. That's all forty four year old Pete rose needed to pass ty hi cobs all time hits record and is the nineteen eighty five season approached. The newly minted Cincinnati Reds player manager was all but guaranteed to shatter a record once considered unbreakable that is if his gambling problems didn't catch up with him first Pete's returned to Cincinnati also meant a return to his old gambling circles. Although he had kept up his illegal sports betting after leaving leaving the reds in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the bookies in Cincy knew him he was Pete Freak and rose an icon a legend what's more he was one of them. Pete may have been a celebrity but he didn't act like some stuck up millionaire take away the baseball ball uniform and he was just another guy from Anderson ferry if he wanted to make a bet all he had to do was ask and Pete Pete certainly wanted to bet in the fall of nineteen eighty four he found out from a friend that the real action was taking place out of a local Gold's Gold's gym but Pete was too recognizable to stroll through the doors and start placing bets himself as we discussed last week betting on any sports sports other than horse racing was illegal. If it was too obvious that Pete was breaking the law he could risk getting arrested however that didn't didn't keep him from gambling he just had intermediaries place wagers forum with a bookie named Ron Peters by December he was using using Peter's to place two thousand dollar bets on up to ten football games every weekend and as the bookie would later confess pete eventually started betting on baseball to his bold play on the field to his extramarital affairs pete had had always been reckless but betting on baseball was taking it to another level betting on baseball had been a stain on the MLB MLB legacy since the so called black socks nineteen nineteen scandal in which members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of purposely throwing throwing the world series the black SOx scandal violated one of the most sacred tenants of the sport that the most deserving team would emerge emerged victorious to restore the public's faith in the League rule twenty one section D was created in nineteen twenty seven according to this stipulation if any employees of a major league baseball team was caught betting on baseball games they would be placed on the permanent imminent in eligible list that meant they would be barred from participating in any official. MLB events for the rest of their life. If repeat got caught betting on baseball he wouldn't be able to continue his quest to break ty Cobb's record. You'd be forced to step down from his position and as the reds manager he wouldn't even be able to enter a stadium unless he bought a ticket like everyone else but for Pete to be found in in violation of rule twenty one he would have to get caught betting on baseball and there were few factors making such a thing extremely unlikely first the very nature of underground bedding made it hard to trace any wagers back to pete in addition to relying on cash Asha exchanges bookies also made sure to refer to people using codenames for instance Pete's Moniker was the number fourteen gene. It wasn't particularly subtle it word on his back and every time he took to the field but it's still kept his name from being uttered allowed second unless a police officer went undercover exposed a bookmaker and convinced them to out their clients. There was no real way to catch Pete Red handed ended and even then with so little in the way of physical evidence it would be hard to actually prove Pete had made the bets especially Louis if he used someone as an intermediary to place bets for him but all these roadblocks were useless. If Pete didn't keep his mouth shut talk about what he was doing all it would take to bring him down was pete trusting his secret with the wrong person as it turned out that person was his own mother Laverne apparently Pete Disgust discussed his gambling with laverne however he neglected to mention that she should keep it a secret unbeknownst to Laverne she was sitting on a powder keg that could destroy her son's career and when a Cincinnati Inquirer journalist named John Iraqi came calling she inadvertently Lee let it blow up ahead of the nineteen eighty five season Iraqi visited Laverne to do some background research for his upcoming book chronicling Glinka Pete's attempt to break ty COBB's hit record as they chatted Laverne. Let slip that Pete had lost a lot of money when he bet on the San the ACL padres to win in the eighty four world series against the Detroit Tigers although a rarity had just moved to the sports division from Metro he was pretty sure that it was against the MLB's rules for Pete to bet on baseball. If he decided to dig any deeper he could probably find out not enough to get P placed on the ineligible list but Iraqi stayed quiet betting on baseball was considered a high crime against the sport court at the same time. Pete was only ninety four hits away from passing COBB. If Iraqi exposed the hometown hero when he he was so close to breaking the record the journalists would probably get run out of town for the moment pete secret was safe as the nineteen eighty five season dawned all anybody in Cincinnati could talk about was when Pete would break the record. It didn't matter that the man known as Charlie Hustle was old and slow the reds faithful knew he deliver come hell or high water. He always delivered even at forty four years old Pete certainly seemed up to the task even though his body couldn't take the grind of playing almost every day he got into the lineup enough to consistently rack up heads throughout the spring and summer by the time the calendar hits September he was within striking range of COBB's record by September eighth. Pete was at four thousand one hundred hundred eighty nine hits only two hits away from COBB. It was the last of a six game road trip and much to the delight of Reds Fans Hands Back in Cincinnati. The Chicago cubs were planning on playing a left handed pitcher one of Pete's rules when he returned to the reds was that he would never never play against lefties even as a switch hitter they gave him too much trouble. Despite the fact that the record was in his sights he planned to honor honor that rule he wouldn't bat again until the reds came home. It was all but assured that Pete rose would become the new hit king in front of the Cincinnati Cincinnati faithful however fate had other plans the morning of the Game Pete found out that the pitcher the cubs were planning on playing got injured instead the right handed pitcher Reggie Patterson would be taking the mound when Pete heard the news he practically we started salivating. He had scored a single off Patterson only two days earlier although he had hoped to break Cobb's record while at home he couldn't risk not not playing at his age every game counted so he put himself into the lineup in his first. I Bat Pete hammered another single off of Patterson he was one.

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