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Juliet and Juliet


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Juliet and Juliet

"Sometimes these days along than Yoga class just isn't in the cards but maybe a cookie is pepperidge. Farm Milano believes you should make some time for yourself once in a while my idea of me. Time is a little bit different since I had the second baby instead of a yoga class. I may be doing yoga. Pose just one downward dog at a time you know what I do have time for. I can eat a cookie a whole cookie an internet. Cookie feels like the best little piece of me time. There is these days Milano. Cookies are the perfect treat to save her. During me time they have just the right amount of cookie and luxuriously rich chocolate. They're the type treat that you don't WanNa share not even with your kids or your husband Sir. Remember to save something for yourself with Pepperidge Farm Milano guys. It's bobby bones. I host the Bobby. Show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because I wake up with three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later. I all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio show. What's your alive. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world possibly can and we looked through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by hang out and share their lives and music too. So wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point. Seven W M Z Q in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP committed as a production of iheartradio. I've never even kissed a girl before. Like what am I like wh what's about to happen? We became originally fast. Friends are secretly in love with her and I guess the rest of they say is kind of history. I just knew like women just know that whatever I had experienced in that room with abby and he'll be had grown to deepen during conversation and letters that we'd written to each other was the kind of love that I was actually looking for that I thought was fake. Glennon dial was still married to the father of her three children. When she met Abby Wambach she saw abbey across the room and felt something that can only be described as love first sight. Now glennon didn't think it was possible to be with abby to leave her husband to be with a woman to blow up the carefully curated life that she had been taught she was supposed to have but she did it anyway and it wasn't easy because life is an easier simple but it was possible. Clinton realized it was possible. That's when she began the live the truest and most beautiful version of her life. Abby looks at me one St Aengus. I can't. I can't believe you married. I just give you one sentence. Does she says the most often to me. That's it and I do too like. We can't believe we're married. I'm telling you literally I find you dead. I will lay next to you and I will be the second. I know. You Will Juliet and Juliet. I'm so grateful. I'm glad that you WANNA wake up with me. Yeah I'm Joe. Piazza this is committed. Many of you might already know Glennon Doyle story you might be reading our new book untamed right now. She's the best selling author activist and incredible speaker. Her Second Book Love. Warrior was celebrated by none other than Oprah. When I first read Glennon Doyle. Milton's Book Love Warriors. I felt like I knew this girl. She was funny and she was wise and she felt like a friend to me. Glennon spoke for so many people who don't feel brave enough to speak their own truth and after sitting down with her on super soul Sunday. I now call her. But here's what you need to know if you've never heard of Glennon. Before her first two memoirs whereabout overcoming addictions to food and booze about becoming a mother and about her rocky marriage to a man named Craig. She wrote a raw and honest account of finding out how Craig had numerous one night stands over the years and how ultimately they worked through it and that was the topic of Love Warrior. It was a marriage redemption story. The publication of that book is where we're going to begin. It was one of the most anticipated books of two thousand sixteen and had already presold tens of thousands of copies. She was promoting it at a librarian conference in Chicago. Abbey was there to talk about our own memoir about being a star on the United States. Soccer team you WANNA go first. Because I always good I was in the car ride on the way to the event and on the way there I was like briefly looking through all the authors are and like what kind of work they created to see. If there's anybody that I knew and there was nobody that I knew but stopped on Glennon's page when I was like. Oh like this is interesting at the time I was going through a really hard time in my previous marriage got arrested for Dui. And I was going through a divorce like the whole thing so her book ironically was this marriage redemption buck told through the eyes of a truth teller right there was a dinner for the authors before the conference was supposed to begin. Glennon got their first and she started making small talk now. She's an introvert. So small tug is her idea of hell but then this woman walked into the room. Glennon describes her like this. She had short hair platinum on the top shaved on the sides. She was wearing a long trench coat. A red scarf a warm half smile and a cool steel confidence just in my entire being said there. She is there she is in the moment. I thought these words were just like coming to me from on high like there. She is like I was having a Disney moment. But I think really I was just hearing from my real self for just like burst through and was undeniable so I stood up in the middle of the room and widely opened my arms as if expecting a hug. Okay and I still to this day. Do not understand what compelled me I had to. Actually I froze because everybody everybody's head stopped looking at Abbey and turn to look at me for someone who has never believed in romantic love to tell a story that I'm a part of that has to do with love at first sight right like if you would've told me that these words were coming out of my mouth. So I'm like a talking about so then after the words Rosen me there. She is tragically my body. Also rose all I saw. Was this woman at the other side of the room standing up so forced me to like walk around and like shake everybody's hands because she stood up. That was like the end of it. I had to get there if Queen Elizabeth had just walked into the room. This would be extra the way that I was reacting too much and is so I was never. She didn't know anything about abby. You weren't a big. I wasn't a big sports person no. Nps I had never been kissed a girl in my life. I had no no context for for the experience that I was having in that moment. In that moment I just I. I just kind of bowed because I did I. I was trying to pretend like maybe this is my normal greeting to people with the standing in bowing and then I sat down. And you know the wild thing is that book that I was releasing at the time. Level or your. I was at that event to release this book. It was an Oprah Book Club pick. It was being touted all over the world as an epic marriage redemption story right and it was about the infidelity of my husband. My first marriage trying to figure all of that and I had tied it up pretty neatly and nicely in that book and it felt much less tied up in neat in my body in my life right. Glennon asked if she could hug this mysterious stranger that she was insanely attracted to. She wanted to hug her because she thought maybe this could be only chance her only chance to touch her. She describes the way abby smell during that hugging her book and I love it. It was a smell that would eventually be coming home to her her cologne powder wool like a baby. And a woman and a man the whole world after this really great hug. They had to sit apart for the meal. I remember thinking. Why do I WANNA sit right next to her? This is bizarre. What is going on when it was time to walk into the actual conference the place where all the librarians were gathered? They ended up walking in together and then up onto the stage together. All I could do to not like just sit in your lap right. It'd be weird. Glennon is much smaller than I am but when we got up to speak. I've never been really a nervous public speaker. We were supposed to be speaking for thirteen minutes or eighteen minutes or something and I told my sister gave me a five minute heads up when it's five minutes left and then I'll start wrapping it up terribly long winded. I got through like five minutes. This thing trying to explain my book and I was so nervous to be on that stage speaking in front of her and I was like what the heck is happening so I was just like thank you and I ended my speech. It was eight minutes long and I just went and sat down and I was like. This is so weird. What just happened. And then she gets up and she just slaves like gun in his such a great public speaker. I used to be a good public speaker. Evidently in my mind and I laughed. I cried I learned and I like breathe for the first time in my life when she was up there speaking. Oh secretly in love with her and I guess the rest of this is kind of history. There's something weird that happened between me on the stage. We were on together that this woman. Who was her assistant? Came up to me after the show and the show to me her news Jordan and she started crying and she said. I don't know what's going on but I've never seen abby look like. She looks right now like when she's watching you and I just feel like she needs you in her life so I'm sorry. This is so weird but can I dislike be in touch with you and I was like yeah for sure and I think that when Jordan was watching me. Watch her. She could just see that. That was exactly what was going on inside of me. My soul was finally taking a breath and you know at the time I was really in a bad place I had just retired from soccer and that was concerning to my friends. I was knocking scared for you. I was in a weird moment of my life. And so she's like literally seeing me in Hell for the first time in literal months. That was it like as soon as we left that night I went back and I read the Book I love. The book. Love were minus the ending right. Sounds like oh? I don't like the way this ends sends with me. Not In the picture we left and she went back to Portland and I went back to Florida and we never were in the same room together again until we had both completely dismantled our lives. Glennon went home to Craig. Went back to chugging along in the marriage she'd saved but one that still didn't feel right. Her Book Love Warrior had ended with her renewing or vows on a sandy beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico it was called Love Warrior because she warrior that marriage back from the brink but she couldn't stop thinking about Abbey Road Avi Letter and she thought maybe that was it. Maybe she'll write this letter. Send it off and nothing but then Abbey road back again and again. The letters just kept coming. Gordon describes those letters like blood transfusions like each one pump fresh life through our veins. I just knew like women just know that whatever I had experienced in that room with abby and he'll be grown to deepen during conversation and letters that we'd written to each other was the kind of love that I was actually looking for that I thought was fake. So you know the next bunch of months where all about connecting and friendship and realizing that we were stupidly in love. Glennon started to realize something she realized there was a life meant for her. That was true or than the one that she was living but in order to have it she was going to have to forge it for herself. She wrote an untamed. You will have to create on the outside what you're imagining on the inside. Only you can bring it forth and it'll cost you everything time for a quick break. We'll be right back Committed is brought to you. By rockies in these unusual times rockies hopes to brighten your day with beautiful sustainable products and content. 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Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music to wake up with a bunch of my friends. I Ninety eight point seven. W M Z Q in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. First and foremost Glennon is an incredible mother and it was always her kids that she was worried about. She was worried about what would happen to them if she got divorced if she left her husband Craig C. Like a lot of women that I know like myself from the moment that Glennon had her three babies she put their needs ahead of her own and then one day one day after she knew she was in love with Abby. She looked to her daughter. Thought I'm staying in this marriage for her but what I want this marriage for her and that's when she started to realize that are responsible. Mother doesn't stay and slowly die for her kids. That's when she knew she had to tell Craig she had to tell Craig that she was in love with happy. As soon as I really owned it for myself I decided okay. I actually don't know Craig the rest of my life. I don't know him the rest of my life. Actually don't buy that anymore. But I do owe him complete Aussie so the second that I knew I sat down and said here's the deal and told him everything and this was before we had even touched before we had even been in the same room before any of it. And because I knew I remember talking to My sister about when I was about to tell him and I knew that chances that abby and I would be together forever get married. Not Strong. Like didn't have the chances were good. Lolo low percentage but I knew that it was like when you find the thing. You can't pretend that the thing you have is thing anymore like I couldn't pretend anymore that this love that I had imagined wasn't real like I knew it would. It was real and so I knew that I had to leave my marriage regardless of whether this was going to work out or not. Glennon told Craig and he was quiet and then he said to her three years ago. You gave me more grace than I deserved. He was talking about his own infidelities he continued. Now I'm going to return it to you. I want you to be happy. They ended up telling their kids together once she told Craig Glennon felt like she could finally see Abby in person again after we had gone through having hard conversations with Craig I flew to Los Angeles because Abby was getting an award from. Espn this is like the end of her career. And I just felt like I really wanted to be there as the beginning so I flew to La and we had both blowing up our lives and we headed never been in the same room together alone. And I had I just remember like landing the landing on the plane and thinking I have never even kissed a girl before. Like what am I like? Whoa what's about to happen you know and I walked into the room. It was really great and I'll just leave it at that nerve wracking right meeting somebody for the first time for the like. You've professed love to this person. You know you want this person forever but you've never really been in physical contact so it's scary as hell. We were like the original. Love is blind now. I mean it's terrifying. It's like really scary because you're like what if this doesn't work. It's almost like an arranged marriage. We arranged ourselves and we find ourselves in this moment but luckily everything fed and everything was great and it was awesome. We were a match. I don't know I just. I'm so grateful that Glennon could find a way to open herself up to the possibility of true romantic. I Like I love like Love what is it When you see somebody for the first time Lineman let it say Yeah Lake. I'd always believed in it. I always knew she was out there. He's the CHEESIEST ROMANTIC. Her favorite movie is the notebook. Of course it is kidding. Everybody's every number. I'm telling you literally I find you dead. I will lay next to you and I will be on second. I know you will were Juliet and Juliet. I had never considered that. It will be with a woman. I think that's one of the reasons why I trusted it. So much is because I wanted abby and it was the first time that I had wanted anything beyond what I had been conditioned to what and I loved her and it was the first time I had ever loved anyone beyond the people had been expected to love. And that's why I trusted that it was completely and totally for me right because everybody else in my life was like no no no no no no and I was like Right perfect perfect but yeah I mean I think that. That's that experience with Abby. I mean we're we're given one version of family. That's supposed to be the perfect. Will I had the little perfect family? That looked perfect from the outside is the ideal nuclear family right and it didn't fit it all and now we have this family with two moms and died dads and you know their best friends good friends and like the kids are all over the place and it looks so different from the outside and it fits US perfectly Glennon and abby new from the very beginning that they wanted to get married that they needed to get married. We never we wanted to be married like we. We were obsessed with getting married. I think it's so funny because it's like so we're so like anti patriarchy in so anti liberated and all of these things and yet we were desperate to get married like. I don't think we couldn't handle. We couldn't breathe like you say lose legally bound to you. Yeah she just you always say you wanted it to official that. I couldn't move quit. Which is hilarious. Both of us were married before we makes no real sense. Yeah you just want it to be. You want it to be difficult as possible. I think the reason why I wanted to be married. So bad is not because I believe in institutions that created marriage for the most part I don't believe in institutions themselves or church or religion. Even I think that the you know God is God. And you don't need religion to tell you a goddess but when it comes to like this ritual and this right because we weren't and gay people have always been in had the opportunity to be married because that was like really an option on the table. Now I wanted to somehow normalize because homosexuality has not always been normal right like it's always been normal but it's never been it hasn't always been viewed as you'd is normal right right right and and I think that I wanted to make clear how serious this was like. If you had turned to me on that day in front of those librarians five minutes after we met and had been like will you marry me? I would have been like yes absolutely. There's some business take care of. Yeah it was Abbey. Who proposed. She did it after. She asked Lennon's parents for permission. She told them. I love your daughter and grandchildren like I've never loved before I've spent my entire life searching and preparing myself for them. I promise you that will love and protect them forever. Glennon's mothers response was abby. I've not seen my daughter this alive since she was ten years old and so they plan their wedding was so wonderful perfect we made less and our our criteria where they were going to be people that we loved but then it was way too many people so then it was people that we loved n linked narrowed it down on a heck of a lot right right right so. I think we had about like what thirty thirty five people there So many of them are my family. The youngest of seven so that took a bunch of seats. Yeah we wanted it to be. Really Small and intimate. Yeah and the cool part is you knew my editor. Whitney Frick is one of my best friends. She was there. And she's been such my my agent Margaret. My team are like my people. They're not I've been with them forever so I have this incredible team of women and most of them were at our wedding. So it's so cool with this em tamed book to write it alongside them. I mean they've walked us through this entire. They were there for love warrior. They were there for the Abbey Path. They were there at the wedding day like so. This is a celebration. This launching of this book is really a celebration of this whole last. Five years in the wedding was wonderful. We were nervous about. I was nervous about the dance. I don't know it just feels like all eyes are on you. Are What Song did you guys dance to so weird but we were obsessed with at the time with this song called Holy. Was it like Florida Georgia line? So it was like the two lesbian couple. The couple dancing to the country song. I don't know it was very. It was a moment was it was. It was definitely our song. Yeah I mean it was beautiful perfect. It was the best day ever us and I was really happy to leave on our honeymoon. Yeah yeah time pro quick break. We'll be right back. My name is supposed to Miami Morning. Show and all the move. I want to personally invite you to my new podcast. My name is a new show. We're all talk to artists community leaders and people like you together. We'll learn more about the triumphs and that empower my weekly guest. My show kicks off with the Awesome J. Columbia that has revolutionized Latin music and continues to break records worldwide. J. Bothering opens up and talks about his humble beginnings the secret to success and how he managed to remain authentic to style headed. You'll be able to go a few layers deeper into the lives of my special guest. You can find my new show. All of my name is on the free iheartradio APP or wherever you prefer to. Listen to your podcast. Do episode every Tuesday. If it'll come back combined yes I hope you'll join me all on my name. Is The podcast. Planning families is never. He's A and gone. Doesn't pretend what she did wasn't hard. Ashim Craig were adults and they acted like adults and every step of the way. They were completely committed to their kids. Creggan and abby actually started a relationship which was difficult in the beginning and Craig was really honest with her about his feelings all of it but they just friggin warrior together and like built a friendship and Craig was able to present to the kids. Actual love for abby which gave the kids permission to love. Abbie which was just greatest gift. Anybody may maybe has ever given me your love being able to cultivate relationships with quote unquote step children. We don't call them that we call them my bonus children. I mean they literally feel like they came from me and if you like craigslist to thank for part of back yes. He was smart enlarge part and also it wasn't just him welcoming me into the family. It was also him. Glennon raising these children to be kind of people that would welcome somebody like me into a family dynamic to create a better version to not Get so and this doesn't mean that divorces not devastating and it wasn't you know. I think it was devastating for them But I just I'm so grateful for both Glennon CRAG. They gave me the opportunity to have children of my own. And I wouldn't want it any different. I wouldn't want my own little baby like I have three children to take care of and that's quite enough. That's too much God. Many children untamed as a memoir. It's a memoir and it's a guide for how women can take the path less taken. It's about how Glennon Doyle listen to this. Little voice insider and chose to move on from her husband so that she could start a new life with the woman she loved and from the very beginning from almost the first day they met. Abby wanted her to write that story I knew early on in our relationship that I wanted her to write the shit out of this story. I knew that I didn't know how that would look. Or how would evolve one of the most beautiful parts of her writing? This love story is that though yes like some of the. The words are surrounded by this love story. It is all about the work of one woman on Taming her south and I think that that for me. I have done a lot of work in my life rejecting social norms. Clearly the way that address the job that I did for a long time I've been kind of fighting against a lot but I also have so much work to be done in terms of my own taming throughout my life and watching Glennon and seeing how dedicated she is to not just her craft but really her humanity and and the way that she's processing through her life like you've never met somebody who's more of a radical truth teller and when you're married to one it forces you to be more honest and truthful with yourself and with your partner which is so great for me because I have a tendency to like swallow swallow and swallow so for me to have her write this. It was it's beautiful. She's an amazing writer. She's my favorite writer but to see what this love has been able to do for her in terms of freeing herself. That has been what has been most epic about it. I just love you so much. I'm so grateful that you can put work like this out into the world for people to thinking we still look at each other. Abby looks wants dangerous. I can't believe you married. I just give you one sentence that she says the most often to me. That's it and I do too. We look I can't believe we're married a secret part inside of my soul. That felt found that match but there was another part of me that felt like or feels like a fraud on some level. And like I've got to do this before she finds me totally out. I gotTA GET THIS LOCKED DOWN. You know so truly. I think like one of the most things that that the the biggest emotion I felt after our wedding was like relief that it was that dont dusted no take backs not no take backs and she still wants to be married to me. It feels like I've won some sort of lottery. You know it really does and it feels like. Have you figured anything out that you want? You WanNa leave me. No no every night. It's like a really good date but also like a girls night right. I mean we're like we get in bed with our ice cream and we never frigging stop talking because I mean same gender women marriages. It's just like it never stops. We start talking. I can talk to death abby. No we know it's just for for choosing count for that same are said to have sleepovers every night. Are Teenagers Challenge? Yes that's what we do. It's like a sleepover everything so far and I'm so grateful. Oh me too. I'm glad that you WANNA wake up with this episode was hosted and reported by Jo Piazza special. Thanks to Glennon Doyle. Abby warm back you pick up. A copy of Clinton's new book untamed on Amazon or wherever books are sold it was produced edited and mixed by Ramsey. Live sound recording by Emily. Mironov executive producer. Joe Piazza entire clang theme song by Tristan. Mcneil comments suggestions are to be part of the show. Give us a call at four zero four nine nine. Six one one seven three. That's four zero four nine nine six one one seven three or citizen email at Joe a committed podcast dot com. That'S J. O. At committed PODCAST DOT com. You can grab a copy of Joe's book how to be married on Amazon or wherever books are sold committed as a production of Iheartradio and producing her studio is located in Atlanta Georgia for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio. App Apple podcasts. Wherever you listen to your favorite shows hi there. I'm Zach BRAFF DONALD PHASE ON. We're real life best friends. We met playing faked life. Best Friends Turkington. Gd On the Sitcom scrubs twenty years later we've decided to rewatch the series one episode at a time and put our memories into a podcast. You can listen to it home. We're GONNA get all our special guests friends like Sarah Chalk. John C McGinley. Neil Flynn Judy. Reyes show Creator Bill Lawrence Editors Writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the series and how we became a family. 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