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"glenn maxwell seoul" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

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"glenn maxwell seoul" Discussed on Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

"Him with his arm around Virginia. The one she says was taken the night she claims to have first had sex with him may have been altered. I think it's from the investigations that we've done you call prove whether or not that photograph is a faked or not because it is a photograph of a photograph of girl so it's very difficult to be able to to. You took to prove it. But I don't remember that federal EPA being taken. But it's possible. I think attempting to deny the photograph. Killeen Maxwell's flat who's just absurd and him in claiming to have no recollection of eighteenth slightly. Time when he's making these claims you think your life is chronicled by your servants and your press office and you will protection people. And why don't you just we'll out your diaries stay stay. I wasn't in Gillen's Maxwell's flat that night. I was in Kazakhstan doing business. But that hasn't come forth. The the fallout from the interview would be quick as prince. Andrew would announce just five days later than he was stepping down from his royal duties. Hayes lost the privilege of members of the royal family his reputation in very damaged with the public and in his statement announcing he was stepping back from his royal duties. Prince Andrew drew said he was willing to cooperate with any law enforcement investigations. However just this week we learned of a major development on that as the US attorney for the Southern District of New York? Jeffrey Berman said investigators have attempted to speak with Andrew but then he's been unresponsive Monsef Ordinarily or office doesn't comment on whether an individual cooperates or doesn't cooperate with our investigation investigation however in Prince Andrew's case. He publicly offered indeed in a press. Release offered to cooperate with that law enforcement investigating the crimes committed by Jeffrey Epstein at his co-conspirator. So I think in that context it's fair for the people to know whether Prince Andrew has followed through with that public commitment. So let me say that the Southern District of New York and the FBI have contacted. Prince Andrew's attorneys and requested to interview for Prince Andrew and today Prince Andrew has provided provided zero cooperation. ABC News reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment but it declined. Meanwhile meanwhile Glenn Maxwell has staunchly denied Virginia Roberts's allegations in-depth positions from a twenty fifteen lawsuit. Maxwell said Virginia is a quote absolute liar and everything she has said is ally. Glen has never admitted to having trafficked anyone Glenn Maxwell Seoul has been defiant in her defense that she has never recruited she has never procured Khun Cheetah. Sarnoff says she wants asked Glenn Maxwell about the allegations that she helped recruit girls for Epstein. When I spoke to Glen after I read all the files the the arrest reports the incident reports? I called Glen and so the first thing she said to me when I asked her. Glenn what is all this is with these girls claiming all these lurid things about you said ridiculous. It's sheer nonsense that you know it was. She was not only shocked that I would know but then I would ask her about such allegations. She was all so she did not sound indignant. She didn't sound ashamed. She didn't sound guilty. She just sound as if this was just another fly on the wall that would pass mid. I shouldn't pay any attention to what these girls were saying. Because it was sheer nonsense but as more women in recent months have come forward in lawsuits accusing Maxwell of facilitating some of Epstein's abuse and at times being party to it. She has not responded to those claims and likewise in our requests for common her representatives have not responded. It seems like the years After her father died Glenn Maxwell has dealt with the scrutiny by simply slipping away at at the very least as Glenn. Maxwell has claimed in her depositions she was simply an ex girlfriend turned friend who worked for Epstein hiring employees around his home including his masseuses which she says we're always of age professionals right hand woman without a shadow of down according to court papers. But as we've heard several of her accusers say that she was the woman behind Epstein the one who gave him legitimacy this kind of veneer of respectability. The I think lane added to the whole operation. The one who gave him connections and the one who allegedly brought him unsuspecting victims victims with the money and social connections. He'd earned in the nineteen nineties. epsteins life would expand. He'd have homes across the country tree and on two continents and wherever he lived allegations of abuse would follow next time on truth then lies Jeffrey Epstein. We look at Epstein's empire from the High Desert of New Mexico to the crystal waters of the Caribbean. And and so when I got to the ranch and it wasn't as it had been described. It wasn't an immediate alarm. It was just sort of okay. I guess you know this is somewhat different. What I I must have misunderstood? T pick place at had. Absolutely no neighbors. He went to great lengths to buy a piece of property that nobody there was nobody around Mr about the place who is so secretive. Here is unusual. It was glamorous again ops in the more rural folks just assume does another sanitary coal. They told me I'd need a passport. I didn't really we know why this had just in case I didn't have a passport. They were able to get me a passport within twenty four hours somehow looking at right here to the left is little Saint Saint James and off behind us. Great Saint James. Those are both the islands that are owned by Jeffrey Epstein. THY saw girls on the island to me looked.

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