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"glenn greenberg" Discussed on Sci-Fi Talk: The First Season

Sci-Fi Talk: The First Season

02:32 min | 2 d ago

"glenn greenberg" Discussed on Sci-Fi Talk: The First Season

"It's wonderful I think your son will probably like it too I. We will look forward to getting getting hold of this stuff. I'm doing a three part comic book from the coming out from Marvel October November December of this this year. resurrects. Character they had back in the seventies and early eighties named star Lord I was contacted by Glenn Greenberg at Marvel about a couple of years ago now with the idea of bringing this character back, and we discussed it for a while. Now wrote a script I. Don't I. Don't actually bring the character back I put a new character in in his place. Who has to take the role of star Lord but? These seven cents ship is there and I've I've kind of muted down the comic the Superhero Aspects of star Lord he could fly. He could vacuum and made it more more of a science fiction sort of thing. Brings Them Rationales for. Away from your background in Physics Kanye no and I. Don't think I would want. superheroes are finite days to create superheroes when I was a kid, but There are a lot of people doing superheroes and do very well, and my strings is in the science fiction. Try staying with that. Will Actually Marvel has done some comic adaptations of novels to. Dark Empire Dark. Horse Comics The visuals I have some problems with the. Arts in general has. A seemed to be denies clean as when I was growing up I. Think so, that is by design. Who knows why, but the adaptation story I found it very well done, and that was the thing. They asked me if I would. Be Interested in basically boiling by my books down into Comic Book Format I looked at how much space I would have I can't possibly do justice to the books in this amount of space I can't do it, and I frankly believe nobody could He has done a very good job. I am I'm very impressed by how well he has. Boil down the story to his essence cap. Some of the good lines. Kept the continuity so I have no complaints at all about that a very pleased with it to me. Thank you very much. It's my pleasure talking to you. Pray to relive that. Thanks so much for listening to the best of Scifi talk and also being a subscriber here on Scifi talk premium. Hi Timothy Zahn. Author of the Star Wars books heir to the empire. Dark Force. Rising and the last command, and you're listening to Sifi Talk.

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"glenn greenberg" Discussed on Capes & Lunatics: Sidekicks

Capes & Lunatics: Sidekicks

10:06 min | 8 months ago

"glenn greenberg" Discussed on Capes & Lunatics: Sidekicks

"Hey everyone else again. Back for another ultimate spider cast. As I said last time we may have a special guest that we do ladies and gentlemen legendary artists for moral and these e Mr Ron Ron Friends. I didn't run over buddy. Thank you very much for the warm welcome and I know it kind of jumped around last time nine but were cut. We're focusing this time on us. Some of Ron's at Spiderman works the The hobgoblins stuff look close at Kinda. Well our little thirty there yet. Yeah Lockenfora guy couldn't river whether either. Yeah did you have a question missile helper. We can't talk fighter girl. Oh we can And we can but I know we've been focused in hobgoblins last few episodes. But you know if you've spider girl questions young we can do the hop of Apple. Yeah had Harley poking in November thanksgiving time doing the half Hour Hall Gobble Gobble wherever I like that word clever. Yeah last episode. We were talking. We talked like your first regular the issue of amazing amazing to fifty one. That seemed like a really fun issue. Probably the draw for your first regular issue because it was like mostly like an all action issue. Yeah actually. That's that's very insightful. That that wasn't true that you got to come in Junior to do all the setup and basically the big final fight it was I heard I've heard this online son again. I don't know if it's true. Who but when Roger Stern left the book did did Tom Ask him? You know Mr Tom Felker did he ask him who he had in mind for the HOB Goblin get okay. Okay and Tom immediately did indeed ask him. And Was told that it that it was Oh help me. I'm an old man that Roderick Kingsley Roderick Kingsley and you know and it's Tom didn't completely understand what the subtleties. Lt Of what Roger was going for although I not surprisingly have to as much as I love Roger I have to side with common this Rogers Rogers point is that the the the the Kingsley's are not twins. ooh that they just are. They look enough alike that they could fool people. But they're not they're not literally twins and that I just find that really hard to believe And he would have spent more time Building the mystery and doing more scenes like the ones he did see but by the time he was leaving the title and there was no real Crisis or conspiracy that had roger leaving the title And the fact that he and Danny Finger is Had worked together before and yell. Roger just didn't feel that there is at the daily figueras editing style and Rogers writing style. You know dovetail really well. He just felt that he would be driving. Danny crazy and vice versa. It was a good time with JR leaving it was a good time for him to be leaving He has flattered me by saying that if he had known that I was going to be the choice for pencil or he might be around long enough to wrap up the Goblin stuff boot that either. That's just in being very nice but anyway he made the decision to leave the title. It was his decision decision to make he made it So Danny's first duty as editor was to find a new Finally writer and And he tapped time onto do it though. Of course Thomas I two issues were Scripted over Rogers Plots So what. What was the question? Oh yes and Tom did indeed ask him. Who is the HOBGOBLINS? and Rogers Answer. Being a professional professional writer was while I was playing making it Roderick Kingsley's brother but you can make it whoever you want. 'cause you're the new writer and The one point. I asked Tom so it was Roger Planning on making it and Tom kind of cavalierly said it's going to be Roderick was going to be Roderick Kingsley's evil twin which you know and and Roger Denies that he would have said it that way because that's not the way he saw a tapie acknowledges that you know that the way Tom put it to me and I said is that who we are GonNa make it and he goes on. Fortunately you know. I don't think there was enough enough seated. I don't think that plays fair for the for the audience because I don't think there was enough. There were enough clues for anybody to conceivably half guest that And quite I'd quite ironically that happened with us Because the WHO wanted to make who tom wanted to make The hobgoblins wants daddy finger off had moved off the title and And and Jim Housley editor Afghan. Tom was trying to put seems set up who he wanted to be the hobgoblins who he felt had already been suggested and he wanted to do more scenes setting up the reveal so it would play fair with the with the reader and those scenes dean kept getting cut by the editor who didn't know why those scenes were in there and Tom didn't WanNa tell the editor who he was intending on making because he didn't feel that that was a good idea he figured as you people would know as possible and on and on and on and even became a very messed up their egos involved. There was no shenanigans involved. There was all kinds of ridiculousness going on the little bit of back stabbing a little bit of of ridiculousness that went on Whence Jim Ashley was running the show? actually Glenn Greenberg. WHO's an assistant editor on the hub? godless project did a really wonderful article for back issue magazine. Few Years Years back that interviewed all the principals and Basically took Jim Athlete blog He he didn't want to be interviewed you but he he was able to take Jim's blog as Jim's testimony. If you will to what was going on at the time and did a a wonderfully Complete overview of of the entire hobgoblins switch undeniably is one of turned into into over the years so once. Tom Found out who the Hong Kong was supposed to be that he lets you in from as soon as he found out apob immediately. Rogers was and we. You know I mean I'll be honest with you. I mean when we when you're running a mystery like this when you decide to start a mystery you don't always always know how the mystery going to end when we had And four we have prepared a time. We had a We set up several mysteries. There we set up the mystery of blood actually set up the mystery of. WHO's in the bag and hell user? I'd references for people. It might not read this stuff but when you set up a mystery you have an idea where you're going but you wanNA keep it fluid because if all the fans guests along the way you don't want you don't want him to be right they don't WanNa be right so you have to keep it open and fluid to possible changes in in case you know too many people get it or somebody gives it up or something happens along the way that would change the direction of your story. Oh and you have to keep it open for better ideas you know so. We talked about who we thought. It should be. Tom Decided who he thought. It should should be And he was the character that he was hoping to do. More setup with was the kingpins on Richard Fiske who had who had bender Schemer at one point That show Tom intended for hobgoblins to be in our story line which never happened He was planning on using Roderick. Kingsley as rose oh The rose was conceived as being a character that Tom was surprised. What people wondered who the Rose Wives because listen with just one of these middle management? pugs more Ask and he didn't realize that would be a question arose. Is You know they can pick. But those were his two ideas. And neither one of the maverick came to fruition. And so that's the way the Biz work. I mean when writers change when Editors Change You know storylines changed at Solar Chris to it really. I do like that better think Roderick Kingsley would have made a better rose and the are Richard Fisk when it made a better hobgoblins. Well you know that that also would have meant they'd Roderick as we did have a brother when are otherwise you know things like that which would have made some of the stuff that Roger set up Interesting because we're was deliberately doing scenes where Kingsley's personality seemed to be different. You know. Sometimes he was more cowardly.

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"glenn greenberg" Discussed on The Meb Faber Show

The Meb Faber Show

02:55 min | 1 year ago

"glenn greenberg" Discussed on The Meb Faber Show

"Starting that he spent time at to the most storied value investing shops on the street, Royce and associates as well as ruin kind of welcome the show, Paul ounces. Thank you for having. Appreciate the opportunity Paul. This is going to be a lot of fun, and as some of the prep for this interview was doing some research on your background and everything else. And sometimes we skip over background. Sometimes we start with it. But seeing as you had two of the most storied investment shops, particularly in the values fear in history would love to hear a little bit about your background. And I saw somewhere that you got inoculated with the the value, gene. At a pretty early age. Why don't you walk us through your progression? As a value investor was born and raised in reading Pennsylvania about sixty miles north. West of Philadelphia and about age twelve thirteen when Mr. buffet was buying the post. That's when I first got introduced him. So I was around thirteen years old nineteen Seventy-three or so and it wasn't like today. We're information was so available. But that was the initial inoculation if you will then I went to college graduated with a finance degree. And then I went to work for to Disley at a small consulting firm heading towards Philadelphia on the east side of town. And most of the people there had technical undergraduate degrees from the best schools Caltech. I might t-. Carnegie Mellon, an MBA from the best schools, and I had neither. But I really worked diligently and worked very hard and develop the skill set. And what that consulting firm did with competitive analysis for fortune five hundred fortune one thousand companies so what I did is prior to joining there. I didn't graduate from college obvious twenty six took me eight years to graduate. I worked full time. But when I started there, I tried to really always think about value investing and how I could apply. Why? Because prior to that I'd read everything I could sending for mutual fund literature from cappelli, Royce and reading the Berkshire annuals and so forth. I really develop the skill set there to get on the phone do the primary research secondary research, and then the primary going out into the field and talking to competitors customers, former employees, vendors, etc. And I did that for about two and a half years. And I really developed a skill set and understanding that goes far beyond just reading the numbers. So it was a great training ground. We prepared slides and presentations to the company's trying to generate what I call him at differential insight. You know, what's unique and different. What are you seeing that others? Don't that's not visible in the numbers? How you making the numbers come to life? So I did that for two and a half years. And then I I felt I had a skill set. And I didn't wanna stay in consulting. I wanted to get into investor management. And so I picked up the phone, and I. Call Mr. buffet. I think it was Gladys Kaiser who was his assistant back then this is the summer July right after the fourth of July nineteen Eighty-eight, and I called Mason Hawkins and Glenn Greenberg judge appear. Oh and.

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