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"glen maggie" Discussed on Box of Neutrals

"Sail to fix somewhere in the car? Yeah. Three AW weather. I got rid of that noise subsequently. Objectively a music sandwich though. Both of them are serious. Horse is definitely in the wood a thing, which they still continue to persist with. I'm not familiar with that one, actually, I think about it. And I used to paddle for us in. Yeah. I shouldn't have. Now you remember. It's like pavlov. Maybe recognize SEN. Weather. For this derives. Australia's most trusted laser eye specialist, one 850 50 49. And the weather for Friday partly cloudy chance of shell was big shows too. Mostly in the morning. Those waters at 68.1 and Tim Watson's day, Glen Maggie, 29.6%. The damn ratings. There's a bit of a twist, isn't it? The team, I think that would take in the pizza because it was just as the endgame of the newsroom the ass and I just had to do their own weather. Let's get aside. Throw into dab report. Why not? Oh, it's good to have some way to chat, I think, some weather in sound effects chat this way. Everyone loves weather. Here, whether it's head effects, the two Staples of any melbury and conversation. Yeah, yes and lockdown inevitably. Oh, that's indeed. Look, the conversation, topic of everyone conversation this week, though, was the calendar. We talked a little bit about it last week because we knew it was going to be on it because it had been leaked enough. But it's been confirmed now. It has been confirmed being 23 races. Some good news on it though and some bad news for this good news. We'll start with good news, Australia is back. That's good news, isn't it? I think it's good. Very good news. Kind of kind of need to be back otherwise. It's a case of, you know, you're only as good as your last race, which was 7 lockdowns a guy that one was. So it's been a while since the Australian Grand Prix. Good news story. Of course, in typical self loathing Melbourne fashion, everyone had a crack at the date of choice being April, whatever it was. Because of course the clashes with rammed four or 5 of the AFL in half. The most important heaven forbid we have two sporting events held at the same time. But, you know, at least it's in the defense of the April date at least it's that Rand 5 kind of period of the iPhone. You know, the Grand Prix and the AFL says news to start simultaneously. It was a clash of the Titans. So you get to understand those bit of try to give it some clear a but when it's yeah, I ran 5 to the home and I when we're talking, you know, north belvin versus golkar sons that ballarat. It doesn't matter. Yeah, I think if you, if you are a football official now, I chances are you're gonna get caught for ticket to me how. So you're gonna go to that. You're not gonna you're not gonna sign out to the corporate tickets to the Grand Prix. I think it'll be fine that April slot. Of course, an awesome date, so the weather could be temperamental. Dial it. I think glued around that time. So that was actually a lot rice. I don't think I thought about this. No, I hadn't thought about that. Is that the first time since, you know, whenever we weren't last time the first round of the season 2006 ish, that we're on the other side of daylight savings. What does that mean for the good folk of Europe who love to complain about the title? What is the date of the savings Grand Prix? Yeah, what's the weekend before? It'll be the week because normally the first week of April for Australia is daylight savings comes on. So and this is the 10th of April this right. Right. And also it starts to get Dhaka around that period and I'll have to be early on so you don't do it yourself any favors. Is this a subtle hint that it's going to the big winner in all this is again the favoring for the second reference of cows in this podcast today? The cast ice of Queensland who of course did a world famous referendum on oh actually that was corrected. I think it was south as Queensland that elected to opt out of daylight savings. So therefore I just had to be different in the whole thing. So, yeah. Yeah, again, but what other Formula One podcast will consider the ramifications of dialect savings to the Formula One calendar only this one. Yes, only this fun in fact. And look, I've just done some quick Googling. And sunset is at 6 p.m. on the 10th of April, which means the race can't start any lighter than three p.m., even though I would argue is pushing it, but I'm sure they'll find a way. Which will be 6 a.m. in London, so bloody hard enough because that's when this weekend's rises, that's one a.m. for New York and ten p.m. for LA. So that's okay, I think. In fact, you could do a bit earlier. You know what for the first time on this podcast? I'm willing to say, we should we should satisfy the American market. We should play with the American market. Let's have this a one p.m. rice. That's an easy for New York. Nice and easy for LA, not important what Europe thinks. Surely we are allowed to do that, aren't we? Nah, look, Formula One before noon I said doesn't sit well with my digestive system. I think Formula One. That's all right. Before three p.m. I like the reason why I do like the Australian Grand Prix current format is because it does go into sunset..

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