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"glasgow school art" Discussed on The Amateur Traveler Podcast

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"glasgow school art" Discussed on The Amateur Traveler Podcast

"Her. It just depends on what you like I'm partial to the more mellow skeeve Highland Park Tallus car open or some of my favorite, but I've got friends that swear by lef-, ROY. And that is the one in the green bottle. Everybody knows it green bottle white label that when it's opened a mile away. You can smell it. Now, there are some whiskey bars in at umbrella, very appropriately called the whiskey bar. You're gonna find very knowledgeable staff at any of those with bars, that's kind of one of the things when you climbed off of Arthur's seat head yo whiskey bar and taste a couple of different things. Give feel for what you like. Because later in your trip. You are going to be going to a distillery or two or six. Okay. Helped to know what your interests are when it comes to whiskey and taste. Do we need to do anything else in Edinburgh at time now for us to head north? It is time to take the train to Glasgow grow. So getting between Edinburgh Glasgow as I said, forty five minutes by train from city centre to city centre. Very very very easy neglects go is but smaller, especially in the city centre. The biggest things in Glasgow are going to be the Charles Rennie Mackintosh architecture. Now, he was an architect along with his wife and a few other people in and around the nineteen hundreds really late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds who's actually started out as an artist movements slowly, kind of moved into the architecture art nouveau arts and crafts style the building. He is most well known for is the Glasgow school art, it's a beautiful building. I actually studied in the building and the top floor which was as an architecture student. You're sitting there saying, wow, Charles Rennie Mackintosh lived in this building. He worked in this building. He stared at that same window that I'm staring out. Now, it's very cool. Sadly, you can't take tours of the school at the moment. There was a fire in two thousand fourteen destroyed the library, which was probably the part of the building that he was most well known for and at the moment, it is still under restoration. It's beautiful to see from the outside. And you might be able to walk inside. I went in. But I had friends that were studying there still, and so I just went in and visited as just a random passer-by. I hesitate to say that you probably could go in because it's still unlikely but definitely walk up to that. It's on Renfrew street just off at city center when we're recording this in two thousand seventeen so if you're listening to it much later than you probably have a better chance. Absolutely get feel a thing to this in a couple of years highly likely to get in definitely do it. It is very much worth it. You can also take walking tours in the cities that focus on the running MacIntosh architecture. So there's the lighthouse which is in the city center that was the original newspaper building very tall skinny building. Lots of stairs beautiful lookout point from the top in climb out to the roof and get a nice three sixty panorama of city. They also host a lot of museum exhibits there on the ground floor in the second and third floors. That's a well worth visiting in. That's just off the princes mall on Buchanan street. And there is a subway stop on Buchanan straights for staying a little bit out. It's pretty accessible, and the only other thing in Glasgow that I highly recommend as the Kelvin grove museum and the university they're both in the West End a little bit out of the city centre. But just jump on the subway and go round to eight at the Kelvin grove or the Hillhead stops. Now, the Kelvin grove is a very unique museum. It's got. Everything it is entirely the most collecting museum, I've come across in my life. They've got taxidermy. They've got old airplanes. They had an Elvis exhibit. The last time I was there, and they have several Dali paintings in addition to an entire exhibit on Robert burns or Rabbie burns. As Scott say an exhibit on Bonnie prince, Charlie impressionist watercolors and a whole host of more. So very interesting museums easily can spend a couple of hours there. And from there just walk up through Kelvin way, very beautiful treeline street through the park in take you to just below the university. Now, I recommend university. I might be a little bit biased because I did spend a year and a half there. But it's the second oldest university in Scotland started in fourteen fifty one in the current building actually is a little bit older than that. The current building is eighteen hundreds, but that was designed by Gilbert, Scott, he's pretty famous architect has done a few other buildings. That's in the West End now on Gilmore hill. And I recommend going wandering through the main building just you can walk straight in. No one's gonna stop. You the cloisters and the two quadrangles are beautiful. And then the tower is something you can actually see from the city centre just two quick stop in. Because that's on your way to buyers road. Just stop in at the building take a few photos, and then keep heading towards buyers road and Byres road is the main thoroughfare in the West End. And that's where you're gonna find some fantastic restaurants, some cute little boutique shopping and one of my favorite places in Glasgow Ashton lane. You mention restaurants, are there particular restaurants. He would recommend as long as we're there. Absolutely. So Ashton lane is a tiny cobblestone lane. And it's pretty much all bars restaurants, two of my favorites happens to be an Ashton lane. One is called the victis chip. That is. Yep. It just traditional British Vode. Fish

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