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This is Where Elvis Bought His First Guitar

Aerial America

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This is Where Elvis Bought His First Guitar

"On January dawn in nineteen. Thirty five inside this room. White House twin boys were born Vernon and Gladys Gladys Presley. The I was still born. The surviving boy was named Elvis. The home is just four hundred. Good fifty square feet with no indoor plumbing. There's a sofa a graceland longer than this entire house. Despite the homes modesty the Presley's were unable to make the payments. Elvis and his parents moved from home to home for years family. Emily and faith though stayed constant. This simple white assembly of God church with a Presley's often worshipped was moved here next to the birthplace and it was inside these walls that Gospel Music. I entranced the young Elvis but when Mrs Presley brought Elvis here Tupelo hardware to get him a guitar for his eleventh birthday with the boy really wanted was a rifle Fortunately mother prevailed the people of do below. Of course course relish. They're linked to the king. Every spring townspeople here combined their love of rock and roll and their infatuation with cars in the the annual Blue Suede. Crews they may look like matchbox cars from the air but they are full scaled classics and hot rods gathered in the parking parking lot of the Tupelo Automobile Museum. It's a car lovers paradise. The long line of beauties moves out on Saturday Saturday morning to parade through downtown. Tupelo drivers can be eligible for prizes as long as they get their entry card stamped at seven sites around town pick including Elvis's birthplace after the parade cruisers can find rare parts of the swap. MEET NCR rock out to the fabulous of gas.

Elvis Mrs Presley Gladys Gladys Presley Tupelo Tupelo Automobile Museum White House Emily Vernon

Gettin' Grown

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"Because keeping it light isn't working who presents woke a new comedy series inspired by the life and work artists. Keith night. Watches, woke takes an absurdly irreverent look at identity and culture as it follows KIEF and African American cartoonist finally on the verge of mainstream success when an unexpected incident changes everything. The Morris Blake Anderson t murph rose macgyver insys years the Mata woke episodes now streaming exclusively on Hulu visit Hulu com slash woke from. Do. Little Room. You'd be weak as. If you had the strength to walk out that dog. Malagueta over room sends and I'd call you back for more. If I will womb. Oh If I will you In Cali, Oh, well mine and you were my May. Boom. Near. She tells you. Glad that's like so signature. Gladys Gladys. For like Garnish Song in a very. Subtle, middle voice, right like it's not a false set, but it's not a fool chess. She gets that good a mid was. That's how she starts right in the pocket of her range like right down in the basement there and then when it is time. For Gladys like she just has a real like you know how we'd be talking about how you like talk fat like you talk. You just get randomly loud in the middle centers. Yes. I feel like gladys gives randomly loud in the middle of the song right yes. Shoot. I was a you mommy, right? That's actually. The chorus. Comes into the second burst guns a blazing your. Like. Praise the Lord like Okay Gladys we hear you here. You are with us yet you. Don't ask if I was. Like. Something Gladys. Gladys that's the name of our morning. So good. BUT WE'RE GONNA get to that. We're GONNA get to that. I, and I'm just so grateful we are. We are. We are going to have a whole to do about it. Praise the Lord negus phrase. US. Voice right there. That's a contralto. Come doing well, I can't complain Amen we are. We are grateful to be here. We are much to celebrate and be grateful for that. What the name of the game is for this week's show. So how are you doing this? I? AM In the same spirits I am grateful you know what I'm saying I got dinner done before we recorded like the child is bathed. Nigga like I feel good I feel good. I had place in I'm in a I'm in a good place. I've been to the gym already today I came back. You look like it very lululemon. Thank you very much I came back and went on ahead and. Shower together sat down had a full day's work. Wasn't really thinking about all the has to be done all the rest of the week after saying I just gotTa get through what I said I, was GonNa do warm Monday and that will let next the next day the subsequent days worry about themselves you know I'm just saying. It is what it is. You know not had cooked my mom versus Sunday dinner last my have already I just went ahead and put it in the microwave I sat here eight, my smother chicken, rice, and grain. and Og classy colder. Low Baked chicken smother chicken with Louis Gravy. Some good old white rife. So. They didn't have warned remind people. You know what? I'm saying I, I'm a brown rice I give the growth. We'll key while you down once again. But. When you have like good like soul food staples, you cannot disrespect the dish with something like a brown rice and my grandmother would be like wait. So I have got on certain no smother chicken wouldn't. Seems. Like oxymoronic. It seems like it's just wrong. It's ambitious. Don't serve me no cauliflower rice with no smother chicken thrown at you. A whole head but we have good talk to get into a flower. It's probably flower. Is it floor it? Flat. Floor it. It I don't know. But one time I went to this Mexican drug have flour tortillas. And they spilled the flower. W. Less than. Said this is amazing but did you tested trial? Did you test and trials us? Oh I didn't ah. Let me see if I can do it. Hold on. Let me see if I can do it. Let's do it. Let. It is. We call it. Welcome to another episode of grow where we discuss tests the trials, the test. The trivial. Good Chow good in a real gay twenty twenty. Bong dining done. A trash segment for your ass. So I suggest we had over there let us journey. A. No trash this week. Know. Why? Because it's an odd teen challenge, we are talking about. The greatest versus battle that has happened thus far AUNTIE PALOOZA RT Chela. All of that each. And y'all can just call me patty because I'm a little drunk and I can't remember. Where so we begin let's start at the beginning. Okay. Of all. We want to. First of all, we stand a sickening Mian soups. They're both. Honestly Gladys in oxy Patty stepped on the negatives petrified. Why? Because they both hair on just just beautifully tailored. Pants suits that's beautifully tailored United States. It was giving you're not a woman of a particular age. You know you know a pants flu. lattes behind my grandma she has outfits right? She did have you're saying you're not how we like to have like you know to classic pieces that we mix and match things and put things together to like cure rate different looks right. But I feel like we get to a certain age you'll have half all that. So you have outfits you has sits all your clothes come on one hang. Those with this and that's it i. only wear this jacket with these pants and I had time to be worried about nothing else. This is just the pants you join. Max. Everything everything every now and you might get in spy. It's Kinda. Switched shoes out. You might change your purse. You know what I'm saying my grandma will have a pink Slough sometimes you wear a navy blue thestreet sometimes she'll throw silver in grave you know what? I'm saying but it's the pink actually Finland and my grandma addresses. Baskin I completely agree with you she. S She Leopard Lion Zebra. gave us a very show like very sequined from head to toe glint thing getting very dancing with the stars I was present for them and I related to her because gladys and I have the same pair of shoes those Red Jessica, Simpson pumps I bought a pair of those back in the day from the macy's for a job interview. Jessica Simpson. Is Not the brightest. Candle. In the bath and body works but she can put together some shoes assessories Okay I had a Jessica Simpson moment in fashion there was an era where I had many Jessica Simpson shoes you see I mean many many it was some time ago but I'm saying I did was sometime ago. Then while I was very very thirty in the Jessica Simpson where I had a red pair of. Pumps leg gladys. Job Interview I had a Navy I had a navy. Round. Toe Sling back. Jessica Simpson, I did ED's. Also a lot I had A. Member Brown so pumps worth thing. Yes. Yes, I had a black pair of Jessica Simpson pumps that had like a why he was like a black and white shoe moment. It was very, very classy that the church girls eight hundred they got they got their lives to that, but I mean listen. Fashions I mean, Patty came with a sickness part we can count on synthetic wigs in the building you don't. You can't. A yellow. Acrylic. 'cause you. I mean she was giving and I'm. Staying I need hose could never I mean as seventy something years old still giving clicky clack still giving very much hands. Why savigny something years old I mean neon girl true say which with. Very much giving Babich hands at seventy, seventy, five plus. Actually well, well, you know what I'm saying Cherries Right now Nigga I'm picking days. So. What was next? Face Jay Gladys's. Really kicked in the door with the chop, she came out the gate with. Was the song I said there was the one I was waiting for. Your the best thing that ever happened that was the very first song she did then and I. I mean I told Y'all last week that when they played that I was going need a wellness check and gladys say I'm coming straight out the out the door with your Nasih. Because I mean when I heard it I just said Oh. This is what we're doing. Know, all my neighbors probably was ready to called authorities on me last night because I was here bull chest singing. Okay. As you're the best thing, it's my song. Okay. very much one of my favorite. Song because Patty came out she came out with. Gladys came out. She was like I'm just going to be I'm going to be easy, but I'm going to give you a banger. I'm going to let you guys know that I did not come to play with your host. Okay. That's really I'm going to. But? Yes. We're going to go straight there. They got into some talk some banter of course and You know they had to give all their praised to everybody and they were like you know people with the. Thing and it felt like we were sitting at the kitchen table with them they was. Those are sisters they was just catching up one of those sisters so. They. They are on tees and Alex You don't know who Alex is Alex English his. One of our dear friends who was also one of the funniest negative. It's very much though and he funniest people out of it in ever in my life. And he made a joke the other day about how old black women can say whatever they want of course, they can. And he talked talked about this woman at one of his shows and you guys can go read it I retweeted it, and you know I will try to find it and send you a link however. In, light of the watching the antiques and they were like and we love the gays we love. With. Yes, we do. Yes we do. Air. I had quoted Patty thanking case. Thank you days. Patty. Better because let me tell you something the Lgbtq, a community support the fuck out of the game. Thank you. All the drag, all the drag queens were in the chats. I saw Bianca del Rio Bob the drag Queen was tab me out the entire time everybody. Getting the we'll get, we'll get to comments because Yano. The comments section is is literally the second of all of these experiences. So the second moment that that took me out. was when Patty saying if you asked me to. Yeah she and she had to set she said let the record show. Okay. So lead this after me. Versus the lead but I did IT I. Oh. Yes. You did that you earn no way. Would I? Life. And may everywhere you honey I mean dad took her tablet and asked her nose like and what was saying okay that was my song I did. Leaned this in gladys has to like throw some ice on the roadway we live. Gladys. Gladys was like, oh I. have been friends a long time and you could tell gladys knows patties into every. Just watching Patty do you do come out with this? First of all? We address the Mirror Fan all. The Bee's Mayora okay. We did Louis Vuitton luggage or the money. She had the beauty and the Beast Mirror and it's fan and gladys was sitting over there. Literally arms the her lab like this. Let me know when you're finished. Ever. Since you got trunks, you got six pairs of shoes over here. She's a where you're going I mean. When patties that I've been ready to perform, and so I came here ready like it was a show. It's a show because I've been at the house. I'll. Be. Frank. Catfish. Okay Is she talking about? That's my Corny Song I call my corny saw. Beverly Hills cop the Beverly Hills Cop. Soundtrack it was everything and what I really love about Gladys Knight gave us not Gladys Knight gave us live performances with laugh band. Okay. She was like, Oh y'all got the DJ that Q. You. she was like excuse me. I'm going to bring my fellas fellas get on. Okay. Patty you have trunks in Jews in a Mike I have nicholas she. Have people who are going I have background vocals hit Paul of that. Everybody's with me. What do you do? It was everything when I believed I, just the commentary you know the commentaries will take me patty also issues like. She's sick I forget what soggy was she was like I was high monosso was so happy. I wasn't have wasn't high. Me Manno. She said that little girl with the ponytail that this she talked about Jennifer. that. Heff saying me under the table I leaving. You've been all black women calls you a half it s less. Than An. It depends. On the concert. Absolutely. But yes in that context Jennifer has some we'll probably have that moment etched memory for the rest of the arrest of her knock-kneed days. Chips cow feet, she'd be holding her stupid. Just. Wears me out because I just want to tell her picture of beach. Why don't you stand in light fixture stance picture. But Yes I. Enjoy I really enjoy an. To the comments you know I. saw it was. It's so good to see like your faith and just people right. Rake, Y and bumpy bumpy with crying and he was. The only person crying. The niggers were in the comment section getting the little duval was in there with his raggedy. I mean, it was Nigga in the COP Lawrence Tate was in the comments section getting. Getting what they need it, and I just it was one of the moments this is what I think is like. The most we talk about this every versus like what's the genius about the idea is that you know we are all at the house right and we are just trying to figure out this time and you know it's just so good everyone just be home and kicking it. You know if I. We figuring out we don't know what the Hell is going on in the world, but we're going to get together chump. Cook and Camaraderie was beautiful to watch. You know what I'm saying to watch them like gladys watched patty and. Patty Wash Gladys, and are they saying each other songs will pay patty could barely some her own sometimes but that's okay fans. was controlling teleprompter almost got by, but it's just. Through. was. Given. All kinds of directions? She told me turn to music dowse she was doing. And I just love Patty faces she'd be like what? What I signed probably off off the side of the stage like mom can you please wish said don't like to claim her he says he's Oh she don't like to tell people he's my son. Zuri be like. She he walks around in ready shoes and I said, let's go by share. And he says Ma these are comfortable. I can only imagine because all of it I just think all of us are unimpressed with our parents in. Could you just imagine if your mother was just Patti Labelle is just do all of that. You just be like ma? please. You wouldn't would. How would it feel? Like this it was it was just it was amazing for us. It was a gift, the comment section Negga the tweets nigger Bob Queen screamed out. Please do wop. I want to know that I. hollered. Okay. That was good solid. I'm trying to think what other couldn't even watch the communist because I was having A. In my own home I. Just I missed. Miss Him I. saw some. Some of the good ones the. Either one of them has a change purse with those two silver things you snap. The class buddy mighty. And I'm not may I bet you're doing? With Bob? Drake wease CISSY HOUSTON CUT. This. Tree. And on the South side of acting funny over on instagram somebody on my own what it was like we knew that aretha was going find a way. We know she was going to find a way to stir it up now therapy messed. Up there. I'm a big shoe. I'm GonNa fix you heifers and but she didn't use it in the endearing way, and then lastly, we would be very remiss if we did not mention. Who joined them on the stage Dion. War. Drunk ads came. To braith a little baby let me say you. Get a motion. Okay. I. Really did and I posted at one of my instagram today because it really blessed me because you know dion is eighty she going to be eighty Abba. Yeah and really every drop of eight years old I mean and because the first thing she came out and was like you know it was wonderful. Wonderful. You GotTa Alley a thing you is off. One, it has been wonderful. Folk. Be Some kind of we you will you start describing things as one an adjective that you only use after you turn fifty years. Think. Things are wonderful. I think occasionally I really feel like. If you have to be born in the Great Depression to be hours through wonderful and the difference. Wonderful it was. The you know what you're right because that's how my grandmother would describe movies. We would go see I. Remember we went and saw Godzilla worst movie I've ever seen in my life I will stand by that until the day that I die but my grandma, we left the movie theater and I remember my grandmother. Well, that was just wonderful. I mean. Having a wonderful if not adjective that young people typically reach for Oh you know what I'm saying. Has. That was just wonderful. Wonderful. she had on A. Naturalized us. Each sure did I mean flies and say I'm GonNa, come out here and throw his pants in this day. And go on in-cabin, join them for a song and everybody none of them knew the words I mean when they not a Sony and I was on the because Diong one run superwoman issued. She couldn't even remember to do my Ryan. The. Oh that's. That's A. Listened to superwoman I'm telling you. I Like. The Played. Please tie a amounts being the wrong key. So don't judge me. Show that you Will Be. Able. deb Your. You said, you Read. And you don't. Ha-. But? No, no no. That's right. You WanNa hear that one run in verse both times in Dion Literally Sung, step back from the microphone. I came to do you host came by argue it out from this point would It Nikki Nikki called me as she was. Karai. Laughing at six superwoman she goes Outta why these? Women is taking me. She was crying in my life I say in I have to find it the first one of that was one of the first things I tweeted I said, yeah. If they closed with superwoman, it's going to be it for me and that's exactly what they did did. You were not invited to the known. That's the is running y'all better. Stop playing. I'm telling you listen to. No? No. No. That is how she's not just a woman. No, no no, that's all right. Listen I'm telling you right there if. It was a tree. It was a treat for us. It was a I hope the young people paid attention and you all understand the legends in the the like how crazy legendary this was. So like it was absolutely incredible, I can't wait to see Anita Baker up their next I mean who is she wants to battle I don't WanNa hear it I. Don't think. She numb GonNa Anita and Wow. Yeah It's starting for me. Feel like. I didn't even. To back, can meet up there making him noy. Thanks. Young. Shell girl. Waiting for her to come out the dressing room I do declare. Never thought I today. Paying the Sophie. Research. Well. Miss, feely. I do because. Never. Thought. I'd see a day. Pass. Sit Me Bigmouth OPN A bit. That's all I see when shop around them glasses that's all I hear in my head I'm Kelly I know every time does. Every does this. We she's a baby I still. Let's. I've put. I call. 'cause she got. She got. Deep. Help us but anyway, that was versus and it was absolutely fucking incredible and I hope you'll. I can't wait to see make condition versus Tony Tony Tony Petitioning for that my end. You know doesn't that just sound like a mash up I'm just saying Gosh I mean we just have the game I have to get my I'M GONNA have to get me a denim outfit for that one. Oh, absolutely cyst like some cowry shells I am going. I am going full moee show on you Nicholas Rafi s a de That's what I'm saying it's not really happening I just actually imagining in your mind it's definitely a you know lots of things happened in my mind but can't wait for the next one. Please give us some more heat because you know Katie and I live for these versus battles. Leave your comment tweet us and let us know what your thoughts on the versus. soon as emails, I don't know maybe we can read a couple on the show if they. If we missed moments, there are things that job wanted us to comment when we forgot because I didn't take notes I was just enjoying this. Yes same. If they are things that you want us the comment discuss. Let us know what we'll circle back next week and Redo. So. Would that be listening? Right now. We haven't listened a shoutout this week and. She she says, Hello Jane Kia I hope this email finds you well and healthy i. am personally such a big fan of the podcast and I'm so excited to share the awesome work of to really dynamic black women. We cannot wait to hear it. neon e Tolbert and Amber Garrett started higher black as an idea to help nineteen women get resume reviews on June teens. Neon e then created I'm sorry. Wrong. Okay. No neon even created a mentor matching experience that was able to match over three hundred black women with career mentors based on industry in management experience from their higher black has expanded to offer the following free resources for black women. The higher. The Higher Black Slack, a community of twenty, five, hundred plus that connects women to job postings, resume and career advice access to allies in resources in housing and relocation resources weekly linked in live sessions. Every Thursday at noon each session is Ama Style and feature industry leaders and a partnership with one cents which one free compensation with which one free compensation review to a higher black community member each month. So we want to shot out higher black neon Tolbert and. Amber Garrett's we will be sure to put all of the information in the description box that is absolutely dope a resource for black women to help them to gain employment and also allies resources housing relocation. That's absolutely amazing. So we will put all of the information in the description box. They are also featured in Forbes. So that will also be provided in the description box for shutout to UNANI and amber, and make sure you guys check out higher black. Dope. I. Love to see. By women walking in their purpose in creating opportunities for other black women, women of color depot generally. But yes, dope dope dope super proud of you ladies thanks for writing in. Absolutely support you guys. Were let us move along to the kitchen table. K.. It's one am you're in the bed? The covers pulled over your head to tap your phones light. So your partner can snooze away. Should. You be. Asleep to. Part of you says, maybe the other part says just a few more minutes. You're not flicking through grams, tweets or talks. Tonight, you're scaling the best fiends leaderboard. See your better half made the sorry choice of challenging you to a best fiends face off. 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Your loan amount will be determined based on your credit income in certain other information provided in your loan application not all applicants will qualify for the full amount now about same in. Today's kind of a big deal I. Mean this is not really attached to any sort of. Milestone. Anniversary is in March Our show is just you know three and a half years old at this point. Yes. Sheesh and when we started when we started this show, we would literally just you know taking it for a test drive the. Encouragement of our brother fear in Asia. Seeing what would happen if we were to kind of take shy and you know put something together that was you know designed for women who get up every day and go to work. figuring out what it means to. Negotiate in navigate. Life as a grown person when you kinda just woke up one day and with like wait a minute. Bitch I'm thirty five. When did this happen? And You know never in a million years that I think that it was going it was going to hit. Has Hit but you know I notice as we prepare for the show this month I noticed that we have reached a milestone downloads getting grown celebrate. Eight point, five, million plays and downloads. Burn. And I thought that was like a big deal. You know what I'm saying because that just means that you know that's a lot of times that you guys have pressed play. You gotTa have committed to You know given a damn about anything that jade and I have to offer or to share and you know it's just. To what we've tried to bill, and that's just a community of people who are trying to figure out life together. And so we wanted to just pause for the cause and you know not any any any really framed out or super design where we just wanted to kind of take some time to to be grateful celebrate this accomplishment because it is an accomplishment, we don't take it for granted. So we wanted to just take some time to celebrate and think about and reminisce on our. Attack Love. Yes indeed. And I have getting grown favorite getting grown moments and occasions. Yes it would you like to start this? What is your favorite? Favorite. Well I mean I just as I took a trip down memory. Who? You know there was so many things right so we've had we've had. One hundred eighty something episodes. Wow that's That's a lot of talking right week after week and. And Literally there's so we've had so many many times and I wrote a list but I don't I don't have time whatever. But I did think about some of I like some of the some of the moments thought about moments will be had good labs and also thought about moments where we have really deep conversations and moments that were like transformative for me because it was like you. was like, wow, this is really a thing and I think I think back to our early early episodes. One of the first time I kind of felt like oh shoot. This is something that people are connecting with is when we did the I, get it from my Mama episode episode five or six or something but we talked about how we realized that we will turn into Mama's. Part of being adult and you have to come to accept it and just going back and listen to the episode with so many times where we will resist in it and it was just like by the end we was just like you know what? I Bet, they know me adult kids is going you know walk and talk looking sound. Like Rondo sometimes, it s just what it is is. that it really is I. Mean I'm I I fully embody my mother at times and I think I carry the same some of the same opinions that I had an episode where. There are things that I'm trying to Redo but there are things that I embrace. Yeah and there are things that I recognize and things that I'm still working on even right now in two thousand and twenty, and it's like you know thinking about it in terms of like you know like I think I don't know if we talk about in that episode in one of the subsequent episodes we talked about moms. It was like you know I. Am like my mom but I'm trying to be my mom with updates Yep I'm trying to. The new and improved most recent version. You know learning from the lessons learning from her lessons from mine and hope hopefully you know coming together to make you know. The next version hope. The. Next Generation. For the better. So that was one of the first episodes where we got so much. Great. Awesome feedback from listeners, the comments pop and we got mad sweet and everyone it just like we really connected everyone found resonance in what we were talking about and reading Thomas in in you know engaging with our listeners in that episode. Oh was one of the first time. So I was like, wow, this might not have been a bad idea this whole getting grown thing. Another one of our early episodes I remember resonating with people was the dating a Hologram episode. Oh, where we talked among go sing and situation ships you way. Will Arise? Think funky spirit jukebox this evening. We? Yes. We which we love. We love to hear because usually it's me. So I, think they love to hear the actual songbird and the duo but that was one that was another one of the first episode. One of the early episodes that resonated with because we have all been in a situation ship we have all had some sort of ghosting of some sort of. And you know that some of the topics that might trigger negative but you know it is what it is. So real because as long as negative trash. We won't be able to talk about them being share. The same same now granted the nigger deserved ghost him. I met him at the Buffalo Wild Wings was right it sometimes, the ghost thing is, is like you know. When I say that it's like you know I wasn't intended suggest like, Oh, it awesome. Petty stuff it was like no I got to get out of here. Yeah. No same. The nigger was pressuring me sexually and I was very uncomfortable. I was like you know you can go back to and and he took me to olive garden in the very first time. We went out some worst. I was good I was good on I was Gonna all that Oh breadsticks. Enjoy them. I'm like and I will take this Super Tuscan go. Thank you. Limit Cello in go that. And then what is the was the other they be Lambrusco Gary Lambrusco at a to go cup as well. another one of our early episodes, which I'm sure you have on your list where we got to feature many beautiful black women. who were able to speak on their personal experiences? Well, the ghost of twenties pass man that's what I let us to our twenty year old. We should re we should redo that. You. Think. You have new lessons for your twenty year olds. Yeah. I. Do have new lessons twenty year old self i. absolutely do that was fifteen years ago. Then, I'm sure you know I told my Tony Yourself to start wearing white shoes and still. But I. I you know I think that would be something good to revisit because maybe there's other lessons we didn't think of you know there's other women to bring in and they're you know what they would write to their twenty. I think that'll be a beautiful episode to revisit. Now like four flats it again, let's do it in the Mongolian Hey. In. Time. You. I'll told you I'm a little drunk tonight I've had three CIDERS. I've. Just, hold. I. Do. List do I remember okay. Are Very I guess on the one grown was when we are for into the show joy Marie. The. Game I wanted to revisit that. That was the first time we had I felt like a real live person right? We was in the studio we did. Enjoy has been working. Joy has been working joyous. Still we're GONNA have to have her back on the show soon again. Yes. Well again as you either way. Yes I. Love Joy. I. Loved Her book the Engagement Game because it was like you know I admit that we. We've read more than our fair share of like relationship books right and I. Am I think I can go on the record saying I don't ever Wanna read another one ever again Oh. Yeah. I'm cool but. Joys book was so good because you know it's an engagement game and and I'm sure a lot of people thought looking at it that it would be a bow. You know how to get engaged right but it really is. It's a journey of self discovery and it talks about it really focuses on the importance and necessity of one coming to know herself. and. How there is no magical list or formula. Or five step plan for getting engaged finding you know a partner, it's more about. How do you come? How do you become at peace with who you are in in you know assets you know make yourself ready like you know for for whatever your next faith of life might be whether it is a relationship or whether it's not girl. So yeah, I enjoyed talking to joy. She's always a good time and so I wanted to highlight that especially since I was a I guess she was she can go on record I Guess. And grown guests. Level L.. And we've had some wonderful guest which. We can talk about Two of my favorite episodes just personally which I thought were good discussions in general in really good lessons in adulting in period that I have to you know constantly. Repeat to myself and remind myself of was the reacting versus responding episode. And having difficult conversations. because you know I don't think a lot of us think about that being a big part of adulting but it is and we spoke in that episode about not necessarily that doesn't necessarily mean that you will know exactly what the outcome of that conversation is. What is important to kind of keep these things in mind when you're going to approach these types of conversations. So I thought those were two really good episodes that we had Things that we continue like we continue to kind of a reference back to those episodes and use those terms consistently you how you know other other shows right because they keep and life and. 'cause I mean this show is about our lives we are not these are not fictional stories than we'd be talking about. We actually talking about the the days of our lives come on. What you get I have a little section of Kronos was making little notes about why highlighting these episodes and had a little section of. Times where I challenged myself by being really transparent and telling telling my business, we had episode call These. Not Cities Govern Yourself. Where we? Are. Most embarrassing moment and. He didn't think that were very. You know trump traumatic experiences that I swore that I would never ever revisit in life but you know discussing them on the show where I find him to be very therapeutic, very healthy right and help me to see that a lot of the crazy things experiences that I've had. You know having been as bad as I far, right. I can still see I have. I was s survived I survived Masher falling apart in front of the whole time. You know. Here I survived that and I still do you still hear. Me and Monica still standing. Spending ooh That was actually was that took be already remember what mine was. I remember when he was was. Because it was just such. It was not known ex knee of all people. You don't think we're going to have a story about flashing the world no, but it would be you who would be. Like just morbidly embarrassed. Coin today is literally. My whole. My whole life flash before my very. Much. Naked Somebody's GONNA start throwing some Uber throw some beads those. Who? The Art of no was a good episode as well. No. Being a complete sentence words to live by worse to stand by Nydia. Yeah. Those are that's on my list for episodes. I probably need to go back and listen to again. Okay. It's true. There's a few I told you that that that reacting versus responding that's for you girl right here target. Here we go. Hey. Like deer. Kia. Okay. Also. One of the things that I have really. One of that happened with this show that didn't really anticipate is really kind of This show has shown me the way that You know purpose is just you can't really outrun your purpose, right? Nan purpose is it has a way of ensuring that all of your experiences intersect to kind of to to lead you to where you are and where you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to be doing. So this show I always looked at this show as something that was kind of like a side thing right? It wasn't like you know it wasn't work I mean it's working it. It takes a lot of effort and it is most certainly like another job but I'd Kinda viewed it as something that was separate and distinct from my career as a as an academic. But you know. Over time, I've been able to really see the ways in which you know this. This show has afforded me platform to talk about you know my work and share what's going on as far as my research and also to kind of feature in showcase the research of. Dope amazing academicians Black men and women who are doing amazing things In the world in. Scholarship in in kind of like a higher education as a institution. and. So another favorite episode of mind that could not not include on my list is when we did the Walk Academy show that. Dr. Lori Paton Davis the beyond. The beyond say of higher education, it was really an awesome awesome It was a treat for me to to have Dr Davis come on and she's just been a real. She's just been as supportive mentor of mine was always very vocal about reminding me that this work is very much academic work as well. Right? Who we are academics is to share what we learn through our research and through our experience throughout practice right and she's like you know bigger more in more ways than kind of publishing papers in the podcast is kind of a wave right in it's the platform and it's really kind of opened my eyes to some of the ways that I can use this this platform an branch off and and develop other platforms to. Share what's going on in the academy as released a black and Brown people in if there's a way like you know it's dope to me that we have eight point, five million listens and we look back at that episode specifically, it's over sixty thousand people have listened to that and are not aware of the awesome work that scholars like Laurie Patton Davis are doing in the field and in the world. So the Woke Academy. Is just one of those. Going back and think it was really like affirming to me to think about that and I think about all of the. Graduate Students, fellow academics who hit me up and who I work with partner with routine type of fast and other things who Have reached out to me to encourage me to say to share how you know me being in this space has affirmed affirmed them, and it really just inspired me and encourages me to keep going I have some ideas and things that I want to continue to do. And I'm just praying for you, know you know whatever I need to Kinda hit the ground running and make those things happen. But it kind of all started with that with that episode Laurie Patton Davis. So that day is absolutely top moment that I wanted to highlight I looked yeah I do love that and I love that you know I'm not in higher education at all I'm not in academia and I love the fact that we're able to bring. to different. Places to the table, but we have that foundation of being black women right and that. With. A lot of the same things. Absolute. Absolutely, and that's what the show is. All about is that you don't have to come from the same background you don't have to come from you don't have to believe in the same things. You don't have to see the world even the same way, but you can still have this that foundation of being black women and that that's just a that's just a chain. That's a link. That's what keeps us all together because a lot of our experiences are very similar absolutely even if our life's experiences are different so. You Know I. Let's let's actually look at some of the comments. From people in see with their favorite things were in the meantime while I find those do you WanNa talk about some of our guests that we've had sure as I was looking at the comments, a lot of people that were responding to my instagram post and even my tweet about about this episode earlier today. Everyone loves WIN SISTER'S FRIEND AND CRYSTAL STI- by everybody loves when Toyah stops by those ravers and I mean you know in talking about friends and crystal the daddy lessons episode who was I think. I guess episode. Was Thriller. Episode. Okay. Like off. But I mean, and it is one of my favorite episodes two. Because I haven't always felt like I had the words to process all of all of my experiences of. With my father. And I've kind of carry some shame into dealt with you know kind of internalized some of those experiences. As a reflection of who I am, but to kind of share space and time with you know with you in crystal in France people who I love and I close with and to know that there's so much synergy in our experiences to know that you know I it wasn't. It wasn't just me that were with dealing with some of the things. That that I had to deal with. So and I I in reviewing in comments in Washington, you know others responded to the episode I think we all kind of found that shared space and community around some of those challenges as well and not only just the challenges. But also some of the some of the awesome dope things you know there there are those of us who have who've had really positive experiences with Dave's in that and that was something that I was able that we could kind of glad that we can kind of illuminate shed light on as well. And it was a good actually good episode for me because I grew you know the the majority of my peers didn't have their fathers as well. A lot of them didn't in school and and things like that. So you know I did and it was really nice to see. It's always good to see the world from different standpoints and people's different experiences and it shed a lot of light. You know I've had conversations with my with friends about their experiences but you know it just really sheds a lot of light and I know it resonated with a lot of people because a lot of people had very shared experiences to each and every one of you so. And each and every one of us. You know what I'm saying there was there was a representation of of so many different types of relationships. So that was that was definitely one of our was probably our biggest episode to date I would think would be the daddy issues episode that we've had some some amazing guests we've had Brittany pack net. We've had Lovey Rick Rehavia Kia Rakiya came with the home buyer knowledge she came with the bombs. Negga in it gave a lot of light in hope you know what I'm saying to people We had a Adama Hamady yet. Superman and Superwoman Syndrome in BURNOUT WE'VE HAD DR. Joy Hardened Braford from the other black girl she's been on. So many. Reagan Gomez. We've really had some amazing women on the show and there's so many more we would love to feature I know some of the listeners absolutely love your your silk meeting in my bedroom story from solitary episode would attract. Goodness that seems to be a FAV-. Somebody. Like we said daddy issues was my absolute favorite people. Love your exasperation to my singing. Ms. Niks. Ms Ms Meeks one on twitter. She says, she went searching over and over again. Because she was looking for this episode of June twenty six eighteen the. Episode when we talked about if he invites you over to watch Black Panther Yala going Macondo yes, because he hasn't been watching. The Mountain. They say you're talking about parents infiltrating facebook. That's always that's always a favorite one the hill why these Oh and the episode where we the episode when we talked about insecure and we called a Condolence all of those names. Oh yes. That was also a very good time. Yes. Indeed. Good Times indeed Let me see here. Let me look I'm looking on the different platforms. So part in my Because we have been watching from the mountain was a good memory I forgot about that. How yes you can't let these things I mean listening Netflix and chill isn't an I listen the guys to be out here trying to gain your stay whoa okay. Oh. Somebody somebody say random but one of my favorite moments was when it was windy as fucking the DMV and when y'all were signing off key said, the girls might WanNa. So a name tag inside the weeks. I don't even remember that Oh. Gosh I don't. It's funny. Care and daddy lessons the Naza thanksgiving, I get it from my Mama and girl why you never ready does that is ellen ambience, some of her favorite episodes. So we just WANNA. Thank you all so much for. All of the love that you've given us over the past three and a half as and believable we are really really grateful for every download even if you downloaded to listen and go right a really nasty lipstick. Alley threat I don't I don't WanNa. Makes me promise every year that I won't go look at the lipstick alley threat or read that miss don't read them as then people sleep one, Jersey sheets they don't from if I don't even fit their mattresses, they sleep on mattresses actually they don't even have fishy in the top sheet is a jersey she all my day would Chinese food two o'clock in afternoon and all of their furniture rented. So don't even worry about anything that's happening over there because the knicks are miserable and they stay mad and I'm Oh you know we'll never know. Oh No that was though we might need to revisit that again to sure there's many things we missed. No will never know. About those things throwback Thursday November twenty, th seventeen I'm not WANNA little France from July twenty eighteen. Urban Chic trying to be listening. Those saved her phone. She goes back I have cackled and related to many more episodes. Oh. Thank you. Guy We increase show. We had a listener who message just a while back and told us. That listen getting grown and eaten chick-fil-a and just save the political talk right now because this is a beautiful moment she was because we know we know all of the issues surrounding chick-fil-a but. She and her grandmother who have Alzheimer's listened to gain growing chick every. You know once a week and and that's their thing. Somebody tweeted us the other day and said them in their ten year old son listen to the show I was like I love that little. Nigga, and tell him to stop listening to the. Don't allow you to. Carry on and these. Jade is not for the kids are GonNA. Say. Now. But we we love it and we love all of our listeners young old options I was listening and watching things. I didn't have no business but if it's doing something for your life and we're able to add something positive inside of all of this chaos. And I mean also I think really quick. We'd be remiss in acknowledging the graduation announcements segment. Oh. Thing ever. I one of the things I am most proud of. You know for this show, right? Because -solutely we we don't always get an opportunity to you know give each other our flowers right? People who are doing amazing things. So like we say every graduation leasing, you know we going region names right? Because we we going region names we're gonna read your names every last one of them. Every last one that we get in. As nothing nothing that can be done about it. because. It just has to be done if the priority around here. So it really warms my heart especially, those those announcements that I mean obviously the babies are like. Delicious but. It warms my heart for those who have been listening since the beginning and send emails in like I've been waiting in this. I've been listening to the last two years of graduation announcements. That so amazing that or people were like you know I started listen to the graduation announcements and it made me. Start working on my degree again or go work on this or that, and we love that like we love that we root for everybody who supports us if you don't support us like if you don't fuck with us, we don't fuck with you. But if you support us, we do for you heavy boots and we're always we know we wanna read every single announcement that comes through. If we don't, it's only 'cause we miss it and it's a lot of them but we are so hyped to read these low key and I get excited to read the graduation and every single year. Yeah I want to thank you guys I wanNA. Thank why we celebrate and we also will be remiss as we are celebrating getting groans accomplishment Jay had a birthday, oh? Yes I. had a birthday, and so we have to save you birthday to users. I'm super proud of you all that you ain't doing all that all the It's just been dope to watch you kind of like you know step into yourself in. So many ways and I'm just I'm just honored to be on. This is unit I'm just I'm just grateful and looking forward to whatever. is in. Store for us. As we continue to talk about these ghettos of adulting and I just appreciate you and I appreciate all of our listeners I appreciate. Thank you guys for your patients with us. We thank you know there are times where we are. You know life be life and we don't get get to the show until a couple of days into the week or their towns where I've. been traveling or Jay's traveling. But you guys impatient and you've got you know are always so supportive in always encouraging and I just love the community that we've built. So I have to I have to just take this time to appreciate all of our listeners, each person who pressed play at any given point. Thank you everybody who's press play bought a piece of merged bottled wise shows. Yes traveled for a live show. You know what? I'm saying bottom meet and greet like shot to you because that's never happening again. Magazine against. Bush shout out to every single one of you who has supported us in every single way. Possible. We are. We are immensely grateful over you all there would be no getting grown without you cliche or not. That's just what it is and now I think it's time for us to get into somebody's business travel up to this honesty box. 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First off wrestle hitting eight point five down low. EARN. Thank you blew. y'All worked hard earned it. I've definitely recommended Giada some folks because you have great content. We appreciate that you sadly today I stop by for some advice regarding family dynamics in this upcoming election. Oh, Lord Again Just to give you some background, I have a sibling that goes zero to one hundred in terms of on their interest. This quarantine has given them way too much time to watch politics closely in there now, deeply convinced that trump should be the winner in November hands down. I'm sure y'all can understand how this might present some major issues in a black family. It's led to many arguments with the number of our family members needless to say this sibling of mine has decided to now publicly announce their political view campaign for their candidate. Keep in mind. This is someone who didn't vote at all. In the last election. It has resulted in them blocking friends in certain family members on. Social Media I. Obviously Love My sibling and I feel like we can agree to disagree on this issue. However, it's disturbing to me that I've never seen them. So publicly passionate about something. So controversial that they're willing to burn bridges with people. How would you handle this situation? Thanks CRAYOLA. CRAYONS girl I have to be honest. We Roll go ahead and I have to say that in this situation that just at this point in my life. I don't feel like. This is not. The this is not something I would in best a lot of time. And mental space about right I just feel like. If this is a decision that might grown family member has made. I I mean something out to me is just kind of given very much so like. Attention seeking. You know what I'm saying like you. Yeah. It seems like this person is like something else going on there looking they're the is not it's I don't know. I was I don't Wanna I don't WanNa speak negatively of your sibling, but it just seems to me that this person may be just looking for a reason to you know you don't do stuff like that like my thing if you're just going to vote for trump, just go ahead and do that. If you if you WANNA HAVE YOU WANNA have A. Make things are big deal and just argue with people on social media. That's wish you were here to do. I don't really know 'cause I mean. I'm just all I'm just in a space. I'm just looking to kind of engage in productive conversation and. I don't feel like I would I would want to Bang my head against the wall of trying to reason with someone who's acting unreasonably and I would just I would very politely, I, would love my loved one. With all my heart but I would I would be very intentional adamant about not doing this with him or her or them. Yeah. I would just if that's what you WANNA do listen. Okay. That's business business right as an American citizen. I'M NOT GONNA go back and forward you. You not gonNA worry my edges you not to run my blood pressure up I still have a life. To live I, still have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill and I'm GonNa pray for you and always wish and hope for the best for you because I love you as my as my sibling. But I'm not Finna die on this cross you know what I'm saying I. Feel like I'm at the place where I'm just very particular about where I invest my time and energy and attention and. I feel like I would just have a whole lot to give in and it wouldn't be no. It's not about I don't love you like you say agree to disagree and this just like. At this like. Arguing back and forth with them I don't see if that's GonNa what is that going to accomplish? If IT'S NOT GONNA change their mind or change yours or change anything what would be what would be the point. So I I honestly feel like you know what would I do in this situation? Not a Goddamn thing. I would just be like, okay. All right. That's what you want to go ahead and plastic foot your facebook will make America. Great. Again, girl I'm just GonNa keep I must stay focused on the Senate. mean. Girls 'cause that's that's all I got. It I. You know. How do I feel burn that negate the Cross and I'm just playing I've decided. I'm just kidding I kind of feel like. I'm. I'm sure you guys have already given the the entire. You know how could you stand behind a person who stands for? These types of policies in this type of hate towards these people I'm sure you've done all of that. So that's I. Agree with key which and I've got friends and I've got loved ones and I've got people I know who will will argue you down they will debate you down and that's fine I will not. I said I'm in a very at my energy is big I said what I said. Like you know where I stand I'm not just like he I'm not doing this with you. I'm not going to do this with you. I'm not going to discuss this period, and if you keep coming anywhere near me with the rhetoric, then I'm going to have to stop talking to you. So if you would like for us to have somewhat of a peaceful relationship, then you just shut all that up but I agree with key also I do believe there are some attention seeking there. That's what it looks like and you know something that is very common a month a lot of trump supporters they just they just WanNa clank pots. And I know sleep 'cause y'all you're not getting on me because I really feel like that's all they really WanNa. Do they really want to go back and forth they WANNA, wear us out they WANNA get us riled up. And I just refuse I'm just I'm just devoted to focusing my energy on change that will actually happen I'm going to try to actually make a difference in the way that I feel that I can and I'm not gonna I'm not gonNA, wear myself out arguing with my cousin. June. Bugging them like for what like if that's what you WANNA do like it was brought to my attention that someone who who my family notice I didn't say family member. Who was in my family You know voted for trump in the last election and you know for for whatever asinine reason and you know when? This is something you know this is someone who's Kinda married in and they had their reason. You don't say they had that reason in you know full why? Why they feel like you know whatever value it was. It was dumb. You know what I'm saying I honestly remember very, very consciously saying to myself. If I really look at this person. I. Can't say that I'm surprised and I don't feel like there's anything that I can say that would change or change the situation anyway some like it. Cool. As you see this person for who they are and what they believe in government itself accordingly. But I'm not going to get caught up in no long drawn out. You know what I'm saying like he said, he gave his rationale I call Baloney and bull swanky and everything else, and that's going to be you know what I'm saying. There was nothing else that needed to be said as far as I was concerned that was it. It was like, okay. Well, he's a donkey and you know passing. Pass addressing. Let me get some credit gravy got the cranberry sauce. It wasn't. I wasn't going to let it. Upset me. It was just that, right? Okay. Same when my cousin I have a cousin who? was telling me he was like, yeah. Well, I'M GONNA. He's like if I vote at all, I'm going to vote for trump and I was like why? Should any gave me the he gave me the whole Hillary Bullshit or whatever whatever and I was like. I like I I need you to understand how dumbness sounds but I literally won't discuss this topic with you. When we didn't, and then I revisited with him recently like, Hey. So in light of everything you're seeing, how do you feel he's like Oh yeah. No that was dumb as hell. I would never I would I he's like I didn't end up voting in that election, which is bad. He's like but I I literally would never do that. Now I was like, okay good and that was that but. They, you know I I had to disengage for period of time. For the best it's for yourself for yourself. So you love the other you can love your loved one. From. A distance like Patti Labelle did it. And you don't have but you don't have to like them but you don't have to like them. You don't you don't. You don't have to agree with them if outright that right, there is the American way. The fact that we have the right to hold different opinions and that doesn't change anything. You know that that's what at least that's what was intended. You know. In our founding documents I. Don't know if that's what's in practice but I mean if I, hope that this is helpful Criolla and I hope that if he gives you some peace of mind, you know what I'm saying like if you if it gives you the bed to nicest where you can just let your sibling be who they are and just be like all right grow will I guess I'll see you at Grandma's house next week. Okay. Going like. Just you know. If they're willing to if they're willing to run the risk of losing loved ones. For friends in like having certain family members, stop talking to them and all these things and you know what? That's just something that they're going to have to reap as the consequences of this dumb mess. You Know Hill that they are choosing to die on. But for S for you and your energy and your peace of mind, I would not pay this any anymore dust I would literally focus on all of the other nigger who have the well being of you know black people and human beings in general in mind. Is Fire Tornadoes in California hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and NECAS dying legit ever. Wanted to know what was between her child's lay and I'm saying doesn't even fucking matter. The police is killing this facet into pandemic. We all got time to be worried about certain things and I'm saying eight is what it is. If if it don't do anything to kind of get us further to to kind of where we wanna live in I, just don't have the energy to invest in for tells me he supported trump I'm like, oh, you hit knickers. Cool I know where you stand keep it put I'm killing and keep pushing this way. And that's that. Like I. Don't focus you. You don't fuck with me and we can just go on about our business but I know this gets a little bit more complicated because it's a family member. So at that point disengage because then yeah you allowed to be hurt by this subsequently which you know what I'm saying I'm just I'm just saying that you know I'm just relieving you of this pressure if you feel it if you feel a pressure to. You know. Prove your point or you? You know argue with this? I just don't I wanted I. Want to relieve you of that because you don't have to do that and it is more than okay for you to just I m right and just move on. With the rest of your day absolutely. I've one hundred percent. Agree. So we hope that was helpful Crayola you know please right in and let us know you know how you're feeling and what you think and. Maybe, some plans on how you how you plan to Kinda deal with the family member in the future and the for the rest of Ya, you can send your honesty box questions to gain grown PODCASTS AT GL DOT com, and we shall move along into this black woman. So we person self. Absolutely I do. CARE. My black won miss appears very simple i. have for the last two weeks but making it a points I pick myself up. Bouquet of flowers. When I go to trader, JOE'S THE PURCHASE MOM to purchase my groceries and things I make sure that gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, my flowers. Those are gorgeous. She got those pretty bridesmaids coral Home Bray rose try to get them I. Try to take a bunch that are not really open so that they can like bloom open really nicely I got these last. Wednesday I believe and they do. Well they don't have very well for. Doing bad. Make yourself some pope ARY? I will I will or some rosewater. How. Do you do that? I have to Google? You're not. You're not gonNA actually now that the still distillation process I know you're not going to you know what I'm not. Garbage but. Yes. What I just love them and it's not a whole lot of money but I just know it's just something bright in pretty to look at when I come into my office and I keep them right on the desk and I just enjoy them I. Love the. Just care. About, know sunflowers for her first day of school. Precious By the way, no is going to force guys for everybody was concerned West like ten. Forced school. So they go to school in the park just got like ten kids in her class only anyway the scores sixty kids period they were mass I have to send the sanitation pack. Every kid has to come with the sanitation pack and two additional mess and they go learn outside in nature. What are they going to do when it gets cold of virtual learning? That's what they do on inclement weather days as well. But my black woman self care is actually my birthday weekend A. Walk in forest with a big Ole. SIS first of all. I know. These bitches love the go outside for birthday and I being a house live where we going to sit down and. Hicks and be pretty well, I wanted a whole. So you know I I don't speak about my own stuff a lot but I do talk you know I've been focusing on my meditation, my journaling and all of that, and when I do my meditations in my prayers there intentionally asking for grounding like I'm like you know I really you would love grounding and connection and so forth. So I decided 'cause everybody can ask me what are you gonNa do for your birthday I'm like bitch pandemic so but it's Friday, which was my actual birthday nine eleven tristen took me out too well, he attempted to take me out to dinner. The restaurant had no seats because every place has outside seating and it's like sixteen years, right? So they didn't have anything available, but it's fine because we got all the food to go and came back home, which is really my kind of carrying on. The first I mean he had on Jay Divulge AIDS merch shirts. which was my big ass face on his chest, which was super cute. He came out after took. Two, he took a shower got dressed put us jeans. Shirt he always takes this line I I forget what movie it is out. Pacino where he's like I got d. shoes searches just like I got this shirt. So. We get this woman. But anyway so he did that and so that you know and I spent the day cleaning my room. That's what I wanted to do on my birthday cleaned my room and cleaning the bathroom, scrub the walls, and it took me to eat. And then. I wanted to go hiking the next day. So Antoine and my homegirl Mary stream black bodies on spotify, and all of your listening services and also listened to around the way. Curls duality is the thing Antonio and Mary Interested and I went hiking upstate. And I expected it to be like last weekend where I went to this force that was literally enchanted had colorful mushrooms if door for L. for the popped out, I wouldn't have been surprised creeks and rivers and beautiful shit. So I was like I WANNA do that for my birthday we got to this particular hike this trail and while I thought it was going to be that it was not it was a strenuous seven and a half mile hike. Your black ass get. But and I had to literally climb rocks like bladders in like we we climbed basically to the top of very tall trees like it was a hike, but it was beautiful because Oh. Well. I was united. Said you know what? I'm letting my feet feel the ground and I'm just GonNa really like. Channel my ancestors I was like because I kept telling the crowds like you know our ancestors they was when they was going to freedom. This is how was traveling and then have a car to go back to I was like you know. So I was trying to channel that and I was letting my feet feel the ground in really just be one. Day and then the next day for verses. I made myself I wanted a pot of Gumbo. And so a proper of proper Gumbo by the way with fee lay in a in a in a very dark chocolate rule like I wanted proper Gumbo in. So I went to a black goldfish market shot out to shipwreck and best bedside I went to a black owned seafood market. Got My crab legs got my shrimp and I went back to the House and made myself a pot of Gumbo that took like eight hours and. Watch the verses and it was an amazing week it and it was everything that I could have asked for and I didn't need nothing more from it, and so that is my black woman self care this week having birthday. Thank you says. Right well, we got petty peeves to get into, and then we're going to wrap this thing right on up. So let's get over there and still. To be very responsible of the things. I say to my sister because everybody. Knew Petty P. E. to the T. T. Y.. Alright. It's time to put this petty on parade. Okay. So a bit of a story for you all So my car broke down on me break down on me this weekend that's actually exaggerating it started doing this weird thing while I was driving it and then I realized like, Nah. So I drove straight to the mechanic and parked it there, and then we're back this morning turns out we just need a tune-up spark plugs need to be changed and things like that. So. Do you think that's the pet peeve but it is not So this morning, I have to take note of school and I have to Uber. So we get an uber take her to school and her school driving is about twenty minutes away And so I was like, all right. So we took the Wilbur and I said you know what? I was about to put it as a round trip and then go back to the crib. But. I said I'm going to walk back. I was really gonNA walk halfway to the smoke shop and then take cap from there. But once I got there said, well, I'M GONNA walk the rest of the way and just listen to my music it enjoy the wall. So I did and it took me about an hour it's a twenty minute drive is about an hour walk and I also took my time stopped at a black owned sixteen year old girl opened a black owned beauty supply store in Flatbush on the Internet. So I stopped over there just to try Boston shower caps I just was trying to support and it's at thirty to eleven church avenue I don't know what it's called I'm sorry but it is thirty to eleven church avenue. So I stopped over there stopped in my smoke shop you know kept going pumping having a good time. and. It's just it got to a certain point where it was a bunch of old niggers like almost cruising I'll be walking I'm walking down the street I'm enjoying my music. You know what I'm saying and the niggers would be driving and then they start to slow down. And just stare out the window story super predatory but it literally happen no exaggeration with like five different niggers on my walk home. Just with them doing that we'll cars. That's not. The raggedy ethnic is outside or and this was the ones in the car and he's old ones. So I started throwing up my middle finger just for them to be like Oh this bitches. Something's wrong word. I would literally stop look at them and then I would just hold up my middle finger real slowly and then they would drive on. That is my pet peeve. I can't even the fuck walk home. I can't even like enjoy a nice walk through Brooklyn and you know taking the trees and be happy that it goes outside. 'cause we were locked in the house for months at a time like I can't just be outside and enjoy it without you Ashi raisins it stop in your fucking cars to look at me like a fucking zoo animal. Fuck you and your in everything that you own. So that's my pet peeve this week shores. Why like mine is going to Pale in comparison but I am just okay. Very very very petty but. The young I grew up with. Her. and. We're friends on facebook and for whatever reason. She does not put any punctuation in her favorite status. And I'm not talking like she. She doesn't her status are not like. You know very short phrases that don't require punctuation. But rather like paragraphs that contained statements and questions exclamations. And it. Is like one twelve to fifteen line sentence. And I am just. Baffled because we like I said we grew up together. So this is like a person of a particular age and also a parent. Who whole and so I am ever baffled by her status in the next time, I'm actually going to go her page and find one and screen shot incidents used. To be I want you to be I. Want you to know that I'm not making this A. Like that. She will ask a question, right she'll actually like give some context and ask a question and I'm just like. It is to the point where I have talked to him. I have another friend that I have talked to about this and I, have really been going back and forth about whether or not I'm going to say something and I know that it's not the time for me to say something yeah. Because I feel like I I don't know how to say other than girl what are you like what you like? What are we supposed to do with these? These paragraph long sentences that you posed. And I just wish I don't think she listens to the show I. Guess she might and I don't know. I'm I'm I'm almost as if you do I, hope that you take heat and start using some punctuation. I'm of the impression at this point that she doesn't even recognize that this is an issue because how don't? I mean girl happy birthday to my I, love him so much daddy ship but that's fine. I've been doing this all by myself. Woman was show and I get this done I, get it poppy and then. What today. Like, she would ask a question and then proceed with this law and I'm just like girl like it really just. Makes me want to scream and I've had to had to follow her oppose because we went. Through a hand. Drum up I mean throw them up to fight I. And so. I haven't the follow her polls and I'm asking the Lord to really give me peace about this and if I am to say give me direction if I am the person to say something. Give me the words to say and if it is if it is the guys will that I mind my business I asked that he just gave me what I need so that I can do that and not be so enraged have posed because it really does take a lot out of me but yes, that's my. That's my. That's my. That's my story. I absolutely think that's hilarious. It's just really just with me out it just way S, my edges down and I'm just like. I mean. I. Was like people who have facebook middle names. They'd be like a lien got that fire. Off Man, how long are you GonNa do this? You're forty three like. All right. My name is Francis Lady Diva on. Me Like not. Yet name is Francis Jones. What? Is. What is wrong with you? down. Move the worst. The worst is where they do the odd beautiful but there's no apostrophe. Right it'd be like capital lower case. It'd be like Christina Beautiful? Walk it's. I. mean. Girl, you are forty eight years old. Your. Your son. Your son is a junior in college. Job and he filed a ten, forty, eight year Grad set is four. Thousand Ten forty federal taxes and these United States of America you are. You're talking about My name is Peggy Babich. Who? Cut Seven kids. Nothing can be bad bitch. Williams girls. Know Your name with Alice Williams. Alice. Alice Williams class of Nineteen, seventy, seven that if you are, that's all we need to know about your facebook. All right. Look J. over there. Go. We want to buy. One. Again, for joining us at the kitchen table, we're just gonNA reminisce and have a good time and be grateful we we love you off kicking it with us week after week after week your. And thank you for listening and keep doing it and keep telling your friends and you're on your Mama's we just out here trying to figure out life and the ones who aren't going to judge us for Cussin'. Child The Lord is working on us not your saved ones. This is not the show for them they're going to hear. Like blasphemy. Saved. But they don't like the saints don't like praise the Lord I'm going to have in. All. Of My thing friends do because the law at listen it's biblical explain this time and time I would call no I agree with you I think. But in the like in the church world, you guys are more like seasons you're saying. I'm GONNA stop you. Right there that is. You listen to walk but like oh no no no. I'm going to stop you because you're getting ready to say. I don't think I would you? Say as I was saying. The Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord and the last time I checked niggles was thinks to. We are not event. niggers are not exempt from the mandates of praise the Lord. And end there's people who just don't like the word negatives but you know we ought to each his own it's like. This school don't talk about US pray for us. I think you don't have to say. If you don't like it. I got a homegirl girl who doesn't say it but she's my homegirl. We laughed out to and and that's that on that. She went to as team type and fast brench. So like so like she'd be like, no, I don't say but you know I know you. and. You know we can be different beings and walk this earth and like. Be Different, but we'll have a whole kitchen table talk about this soon. In the meantime and in between time tell them what they should do. You should always always always always always. Drink your water because you know. Dry and. You should moisturizing skin. Because dry. You. Don't want those little cracks between your toes. You don't because they can get. You know they can painful. Split in your toes spread that low know about her first one, the other day and she was like. Hurt. Like stops bread and your pinky toes negotiable Though at least to be the worst us to be worth giving the summertime because you've you get into some women pool and feel like you're holding. Your whole foot is just about to fall off. So yeah, you WanNa moisturizer skin especially between does. You WanNA mind the business. That is yourse-. Okay. Now, nobody else's you WanNa do that because if you don't do that you face will be cracked. Okay, just like inbetween toews drive toes So yeah, do all of those things. Because you're black warcraft if dry. By key man. Keep Shining. Know who can always? Count on me.

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Swallowing Physiology Series: Laryngeal Vestibule Closure

Down the Hatch - The Swallowing Podcast

1:11:50 hr | 1 year ago

Swallowing Physiology Series: Laryngeal Vestibule Closure

"So we <music> are continuing with the swallowing physiology series and of course it's me a humbert and alicia voice of course ourse. We know that this is both this is a bittersweet podcast for me because it's about lorenzo closure which i am obsessed with breath but i recognize the rest of the world isn't and so it's tough for me to come down to the level love. How do you modify your level of enthusiasm over the swallowing events where people can actually follow you. Don't wanna go all what's. It called a beautiful mind right now. It's like so that's what i'm struggling with and leashes the same way because her dissertation focused heavily on miss and we have a review paper on this topic where it's call hidden point lorenzo as well closure hidden in plain sight and importantly the issue really is that we have a vendetta on top of everything which is obsessed with this and we feel like it's the most obvious and important part of swallowing that most people do not pay attention to so. I just want to say that we're drinking a cab cabernet sauvignon and we're doing that just to calm ourselves right now like we need to calm down. Five levels will already fired up because one you said we think that it's the most important event or aspect and swallowing but i would say. I don't think it's our belief. I just think it is what it is. I'm sorry i'm sorry. This is not me at the altar trying crying. This is science okay. This is like don't be a flat earth or about all the end of the day what else matters other than being able to close off your airway and the end i feel like those memes with a guy sitting at the table and he's always holding poster board and it's something controversial and he's drinking a cup of coffee and it's like but convince me otherwise it's like l. V._c. is the primary following event event like convince me otherwise well okay so i will. Here's my thought there are two primary swelling events and we're not on the one going to say but i feel like it's lorenzo closure and u._s. Opening opening over and the reason passer you have to include u._s. Openings because it the larynx is everything beautifully incomes down in a big bowl as they're waiting for it because you e._s. Never opened. It's only as good as the u._s. In terms of its efficient however i am with you one hundred percent i am that person who's going to be at asha at the table. We'll sipping microsoft with a cardboard paper. Saying convincing way obviously is not one of two of the most important events will. I guess it's like we have to empires. Here's the purpose of swallowing is to be able to eat and drink safely and to be able to to have adequate nutrition rights so the safety safety aspect is queen and the efficiency or nutritional aspect of actually getting the food in your stomach is the u._s. Is king. I just i i did gender because i had to make the woman because it's my pretentiously that's where i live. That's the island that i live on and i would like to have a queen rain and yeah just gendered. U._v._s.'s mills yeah interesting that interesting because i would argue that <hes> they're both gender fluid because they both have a fluid relationship right right with bulletins but anyway the point here is we are going to talk about. Obviously we swear that by the end of this podcast. You're going to have tangible information nation that you can take home and it's not going to be this crazy science ivory tower like you don't you don't have to solve for x understanding thing where things when i'm going to say sure okay now. If i had to break down learn jill closure by the way we never said it would l._v. stands for so we are already too high level. How do we have so fast. Okay laryngeal celestial closure first of all what is learn jacksonville like that's where i'm starting. The laurentian is a space in lyrics k. so it's not the gladys gladys is between the vocal folds. It's not the subplots because that's below the vocals. There's above the boca falls the super gladdock space and somewhere in there it's not to my knowledge been perfectly perfect <unk> defined where one space and the other begins somewhere beyond the entrance lorenzo vestibule down to that super bowl space or slash gladys is the lorenzo vestibule one might argue everything between the entrance of the lyrics and the goddess so what's an aerospace. It's an aerospace that we want to not be penetrated traded by bolles during swallow however we wanted to be completely filled with air during a nonsmoker period and that's one thing i think the range westfield isn't get credit for is that the vast vast majority of time is just staying peyton open so we can breathe. It cannot close off. That's what ringo spasm is and many other things that can cause an obstruction at the level. We've wanted to stay paint but we are obsessed for more with the activity of closing off efficiently when it needs to periodic just for that period that some people call call swallowing apnea the period of closure when the bolas passes posterior early and the air is trapped on the inside of it so that's what we're talking about the location gatien we're talking about closing and that is the function that we're really interested in sure yeah and i would say that and just say that the reason why we the term the paper the review paper on the <unk> closer hidden in plain sight is that the interesting thing about swallowing is that at at the end of the day. We know that following his complicated. There's a lot of moving parts. There's a lot of interconnectedness in the different structures and there's a lot of muscles and nerves but at the end of the day the goal is really to when we're talking about safety is to keep any sort of food or liquid from entering into the space so at the end of the day that is really the the goal of all of these structures. I is to whether it's to propel the bull as or whether it's the squeeze the ball as or whether it's to divert the bullet around this area. We want to make sure that it's going to the place that it's supposed to go which is at the time that it's supposed to go and the the issue that i the both of us have had is that oftentimes indecision management there can be a lot of focus on the second act players so things like the the ferrings. The time on the highway especially gets a lot of attention when they're really be actors compared to me last actors actors when really the focus should be on is the lorenzo vestibule closing in a way that is so let me to say that's gonna come back to bite us when we talk about the role of the ferrings on l. v._c. But i understand what you're saying sure ultimately and so it's interconnected but i still might argue that the tongue in various are so interval learned of us will closure. We'll talk about what that means. I completely agree with you that orange osceola closure at the levels that i don't know if you remember this but julie bark meyer kramer came to do the what's the name of the electricity that you gotta komo yeah the anyway whatever it's called she came and gave a fabulous talk and talked about lorenzo closure at various levels so we're gonna get to the physiology sure but before before we get there you said something that is so critical. The first thing is let let's forget about the swallow person hasn't started to swallow yet two things one. Is there just breeding we talked about. It needs to stay open so they can breathe okay now. Let's move onto the put bullets in her mouth and it's going to move back. What's amazing about the larynx for just talking about the lawrence's there there is a role of protection before this even starts by the lyrics just being in it's simple breathing anatomical position with the with the epa gladys up and this is is what people often fail to forget fail to forget or they feel to remember answer. Did it forget it. Forget exactly is that the with the epa gladys upright and valencia its job is to divert the bullets around the airway while the swallow gets around to starting so it's not a lorenzo who closure phenomenon but it is one that isn't airway protection function just based on the structure roll anatomy alone that is set up to divert the bulls around the airway with the epa gladys up at some point it does eventually have to close <hes> but that's an important aspect and we have to remember that you can't see that laterally on floral you can't determine the depth perception and sometimes it looks like the ball is just like hanging dangerously or paragliding in <unk> air over the lyrics but actually it's going around it. You can see it really beautifully on fees so that's another pre l._v. See phenomenon to consider which is breathing a patent when the bullets enters the barracks if you happen to have swallow where you initiate a little bit later which happens normally the anatomy itself should should to protect you just by <unk> just by diverting bullets around the airway while we wait for the swallow to start which eventually should trigger lauren jesper culture shirt yep <hes> <hes> so i think we've sort of hammered on the concept of the importance of this and i guess the way that i see it is that <hes> uh-huh there's a lot of of structures in swallowing that their role is to help achieve the ultimate goal of closing the airway so at the end of the day and i think about this report writing is if you're going to be describing swelling physiology. You can describe all these other components. I'm not saying they're not important things like hiring movement and tongue movement and elevation of the larynx all of these things but it better relate back to how it is contributing to you lorenzo vestibule closure because alone. Does it really matter so if you have somebody that has reduced if you say in a report by reading a report that somebody has reduced east highway movement period and it's not related to lorenzo vestibule closure or it's not related to that that final goal old and what what are we even talking about and i would even argue that if i asked most people about the role of the highlight of the swallow they might be incorrect sure they'll say well. Let's do definitely deep dive into oh. Oh my god wolfer. They'll say well. It opens the u._s. Which is going to make me scratch my eyeballs out when we get to that podcast okay so so let's step back though because we're beautiful awful minding right now the first thing that i think is we can talk about the basic mechanism of closer but first. I'd like to emphasize that if i had to say swallowing had two goals it would be one airway protection and one is bullet sufficiency meaning efficiency efficiently move the ball into the asaf against this oral swallowing efficiently efficiently move the bullets into esophagus without significant residue or multiple swallows right and lorenzo hospital closer plays a role in both we focus more on the airway protection because that's a dominant thing but let's just deal with its role and bullets efficiency and we will get to this more detail as it relates the u._s. Opening but lorenzo laurindo elevation and i'll tell you i need to emphasize the rental on hwy. We're not gonna get into this yet but lorenzo elevation ads traction to an already relaxed upper safa gills finger helping the helping to open the u._s. so that the bullets can clear it so the role of lange ashville closure in that include lorenzo elevation that allocation also aids in opening the u._s. so it does play a role in airway in bala sufficiency because at that it doesn't mean that there aren't people who have little bit of lorenzo allegation. Who does it mean that. They can't clear the fair because the u._s. It it is possible that there are on both but in normal swallowing we expect enough lorenzo elevation to aid in u._s. Opening and our life to insert a clarification point here that that is going to hold true through the rest of the podcast is that oftentimes you read in here about lorenzo elevation <unk> as hieaux laryngeal elevation and you may think to yourself like oh. It's basically the same thing and i wanna make a really strong point that we are not talking about high elevation nation. We are specifically segregating the highway from the learnings. They are two different structures that serve two different roles. When we talk about lorenzo elevation. I wanna be clear that we're specifically talking about the anterior and superior movement of the thyroid credit card cartilage and the n._f._l. Gladys and we will talk about the movement of the highway as a separate structure separate purpose so i just want to make that clear. That's really important because again. A lot of people say will the highway helps a flip apple guava some like say words explain that to me. It's going in the exact opposite direction of ethical up for it in the top part of the epa gloss is going down in back back. I think the more controversial statement is saying that the highway ope it helps to open the u._e._s. Yes and that's why i was saying. Let's get to more. Let's get through this and when we get to you yes we can totally rage against the machine okay so that's a that's a depend teaser into teaser. Okay okay so how does the orange. A recipe will close all right so we go there yeah. Why don't you start because you're the first author on the paper. We broke it down into categories that i think we're pretty understandable what we will do in the description of this podcast and soundcloud wherever you're listening to from i will add a link to that paper and and a link to the many animations that i've created to sort of help. Explain the real closure in the meantime. You're going to get description from the first author dr vose chair so so to keep the components or too simple. I guess the way that i think about lorenzo vestibule closure is separating into there are two two is a main components that achieve the goal of closing the vestibule and that is movement of the original cartilages so the approximation approximation of the retinoids to the base of the gladys and also the inversion of the epo goddess over the rental inland so those are the two main things in its salient because those are really the actions that were looking for in when we are visualizing lorenzo less severe closure in video floss copy and i do <unk> specify video for us copy because it is the only imaging technique that you ran <hes> visualize closure of the lorenzo vestibule. It's something that you can't visualize with fees because of the <hes> the whiteout period that occurs you just aren't able to see that <hes> that structure close and can. I just put a comment out there. Somebody who's doing research and emory or like ultrasound. I was gonna say he's going to say you can see it in. It's true you can and see it. In three d c three forty three amal confused now and yokels work with now is now that you said threes is a three d. S. or forty is three. It's three you can see it in m._r._i. And you can see some people say they conceded an ultrasound but what we're talking about are immediately clinically available tools were just going to talk about video farrah's copy and fees sure got so so we talk about the original approximation and the conversion in those are the two actions that occur that create that graying out of the rental vestibule that achieves that nice closure that you can appreciate in video forest gothic images now. It's not fair to say that these these are the two main components but there are other other structures in movements within the <hes> within swallowing that help to achieve those goals so for example with epoch lana conversion the <unk> gladys passive structure it moves because other things move so all of these aspects are important in achieving the same goal but they just just play <hes>. I almost think of like if you look at like a cheering move the the the cheerleader. That's going up in the air you have you always have three people that are holding that person upright. Everybody in that sequence is important of course the emphasis gets played to the children. That's up in the air right but you have to look at the what's causing that person to be up in the air right so you have the <hes>. Are you talking right now about conversion what causes the upper body. Can i say one thing which i obviously this is the case. The primary movers of epcot conversion are this richard. You're gonna talk talk about in terms of passive structures that our forces on it <hes> and so i just wanna make sure people understand what we're talking about. There are things that can move something that that are a muscle that is influenced by nerve you close your eyelids and squeeze them tight through muscle through <hes> muscles right that got a command from a nerve or somebody can put their fingers over your eyelids and push shut that were you wanted it or not right and it can closer islands. We're talking about the latter. That is is a structure. That's moving another flexible structure. Now that is it doesn't mean that there isn't one paired muscle that does play a role all in this and that is the area aquatic muscle theory aquatic muscle goes as it's named between the epa gladys retinoids when it contracts it helps play roll an inverting abbas in and of itself in what we know about those muscle fibers it is not sufficient to cause complete epa glad conversion but it does play a role which is why we're going to focus primarily on the other major structures that are connected apple goddess but push on it passively sure that makes sense so you have the elevation of larynx so that combined with the post earier movement of the tongue is going to be two of the main components that help elevate the larynx so that the as the larynx is moving superior early in the tongue is moving postseason early. Those two actions combined are going to help place the epa gladys in that horizontal position in order to be be ready to invert in close over the laryngeal inlet the other component. That's important is the contraction of the faring so as you know the ferrings contracts in a superior to inferior <hes> motion as you have the superior in in the middle of the inferior constrictors and those are aiding to really constrict the bearings in order to help tilt the free end of the epic ladas in that final inverted position to really have that closure over the laryngeal vestibule that helps to protect 'cause it's literally covering the irit noise but also serves a role in aiding and diverting the balls around the lorenzo. You'll see you have your pure form sinuses that these channels are regis designated to just keep the bullets as far away from the vestibules possible and so the abakada serves those two functions so i just i also want to put it in that sequence. So what you've said is that one major component is the tongue to get it in horizontal and the other point up important component is the ferrings to get it so that it's completely inverted. I just wanted to add that if you think of the upper gladys as typically shaped leaf where you have a rounded in depart and the end goes to the tip which would go to the stem it. The tip of gladys comes to the point also known as appeal that is attached to the thyroid cartilage. This leaf needs to fold in half so that the rounded part is touching the the retinoids and the tip is obviously still attached to the thyroid cartilage so in order for two two fold in half the way you would bring the tip of your fingers down too close to your wrist. If you think of making that folding action it needs it needs to i get to horizontal on your way down to get your fingertips too close to your wrist your horizontal and that's according to data from bill pearson primarily the role of the tongue but this is where i want to insert the highly <unk> sure you would have to think of the highway bone if you have your hands so that your your fingertips are your fingers are sort of horizontal with the ground and you're getting closer to your your wrist. Knuckles is sort of where the highway highway bone is attached you so there is a high epa gladdock ligament now keep in mind the highways going in the upward forward direction and the epoch ladas the part of the epa gladys's what is falling down is going opposite's going back down toward the retina so how is it attached to this thing and not making it difficult old. We'll some argue theoretically that the highway bones attachment to that at this midpoint is what serves as a folding point so so it needs a folding point so the freer end. That's the rounded end of the leaf. If you will is being pushed to horizontal i by tom and it can be pushed a horizontal by the tongue on because the larynx is elevated getting closer to the base of the tongue which is also coming down so that means lorenzo elevation plays a role in two things one is getting the epa gladys closer to the base of the tongue which is going to come and push part of it down but also pulling on the u._b._s. so when we think about the rental elevation we want to put a pin in this for what we think. We're actually looking at it for at the bedside when you feel it. Do you really think that it's two main functions getting the tip of the epic ladas close to the tom and opening the gas is anything that you can measure at the bedside or right right exactly and they think that you know this was <hes> it really enjoyed if you're interested in the movement of the goddess the some of the one of the papers that we're referencing is bill pearson's work is a paper he published in the ring of scope in two thousand in sixteen where they did computational modeling to look at the function of these structures and and they're basically their role in being able all to execute the movement of the epa gladys and what what are you showed them. The thing that was really striking. I was just glad to finally see it like really printed. Did paper is that we're not disputing that the highway doesn't play a role in conversion of course says <hes> as i said but movement of the highway alone cannot invert the epa gladys. It's really a player that will give it a supporting role in football and i know nothing about but i understand that when that kick matters it really matters but does does it mean that if you don't have that if all the other functions work that you're can't house swallow without it not necessarily i mean it's the highway is an attachment point for manny manny muscles and that's why it doesn't articulate with any other bone because it can move in multiple trajectories that reason and it's a fulcrum. It's a fulcrum. That's exactly exactly how it's described in peter corollas paper from nineteen ninety two to talk about its role in the u._s. Forest what happened people forgot about the next paragraph where he talks about the role of the lyrics korea that just got completely skipped but anyway. I'm not gonna hurt out too hard because that's to podcasts way but ultimately it's a fulcrum. It's got a lot of attachment and end fortunately for it is the most sparkly of all the events because it's radio opaque beyond the because it's bone laryngeal cartilage so we can see it better so we tend to pay more attention to it and spend a lotta times reminding what it might do in the absence of considering it can't do much considering what we know about what it's connected connection to the fair to say. Would you say that it's hopeful but not necessary yeah. It's helpful but not necessary in less than a look and we know that was going to say if you go chopping out a highway bone. Are they gonna swallow while i've seen swallows from folks who had had cancer where they had a clean reception of the highly bone and in fact doc heather starmer sent me she works at at stanford and she sent me a beautiful video of somebody who had cleaner section of the highway bone and they're swallow when i shoulder people people right well something's missing but this looks amazing like yeah. They don't have a highly bone and everything's beautiful yeah and i think it's a great a great point eight to really emphasize the fact that there's a reason that we have this event orange peel closure. It's so important we swallow oh so many times. It's so important to keep things out of our lungs. Obviously this is a critical event. I don't think we need to argue that that you may wonder why. Why are there so many components that are present to help achieve this and you could say that it's complicated in in that you so you may argue that that's a bad thing so many things have to happen in order for every so many things to go right for this to make it happen but i would argue that it's there's there's a lot of ways that the system can compensate for itself so there's a lot of failsafe so if you have your highway bone compromise you can still swallow and close your your airway. If you have partial reception of your base of tongue you can still get lorenzo vestibule closure. The system is set up to be able to compensate for itself in the presence of any sort of probation or error or reception any surgery anything that could cause even in the case of a stroke certain. I mean a car can go without a muffler. It's clunky and loud but it can go sure right. I mean i feel like they're parts of the swallow. Were into the engine guys like its wheels. We got to have this thing but it's possible that there are some components of us will closure that make optimal but don't make it possible yes exactly and it's possible that the highway one of those and i i hate to be anti it's just that i feel like i have to be the other end of the pendulum because because i see so when you reports in so many research studies were all they do is detail hide movement and say and say end there was less aspiration therefore and make this connection. You're like wait no but was her. We wide open the whole time linked to the epa qatar they records doing those are the things that ultimately baloch the bolt rate so if you're targeting highway movement in therapy it better better be not just related to penetration aspiration. It should be connected to the ultimate goal of closing the airway dow. How is a impaired movement of the highway bone affecting the closure lorenzo visible. I need to see that connection there and if not then what are we talking about and okay so you said some really important key things about if you had to segregate lured were still an epilogue conversion and and so we have two horizontal by the tongue i just before we move onto continuing with the complete fold with ferric before we get to the ferrings i just wanna make sure people understand what we're talking about in terms of what are the muscles that play a role in getting the larynx up. This is a big issue as well again. People keep obsessing over the highway when it's not what elevates larynx it's not the sub mental muscles a sub mental muscles are not attached to attach the highway and the savings save begins with eight again the back hold my beer because i'm not to go hard our whole line on on this laurindo elevation issue again the muscles that are attached to highway bone are the sub mental muscles and some others obviously these muscles are not attached to the lyrics again in this paper and many others that bill pearson published and refer to clearly show not just the anatomical physiologic connections between the longitudinal fringe muscles that are if you don't know what they they are. I mean i strongly suggest you can even type in google. You don't have to pay money for this. Longitudinal fringe muscles we have a whole section on in the swelling training education portal which you can look and those three muscles are longitudinal muscles that go either from the pallet or the skull and connect to the highlands primarily the thyroid cartilage. There's the most important thing here and so they shorten and not only do they shorten the facts they also shorten the lyrics in terms of will they shorten causing the larynx elevate right now. There is the federal highway muscle and bill even sent us an email saying only contributes to me like less than twenty percent of lorenzo elevations as you can tell by the name he goes between the highway bone and lyrics but in our studies at the n._i._h. Led by christie ludlow she we have put an electrode into that muscle to stimulated stimulated in isolation what it does is it pulls a highway down and the larynx up it approximates the two structures so without higher elevation the fire ohio it alone cannot be enough to elevate lyrics so when you're talking about lorenzo elevation guys you're actually to some degree looking at an assessment of torrential muscle because the primary elevator everything for this some degree i would save her viral highway in case of a adequately functioning highway and the thyroid is allowing the lyrics to move with a highly highly. It does play a role in it. It's not early but i would call longitudinal for muscles thoroughly leonardo dicaprio's of the swallowing system and hear me out out on this. It's because it's they're the ones doing beautiful work and doing all of the work now now the work but a lot of the work day no recognition thing they're alison. They're not getting the oscar. Leonardo dicaprio has been in so many movies and has never won in oscar until just recently the revenue and it's already has graded by the way they face it. By bernie. Narrow street is in the same category always doing these amazing work and just never getting the recognition and if you're sitting there wondering like even like really thought about wants juno forensic muscles then is exactly why they just are not getting looking like brad pitts of supplemental muscle yes yeah i mean he's a pretty good actor. I need. I pretty on top of that. Let's just start well and that's. That's the thing about the highway bone. What's the reason that the highway joins me. Let me just let me get real wet. If leo had married some high lists like high go like why is he a he samari someone who people are controversial about. I'm just saying like he's doing his own damage. You cannot live only on your art. You have to live in the inquirer and he's not doing it. Brad has married gen and ngelo angelina jolie yeah so anyway back. I appreciate the analogy sure but i mean it's important to you. Get a little bit of historical background here in that. Why is it that the highway gets all the attention that that's where most treatment targets are. It's because it's the easiest thing to z zero. I mean historically. That was the structure that was easy to measure. You can always visualize it in the swallow. It gets so much attention. I mean it's it's not surprising that you know so many research studies so many clinicians focus is on that movement. You can't see the longitude no for angel- muscles yet only the action of these muscles as the lowering elevating so it's just something to keep in mind signed when really thinking about who's doing the dirty work as well. Yes the important but dirty work and hidden stuff so okay so we've we've. We've talked about that. Obviously extrinsic laryngeal lingual extrinsic lingual muscles pull the tongue back down so primarily stilo glosses are and higher glosses are going to play a role in that doesn't mean the others don't do anything but for the back down movement those are the lingual muscles were thinking about to help push the epa gladys down and this is what we you talked about before in the propulsion talk or squeezed back or whatever you wanna call it that the tongue dozen just play a role in in bliss efficiency. It's forgotten about its role in and every protection and saint lawrence allegation gets forgotten in terms of its role in bullets efficiency so now why don't you start detailing the ferris's raw all on moving the epa gladys to a completely folded position so the rounded part that we can see behind. The tongue is now at the level of the original. It's sure yes so this one's a little more difficult to measure because we're talking about in fluoro- we see the poster who series for angel wall but keeping in mind that these fringe muscles are u-shaped and we can't really appreciate that in the lateral view video videon for us copy in what we do appreciate about the movement of these muscles. Is that <hes> contraction that you see. I won't say that it's <hes> so you know it's controversial to say that it is a <hes> parasol movement but i also because it's not yeah it's it's eight people will say that but that's not the real appropriate term to use a district right you as a stripping wave where the superior her for mental muscles contraction is followed by the middle superior or the middle <unk> constrictors in the inferior frontal constrictors at really the you know the the important port. The important function of these muscles is to squeeze the ferrings in order to squeezed the tail the ball as to help it in terms of efficiency to propel the bolas towards the esophagus but as an added function is that with the episode is already in that horizontal position as these muscles are being contracted. It's also timely in that. Those middle frenzel constrictors are able to compress on the epa gladys you add that extra down movement downward movement of the goddess maintain that really really tight seal around the original vestibule and keep in mind at this point. The bullets is below. This wave so the fringe will squeeze is pushing down the tail of the balls and the apple goddess. It's not ahead of the the ball is because that doesn't make sense so we'll talk more about the faring slater but just to give you perspective of how complicated this is the pushing the bullets down to epa guate- said it's also closing and that's why when you talk about the intricacies of swallowing and things happening at the same time remember that if the bullet is going around the airway hey it's not able to push the ball into the larynx at the same time that it's also closing lyrics because the bullets is lateral lyrics right so that's one thing that i wanted to emphasize the other thing is. Let's also talk about the attachments of the muscles. I just wanna say i a separate course alone. On just the anatomy you would just what insertion and attachment point would help explain so much about how this works because if you know that two of the the three frontal constrictors are attached to the highly or the lyrics then you would understand what that function means parents closes solicitor the superior fringe will constrictor that goes from what you can see at the back of the throat when you're looking in somebody's <hes> oral cavity with a pen light. It courses anterior lee to a raft a hey. This is a scene if you will that that is then connected to the buccaneers still equals forward to your cheeks if you will. It's at the level of the cheeks. That's the first level the second level when that middle fringe constrictor courses forward what did attached to the highway bone and then the inferior frontal constrictor which is larger has two to parts the thyroid fringes and the creko fringes which were more familiar with so it attaches to the lyrics so the french muscles are so into intimately intimately related to the larynx both for elevation those have longitudinal fringe muscles that pull the larynx up but also in terms of using the larynx way too short to close a looming minnesota ferrings it makes perfect sense that the epa gladys if partially inverted gets caught in that pressure between the fairbanks and the larynx and being flexible cartilage which is different from the other cartilages gets pulled down to the level retinoids yeah exactly so all of these muscles are really working working together to achieve the same goals rate they all have different role in achieving that and based on what you see the anna disordered swallow by understanding where these muscles are attached in the timing of when they're supposed to contract can really help you to decipher what which component is going wrong beyond just what you can visually see in floro if that makes sense i fear and if you can understand what a bolas is being you know as we said these structures are meant to you you provide compression on the tail of the bullets so part of the bullets is being cut off and left in the valencia unless more in the era at the base of the tongue. They're more in the upper part of the ferrings then it gives you some insight into all right. We'll maybe maybe the timing is off. Maybe the contraction action isn't happening as as strongly it should so understanding where these muscles are attached in the timing of when they're supposed to be happening is is does help differentially diagnosing. What aspect of the swallowing is impaired right so i'd like to think of the epa. Gladys has a weathervane. That's something that's on the top of your house that maybe has a rooster on an in has these four problems coming out of it says north south east west and depending on where it spinning can tell you something about the wind direction so the epa gladys for for instance if it can go horizontal can't go beyond beyond that because sort of gets trapped in the fringe wall suggest that in the absence of a stripping wave that maybe there's not enough stripping ripping wave because there just isn't any or maybe the timing between its position at horizontal when the stripping wave happens is a problem you might expected. There's going to be residue because it never completely inverted. Where did you might expect that. Some of the ball is going to enter the lyrics at the level retinoids because it never made it all the way down and some of you taking clues from the position the epa catis plus bullets flow to make a reasonable logical explanation for what happened in the absence of three d visualization of all structures and the bolles olis. It's like it doesn't matter if you like ben carson or not but when i was at hopkins and he was also there and went to some talk where he was talking about what surgeons i have to do and he said maybe your job is to go in there and do something with the heart and you actually really need information about the lungs to make this decision about the heart. You can't go ripping through things as they will. Let's just without the lungs to while we're in here. You have to leave that intact in make extrapolations to what you think. The lungs are doing without actually getting access to it using all the clinical information using all the actual electric electric whatever information you're getting to make an assessment about what you think the ones are doing even though you only have access to the heart and i think the same thing happens with swallowing. There's this assumption that imaging will show you everything actually imaging shows you more than no imaging but you still have to extrapolate and recognize the limitations of whatever imaging you're dealing with but if you understand the system you can make reasonable logical physiological rationale canal. I think what you think is happening sure so i think one of our main points here is that we have emphasized size the different components that aid avocado conversion so i want you to think twice about if you're writing a report a re or reading report from somebody else that says that <hes> patient had forever conversion therefore residue in the valenti lot. Does that really make sense sounds like we can. We really blame the goddess because the real question is why didn't the epa goddess in verse so let me just say the analogy hafer. That is when people say oh you know grandma. My edna died. You're like oh. Why will she was old. People die of old age old age is put you in a place where you're likely to die of certain do things which you died of a thing not old age old age in and of itself doesn't come whip you off over your head eighty-eight therefore and it's like didn't invert why why it doesn't invert on its own right exactly now the interesting thing to know. Is that <hes> sometimes. There's an over emphasis on the bullets that is responsible for inverting the epa goddess. I just wanna say that the epa gladys adverts during a saliva swallow it it doesn't need the bolles to aid in its compression inverting these structures are set up in a way that it will invert the goddess perfectly refined without abolish at all of course you need some sort of saliva to have sensory component to just initiate this wall in the first place but that's a different conversation but that being said is the bolles ken add way in order to assist in conversion and that can be a strategy <hes> sometimes where in you know if the if the tongue or larynx ferrying <unk> are able to invert the data sometimes extra weight from the bolas can assist in that <hes> but it also makes you really think about when we're implementing finding strategies to invert the gladys are are the strategies. Actually they're not directly influencing the epa gladys. They're implementing the structure that helps to invert the everglades so for example with a effort full swallow if you tell me well the effort effort full swallow made the goddess invert i would say you're missing a piece in there. Maybe the maybe the effort full swallow me lingual propulsion more effective which in turn helped to invert the epa gladys so i think that you have to think think of these structures in that way when you're writing your notes and when you're creating treatment plans of what are you really trying to target. You're targeting the gladys per. Se you're targeting the structure that what aides the data to be able to invert in the passive wave that does yeah and again. That's the missing piece with the old people's like yes she. She was one hundred and two and yes. She died but there's a missing piece. They're older true but the the picture is missing which means. We don't actually know the why you're right both are true. Yes applicability conversion but the other thing i would add is they saying i'm we're giving grandma antibiotics for old age exactly. What did you think he's not not insulin. She's she's old so maybe she's more susceptible to infection. Antibiotics are helping the infection but you're the antibiotics are helping aid yeah and we don't know if the chief and has an infection perfection because he never said it right so with the with pay with reports that just listed a bunch of problems like epic lod conversion. It could be that you have poor progressing. Version has no role in aspiration to young so you have to tie two things yes what was the reason conversion and did that have anything to do with why they ask because if you ask right after the swallow because you didn't open lifting up a glut of conversion could be a red herring right you could. I'm not saying to listen. I'm saying listed list why and and indicate that it wasn't a primary factor or any factor in aspiration in particular swallow exactly and you can't even list epigraph inversion as a thing someone has like diabetes a._b._c.'s if you're stuck with it can happen in once in a while not the other shirt it's report. This patient had impaired up about a conversion. I have no audio to treat yeah. I have no idea if i'm training the tom in farrington larynx or if i'm treating time being around treating more or they have a fiberoptic one and you're not treating meeting in any way because it's it's short stubby and stuff like what's going on right anyways all right so move now to retinal laid right so we'll be backtracking just <hes> so let me just backtrack and say that <hes> when i first started this conversation i mentioned that the two most the the two hugh primary components of closure were the episodic conversion which i think we just beat to death at nausea and also the approximation shen of the original waits to the base of the epa gladys so <hes> the epa gladys the epidemic inversion alone is not going join to create that <hes> obliteration of the airspace lorenzo vestibule it helps but the other key component is movement of their retinoids towards it's the basic <unk> gladys to approximate and create that obliteration but also we have to originates and media location of these are retinoids also is important in preventing any bolas from entering in through the posterior concer much more difficult to see in flora loro because we are only able to really appreciate that lateral via retinoids but <hes> making sure that the interest rates in the oblique muscles are contracting in order to bring those retinoids tight together. We'll help prevent any <hes> bullets from like the peer from sinuses for maybe creeping up in sneaking in between leanne barrette noise and into villarreal vestige and you can appreciate a little bit of that again during your detective work by using the bullets to give you clues about what's going on with physiology so when i see a bulla with sneak in through the post era go right down the posterior aspect of the trachea i can surmise especially if there's epizootic inversion in the midst of that and i can surmise that perhaps they weren't completely. They weren't middle medium sized enough and perhaps snuck in now. One thing to remember is that there's new cosa in muscle also that pretty much cover the retinoids from post to your view so it's not like there's this giant space between them. There are interested muscles but it's not everybody's epa. Gladys completely goes down below the level of retinoids. There's anatomical variation so remember this for some people are retinoids function might be more of a factor than epic ladas and other people that have a lot more factor. We're saying these are two primary things and generally in the absence of both of these. You're gonna see maybe some penetration especially with larger <unk> bullets but it doesn't mean everyone relies equally on both components for normal swallow exactly so these components these components combined are going to create a is going to create closure. Does your of the original vestibule that ultimately is going to prevent material from being penetrated into that airspace initially now the cool thing about the other lorenzo vestibule. It's so dynamic and complex is that same material does get penetrated into the original vestibule. It doesn't stop stop there. Its function in its ability to prevent aspiration does not end there. There are multiple lines of defense so i would say that the original approximation to the basement iguanas the pas inverting. That's the first line of defense. That's the gates saying. Don't come in here. This is <hes> we don't want any material into the lawrence vestibule typical but as is the case. Sometimes that happens even in healthy individuals that material penetrative learned vestibule. It's normal that happens and because of this there are other lines of defense that are ready to ensure that that material does not enter below the vocal folds <hes> <hes> <hes> one of those lines of defense is the lorenzo vestibules ability to squeeze out a bolles that has entered <hes> <hes> from a bottom to top or a roster all to coddle or an inferior to superior direction sure all of those apply yup and i yeah i think that this aspect of clutter is so cool and interesting because i just love that our bodies are designed in a way to hugh always protect ourselves for example people always <hes> say that material has penetrated into the lorenzo vestibule. The patient didn't coffee should have coughed. Actually they should not have cost. That's not the response that the sensory nerves are designed to do so the <hes> the the superior lorenzo nerve that innovates the lorenzo vestibule there have been studies that show that when you actually stimulate that nerve the in reaction that you get is a swallow you don't get a coffee. You gotta swallow so what often happened alicia. Tell them why they get a swallow. What do you mean tell them why they kasparov. The swallow is but protective swallow is protective in that what's going to happen is during that swallow that bullet is going to be squeezed out of the orange vestibule in that inferior to superior it isn't bottom to top bottom to top will say to provide read that material from moving further down below the vocal and so what that means is generally you when people look at the sequence. It's not it's it's not one of those things where every single say ever tested always found it but you may have seen this also clinically where the bullets has deep penetrated and that's why the p._s. We have those those we have those options for the bullets level vocals but was squeezed out in the absence of cock sometimes and that's because you might see more more of a true vocal folds false vocal foles <hes> action that happens from bottom to top true than false leading to this removal of the bullets in the in the double swallow when it was felt there. Why is that the case while there's some studies is by mazzoni n- <hes> dr karen wheeler is one who showed this to me and this paper is excellent and it shows does that our party our bodies are smart enough one to not further damage ourselves but also to use as little effort as possible a comfort choirs us didn't hail something deeply deeper. Why would we inhale when we're pennant with penetrated a bolas to the love vocals and now drink drag it into our trachea and do this effort for cough. If if we could just double swallow and squeeze it out. There's something else call an expiration reflects with this just pure expiration and inspiration that sometimes people do but we shouldn't penalize is our patients for quote silent penetration because we have because they've actually cleared all sufficient way by double swallowing. It's not like a cough. The only response now obviously the amount of stimulus in that error in that area and the amount of error that you might get because it feels really dangerous like let's say you have a a giant bolles. Maybe a cough is the best thing but in general when you're a small amount in the lyrics sometimes a double swallows best the other thing to remember. We haven't talked about a sensation and the zones of sensation with lyrics vary so vocal folds up are the internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve part of the vegas below. The vocal folds is the recurrent nerve so it could very will be due to innovation. One response is necessary meaning. You're in the internal superior laryngeal nerve area and really what's appropriate for this area where the error signals perhaps are lower is a double swallow or through clara now now if the bullets has gone below locals here in the trachea and the airline is being signal. Maybe now it's like okay. This requires a cough to get this out because we don't have any big terraced <unk> action now at this point. It's all to going down. We need to inhale that have a forceful expl- which we call a call and i would say the cough is the third line of defend yeah so if you are coughing it means that it has gone through two levels of protection and now we're at the level defense. Yeah we called the lorenzo closure the first line again up defense against aspiration sure and a lot of people say but what about the true vocal folds honestly honestly do you want to rely on your true vocals. Every time you swallow to be the level of defense you don't want in your airway in the first place by airway in this case. I mean lyrics because really your nasal passages. Everything's airway sure but we're talking about the lyrics and l._v. protects from things going the lyrics it protects against penetration true polls can be play a role in protecting aspiration aspiration but by the time he got in that low you're ready in deep penetration mode right and it's not yeah it's just different levels and they think that you now part of my love of studying the learn s._e._o. I'm wanting to rehabilitate into you. Know try to develop new strategies to improve until closure is that i don't want let my body to have to cough. I want i don't improving cough and cough and all of that is hugely important but my passion is that i would rather set the mechanism in place so that we don't have to get to my point. Shall we talk about the title of my talk from years ago. Called prevention is the best protection action which he thought was a sex education talk about conduct. Yeah we'll talk later but yeah i had a whole a whole talk about copying his great but how we live in a world where you didn't have to. I know it's impossible and helping people cough right and that was the title of my talk was like oh my god like. Is this like sex education sure but anyway no this area now. I'll kind of get a little controversial say you know i have been challenged in the past of not being supportive of fees and that's it's not true my <hes> my emphasis in really using video fluoroscope he is is that i think that these mechanisms are extremely important in understanding the way that the learner vestibule is able to prevent material tiriac from entering and this is something that you just can't see with fees so i think that being able to visualize the structures themselves with fees is awesome in really important. I think that it has validity in being able to see when material if it's been aspirated or if if it's been penetrated after the fact but my struggle is i really care about how these structures and how the mechanism is working together her in order to understand why the aspirational why the penetration got there in the first and that's the other thing even if on fees let's say there was no white <music> out for some reason and you saw epic closure. You saw what you saw these things you still wouldn't really be able to still see the barracks tongue relative to it because you're going to get out for format and you can't so again we want to be able to talk about these things dispassionately without any sort of subjectivity and we're simply saying the only way to see laurindo vascular closure or swallow in fact with a routinely available clinical tool is with video for oscar picture and i understand the argument that you know you can appreciate the length of the white out period and you can make some educated guesses about what may may be happening with the swallow during the closure of the <unk> the rental vestibule but <hes> you know for me. The intricacies season being able to understand what was the bullet squeezed sow in the in the middle of the swallow worthy written wade's making contact with the base of gladys was dipa. Gladys horizontal fully inverted all of these things that are happening in a half a second during that the bullets ilias time during during the white house. Where is the card. So can i go ahead. I was going to kind of move onto something metoo yeah so there's one like huge thing that we haven't talked about that. We're talking about these structure and we're talking about the components of what what makes this what makes us close and that's all fine and dandy. That's great. We know the components that it happens but there's this whole other layer in the it's not just as it happens at not happened is a close but not close is impaired as it not impaired. It's <hes> there's a really critical. Timing component to this structure are where we have to ask ourselves. How long did stay close. When did it start and i are exactly so from win. The swallow was initiated aided as seen by the bursting of the highway bone. How long did it take a rip noise to meet the base of the epa catis. Did it take you know oh traffic of algae. This is your job but whether you know to get from point a. point b. I want you to get there fast. Gallois is i'm from and while the other thing is some people get swallow initiation which is our previous podcast confused with <unk> with when lance for starts close. We wanted to emphasize in order for laurindo closure happen. You have to have swallow trigger doesn't mean it's going to happen all the way if you have to say and i get that but in healthy people in order for some all events triggered. Hopefully everybody understands that. I will also argue. There are maneuvers that you can have people do that are non swallow maneuvers which we have have emphasized in the normal swallowing one course in a patient who had new learned about the closure where the brain stems job in this case is the brain stroke and it was not patterning lorenzo enclosure it just there is none of it however when we have person do what's called a ball salva. It's called bearing down. It's like bearing down because you're you're pooping. You're pushing out a baby. Whatever the lyrics close off at multiple levels intrinsically it does not lead to learn to episodic inversion sure same thing with e._m._s. e._m._s. t._m. Floor you can see intrinsically. The lyrics closes off when you do breath. Hold the lyrics intrinsically closes. None of those things lead to epigraphy conversion n._y. Epoch lada conversion is intrinsic laryngeal function in and of itself. You have to have these other structures involved. This is why lorenzo closure is still the most intricate and complicated function because it takes a tongue the lyrics and the ferris and in fact some people have shown that a very tight you. E._s. can tether valerik such that can impact erie protection sure and i would just add another note that <hes> it goes without saying but you mentioned e._m._c. Volva that a lot of times those <hes> modalities can help with vocal fold approximation but they don't necessarily help with in a written <unk> approximation of the base of the pagoda so i wouldn't be recommending that people use it as modalities further of closures at treatment for that <hes> in in with that. I feel the need to say out loud that vocal fold closure is not the same as the original vestibule closure rate ten. I just felt like i yeah no. You're right because you're so right because everytime would submit a paper or a grant. I would always get the response but what about true vocal foreclosure and i'd be like what about it sure also you can have a completely paralyzed vocal cord as ends have perfect closure. They are mutually exclusive uses of each other in certain circumstances shirt. You can have both vocal folds paralyzed instill have adequate learns of deal closure and it goes back to what i sat of others so many different components can compensate the vocal folds are the inferior border of the rental vestibule and i see way too many people bowl trying to combine oh well if a patient has vocal prowess as it means that they're they don't have good airway closure that is not saying thing and and look how many people have great orange of us have horrible or individual closure imperfect here and perfect a phony voice voice and have no issues with anything anything in terms of nation and bugle. I it's just i i think this all comes down to during the series which is when we we and we're only scratching the surface in terms of how complicated all of this stuff is literally if you had to visualize of burying animations and impatient case fees and floor you realize there's so many ways to pull this together dynamically so i guess you know obviously the next and last question. We've we've touched on what is it. We can't really say who has it because a lot of people have in our argument is that it is so poorly studied. We can't even say a wall this population one hundred percent. They're gonna get l._v. Unless of course you're talking about. People were the epic ladas cut off for something like that like that's obviously structural thing we talked about how it works and the major components and the parts of swallow that it it speaks to like bullet sufficiency great protection and a lot of people are like okay. How do i treat it and i would argue the first and most important thing they should be thinking about is which part of it is problematic because if we're talking about theoretically then maybe you're talking about a super black if you're talking about the issue with epo gladys not getting to horizontal. Maybe you're talking about an effort fall so the first the most important thing is not telling me what to do. Treat it is. I can't tell you what to do unless you can reliably identify the problem that is contributing to it. It's the same thing with physical therapists who are looking at somebody's walking function right. If you say walking is impaired it doesn't help you what aspect of walking compared to i can focus on that component. There's muscles involving yea. I mean like is it. Does this person have i don't know i wish i knew more about p._t. Detail can make butter analogies but you started its ninth finish. I know but it's just not sufficient to say like patient improve walking by doing exercises exercises three times a day i would i would do that analogy to something we understand which is mass <unk> problem and you're like they needed to see an s._a._p. Like they don't have any teeth trait street steak right now. They need a dentist. You know which part of me talking about right. We're talking about the time we were talking about the return. Let's say we analyze those and they're all fine but you're like. They're very dench ignition. You know there's a lot of different components so i think that y- understanding the <unk> that's why we spent so much time and really talking about the components that you have to understand first of all how come you're dealing with louis to closure how it contributes what its role and then you have to move backwards from there so you know it just goes back to the beginning of leg at the end of the day like don't we just care about like that the that it's closing in that it's so keeping material from out of orange vestibule and that's why i do think that imaging video for us copy is so important written in being able to make that differential diagnosis so if i had summer excuse me if i summarize i would say why we've already established how much we love this thing. Two we think is really important three. It's obviously very complicated not because it has to be just to be like i'm special. I'm complicated. I have issues shoes and a need men's but to say hey guys. I have all these levels in place in case this goes wrong. I can start utilizing that other thing so complicated because there's multiple fail-safe so if twenty percent of the function goes away eighty percent is still decent enough so there's that there's also the issue where it plays a role in both bala efficiency and erie protection and lastly in order for you to know which part of the problem home isn't the case. You can't just say epilogue conversion or or a retinoid function. You have to say wolf did they read does get to the base of the gladys at duct when winter utah it's story telling me when i need to read between the lines because we can't see at deduction and a lateral view therefore you use the bullets as a proxy to get at that physiology versus no literally yeh the era retinoids didn't actually go to class and this is where things like m. b. s. i n. P. breaks those up for people to look at epo gloss separately from eric nice abrasive base of epo gladys. If you've done that course you probably understand. It's not just a did it close yes or no on one zero right exactly and you know i would say the n._b._a. S._m._u.'s really helpful because because it does make you look at each component separately but i would say you can't stop with the n._p._a. You have to take it to the next level. Where you say okay now identified what's impaired in what's normal now. I need to tell the story and i would argue that. So here's an argument. 'cause we agree. I don't know why i have to start with that because we usually ran this but every time i do these courses get a question. The question is just what do you think of the n._b._a. Assign p._m. Like why is that. Why is the question. It's not even an issue. The issue is it's your job as a speech these policies to understand the physiology to explain your rating. The rating is great for us to speak a common language and to be talking talking about more than just aspiration yesterday l. but you still need to be able to say when you say that it's one on l._v. See because it's not a zero or two. Oh so. It's not perfect but it's not horrible. Which part was it. Was it the tom was. The fairy land of which part is the mirror job does say say more than just one innocent or water envious signed by the oh. It's just objective information. You still have to write the yeah you still have to write the assessment and say okay. Here's what's going on. The tongue base is not you know well enough. It's contributing to incomplete inversion of the epa cloudiness because you know you have to tell that story and go on and say at the end of the day. Why is this person and asks rating. Why is this person penetrating. You're using that objective information above from the n._b._a. i._m._p. Or from what you know however you describe your physiology to be able to connect those doc yeah so that the person that's reading. This report is exactly what to treatment. They administration um. They're not looking at patient had impaired about conversion. They're like i don't know what and you know what the here's the thing. Most people wouldn't even know that there's more to the story so you by listening to the podcast and hopefully pushing it into your practice means. You're going to end up informing arming people in training other people on how this thing works because you say given the role a poster lingual propulsion on moving epilogue to to to horizontal we we at which we did not see we tested we tested effort full swallow to understand the role of the tongue on blah blah blah blah so you're saying i'm just going to drop conversion in and this report. I'm going to tell you which part of it was a problem that we thought it was the tongue and the next swallow trial we did with focused on the tongue to see if it helped appa gladys get the horizontal axis this year. It's a story that you're telling in the report and all in all of these components may be absolutely perfect. This is really important to stay is that you may have have zeros on every single component of the n._b._s. i._m._p. Everything may be working perfectly but the timing of <unk> closure is still so important. It's it's something that's not factored into the n._b._a. S._i._m. P it's something separate. Were you need to be able to understand and appreciate that how long learn i know i've said this before but the timing of these components is its own aspect of the component. It's it's basically showing showing up to the airport clearing security perfectly and being at the gate and our after your flight left you did everything right to get there already left in our so what are we talking exactly exactly and there are there are reference valleys for what is considered in the normal range you for these things and i i would have listeners direct themselves to katrina the just published a new paper where she segmented normative ranges based on the different nc level so thin liquids and for <hes> thicker liquids. It's based on the n._c. Level what that normal range should look like and they think that that's really helpful for commissions to get a sense of how long should the vestibule stay close uh-huh and how long before it closes which is even shorter. It's between like one hundred or three hundred milliseconds before should start to close and so and we know it closes generally early not all the time and every study longer with big with more volume so if you have a one alvarez the thirty now you can imagine learn closures can be open longer for the thirty miles in the one off off because it just needs it exactly so have we have. We sufficiently bludgeoned this topic. I think so i think <hes> i think it'd be interesting if listeners interested to get more into the sensory aspects of sensory aspects of how all these he's how all these structure have sensation matters in how that influences the function of these events and how the brain sermon how the cortex can modulate these behaviors heavy backups gives a lot of insight into how to develop treatment plan and we know that the cortex can modulate it because when you do a mendelssohn then if you do it with us recalls you prolong the rest of us for closure listening to b._b._c. Well not a mendelssohn. Some people say it needs to have their previous pay. I say mendelssohn plethora of us closer. Some say it doesn't care about elevation even learned open but if you focus on a patient saying we want you to we do a mendelssohn with the oversee or what el- v._c. prolonged where you do. The volition will render westville closure maneuver which we publish on we know you can quickly extend extend that for up to two up two seconds yet <hes> because you're the cortex modulating the brain stem so we know that it's behaviorally modified fifty by a speech pathologist who understand theology so it's possible to modify l._v. See wallace swallow is and does fulfill all the criteria for reflects too complicated aided one modulated by the tax okay bye guys <music> <music> <music>.

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Episode 54: Dead Loser Boyfriends

Jeather's Random Stuff

42:42 min | 1 year ago

Episode 54: Dead Loser Boyfriends

"Did you know we're talking about yes I do. Hi Hi everybody. Welcome to each other's random stuff. I'm Jacoby I'm heather and together. We make a Jedi We have a special guest guest. Dr Today Stop Calling the Guest Dr. Because she's a report okay. It's low decided that she wanted to drink wine with us today. So she's plus also do those like every other just stopped. We put a microphone in front of her face and said guess what she tried to tell you this I say yes. I'll drink your wine and come talk with you. Yes I mean nine. People listen to us are going to be disappointed subscribers. Wait we have now we do. That's right that's been listening. I Love Yvette. We love you. I love sexy she is. She's like right next door to asked the question and she is so fucking sexy. Yeah she's pretty sexist or how to move that body and she can dance and she has smooth words. You'd better you listening so we all need to go out again going. I ain't doing that that we were talking about doing that. Drink and PUTT OR TAP-IN PUTT. Oh Yeah it's often put that down achy. I have it on my calendar so so let me. We're GONNA DO A TAP-IN PUTT with the village. No just with a couple of randoms village are just some random people out with not everybody. Okay thank you Karen. Oh you're going to get to know gladys gladys is going to go. I mean I think it'd be beneficial for Gladys Knight to get to. Yes get to know each other out of a work. Yes I agree because right now it's fun because it's like drinking and cut. Yeah Pot with the village totally will come to tap and PUTT. It's going to be in a Friday. Seven o'clock Tap-in Putt November twenty second. Okay all right argued that most you listeners. It's a frightening roles or our husbands going. I have no idea. They reason I ask that. The Common Jason Wants to go and then if it's a girl thing we can put them at their own table. Yes Oh there you go there you go golf. He can come any insect at the table. Put them at the table and then the three of us can drink as much swan. That's right we'll have husbands to drive US home. Let's do that no matter. What anybody else does? We'll just three husband's going because the girls always say no no the well. I'm sorry when you get to our age. Yeah we need the walking husbands the drive us. It's just like a set. We gotta come together like it doesn't really matter. I mean seriously them to be able to drive all right. That's it doesn't matter are which one. Or whatever we have three of them they can entertain each other they could entertain each other and then they can do their own little tap and putty Fini. Yeah and and then they can all bond can. I'll watch TV with some kind of sport on. It doesn't matter basketball soccer. Whenever and Dan? Jason will be thrilled and thorough. Be Confused Yeah. I mean he understands most sports but he's not into yeah. Yeah he's he's not no no. It's his only issue with other with bonding with other men. Yeah has non Sports Nobel Awesome sports hours boards. I mean God I educated the shit out of him when I when he met me because I was a basketball stud. Yeah so he had to learn although he knows else golf and he knows golf frisbee golf off other than four. Nobody nobody in our crowd twin brother plays. I guess he's does Jason. Oh maybe we shouldn't get twin brother and thorn together play some frisbee dairy O or used to be really go to the Frisbee Golf. Not so much moved over here but I know I bought them all discs. They're not evan cheap way. More expensive Gulf Ball. Oh Wow now but you ought to buy a club in a ball. Yeah it's just the disc true We all need to just go golf sometime. Yes come up golf the cold right now right now but we need to cut off. Yeah phobe why it'd be shamed hard. Heather Heather listen. I'm listening to you but we're going to be. She does that matter what anyone else's doing we have our own golfing rolls. Okay that's right. We League golf do it. However you want golf by our own rules and it doesn't matter what anybody regardless that's right okay? What win so yeah? I mean the golfing heather rules golfers heather heather par neal's birdie's old to heather. There is no bogeys. Go double triple fucking whatever quadruple. If you don't WanNa Watch me pick up my ball and throw throw it into the hole then just turn your back. Don't look I mean my favorite is the drop into the whole. Yeah carry the ball in the Gulf car all the way up to the green and then drop it in the whole. Yeah because there's no way hit that fucking far too. Happy Gilmore like the backwards club like that we try. You know the pool stick yes. I've done the pool. Stick thing cudi ask Great Wolf Lodge. I did do that group and on in the dark. Whatever Yeah Golf because Megan didn't WanNa do the mini putty kept telling her honey? It's way different with me. Way Way Score we just do it on the poll shot. Capi Gilmore. PUTT for all four of the balls. Yup everybody's balls I just laid on the ground and I just kept putting them in there. I have a picture of that she does. And that's how we play away and that's how I play golf. Yeah I mean it just. Sometimes I play legit most time. I don't yeah that's how the pools going to go. That am I gonNA and a half to get good with this because I have a pool table on the way to my you might have to be good at pool. I duNNo. I can't tell for this. Oh my God this is. I'm ordering the big arcade game this week day in those appliances. I assume yes as soon as you have all that shit together. We're having a big ASS per unit that love my home again party. That's on the bucket list. It's on the love my house. He did party hardy from I lived there for five years. Can't war it's not no. I still love my house. against thirty million everybody bring wine or something up. Say Hey Brian Bottles. aww bring us a bottle of wine do have a wine snack Brennan snap back. I mean as long as a dictate where this wine comes from from. Because I'm kind of wine snob. I know right and we're going to have this big fucking wine cellar going along is going to be able to house often in cases a ton my God I have seven cases of Kyle's one. Oh that's right that's right 'cause they're not gonNA make it any worse so it's like oh well I live all. Let me buy everything that you have literally at the pick up three and a half cases from Leavenworth on flights like seriously Saturday. She's like did you know they're not making Kyle's fair market read anymore. I said what does like our favorite wines like our favorite wedding to do and she said Oh. I bought every case that they had in stock. Okay well how many was on seven and a half cases of it. So I'm like okay. It should last us for you know six months or so so they have to make something else instead. Hope maybe they're gonNA make good said they're probably probably GONNA make another Kyle's but it's different winemaker so it's not going to be the same flavor so maybe it'll be better. Am I be better. But I'm not going to gamble with without so I got almost eight cases of it because you just don't know right shots don't Wanna good or November's a fantastic wine month for me is hey do you have an appointment on Friday. Yes okay never mind. Oh what's up. I want you to pick up my wine club order. Oh usually oh. Will you pick up my wine club. Okay we usually says hey seen after that because I just want the I literally work two few blocks from it. But I'm never going to go pick so can you pick. Oh I get Saturday. Maybe Oh yeah we could get it on Saturday. We'll just get on Saturday today. I'll go on Friday. We'll go on Saturday. I might have to go. Oh I have to work on Sunday. I didn't tell you that while we the fucking work on Sunday has no one else can do it so I have to go open on on Sunday. Yeah are they open on Sunday. I think in seven days a week but oh well anyway. We'll figure it out. I have to pick up my winkler. Wait why would you work on Sunday because no one else it is available and I offered to come open. I just have to open to stay. Why would you offer that because no one else wanted to do it? That's when you stay silent. I stayed silent through all the other ones that people nobody was available for and I finally decided I are we talking on Sunday five minutes. I guess that's okay. I wish my work would only want me for five minutes but then I have to drive. Well no they only five minutes ought ought to pay me ten dollars for the gas. Every time I go to work they pay me ten dollars. That's awesome that's awesome. Yeah actually we're not supposed to talk about that. Well if you go sorry guys you go tastes on Friday you can pick it up writing. I will pick it up on Friday because I like the taste there after my physical go after Cain tortured yeah. It's my word. It's what I think about the hallway and then pursue get wine and Teriyaki wine Teriyaki. Okay and my dog are you talking about the about startup Teriyaki eray row Salton startup. And then it goes gold bar index skykomish pass or we talk about Leavenworth Leavenworth Leavenworth. So I'm talking all those all those little names I just said we're all little towns between Everett and Stevens Pass so when you go highway two you go through all these tiny little towns startup Teriyaki as a whole wall little tiny mini Martha how gas. There's no money Arnie tiny walmart like hall it because you buy everything there if you want it literally everything. Oh Wow you could buy a bad shit there if you want it. Just stop it after that so they get the Teriyaki. They're away and they eat it on the way home gold bar. I've never had the TERIYAKI. We tried a couple of the lot when we try to get it. They weren't clear were closed their clothes Wednesdays and Sundays and they weren't serving it that way it wasn't even a Subeih pay. No it was done that it was like a Friday or Sunday was done. I know what was wrong but they like. Oh we don't have it today. I'm like what the fuck she's never. I've heard about this Teriyaki for years and I and I had my chances because I lived in Seattle for thirteen years. That's Teriyaki decentral and the fucking world startup terrier. He's the best hurry okay ever had on my fucking I have never tried it. It's the best shit. I'm not even joking. Go on highway two you start you stop startup. Is this little hole in the wall. Place you're heading to answers on your right side heading Seattle showing your left side. Stop there or the Teriyaki order some fucking veggies to go stir fry veggies fucking fantastic and then you eat that. I would eat it there because a little awkward little hole in the wall album homeless people stare at you so we usually take down the road Ballpark town. It's fantastic. Eat It. You're GonNa wish you ate it. Every week I try to eat it every the other week. Yeah Heather each week You might want to go back and listen to the episode where we went Vegan for a week and other got the Teriyaki and couldn't eat it. Stop up I had was one piece of chicken. That was yes. She cheated that week and we one piece chicken and I gave all the rest of the ten piece chicken. Thor allotted for me to patrol term. which is really sad that the dog got kick? I got one piece. I got the veggies. See I'm proud of you for not just stuffing your face. I didn't really have one and I felt so guilty. She told me like the next time she saw me. I have to tell you something a piece of Teriyaki chicken chicken again. I eat the whole piece. I ate like half of the peace and give the rest of the year such as got a piece of chicken. God Damn all right okay. Ah to the topic the topic of the night. I printed it out so that I my phone. You sent this to me. Oh my God. I'm so excited headed for this. Which one is it just the very first one you sent to me way? I don't even know the woman that married somebody Sh- wait ch searched anything. Listen because air doesn't know what it's about don't know it's like it's like a surprise. All right ready okay. We're GONNA talk about Rachel Rachel Green. Now Oh Rachel Rachel was just eighteen years old baby When she started dating chef at the local pop in town? Because I don't have that we should make up a town. Tom Just like like what's out. It's a pub so it should be like I don't know none of bill something. Nfl I like NFL. God Ish okay. Scottish Ville I don't know I'm making that up all right can you pass me to win. Oh oh wait. I'm getting away hearing earnings Marwick. Okay so Rachel was just eighteen. She started dating Scheffer local pub. The relationship was just like any other teenage romance and she. She described him as being quote really Nice. Oh that's what you want from a boyfriend. I know if you're described as being like a really nice ice like can you say anything absolutely more generic than that. I mean he's pretty ugly not bad and he doesn't make a lot of money but he's polite. Yeah he's you know really ugly but nicest Shit and poorest shit there we go all right however things took a bit of a turn when her boyfriend who we cannot say as name for legal reasons so by God he lost his job. Oh and he at this must be an England went. He asked to borrow hundreds of pounds from her to live on. So this is England. Could I have some hundreds of pounds please. I have no idea what pounds towns quivalent to with us. How much is hundreds of pounds versus? It's I don't know it's probably about the same as a dollar I think but I'm I'm not sure I might be thinking Canadian money but so it's a lot it's just. I'm sure it's probably a lot all right. So of course she gives them the money right because it's her boyfriend and he just had a bit of a downturn his lock down right suck sweet. Ah So he did try to pay her back a little bit and he pay back like some of it but then they broke up a few months later and he refused to pay her back. The rest of the money went right out the window and she kept trying to get in contact with him and he just stopped replying to Oliver Messages. Because he's like loss chairman. I got a bunch of free fucking money to give to me. I ain't giving her ass ass and then thanks. got a little bit stranger when his friends informed her that the furniture had started needed going missing from his house share. Oh so I don't know what that means. If he was selling it or what cut the furniture was just missing. Furniture is gone bedminster gone. Everything was gone explains Racial Rachel. The initial story ory was he'd gone to Rehab Okay. I don't know how that explains at your furniture. was I went to Rehab so I have to pay forever gone like I don't know what that has to do with little side. No ask for the money yeah. One American dollar equals point. Seven eight pound sterling. Ooh Not even a full pound. It's well says how much is American dollar in UK and it says American money is was more now. The Look at look at American versus Canadian Pound Sterling is also known says the British pound the United Kingdom pound in the United States dollars also knows American dollar the US dollar with a simple oh USA and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Cowley. How do US dollar to Canadian dollar? You know that's US dollars dollar. Okay Google yes heaven when boom it. Please let me see how this me see how I I think it's about equal actually right now the last time I was equal radiance a little better than US really on. US Day equals equals one point one six so it looks like one dollars. Okay seen since Canadian. So they're better better but it's about to be. It used to be way more when I was in high school and I work on the Canadian border who so we had Canadians all the time at my okay. I worked at McDonalds. We're in Faisal goal and we had a little Canadian little thing you it was twenty seven th that yeah Perga- doll was used to be sixty cents because it was almost out. Yeah my wedding dress in Canada. Yeah we paid five thousand. US and my dress was about eight. Thousand dollars in currency is going down address address. Megan I went to Canada three years ago two to three years ago and it was about even then why why is the US US dollar going down so bad we have gold back. We don't it's not based on gold standard anymore. It's not know what's back in our fucking money then naphthalene gene. That's why it's not worth anything anymore. We have no gold. No the only sitting go to Canada now is because you can buy coating over the counter up there. There's a fucking the reason to go to Canada. There's no other reason to go to Canada. I have no reason to go to Canada. You really Cuban now you can get. We'd hear everywhere. Yeah alcohol more expensive in Canada. There's no reason to go to Canada unless you want some coating. I can't take coding quite so you have no reason to go to Canada them. Not Coming to you anytime all right back to back to our story. The he's in Rehab in the furniture is gone gone. This guy looks like a shady asshole all right so oh tenue before. She was very curious and she was starting to kind of investigate. What the fuck was going on right? Because he owes her money yeah. He owes her money any so nice all the time. He's a cousy is old buddy. Not If rehab awesome all right before she had tied to really investigate the X.'s. Mom called or message Chur and said that her son had it died what he died. The MOM said this a mom said that he died. Okay so it's not mom. The MOM mum. What's Mum Mama's mom right? Yeah that's mom and my England. Oakland me it's also canadianness. Mum Mum my mum. Mum's is Tawny says. Show US my mom all right. So what what Rachel say all right so he died. So he's I don't believe Ah fucking gone so she says it sounds stupid. In retrospect die supposedly. Well you know she doesn't say it doesn't say so. Mom just studied a mom said he died okay so radio kind of grieved it in her own way and she moved on right shit all my pounds shit I love my pounds I lost my pounds so she grieved. Dan Wasn't going to get her money back he's dead. She moved on two years later so to two years. Two breath years later. A can't wait to hear this ship. She went back to her hometown with a friend and they went to restaurant to get something to eat and while she was there she was stunned to discover that the ex boyfriend that she thought was dead was very much alive and working in the restaurant the working working in a restaurant so not dead discussing pounds. He's he's still a loser. Yep still a loser so she says I went into shock because hello hello to be dead. She grieved over her pounds owns and her ex before she can confront him. The I guess management came and asked her to leave. The restaurant must've said something to the management to get her like she's a psycho bitch maker B. O.. He said some kind of lie. So you like what do you do like literally. What do you do with him? And I would have been extreme as soon as they told me to leave. I would've made a fucking it would have been like. Oh you want me to leave because this guy told me two years ago that he was dead because he wanted to get out from pain me back as money. Yeah okay all leaping Eh. The whole restaurant understands what a scam artists. SCIUTTO fucking Shit. Well he two years shits shits so she wasn't really sure what to do so she decided to go talk to the police gay. Hey however the police said they can't help her as it was just her word against his basically. He's he her. His mom told her that he died but she didn't check into it she didn't ask for de-certification asked for anything. Why would you ask for a desk for your ticket? If you're a girl for right but yeah it's I mean life Risi. She just believed it. So that's kind of on her to just believe it. I would you believe it. If someone's mom friends mom calls you and tells you her son's dead. Why would you not believe that? Well and then I'm thinking well well. Maybe she's kind of maybe she's a little psycho and Emma and the boyfriend just wanted to get rid of her or something. I don't know maybe it's on high mountain it. It'd be like that. That is the point. But if she was psycho that he should have done something a little bit more so than just having faked his own death. Yeah Yeah I mean that's pretty. It's pretty weak. Fake your own. Data's flakes terrace. If I if I just had like my brother call people go yeah. Kobe Diet like I feel like there's people that would be like wait. Wait a second funeral funeral. I what if your body like heather would be like. Where's your God down body? I WANNA bucky CNN right now rituals I'm going to do to make sure that we are set for life injury. podcast you guys said that you wanted to where you wanted to her heather you you want to be in jewelry passed so I take it. You're willing heather going right. It needs to be alone with the body before I say he's I can arm or something so I can get a piece of jewelry. I brought my new knife. I body stickier. Minute is with me and my little lock it. We are ready to roll ready out here. I'll all be gone in an hour. Just leave you alone with the body. Am I knife I got on your will. We're going to allow ought to have cremated so I can put it on a piece of Julie's wait until I'm cremated for hacking pieces of me off if they're not going to cremate you Kobe. I can't promise that all right they're gonNA keep you whole hack. A piece often made it and put it into bill free to listen to tell you all right Alpha through to cremate me if I don't give a shit planning on have jewellery ambitions Right so anyways. The police said your word against his. I can't help you so later. That night the excess mother got in contact once again. The franken Liar Liar. Oh Shit this. It's time to complain that Rachel had caused a scene at the restaurant and the sun had come fired because she made she didn't so she didn't make the scene she did make a scene Jamaica seen right dead person yeah. She's like what wait. Maybe you thought you're seeing a ghost. Who knows walk into someone told me they were dead and also ran into them old? Fuck yeah making a scene whether or not I actually think they're a ghost or not not making a scene Servizi but the again. It's the mother-in-law there that's taking the mothers calling her and and yelling at her because the sun got fired because because apparently he's a fucking pussy and he can't stand well and he faked his own and he had the monarch happens. When Mommy dearest is what the fuck happened is he won't be able to do anything right? He can't fake his death anymore. He can't have her call and yell at his ex girlfriend girlfriend. Does he fucking live with. Mommy probably is as men. And if there's a basement he lives in basement he just has a little all caught in her bedroom. Guy Dance Motel croupier psycho. Go Shit Right. All of this whole saga has left this poor woman. Rachel just really like what the fuck with someone to date you tell you why she liked doesn't understand what the fuck went on right. Her biggest wishes issues that she would just sit down with him and talk it through. She's like I have so many questions I she does but she's never been able to sit down talk with him Dr hy because she'd probably asked what God damn money back. Yeah and he has no money because he's unemployed. Waiter yeah so basically. She's out the money he lied. And how does mom in on this whole thing saying he was dead. But there's no oh proof that he tried to fake his death because he didn't ask for. Isn't there proof we are talking about it right now. All we just have her word that the MOM said He. He's dead that's it so he didn't get collect any like life insurance or anything like that so really. No crime was committed he. He just lied and away from her. There are crimes committed by saying that because I know there's been individuals that I know not close and personally their family from marriage when they get collections noted. They actually send a letter letter saying that. They're they're not well. In that case you do have to provide a death certificate. They can't yes so then it doesn't count. They know. I mean we know this now because they're still going after. Why when somebody dies and you need it is very fucked up one Catholic if you don't know this when someone dies yet to provide the death certificate will have to provide a desert now? Death certificates are provided to you by the funeral home and you have to pay for them. It's a certified death certificate. You have to pay ten bucks walks for every one that you get and you might need for every creditor or insurance plays or anyone. It's like when somebody dies in your family like I had a family member pass away my husband's family. We had to buy like ten death certificate again because you have to provide a certified death certificate to prove that this person has body to to give you the gas how the body and they have to have a funeral home issues. The death certificates okay but the funeral home gets Dadi in this case they get the body from the hospital. Because that's where the person right passed away So the hospital spittal verifies the person died. legit okay yeah. Here's a certified death certificate. You don't have to pay back. ACT THAT CAR loan. Yeah Oh my God. What is Rachel do? Nothin' what's she has. She has zero legal. Recourse in this. Oh Awesome Shero also. She's like just confused so she called the mom back and she is broke and confused at this point and she can do nothing. mm-hmm a she broke. I don't know probably get one hundred pound hundred pounds hundreds of pounds so Ohio. I'm sorry to beginning. It does say she was Australian which is with Australian here? Sorry that's is a British ascendant. Gosh so basically. She gets Nice that guy. I is like the most fucking cowardly man filtering like I want. I WANNA actually say he's like I want the story to end. You know what the story would end does that. She takes them small claims court. She's actually able to prove because she has phone recording of the phone conversations as a mom her. She doesn't but if she did that'd be fantastic right. Like how do you win something like that but if you have on these recordings I'm talking about bank statements which role so you can show you withdrew on. The the thing is us if as if you're dating at the time and she gives him money he's GonNa say Oh gift if there is no if there's no paperwork you there's no no way you can't prove that it was not a guest gesture fall even if you draw one just by your hand if you ever ever are going to give someone money expect to be paid back you better write that fucking shit down and make them sign it. I am so glad because you will not get that bad. Every time I give money out I have zero zero. There's absolutely none and I've given all you just hold on just like give the money go. I've never seen that again. That's right. I even the tax write off. So she's just heartbroken and broke damn heartbroken financially. Trust Nice guys. Naive is finished. Although my husband's really nice are you sure. He's not overly nice lacy ever ask you for money you know. I'm going to go on a truth here that my husband is extremely nice. He is any all all the money in her house. Because you spend all the money Weinstein crafts crabs and rescues. You know so. It's pet rescues and furniture tables and full remodel that house. Yeah thanks baby love you. How parents you're right now? You're at work right now. Thank you thanks for. Don't work that much although I have decided to keep working although he keeps trying to make me retire. I don't know why you don't retire if you need some. Do I have a list of Shit that you can do way this as you're listening I'm GONNA I'm GonNa see which way is better my job or your list. Hey with my job you if you work for do Myla's you. You don't have to deal with any people. There's a pro there but I just have to deal with other cats. That are not your cats. What's your cat my cat? Oh expands for you to take her right now. We need heather zetel world. Hi Skills with my matrix pans which I didn't realize this until are working with us. It's phenomenal yes. I didn't know that I have to Redo we do Tara's every time she never titans them Tara. Tighten your fucking matrix nears after Drostan. Neither Matt none of you guys you guys all right then. Let's say listen Linda. That's why you can't retire. Los Angeles thing you guys this. What tight near bands are a thought? He tightened both the liberal. You can't tighten the one. He could be tightened and tightened more says. And if you guys aren't going to tighten your bands all hell's going to break loose here. It's GONNA be already Magadan around here. You've got to do it. I fucking guys and the wedge in there and Shit it's done I don't even know what she's talking about just ban. Sorry sorry organizes all dental assistant jobs here but it's very say it's not very difficult. Talk about stopped dentals. Talk about my job your job. Scott Green Lena Hell Hey accountant. County has not boring supergun and I guess the only the the fun thing you pay people I get to pay people and I get to Goddamn spreadsheet what. Who's Lemme ask? Yeah why is it that you're really good. Xl on the scale with your company. You don't work there. Why does that matter? Uh We should hire US somehow. You Guys WanNa work down there. I don't know maybe I mean not that much but I wanna get paid me up on the excel spreadsheet that she gave. I'll pay you some free fucking dental work on that we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. We're GONNA trade already doing that. Pay Hey skill. I will tell her tomorrow. Friday works good for me. Yeah Okay you Fridays. And we'll give you some options. Yeah arid arid and how. They're going to clean my mainly Erin. I'm just there pester both of you just GonNa stick this section thing in my mouth and I'm GonNa take some amazing amazing x rays before to make sure your fricken watch number thirty or so good. I think it's thirty. I'm not sure we'll look at all of them because that's the same extra on thirty museum that we're going to just take a good look at just if you guys look at it and go you know what it well then. We'll make dress and drill it out real quick. I guess what. He's the most conservative that as we own kid. We drill we we own. I own you dude. I don't like it to have my mouth numb. Can you do without that. Maybe you're willing to go without the with the pain. I'm willing to do whatever Aaron may not be just a may not be willing to let you self inject so we get numb. Tell really I hate it when my mouth now so I in order the reversal agent that super expensive for they sure that that is one. CARBS dice ordered Super Expensive Shit to use me that I'm not GonNa pay for tested out. Let's test it out. Yeah yeah trial. You'd probably find some company you do that do that do that. There actually is agent now that you can inject when you're done with the procedure for the NFL yourself agent and I've heard it's very expensive a sample find on Monday. Wait what days today. I guess we could do it. fucking morale up Dana. Go to work. Tomorrow we're off on Wednesdays barely into the week here Heather Tomorrow Day workweek. Sorry sorry by the time this comes out. It's Friday God damn it or the post it again Monday. We all research this shit. We'll talk talk to whoever was okay for good just like heather. Heather jam duties help again. What's your microphone? I just had a good conversation listeners. All all of you listeners. Out there that was comical ahead. Fuck okay well. Lagasse stop touching around for the class. Three podcast hasn't been giving. It's like you always. I think whatever Mike you have weights you this flipping on me. Tell being really good. I'm sorry I literally. I'm sorry guys I all right. That's all worrisome. Issue Right we baby. Oh Mama Mama you sir okay. Sorry sorry all right well. That's it for US tonight. Okay we're gonNA finish our wine and If you drink tonight walk why Challange thank thank. You lost ladies

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First Time Show - The Leftovers - S1 - Episodes 5&6 - "Gladys/Guest"

The Valleycast

2:22:56 hr | 5 months ago

First Time Show - The Leftovers - S1 - Episodes 5&6 - "Gladys/Guest"

"It feels right the first time it was like the very first time life break as uh you guys. Welcome to the show man. It's funny because the first episode of the last episode the One just before this one The second episode the second episode Yes The fourth episode. We were so low energy when we started I think or it was just ask we're doing and here's the show saying to a Alana that last time we record on Saturday and I'd spend the whole day at the pool so sons Laugh all you want but but Brett I'm trying to I'm trying to. I'm trying to understand your dedication to the first time. Show where what do you mean? Are you doubting it? I doubt I'm doubting if you'RE GONNA be swimming in Damn Pool all day. I'm just sitting. Today he worked a wish. I could swim in a pool. Come over we can swim six feet apart. I think your hoodies really cool. It is very cool. Get it. It's undrafted it's really cool. What is that? It's so comfy? Will someone please sponsor will undrafted please sponsor Brett? We'll talk a lot about if they just send me. One more hoodie guys. Welcome to the show right off the top. Did you know that Brenton? I made up the top. No Brenton made a comic book. Yeah and every and there might be people listening to this. Do Not know that until last week that it was finished when he feels like you just found out. We made a comment. Yeah I feel the same way. Actually Steve Just I have like those horse blinders on you know the ones that horses blinders ones. Horses have so you don't see some over here and get spooked. Yes we know. I have that on for peaky. Blinders are o O of. It is save it for the peaky. Blinders watched through. Listen to me I just WanNa say really quick You know I focus. I have my focus is on so many things at at any given time and the comic book totally came out like like in January or March march. Okay was supposed to come out in October. And they just made a mistake at comics is all. I can tell 'cause I had to email anyway. Be Out for those of you. That are like what are you talking about on this very show. We like discussed at length the like a potential comic book that that Britain I could make and we started talking about the crypt keeper. And how what? What must have that man's life been like before he became the crypt keeper and then bright with this given. Now what has been asking and asking and asking this is. You're talking about keeper. How did he get all these stories to tell right? And so then we started talking about well. He could been like a writer or a journalist that followed like a homicide. Beat seen all these like horrific story and so the comic is just our chance to do all these tales from the crypt stories. Essentially but by is every three issues will tell one like procedural story like it starts with a murder. Yes the solve. The murder and Brent wrote the first episode and we'll probably right of them. I'd like to write one. We teach matter right one. Do you want me to write the first three. And then you're right the second. Yeah sure right Astore Yeah Okay. This is really exciting so anyway. So we'll we'll we'll write it by the pool. Oh now that's a sandy. Every episode is going to be about like drowning in a pool slipping by the pool. All right let's stop talking about fun things and talk about the leftovers position story though you wrote the thing about how to get it. Whatever it's Ok Rain Barbara and the first three. I guess we'll be written by Brett and it's Aurea by Stephen Brett. Yeah he's in Brett Bud but you can get it on comics. All Edgy Right. Now Cu we we. Didn't we put it out there as I was saying? I'm sure there's somebody listening. That's a really great artist and we'll be like I'll draw this thing which didn't happen. We can't chance we only had so many people listening to the loss podcast anyway and also like a comic book artist like a good comic book artist. I mean it's one of the chance they were going to be listening to us. Talk about lost all right zero because they appear to answer. The answer is zero zero who dove into the Internet and I found a a a man wanted to draw and then I found another man that wanted to color it in the night is all the letters and now they're married and we he put it out as sort of a like tests to see if we do it and now it's like we don't know the next steps are but we need to keep going if we're GONNA do more and Yeah stay tuned all right. Well that's enough a year one issue a year. You'll but we'll finish it were. We'll say that we will finish it so anyway. It's an it's an easy you comic. Yeah I made easy you publishing imprint on comic. Yeah and the logo is really cool distributed. Thank you so when you see the comic you'll see the easy you lago all right. Let's talk about leftovers guys? Welcome to the leftovers. First Time show season. This is if you're this season three of the first time show. We could call it season. Three yeah so convincing leftovers season three of the first time show covering season one of the leftovers episode episode shows the three five and six of the leftovers amber. Here she moved. Oh Shit I forgot to put the clips into the thing in the clip door. We have time so anyway so for those of you that are as deep as we already are into this real quick before we get into this. This is the these are the clips for episode one. Five those ZIP clubs represented sales are your clips. Yeah we're alright IMPLEM- all what we're our clips similar I think we buy two overlaps. You know that's the beauty of this show you guys. We're GONNA have a lot of fun with Clint. Forget through the intro. We're in a lot of fun segments So I'm going to be stolen big time because I'm downloading the clips but And I need to put them on the device to to share them but Bremer dive right into this episode. Hold on hold on. I got it. We got to say at least go ahead. Yes we gotta say at least that this is covering will. You've already seen it from the title. I guess but we're covering episode episodes five and six of the leftovers on HBO. And if you're like Oh man I don't WanNa listen to this shit. Well that's cool all right so anyway dude anyway dude. I think I don't peak and I don't read ahead. That's one of my things. I don't know if it's because I don't want to put the work into it or if it's because I like the surprise non peaky blinders but I saw that someone sent us an email saying they don't watch the show but they're listening to us. Yeah so this is GonNa be so fun. Imagine it Alana. Imagine listening to this show and not watching the leftovers. Like we're gonNA talk about some crazy shit like a woman get stoned to death in the beginning of this episode. Yeah like and you see it days. The way this episode opened felt to me like the Like Dame Blah going okay it seriously. Are you guys? Enter you out you out because this the show now. Yeah absolutely totally right. I told my parents last night to watch the left to whatever even heard of it but they raised me. Baptists there Lou the nondenominational at this point and you should watch it. It's a very interesting while so and so and then I turned it on today and I was like. Oh it starts with a stoning. That's a tough one Stephen Cindy but they watch it. I'm I'm interested in. I'll I'll pass on their Know their perspective on the show brand lensing thing. Nima would have thought of the leftovers. She loved it and my dad also like would have never watched them like this mirror growing up but now they're all adults he's like watching. This game of thrones westworld. He say love. The first season second season was okay and a third season is genuine. Watch it sounds like that's mass. Kurt analysis from my father. Wait so does your Dad Lake. Watch things. Like game of thrones and has like pretty soon like solid opinions about it and like does he look at things from the perspective of like. What's his perspective of something? Like game of thrones. He you know I think they tried to raise us in a way. That was like a game of thrones when I was a kid. My Dad went and watch because he wouldn't want me as a kid to think that that's the type of entertainment that he enjoys. Wow now but like my parents were young. When they had us you they were eighteen. Nineteen and so. Here's figuring out now. We're all adults. I feel like they've grown up. My Dad's like I like things that are entertaining regardless loves Bosch on my dad watches. Game of thrones exclusively because of the nudity. No I can only assume weight because there's no way he's really interested in that like. Are you guessing here or are you were you say you don't know what your dad lay known? No that's not true. That's not true. I know my dad is like I watched soccer. I watch and then if you put on a mission impossible all watch a mission impossible. I will file slap fourche. Dad's I'm talking about my dad. Yeah and watching golf and he likes. He likes an action movie. Yes his dad. But the thing about my dad is is like in like that. Nerdy Shit Man. He just doesn't know this. Game of thrones can be specific. You mean like Israel Door. Yes the fact that it's like a medieval lake. There's love stories and like was Louis Nerdy. Politics are not nerdy. No but like it's a fantasy version of all this like that's the answer exactly and listen. I didn't grow up knowing my what identify as Nerdy is. Not what you identifies nerdy. I've learned this being around you. I did not think fantasy was nerdy every once in my life until you guys started saying it what everything is nerdy. Alana Brag Ball nerd. I mean if you're like exclusive on Damn Nerd I found myself of why I'm clear if you're obsessively into one very specific little thing like fairies all. I do all day. Long sketch varies and I'm a fairy person. And as I'm saying Yeah I get it that's nerdy but the whole genre fantasy. That was not something identified as nerdy. Well that's interesting very interesting. You must have either been around nothing but nerds or you. Just don't think I had that instinct in my brain. Well I mean I was bullied about it and all my friends were bullying about your about everything. I was bullied about looking pretty when I looked pretty ugly when I look young but what we're talking about though like you weren't called a nerd because of that I'm talking about nerds like nerds are like the kinds of people that are into like fantasy Scifi. Like magical get what you're getting. I'm just saying my dad has almost zero interest in that. Game of thrones has nice birds all the time. And that's pretty cool so I think my dad just gets this like visual overload out of it like he sees the dragons and he probably thinks it's fine but the boobs are like A. Hey Yeah that's nice. Cyber an easy way to qualify. What I'm saying I think of like like willow is nerdy absolutely but like game of thrones was the most popular show on TV. There's no way that's nerdy. Okay sure because nerdy is cool now but doesn't matter because if it's the most popular thing if nerd is meant to be the opposite of popular to some degree will nerdy policy like I said. Nerdy is cool now but and it's like I think there's two different blends of nerdy. Listen listen nerdy is cool now and things. Like game of thrones came from things. That were were definitely nerds. Sure and it's all it all comes from that branch of Nerdy Shit. You still consider it nerdy. Because that's my because yeah because I grew up with that stuff right do consider something. Like game of thrones nerdy because even though it is a massively popular popular show just means the nerds are like have a bigger voice now because they use the internet. So here's an interesting psychological. Psychology thing is nerdiness like a God. I forget the Word Lake assault like it doesn't stay on the thing. It is is nerdiness a specific thing and it's always that thing or is nerdiness always in proportion to what's popular in culture like does nerdiness stick to one none of that. The the piece of entertainment isn't nerdy. The relationships that piece of entertainment is where you become a nerd or or you're not inert third allied watches game of thrones and then it's done with it era people that dress up like it they go they lar- bow right post scenes from it. They get roleplaying games. All that stuff you know they buy them know and it was when we were growing up because the pazder what is it. She's talking about the the Dragon. Dick that lays eggs in your stomach that you can get slowly. My mom listens to this okay. So so there's three psychol- psychology potentials nerdy. I feel I feel Brad. I'm I choose that definition his. It's correct oh I think all three can be correct all three. There's technicality that says one is right. One isn't rates more. Like what do we kinda generally all agree in there for the titties about into this story? Become yeah yeah it becomes more. About how much more time are you willing to put into something? That was just meant to be a piece of entertainment show. He's fleet chasing it now because watching westworld was like a big deviation but what was another like sexy. Nudie booby show think about it they're all. Hbo IS SEXY NEW. Really bummed out that they did that they did fantasy island as a movie and bring it back like an HBO. Or netflix's dude. I think it's still can have been so great totally still happen. I didn't see nobody gives a shit about what comes out anymore dude. A new grudge movie just came out. Yeah did you came in moving? Nobody gives you just a total delight. Did you see good but I loved it. The new grudge no vans island. Oh what about the new grudge? Did you see that? I didn't see the you gotta see it. We got to see it. What do you mean? I don't think because you know we got to have an opinion right I need. I don't need the grudge again. I don't need the ring again like those were like a very specific moment in time. The rindge we're like everything but the ring verses the grudge forgot we watch that. Oh Okay Yeah we do. Watch the ground that was. That was the last time I would watch the garage. And unless they made a sequel to that one and it stars that guy who was like the grudge hunter and that girl that little girl that was like do. That shit was cool. Man They W Greg moving in the new grads remain. Yeah no no no no. I'm talking about the one. We saw grudge versus the ring. 'cause spoiler alert in the grudge versus the ring. Basically what happens is is the what is it. It's it's juon versus Dokku Sadaqa or you're right ring ring a you're at anyway. Basically what happens is and if you don't WanNa know just skip ahead a little bit. But basically what happens is the grudge and the ring cannot be stopped and so they just combine into like a ring grudge creature and then it's can't be stopped so like it could potentially go on. Oh dear I see the grudge. Twenty twenty as I see the Irishman. I don't need to see it. A lot of ficus. Twenty twenty all right so the leftovers. How fucking great is this show at? Are you in by this point? Oh I mean certainly I was in last week but like how do you feel I? It's it doesn't listen. Loss was on an island with the beach is beautiful. Never GonNa feel the same about a show. That's lamb walk as I am about loss I'm really really enjoying it. I'm really curious About everything I think. I'm supposed to curious about but this episode in particular. I've I was like I really respect the opening of this and that they're they're putting it out. There is no it's gruesome. It makes me feel like they're they're conditioning. Us. What's And that makes me excited. The opening is someone from the guilty remnant get stoned to death and you see it and she. What's so interesting is she speaks. Yeah stop and then later in the episode when you get the to guilty remnants at the Diner Patty and Laurie. Patty tells her that she had brought. Darby that her name. The woman who got stoned to death. Yeah Fuck I forgot her name. Yeah let's say Darby okay. That's the name of the episode. It's called Gladys Gladys. That's what it is. It's cloudy or Dr became from with it. They're about to Darby at the diner where she would let her speak. She didn't right. It sort of like spoke to how where she was at mentally to speak at that point right and that's sad supposed to be feel bad and isn't it that manage just lindelof found a way to like make a Colt Like you know. I'm so used to looking at colts and thinking about cults in a way that's like man. These people are crazy. What could they possibly be thinking about? And I'm they're dangerous and I WANNA stay away from them and even though I do feel that way about the guilty remnant for the most part I'm so fascinated by them also upset it the fact that there are a lot of colts. Yeah Oh yeah. In fact we wrote down the of has them. And how fucking cool is that lake? Lynn luscious like fuck. We're GONNA HAVE LIKE COLTS. Like the whole. There's so many colts I will say the only the only negative I have for the show right now is his daughter and his daughter's friend need a purpose. Yeah I keep popping up. And I'm like okay I there's been enough episodes of her dislike being get it. But like moping around and her friend being snarky and witty and they're not doesn't seem like they have a purpose in the show. Okay I agree okay. Other than that is pretty good. Show like your You're not you'RE GONNA wait it out and see what's cursor. Yeah it's Margaret Qualley. Yeah Yeah Okay is qualified to be in a great show. She's Oh what's up Alana. You told me Oh yeah yeah go ahead. What are we got? Well we know already. We were just jotting down every time we heard a name so that we could know the actual names okay. So far we have. Guilty Remnant Yields Obviously Heavens converts and tomorrow's Family. You think those are love it so much tomorrow. The bill we met second episode like not to jump to ahead but in the second episode. We have Nora in New York new we but by second episode. You mean episode. Six sure the one the second episode of this one. Yes episode six. I'm sorry is the leftovers. It's New York in the news in New York. It's maple but So she goes to the city and New York City. And there's all those like people that are like totally in colts but you're like what am I looking at here? Like there's some people would like Cowboy Masks on and like Zorro Clip. It's just to muffle you can hear this guy goes down here the Vatican's lying. He's hit say he was hidden underground. Love it so much I love all of the FUCKING Universe Media. Universe stuff universes so fascinating. 'cause it's totally a post apocalypse. Yeah absolutely a version of oppose. Yeah exactly which is what I think so interesting about such an interesting take on post. Modern host apocalypse set not in a future in our like modern day. Yeah and it's on an apocalypse is know it's an interesting interpretation of a popular is what I was Gonna say. 'cause it's not your usual no it's not. I mean you but I mean I you can describe it as that for sure because it's totally like I mean it's not we don't know if it's the end of the world or if the world ended or mid apocalypse I was trying to think about what quiet apocalypse junior it's a pre apocalypse. I was trying to think of. What did that's really good lips. I was trying to think of what my theory is. GonNa were at the time for the departed at this point when I watched it for the first time. How long ago when it aired. Okay me too But do you but do you not want me to at the risk of like one of my theories not being how it ends or something if I if you can remember theories you thought of out in just season one yet love to hear the season and of course. I don't expect to know if they're true or not. Careful careful laws. It takes someone guy own email. Privileges revoked. Listen Owen said don't smoke monster dude. Owen texted Like I putting his hand the not and he's vote hand in light season two. We had a text thread. Okay Steve. Here's the choice. The decision is it. No Okay Okay. So anyway But it's I love the universe I love it and I love that when Kevin Wakes up in this episode episode five The TV is on and you can hear there's like a standoff with like the the the colts the FBI cult like the the alcohol tobacco and cult whatever and they're like busting in on another Kalt Keel which had another name or that's one of the ones we wrote down. I don't which part you're talking about right after the. Don't getting right after the stoning. Kevin Wakes up and the TV's on and there's like members of the kitchen what TV is. He's in the bedroom in the bedroom. He wakes words white shirts for camps. Anyway TV is on for like a second. And you hear like officials have busted into this compound in the cold Blah Blah Blah Blah and then he mutes the TV and then he goes and can't find his fucking shirts but I love it. I love when the TV's just on and you hear like the insane shit happening in this world. It's so fascinating. It's just really interesting like we didn't say sci-fi we said supernatural right. We said Supernet. What was the that we loved the law? It was like supernatural. I don't remember loving spiritual supernatural Phil or show or something cool anyway I love that they keep. They keep planting incidents where things are going wrong but in a really human way so you. You're constantly questioning is that the show is that about the apocalypse or is that just as thing happening. Which is what you would question. I think in universe I love it. Ground isn't solid. You might fall in at any. What do you think was going on with the dry cleaner? I think nothing. I think it's a basic human thing I think Nothing Damon Lindelof had a bad experience at a dry cleaner. Like I'm going were meant to to I think what's happening with Kevin. Right now is his. Life is incredibly complex. He's at this incredibly stressful point in his life where his wife seemingly left their family to join a cult and that live tyler. Incredible where she tells him. She's not your wife not your wife anymore. Yeah that's crazy. I think what what's happening to. Kevin is so many so many weird things are happening to him and he feels like potentially insecure that. He's losing his mind like his dad. Did and I think a lot of the a lot of his actions are based around that. And so we're seeing him kind of like losing it and not realizing that Maybe he's doing it unintentionally because he's so afraid of becoming his his father. This is what I'm thinking and so when we see things like where the fuck of my shirts. And he's like going off the deep end it's like the show showing us like how he's kind of losing it that he has his dad in him. Yeah and is he going to go? There is not as he safe is unhealthy but on the other hand it's like are these things that are happening to him really fucking happening like this deer that bus into his house and this fucking guy that's shooting dogs and fuck and giving him. Tra a truck and the minute where I thought that guy like didn't exist and then they like blatantly like no he exists like not only does he exist. Well it's not really until episode five that we know that like I know the dot this one. It's like that's what I'm saying. It's not really into episode. That we know for sure exists. Because he's the yeah he's real even though the daughter acknowledges him like you. She doesn't call him by name or anything wrong. Just been a random person the door they could have explained later. But yeah seeing someone exactly exactly so. This is the first time we know that that element. He's not crazy because I think the whole time. You're just like is he crazy or is this just one of those normal mistakes that happens in life and you can't remember if you got shirts back or not right and I like I can't even I can't help but feel like and forgive me if this is maybe what happens but what so. Maybe don't say it will. I'm just curious. Do you really think those are his shirts. While I was curious I try to pull on. It was way too smart guy and he hasn't done it yet so maybe it happens later. You know I don't know like I'm not. I wasn't convinced that they are his shirts. But I'm only taking my clothes to the dry cleaners once but also like so there you go at also there's this thing with Kevin where it's like. They really want us to see that. Perhaps he will. He's becoming as crazy or he's got the craziness his dad had They really want us to think that but I don't think about but then he comes in to the dry cleaners and there's his fucking shirts but crazy things are happening to all of the characters and all of them just went through this huge Opoku version of apocalypse. And they don't know if something's GonNa come back is gone forever and what Lindelof is doing in every episode is having US question if something is human error normal kind of shed or something else is going on. It's not just with him but it is primarily because of the dad connection. I think that's where but I think I think that's the subtext of the whole show. The thing I said about like the ground you're standing on isn't solid. That's what I mean by that. Is That's how you feel watching because you're constantly like Oh did this thing fuck up or did I just did I put it on like when I lost the air pods. The other day knows like where do I put that other? I can't find it. Weighs new ended up putting a summary? Never thought of like that's normal. Human Shit that happens every day right right I think in the show. They're like validating emphasizing it to and they're validating because it's like not all of them will still leave you questioning. I think it's like but the thing is with Kevin it's like where did the bagels go to go to the same place everybody else departed to and it's like no at the end of the episode opens up the machine in their in their? And where's my fucking shirts of? Did THEY DISAPPEAR MAGIC ONO? The dry cleaners just fucked up. Yeah and it's like we're seeing him really insecure and losing it over the idea that he's going crazy we're validated with it. Really wasn't right right and you're right. It's not everything. We're not validated in everything. Like that in the show with the big buffer Kevin. It's it seems like they really want us as an audience to think well. Maybe he isn't like his dad and maybe he isn't crazy. Yeah and then. You're constantly on this roller coaster with that in the show. Yeah it's really brilliant anyway. Thanks for watching guys. We're done with the episode. It's not going to get better than for the record. I don't think he's crazy. We'll that's awesome. Yeah I love that. Do you think he's crazy? I'm curious about what the DAD's crazy is because I know even see I'm not convinced that it's like real crazy and it's not some other like supernatural or he's tapping into something or he sees something someone else doesn't see or what. Are we going to get that dad episode? Linda Laugh got tentacles. I love when the news for the new demolition man came out I got so many tweets and texts for people go whereas my a whereas. When did we did? We did it on like random stream one night right no. It was dynamic banter. Okay Yeah Gag I gotta go so anyway. This episode is amazing. I don't know if there's much I mean we kind of went through it all right. Oh look double the Bible. What did you get out of that who you speak when so matt and Kevin are driving to the morgue to two so that Matt can pray for the body of Gladys and result? I really what I thought during that scene as I thought a wonder if the writer got this from the book or if they had heard this verse or did they have to do research to find this thought. I don't know if I'd read the whole Bible to find an interesting. This is really what was going there. I had at that moment so I didn't think about it. I felt like man. It really feels authentic that they have this Bible verse to Plow Interesting. The leftovers wicky says that it's a it's taken from the noncanonical Christian text the Gospel of Thomas. Oh okay saying Matt Read Psalm. One to one when he prays her. Oh it's psalm one to one and it was questioned one twenty one. Oh God he's fucking our brain all that's so crazy. Tell me tell me more when he prays for Twenty One. Yeah that's what it says saying. Thirteen Matt Read Psalm. One to one one twenty reason the car. Yeah that's that's so cool. What was arguing. Jv talking to an IV hanging not decode it for us like I. Also when I listened was like a couple more times. Now what do you mean by that? But when he when when hot cop says what? The fuck are preacher responds. He says it's easier to stay silent vendors. Speak the truth. And that's the basic bottom line of it. I do feel like that was a theme throughout this episode. Says he makes the assumption that the guilty revenue have given up. Yeah they're like right and allies even beyond when he goes to pray and also yeah. No Arkansas the whistle whistle he got fucking weasel. There's nothing more embarrassing than getting whistled. Guys listen to what the wikki says about this fucking episode. This is blowing my mind. Okay when Kevin puts the be year on the roof of his car. Oh Yes to. Penguin toys are seen in the window of a store behind him perhaps indicating that the score is now penguin to as Kevin goes to take out his anger on fi saul just as the children in Anthony's office. Take their aggression out on the inflatable penguin. Oh my gosh. I hope that's not true. That's too good but after watching. What was that others series of his ears are? The watchmen watchmen the whole time. Yeah that's gotta be. Oh by the way speaking of like subtle background things. I saw slate. There was on a cot. A slate elite ground never caught asleep hardie. Boys slate is my favorite bell. Biv DIVO- song. He was in the back seat of the guilty remnants car when it was driving to the diner diner no should. But it's right in that so for those of you that one of the tweeted at US or send it to our Tag Us in our at first time. Show podcast on anything on instagram or instagram on twitter. It's the first time show using you'll find it. I've been tweeting about it or whatever but anyway it's in the scene where just like we said. Patios driving Laurie to the to the hotel where they're gonNA eat at the diner and Laurie looks out the car window. And it's the last shot before cuts away from them there and it's in the back seat. The backseat behind lorries. Headed very visit. Goes OUT OF FOCUS and into focus? So it's a little hard to catch. I when the music's on the first time they're like listening to music. She put some music on. And that's in the backseat. Bobby never seen a slate on camera in a movie before. Ever I've seen bloopers and mistakes like left. Yeah ever I've never seen a slate in the movie in a movie by ever like in bloopers always come in. Yeah but I've never seen like did you know you can see the slate and dumb and dumber like that. Like I know all of everyone's going to tweet it. You all the every kid in three men and a baby. Oh that's creepy. I don't know if I want to hear about up. And game of thrones Landau banking is head remember whenever somebody bought their head and Star Wars. Does this this guy boxes head head bought? I've lost? That's so crazy nice of Aswan. The creepiest so is but then you find out what it is. It's not that crazy. Yeah but it's just. Visually visually wants. Yeah when you? I mean it was the scariest thing ever to me when I was a teenager. What was I? Don't hear it okay. So anyway and here's another piece of Trivia from this episode. It's kind of interesting. The clipboard held by the at FEC employees in the final scene when they're sending gladys's body to the burner. Whatever among other colts. A group called Apollo's army shy at list. Yeah so cool. What have we made t shirts that? Look that were like sports teams. Yeah but it said like jerseys. Yeah Paulo's Army and and guilty remnant pick Apollo's army because I like Greek mythology mythology future families tomorrow's family your head convert my favorite though. It's so funny. But what about the lead a smoke? It's not the only their signs all over the place. What do you think about that one? It's so weird. What's the I think it's stupid? Alana hates the guilty remnant. I'm replacing Owen Owen. I've got your back. I hate them like my. I pulled the clip. It didn't have the impact I wanted but where he goes. Oh guilty remnant those fuckers. What's the smoke my feelings? Exactly fuck. Y'All what about what he's like. Dude we can fuck and wipe them all out. That's insane but isn't that like no. We're good yeah because blocking wife's in it but he's also I think yes and he is the only one that gives a shit about them and he does seem to really care about them being hurt now whether or not that's because his wife is there is yet to be seen but Yeah it's really interesting that they're just like because if you don't wipe it out now it's GonNa like stop it spreads or whatever and it's like I mean he's probably not raw my favorite part about that scene is the guy on the phone his voice. He's like yeah totally inches. No commode. That guy talked was really weird. Artist sued him. I was GONNA turn out to not be enough but somebody. Yeah but listen or was it just a figment of his majer. Nations thing donation. Here's the thing. Lindelof is too careful at this point with writing and with I mean even the cast the cast of this show has to work even the like extras in the featured extras or whatever or even the people with the tiniest bit parts like that woman at the end of the sixth episode that That answered question one. Twenty-one by saying do you think that they went to a better place in regards to the departed and she says no and that moment could have been so like whatever but that woman just like lost it in saying no and you can see that passion and sadness and emotion even in that actor so I feel like the acting in the intensity of that person on the phone with. Kevin is not only intentional. My theory is is that maybe he didn't even say that and the conversation had ended already and Kevin was maybe imagining the rest of that conversation. Die That's one of those is the ground sinking under you or are you fine. I could say either. Luckily there's a lot of Shit I don't remember about this show so and that's one of them. I don't remember so much realizing everything's a surprise. It was funny because when we got to the scene where there were two minutes where you were like. Something's about to happen. Yeah I remember about. It's like it was a dream. Yeah enter a certain room and I'll be like Oh. I know something important is going to happen. It was when Nora was going to get shot by the prostitute. Woman was before Noriega's travel. It was before Nora goes in to see the way Wayne. And there's another time was it. The bag was it. It was patties bag with no still not on that I I understood my said before. Brother-in-law'S WATCHING THROUGH LOST. We were on the phone and I was like where are you in loss. And he's like I'm at the end of the season four and I was like Oh Man. That's like what what's happening like really. I couldn't remember after that. I couldn't remember. Yeah this every time I talked to people about a show. I've already seen. There's a show that I'm watching that I got. We're watching a westworld season three and we were on episode like four and a friend of mine. Who's like I'm just starting to watch this and this one was like I'm sorry I don't remember which thing happens in which that week because that's show won't goes everywhere. A lot of shows do that but also westworld. Yeah season three. I think everything about the show West wing down episode by episode. What's that one you kept talking about on the last season or on the law season in the bedroom? Or something the movie in the bed. Oh that's a movie okay. I thought it was a show. Alright well anyway. We have a question about episode five of remove on. I I really. I really need to know what's up with dogs. That's like there are always dogs. Doing Weird Shit leading plot lines and doing stuff. Is there like a dog cloned guy pushed past them to? I know it was like we're really stuck in this guilty remnant story like where they're gonNA find gladys and is she gonNa be alive and you really caring about. All of a sudden he goes into the fray with the good side exactly like hold on. What are you hear four? I'm shooting dogs. What do you here for? Our cult member might have been killed. What are you doing? They're not our dog. They're not our dogs because when he's when hot cop is in the car watching the guilty remnant house and he gets he falls asleep and gets woken up by the dude with two dogs. Just like ferociously barking. There's constantly three times understand what that guy said. He couldn't understand titles baby. Either your house will. He was talking about how they own the whole neighborhood. There's too many people there now. And and he was like I wouldn't hate it if they all died. That was casting when they're like. I mean he's awful but there's something about him you what do you mean? He's the he's the dog trainer. All Right so oh yeah probably episode. Six is called guest and While we didn't say who who are who directed gladys how dare we not respect the format. Mimi Eater yes and Mimi Lien woman. Once she enters the series it gets a lot good. Yeah baby good. She's so good and she was. What did she do? Lost Stuff Mimi Lost maybe not. I don't know but she's great things. Get real good with Mimi leader. We love you mean you mean Mimi meeting new me me after us the podcast and then Carl Franklin directed this one and meany. I love this episode. I remember this episode because all the episodes are so good. And she's just give her every. Ami does she ever win an emmy. I don't remember why isn't she in other stuff and if she is what is it. And why isn't there more and also the I feel the same way about the mayor. What else is she? And why isn't it more? Yeah you want me to look it up. Yes yes. Leader acted one episode of West Wing. I Oh gosh well thank you for keeping it consistent Brett how. What is your feeling on the guilty remnant. I feel like we haven't heard you your feelings that much or you just not deciding or what I think they do. I think they're up to whichever one you prefer to answer like. Do they know who the fuck out of you do you feel about them with says. Yeah all of it. How do you feel? Are you hungry? You thirsty but what's in your join. I think I would get really upset with him. Standing outside my house. I wouldn't like that. Yeah me too. I think I would have to be held back. I would be very close to catching on the wrong day and oh I would be throwing a rock out of my car. Yeah I would be driving by with a baseball bat out the window and trying to get close. Okay I have your is like that episode where they went in and change all the photos and then the next episode is the next episode. Whatever she could stoned. It sounds the next one awful. But I'm like I see it that way being like no no. Don't come in my house. I'm like why are they surprised? Why aren't they all being murdered all the time and I guess that's why yeah and I guess that's why it's kind of like an interesting thing that Kevin so adamant about this curfew thing because it really doesn't seem like anybody else would be targeted by these people other than the guilty remnant. Yeah I guess I feel a little question more the curfew of like. Don't go kill people in the guilty remnant remnant revenue nets. Oh you think he's trying to protect them. Don't go kill people in the Reagan. Everyone he's like if there's nobody out late at night they're not gonNA steal anymore people and right because then someone could be abducted or whatever. I guess he could have been like killed if you have to be out. Make sure you're in a with a group of five or more group of other guilty remnant a group of other guilty remnants. Yeah all right. Here's your answers. So Oh who are we? I wondering about the the mayor the mayor and Nora. What about Nora? Everyone name if she ever won an emmy she was in the MVP. Amanda Warren is the name of the mayor and she was in three billboards outside. Ebbing Missouri. Never thought is there anything else. Big Shoes on. She was also in Black Mirror. Where Black Mirror? Two thousand seventeen episodes. She was in Roman. Jay Israel esquire. Oh I don't know about that. She was in the purge television series. See through her top billings. My Gosh. She's so good. Why isn't she a shows a ton of TV and she was in seven psychopaths. That was a good one all right well. She was in Jones. Hire her in more like consistent real going on roles that are big juice Phil House of cards. Give her some gushers. She was in mother. All right okay. Let's check nor ask she's done. She does a lot. She's Grey Nora. She won the critic's Choice TV award. Nice for best actress in a drama. Leftover she did and then the year before she was nominated for critics choice but she never got nominated for an emmy for leftovers but she did get nominated for an emmy for Fargo off. You know she's also GonNa be in the new ghostbusters Nora. She's like a huge role. Yeah are you making jokes now? She's in the new ghostbusters movie. It's not like she's not a goes lester. But it's like the sequel to thing. I know her best. She was Ben. Affleck sister in gone girl right now. Magic fucking hurt all right. Sorry so she checked into this hotel. Yeah well she walks. Pass all those people and then there's like a fucking crazy guilty remnant of New York. That hands are a grenade and pulls this really nice. That was so cool. It was really nice. I really did like the Vatican one though the the Vatican lies I love too fast forward a little bit the guy that wants her to ask him what he does. He's a force of nature out. Good he sees it a movie. The whit stillman movie damsels in distress He's absolutely we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA see that guy grow and grow and grow and then takeover Hollywood. I think he's already been in a bunch in like he's been in it for a while every time I see him. He's such a yeah but they're going to put them in feeler. Yeah he's got this kind of like perfect bounds of like I. I totally hate this guy. And it's like I'm John they're gonNA put him in a marvel movie or something and then he's GonNa Explode. They're going to be able. He'd be a great flash DUDE AS RA Miller is like canceled or something so he can flash now DUDE INGRID GOES WEST. He was so good in that. Oh Shit because he's so blends into the character that it's so easy to be like. Oh that was him any such an asshole in that one. Such an asshole does get him. Yeah got overwhelming and then you and then. They cut away to the ax murderer from last action hero. Yeah Dude That whole thing with her checking into the hotel and then And then her making out with that dummy version of that guy was like a fucking short film episode lost in that it was like a breakaway. Yeah short short film and you didn't care like really because that whole setting of this conference is so fascinating like what are they even talking about and like what what is it like what? And what's that book like? I want to read that book. The bad guy wrote one is read that Book Brett. I was I will. I will say I was very happy that they she took the security to that. Like yeah panel and with vindicated. I felt so bad for her very twilight zone like my gosh. She's GonNa take them out there and and then she's going to be sitting on the panel and there's two or whatever yeah they did that what would you do if there was another. Nora and the chair is just empty and it was like she got drunk in the room. Upstairs downstairs that would suck yeah. I would've liked that. Yeah I'd be like that's too many mysteries now. That's like the whole it's the it's the whole thing like sinkholes ground. No No if if they got there and she wasn't there. Oh I was saying I was and after what we saw were should out the dummy if what we didn't see what she whatever she had drank or taken she was so out of it that she didn't remember going down and just doing that thing right where she. Oh Yes yes. Oh so she was responsible for was not but the we talked about that when when it was rolling. Steve you and I remember. We said well they're obviously setting us up to either. It was her and she doesn't remember and it's more like brain. Fuck the ground solid or what about her? Name's reg thing like that would have been. It's all the same storyline somebody as either impersonating her. Or It's all in her head and the world car she went and got the fake. It made was a little wonky. I liked it. I was like this bitch is so intense. She's like so gonNa make this work. I love she walks in and the security guard immediately. Yeah exactly and that's the thing like some a good security guard at a nice hotel like that would totally do that. Especially if you just kicked this person that morning you're like ready for her right strike back and then she just goes with a strange man to a strange apartment and gives him her Atholl Info though. Yeah that was interesting. I wouldn't I would not in New York City. Follow some guy never never this is like Oh you know what I just acts murderer from. Last Angeles is remembered that when we see nora buying all the junk food for her kids and are like all the kids and stuff yeah and it's just normal and you're like okay. Why but then you're like. Oh she's replacing all this shit in our house every wing I love. How like. Don't feed your kids that Shit. Yeah couldn't hold it you know but that's what people do you do. And then I said a couple years of like it's all going to be organic and Vegan. They don't eat any but then I said look captain crunch. Look look at what that's created. Look at the world around us and we know that it's just yeah. Were self destructive? That's excu nobody. Was that a lot of like you can't feed your kids that Shit and then later on. Nora thinks she caught the girl that stole her badge. And she's like if I call me a bitch because she said you're because of frosted flakes which I think we have a clip by semi kids disappear cut. I'm Steve was like. That's you and it was like I know it is one hundred percent disappeared because I gave them frosted flakes so funny. I was like all right there because the woman goes no. I said I brought up a theory about this thing that relates to and. That's exactly what I say every time like it's never about the thing it's there's a whole string of like psychology behind it and you just minimize it to one thing. This is every fight I got. It was important to hear that story. Because you learn a lot more about Nora and how she's coping with her loss and at the end of episode when she talks to the author of that book she also just like flies off the fucking handle at him and she obviously can't handle the grief of her the loss of her family and In in seeing it connect that way and seeing her past behaviors or haven't quite she doesn't quite grown out of that yet. was interesting for the character. And then she fucking is led to Holy Wayne. And then as you get a hug and then she gets a fucking hug. Where's that Goddamn Clip? You Bitch and his conversation with her dude he's conversation with her is super illuminating to like you. You just basically learn exactly what's going on inside of her emotions and brain. I know I love how you like. Knocked her walls down by being like I don't know fuck about you already. Got Your money and I'm tired right right. I I really I really Learned more on this watch through Those episode and I it's really fascinating and and makes holy Wayne I just feel differently about holy. Wayne this time me too actually. Yeah I think it's if I have a different about holy Wayne when I watched it and then whatever happens happens and then this time. I'm watching and I'm like forgot what happens and then I was like I think I understand okay but I totally. Don't remember what happens with Holy Wayne. Holy Wayne's ranch was that New York know how it was somewhere. Deserty like near So now the two worlds are starting to connect. Yeah it was like Arizona or something. He is the episode's in Season One. Ten Yeah and yeah. We're halfway over halfway now. Ten Ten to twenty thousand ten twenty. Okay so let me read. These trivia is really quick. 'cause they're actually quite interesting guys? Did you know? Oh one of the protestors is holding a sign citing Matthew Twenty four forty which says two men will be in the field. One will be taken in the other left. Another has assigned citing acts twenty. Thirty one a passage which. Wayne in the pilot claims his son quoted to him in a dream Wayne quotes Ecclesia. What is it ecclesiastes? These the ASTI ECCLESIASTES DS nine four to Nora. So he was quoting the Bible to Nora when he was speaking to her. Who WAS HOLY WAY? Oh Magic fucking So anyway it says. This is the first episode not to feature. Laurie and Patti Matt is featured only invoice. Kevin and Nora remained. The only characters to have appeared onscreen in every episode wearing. Nora's DISD ID number is forty two E. C. N. Forty two is one of the numbers on law. Must Fuck you. It's also the like answer to the Universe. Right exactly One of the protesters outside the conference as a sign that says tomorrow's family today. Referencing the Colts Eight Mitch. Family referencing the cold agent. Collini mentioning Gladys a banner for Heaven's converts mentioned in the pilot and Gladys says we are left in purgatory. One conspiracy theorist has assigned claiming World Health Organization. Did it. I called that one out a protester. Joe A crew did it a protester. Advertising Pope Lives Dot Com claims that the pope is hiding in a basement in Sicily. That's so funny because I love that that means in the writer's room they're just having so much fun with coming up with happen. I'm sure it was just like what do you think would happen? Yeah right right all on the show but I love the. What do you think would happen is like? Oh what if? What if what if the pope didn't What if there's a theory that the pope didn't Disappear in the departure but he still went into hiding because he wanted everyone to think well they are that he was a wholly reason and he was a holy person. Well they know all these things because they're like people like Elvis Presley died and believe it. S P theories already exist about the surprise and England is a reptile alien good. Yeah we'll just I think Paul McCartney is like a an to. I'm right there. You believe the Andrew W K one. What does that one they they say that like the he he died and his twin brother replaced him. No I believe they ever Levin One though we I've heard this thing what's that youtube like averill. Lavine save it for our our conspiracy Morbid but there are went down of fucking rabbit hole watching conspiracy theories recorded one album passed away and they found like her sister or someone looked like her to come in. And fill in for the next album's. Yeah that's what a makeover will do get you all that kind of press. I wanted to do a link. The documentary about it with free but really. What do you guys think about? Britney Spears right now though because I'm worried every ever been worried about Britney Spears right well I love her. I want her well. I definitely thought that we would see a tragic and in the early two thousand so moving. The Ba- I like I wishing her the best same all right back leftovers Okay I can't. Let's see any other interesting things here. Oh we built. I remember getting shot in the beginning. Go Book author and Series Co Creator. Tom PIRATA has said that. The scene between Nora and Holy Wayne in this episode. His favorite scene of the entire series. Yeah might be mine too because they give us some damn fucking answers actually one time. Thanks boys one ton of May down to to go. It's so funny there's a section here in the In the Wikki that tells you the differences between this episode and the Book and I. It's a lot so I don't want to get into it but this one seemed kind of interesting because was a skimming this eve. Anything was interesting but listen to this. Nora's ritual of being shot by prostitutes is an invention of the show in the book. She engages in the healthier pursuit of riding her bicycle for miles. Daily Lindelof we're on. Hbo It's have a prostitute shooter. The woman she keeps going to see with the kids is that like the first prostitute is the one her husband cheated on her with. The preschool teacher told her that the Preschool Teacher. Cheated preschool tension. We've seen her before. No no no no. This is the first time. Yeah okay. Okay we're going to see her as her first time also. Yeah and then she gets. She told the prostitute like the girl. The first girl who did it when do it again. I thought that was wait on earth. What we repeat what you just said. I could not hear it. I said when she told the prostitute that the other the first prostitute wouldn't do it anymore. Gwen shoot her anymore. Because my right yeah. I thought that blind grow chiefs going. To see was the first prostitutes are interesting. You're saying makes a lot more. That's really funny because her going back continually so ridiculous. I thought she was lying. That she's been shot before I just convincing that. She was lying But who knows who knows All right well listen You it for three grand. No absolutely absolutely they shot it really. Well thought about it if I was like desperate for cash and stuff but then when you get to the moment. She's actually holding the gun. I put myself in those shoes. I could never have good aim. No no no I mean when you fire a gun. There's like recoil. You have to like be ready for that and too much for that much. There's no way there's no way I mean you know whatever but she did and you know it's funny. Are you know those and here we are. I'm like maybe five hundred thousand dollars. Maybe think about it. Jesus I would shoot someone. Writing Faiths reviver thousands will that you just find somebody who's rich. It's an easy murder breath. The five hundred thousand dollars. You could get away with that. I mean like I think you could get like a boat. I don't get a nice over five gas and everything. Basically that whole scenario is is a one thousand ways to die episode like the girl calls the prostitute and says I'm wearing a bulletproof vest and then boom kills her and then and then and it's called the girl calls the prostitute All right well listen. Let's get into the clips and then emails and We have to be very careful. Because we actually got flagged and I and some people were unable to watch the video of our show which you can catch on youtubecom. Gosh Latte Alley. Cast we got flagged because the commute it has it. Has it taken down from certain countries or whatever or it's like blocked from certain region because of music because of the music. Yes so we really need some new themes otherwise it's going to be a pretty Chill show but not that that really matters but it may be fun to them. Can I tell you the theme? I thought for episode six sure my themes are very vague in rough and I think they're just the entire show themes but whatever what I felt but whatever episode the themes were about what about five. Oh We kinda talked about the line he says. But it's easier to stay silent truth about that and about fire and stones and they talk about the stoning and then the alternate of that is fire will devour you the fire of not speaking the truth. Or whatever So like fire and stones and staying silent or speaking and episode seven. I feel like the themes were being a stand in like impersonating something or the real thing and either being that or or having that. Like like the dummy that she has that whole concept of Having a dummy replace the person who's left like does a stand in or some impersonator matter no matter whatever and then the the second theme I felt was dying alone or death or being alone death and being alone. Sorry Oh interesting. Where'd you get the being alone from? There was just a lot of emphasis on being left alone. Like with Nora being left behind her whole family the whole episode is about Nora. So it's like no doubt that's what the themes are going to be in that episode. But yeah there are all these themes that seemed about being left alone and being alone. I mean literally they have or go to the divorce court and get a divorce and you see her every point in that feels so strange. Because there's nobody there with her she's not fighting anyone. Nobody has another opinion just like will divorce. Yes you got divorce okay. She walks out of the divorce court alone. Like most people you walk and you get on the elevator together. You wait so other prison goes I like to. Yeah everything is like blaring alarm. Sounds your alone. You're alone obviously and your get the feeling that like. Matt would have been there for her but they're fighting. I don't get that feeling. I don't get the feeling that her father left in the message. L. and that's true and that's true but he also she also was like you only come here when you need something. I don't feel that they're close at all. Yeah I mean your message and she saved. She say each other. Kiss the guy because he was married. Yeah that was quite very interesting even on the influence of whatever drug that was the FDA was approving the next year it will be approved soon right. That scene was just landed music so we just have to go like that. That's seen that scene in. The hotel room was borderline. Crin I hated it. I was like it was so go on. With any of these people was almost on the edge of being edge of being cringe e like this like actors pretending to be drugged and drunk. Yeah but you know like but but it's also those kind of parties like anyway okay so clips the way. We'll do clips is we'll do. We'll do like a little. Oh there you go guys. We play a few clips to fill it in with. What if you stand by? We're GONNA play a bunch of club anyway okay. So it's time for some of gloves so guys. These are breads clips. Are they mixed in together? They're all mixed. It's all willing nearly all right. Let's just as the first one it's called. Can't you fucking what's from? Its when the guilty remnant is like in the beginning of the episode. The guys like fuck you you fucking you fucking. That was that I was like Nah. I'm not gonNA pull it and lawn of the made me go back for it. Pretty much all the clip for me. She I mean there were a lot that were yeah for sure. This one's called dancer. One of the witnesses says he's going to be late for his ballroom. Dancing lesson. Okay if I let him go. Isn't that guy taking governor taking ballroom dancing? Or is he just being a piece of shit and that Guy's dumped shit? I hope he's actually ballroom. Dancing okay. Wasn't it interesting? How that guy was just like fuck you man this town. Is You fucking ten win against you? Know he's gotTa hang out with them more often. That guy's upset these dogs with them anymore. this next clip is called mood. Good this is fucking good. Was that that Patty eating the. There's some egg placement ruin missing eggs. Oh yeah there you go. There's your daily egg. This one's called leave. I'm not allowed to leave. My Own House is GonNa Watch. Oh Yeah 'cause we're thinking we put these because a quarantine ordine. Let's learn to leave. My own house is GonNa last. Those are the people outside of their side of the gyms and shit and Walmart's going. Let me I'm not allowed to leave. My own house is GonNa last. This one's called fair. It just doesn't seem fair us being locked up inside our houses. We didn't do anything wrong. More and pulls D- reached creates Orrin polls mustard stain. Oh good clip off. What if he had an officer? Catch-up Saint Buddy cops mustard and kids were on the case. This one's called. Fuck oops Fuck I say? Fuck to own then we got to. I say fuck to thank you to this. One's called shoot. You want me to watch you know I want you to shoot me. Why God. That's that's the show asking me if I wanted to watch during the guilty remnant shit and like fuck you know. Kill me to called joke. I don't know how to Joe. That's Kevin not knowing joke call daughter. Oh Fuck your daughter. Oh Fuck your daughter. Fuck your diet. Oh Fuck your daughter. Fuck your daughter mustard stain and is find. One is called frosted. You said my kids disappeared because I gave them frosted flakes. Oh Fuck your daughter all right. That's all the cliffs we got guys. Why don't we get even Good night what I do. All right tell someone else. Christopher Smith sends us an email saying in the spirit of what lost clips member how many times we had been gone so we got some what clips and here. They are shit it but I'm here they are. Here's the first one's called twins. What still a baby. Why Oh my God? Stop Making your paper. I need to borrow one hundred thirty five thousand dollars all right. That's a great. What all right. Thank you for that. Christopher Smith Kelsey graver sends us an email saying the leftovers non watcher email hasty Brett Alana and possible guests. We not clapping anymore. Oh yeah forgotten. Lost the identity of every other. We'll the clapping. Happened in the watchman show class but yeah we we we can get. Let's Clip Klabin this one little clips. But I'm not all right first. Time email or longtime fan humble brag. I'm an essential worker and a mom and don't have the spare time to watch the leftovers nor lost. Thank you however I love listening to the podcast at work. It's fun to listen to people passionately. Slash respectfully talk about art loved. Alana's notes in the last episode and hope her deep dives into the themes. Continue well I hope you liked this one. I know I should dive deeper again. Ha hoped to catch up on on these shows eventually but until then I will enjoy listening to you. Horn born boys Hong Kong. That's when the Horn happens. Thanks for all you do. Kelsey sent from thirty two IPHONES. Well done thanks Kelsey. We Love Rinse. That's great thank you Kelsey keep listening. Please Jim McLean. God sends us an email saying first time email to the first time show for the first time episodes. Fives five and six Adele designed to you all my name. Is Jimmy. Mclean all right? I'll give you a Thoughts from episode thoughts from the episodes Gladys's head. Blood splatter so juicy looking like Fiqh Hawaiian Punch but seriously so brutal in the effects like there was a point at which was a dummy they were throwing rocks at rolling. It right like you would do as a joke. Joke thing like they would do in the eighties. Right arm. A bag of juice. I really found it thoughtful and interesting. The Need to protect the guilty remnant or the public from the murderers murderers. And I feel for cabin trying to put a curfew in but I would be pissed to as a citizen. The guilty remnant are provoking people. The fair being locked up inside our houses. We didn't do anything wrong. Should fear be the driving decision in this case? Leave my own house this is GonNa last. It's open season Kevin keeping it real with them without his wife there. He seems more rational at the end of that scene shows. She's starting to get the guilty remnant philosophy and how to push it on others. Laurie going away with Patti gave me so much more context to Patty as a character and these to mirror each other really well. The themes of dealing with grief and trauma are thick and how to continue on in the face of overwhelming adversity. Can we get somebody to solve? The mystery of where random socks go like I get Kevin Missing his shirts but irl socks be departing. Reverend Jameson gets friends. Good for him but laureate do I was like is he? Got A lot of people. Show up okay. Correct me if I'm wrong. But one of his friends is the guy that brought his baby in to be baptized right. I missed it someone in the emails. Please confirm but Lori at the end with that weasel. She doesn't want to hear that garbage. Just like people don't want to deal with remembering how awful. The departure was gassed gassed. Up Time to get fucked up on the drugs I fucking Love Nora as a character and how. She is conflicted with how to move on. She wants to feel but doesn't but doesn't want to feel. I can empathize dealing with chronic illness and loss of family and friends like a rash. You're trying not to each but someone keeps reminding you of it one. It's none of their goddamn business. The whole industry surrounding departures is fascinating and something that I can see happening after the pandemic if it is an happening already. The whole what's earning the departures. All of the The Industry the industry surrounding the dolls and like like that the books and stuff the books I love how comfortably uncomfortable Lori is with Kevin asking him to go to Miami so they can fuck all over there. Sweet will bed of Divorce Laurie. Nor however yes so. That's very funny. The fuck over their sinful bed of divorce papers. It is ironic that someone would want to impersonate someone who has lost their whole family. Those are shoes. I would not like to walk in. But she wasn't doing. She just took a badge that she could get away with the woman's name so that she could go do her talk. I don't have an oh by the way. Remember what she said bread. Do you remember what that woman said? Who is pretending to be Nora on the panel in the lobbying vaguely? She was subtitled. It we yeah. We subtitled it as she's being ripped away. She's like why isn't anybody talking about how the Saudis developed no Israelis the Israeli. Sorry my bet is developed Ray. A laser beam that could disintegrate a human being with no with leading fatter behind. How cool is that? She said in two thousand five. This machine was built and now why is no one looking is that could pulverize organic matter. Leave nothing behind. Yeah Yeah I would not have been okay with my bad. Not BEING THERE AGREE. I was so glad she was fighting going. Oh she's probably in there have been like then. You should get up under my mistake. I don't WanNa have to go confront a stranger. Can I just say my badge that I've as a source fed host? I went to conventions all the time and other source fed hosts would also go and then bring their significant others and stuff and sometimes the Steve. Zaragoza Badge would not be there but the Joe Baretta one would be so I would take that one you know and it was just like 'cause you know someone brought their boyfriend and they gave him the Steve Zaragoza Badge. Oh is that James. Our producer wanted to go to e. three for a day so he took my Steve. Zaragoza Badge walked around E. Three and like you know like we we timely at three. You're there you go. I mean I was someone else's badge quite a few times at quite a few cons. Well there in the industry but it was always because somebody gave me their badge. I never took someone's badge. No I'm saying I never took someone's badge without giving it to me and then I would use it. Crackdown on this. Crackdown on it. Yeah but have you ever been like in a producer role where you're like taking care of everyone's badges and stuff like and then the crew comes and then someone goes like Jeremy's not going missing right and it's like where's the missing badge or whatever? It is kind of a common thing. You bunny more. Crackdown and no no no. But I will because I've been to health conferences with my mom before and it's rag. It's a completely different atmosphere than a convention. Typical like convention that has like fans actors so different. Like yeah. You're right this is. The conference are very different. Very fucking top but it's different like vibes also like there is no feeling of like celebrity or like. Oh you should do this from your. Shouldn't somebody fighting back like that would be like what's your problem figured out ever but at the same time the woman still it was her fault she fucked up all right moving on from Dude. I would. I would have not talked to you. You don't stand. You shouldn't stand for that but they don't really do that anymore. They don't let you stand for that anymore. Everyone sit down. Swops your water. I've been like I'm a fish over here drank. I was wondering thirsty boy today. Thursday battered anyway continuing on from Jim. Mclean's email before we were rudely interrupted by me. Frenching mannequins is my favourite kings of Leon album. Holy Wayne's hugs aren't magic the act of a hug in general from a stranger. Who doesn't judge that closeness to another person? The person getting the HUG has to actively release those feelings and thoughts but that also makes it a brilliant yet fucked up scam. No no no no in personal opinion. I appreciate a different opinion. No no no no no no I think. He's like Jesus in in modern times type where he has a gift and ability to absorb the shit. I think that especially after this episode because in this episode when he hugs her it almost looks like he's like pulsating a little bit in the hug and he's not especially enjoying it. He's just like feeling things happen to him very subtly and. I think he literally has. I think it's the concept of like if a person like Jesus was alive. Today Aka has some kind of special ability that they've tapped into or learn to do or whatever. I hope you like. I don't think any of those things are really magic. I just think it's like I mean like you know scientists not by. That's all you really need. I hope it's something special. Yeah I mean I. I hear what this person is saying. That's true but I don't think that's what's happening with Holy Wayne at all ending with. Do you believe the department is in a better place? Brings it full circle? Faith and belief can only get you so far in the present better place than like Earth? It's the age old question better place than like Earth. We read from the sentence before. I'm confused about Wendy. Do you believe the department is in a better place brings a full circle. Faith and belief can only get you so far in the present better place than like Earth. It's the age old question heaven. Hell pro-tory was a divine or natural. She got so many yes answers because people were trying to be hopeful or the knew that she had lost people. Too hard to be objective. For Nora someone who went through it to I mean I think what they were suggesting without her bosses suggesting is probably true right that she was getting more of those now that we know the question because the part of that that I found interesting was the asked her how she answered and she said I said. Yes all three times. Yeah so she had to get interviewed for each individual and she thought all three of them were in a better place. Yeah I definitely that is that does give you more insight into her. The torturous healing provided had to go through think to do at three times. I don't know if she would still say yes though because I think that's part of her yet. Part of her journey is like when she learned about her husband learning about other little things along the route the route that is maybe making her question that but I and the husband's in how I don't know that it's that far but I think she's questioning a little bit more. I don't agree with what this person is saying about. I don't really understand what they're trying to say about belief but I think belief is a vital thing to humanity like you can't exist without hope and hope is just a belief you believe. Hopefully or not is interesting. How much we think can consider. What's next yeah? Yeah and like after being gyms aspiration of anything else. Jim Ends email by saying sorry for the long email. I am a high school English teacher and I don't get to divulge in these types of things with students due to sex blood violence sex and drugs. The themes are so strong with well written characters. That are so human in their expressions and choices. I would kiss Damon Lindelof on his ballboy head much love as much love to Alana and Brett by. Bb's please send us more. I love some insightful. And whether you having your students read. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's a good question. Also I love the idea. Or what was it that he said at the end there hanging. I have to go back about licking Damon. Lindelof balls No Oh that the theme he said the characters were well written and that they're so human in their expressions and choices a lot about that even justin throws like performances were his end of the class. You they were there. Were so many human reactions. He's so when he was leaving the Voice Mail on the phone. He was like you know just calling about so. That's all I was talking about like even just adding these per so perfectly was like. Oh my sweetness. Speaking of US Jean Shang Walla Walla Bing Bang sends us an email saying new clips writing this right after listening to the latest episode. I tried to do eclipse them. With my limited premiere pro knowledge. Hope y'all like it it's royalty free baby. Thank you Max. Your amazing He says also acts the name sweat. He calls himself Matt Okay. He signs his emails as Max. Even though the whole thing is young Zhang Max Tayo anyway he says also could be Jay and the AC mean baby. Jesus Emmy Asian child or Black Jesus and the Asian Christ or black ges and the Asian Christine. Is this a race thing? No or we we need answers dancers. Also Steve. Thanks for your thoughts on the show. Being depressing honestly. The show is rather depressing but having the podcast to look forward to his kind of keeping me positive throughout the show so keep up the good work. Y'All to my lights at the end of the leftovers tunnel Max all right you guys ready for this. It's the unveiling unveiled the new clips theme and here. We go off clips yes clips so you choke me here. But I don't lose I love it. I love it so much so good. It's going in the Goddamn streamed check. It makes me WANNA dance like be hips right next to this one. I don't give a fuck. Do Nice Work Buddy thank you Max thank you Max. We got some kids. We need an email one. Make us that one to eat. Rose sends us one. Saying I haven't watched. Lost or watchmen or the leftovers and I still listen to all of them. Did you seek a boom good morning? First Time show hosts? I've been listening to this podcast since lost and I still have no idea what lost was. I listened to this show because I love the commentary. It's like a story being read to you by your friends. My favorite segment is most definitely clips because of context. They are so hilarious that they find a good one for that. I don't know how to joke. That's great right now. I'm working because I'm considered an essential worker. Thank you for your service and I enjoy listening to podcast the challenge. The Way I think about a topic loss was a show I saw as a child and didn't understand it all but through listening to the podcast. I was showing the show. I was showing the show in a New Light. I felt the same way with watchmen. I never even heard of the show but when explained to me when explained to me made me open my eyes that there is a very interesting information about how people react to things and how comedy can be found in each episode even in just clips. Keep podcasting up. I enjoyed every minute of it. The leftovers makes me excited. Because it's a crazy idea of thinking how millions of people disappear without knowing why an hearing the theories is so fun. Your friend Jay. Thanks J. Great new. noah sends an email noah. Crombach says Krumbach was my favorite. He Man Villain Salih a good comedian just off the bat disarming his own name who oh you made that up. I thought that you read that from the email. That's his name Noah chromebook and then I said it's yeah. Yeah Yeah that's what I'm saying. I thought he said that I said it. Sorry excuse me I said it new great show Newell. I'm sorry new great show old problems. Please read hello my to my favorite to horn be borne gals and boys'll Longtime listener first time writing in been watching listening since the old source fed days. And this is the best thing to happen during the quarantine for shore. Thank you by the way I am one of the ones that is not watching along because we can't get. Hbo Go in Germany and it sucks. That's why I don't have any insight to the episode. Podcasts are so good either way it is just a joy to listen all them and they do help and have helped me get through truly trying times. Maybe I also really enjoy the addition of Alana to the REWATCH team. She brings some great new points to the table. So this is all fine and Dandy but I came across an old problem with this news. Zoom Format. It's truly great. That Owen decided to come on the show again but now over zoom. I have even more trouble distinguishing Brett from Owen. They basically sound the same now. At least they don't talk over each other anymore. Worked IT OUT HASHTAG? Burt yes Hashtag Alana. Yes hashtag W T.F. Jill that one of the clips of so shit whereas before the first episode that was log. Please all stay safe and healthy. Best wishes and greetings from Germany. Thank you know up soon. Yeah safe and healthy. Noah also know aware in Germany are you. If you write again I speak a little German. No aware Vos in Zedong the laughing. Chiro sends an email saying howdy partners longtime first time listening to every episode of the first time show and have only ever watched one piece of content covered. Popeye what choice so sorry. That's so I'm so sorry only movie I've ever seen or will ever watch when you have peaked. There's nowhere to go but down get Outta here. Anyway let's cut to clip the Chiro. All right whatever thank you. Chiro for listening. Dustin Thomson sends an email saying leftovers. Hello boys and Gal. I've never watched the leftovers before. My brother Texted Steve Guys. Oh yeah that's right. Guys is only four ninety nine to buy on Voodoo. Don't miss this opportunity. And then what was the reply to that you should just spam off octagonal reply right after that you said ha ha. I wouldn't dare anyway Dustin says just wanted to add some quick thoughts on these two episodes. Can't say can't say fuck to be the new soundboard drop anytime a well-timed f-bomb dropped. Oh I think you're talking about this one I say fuck to. Yeah Nora and hot cop both subtly dropping the divorce status. I see where this is going very observant Dustin Bet da Guerra is here. My friend bet though could be the new Dan Dan. Dan Say he was going to do this with us. Who Dan cold his is Dan. I mean daily Am I wrong? We don't know what it means in the watchman. Yeah emails but he might have said it in the episode that you all that I lost. Yeah so he can now plead the fifth. Better says a beeps. Bob's BAPS and here are my notes from the next two episodes. Steve just one thing not a big deal but we should do it before it gets awkward. Like in the office after months of working with someone tried pronouncing my last name without the use. Sound imagine it's silent or not. It's your show. Anyway I WANNA is it. So he saying so. It's Guevara so take the juice which just give our game add also is. Is it Beth though? Yeah I had a cousin though veto. 'cause I know somebody who was name spelt that way but he went by Bago and I think it's just because people would always it wrong but I don't know actually what he's GonNa say Beto. You can say veto. Okay yeah you can save veterinarian thrown Aaron Anyway Says Alana. Your had some very interesting points of view. I thought they were great. Thank you for the first one. Sound Alert Fuck You. You fucking conce. Yeah we got it back you you fucking Jesus I remember. There was a stoning in this show but I did not remember it being so violent fame. The sound design is brutal I love that's saying long. We were saying the sound design is really every hit was. Oh God I could imagine what that felt. Like begins with K I do love seeing Patty having to ask Kevin for help after all the shit. She's done and I love that. Kevin was like willing to help without gloating crazy. Bald Corleone is late for one of his ballroom dances. I love this guy. She's one of the witnesses says he's going to be late for his ballroom. Dancing lesson ballroom dancer by day dog killer by night. I really do think he was just being an asshole to that guy and that guy is just kind of dumb. I'm going to hold belief that he barn dances to my fantasy. Thank you maybe. We'll get some more in that story. I mean maybe does he does. So amy like. I have a family right. She practically lives with Jill and heaven and eats all her food. She even sleeps there when there was a violent murder in this in this small ass town. I get it though. Hot Cop is a hot cop. The character of amy is bothering the fuck out of me. This watch through the first summer watch it. She didn't bother me as much well. Just wait and see when is at the hotel. That's probably the first time she sees her face in a long time. They don't have mirrors in the guilty remnant house will oh the guy from the dry cleaning shop literally call someone. Mr Four is just as Kevin was working on my luster episode. We find out that Matt did not actually know the Lady Gladys. That was killed. That means that when he saw her and his dreams outside the church he's probably just putting faces on people and filling in the blanks. Not necessarily remembering everything as it was no he. No he said he remember. He said he saw her outside of the church. No her and the vision or notion. Just hands a pamphlet to him and goes. You're you're not laid all are welcome or whatever but he says that he's references but I think the way them standing outside as guilty remnant watching him because he said they were just watching. You like you like they do. I think that's what he was talking about. But I choose to believe that she did. She was a petitioner. Maybe who knows? I feel like it was referencing. Her being oppression I thought he said about her handing him something that he would see her outside and and she'd be watching me like she does and then but I thought it was OK. Well when he said outside to me I it. It identified outside of the Church at somehow. Yeah because he's walking in the church like considering episode member when he sees the pigeon and the guilty remnant are watching gladys's one of the ones that's watching him. I know that I'm just saying I thought of it. The other way unless is blowing my mind because maybe I fucked the words to fit my visual. Oh okay in my head People go ape shit when they imagine the idea of a curfew after eight PM way is. It doesn't seem fair makes you think. How would people react to the real world of something like that actually happened? We would probably do fine. Great End to that. There are a bunch of new snippets regarding some shit going down in Florida. Oh right maybe it was the cult police someone in Florida. Ask them to go and deal with their Colt problems. Oh let me tell you. Beta is like am I saying it right? Yeah you could say that. How should I say it just saying like these days last night? Saito Guevarra Guevarra is killing it with the detail. Yeah he's noticing every little hair that I wish I had enough coffee while I watch to notice and in the end glass's body left the earth. Doing what she loved smoking. That's another from my team though. Talking about bestowed sorry Beeston's being stoned or going up in flames about speaking or the truth saying nothing at all those are those two themes and happens again was In the next episode. He said I totally got. Rei legit got chills watching Nora. Replace all groceries. I mean what are the chances these two love? Birds are getting a divorce on the same day right? I mean fuck already sound alert. Oh Fuck your daughter. Yeah we got uh fuck you fuck your daughter see even cool as ice. Nora can be awkward to new. York is crazy which is awkward at a cool way. Yeah New York is crazy are protests cults streets packed with crazy people anyways. Let's see how they portrayed in the show very nice Beto. That trip to New York is Great. You see a lot of the world building going on in the show. The guilty remnant is not just in the small town but all over. You see other cults and other departure related jobs love it nor is the best under her under peer pressure. Alive dog is better than a dead lion. Listen Holy Wayne Alive. Dog is better than a live lion as well. So here's the thing about holding Wayne whereas our holy Wayne Quick Clip. Don't we have one clip que- oh it's this one fucking Here's the thing. Holy Wayne. Maybe he's just full of shit but maybe he's not obviously he doesn't have magic fucking hugs. Maybe he is very good at reading people and empathizing with others pain. I think it's maybelline. I think that if you're in the in immense pain and someone sees right through you and connects it can leave you very vulnerable at that moment. Physical connection is like a hug. Logic Hood sorry physical connection like a hug. Logic focusing can make you crack. The brain is a very powerful thing. If you think or someone makes you think that you're ready to be ready to heal. Then you might just start the healing process. Not I agree with but I still think it's like Jesus type parallel. I don't see anything wrong. With holy Wayne recognizing his skills and charging a fee for them especially in this fucked up world magic. But then there's the whole sex ranch thing with the young Asian women so fuck that guy. I really miss the show man. I really miss this show man. It's so good interesting and complex till the next one guys. Don beddoe Dome Bethel Don Bad though Like Zorro about dawn's looks like Djing is back Max. Zhanjiang is back. He says hey a Lotta he no. He has episode. He wanted to talk about episodes five and six. He didn't get to do that. He was too busy making email or making clips themes so. I just got done watching episodes good. He can do whatever he wants. Yeah you're good So I just got done watching episodes five and six and to be honest. It's kind of hard to write about both episodes because they're so different in tone episode. Five was a tough watch. The first scene was really hard to get through. Why did they have to kill the most grandmotherly looking guilty remnant could just got one of the ones? That's just like a background one. You know also amy please put on some damn close. No Justin throw as hot as fuck. But this Shit's getting weird agreed question for. Y'All if you were to go into the Indian guy's laundromat. What nicknames would he give you Mr four is was pretty mean? I think he called me Bandana Pinkie or beard may Mr Beard. No way beards Yes we'll be the BANDANNA BOYS MR laughs or Mr giggles mustard stand Episode six though. Hey it's that actor who plays a Frat Bro in every movie he's Great Noren Kevin Together. They have the most adorable meet cute. It's to dorks who are perfect for each other. They have so much in common to cheating divorced jokes. That don't quite land can wait to see how this relationship goes also hope you guys like the clips theme. I'm trying to think of an e mails theme at the moment. Hopefully I get some inspiration soon. Could y'all make a could you all maybe do a clean cut of each of you saying the word emails? Talk to Y'all next week love Max. Yeah let's do it all right. Alana you I E mails Brett emails. And here's my emails all right. We harmonize one eamon. Ooh remind bad. It's everything's great great. Great Time Ben's Levinsky sends an email Brett wants to keep harmonizing. Obviously Sino Steve's like it's fine. I'm like it again Alright you literally asked me for this. So I'm doing it. Ben's Levinsky says Hello Steve Alana and Brett. I'm contacting you today to let you know that I'm one hundred percent not watching the leftovers. All I really know is that this show comes up in the valley cast feed and just pump it into my ears. Because what else am I gonNA do? Pomp it we were wondering if anyone is watching the leftover will bet so is for sure that's true and As long as we're just doing this over. Beto we were hoping there'd be some of you that we're just like fuck it. I listen to the valley cast. We hope you stick around though because I know it can be kind of like what the fuck. I'm not even watching this show the ground because I mean it's only about fifty percent about the left of yeah exactly Anyway I briefly considered actually watching along but that took just a little bit too much effort so I gave up on that. Maybe I'll make it easier for you so now. I'm trying to piece together. What leftovers is all about from the podcast? It's a great time. Nine point six out of ten. Keep up the great work. Stay Safe Dermot. Oh can you Ben I'm going to ask you a favor because some people would do this on lost and it was really fun Can you email us? What you think is happening in the show because remember when that happened with lost. That was always so much fun Okay and then he sent one more. That says I love when Steve is suffering and excited to say his thoughts so he doesn't really listen to what a lawn is saying. It sounds like man's planning but I know Steve isn't no Greg danged misogynist. So it's all good. It's not man swinging. It's when you're in a relationship with someone you get used to like you just do that. Sometimes yes leftovers yes. I Got Clip Swan Bilardo since clips. He says hello all you beautiful humans. I mean huge fan of this podcast. Podcast Holocaust Holocaust and everything. You do. Steve I have been listening to your horns and farts for eight years. Now me too and it's crazy to think you have been entertaining me for so long. You have no idea how much your comedy your songs and your nerdiness shaped me and inspired me to do goofy to be my goofy to horn self. Oh you swayed. Leftovers is one of my favorite shows of all time and I'm so happy reviewing it finally. Yes it is very depressing but is also so well crafted and so real emotional that it can be written off as that sad rapture show my girlfriend and I are having a great time re watching and listening to you guys. We love you so much. Oh we're happy. What do you have to say about a dummy? I love you to a few thought. So far wow. Tommy story is so much slower and much more boring than I remember. Is it just me or is this holy Wayne Baby Crap? Just incredibly boring. I want the Garvey's all day long and more Nora and Matt cutting from them just feels wrong. Yep I'm interested because I want I care about Kevin and I want Kevin to know the his his sons. Okay yeah but the slowness of the Sun Story I get I mean. I think it's a you of these episodes right. It's like the last two potter new. The last two Harry Potter movie slash the last Harry Potter book. They're literally just like out. They're not doing much waiting to find something. And that's the same thing that's happening with Tom. So like all right. It's a little boring to show. Do you agree Brett. I feel like I don't know enough about any individual character to perf- preference yet okay A great example Let's see the show has such a great way of stirring up emotional and almost spiritual atmosphere around the characters that makes their stories feel so significant It's almost like everyone's lock in this show like basically a great example is Matt's episode with the Birds. Nothing really needs to be explained. Because the hint that there is some greater power influencing these characters is so intriguing and chilling and fucking cool that it makes you want more. It could be God. It could be aliens or could be nothing at all. What matters is the cool feeling? Lindelof is good at creating. Yeah that's really well said I agree but I think that's mostly just mad because it's what's in Matt's head because he has faith true virtue He says a few thaw. Or let's see this show. Such I love the feature of clips and fun Song Edits on the show. So here are my favorite clips from past episodes. Ps If you WanNa have a fun night take a shot every time Kevin says fuck I say Fuck to love you all Hashtag Brett yes hashtag where the fuck is owing Hashtag. Jill's friend looks like a baby has tag large cheeks. Hashtag large is Hashtag Gerber. Baby GonNa Start Calling Gerber baby when Gerber baby comes into the room and lingerie i. I don't like it all right here. The clips that our friend. Juan sent this one's called. It isn't your fucking fault. It wasn't my fault it wasn't your fucking fault. Now come on it is. You're looking for her. It angry Kevin Kevin by saying that this is talking just I. It's not my place. Although he has always been. The best shoulder stopped hawking that. I had to stop quitting in the envelope. The world changed. Shut the fuck up. Yeah Yeah and then all draw a map on your hand. Germany's on your name is that from. I don't know where I go from either. The first clip I I remember the first to her from. I don't remember I'll draw map on Yom. Your fucking fault is when He. The girl said it was her fault that the guy attacked her and she was like no. I'm not gonNA leave until you say it wasn't my fault. The Asian pregnant Daniel Echo spider sends us an email saying look. Who's talking now? Hi Everyone here are some brief comments but these episodes were very intense marceline who got portrayed Kathy Geiss in thirty rock and Seattle. Yes yes oh really. That's the old the grandma who get stoned to death. When I first saw her the screen I was like. Where do I know this character? Strong from not from the show she plays a like mentally disabled rich daughter in thirty rock. And she's Hillary her and such a different role was very jarring and watching. This opening was very tough. Yes yes very true very true. Here's some questions that came up for me. Why does amy live with the chief and his daughter she just stays over all the time? You never had a friend that stayed over way too many times bread. Did you ever friend like that or your yeah? I had a friend that like basically lived with having in real life. It's very normal but you just don't see it a lot and yeah and my mom was like am I dad. Two of my mom specifically was like such a like come into my home. And if you need to stay here. I'll take care of you and feed you and everything and so everybody was like Shit. We can get all this good food Mexican food and like fucking chill with Steve. Playing Video Games and shit. Let's do it. I hear you guys are saying but in my upbringing experience. If it was a school night the was not normal. It was like it was a conversation if it would been going to school the same place. No it wasn't sleep over. It wasn't like no. It's impossible but it was certainly not just assumed thing. It was an absolute conversation every time. I don't know this zero go but I do feel like. It was more normal thing in like the nineties nineties. Yeah I'm not saying wasn't normal for you. Mind nineties but also I. It's it's not. I don't think it's as unusual. What you guys are saying for a friend to maybe have family problems and kind of basically move in with a friend while they're in high school. I know a lot of people who did something like I had a friend move in with us. Basically for like yeah but to me. That's we'll find out if that's what she's doing but that's totally different from just like sleeping over all the time because I just love you so much and I can't be around without you. Do you guys think the at FEC. Which is the alcohol tobacco firearms explosives and Cults Diarrhea? Processing Facility is making soiling Green Brett people I loved the Norah episode and. I hope that we get an episode about Patty in the future. Ooh I think so. I love this type of World Building. Were an episode will focus on a specific character. Take care and I'll and we'll keep on watching Daniel. I love it takes Daniel. A- thank you yes. I'm not a big fan of smoking so this show puts me on the edge. Yeah the alternate subject of my email was bounty the dog hunter. I remembered I have remembered. One thing that's GonNa Happen in the future and it was from watching this first episode of these two fifth episode. I remember some Alana's water bottle or or have you just transitioned to another by taken her bottle but she's been sharing it to me. That's okay I'm done for now. Thank you though. Giovanni finale sends an email saying guilty remnant theory. Guilty remnant is in cahoots with big casino. Hello first time boys and girl. My name is Brad and I'm not from Sweden. Why is Giovanni Kennel? Even that's not Swedish. This is my first time watching the leftovers. And I'm loving it so far. So thanks for introducing me to this series during last week's episode of the PODCAST. You guys mentioned the idea of the guilty remnant getting all their money from big casino and it got me thinking about a potential theory about the origins of the guilty remnant and their motives. I've spent countless seconds theorizing with my dog. And I think I finally got a solid theory to give us some frigging answers. Wow it's like a whole it's a whole thing written here. Called the guilty. Remnant is a subsidiary of big casino. I know it sounds crazy but I promise I'll explain everything. Let's start off with the most of evidence of this cigarettes now. I'm not even GONNA making a joke about this one. If any of you have ever been to a casino you know. They keep a constant supply of cigarettes burning in the A C vents. At all times. This is untrue. The guilty remnant is trying to replicate this as best they can but they don't have the appropriate zoning permits for the big. Ac units used in the casinos. So they have to set cigarette quotas for their members to keep their houses appropriately hot boxed also interestingly in twenty fourteen in two thousand fourteen interview with Vulture Damon Lindelof said in the leftover verse. All cigarettes are actually controlled by big casino. You have to have a cigarette permit to smoke a cigarette and if you get caught smoking. Sigi without a permit you get a spanking and a time out. So that's a joke right. This is why Bongo Joe's mouth always looks messed up. He's addicted to cigarettes coach. Is he the guy that shoots the dogs? He doesn't have a permit so yes to hide his cigarettes in his mouth because he does have the dip. Oh also the guy with a big truck and gun who likes to shoot up dogs as Bongo Joe. So it seems like the guilty remnant is the only place. Why Bongo Joe Because it is Steve. Guilty remnant is the only place in the leftover verse that other than the Casinos. That has his cigarette permit. Seems like a fishy Well you're still not convinced. I have two more points than I'm sure we'll sell you on this theory. The guilty remnant has multiple offenses of family hating on their record. They stole everyone's family photos. And I'm pretty sure they've written fucked the concept of family a few times in the series already something that oftentimes stops people from gambling in the stigma that it has within their families making for awkward conversations when your significant other asks where all the money they got from their inheritance went to buy brainwashing people that hate their families. You get rid of that barrier to gambling which means more money for the Casino and lastly it would be a crime if I didn't mention the guilty remnant and their affinity towards rocks. We've already seen multiple times throughout the series. How the guilty remnant seems to have rock magnetism powers. It seems like the guilty remnant games gains power from these rocks when Pastor Matt was driving back from the casino and saw those guilty remnant ladies absorbing rock power. He Got Jealous and tried to steal some of the rock energy for himself but the rock energy was too powerful for his frail non guilty remnant body and sent him into a three day coma similarly when the guilty remnant lady went into the woods. She got greedy and tried absorbing more rock energy better the overloaded her Shaqra and killed her. I think he corrected. So what does this have to do with casinos? Well most people think that native Americans own all the casino's but in the same that I referenced earlier in this email Lindelof said I wanted all the casinos in the leftover verse to be owned by Samoans. I just think they're so cool. So if all the casinos in the leftover verse controlled by Samoans. What does this mean for my theory? Well as we all know the most well-known Samoan Dwayne the Rock Johnson Casinos Samoans. The Rock rocks the guilty remnant. The guilty guilty remnant to get people addicted to casinos. And that's why big casinos. Keep buying them fancy houses and churches. I rest my case. Thanks so much. If you read this Steve. I know you're not much of a fan for long emails but I felt that I needed to get all my thoughts out of new an open forum if I could be so bold as to request a clip. Could you play a what the fuck jill fallen by ahead please well? I don't have the clip but I'll definitely play that other one for your friend. Joe Shit I said this before watching the new episodes for this week. Can I change my clip request to what the Fuck Jill followed by fuck you to then finally please no? Bb fuckers Brad. Damn Brad Wow Daniele email saying. The Show's Defense. Habeeb boys and girls baby girl. In the show's I don't think it's DEF- it's depressing in the proper sense of the word. It is sad but because it's supernatural stuff. It doesn't feel so real. I find shows like the wire way more depressing and hard to watch about the money of the guilty remnant. It is sort of explained later in the show. Maybe this is a spoiler but people wait but people that join them. Give them all their possessions late. Make sure it's not a spoiler. That's like colts one zero one. Make sure before you read out loud and speaking of my money of money anyway we can support the podcast. You guys have given us so many hours of entertainment. It would be great to contribute while I still have a job. I can't wait for all the clips this week. The pay pal one Kevin on the phone with the FBI Guy Kevin. Fighting the other policemen cheers from Australia. Ps Brett hanging their next season is not as heavy as this one. I'm hanging just by by creeper if you want support the show definitely by creeper and also subscribe to the valley cast channel and That that will be very helpful. And if you want to be even more giving you can become a patron of the valley folk and you'll get this episode of this show early as well as much other fun stuff you get it a day earlier than everybody else does a little kiss but definitely get creeper. It's only like a dollar or something two dollars. I'm out Steve. It was twice as much as you said. Alex Sinica Dopey says greeding Bribe Sheva and Lama and maybe guest longtime listener. First Time Writer. I have never written. I am a giant fan of lost. So as all about this show from the get-go and loving the leftovers so far having said that I don't recall giving permission to exploit my feelings via this television program the parallels between the townsfolk acting up against the curfew proposal an episode five and clips from my own small towns. Assembly Assembly are deeply unsettled unsettling as well as in episode six with the protesters outside the conference holding signs such as the one that read. Who DID IT at first? I wasn't sure if I can handle this but I'm finding it weirdly Cathartic. It's not a show. I thought I needed right now. You you have talked a bunch about how great the the Writing Cinematography music acting etc. But I didn't expect this to hit me like it did so. Thank you also. Thanks for keeping me company. While I'm stuck inside. Alex signed Alex Hashtag Brett. Yes hashtag Alana. Yes hashtag Lana Hashtag. Should we just say that they all Lindelof Wow? Ps Look Up. The number Wang sketches from that Mitchell and Webb. Look if you WanNa see the holy Wayne being a weird and Livia Coleman love and sloppy kisses. I love Mitchell and Webb. We Watch Mall Time Let's see Matthew Mayor says I see you're guilty remnant picture frame and raise you one paper cigarette. Hello first time cast on the last episode. You talked about Max Richter score for the leftovers which I think we can. All agree is top notch. I realized I should share. That early. Came through this week. Oh absolutely yeah is nice. I really should share that. I was lucky enough to attend a concert a few years ago. In New York City where Max Richter performed music from the show. It was really an awesome experience at the door. They handed out fake paper cigarettes. That had glitter on the end to make them look Lit as a fun little souvenir. Let's look lit even though I'm super jealous of your. Hbo Care Package Steve. I am happy to have this little piece of show. Memorabilia just wanted to share a little personal experience with you hope you all have a great week still waiting on my DS SETTLEMENT. What's that what's DISD? Let's also that sound the Department of Oh Department of sudden departures yes matt. Ps I've attached to pictures from the concert as well as a horrifying look at what the leftovers would be if Kevin was ugly Ono. Oh what the hell could you do a picture thing where you can add your face in their the hell is that? What is this Can't see it click. You don't WanNa see it. Kinda looked like he replaced the face on Kevin in some kind of show poster turn. Tush House says big Tabasco. Hello Steve Lawn and Brett. Here's a short email. I'm new to this podcast because it's quarantine and I have nothing else to do but consume all of the content. I possibly can anyways. Guilty remnant is funded by big Tabasco. This has never talked about but it makes so much sense. Love you all stay safe and sane makes shaved email. Billy Robert says the format good evening from Atlanta Steve. Madame fikus and Brett Brett lied to me about when you all are recording so this is the guy this emails half hazard and not thought out so blow tweeted out that I was wrong is wrong. Blame BREAD SO blame Brad. If my thoughts don't make sense or I ramble on. I've listened since the loss days. I've already watched lost three times on the podcast. Came about so listened without re watching. It was an interesting way to re-experience the show. I'm doing the same thing now with another lost rewatch. Podcast at the storm. That's cool. I've never seen the leftovers so I'm officially a first timer now. I'm struggling to respect the format but remained strong so far. Thanks for the encouragement to stick to it on twitter. I didn't WANNA say that. The format isn't going to respect my wallet. Very soon as my. Hbo Now trial ends on June third. You see the sacrifices I make for you as always thanks for all the content you pump out into the Internet world it is it is wonderful and Keeps Me Sane from Billy Aka the smallest fan thanks billy. Hbo Seen a spike in viewership -nificant. Few there I got annoyed coming here. Like why is everybody watching the leftovers right now? So such a bad time to watch such a depressing show was going to say something about something in here Reading an email. Oh we should just say that you should watch the show on fx whatever. But we're GONNA record Friday. We're recording on Friday record Friday afternoon evening right so if you have watched the show the the next two episodes by Friday. Just get in your emails by Friday. That's when you can get your emails in otherwise. Just watch it. Whenever you know by Friday afternoon is smart great. Thank you so much billy. Great next email comes from Darren Hicks Gladys Episode Observation Hagan BBB boys and girl and guest pay attention to the scene. Where Patty and Laurie listen are listening to hall? And oates in the car and pay. Close attention to Patty's wildly out of rhythm steering wheel slops. It's insane it comes. I thought he was going to have no. I've also too. But she wildly slapping out of rhythm for sure. They didn't know what they probably silent. The song was this yes. Andrew Whitney sends an email saying leftovers five and six. Hey baby boomers and baby goo. I know all my other. Emails have been jokes. So I'm GonNa take this serious this time. Unfortunately I keep forgetting when you record so I don't watch the episodes in time. Format be damned so this is my opinion on episodes five and six after only reading the episode titles five. Whoa Geez. Can you believe gladys I mean like what the heck was she thinking doing that thing with the fish in the truck bed an episode six? It was really nice of Nora to invite Kevin over to her house for some garlic bread and quotas for no reason. law right. I love it Dan. The man sends an email saying hello first time crew hi guys. This is Dan not that Dan. I'm from Miami. I've been wanting to write to you guys since you started watching the series this is honestly one of my favorite shows out there. Miami did. I've tried to Miami. I've tried to get people to watch it but everyone has just turned me away. I don't have to admit that I started or I'm sorry. I do have to admit that I started to rewatch with you guys. But the show is so compelling and corn gene has been so boring that I did break the format and win ahead all the way to the first episode of the last season. Yikes alarm bells. And they're saying sorry. Steve where I gotTA Say Fuck. You you fucking also don't give do. That's sucks man. Follow the format you shit. That's the most on following the format I've ever experienced. It's okay as long as he doesn't. Damn Spoil Shit. I guess I duNNo. Do I WANNA rock about joy? Read the rest is email from Miami. Dan Scan it. Scan it with your. I mean he's not Gonna. I'm just saying he's probably not going to spoil anything but it's like should I even just waves save it or read it well. Obviously it's been a long time but I mean it's just GonNa be just wanting to skip ahead registered tired definitely come back to this one. How these podcasts? Hours all right. Here's the last email for real is actually it? Michael gnaws Bache Michael's nauseated fish saying episode. Five thought main thought after episode five is Dean the middle aged bald dog killer. Oh is dean the middle aged bald dog killer? Or what did he call him? The other guy called him. Joe Bongo Bongo Joe Joe Bongo Joe Joe go joe and at FAC officer. Does it work for the tobacco and cult. I say no but I would love to find out. Yes because I want some exciting Shit Brett. I think it's just some fucking redneck gun toting dog killing. You know ghetto. Oh boy okay. All right There is there is a similar looking white male worker working at the cremation facility. He could be their cast casing the local. Gr Clan for extermination brings a new take on his. They aren't our dogs anymore. Line possibly trying to drive a wedge between Chief Garvey and his ex wife even further. I hear that. But I don't think so he also pitted the chief against the townsfolk the city council meeting and was the person to I put forward. The vay did this to themselves idea. Hope everything's going. Well still no internet except my phone feelings of rage here. Oh I'm so sorry I guess that's what I'm supposed to think about him Probably got some more important. I need you whatever you want. Baby blazing he. Yeah maybe we should be thinking more about him because what is the what is his relationship with Kevin. I just think he's a representation. I think heavens relationship with him is about. What's going on in Kevin's head? I mean I'm happy to be wrong but we're talking opinions. That's my pins if we're talking pins here. Those are my pins. And that's in my pin cushion stick of going to be like fight club and imagine one person side Fungal. Oh Joe Bungalow Jan Gang. What was it what did you Joe? He's on Love Island. Now is bungalow. Joe Bond. Joe Bongo Joe Bongo Right. Listen we're at the? We're at two hour or at the two hour and eighty minute mark. Oh Gosh so and remind goodness. I'm glad we're came into our this season. It's right about now when Owen would be like. Listen we just got get to. The e mails quicker. Man Own would have already got up from the table and be outside smoke. Oh yeah hours ago interview back then. No one knew all right. Well we should start to consider including some guests soon. So I'M GONNA put my feelers out to the people who were like. I want long enough not long enough. We really to read it out more banter more bits but anyway we had. I had a great time with guys. These were some great great episodes. Do you want to close out on your thoughts on these episodes Brett? Like did they both were one more titles started with. G. That's energy like this. Yeah I mean I'm excited. What's Nexus Geeze? I know what's next? I'm ready are you being? Are you able to handle wearing two episodes at a time in waiting? Yeah no one episode at a time. Oh really. I'm so glad we didn't do that. We really focused in an do one true. That's true. That's what we did watchmen. It definitely becomes more concise and more detailed in the in the observations. But maybe if we're GONNA make it to the next show and time we gotta do to Seve. Abry the next show All right well your closing costs. I loved them. I'm getting impatient. Let's get the ball rolling Well thank you guys for listening and really appreciate you guys Joining along subscribing to the valley cast channel the watch the video version of the show and of course if you become a patron of the valley folk a Patriot dot com slash. The valley folk. You get a bunch of Fun Little stuff's and you get this podcast day before all the damn plebs do which is really fun in it. I don't know how to joke back. You you fucking so anyway Fuck I say fuck to so guys. Thank you for listening. Thank you for watching. Thank you for subscribing. Don't forget to subscribe to the Valley. Cast a podcast if you if you only watching the Youtube version because that really helps out our analytics maybe makes the show continuing valley the first time Sheila cast. Because it's in the Valley Gardner. Yeah so this is if you are only watching us on youtube you can subscribe the Valley cast on any podcast platform. You prefer even on spotify and so You hear that Alana. You're on spotify. How is this podcast? If you're subscribing to valley casts at the different podcast the valley cast has this in its feed. Oh as well as the fundamentalists podcast forms. Well yes I thought it was more like par cast you know they have a bunch of podcast. But they're not all in the same. No no we're all in the same feed so subscribe to feed. If you subscribe to the Valley cast you get this show and the fundamentalist little bonus. I'm actually stoke to know that gets pretty neat. Did Not understand that. It's yeah it's neat. We're on spotify and that cool. I'm looking at right now. All right guys. Thank you for listening. If you don't subscribe please do that. And also it'd be nice if you left a rating or a review on itunes because that helps lot to with analytics and potentially furthering the continuation of podcasts. Such as this so we appreciate your listenership and we appreciate your emails which you can send to the first time show gmail.com whether you have some theories about the show or some clips themes or not so much clips because we got clips covered but if you If you think we missed one or something you know whatever but for the most part we're probably GONNA skip super long emails But you know we're trying to have fun time here and we'd love to hear you guys thoughts on the show and also please continue to email us if you have if you aren't watching the show because it's so fascinating to us What good email in your creeper reviews? Oh yes and please download creeper comics comic Sala G. It's the Comic Book Brett Register I have created and bread has been writing and it's a wonderful comic book in the Arts Great and support local artists and independent is GonNa read any lot is GonNa read any day now soon as you show me. How put the words in for my eyes? They'll be read all right? Well guys thank you so much for listening. We'll catch you next time on the first time show by by by by.

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Body Bonanza: Yawns, hiccups, goosebumps and more!

Brains On!

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Body Bonanza: Yawns, hiccups, goosebumps and more!

"Hello brains on listeners. Molly bloom here before we get to today's episode. I wanna tell you about a top secret project that we've been working on over here at brains on headquarters. It's a brand new kids history podcast with a brand new host, my friend, joy Dolo, she's gonna stop by the studio to say hi next week. But in the meantime, here's a sneak peek of our new show forever ago. Have you ever wondered who made the first sandwich? Or what the first video game was or who invented shoes? I'm joy Dolo. And I'm out to answer these questions and more with a brand new kids history podcast called forever ago. Every episode we dive deep into the history of one cool thing and along the way. Well, here's some incredible stories like how a curious teenager revolutionize skateboard. Arly how alarm clocks used to just be people rise and shine and how the poopie moti almost didn't happen. Coming eighth. You can find forever ago on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. You're listening to brains on we're serious about being curious brain John supported him part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. A few months ago producers Mark Sanchez, do Sandon Totten. And I notice that we've received a heap of questions about the human body. I'd call it a mountain or even an avalanche a lot of questions. So we set ourselves the task of answering nine of them in the course of one episode and that episode is today on top of the nine questions. We wanted to give ourselves a little additional challenge, we're answering each one in a different style fairy tale poem movie trailer song and to decide which question dot, which style we pulled them out of a hat. So we've been working on tracking down answers to nine of your questions and are super excited to share them with you today. G listening. You're listening to brain zone for American public media. I'm Molly bloom here. With me today to help us navigate this body. Bonanza is co hosts ridicule gird jar from Arlington, Massachusetts. Hello ridha. Hello. And as you heard earlier, we also have producers, Mark Sanchez and Sandon Totten. Hey Riddick Riddick cut. We need you to keep us moving today and make sure we get all nine of these questions in a timely fashion. Are you up to the task, of course, in a spirit of officiency? Let's jump right into the first question Mark was assigned one that a lot of you have asked. Hi, my name is Wong mining Kate, South Korea. I leaving Sanchez gal in the quicken. Why do people got what causes hit got? I was tasked with answering. This question in the form of a fairytale. I call it taco Tuesday. Once upon a time knows that boy named Matteo potatoes. Three favorite things in the world were trained. Tigers and talks Matteo really love talks on Tuesdays Matteo never dilly-dallied after school. Like he sometimes did. In fact, he practically sprinted home after he finished all his homework and did all his chores, Matteo grab distort and he stood next to his oil at. She added the file ingredients for the night's dinner. Tacos is does least but attack Omar this. Oh, definitely. I'm always ready for tackle Tuesday stubby in Bama, Sacramento, Mataz, younger sister Isabella. It's to talk AP's Easter sprinkled with cheese and lettuce, delicious grass gas well materials. Mom and dad each eat three talkers, they add to trill onions and a squeeze of fresh line. You've really outdone yourself this time, indeed their fix shown stop at two tacos or even three on taco Tuesdays Matteo. It's four tacos before biting into the first he adds a few jalapeno peppers. A dash of hot sauce. But by the time he needs to the fourth taco, it is piled high with hall opinions and dripping with hot sauce his mouth feels like it's on fire. It's so hot he can barely feed. But he does. And he loves it opened gusty go modules, Graciosa belief that been then as Matteo and Isabella clear the table. He makes this noise everyone laughs, including Matteo. A couple minutes later, they still haven't gone away. Even after half an hour after all the dishes have been washed and put away after bass had been taken after teeth have been brushed the problem. Continued those hiccups would not stop. Emme Pua this abrasive, but propia Quinta. I know I will eat the hiccups usually do go away on their own. But I'm getting a little nervous. It's been our nobody is laughing anymore then out of nowhere Isabela jumps from around the corner and yells. What was that four? I heard hiccups Galway. Someone scares you. Hear try drinking this glass of water deer. That usually helps me get rid of hiccups Matteo drank the entire Cup without stopping and then. Nope. That didn't work or girded. I've got it here. Take these paper bag and breathe into it for sixty seconds bag steadily feldon emptied is Matteo breathed into it for a minute. But alas it's no working as Matteo went to his room to get ready for bed. He was very worried. His hiccups would never go just before he climbed into bed. He looked in his mirror and asked how am I ever going to get rid of these hiccups? Usually when someone looks in the mirror asks a question like this. There is no reply, but this time. You have to distract yourself. Dear who who's there say usable? Oh heavens. No. I'm Gladys Gladys graduate glut guide Greek give her a voice and guardian of the trachea. Glenties glue. What Gladys dear Gladys Gladys? Call Meizhai all my friends do. Okay, G G who or what are you? I know everything there is to know about the Gladys think of me as you're very godmother for hiccups. The gluttonous is a space between your vocal cords in the back of your throat. Most parts of the body have some sort of very attached to them. Let's see there's hair follicle. Harry. I'm always losing track of what he's up to. Oh and up pen pancreas. We have lunch together every Thursday. Then there's the lung twins Lucija and Lucius, and let's see those Tabitha toenail Linas intestine, Frankie, femur Carina and Kim kidney, Hymie heart. The list goes on and on. Why haven't I heard of you before a well, I guess you never ask for help before? But when you looked in the mirror and asked about hiccups, I was summoned and. And here. I am. Okay. Gee, why do I have those terrible hiccups because hiccups just happen? Our bodies in voluntarily produce hiccups. But in your case, it was the tacos tackles will actually it's what you put on your tacos, spicy foods like jalapenos and hot sauce can trigger hiccups. Oh, okay. But why do they have to make that annoying? Sound each hiccup starts with very quick intake of air and right after that lattice closes that's where the hick sound comes from the Gladys sits atop the trachea the passageway for air to flow in and out of our lungs. Every time you swallow. The Gladys shut so food doesn't go down the wrong pipe fascinating. Isn't it? Yeah. Cool. But that to the question, gee, gee, how can I get rid of those hiccups? You haven't hit up since we've been talking your, right? My hiccups there. Each remedy you. Tried had one thing in common. Getting scared. Drinking water breathing into a bag. Those are all forms of distraction. Your body needs a distraction to focus on something other than hiccups. So why am I told you about all the other body fairies your body focused on something new hiccups, gone grass? Yes. G G denied Matteo went to sleep that night. Dreaming of trains Tigers and even talk, but in his dream at least this want. He skipped the hot sauce and jalapenos. I have to admit I love tacos too. And I often find myself with hiccups because I make them super spicy. Does does that ever happen to you? Yes. Always make me spicy food hiccups. Yeah. We'll now we know why. Okay. One down eight to go Sandon your turn. You're given this head scratcher. Why did we get dizzy when we spin? Okay. Not only did I get this question. I also got assigned to put it into a song. And it's a really cool explanation. It has to do with this fluid in your inner ear that sloshes when you move. I'd sing about it personally. But I don't wanna damage those amazing years we just talked about. So I got my pal GM Mora to help me out. And I'm going to warn you. You may feel a strong urge to boogie. When you out on the dance flow. Do you ever get that dizzy feeling like there's a disco ball spin it round in your head? But you moving well, just, hey. Hey. Give us. And. Which? From. When you change. And don't. On. Stop the stupa straw. With. There's an organ, and when you start spin that liquid starts moving laughing back and forth back and forth. It's been in the Tana. Signal for your brain saying, hey, maybe you'll do the hustle. Don't. Don't look. But when the song ends, and you stop your that liquids turning telling your brain that you're moving even though you're not. That's. Do. Goes down. Pantene people spend. Doozies? Prove. Two. Don't hit the ground. That was Jia Boris to gay dizzy disco right here on braids on f Keebler Listrik right Reta move us along here. You've been asked to answer. This question from Emma in Vernon British Columbia question is Barbie on. Why contagious the style? I drew from the hat for this one was a poem. An I in listed the help of neuroscientist Robert provine from the university of Maryland Baltimore County. He's the author of curious behavior, yawning, laughing hiccuping and beyond. Here goes everyone yawns from the night till the morn. We yon when we're old and before we are born when we were fetuses inside our mothers all of us, yawned one way or another. You know, who else yawns are animal associates cats, dogs sharks and most other vertebrates. So why do we and so many animals yon? We're not quite sure, but here are facts to build upon. When we're sleepy. Hey, we on when we're bored. And this is something that Dr provine has explored occurs at points of transition. So jahns purpose could be a call to attention athletes may yawn before big events and parachuters do it before things get intense so called the perk-up may be it's origin. But studies have found the cause is not lack of oxygen. So the next question. Why yawning contagious? Well, it's unclear how it is advantageous. Children under five don't catch yawns from others, nor do most animals, which make scientist wonder, if yawning might be a way to show empathy. They're not quite sure, but it is a possibility or perhaps, we're seeing something quite primal a social behavior. That's a kind of fossil. Here's something we know about this phenomenon. Catching a yawn from someone? We know is more common than catching a yawn from someone like a stranger, but those more sensitive. May be in danger of yawning whenever they see or hear the word, but at its root yawning shows that were part of a hurt. Thank you. I feel like yawning. Yes. Right. Because even just hearing the word can make you feel like yawning. So some of the rhymes in the those couplets were spot on and somewhere a bit of a stretch. So forgive me for that. But even though scientists aren't exactly sure why yawning is contagious all signs point to it. Having social roots other social animals like chimps and dogs also seem Tian contagious Lii. And one other thing I wanna point out before we move on. Is that a lot of these commonplace things that we all do hiccuping and yawning we don't necessarily have answers to the why questions here's Robert provine again. The commonplace. Scientists always develop estimates to see new difficult to detect things, and we tend to overlook things that are costly before us and Russia before we move on. Can I talk about one more mystery shore? Thank you. This one is a mystery related to the body specifically your ears. It's time for the mystery sound. Here. It is. I think we should hear that one more time since it's a short one. Any guesses Mark insana, and you can guess too. Let's let Riddick I guess. I it sounds like something scraping against something else. Yeah. I definitely hear something scraping. And then there's like a clique, which is sounds a little off scraping the growing me driving me. Crazy. I you know, what it kind of sounds like to me is like like a big marker when you're drawing on paper. The mark. Oh, right. Right. Like a big felt marker. Yeah. And the click maybe the a cap closing. Ooh. I like this mystery sound teamwork. This been what does this have to do with bodies? Yes. So we will be back with the answer later in the show. Brands on. Okay. So far, we've tackled hiccups yawns. And getting dizzy, what is next this time goosebumps? My name is is e and I am from Raleigh North Carolina. My question is how do happen. Okay. Mark back to my chosen style to explain. This a TV sitcom since sitcoms are usually around a half hour, and we don't have that much time on the show. I decided to make up a sitcom theme song that promotes the new step Assode of white. Goosebumps. The next episode of deuce bums, Jared goes fishing, Carl. We think it was going to be at United to go ice fishing in the gun. Jackie. Yeah. Not only my Coltman kind of scared to that's like goosebumps top goosebumps. What with all the adrenalin bodies producing. Just look at the hairs in my arm. They're standing on end. Yeah. And the tiny muscle the base of each hairs contracting to cause a skin around to push out sort of looks like chicken skin, or you know, goes balls. Goes up. Do you think brains on would be better with the laugh track? If it means my jokes will always get a laugh, then bring it on you say that again. Okay. Bring it on. No. We're going to be back with more answers to body questions in a minute. But I have a question for you our listeners or working on his show where we're going to talk about the invention of video games. And we want your help dreaming up the future. So tell us if you were designing the video game of the future. What would it be like Mark fan, Dan? What's your dream video game of the future? I think that my video game of the future would kind of be taking video games off the screen and going back into the real world. Think about pacman. I would have I would sit up a bunch of pancakes. Maybe and I was like gobble them up and try to eat like maybe ghosts that were in VR something like, okay, I thought it was just going to be like you eating pancakes. Like, mark. That's brunch. Right. That's Sunday brunch. That's a good plan. I like it right now he doesn't get high score for eating all the. Yeah. Maybe I could eat a cherry or some. Okay. I like it. Yeah. And you'd get a superpower instead of just getting really fully excellent. Okay. Sanded? What is your video game of the jour-? Well, as you know, Molly, my life is already really exciting. I'm always going ventures saving people and getting treasurer and I wanna video game. That's the opposite of my already amazing life. I just wanna video game where I sit on the beach. And the only challenge is getting the drink from my side table to my mouth, spilling Hawaii. Hawaii. Good. It's relaxing. So it's sort of like it's a game for relaxation, maybe some meditation. They're yes chill video game. Yeah. Are both brilliant ideas, so listeners, please send us your ideas by heading to brains on dot org slash contact. And if you have mystery sounds ideas are questions, you can send them to us at that, same brains on dot org slash contact. That's sky. Did my question is why do we have to? We'll be back with the answer to that. At the end of the show during our moment of and will read the latest listeners to be added to the brains honor roll stick around. Today's episode is sponsored by quick one of the most important things we do for health everyday is brushing our teeth yet. Most of us don't do it. Properly. You're supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day. But that two minutes can feel like a really long time. That's why quips built in two minute timer. Pulses are a great reminder of how to brush and keeps you engaged while you're doing it it pulses every thirty seconds to remind you when to switch sides, helping guide a full and even clean the quipped. 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And I'm San Anton a full studio today, we're answering nine count them nine of your questions today, and we still have five to go. So let's keep moving. Okay. I'll go next. Excellent. Here's your question. Hi. My name is a high volume is drunk. Why do you get pinging needles? Okay. So pins and needles that feeling when your arm or leg or footfall the sleep? Then you move it. And it's all prickly for awhile Sanan, please tell us what's going on here. Okay. Let's see. I got this one hold on. Pocket here. It is my Paris these Lia shopping list. Paris these Lia? Oh, yeah. That's that's the formal scienc- name for Pinson needles. What's on your list? Okay. Let's see clothes pins a garden hose ginger ale. Silly putty a pin cushion, obviously, obviously Rice Krispies, and oh, yeah. Toilet paper. Okay. That's your list. Now, why those things well pins and needles has to do with your nervous system. So that's the system of nerves all over your body that feel the world and send signals to your brain when your leg falls asleep. Let's say it's because you pinched some nerves cutting them off from the brain. Maybe you've been sitting on your leg for a long time in a weird position. So that squeezes those nurse. Basically. It's like you stuck a close pin on them. And that makes them stop sending signals to the brain blood also helps to keep your nerves happy. And when you sit on your leg for a long time that cut. The blood flow kind of like when you put a kink in a garden hose and the water can't get through. That's why hoses are on my list. Okay. How about ginger ale? Okay. So while the nerves are pinched and the blood flow is restricted your leg starts falling asleep. That makes it feel like the fizzing of ginger ale once it's fully asleep. It's all numb gooey. And to me that always feels like silly putty. That's why put that on the list. Okay, next. You wrote down pincushions naturally because that's what your leg. Feels like when he finally move it and the blood flow returns full force, and those nerves are unpaved. It's like you're being poked with hundreds of tiny little needles. That's the feeling of your nerves suddenly coming back to life. They're waking up and firing at random times as reboot. It's kind of like the random popping of Rice Krispies cereal when you pour milk on them. Which is why I put that on the list to cool, then I'll makes perfect sense. So what about the toilet paper? Oh, oh, yeah. That'd nothing to do. With Paris Sesia. I'm almost out of toilet paper at home. I just wanted. I put on my list. Forget it. Sorry, guys. Molly. What's next? Well, you know, what I'd really like to go back to that mystery sound let's hear it again. Any new guesses? Sticking with the marker idea. Let's stay with Mark. Good. Sure. Good group effort, okay here with the answer is Nicole process of forensic scientists from the Minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension that was the sound of me opening a jar of fingerprint powder. So that that's scraping sound was the cap coming off. And then she put the cap down next to it and the the fingerprint powder, she has super cool, it's actually magnetic powder. So instead of a brush she has a magnet, which she dips into the magnetic powder when it comes out, it looks like this spiky crazy clump of magnetic powder on top of this rod muck like a sculpture kind of. Yeah. Kind of like a sculpture. And then she brushes it very gently onto whatever surface. They're trying to pick fingerprints up. Wow. Cool. That's cool. Very cool. We'll post a picture of what that looks like on our Instagram brains underscore on. Here's more from Nicole even identical twins who may look alike in photographs or pictures, actually, if you look closely at their fingerprints. They will be different. So we start out by looking at the fingerprint that we picked up and when we compare it. We will look at what we call known print so taken from somebody at the police station, potentially. And it it'll have all ten of their fingerprints and their palm prints, and we will look at them side by side. We will look at the overall pattern which is broken into three big groups called loops worlds and arches. And then we will start looking at the different pathways that those patterns take kind of like following amaze. You'll find different dead ends or endings or you'll see that the path will split in different places or fork off the main part of fingerprints that are left behind is. What? But there are also oils that are left behind or anything else that you may have touched throughout the day. Maybe a little bit of Cheeto dust, kind of like a stamp. And then if you want to try picking up your own fingerprints. You can do it really easily just by taking tape like sort of that clearer packing tape and putting your fingers on it. You will see your fingerprint, very, clearly if you do that, no mess involved. And this mystery sound was inspired by another question. We're answering today. This one was from Myrna in Dearborn Michigan. Why do we have fingerprints than what do we use them for? I think fingerprints are very interesting because detectives use them a lot in Aliquo pretend that I'm a detective I was tasked with answering this question through an interview. But Ridha has very graciously agreed to help me out. We spoke with Dr Rowland anos from the university of hull in the UK. What in the human body makes fingerprints fingerprints from all scheme, and as you will in the womb? They gradually develop and flee fool and by the time. You'll boom this leads the next question. Why do we have fingerprints will afraid because he also is we still don't really know for some reason scientists haven't really studied a great deal. But there are few ideas, one idea is that they to help improve on grip the problem with that's all idea is the actually having fingerprints reduces the area of in contact with the objects that your dating with and say that they should actually reduce friction, and if you will in IndyCar ta is the flat as possible to give his best grip. So having prints actually, wouldn't they fun tested for that. The second idea is they actually help us to have better sensitivity and in. People have put sensors and made modal fingerprints. And it's been shown the they do actually magnify movements and how you detect things bets, but doesn't really explain why we've go prince on outcomes of hands and soles of the feet. So that's a puzzle. And finally, another idea is they act sort of strengthening robes and lines. So that helps us to prevent getting blisters if you've ever gone walking you find you get blisters on this own of you'll feet all the talks toes, no Sony areas where their prince so that's also possibility we don't know, what do you think? I'm not really sure I think it helps us cents more things. Do you know why everybody's fingerprint is different? Very good question. They all rule different. But in fact, Riddick every Parsifal bodies is different. So we've got different ways we've got different high brows different eyelashes the skin ever else's different. The main thing about fingerprints is that the one part of your body Passand criminals would leave behind scene of crime. So that's why they've been so heavily used every day is totally unique. And of course, nowadays, we use DNA instead of prints as well as well as fingerprints. So that's another of our body that we actually leave behind a decree seen do our ancestor animals such as the gorilla have fingerprints. Also, do all primates have fingerprints. But also knew that fee. No. As we saw Mosul pills, then not related to us. They do climb trees in the same way as gorillas and monkeys. They also have fingerprints and one final exciting thing is new world monkeys with tales which used to grit prehensile tails, as we call them on the prehensile tails, they have prince just like fingerprints. So every animal which grips in the same way as they will have fingerprints Princeton those areas, I think that wraps up our questions they much for talking with us today. Is a pleasure to talk to you. All right, one more round of questions. Let's do this. I hear you have an old timey radio play up your sleeve to answer this question. Hi, my name is I'm from with. My question is how do you get a brain freeze? And why do they happen? Okay. Claire to answer your question. We're going to go back to the old time days of the radio. Boys and girls. Thank you for joining the WBAL radio playhouse. I'm your host, MAC macaroni. Dear listeners. I would like you to set your worries aside for just a moment. Join now about the WBO players have been leading us on a journey of exploration and adventure at the county fair. Now, sit back relax and enjoy. This new installment old friend Parsons is on stage getting ready to judge ice cream eating contest. Last call for the ice cream eating contest all contestants need to be on the stage at in their seats in thirty seconds. Well, sorry, doc I had to race over here from a pie eating contest. Now. That's what I call all the mode. All right, then the contestants are in place. Let's proceed the rules are simple first person to finish a half gallon of ice cream wins free ice cream for a year from Jackson's piggly-wiggly market. Let the ice cream. Begin. No. As Dr obliged to tell you to be careful not to let too much of that. Delicious. Cold, treat, your the roof of your mouth. If it gets too cold there. My don't worry. Kyle's going to be fine. He's just proving my point the roof mouth became too cold. Too fast. So blood vessels in his brain began to widen and try to warm it. Exactly, billie. Jean? I prefer to call it a cold stimulus headache, but to each his own now where was I? Yes by warning. Now, pay attention Carl and Billie Jean since each of your brains is housed in a skull. There's not much room for it to expand. When it warms up pressure builds up in the skull might Joe was my head. I think I might need a doctor for this screen heavy. Yes. My dear Jo lean. I'm here if you need me, but in this case, you should be able to cure yourself. I take smaller bites second. I know this is a contest. But if you don't want brain freeze slow down and finally tried to avoid putting the cold stuff near the roof of your mouth. Well, it looks like we have a winner where you miss nearly nearly be I'm eight and three quarter juiced. How did you eat all of that ice cream? So quickly. I guess like ice cream, I guess year on WB. I'm MAC macaroni, wishing wonderful tomorrow. Sandon you're up and here's your next question. Hi, my name's Amelia. Hi, my name is Isaac humor from Arlington Virginia in our question. Is why your teeth chatter on your cold? Yeah. I got asked to answer this in the style of Shakespeare. So here we go. When winter breezes blow across your frail and fragile form your brain reacts, it feels the chill and wishes to be warm. Your body keeps temperature for daily operation ninety degrees or so for thermal regulation. So when it's cold your body knows it must take action. Quick it. Decreases, sweat and the blood vessels near your skin constrict, Alaska loan, these things won't do. So there is more action muscles, they've relaxed a bit followed by contraction. We call this shivering it creates heat as muscles tencent days. It happens to your jaws as well, which hold your precious teeth. They click and Clack and tap and tap, they chatter if you may, but if it works healed game, some warmth the chill go away. Shakespeare would be proud in case people out there might need a little Shakespeare translation, what Dennis sane is that our muscles contract in order to try to generate heat. And that's where the teeth chattering in shivers. Come from only one more question, high brains on this is kinda for Saint Mary's county, Maryland. And I am ten years old. You know, how when you hear yourself in a recording anything found funny. But when someone else, here's your voice recording. If think it sounds perfectly normal, my theory is that when you were talking you hear yourself differently than other people here, you is that true. If not why is it that you found different to your own ears than to other people's years when you hear self a recording. Thanks, molly. Yes. This is a great question. Ridicule. Just want to ask you when you're hearing your voice through your headphones right now. Does it does it sound kind of weird to you? Yeah. It does. How does it sound different? It kind of sounds more high pitched very observant. Well, that's more. What your voice sounds like to the rest of the world and to tell you why I have this coming attraction in a world where you think you sound like this. I'm Bob, but you really sound like this. Hi, I'm Bob come one main journey to accept his own voice. That's me at that me. That's me trade by his own anatomy. It's you'll Joel my jaw N deal skull. Really, why wouldn't you talk? You his voice in two ways at won't in good baffled. By physics one way. Is that the sound from your mouth Beiber ill drum to bones and you'll and since a signal to your brain for decoding. That's how everyone else he'll voice to how they hear my voice. But you'll also picking up brations that come from your voice resonating through your neck, and Joel this makes your voice sound deep base. I that. So a journey that takes him from behind the mic to the front page. Bob learned to love his voice. This is out. I sound and it is great coming due to an imaginary near. Imaginary? We did it not question. Now, some of each want in a pity sentence pickups are caused by quick and take a breath and a sudden closure of your Gladys. We get dizzy because when we start moving the fluid in our inner ears that tells us what we're doing can still be sloshing yawn in states of transition. But aren't sure why it's contagious adrenalin causes tiny muscles in our skin the contract, and makes goosebumps pins and needles happens when our nerves get cut off from the brain then week backup in dramatic fashion. We aren't quite sure why we have fingerprints. But each fingerprint is unique. If you want to avoid brain freeze slowdown when you eat cold things take small bites and avoid the roof of your mouth your teeth chatter because your body is trying to generate heat by contracting and relaxing, face bustles, and your voice sounds funny on a recording. Because you're used to hearing it with added base that comes through vibrations in your skull. That's it for this upset of brains brains on is produced by Mark Sanchez Santon and Molly bloom any thanks. Veronica rodriguez. Margaret mc. Bob, Jill only thera- cozy Krishnamurti Rajin jar Rene Marchiano Alexander place. Matthew Barnard cocoa Sanchez skip. And Jodi Sanchez. Gladys Jim Duke Teagan wall GM Morris. Stephanie Alexander, Amy, Gorell, Christine Hutchins, Eric Raynham, Stuart bloom. Eric Trump said Joe jubilant Marquette, Mike mulkey. Vicky Chrysler Dana rookie Tama Mukarram Ella rose borough. Kyle rose borough Gina Sanchez Nico. Sanchez Jonah Sanchez and Lynn Warfield, and you can keep up with us on the Instagram's and the Twitter's brains underscore, and we're on Facebook too. You can listen to all our past episodes at our website bans on dot org. And now before we go it's time for our moment of. Hi, my name is sky in I'm six in even in Hamilton Ontario in my question is why do we have to love? My name is Christie Luton. I am an assistant professor of anatomy at the university of southern California. And I'm an evolutionary anatomist, which means I study our bodies, and why they are the way they are. And how they've evolved to be the way they are. Why do we have to lung such a good question? So to answer this question, we have to go back in time a little bit about three hundred million years ago when the first lungs evolved in a fish, and we have inherited those lungs from our ancestors, which if you go back far enough and time was a fish. And then the other question that you have to answer when you're thinking about this is why two of them in particular and to answer that we have to go back even further in time. So we have bodies that are symmetrical down the mid minds. If you imagine drawing the line down the middle of your forehead in the middle of your nose down your mouth, all the way down your body. You will be divided into a right side and a left side. So you'll have a right arm and a left arm, and right, leg and left leg and right lung and left lung, and this body plan is called bilateral symmetry with just means we're symmetrical onto sides, and we've inherited this body plan from an ancestor that lived almost six hundred million years ago, which is like three hundred million years before even lungs existed. So the short answer of why do we have to long's because we've been herited this from a really ancient ancestor that lived a really longtime ago and to lungs or working fine for us. I'm going to take a deep breath and speed through this list of names. It's the brains honor roll, the excellent listeners who inspire each and every episode with their ideas questions and mystery sounds Cooper from Australia Maggie from Cincinnati ethnic. Jay Jason Jackson from Kalamazoo. Michigan. Emily from Richmond Virginia. Imaging from Toronto Elliott in Libby from Saint Paul Minnesota Meghan from Greenville, South Carolina trysted in William from Cranston. Rhode Island coal for Vancouver. Rory from Australia lu-lu from Falls Church Virginia Henry from Uruguay Henry from Georgetown, Texas relief from Kentucky jemmy from Charlotte. North carolina. Allie from urban California AJ and Gavin from Soviet ho California Zander from Las Vegas. Brayden from Vancouver. Wesley from Westland. Oregon Preston from Wake Forest Carolina. Cleo from Los Angeles Brechin from Richmond, British Columbia rice from stuck guard. Germany Beatrice from Robbins deal. Minnesota Caleb from Virginia violet from Fitchburg. Wisconsin Adrian from lacrosse, Wisconsin. All Sandra from conifer, Colorado. Eric. Samuel for manning. Iowa alley and Lizzy from different New York. River from grape or Utah Ren and Eric Michael from Baltimore alita from Green Bay, Wisconsin Calvin from Minneapolis, Daniel, Angela and epilogue from Borden town, New Jersey left from Oakland, California, Molina and Paloma from San Francisco Sebastian from Norway, Nathan Vienna. Austria AJ from Austin, Texas, Katy from Houston penny from Monrovia, California. Teddy from Boston in Cooper from Philadelphia. We'll be back soon with more answers to your questions. Thanks for listening.

Molly bloom Matteo potatoes Mark Mark Sanchez Gladys Gladys Robert provine Bob Michigan Instagram Jay Jason Jackson joy Dolo South Korea Billie Jean Tigers Sanchez Minnesota Kyle rose dot National Science Foundation
Ep4 "Jamison Family Deaths"


10:56 min | 9 months ago

Ep4 "Jamison Family Deaths"

"Hi and welcome to crucify each week. We will dive into anything and everything that is will creepy. These stories will be a spine chiller something that will make you think. And maybe hide under the covers. Don't be surprised if some episodes make the little hair stand up and you feel somewhat someone might. We'll be watching you now with your nerves on edge and attention grabbed. I'm Brandon Smith. This is why some believe living the American dream is to settle down line. Have a family in own property or the home many of us half ill this dream partially or completely but for Jason Family. The American Dream Turn into a horrific nightmare. A mystery that to this day as more theories than it does fax theories that would range from murder suicide spiritual warfare even quotes The mother may finally get the P.. She has been waiting for her son. John has been missing for four years now but this weekend a possible break sky five flew over the sands boys mountains were hunters found the skeletal. Two were Maine's of two adults and a child. This is the same area where bobby and Cherilyn Jamison disappeared with. Their young daughter gives his capacity spoke to Bobby's mother about her long. Wait for answer. The Jamison family lived here near Lake. EUFAULA but bobby's mom says they were looking linked to move to the mountains in early October of two thousand nine. They made the hour long. Drive to Latimer county to look for property. But we're never seen again for the last four years. starlet Jamison has worried and wondered. Bobby was one of these people that was always helping people her son. Bobby Jameson has been missing. Sing along with his wife Sherline and their six year old daughter Madison. She was always be no get into something then she looked at you with a big brown around is eight days after they were reported missing. The family's truck was found in the mountains. Maisy then just a puppy was inside barely alive. The remains discovered by hunters. This weekend were less than three miles away around the same time. The remains were found. Bobby Jameson mom says no official official confirmation the remains are the Jamison family through partial skeletal remains in some some clothing shoes things like that. This mom believes God. His answered her prayer revealing the remains of their bodies but she believes their souls left long ago. And I know that there with God now and they're in a better place the FBI says it will take dental records and DNA tests. You prove the remains are those of the Jamison family but say there have have been no other reports of missing people in that area and you follow can pass off Theo. Five Years Bobby and Cherilyn Jamison Manson and their six year old daughter. Madison went missing in the Rhodope Mountain area of southeast home in October. Two Thousand and nine Over one hundred people were enlisted to search for the Jamison family but no sign them was found until November two thousand thirteen. The skeleton remains of two adults and a child were found in the woods face down and side by side roughly three miles from where their vehicle has been abandoned. It wasn't until July two thousand fourteen at these remains were positively identified as Jason Family. The cause of death was never determined rather than provide closure to the Jameson friends and family. It just raise questions as to what really really happen. The jetsons live in follow Oklahoma about thirty miles away from where they were found in the isolated mountain range where doke okay is home to just over five. Hundred people in the Jameson. were interested in purchasing a forty acre plot of land although Sherlund and son from a previous relationship Colton so was mother just weeks before she went missing and never mentioned plans to move when their truck was found in two thousand nine there was no sign of distress or a struggle in the vehicle had not crashed inside the car. Were Bobby and share ORLANDS wallets. ID's mobile phones GPS maps and thirty two thousand dollars in cash but disturbingly. The family dog mazy was also in the coal malnutrition from not having eaten in a week. The dog survived ride and went to live. With Bobby's mother theory surrounding what happened to the Jamison family have swirled since disappearance. One theory suggests that it was a murder suicide. Both adults had suffered from depression sherline. Most recently after the death of her sister bite full Levin page page letter was written bobby from Sharon. She was found dead in the Bannon. Truck sherline pistol was missing. Another theory points needs to bobby with his father Bob. Jamieson Bob had a contemptuous relationship with his father stemming Ming from the Prophet of a gas station that was supposed to be split between father and son when it was so bobby ended up suing his father his mother starlet. starlet clams your ex-husband. Threaten the family police decided it was not a credible theory. Despite rumors of Bob Seniors Ehlers ties to the Mexican Mafia. He died two months after his son went missing. Drugs were also thought to be part of the equation. Red Oak is known for Producing Crystal Meth and share. Lemon bobby both look random in the weeks before their disappearance security video of the two outside their house today they left in the mountains showed them. Moving in a trance-like state and the huge amount of cash in a a truck made this a credible theory even share liens best friend. Nikki should know Jameson. Were possibly involved in a one off meth deal because Zor experiencing some money troubles it's time but both Sheridan's mother Connie and Bobby's mother starlet. Do not believe their kids were involved in drugs and police found no no evidence of Elizabeth Substances in the Jameson. Home or truck was interesting theory behind the death. The Jamison family has to do with costs witchcraft and evil spirits during the initial investigation. Before the bodies were found. The Families Pastor Gary Brandon Topa. Oh police the Jason's had been involved in spiritual warfare both Bobby Ann. Sheridan claim to have seen spirits in their house belonging to the family who died long ago daughter Madison claim to speak to the spirit of the child who died in the house. Bobby asked his pasture for special bullets. We'll have to shoot the spirits with and claimed he consulted a Satanic Bible to exercise. The Property Nikki missed both she and Sheridan were interested in witches and both had bought which was as a joke which the police found when searching the Jameson property. Despite joking about witches Nikki felt the Johnson House was haunted once I was in the living room and this sort of gray mist descended down the stairs. It really scared me. Nikki told the Daily Mail will she also said this airline told her gentle husband. Bobby would come toward her. With is completely dead and black like he was possessed. Nikki doesn't believe in witchcraft was behind her friend's death but Cheryl may have been a bigger believer the Nikki she would leave notes around the house that would say things. He's like get out saying and was researching whether the house was a native American. Burial ground. Nikki Connie you. You know. Sheridan's mother believes her family fell victim to witchcraft of a religious call. Connie claims that the portion of Oklahoma's known for harboring costs and stuff like that and it was told that she was on a hit list around the time of her disappearance. Connie doesn't offer the name of the call or or any other details trail in the Jameson cases. Now called Israel the sheriff at the time of the disappearance with the force in two thousand eleven and moved overseas according to Nikki. He couldn't stand the guilt of not being able to find. Madison's kill Pastor Gary Brandon also left the area shortly after the James Disappearance has spoken to anyone about the case. Even though the Jameson remains were found and put the rest not knowing what happened has caused tormented surviving friends and family. That that will probably never end. I hope you enjoyed this week. On Crete before. I hope I struck a nerve or gave you that. Feeling as if you're gladys gladys daylight or you're freaked out because of nightfall if you have a creepy story you want me to tell us a segment in creepy Fi and send me A. DM On twitter. The story you've heard of or experienced yourself and I'll read it aloud episodes. Now you can subscribe on Itunes Google. Google play pod bean or wherever else you listen to your podcast offer free now. If you feel need support my show you can do so my patreon If you're waiting for my next episode drop feel free to check out my podcast I host. It's called Lewt News L. E. W. T. news for an upbeat hind his scary social podcast. But until next episode just remember to stay safe and watch yeah darkness.

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Coachcast #1183  Motivacional  O que te faz feliz hoje?


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Coachcast #1183 Motivacional O que te faz feliz hoje?

"Turn off entry Sylendra Sylendra Sylendra life experience. No, Phyllis. You to Sach to and on us choice was was was was listening Cena dead. gives through through through through human. Peru Peru Peru versus a for a a a a pinks and and a a a a lot of describers Bose Bose Bose ananta a a a a huge hassle. My supposed are solid always If Awards snooky basic he's he's his name Place So was expose birth. Newport Newport Newport news reporter who practising a So Chief vain as photography photography years all, few dearly, dearly, dearly, vinegar water that sneetch sneetch dust Gladys Gladys my blinker contrast contrast contrast contrast but I what word versus glorious glorious Phillies as hasn't a Shaker Shaker SFA Lisa. Carlos Carlos decision might brilliant is is nice and a sold That's home. song votes smoking to to use phone, phone, Musica Musica Musica Jean Jean through some a my my my my surmise in make out Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. She knows. always walk a do Cocoa, Cocoa, Cocoa, Florida and in is is is essential home possessions his Cancun Cancun through. How Travolta Travolta infringement on the log? even You goes we wire. wire. He's off. saying name essential essential essential essential social morning. king. king. king. king. king. Do I bring a that's possible possible possible possible off my This is is Kathy McCabe. Do you for basically basically miraculous experiences in choice. video Chili's subject far Shelley's Shelley's is Alisa. How may you most what you is way. know know know Amusement magic musical musical fuck & & provision which introduced like thing spinning link swing this energy And install his his fever's he he pretty off off at the interesting wounds responding The The suspense of does cetera from The song it near near as as You a spinney spinney spinney s c p. movie So photography tenchi's tenchi's all start start Almond, God. God. Prathiba episode return home more as football. someone being some some experience was off lost lost his interpreter problema? to to to to interpret was was Ninja Through not Dodge electronically Ang sa you're thoughts She She must master master master key off, here skorys skorys skorys vision is, is is is Gloria. My Pokemon Pokemon suicune Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen, is She She was do the wage. framed problema has has feliz feliz mobile It is is is humor. Terminated is fish. consisted through Nova Nova Nova Ultra sensitive Also. Also. Also. This is introduced are with a a a a different Spirit you divorce divorce a spinning over over over window Instagram official home. Thursday you're welcome Now larger larger home losses with Coach to hitting but just just just just eating lunch lunch break, was was supposed to be to you area you too pop Spotify Spotify iTunes box box office or use was Rodger Rodger Rodger patella. suppose suppose suppose that bad?

Lisa Bose Bose Phillies specialist Chief Musica Musica Musica de Jean Philly Syphilis Hoon Sach West Coast Hasbro Phyllis C. Sylendra G. Padora Emoji McCoys Dad representative Coach castropol Brazil Cena Newport news
Los Viajes de Nautilus 0408  Viajar en familia

Podcast RadioViajera

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Los Viajes de Nautilus 0408 Viajar en familia

"Uh-huh uh-huh Benito's Bienvenida on foot one did ask out guarany stats Yemen. Thursday moondog campaign out a little bit older. I'm out there. Let's not lose and Reggiana GonNa vice-premier those big Off the most familiar the smoke over there bubble days So they lost. Jackson Familia Que from Boko Spun. Thilo Kylo spoke with Moscow cheetos feelers. Dame's Ron Wisdom Yuccas and familiarize depend on the perfect or National Bristle Museum Priscilla Tambi n e those some of my fitness bid or not though I cannot simply perfecto Yogi Berra you my goes by most other Komo News Komo. We'd be Mona throws look them in the. They spun the hurdles. I WanNa beginning August picking your steps. Paddock familiar not selects. The an expert Caffeine anastos almost spurs in Mr Familia Da. al-Amin AH THAT S. That is she'll see keyboards. I E A fellow simply winter or Romanoff's coordinating quintile opinion news ambition. I must stress Ramos. Swath ropy Nagano schools. We are in domestic on Kalama school. Tanda let him Lawrence Three Four Lincoln Towers in lower was come on this dino was gonNA style cable map almost also made an-and okay but willing to in Blois Daniel Momma look for no minto and all your the more of this Tinos Komo person listen for us. It is the WHO've got almost commune. Look I'm in the. ESPN APP was Glenda Lucyanne. The three players to influence the throws. He stuck I y you want us to net ultra Specht on we import vantage Volante Appalachian. They'll blow the Dow. Oh how annoys lamis mobile hardcore near by synthetic and yours Kenner. Thirty one scurry does she. I suspect theologist panelists noto by Sunday's path then through the the Glo e Area Hammer's gone in years the owners thing goes it's annuals JAP US as CK. So cake on Louis e terrorist. Paseo get one sample she tomato young Gwynne TACO skillman throws on it than was the book England has picked those C- come about and blow para c sympathize muscular bad guy. Wrestling ashore does not pay local nauseous. Almost get by Dr Dilemmas. Ems Ellie Ellie. Lewis was getting on his Paseo Ballad fall back casinos Koran Barracuda's Nina San Juan Ponce De Moines Kitamura Balata Grenada in gasoline. It ask at the end was back in my whole all while we're not actually near Dallas. That's the dopey stuck stuck in in in laws in yourself in the allows Califano could okay model the Daffy have Wisconsin defendants by Seattle enough with him on. AUSE must've pulled on the most influent. I'm not gonNA say could scuttle five. If you're going to obey Weber's of course I even throw I can tell Coskun thus began. Yes because on Elliott sounds on our side Got The Beta and mass panic. Linear Hembo all all all the Moslem tickets and gala Nina so a Mammal Jonathan Willis Kazan gwyther fundamentally hopping dudas. Ars died complain about nine hundred. Zero K UNLIMITED ECOSOC with an info on I and missile e Rosca. Yes even though. They're not welcome in the last four miles. The Armas K. K.. Dinara in telling governors and others I think dot e when it's speaking under Nakahara him close the task people of when does need a new Nakahara he instead of all. I mean I want on the little yet all the global on the global on a suspect in the NBA from finance Muslims Ashby narcotics blowers fallow. Trees the former coupon Maciel Tambien. Incipient Masika Ballerinas credible grotto. Not Well we are happy to win on Bradtha. The mercy kind fantail either contender Ghana yours. Push Talk to you that our appetite. The e start your almost tablet Niba legal. You're familiar Divan Yvonne. E tellers willows. Each week will ask. Pillow is thought Tom. Brokaw control I on the it was still all legal tablet but it's gaggy almost windows so we're we're now but I will see a personal interest in this class with those I'm being on the most personal say they're influenced anymore launch area to Tommy. Almost I was winters exposure case on C. Acid and windows from also say it's own pilots. MASTIC inures investor resort release on C. Governor's hand. He's one of these maasim basis When I was in places coming as we yeah must have got to lie east because go from being with us? Yeah on commotion in Dino I can feed Kayla Cetera. Sambas Dante's works when push non not laugh at them Komo. There's better ninos mysterious. I press star was sent at the Impala Woah. Why can't you know carry ETHICA? Gay Catholic is not going to be important. He say you're not being easy. Low Bushy Not Mambo. Barillot was not but another owners on as he says he has opem mass muscle mass path. Yoko Bama shuttle Toshiki Moore's last semester. Don't just lose star. They are continuous prayers. Bogota Law Dot. Okay say Elliot's Knows Hukou Awesome defendant. This grew psychiatic. wattrelos nautical US momento alone. They must please plus it on the album up this way. The APP for Windows the whole or psychosis negative about Santa Flexibility Laugh Aloud. The rally fellas activities others. Does she know soon while last US followed it up but as he when flexibility that via Moscow laureate Masa. Ilie it okay. I don't know seniors with anarchy affect me but those two out of the heat up the follow the law and the law knows those news. That's what throws e e adequately Palomo Sale Tale San Continuum Nevada's assigned Muscatine international component are saying not Goran's up without Ah in both Alberta Hunter says is included is three Sandton through time in sales. The Guy was Muslim sales. Gaston a son although saying and I lost that game not others pro obviously thermo shells CONAN Quill Interactive Okayama. Makoto Canaria Motors Mortal as few. That is a immortals sort of those pinellas immortals sales in those cases where they can say. Well okay. Fishman Komo's Telefono. Now is it's not got the under democracy in all must be from Nike Love Half Economic Anger Nica or Tambien shells cornish. They're welcome all emotion that we know he loved the oil interactive. Oh the Marco Topo she could as coastal it's not without upper killers nursing and multi simone until there's some models down and it is ludicrous but Arcadia okay. How Does Not Bananas Nina's Carlos we are faced same alien Blue Corn Lucasville? Yes I do. ooh Scooby and has its own AMANITA. They affect your hair sound little Kim. VIP Pedal is still a demand in goshen specific while another salon and the relatively hundley versus activity. Now there's kitchen and bath Janka Cornell simply pattern that's activity. That activity is as follows in your synagogue. That no local mall weaned deductible segment about auto. Nominated me coming back the tar a a opponent Dr by circus. What's happening quiet activity that the Akobo Them visit underlies sulpice or archaic enlisting. Es Nina's is saying saying that. Isn't Mas Que. You'll see on protagonists Egan. Gruesome Aplin Mucci massive movements that musk. Musk says Qatar Mugniyah determined by Saudi argue mass will be celebrated on As US and gus and in West throttle if he must come behind Ladera put up in bliss author of our Muslim gathering a unit caveat. Cap'n boys last call meet asked. Amanda is supposed to be under partially or the Harare. But I'm glad Benham's Capone Tacoma. There's an English was one of the Book Obama and the Obama within said activities. Is that record prepared criminal justice yes. Tom Llamas thirty. Harare Todos Los momentos Romance between when it was nice but the like Ecuador. No we win the table we push away. We have active Obama's picking your they. Don't give it about INCA NAUSEA IN USA. Yes yes something fabulous but yes. I must've as you're familiar. Champion in class on this. Timing's important as for two significant. The is include one ball. Don't buckle you in and it's another Loretta I'll be knocking at all Bonita. Second Butler CAMELIA UNANI- Tambien. The oil in your went up process but a second silence. TESCO'S EH healthier Komo spices. Can once we start off was launched Kentucky. Chrissy is married to alkies. The plan was gone into lassie. One of the CNN But as number now been to pass and missile papillas from Nagasaki by canisters knows anthem park in August Annella. He has stolen motorcity Attica again. No one is how I can put K.. Speaking yes anecdotes can national we then Japan though. Dan knows who radio spots in the end. Though I loved Dawson Familias Si Pero Mask Warriors. Tonight is it okay. Knocked under the PAP impact like is he can throw Poon Choi quit. mcdonagh bullet lodged in defendant. Take on as stops acquisitions. Thinnest Nosotros Repub allowed. I keep up with fitness. Donald's going must familias que. You are nothing not yes. They're telling us they don't care. We would've been andhra window. Air In Baraga Indah Patio. NECE Brunell those familiar convenience e last person with punk on parents you trust at the Feroz now Ramaphosa go back with the Air Force is looking at your family at this hour. Moore's up lyrically nomadic whiloe hello pylon pork. Congress recall bill. I would say Yoga Ye listening your song beginning this sort of the sale Ronaldo's Mugabe's hollow and Familia Melia K.. Nostra pentito quasi shretha burqas without your doors. Hamilton talk are now on it. Compare case by name. We got Latino over at this as Talos say Sinus Kyoko e because we're looking okay and also thought about the okay. Let's flip largest last transport style. Bears looking until over at in Los Angeles Basinas K.. CLETO Komo's commander landowners to recall stumbled. Toyla as if we're not autozone understanding okay dealer Moz. They'd be st now apple. E Rosina's Basinas lasagna Gladys Gladys e about that me not title nine. Alas the Amazon Echo that cannot how correal Cawthorn is Maria. Puerto Rico's one international. Neum in Thoko you went up or just is familiar. Post get caught up on your stomach. Donated meal Socal Gas I-i-in Romy Pusztai ballot. One pushes online you as not southie. Nah Ya ah on your new title one okay. So you're a senior when you're the worst on this Donald Trump Rando we'll send me e per se honestly Hoy a role per se you through Gaza and venue I C K so when kick it kick it out on this bilateralism Familia Pro Roman knows. How can Muslims these flow so sea mammals and the comment a stash? Expediency is not well Cornell. People N- Disneyland Ni people a Parquet Timothy. He gone fairness no no so. This is the Tom. Green no opportunity for common collaborate MIRA. Que says when we must offer near there there is rooted in Polonia E. Comercio La Puska K.. Sick sick he thought mass out because e e minnows remorse Carlos. Another LUMBERTON. Yeah you're going to recover lack. Luckily the Mass Kedah as I don't bother a hope it might not be in the US when we first reduce panicky latte. You're always planning is concerned with us from cooking Juicy more embed park is A second lawsuit debars bales when Maria. Es the plan today inning letter around bland. Kenya were gone in yours. is we see tattled or how this guidance Kelly guns because on about Canadians who study they use in through programmer. They'd all without. He was under no school. Dude is for the guys as Hyundai's Abba just be gone. The era it was can almost say the Mass Lavaka. If we're telling them what is theon if we wouldn't oppose birtles recovered Kosgei comparison sectors in Paseo. There's no we we we we had talked to. US dollars picking battle does infancy are blunt. Say something's uh-huh going honest way hotter in America Jack put a dealer Luna podcast essential. We the thought is in Rally Mos Financial Printer. You know tutor. Yong Saccone Tarapore K. K.. The almost a I in Tanya on gas scholars but also another lithium but familiar that quote Puerto Rico. Massive seamless Anthony. ESPN Todos Los. Kosti IOS. This fanatical. Now they'll pay me Donya e Asada Liberty Knock knock some Sun saw a number of years in Las Duda. Es Numbers Let's have yogurt so there's a there's a spin dull look familiar push up and you Dante's seekers come but I'm also honest concert recorded real canola. Canola Muslim five is known as Tom Puckett. POMPEO'S IMAHARA EAT Lalla contended Ashworth. 'CAUSE 'cause you know as a matter of Salta your interest Ankara's are glad Medina's Talk Radio Nila in on in three hundred up to. We don't want to give us an familiar commit wicked tornado. Say the Baltimore she. I own activate Afghanistan. I recommend that won't be the most common that is that the navy that there's different muscles I get. The name was taken out by Amazon south. Yeah just south. Yes on us because I want on the third in the almost laugh owner. Jackie Chan Yan. We're lucky Dan Cassava K.. Magnificence and Blah Blah phone. Either in La the most EH veils and led to lose. ABC's Tom in Epping Young. Call you when Thursday does does not enough. I need a fairy US or activity. I spent Ninos opponent. Luther sequined winters Donaldson was Cape Cod. Because Peter Alana and she knows bilour speakers those civilian Bitar Jazz Eh November's said I still think of anti says Madam your swollen that you're not gonNa Makasi now. We have found Pocahontas Khaki e not up which is so dominant restaurant block. Today's visit toddlers Islambad they must in Connecticut and active backyard. Racial based for Poon does it is not activity that is is three. Yep this type of illegal alien. It's almost goes I e a school. Turn those motors by media is the easy that we're not gonna Cap Ward theranos. KILOM- knows there's always eh. When Bush meat loaf owners simpler your skin sample? This is not our Dido's robot hit up DOT COM Oakland back that go Rascon Mata Mata instagram but twitter or facebook or not and evokes Tunis. You'RE NOT GONNA get us when we're not saying equal simply because he is one hundred. Nah I'm became the swingers who John VIP OP and had to stop. And that's what's bothering me. I WANNA be a man man and stroll right into town and be just like the other men. I'm all around okay. Do I want to walk. Jake passed by choose true. Sure uh-huh out take a good job. A young man's red fire fire now going Friday kid me fan club up. I'll made a deal with you. What odd does not as fans read Phya to make my dream come true? I'll give it a secret man. COBB come home. You may want to do a man's some can be eh Aw it just ahead. It took off the food. The issue Sir can learn like me the battle that and that that that that.

US Fishman Komo Komo Es Nina Dan Cassava K ESPN Puerto Rico Moscow La Poon Choi Paseo Sambas Dante Donald Trump Rando Obama Toshiki Moore Amazon Tinos Komo Maria Komo
58: Mauricio Tenorio Trillo  El indigenista

Historiografía Mexicana [Libros de Historia de México]

18:13 min | 3 months ago

58: Mauricio Tenorio Trillo El indigenista

"Hey. Stay be so these league raciest. Zanetti was in with Roses Gucci. At you then was a continuer gaseous. Stories both cast. They studied what our fee Mohican. On this bus your Electoral Moselle. But Los Lebron's. They study at Mahyco. Khandu say Vado Saturday S. Samuel. PODCAST THEY EASTER YOU'RE FEMA He. And Dizziness Yataco. Them was Halley. Stay be sold you. Join me Douglas Eaten, Restrepo he nice to. ME. He cannot come. As BOKO REMOVAL LLAMAS MR CTO threat that moves the Amazon garlicky. Vassily data. On, US, yes, when mays Mosimane condomize Kwon. Yun they blocks. luminas Excreta Sport easterly galleries. But an apprentice pawprint upper case who semangoh condomize condos columnist for throw Puzzle Daily Story. Evil Automatic Antonio. Every thought embassy gathered alarm. We see that Easter Lotto's stories and Mahyco. Yearly Story, L. ON LUMINA, etc, look or Pablo Sarah, and while varies enormously system. I Don Guinness GonNa say Mosquitoes Morrison and they Leo. Savvy Amos this under Abaco the. Local tour excretory, ill specialist, more immune to socialist conservatories will not bus your knowledge to Kunal. as He. Not The NBC's. Party narrowly star so alice blocks. They started he gun. Combat he'll soon continue. Does this important asset Agata Allama your candidate? Personas Placebos. Dick's those criticos there reflects the on sorley studying SNL. So very ill guess released. When Obama Howard as collector Moselle Apparatus tippy soul you, he studied. Economics! You know textile look. And all your three you investigate, order professor the story. Don't see that the Co.. Two level Indian Sta. Three USA work better so now. He's Mikica skin on CEELO. Is Tom Pathos in Los Lebron? The People's popularity. Get on the record in the mosaic cognitive. Laced audio they may. Not Use these is ill Indian east. Inisted they extol history in the damn that four man rose through as an Contorno whiskey Farah is the. Case that over in the castle poverty. Daily study may He savvy. Amosi's almost movie an day last tense Yoenis in Spanish more yelling the unease move then casey embrace in. This is when they might give. Ibni Lavar disease to do. But. Must Mingka's Gobierno Centurion. Zamfara who speaks actually his what normal cisco owner skill, and as he can Nkhoma from the mental he'll Pasaden-? We'll be Gavin they own. Yosi. Bedrosian Mass Border Lindy. Lindy Kinabalu Your Address Game Glorification Jonathan, Umbrian, Peta's WHO's also seacoast tumorous better meet then, gladys, gladys, who's disease on them up with weaken play. Who in? Vienna Has Sawyer, you recommend okay. in the QUADRA aluminum bakeware through. They'll podcast. They struggle if he is illegal. These in Worcester Paquin. Achil- WANNA, look to the a liberal laws. MIKICA hospitals proximal now, but I collect even the those why we get rid our better so nakheel associated Mickey Candidacy Monica. Get Better on Sierra topic we that. Yes, apples office Yo polls format. Or Sufism CION associate that. Must Wisconsin fragment they'll textile Indian eastern the Maldives auditory you. Samuel podcast the referendum he can. Can Easter. Issue Audio three your. Police Sunday Exist in better scenarios Mikica knows. On Gin Onc-, wisdom battles Lebron's the people's Polaris. Recording the cognitive sleighs together me he. One of as those Protagonista is Hill Koyama most Indian Easter. Bit Okay. Story commentaries on the these nominees. But at the scene, Diaz but the. Indian Easter at Principia zeroing. Mix Easterly Stamford there is typically so nike. For case seed Capterra Luna, Salima in. Obvious by this Sarah though. Rosa philanthropy authors together or re Yearo. Uterus Mutual Sandra Polo. As Americans. Their Cao's wing equals him when Yeah Kasich Keller tonal scabby corridor, Elizaveta sauce with Dealership Appeal Lavi sonum Lyndon Easter Noise Fica. On Super Cinzia say constantly. Literate of has Indian eastern revolution. We book us at of US over his stay character study. Como. Que, El. INDIAN USTA noise India. CanNot Sola roster you must be embarrassed to say real police on that story foil construction there one eight India NACIONALISTA. Is Typically. Santi said they cover here in L. Indian east that kills McKee Ghana's Misdee- CREO. Use Your and then throw bossy fed under the. Goal is this one Ginza. Cynthia I'm three another another secret waste, but MAHYCO, onus. Lucero. Party interim his later. So that our modern. Guinness. Thinly here, historical Indian USTA noise in the. Boy But see some in Indian Easter. Heinous dill in Hannah's one Makiko Song use. L.! Of foy. Auto Beast is. Dimaggio yep rope yellow Puna Talia the out to the finish. Yes, he. Alenia four weeks. Does EXPLICO Lewisville your Komo of Hitomi Salvadorian Providence Seattle Komo Bharati. New Cell. Must be medals me. Sir NATO's He. Makina Don Andrei, no those replicas Larry Los, indios eleven looks Hispaniola. 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Present Darlow, anti imbalance UNISTA, nationalistic extreme heroes Komo Manitoba's who Meka yes locabail India rallies Robbins who these are known. BIRLA MS Clara. Lucas, young. When they're setting Hannah's mock operas modern we love is into squatting in Momento. Alaska Louise, Lereah? Said Rata, the winning Bikinis morale-booster Nadia. Curricula Rava. I'll Pasolini Kinnock. Only. By Salam Hicken. If, you remember funeral, you're in the. Revolutionary when unless you insult Keita Eligible Popolare? In lackey Los Indios if. Donald Petofi Lopez. Ledesma was Indian Usta Revolution Ideas, but isn't that on swing? Kenny's more Komo taboo will larosa Dylan in the. alka considered avalon all e-explanation. Barreling the Hannah's modell monumental, Ariza. Is Status. The needle poros studios trebek rally salvos for Siegler Indian Isam. BORTOLAMI's media. Raza's will he that they'll see Louis Very. EBOR LAKE owner AFIA they'll in bikinis mobile videon. In L. Monumental. Lobby Aubrey Amass they will not be omitted concrete to say Naba con ally, David, own say, or mentally senior by via. Francis? By last year. The He's not can offer remedial relievers in Bronze Impera. Laura's stickers belly sallow sparks, who's contreras momentos illusory still Indians Mobile Viviana h responsibility embodies in militant. Remarkable coup speed MED. I-. Would Miss. Is the Indian ease Murphy Sal Revolution Argue about in Indiana. So stay yelling Boras in. In. Eliza, royal that He. Million Not Lucas Yawn but Riyadh. Or million dialects, Pantheon Villacorta Mia. Allow absorption the community that is in the US borderless newsreel. As he said over Yellow Katie will as the total Sunday Canisius. almo- ANISA's Yawn e construction. NASEERUDDIN WAIVER IMMELMAN. Those Mississippi Silvio's and he stood Fema Cana.

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Patti Labelle & Boy George

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

27:27 min | 1 year ago

Patti Labelle & Boy George

"Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition of watch what happens live with me Andy Cohen and she makes an amazing pie and he's the master of smokey Hi it's with Patti Labelle and Boy George now eastern time make sure you're subscribed have a great rusty or not for cancer research tonight that just happened please welcome Georgia again funk Alex Ross guys are so talented I love your clothes so cool it's very they later on tonight's below deck charter gas brandy continued to struggle this is a doozy the crew had to jump into Action Watch you've only met one other time boy George said in the eighties at the Apollo I mean that's quite an iconic place to meet someone the you've loved thing night here's a pop icon with a career as colorful as his signature hats he just performed with Ms Fatty at the Angel Ball Fundraiser for Gabriel's Angel Foundation Thirty Oh you just turned thirty okay good all right let's get started I found out before the show that the two of you have only previous to performing tonight Jevon yes always say patty is my sister but I mean wow I like this we don't know what could happen there's like eighteen street where it's amazing it's tied I it's everywhere check out their pop up store in New York Thursday and Friday from online ceramics please welcome my friends allies and being carried off a medical emergency and they're just not letting it ruin their lives don't feel sorry for it can't you take a picture of us us here actually yes by the bar they are two designers who started collaborating when they were nineteen they become the leaders in creating grateful dead inspired all right next up shady pipe is one famous snack of a man that you wouldn't mind taking a fight out of me since I getting into music and then you know she knows who I am I do you know who I was I think it's a gender to have you thanks and you're here for a big night I mean we got Patty and George yes exactly are you guys even twenty five yet Davis pies which are available at Walmart by the way along with their whole suite of frozen foods tonight and more infamous by making a stop in the clubhouse here with burning questions says the music legend remains without question but she has inspired us to ask Lulu Kushtia of add more please welcome the Godfather God your questions for Batty and Boy George coming in but before we can get to those here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight Thanksgiving is right around the corner which is putting me in the mood for one patties odd boy George how do you feel about J. Lo and Shakira headlining the super bowl halftime show that'd be sizzling any advice to Megan marks how some water brand new hey brandy tanner and Brian are gonNA shoot a Kayak now news medical attention she needs it we're gonNA take you to the boat rift between Princes William and Harry what do you think is going on their show I thought it was a little bit shocking he said it publicly right my brother's driving Zits Shady Shady five get ready I'm gonNA take a slice out patty ooh doug mother of twins I ever got Joe and this is a gel explosions tonight just album with no expletives it's short people are upset by how short it is well I think that you can still make things alone have swab may come and go but one thing remains boy George having strong opinions on all things pop culture I'm going to run through some current events and get your take in around a pop culture all right okay she by shady whatever have you ever gotten baked of you ever gotten there's instead of just saying the best thing about working with them I want you to literally sing their praises for me okay I'm pushing it Sagen island I need every piece of Info brand new possibly get Lia wow rockwell rockwell too shaved questions for you shady fi what's your first question for Ms Fatty do think Rumer Willis deserve to win your season of dancing with the stars Heck yes in public I love them you Taylor Swift's outrage at her masters being sold into the hands of our enemy who's your celebrity crush no I don't have really I really your idea I know Sam I really make my guests dance okay how do you Lebel Prince can you sing something praise f-full about Fred's when devs voice was attracted to that all right all right thank shady pa Tom Johnson born a star is born a Sam Sam Rockwell we can stars the boys brother he was go about dealing with the British tabloids just ignore them don't try and sue then that just makes them more angry there's been a lot of media speculation about an alleged Cindy lauper Ooh she gives me true curl your goddaughter do you were there okay with your voice dancing yes yes kimberly what's your question Hi yes my question is for Patty I what was your reaction to the rolling stones the list of the one hundred ooh that's an interesting subject all artists I think and I don't know what to think about the deal how do you feel about Kanye west new album becoming a religion take time I'm your host to Andy Cohen and the rubble clubhouse to music luminaries lighting up the clubhouse I get let by I guess status Naomi Campbell throwing eggs at George Michael's van back in the day because she was a culture club fan I didn't ever hear that story I've never had a good one three medics here he may have cool shoe young she's kicking up slightly there fred creative singers of all time aretha was number one Whitney's on it you're on it obviously if I was on and I'm happy who megadeal emailed him either of you made love to your own music every time I sing love to Mow music me like I never met Sam you never met him at night you did it I work with him but I've never met him oh my really someone giving you accomplish that so here's what Patio Boy Georgia time to complement your virtuosity with a little virtue. I'm going to list off some of your past collaborate Elton John whatever everything every no I I'm in love with me Brian Carey Gosh you wrong when you look inside your heart seem like she didn't say hello to you would you walk by it seemed like it it was online it seemed like she snubbed you or something she really did not think she was going through our illness at the come to my house we're going to go over my back in the day moves when I was singing with the rethought and all of the things are back in the daytime so she wants me auto rows we want rents go to worry from Queens say cory what your question gotTa Get away and let them do their thing but when you're you singing with her what do you do see just saying this seizing out I mean that's what we do we have the Mike later the key to singing onstage with the Retha Franklin is what because because you both have voices where typically other singers might be like okay I gotta get a even do the sun outside you really never gotten stone you never taken off the joint yeah yeah yeah no I haven't no the recording again thank you very got we're GonNa take a quick vote in California which is difficult I just say the wrong things at the right time six let's go to Sabrina from Seattle. Hey Sabrina what's your question he andy my questions for Boy George Guy High what has three children got plenty on you feel about aretha being number one she should be in the world George we got tags from someone named Sam g saying what did you allowed never really fell out with the gentleman it was like a series of incidents where we kinda just never managed to get close it wasn't that we we have unconscious it reminded her of our favorite moment in nineteen ninety-six when she was performing at the National Christmas tree lighting ceremony leaders I am sorry to say disoriented bunch is missing again and it's up to both my guests to find them Patty we're going to have you put these remote is on go over to the right I mean he's saying about the doves was just so positive but they were crime too so I just love his insane it all right about the next season of real housewives that really hills and have you met the new housewives something and Carcelle yet not the new ones but I've been encouraging read just take it to the next level and just Biz you to help her with this movie by giving her some impo and that's my baby girl nominal so you said with the win Oh many times uncoupling without any decision for me of us but I've always been a massive found her records yes I was measured like someone's records the is not fourteen and she was always beautifully kids still off but then you know you knew something was GonNa Happen for both of US interesting swear to make your point thank you very much sweeter sound to gus voices unless it's any time you read on stage with her we did a few shows together I think there was a White House you did I remember that because I asked you about that because Paul George Hi Okay my question is have you ever resolve your feud with Madonna and what you think of her decision to play tomorrow theaters with no cellphones include no no I never I was talking to which was right but never reef I would have been so an aunt president I know God Dang it all it's close it's close if you're in a rush aw which she's been sick for a while and right really knew so she was snapping at people but not particularly me. I don't think my feelings were hurt but I I really understood it's actually felt at the time you know you're GonNa be treated what you felt at the time she was in what are your first music yeah she was she was in Ultimo full you know she's about fourteen that's did you meet her George ever meet never met him she's yeah let's go to Patrick from Texas Hey Patrick what's your question unscreened your background singers are going to appear in various locations behind you just head on over there boy George you sit next to each other I think it's time for my day goes to some of the amazing celebrity Halloween costumes from this weekend Kylie Jenner or BFF. Ed You're not supposed to be if you go for it go way out grazing is respectful it's amazing great singers of respect for each other things and they know what they shouldn't did you ever sing with the reader six Jesus thank you thank you Ms Patty we just had a really sweet moment all right let's go where are these background singers now where the ball drops on New Year's Eve in a line now landon no the presence at their faces etched into the stone like the president's had their faces in this certain visual illusion of course I mean the fact that we can't see your dependences incredible tonight goes to the Zoo to models who are indefinitely by the MLB for flashing Astros Pitcher Garrett call again five of the world series I've a feeling of MLB players cups were feeling quite snug around that time show on Thursday night I'm bringing Jimmy Fallon for his for his first boy George you have a new project coming up swear swear right this is a place where they put drills your mouth and they number astacio dressed as Britney and Madonna during their infamous kiss while baby stormy dressed in her mom psychotic Gabrielle Union addresses bring it on character with their Ashley Monaco next month no you paint it's kind of a little bit more intense pain it's aw I want you to collaborate Jack elaborate with gladys gladys was amazing I mean you know it says sausage adviser who wrote my even with her way aided hitchcock and he's writing his wit right now and what it's going to be about specifically I can't tell you do you think of Jennifer Hudson will be playing Franklin in a bio-pic then giving her any type of playing has you know she called me like a month ago she performer Patti Angel fundraiser and also behind the bar we have the guys from online ceramics Alex during the commercial break the whole audience and Patty were singing Karma Chameleon back and boy I'd say what you said I said if you tell you and I was like fifty one dollars everybody else out did you ever get blowback at that time for singing too big at the time I did you did it never diminished me it did it made me sing hard made me think about I mean there were these times and it may have been at that Apollo there were times where you would come out at these shows and you would blow everybody in the foreigner song i WanNa know what love is you came out and you really went for it in a significant way a- as to their whereabouts if we can get seven locations corrected sixty seconds you both win you're going to get your clues there I'm going to tell you about a specific thing that I remember that just popped into my mind number everything no this was in the eighties Diana Ross was leading water who ultimately won Halloween was Beverly Hills Housewife Sorretto who looked incredible and j.lo's iconic green the DPW sitters is take a bold I don't drive take down the lane and you not some things and but was that a real thing was she upset that you went so big you don't know okay all right I just I five cheeses in this Mac and cheese I want to take Pattie Boyd George Patties won't be a family Christmas is on the Hallmark Channel December twenty it was real real good at the time I feel like the media was trying to make something like Oh Diana was pissed that she was were you on the same circuit at all the same circuit and the thing is supremes ended up getting Cindy Birdsong who was in micro yes and that was a one of those moments as a really could you can put them on me no I just let him on when you got there okay George come sit next to me and you sociable I gotTa tell you we were talking during the show about singing with a refund I said to you you have such a big voice in your voice is so iconic and what do you do when you said just saying and thinly over a period then you know what there's a kind of respect though you know nine she fascinates all right well listen you guys it's aim last night patty was in I am still with Cindy moving from us to them I was proud of Cindy. Let's go to chuck from Ohio Chuck what's your question Oh hello graphic quite simple conceptual allow very cool that's in Monaco and Monaco you ernest work you did in the eighties when I'm sure it wasn't a popular thing to do so it was palm and asking because I was watching it on TV and I was into it we're all performance yes and you have the to me what were before the bodyguard okay they said the Dalai Oh yes I wanna do that song honey before I can say really yes it was in the movie and Whitney killed it well and my question though is Do you ever regret turning down singing I will always love you before Whitney Houston sang it was that song offered to you partner Sir George Diana Ross performed upside down and Ross dam up says worry that night not saying not everyone was there everyone God it was your gums and they do horrible things drills Hush Dennis address this is to get your car license he got no choice but Dolly Parton and I have planned patio going to sing that song next wow right right by bogut there t-shirt pop up stores on thirty first and November first at one seven to Allen Street in the East village I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys at the dead Well my question is for Ms Lebel I I WANNA say I'm a big fan also I wanNA thank you for all of your AIDS and let's go to Natalie from Iowa Natalie what's your question hi Andy the question is for Boy George what do you think about John's does this did you read his book I haven't yet but I will yeah excited about it I mean I think there's lots of stalls yeah around the Galaxy's full of them have you sung with Gaga I would like to see that you did what did you do together over the Ramo she hired me for Sarah she called and said I'm with this Supreme Cindy did I said okay good you're making more money than you could make with us right now so I I every generation has never imagine seeing him with Glenn there's nothing to drink country inches also jumping on like girl so wow I have not done it since Whitney but I plan to put into my show one day I would like but I was so happy that when he got that song and it just went light or anything no did you ever sing with Whitney I think we did that was my girlfriend I think we did seem together yeah what but we were together warmest New York and I say over the rainbow she came out and finished it with me wow that's my yes call cindy listed with our thoughts of somebody trying to say something negative whatever you take that you should never let there be on your bucket just don't think about it before and keep I'm saying why they big and this one you resent that you didn't have the power of motown behind you because the blue bells were not on thank you you're welcome other than crenshaw with legendary thing you witness Okay Robin from Texas actually do have one more call for Boy George. What's your question Robin Hi Andy Hi Patty your view brother-in-law caught up with or yeah you famously kind of connected with Diana Ross that night were there other people that you reconnected with Tina Turner or no tall no we weren't at motown where our town yes you sing you sing and you don't have to be around certain label anything with Diana Ross I was proud of her ever sing with Whitney no tonight and now let's go to you what I saw her do the song anytime she was at Oakland Legend we love talking about the Legends Ball Dude Yes yes those legendary thing you witnessed or anyone that you aw had the biggest crush on you growing up boy George and Ios at what did and because this tells you were in the Blue Bells and she was in the supremes

George Guy Andy Cohen Boy George Diana Ross Elton John Patti Labelle Brian Carey Paul George Seattle Retha Franklin supremes Sabrina Monaco cory Queens Mike California Patrick Tina Turner Whitney
Marilyn Monroe

A Biography Podcast - Life Histories of Successful People

22:11 min | 2 months ago

Marilyn Monroe

"Hello listeners welcome to our biography podcast. This week's part is about Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was an actor model and singer based in the United. States. Of America Marilyn Monroe became one of the world's biggest sex symbols and an icon for female empowerment in the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties even fifty eight years after her death people still remember her for what she managed to achieve within a short period of time. But. Marilyn Monroe was not born rich. She wasn't born to influential parents either on the contrary she was born to poor parents in addition to that she did not even get to spend much time with them because her mother became mentally ill when she was a child and her father's identity is still not one hundred percent clear. Understandably Maryland had a very difficult childhood. She was not only poor but because of her mother's health condition, she also lived with twelve sets of foster parents one after another and in an orphanage as a result, she couldn't get proper love and affection from her parents. Some biographies motivate us to work harder while others teach us to be humbled by showing how gifted we are. This biography of Marilyn Monroe is obviously the latter. This is the story of a little girl who suffered all her life listen to this podcast now to get a glimpse into the saddening but motivational life story of that little girl. Listen to the stories of men and women who transformed their lives using pure passion and cheer hard will to become the pioneers in their field and change the course of history. This is a ruse biography podcast. The podcast that helps you learn the real truth about successful personalities subscribe now to get access to future episodes. The biography of Marilyn Monroe Gladys Monroe. Gladys Monroe was born to Elmer Monroe and Ella Mae Hogan in nineteen. Oh Two when she was seven years old her father died due to an infection that destroyed his brain tissue after her father's death hoping to find a husband her mother had relationships with several men but none of them lasted. Due to her mother's inconsistent relationships and responsible behaviour. Young Gladys never really understood the importance of men and the role of women in marriage. Moreover, since she lacked a father figure, she grew up craving attention from older men. So when she was fourteen years old, she claimed that she was eighteen years old and married at twenty six year old man call. John Newton Baker. However. After giving birth to a son and a daughter, the demands of Motherhood tired her moreover, gladys had no desire to be a conventional housewife. So she would often leave her children in the care of her neighbors and go dancing and partying. As time progressed, gladys couldn't stand being held down by the clutches of the family anymore she wanted to be free. So in Nineteen, twenty, one, she filed for a divorce two years later, the divorce was granted and her husband took their children with him. Gladys like the new carefree life which was devoid of a husband or kids she often went on dates and had a good time with men. Several years later when she was twenty two years, old gladys was attracted to a twenty seven year old man called Martin Edward. Mortenson, he had a stable job was generous handsome and look five years older than his current age. So she married him however being a traditional housewife was something that was too boring for gladys. Therefore, just four months after their marriage she left her husband. Almost, ten months after gladys left Mortenson she found out that she was pregnant as a result of the pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl on June. First. Nineteen Twenty six in Los Angeles. However since gladys had been with several men after leaving Mortenson she, herself was not sure who the father was. The child's father was most probably a womanizer called Charles Stanley Gifford. Charles Stanley. Gifford was a CO worker with whom gladys had a brief affair. However, he abandoned her after finding out that she had gotten pregnant. Since. She did not know who the father was and also because she was still not divorced from Mortensen, she named the Child is Norma. Jeane. Mortenson. The child was also called Norma Jeane Baker sometimes taking the last name of Gladys's first husband. This child would grow up and later revolutionized Hollywood by the name of Marilyn Monroe. Gene and the. First. Foster family. Gladys had no one who can help her financially so she couldn't quit her job moreover, she knew that she couldn't be a good mother due to her lifestyle. She was also scared of the responsibility of caring for a child therefore when normal was just two weeks old gladys left her in the care of a foster family living only sixteen miles away. She paid the family twenty five dollars every week to take care of Norma. Even though several children were fostered by the Family Norma lived there for the longest time she lived there for the first six years of her life. During this time, the foster family took care of norma properly. They even let her keep puppy which she brought home as long as she took care of it. Moreover Gladys visited normal on weekends and took her for picnics and outings they would ride trams tour glass factories, go to the beach and eat ice cream yet norma was disturbed emotionally because gladys visits got less frequent and norm did not know when gladys might stop visiting her. As a child norma was always confused, the reason for the confusion is not hard to imagine. She saw other children addressing their parents as mother and father. So she didn't understand why her foster parents forced her to call them, uncle and aunt. Understand that gladys was her real mother and her foster parents were just taking care of her to her gladys was just a fun lady who visited her often and took her to outings. When Norma turned seven an angry neighbor shot and killed her dog because it was barking loudly this caused a lot of pain to the little girl. So unable to console the little girl, the foster family summoned her mother gladys. Norma Jean and gladys. Gladys helped her bury the dog and took norma to live with her to norma living with gladys was a new experience. Her foster parents were religious in highly disciplined. They did not approve of norm watching movies on the other hand gladys worked in the film industry in Los. Angeles. To create the final version of the edited film, She often took norma to watch movies normal would sit in the first row and watch the movies on the big screen with all. Gladys. Often drank and danced with her friends on weekends after Gladys was done. Drinking and dancing little normal often emptied the beer bottles that her mother drank and filled them with flowers from the garden. Even though gladys was not a great role model, she tried her best to take care of normal as normal was slowly getting adapted to living with her mother everything changed suddenly. All her life gladys had thought that her mother and father had died because of madness in the year nineteen, thirty four due to the economic depression and other reasons her grandfather took his own life. Even though she did not know her grandfather personally, this made gladys believed that mental illness runs in her family. So she was convinced that she will become a lunatic as well. This pushed her into depression due to the depression and the false belief she started hallucinating often she had difficulty in distinguishing between what is real and what isn't as a result in the year nineteen, thirty, four gladys was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She spent the rest of her life in and out of care homes and hospitals. Norma Jean and grace. Since, Gladys was deemed incapable of caring for her daughter anymore, Norma was sent to live with different sets of people for short durations and even some orphanages but primarily, she spent lived with the family of Grace McKee and their relatives grace McKee is the most important friend and confidante of Gladys. She decided to take care of Norma after Gladys became ill grace did not have any children of her own. So she considered Norma's her daughter therefore even when norma was living with some other foster family, she visited normal often. Grace. Thought Norma was really beautiful and would become an actress Sunday. So she taught normally address properly and take care of herself so that she appears gorgeous all the time grace would later become a big influence in the life of Norma. Growing up norma could never get the parental love that she needed. Moreover, she had to change constantly so that she could please her family at first. She thought her foster mother was her biological mother who told that watching movies was a sin and instead she should spend her time praying to God. Then she adapted to living with her biological mother who took her to movies and showed that watching movies wasn't ascend after. Her mother fell ill grace came into her life and wanted her to act in the same movies which he wants thought was ascend thus at different points in her life people whom she loved forced different beliefs into her which directly conflicted with current beliefs. Moreover, none of those people whom she loved stayed with her until she became an adult. So Little Norma grew up not knowing what to believe and whom to trust. In addition to that, after her mother fell ill norma had to move from one foster family to the next and was also sexually abused. All these incidents left a permanent scar on her mental wellbeing. As a result, she developed a stutter and became shy because of the trauma. Norma Jeane Marilyn Monroe. When normal was sixteen years old the family of grace with whom was living at that time decided to move to West. Virginia. But they couldn't afford to take norma with them even though grace had promised norma that she wouldn't have to feel insecure again she went back on her word this devastated. And she felt like dispensable object once again. Since grace and her family were moving to another town. Grace decided to get norma married to her neighbours son whom she was dating at that time since the only alternative was to stay in an orphanage until the age of eighteen norma agreed to the marriage. So in nineteen forty to the sixteen year old Norma Jeane Mortenson quit school and married the twenty one year old James Dougherty. After their marriage, they moved to Santa Catalina Island where her husband was stationed during the Second World War, Maryland, later described this marriage as mundane after a year of living with her husband Norma came to live with her mother in law when her husband was posted to the Pacific. Norman mother-in-law was working in Radio Plane Company as a nurse. At that time, the defense sectors were booming due to the second world. War. So Norma's mother-in-law could easily get a job for Norman. The Same Company Norma's task was to spray varnish on the fuselage fabric. Then nineteen forty four photographers came to the Radio Plane Company to shoot pictures of the most beautiful female factory workers for commercials and military magazines. Their task was to portray to the nation that America's loveliest ladies showed their patriotism by working in defense companies. One of these photographers named David Kahn over who had powerful contacts was impressed by Norma. He advised her that she would have a great future if she got into modelling heating to his advice norm quitter job the following year she began doing modeling shoots for him and his other photographer friends. Gradually Norma started applying to modeling agencies one of these agencies called the Blue Book Modeling Agency accepted her she signed her first contract with them in nineteen forty five. Within a year Maryland had appeared in more than thirty magazine covers and was called one of the most hard working models by the owner of her agency. Her figure was more suitable for print advertisements than modeling. So she began focusing on these magazines. However, her husband was not pleased with this development in her career. He wanted her to quit modeling and become a housewife. So Norma who wanted to continue her profession divorced him in the year nineteen, forty six. In the same year, she met Ben Lyon who was working with Fox production company. They signed a contract for six months with her even though she didn't impress the head executive of the company but Lyon didn't want an actress who was called Norma Jean dougherty her name was plain and unattractive. So Norma chose to have the last name Monroe since it was the name of her mother's family but Norma Jean, Munro was still not attractive. So lion remembering an actress called Maryland Miller with whom he had fallen in love previously suggested that she should take the name of Marilyn Monroe and just like that the famous Marilyn Monroe was born. The rise to fame. For the first six months after signing her contract Maryland did not do any films she only worked on her acting and dancing skills. She got into an acting school with the help of the studio she worked with and met many people to promote herself. She got her first small role in the film dangerous years in nineteen, forty seven however per contract was not renewed that year since the teachers at the acting school said, she was too shy to be a successful actor. So, Maryland went back to modeling. She started working as a backup dancer while continuing to take acting lessons she did everything she had to do so that she could get acting roles this involved befriending influential people in the industry and entertaining them at her home. One such friendship with a Fox executive helped her get a contract with Columbia pictures in nineteen, forty eight. Lost that contract a year later as her picture didn't work that. Well. So she again went back to modeling and started some semi-naked shots to as she was comfortable with nudity her big break came in the year nineteen fifty when she earned a seven year contract with Twentieth Century Fox studios after a series of small acting parts in movies like the fireable right cross all about eve and the ask for just. She got great reviews for the asphalt jungle and even critics praised her however even though her profession was finally taking off to great heights, she was emotionally devastated due to an unfortunate incident, her mentor and Partner Johnny High who got her these parts in the contracts died of a heart attack days after she signed the contract this left her shattered and scarred for the rest of her life. The nineteen forty-nine Maryland posed for a series of nude photographs. These photographs surfaced in the year nineteen, fifty two and threatened to put a dent on her career. Her production studio did not want them to affect her reputation. So they thought it would be better if Maryland admitted to being the model in the photographs and told that she was broke and she did that photo shoot only for some instant money this strategy worked well as a result Maryland gained a lot of public sympathy from the scandal at the same time she also became. Popular for her sex symbol image rather than her acting skills, her next films did well but all these films that are typecast it and blonde bombshell roles that demanded semi nudity and suggestive clothes. Maryland enjoyed this popularity and added fuel to it by turning up revealing clothes on public forums and sharing sexy amusing facts about her to public columnists in December nineteen fifty-three Hugh hefner published one of her nude photos as the centers spread of the first copy of playboy this added to her already soaring popularity as the leading sex symbol of Hollywood. After a series of highly successful films as a blonde sex symbol Maryland wanted to do some serious roles but the Twentieth Century Fox studios did not agree to it as they thought that serious films would not do well after many discussions, Maryland refused to shoot for another such movie. So they suspended her and canceled her contract. Maryland wanted to stop this negative publicity from ruining her career. So she married the baseball star Joe Dimaggio and started traveling the world with him. She reunited with Fox studios a few months later and was promised a lead role in what would go on to become one of the biggest movies of her career. The seven year itch she started filming for the film in Nineteen, fifty, four, it was released in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five, it features the immensely popular subway great scene in which Maryland can be seen standing on the subway. Great with the skirt flying up this scene would later become so famous that it would be featured in many magazines and films even decades after her death. Ironically. Her unscreened success ended her marriage with Joe. Maryland later claimed that Joe was physically abusive and had a controlling behavior. She filed for divorce but continue to relationship with Joe along with affairs with Arthur, Miller, and Marlon Brando during this period. After her contract with Fox studios ended Maryland along with photographer Milton Green founded the Marilyn Monroe productions she began studying, acting and started using psychoanalysis to address her personal traumas. Even, though she had her own production studio, her production studio could not produce films on its own. So Maryland reunited with Fox studios yet again, after an intense legal battle, she signed a seven year contract with them with four big films. The nineteen fifty six Maryland married Arthur Miller despite the FBI pursuing a case against him she began shooting for bus stop under Fox studios, which went on to become a commercial success. Maryland. Received a Golden Globe award for best actress for her role in the film and was finally recognized as an actress instead of justice sex symbol. She completed one more film under her own banner after this then she took an eighteen months hiatus from shooting to concentrate on her family life. She suffered a miscarriage anik topic pregnancy during that period. So she started taking pharmaceutical drugs to overcome her emotional depression she and Miller finally got divorced in the year nineteen, sixty one. After this Maryland resumed shooting on and off for films but she did not get a commercial hit despite posing nude for publicity stunt for the movie something's got to give. She was also involved in many legal battles with Fox studios over the delay in shooting. This gave her negative publicity in the final months of her life. Final years. Then, the last years of her life Marilyn. Monroe was battling depression caused by three failed marriages miscarriages a lost job, and the belief that mental illness runs in her family. The same belief that drove her mother mad. She also suffered from anxiety and low self esteem caused due to the lack of parental love when she was a child, the search for her father also devastated or terribly while she was living with her mother, the eight year old Maryland found a picture of Charles. Stanley Gifford the man who was. Most, probably, her father and her later years, she would try to reach him without any success. She would spend a lifetime trying to find this man and others which affected a relationship with men. Once when she called him in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, two, he told her that he didn't have anything to say to her and she should call his lawyer instead this completely apathetic reply from the man whom she believed to be her father crushed her emotionally all her life she never stopped hoping for his approval. Marilyn Monroe died on the night of August Fifth Nineteen, sixty two when she was just thirty six years old Maryland's housekeeper and her psychiatrist found her dead in her room due to drug overdose. In the following years her fans introduced many conspiracy theories and murder intentions but police ruled them all out. Her sudden death became a national sensation. It was later revealed that Maryland had overdosed on barbiturates a drug used to treat anxiety insomnia and depression in the nineteen sixties. Fact you probably didn't know. Maryland had a fear of losing her mind and going mad as her mother and grandmother did. She stuttered on occasions and the stuttering continued for the rest of her life. Maryland attempted suicide in nineteen fifty after her partner agent and close confidante. Johnny high died she attempted suicide once again when she miscarried and had an ectopic pregnancy. According to her co-stars Maryland was extremely difficult to work with. She was even fired from her last film due to her lack of punctuality and erratic shooting schedule. Marilyn Monroe's house where she died in nineteen sixty two was purchased by a couple. The couple later found that the house was bug and an elaborate government phone-tapping system was found across the house. We hope that this biography of Marilyn Monroe helped you learn about the actor and how she became a world renowned personality whenever you have trouble making a decision think about Marilyn Monroe if she hadn't made the decision to divorce her first husband and pursue modelling, she could have raised a family and lead a happy life on the other hand. She wouldn't have become a world famous star. So make the right decisions as these decisions will come to define who you are. To listen to more interesting podcasts or read interesting articles on finance health history life stories, and science. Our APP from apple and Google play store. Our APP is called was Subaru and spelled W. I s. you are you

Gladys Monroe Marilyn Monroe Norma Maryland Norma Jeane Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean depression Fox studios Norma Jean dougherty Maryland Miller Grace McKee America Johnny High Joe Dimaggio John Newton Baker Partner Los Angeles Hollywood
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En busca del gran viaje 411 Gadget electrnicos para viajar

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What's Kojima Productions Teasing? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.28.20

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What's Kojima Productions Teasing? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.28.20

"What's up everybody? Welcome to kind of funny games. Daily for Friday February. Twenty Eighth Twenty twenty. I'm one of your host Greg Miller alongside the okay beast blessing Antonio Junior. Greg Miller is cool man the jar or the liquid. The Jar. The Jar bear. Bring this up. I sent us. The people need to see this. This is the breaking news of gave the breaking news. I saw this this morning and I- legit is the coolest. Well here's the thing is I feel like it's a first off. That's horrifying listener. You need to go look at what the the WHO is. I couldn't stop laughing and the province I've seen it I've it's for sure. Kuwait man is the jar. We've seen it before of him half full or whatever and adding on an empty where we can't in commercials maybe maybe lay robot chicken or whatever where the where. He's there's got to be somewhere where he splashed around and gone underneath his eyebrow right and that would be like the thing I I'm looking at classic Kuwait main commercial compilation. Oh yes philosophical question. Because I feel like I. We asked us about ourselves all sales all the time right. Like what is buried this Barrett the brain spare at the faces Barrett whole body or sure or am I. The liquid or is liquid. Seventy percent of body is made of water. I think it's a fun question by sending for sure he's the jar about it. I'm looking I'm trying this. This is Classic Eighty S. You'll never get there has to give me a modern kool-aid commercial is he still haven't seen glade man in minute is he's still relevant like because he's still around. I mean when you get winters still very low around here. Oh Yeah here we go here we go. This is from two years ago. Oh Yeah see okay. This proves it without a doubt that we're we're staying bearing. I'm sending this over to which one you want. Control sending control. If he's just a modern kool-aid man take okay. And you think this will put a C O c like. Let's see the face and Shit is on the jar. I don't know man. It looks like you don't know might be the Likley. It looks like he might be the liquid like the way he's talking. You looked like it could be like. Why is this thirteen all play in the next one? I I was this kid. It's fucking cool eight. I don't know look at his eyebrows. Just went above the liquid line. His eyebrow is just one last shot when above the liquid line proving that in fact who man is the jar. Well if he's not convinced I mean don't be wrong. I think they've made with concrete. You're right off. There's still liquid in that JAR SEATTLE. I think Shit Fuck Dude Shit. Does kool-aid man need Kuwait in him or liquid inside of him to be? Yeah it's commercial or is it like. He's making like if he pours without. Is he naked? I think it's I'm going out on alleged to say this that like the liquid is blood. Know if he's a bone dry jar frosty the snowman. If he's completely bone dry then I would say he. He's just he's just a jar I think he's like when you put the hat on him or you fill them with liquid. Obviously when you put a hat on frosted snowman becomes rice. Yes well he's just a jar sitting there it's just jar you fill them with Kool aid. He gets okay. I could see that that makes a lot of that is like the combination. We're all looking for yes okay. It's being sure all on the same page about this. A lot about kool-aid. We'll talk about more of those like this. What's key Jima teasing? What's riots next game in? What IS BORDERLANDS. Planning this ladies and gentlemen all those questions because it's kind of funny games daily each and every week Diana variety of platforms. We run you through the NERDY video game. News need know about like that. Be Part of the show patriots dot com slash. Kinda Funny Games. You can go there. You can get the show ad free you can get it with an exclusive post show. You can ask your question. Submit your squad ups you just have a ball with me and blessing whoever else host the damn show of course if you have no bucks two toss our way. It's nobody's you. You can go to twitter dot TV slash kind of funny games. Watch US record the show. Live if you're watching live you've a special job. Go to Kinda funny dot com slash. Wrong tell us what we screw up as we screwed up. I knew there are gonNA be fucking corrections. Goddamn Kooyman some guy says kind of fun fact. The KOOL aid man was a backup singer. Madonna's material girl and I don't know if he means the voice or if he means Kool aid is in the back of that thing and then Frankfurter says the jars his body and the liquid is his soul so they're your correction so far. Go ahead and do that but get serious. We're talking about a real game show here. Of course you can watch later. Youtube dot com slash kind of funny games rushed DOT COM? And of course podcast services around the globe. House keeping fortieth. Today I gene is putting on a livestream celebrating black history month and blessing and Yo- you a junior himself. Yes it's going to go over there and be a part of it. Yes you excited. Yes you represents. I am excited. I'm so nervous because I'M GONNA be interviewing people will be hosting some bits. What I've read the whole thing starting at one thirty pm come hang out as blessing and others Get to talk to black folks in the games industry about you wrote this. This is me about their experiences breaking into games. It's happening from one thirty to four thirty over on I. Dot Com in bussing. We'll be on it periodically hanging out playing games interviewing folks and more. Yeah so that's cool. Yeah that's really cool. Yeah it's GonNa be real fun. Time is going to be me and Akim. Lon I believe is how you pronounce his last name. yeah talking to people We're GONNA have guests from. Ea and guests from our guest is like a twitch caster biting caster right not golden boy. No and I can't remember the name but you know if you want to figure out who the tune thirty. Pm OVER AT DOT COM fun time. We're GONNA wear this probably going to go on CNN. Okay be shirt. That's cool. I mean you know we gotta represent the brand. Yeah but like you know. They have cool shirts. God alchemy Dot com slash store. Fuck you fuck you. Into the guy there is the castor de ones is our HD. There you go thank you know and then another asking me for your programming. Updates remember Zelda in review is happening next week. It's an in review special. Were the one only boss Baby Barrett Courtney's reviewing every Zelda game. He played because he sat down and played them all again. He's raking them in rediscovering. What makes the legend of Zelda special it's popping on the breath of the wilds third anniversary March third? That's next Tuesday is going to be a youtube premiere to on YouTube dot com slash kind of funny games. And I'll tell you about it so when you say you're doing this and you were filming a little bits in USA. My talking about it. You'RE GONNA cut down and stuff was like that'll be a really fun. Thirty to forty five minutes three hours and fifty seven minutes fifty seven minutes to be fair. I reviewed eleven different game. Hey I'm not I'm not like trying to put you down for like I don't reveal. I don't like stay on one game for too long. You Know I. It goes at like a good pace. You don't I'm saying blessing. I know exactly what you're saying. Yeah it's not like I'm spending four hours talking about one very mediocre movie in the EU. Okay I was wondering. What is this Princeton? Later Sunday. Four hours talking about eleven great game. Okay. How's the export exported? It's expert okay. It's done. I started the expert at like six thirty. That sounds like ten EP. Or whatever asking me along expert one of our industry friends Kinda funny fan today. Because he's asking questions and I told them how long it was and his response was going to be one long shower and door. Jim and or Poop I guess and I said it's the Irishman of kind of funny content. You will break we will. We'll have to put out words of like. This is where we think you should break. I'll have time codes and suffer all the different segments After the Youtube Premiere because you premiered presents it as a live video so you can't skip a hat or anything. This could have been like a series right. I mean we debated fun fact like we did debate. Unlike did we want to break these up? Did we want to put it in one long video like my original idea was break it out into two different videos but we thought this would be like the most fun way for everybody to experience it and again we'll have time codes and shit like that and Descriptions for people who want to take breaks and skip around and shit like that so yeah and then Another fun thing like this won't be my first time playing some of the Games. We'll be my first time playing a few of the Games so I talked about once I get to each game of like I've played this before. This is my time experiencing it. It's a it's a good old fun time as Legend of Zelda Fan who hasn't played all the games before can I hear that right. There won't be my first time playing some of the Games I I dude. It's walking Friday and this week's been nineteen days. Let's get into what is forever paycheck producer this cruiser loose. It feels like it's day nine. I'm so tired for some reason. Keep drinking last night after we re. I think it lasted though I did. Everybody's like really you're still going home still have thirty home and I just went straight to bed. That's I think you're patriots producers. James Davis David mindell Muhammad Muhammad the NATO Biologists Frankfurter blackjack Patrick Kane's Travis Gutowski. Drew Garnier fruit dominic shorter gene burns. Joseph Solar and Katy Gallagher. Today were brought to you by the best ds and the gaming ride home podcast. But I'll tell you about that later Tim for now. Let's begin to show what is and forever will be the rope reports. Did today did today. Time No five items on the rope. Reports doesn't bear. I didn't tell you some of these are audiovisuals. All right so we need this first. One is for sure you to this tweet because we're starting why not? It's Friday is all let our hair down. We'll get to tell you about who else pulled out of GDP in a second. Let's have some fun with rumors and speculation. Kajima productions tweeted last night. A tweet full of fucking weird teases that people are GONNA so says the first two simple enough right. Sorry to be silent everyone. I've been really busy lately. Dot Dot dot. I think I can say more soon. About what we are going to. Dot Dot dot dot dot Hashtag Kajima productions now. This was ocoee right. Who is responding to Jay bore? Who is who is the guy who just got hired to be the new communications director of it all seems innocuous right but God forbid anything be innocuous on the Internet right so sorry to be silent. Everyone I've been really busy. Dot Dot dot dot. I think I can say more soon. About what we are going to dot dot dot productions and then it's picture of ocoee zone enhanced deal you have to. Luckily everyone in this comments did enhanced for us. Okay we just scroll down but it same with the pets paper right. I think people started pulling them. Apart is sorry to be silent. We all had to draw drawing on the silent. Why why is he saying silent like that? Why would you say silent? Why would he say sorry to be quiet? Silent silent or quiet from metal gear also cool but then it gets even more a little bit more look at that. It's a pencil that says pyramid here amid branded pencil. Pyramid had no word. We're going Silent Hill's right okay. Stop talking quiet. Alright breathes through her skin greg. I remember her bikini. Had like pyramids like getting that. We're GONNA SAY OH so silent pyramid. Scroll down again to the enhancement. Though the pad says next week what are we getting from Kajima productions? We're doing because they're not. They're not announcing silent hills. From Kuching. Reproductions can you imagine? Imagine if they were like you know what we're independent and now we're getting a contract from Konami we're GonNa do this vow. It won't happen. You definitely won't happen. Which makes you wonder. Why is this tweet constructed the way it is because it is constructed like we are trying to teach something right with the dot dot dot and the next week on the notepad right you have those two things you start to read into things. It's the tweet opening up with the word silent and then you have in the pyramid thing in there. I feel like they're leaving. The they're they're they're teasing people in a in ways that I don't know if they're doing the Silent Hill's thing on purpose but maybe you should've thought that through a little bit more throwback up there all right the tweet up there and showed the kids right and then just go through and scroll down just as the little is Jay Bora cable for us. This motherfucker knows exactly what he's doing he they're toy. They are not announcing can you? Can you zoom into his eyes because they were we see you say what's reflecting back from his eyes? He's probably just the Moscow? Yeah exactly I don't even think I'd Oncein the hills from the from Oregon. I mean I would love a horror. Game Silent Hill specifically right. We associated with gamble. Del Toro associated with Dorman. Rita's we already got that game right. Being I wouldn't want I feel like putting out silently hills. The way was advertised before you would be kind of confusing with when I feel like a Lotta silently hills elements were then fed in to even like the horror like some of the realms where were there through bts and stuff side of the hill specifically I would want a horror game and I would be excited for a Kojima productions game announced or revealed next week. It fuels very soon. That said I mean they'll five was put out in fall. Two Thousand Fifteen. I think it was September. Twenty fifteen and then stranding well Kojima productions was announced in December. Two Thousand Fifteen so a few months later right there was that video of Andrew House and Kojima on the couch and in your houses like smiling and he was like partnering and go deep and then six months later we got the at three in so like I wouldn't put a pass them to have such a quick turnaround like that's not unheard of especially from Kojima and Kojima productions. That said right. I feel like it's very still even with that. Being the case right I couldn't imagine them having a substantial announcement next week. They have an announcement that might be a game. What that would be. I have no idea. Here's the big thing about it. Is that you know for the Kajima productions fan base right like hockey's like they know him right that's why initial tweet of high. All hockey is still alive. And he is head of communications. He's in Japan. I'm in the UK. And that was Jay saying that right. It was kind of clarifying. I think when they made a big deal about hiring J. bore that hey we've hired Jay and everyone's like well. What about hockey right? That we have this quota we pop up inside. It'd be silent everyone. I've been really busy lately. I think I can say more about what we are going to dot up next week. I don't think it's going to be changing his title or something of that effect. Yeah in the biggest thing about why because the you know you go to any of the this threat of tweets there you go on recent area you look around everybody's trying to pull in the fact that like well. Kajima has been tweeting a lot this year about writing for a new game in new. He's been working. He's worked. Yeah next thing or whatever I can tell you right now the main reason this is going to be a thing for Kajima productions fans next week and not for the world right is that an Jima is basically silent on it. He Re tweeted this exchange right but he's not out there doing his leg. Oh what is this going to be? Or whatever if this was a new game reveal if this was going to be a silent hill's fucking reveal. Somehow they did something crazy. They're yeah he'd be all over it he would be a main player in like look at what. I'm tweeting and is there something else here in Yada Yada Yada? This is them having fun too much. Goof-balls I mean what do you what do you take from the silent hills or the silent in the pyramid. They do you think that those are just like them being cheeky or I make accidental and we try one thing. Pyramid pencils are they. Are they a common pencil? And there's the brand of pencil the pencil. I don't yeah but he said silent. So why do you wanted to say it's a word you say quiet? I didn't fucking put an all caps. He didn't put it in as as dot dot dot and we have to look in the image for when he wrote. And it's like Oh like you want us to read into it. We're talking about two people in charge of PR communications. Of course. This is what they wanted. Lou. Eighty-seven the Chats Dam Little Lou. Eighty seven the Zima is silent. I Dunno I thought it was good. I thought it was a wise. Wb BEING SILENT. That's the real question. Breyer fucking hate me. How many days is Wbz Montreal's last Batman Movies? Give me a couple of this'll fun. Bet though when do you think Kojima productions next game is announced well? I don't think this year I think next year. Yeah I put my money on twenty twenty one. Yeah that's what I think too. There's an outside chance I guess. Now we'll know twenty twenty one. I bet place issue would love to have a teaser trailer at playstation five. Reveal whatever that's going to be. Yeah it feels wait. I agree I agree. Say next year. Maybe you drop that trailer something there. I can see it in fifty days. We're getting closer to what the August reveal. Hey number two on. The rover is another visual one. Because I'm just stealing. The Joe Scrambles of made up names gene story person. I've I'll tell you what I've Joe scrambles has come up to me. I think now at a couple consecutive devices every time he looks a little bit different. So I'm just saying is just just a random person can be signing cards like Joe scrabble. Yeah anybody can be picked up Mueller. Anybody can be scrabble if they pick up British and you know what I mean. Shout out to Simon Cardi. Who should be the next 007 say reference? I don't get did rise. New Game leak League of Legends Developer Riot Games is working on an F. PS code named project. A but recent details suggest it will be titled Novella Rinse Right. Is that how you say that one Valerie Valerie now? Any screen shot of the game and several of its characters appears to have leaked earlier. This week respond. I pointed to a trademark for valance filed by riot as wells. A twitter account created around the same time as the trademark at play. Valentine's the account is followed by multiple pro gamers and F- streamers despite being a next to empty page yesterday project fan account also posted what appears to be screen shot of the game featuring a character select screen for character called sage. The barretts got this pulled up a great job. You see sage their little floating orb. She got a barrier. Orbis low-orbit Healing ORB resurrection. Great Brimstone over there to Viper over there. This screen shot if legitimate also appears to confirm characters called Viper and brimstone alongside a number of character portions. This designed for sage appears to match up with a previously shown project a footage of a character that uses a green orb to someone walls and resurrect teammates sages abilities shown in the image match with the footage in place her as functioning something like over watches mercy or Mora characters as either right. Yeah you got that McTaggart remember from X. Men in review for more from era. Mom Riot ask project. Aapc hero shooter unprecedented to the Universe of League of legends. At the end of last year the game will be set on a near future earth. And we'll take the form of five five shooter with assertion destroy mode former counter strike global offensive pro. Henry said it felt most similar to see us go. Inaction bless yes. Is this do anything for you? I mean I'm really excited for all the projects they have going on like. I'm not a legal person so I've never really gotten the chance to play a riot game and with the announcements that they had this last fall about the different projects. They have going on that. Take place within the legends. The Universe and outside League Legends Universe like I think there's a fighting game including their Which when they announced that look that do that. That sounds like something that could get me in and so all these projects. I'm excited for This league stuff. I'm all excited for like. I'll be more excited for it if the announcer for console which I don't think they've announced platforms yet. It's for sure coming to pc because it's right and counterstrike kind of game but Yeah for it to be like a halfway point between counterstrike and overwatch Really appealed to me because I I definitely love overwatch In Yeah as far as the lead the characters it definitely looks stylistically like it's leaning towards over. Watch him you know I I. I don't know if I'd say has as much characters overwatch like. It doesn't look as animated even though it seems like it's going for animated style but With trying to be with with the gameplay trying to be more tactical and more tight and precise like counter strike by probably lends its. Its probably harder to go with that. The Art style when you want to have that sort of sharp shooter at the same time and so I think it looks cool. When do you think is getting revealed now that these are starting to break through these soon? I don't riot as one of those comes. It doesn't need to wait for anything you don't need to wait for an e three there and eat away their they have a huge fan base. That loves their shit. And it's GonNa Make News. Obviously I believe they said when they announced it in fall that they're going to reveal more information in twenty twenty or yeah which GonNa Happen. Any day I think with these leaks be announcement. Could be imminent. I wouldn't be surprised to see his game announced for next year. I don't know if it's ready to release yet. Might release an early. I was GonNa say I would see what you do. Is You announce it really soon? Maybe they were trying to think around. Gdp in we'll see when GDP is gonNA become. Yeah and then. Yeah you get an early around then. Yeah closed Beta something. If you're into the League of legends community right maybe you can sign up through that. Yeah I can use the happening easily but I'm excited for what this game is going to be with you illegal. Aliens never clicked for me so to see them. Move into something that even though I'm not the biggest fan yeah I get in there and see what it is you know will expand the audience of what riot right is one of those one of those companies. Where when they say they're going to go for something like this right when they say they're going to make like a multiplayer game where a multiplayer lifestyle game like. I hate tension because I believe that they can make something that is going to last and be resident. And it's GonNa be something that we talked about for awhile because like I think this game is going to have a community behind it like a big community that we have to pay attention to and very exciting for Rights. Make another game. Yeah because the you know on our side of the industry every videogame retirement home you go there and you never make anything you make you work on a lot of things. They never actually see the light of good for them. Let's see what happens Number three packs has brought us a borderlands three Info Dump Number One. They put up a content. Roadmap this is for twenty twenty spring has stuff including of course the announcement of the New Deal C. Which is guns love? Tentacles this is going to be the marriage of hammerlock in wainwright coming in March. It's a paid content. Add similar to handsome. Jack's casino is included with the season. Pass however and Super Deluxe edition. You got a new planet story and missions a fan favourite characters return in a new new legendary cosmetics. I'll double back and explain that. But moving on mayhem mode two point dropping April. That's free endgame. Update overhauled modifiers more. Fun More Lou. More mayhem if you haven't been paying attention mayhem to is the one that are mayhem mode in general is what you unlock when you hit the level cap when you keep playing and you go there and make the game more difficult basically but you give out different buffs but you've also when you get a buffet like twenty percent. More shock damage right. It also usually comes with something like negative thirty percent pistol image. Or whatever. And they've done away with that and mayhem two point. Zero is their New Vision for it. Which will be more fun? I guess like you gotTa buff and big head motor someone else and yet another Changed Gameplay up that way then in April you also get revenge of the cartels. It's a free in game event. Takeout cartel operatives earn unique event rewards. So like the Valentine's Day event. I liked the Christmas event that had earlier and Guardian takedown comes in. May another free content update or rhythm theme takedown new challenging bosses earn unique gear and cosmetics from what they were saying at the panel. Guardian takedown is like mallow on takedown except this is even harder which of course the reputation for being punishing his out from borderlands dot com talking about guns love in tentacles Sir Hammerlock an Wainwright. Jacobs are finally tying the knot and they want you to come celebrate their upcoming nuptials on the Ice Planet of goals those adventuresome lovebirds have chosen a venue. That's just as exotic as it gets in the frozen wastes of the new planet Not the first wave of the new plan had thinned out All but the most vicious wildlife and the Erie town of curse haven. You've agreed to meet is located. Beneath the colossal carcass of a fallen monster longtime borderlands fans will be happy to see another familiar face when they touch down on circles gauged jeans macro manser from Orleans. Tuesday has been on the run as a wanted fugitive for years accompanied by her loyal robot. Pal death trap but never one to leave friends in the Lurch. She's graciously taken it upon herself to act as wainwright an hammerlock wedding planner. So that's exciting march more missions more stuff to do. I'm superstar for that. Yeah going off that. Even though game spots Gabe Gerwin was in the audience. I think and had this report. I gearbox also shared a teaser image for the third. Dlc expansion This one will take things in two very different directions. Featuring revolving revolver toting outlaws as well as dinosaurs announced as part of its patsies news. The third campaign ad on hasn't been fully detailed yet but it will arrive this summer. It's included with the borderlands. Three season pass and as the image shows was riding dinosaurs. It should be everybody's goofy and over the top borderlands fans expect so that's cool to understand what the next job because he playing borderlands is you know blessing can't stop how you played a lot of borderlands two also. How how does this compare to the post content for? Because they're doing it on a better rhythm right now. Something constantly always happening. They're communicating better. Like I mean there's monthly something going on because I always had DLC drops in like big deal like people always talk about like the deal DLC. Borland's the different packs like the tiny team and stuff. But I wasn't. I never really stuck around to like pay. Attention awesome but yeah. This seems like a lot. This is taking everything you know as for as much as borderlands three we played. And we're like man. This is the game from seven years ago in a lot of respects right. They definitely granted for the record is always remember we Ri- hosts and we produced the show. So if you WANNA take any of my praise of this game that I've put fucking lots of lots of hours into in love totally. I understand. They really paid attention to games. The service and how they were doing and even though they are not a game service really you know what I mean. They're not because this makes me think that they are. It's not in the way that like daily log in bonuses right like you know what I mean like when you think game service. It's like what is happening on the battle. Pass store today. What do I need to log into? Where do I need to go whereas this is still a base in so many different regards it borderlands for me personally three like I love it? I adore it. I can't keep playing more of it. That's why I'm so. I'm so stoked for the DLC packs right even when they drop Mala takedown. I tried I got it and I was like all right. Whatever I'm really gonNA wait for the big deal for the casino stuff and then when that came devoured all that with jen played through that in the new story stuff and even now like you know with the Valentine's Day event they put out it. Was you know go through shoot? The hearts earned these special lockable cockpit. Weapons and things like that. I did all that without hitting the level cap because they increased it by three. But I'm not that kind of player that just wants to sit there and grind over and over on it. I was like cool. Those levels will be waiting when the next deal gets here. So I think it's like whereas like divisions about to drop next week the warlords stuff right when that happens and they put their battle passing. I do see me playing a lot of division being on there grinding out for those kind of things and seeing if that works the way we think it's going to work and all these different things think I can see myself playing that. Not If not if not every day because we're so busy but at least once a week to see what's going on and catch up to it where borderlands for me as an event still wearing okay. Okay this May motoo. And this is Greg Miller thing. There's tons of people obviously play. Borland's like now who are trying to get the best builds and figure all that crazy crap you feel like you would Borderlands three would benefit from diving in more and going all the way into like the. Hey here your daily logging bonuses like that type of games and service as opposed to kind of being like more traditional Borland's game but with more it depends what your metrics of success are. I think they this is because again when reviews drops and it was like. Oh it's still the same humor. Seven years ago right but it is a instills inventory management so seven years ago and a lot of specs right. The game sold gang busters right. It was I was. I WANNA SAY WANNA two K. Was buried google the actual thing for what it was for a borderland sales for two K because it sets some milestone. I can't remember if it was to case. Obviously not take what. Yeah the most recent borderlands three sales stuff with the Jillian copies and it set some kind of stupid thing So I don't think in that regard they nailed that in so then they still have this audience. That is still there in so I don't the daily log in bonuses and all that jazz would drastically change what the game is because right now again. I'm hosting the show and do all these different things but I do really do. Pat Them on the back gearbox for being so forthcoming in so open with the community and listening to what the community wants in making those changes like. Even we get to help facilitate that when we get to talk to them and see the moves but on the Berlin show like they are so frank that they can. They'll answer you. Ask Him every episode about Cross. Save I was GONNA say the same thing like we're working on it but it's tough and there's like they're not bullshitting they're not giving you. Pr Answers borderless. Three sales near eight million copies take two interactive borderlands. Three sales are nearing the eight million mark For the game room. Maybe it's just the most successful borderlands. I thought there was like a real milestone connect posted. This was twenty twenty. You think they will toss that in there so I mean eight nine and the other thing I saw was that I think around the time I was coming out. It was selling fifty percent more than what borderlands two is doing the same amount of time. This is what I was looking for. Borderlands MC VU UK borderlands threes. Become the fastest selling game in two K. history shifting more than five units in the opening five days. That's what I was looking for. Okay I'll take you to not obviously so it's a measure of success where I think the way they've built this now the way they continue to do this content roadmap and these plans and tell you had a time and then when things move be honest about hey they moved and that's how it's going to be. I think they're succeeding at being borderlands in twenty twenty now if they wanted to be borderlands games as a service borderlands change fundamentally what? Borland's is and how it works. They could go for that and try that but again I think that's a huge different ball of wax. Yeah I think right now. They're super happy what they've seen but who knows. The other news was coming to steam on March thirteenth borderlands three will launch on steam complete with Pc Cross play with the EPA game. Store now is that usually doesn't happen for a big plant a complaint for a game stories that people don't like the infrastructure for a multiplayer. I'm asking questions that I probably won't let me tell you as as PC gaming expert. Greg Miller I mean the big problem having right is usually their exclusive. That became store and I don't know how many multiple games have come out of that. Kinda FUNNY DOT COM slash wrong. Let me know because damaged exclusive over there for a while right. How often do you most glare games out? On both steam in game store and are they usually cross play between those platforms and then the final one is that you could die in the borderlands film if you like Jesse Shearman sheared. She'd Shaheen Jesse for my. Gm writes in and says borderlands is being adapted into a live action movie and director. Iae OFF wants to pay tribute to hardcore 'cause players by killing them no not literally. Roth briefly appeared onstage at the gearbox patsies panel to voice his excitement for the project for the Fan community calling it quote A. Mad Insane Family Roth. Then noted desire to honor the community by selecting a handful of college players to appear as extras in the film. Excuse me where their characters can be killed off in suitably borderlands ways. It's not clear how exactly these players will be chosen gearbox or Lionsgate may announce some sort of formal contest or the filmmakers may simply reach out to individual 'cause players on a case-by-case basis. Either way sounds like fans interested in appearing in the movie would do well to start prepping their costumes before major conventions like e. three and COMECON and getting their instagram accounts up to date. That's one. Yeah it's weird that movies real and it's actually going to happen. You know what I mean. Are we video movies? You hear all the time Tom. Holland's like Oh. Yeah on charges filming in two months. He doesn't have a director. Tom fucking possible. The more the more you sit on it the more the the less I am negative on it like more. I think about abortion as movie being being made by La Roth right and being made in a style as worries specific and library violent. Very very gory. Like if it's like a some kind of Borland's side story and it's just him telling his own story. I feel like it has potential being good. I don't even mind being a side story. You know what I mean. Go ahead and fuck around with Lilith and clap trap and all that stuff you can play in that world. I mainly. I don't want them to connect at all. Yeah I mean I I I just I just think the difficult thing is what we know. His style to be in Web Borderlands is as a game and how difficult it would be to China. Translate that into a movie as far as like you know the humor and the characters and style style and violence and all these different elements Borland's as translating that into a coherent movie. I feel can be difficult in a way. Where if you do a side story and you're just like okay. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA do my own tales from the borderlands word is like this know Separate story in the world aboard land. Yeah maybe taking like one or two characters. I kind of had to have tails sales. Though I don't feel like he was entails. Think so I don't remember closed in the they had actually Johnson's Not Glass bought whatever Gladys Gladys Gladys Gladys Gladys but. Yeah I feel like if you tell your own story in a way where you don't have to take literally all the elements Borland's and just focus on if you to be ultraviolet just focus on the ultraviolent like make a Mad Max fury road that takes place in Orlando something along. Those you bring up tells me borderlands. I think that's the greatest example. Yeah I remember when they announced that and I was like why the fuck would you take borderlands game all about shooting guns input into details talking game that doesn't make sense and then you put the I play. The game was like this is brilliant. Yeah it's like my favorite telltale game so that's the thing you can do that go for it. Obviously make it. Make it make sense Zach rice in the kind of funny dot Com Slash Wrong says EPA game story and steam players cannot play with each other but the division to goes through you play regardless of what story bought from on on some bought it on so all matchmaking is done on the same platform. Okay okay. So certain games specific games can just happy lands. Three's going to find a way Okay. Tom Says a movie rumor for us in line with what we're talking about. But he's he opens his you're wrong with knock knock. Let the devil. In Ruben Fleischer Venom is suspected to be direct stepping into direct uncharted. Thank God it's never going to happen. It's going to be saved for this director. Oh you're casting because Alex moves not gonNA come out. Oh No I'm not saying that. Okay Yeah I was just talking about specifically the idea that try to move. He's going to make it to a theater. Nah several grab like twenty twenty five. Maybe possibly but. I'm glad you didn't see venom. I'm glad you didn't know and to them. Getting a sequel. You know now this connected to a spiderman is going to be in Abramowicz you. Yeah I'M GONNA Watch I'M GONNA have to you taking more bs or whatever his name. Is morpheus Matrix Morpheus Moebius more BS? I'm saying to you more more. So you're saying morpheus now I'm saying yeah you're next to them you yeah of course and so that is apparently the PC ps four game. It's weird yeah because the Spiderman End tom-tom no not Tom Allen potato totally Spiderman tobey. Maguire told me more BS aim on Martin says claptrap here. In the last episode details on the borderlands is a horrible character for the final volksfront number. Four epoch is swinging hard on super data. This is Britain's Glare Games. Industry Dot Biz. Epa Games is disputing some of the numbers. Being publicized regarding. It's free to play Battle Royale. She wrote night. The company RESHOT Games Industry today with the statement questioning the methodology of Nielsen's market intelligence firm super data quote super data does not and has not ever had access to epics fortnight revenue data in super days reports do not accurately reflect fortnight's performance in epic representative said quote. We're disappointed that super data has repeatedly published wildly inaccurate reports about fortnight based on what we believe is questionable methodology while we do not and have not publicly shared revenue numbers for fortnight. We will say that super. Data's reports do not align with reality. End Quote the representative specified that. The comment was not made in regards to any specific super data report last week. However suber data released a monthly worldwide digital games market report in which it said fortnight's earnings quote continued their gradual decline and hit their lowest level since November. Two thousand. Seventeen end quote then update to article. Super data responded to epic statement saying it has a proven methodology validation process in standing behind. Its previously reported. Fortnight numbers spicy story is just too fucking companies all the time bicker and online about it right. That's yeah that's that's fun that's funny. That's basically like if somebody is like like Greg Miller only has five hundred thousand followers. And you're like hold up doing a million followers. At least only some of them are not even talking about instagram numbers. Yeah that's that kind of attitude coming from from epic yes. I respect goofy little tiff in the public. But I WANNA call it because we do personally on the show you super data a lot. A lot of the people who don't obviously show their numbers all the time you go to the outlets that are somehow going through pulling them have methodology. They're putting out information. We're consuming that. As if Bible truth it's important to point out that no it is not. They don't actually have the books for fortnight is very much a guesstimate in some ways. I assume so. Believe who you want on that and then finally to more people are a whole bunch more people have I got. I got two bullet points for today breaking news of people who've pulled that. Gd WE'LL START WITH IRON GALAXY STUDIOS. They tweeted as you've probably heard by now. A lot of game companies have canceled travel to GDP this year due to the concerns about Corona Vyas Sash Kovic nineteen based on our desire to put. Everyone's safety first. We also made the decision to officially pull out and then right before we went live today. Amazon Games put up this statement to our friends across the industry. Aws has made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Twenty Twenty Game Developers Conference in San Francisco due to continued concerns over cove. It nineteen while we won't get to see everyone achy this year. We still have exciting things to share. Aws Game Tech has decided to host global online event open to everyone to showcase our plan content for GDP and more look for more details in the coming week. We were all part of the same mason community. Thanks for everything you do the WS Game Tech. Team Man I deleted. It's this morning like two seconds because well I think it's pretty broad bacher. Who tweeted a picture like patsies? And it's like wow look at all these people write and I quote today at all and I was with a Gif of Birdman. The rapper and doing like the hand like like hand rubbed does corona viruses looking at this image. Like that and I. I'm going to delete that. Because that's like his Co. corona virus as a fear is becoming such an actual thing like such a like a big thing that is actually affecting the industry in such a inhumanity. Yeah for sure like number one affecting humanity but yeah is affecting the industry in ways that like you know people like you know in in America. The the threat. Isn't there yet like right now but it is kinda imminent And so I kind of understand the idea that people are pulling out. I think the this then leaves the question of when does GTC announced that they're not doing so predicted by the end of the day. But I you know it's been fascinating to see people talking about that because I forget who so many my twitter mentions yesterday when I put up my thing. I think by the end of the day it'll be cancelled on Friday. They responded like there's no way they can't cancel it because if this is running a shoestring budget so if they canceled this the company that puts on. Gtc would suddenly go so into the rent that it would just go bankrupt. And there'd be no emergency. Yeah granted that is a tweet. That is not Bible truth in any way but like I guess that's true I don't know I don't at all understand how insurance works for having to pay for Mosconi Center everything else but I also can't imagine g goes on what it's going to look like down there like. I made a tweet about it today of like the amount of appointments where like last week. I really do feel like a crack monkeys. I accept back inside. It's done my scheduled plan. There's nothing else where you put in there. And the past. Twenty eight hours of deleting things moving people around hitting up guests. Getting me up. If it's not happening and working we'll come show. Or what is it so tumultuous right now figuring out what it's going to be like and what that show is going to look like. Yeah it's ridiculous. It's it's super weird to the house thing about it like you know. We're at that point in the Zombie movie where it still hasn't gotten everywhere yet because like this morning Jones like Oh man. I'd like a big. I'M GONNA go grab a Bagel bringing back ups. I went down and went around in the neighborhood. Or whatever and I'm walking on the street past people. Some of them have masks on the big thing. It's the CNN TV on with them showing like everybody in there has matt suits and China moving around on my this is hi. This is how it actually would happen. It would actually go to remove all this great. That's good yeah. We'll continue to Track that and talk to you about that. There are of course questions about corona virus. Andy three coming up but before that. I want to know where I could go to get a list of games coming to the MOM. Grop digital shops where would bless the official list of Oklahoma software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of Funny Games daily show host each and weekday to do do do do do out today? There's a lot it's big Friday romance of the Three Kingdoms Oh fourteen. Ps Four P. C. to- jamming earl back in the groove switch coffee crisis on PS four stab stab stabber on ps four xbox one and switch which was so about. He brought them up already. Oh my God. This thing is violating. Describe this Yeah it's like a weird mid Hog. They need Hukou looking. Yeah DARROW'S ON PC and Mac Kingdoms under fire the crusaders on PC blood roots on ps four switching PC Which by the way. We Adore buttery so much fun. I put up with you today. We we talked about. I love you weeks ago when the preview embargo lifted and now obviously the reviews out and up and stuff such a great game built in one punch man. I hear nobody knows. Ps Four xbox wanted PC. Start playing that. Yeah Yeah it's one. Okay Dorsey I'll talk about. Ps Love you all right buck night. Ps Four xbox one and switch metro reduction switch loco sports on switch be walker switch metro last light on switch Metro Twenty thirty three switch skull rogue on switch ski sniper on Switch Spartan Fist on switching. Ps Four Profane which depicts depict sinton depiction depiction finish Gosh switch ritual thorns on. Ps four beer wagon rush on PC. Richard Wave On. Pc RAIN DRACULA ON PAPER PIRATES ON PC frog cross log on PC fucking what the fuck new dates for you after parties launching the Nintendo switch on March six. I'm curious on how that game's going to run on switch. It did not run well on Xbox when I played it or ps four or ps four. Make it deep into that game now. I got like an hour in I got. I think I if it comes to when it comes to switch I give it more of a chance. I got an hour. I really liked what I played. I was like you when I was playing but it was the same thing I I can't. I shouldn't project for me what it was. I was thinking what I was planning But it's just it's just a talkie game right so it was that thing of like. I was getting sleepy. Walk playing it. I was like Oh weird thing where it's not a movie where I can just sit back and be a part of it your drowsy and then I never came back to. Yeah that was One of the few instances were actually sat down and watched me play the game and stuff and was really into it. And it's one that I want to go back to but yeah I think I just wasn't in the mood for a walking around and talking to everybody cut on game. You know thank you. I saw Mayo. You can of course ride in at Patriot dot com slash kind of funny games or for a more direct link go to Kinda funny dot com slash patron. Of course when you go there you can get the show ad free but speaking of assets slash patron buckner Giannakopoulos. Kinda Funny Games. No I said that and then I said you can kinda of funny dot com slash Patriot. I think it's Kinda funny games slash patriotic. I'm trying to make it easier because I'm making more complicated. I wouldn't know thousand actual link because I'll start seeing that dot com slash Patriot kind of dot com slash patriot. Goes there and then? It's like the link tree and you can click on here you are and it's easier to get because I saw somebody for our. Ps I love you on the Radio. Mic. I couldn't figure out how to submit breaks my heart because when you go to patriots dot com slash kind of funny games. This is an ad for us. You go pay dot com slash kind of funny games and you subscribe or whatever. Then there's the thing we have the Hashtag participation post you click. It'll take you there and you do that but I understand this a lot of things going on. I understand it's tough anyways Speaking of ADS Gregory this episode of the kind of Funny Games. Daily show is brought to you by the besties. Hey listeners we know you love all things video games so we want to tell you about. Spotify original podcast. Call the besties every Friday. That's today the creators of the Adventures Justin in Griffin mcelroy are joined by their two best friends and hard video game. Reporters rush frustration. One day. I'll get it and Chris Plante It's a deep dive on a single new video. If you will have been a fan of polygon you know these guys. They CO founder. The plus the best east cover all the major moments in video games in twenty twenty from New Console launches to cyberpunk twenty seventy seven and beyond beyond and at the end of the year. They do complete showdowns Painting the top games of the year against one another to get to the top game of the year. It's pretty epic. But the best east couldn't do it without their fans you right in each week with all sorts of goofy suggestions. It's like a club for video games. Go Support Justin. We love him. He's been so good with. This is the least you can do. You can find the best. He's on spotify. Which also has all your favorite podcast including this one and music all for free listening to the best ease for free only on spotify and then it's the gaming ride home podcast. I WanNa tell you about a great new gaming podcast. It's the gaming. Ride home podcast. It is video game news. All the headlines rumors reviews hardware leaks released a confirmations people dropping out of GDP corona virus and more deliver to you every day at five pm. Perfect for your commute home. The show is hosted by former game. Informer anti-g writer Carl Hilliard. And it's only fifteen to twenty minutes long long. Didn't read as a service. Kyle is online all day reading. All the tweets reading all the rumor blogs consolidating all the chatter around the entire world of gaming so that he can catch you up on everything that happened while you were having a busy busy life. This is the latest show from the ride home. Podcast network the Daily News. Podcast folks celebrating two years in two thousand five million downloads. Search your podcast APP right now and subscribe to the gaming or to gaming. There's the gaming ride home gaming right. Okay got me. I'd say ninety s this week and we're almost we're almost there and Friday and Yeah Lemme. Let's get some questions. They're both in the same thing so I'm GonNa read them back to back because I like both of them. They'll just get one giant discussion. Got Accents yes I'm with. You can't believe you're wearing okay. Basic is you Wesley. Lovelock rights into patriots dot com slash. Kind of funny games and says with regards to the developer exodus of GTC Qena Company. Pull out of jealousy and not e three. It can't be great on optics for a company to pull out of GDP in not considering E. Three. We'll have even more people require more travel probably and be in California. Which as of today has a new count of thirty three confirmed cases or cove in nineteen the states of four. I think Do you feel relief affected by the virus in the same way. Gdp has been then. Continue our coronas here. Did you see thirty? What does it thirty thirty eight percent of people like I will not buy Corona Walking Moron? Come on where does this poll being done? Anna Kim Jae Mt T. Rights and the Patriots Dot Com Slash. Kinda Funny Games and says with so many companies pulling out of events inciting worries of Corona virus. As a reason this got me thinking could possibly end up. Impacting you three. The International Olympic Committee recently said it's going to give Japan three months to get prepared to protect athletes from corona virus worries during the Summer Games in Tokyo. That's July twenty four to August nine e three is in June. Could we start to see companies? Pull out of the three in the next few months. And if so could this be what actually kills three as companies that would have been there suddenly realizing they don't need he three either and when return next year my favorite about thirty eight percent thing was matt came from? Gin at law of TD tweeted going to spend the corona and SF Chinatown. Who's with me? I was pretty funny. E three I mean it all comes down to how this progresses right like within the next few months if corona virus kinda settled out in like dies down then yeah he threw be okay. But yeah if this continues. I don't see an option but to pull out of the three for these companies. Well how long do you think you have to give them runway for that though? I think that's one of the big questions. Like how much time do you give before you say? We're not going to be three because I feel like that's the thing so many people are running into right now. Adam boys from iron galaxy tweet today right like asking. Gd To reconsider their refund policies because people are dropping out of their healthy. Should be okay to do this right. I didn't look into too deeply but it is. That question of I saw Schreier. I think yesterday twenty two after he said he's not coming to GDP being like if they're going to maybe wasn't trying to somebody else. I could be talking my ass on that one but somebody was talking about like if GDP clearly has to be cancelled. The longer you wait the more expensive it is for everyone who is going to go in so it is this question even for three then to sit there and go like when does he three decided we aren't doing three or Wendy. Use a company have to decide. Yeah it's tough because I think for them. They like they have to take the chance. I feel like the I hate to like. See how long they bide their time to see if it's worth it to continue the event because for them to cancel cancelling three could. Have you know the the effects were talking about? How does that affect the feature like does GDP go on to continue when throwing on GDP for a year costs so much money? And they're losing all that money by cancelling and thus possibly just ruining the event like the whole conference. What effect does it? How does that then? Can't if beathard doesn't go on this year. Does he still continued to go on at all? I don't think so and I think it's already seeing it right with what we were reading from Amazon saying like. Oh we'll do or to do our own online thing. I see that and a lot of the demos that are getting canceled for that. I had booked for US already are being replaced with. Hey we're canceling but we're going to do live demos over the Internet right. I think once people do that in once the demo on their own and then once they do their own events and stuff I think suddenly you do have a why why. Why were we going to spend this works like why? Why are we going again? Is like a recruitment tool for game developers. It is a place of the industry to come together. Learn from each other in the workshops. Outside of that thing I was telling you about that I have no actual information on of if they cancelled. Gtc Does the company go bankrupt. And there's no more GDP. Yeah if that isn't the case and that's not a real threat. Gdp will be here next year they'll be GDP but if everybody pulls out of Ethiopia and starts doing their own showcases right again like a full on if for full disclosure. Kinda funny was not planning on doing an E. Three kind of an showcase this year right eatery got cancelled. I would tell you one of like okay cool Let us help you. Because obviously the indies aren't going to be able to go do that and make that they can do the desk side or whatever the the demos online and stuff but I gladly. How's that and I would gladly use our platform to do. That is scary for three. Because because you know over the last few years over the last the whole generation it seems that each year it seems that is serving less and less and less a purpose right like that week is still crazy because people are are like. Nintendo direct Microsoft throws their event in the Marsov theater. Sony just doesn't go this way anymore right but we see people call activate during that week of three but the actual event of e three if you were going to demo games right it. It serves that purpose but people can do that as you're saying he can do that. In other ways. You can still serves that purpose of networking and so i. I have four for either than I do with GDP when it comes to this. I think it could honestly on top of e three bleeding out in general and being wounded bleeding out being wounded and bleeding if every if he three got cancelled or enough companies pulled out and figure it out. Oh Hey it's way easier for us to do this on our own. That'd be huge in the other person in this that I think is a huge player in could change at all as Jeff where even last year remember the game awards like Jeff talked openly about like. Hey in like if you go on steam right now like they`re. They're being demoted. And he said like this is something we're GONNA expand. Hopefully to council is next year and do this thing like that. He was working on that right. Like if e three shows even more weakness here and can't do it. I definitely think you see jeff moving in a good way right and be like cool. I have the back on the to do this. Where it's like we're going to do. We're GONNA do a smaller game awards kind of thing. That's maybe a showcase or direct. Or maybe not even instead. We're just GONNA say the DEM deputy we're GONNA put out there we're hosting and putting out like there's a million different ways that all you need to shake the system and foundation were also use. Do in suddenly it'd be off the races wobble all the west of every man. I could do this a million different ways not the way we were saying we had to. You know this better than I would does. E. Three serve a purpose in terms of timing like June. Hold any significance as far as people showing off their games consoles all that stuff because old days. Yeah the old days it was that you'd go to this retailer stuff would go there and be like. Here's what's going to be coming stores. I need to figure out how much needed preorder united that kind of thing. That's faded away for the most part right it is. Here's the big news. Here's the big announcements. Does an opening night live then replace e. Three com data like this like as far as people activating and people showing up in press conferences and people tuning in. But even that right. That's where the domino's again to this question of. Like if you pull out a one don't have to pull out of them. All like games calm. I think would also be suspended for the year. If that's GonNa really I mean why would it be not that well Like Games come with way. Likely be all. I'm trying to think in terms of timing. I feel like you know e three is kind of imminent as far as it being a few months away and James. Caan is only what two months after that? Yeah but that's still and it's ten times bigger than the three. Yeah I don't this is me speaking from somebody who doesn't know how corona virus and like viruses like this tend to last ten because like for three right if you're a higher chance that corona virus affects three as far as timing than something that is like five months six months away but still like not not saying that grown virus isn't going to affect or that it can't affect it but timing likelihood that's kind of where I'm coming from. I I was talking to people yesterday about it right. And there's thought it's going to get worse before it gets better inside. I don't think run viruses forgotten about by the time we get to eat very so I think that's and I think that also speaks to what you know playstation said when they were the canary in the coalmine about all this that they were pulling out and it was literally like. We don't know what it's going to be like in two weeks so we're not gonNA packs and we're not going to go to GDP. Like I think it's a similar question here. You don't know what's GonNa look like but I have a feeling it's going to get worse and so if it's only gonNA get worse in April in there's way more confirmed cases in America and there's a whole bunch of things shut down like not shut down like yeah full stop of life but like it's a real thing here and we are battling worrying about it like April right two months out from me. Three like you'd have to be like all right fuck. We definitely aren't doing that man. There's a lot of like so much of it is precautionary of like I. You know people who I've I was having conversations with last night or whatever throughout the day we're talking about the idea of like. Oh Yeah. We're filling out questionnaires at work of like. Could you work from home in this kind of thing? And it's all like China. I think it's you know learning from what's already happening in the world and trying to apply that here of like. How can we limit all this stuff? How do we limit people's exposure? How do we keep everything running as normal but not risk everybody and so the I think easily becomes a huge risk? I think games com is a gigantic risk. Especially because I mean you WanNa talk about like people bringing people together a whole bunch. Because that's the whole thing is like in America right. It's been this thing we'll have you been connected to China right because that's where it all started and where it was so bad right and as that continues to spread then you get into different countries are gonNA handle their borders in different ways and then when you get two games. Common having like all of Europe come together and one thing like one country isn't treating the same as in other countries and changes in the. You know it's a nightmare this time. It's a very very nightmare scenario. I mean for people's lives obviously let alone for trying to plan any kind of fucking here. Well also games for the Keeley involvement too. Yeah I know I know I know what we're talking about that versus where Jesse Lee seems like. He's all the way out. If you three right now I'm out. He could. He could still do that. The online demoing. And all that stuff right. Carry out that idea through game. Calm and game. Awards do do the events that he cares about. I think he's GonNa within the next few years interesting. Switch switch up in terms of how we paint certain events to be more important than others. Yeah right and so I. I could easily see three because we had three dying for the last generation. I can see three becoming way less important now or with us important period and then the way we which we look and as an industry and as an audience right the way we look at Games com to rise more common terms like the general game. People don't really pay attention for as far as US in America if yeah I'm with you right. Like let's say he three did cancel get canceled or just a shadow. Nobody goes but yeah vaccine has been figured we've we've we've nipped it in the. I guess current stopped it and games come gets to happen then. Yeah people are going to be so starved for a real quote unquote event. That they'd be superstock for that right and like every tune in and do something with Blessing yes it's time squad up except none of you Senate squad ups overnight remember squad up every time. I I we especially with all those rotating through you can't go back and it was no squatter yesterday. Either cowards. I think people are all squatted up guys record. I know how to protect yourself. From Corona virus. Squatting up online isn't that you won't shake hands in real life. They've all squad. WanNa play Games next week for next week? If you WANNA play games with people go to Kinda funny dot com slash patriotic. You can of course your name. Whatever xbox name steam name Nintendo Code? Nobody's there stadia. Okay come on with me on guilt or for your washing. Lavin twitch DOT TV slash. Kinda funny to go to kind of funny dot com slash. You're wrong and tell us what we screw up as we screw it up. We did pretty well keeping them. All update is we went however Yosemite writes in and says dealer. You're not you're wrong you get a three month. Xbox game pass ultimate coat on Amazon for twenty four ninety nine regularly forty. Four ninety nine codes are stackable credit to Patrick mccaw. How many months you get three months of xbox game ultimate ultimate okay? Gotcha say 'cause okay. That makes sense. That's only misdemeanor. So yeah when we care to the other stuff. Was We Gotcha and some people are like one guy said you miss the Ding Dong? Xl came out today. And I'm like it's been on phones and Switches so I don't. That's not enough empty. That's not enough fucking information. That's what I call a waste of my time in yours. We also knew spongebob. Squarepants rehydrated Info. Came out today to do you see the It's just like more details on the mood. horde mode and. Spongebob That they're bringing for this re master and like they're a bunch of plankton that he has to like always like robots and shit and then they're adding these squidward robot. Boss fight that was cut from the original game to horde mode It's it's not too certain if that's being added to the actual service watching a youtube video in Africa who made but remember like and then unseen. This is also being reported from like patsies from people going to the booth and stuff It seems like the release window is summer. So there you go great lobby and run you through for next week Monday. Me Blessing Tuesday. The rain of blessing begins blessing Iran. Oh Wednesday blessing Thursday blessing in Tampa. Oh Friday blessing. Oh you got to do it all but every day. I'm in Canada. They're GONNA be sick. Are you in Canada Kenya Tuesday night? I'm taking off site a Tuesday. I gotTA DO In Review in then Kinda funny podcast to show today. Can't be through everything but Tuesday night. Yeah I'm gone. You take everything from you okay. All right it's a different. Show US some get back. Games casts happening Wednesday at two PM on Patriot Dot com slash. Kind of funny games. You can watch live. What franchises need to come back from the dead ladies? Gentlemen that's your final Kinda Funny Games daily for the week but this fun isn't over yet. We have oppo show topic from the One and only twenty. Thirty eight POKEMON. Ceo STAY TUNED UNPATRIOTIC DOT COM slash. Kinda Funny Games for that. Of course you can go there show Ad Free. You can go there. Just toss a couple of bucks. You can ask a question if you want. You can squat up if you want but you just say hey. You guys are doing a good job. Here's a buck or two a buck aroo. Yeah like that yeah. We're also reminder that we're also streaming today at two pm four night. Yeah we go. Blessings going on I G in stream and he's wearing a shirt that's not funny. We're fighting. We're going to go against him. I don't think that was the mentality is now now four nine. Eighty Cortez a party mode for you. Dot Com slash store cheese keeps telling lays gentlemen until I subscribe like share all that jazz leaders. You know how it works. It's Friday it's fucking day nine this week until next time it's been a pleasure to serve you.

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Friday 22 February

Monocle 24: Midori House

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Friday 22 February

"You're listening to Midori house. First broadcast on the twenty second February two thousand and nineteen monocle twenty four. Hello and welcome to Midori house coming to you live from studio. One here in London. I'm Andrew moolah on today show scandals harder to weather for politicians whose whole thing is being unscheduled us Justin Trudeau is finding out my guests page Reynolds, Augusta Mitchell Ari, Ben Ryland, and Thomas Lewis will be here to discuss this and the day's other big stories, including does a spat at an Australian press conference suggests that the Donald Trump school of media relations is catching on after an awards ceremony. Four award ceremonies would the Oscars even get nominated and do the definitions of what constitutes an Olympic sport need to be tightened. That's coming up on the Dory. House on local twenty four right now. And welcome to Madari house. My guest today are monocle twenty fours. Ben Ryland page Reynolds Augustine match Lori and from Toronto bureau Thomas Lewis, welcome all and we will start in Canada with what appears a significant besmirching of the hitherto apparently on besmirch -able image of prime minister Justin Trudeau, he is embattled if not yet outright beleaguered by a scandal, which has seen the resignation of Canada's minister of veterans affairs and former attorney general Jodie Wilson Ray bolt at issue is the allegation that people in the prime minister's office lint on Wilson Ray Baldwin. She was attorney general not to pursue criminal charges against Canadian engineering firm SNC loveline Trudeau as is traditional in such circumstances denies everything Thomas briskly, if you will what are the basics of what has happened here. As far as we understand it while this will begins last year when it's been alleged. That the then attorney general hearing Canada, Joe c Wilson Jodie Wilson raised Rabaul excuse me was apparently pressurized by a personnel at the prime minister's office to mental if you like into the legal proceedings being levied against Quebec based engineering group SNC Lebanon. This story is broken by the globe and mail newspaper coming up to about three weeks ago now, and it really has caused the biggest sort of political scandal. I think it's fair to say that Justin Trudeau has faced since he was elected back in twenty fifteen last week. Jesse Williamson re- rebelled who had been demoted in the eyes of many to the position of veteran affairs minister, she resigned, which meant that she was not now bound by lots of the conventions. If you are a cabinet minister of the things that you're allowed to talk about in terms of conversations you had with say, the prime minister or other. Cabinet colleagues, then this week that was another chapter of drama when the prime minister's longest serving on closest confidante Gerald butts. He is widely regarded as being the mastermind of Trudeau's election victory in two thousand fifteen he resigned amid this scandal. And now what we have is an inquiry that's opened with lots of senior personnel giving evidence about what they knew what they didn't know, and what the consequences and what the ramifications are constitutionally and legally about these allegations. So this really is a story that I think Justin Trudeau wanted to sort of cost quite quickly, but he's really failed in in doing. So Thomas Justice does face an election by October at the latest those this put a big noticeable dent in him as he prepares for that. I think it's does. And I think the timing couldn't really be worse. I think over the past eighteen months or two years or so you really seen Justin Trudeau sort of sheen. If you like here domestically waning on lots of different fronts. You've seen lots of contrivances about pipeline building, for example, which is very popular in conservative heartlands in the west of Canada. But is deeply unpopular with members of many first nations communities, for example, and those communities are really at the heart of Justin Trudeau's election campaign aware, he stated that he would work harder than any prime minister before effectively to bring reconciled re reconciliation tree reconciliation between Canada and its first nation first nations populations. You've also had things like the renegotiation of the NAFTA treaty that was seen as a bit of a triumph for Trudeau. But then you saw things like the G seven summit where he was attacked pretty publicly by Donald Trump. I think that sort of dented his view for some Canadians while other saw it as a bit of a triumph for Trudeau standing up to belligerent leader to the south of the border. So I think whereas in the international. Channel psyche Trudeau has still been held up by something of a shining light in a tumultuous political time. I think you're domestically that view of him has been pretty different for quite some time. Now, I think the key question here is how much capital his political opponents can make this the conservative party headed by a relative new commander Shia to the leadership at least he's understandably trying to make as much political capital of this as he can the leader of the far-left party the end EP he's been in lots of political trouble himself. So I think before this scandal that was a sense that Justin Trudeau might lose his majority in parliament come election day. But that actually he would be sure of a win. I think now that's increasingly being questioned that he might actually be in real trouble here, a Guston moving away from the the particulars of this particular stra mash, there's a paradox here isn't there that if you set yourself up as the the new kind of politician, the the sort of clean and Transpac. There's an almost politician, even if you actually are all those things you kind of set yourself up for a big a fold. If something goes skew in digital. But set oneself has any sort of politicians to invite lashings of criticism. I mean, I did think about this question. And I wonder just how new Justin Trudeau really is. You know, he presents himself as you say as a clean cut guy who's willing to put these first nations issues for I people sorry issues, the forefront of his policy, but then as Thomas has just pointed out goes writes, a head building a fairly divisive if not deeply unpopular pipeline, these the kind of actions of someone who in in in my view, and I think in the view of many isn't really a new politician just a politician right that that making promises and then not keeping them. I feel like a new politician or new politics is a new. System. Surely, it's it's it's something more akin to what you know. Alexandria, Qaiser Cortez is at least offering from her kind of admittedly, still very grassroots issue level in the states. It's not it's not just a new face on the same old ideas. Okay. Well, we we will have more on that story on tonight's daily. We'll move on somewhat. Now earlier this week police in Maryland, the rest of the US coastguard officer who had assembled an arsenal of weaponry impressive, even by American standards and had compiled a list of potential targets, including several prominent media personalities. However, as Christopher Hassen had also written a draft Email plundering the best means of killing and by quote, every last person on earth, we journalists probably can't take it all to personally, nevertheless, it reignited debate over the hazards to reporters posted by the PLO posed in fact, posted posed who writes this by the exile -tations of US President Donald Trump which. As my fellow New South. Welsh people have been discovering this week seems to be catching on L states premier took quite the pulp at a reporter from the Newcastle herald, a redoubtable journal a been what was actually said this was an uncomfortable viewing. Indeed. So the video of this was posted to Twitter by one of the cameramen that had happened to to be there. Now, what was happening was. There was a lot where project that had been just finished off two main many, many delays lots of controversy, the premier Gladys Burri clean was there to unveil the shiny new infrastructure alongside the transport minister, Andrew Constance. And there was a moment where journalist from the Newcastle herald was asking some fairly tough questions, but they they were fair questions about the timing of the light rail. Wyatt it had taken so long why they hadn't been able to see plans and costings for so long. They were you know, the the nitty gritty of politics. And there was a moment where the the the transport minister stopped and said sorry. Publication are you from? And then he answered that. He was from the Newcastle herald and Gladys Gladys Burri cleaned, the the state's premier laughed and said all thus just normal for them. Oh, that's just that's just business as usual for them. So the implication was that these tough questions that weren't really putting the government in the best of lights on a day that that will hope you would be a triumph. The implication was that the newspaper was somehow doing something wrong by asking these questions, and it it's a I if it happened in the US probably no one would blink an eyelid. But because it happened in Australia, and it happened to journalist from the Newcastle herald, we're not even talking the Sydney Morning Herald here, it's a fairly small outlet. And it's someone who's just doing their jobs and in soon as a politician became uncomfortable. They turned everything into an attack on the legitimacy of journalist asking question, and that's really what is the press opping arms. And I must say a lot of people who aren't even involved in the press. A lotta people who would just be reading the newspaper were really caught off guard by this page. Is the is the up in arms nece being exhibited by ustralian journalists in this, particular instance, somewhat undignified I mean, it's not it's not that big a bite. She's taken at them. And I I didn't know an without wishing to sound treacherous to the the brotherhood of the fourth state. Here we spend a lot of our time beating up on politicians. They're entitled to have the old swat backout. They now I think if you've been looking at this case kind of out of sort of global context of what's happening to journalism the moment, perhaps it would seem a little bit extreme. But I think you know, if we look at what's happened in the states with Trump his attack on the journalists, the has sort of been ever since he's been in power and before kind of as he was coming to the fore. This kind of could be seen as some kind of gateway. So if we allow this to happen if we Lau ourselves to kind of stop being walked over who knows what could happen. We could we could end up like the US perhaps that's so scaremongering a little bit. But I think. In being myself in Bama discussing this earlier, you know, I think when you're outside of the sort of journalism structure, you kind of forget how important maybe freedom oppress is to democracy, and I think we can take a little bit for granted. And you know, if you look at the well press freedom reporters borders report last year United States fell two places on the world press freedom index, and they found that for the first time hostility towards media. From political leaders is no longer limited to author -tarian countries. It's happening in the biggest democracy in the world. And and and I think that is extremely worrying so gripes aside. Andrew do you recall? There was a many years ago on Australian television. There was an interview the George Negus did with Margaret Thatcher. And Margaret Thatcher had taken issue with something George Negus had asked her. He said he said, I'm I'm doing this right out of my memory of the DOJ Negga said asked a question about how. People on the street had told him something about Margaret Thatcher. And Margaret Thatcher. Did not like the framing of the question and came back and said, which people who are they what are their names, and George Negus was obviously unable to answer this question. And so it just turned into a bit of a standoff between the two that's an example of a politician taking issue with journalist who was simply asking asking a question, but it wasn't attacking the gypsy. All the journalist simply asking a question, you know. And there there is similar examples. There was a another example of Bob Hawke. The former prime minister of Australia being off some tough questions by Richard Colton. Example. And again this this row happened. But it was it never got as far as the politician, basically coining to question whether the media should be doing what it's supposed to do what it's supposed to function as and I think that's where things have really started to shift in recent times. I remember I saw that clip again recently for thing. I was researching for monocle twenty four. He's precise words were when Richard Carleton started on him. Bob Hawke who just become later. The position just said to review haven't improved of you. But the interview did actually go quite well from there. I think in fairness Augusta is that where the line is that it's it's it's okay. In individual situations for a politician to have a bit of a snap back. But if the if they're seen or heard to be undermining the entire purpose of journalism. That's where the line is crossed. Yeah. I mean, it would be if journalism existed as a kind of supreme, you know, by sin of impartiality doesn't. I was just reflecting on it, then, and it seems to me that actually certainly in the UK in Australia as well. I would have thought why Mudoch's tendrils spreads just as long, and and and the the tendrils of any kind of newspaper baron seems like politicians more taking issue when papers are kind of acting from without the party line. So to speak. You know, you have papers in I Don, I can't speak frustration major unfortunate. But certainly had a political associations that we make with almost all the major broadsheets and any issues that politic politicians take with them, you know, kind of can be expected depending on where they come from. You know, a conservative politician is always going to roll their eyes. If they get a certain kind of question from the garden, they might not actively speak out. Out. But I don't think that this notion that the the press is under attack is really that helpful when it's the battle lines so to speak on that clear. If the press ease legitimately under attack than it is it is the job of the journalist to then coal that out. It's not going to be helpful to anyone in a profession. I wouldn't think to simply layover and take the attack. I mean to use the famous example of Jim Acosta at the White House to have he's microphone try. They tried to take his microphone forcibly away from him. And he continued asking the question, of course. And then subsequently hoodies press pause cancelled because of that that it was really up to him. He held their responsibility to to show everyone that this is what happens when you ask them tough questions and the politicians don't want to answer those questions. Now, if it weren't for people like Jim Acosta drawing attention to those sorts of scenarios, the only communication between people and the politicians would be Twitter. And that I think is probably a recipe for what totalitarianism. I don't know what that's exactly the if the if the only sort of if that became the sole means of political discourse, the the reduction of absolute you will to a social media chimpanzees tea party. When was the last time when was the last time that we heard Donald Trump give a press conference in fans to actually quite recently, though. It was extremely strange. It was off to his announcement about the national emergency. I'm not really sure what what you that. You could dignify what followed necessarily with the title press conference in was that in the in the in the in the press briefing. No he hasn't under the eastern nut for very long time. Blue is something to look forward to. We will take a short break. Now. You're listening to Madari house with me and Jim Muller along with Thomas Lewis page Reynolds, Augusta much Larry and Ben Ryland coming up next the Oscars, which do not presently appear on course to win themselves. Many prizes. The rolling hills of Somerset might not be the most usual spot for well class art space, but it proved to be the perfect fit for house and worth and international art gallery with its heart in the countryside, Monaco, films reviews, a weird and wonderful show that looks at our relationship with the land we used to based on on each experience. Well on the land on nature on the other beings that shed will. Now, he does. So I'm trying to in a way reestablish relationship to a form of knowledge that could be useful for some strange fruit. Playing now in the film section at monocle dot com. You're back with Madari house with me under Melissa with me guest in much Larry page Reynolds. Ben Ryland and Thomas Lewis this coming Sunday night. We'll see the ninety first annual distribution of the Academy Awards. If one were especially keen to put a positive gloss on the pre show preparations one might characterize them as an exemplary demonstration of expectation management, which is to say that almost everyone appears resigned to these Oscars being a dud. There isn't a host. There has been some talk of bringing out the less. Abobo jury at breaks and a general aura of existential panic has been permitted to coalesce. Ben you you'll probably the most noted cineastes on Midori house today, which I think is probably a pretty low bar to clear, but nonetheless, that's still take it as a company. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely take it wouldn't you be watching it. And why I won't be watching it live because it's at a stupid time. If you leave here in the UK, so we'll be watching the replay the next morning, and that I think is probably a little bit of a preview of things to come shall we say for a lot of people who are tuning into the Oscars in this modern age, we do know that live TV viewing figures are going down down down and part of the problem. I think with the Oscars is that it's still presented as a long very very long helicopter long very very long. I've got some fake ac- last year's was three hours and fifty three minutes. That's very long. Isn't it the first one guess how long that went for Andrew twenty seven minutes? Fifteen minutes. Amazing. Wasn't it amazing? Now that that's the future. He's it is the future. Now the first TV version ran for ninety two minutes. But if you just look at who's watching the Oscars of the. Eighteen to forty nine demographic, which is one of the most important ones. TV viewing figures lost years was down twenty five percent from a year earlier. We if we look at that even further we've got eighteen to thirty four down twenty nine percent. So we are looking at the Oscars going down down down. And I do think that they have tried. They've tried to fix this us, or at least make a couple of small changes to make it a a little bit more digestible to modern viewers, and it hasn't really worked mostly because every idea they've put out there. Then backtracked on those the most popular film will best blockbuster is some people it they since canceled that idea they had the the host which was meant to be a comedian who would appeal to the youngins at turned out. He was a bit homophobic. So that canceled him to they then had this idea of handing out some of the awards during the commercial breaks. There are a lot of people who weren't happy with that. So they canceled that as well. It's business as usual. Nothing's really changed except that we weren't have a host for the first time in thirty years, which might actually turn out to be a good thing. But it they are going to have to make a lot of changes. And I'll just give you my tip before you stop playing the music over may speaking right now might tip would be number one band. The thank yous one of the most boring things about the Oscars is when they get up on stage and instead of giving us a delightful, little speech. Like francis. Mcdormand might do. They simply read off a whole bunch of thank yous to people that no one's ever heard of if you group that up for all of the people the the person that won for best sound mixing with all of his. Thank you like fine. I get you won an Oscar. That's great and not taking that away from you. But we don't need to hear the forty seven people that helped you win that along the way. You can just send them all Northcott afterwards. Thomas E, you're the only one here. I think for whom this won't be on at a ludicrous. Owl. Will you be devoting your Sunday evening to watching all nineteen hours of the Oscars? Oh, absolutely. My tux is in the dry cleaners as we speak country. I'll be there sort of raising the glass probably on my own somewhere. Melancholy thought Thomas you freshly dry cleaned tuxedo alone. I'm sure others would see it as quite romantic Andre. I'm what do you think? I'd like to say is I think, you know, as someone who's of being beguiled by the Oscars, you know, for many many years, I think the realization that actually in America for many of the show's producers, this is actually just another TV show, and that ratings matter advertising matters is sort of slightly depressing. I don't see why the Oscars com be twenty five dollars long. Actually, it's the Oscars for goodness sakes. I mean only happens once a year is the crowning glory of you know, that sort of part of autistic output little bit like when people complain that the Olympics opening ceremony is too long for goodness sake. Is the Olympics? Only happens once every four years there are so few of these great sort of Totani moments. I think everything's being boiled down to two minutes long, thirty seconds long that actually showed. He's quite nice to have these things that still. Warrant having you know, then moment extended prolonged moment kind of on the annual calendar. And I think actually is fine to have a host hopefully that will slice down the proceedings in its own right, anyway, I don't really need the song and dance numbers in between. Just show me who won show me the shock on their faces as they get the biggest prize of their lives. I think that's the magic of it will still seeing us. How Thomas has the invoked the Olympics and has therefore nicely teed up a lost autism. We will move onto that we will have on Monday. I think fairly solid coverage over who won. And who didn't and what it all means at the Oscars. But finally, we do appear to have reached that point in Olympic buildups in which the hosts of the next games. But one stop proposing new sports in order to scare up some airtime on programs such as this. Organizers of the two thousand twenty four games in Paris have announced that break-dancing has been proposed for inclusion page this this doesn't strike me at least as any silly oven. Rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized, swimming, or similar such things. But you I understand have been diligently researching all afternoon various other witnesses which have been consecrated by the Olympic, whatever it is you concentrate things with Angie, I think I think the other topics perhaps it wasn't as strong on. But I I will come to the fore with this one the listeners and the judge I love a good list. I love a good list. So I found a few about the strangest sports, you didn't know we'll once in the Olympics interesting, you mentioned synchronized swimming there. I've I've found out today that actually for three three Olympics from nineteen eighty four to nineteen Ninety-two solo synchronized swimming was a sport through which is basically a duck cicle, you might think this one synchronized with themselves. It's basically, swimming, it is it's swim swim dancing. I'm not sure synchronized limbs. So that was in the same thing. Maybe we should all you cheap at night. But did they have to they have to they film it back then anyway, anyways, many thoughts other some of the sports that were a bit bizarre. We've go live pigeon shooting, which I think I feel Andrew you'd like that one. Why do you assume that I would revel in the in the in the in the gratuitous slaughter of of feathery avian friends? I'm not sure. If I could just see even some headphones and some sort of big glasses with a on, whatever. In in one thousand nine hundred which was the only year shutdown Twenty-one pigeons. What that the one that? I think is a winner. There was a minus scandal. I remember reading about a few months back that participants not in an Olympic curling tournament. But in a reasonably sort of prestigious coiling tournament had been drunk, and it just occurred to be drunk curling watch all day that would be amazing watch. Perhaps I would not take part in gold. No, why would you watching drunk people tried to do curling? That's just that's not going to get boring ever break-dancing Olympics. Ben are you in favor of this. I really K. I when it comes to the Olympics. I think they're certainly safe on television. We can we can certainly assume that will the Olympics will stay on television for the time being unlike the Oscars, of course, if they get too boring, those take them, they'll take them off the TV. I was thinking about what I might like to throw in there for an Olympic activity all say, it's not really a sport, I suppose, but anyone who Rupel's drag race would be with me on this. I would like to see a lip sync for your life category at the Olympics. Which is open to everyone and not just drag Queen. What would you say, oh, I wouldn't be singing as I just mentioned. He would be he would be. Lipson? I wouldn't be at liberty to say right now. But it would probably be something by either surely you'll Frank Sinatra. Galveston is say anything you would like to see added to the Olympic roster, and perhaps what you would like to see subtracted from it in order to make room. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think we could lose. We can lose a lot of it. We really sure. The a lot of boxing fencing. I thought we get soccer out because the World Cup. So whatever needs full on. Yes. Good an eye in the feeling I get when I watched these sorts of athletics is the same feeling I get when I watched someone really successfully throwing the cool bits of rubbish into the been from the other side of the room just these like Mina feats of hand eye coordination. It's like golf gophers the same thing. You throwing little bits of rubbish into the been from the other side of the room. Should be an Olympic sport. Yeah. That's exactly why marketing it both appeals to my sort of wit satisfying. Ooh, satisfy he did it. And also I like the kind of existential angst of it. So yes that would be my nomination for the Olympics. Which would you realize where we're winging an entire new concept. He would you just call it throwing little small pieces of rubbish into the been from the other side of the room, or or would you give it a name in the same way that curling, for example, isn't actually referred to as waving brooms at Stony thing on the ice. Indeed, you'd have to standardize it somehow. So it wouldn't be able to be actual bits of rubbish. It might have to be bits of rubbish the way it would have to be an object, wouldn't it? But then. But then you, but then you've basically invented basketball. Sure, but you'd be static in the banal and trying to take a piece of rubbish away from really depressing office setting. Yes. And you have to be as obstacles, no obstacles. It's just this. This conversation has taken expected direction in all seriousness. Andrew, I think actually it might be nice to include something completely left fields. For example, Australian rules football. Now that is something that you and I would understand straightaway. But to the rest of the world, it would be very perplexing. Also, we we win. Well, exactly we'd have an unfair advantage as a stray Leroy's dozen most things not much to do. So people are just naturally because we all such extrordinary physical specimens as as people. Australian rules football has been played at an Olympic Games as an exhibition sport at the nineteen fifty six Melbourne Olympics of now that makes sense maybe they need to introduce some sort of category way each nation taking part each Olympics gets to choose their own national sport to throwing as an official an official game. Okay. Well, I think for many listeners on the International Olympic Committee. This this this along to work with their we have the introduction of Australia. Enrolls football as an Olympic sport. And also throwing small items of rubbish into been from the other side, a depressing office. I they both have merit met. Does bring us to the end of today's show page rentals, Augusta matchel Ari, Ben Ryland and inter on to- Thomas Louis. Thank you for joining us up Madari house. The show was produced by Ben Ryland research by phenomenal Augusta Pacheco Rory Goodridge studio manager was George. Mcdonagh more music next nineteen hundred it's a menu of Marcus sippy. This more on the day's main stories in the daily at twenty two hundred Madari house is back at the same time Monday that he's eighteen hundred London time. Thank you. For listening. Have a good weekend.

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Recapping Super Bowl LIII and the 2018-19 season | The MMQB Gambling Podcast

The MMQB: 10 Things

35:17 min | 1 year ago

Recapping Super Bowl LIII and the 2018-19 season | The MMQB Gambling Podcast

"The. Welcome everyone to the m QB gambling podcast. Last addition for a little while. Here's we put a both on the NFL season. Joining me as always say, I I am to retrain in case. You didn't know joining me as always my co-host senior editor of the QB. Gary gramling, his brother Scott gramling, the managing editor of Diaw sports for him. I know Scott was in Atlanta at the game. Did you leave Atlanta? I left Sunday morning. You didn't want to say that your brother at the game was kind of. It was actually a bummer. We didn't we didn't meet downtown. This is as as I said last time, I heat media gripes about the city, I will say though, and I know idea Lanta had a reputation as a bad traffic city, but it was tough getting out of downtown. So we both were downtown at some point on Saturday. But he was tough to get around other than that lovely city. I was I was honored to be there. Scotto Polly praises city because the patriots won the Super Bowl. From what I remember my time down. There was it was perfectly fine too many streets closed and all that. But yeah, it was. It was okay. I didn't have to worry too much about. I wasn't driving. I have people driving me around. So it's I'm sure every single gambling podcast and television show out there expected sixteen points to be scored in the Super Bowl probably perfectly. I don't know what to say about the game. I don't think we really need to get into it. Let's do this. Give me one just one one thought on the game that you have coming out of it. If I said give me your number one take away from the Super Bowl. I'll give you my number two takeaways. Everyone's number one Taylor will be what. Belgian floor is did defensively. Poor Wade Phillips Wade Phillips will never be remembered for the time that he held Tom Brady. Excellent point in the Super Bowl. He had a hit a brilliant himself. Yeah. Yeah. Just how the Rams just never adjusted never seem to do anything differently. And in watching the game since I've gotten back and watching the Mike up stuff that was on network this week. It just you seem seem like with McVeigh. He just kept willing them to. Okay. Guys, deep breath. Let's go. There was no real adjustments there, and it got to the point. And I feel like it was early in the fourth quarter in the the might up thing where Bella chick just flat out said there's nothing they can do to us. There's nothing they're going to do. Just don't screw it up from this point. And it was still a close game that. Yeah. I mean, it's the kind of thing you usually hear if a team's up thirty one to ten not by one score. So it it was the fact, and I said at halftime that when it was three nothing. I thought you still. Need a twenty points to win the game. I felt like the Rams are gonna get to seventeen because I just felt like having the longer halftime. They would make certain adjustments and come out in the second half and not set the world on fire. But certainly move the football put some points on the board, and it just never happened. Yeah. The two adjustments that did make a we talked a little bit on deep dive show and one I noticed rewatching the other day they went to two tight ends in the second half, which seemed to sort of play into the patriots hands after after Patrick Chung went down. But they also, you know, all that talk about and it is overrated all the talk about how golf has mcvayn headset until the fifteen second Mark at the play clock and McVeigh's house every team does that every quarterback and coach does that. But the Rams were so paranoid about the adjustments Belgium was making that they started waiting until the fifteen second Mark to break their huddles at belch. It wouldn't be to to make also you can actually see a couple of times a camera caught golf. He had made the play call there in the huddle any sort of peaking out see where the. Play call is at and that I think I mean, you talk about taking a team out of what they do best. And and making do something else. And the something else did not work for me new guys just sat here in, you know, did the whole Bella checks spiel. I if I'm Rams fan alot about Jared Goff Jared Goff. He didn't play badly. He basically soiled himself on national TV for four straight hours. He was petrified to be in that game. Petrified. A Brandin cooks wide open in the end zone. That's not Bill Belichick doing any scheming on the pick. There's a guy white open on a crossing route. And then combine that with how he played against it Lanta in the playoffs the year before I I'd be a little nervous right now. He does not seem like the big stage is his place that is that was a shell shocked quarterback is a quarterback who is not played in many games where there were no open receivers, and you can see on the Coke's play. I mean, he's he's probably double and triple verifying acts. He's like, oh my goodness. How is a guy open the first forty cents floater. I mean, Bill bell check. I'm not saying anything from Belgium. He's the greatest coach of all time. And nothing needs to be said about that Bill budget has nothing to do at Jagath throwing floaters all over the place. I mean floaters the only the only thing I'll say is. When a quarterback is that uncomfortable. It's hard to to just let it rip and do it that way. And you know, when we I'm sure we'll talk about this plenty in the prisons a guy like Patrick Mahomes. Patron homes can still beat you. When you've when you've out-schemed him Jared Goff, Galkin not. But he looks scared. He looks scared until the flyover prior. Game. If you watch them off I do. But man, I tell you. I know everyone's going crazy about Bella check. I was like, wow. This guy is petrified to be in the spotlight that that was my take away from it. But we're not here for that. We're here for the gambling. We here for the degeneration. So let's start with this. How many Super Bowl how many bets did you make on Super Bowl Sunday? We'll start with Gary, I just made four prop debts did not bet side. Whether I had that alternate under at fifty one and a half, I wanna which which I guess I wish I could have gone lower. What you could've gotten what kind of is it. Over under seventeen sixteen and a half. I'll take under six eight million. Yeah. The other one I one on was I score of the game is a non touchdown. It was the Gus. I missed the we talked about this one last week. The sax had under three and a half that that did not come through. Now when over. Yeah. Golf what golfing taking four four and then at one on sack fumble. Yep. And then the other one was oh, oh, Jason McCord taking money out of my pocket. Breaking up that play. I'd golf throws a touchdown in the third quarter forty according that's. Wow. All right, Scott. What were your wagers on Sunday? I took the patriots laying two and a half. I took the under under fifty six act back on. Yeah. I had rob gronkowski minus twenty five and a half receiving yards over Gerald Everett. Yeah. Did ever even have a cavern? Yeah. I was gonna say even catch had total yardage of all field goals made under hundred twenty two and a half. I did not win that one. I had jersey wild went to bed. I must. I just that's not a knock. I'm just you know, what it was. We were talking last week about how we felt like at these in these situations that you have the ball. The other teams forty yard line that they were going to be going forward a lot, you know, thirty five forty didn't turn out that way. I didn't think that we're going to be a lot of field goals in the game either. And the really weren't. But they ended up being forty. Plus I lost on over twenty six and a half jersey. Number of first player score touchdown show. The biggest that I made was neither team to score in the first six and a half minutes of the game. I got plus one thirty on that easy rank all yeah. And I took over one and a half total number of interceptions in the game. I had to sweat that out until the Goths floater that was caught I actually got plus one ten on that one. I do have to mention I went down with. Three college buddies of mine all big pats fans and two of them were in a thousand dollar boxed together, and they had the three and the three. And it was one of these boxes that plays like this. You get paid out. Every time is a score change. And you get five hundred for an extra point fifteen hundred for field goal three thousand for touchdown. Right. So at three nothing, and it's also the reverse as well. So at three nothing the three in the oh wind and the Owen the three win. So that pays out fifteen hundred to two different people at three three because they have the three three and they have the reverse. They get the fifteen in the fifteen okay. At the end of the quarters pays out ten thousand. So that the zero zero got ten thousand at the end of the first Gordon at the sodium shell touchdown. All right. So halftime the three zero paid out and third quarter. My Buddy's got paid out three three the Michelle. Touchdown the nine three in the three nine get paid out three thousand each. The ten three gets paid out five hundred three ten gets paid a five hundred on that extra point. My buddies get another fifteen hundred fifteen hundred three grandma, and it goes to thirteen three on that field goal all the rest of the money left in the pot. Goes to splits between the three three and the three three. So they ended up with the seventy thousand dollars. A government. It's karma. Okay. Because one of the guys is our biggest fan the biggest fan of this pie. Good. Then tells everybody about it listens. Religiously. Well, that's yeah. We said on the last of a shoutout to give shot at the TI. I won't give any. Taxis. We said get your thousand dollar boxes last week. There's a Chinese restaurant that I go to those five hundred dollar boxes. And I thought that was outrageous thousand dollar boxes. I can't even imagine the two of them split it. So they were only in for me. Five hundred but the came out with thirty five thousand clams. So yes, so they were so when when the Rams are driving at the end they're down thirteen three it kind of didn't occur to us as you're watching the game. They're going to send the field goal unit on so they send feel unit on and that's a very makeable field Zor line. That's well, the brutal your buddies who on the money should think Tom Brady convinced Bella check to kick the field goal that you saw in the NFL films might up show to me. That was the most riveting moment of that. I couldn't believe right while we just kicked field. I'll give you. I it was fascinating to see Brady talk. Bella check into kicking the field. But I'll give you what I thought was fascinating moment. From the Mike up show was Bella check discussing for five minutes with the ref before the game the roof Rubio. But he's worried about the wind on the kickoff. They the ref bell check. They're gonna close the roof. When the game starts Belgium got mad. He wanted to close before him because the wind is going to affect. I mean. He's playing chess and everyone else's by checking it was. It was fascinating. I did rewind a couple of times to the prophets. I had I had these while these are all from five times. Nate Burleson picks the Rams to win on the CBS pre-game show, minus three eighty let's just say it's good to have friends who work on good morning football. That was two point conversion made plus one ninety a loser over four catches for gronk minus thirty five winner. Giselle show it on TV over one and a half times minus sixty a winner. Flea flicker attempted plus ten loser. Over three and a half yards Todd Gurley fresh Russia the game loser. And then over two and a half times Nance and Romo say gronk minus four hundred a winner. So how many times did they say? Oh, here's what I. Romo's said it in back. He said gronk twice within a four second span. And then set it about ten seconds later so worked at well. I don't think romo's ever said gronkowski in his life. So that made it easy. Nancy give you gronkowski. Yes. Romo's going gronk every time. So that was he was minus four hundred yet a little juice there. But as a nice winter so so that was my Super Bowl Sunday. Let's talk for a second, especially I know, Scott, you probably this is I feel like this is your territory here. The Gladys Knight the buckle? So everyone loves to bet the anthem I shouldn't say everyone, but the degenerates out there left about the anthem and on every website. They do say, you know, lay over on their length of anthem. You know, on last note of you know, or has to be after brave or whatever Gladys gave to Braves anarchy and sued some sports books paid out over and unders. I feel like we need to tighten the belt here on this. We can't have this confusion over something. So ridiculous. I just hate this stuff. I I hate it so much like there shouldn't be wagering on that. Everybody should lose. You should lose. Just by wagering on that. I have. What site is only give them the proper credit here. It's a bet bet online dot AG sent me every prop bet result. And here's what they say on their sheets here. How long will take Gladys Knight to sing the national anthem the over on there was a minute and fifty the under came in? And then they have in tax the under was greated the winner at one forty nine as she said to Braves, however bet online decided to pay out both sides. This is the problem if gambling's going to be legal now someone from the NFL needs to say to Gladys Gladys you to one brave only we can't have to Braves and have this going on. Maybe I mean, these these are the things that should not be offered. I'm just telling you anything that somebody can control in its entirety. It just it shouldn't be wagered on. Now. This has to be a mistake. I'm seeing here. We'll any player Neil during the anthem. Yes. Plus five hundred I don't remember anyone kneeling. I didn't see that has to be a mistake. I think. Who will who will be shown I on TV during the anthem Goth, plus one forty paid out if you got some under door trying to see if there was any good underdog action. Sorry. I'm just as you're saying New York Times headline no kneeling during Super Bowl. Fifty. They made national anthem, but still plenty of talk. Now, here's one I give you you know, you wanna talk about ridiculous controversy. They have here will Jon Bon Jovi shown during the live broadcast. Now, they had the winner. Here is no minus seventy they showed craft booth and Bon Jovi was behind them. And you saw about half his face from about top of the nose down. I guess they didn't pay that out. Something else we need to clean up in the future. Yeah. That should be a payout. If. Yes that should be a payout. Yeah. I didn't bet that. So I don't care. That's how it's going to be worded next. It's going to be. It's like in a college football game. At least fifty five minutes half to be played for the game to have action. It needs to be like at least sixty percent of his face needs to be showed adamant here. They have the element at twenty five to one a winner on MVP. You said settlement MVP on the puck is this week. Didn't you the one you give out you better? Now, I think we explicitly said it would be very difficult for a wide receiver talk. Oh, I thought I thought you had settlement. I could be. I know I said gronk at forty two one. Maybe you know, maybe it was someone on the line the video show. Maybe it was Ben Teitelbaum who had said element. Twenty five to one fathom MVP. It's nice nice. When they're absolutely absolutely. And I touch down Sony. Michelle was eleven to two on that pay out and. That was it. I mean, not really anything the one other one. They a lot of sites offered, you know, Trump tweeting, congratulations. I don't think he's done that yet. Maybe he's on the outs with Bill, and Tom, and what's your timeframe on? I think it had to be on Monday or something like that. So. And now the betting dry-season as upon us. Yes. Yes. I'm actually going to to throw a few things out at you guys. Just four and later kind of close the show looking ahead to two thousand nineteen but sort of one last look back at the two thousand eighteen slash nineteen season. And. Put a few things out here. Talking about over unders and of the two hundred sixty seven games that were played three of them ended in a push. So there's two hundred sixty four games, including the postseason that did not end in a push. How many of those games? Wait, you telling me that the entire NFL season there only three pushes over unders over onto over. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. That's the pricing. Okay. Is a bit surprising. I mean, usually get six or seven three out of two sixty seven. Yep. And there was I think there was only eight eleven maybe there was eleven pushes. I think this year against the spread which is a little lower than usuals. Well, but so over unders if it was fifty fifty would have been one thirty two in one thirty two how many overs do you think there were Gary. I'll go one Twenty-one one. Forty four one twenty four. Wow. Twenty four and one forty under. A hair under forty seven percent. Yep. And it just, you know, a lot of people talking about a lot of scoring the lines have gone up in the lines of caught up, and you would can even argue, you know, surpassing it a bit so straight up during the regular season home teams a little under sixty percent. Just a tad under sixty percent therefore away teams. Obviously a tad over forty percent that straight up against the spread. What do you think? Home teams were. Let's go a little over on. Now. We'll go. I one thirty eight one thirty nine one twenty two. Spread. We both went over crisis. Right. A way was was the way to go dollar. I'm a believer. That home field is very overrated. And all sports at this point. I I agree with you. I think there couple of places here and there maybe, but I mean you take teams Texans the dolphins the. Arizona karnal feel doesn't matter. What those teams and also long, you know, used to be the fact right where you would get some homefield shenanigans. I mean when the patriots going back nearly twenty years would have you know, fleet-footed team coming in. They would water down the field. They is you would do things to those kind of things. Just don't seem to go on nearly as much as it used to once upon a time. Right. How about? Favorites against the spread out of to fifty nine. I'll go to. Thirty six nano out of one thirty six you mean, one thirty one fifty three. Favorites against the spread were one nineteen under six percent underdogs over fifty four percent while so if you sat there and you just away dogs all season fifty five point two percent. There's some trans. It's the bottom line is. Nobody knows anything. It's actually so tied-in team by team here. Yeah. There was one team and one team only with more than ten against the spread winds said the chiefs, no one team with more than ten wins against the spreads team twelve halt war against the spread. No, jimmy. I think you should get this. I think bears. Yes. Oh, I should have known that. I should have known. Have. There's were twelve and four against the spread. Yep. Yep. I wanna give it guests at the other two. There were two teams that were ten and six nobody else was that good costs. No chiefs, no, coal, three seventy one. Nine six one. They were they were way up there early on though, they were saints in the Brown's each tenants the Brown. Wow. Yeah. That's a good one. That's a good one the ATS losers. There were only two teams that lost eleven games against the spread. I will give you hint that they were both NFC teams. Giants. No packers. No Packard, six nine in one giant eight seven one can on the door. Falcons falcons are one of the two teams that finished five and eleven against the spread. The other one is the forty nine say nine is I I figure during the Mullins the. To AFC teams ahead only five wins against the spread. The jets went five ten and one. The Jaguars went five nine into. The the bears had the best. Record against the spread in home games at seven one. There were two teams that were six to against the spread at home. And guesses two teams six and two at home pages. Yes. Lions no lines with three and five home. Really? I'll say chiefs again. No, Harry, diva guess Miami. Dolphins Harry gets. Oh, yeah. Oh, I played up their home trends so much the six into. So there were only two teams that had six against the spread losses at home. I'm gonna go the Steelers. No, it was an AFC playoff team. Faxon's chargers. Chargers. Two and six against spread at home. I forgot that the charges. The only team with only one win against the spread of home. Was your New York football giants at one six and one. That's unbelievable. The two best road teams against the spread. Where the chargers and the giants. They were seven one against the spread on the road. And then you had five teams went to in six against the spread away. That was dolphins Panthers raiders Niners and falcons. So that's. It's about it. I'll give you a couple of over unders do you wanna guess there were only two teams that had at least ten overs during the regular season chiefs. Yes. Oh, I want to say on that one. Chief be impressed. If you get this one, it's another AFC team Broncos. No browns. No Bengals now j e t s jets they scored a lot of plan ten in a lot. Yeah. Then. And then there were only two teams had more than ten unders during the regular season. One of them was Jaguars Broncos were thirteen and three under Jaguars guests they were ten and six under. But there was one team that was eleven and five under during the regular season. Arizona. Arizona was seven over nine uncuffed on guessing giant Super Bowl champion patriots were five over and eleven my. Interesting. I'm pretty sure all five of those rogue games. They lost one under the total weren't even scorn in those games. Wow. So that's it. There's a little little bit of a recap on the two thousand eighteen nineteen season in terms of where the teams landed. And I guess it's time to talk about before we wrap up will look ahead real quick on to to interesting ones the Super Bowl. Fifty four prop bets out L I V live. It'll be very easy to remember the room. No new Roman numerals next year when you have to dole your content Gary on the cube, a it's just live. That's I will say Andy has gotten it wrong. Every week. He sent out on the he puts X L. I no no no next week next year is Super Bowl live here. You're odds. Patriots. Six to one chief seventy-one Rams eight to one saints nine to one bears colts fourteen to one Packers. Vikings eighteen to one chargers. Eagles twenty two one Steelers twenty two to one about this the Browns and Cowboys twenty five to one and I'm not gonna read the rest, but at the bottom of the I R knows the dolphins at the bottom of car cardinals. Dolphins jets raiders hundred to one sorry, Harry. I'll just start off with I will take the patriots. Interesting. I'm done gone against them. You know, I I don't have much to back this up. I got a little bit of a sense of finality with with this year's patriots. Superbowl. I feel like if gronk is gone. It's gonna change things. But it is it is certainly hard to go. I think you're gonna see a lot of people on the bears at fourteen to one the value there. I think maybe saints at nine to one to get back there after this year that eagles and chargers are interesting vary. Where's where's it Lanta sitting? They right. They missed that cut there. They were twenty eight to one the first minute mentioned twenty eighth grade. Yeah. How about Minnesota was Minnesota in their Minnesota's in here at eighteen to one with the path are eighteen to one. I guess Rogers. Yeah. Well, yeah. That's that's you know, that's the kind of when you wanna short, right. I mean, I don't get that one at all. Yeah. It's. The saints Khanna does stick out at me. Yeah. I mean, say to one. Another going went. That's who's foles gonna sign with pick them to win the super, right? Say it. What would you guys think of? Denver Jacksonville with foale's. What are their odds right now? Jacksonville is I just saw them forty two one and Denver is eighty to one. Denver f Owl's eighty one. Then the moment you Fangio taking over that that defense, and you get kind of said the same thing now, case keenum Sierra. But. The chiefs at seven to one you'd have to think they're you know, going to elevate to the next level, but got to something. Yeah. They'll expire the defensive coordinator, it's hard to see the defense getting worse. And certainly, you know, I don't know if Mahomes can exactly replicate what he did. But if anything I should get it's insane. That someone would bet this now because like you said falls is out there and Tonio Brown's going to be traded. You gotta be nuts to put your money on this. Now, I think I use it. You mentioned gronk if he retires, obviously, I it just it would be interesting. If you wanna speculate like if you think that with seventy percent certainty, you can narrow down foles landing spot to three teams and the three teams are offering such long odds. Right. Mike. Right. That you play a forty two one at sixty one in eighty to one. If you think there's again, a two thirds chance that foles ends. I I can't believe we're actually talking would you leave a year and a half ago. It's like I'm going to bet on whatever team Nicole up on one of two Super Bowl and the piece on the market. I'm going to take a hard left here in chains. Elaine's completely will either of you bet any of the A F games which start this Sunday on CBS sports network because I have out here. The Arizona hotshots are eleven afford a win at all. Stallions seventy-two Atlanta legends eleven to Orlando. Apollo eleven to two. Yeah. I I like the iron at ten to one. This is really the way I would. Iron at ten to one the San Diego fleet bring up the twelve to one no interest in the af. No, I'll I'll watch it. And I'll betting it once. I once I have a that it's too. It's too much build a football team from scratch, and then say put any sort of expectations positive or negative on it. I just wanted to coaches. I just wanted on the record Gary said, he will watch in bet the A F. So I'll bet today Afghans this year. That's a degenerate right there. Hey, you gotta do something. Kill the time before he's dragging on CFL games. Yeah. For sure I'll I'll be happy to take a break. Here's the last March madness, you guys that a lot. Yeah. You know, I've I've done what the I think the quality of play in college basketball's completely unwatchable missed threes. Mislaid twenty four seven hundred Jimmy, and I was a huge college basketball to Vegas every I can't watch the games anymore there. The amount of misled and free throws astonishing in college basketball. My problem is every offense consists of someone dribbling for twenty four seconds and Angola that now we just sound like grumpy, but it is a is a bad product that I loved I mean loved it was my favorite sport for a very long time. And now, it's just it's watchable. It doesn't help that. My teams are uconn. Syracuse in Maryland who all were realigned. And now, you know also can pick one team. I mean, that's three you've well, we three hundred and something to you. College. Yes. I went to Syracuse I grew up right near you father used to teach in Maryland down. I saved the best prop bet for future prop bed for last. This is the one we really got to dig deep into you can bet on who will be the halftime performer next year Super Bowl. Pit bull five to one Drake. Six to one. Hold on before you read anymore, and I haven't seen. Yeah. If bad bunny is on they're not on their flow a six to one hour Yana 'Grande seven one Florida Georgia line seven one Bieber. Eight one Jason Derulo ten to one Metallica tend to Luke Bryan twelve to one twelve to one Taylor swift twelve to one snoop Dogg Twenty-one backstreet boys thirty three to one. Have you taken a flyer on for Super Bowl halftime show next season for me Flo? Rider flow rider at six to once. I will say this the NFL though, they don't go by. They don't put the act in by region like Super Bowl here in jersey out Springsteen. It was Jon Bon Jovi in Atlanta. They got maroon five so I think you're gonna lose you Flo. Rider. Gary the Atlanta hip hop scene where all from ruined five. I I don't like anyone else. I honestly think it has FU fighters gonna happen at some point eight five they had been trending toward that direction in a while. While they become more and more mainstream. They played a Saturday night concert that everyone was going nuts about and they had Zac Brown band, come out and stuff like that. So I think who fighters gonna play it very very soon. I interested in the Taylor swift twelve twenty is the reason she hasn't done it yet is because she has some deal with coke. And the halftime show is always sponsored by Pepsi. So she can't do it. So I don't know what maybe her contract running out with coke. And now they have her here at twelve to one. If if the contract with coke is expired, I like teller swift the twelfth to one with big money. Right. Can you play the field? There's no field on this boy once bad bunny hits the board going. I don't see Roger Goodell approving bed money, but that's. Well that wraps up this edition and season of the QB gambling podcast. We've had a lot of fun. Hopefully, you've had a lot of fun and more importantly once for money. Any last words before we wrap it up. No, I I had a blast this. Yeah. This is fun. This was fun. I I really did as well. I think you know. Say good season. I started on just such a high note we hit a bit of a lull, but we really ended very very high terms. We were winning a lot of games cold. November rain was a cold November rain, and you know, there's a lot of people as well. And I always hate to in this because you end up forgetting people. Obviously Harry here. First and foremost Benny eagle for the work. He's done new Scott czar of pot past Scott this, bro. It's all about. It is it the props. And I'll say one last thing this'll be my last words on the pew began the season. I'm still bitter about the chargers. Have a profitable off season. All right before we do role completely. Let me just tell you that the two thousand nineteen Gary ball will be taking place in Arizona. Are they do play next year? We don't know what day yet. So I can't can't book my flight. All right now, we're ready to go. Special sneak.

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Bad Boys Breakfast Radio Show - 28 October 2020 - The Bad Boys & The Big Showdown

The Bad Boys

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Bad Boys Breakfast Radio Show - 28 October 2020 - The Bad Boys & The Big Showdown

"Look at. View beautiful. Beautiful. Place. Hi It's Darren and shine from the bad boys. Now, we're here to tell you about another couple of bad boys starring in a new movie called Rams Sam Neill and Michael Keaton are a couple of brothers one. Back together to save uprise Ram Darren if we were conic ozzy movie stars like these to Haiti, reckon would be our aric and I'd be same. Neil. Noord. Michael tightened lots and I'm the more sophisticated and reform one. Okay. Well, who do you think Andrew would be I think Andrew would be the Rame. Phone Ran Murat. Busy. Boy. Hot Why actually I don't want to know why anyway the brothers have gotten together with main cinemas to give away some double passes to see rams simply look for the rams movie poster on Instagram page or Pinto our facebook page official bad boys podcast kit end to leave a comment and you're in it to win it. Thanks to roadshow films and event cinemas. Listen to bad boys breakfast show brought to you by rams. The New Uplifting Ozzy Drama starring Sam Neill and Michael Caton showing at BCC and event cinemas from October twenty nine. This is the bad boys breakfast show the daily show that gets you up to speed with today's news sport and weather plus does of comedy from the two guys that have been there done that and God lucked out for him. Case. Fresh from fifty three, it's time to get real and can't roll with the bad boy shining Darren and dangerous. Came on the bad boys breakfast show morning. Welcome to the bad boys breakfast show Boogie by Ramsey Uplifting Ozzy drama starring Sam Neill and Michael Keaton showing ABC PCC and event cinemas from October twenty nine. They're very very well that was a full this one. So that may the way the sponsors in there it is. We do have five double passes to be giving me why or actually ten single passes but anyway. Doing your review today I'm doing oh. Yes review. That you put one. You haven't actually written a heavy. Tomorrow. It'll. Go out there and watch rains. I we had a conversation yesterday. and. We kinda felt that maybe we were going a little soft. Yeah. So I'm going to today anything you say I'm just GonNa completely argue the point with you heart in the fuck up. They help. PJ writing. We're going to toughen up tell us how often. It says bad boys, bad boys, theft boys. Okay. So like debate or something. Might be a little bit to. Hold Arts Classic Band Loved Them Music What about to be the? You. And you. Okay flow. That sounds like something you'd do at the surgery. Or at time. If your mom really doesn't walk you that much. Used to have a few those. Few in his. Own. You. So something. Is the more likely. Short. At a few things going on. We're GonNa Talk Borat and trump again. At like like a a couple of old ladies in a park fighting over a sandwich. Place you take. That happens in mill. Doesn't it Sean and you go ten covered conspiracies? Yeah. Yeah. We're going to have a look at the top ten covered conspiracies. And we've got a couple of new tracks including a brain Yui from the boss can't wait for that one and also a new trek from guerrillas. I've just dropped their brand new album. Well, yeah. Looking forward to that one. We'll hopefully also come to Australia. Yeah. You know he's seventy one years old I can't believe that I'm reading. Like. Could even make it to Cheyenne. He's looking fit. Yeah he is. and. You know we've got the presidential election next week. So and we've got these state election this week. So we'll see what happens next week. The Boston, a lot of celebrities leaving. The US. Barn by just going to have an whole influx but they're also going to be watching the state election because they're gonNA go see who gets in Hia Yay is like if you're gonNA stay if it's Hellish again, maybe that's going to be just as bad as trump getting back in. The site Lomar Gone Wow. flicking. Can she get in the United? States. We've got gladys bear Jecklin debt and you south Wales GonNa Palace Shy, and we've got Miss Flemington. Can we just get like you know a good old ozzy name Dillard Bulb. Boa Smith. Sarah. Go Dole Rain don't rain is still. Taking back. Back to the bank to this what Abet Gladys. Gladys. Spirit. So lost. Swallow a mouthful of Spaghetti Bowl and is little wriggling. Love you. We're GONNA play a song. This is boy blue juice school Brooklyn Lake I saw these guys in concert. Was Not prepared for what came next. Because they they turned up in in full full Yeti outfits right dresses Yetis Big Fluffy Yetis, and during the course of the show they started to peel. Various bits of the Yeti costume off until by the last song they were they were running around the stage completely stock naked Dr. yes. Did say I'm standing there going what did I just say? What did are black supportive in? This one. It's too early. I haven't had enough drinks for this. This is Blue Jays and you're listening to the bad boys breakfast show. Style. John. Nj. Do. Can't. Just. He saw Jackson. took. Place. Turns down. Around. Lacking. Head. Can. Get Out. Out? Off. I. Walking around on break and. Naked. If you got broken legs. What else are you gonNA walk around? If you haven't seen the video clip for that. It's a classic they actually it's actually a bad, I a fort at a ping. Pong tournament. What speaking your thoughts? There's a viking what's going on over in the U.? S. Yeah. So all Borat has has really. Got The fist set got the gloves at to to trumpy. So you know we were talking today about about the new movie and. And and looking he tried to he got into a trump rally in the first movie and and trump called him a moron an idiot right and so this time he he got into a Mike Pence rally but he had trump mosque on any actually look quite quite. It looked it looked like trump's. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah and so so he he obviously you know realized it was it was a fake so they threw him out but. Apparently. Trump has come in and has actually made a few statements. He's actually put a post up onto twitter. He said I don't know what happened but years ago you know he tried to scam me an hour Ziani one who said no way that's a funny guy and I don't find him. Funny. And apparently, he said on the weekend to me is a creep. Well okay. So he's calling. Or at a creep will what was Rudy Giuliani doing Hanney's he's pants saw the creep. With a well, he didn't know how old she was, but with a reporter in the room. and was touching air, and it's just like really like who's The crispy cream? That's very crazy to the Mike pence rally was the was the fly there again overnight. Flies by. Thought that he would have China flies force. I think that happened after the film was might possibly anyway apparently Borat or Sasha. Baron Cowen. Has Come back and has said has said Donald I appreciate the free publicity for Borat I admit I don't find you funding either. Yet the whole world loss. He said I'm always looking for people to play racist buffoons and you need a job after January twenty. Let's talk. So. Awesome is this. This is all on twitter ride is on its. Up to speed here and get on twitter, you need to get onto everything happens on apparently. Using it mean Donald Trump's been using it for years as. Well to voice what crap comes out of. It out. I don't even think he actually thinks about what he times half the time. He just talks it again, he's probably got one of those automatic you're one of the dictator. Tighter. Tyson. That was a that was proverbial. So. Do you think Okay Freudian slip. Did you think the next Borat, maybe he'll have to audition for. Probably and then and then Sacha Baron counter guy sorry could have no. Well. How do you think you turn up to his audition Well, maybe like Sharon Stern Basic instincts like you know naked. Actually. She's come out and said, washy washy. Tuned up naked. So she was on Drew Barrymore show and. She said the reason why? So she did a photo shoot in nineteen ninety for was it playboy? Or Hustler who knows? As Long. Time thinking was hostile I. think it was a pre show is PENASCO playboy but she said that the reason she did that is because she was going for the role of basic instinct and wanted to show what she was might of bicycling. As wanted to show what she had she had. So you know show her acids. So I'm just wondering like Darren. You'll gang for a Lotta. Lightly yeah. what are you doing to you know? Generally aware F- lawsuit. I say. No I'm taking a leaf out of her book. Really. I'm going to stop going knipe heads Oh really I think if it worked for her could work. I mean a in porn but could. Only someone someone like the things that I have a big pain these. I. would be too scared to up in porn boy. You. Embarrassed and then what happens if you couldn't perform? The. Little. Blue. Pills. Oh my God. Repeals will be. Stronger. Around. Their. Deary may talk about strutting the boss is still starting after old oldies. Gets on stage. and honestly, you would not think that he is seventy one years old. You know what? My Feeling I know and I will watching in the eighties. Courtney Cox jumped onstage Courtney Cox as biggest big break. Yeah. She jumped onstage with him in. Brilliant disguise. She jumped on stage so she was obviously in the film clip that was O'Brien. But that was so long ago they looked she looked really young. Yeah. Anybody nineteen on something. But yeah, we remember what he was already old. That point. I you know it's funny. Look at these movies and go and see a lot of movies and. Some of your favorite actors from Tom Boy. You see how old they are now and you think wow. I feel really old. I don't. Know. He's just out with a brand new album. It's code letter to you and you know look they're saying it's probably GonNa be you know like this is like the end of his of albums. No. Because it's really bad. But because he's actually said, identical do anymore albums after this. And what going to is he playing? He's actually going He's actually said that he might be touring into twenty twenty two. Because and it's not really a Kobe thing. He's just like you know what? I'm just had enough of touring for wall. Seventy. One you would get to that point wouldn't you? Odd Sisa. Whether my pacemaker can loss. Like how many months on on on the road? Months six six months. That's a long stint. But but I wait till two, thousand, twenty, twenty to seventy three. Older. Go walking frame then you'll come out on stage with. So what is it have? You plan that? You don't playing like really wouldn't plan. You'd be like, oh whatever happens happens. So we we're GONNA play one of his tracks. This is. From. Letter to you and we thought we would play this some sort of being promoted. Now Ghost it's a bit. When you hear these songs on his album it's like they were songs from his pass. You know he's kind of it's a bit of a trip down memory lane dot com this song he just classic springsteen a loved at the moment. I started playing it. Hope the rest of the album plot that combine to to take a listen to it all but this is just by Bruce springsteen. Common. Case. You. US. And Janis? Sir. Withdraw. The search. No one. A. Sure. WHO Pratt. This is the new bad boys, FM? Music without it you. The boss definitely has attitude isn't it? Great? It's great account. Wait to hear the rest of the album such A. Has We. Just we just a little bit of research because we knew it wasn't brilliant. The Skies Coin Coxswain she was actually in dancing in the dark. Yeah. But everyone thinks they'll you know look she's so lucky she got her big break. But in actual fact she was planted. For the role they go they guy. It's like here. This'll be your first role and when. When they how she auditioned. Sharon stone or I wouldn't think so. So we got the top ten. Covert conspiracies. Yeah. Look you know there's been a lot of talk about the whole Kovin. We thought and and you know. Some of them might be true. Some of the non it's totally up to you to decide whether or. Not you know where there's smoke, there's fire. But you know we thought we would just these are the top ten. Cova conspiracies. Thanks to Cornell's Alliance for Science Nanny. For Science. So the number one, the number one Kobe conspiracy is that covered actually came from five gene we're not actually came from for g aside. Daytona Punch but it was like it's like it came out at exactly the same time. But how can that house five g going to make you have the flu? Well, it's not it's not what it is is that it is spreading rapidly through countries that don't have the five G. Network. Countries that don't have the DAS to convince them to go onto five gene. Come on. That's the story that's the story and so people in. The world is sitting them on file like you know in in UK they sitting the Cellphone Tan was. Yeah. Yeah. I mean look. They're self combusted. There was a five G. rally in Byron Bay, the other day. Famous young actresses was hitting that up. A hippie. Yea. All the hippies out. Of people from Nimba actually that went to Bahrain by Artur answer was probably they. Would have been there for sure. spooking the whole five G. thing and. Didn't really understand. I haven't done too much research in doing. Sorry you know what I just think if you get to put a fire next head. I think the lower the radiation, the benefit just saying. I'm just that's just my F- my view on it anyway. What's another conspiracy Oh look this. Bill Gates as a Skype, Gart. Yeah. So they're thinking that he's actually not the guy behind it, but he's been being planted to look like he's the guy behind. So the goal is behind it don't get dark found in down. Yeah. So the puppet masters so just spend. Like let's put someone. There is a bit of a spokesman. Let Him Cup the heat. When we're the ones that are actually, what would you want to do that? Though? What would you? Say Bill Gates. Because he likes to Santa resigned voices there's all sorts of things going around about bill. Gates that He. He's he's hitting the World Health Organization that he wants everyone vaccinated that he wants to put chips in everybody. That He. That he's actually heading this whole thing up. Yeah. All the money. And also, because he did a two thousand and fifteen ted talk where he actually discussed Anabol- or outbreak on the ball around prank and actually wound of a new pandemic that was coming. So. Whether he was given that narrative. You don't know we'll back in two thousand and five I think five or seven. He would in front of the. To show them. He's findings on Brian Activity for extremists that extremists that they pinpointed a certain part of the brain activity that makes you an extremist and they could vaccinate against that. Oh, I can actually. Write Little Tommy here could be a bit of an extremist. Let's JV move one of these women that there wasn't. It was the eighties I got my TB injection maybe they recognize me as an extremist were. Pretty strange. Sometimes. Another top ten of the top ten conspiracies the virus escaped from a Chinese lab network that break out I don't know I thought that it I didn't think that was a conspiracy author. But did it have help like to getaway car tough? To Get Out let's go. We've go. GotTa break quick let's go. Had help with with those two to Chinese scientists be okay. I don't know. That was the narrative that it was actually designed in China. And was spread from China from a bat no. So the story is this is this is the the conspiracy theory or whether you WanNa, call it conspiracy theory not. Thought, it was backed but apparently, there was there were a couple of researchers that were studying bat corona virus, and one of the researchers had spent years collecting bat, Dung samples in caves. That's a job that you just want to achieve jolt for you know. and. Apparently. Shane was the one that that virus out. She actually did it on purpose. STAG maybe she just. Got Someone Hans walked at ordered some lunch. And Win Win, and it just jumped from one person to another who knows as it does, and then there's the covid was created as a biological weapon. That If you think about it, it makes sense because we've talked about biological weapons for years and. The weaponry that people have been created. You know from way back. That this could be something that they could use to. The rest of the world. Yeah. But see the most most biological weapons have a half life, right? So they'll they'll go. They'll. They'll after the twenty four hours and you know so it'll affect but then it'll. It'll. After it's killed, it'll to disappear so they can quarantine an area but covered just keeps on it's like the gift that keeps on giving apparently yeah if it if it's actually real. The US military imported covert into China. That's an interesting one. So maybe the US military imported into China, they can make it look like China actually released it to the world. WHO Award. That's a tough one. There will always be some had blame well, because they're saying that that that they've been well the theories that have been modified crops for years and years saying that food a lot of genetically modified foods. They're creating the not really growing it. Yeah exactly. and. So what they're saying is that GM crops caused genetic pollution that allows viruses to proliferate due to the resulting environmental imbalance. So what they're saying is that it that it actually didn't start it but because the food that we're eating is genetically imbalanced, it's not actually helping fought it wrought. That card makes a little bit of sense but I think the Knicks one is probably a really big one. The covid nineteen doesn't actually exist. Hello I mean we've been talking about this all year that the for the flu. But people get affected by the flu every year people die from the flu every year but the she. The flea numbers of white on. White but the covered number right up. Don't know maybe it's just the flu. Figure guy figure the pandemic is being manipulated by the deep state who they you know. They under grant destroyed. State. Dave it's. Really deep in the government deep are really barring to government. Yeah Yeah I think that could be a plus the call. Maybe, it's a plot by who by the always about a plot in an WHO's got the most to gain around the world. especially if you're GONNA get flu injection or yes. Pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies maybe they actually started the Cobra virus. But does it exist the flu? Now I'm confused. Death rights are inflected. No No. Not at all. I believe that that wouldn't anyway. That's the top ten Kobe conspiracies. There was more than that. We could have kept on going old die. Okay. We don't want that. We haven't got time for now we have. We've we've had all year of carbon. Get rid of it. Finish the year was no covid nineteen. Th That's not gonNA happen. So we're going flashback now Australia along the other day I heard this DEF, leppard. Song. Come on rock of ages and when it first started I thought Oh a little bit of spring. Yeah and then suddenly Black boy. Who owns it? Who owns it will flip it came out I. So one. Vegas. This is dipping rock of ages with a little bit of string at the stock. We'll be back with the news. This is the bad boys breakfast show. leaving. Axel. Way. A. This. Oh uh-huh. This is Duane from sacred man's business. Dr. Swift Batboys FM for the Indigenous Artists Music and rock. Avenue. Sit. I, boys, and now to the wisest news in the world. It appears you can be a leader of an entire country. Put you still under the thumb of to pull. Scotty. For Marketing was boasting in giving himself nearly Christmas present but his wife was less than amused by the purchase in his ongoing self promotion of buntings warehouse. He apparently pulled inflatable Santa Riding. A shock modest to his wife's dismay. If the look on her face is anything to go by maybe he should start checking in with her first before he spins his weekly put money. And MobiNil continuing to erupt at the bad news win lockdown measures would not as over the weekend has suggested mill boons have been doing a tough yet complying with the lockdown to apparently protect them from some deadly virus while the government installed oils that removed all civil liberties. Installing the facial recognition cameras from China. But. If the government thinks that they will continue to be compliant, will I think they will need to look again as people have reached the breaking point and soon good honest hardworking people will start to just how dogged determined destroy can get. Personally I think I need to sack tight a damn and put someone in place that actually has the people's interests in mind. And while they're at it, I think I should sack the police as well. An Indian airport authorities have struck gold when a passenger who is trying to avoid paying tax on bringing large amounts of money into the country decided the gold nuggets he was carrying with best smuggled. Appease. The iting percent tax will make almost anyone cry but apparently, this was discovered when he was found to be walking funny which. I personally don't blame him because only Darren get awoke as Lee with that much weight in these underway. Having, sixteen thousand dollars, worth of gold appear us with all that comfortable. I wouldn't think besides you would have to have a pretty strong pelvic Florida Kate that loading. was. Being blow to the race that stops the nation anyone in Victoria who wants to do the usual and get magnet nostril suit while they watch a bunch of horses run around the track. Will have to wait another year with attendees of the mobile cupping shut out this year in a shocking but somewhat unexpected decision. So members of rice go is we'll have to do it at home they. She has the state of Victoria enjoys another public holiday to celebrate the event. But of course, they can only do it in their bubbles. A with family members which everyone is show is going to be no fun at all, and now it's back to the first breakfast Pud strata those foods that are too cool for school Shannon Darren and the bad boys breakfast shirt. Imagine that. Imagine that. Hang on hang on the having a public holiday said I can Steinheim. What's the Public Hawaii up on the day? Does it really matter? Gone. I can't believe it. So completely shutting down completely shutting it down. Oh plus the guy that has had the gulled up he's up to. Hill Oakland, you wish could my? Nine Carat Gold who is at eight CARAT gold. Come at it was probably not even GONNA be. Converted back to whatever its original state was mud. Coming up after this song, we're going to find out all about the anti vaccine bus. A bus it's coming to your town. You. This is Lincoln pocket by cutting you're listening to the bad boys breakfast show. Day someone the. Date. What? Is. Left. West I mean I. was. Just Based on. Close say. Every time I talk. To sink or swim. Side, it's hearing me. Mistakes made get. To. Know what seventy of them I know what I can't stand bunny asked them back. To what you everybody has a piece of. Waste on closed. Time. As the laughs every time they. Face inside is to provide scientist. took. Off. Goodall Chester Bennington, what a what a loss big loss Mr Gore. Right voice he's always. Hits that perfect every time he does what he did. He did he did now. I have a beautiful mop. Up The week but You know. We will have careers we all. Do. But some people want to be something else they're not right. Black magic if you wanted to be a cop. But you weren't actually. Into school you didn't go to the academy. You didn't do any of that. So what are you? What are you do you think well. I really WANNA be a COP so you go and boil the gear. Yeah. Okay. You know because you know you dress up spoil the gear. The vest. The Australian or American on. This is this dragon. Okay. By all the GIG. You. WanNa. Even by body came the whole long on. A really look the pop up. On top of that. You WanNA get your own German, shepherd. On getting any kind of. Awesome into the point the dog even dresses up as as a cult cop-out. Has Little Hat. These mother was he was a pretended he leads to be a cop so he was going around. Pulling People A. Pulling people up doing the wrong thing. You know kids he was he was being really overbearing to people. And really dressing people down and Absolutely, I mean, obviously abide any wrists for. where I'm going to cave, you could've gone to, Melvin would have been plenty of opportunities. Minute that's where he should have gone. But this he decided he's going to do that even even Got Footage of the fact that he was a fifteen year old girl dressing down really making her cry on a big Meinie as a main they write it to these properties fan all this footage on on on these webcams just so much stuff. All these outfits guns Nah. He's a pretty crazy crazy guy but anyway, he's been arrested. And charged and it looks like you spent a little bit of time. With the Canine unit inside the House. When he goes to jail. Is he going to say on a place Oh. Totally. Stupide will love a cop. down. Put Him Protection Unit. mean. What what what am up? So when he was actually arresting people. What did he do? Then we'll he never actually arrested anymore. His whole point the whole premise around what he was doing he's he wanted to feel. In, charge and in control. Wow. But dressing people down telling them what to do and they're doing something wrong. Real a real nutbag really you're gone. Yeah. Real not by but that's that's that's my he's my mother won't then you got to the Cops the fight cop I mean come on seriously. Things, you ought to be be a fake actor. What are you saying? Well, if you're not prepared to go the distance, Hey Sharon Sunday. Society I. Told You I might drop the. Draws for the Knicks one. Give me they're. Looking, little follow up on. Sculptor. Heartbeats. That's not a hotdog. Not even. Cheerio. Follow up from the taff to we spoke about the other day So, all those people in that flood. As, it turns out that was thirty and a strong and women on that flight though made when the flight landed the all might help an ambulance and get checked. So in other words I had to go in. and. They got full examination examination. You know. Violation. Violation and with were in the country that are in Catholic. If you court. Safe you're pregnant if if there's a girl that's pregnant or something, he's actually illegal. So any of those women were pregnant or had a baby on board or anything like that there would actually arrested. So that's why they did it. Well they found the be at the airport. was as trillion in the Indo Nar. With. The waiting for the report I still don't know who was it. Well, the hasn't hasn't been released as to WHO this was. Sorry. What's the spice? We'll see what happens with that way You know having to be violated like that for you know for. Wrong. Reasons. But I mean you have to point the finger back to the government and say boy got these like archaic laws. That if a woman is pregnant outside of of marriage. that. She has she she'll get arrested, get arrested, and let's face it I mean you know over their marriage Maine's one of multiple women that you're you're you're married to the same guy I mean like all of these laws are so archaic I think they should be some countries of studio of. Yeah can't chop but probably have A. Problem with this whole stories, they found the baby in the toilet, right? Now at an airport aren't they cameras everywhere? possibly. You see the pregnant woman walk into. The toilet and say an pregnant woman. Okay. You would. You wouldn't have to cameras April. In some women can hard the fact pregnant too I mean. It's Like who knows On it But she must have been hiding it somehow because how would she have gone through the hull pregnancy and not get noticed? Correct. That this woman was pregnant and now she's not yeah or something. So anyway. Get One of those things that violation one by the. Country now I WANNA. Find out about these anti vaccine bus. Pass The floral flowing bus that I think nargile from limited love to go like the there's a there's a bus in Byron by that you can cash to take you to Nimbus the NBA's that's right. Yeah. So this is probably one of those types of buses So. What's happening is there's a bus going around with a whole group of anthrax going from place to place town to town and. The counters are banning together to try and stop the vaccination, the Anti Vaccine Bus so Cancel as the saying no anti vaccine. In area area. So they're all trying to get together to say these activists traveling around the country in VACs tool bus a stopping them from booking venues. So the county even booked venues and can't hold their events for Anti. Vaccine, Mukusev's. Bicycling, they're saying. The. Going against the grain up recently but they want to ban them from any of these events, any public areas, any pubs clubs? And they feel very strongly about it for the fact that they are sharing information and disinformation campaign and it's going to risk. Australian lives. Because try a wonderful high vaccination right and it's going to risk millions of lives and we can't take this for granted. This is what the council design and so they're all. Getting together to stop people from. Having their own side. Basically, this is what we've been talking about for a while. Yeah is. Okay you don't want to be vaccinated. That up to you or not. I mean, exactly. But. These people are only going to look at the bus I know a bit but if if we told the Party line like the media want us to, we would be saying all that's Banned the bus but in actual fact it, it really is up that today decision I mean this is freedom of speech, right? Correct. It is and that's what sort of getting to me. You know I understand covid nineteen such a dangerous. Flu Yeah then okay and they fought vaccination daddy's proven tested tried and it Saif Okay, I can to live with that but. Isn't it up to these people what they put in their body and what they don't putting their body exactly and and if if in this. Era of freedom of speech surely, they have the right to say what they WANNA say in public. Now I. Think about. The whole. Marriage equality. Issue that happened right yeah. They had the right to actually say we want same sex marriages. If we actually said to them, you know, no, you're not allowed to speak that. Then you know we're we're actually going against freedom of speech we can say freedom of speech is really getting removed. Yeah. It is actually getting shut down everything on on the Internet is getting shut down facebook. They're calling. Disinformation spreading and. The end of the day, I think it's everyone's. Choice. Not. What what you do y'all is over bus in your travel around the country sign I don't be vaccinated. Yep, that's right. So freedom of speech is fine provided your saying what the government wants to say that's that's pretty much it. Back. On. Someone else who traveled around in a bus will nearly a bus was it was a truck and got got stung by the covid bug? Oh, terrible was Jamie Wing Cal. Yeah Johnny. So obviously we know Baptist was on the weekend and so. The drive is rolling Dinesh. Triple Eight. You did all checks all the right stuff before Ba'athist to find out from the health organizations from. Premier. What they need to do to make sure that they can get their teams back into. Queensland. and. There are certain precautions and certain things they had to do An if certificate for the trauma of Fright. Jamming companies, actually a truck driver. So he's able to do that. He got the certificate to drive the truck back. And as he came across the border, they said, no, you can't come in. But the all the all the checks and balances for them to get to get he. On then they said Oh no actually no, you can. So they came in. They go to warehouse. Now on Friday detectives went to the warehouse and said I'll give you? Paperwork. We've gotta get you out. Watt that's that's ridiculous. They lift. But then I came back and then said, pack you bags, you need to go back to New South Wales. So these boys had to pack their bags and go back to new South while sustain a resort there for fourteen days or when I got to stay peppers. Peppers on. That case but Rollin dines go to pay for this. That's wrong. If if the detective say. Go back across the border. And but. Jamie made a statement and said. There's a an election coming up. Yeah I don't think they want to have the trouble of saying all. We let the very supercar drivers in. And got them out. On one hand I. I don't think it's right. But then on the other hand I sort of see their point I've come from bathurst and I found apparently covered remnants remnants. That's the APU. Apparently, there's some covered women's now and wanted a bunch of the revenue. Is Part of the Var. It was a noticeable. They woke long ago. Oh my God discovered remnants imminence. Does that mean the covid leaves a bit behind it or something like a like a breadcrumbs trial? Like Snail Trail look there's the revenue. It's GONNA attack. Coming towards, a Mike maybe you won't. I. We've got a song that we're gonNA play, which is a brand new is called the valley of the Pagans at features Beck, and this is the brand new guerrillas song we actually played at law so that if if you're watching this on social media and it gets blocked at least most of the show anyway. So this is guerrillas of their brand new album. And there's plenty of more songs is it is an absolute coca. This is called the belly of the Pagan will. Sun, with the flowers melted. The freeway. You this. One way trip back to West Hollywood. Let's go. To. Catch. The. Fish, Batman. By. Look. Miss Chanting. Patrick. Is. With the dime. Diet. Brad Woodside. Fight. Not. A. Ah. Take. I. Heard. It. So Hey. It's zinc dude. Guerrillas Back Hey, we have just about out of time but. What's up with the influences? This seemed to be getting out of control. They just there's so many of them and they. Own The place I think the will zero stuff they do. Yeah. In fact one influenced. By the name of what's in I Ruby Tuesday Matthews. Mean Look if you're gonNA have a name Ruby Tuesday. Where did you get that from what they? What actually happened was she was getting on a flight she decided to leave the airport to go and ate oysters, aca what's said well. Firstly. Why would you wanna eat oysters just before a flight unless maybe you're planning to join the mall club or something you know what they say about always to shine you never know, and then the other thing is she kept the flight whiting. She didn't go back to the airport they they basically held the flight up because I can't leave. She'd already checked in checked in then left the airport to Garni noises then come back again. Does that they're looking around I wear is ruby Tuesday. Now, you know what I mean like crazy. To have to admit because there was a Bellona Bella report, there's not a lot of Belen or import. There's no voice to choose probably the only person on the fly. She. Just left anyway, we'll go to bags. So You know apparently she had to Well, she didn't issue an apology, the airline Jetstar. Apology to it's It's all the passengers. They know she didn't the there were saying that they insist that passengers remain inside the terminal after they checked in and let's be honest right if you've checked in. You check in you got like everything happens then you go back out. You could be doing anything bringing anything back in to the April I, mean, it's a bit of a safety risk. Be bringing remnants covid becky. Maybe the remnants of coveted, just sort of following along behind. John do get in the way into the Playa that's it kilowatts those remnants people I now, if you want to win tickets to see rams, make sure you head over to Al facebook Patriot website or you gotta do is sign up for a newsletter. Bad Boys, FM DOT COM. And so on and jumping on social media feel bad boys podcast. That's foot instagram and four facebook. Yes and if you do. A join news that we might bombard you with newsletters. We have the. Remnants of carbon. That's. Thanks guys. Have a good day. where the bad bullish. Don't forget it. Looking through my. Beautiful. Beautiful. Heights Darren and shine from the bad boys. Now, we're here to tell you about another couple of bad boys starring in a new movie. Cool. Rams Sam Neill and Michael Keaton are a couple of brothers. Brought back together to save uprise rammed Darren. If we were conic ozzy movie stars like these two. Can Be are can be same Neil. Noord. Michael. Keaton and I'm the more sophisticated and reformed one. Okay. Well who do you think Andrew would-be I think Andrew would be the Rame. VISI boy. Why actually I WANNA know why? Anyway the brothers have gotten together with cinemas to give away some double passes to see rams simply look for the rams movie poster on Instagram page or Pinto our facebook page of bad boys podcast. End Leave a comment, and you're in it to win it. Thanks to roadshow films and event cinemas. com. Listen to bad boys breakfast show brought to you by rams the New Uplifting Ozzy Drama starring Sam Neill and Michael Keaton showing at BCC. Invent Cinema from October twenty. Nine.

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The Best of Armstrong & Getty Hour Three

Armstrong & Getty

37:14 min | 4 months ago

The Best of Armstrong & Getty Hour Three

"You're listening to the best of the Armstrong and getty show during our podcast one more thing more info at Armstrong and getty dot com. We got an email from their lives in Vietnam in Hokey men city. perhaps you call it Saigon Ex Pat community and a bunch of them two hundred and Fif- we talked about this on the Armstrong and getty show, but like two hundred and fifty people from their tiny little ex-pat neighborhood went to a Saint Patrick's Day, party and one of the dudes who is there a Brit tested positive for corona virus, so the Communist thirties in Vietnam who have surveillance cameras everywhere and could figure out who at that party are rounding everybody up? And they once they figure out who you are, and where you live. They come to your home until you got twenty minutes. You're going to a quarantine camp and you throw your crap together, and they bring you to one of these quarantine camps which are jammed up and everything and I told you I'm waiting to hear badly evens not an option. Leaving Vietnam Yeah probably I don't know not that easy. She didn't mention that I. View lived there probably not at that point. Yeah, but they don't go to the airport and spread it around. Yeah, yeah, I'm seeing. If she wrote back yet, it'll take me I'll look for you folks coming back with lots of really interesting, cool e mails and all, but that means there's Alvarado, but anyway she central around these sent off these pictures of the The quarantine camps. let's see. How can I move this up, so y'all can see it a little better I'm actually GonNa Call Jack and whoever wants to come over to come over and look at them I'm why why is this not bigger? Said Yeah. That's what she said. That's nice. So. So come over your Jackal Sharia. These this is the quarantine camp. Is she said I think the bucket us for yes? These quarantine camps are old like army barracks that are no longer used anymore. Military schools closed down university dorms. There's one of them. Here's who looks like a bad Chevron gas station. Yeah, there you go! That looks like an abandoned dormitory with people sleeping on cardboard. look at that. There's two stalls. One has a toilet. The other has a bucket. And, what's that for I? Don't even know. Then there you go just filth and squalor, and Ross and look of that there you go. There's one of your bath fixtures. That that thing hasn't spit water since. I was in high school I'm going to have to leave a bad yelp. Review. I. Leave Their Heil Garbage is Oh my God! Can you imagine I think we should send soldiers into Vietnam to try to fix the situation? You'RE GONNA have to give a minute. You're going to have to give me a minute. Reminds me. It's funny I was just thinking of. The Bay of Pigs weirdly enough 'cause. You're eating, bacon or something No thinking of being I, it's funny. It was during one of the commercial breaks during the show was going to get some caffeine juice and I was thinking about what we just been talking about. And how we, the people have to ask the difficult questions and don't be. Don't trust the government to do the right thing, and never as I always say never be worshipful toward politicians or the government. You can respect them if you agree with them or vote former contribute to him. I don't care, but never be worshipful, because they're people like us than and often very flawed people, but for some reason my memory, click back to a day on is gladys. Gladys hang around for the guests these as I. don't even remember, makes she socially distanced I cast my mind back to when I was in elementary school. With a mask and gloves on not easy right boyer touches. Silky, as always though with those rubber gloves on it's it's the big yellow dishwashing gloves oddly enough. Those are not sanitary gloves. The gladys those are for dishes. She said she survived the Spanish flu. Survive this good enough, so our world. One World War. One Vet Gladys her. But I came home from elementary school in I, said my dad was homer I was talking to my dad, and it was about John F. Kennedy. And I spouted the usual nineteen early nineteen seventies, worship full line about. Kennedy the young president, history hero camelot do ask not what your country can over you. And he said listen, he said is our. He's a good guy, but. He, said There were a hell of a lot of birds that were about to come home to roost for the Kennedy Administration, and he hit me with a couple at is whatever I was seven or eight years old could understand. He said you know we. We sponsored this terrible invasion of Cuba, that went completely wrong, and there were awful problems at the FBI and Blah Blah Blah I said you know it just. Wasn't a God and he wasn't a king. He was the president and he was an okay one, but there are plenty of plenty of problems and I remember it I. It's funny that it would sear its way into my memory like that because. I have terrible memory. Be It must've been because I'd never heard. Anybody questioned America's Prince before certainly not in school. And it was just good to hear from my dad. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he wasn't a God come on now. And that was like an early formative moment. I didn't appreciate it at the time. I haven't appreciate much through the years, but it occurs to me now, but I thought Oh. Wow, everybody talks about this guy. In such glowing affectionate terms turns out. He made mistakes. Oh how interesting! So you don't worship so when the government saying don't wear a mask or do wear massacre or don't wear a mask, then Dura mask. You GotTa do your own independent research because not being masks. They don't do any good and they're critical for healthcare workers. They will save. Those workers lives Excuse me apart me. You made a bit of a Vir there. I didn't follow. Hairpin turn I think I flew out of the car. Yeah yeah well. Any other toilet related, no on, think how about sinks I don't showers. That part of the of human Behavior I. stay away from ever eat. Everybody poops Jack. It's a class. Kids Hot Enough I have the energy to go on. A cry for the NFL podcast Oh I mean right now. Right now, not in general. No just right now. Going to mention speaking of children's books, Tommy di Paolo passed away. You ever read any Tommy. Pal Books. Right he is gonNA. Come up with that. See the fifty shades of grey, Guy then yes. Yeah that's right. He wrote that and it's a great read for your kids. Enjoy that. I'm sure the WIKIPEDIA. They have the list of books. We read our kids a bunch of Tommy Paulo books, but he wrote and illustrated like two hundred and sixty. Five of them You know I'm I'm I'm How I am with authors for grown books I remember those books, but I don't know kids books. Others I know the books, but not the yeah. We have books that look like that so probably. Yeah, I remember those. Yeah I'm looking for Oh my God! He wrote the bill and Pete Books. Bill and Pete Bill Impede go down the Nile Bill and Pete to the rescue and leave. Barron was a crocodile and Pete was a little bird. Okay good. Versus where their parents they I don't know if kids should be going. And why did you bring this up? Oh, just weird, talking about children's. Everybody poops a right that one. I didn't know if he got grown virus or actually believed. Not Everybody poops controversy. Just trying to follow the already, no, no, no children's books Jack Jokes intent on see I love you. Mouse I think. We read our kids that. Let's see. Quite a few of them I don't know Google one of my. WIKIPEDIA! You're listening to the best of the Armstrong and getty show featuring our podcast one more thing it more info at Armstrong and getty dot com. Armstrong and getty differs the best of Armstrong and getty. Played a clip from pink, the singer on the Armstrong and getty show today and she's a little drunk. What the Hell am you guys have been drinking. But I'm just making a sport. And when I drink I get really really brilliant idea. Last night. I can cut hair. Totally cut here why welcoming this time? I might try to fix it tonight. Stay home. Cut Your on here. Screw it. Hilarious. Have you seen the video, Sean? No, I gotTA check that Okay Yeah how dare she says! Look you this most. Like Pink Mohawk firm a decent portion of her career. I think even immense too short. She's a mom. Right got a couple of little kids, and all most you celebrity stuff from home has been annoying, unless unless they're like doing music or jokes, but any other like you know, keep a stiff, upper liberal, then together and it. It looks like. It sure looks like you shop in such a way to emphasize your backyard or your kitchen or something well, I'm just I'm not digging this and it wasn't the most obnoxious one I'd like to say. It was I think it was about the second most obnoxious one, certainly in the top five. Take Guess. J. Lo and Freakin era. Just insufferable. I haven't seen that. Yeah, it doesn't surprise millionaires tweeting about unity from their million dollar doomsday bunkers doesn't really give me the sense that we're all in the rest well and looking hot. Oh, and it included plenty of Nice long shots of their gigantic gorgeous estate. Yeah, let's all hanging together. Kid Jumps in our pool, which is inexplicably warm enough to swim in and in March. Hoping terrorists quite short. Oh boy! Yeah that's. You know as? I see that I can't i. can't I could hear? I can cut close to like you know buzz-cut. SORTA thing, it's Kinda cute. She's got a yeah. If you have. If you have a nice face, you know given. The short hair doesn't really do much for it. What if you're Goblin asking for friend? Then you might need some hair distract. That's the thing with all styles. If you're already hot, it's going to work on your theory. Yeah, great on hot! People yeah. Tattoo hanging? Give me the same. You guys remember the flow be. That was big there for awhile could forget attached that to your vacuum cleaner. Write such you hear up like that. Many died the great flow fiasco of nineteen, eighty, nine, or whenever that was, it was the size of its time. Some people will enjoy very much. Yeah, if you're looking for something to Binge Watch and you haven't seen the Larry Sanders show of the old HBO thing while you're stuck in quarantine. How do you think that would hold up great? That's one of my all time favorite shows. I watched it again. I don't know probably three or four years ago and I I laughed every single time onscreen. I have to go back to that. 'cause I, just we. We both cherished it when it was on. Morning reports character already that everybody needs an already in their life. Yeah, Yep, that's what Hanson's supposed to be Hanson. You ever seen the Larry Sanders show. Oh yeah loved it. I watched it. You're supposed to be. Segment can't start the show with the showstopper. One of our favorite lines to. You're really on tonight. Came across this just thought it was kind of interesting, Saul throat ear and the podcast. Found the oldest sward ever wow deeper now. I know you're anti silent letter am how do you pronounce s? W or sworn word? No. I can't hear that word without thinking of the the SNL celebrity jeopardy with Sean Connery, where it's s words. And Sean. Connery says I'll take Saud's for two hundred dollars. Says what swords. It's words that begin with the letter s, but he just reads it sorts. Right exactly similar bit with A. Therapist for ten Alex. Therapists Shame to your mother and her back. They found the oldest sort. Here's why find this interesting. It's five thousand years old. This is the very beginning of learning how to make metal five thousand year old sore. We got a picture five thousand years ago. You could make Mellon somebody decided I'm GonNa make something out of metal that would make it easier to kill other people, and then have an advantage over I'm getting tired killing people with these rocks. And blunt pieces of metal, laying around very rare that anybody had the metal at all alone soared so if you showed up to a fight with this thing. Thinking Holy. Hats. Whatever? The hell. Do. Guy Swings a shiny thing on. Got The horn. Anybody else see this. I'm swinging a rock Adam with my leather, pouch. Unfair. And had to be really really the first fight where he broke that out. People at Wall, my God. He's in charge now. Yes you are. Exactly how much we can do about the whereabouts. Well it's been bouncing around for quite a while. Monastery forever is Ebay from down in the basement, right? It was at a dollar store. The third I'll. they originally, it was a medieval era, and they did some more carbon date, testing, or something on it to figure out. No, no, it's much older than that. Blau thinking eastern Anatolia which is Turkey I know that just because I have an Anatolian shepherd which means that the dog from Turkey. That's the area of the world. Five thousand years ago, metal soared. Wow, you were the big swing Richard of that and that village when he brought that out. What do you think of this? Wrong. Oh! Somebody probably cave in your with a rock. While he slapped view that, but w. what nine waking hours you had going on, I wonder how much work that was. I don't know. How long did it take to make a sword? Five thousand years ago, Hammer and a heated up and hammered in place and everything well, and how amazing would it be? And this is GonNa? Sound like I'm stoned, but. The first moment somebody said you know not forest burnt down and. Knowledge antelopes in their Diet and burnt to death. There's a hell of a good smell think I'm gonNA eat some of that thing and discovered the cooked meat tastes way mentored and raw on. My Dad is always a lot less than we eat the cook stuff to. My Dad used to say I wonder who the first guy was decided to drink a cow's milk. You must have been thirsty. Assuming it's try it. You gotTA assume drank all the other liquids that came out of every other animal, yeah! It is, and they They went with the milk. Wherever I discovered that an artichoke was edible must have been really hungry. Yeah! They must've been starving. Yeah, surely, there's something in the middle of this. It's worth eating. I'm scraping to leave my teeth, but I can't. Survivor minutes on that right. Back to the milk thing I mean it would not take a genius caveman to thank all right. Our babies suck on her mama. Life sustaining a little calf is whatever marriage on. You know let's do the math. Can't be that too big a leap. Although modern cows, how old's the modern couch accurate from cattle country? You know this stuff. How old is each individual modern counter like as a? Report on my desk by noon she's fifteen I don't know. Big Fat. Milk squirt and cow is a modern invention. Oh, sure nothing like that could ever live in the water. Eaten in five minutes. I don't think they have that. Most parts of the world either right I am scanning this a short history of cows part one article. Sixty seven years. Since nineteen, sixty, two many you can hear. Later Time Sean. When out of time to finish that now well, I said at the beginning of this for looking for stuff to talk about, and I think we fulfilled. That I want to know more about cows. This fascinating. Look at bucket, cow, the leave you with this. The discovered that modern cattle are the descendants from a single herd of wild ox from over ten thousand years ago. There you go. Wow, so they had about five thousand good years before that dude came along with sword. Lop Their heads on. I was enjoying my Cowan. You had to show ruined everything. Now Macau's gotten ahead and I got no arms. Eight you. This is the best of Armstrong and getty during our podcast one more thing. Get More Info at Armstrong and getty dot com Armstrong and getty stuff armstrong and getty. Second or less attention span in. Modern America. Yes I've heard this that in just a second is I was flying. He's already distracted. Like a damn fruit fly. We now have less of an attention span than goldfish according to scientists. which famously have a very? Short attention span. It's crazy because I've never lost to a goldfish a staring contest I we. We got into kite flying in the last couple of days at my house and The Easter Bunny brought kites and again I don't understand the tie in there. I. Don't know if that's a Jesus ascending to heaven, or if there's really no Jesus Tien and it's just a it's spring. CAPITAL IS A. was wasn't and breezy, but so we were. Restarted flying kites I'd never really flown a kite successfully in my life. I'm like Charlie Brown. I can step out on the windiest of days in the wind goes to zero immediately I'm Charlie rats school fly a kite to the highest height. Was it a chasm from Mary poppins? I Dunno I twenty year a straight man, so I don't like middle of the twentieth century musicals or some? The KABIRA bouncer of some sort that called you Charlie Brown from across. Now, that's what I was in Mexico. On my honeymoon. You walk through those bazaars and people are trying to get your attention I'd right. Hey Johnny Brown. THEY MISTER CLEAN Malaria trying to sell you like drugs and hose right well. The everything over things knockoff drugged up. Hoes, knockoff expensive purses. And as you get closer, and you look at it, you. You need some smoke Charlie Brown. Girl Lebron. Cuisine girls. Could Call, me Mr Khalid. Their your sales technique. Hey, Fatso, can I get? Help anything. Hey, big nose! One of my watch a big nose. Kiss My. Might WanNa Buy Watch, but not from you. So back to the kite flying, so we got a couple of nights, and I was able to get it up in the air on a medium windy day, and it's the first time I'd ever actually flown a kite. My entire life and both my kids got the tied up and they really enjoyed it. We really enjoyed it as such a old tiny slow paced activity I it, it's so different. From what we normally do that. It was striking. In that it was just you know Kinda relaxing and staring and quiet and minor adjustments every couple of minutes. And how was their engagement? Before they started to want to run back to mile after my youngest son got various problems, so he can't. He can't stay tuned. Anything or anything, but SAM has gotten into it. And then yesterday he couldn't wait to get out there and he was out there about the as out there for an hour flying kites awesome. HOW MUCH STRING THERE! SKYCAP! Key it was. It was way up there though I mean. Trying to get a picture and was too far up to get a picture. If your more long string and you just like extended out. On. Yeah just stand out there harder. The Kite and shifts. Are you asking me if I know how to make a square not? So. Yes, they could extend the street until it goes cleared the sun and just burns up. there is something awesome. Literally striking. Aw, when you have a kite way way up high, and you're still connected to it. And you feel the pull of it way up there the breezes and his I. Don't know there's something. It's almost scary that the kite is up there that high in your controlling it. I always loved that as a kid, but on the slow pace of it and everything like that, there's there there is something happening. That just seemed inherently good. That was happening with my brain and I could feel it and I don't think people have used to have to. Go out of their way to find a time when their brain felt like that, but it just it's just I. Could I could tell that good things were happening to my my whole body in my brain. The pace it what we doing this? Rag A Computer Riley. See! That's what the neuroscientist believe. Sean nailed it. Yeah, I don't know. You're you're fi. It's when you do your filing and connecting thoughts and finding patterns and stuff like that it's essentially a hard drive cleanup like it just kind of reorganizes and and sets things in a much more efficient manner, free computer lot times computers when they fractional files and stuff, and it clogs over time. These fractional things will slow down your performance. He you had to do a defragment than your computer runs gradient Yeah, well, then. That's exactly what is happening. I mean, don't you? What one of the few upsides to this whole Chinese Bat? Death thing is after the show. I just sit in my backyard. Look at the bushes and listen to the birds, the good good for the soul. so I. I don't have a little kid saint. Yeah, so that helps an and trying to do the home. Schooling thing in the midst of everything else that goes on in the household, just good God good to be busy. It is not relaxing. It is not relaxed. Oh Lord but back to the second attention span things so they. Knew surveys show that? The average attention span is fallen to eight seconds down from twelve year two thousand, so if it's gone from twelve seconds to eighteen twenty years. In twenty more years, or we're going to be down to four and then twenty four twin one hundred zero none have no attention span whatsoever. My guess is that these things aren't scaling linearly probably in that'll be quicker than twenty years before we get down to the whatever are like four seconds less is now. Yeah, yeah, well. This research was actually from two thousand sixteen. I have a feeling that it's shorter than eight now. and we all know our attention spans have gotten shorter attention span is defined by the amount of concentrated time on task without becoming distracted I'd love to know what it was in nineteen seventy I'd love to know it was in nineteen twenty. What attention span was oh. Yeah, yeah, back, you know novel like Moby Dick Would have a chapter on different sorts of Wales I mean just. Dries Abon so an officer at Microsoft. Who is involved in this study, said the true scarce commodity of the near future for all retailers, politicians, parents, everybody will be human attention. That's why so much politics is so dumb right now. Or so simple, maybe I should use the word simple. Because you can't trust people to stick with you. Through a three sentence argument. I was shocked that Obama put out a twelve minute video. Yesterday's on I. Go Mania, I think I think that was him being from a slightly different era. Ain't nobody wanting to twelve? And you know what everybody saw twenty-second couple of twenty second clips ain't nobody. GonNa take an a twelve minute political video and I think I think that's interesting from like the Microsoft people about that being the commodity people's attention. How do you get it for that? Six eight seconds to sell them something whether it's an idea whether it's. You know politics. The the the CELENA watch whatever it is I, don't know. What's the average attention span in Kenya where Obama was born? Make! But that's a good question. They should do it around the world where they don't have. Maybe I'm wrong. They probably have as many smartphones and Kenny that I have here, and I got a backward idea of what it is, but they're gonNA be places in the world where they have. I don't know I. see more flip phones in the Third World, still I have Aena friends and relatives in the very royalist, most unpopulated parts of American everybody's got an iphone. That is going to be the challenge for for everything, but just for my own personal life, I gotTa do more kiting fly fishing. Whatever it is that slows down slows you back down. That's what's the scientists need to study. What's your ability to turn that eight back into twelve or into twenty? I wonder how well how long it takes, but yeah I I find if I'm playing a song on my guitar. I focus on it and I. Don't get distracted and if it's for instance as thinking of the Song X. Dead Flower? Song was playing yesterday and I made my way all the way through its little over five minutes long, and I didn't think about anything else for five minutes and I found that incredibly. You didn't about trump knows like taking a hit of a drug. My brain just felt different, and you should have stop and Mila Song about trump for second. Yeah exactly? Feel rewrite the lyrics to be all about trump, so I can multitask. I can tell the own I. Put a little bit of effort in that it works every time I. Start to read a book. I draft draft. Bring covered, brag drift, bring that Griffin, obey get slower and then pretty soon. I'm not drifted anymore, so it's. I Wake I. Don't want I'm not I'm not here to lecture anybody but I am working hard as I can to re stretch my attention span, and I think is probably a good idea. Largely one of the reasons why I picked up a book and a physical book for the first time was late last week and I just I I wanted to exercise. That part of my brain didn't say it in this article, they mentioned in the article that a common example. Example of this if you don't think you're doing it, when's the last time you stood in line at the grocery store without getting your phone out? For instance they used and I did that just yesterday actually meant the grocery store. Okay? There's two people in line better. Get out my phone and get little input of some sort, but that would be the first place to start I think could acting like standing in line for two minutes is going to kill you. I just I think you have to once you understand that being slightly bored is good. Your brain is doing something that needs to do once you start understanding that Y- you look at it as a positive, it's much easier to do. I'm just speaking from my own experience now clearly is clearly as positive. That's that's just a just some discipline, and it's always the excuse. I'm making excuse to myself Oh! Maybe my wife texted something else. She needs from the store. That's my excuse to get my phone out then when I see that. There's not a text from her then. I'm off to I better. Check the headlines. Outlook trump said this or whatever. Maddening. So. We're at eight seconds for attention span. That's not very long. We go to four in the next twenty years. Or five years. Sean Wellesley. Is GonNa be restricted shouting. Danger Ron. Just think of how many projects will get started I don't know how many will finish, but there's going to be so many people start all sorts of stuff. We've heard from people in the radio business that how long does it take before people decide whether they like this song or not? It's about that six or eight seconds so you gotTa, Hook them for six or eight against well Boris went to the corner, and it goes to two seconds. I don't know what you do, other than just yell fire or sex. Those are about the only two things. Food Goods S. Sex okay, I'll tune in for another two seconds almost lost their. You're listening to the best of the Armstrong and getty show during our podcast one more thing more info at Armstrong and getty dot, com. Armstrong and getty the best of Armstrong and getty. I don't know. My kids became aware of this, but my oldest Sam as and he asked me he said can I get one of those cameras where the the picture comes out the bottom. he's I, said yeah, that's the way all cameras were. When I was a kid. All the pictures we took a call the Polaroid Camera I, said biotech. They make them anymore and he said I've got a friend. Who's got one, so do they make them again your? They're hot. I had no idea. Is the party pick You know machine? I had no idea so I remember a couple years ago. When polaroid stopped making the film they didn't. The cameras were didn't end I. It was the film it ended first. Kodak Quick Quick Making the film, and so that was the end of polaroid cameras, but that you know time flies when you're older. That might have been late nineties when that happened I don't know when that was and it just went away so I guess they're back now. I went to the website and you can buy. The cameras are like between one hundred and two hundred dollars for most of them, and then the film is about fifty five bucks I. Don't Know How many pictures you get out of that. that I was looking on the polaroid website, but so it's A. It's a thing people use them again, and is it exactly the same as when I was young? I think so I, think they're smaller not quite as expensive looking. But Sean the party scene back when it existed where people just using it mostly for party picks well. Polaroid's essentially began as as that's how people. Send nudes to each other before camera phones. Yeah, just because you couldn't take your film to get developed if there was nudity I think you'll get reported. There were some weird law. Where are you claiming why it was invented or Not, that's that's my understanding then. I don't know all I. Know is like as an eight year old. That's the way every family took pictures. and Christmas birthdays every my mom had one in. You know tons of pictures on that, but in terms of like awesome, oh. Yeah, FREAKING AWESOME! You got the picture right then and you had you know the modern world sure I can take a picture any time with them want with my phone window. I get around to printing it out somewhere on some decent paper. Roughly never based on my experience question is this is pornography at the root of everything. Advances a lot of it mark committees was doing his his questions was all for the purpose of how can we more effectively distribute pornography Newton was with some trollop went on. Apple fell on his head. It wasn't an apple. Who's actually her right boob? What were you saying? Michael had a comment. I was just pretty much. John's right, military or sex. Yeah, usually but I. I saw no downside to the polaroid picture. A day were fantastic went when I was disappointed. It was a blast I remember using them myself and just going out in the backyard, and trying to you know, get pictures of squirrels, or whatever and you put it on the fridge. You know it's funny. I was thinking the other day. Why was I think about this? Because I've always enjoyed taking pictures I was I I found out that my pretty damn decent camera that I bought for myself when my kids were small is now literally worthless. You cannot give it away on Ebay. You can't get five dollars for it, no matter how many lenses and carrying bag. Bag in whatever you have but I remember the sensation of wondering if you've got the shot right and wondering how everybody exposures you wanted to blow on trying to get a shot, because every single one of them cost you money, and how easy digital issue just a blast off a what do you call it? A a flurry of pictures, or what's that called doesn't matter They have the setting oversight ten. Yeah I've got a super fancy expensive camera. I bought right before. San was born thinking that you know we need a really good game or now, and it is a really good, really expensive camera with some expensive lenses and We almost never use it because he always have your phone handy, but the quality is so much better whenever we do. Break out the camera and you take a picture all. Right right. That's what a picture can look like. That's the disappointing polaroid's between, but I'll maybe I'll get to kids polaroid awesome. I didn't know they were back. Thank God the the ones I've seen lately. The picture quality is a little bit junkie, but it's good enough for what you're doing. Sure I mean. It's a hell of a lot of pinned up on dorm room walls of the night. You're getting wild with your buddies. Said, right? You just don't get around to printing out on photo. Paper your picture from your phone. Even though you have it, I've never even once considered doing that. Yes, so. We got a gazillion family pictures, and every once in a while, but not very often. Do we ever get around to print new any of out? Especially on decent, have you ever done any of those like digital picture frames or you have? You can put like a thumb drive into the thing, and it just kind of rotates through all the pictures on the thumb drive. I've seen a lot of people do that. It's a good idea. Yeah, we did that and I. Really enjoyed it then. It malfunctioned like a week later. We probably moved it twice before I finally said. Why are we keeping this and threw it away? Yeah. Those are a pretty good idea. Though because you do end up seeing the pictures, you've taken a lot more that I'd like to do that again. I can't tell you. That reminds me a now I. Have Feelings of Nostalgia Love in guilt washing all over me. We have so much footage of our kids. It's children on on tape literally on tape, and I've got to get a digitized exhibit these days. External hard drives are pretty cheap specially. Comparison of you know. Pass five ten years I if I had A. A trove of cherish pictures I would be hesitant to have the only copy being on my current working computer, because hardboard said mother, they can fried, and then they're just gonNA, so yeah, backing up your your cherished family pictures on an external hard drive is something. I would definitely own open the sky. Do you trust it? I trust it more than most, but I would also like to have just the coke quote, unquote physical copy of a of an external hard drive with with rights. Yeah, I'm talking about non digital media, He's got VHS tapes. Yeah and high eight. As well got a bunch of stuff on sunny hi eight video. Saw Edison over there picture the world's strongest man I. It seemed fine in the nineties. Eight hundred ninety s no Dang it. Didn't you have a camera where you put the blanket over your head? Before the flash went off, where was that Marshall? Everybody had still for an hour exactly. Straight face. Exactly? Hilarious I had another comment on the pictures and videos and the. Remember, it was doesn't matter. Whenever I say the cloud I still picture up in the sky, some sort of heavenly. otherworldly. Place that all this stuff gets stored and not some big lifeless building in a an industrial park, but can be hacked into by anyone with industrial air conditioning systems. Going for yeah, that's the cloud. Cloud that was a good name to give it to us. Because it fooled ladies like me, listen or trying to decide what to call it a giant warehouse full of computers in his artwork. Giddy get hacked or catch on fire or flood or something, and you lose everything you have our second choices servile. Third Choices the cloud. It's just magically appears always be. I vote room full of computers. Information this is the best of Armstrong and getty during our podcast one more thing. More Info at Armstrong and GETTY DOT com.

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"Donald Sie, with a here on seven hundred, ten ESPN. So. Here's the update on what's going on in the clippers and nuggets game. The nuggets have a seven point lead with twenty four point, eight seconds to go. So barring something crazy happening, which look we've seen plenty of that here during this NBA playoffs already. It looks like the nuggets will force a game six which will happen on Sunday. So there you have and that game will be on ABC by the way if you WANNA. Watch that. Whether you're a clipper or Laker fan it should be ABC, and as I mentioned coadjutor threes, it's a four point game. So still ways to go can't happen are ahead of me with the game. It's actually since you need better cable glide just hit a three. I let's talk to Mac the match show L. AFC match joining us here. Mac. Thank you so much for stopping by as always. Let me ask you this. We've been talking about this today, a number of different things before we've been talk football with you. What is your Go-to pizza place since you've lived in southern California I know you are you're a prime athlete who keeps his body perfect condition but occasionally you have to eat a slice or two pizza I would imagine. Yeah that's a good question because actually. Like two nights ago you know is at home suspended so I was watching the game and I ordered some dominos but I think it switches up every now and dad, but to be honest, I'm going to have to give it all right now I'm sure there's a nice pizzeria somewhere that has real authentic pizza, but I haven't been able to find one. All right let's. Let's go ahead and talk about the bad stuff I. Shall We? Let's do it. Let's get it out of the way. Right under right into it. Yeah. You're not playing well, right now it's a team. What do you call that to? A lot of stuff. It's not just down to one thing I. Think you know when you look back at our games compared to who we were last year even before the pandemic I think we're just missing a little moments where you know we're usually sharper whether that be on the ball and possession you know the fluidity of the midfield or the way we attack or the way we actually counterparts I think also when we don't have the I think we're just a little slow right now and maybe sometimes ten guys show up. Eleven guys we we need alive and guys to show up every game. So I think it's been a tough year for everyone obviously mill excuses but they're just little things that we need to be more aware of and start to get back to the way it used to be What the team everyone knew we were when you got the, you were suspended for this last match against. Lake because of what happened against the galaxy. I don't WanNa, get you like find or anything, but did you think you deserved it? no I've seen the talk tacos like that all the time and they get yellow cards I mean. So I understand I go in with a little bit too much force but it's update. He didn't match. You know what I mean a red card changes the game like that and. I actually really surprised when I saw the red card in the air because I just thought. Okay. Dot Late but you know next play focus on that so. I didn't really think deserved a red card but I can see where it is a red card consumer. It's definitely a card oh no, it's not no car south. Okay. How much of the struggles do you continue to the absence of Carlos? Not many to be honest because if you look at the way we played in Orlando. We're scoring tons of goals and you know close attributes a lot. So I don't think just because Carlos out you know everything is working I think it's actually the responsibility on the players on the field to continue to hold the standard high of what we said in the previous years and also continue to do the little things. Right. So I think we messed up on that sense at with Carlson or with Carlos how you know the team isn't clicking right? So we still need to to to get back to the basics for sure. What you did add some young. Legs to the squad recently, right like there is that not that I'm sitting here trying to tell you you should be worried about developing young guys but I do think you know when you look at the roster, right? Like you always want some young talent on the roster and you've got muhammed and Bryce who are now part of the squad what do you make of those young men thus far? Yeah, they've got a load of potential. You know obviously that's why they're on the team. It's up to the coaching staff. It's up to the players around them and it's up to them to be able to lock it. So yeah, for them. It was a big moment going to game like that on Wednesday and there's definitely supposedly but a lot of things they need to. Learn. And that's just part of it. You know we all remember we started our career and it wasn't pretty and even when you're an older veteran player or an experienced player who's in the Middle Ages, you still have bad days. So it's just part of understanding that as an athlete it comes and it goes and you just got to be really good at dealing with it. What are some of the protocols that you've been informed about now that you guys have interface to? So I actually was not on the the recent zoom call. So I have no clue. All I know is the the next three games that we have. So I don't think protocols would change. Really drastically from. Now because you know I think for. Fans I think that's with the state deciding but travel wise all that stuff to be all like hotels and things they stay the same. Moorgate decay the MAC show with this year on seventeen ESPN. On. Sodano and L Z A right now that we've got all stuff out of the way. Let's have some fun with you. Now you are Canadian. Did you follow the NFL in Canada at all or no? I did yeah. A little bit I grew up. Baltimore Ravens was my my team just I think I was attracted to them by the the local when I was younger playing Madden, and then obviously you follow like the Great Tom Brady and you know you score team that's that's doing well. So other than that not not not too much. Okay. Because we are one of our producers Laura she is an NFL fan free agent she doesn't have a tm and we. Wanted to make a pitch white maybe your squad, the Baltimore Ravens should be here team feel free. We'd love to hear a pitch even if it's something as simple as what you were attracted to them by when you were young. I. I wouldn't even pit for the Baltimore Raven ballots say right now I believe myself in. La. Native. So he's got a picture the LA ramps. The IT'S A. It's a great team exciting team I. Think you know going into a brand new stadium like that? It's unbelievable venue looks like the what is it like the depth starship from like Star Wars that unbelievable. So I think why not start with your home team? Why not start with where you're based I? Think it's easiest to pick up cheering for team reporting for a team when it's local I, think it's it's easy to. Invigorate the passionate and keep going with it. So yeah, I would say the rams, the Rams Laura do you like his pitch I mean is hitting you with the home with the home pitch there that makes sense. Then all these I can't I mean the rams are on the list. So he's doing a good job home team. So you know. GotTa put on. Come on you know what? Not The best pitch but I'm sure the rams fans out there are the are listening. Are. Happy with what I've done. No we're not I'm rams fan I heard it. I really want you to try better. You got to sell her man get down to one near the band draws get her wanting to travel over. Man You gave us Bobby Brown's third album. We want something fresh and pop in. While you knock him Bobby Brad. Stared Album George. Pitch. Fly By quick. Nothing. Says I'm a lifer like need to sell your team listen Mac. We. Have a real serious issue happening on Sunday. Because the NFL teams are all playing. But the coacher, if you will have word that petted the belt and Gladys Knight doing versus. Oh, wow. I know. Do you tape the versus or do you tape the Games? Me Personally I take the versus for sure you know what I mean. I don't really need to take the game I think it will always be able to be watch it plus I have a game of my own on Sunday but man that. NFL Games come and go but I, don't think versus You know battle come and go. So I think people got to. Choose that one. I would agree with you who do you want to see versus I don't know. I. Told you want to see by. Drake Selene Deanna Drake would be funny. Actually Leon injury. I know about that. I love that I think. They're doing a good job of keeping at. Random in a sense and coupons their toes. So I'm not gonNA tell them what they're now do you constantly bumped drake just because you're. Rep. the. Six right. Is that just it? Yeah drinks the man. into say I don't constantly him but when he's on I definitely. Louder Than the person who is previously So you got you put on the map and I'm appreciative of that and you know you gotta Rep to the local guys for sure. Has. Picked you guys to win a match or something you know drink it up. On we gotta get. We gotTa Get Drake on the bandwagon. If you know he's got gotta, he's got know what's up your your Toronto make that happen. And I think it will call. It'll come with the right time and I don't WanNA force anything. So hopefully, ask my business. Relationship will come if it comes. Let me ask you this about Toronto. Because, Toronto you grew up on Tim Horton's, which is basically like our version of Dunkin donuts but I think better perhaps Now La is not a great donut city How did the doughnuts in La compared to the Tim? HORTON'S DOUGHNUTS IN TORONTO No the donuts in La are definitely better the Marlins is non like really known for their donuts. It's more like You can get everything kinda their wake yourself up but not la has definitely better. That's for sure. What's the determining factors just fattier or like what? I think bigger you know yeah or Philly Yeah. As you know you guys don't mess with portion sizes over here. That's what that's why we lead the world obesity I believe or something. Wasn't drawing any connection to that. This. Merck baby we ain't up here for your size and things smaller. Hungry because it's better for you. Oh. What do you miss about? Toronto, is there anything? Yeah. I miss my friends and my family. That's the best the best thing about that place It's actually funny. I went to dinner with a friend last night who trauma and he's like mad like we're doing the exact same thing when you're here and when you're not here so don't act like you're you're missing anything out of the city is the save so I think it's just It's just the social interaction with friends I grew up with, and definitely my momma were others I'm being close to them. That's nice. That's nice. Right L. AFC. Portland against timbers this Sunday. I would assume you'll be back, right just a one game suspension. I hope. One game suspension. Okay. So there you go one game suspension he's back in the lineup. Mark. Mark Anthony K, joining us here. The Mac Show L. AFC Portland on this station on actually not on this station. This Sunday, because we have the rams game on. So I apologize for that because but you can catch the action of course. As well. So thank you so much. We appreciate it and thank you for putting up with all our nonsense as well. I love it. I love it. Thank you guys and I enjoy your when you get. All right. You too. Take care. Get a win on Sunday. Mark Anthony K with this year. Coming UP NEXT YOU and I L Z, need to tackle. What's going on with the dodgers starting pitching? Greg. Bergman dodger boy even he is starting to Kinda nitpick at some of the things that are transpiring there in the starting rotation, we'll get to some of that. Moment Ooh, come on Housi- Sodano yeah. Peddler Bell Gladys Knight, who's GonNa vs on Sunday? I mean gladys is the Queen, isn't she? You know what? That's how close around. So many different people to clean of the Queen of that Queen Assad of hip hop sewed Weiner rock and roll. slatter now. Beza queens some Korean Queen. There's a lot of acquaintances kingdom. Paul's Queen. That's fair. Cleans everywhere. So you're GONNA go gladys. Gladys. How about you? I'M GONNA, go with Patty. I saw Patti Labelle. There you go. Peddler Bell saying to ABC's on on a sesame street one episode. and. I wanted to download the song and played in my car. So I think if you can hook up ABC, you can hook up almost anything some ago. Patty. Okay. You go fair enough for the culture. Yes. Lot of people brandy. Vs On when we were on air, he was Monica Versus Brandy Right? We were on the air when that happened. Yeah, and then Kevin Frazier joined us in the middle of it. Of Entertainment Tonight. I don't. Bergman what's going on with the dodgers starting pitching I saw poor dustin may got knocked out early in that Game Tony Gunslinger did what he could. Notice to try to keep them in but then he gave up the you know he had that one rough inning the did have their moments to try to win that game. They had the fourth, the six and eight Thad runners in scoring position couldn't capitalize. But what are you making of what's happening here? With Some of the issues in the starting rotation well, Clayton Kershaw who's usually the steady hand for this rotation has been was got hit pretty hard his last outing and he said he just couldn't feel any pitches. So that was that's a little bit of an issue. Hopefully, you'll be OK Walker Bueller is back on the I l. he's got a blister on that. He's dealing with the this the second time. And a week that he's been on the I l.. So Harare he comes off for then who has been really shaky US I'm not sure if I really trust me I really liked Tony Godzilla but I mean you saw what happened to him last night not a lot of notice but he gave up. So the pitching staff is just kind of started to melt a little bit over this last week. Aggressive melt aggressive. Well, maybe it's a little aggressive, but it's still like there's injuries that are starting to happen where you're both Walker Buehler who started off on the on the I l. is now on the aisle again and now Dustin? May We don't know what's even happened with WHO's a big part of this this rotation now? I'm just saying that if you're only guy is Clayton Kershaw. You're starting to look a little bit rough. Well. It's still early. Yes. Is. I mean I'm the Games left like ten or something like that. Like somewhere ten, fifteen twenty somewhere out there I don't think it's twenty because they're like in the thirty s they've lost like twelve games. Oh well, they're magic numbers twelve I did see that yesterday. Well listen. Here's the thing even though it's a shortened season and abbreviated season. knows. Wisdom still rings true. Is just baseball. It is just baseball and I do believe that this team has shown his dominance. And if the worst thing we can say is that the pitchy is hiccuping a little bit and they just lost their third game in five tries Yeah. I could say I could see where that might be some concern but even last night, which was you know not dodger esque the scores fight to. Dave, I'm like nineteen runs or something Oh. No absolutely not. No it's fine. I mean it's fifteen games that are left by the way. Yeah. Well, then that's what you gotTa do with the dodgers team that's supposed to win everything right is to nitpick it's just the fact that there's so many injuries that are all happening at one time that it's a little bit concerning I don't think it's going to be a problem when it all everybody's back. But just for right now towards the end of the season especially with the. Padres Kinda just sneaking up right behind him? Yeah. Or by the way we've done this with the Lakers, right like all season long right. There have been moments that have been where like, whoa. You know what I'm saying what the Hell's going on here and that's part of it. That's part of sports just because you're not writing with them the in the sense of like not criticizing them doesn't mean that you know you can't find things to criticize I. Don't think we're. Nitpicking. May Be the proper way to describe it, but you know I it is concerning. It feels like the entire starting rotation for the most part is having some semblance of issues here at the same time. Yeah. But put it this way we've got like fifteen games left. The Hiccup is happening now right? Which means when three games where be fully loaded and ready to rock and roll well hopefully. Yeah. Hopefully that's the case. Right hopefully you're from a timing perspective. Yeah I think that that might be the case that might be a good thing if you look at it that way. By the. The clippers lost. The Denver Nuggets one if you haven't checked it out yet and. Get this from our own Yamoussoukro the nuggets who come to life whenever they're down three two one stunned the clippers in the second half and force a game six, the Clippers Volta, all in six in their franchise history when it With a chance to clinch a first ever conference finals berth according to ESPN stats and Info and I believe it is the second time the clippers are the only team to blow multiple sixteen point leads this postseason. something. I can't believe Stanley, Roberts into a Western Conference final I thought for sure I was no no well, that Blake team you know with CPA in them, they blew that lead to Houston that three one leads Houston. So there's there's that false and walking through that door. So people ready to Pitch Lotta right pitcher is a free agent NFL fan. We've been having some fun with that today. We also want you to give us your go-to pizza spot the hundred and one best pizza joints in America. List is only one in La and its beat city. there's one in melrose and the other one in Newport beach. Let's go to Dave San Clemente what's up Dave? Are you guys doing how you doing Laura? I got the perfect team for you? Okay. Just. Don't like the raiders don't like the chargers. That's okay. I. Don't either you don't WanNa be a cheap back that you don't WanNa be van wagoner. There's only one team for you to root for, and that's the Denver Broncos they're the other team team in the AFC wet the let let's start here. You WanNa talk about tradition we have we've been eight Super Bowl we've won three of them. With John Elway and the coal part and then John Elway by the way. John. elway Granada Hot Granada hills high school. Good. John. elway Granada hills high school also John Elway now run the. The general manager and they WANNA third super bowl with John elway, the general manager with peyton manning the quarterback. John Elway can attract the talent today. Yeah. They're not great but these other teams that they're throwing at you like you know the ram cardinals and all that. But the broncos of a very bright young future. They got a very good quarterback in coming and drew lock. They have Jerry Tutti. Who they jump God is their rookie wide receiver. They have a good tight end and no fan they got Portland Sutton. Hold on one second hold on Laura you. You're you're the one taking these calls you gotTa tell him what you just said to me. Hey Dave I'm going to be honest with you. That's a no because you just bored me. Onto the next. Okay. Bye Bye, Dave. Sorry you border. You know you got a quarter not border. You know what I mean. So. Like we're too much talking. If you gotTa talk about much to convince me to do anything is not happening I mean I tried to I tried to help him. He should've just stopped when I said Granada hills high school exactly I was like oh Okay, he shouldn't have started in about Denver Broncos Fan. So what are you gonNa pick or is happening? I. Got more pigs to go. Do you WanNa do it before the end of the show? Yeah. Town Greg well yeah. I. Mean we went through all of this. You GotTa pick. Yeah you gotTA. Pick before the end of the show. Rose I know what I mean. So. Here's what we're. GonNa do. I know manny. Eduardo we there's a bunch of people on the phone. That want to pitch Laura. We're going to do that. We're also going to do our NFL pigs versus the spread with our power rankings attached to it. Basically this is how it works. We have we're going to pick five games every week one will include or three of them will be chargers, raiders, and rams each and every week we do it at six forty. Ish on Fridays. And unless there's a by obviously then we'll insert another game. We'll do five games. Three of those games will always be those three teams. So we're going to do that next and we're GONNA, sign our power rankings five being the game that we pick against the spread that we are most confident in in this confidence meter and one being the team we are least confident. So we're to do that next we'll take more of your calls and some quick thoughts on the Lakers series as the Lakers tried to wrap this thing up against Houston final thoughts coming up in just three minutes. Here on ten ESPN Scott Kaplan coming up in a little bit. We will talk to him during cross talk and just a few minutes L. Z we've talked a lot today about Daniel how being booted from the bubble not play in the next game against the Lakers in the closeout game game five. Well. Daniel Houses wife Mrs House. Not, happy. Apparently she posted this on instagram just one of those messages that with the black background and the white letters that says, reap what you so. So. What does that even mean means Whitney houses not happy. Or doesn't mean that she's GonNa be. Hours with a covid nineteen worker maybe. Man maybe she's going to be stellar grew back on Whitney. Got Her groove back on. I feel bad for that. House is coming down, bring our dog. I know that's so terrible. It's just like I mean, all on all fronts is just terrible for her to find out like that and it'd be so public oh good Lord. Yeah. Yeah. Thoughts and prayers. I just hope it was worth it. If anyone has a photo of what the accomplishment of looked like I would appreciate your slide into my DM's. Curious. I'm curious. All right. I know you are just curious you. I I. There's no no problem. I let's before we get to our NFL pigs versus the spread for the week. Let's go to manny who's the last pitch for Laura before Laura Bates decisions. You'll make her decision after I picks versus the spread segment. Manny. Pitch our girl loud up. Laura I'M GONNA make it real quick and easy for you. That's never gonNA would love to have Laura. So I think you should pick the lines to be your team. not a lot of people like to be quote unquote bag, Fan Wagoner's, and we haven't even gone to a super bowl yet or even one. So, nobody would accuse you of that. We got a good quarterback who's actually really good friends with Clayton Kershaw. So Kuku. And I must be right there. You said quick and easy. That's never ever good. Short. Dave? I'm rushing Beato by the circumstances. Now everybody being the bubble for hours with how But I mean buddy mad at them hours, I'm going to save. Right Laura. So we'll let you pick here in a second. So the finalists are the rams, the Bengals, the packers, and the cardinals, right? Correct and Greg was already trying to sway you. You can't pick anybody ridden. Nets there's A. Yes. No rates hurt. But he not yours raider boy. which is an she knows it to. Okay Gregory and they had a conversation a few weeks ago and I was like since I was in high like elementary school all my colors for school have been blew. Him Too and I was like, Oh ucla like everything except this new school that I'm going to his green but other than that everybody has been blue. Also that's why well, it sounds like there could be one team that could be in that room then maybe again that rose at the. But Anyway, Laura, if you could find me some NFL music to play here as we do our NFL pictures, the spread I will explain what we're going to do here. So each and every week we stole this Raj in the morning show I mean, we were both part of the morning shows. So I don't know Rogers doing this. Picks no right now, he did the confidence meter thing you know what I mean like there's that and I don't think he's doing it with Max Anyway. So there you go So here's how it works. We're GONNA have five games to pick against the spread each and every week three of those five games will include the Rams chargers raiders, and then we'll pick two additional games and there is a confidence vote to this. So we will pick against the spread and the team where most confident will cover the spread. We will assign the number five as and then we if we get it right, we will get five. The team, we are least confident in. We will assign a one in that pig versus the spread, and if we get that right, you get one point. So that's how this will roll Laura. You'RE GONNA have to pick to she'll be ready. Elza. Let you go first. Rams versus cowboys is cowboys or a three point favorite on the road at Sophie Stadium who do you got Anyone who's ever listened to me on this show doing these type of ideas? No gooden. Damn. Well, I never pick against the rams AVOCA. Rams that's mocked by. Okay, Greg Bergman. Verses, cowboys cowboys are three point favorites where you going. I'm going the exact opposite of L Z, I'm going cowboys. Taking the three points five, five on the cowboys WHOA ow Laura, rams, versus cowboys cowboys three point favorite where you going Click Tidbit Greg is ready to take his l like always but I'm going to go with the rams and. Go with the Rams and what what number Five okay. I also have the Rams Plus Three I. Love it give it a five for me as well. As the five, we all have his game as the five. All right. So the next game is the chargers versus the bengals. The chargers are three point favorites on the road in Cincinnati L Z granderson where are you going with this one? I'm sticking home I'm keeping it local. Go with my boy coached man they're going to be my four a damn way. We let a rookie quarterback in Cincinnati with red hair beat us. Them, what does he have red hair? Don't they all have read here isn't a requirement of your starting quarterback. I don't think he has right here like Andy Dalton did the red rifle, but I think he's blonde borough. Greg. Bergman. Just a you know that I am not biased against charters. I am also taking the chargers but I'm going to give them three points. Okay. So you're taking chargers minus the three, but you're giving a three in your confidence meter that. Bergman I didn't see could be objective to be honest with you. Laura. Where you go chargers Bengals, I am going to go with the bengals for. Wow. Wow. That guy. because. Of the on the Bengals, there you go. Tina. By. The chargers, I'M GONNA. Go with the chargers I'm going to take. The three points but that's going to be my two that's going to be my number two in my confidence meter next we have. Raiders Against Carolina the raiders are three point favorites. It started at one and a half all the money's coming in on the raiders. They are three point favorites at Carolina versus Teddy Bridgewater and McCaffrey and then boys I L. Z, granderson, where are you going? I'm going to go with. Carolina. I think the new blood and new attitude it's going to be uplifting I. Don't believe that the raiders has any answer at all. Miss McCaffrey and Teddy Bridgewater, is quip is a QB who doesn't make a lot of mistakes you have to earn this win. Okay. Show what is the number? Hater did you say three two? Oh, two. Okay. So that is a two. He's not that much of a hater isn't have that much confidence in it, but he gives it. It's Greg Bergman I. Feel like I. Know where we're going go ahead I actually do believe that the raiders are going to win this. We talked about earlier in the show I'm going to give up the raiders joking, no, no, no, I don't ever joke. It's always serious. Not Really. Raiders taken three points raiders number two I'm taking only putting. Autumn Moss. Oh look I'm. Then not as cut not as confident as the chargers. Okay. Okay. What I'm still confident. Wow I am taking the Carolina Panthers I. also believe Teddy Bridgewater is going to be really good in this game he doesn't make a lot of mistakes tells these point they're going to run the ball. Their defense is still good enough and I think the unknown of Matt Rule. He's a very good offensive coach. The raiders are not a very good defense they're missing their biggest wide receiver deep down the field threat. In Williams. Rugs, just a rookie. So I'm not ready just yet to anoint him. So I'm going to take care line-up plus the three at home hone dog like the dog and I'm GonNa sign that a three on my confidence vote next, we have the saints and the Bucks The saints you're at home there are three and a half point favorites, Tom Brady, and the Tampa Bay Bucks L Z where you're. Going with Tommy terrific. Okay. Drew brees has a tendency to give a couple and I think if you give Tom Brady more opportunity to score he's GonNa take advantage even though he's missing his big weapon and that'd be my three. Okay. We don't have cross talk. So we gotta go fast Bergman Go. I'm thinking the but the bucks plus three and a half as well. One Point one point, Laura? I don't even know where you guys are at I'm sorry two bucks. Saints and. I don't even think. I. Have Them in here. Sorry I. Just pick side saints are Bucks Saint. Okay. seahawks and Falcon seahawks two and a half point favorite on the road. L. Z. quickly. Hawks. One Bergman. I got to see the four. Laura. I'm going to go falcons and that's my forgive me the two and a half at home as always. Laura Greg. Great job. Thanks for those. You're tuned in call in. We love you. We'll talk to you. Monday, for have a great weekend.

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Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colvin

The Story Song Podcast

55:56 min | 1 year ago

Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colvin

"The roof the roof. The roof is on fire along with the rest of the House this week on the story song. How so eh? Everybody welcome back to the story Sung guest. I'm Dan Akron. I'm I'm Rachel Oaths and I'm Michael. So we walk through storytelling and this week this is a classic surprise. It's the story songs I had no clue veggie didn't know this sunny came home by Shawn Colvin and The story is straightforward but also a bit of mystery not entirely. Sure what's going on here but but Just kind of my favorite kind of story right right long story short sunny who is A woman has come home. We don't know from where. Yeah we don't know what's going on. We don't know why she was way. But we're GONNA what we'll get into that in a little bit but she comes on home from somewhere comes home to our favourite room room and she's got some work to do he's got a list of names With a plan. She's come home looking for some sort ktar revenge on somebody and a voice and we'll we can talk about where this voice from sort of voice convinces her best thing to do. Burn that house down. Yeah and so she does she and the voice actually like gives her advice on like the best way to to house down. And that's kind of the the house house burned down and then this narrator whoever it is tells us that she's out there somewhere and she's doing all right but sunny came home with emission That's that's the story of sunny and her five year plan. I'll tell you what. Yeah she's he's got a five year plan just got it all settled game to save certainly said kitchen book bucks to it was one of those signs. It's like acid time where I can't tell you understood the lyrics totally but it was one of those was always caught me where I was just like the one line whereas like sunny came home with a mission and I it was always just like this song about like i. It seems like there's more here but and I didn't really think about it that but the chorus is so catchy. Who cares take time to well? This is one of the songs that's just been kind of popular necessarily but it's a song that never went away. You know. Yeah thank you heard it like you know. Whoever produces Muzak the first time we heard this was like we got one unball? He's running for the next fifty years rotation because you go into a bank you go into a diner. You're like walking around the mall like wherever wherever you are. You're going to hear this song playing quietly on a little or somewhere this that Natalie imbruglia song torn bunch and Natasha Bedingfield. But but no matter how many times I've heard the song which again is every time I'm at a Kohl's or the bank. I've never really noticed the bridge right. No no which kind of gives away. How dark the song and one of the brilliant things about this is that you really do have to pay attention to it to get that? You almost ignore how dark the bridges and how much of the story that gives away away because it's such a catch catchy upbeat kind of song. Yeah you forgive it. It's darkness it's dark. That's I mean we will get into it. I'm sure that's very true. That's a that's a and that's a valid. Point is the mix of the music and the lyrics. I think are obviously obviously purposeful. The sort of like I don't know dichotomy of them. I'm like this could have had like a thunder rolls kind of sound to you. Know where it is not visibly dark audibly. Dr Like you can tell like Something's going to happen here. This is just like this is one of the signs or at SEIC or not awesome. But like it's almost a thought like it's it's kind of a happy sound and it's almost like she's she's past the point of worrying anymore. Let's Michael was saying. Yeah but she's just like on the other side of an hour. It's like this is happening right like like mine. He's getting she's getting giddy about the fact act that she's going to actually do this all right. So let's start at the top here. said he came home to her. Favorite Room said he set sunset down in the kitchen. Well I mystery solved soft. Yeah yeah the kitchen yeah. How's he technically took all of the rooms? She holiday favorite room sunnyside down the kitchen. She she opened a book and a box of tools. Sunny came home with a mission. I love how like you. You're getting like these specific details at explained. Nothing it just makes it being so right. She just seems like she's like an assassin in a movie. You know the guys like tied to a chair. And he's like taking little all instruments and the guys are what are you. What are you GonNa do a dad? Like she's just like I have a book on the origin. Or you know or purpose that I'm not going to explain and I have a box of tools that I've brought home. Yeah there's there's something very like cold and methodical right. Yeah Yeah. That's super cool. Yeah for the Song Not in general Michael. You've just pulled the curtain back your psyche. So what are the other things. I think it's great about this. I just shows how well written the song is is. The song could have started with sunny. Came home with a mission and then gotten into. She came home to the kitchen. She sat down. She opened up the cup of tea. The newspaper said I'll get to it late. Okay Anyway Blah Blah Blah asper true but like ending that first verse with Sunny came home with a mission. Like there's right that cliffhanger thing to it where like you don't know what she's doing it first and then you find out its mission. Yeah right this is good writing so question. Where does where's where what sunny where she coming? Where where or why she coming home? Bank Grocery Store Valley merchants. She's like she was like she looked in. Is this a story song. Walk Doc. Is this or is this every tells you whether or not your box of tools her recordings and then she's wrote this. No I mean thinking about it now because I had until this very day. I had not thought that much about the song. Maybe she came back from some sort sort of mental institution. That's what that's the only thing I can think or the hospital where the hospital don't WanNa get too dark but maybe something happened to two hundred. He's in the hospital. Oh Yeah and then she wanted to get revenge out. She's coming to get revenge for that so this is also like we're reading this verse. Having obviously heard the hall song no where the story goes. Yeah I mean she comes home and opens about the tools and she has a mission right at this point in the song you could think the mission is to fix the Newell Post. Oh yeah yeah yeah no I agree. Yeah Yeah Yeah but listen. When I heard when I first heard this song you know? She opened a book and a box of tools. My she's GonNa fix up. This old house sunny came home. She she came home for my Kia. Yeah yeah she had her box of tools. Also one Alan putting together a table. Yeah yeah she's like okay. Well that tables fixed now to burn down the mission and I have my vengeance and never the Twain shall meet my chance down. Some houses built an well go to my TLC L. C.. Show sunnyside of the street GonNa fix this old house and get it straight. Ready GonNa fix this old house. WE'RE GONNA burn the cheap clip art opening anyway. The best houses due. Yeah so yeah so oh yeah she come home from somewhere now. This House childhood home this a House that she owns. Whoa I think it's just a I mean home? Seem like she has roots. Though I mean I think home as in this is I don't think it has an east meaning. I think it's just. This is where I am my favorite. My fear play. This houses. The kitchen on account of the stove. Say Yeah but I'm saying like sunny came home so like like is I'm saying like that. She grow up in this house or I don't I don't think so all right well into Smith stupid questions. Yeah that was a stupid question. Stupid stupid I think it's just where she lives. I don't think think it's it's her house right. My question is I wish she wherever she was right. So this is this her house that she lives in She's somewhere else and then she she comes back to this house where she lives or is she slipping Morales and she's coming back to her childhood home right to to kick. It's a mass like it's time to settle some scores. Oh child you know what I mean. You're going home for Thanksgiving. But she's coming home on a mission. Yes she's got. She's got some scores to settle gladys gladys double my doll when we were in the four three and she's going to pay for it now. I think it could be one either other rate. I don't think it's it's not totally clear. I take back my shrug okay. uh-huh maybe it was so disturbing anti-drug weird over your shoulder into your body again. This is emily my gosh that that could be that. It's it's that she's coming home to her family. Homestead to settle some scores. All right okay. I could see that I can see that. Appreciate the no no problem my pleasure. So what book did she open. You know at first. I thought it was a book of names like a phone book. Yeah I mean I think I always how to commit arson listen. I interpreted as like a book. Yeah like a notebook with a list of names because they they say later Taylor. She has listened names I think. Yeah she's dislike and this is this. This is dark and disturbing but I think she's like I got A. I got a box of tools here that I'm going to use on the people listed in this book. Look like I'm GonNa go down the list and again settle a couple of scores. Maybe I'll do a few things that were done to me with these with these tools right because I'm on a mission so it's either that or like chicken soup for the soul for the arsonist. What I'm saying is I think the writers of John Wick quick heard this song and we're like wait a minute but what of Canada came home? This is Charles in close. It says So now here's the other thing. It's I'm assuming it. Switches back and forth 'cause whoever our narrator is says sunny gets I came home. Sunny came home right. Then she says has she says days go by I'm hypnotized. I'm walking on a wire. I closed my eyes and fly out of my mind into the fire. But if you don't if you're not super listen close you might think she's saying I'm hypnotized. I'm walking on a wire bub-bubba but she's saying she says that so whoever's talking saying this is what sunny said so the first verse Retz Not Sunny. It's not sunny someone who's telling us this story right so this is one thing to keep in mind but yeah I've hypnotize walk on a wire. I close my my eyes. I fly out of my mind into the fire. So she's thinking about fire a little obsessed with fire images a fire everywhere she goes. Thread thread is like walking on the wire. She is like on the edge of insanity I guess or I don't know I mean why why. She hypnotized Like what's what's going on you know. Does she like maybe she was like she was lie to and like she. You know like the the the walls as of reality or crashing down around her as she sorta like is understanding what the truth is or I think that for I mean I think when she says I'm hypnotized. I'm walking a wire. She understands that she is sort of obsessed with this mission and has a sense of it which is kind of creepy here because it means she's not crazy because people don't other crazy. I I have a sense that she thinks she knows what she's doing. Well I think I think she's also whether she's quote unquote crazy or not. I think she feels compelled. She's blinded by ratios mission. She's like she's hypnotized like. She's whether she wants to do these things or not. They're going to happen they're just sort sort of like she's Almost moving like a robot. Yes almost control. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean we get into it later but when she says into the fire I flat out of my mind into the fire. Yeah Yeah I mean. She's not walking into the fire. She like if she says this fire. She's not going to also walk into the fine. No no well I mean again I think she she gets away at the. That's true I think she's I think she's setting the stage for a temporary insanity. Defense says it out loud in public. Yeah Yeah Yeah just to be like I'm out of my mind. It was the honor. We would like to plead. ooh ooh The difference between anyway. This is my revenge vange book. And here's my plan. Yeah I mean. I don't think she walked into the fire. She may have possibly Dana in two fatal keys. Zoa Name Dance to the fire so I thank translate them. Maybe the fire walked with her That started peaked. My anyway. Anyway I think the fire sort of serves two meanings here like into the fire. She's walking into the stimulus situation. Yeah right right. But also the literal fire that she's not walking into but it's SORTA into that that's true but she flies into the fire. I just WANNA say she flies out of her mind into the fire. Yeah I think that's the the so. Maybe she can literally fly. I don't know no I think it's the compelled sense of it like that. Her consciousness is just focused on the fire. Fire that she is she has her mission. Her one focus is making sure that she gets her revenge and and it is fire. And it's yeah and it's the literal Israel fire and also like the metaphor like it's burning inside of her right now they have like burning it all the way of just like we did. Sean Coleman. Yeah because I clear clearing the ground owned shorts just just burn it all. You know I mean who hasn't thought that WHO hasn't burned hands up handsome handsome. Who among US I said? Oh no and it's only Step out of the room that where it's now. Thank you Joe. Sesame uh-huh sunny okay. Yeah so So moving on Sunday She says sunny came home with names as we already referenced. I love this line. She didn't didn't believe in transcendence. It was time for a few small repairs. She said sunny came home with a vengeance. uh-huh so she didn't even transcend is when I wanNA take from. That is like if you you if you believe in transcendence you're like I'm going to let it go whatever it was going to rise above whatever it says but she didn't believe in transcendence right. She believes in getting revenge bench right. She believes in like retribution. Whatever it was done to her she's going to give it back tenfold? Yeah I think Shawn Colvin believes that transcendence Rosa vengeance now. That's close enough close enough for nineties in Iraq. Let's say that that is pretty. Well rhymes that was just saying the use of the word transcendence real helpful in a vengeance song. That's that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying but yeah no but I just I just. I really liked that like because it's not Kurt. Could she could say like she believed in revenge or she you know she but she doesn't. She says she doesn't believe in transcendence right right. She's not she's turning. She's turning away from being the bigger person here uh-huh and trying to rise above and live and live a happy life as you know The best the best revenge is living a good life but no she's going she's GonNa take some. She literally took some names. She's going to mass and then takes looking down on a piece of paper. So we were talking a little bit about the juxtaposition of like the music and the the content just the fact that her name is Sonny. Oh yeah she believes that's amazing so good perfect name for it perfect day you would not expect somebody named Sonny to be so Have such a bad disposition and it just it works so well and again. It's the do do do do do but this one I do. I'll have to say I going back to my D- shrugging okay. The fact sheet by the way we said it does. It does doesn't make me think that maybe this is coming back to her hometown. Because she comes back with a list of names and she's coming back it doesn't make as much sense if she's coming coming back from a hospital or from a mental institution. I mean he could that she was like making up this list of names in the hospital but having a list of names of people so from your past and going back home makes more sense to me mostly because I have my own list of names better. Watch out for your Thanksgiving Song excluding excuse going home. She has listen as all the people. She won't say hi to anyone out. Yeah yeah she's a list of names of all the people choose bringing Pumpkin Pie too overloaded right Might as well make this demand from home. Might as well. Everyone's no one's GonNa be there yet but yeah but I mean I think the thing like let's just say and again not trying to get through dark here but let's just say like her husband. beat her up right. And she's in the hospital and revenge. She went to shoot one name right. The listen name says like she's got a long history of bad style. Trauma happened to her and she's GonNa L.. Listen as the people who back home we're GONNA pay right and those type of things happen in a location. It's she's not going to please. Sunny came home for this purpose. Yeah Yeah Okay I believe okay. I'm in it now. I got it here. Well all right. So it's now there's another reliance she didn't believe in transcendence. It's time for a few small repairs. She said I think I think. That's very to the tools referring to the fiberglass referring to a couple of other things maybe like somebody's brake lines need to be cut. Maybe like the way I read it as shoes news. She's going to say yes I'm GonNa say no you told me what I'm GONNA I. I read it as more like a psychological repair opposed to a physical repair essay. Well I'm going to call Diana Ross Song please trying to undo some damage image. That's been done right. Yeah that's yeah that's how I read. It was that It's time for some repairs. Yeah I've been done wrong and I'm GONNA fix expat right with my box. Something was something was done wrong to me and with my box of tools. I am going to fix that thing. That was done. Ryan went to repair it and her. Her box of tools includes coping mechanisms and right right right and fire just wants to really taste like like the the essence of Prometheus is the literal fire. The thing that was given Grand Guy Guy by the way it was general rock test. He's got a rough time. I A few small repairs. uh-huh sunny came home with vengeance which is great. Because that's how you say like Oh man. He really went at it with a vengeance. Yes he he. He pizza with a vengeance by like so she's coming home like superintendents but also like with a engines pizza we were. We're talking about teenage mutant Ninja Turtles before that's probably why it was in my head was going to let it go but I just can't. The things people can do. The ants. Eating a pizza was not one of my minority. uh-huh right T- sure. Oh my Lord Anyway. Domino's came to town and he had to close down as pizzeria. You get it revenge on them. Yeah Yeah it's sort of a I. M speeds with a vendor spite eating in higher sunny days Manu And so then she has a chorus right But the little details different we love we love yes slightly different so she says days go by. I don't know why I'm walking on. Why is this one line instead of saying I'm hypnotized she says I don't know why uh-huh but still the sense? You just compelled to do whatever she's in the middle of doing and she's about to do I close my eyes filed in my mind into the fire. But it's also it's not just that she's compelled I think that it's she doesn't know why she's in this situation right. Yeah what Brown. Whatever happened happened that she seeking revenge for like why? Why is she here or why? Why did that happen? Why does this have to happen? Yeah go by could just be like she's still in that moment. Yeah right no matter. How much time has passed? That's right. That's what I was wondering. When was when she says days go by she she just means kind of what you said like it? Just that time goes on and I'm still stuck in this moment right. I got it more like likes dark. Rough Song Yeah. She's sometimes I don't like US breaking down the I can never go to Kohl's again. I won't be able to stand it. Sit there weeping openly. Colds people like what's wrong. Lyrics came home Peppy Song also forgotten. Kohl's care expires tomorrow. So Oh the other talk about. Oh yeah okay so this is this now. This is where the song. It's already pretty crazy right. That takes turn. It's going to get nuts because this is like the great thing like in a movie when it's like twist twist twist and you're like this and then like big twist Because the bridge says get the kids and bring a sweater. Where do these kids come from? why are these kids. Are they her kids I. I don't know are they. Someone else's you know. Are they the kids of maybe the people who own this. How what I'm saying? I don't know that could be when I first read it. I read it as in her mind. She saying bring a sweater. Get the kids like get the kids out of the key is going to burn. Yes I mean. That's what's happening there. Get the kids and bring a sweater. Because you're gonNA be standing outside the house. Burn right outside the kids. Let's give sunny this. She ain't killing kids so that would right. She gets the kids out but again like are those. Are those her kids perfect out or did she. Did she break into someone's house pull the kids out and then burn the House with presumably whoever else is left in the house is still in and we're gonNA take a break while we call or that. That's what she's because this is the voice in this part of the song in the bridges is different. Yeah yeah well we're GONNA right. Yes so I got a lot to say about that. I think it's I don't thinks she's actively doing something I think like this. These are her thoughts as she's doing it but again only say hey that voice reveals to us those thoughts that there are children in this House that needs to get out right at the kids. Bring the sweater the other thing. That's nice it's like get the kids to they don't burned to death. Also it's a bit nippy out you're GonNa want that sweater. Yeah and the thing. Is that the cool thing about the bridge is this is where the action happens. This is the moment where she lights things on fire because it says dry as good and Wendy's better meaning that this is the perfect time to light something on fire became a they always strike a match. Go on and do it yourself literally telling her to do it I want to do it is is the most bone chilling right moment of this or any other song I think yeah and again I loved it like so the question is in my mind. Is this voice in the bridge. Is this the voice has been here. The whole time is is this. What's telling us the story? Whatever the says because I think that this is this bridge is the voice in her head? Yes whether it's like the normal voice in your head where you're just like thinking about stuff like right. I burned vengeance taking your head like Or is it like an intrusive voice. That's like you know telling her to do things. And maybe she's not entirely in control of either way is that is that like the voice has talked to us before that is at the same voice or right okay. I think it's more media voice where it's just like I'm walking on a wire. I think she's gone off the wire and this is switch of the I think that's that's that's very much the conscious voice and this is the one that sort of yeah right and if this is our interests wants to tell her to go on and do it and I love again Dan I love earner voice itself to do it but it's also giving her advice like bring a sweater. You WanNa be dry. It's windy like it's going to spread the fire. That's the best way to do it right. It's actually like giving her practical advice along with like compelling her to burn the house down right and there's such a coldness to it and such like like yeah going well and then also like you always knew it. You always knew where this was going like. You've maybe all these years you try to avoid it. Oh you count the year. There's no getting around it. There's no getting away from it. This is the way it always leading up to this. Yeah or county years. You've been thinking about this either way account the years where horrible stuff was happening to you the years that you were trying to avoid even swing that notebook together. Yeah the voice in the song. Yeah Sing Yeah yeah yeah again one more river but it's like a voice in your head like yeah you do it to it doing what does it just heard something then. Light eight this guy and hold on tight. The world is burning down. She's out there on her own and she's alright. Sunny came home. Let's break write this down now. The first question I want to get to is with this and the rest of the song. Who's telling the story because it's not sunny? I think it's just like an admission narrator I think so too obviously guys version no version is the sanchis down the block. He's watching all this unfold for years. But again this is some kind of narrator who is telling us the story and feels like we should know this story right. Who's telling us an also it's not it's actually not necessarily early narrator Because he doesn't know where sunny is the narrator saying she's out there somewhere and this is on there on her own she's out there and on her own she's alright yeah right so by me or whoever this is cannot like physically really see her. She's out there somewhere and she's all right. What a tiny came home? No she's out there. I feel like the way I interpreted as she's out there. You're on her own like doing this in like watching watching house burn. Maybe yeah I guess Eh out. She's out of the House yes she's just there she's there on her own she's doing okay. Okay and I think the I mean. This isn't necessarily the message you want to convey in a song. But she's all right because he because this is this. This is great. I'm going to get a drink. So what is day slouches down in her favourite chair so a great day. You know what I'm I'm GonNa get frozen yogurt. 'cause I deserve it topic. I think I've earned it really earned. It didn't Yeah Mike The sky man happening this is down so hold on tight pretty pretty pretty world is burning down. The world is burning down houses burning. Yeah anybody inside of it. Don't know what do we think we just learned a house or I think there might be. Somebody in. The House is burning down. That's what I think. There's somebody in the house whether or not that person is conscious or alive. I don't know but I thought maybe this might be hiding evidence as this fire is awake that took it a different. I don't think it's as possible now. Really upset racial arsonist. Who burned somebody? Who'd Uh had done her wrong? She's not trying to get rid of any evidence aside from the fact that she murdered the person their house on fire. Yeah I think the world is burning down. It's not just about the house. I think the house represented. Yeah everything. I mean this was her world this this revenge was her world and now that it's gone it's gone you know. She doesn't have to the pizza with a vengeance but hey at least she's doing all right. Well that's the thing her okay. This actually seemed like it helped. Yeah 'cause she's out there and she's doing alright so good for you and there's it seems like a really simple thing but there's I think there's something really really powerful about like she's all right because this is someone who is not all right yea choice of words again on Calvin. You're very good. Yeah I mean this is this is a real lilith fair song. It is a real No I think the the alright is just like so. Oh there's something about where that I think is really cool like it's it's just very normal right and this is the first time the song and presumably however for many years before the song that she's just she's fine right and there was something like she's not great nice is fine. And that's I think all she needed to be and whatever happened did she. It was proactive. She has to do with the idea that she was fixing what was wrong. It was fixing her. Whatever she felt was Was Broken broken. She felt she fixed. Or maybe here at. Here's here's maybe not happier interpretation. But what if the people who were in this house this is like our house her child at home saying what if they are already dead. And Doc it's just the cleansing of like I'm I'm getting past this part so she I don't want the symbol right. It's still there okay. Right and so she came home to be like I'm just burning down and I'm walking away and it's over now. Yeah that's moving. I'm symbolically burning away. This part of my wife move on. That's good I needed. That helped out. Thank you okay by the way. That's Anna Ross. On before was It's my turn. Yes thank you thank you and now at Sonny's yeah it's true All right expanding universe I will say possibly I think when patches we decided. The house was cursed because he lived in the house from What was the wildfire wildfire? There yeah so maybe maybe this is the third time line would possibly work out so this this is this is the end of the this is. This is the third movie about the cursed house right and then finally sunny. Just it's like we're burning this house. Yeah to end the curse. That's right I got to end this so the house down so no one else can live in. This horrible cursed house I we did it all for you patches reference. I like that. Yeah Yeah Okay. That was all any other expanded universe. I mean you know. Do we have any other songs about fire. Fires No Yeah I mean it also reminded me of the night. The lights went on Georgia Just people getting revenge in extreme ways. Yeah it's true. You know and a Serb imagine this is like in the south right. Feels like I don't know. I imagine like a farmhouse and mega-farms could be anywhere but well the music to the the the melody itself sounds hasn't been a bit folk. He country maybe sunny is just tonight's Wayne's character from honey I'm home go back and listen to that Michael. Thanks good connection number two totally forgot. AH I don't even know if I remember either episode. Maybe maybe maybe sunny is a modern girl. Oh yeah which is more modern also also maybe she came back when the boys came back in town. Yep Train home you guys going home to the book. You're only that the boys are. He does bark. Grill the story with US Weird woman trade. All right Let's take a quick break. We come back. We're talking about the history of this song with the story. So stay right. There were back. I'm Josh I'm skinner. And we host predictable cast on this podcast. We watched the first ten minutes of movies. We know nothing about and then try to predict what happens next. It's like very very low stakes gambling we've covered with talking dawgs fake legs sexual medical dummies and Santa Claus. New episodes are released every week. And you can find. Find US wherever you get. PODCASTS are at predicted. CAST DOT COM. We predict you're GONNA love this show Roemer Bag. It's time for story behind the story. Where did this come? Come from I hope not real life now So we'll say Sean called in this was definitely at a time where Erin. Someday I'm GonNa like put together a playlist because they're this is what I like to call. The one hit wonders of the nineties Post grunge And like the late ninety s the record companies were kind of like. I don't know why it's like this. No we've no idea because they did did not see like Nirvana and all that stuff coming and they were kind of like. I don't know why people want so. They threw a lot of the wall. Some of its stock but there was a lot. I like these weird one hit wonders and John Calvin is definitely one of those. Because she's I mean she's great but she's definitely person we'll talk about choosing like the folk rock scene she should have just stayed there like Like she's talented enough. I just mean like that you know the kind of musician she was going to pursue through tops charts but somehow someway she. She did get there so so this song sunny came home. It was number seven on the hot one hundred and it it was number one on the adult. Contemporary Chart is considered a crossover. Yeah I think because it's it is country it's country and like I said she was off almost shoes in the folk slash folk rock right. This is nothing like a folk rock song and yeah it's definitely across ever would. It's actually more across because this is the kind of thing that would be played on my adult adult contemporary right. This putting on the dentist office but it actually crossed over into be more popular. Like broadly rights was number seven. You hit on top forty radio so It was released June twenty-fourth Nineteen ninety-seven. This also was again as I referenced. This is sort of a wave of you. You can kind of vaguely call like Elizabeth Fehr rock like very popular at the time. This kind of thing. So Shawn Colvin was born in South Dakota in Nineteen fifty-six oh she's the one And she spent parv Childhood in Ontario Canada in the mid seventy. She moved to Austin Texas to join a local band called Dixie diesels then in the nineteen eighties. She moved to New York City. Joined a band called the Buddy Miller band there. She became involved in the fast folk scene which was a loose collection in of folk musicians that included a record label and a magazine and other notable members were reliable of it Suzanne Vega and Tracy Chapman. Wow Yeah yeah so. There's just sort of a vague like seeing like folk rock folk musicians in New York City. At that time. This is the eighties and I actually. I mentioned that other stuff just to mention like she was just like a musician she likes was like. Oh Yeah. I spent a couple of years in Austin Texas in this band and then I moved to New York City to be in. This band was sort of like a working like musician. You know but I don't know if like even she ever had like aspirations or like dream you know or could ever dream that she would like be like on the radio and it was kind of a smaller thing you know all kinds of things like maybe she was also looking to find what's seen filter. You know what I mean so singer-songwriter Peter is it the Austin Texas back. Then I'm assuming was a little more country maybe alternative country but I kind of love stories like that where it's just like. Oh and she was friends with these people. Oh they're all like right. Huge musicians now angry. I'll be like you know. Probably the fast folk scene by like take two hundred people in it four by. Yeah Yeah So. The Buddy Miller band that was. There was definitely like the house band on Seventies variety show right. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah or comedy hour starring Buddy Miller band tonight the Paddington. It's the Buddy Miller band So I mentioned Suzanne Vega and In in fact Shawn Colvin was hired to sing backup vocals onto in Vega's Luka relay anti-tory Suzanne Vega's band Luca a story song that we're never going to do so. Yeah pronounce if you don't go look it up and you'll be like sister Sung. I oh I see why I understand I understand. I have a lot of comedy. That happens a lot. Sorry what about this. I'll be like eh needles the lira and see what we should do about it. You're not wrong. It is very little something a little fun on the show you Real good time with that so On a very special episode. That's never for fun. Molly out of fun to be found in in Luca so after the tour with Sudan biggest band Shawn Colvin signed with Columbia and released her first album steady on in nineteen ninety nine which won a grammy for best contemporary folk album. All right during the early nineties. She released a few albums that were nominated for various grammy's so she's she's doing great. She's releasing albums they're winning. I mean they're winning. grammys a folk grammy's But they're grammy's work musician. I mean everything's that in nineteen ninety six. She released the album a few small repairs. The second single being sunny came home. The single single took off suddenly on adult contemporary radio and quickly crossed over to top forty and alternative radio stations. The song won the Nineteen Ninety Eight Grammy Award for both Song and record of the year. Holy Moly so is a big one. What a hit but the weird thing is that after that? So it's a huge hit Right it's kind of everywhere. You're at the time especially the supermarket then after that she as far as I could tell she basically went back to like the folksy She released albums Columbia Then she really sounds for none such throughout the nineties and two thousands as well as doing a lot of backup. Vocal work on other albums Her latest album was released in in two thousand seventeen. It's really about it. Yeah but She also did a Do not a duet album. Yeah I guess duet. You went album with steele who we spoke about. Oh Yeah Oh that's right. Yeah that's that's how this came up because she had done. Yeah Work Yes I think he's that's right. She's wearing with him or they toured together last year. I think that was with like me Lou Harris and somebody else. Yeah but Shawn Colvin and in Steve Rural known each other for a long time and they released an album and toward together the two of them to great acclaim. Yes yes yes well. It's very well respected so when we had done see real you mentioned John Calvin and I you know this is a real world story song expanding universe because they have a connection and I was like yeah right I should did some research on Shawn Colvin. Yeah and here it is sets here story full CIRC. We got so that again. That's really about why did I mean she's just a working musician beside albums she's doing great so okay couple of fun facts. Okay on the Simpsons episode where Marge Flanders Died. Wait what Calvin played. Net's potential new love interest. Oh and rock singer Rachel Jordan okay One of my favorite lines ever from the simpsons when she's discussing how. She went from a Christian rocker being a secular rocker in. She just says you just change Jesus to be be another fun fact so there was an incident at the grammys where. ODBC that's dirty bastard from Tang clan storm the stage after losing the puff daddy and he screamed Wu Tang for the children very famous incident But Shawn Colvin was the person who was was interrupted she was Sending the next Grammy Connection on stage. So Steve Earle moutain. She's doing a duet due at album. He is pretty fast but Space and she's doing with Redman so she filling. She's doing it much like Natalie he cold did it with she's doing od. I will make myself correct. I Louie's featuring Calvin microphone and then just like for no reason black and white archival footage of ODBC turn with the long fifties microphone bats. THATT's man okay. Oh and by the way yeah. I mean there was ice. I saw no indication that it was based on a true story story. She made up. Oh good story. She made up. Sunny and Sean are not the same. Partisan air quotes. I mean there's like no. There's nothing to the fact that every town she goes to bed house burned south as you think thinking our total coincident nothing yeah. It's sort of like murder. She wrote you just Fletcher Fletcher. Sure now right my house at a town where she ought to take a quick break we come out when we come back to the lesson. Then we learned from this song with earned friends. Help friends find the story song podcast and you can help your friends find the show by leaving us a review. Wherever you listen to podcasts? We'll read the best reviews news on the show and then you'll be famous and you won't have to be nice to your friends anymore. We're back it's time for lessons. Lessons learned will listen to we. Learn from the song I'll start this time. I'll just say you know Obviously if you're doing something big rate you wind up professional If you're doing like plumbing or like trinity like this up you WanNa mess around pro there but if you've got a few small repairs You can definitely do this yourself out of money by whatever it if you have like a light. Switch says and working or like toilet won't stop running you ORLYK. I don't think there's like a loose doorknob. You don't have to go out and hire someone you can just burn your house down and it's GonNa fix the problem. It's whatever it is. Just just burn the house down. Yeah it's GonNa save you a lot of money then hiring approachable. You're right because I mean I assume every right of repair in mouse bring Heston. I think there's anything wrong. Burn down to move onto the next one call. Sonny's house burning cartoon verbiage for you. I know I had. I had a squeaky door. And there's only one thing to do about that. WD Forty horrid. No W four years burn me just choosing between Canada kerosene kerosene. You know when you have like a like a table bowl that has a an uneven leg and you put a matchbook under it and why should this matchbook Scott. Yeah just leads to another. Yeah Yeah and you just go fire make it clean. Yeah when you're going to burn down a house. Yeah I mean be prepared when you are when you are GonNa be you know be prepared for the elements bring a sweater. Make sure that it because it's going to get chilly. And as an arsonist you're going to want to watch. And here's why and you're GonNa be outside of the house. Obviously but then you have to be a little farther throw away. You might be up on a low mountain cold up there you want to make sure that your your set with a sweater you know or at least a heavy coat or heavy jacket. I'm sorry you said like you want what you WanNa Watch. You'RE GONNA be saying here's the thing you're gonNA think Hudson fire. I'll stay warm on the fire. Because what Mo that fires out Zinger Zinger Real Cold Ray for that. It's like being in the desert hot during the day. Get real cold night so you have to be prepared for that right right because also you don't WanNa be not to call when you're running away from the police who were chasing because you bring the house down right on. That's gotta be ready for that. That's valid Michael. I learned When you go home for Thanksgiving Do stuff in advance. He could spend more time enjoying the holiday. Make you Pumpkin Pie in advance. Make your cranberry sauce in advance. Right out your revenge book. Well in over years and you'll just be able to get things done. You need to get done. And they enjoy the holiday and just relax. Just relax also learned that Sunny in the song. I'm pretty sure is not the sunny in the Bobby Hebb song for those of you. Who enjoy all these as much as I do Probably not know that sunny smiled at me and really really ease the pain. uh-huh this sunny just things. She's the pain by right. Yeah all right well. Thank you so much for listening This story song podcast. Please follow us on social media like twitter instagram facebook. And please leave us a five star review on Apple. PODCAST if you can. We'd really appreciate appreciate it or wherever you get your podcast. Wherever wherever they will let you leave a review leave a review? Leave a good review for us. Absolutely So much for listening Dan McNamee. I'm Rachel OAKES and Michael Gazelle back next time with another great story song. Thanks for listening Doc and our theme music was written and performed by Jason Flowers. You can follow him on twitter. Jason Flowers with Z.. 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