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"gladwin young" Discussed on Twenty Thousand Hertz

"Movie stars. Please welcome George Clooney. It's a kind of controlled genuine handsomeness with Justice oppressed amount of glee that says, I can't believe I'm George Clooney. What is the star when they come on the screen? It doesn't matter who else is on that screen your eye. Looks over George Clooney has it George Clooney does the name of the boson. We sue had some such a great actor. I love him. Love him. Love. George Clooney as one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood. He's known for Connick roles like Dr Doug Ross in ER. Sometimes it's impossible to save the kids live in the only thing we can do is saved them from suffering. He's also Danny ocean in ocean's eleven play long enough. You never change the stakes house takes you unless that perfect hand comes along. You bet big. And then you take the house. He's also known for his immediately recognizable voice. But George Clooney isn't the only one known for George Clooney's voice. They are what we refer to in the dubbing community as designated voice. So they are the designated voice. George clooney. I am George Clooney, George. I am chores Clooney, Joe. Chew Nonni, George Clooney. Those are the voices of George Clooney from around the world there. What's known as dubbing actors, and they play a huge often hidden role in the film industry. Like, for example. Here's a clip from ocean's eleven was off defines N. Does he thumbs from ticket and wouldn't have either become? This is an adaptation of the fantastic documentary being George Clooney the documentary features tons of talented, dubbing artists directors writers and all sorts of people from the dubbing community. We couldn't credit every single one. But you'll find a full list of the credits in the show description. Nobody's see the fuzziness to do. Gladwin young. Dubbers are like the backup singers of the movie world, you know, they're so vitally important yet. They don't get the credit they deserve. They don't often get the money. They deserve dubbing teams. Take a film or television show and replace all of the dialogue with a different language. It's a really important job. When you adapt. A movie in local language, you have widened the audience base the box office internationally has gone up exponentially over the past ten years. Some of these movies are making fifty sixty seventy percent of their box office internationally, and who you cast in a particular role to dub movie, that's not a throwaway anymore that could be as important to that movie is the original casting of the actor the dubbing business in my understanding is a not for absolutely. Dubbing was originally something done in musicals. If an actor's voice wasn't quite up to par. Another offstage singer might perform the piece to the actors lips today dubbing has many purposes it plays an important role. Not only in simply adapting film and television shows to other countries, but it's also critical to help bridge cultural nuances around the world, which country has the best. There's italian. He thandi. Easily eat any. The real reason why Italy has such an intense dubbing tradition is because we were forced into it. Really? If you look in retrospect in Europe, a dubbing started as far back as the nineteen late twenties and thirties and a lot of that was brought on because of political reasons it was all about propaganda in Italy dubbing started out as a form of control the nineteen thirties. All foreign words were banned in the country by the dictator Mussalini films. Had all the spoken parts removed and were replaced by inaccurate often. Ridiculous subtitles. But there was one big problem. They talent population at the time was Lum v illiterate, they didn't even know what was going on because they couldn't actually read the subtitles. So the idea of being able to dub a film was conceived after World War Two dubbing spread to many different countries each for its own reasons after the World War the Americans. And the French wanted to show them movies in Germany on. This was only possible if they dumped the movies in France, we have a very long history of dubbing after World War Two get was a way for us to protect our culture, and our language Latin America's a little different..

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