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"glacier national army" Discussed on The Valleycast

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"glacier national army" Discussed on The Valleycast

"And we're back back to you Steve. But I think it would be fun. If you shared some of your stop Lego stuff to do you have any of that I have them, I would have to look for them but I have them they might just have little clips or something just so. They may or may not be in the podcast they may or may not be in the PUCK, and if they're not in the podcast, I think equally the way that Joan Elliott and I were thinking of doing a show where we kind of just roast each other about all the old shit we made we should include some your shit too man. Yeah. That would be really funny. I would hate it and love it. Yeah. All, hate it in love it. But that's the fun people love. Yeah but anyway, we can keep coming back to to stuff from Kevin to and I, think it's so funny that we all have we. We've seen you at BITCON and I think that's great. Do you remember that I found out I got the job? Avid. Con. During the panel. because. Pretty much about his professional I think. True. Like. It was true. But by that planning on but by that point, already doing stuff with dynamic banter. So we already kind of brought you in it was just yeah I was Steve Steve was answering question I remember and I think got really into his own answer and then I saw his hand do the hand the Steve Hand where it goes out like that where it goes and. I and then I was like what's happening thing might might be in the room right now and I was like Oh here we go. I was just excited to. It was like when you get the like when you have a girlfriend and you're like, I, just want people to see my heart girlfriend that I just wanted to show you. You can't. You can't say that about Kevin on the gas. Hot Girls End of the valley folk? You just pointed something out Elliott that I never really realized but that's such a tell for Steve Steve's like I just had a spontaneous maybe I'm going to do something I shouldn't thought but I'm going to do it anyways because his hand strokes. No as the blood is all gone to his head. COMES HOW Do I. Am very I have animated hands. They have a mind of their own. That's so funny. So I wanted to. Do some would you rather as if you guys wanted to? Do some of that. Let's can we save them for the end up to come to I, want to tell you guys about the rest of my Utah Spirit. which was in these two things I. Think I choose the would you rather? Well. We did for those of you that listen to the last episode Joe. Wind down regaled us with his tail is the word I'm looking for by you spun yarns of the I knitted a sweater of what the fuck I. Let the audience where so you? So the boys about what happened. Kevin Elliott. So you guys are up to speed on what happened in the AIRBNB. So if you have any questions I could we could do a follow up real quick but I think you guys got the gist of it and if you're listening listening to the prior podcast, I think it's called joes families. AIRBNB nightmares something like that but. The rest two things. Okay. So first of all Salt Lake City, this gem that people don't realize how much of a gem it is. It's at the bottom of the wasatch mountains I come from glacier national army, write this down. And these mountains have so much personality that they rival the place that come from and I'm like I live here. So that's point. One point. Two crazy crazy shit happens when I am in Salt Lake City that never happens apparently unless I'm there and now I'm a robot again. My robotics. Okay. All right. So back in February when I went there, it was the day that. I went there for some work and the day that before I was leaving I was at dinner with a friend and we had our phones not on eight hours. Humble Brag Yeah I have friends. City. Shadow to Alana Brophy the weathergirl from ABC, news up there. But we were not on our phones for three hours and. We pick it up and that was the day that I picked it up and there's like you know when CNN goes breaking news and it seems like the world is ending stark read. This was like four bars of star stark read like bombs were dropping but it was the day that was like. Utah Jazz all have covid Tom Hanks has cove it. NBA season suspended Kovin it was at Dave. Yep It was the day that America was like Oh. Everything we we believe in it. Now we're going to decide on CNN so it hit harder. So we like. Everyone should have believed it was real but not everyone did. And now here's Tom Hanks. Got It. Tom. Hanks was totally when it hit home for. Ya for every. SMART. Oh man that's a different side note I heard some pizza gator talking about Tom Hanks and I. Still hasn't come up. The Pizza Gate Shit. Sorry to I. WON'T WE WON'T Tangent but the Pizza Gate Shit that was happening this week is crazy to me. It's so always it's always been like out of my peripheral like I just don't soon as I heard somebody actually talking about it and believing it and like going deeper into the conspiracy is my mind just melt. Talk we'll talk off line dot gov line yeah. Hours about this shit..

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