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"giver house" Discussed on Read Between the Lines

"The feed for this podcast. You can actually hear me listen. You can actually listen to me interviewing mercer. Mayer to. God's amazing. Thank you. She is so wonderful sheepshanks. Great. Yeah. So are there any writers that you think are similar to you writing is like you use similar phrases or stumbling that? Maybe Ellie. Blake, wrote frost blood, which is really cool book about a girl who has frost powers in a world full of people firepower. So she's a little bit similar I Love Stephanie Garbage Work I'm not sure I can compare myself to her herself is so so well written Mary visceral. You feel like you're there. So I love that I wish I could write as well as Mary Pearson Cause Deception. If you haven't read that one, it's got a really cool point of view twist So I would love love to be compared to them. That's great. So what made you want to be an author? Well. I grew up as a child who had asthma and when I was little, I would have to take a lot of medications one of which was like a big machine like a big breathing machine that had a mask, the Delaware way at administered missed medicine and so when I was doing that the machine was very loud. So it was really hard to like watch TV or really do much of anything My mom would reach me because when she would sit behind me, I could hear in my ear. And so when she would read to me, I wasn't a sick kid anymore you know I was Harry Potter under the stairs or a hobbit on an adventure or princess you know going after a dragon or anything like that and so I loved the adventure I loved the escape and I think even in today's world there's there's so much negativity in the world that I loved to create something. Where where people can go and they can't escape and I just have such an active imagination that I love sharing my stories with other people and I hope that they bring them joy and that they can enter into these stories and maybe see what my characters go through and come back to the world a little happier a little bit more prepared to face their obstacles in their own lives. I love that so much that is like what are the sweetest stories I've ever heard on? That is really amazing. D did You have any specific favorite books as a kid? Oh man I mean I loved Madeleine lingle's wrinkle in time. That was a big one anything by Robin McKinley She had like the outlaws a share would which I loved again made cabot grew up reading making habit all the time like sister of the traveling pants, all that good stuff was just. So important to me as Oh, like the giver a loved the Giver House. Another good one so so many books as you can tell, I spent a lot of time..

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