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"giuliani george w bush" Discussed on The War on Morons

"Just going all out with this nine eleven marketing and i try to watch some fuck by jets here. I'm just trying to live at every other commercial is like playing the swelling music. And they're saying it was day america will never forget. Everyone remembers where they were that day. The towers fell the nation. More just like you'll remember the day that we bring you are nine eleven remembrance extravaganza. We're bringing you the action all day long where it went down grown zero zero zero. We've got rock and roll in concert with billy ilitch ariana grande day. It'd be ds then we've got play ball at city field with the yankees and the mets or get down and boogie with the cast of the masks singer and then live from new york. It's saturday night. With the whole larry. Comedy shows starring lesley jones in. Amy schumer is rudy. Giuliani george w bush. Like i don't. They actually did all that i did. The the mets and the yankees thing but they literally really plugging plugging plugging nine. Eleven like it was a new year's eve ball. Or whatever was the dick clark rocket new year telling a dick clark's rock and nine eleven So if fox can do it then we can do it either way. I don't know speaking speaking of nine eleven speaking of george bush. Did you see that. He says that we are all the terrorists. Now we're domestic terrorists. Exactly what the with the phrasing was but he. He gave a speech at the memorial biden. Is he can't get him to to opens mouth and operate but but bush he goes out there and he's just like you fought against al qaeda but al qaeda or they're just like the domestic extremists. The the right wingers. The violent these that were were children of the same. Vowel spirit was his line. So i guess. We're in the axis of evil. Where evil doers. Because we don't why stolen elections or medical tyranny. Now maybe we don't want that twenty year long fucking disaster wars that we lose in the thousands of people have to die Humor that has line that late night. Comedians used to say like back in the nineties Before barack obama even before they even you know made him a fake passport. They used to be like. Oh man. yeah we. We already have the first black president. That's bill clinton bill clinton. Because he gets. He played saxophone on our senior hall. And that maybe because he didn't keep up with child support. Yep that's a black guy. Thanks a lot guys. Thanks not insulting at all. Bill clinton love it. Love it But yeah if if barack obama doesn't get credit for being the first black president because bill clinton well joe biden as unbelievable is is. This might sound. Joe biden is not america's first mentally retarded president because that honor of course goes to george w bush. He could talk shitty wants. But you know i was. I was go back a little bit. So so i actually voted against that asshole mine. I did vote for george bush. My first vote now. I guess. I'm dating myself a little bit but my my first vote was for. President was for the libertarian candidate. Two thousand four. I think his name was bad. Narc i. I don't remember anything about it. But you know he. He's fine libertarian. Banner forgot completely ruined. But i think he got like a quarter percent of the vote But he didn't do nine eleven he didn't start any forever. Wars didn't open the border wide open. As far as i know. Like i for all i know he's dead. I dunno vegas far as i know. Michael bednarik is not spending spare time and retire it like painting portraits in his attic like fucking mental patient cuddling up to big mike obama and photo shoots like have you seen fucking w like every good picture. He's he's over there with michelle obama just like. She's like cuddling him like a baby. I think i made the right choice there anyway. Speaking of photo shoot speaking of regarded president's day just see biden once again became a over the weekend. Of course he can't go a single day without being fucking donkey brain See if i can find it here. So at the aforementioned nine eleven memorial of course commemorating twenty years since Since that day all of the evil people who profited from it and who probably per for trading it were gathered there at ground zero. Or i think they're at ground zero so of course you know clinton was there obama's their big mike was there. Hillary of course I can't remember who it was. Just a bunch of globalist criminals. Nancy pelosi all other functions scumbags now the the best thing is they were all wearing their big stupid. The the big black cove masks because they're also scared of this virus they knows bullshit of course. They were photographed like seconds before they realize they're being photographed and not a single. One of them was wearing the masks. They are close in tight. You know doing their thing. But that's kind of besides the point here so biden couldn't even keep himself composed during a fucking nine eleven memorial event. Now they didn't let him speak at it. Because god only knows what would say but he thought that people wanted to hear the to say anyway so there is you. See everybody in their masks in obamacare yet air. Not buying yanks down. His mask starts yelling at people. I really wanna know what he said. I'm of course. I put this on our one of our social. Media's put this on me we in like caption this like is he telling everybody that is but it's been wiped out. Is he complaining about the ice cream selection. Maybe he's asking what time it is because he's not allowed to wear wristwatch out in public anymore. What he's at these type of events but My favorite is you look at obama looking at it his side. I like this fucking fucking idiot. I'm so glad. I don't have to deal this fucking dumb anymore. of obama's famous statement about biden was never underestimate joe's ability to fuck things up. Looks kagera underestimating. I think you underestimated of all these little fucking things up and then of course if you look to. His left is ever-present handler mercer victim. Minos wife.

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