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"gitmo sasha pfeiffer" Discussed on NPR News Now

"Live from npr news. I'm shay stevens. A florida man who took a selfie on the us senate floor during the deadly us capitol riot has been sentenced to eight months in prison. Paul hodgkin's is the first defendant in the case to be sentenced for felony offense. Npr's ryan lucas reports. Paul hodgkin's pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing inefficient preceding in court for a sentencing hearing hodgkin's expressed remorse and said he took full responsibility for his quote foolish decision. Us district court judge randolph. Moss said the attack on the capital was a threat to democracy and utterly unacceptable but he had to weigh several factors to determine hodgkin sentence including the fact that he didn't engage in violence or destroy property on january sixth and that hodgkin's was among the first to plead guilty ultimately judge moss sentence hodgkin's to eight months in prison and two years of probation ryan lucas. Npr news washington house. Republican leader kevin mccarthy has picked five republicans to sit on the new thirteen member select committee to investigate the deadly attack on the us. Capital all five. Lawmakers have backed former president trump and three of them voted against certifying. Joe biden's victory in the november twenty twenty election. A guantanamo bay detainee has been transferred from cuba to morocco as npr's sasha pfeiffer reports the move signals a renewed effort to shrink the population of the highly controversial prison and possibly close it entirely fifty-six-year-old abdullatif nassar spent nineteen years at guantanamo despite never being charged his release to his home country is an additional sign. Biden is picking up where president obama left off by clearing gitmo prisoners for transfer that process basically froze under president. Trump bernard. Harcourt is one of nasser's attorneys everything that's coming out of. The budget administration both from the department of state. Our defense is that the by administration's going to close guantanamo and this is the first step and it's a really important first step but nassar's lawyers blasted the government for letting him languish in prison so long especially since he was cleared for transfer five years ago his release means thirty. Nine men remained in prison. Gitmo sasha pfeiffer. Npr news the justice department is challenging a bankruptcy plan for purdue farmer the maker of oxycontin in a court filing the doj claims. The deal would protect too many people from liability from the company's role in the opioid epidemic. Npr's ryan man has details. The division of the doj that serves as a watchdog over federal bankruptcy courts says the deal improperly shields hundreds and possibly thousands of people from opioid lawsuits members of the sackler family who owned purdue pharma have promised to pay roughly four point three billion dollars but the doj points out a lot of the people gaining this immunity won't have to pay anything npr's. Brian man me. A confirmation hearing for the purdue pharma. Bankruptcy plan is scheduled for august ninth. This is npr news. Interim haitian prime minister claude. Joseph says he's stepping down. Joses have been in control of the embattled caribbean nation since the july seventh. Assassination of president. Juvenal louise he'll hand over power to reo on re melissa's handpicked successor. Who has international support. Singapore has reported its highest daily. Tally of corona virus infections. Since last august one hundred sixty three note new locally transmitted cases were recorded there today as a growing cluster of infections stalls the return to normal life. Npr's julie mccarthy reports at most countries in the region are experiencing their worst outbreak since the pandemic began the delta variant is sweeping across southeast asia with devastating effect worst hit indonesia reported more daily corona virus infections over the weekend than india and brazil. Fifty two thousand new cases were reported saturday. A number that dropped to forty four thousand monday but even immunologists in the region cautioned that because testing is so weak in indonesia. The numbers reported underestimate the true scale of the pandemic in thailand. The caseload has risen to four hundred thousand a more than ten-fold increase since mid april in vietnam a rare developing economy that had contained the virus cases are now spiralling with fewer than one percent of its citizens vaccinated julie mccarthy npr news us futures are in positive territory at this hour following wall street's worst trading day since october. I'm shay stevens. This is npr news..

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