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"girgis joe" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

The Bobby Bones Show

03:59 min | 1 year ago

"girgis joe" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"I feel like y'all little mermaid. It was amazing. Yeah, I'm going to tell you I get to that judges to last night. We do this thing called the walls. You know what? What's your go and dig a hole and cover yourself in dirt. 'cause I'll like you anymore. So we do this waltz and I'm motion sick all week, and I'm trying not to get motion sick during this dance and the little mermaid song on Amy, we finished the dance and it's like this moment and I look at her and I'm like, oh, we're going to get scores for the first time. I felt confident, and then we get the second lowest of the night. The lowest, Joe, Joe. Joe, Joe, and I were in the bathroom together and we were at the two urinals beside each other. And we're in our cost to say in your Kosta yes, idiot, I'm gonna prince costume and he's in like Marvin the Martian or whatever. He has to juggle. Juggle joke, video game, Reckitt, wral, Joey. Whatever name is Pete Reckitt Ralph. And so we're next to each other and. We look at each other more like here we go again, and he goes, I know, man because he's still get nervous. Like every time every time I get nervous and he's like, I just want to get better scores than last time. And I said me too, and we kind of had a moment we washing our hands beside each other and as man. Good luck like I'm rooting for you and he's like you to root for you. We're kind of in this thing together. So grocery store, Joe and I shared a moment in the men's bathroom, and then we went out and both at the lowest course tonight again. Yeah. I know they're sending only said if how that demeanor between the two of you so like you and Sharma pull it off like y'all are still excited about your scores, and it was great and everything. Girgis Joe and his partner. It's like it was awkward. The scores, hey, now in their faces. I mean, you could just tell they're like, confused deflated. Sad, not happy. I felt in through the TV screen felt awkward for them, but like you and Sharda. I still felt awesome for you received the scores. Well, and you still, I don't know something about bet. Other people littering, him still felt like awesome for y'all. I felt awkward for Joe. Well, yeah. Anybody it stunk to get sevens again is it's because they were just giving out scores like free Hans Hans and nine and then the Amazon. Oh, we're going to get eight lens gonna give me an eight and I was gonna run. Kiss him on the cheek has it was quote Disney night and nobody was going home. Let's give everybody free stub. It didn't right years. Ravaged ears monk now. Is a mouth a? No. I'm just so that last night dance with stars. I got three seven's David said that I'm improving, but I here in Ann Arbor loves you. She even set it low. She said, I love you who been. I'm telling you guys, like I, I don't know all I can go back going back to dance today. All I can do this to anybody listening right now when things aren't going. Well, all you can do is wake up in the morning and go right back to work. That's all you can do. And that's all I can do. I'm a bit deflated, but that's okay. We all get deflated. Sometimes I'm going back to work, so I'll this work and I go right back to the dance room and I'll put an eight hours today. I will, and that is how it goes, and I'll put an do this show put an eight more hours and I will work until my feet or nubs until they kicked me off the show. That's all I can do, and I appreciate everybody voting. But to say, I wasn't disappointed. Last night will be alive. Yeah. Yeah. So lunchbox would what you saw, what you think, man, I'm gonna tell you what when you were spinning around the dance floor? Like you had a moment where you had her and you guys, I guess you call it waltzing around the dance floor. I was like, this dude is on fire. The looked like real dancing, and then they give you the same scores that they say did terrible on last week. MC hammer, seven. And I'm like, how is that still a seven? He improved so much..

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