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"giovanni kinlaw" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"But given your thoughts on this year and the concept because you you were the first quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, you want to Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders won a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Raiders your broadcast on the Oakland Raiders the game the open Raiders again. And it's just add. We're in the Bay Area. You're in Palm Springs. The team is in Vegas. Are you going to be able to go and be around the team all coach whether it's training camp or games itself? I mean, How are you going to observe this his first year in Vegas? Well, I don't know, because of the because of all the restrictions that are that are existing right now. I don't know how they're going to get through this year, but we've done it. We've done it before we did it. In 1982. We had eight games strike, so we missed eight games that season. Andre. We still got through it. Ah, abbreviated season and a successful super Boyer and that year we only lost one game during season we will lost our second playoff game. Remember. Follow your We want a Super Bowl Ineighty three, so Uh, you know, they they could get done but has never been faced with this kind of Ah, situation. I mean, that's a little scary. The unknown is various Carrie. If there's AH if they played the game without any fans. You still have the players together? You know you got right now. 90 guys have to practice on it a practice? I don't know that And I'm not there. Always there to see the facility is beautiful, Just gorgeous. Mint breathtaking is so gorgeous and mark a lot would be the only guy in the stands for the first game. I'll be there with with with Ah, well, suits that they wear when they go in labs. You should be there because there would be no Las Vegas Raiders without you without questions, so I'm not going to say congratulations, but good wishes. Great knows. We think it's gonna happen. But just how are you? How you and barb doing? I know it's been a hell of itself, You know, segment of time since March for all of us, But I think of you often. How are you in the family doing? We're doing all right. You know, I've had a little setback, healthwise, but my back right now it's killing me. But paying for some of the the mistakes of the you there my abuse. As the the football player, but we're doing good. Barb's doing good in March. We will celebrate our 63. So that's pretty good. A Greg what a year 21 John. He's going to be one of the greatest ladies of all time Fire Florida and then what? Away again? I'm knocking on wood. What? We're going to cap it off to go to the pro Football Hall of fame. Or we can all come out of our damn houses Coach, so that'll be You better be there too. I'll be there. I will be there. We're all going there got to be there. I'm not going to say congratulations. I keep saying it's great news. We love you and we'll wait for the real, you know, popping of the cork when right before the Super Bowl this year, and we found out officially you're going in so Be well, Christian YouTube. Thanks a lot. Take care. I hope the next time we talk to him, we We can just say Hall of fame or Tom floors, not do it again to elect a superb alright, keep wanted to say congratulations, but he's close to the ultimate Jiggs. It's like so many times. I don't want to like you said Jinx it. Is the Tuck you game and the immaculate deception. And don't you think they thought they won the game was evolving? Pretty. It rejected. Cave up, but it hit Frenchy Fuqua we want no, we did not ever. There's a fumble. They're gonna review the play, Greg. Why not do that again? It's such a good line. I'm gonna play great. He's a good boy. He is. He's the best. All right. We'll flip back to 40 Niners coming up next. Our new segment 40 Niners fix will tell you about it coming up Next. You hear from Robert Sala on the cornerback spot opposite Richard Sherman. You don't want to miss that will hear from Giovanni Kinlaw and Jimmy on his wide receivers. They signed another one. Today We'll get you all the latest coming up next. Papa lunch spots by Redwood Credit Union Maid from home or on the Go with 24 7. Secure Mobile online banking from Redwood Credit Union sign up today. Redwood Credit Union for all that you love 40 Niners fixes.

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