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"giovanna di so" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

"Really good meeting. And answer your direct question. We have a deal. But the price tag does not include the $4 trillion in childcare, education and other social programs, backed by Democrats, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the two proposals are linked. There ain't going to be Infrastructure bill. Unless we have the reconciliation bill budget reconciliation would allow Democrats the past the larger bill without Republican votes. That's Jared Halpern reporting from Capitol Hill. Sunday is NATIONAL HIV TESTING DAY. Dr. Laura Cheever, with the Health Resources and Services Administration says getting tested is critical for many reasons. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control estimate through about 1.2 million people living with HIV. And about 13%, which is about one in eight Don't know they have it. The CDC, she says, recommends everyone ages 13 to 64 get tested for HIV, she says. If you get tested and start on therapy, you can become virally suppressed and live a long, healthy life. 400 childcare workers marched to the state Capitol Thursday, carrying roses and a message for the governor. The message quit stalling negotiations in the first contract for childcare workers, enough of government and some say in California's recovery must be equitable. About keeping providers a majority of them black and brown woman earning below minimum wage enough of being told early education and childcare vital Natural states future but offering a real pay increase. To stabilize childcare and expand option for parents MAX areas as the chair of childcare providers United who says negotiations have stalled with the state, he says childcare workers have not stalled during the pandemic by providing in person services risking their lives and those of their families. Marilyn Haider KOGO News the man shot and killed at David Busters in Mission Valley last week, as identified, police say he is 28 year old Dennis go wallow of San Diego. He suffered a gunshot wound to the torso taken to the hospital, but pronounced It's dead. It's still not clear what led to that shooting. All right, Well, a New York teen is okay after calling firefighters to get her out of a fitting room. 14 year old Smithtown resident Giovanna Di So was shopping at Kate and Hail clothing store in Port Jefferson. But the building was formerly an old bank, and it's fitting room has a prompt steel vault door. Her seven year old brother, prankster and push the door closed. But it didn't open took several firefighters 90 minutes to cut through an inch and a half a brick and concrete to get her out. Oh, my gosh, that actually beats my getting locked into a bathroom at a shipbuilding company people and they had to come and take the door up. It could be One of my favorite memories. I was so embarrassed. It is seven Oh, seven people acting like.

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