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"gio gonzalez" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"The phone is gio Gonzalez with wallet have welcome what were the metric some of the things you looked out to come up with the rankings what are we looking almost fifty different indicators the friendliness Peter so everything from what if there were any health related factors to overall quality of life and how did Kentucky do you unfortunately out of all fifty states Kentucky rain at the bottom and number fifty and why is that well what were so bad at it particularly poorly when it comes to health care and the quality of life to those two categories really brought it down what do you what do you mean by quality of life out how I mean we have the quality is great everything from the general population aged sixty five and after the kind of with like minded people but also looks like at least friendly labor market a lot of times you have to come out of retirement to a text that it you consideration as well and things like that shortline mileage of course there's a bagel halls number and extensibility those things as well so we didn't do too badly apparently in the rate of pretty crime what crime rate especially for property crimes which older people tend to be more victims killed at Kentucky didn't do too badly at all so that was one of its better metric and what about life expectancy all right expectancy is that not too high in Kentucky and that certainly feathered friend and at most states there including Kentucky has some of the lower and life expectancy numbers like early seventies so what is the the best day to retire yes here the best state was Florida is a follow buyers owner not surprisingly Arizona it doesn't do too well when it comes to affordability princes buying a home in Florida buying a home in Arizona two very different things and healthcare in Arizona is not as good either so what is the second one it was actually Colorado okay and what besides Kentucky is in the the basement okay said what number fifty above that where West Virginia New Jersey or Rhode Island in New Mexico okay all right Joe Gonzalez is with wallet hub and people can go to look in depth that wallet have dot com we had here while it had dot com to see where each state ranks and why all right thank you so much till till next time yet have a good one you too bye bye this is your energy savings minute it's been said that everyone has only six degrees of separation from each person on earth that may or may not be true but what is true is that.

gio Gonzalez Peter Kentucky Florida Arizona Colorado New Jersey Rhode Island New Mexico Joe Gonzalez West Virginia
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"gio gonzalez" Discussed on Sports Gambling Radio - By BangTheBook

"I'm not sure what I'll do with that game. But you got to limited pitchers there. Yeah. Free Rodriguez is all fastball. Fires not great commander control. I probably look at the over in that game. But again, not sure what that number is going to look like for Sunday's day game one other series to look at here. Brewers and the cubs GIO Gonzalez. Jose Qatada Friday Zach Davies Cole hamels on Saturday. You was just seeing in my arch nemesis. John Lester on Sunday. Couple regression kid. It's going in this series Davies on Saturday LeicesteR on Sunday brewers left. He's pretty well. Hopefully, that's a spot where John. Mr. does run into that regression. Obviously, I won't have the article, you know, I'm going to fade John lesser known for a personal standpoint soak you wanna fall on we do if you don't I don't blame you for that. But you so not pitching. Well, so I'll probably look at the over in Sunday's game. The first five over obviously weather dependent anytime there Wrigley field. But one thing here about this series. I think there's a spot the circle on Monday. I'll probably end up on the Phillies Aaron Nola on Monday. The brewers and cubs division rivalry Sunday night. Baseball could be a long game on Sunday night, if Charleston it lasts there continue to pitch the way that they have off less regression hits. And Justin continues to pitch the way that he has could be situational play there on Philadelphia on Monday. Quite frankly, I made just like Aaron Nolan that spot on Monday. Maybe he figured some things out in his most recent outing few other wind moves keep an eye on here for this weekend. Money will hit the board on her mind Marquez Friday against. The Padres at home on. That'll definitely happen there. We'll see Blake snow money on Saturday against the Yankees. That's CC's Tabatha, and we'll see Jose burritos money on Sunday at home against the Tigers, Daniel Norris and that one Tigers right handed heavy. So those are three lines where you know, the last two will be probably decent sized favorite situations. If you wanna get out in front of the market for those money will hit the board on Blake snow on Saturday and Jose Barea on Sunday. So get some line value on those like I said, I'm touching with the show on Monday. I'll try to get something out to you. If I can on no picks article Saturday and Sunday, I need a mental and emotional break should be back with that on Monday. They got next week. Look ahead to that Preakness and PGA championship podcast with Brian blessing on Wednesday. Well, have you seen Amara for you with Christian Pena? So keep an eye out for that as well. I'll

Brewers John Lester Zach Davies Cole hamels Tigers Yankees Aaron Nolan Wrigley field commander GIO Gonzalez Jose Qatada Blake snow Rodriguez Jose Barea Padres Aaron Nola Phillies Baseball Justin Marquez Christian Pena
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"But you look at what what reuse been able to do we going strategy what and be clear to all season not to walk last night to walks. He's been unbelievable. And this dude's only issue is health health. That's it. When when he's right, we've talked well, you want Walker pitch 163 Clayton Kershaw. He's the hall of fame. You want him to do? It's probably this guy as we sit here right now Suming, he's healthy rears the guy that goes out there just almost every single time pitches. Deep into the game gives your bullpen tonight off. And just does what he does last night eight innings four hits one run. I mean, it's a fantastic performance. And it was one of the reasons why his consistency. It's one of the reasons why it was a bit of a head scratcher that he didn't actually earnestly try free agency. It was weird. We was kinda weirdo in retrospect, maybe he read it pretty well. We sell guys they're still guys on the street. Yeah. Did. Pitches. What's crumble outright, Michael? Kaikal right. Dallas and and GIO Gonzalez. Just got just a little while ago. Good pitchers that are on the street. Maybe he his whoever his read it. Well, the Kyko on the street. It is especially since he won a Cy Young from ago was very instrumental Winnie a World Series. But I guess he still wants to many years, but that's like some NFL stuff anymore. You know at some point something's better than zero. No nave lowered it like crumble has lowered his asking price from six years three. But I think they're punishing him. Now is still making them. Wait, no, organized sports would never do anything like that. We never would never say I show these guys what's up. Represented by birth. Well that too that too the thinness positive even though we lost the series two games to one is that we gave a total of seven runs across three games. That's the way I lose. I don't like five to six seven eight. I don't I don't like that. Because that means while we might be getting hits giving up to merge too much. Yeah. I like giving up seven runs across three games. Obviously. I would rather win on those. But I can lead San Francisco going are pitches where it needed to be Hitchings fine. The teams good. I mean, they had a this is their offense. I know you're talking about the pitching right now. But this is the result of the way the dodgers play offense. They're they're a boom and bust team. They're going to have games where they score eight nine ten as you have gained Bill score twelve runs in a game. A few times a month. That's the sort of offense. They're also going to have a handful of games in a month where you score one two. That's just the way that it goes. I I don't put a huge distinction in the way that they're lose. Pitching's good. The offense is good. This is how they're a really good team. In review is probably at the top of that list. They got him. I mean, I it's the guy got a hit and lasting the game. They got him. This BUSTER Posey performer in a World Series MVP yada, yada, yada. It's perfectly fine. Is funny though that we scored fourteen runs they scored seven, but they win the series. Yeah. I mean, that's just a that's baseball. It's just baseball. All right. Reggie bush. Is he trying to make it right at USC? Explain next. Say that Chris because I looked at the list, and I literally don't know a single person on it today know. Sure. No. But there's no I'm talking about the musical selections on the day. I'm in deep trouble today. Ruko happy birthday for Ruko Faruk. Oh. Later. That's not beat a team player where. Yeah. Or hey, curb all out of MRs k pop this. Bam. Bam. That's his nickname. Bam. Bam of he's twenty two today of got seven. That's the ban. K pop, man. Yeah. Bam. Bam. Twenty two years old happy birthday van Damme. Bam Narran their music video the talks like Ted. His birthday is brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover of Newport Beach off the Seventy-three towards the sea. Visit Land Rover Newport Beach dot com..

dodgers Clayton Kershaw Cy Young Ruko Faruk Suming Jaguar Land Rover baseball Reggie bush Land Rover GIO Gonzalez van Damme BUSTER Posey Dallas Walker San Francisco NFL Pitching Michael Newport Beach
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"And even then he might be able to even I don't think he's exactly like his father in that respect. He he makes a lot of content. I mean, his father did too. But I don't know. I, you know, the number. I said before you wanna talk about his father that thing about sub ten K percentages and two fifty plus isolated powers as father. Did it twice? They are very similar on a believable player. He's going to be awesome. Do not use. My fires this weekend. Toronto probably ever. What else? Jake degrom. We'll talk about a little later. Jason Anderson might be Milwaukee's rotation GIO Gonzalez could be in their rotation as soon as this week. And I suppose I wrote today, and I know you read it that GIO Gonzalez could Milwaukee's best fantasy starting pitcher. Now the rest of the season. I loved Woodruff. It's not going. Well, I love Peralta that went poorly. I loved Corbin burns. Clearly, I've been wrong about Milwaukee's rotation. Jokin Zala is not special, but every year, it's like a three sixty year or a, you know, he strikes out eight per nine. That's okay. He's. Arable? I get I feel like you're offering more of a criticism of the authored. Yes. Well, I am aren't you. Yeah. And I don't want people to get the wrong impression as a result of that. I don't I don't think GIO Gonzalez is that great a pitcher these days, and I don't think it's a good ballpark form. And what I worry about here is that they could go with that bullpen oriented pitching staff where they do a lot of openers. And they do a lot of short and outings. They were time last year. I think tristen where we ranked jobs Oz as a borderline top forty starting pitcher to refocus false. I disagree. I fear. Yes. As recently as last year. He is what he is. And that's okay. Like, you can take your chances on Carlos Rodion or Tyler Skaggs or Danny Duffy. But you kind of know GIO Gonzalez is I'm not saying any degree of upside here. Okay. But there's also no downside. He is fine. He is a three sixty year Ray one Twenty-eight whip. And if he gives one hundred fifty innings at one hundred and thirty strikeouts. He should win on that team. I just think you know. He's better. He's fine. That's it's not it's not a ring endorsement, but he's fine. All right. So there is down side. You can get him now in labor. What are you spending out of one hundred fab well me, I've always been half on. Kevin you have you have one hundred fab take your own context out fifteen twenty. Okay. So the downside is you throw away twenty fab. Downside. I throw I threw away two dollars. I'm Brian Reynolds. Like, there's downside of one anybody gets available at this point. But there's I bet yoga zealous goes for more than twenty dollars in labor to your point. Okay. I I'm stake in I had him thirty ninth to begin last year. Exactly, look, I'm not wrong. I'm trying to prove that he's a usable fantasy option. I I like accuracy. Sorry. I was mistaken on that. I don't remember how I felt on opening day last year. But you felt like I don't want to draft this guy. But he's usable. That's how and that's totally fair Saturday drawing. Snow at Atlanta, Fulton Neville, you like better residencies and John grainfields. It's a fair one. That's a great question. I I think I'm going to go with full Turkey. I feel better. Oh, yeah. And I do like gray. That's that's a great question. Oh, I'm here. Are you on board? You joining me. I do I have been impressed by John gray. Yes. Good on the road. He's looking like a legitimate road. St..

GIO Gonzalez Milwaukee John grainfields Corbin burns Jokin Zala Jason Anderson Toronto Jake degrom John gray Peralta Brian Reynolds Woodruff Carlos Rodion Danny Duffy Kevin Tyler Skaggs Fulton Neville Atlanta three sixty year twenty dollars
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"This. If you did if you are among arguably, the minority who did stay for the entire nets game tonight. You deserve a Chris Carlin Maggie gray. Bart Scott t shirt because the bottom line is when they're down twenty eight how many of you? I will how many that are listening. Obviously, you rob. But you could imagine how many hit the sack when the Nance were down twenty eight in the third quarter and a trail by twenty-five at the end of the third quarter, the two other headlines from yesterday as it was, you know, about with Mike, proud smart move, an awful lot of money and will probably be undervalued by the time. He reaches the end of the twelve years, but they get him. Listen. No. They don't have to worry about arbitration. They don't have to worry about pre agency and the Phillies can only lament that Mike trout. Will not be coming to Philadelphia unless he wants to buy a ticket and watch the Phillies play a baseball game on any day off. He might have or less. It's going to be interleague. Then I get to see him at in citizens. Bankruptcy park anytime soon. The GIO Gonzalez signing is now official. He passed a physical yesterday. It's really two days old and very smart move. I was asking earlier about what does four hundred and thirty million have in common with three million. And the answer is to smart baseball deals. What the angels did with trout and what the Yankees have done with GIO Gonzalez. Mary smart. You're talking about insurance as you know, what the Yankees you can never have enough right handed bat, you could never leave enough men in scoring position. And of course, you can never have enough pitching, especially with the CC not expected back until mid to late April. And may you're hoping that that prognostication that prediction is true Severino. So now with the low I. Are you sick with Herman with Sesa if they don't produce? You have a veteran. He didn't have a good year last year GIO Gonzalez. We all know from ninety withstanding eleven ERA was four and a half. Whatever it is. So he doesn't have the same stub as he did ten years ago, but he's a proven lefty and insurance, and listen, you need that whereas virtually and then you hear about Matanzas with the shoulder and he's on the injured list. No longer. Do they call it the disabled list because there's a difference between God knows being disabled and being injured. So Batanes is not going to be around for a while. And you know, about Severino, and if you're a Yankee fan you're hoping he's back by May Day right now it is May Day for the Yankees were two of their starting pitchers. And of course, a key, man. You're eighth-inning guy for. Sometimes seven innings sometimes ninth inning, depending on where we are and whose resting but the bottom line is Matanzas will start the season on the IRR so trout GIO. Why didn't the Mets go after GIO Gonzalez because they up Cason bargains. That's why well who needs GIO Gonzalez already. And what I'm sure that. Each of the starting five of the Metropolitans, we'll have their thirty plus starts without getting hurt at all. They have no depth whatsoever. Would have been smart what have been smart for any team, especially the Metropolitans, and certainly a very very smart move on the part of cash, but design and almost a no brainer. Let's put it that way. Especially with two starters are the outside looking in order to the phones we go and leaves calling from Plainfield. You're on the fan was happening morning. Steve good morning. What can you say? Hey, I'm one of the few to stay to watch the game. And it was incredible way to get your Carlin, Maggie and Bart. Scott t-shirt. I would rather have your t-shirt he has. But the reason I probably stayed up too many red bull. But anyway. Wait a minute. Yeah. I knew I was going to be a late night. Yeah. Listen at at twenty I wanted to take a nap when they were down twenty eight to take a nap the rebel wouldn't allow me. Well, my question is how is Jefferson. You gotta get more playing time. I mean while the Bank. Yeah. The Benchley, and and listen, get some sleep and whatever. But thank you for giving us a call. And you do deserve a t-shirt better as somebody give you a t shirt and set of another red ball. What is it? But the bottom line is the bench really is the architect of the big comeback. Now yet Russell with twenty seven of his career high forty four in the fourth quarter. So you're not ignoring him. But the bench really were were the the instrument the architects of the comeback. C J is calling for. Mt. Holly, CJ, first-time caller. What can we say to you? He talked about. Situation. I okay. Know what this is bad news pretentious, we here. Still is probably gonna be. That's just the way goes. You know what? Maybe the quality pitching you have in the organization. Jio could begin. Tykwer maybe two years at forty million Detroit. World Series upgrade over GO. Well, and by the way. Gonzalez does it's a minor league contract. And I think everyone knows by now when we do my due diligence CJ, I'll let you continue if he is not a part of the Yankees rotation by April twenty he can opt out. Okay. Go ahead CJ. The other thing about trust association. Yeah. Go ahead. What could be angels kinda belted Baucus? I gave the hometown this cat. I waited 'til after a free. He usually would be forty dollars a year. So good deal. I agree with you. Yeah. I think. Yeah. Absolutely. It it seems difficult to comprehend at first hearing a for a twelve year four hundred thirty four hundred thirty million dollar contract. But you're right. It is a good deal. And it is if you could make this kind of statement without being ridiculed it is a team friendly deal. Make no mistake, and it keeps him in Anaheim for the rest of his career. Jeff. Barbie. Gagen as big jets fan. I like just drive came up. Course, followed the whole thing. Receiving situation. It's about but still a outside receiver at don't be surprised baby. Maybe second or third. The bedroom. And you see. Dog the big flavors. You really get the soft. No, you're right. And and that's a good call a good comment to make especially at this time. I mean, he knew we'll be back and what he has to do is good. And of course, you have Anderson and don't forget what bail out of the backfield can catch an awful lot of passes. Thanks CJ for your call. A Trevor is calling from Wilton Connecticut. Trevor you're on the fan was happening. You doing buddy? Okay driver. Thanks for taking the time. What can you say? Favorites. I love listening to you. Well, I appreciate that. For sure. I was just I was calling about the contract. And I I know that she is the. Best player and the baseball. But what have the angels one nothing? Nothing. You're you're you're you're you're right. And he has been in the postseason only wants. And he I think they I he has I think week and look it up not that sad important. But I think he's something we heard earlier that he's eight had one he had one postseason appearance. He had twelve back one for twenty s. Correct. That's what I was going to say because I think I heard that too. Yeah. One appearance for sure and nothing might so I guess my question is would love your take your baseball savant. So I would love your thoughts on it. But I wouldn't go that far, but that's my favorite sport. Yes. But go ahead. Does it does it make does it make sense to give I mean four hundred thirty million dollars. Well over over twenty years. Everybody's the best player in the game. They wanted to make sure that they were going to cover arbitration free agency. They wanted him to stay. And this was a good time to do it during the course of the regular season during the preseason where doesn't becoming traction with what is going to happen with him. Because already we were hearing rumors that he would love to come and play for his favorite team, Philadelphia. And and Philly fans were just hoping and wishing and praying that in two years we've got about two years left on his contract. So what they did was extended him for another ten to make a twelve. He's happy where he is living in southern California. And unfortunately, nobody here gets to see him all that much. You know, unless you're all of a sudden programmed to a to a to their games on a regular daily basis. I mean who sees Stroud although we have seen a non for him. To know that he's a five tool player, and nobody is talking about five garden tools. He has the power he has a speedy as the arm. He's steals vases. Great fielder, everything he's all wrapped up into one. And there's really you could talk about my child plays. You could talk about harbor, please. You could talk about any other player. He is outlet Iquique. And Ronnie, listen, he doesn't all and you all you have to do is take a look at his numbers. He's not the prototypical slugger per se, not like an Aaron judge. But I'll tell you this. You see these guys now that you knew the with with the angels and a with a trout that are they were waiting for the table to be sad by Harper and Machado, and you know, and probably figured that. Trout would get more were. Were they the angels to go about operating the extension cement thirty five thirty six thirty seven million a year. So when you you know, when you got to figure it all out, but the bottom line is stalled a lot of money and probably it'll be towards the end of the twelve years undervalued he'll have to renegotiate, but it's a smart move on the part of the angels to wrap him up and try and build around him, very disappointing for the Philadelphia Phillies. And of course, you gotta figure. That judge is going to eventually be extended. Although the Yankees have control over him. Four awhile with a lot of young stars. They have on their roster. They're going to have to pay and and if you're a metropolitan fan, you are wondering what is taking as long as it's taking to get si- Guam with his extension that he's do. Although age is a factor with him. All right. We'll take a quick break. And then get right back to your telephone calls. We have a wine or to open going to be around until JJ after dark at two on.

GIO Gonzalez Yankees baseball Philadelphia Phillies Mike trout Chris Carlin Matanzas Philadelphia Maggie gray Severino Nance Iquique official Mets Trevor Detroit Anaheim Batanes Plainfield
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"gio gonzalez" Discussed on The Short Porch

"Guys. Get one running thirteen innings spring thirteen strikeouts. One walk all numbers retraining hero. His big problem was control a figure that out for now. They're gonna untethering he's in the rotation on opening day. He's going to be your your fourth or fifth starter. Which is horrify. But I don't disagree. You have to give them one more shot. I just every guy we talked to down spring told us how says just the man and funny and everyone in every and everyone's confident him, I don't know. It's. The fact that they are looking internally, they're not pursuing anyone like Kyko. They don't they're considering kaikal. What says like GIO Gonzalez? Maybe right. So Heyman said, and this is Hanes take with a grain of salt. But he said that he offered a GO. It's really not close not great deal optimism at the moment. But there's reasonably both sides might wanna come together soon enough. And I don't know smitty came up to me on Friday. It was like he would shitting green is again, we got GIO Gonzalez, obviously was wrong currently and he still region whenever restricting comes up with a source. It's just this source. Wherever has the Phillies has never been right. It's he said Machado was done handshake agreement in napn, he said a single GO. Now, it's only been a few days, and they very well could still be talking but hasn't happened. He said, I mean, I don't remember him being saying the source about Harper, so funny. Yeah. Replay or except the ones actually get. Yeah. This many Phillies source. I don't I don't I don't trust them. But I do bring small face whenever he walks over. Because I know it's just not gonna happen. Whatever he says. Would want yoga dollars though. Yeah. Yeah. I think we've talked about this. How he's he's a crafty lefty, he's younger than people like think think he's only thirty one nerdy three. All right. So what's that's still younger than I thought? He was don't use thirty thirty six. He's never been hurting his career. That's very interesting point is never been her. I like that. I would have not have expected that. Yeah. He's a guy who just can come in eat innings give you five or six innings of two to three run ball. Hopefully in the stopgap veteran presence a own if you were to go to Jimmy from onto spring too. So like, I wouldn't you'll only got set lasagna hasn't been stellar..

GIO Gonzalez Harper Phillies Machado smitty Hanes Heyman Jimmy napn
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"But by talking to him yesterday, he seemed like they he was very aware that he's going to be playing a lot of short early. On would also you think about the pressure. That's going to be his defense in the fact that they didn't take Manny Machado because of the beat believe in Andhra heart. So he's going to have to make sure that he gets out to a faster because it's all about confidence about footwork at all. But he's got a show that he's taking the next step in from all indicates that they're excited about what they've seen you go back. Also to the to the starting pitching in the fact that we know that Kyko still out there. We know that know GIO Gonzalez is still out there. You'll do they make a move just to kind of get a little insurance in case you guys start off fast. And you talk about the other cold weather, and you don't wanna really tack this bullpen like they did last year early in the season because they show periods where they were dominant. But it was periods where they were tired and being overused. The other thing too one thing out of yesterday. That you have to be very encouraged about is we're on the air when judge head his bombed. Yeah. And it was a bomb landed. Yeah. I mean, it was it was out to right center. And it was oh to pitch and the fact that he did that. And whether it's listen very judges are trying to make contact. He's still gonna hit it to Sarasota. Chances. So and he did that yesterday. So he's changing his changing but improving is to strike approach a little bit. And you saw that yesterday. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's gonna cut massively down on his strikeouts. But I think that even if it gets a little bit better. I mean that's gonna help. Well, you could tell Stanton especially for judge take that first second. I mean, you could tell that they he and he's he admitted it this was the point of emphasis for him this off season, right? This was the adjustment that he wanted to make hitting wise was what is his approach in a in a two strike count. And man early returns are positive. So obviously, you know, you're going to have pictures are going to just a him or whatever. But it's that is incredibly courage notes pretty obvious down here. Maybe I won't speak for you guys. It seems kind of obvious to me that we all know judge is the face of the team. He's the most famous athlete in New York right now. Also, I would say he's face the city headliner. He's he's definitely he's not separating himself like he's separating himself. But it's being separated that he is the no doubt face like we're down here. We're seeing billboards. He's on. I'm not seeing billboards with Stanton. Stanton. Seems like he's as opposed to last year where he was headline National League MVP comes to the Yankees. You know, craziness this I feel like he is under the radar. This this spring training superstar good thing. He's very of the rain. That's very scary. Because I think last year coming in after the live up to the expectations at changing leagues come into a new environment. You know, we talked to bone yesterday. He's talked about how good he is. When he sees somebody twice. So he's going to face some of the same opponents that he had last year. He's gonna make.

GIO Gonzalez Stanton Manny Machado Kyko Yankees Andhra Sarasota New York
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"Sunny, gray. Great. Excited GIO Gonzalez. How is he still out? No, he has not thirty two thirty three. Oh, my three years old. Is that a very solid career? And he kills it at city. Like, I said it just having him not. Richard against the Mets. I get that. But still no last year ten eleven four to one made all thirty two starts. And that's what I love. He goes. I Don the year before that. Fifty nine. Signed him. See that's, but I think that's the kind of move. They would make Justin Wilson not that GIO Gonzalez asked move. But they brought in a veteran left and right, and now they could go into their opening day roster with two quality handed relievers in Lewis Avalon, and obviously Justin rotation that would be an excited, you cited how much money is he truly gonna get in this market at this point. We're sitting here in late January Dallas kaikal is still out. No, I understand Jeremy headaches and who also fits that mold. I know that's not going to. Jio Gonzales because I know GIO Gonzalez knows the division. I know we can pitch at city field. I'm done. Let's go. Disagreeing with you. And the thing that he also has over Jeremy, Alex is that he goes out, and he starts right five days. Right. So that would be the move. I'd add look we we all understand that not getting out. Deller move. All right. Good. That's a big endorsement. I like the move. I didn't think it would not to me. It's a no brainer. Plus you talking about yoga is the foot starter. The fifth starter. I don't know about that. I mean, he's okay. But he's the fourth or fifth starter. And you kidding me? How much money you get in the open market. Earning be Bob beyond bias. What does he can't say right now, we don't know the market is okay. The second best pitcher available after kaikal. Right. So you think that one's kaikal science will actually get too much for the Mets price, tag, probably? I mean, I can't say too much. We could be at spring training. These guys aren't signed, right. Yeah. You know, the weird part about that whole thing is it's probably gonna suck to Anna a pitcher right before spring training. Right. It's gonna it's not gonna pitches. Well, like we've seen that with that said, he's still a guy that just makes you better. I think the Mets have enough starting pitching depth. That's my is tissue with this team. Again, GIO Gonzalez as the fourth or fifth starter. It's a no brainer sold Stephen Malibu, California. Steve my God. Steve, how are you? I knew you were going ask Steve now. Uh-huh. There surf in a little bit of something. Yeah. I just got up this morning surf got done. Did you linger? God bless you. Steve. Guys. Thanks for calling. Oh my God. Now. Yeah. I know I'm sorry. That's the only place. The bomb. No one's going to bomb. Whatever. Malibu. Okay. Two questions first of all whole number one. Hopefully, okay. Second question. Why didn't Sean Payton just take off about ridiculous? Call. Take on us. We got a caller let's week. We're together. Let's go out to win this game. Instead of just like keep blowing coaching. Coach. Why don't you bring guys together for a moment? Let the world see what you're doing. What's going on with the? So after the non-call just. Say but think about it. The non Cole was on third down. So the next play Iran was kicking a field there. And so you had time to talk to your defense, which has nothing to do with that play and say, our guys, you got a three point lead goes stop, right, right? So I don't know what you're really looking for their now. Michael Irvin said something interesting and jumped out of that's what I was thinking to Michael Irvin. Said Irvine admitted jumped out of Dover was talking to my you're saying he listened to this this. This would really affect you that Evan was say. Of course, it offensive that affected the team. And of course, I could see it affected him. I'm not saying it shouldn't or it didn't. But they had a chance to win the guy I understand. But I could see where would knock you off kilter. I could see where it would especially at that point in the game. There's not a lot of time to recover. Now. It didn't happen in the first quarter. If what do you mean talented move past? Well, it's a winter easy to say out the plane in game in and seeing what what's the mental aspect? That's going on in your head. Now. Lawrence Taylor getting down got a bad. Call. Towns the greatest of all time. Example too tough guy too. Games. Again. I don't know. How did they never were in that position? Where you could say something like that. I don't know. It's easy to say hypotheticals. It really is until you're faced with the situation. I don't know look they had three different opportunities to win this game. Anyway, number one. Stop the Rams from kick in a game tying field goal. Number two in overtime score a touchdown in the game. And number three. Once the Rams got the ball, turn them over at that point. They almost had to turn them over because they had pretty good field. Right. Right. And they missed that all three opportunities. I'm not sure Sean Payton talking to the team had anything to do with it. Because he did have a chance to talk to his team. Remember that penalty occurred on third down. The field goal is hit. Luckily was hit. Well, he made it at least right then. And we all know what happened this season. And this Hooper bowl. Maybe I'm wrong about the Super Bowl. But I think that play is going to be our memory. Of course, this season states. The biggest moment season. I I agree with you. And even though the saints aren't playing in the Super Bowl. I think it's going to hang over the game a little bit too because we're gonna be thinking about how the saints should be there in the ramp shouldn't be here. I agree. Quick break, and we'll come back with more your calls. We take it right up 'til CNBC Connecticut school of broadcasting. They have New York City area campuses in Stratford, Connecticut has New Jersey in Westbury Long Island it before I had my training. I had no idea be living out the dream going to work everyday talking sports here at the fan, but Connecticut school of broadcasting made it all possible, I learned all aspects of the industry from behind the scenes production and audio and video to audio performance..

GIO Gonzalez Mets Steve Sean Payton Michael Irvin Connecticut school of broadcas Jeremy Justin Wilson Rams Malibu Dallas Richard Lewis Avalon Stephen Malibu Lawrence Taylor Jio Gonzales Connecticut Bob Iran
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"He saying I didn't I didn't think we broke any new ground at the Cuban. You could just tell you a little bit like that. Indicated there might be something little I guess that was just a mostly right now. But do you think they're done? You know, I think of Allard allergies. Great Alabama's good up. There. The analytical guy wasn't that impressive. But I hear rave reviews about him. So I'm sure he does a fine job. I think they need to do. Now, Joe is add another starting pitcher. And there's a guy sitting out there. And I know he's not great. But to add him just so the Mets don't have to face him would be totally worth. And he's better than Jason Vargas, you're ready. Everybody's better than Jason. That is true GIO Gonzalez. Oh, yeah. And he wins all the time. It's at city field. What's his record? At city field GIO Gonzalez of wins. Gio gonzalez. Jason fog is. That close wasn't. On what's GIO Gonzalez? I know he wouldn't be teaching against the Mets. But once GIO Gonzalves lifetime record ac- field. I'm pulling it up. It's it's ridiculous. It's absurd. I do know that I know. But I'll give you the exact number. I'll get it. I'll get it for he wants to. But he's a guy. They just need a fifth starter. Jason Vargas, you tell me to Mets get GIO Gonzalez. Are you kidding? It is reading he's the fourth or fifth starter. Oh my God. No, it's it's is he's made seventeen starts. He's eleven and two with a one point seven five ERA free agent. You'll gonzales. Yeah. Oh, I'd sign them into nanosecond like that. Oh, okay. Are you like it? You love it. That's I would I would actually be excited. Look at this. They don't you agree with that. But why Gonzales brought up Jay? As as better than Matt's..

GIO Gonzalez Mets GIO Gonzalves Jason Vargas Jason fog gonzales Jason Allard Alabama Joe Matt Jay
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"Three Fred McGriff is a guarantee hall of Famer how do you look at those numbers year after year after year and the gutters. Even come close. You know, what I think he would hurt him is that all of the advanced metrics and that and that people today look at these. Metrics, and they try to apply to people in the eighties in the early nineties. When metrics were really a thing. And I from what I'm reading about. And this is very little. It's just a lot of double plays. He was a bad base runner. And they're trying to all that stuff in there. They say that a lot about Cantu. Like some of the stuff you here. And it's like calm on. He was a bad guy. That's why he's not getting any bad defensively. But like, I mean, are we serious here? Especially with the guys that are in those guys to me or you look at those I want as a fan as an owner GM, you would tell for consistency. Like that nowadays, you're afraid to give a guy at three or four year deal because you don't know what's going to happen year to year, look at the consistency. So I entirely career. He hit five hundred clean. He's a lock. Also, I gonna understand why seven home runs keep you out. Not only keep you out. He doesn't get that many. Consistently gets like twenty thirty percent of the vote said even closer with soft. So he's not he's not trending up now with that new committee, and otherwise he'll get it. You're probably Jason Johns di-, he'll get it. Yeah. J exact Jason. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty sixty six. I could talk about that stuff all day Bruce in flushing. What's up, Bruce? Hey, sound to Yankee points and hoping pointer I on the Yankees. I don't know why I guess get the feeling the Yankees are gonna pull one more surprise crate. Because. The whole thing of signing oldies and feel. They're up to something. I don't know if they're and talks and Dan. Happen in the cover themselves. But I think I think it may create one more infielder for a picture. I could be wrong. Gimme you talking about. Maybe into her wouldn't even be surprised if Taurus I would be stunned of its Torres. I mean, they wouldn't they said last year basically cash from last year tours untouchable man, then trading them that was when degrom rumors came up as was degrom. I think maybe even Syndergaard at the time, but they said they went out trading tours or he would be untouchable. I would not be surprised though, Bruce if Cashman that something sleeve leave do and then maybe give you a little more playing time. At least it gives them some flexibility to where you think maybe they do want to move and do our first starting pitcher or they feel like there's a good enough deal that they can't pass up. They could do it Beckingham point. There's a picture out there who I think would be perfect for the Yankees to add another starter or somebody in the bullpen quiz, which the bachelor even though I think he's still a little bigger question, Mark. So he's always even before that heart issue came up or whatever it was. He's always been a question, Mark. Anyway. Oh, I mean production healthwise. Yes. He's a question. Marks pitcher GIO Gonzalez. Yeah. I don't mind it. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to that. Bruce. I I think anytime you add a quality starting pitcher, no jobs all is not a top of the rotation guy. The way that maybe he was with Oakland on the NATs. I got him. But he's a quality starting pitcher who would add depth to any rotation. Same point one Martinez. Definitely should be. And I don't know how you can say couldn't begin. He was. Dominating drive, this entire tenure. He played in big games. Got big base. It was a consistent hundred Nabi three twelve career here. Yeah. You're probably I mean, look, you're probably right. I'm a little hesitant for whatever reason on Edgar. Another guy fan. I don't think deserts have been fame is making a senior very good. Good pitcher. But I'm old school. I won't famous. I mentioned the name, and my gut tells me, yes. Or no part of the problem would only save a metric guys is a personal killing baseball number one to get stolen base the bond and. I think the reason why baseball decline and tennis. Why is it taking strategy the normal play second base no-one playing home play? That's more major league baseball sabermetrics guys. But when saving metric guys applied at rules to all of them. That's how the whole thing is all about the whole thing is was he great now. Well, it's A plus B equals C. That's am. I know. I agree. Bruce, thanks for the call. I think you now with a lot of stuff right there. Also, I agree with how he was a good pitcher great at sometimes he's not a whole fame pitcher. I vote for Andy Pettitte before I voted for Mike mainly because we're PETA did well mainly, obviously because what PETA did and the postseason, but Messina's a great that against them. It's not a whole Famer. I mean, come on as I said, I'm voting for either. But I would vote for any pet it before I voted for Mike. I think I'm dumb with my bowel. We'll wrap that up on the other side and also get into obviously championship.

Yankees Bruce Jason Johns di Fred McGriff Cantu GIO Gonzalez Andy Pettitte Mark baseball Oakland Martinez GM Mike PETA flushing Syndergaard Dan Messina Cashman tennis
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"There's only nowhere fast. It's time to make a change at the draft pick with the first pick of the two thousand nineteen NFL draft, or we'll just a few hours from first pitch of the brewers versus dodgers while the dodgers are somehow betting. Favorite is the brewers inter this series having won eleven straight including dominant sweep of the Rockies the walkie starting GIO Gonzalez who hasn't pitched full two weeks, Clayton Kershaw who's foreign one in Miller park with ERA of one, four Frank. Can you see the brewers rolling right through the dodgers to? I'm not sure about ruling through them. I think it could be a long series and it's funny about Clayton Kershaw and the narrative for him really going into last season was Eddie struggled in the postseason. Five postseason starts three. You know, two point nine, three ERA. So he has been very good. And what's interesting about the brewers for them? It's all about their bullpen. They're trying to make the game a five inning game, so they can get to their bullpen, especially Josh Hader who has been complete lights out. But you mentioned GIO Gonzalez since acquired him. The brewers are five and owned the games that he has started. So we'll see the ongoing with the experienced guy tonight, but something tells me over the course of the series, the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen will be the difference. Well, I just wrote down. One theme thought for me on this series is is brewers bullpen. I mean, it's not just hater. It's Jefferson's Canadian story. Ah, I mean, they when they get out there, they just been dominant and that the team has dominant. Some of those gains they had to win. Remember they were chasing. They had the fend off the cardinals and then get passing knock down the cubs, and they did it against proven teens lately, including a World Series. Champ once. Removed. So I think the brewers forget favored. I didn't stand that's about betting and people like Kornheiser don't even acknowledge that the state of Wisconsin exist and they're the ones who are betting, but I'll take the brewers absolutely in the seven game series. And I don't think is going to go more than five, maybe six admitted, though. It's great to see baseball, playoff baseball in the mid west, isn't it? I want to be always by the way couple of things to pay attention to the dodgers batted two ten against the Braves. Won the series in four games, but they hit eight home runs and Christian yelich who is probably gonna win the MVP nine of seventeen lifetime. Definitely Vernon, Clayton Kershaw. All right. The Red Sox reward for eliminating the hundred win. Yankees is a date with the Houston. Astros winners one hundred three games this year, the defending champs, they're going to start there as Justin Burland or in game one, Boston throw its top star, Chris sale who beat the Yankees last week in his five and two lifetime against Houston. However, Michael sale was roughed up in his two appearances last October against the Astros. So are you betting on Chris sale in a big game like this? No, no. And I know he came through. I agree beautifully in the last game. I mean he just he put the Yankees in this pocket, but but Vern Lander at presume. Cole. I mean, I like the top of their rotation better. Here's I like almost as well as their starting rotation. Springer two bregman Yuri Allen Zalis not to mention in some order, six, seven guys like Kare. Korean Riddick Riddick in Korea that look that that lineup and the pitching the combination of stove fashioned starting pitching top of lineup. I'm still going with the Astros and you know, maybe it'll be a tight game..

brewers dodgers Clayton Kershaw Milwaukee Brewers GIO Gonzalez Astros Chris sale Yankees Eddie NFL ERA baseball Korea Yuri Allen Zalis Red Sox Rockies Josh Hader Miller park Braves
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"This is Steve Perry, Steve Perry free warmer lead for for journey. Who would one gigantic solo album? He did solo. Oh, yeah. Come on. Oh, Sherrie. I mean he had a gigantic solo on that anyway. He came back and made now my thought he throw it out there. All right. So we're getting ready for NFC s game number one tonight. GIO Gonzalez versus Clayton Kershaw. It is Clayton Kershaw day. We've got tomorrow SC versus undefeated Colorado at the Coliseum. And then Sunday I will be in Denver with the snow and the cold and the Rams versus the Denver Broncos. And then don't forget Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Dodger Stadium games, three, four and five. I hate the two, three two, but and I hate that Thursday game, which is like a two o'clock game. The Wednesday gave me at is all the Wednesday game. Yeah, right. It doesn't. That doesn't that better for the dodgers though you'd think. It'd be better if they take one game in Milwaukee and they sweep in LA. Yeah, I think it's really hard to beat Milwaukee, three times in a row. That's why I think the series goes back to to Milwaukee. So I wanted to grab this because obviously Lakers getting ready to open and it's it's funny how people are already speculating beyond beyond this year. So Mark Stein, who is an excellent basketball writer, who is who writes for the New York Times tweeted this just a little while ago about Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. He says and don't forget it. It's warriors versus Lakers tonight. Apparently the warriors guys are playing in San Jose. The Lakers guys for the most part are not lonzo's gonna play, but no LeBron no Rondo, no Ingram. Here's what he writes. The other twenty nine teams are bound to draw hope from the recent widespread rumbles that Durant will seriously consider signing with the Knicks neck next summer yet my own sense after some temperature taking in Vegas is that more people within the organization, the not believe Durant ultimately wants to enjoy at least one season in Golden State's new San Francisco palace after spending so much court time off court time in his first two years, immersing himself in Silicon Valley. He says, there is no tangible concern about Klay Thompson, leaving the warriors, but they do. They do think that the Lakers are. A possible destination for. K. d. next year. So there's two things out there floating around. First of all, we're excited about this season. I think you know, from watching this team from seeing Lonzo the other night, I think this team's going to be very good. I think fifty to fifty five wins. Probably the number, I think very possibly. This team can get to the Western Conference finals. I think LeBron is that good? And I think he's gonna make everybody else that much better, but we all know that there's kind of a two step here. The next step would be next summer and it seems like Mark and multiple people are suggesting the k. d. could be that guy. Could be that guy in New York? No. Could be no, because kyri says he's going to stay in Boston k. d. is now potentially going to be could potentially be a Laker while now be great to have k. d. here in LA obviously that would be the best one, two punch of all time. What if you were k. d. what would you rather do would you rather have quite possibly the best team of all time by staying with the warriors and making the money work or because in ten years from now, are you going to look back at this Katie, this warriors team in and CK on it and think, oh man, they they just they overpaid for it that it's, he'd left Oklahoma City and he stayed in in with the warriors or you're gonna look back and say, this is the best team ever thing. Katie is so sensitive. He's the, he's the most sensitive superstar in the world. I don't. Nobody knows what's going on inside his head. He's got one on her account. He's commenting on Instagram posts from some kid in his basement. I mean, just it's, it's ridiculous. The gyrations that he goes through. So I don't. It's hard to say what he actually wants the theory that's out there and it's completely possible is that there are two one is k..

Golden State Warriors Lakers Kevin Durant k. d. Steve Perry warriors dodgers LeBron Clayton Kershaw Lonzo Mark Stein Dodger Stadium Milwaukee LA Sherrie GIO Gonzalez Denver New York Times Instagram Colorado
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"Do me a favor think, oh, you're you're gambling for this weekend because we still have mythical money on the line method money. And then let Greg know about it. All right. Get heard about every third word of that. Okay. All right. Let's okay. I'm gonna call. I'm going to pull over the tarps. It's over. On, have you back to the shining hotel and wish you well, all right. See you. There's John Ireland joining us just ever so briefly from three hours from three seconds behind. So we're, we'll work our way through this thing. I think anticommunist he's a bump in Greg Bergman is here multi-platform Greg mpg. We will let you know that. Of course, tonight is game one and l. c. s. dodgers at Milwaukee. I think this is going to be an incredibly close series. I've said, I think it's going to be a seven game series. Milwaukee's bullpen is just absolutely stacked. And tonight the dodgers are going to face lefty. GIO Gonzalez formula walkie Milwaukee's gonna, throw lefty, lefty and right-hander in these next three games. So that would be today tomorrow and Monday. Dodger Stadium. It'll go Wade, Miley in game two. A lefty on on that'll be tomorrow. And then on Monday, it'll be euless just seen as John mentioned, Christian yelich versus Clayton Kershaw is a nightmare. Yelich has been great against her Shah nine of seventeen a double and two home runs, and I put together what I think say again. Okay, rapid. Come back. All right. We're gonna wrap in, come back. This is just like, let's just get through this first segment. This John is gone. Now he did his why I was doing a first segment. Okay. Go ahead. What what do you think I was doing? I know you were, but I'll just saying, let's just start all over. Okay. You wanna start all over. You want to call him elegant? Yes. Okay, mulligan we'll have our mulligan next. Forget everything. You earn the first seven minutes of the show.

John Ireland dodgers Greg Bergman Milwaukee Dodger Stadium GIO Gonzalez mulligan euless Yelich Clayton Kershaw Wade l. c. Miley seven minutes three seconds three hours
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"Well, actually, in the second half, those were about Ford to in change. There was those are worse when he was pitching better? Yep. So I don't have much faith in gray, really giving a top notch start here for the for the Rockies. I think that's a really good Pickus for his ex factor goes and considering that it's just really Freeland and Marquez who that third guy's gonna be. It could be great. They might not honestly Nevin announced it yet is opening today or getting like a full-on start would refers for the for the brewers, but I know sends a telecom, kind of be that guy where he looks good at the start. They can say, you might go three four. But if he's a little bit wobbly, I could see them saying, hey, you gave us into thirds. You're out. So how much are we going. See of gray. That would be, I guess it would be the game start. I dunno Marquez feel into they need an extra day of rest. Undecided, they're undecided on tomorrow's game. The Rockies are seen for Milwaukee, but they're undecided with Colorado. Maybe that's where you go Marquez, but then do you want gray at home rights and also there's interested in the mix too? Yeah, up and down. He's had greats stints, but then awful runs to like he's really been right guardrail the guardrail. Yep. So I think it's a great pick with John great if he if he does start and performs well, I could definitely see the Rockies coming out of the series even though the brewers are incredibly high right now. This is actually kind of funny. This is the first cast we're gonna do we're, we're not talking fantasy. I no fantasy at all. Zoll real life stuff. Now, do you wanna give your Colorado reliever or have me give my second starter and then let's go started because it's kind of like to do parallels between boats. Okay. So this one cheated a little meaning. I kind of guys. I know. I know I'm a bad person, but I am just kind of curious what they're here with with Woodruff going today as the as the opener. I don't know if they're going to bring in one of these two guys that I'm about to mention after that, which they probably should see tomorrow if GIO Gonzalez Wade Miley face Colorado in Colorado, that's game over man cannot do that. So I don't know why they don't have one of them starting tomorrow. First off Miley I'm very suspect on. I know he's had some good results. He got his cutback but has an eight percent strikeout minus walk rate that doesn't support anything close to two fifty seventy IRA. It probably doesn't really support a three fifty seven area. So I'm suspect on him altogether. Geo I've got a little bit more love for. I've always been a GO. Fan. I know he's he's certainly volatile when his walks up. He can have seventy five pitches through three. In the third, you're making grimaces. I mean, go look at his career numbers like gonna sit here and pretend like he's not a great pitcher, but he said five solid starts with them to thirteen point ninety five whip. I'm not going to sit here and say that he's a to ninety five true talent. Two, thirteen true talent guy or anything, but he can miss bats. He can keep the ball down and when he's on, he can give you five, six, solid innings. I can't let GIO Gonzalez or Wade Miley go into Coors field though. The devastation that Colorado puts on lefties in general is sharp at home..

Colorado Marquez brewers Rockies GIO Gonzalez Wade Miley GIO Gonzalez Wade Miley Ford Pickus Coors field Nevin Milwaukee Freeland Woodruff John eight percent
George Papadopoulos asks for probation for lying to FBI

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George Papadopoulos asks for probation for lying to FBI

"Because of what he went through but he took what he learned and his love of his country and moved. It to. Help not only in the state of Arizona but our whole country the Republican party Going to have a future they're going to need, to be have people, like John McCain Today the late. Senator's body will be moved around eight thirty this. Morning from the capital to the cathedral the motorcade will make its way down constitution, avenue it will make a stop at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial where the late

George Papadopoulos Donald Trump Cindy Mccain John Mccain Brewers Vietnam Veterans Memorial Senator Us Naval Academy Fedex Republican Party Vladimir Putin Gio Gonzalez Arizona Orioles Napa Marianna Silver FBI DC
Rockies Vs Giants Game Recap 1

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Rockies Vs Giants Game Recap 1

"Effort by brian shaw tonight entered the win for the rockies in relief he pitched the tenth inning he at first and second and nobody out finally got the two outs and in this owen pitch is a ground ball right back to shaw he's got it he'll toss over to first base and that'll take care of the giants the top of the tenth inning brian shaw you at first and second and nobody out that was our fired up moment the ballgame relief was terrific for the rockies tonight all five runs give it up my chad beddis in the sixth inning see work the bullpen after that must grave davis shaw all outstanding for the rockies and brian shaw gets a victory and are fired up moment of the game chevy

Yankee Stadium Denver Edwin Encarnacion Baltimore David Kansas City Chevy Owen Oakland Tigers Justin Verlander Yankees Brian Shaw Astros Orioles Gio Gonzalez Jd Martinez Boston Kansas Minnesota
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"Not only do you have to go play that one game playoff likely start your ace if you do win now you go into that lds against the team with the best record regardless number one seed in the l in the american league and then you have game warm without your ace because you used race in that wall card game so you're trying stop it's kind of puts you hamstrings you a little bit obviously it be happy to win that game but anything and with the sudden death one game playoff it's a can be kinda shaky so alias strays is going to be a fun one to watch the rest of the way right now the red sox do hold a half game lead after tuesday all right let's go over the scores from monday really quickly it was a shorter slate as it is always on mondays and thursdays as a few teams we're taking days off there's only nine games as we'll do that really quickly in philadelphia it was a shut up hormones for the phillies nicoletta pitch very nicely there at home at citizens bank he went seven innings allowed four hits one walk seven strikeouts for provider a nice performance there his fourth on the year for the phillies they got some they only scored three runs where they've got a couple of homers it was aaron on tier hit his fifth to run shot and nick williams his third solo shot knows all runs for that game in washington the nationals blow out the padres tend to behind an nice pitching performance from gio gonzalez he wouldn't seventies led to runs on two hits three walks five strikeouts to give up a home run to that was to raise a two run homer and that was the only runs that the padres would muster in that game for the nationals on the offense of side of the home runs from the nineteen i i same team first guy ever.

phillies padres gio gonzalez philadelphia nick williams washington
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"Gio gonzalez was like at one hundred eleven in five innings or something like that yes you knew what was going to be tied you knew he was going to give up runs it is tied three three in the sixth and now it's going to be started at five o'clock today with one hundred percent rank you are looking at this the wrong way gio gonzalez had runners on second third in the opening two endings he's also going against a team that averages five seventy runs a game any to to earn number the yes in we would have loved to get the w last night but when you're going against that line of particularly the first four hitters to keep them in the yard is a very good feet for him and it's like a it's like a concert where you know it might be affected by rain so they play all the hits early geo just let everything go i don't look at he knew he wasn't going to come back if they brought him back out at ten eleven o'clock doesn't matter so yeah but he's got a really good curve ball and a really good fastball but he's too cute he's got a work around the edges all the time and just build up the pitch count i don't understand it i don't know you write that as soon as the rain falls citizens that at all he's done that i was there was an inevitability to the fact that the yankees were going to tie that game and then it would rain and then it would be postponed did you not feel that i felt that the inevitability would be that the yankees would have had a quick get two four three and then they would have been able to call the game because we didn't know if it was going to ended up they got more they got more baseball outta last night than they should have had the biggest air years why don't you put the game up to five pm i know it's a sellout crowd that but if you can get to a seven o'clock game you can get to a five o'clock game yeah i mean start the game early you know it's going to rain now if it rains all day and all night tonight and you can't play that at all zero you have nothing to show for to sell what's the.

Gio gonzalez yankees baseball one hundred percent
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"gio gonzalez" Discussed on The Ringer MLB Show

"They've made questionable decisions in those purchase situations and if nothing else you know nothing's going to scare dusty baker he is seeing everything so you know it like he brought shirts out of the bullpen he pulled gio gonzalez early like it's what are you gonna do differently like yeah i don't know not that jason we're not going to work eliminate that that temptation for yeah yeah yeah i yeah i mean look i think the long haul of the regular season getting to the playoffs is is more important than what you do once you're there at least from a hiring perspective i mean if you think imagine is so great in the club has that will get you to play us but so terrible tactically that you'll never advance then sure i don't think it but i don't think these no i don't think he's in that category anymore maybe once he was but he hasn't been for quite some time five i've won one quick thing about ron gardenhire who i'm sure we'll come and go without us ever thinking about him again with the state of the tigers his last words minnesota he lost ninety games four years in a row which is an astonishing feat for manager in the age of people pay attention in baseball so i think the tigers sort of all their team going in that direction anyway and maybe one to to steer into the skid before yeah talk about horses for courses the this is the guy who's managed to kinda team we're gonna feel he's had winners to but on the past decade right now.

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