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"gino coreper" Discussed on Today, Explained

"The shops in the tourist areas of Romar standing empty bars and restaurants are empty. Grocery stores are still up and running in store pharmacies but there are apparently only seeing patients through a glass or plastic barrier and. I've spoken to talion this week. Who taught me how dramatic this changes. How SUDDEN IT FEELS. Italy's this densely packed country. A lot of people live in apartments. There used to gathering in meeting in public spaces having their evening passage outta like a walk around the main streets in the cities and towns where they live and congregating in these places and now these public spaces are dead and we have to remain positive. I'm calm I'm living the best way taking all precautions we have to adopt lifestyles but we carry them when the quarantine was first imposed on the north of the country which is where. The outbreak is centered. People were a bit skeptical and may be resistant to following the quarantine orders. And now I think with the death toll and the case toll rising so fast so again more than thousand deaths. They're people are scared and they're more willing to follow instructions and to take this seriously. That had been worries for the potent himself after he cancelled a retreat because of illness but the Vatican said he simply had a common cold. Gino Coreper Year. I'm close in prayer to people who are suffering because of the current corona virus epidemic. I'd say Wolf those taking care of them and you even have like public figures like pop singers and artists taking to social media to encourage people to stay at home. There's an eel store Aqazadeh Hashtag going around sub means I'm at home and Famous people are sharing little photos and videos about their quarantine experiences. So I think the I've kind of shifted from maybe some skepticism take acceptance at. This is what needs to happen and it might change. Though in the coming days the government to set anyone found flouting the ban could face jail but patrolling the region to ensure everyone stays port will be another challenge for a government dealing with Europe's worst corona virus crisis. So Italy is in China. So they don't have this massive army and police force to keep people in line but for now it sounds like most people are being the order. They're staying home Julia. Blues Senior Health correspondent at Vox. You've been covering the corona virus outbreak in Italy from your base in Austria. Just how bad is the outbreak in Italy? It's bad so as a Friday. They have more than fifteen thousand cases and thousand deaths. And just put those figures into context. That's bigger than the other major outbreaks that are happening outside of China. So it's bigger than the outbreaks you've probably heard about in South Korea. It's bigger than Iran is the largest outbreak in Europe and only the numbers in China rival. What's happening in Italy right now? And the one thing that makes the the Italian case so startling just how quickly it escalated so just three weeks ago. Italy had reported only three cases to the. Who and again. Now they have more than fifteen thousand and so this virus really took off there and it appears to have caught the authorities off guard. Oh is that why it spread so quickly because Italian officials were caught off guard? There are a few theories so the outbreak started in the north in the Lombardy region. This is a densely populated. Area has lots of business ties to the rest of the world. Ten million people living there people coming in and now and that might have helped accelerate the spread but there are many parts of Europe. They'd have these dynamics so that might not explain everything another ideas that there were simply testing more aggressively than other places and finding more cases and not might have inflated picture of what's happening there relative to other countries so for example as of March the only seventeen hundred Americans have been tested for cove in nineteen and the number in Italy was fifty thousand in. Italy was also taking a different approach many other countries in not just testing people who had returned from China. They're also testing people without any traveling or.

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