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"ginette nudie" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"Dot com. Florida morning show with Jennifer Rawson. News talk eight fifty F T L. But I'm the only guy that can credibly say I'm not under investigation for corruption by the FBI. Rhonda Santa's onstage with the president last night. And south west Florida demand. You would like to become Florida's next governor and the lady who would like to become Florida's next Lieutenant governor on the line with us Janette Nunez. You had to be by the side listening to that line from your partner, your running mate and say, you know, what that's a great line. Good morning. Thanks for being here. Good morning Bill. Thank you for having me. It's it's nice to have the support of the president to to support your ticket. It's such a such an important rallying area of southwest billion tire status is is important. But have that kind of support that has to has to kind of put a little jump in your step for the rest of the campaign. Absolutely. And if you would have been there, you would drive in thousands of people thousands of people waiting in line, the people that were inside the arena. I mean, it really was up lifting and we had just a great time. And I had an opportunity to address the crowd, and I tell you they were pumped and when the president got on there and when Rhonda. They were they were really excited. I bet you could tell that just from the audio from listening to that this morning. It was a new poll and off you saw this out from Reuters Ipsos university of Virginia combined poll, if you believe in the polls, and I think we we learned at twenty sixty Ginette that they're they're not to rely -able, actually. But they have Gillam ahead by five points on average in this one. I will tell you though, I'm not a big believer in polls. I think I think I learned that lesson in two thousand sixteen I believe in what I hear on the street at I believe uncertain little telltale things like, oh, I don't know Google searches. If you go right now, you're aware of this you Google genetics. You're the first name pops up to me, that's a much more solid indicator than any methodology a poll. There's a lot of interest in your campaign. Well, I'm glad to hear that. I haven't googled myself. Not that you would agree with you. Yeah. I agree with you. I think that the enthusiasm the momentum shifts in the campaign. I think accurate debates once Andrew was pressed on some of his ethical lapses in his corruption. Yet. The I investigation I think voters started to pay attention and really start to investigate us to who is Andrew gillum. Why would they want to hand over the keys to our great state for someone that doesn't have a proven track record that has done nothing to keep the city safe? That really has a lot of unanswered questions that that Lord knows what's going to happen. Once you know, once the investigation is concluded, and so I think voters are really concerned about that voters want a candidate that's gonna protect their economy. Make sure that our economy continues to grow. They don't want them on it's going to raise taxes forty percent. That's going to be detrimental to every Floridian. My partner Nigerian she's off today. But we've we've asked this question now, we're going on like maybe three weeks. Why the newness campaign is Harpring so hard on the Broadway tickets scandal deal, whatever it is much more. So than taxes, you may get a completely different read on it on, you know, the people you talk about your hitting the streets every day. But I would just imagine that will you tell people first of all that they're going to raise your taxes and possibly push to get rid of a state income tax or to to institute that is more of an impact. But how come the main focus is on the ticket scandal? Well, I would say the main focus is on the ticket scandal. I think we do press YouTube because I think as I mentioned every single will be impacted by forty percents tax increase off of you look at his very left wing liberal Pakistan plan, you're going to have to like, you said institute from tax, and that's something that you can imagine would make us very very very unattractive businesses looking to relocate here very unattractive to current businesses. You're going to really create a system of widespread panic in unemployment, but as it relates to the ticket the Hamilton tickets we've worked on that. Because it's important. The next governor is someone that has ethics that has standard, but has values and certainly if you download the scores of documents that have been released the text messages between mayor Gillam, and the lobbyists and the FBI undercover agent who was posing as a developer. And you look at not just the ticket. It wasn't one related incident where he could claim that he thought his brother paid for or whatnot voters are smarter than that. It's the ongoing pay to play the Costa Rican junket or luxury villa that he finally that he had a four hundred dollar ATM withdrawals. That was enough and suffice to pay for his trip. Voice where the lobbyists scratched out his portion of that trip, and it said whole, and so he was never charged. He never paid. And so his continuous lack of ethics and the way he handles his interactions with people looking at you the city of CIA hockey while he was mayor, and then he turned around and gave those developers that lobbies two million dollars be able to build a restaurant in half. So I think it's important that quotas next seminar is someone that's sort of how to the highest ethical standards, and that's what they have in Rhonda dances. Florida state rep. And Lieutenant governor candidates Ginette nudie is on the line with us. I appreciate your time. Again. I know you're busy and you've got a rally coming up again. Today from here on out, you're going to be busy. But I'm wondering if you had a chance to hear this James O'Keefe has Project Veritas where there's a lot of undercover videos, this one just launched last night. If you've seen it there's a top ranking as he's being reported, and describes Gillam staffer Omar Smith who is calling our state calling Florida. This is his his words a cracker state. I don't know if you've seen that inside the campaign any reaction to that. I haven't seen that. And you know, it we're just we're just a call with the tone that Andrew Gillerman. He and his poker are really trying to infiltrate into this campaign. You know, said it before I've said it before we're focused on right versus wrong, not talk for since white. It's not about race. It's not about color. This is about who is the best qualified candidate to lead for the next generation to make sure we protect your and the folks that are lifting have a big part to play. So we're asking all of our voters make sure that they have gone to vote early if they haven't they have ballots at home, but they plead because there's a large percentage, particularly in the Palm Beach area of folks still have their absentee ballots, and we wouldn't want your voice your vote not to count just because you sat on your ballot. Or you didn't have time to go. There's plenty of opportunity to vote early, but we're focused on the issues. We're not focused on all of the other stuff that Andrew gallon has tried to make this race about because we know what this election is about is Florida's future. Well, looks like you got on the schedule today. Meet and greet coming up in key Largo. So no, you're busy Ginette New Year's the Santa's Nunez ticket. I appreciate your time. Very much and your honesty on the issues. And hopefully, we'll talk to you again soon. Hopefully, great. Thank you so much. It's a pleasure. You gotta take care now. Eight fifty WF choice here the Florida midterms.

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