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"gina lake" Discussed on Boomer & Gio

"This great. Let's see if you can take the lead. Who is the jet sheldrick red wine for tristen rum shawl red wine. Good job i got one. Guess i like shaun because they enjoy rid wind jerry just to be. These guys are on the fifty three man roster on the depth chart. Okay as of yesterday they are on the chart yes again and he's up one nothing al. Who is the jet. All mirian answer or javelin do a gigiri unser over three my man i would have said that javelin gigiri would be the deed. Yes all right. Hey to take dominant to nothing lead. Who is the jet. Bryce whole or brian sa- mayes. Good up to nothing all right. This is it out. If you don't get this over then you won't be able to come back. Who is the jet morgan. Moses were caleb abraham caleb abraham for the game or with multiple choice fifty ally. Try any congratulations to more. Good job at the fake names jerry. Do one more. I will give you for extra credit if you can get this. Who is the jet timmy. Northfield or trayvon west. Go west go. Who have you know a fullback. Fullback music fullback. So all right eddie. You got three good at all but good try. I suppose for jets. In panthers on sunday i. Let's get to the yankees last night. As as they fell short to the blue jays. The to two is line to left. Centerfield heading toward third is taos. Go the throat. Second hiccups house go home. The throw home is safe. The ball was dropped now. It's funny john sterling van. You went to atlantic city last week. And you've talked about doing red black. I mean you just had fifty fifty shot five times in a row added you do on roulette while i Not great. I was trying out a system. I was reading about online. That did not work out then. I used my own system. And i am. I got most of my money back but not all of your own system. Yeah which is what. Modifications the west coast. I'm west coast. I modified the system. I was using that. I read about online. I feel like roulette systems totally kochta. Evidently they are like blackjack systems. I can understand that but roulette. It's an individual spin every single time z. For kochta system modified for people who are scared to bet a large amounts of money is the system. Where when you lose you double your bet and then if you lose again you double that that. If you lose again you double at six thousand dollars i mean. Have you not learned anything since working here. I did i did. I did hear craig on the air prior to me going there him saying. Don't chase your losses. And i was down like four hundred dollars in roulette. Offer me like i'd never. I don't like the bet and i was like I really could just grab another four hundred break even here but i did not try that so he learned but there was a debate over. You know what is down big. What isn't big. If i said i was down big in atlantic city. What amount of money would that need to be a thousand dollars. If rouse was forty dollars. I thought four hundred dollars on. Consider down big just. Because i don't like to lose money. Yeah i mean it's it's significant but if you if you went out of your way to tell you were down big i would think a thousand dollars but four hundred not good. I'd be pissed down four hundred dollars. That's four hundred bucks. That's a great. Dinner is what that is in then. New down four hundred and then you go to dinner those normally down six hundred basis that porterhouse that you gina lake not cheap. Yeah right well. He's a piece of big swing. There's some fun. Yes hey so. You lost four hundred dollars on roulette. Would you like a free sweet. Like i don't think he's one of those big fish that comes in oh suite. We have gone sweet sweet out in vegas infinity pool on the top floor. Nice uncomfortable was he. Yes i feel. Like eddie loves situations like that rich people and i actually. This is never done in that place. Like i saved the leftovers from the room service pizza and put it in the fridge and then had it like for lunch thing which i don't think ever happens. I just couldn't not do that surprise. You didn't sleep on the pizza box outside that that you could put an entire football team in that suite that we have. Yeah it was unbelievable ridiculous sitting down first thing watching fox news. Few it's awesome. That's why he was uncomfortable. When the car bombs came he was of course right. Marlins beat the mets three two. You got the subway series beginning tonight. It's montgomery and tyler mcgill will have it on the fan at six thirty. And all weekend long each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomerang geo jets at one o'clock and giants at four twenty five on sunday and you've got some doubleheaders to both networks have double header so in the one o'clock window for fox going up against carolina and the jets on cbs is going to be philadelphia and atlanta and then on cbs. In the afternoon we have to obviously Four twenty five games ninety percent of the country including new york is going to get a lower new york at least Is going to get kansas city and cleveland. Where about ten percent of the country's gonna get miami new england okay and then for fox late me see fox late fox. Late has two games as well. They have green bed world liens and they have denver at the giants denver and the giants you know. Obviously in the mid. It's kinda like the midwestern states shower where the bronco fans all right so it looks like it's about an eighty twenty split that green bay new orleans will be seen in about eighty percent of the country and denver new york giants about twenty. Of course. I mean that. Green bay new orleans games are going to be a very popular game. Rogers all the drama in the off season and everything else can wait. Let's go to vinnie cliff clinton. What's going on vinnie radio so out there. Thanks man. what do you got today. I real quick giants stuff. That bill fan calls up and says he doesn't have you know a fire Competitive fire is jones. Forget the for five touchdowns and parenthood fifty yards. A game is rookie year and his first game in the nfl marched up the field up and down on tampa blonde the game. I mean field goal but you wealth. Didn't our confidence in me to his meeting. I was gonna say the same. Who's like what What.

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