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NPR News: 01-19-2021 9AM ET

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NPR News: 01-19-2021 9AM ET

"Live from npr news. Korva coleman parts of washington. Dc are on alert a day ahead of the presidential inauguration. Npr's windsor johnston reports. This follows the deadliest at the capital. Nearly two weeks ago federal authorities continued to tighten security in and around the nation's capital expanding road closures and restricting traffic. In the downtown area the fbi continues to vet members of the national guard amid fears of potential violence. Ahead of the inauguration. Up to twenty five thousand troops are expected to be stationed throughout the city including the areas around the us capitol building by wednesday npr's windsor johnston president elect. Joe biden is going to nominate. Dr rachel levine as assistant. Us health secretary she has led pennsylvania's response to the pandemic and is a professor of pediatrics. And psychiatry at penn state levin is also openly transgender several biden nominees will have confirmation hearings today including his choices to lead the department of treasury defense homeland security and the director of national intelligence. And npr's michele keleman reports the senate foreign relations committee meets to consider the nominee for secretary of state. Tony blinken a former. Deputy secretary of state blinken goes way back with biden. He was a staffer on the senate foreign relations committee. When biden was chairman. And he says he wants to help the new administration restore america's place in the world because america at its best still has a greater ability than any other country on earth to bring others together to meet the challenges of our time. And that's where the men and women of the state department foreign service officers civil servants. That's where they come in. Lincoln is a french speaker who went to high school in paris. His father was an ambassador to hungary and his stepfather was a holocaust survivor who was rescued by african american. Gi michele kelemen npr news. Washington president elect joe biden and vice president. Elect kamla harris will attend a ceremony on the national mall late today. To honor the nearly four hundred thousand people who have died of covid nineteen in the us in brazil. Trucks carrying emergency supplies of oxygen are expected to arrive in the city of manaus today. Npr's philip reads reports. The trucks have come from neighboring venezuelan. Venezuelan president nicolas madura sent the oxygen to the rainforest city of bananas after surge of covid cases calls the health system to collapse. Oxygen supplies ran so short last week. That patients died of suffocation in their hospital beds. The state governor says the situation is now under control yet. Media reports suggest it remains precarious madero dispatched six oxygen tanker trucks. Even though venezuela's health system is in deep disarray for him. This is an irresistible propaganda. Victory at the expense of his political foe brazilian president jacob bolsonaro who's facing intense criticism for them analysis disaster breathes. Npr news regional. You're listening to npr news. The head of the us census bureau is resigning. Stephen billingham has quitting nearly a year before his term expires. The bureau's internal watchdog determined dilling him tried to improperly pressure workers to write a report related to president trump's executive order on citizenship data. Critics say the report would have been flawed and indefensible. The premiere of the canadian province of alberta says he is deeply concerned by reports. President elect joe biden. Plans to block the keystone. Excel oil pipeline. Npr's jeff brady reports premier. Jason kenney says the canadian province may pursue legal action the alberta government invested a billion and a half dollars in the pipeline last year and agreed to six billion in loan guarantees this year the pipeline is important to the province because it would transport oil sands crude down to the gulf coast where it can be sold on the world market for higher prices but that crude has a bigger carbon footprint than just about any other kind of oil it requires more processing. Joe biden will office with an ambitious climate plan. And he's vowed to block the pipeline premier kenney says in a statement that alberta will quote use all legal avenues available to protect its interest in the project jeopardy. Npr news russian leader. Alexei navalny has urged his supporters to turn into the streets in protest. He was arrested at moscow area airport. When he returned to russia this week he had been in germany for months recuperating from poisoning attack that he blamed on russia. The kremlin rejects the allegation. A russian judge has ordered navalny to be jailed for thirty days. This is npr.

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