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"gettysburg marie" Discussed on Stuff You Missed in History Class

"She wanted to go with him though so she became vivant gear which is a French term for uniformed women who traveled with the army's to kind of bolster the troops morale a lot of times they they act as merchants and sold things like food and tobacco Americans learned about Devante during the Crimean war and during the civil war there were women in this role on both sides of the fighting Marie bought things like whiskey Food Tobacco Co and various necessities to them sell to the soldiers she carried her whiskey in a small keg and she filled that keg with water when she couldn't get whiskey and sold water instead and she fought when she had to and she also helped care for the wounded she was paid a soldier salary plus and extra twenty five cents a day if she was doing hospital work at some point Marie left the twenty-seventh Pennsylvania Inventory and Bernard Tepi the story as reported by other people was that several soldiers one of them being her husband broke into her tent and stole sixteen hundred dollars from her. It is always tricky to try to convert a currency for that long ago to today's dollars but that was a huge amount of money. It'd be a huge amount of money today if someone stole that from me so at that time that was a fortune well it even if you like her husband had just broken in and stolen a twenty. That's still are cool. Yeah theft is theft but it really was quite a large sum but but she did not stay gone from the picture for long Irish Immigrant Charles H. T. colace had previously served in the eighteen th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment and after his enlistment was over he decided to start his own volunteer unit and he wanted to style this a unit after the French Light Infantry troops known as the Suave patterning the uniforms after their colorful pants jackets and turbans at first he had a small group known as the swamp death leak or calluses suave they eventually became the one hundred fourteenth Pennsylvania volunteer infantry as had been the case with vivant dear Americans I experienced to this was during the Crimean war and there was waft style units on both sides of the civil war just to be clear although the earliest French Suave troops were from northern Africa eventually these units associated with the French army were made up of Europeans and those wave units in the civil war even though they might have some not to the idea of Africa they were made up of white troops collis wanted his unit to have a air either he recruited Marie or she simply heard about what he was doing and volunteer to join she once again sold provision cooked and cared for the wounded she also delivered water and supplies to the front lines and doing that she actually took a bullet in the ankle at Fredericksburg see was recovered enough to carry water to the troops that chancellor spill and there she was under so much heavy fire that people described her skirts being riddled with bullet holes calls. She was awarded the Cross for Valor on May sixteenth of eighteen sixty three but she refused to wear it. She said she did not WANNA present. By the battle of Gettysburg Marie was a recognizable figure for much of the Union army in the area she had also. I started carrying a red white and blue care. After her first keg was shattered by a bullet she was there during the battle and she came through all of that unharmed although it does not appear that she left when the soldiers left there's actually a picture of her standing on Cemetery Hill in Gettysburg taking some time afterward and it's possible that she stayed behind to help care for the wounded and then she joined back up with her unit leader. After the war she married Corporal Richard Leonard and she was photographed with her keg at a reunion 1893 eventually she and Richard divorced and she died of an apparent suicide in nineteen at one before we move on we should really note that although Murray was in combat at various times and she was paid a soldier salary she was not actually there as a soldier but there were female soldiers at Gettysburg there were women lake. Mary sees goal who disguised herself as a man so that she.

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