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"gettysburg female institute" Discussed on Stuff You Missed in History Class

"At ephemeral dot show Matilda Pierce known as tilly was an ordinary but pretty well off civilian from Gettysburg. She was fifteen in July eighteen sixty three when the battle happened in eighteen eighty five she published Gettysburg or what a girl saw and heard of the battle which was her first person account. tilley was the youngest of four children and Dan she was at school at the young lady seminary at the Gettysburg Female Institute on June twenty-sixth when they first heard that the confederate army was approaching their teacher told them all to run home as fast as they could although she was sure that some of them couldn't have made did before the troops arrived her book gives a day by day accounting of the battle it first tones pretty excited. She attacks about the insults and indignities of the confederate army taking her horse she also talks about their appearance and behavior which he finds to be pretty raggedy and rude but apart from that she sounds pretty upbeat but when the actual fighting begins things quickly become frightening she describes a neighbor passing by on the way to Jacob Kurz farm south of town down and asking for tilly to come along thinking that she was going to be safer there and at first this seemed like a perfectly good plan but as the battle shifted it turned out to not be true at all the farm was not far from little round top and that was the site of active fighting she describes the House and Barn becoming a Field Hospital for Union soldiers and treating at least one hundred men until his words quote the number of wounded brought to the place was indeed appalling. They relate in different parts of the house. The Orchard Richard and space around the buildings were covered with the shattered and dying and the barn became more and more crowded the scene had become terrible beyond description. This becomes one of those really unique insights into what the mindset of someone is like going through trauma Tracy mentioned just a little bit ago that her accounts before things released started getting heated where almost kind of excited and then in the early part of the fighting tilly was terrified and describes herself as weeping and fear but by the third day she writes quote amputating benches had been emplaced about the house. I must have become inured to seeing the terrors of battle else I could hardly have gazed upon the scenes now presented her account also mentions the death of Mary Virginia Wade known as Jenny. Here's the only civilian known to have been killed old directly in the fighting..

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