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"gerard powers" Discussed on The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

"Relax relax. I'll have the twenty acres that you got. Just go outside and play eighty yard. Football's all day kickball. So true little house. Well i mean if you spend all the acreage building the house. I mean what's going to happen. That's being rooks massive. You deserve congratulations. It's great to see you again. I told you earlier whenever i facetime you. Believable do do you think fat. It looks like you're still in really good shape. I'm pump for you now. I got three three times. The only time they want to do is go out sodden run so that's my cardio every day so it's been working ever since i retired so everything's good right now all right. Let's dive into it. Let's dive into it so at corner you know. It's like greatest athletes on the field. Right i think most nfl players would agree with that. Most football players would agree with that. Like hey the corner is the most dynamic athlete we have. Because they are being tasked with reacting to the greatest athletes in everybody's at all times with this executive and howard situation and then i went back to durell rivas corners. No that there's only certain window that your body is going to be able to be a top guy for right like that is something that is very understood and is that where it's coming from you. Yeah i mean. I think he's just opponent career where he knows. He's in the middle of this problem. I mean you get ten interceptions last year and the number one clone on the miami dolphins. I think he knows his value and everything. That's going on right now. He's just trying to find the best situation to capitalize the most that he can write well while he has all the leverage. And when you look at the situation in miami wood floors and they've done a good job and turn net organization around but you know everybody knows the new england tight guys Is a certain way how they run their organization. And i don't think eggs avian is really fit for that That model that style. So i think that's why he's voicing his opinion about one to get trade and just put in a better situation that just fits his style so I think he's doing a good job. I mean if i'm coming off a year ten picks. I'm gonna try to shake some things up to get ready to bag. Write this thing on out. I would as well and especially played corner. We're talking to eight year. Nfl vet Gerard powers he was drafting with third-round. There around your sir came out early to write came out early. Came out early in the old tough. Scc oh jeez. What are you guys doing trying to buy every school by the way. Is this what we're doing going to take all the big names from every conference and try to make no. We're like the pretty girl of the bunch. Everybody wants us to be a part of our party. You know we're not. We're not searching for anybody. We don't need it rea- really don't need to add anybody but You talk about texas and oklahoma. They bring value Fan bases you know their historic. You know organizations that they have in themselves you know so you got to the. Sec is just going to make it even even better but it's not gonna win so we'll see. You guys are never gonna win. Auburn is ever going again. You are done denver water because guy. That's another topic. We can wait. We can wait two saturdays to start talking about that but We've got talk. Some people. this year is gonna do a good job. I'm gonna shock people this year just signed to what twenty thirty or saving lifetime deal. He said deathbed deal. I will opt out of this on my deathbed. Hey war eagle donner draw. Let's get back to the the nfl though. You're a great teammate. Great corner at what point in being a corner d you realize there's some places you'll do great there are some places you want like. Are there certain places and if exhibiting goes to. He knows he'll be great in. Are there certain defenses. That he should want to go to or is there places that are definitely interested in exhibit in your eyes. You think. yeah. I think I think it's just one of them situation. Like for instance like with us. We got drafted was pulling we. Were pulling in guys when you come into the league as a rookie and all that type of stuff. You're only going to be accustomed to what you know. And that's obviously your draft team but when you look at xavier bands. Joseph was the god that drafted him in miami. He was his and you know with him being in arizona You just think that's the perfect fit. You know where he can go. And then you look at arizona situation you know you. You let pat. P. walkout so corner is a big need in a big spot that you're looking to feel on your defense in so why not try to get one of the best corners in the league. Who's coming off a hell of year. You know with the ten picks and then he can be reunited with the coach at actually drafted him. So it won't be like your draft and a guy that has to learn. All these new systems these new terminology. You'll be drafting. A guy that knows the defense already. And and is playing at a high level and with arizona sign. Jj watt you know you put on your all your chips and a basket you sign. Aj green you. Put all your tips in a basket and try to win this thing. This year Is not like a rebuilding process. So it's just one of those things that you would think that if we can xavien howard feel that cornerback role going gonna put our defense over that that we need. Because you definitely need a lockdown corner. I mean you got decay metcalf you got you got all these top. The you got the vikings to you got all these top receivers going to have to face weekend week out. You know we mass stafford over there with the rams and all the receivers that they got so you just know you're gonna have to have some some elite level. Cornerback play on your defense to hold things down. And i just how would be a great fit in arizona that they can make that happen and you tweet. It's a pro football focus. After they said that that would be a dream scenario for both sides. You said that miami actually offered them this trae earlier this year and the cards turned it down. That riady know that i got. I got a source for land. That's real Now i don't know if it was like the paperwork of the trade or however at work but i do know miami restyle about trying to do a player for player deal with chandler jones then you look at chandler jones who was he drafted by a new england guy right floors so you just think that you know it fit with channel jones going to miami but that did happen early in the year and And i think with the chandler jones requesting a trade and everything kind of blindsided sided arizona. A little bit just because they weren't expecting anything like this to happen but arizona was in a good spot. You know you had hassan who i think signed with carolina who was No they're number one draft pick a few years ago. You could assign him so a minimum. Do not a minimum deal but saad for lesser money and got damian howard ship chandler to to miami and everybody's still would have been happy you got. Jj watt you still got another pass rusher and all that so i thought it was just a good a good fit in a good scenario for both sides But that that was earlier in the year when they tried to do that..

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