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"gerard harrington" Discussed on WHO NewsRadio 1040 AM

"Up their receiver jens dasher boarded when you're trumped up against the dashboard your deemed out of bounds so first and for the arizona rattlers inside the i will march dumber fifteen yard line the market up a thirteen 234 left to go first quarter bartsch over seven arizona six here come the arizona route mozelle huddle jeff's the amber and the break here they come right to lap one receiver to the near left side one back in the back field core the rattlers that horton you're right they'll give it through the first poured motion receiver at the twelve yard line of the ten and he's got to be brought down by ronnie hayes on the handoff kerry is gerard harrington four notion receiver was going straight forward to the line of scrimmage veered off took the handoff trying to go and around got inside the 10yard line and was down cold in his tracks won fifty two left to go first court 726 iowa bars to and the arizona rattlers have it at the nine yard line need about six yards for a first down need to get to the three cereals the aba empty back backfield three receivers of the far right side wanted an air side the other take that makes it drops looked fires on the end zone caught only another drop million known and that is terada harrington he can't hang on day anything tonight they are level or servers lucky hayes was the closest want but that also have been caught larry put over in the breadbasket i mean that's right there you can't fool to pass the bad he had plenty of time to throw it so i mean that that was a break for the barstools juliana heretic can't catch my cold tonight oh here we go third down we all you have to do these birds y'all her rattlers their ago it's not high school football so we can throw these guys on the bus here real the.

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