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"gerald. vizner" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

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"gerald. vizner" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

"We are always skeptical when the instructors are non-indigenous and do not formally come from one of our communities. In rare circumstances some may have lived or even married into communities and got some lived experiences that way but when we say lived experiences we're really not referring to some six month posed as an academic requirement. Correct we mean several years of living within our communities participating in our traditions and where you are part of that community now. In this case tiffany she also goes under the name fryer We could not locate any specific connection to her being either an enrolled citizen of an indigenous nation or being embedded into a community However her work does demonstrate solid examples of cultural sensitivity. So i do want to point out how specific to indigenous communities We weren't able to retain or be sure Princeton in this case seems to have a decent person leading this course another part of the courses that princeton is offering has the title of quote topics in the eighteenth century literature north american indians which is in quotes in transatlantic context in. That course is described this way. Initially nabi writer. Gerald vizner notes. The word quote indian close quote is a quote colonial enactment. Close quote that point again has no reference in tribal languages or cultures close quote but as a trope it has long provided western culture with a vision of romantic primitivism of savage cruelty the doomed victims of colonial expansion. This course will examine eighteenth century transatlantic representations of north american indigenous people and consider the cultural functions of these representations and their role in settler colonialism in addition to literary tax we will examine art and visual culture collected objects and philosophical writing from the period. Close quote what's interesting. There is collected objects. I'd be a little concerned about that. Instructors name is robbie. John richardson and when i took a look at the background of robbie i found this quote robbie ray. Richardson specializes in eighteenth century. British transatlantic literature and culture he received his phd in english and cultural studies from mcmaster university followed by a essays s s. h. r. c. post doctoral fellowship through the institute for comparative studies in literature art and culture. At carleton university. He spent seven years based in london teaching at the university of kent in canterbury in paris which has formed his disciplinary research looking at the interaction between indigenous and european cultures. Can you say rose colored glasses. His interests include indigenous studies art and material culture the history of museums and collecting in the literature of empire. Now he's also a member of the pablo first nation mic ma in new brunswick canada richardson's book the savage of modern self north american indians in eighteenth century british literature and culture which is produced through university of toronto press which was released in two thousand eighteen examines representations of north american quote indians again in quote in novels poetry Captivity nate narratives plays and material culture from eighteenth century britain. It argues that depictions of indians and british literature. We're used to critique and articulate evolving ideas about consumerism colonialism britishness which isn't quotes and ultimately the modern self over the course of a century so give princeton some brownie points at least trying to seat an indigenous person but again without looking deeper into the actual course ware an understanding. The point of view of how information is being conveyed. you know. We can't make you know a a full judgment. It seems to be going in a better direction again. I'm trying to stay. I'm trying to stay motivated and positive. It seems to be going in a better direction but you know again. Healthy skepticism is fine. I think you know far better than other areas that we've seen in the past for sure relevant to no indigenous representation whatsoever. You know a lot of course. Where and lastly and finally princeton also offers a number of courses with the word decolonize in the title such as decolonize anthropology and art Those might be of interest as well but how the word decolonize is being applied Still worth again scrutiny. And looking at what i find is that it's being thrown around more so out there just as sort of a buzz term as opposed to having real context. What are you doing in your content. Where towards your curriculum that really truly demonstrates you know a lessening of colonial ways because because the very institution that you're teaching in colonial based correct and in my opinion. I'm sorry go ahead. i'm pretty much done. In my opinion. The the colonize after apology. An art for example. I believe. It's an attempt to make colonization appear kinder nicer.

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