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"gerald rashad" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

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"gerald rashad" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

"Grant handed me a Michigan identification card or was able to provide any other request documents granddaddy, driver's license suspended. And grant stated I just did six months for the last time. You got me. I wanna be no mysteries calling police records grants number of suspensions had gone down from when he was pulled over February when he got three hundred eighty currently his driver's license and eligible to over three hundred forty cars pensions records also indicate drivers lies have been expired since eleven nineteen ninety nine and there were forty one warrants arrest. Last time. How caught him right? According to deputy police chief Archie Hamilton his retire police career, he only come across a handful of drivers who have more than one hundred suspensions, but prior to grant he had never been seen anyone over three hundred how much this day. Grant was a rain and fifteen thousand dollars ten percent by he's due back in court. Wow. Yeah. Let him go. Did you let them drive off? Probably they're saying if you minutes. I guess the rice of Gerald Rashad grant. Why just around the corner guys? Okay. Karen's going with white everybody. Okay. Black spots for the name alone. Black Jerrell Rashad grant trying to make any fest black with a name like Gerald era. Shod he black. He's an earth man hours. Trying to pick up my mama from the hospital black black as ties on his legal car and black. The correct answer is and of course, everyone got Karen black around..

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