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"georgios legs" Discussed on Big Time Basketball

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"georgios legs" Discussed on Big Time Basketball

"I think last night and no. It's a regular season game. I'M NOT GONNA see you're overreacting big. All their questions are solved. But didn't they answer a lot of the questions that we had about them going into that? I mean we. We're still going to have these questions but I last night was actually a good sign that they might be able to overcome some of the issues that we think they have agree. I agree I mean to resolve the. Don't change whether they're up or down or whatever they keep complaining the same style. I've you know I don't know if it's wishful thinking because we're trying to make the eastern conference. More exciting really is but last year they get down my forget last year this year at the beginning of the season the buffs will get down and you honestly track to will the game he would do. He would eurostepped by to guide. He would just try to will the game. Janas has so much confidence in his team mates right now. He's such a willing passer and he. Maybe he just believes that that is going to get them over the Hump you remember last year some reporter asked Janice something about growth and maturity and the battle tested. You GotTa go through. After they lost Toronto he just got up and walked away. Like I don't think that John Is. I think that part of Jaanus does no it no longer exists. I think he believes in his teammates. I think he trusts his teammates. And when you're superstar does that it's empowering to the rest of the guys Dax u- the result is last night. He just kept moving the ball and because he's moving the ball and he's not forcing the issue and he's not like hey. We got to win this other. People don't feel the pressure they're playing free flow and so I think every single day we see them the idea that their weaknesses can they close out. A fourth. Quarter game is disappearing. Whether it's one percent every single day it's slowly slowly dwindling down to like. I don't know if they actually have a weakness. It's my it might just be wishful thinking that the Eastern Conference could be a little bit closer than we than we think. I don't think so I. I don't think it is wishful thinking. I think like you know. Obviously I I'M GONNA pick them up to make the finals. I think most people probably are. It'd be going on and quite a limb if you didn't pick them but I don't think it's ridiculous that Toronto can beat them in the playoffs again. A seven game series. I don't think that's ridiculous and I am also sort of coming around yeah. I don't think that's ridiculous at all. I mean let's I'll give me your like. Give me your meters like you. Like to meet her at the beginning of the year. You were ex- competent and now you're more I was I was I was zero. I mean if you go back and pull the tape from. I think our shows in Philly when the season opened. And we were talking to rick and I think Perk as well and both those guys were high on on on on the raptors. Listen I've been I you know I certainly been wrong or make things. This is one of the things that I'm I'm acknowledging that I am wrong on. I did not give the raptors any chance to win the eastern conference this year now if I had to give it. A percentage wise chance give them like a ten percent chance ten fifteen percent chance to win the east. I think I think they're clearly the number two. I'm even more open to Boston in a way of Jason. Tatum GONNA keep playing this way. So I guess and that has nothing to it's crazy because without dominant Milwaukee has been I. I'm you know I'm still very confident. Them and I might even be more competent them than I was at the start of the season. This has everything to philly would be a bigger player in the east. I thought there'd beater thought they would be the big bad man that was going to be the biggest competition Milwaukee so if you're doing percentages wise I basically You Know Toronto has taken away some of the some of the percents that I gave Philly. And I've actually probably given even more to Milwaukee because of just how bad I mean before the season. Maybe it was sixty forty Milwaukee over the sixers and now I think it's probably eighty Milwaukee Fifteen Toronto five Boston that's probably ought right now and zero zero zero zero sixers zero your few share the rest of it. Yeah you read more Milwaukee Journey. Yeah I'm I'm with you man it's like It's GonNa be hard to beat them but you know once again. You still got to answer the questions of Tie Games. But maybe they just don't have tight games. I think I think you said it right. The end of the second quarter the run a day made on the road. They good teams. Recognize our guys. Think about a time out our guys. Let's get this lead down to you. Know like foreigners take the momentum into hatch and people say that but only good teams actually execute that next Ron. O'brien said the same thing this push this lead up to twenty but it was all box big shots boys confidence so I said every day I watch them slowly dwindling away that they're gonNA fold late in a game in the playoffs. Yeah did you a couple things that that were funny last night. Did you see the lowery play where he tried to dribble between Georgios legs like what I now redraws to to offense at follows in an all star game all of a sudden now. He thinks he can dribble through guys. Likes and the best. It was like the most Kyle lowry thing that ever happened. He tries to dribble through Georgios legs. Then he gets the foul called on him and then he starts complained to the rethinking. The fall the foul should have been on Paul George. That was the most Kyle lowry thing I've ever seen in my entire life so I don't know what the ruling is on this. I'm never do that. I don't even care what the rule is. You can't do that. That's insane. He tried he dribbled he tried to dribble underneath. Not Not just the Ball God. Irbadh go through his legs. It's not your opinion is not like Cerruti decides. There's rules in place for this type of stuff. The eye the eye test that has to be a follow up. I can't be games all the time things are vows. They call all the time on. And I'm like the I know there are rules in place. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. They're gonNA come up and they'll be video and saying this is not allowed. You are not allowed to try to. It's different if this is George Hill. Now that's Taco ball or eggs urge BACA bit too big. I guarantee you like Assam whiteside or something like that. They would call balance on whiteside. Georgia's more clout than Assan whiteside. But I thought it was hilarious. He's immediately doing that. And it looks over the repping. How's that foul on me? Nick nurse goes up. It was just a funny thing the other funny thing last night. You See Drake where we add on. Drake Drake shows up with two. Wwe Belt he's talking shit to Janas. He's talking shit the all the bucks during the game. I actually Kinda liked it in the finals. I still do like it now. I think it's funny. I think he adds like some drama to this team. I get why people think he's a little bit of a clown because he thinks he's part of the team I. I wouldn't be surprised if like you saw recently. If he's like shoots up for a game it's warm up close. Where are you at Andrea Are you? Are you cool with him? I don't talk about drugging till the playoffs. Art where were where were you with him last year? Then what were you cool with last year? Problem with drake is like I never saw him when the team was down acting he would like hideout teamwork WANNA run. He come back out in the team would be losing. He'd go back. I never saw. It's like I'm not saying he's a front runner. I'm not but it wasn't wasn't drake show unless the raptors were doing well. I don't think that's like like I want to see a real fan. You you you live and you Die Right. Not just you live with the great moments when your when your team is not doing well. We want to see the frustration on your face. We need to see his face. He was gone and he comes back when they're like on a run so I don't talk about drake till the playoffs. They'll be plenty of drake talk for the playoffs but those belts do not represent a championship last year. Right just just random notes. I mean they were just wwe bells and there were two of them. So I don't know what the deal was. I think it was just all for show but I don't know I I. I think it's I think it's funny. I think he's a little bit of a clown and but I guess if he's laughing at himself it's okay all depends on how seriously he takes it. Which I guess we'll never know but I think there's some tongue in cheek in there like he's trying to because I think if you saw last night Janas was barking at them. Basically saying like I don't know you or whatever at Bata here whatever and I think it's funny. I think he's like his Co. Knicks want to claim like spike. Lee's their guy. I think it's funny when fans have this guy who's like Chirpin on you know on the baseline and especially if you know. Drake is the only thing the only issue I have a drake as you're talking about the front runner thing you know drake shows up to every team not necessarily MB eighteenth but we're talking like football teams college basketball teams English soccer teams. He's always wearing a different. Jersey of whatever team has good at the time so the front runner label one hundred percent justified? But he's not wearing. I mean at least a blade. He's not wearing the other. Nba Jerseys do not think so. Yeah I don't think Ruby's or the question would be the Lebron thing. Because it's the Lakers Lakers Toronto. And they're in the finals like he really going to go out and he can go. Draymond Green Steph curry honest. Whatever he think you'd go on at Lebron. I just have a feeling. Like that's like the untouchable godfather like I'm not going to pick that fight. Maybe I don't know I feel like he's little cocky and he feels like that would be i. It's you're right I. I don't think he's walking around wearing a Lebron Jersey or anything so it's not like not wearing like K. D. Or you're sure he's not doing that. Which maybe he did earlier in his career but not so much. I think it's I think it's all good man. I think it's funny. I think it's it adds disorder the drama and it adds towards what is like probably a top five fan base in Toronto right now..

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