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"george wallace george wells" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"You know the Obama administration is scandal plagued and if yes Jim should always not aware of one of the. the Obama administration expose this top secret agent we had an Putin's office that's what we accidentally incidently after you know Bob pulling that lumber off of this this bonfire what we discovered the bottom of the story is the Obama administration blue the greatest spy we ever had in the Kremlin well one of them certainly and and now shoot since he's an Obama administration official with US allies in the deep state on the Obama people are trying to hang on trump and I gotta tell you it's failed he's failed and CNN should fire him for failing because the party well maybe the DNC should fire channel keep them but that they should start. here is the there are several things associated with the help of this I'm you know blowing the thing but this administration the Obama administration also as are brilliant and well informed caller Jim from Manassas was just saying we also had Tom from Chicago want to make the same point that the the Obama administration blew the cover of Dr sure kill a freebie who was working for the United States in getting a positive ID on Osama bin laden in the compound in a bottom bod could still stand it's it is Sir kiss tells him and and when the Robbo deal when it was still team six and shot bin laden in the head rob is ed at we're friends and the Obama administration wanted to keep getting good headlines out of it so they started leaking and leaking and leaking and they leaked this guy doctor should kill Freddie working for the CIA now he's in a Pakistani prison where I don't think he's having a good time and bin laden is dead all three D. is in prison been a bin laden Obama is flying around on private jets from mansion to mention I what do you think he's at his fifteen million dollar you missed the news media leave them alone like nobody's business because of the worship factor yeah he bought that fourteen and a half million I think was on the market for fifteen and a half million in Martha's vineyard the ocean front estate that when the sea levels rise will be under water but you know he's got the ability to slow the rise of the oceans the Obama administration's bite on The New York Times the Obama administration spied on the Associated Press the Obama administration's spied on fox news it is believed the Obama administration spied on CBS news and Cheryl at consent the CBS news you it's usually the Obama administration use spies they spied on everybody a spot in the New York times a spot in the Associated Press they spied on fox news James Rosen James Rosen's parents who live in New York they got warrants for at all because you know they don't supply they could dot they conduct court ordered electronic surveillance as the corruption James Comey said who destroyed the reputation of the FBI in perpetuity but never mind that the Obama administration got this guy thrown in jail and the trade off was they got a good headline out of it. that's it. and now is anybody gonna step forward to help the CIA in Pakistan well no that's an added benefit of the Obama administration exposing this guy as they know they're undermining our long term and medium term efforts in the region where there are more than twenty radical Islamic terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Obama administration took steps that were selfish self centered self serving that undermined the ability of the United States to operate in that area successfully now the we learned that the Obama administration also sold out this guy in Moscow for good headlines from their pals in the news media and now Jim should I was trying to cover up for them by leaving out the most critical facts of the story. okay that's not I mean I could go on from here but this is the the Obama administration is extremely corrupt now let's go was extremely crop and the news media is at all much more corrupt and Jim should always more corrupt and CNN is more corrupt and this story is a classic demonstration I should really teach journalism should not classic demonstration of the corruption of the American news media. isn't that wonderful. by the way Joe Biden who the other day said I love this job said that he compared president trump to George Wallace governor of Alabama and segregationist standing in the schoolhouse doors all Democrats the normal fall does all of them school hosters Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat well. Biden here is the party of segregation he had a segregationist senator buddies that he talked about recently got a little bit of trouble for but it's okay because he's a Democrat and he's on call Joe they call him uncle Joe you know that's what the Democrats also called Joseph Stalin so they called Stalin uncle Joe they're cute mass murderer and they called him uncle Joe Nicole Joe Biden uncle Joe Joe Biden on president trump being George Wallace George wells was a Democrat our president has isn't up to this moment we all know that. he lacks the moral authority to lead this.

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