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European rover has better chance of discovering life than NASAs Mars 2020


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European rover has better chance of discovering life than NASAs Mars 2020

"Hey, space news pod listeners if you wanna show your opinions give feedback or tell me what you're thinking said me, a voice message voice messages, earn easy way for you to send me audio the might end up in a future episode of the space news, pod voice messages are the latest feature from anchor the platform, I used to make this podcast if you have an idea for an episode if you want me to cover something, you can send me a voice message right now from wherever you're listening, just tap. The Lincoln my show notes. And I can't wait to hear from you to or listening to the space news pod. So that means you like podcasts and you probably like music too. So on Spotify, you can listen to all of those things, all your podcasts, and all of your music in one place, and you don't need a premium account. They have a huge catalog of podcasts on every topic including space news pod. You can follow your favorite podcast. He never miss episodes, download episodes into offline and easily share what you're listening to with your friends with Spotify integrations with. Social media platforms like Instagram. So just searched for space news pod on the Spotify. Browse podcasts in the your library tab and follow me. So you never miss an episode of space news pot. Spotify is the world's leading music streaming service. In now it can be your go-to for podcast, too. Hello. And welcome back to the space news pod. A daily podcast about space science and tech, I'm your host will Walden and in twenty twenty three Rovers one from the US want from Europe and one from China will leave earth and depart for the red planet of Mars to look for past in present life. And these Rovers are just going to go to Mars. They have in their mission directorate to bring back samples from the red planet to earth, which is going to be one of the most influential. Botches in landings in science experiments of human history. Parts of Mars directly from the regular of Mars will be returned to the planet earth. So scientists on earth with really sophisticated instruments can study, what's in the ground on Mars. So the Rovers will be sent up in twenty twenty in the land, though do science, and the cash, the, the samples for a return mission for Mars and are from Mars and the return to earth in twenty twenty eight if America in Europe come together and make the mission as success, but a project scientists on the east Rover Exo Mars that will land in twenty twenty one along with the American Chinese Rovers might be worth reconsidering, which samples would actually be the. The best valuable to send back to the scientists waiting on earth. And the scientists said Mars twenty twenty will acquire samples from the surface, where I n ising radiation is likely to have damaged any organic molecules, it is. Excellent Mars with its two meter depth drill in advance organics detection, instrumentation MoMA that has the best chance to make an import discovery regarding the possibility. The Mars may have harbored life in its distant past, if this proves to be the case, perhaps, we may need to rethink where they, we should not think of bringing back. Well selected subsurface samples rather than those collected by Mars twenty twenty in the bars twenty twenty Rover which is a NASA Rover. It has the ability to cash the samples that against, but Exo Mars does not have that capability for a return mission leader on and he goes on to say that requires a complicated. Yup. That weighs allot it would have been impossible to combine our present very capable payload with a sample caching system on the same Rover. In fact, Nasr's twenty twenty Rover his Pete a dear price to include the caching system, and that's compared to curiosities analytical firepower. So what they gave up an analytics and studying the actual surface of the planet Mars. They gained a caching system. So instead of doing the science on Mars itself, what they're doing is putting it away for a little while and they're using that space to harbor though samples, then they're going to return them to earth on the March twenty twenty Rover. And then George Vago goes on to say the point I am trying to make is that bringing back the right samples will make all the difference in this regard, Exo Mars will be super important are the samples collected at depth more interesting and better preserved. We think probably yes, in once we will have investigated this, perhaps it will be time to rethink what samples to bring back to earth. Or I'm gonna take a quick break. A little pause for the cause stick with me because I have more about exa Mars in March twenty twenty right after this. Hi everyone. 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It's doing sampling in, it's doing all of this, in gale crater that Exo Mars. We'll be landing in axiom. Plenum in the Klay deposits are dated at four point one billion years old and curiosity is in the crater where it's only three point six billion years old. So excellent Mars is going to be in a place. It's much older than our curiosity is right now. So therefore it can search for life from past marks from a long time ago. You know. Another almost another billion years older than what curiosity is check in every now and that's the epoch from when Mars is surface was plentiful with liquid water systems. Exit Mars missions will be capable of securing many firsts the oldest site investigated on Mars, the first exploration of the Martian subsurface, the most accurate, geological inorganic composition determination, so far, and the best chance, yet to make bio signature detections on another planet, and the other thing than ex Amar's has going for it is that it has the longer drill. Then March twenty twenty Rover so it can dig down deeper and also get more samples from a longer period of time on the surface of Mars. So March twenty twenty is going to be a very important Rover. Exo Mars is also going to be a very impor-. Portent rover. We're not gonna have a battle about, which one is going to be more important because they're posted both important in their own specific ways. X Omar's, they want to bring stuff back to earth. So scientists on our planet here can actually do science with very, very complicated and technical specifications, on bars. You only have a certain amount of room to have scientific instrumentation and once it's there, that's all you have. And it could not, you know, it might not be the most up to date science stuff, because they build these things years in years in years before the launch, and this technology might be a little bit outdated. By the time the Mars Rover gets the cash of samples back to earth. So it's gonna come back and twenty twenty eight and by twenty twenty eight maybe technology will catch up. Maybe technology will move forward so much that the samples that we. Back, we may be able to find things that we weren't able to find when XL Mars is doing it science up there. So that being said, I'm excited about all these Landers and Rovers on Mars in the coming years. It's twenty twenty know we're launching that thing in twenty twenty so next year it has gone up. So if you like this kind of content mix sure to subscribe to this channel because I do this every single day and I want to say thank you for everybody who has subscribed at thank you to everybody, who's on our patriotic patriot dot com slash space. News podcast, it make this happen. So thank you so much. I appreciate it. Also. Thank you for taking the time out of your day. The spend a here with me on the space news pod on name is will Walden, and I will see you sued.

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