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"george pleasure" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Back cemented in the congo. It's zero point one more medic doctor. Physician surgeon maestro and maybe parliamentary hopeful. But we're not going to that just yet talk to ranji. Bra joins me. Now dr bra. Let's deal without first point. Should we is this. The reason why these poor countries have vaccinated so few people that big pharma has made it impossible for them to get the vaccines george pleasure to be with you. I think we said can it be fifteen months ago when we first discussed. We're innovating every sunday for fifteen months. Unbelievable but it's still not run. Its course in the world. But in england as we said it has but we said right at the beginning. I think are made coming right at the beginning when we first spoke that this was a subject of the corona virus in which medicine Politics and economics had a very tight interplay and through the spectrum of covid through the way it is unfurled as a crisis domestically by the way in which it's been covered in our media but also the way in which it spread throughout the world the way it's affected different populations and the response of different governance systems particularly the difference highlighted throughout between the poor world in the ritual particularly between the socialist world and the capitalist world. We've been able to look at kobe and see us it really as a reflection to look at the world just as it is that's been further impacted by the global economic depression that unfolded throughout twenty twenty. Which is said to be three hundred or four hundred times worse than that of two hundred of two thousand nine which has resulted in the last decade of hysterically so when we look at those countries the mentioned those ten of the poorest countries in the world and of course each of them has a story colonial story story of poverty. A story of underdevelopment started doing ship. Congo for example is one of the richest countries in the world. Bone zero point one lumumba to boto saco who looted the country killed the people and look at the state of them. Now that that's the case in point and you can find a similar story for most countries in the world when you really look closely at them syria and libya to of those countries. And of course we know very recently the history of our country of nato interventionism how it's destroyed the economies of those countries countries. Which had very well functioning highly sophisticated medical system social system housing system country being brought to their knees. Who's who's treasuries have been systematically looted particularly libya that they had a sovereign wealth fund of ninety billion dollars which was simply seques straighted and used for regime change and swell. The coffers are western national so yet big pharma have a part to play the fact that they have not thrown the payton's throat and being able to waive their profits profits though. Is that primary concern at the end of day. This is the way large shareholding multinational capital firms are arranged. Actually chief Shareholders are very few people into the massive inequalities in the world. They won't wave their profits to respond to a global health. Emergency even joe biden has added his voice to the to the to the outcry that says they should do. But actually that's in the face of a particular situation whereby us european and us pharmaceutical companies have now applying very much second third and fourth fiddle to chinese vaccine companies who are exporting and have exploited eight or nine hundred million doses of covid vaccine worldwide to sixty countries so there is a huge vaccine inequality which reflects inequality in general all we look at the world of covid and we see that three point three million people. We know have test-driven positive. There's a lot of things to say about that. I there's probably a gross underestimation there are those. Of course you still think it's an overestimation. Imagine how many people are being tested in these poor countries. Next exactly right exactly right when people don't have access to clean water. What is the johnson having a covid test or covid vaccination. You know this is what we must bear in mind. And there are a billion people who don't really have access to clean water. This is the world we are. We are facing probably in india alone. There's a five times underestimate according to its own. Scientists of the number of deaths. Meaning the in india probably have been more than a million covid deaths. And of course that's on top of the other deaths from property around the world. We know that every year fourteen million children under five die from malnutrition and related disease. That we don't want to give the impression in covering covid. There are no other problems in the world from it but of course it's an extremely serious problem and the different responses you know if we look at china the fact that they rolled out they mobilized their entire economy to deal with the problem and they minimize the impact on their population and therefore on their economy because ultimately the of the party and government structure was to protect their people and if we contrast that the united states the richest country on earth whether possibly done worse than any country though. India will certainly. I think overtake them. Even in the official figures little in the actual figures will look at these as the epitome of the capitalist world. Rich and goal. They are unable to provide for in medicare in the case of the united states. Now probably to the tune of seventy million people and yet this is the health system that we are relentlessly chasing in this country madam. hancock melts. That says simon. Stevens is retiring. Simon stevens was the an still remains. The chief executive the nhs but he's going to twenty year history of working in private pharmaceutical private in health insurance industry as the chief executive of the international department of one of the largest us health corporation's he was the person who advised tony blair to put in place key in privatizing. Just and what's more the white paper that manhood and cook is introducing is precisely introducing. What they're calling here integrated care networks which are in reality. The health management organizations. I championed by kaiser. Permanente and an nixon president nixon way back in the seventies precisely the systems which incentivize give all of the money for healthcare to large boards principally overseen by large companies and incentivized their prophets by giving up the least healthcare possible released. Healthcare they give out the more profit they make. This is where we're going. It's it's dark day really. I mean we can see from the election results that we don't have an effective political opposition capable of the corruption we've seen in our country throughout the pandemic challenging the inroads into the nhl challenging the further privatization and until we as a country. We is a british working. Class are capable of bringing forward that kind of opposition begun to see the continuing deterioration and forcing people. You know that the ten billion was given to a consortium of private healthcare companies who've done very well during this pandemic they should have been closed down and taken over by the chest in order to provide care the reverse has happened. And now what we're seeing is that they are further saying through the rationing effectively. More than five million. People are waiting for operations in this country and of course some of them will die waiting. That is the reality. Rationing the unspoken unpalatable truth. And what that will mean. Is that those who simply say look. Nothing's more important. My health quite rightly will be forced into self paying or insurance paying in the private sector and this is precisely the road. We're going down. I personally am absolutely pledged committed to fighting it. Whatever the personal sacrifice. I know that there will be many others. You will join me and this this going forward from this pandemic that. I'm going to dedicate my time as my day. Job george well. I'm certain that you're going to improve the quality of opposition. We'll discuss that on another time. Here's a call from guy in stoke-on-trent Go ahead guy. Hello dr ranjit ago. Mccall is to do with japan They've got a population of one hundred. Twenty six million and that covert fatalities or lectern. Eleven thousand I'm curious to know how they've managed to town. They've they've effect They've been successful one for two Why haven't we copied what they've done to good questions are guy. Thanks for them doctor. They are good questions. Japan's coming up in the news currently as having a big surge in people who are presenting with fever and they're expecting to see a surge on that basis japan has an elderly population. Japan does have a essentially a good healthcare provision. But i don't know. I must say there are clearly. Every single country in the world has a slightly different response. I don't know japan's full story. So i couldn't comment on what they've done right and wrong because i've not studied their situation in detail i must say on. Maybe we'll come back to the another time. Thank you dr. Angie big pressure so all say good night and thanks for everything over the last fifteen months. We've hardly say is on each other over the last fifteen months on. It seems like. I'm sitting in your study every sunday night. Many thanks. dr. Ron brought big pharma be forced to drop patents on covid vaccines forty five percent of you. Say yes thirty. Six percent of you say no but only nineteen percent of you think we should nationalize them. I'll need to take.

eight Eleven thousand Simon stevens Six percent india sixty countries Twenty six million nineteen percent ten billion england two hundred thirty three hundred one hundred kaiser twenty year ninety billion dollars hancock fifteen months fifteen months ago