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"george pibor" Discussed on Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

"Our world is full of the unexplainable. And if history is in open book, all of these amazing tales right there on display just waiting for us to explore. Welcome. The cabinet of curiosities. Friends come to us in unexpected ways. Their timing can seem strange, but oddly appropriate as they we've themselves so deeply into our lives that we couldn't imagine life without them friends can illuminate the best in us or amplify the worst in us. And sometimes we don't know what kind of friend. They are until it's too late. But no matter what a good friend is there when we need them. The most George p Birdal was that kind of friend. When Ed Smith met George Berdahl in nineteen twenty seven that to hit it off immediately. Both men attended Georgia Tech university that claims among its alumni former president Jimmy Carter and golf legend Bobby Jones, George and Ed took all of the same classes and often completed assignments together they even took the copying each other's homework on more than one occasion changing the answers just enough to make look like they done the work individually. The two men were inseparable, but eventually George started to gain notoriety around the campus. He played varsity football from nineteen twenty eight to nineteen thirty and upon reaching his senior year, he was offered membership into the A N A K society a secret Honor Society founded in nineteen oh eight Ed, however, continued his education as intended and in nineteen thirty he and George earn their bachelor's degrees in engineering. George continued on and received his master's degree. But as the conflict overseas continued to grow he saw an opportunity to put his education and his medal to the test after leaving school. He enlisted in war to and join the crew of a b seventeen bomber flying dozen missions with England's eighth air force. Once the war was over George met and fell in love with a young woman by the name of Ramona Cartwright's who had attended Agnes Scott college only, twenty minutes away from his alma mater. Their engagement was announced in nineteen fifty eight in the Atlanta Journal constitution newspaper and fifty years later, the public radio program a prairie home companion celebrated their anniversary live on the air. George pursued his dreams even after he'd settled down. He joined mad magazine as a member of its board of directors in nineteen sixty nine and maintained his position there until nineteen eighty one in two thousand one time magazine nearly chose him to be their person of the year. Although he lost a Rudy Giuliani following the attacks of September eleventh. However, despite these amazing achievements, George never forgot, his home and his home. Never forgot him. Georgia Tech is so proud of its accomplished alumnus it even named a store in the campus student center bells, and yet no one has ever seen George Pibor down. There are no photos. No videos, nor any I witness testimony as to his identity or whereabouts in two thousand fifteen President Barack Obama gave a speech at Georgia Tech. And joked that Mr. Berdahl was supposed to introduce him. But he was nowhere to be found. The student. Laughed of course. But not because they knew where he was rather. They knew that he was never going to come George p del accomplished Georgia Tech alum World War Two veteran and former mad magazine board member never existed. He was the creation of Ed Smith back in nineteen twenty seven after Ed had received to enrollment forms to the university by mistake. He was going to enroll his high school principal as a joke. But at the last minute decided to change the last name to burgle is best friend's mother's maiden name. The prank took off in ways that even surprised Ed. His friends all participated doing Georges assignments and changing the answers just enough to keep teachers from looking too closely. George Berdahl was listed in the official. Register as graduate of Georgia Tech. And as his classmates started getting drafted into the second World War. They took their fake friend with them. They added his name to the roster on numerous fronts until fellow Georgia Tech alums noticed his. Name and had him removed, and even after he had officially graduated brush Mun the school continued to enroll him for classes every year to the point where it became sort of a tradition. Georgia's name has appeared in the liner notes of rock albums in the signature line of a check from Kraft Foods and even on credit cards. George had become the biggest celebrity almost nobody ever heard of. Berle's legacy is lasted almost a century. And there's no reason why it wouldn't last another hundred years beyond after all George eventually had a son George p Berdahl junior. He can be found teaching several classes at Georgia Tech. Of course. John

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