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Prof. James Sauls, Professor of Physics at Northwestern University

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Prof. James Sauls, Professor of Physics at Northwestern University

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If you have suggestions for topics guests at other ideas please send up to info at scientific sense dot com and i can be reached at gil at eappen dot info mike. Yesterday's James falls of physics estimates. Today he's also co director of the center for flights and superconducting technologies at question. Jim thank you for having. Yeah thanks for doing there. So i have to want you jim before you start I was not in the mid eighty s. And it's getting school out but since then i've lost most of engineering so i ask you some basic questions on all topics today Then so i want to start with a. It's a get bill de superconductors. Make better quality celebrators and so this is from last year you say be. She'll impurities can increase the maximum accelerated field of superconducting radio frequency. Cavities in finding the huge potential savings now. So superconductors are are these things that can connect custody but regardless nova systems but what superconducting radio frequency cavities their their superconductors in the shape of a cavalier. So there you actually pull off the air or the interior of the doctor Think of it is not something elipsoid and the typical sizes will be on the order of of a a meter to half meter and some smaller material is used furby land for building suburban radio radiofrequency. Check these we call him as our f kennedy's for short Is a is a matured as a mill. Ob his niobium each elemental superconductor is It's easy to relatively easily manufacturer. She'd serve This how and shape it into geometry's you want and there's a lot of engineering that goes into designing the shape of these categories. Warn the purpose of supporting electromagnetic reaper waves inside of the cabin. And so so so you get super conduct acting phenomenon all the in the cavity superconductivity on x to So let me just say the. The the purpose of these care is is You string together. And if you put charged particles view inject charged particles electrons and protons into the cavity. The electric field of magnetic wave in the cavity can accelerate the judge portal's through the county. And what you do. Is you string many of these. These these kennedy's together. And you coordinate the direction of the electric field. That provides a force in george markle's such that they drove from cavity to county get an additional kick additional force that way you're allowed to you're able to accelerate the charged particles through through the cabinet that makes up the exhort for example the territory on harvey bar the a the r these accelerator large hadron collider in geneva the superconductor its purpose is the the it is to shield to prevent the electromagnetic field from escaping the walls of the cavity and superconductivity is is the is the physics behind find the field inside the vacuum of the solar and so the large hadron collider really big machine but he expensive so so this idea would this help I know that has been some The might years on desktop accelerators. So could you make you know. We swore versions of a particle accelerator using this in the firm nationally. Silla reiter led the design of charities accelerators for many different purposes beyond just doing fundamental physics at very large facilities like like the alleged cer the temperature on slack so their commercial uses for long used as technology for for medical studies to charged particles or radiation to mitigate tissues in some cases are there's a lot of uses for celebrators. These allow us sort of the veterans that have been conducted at a. Let's see Off that has been planned or this would be in a different commission collection. Llc in future direction for next generation for looks over from physics brisket up not down. It's a matter of Of of just how much you can accelerate particles and get them up to high enough energy so that you can explore regions of physics that haven't been explored before so the next generation round up breathe or the next generation of of the international collider will will be larger scale or on a different design in a circular than than a circular accelerators. Such as alex. See the japanese. Government is considering building a high-powered linear accelerator. Future and the firm labs will be involved in designing the cavities for that accelerate. So the union accelerators rather than the the one that be having geneva though. So how how big Watch the length of that year actually to that's being planned. Oh yeah so. I'm not the expert on the on the japanese machine but the ones lack is on. Order of cloners won't okay. So so this technology you see here that The call impurities increase the maximum excavating field. So this is this is sort of new right. So you mentioned the opium as sort of the substrate. That's being used so so. What's the mechanism few what. What impurities yes okay. So in order to Can get this correct. Gimme the flavor of what's going on here. I have to tell you how it is that you super doctors have important property beyond the fact that they can conduct electricity without jewel heating. That's and that's even not entirely the case which i'll come back to as i said earlier. The function of superconductivity is to confine the electromagnetic field inside the vacuum of the cavity. So that you can accelerate charge and the mechanism. By which superman dr do that is called the meissner effect in a in a nutshell. This and you take a mental. So she's niobium and you apply a magnetic field when at a temperature above is conducting transition just normal metal the magnetic field will drain through metal and blatantly so you just basically have a homogeneous magnetic field penetrating metal but as you cool below the nagging transition. The field insight be excluded completely and pushed out. How the superconductor man. This was discover new one thousand nine hundred thirty s meissner oxen feld and into one of the defining properties of seabra conducted. The ask yourself. How does that happen. Well in order to screen the feel what happens is a current woes on the boundary of the superconductor. An exactly balances out the external field. That would be penetrated. So in this case it would be the magnetic electric and magnetic field inside the cavity of the accelerate. Now if you push those currents too hard you make the field strengths too. High a superconductivity fails breaks down a the function of the candidate fails in your whole accelerator shuts down now. All your intend to think that you're about superconductors. Can you say that can conduct electricity now without any jewel heating. And that's true these are called persistent currents but it's only true under dc conditions if you have ac current Then they there are two types of electrons are the super conducting electrons in those that have not yet joined. The supernet can stay and those are subject to only dissipation wanted to do is minimize dissipation. And then you want to maximize the the critical current that the doctor can chief so that. That's what my colleague way. Nam gordon i worked on with. What are the conditions under which we can improve the maximum critical. Feel the are critical field. That can be sustained for the superconductor. In the thing this is called a superhero. Feel accelerator is operating righted. Its maximum limit ended up. The super heating field is when when when you have absolute castro failures Record what we found was that Surprising thing is that if you introducing curates impurities into the circus and super doctor you do decrease in critical current right on the boundary but you increase the region in which the deal can penetrate into the into the superconductor but still be confined. And and that was the that was the funding. We could increase the super heating field and therefore the map maximum accelerating he'll carry but introducing impurities graded in a gradient turned diffused into the surface of the. It's a it's a bit counter. Intuitive say impurity diffusion layers pretty can increase in the Field as a percent so the these some specific kind of impurities are. What's the process by which you would create them so they They experiments that have been done in the discovery. Was that if you don't if you you introduce nitrogen impurities into niobium enough low concentrations in this greatest form you increase increased not only the quality factor of the county How good a resume or is but also the maximum accelerated so they now have maximum accelerating heels up to i think roughly forty nine mega volts per meter still below the theoretical limit. We predict solid. They're still the opportunity for improvement hop. Who is in the milk conditions or even better kelly's and watch the The debt that You know the the system yet. I'm sorry i didn't quite get. That process happens so the broke up. I didn't hear the first part of the question. Yeah so i was wondering what temperature but you know what ambient temperature do. We have four. Well this is important question. The super niobium becomes a superconductor just below about nine kelvin degrees nine degrees above absolute zero. So that's actually a fairly high temperature for cryogenic purposes because liquid helium helium liquefied or calvin and most of the experiments are done at around two kelvin. So that's the temperature is still very low. Low the critical temperature niobium. So that is is in a very good low temperature. superconducting say. Okay my I haven't flown the field. Jim but Egypt suggest spoken tactility The much higher than If you count in spite. I thought we were sort of the hundreds of cabins. That's right we're near a high temperature. Superconductors richer more complicated compounds for example the kube racer made out of copper oxygen in other materials or or barium strontium but there are all pro skype materials in the superconductivity occurs and hopper oxygen planes those superconductors depending upon which family and exactly the processing steps are think the highest one hundred thirty or so. But they have they have other properties that are not bitter not ideal for building accelerators. Certain things like you know. How well do they conduct. Heat do they. One of the key things about niobium is is that once you kula blow at superconducting transition. An energy gap opens up that separates the basically makes it very hard to create any broken any non superconducting electrons so when the number of non superconducting electrons will be exponentially suppressed exhortation gap. There we wear on the surface was called service of mellow. That's a really key property because it gives rise to extremely low dissipation of the superconductor in. That's where the cost savings comes in. It really costs of a. These are big cryogenic facilities that have to keep an accelerator. Cool below at subaru knocking transition plans under operation at full power so so so making us candies with higher quality factors namely lower surface. Resistance is really crucial because it it reduces the cost in cryogenic cooling. Okay so so. The application here is somewhat specific to particle accelerators What discoveries accidental that You get disinterested impurity. Thanks j.j. yes. Yes my colleague. In aggress lino fermilab. They do lots of studies but the it was sort of an Zoning approach to to trying to improve the performance of the accelerator counties. They did various studies where they They had oxygen. They ended up sometimes carbon nitrogen. They did many different days and they found that under a set of processing steps were introduced concentrations of nitrogen that increase the quality factor of these cavities by by almost a factor too so they went up to quality factors of were four times the power level. Let me put that in perspective for for for your listeners. These these carries They're under operation is Cavities that they're the best manmade resonator. So you're watch he'd be time and were pendulum offline galileo's pendulum galileo's pendulum had quality factor probably ten or twenty has been put in motion four years ago and it had a quality factor of ten eleven revolting lost about twenty percent of its amplitude. Today he is risen or they're really tremendous. The only thing better are atomic clocks. You really tremendous Technology innovation yeah. yeah so so you are. You are co director of the center for applied physics and superconducting technology. So this is a collaboration between slowly lap and northwestern that's right it story with Hoover upon the experimental and technology side after the discovery of nitrogen doping in its improvement. They wanted to to see there. There could be more directed. Approach is on improving performance by by bringing in experts on on superconductivity from the materials. In theory point of view. So that's how clever ration- started was was we have a. We have a strong group. In experimental. Supergun activity in north western. We have a group in in theory super activity including myself who form glamorization fermilab our officer research in from the national solar lab seated. Dr center the yeah. It's it's a the intersection of science and physics It seems like it's a. It's a good position to be and now the flu me. That knocked baskin. Combination is a lot of fun. I never done anything like this myself. I always been theorised but then now but it's It's been a pleasure to work on problems. Now that are driven by improving technology. So so it's been very exciting. Run you talk about As part of a cps Other areas here are quantum information science medicine. So on Can you give our on. You know what are the things that you're working on those idiots yes so let me tell you a little bit about our our news. Ventures which you're in the information signs specifically quantum computing quantum sensing building detectors. They're they're extremely sensitive or detecting. Whatever dark matter for example. Yeah so one of the leading not leading technology this being this developed for building quantum computers namely computers that take advantage of of quantum mechanics and quantum logic illness. The the analog of a of a bit in classical school computers called keep it. The physical realization of janette is is an electrical circuit and involved in a superconducting circuit devolving. He's like a capacitor. In doctors but in particular special device do superconductivity call the justice in tunnel junction. And they these devices were you when you cool him down below the conducting transition. They behave like atoms energy levels. Just like an animal you can. Excite address knows Lows states of the quantum circuit with microwave. Photons that's where the resonator come in nature become the devices by which you can communicate with your ads in this case your your era your quantum circuits right so superconductors player. We'll both in store in quantum information in the form of states of these gene. Betsy superconducting cubits. My colleague at northwestern ins was the co-developer developer of the of the cubit called trans mind. That is used worldwide. It's used by google. Ibm the group is everywhere. And it is exactly what i said. It's a an elementary circuit superconductors and the device color justice intel junction. Yeah i know that google demonstrators something. Recently i ibm demonstrate at something some quantum computing capabilities The the issue. I don't know much about him. But you said the issue is practical perspective comic cubits you can get right into a system and how stable they are and so on. Are those the issues. Those are the key issues There's there's a scale of how many how many cue that you can Bill into your into your machine that can also perform a logic operations and the ability to be able to To produce to set gates into out the google machine that announced the the achievements of quantum supremacy tober. Last year that was headed by joan martinez now at university of california barbara and nourishing fifty three of these trans mind cubits but superman but quantum computers gain advantage exponentially as you scale number cubits so even at fifty three q debts home for a particular elroy is not particularly useful. For our point of view of practical computations outperforms the best supercomputer world some sheen oakridge and So yes they That we're right at the cusp of moving into the territory where we can build machines that can actually perform useful computations quantum logic illness so this is the resilient regime of what's called quantum advantage so we're may be able to. In within the five year period saw problems that they really could not otherwise saw even for computers. one would be number of cubic shape. Need jim to say became sort of practical machine. We're shouldn't recenter for superconducting materials and systems. Which is our mission our goal. Our mission is bill beyond state of the art. One computer outperforms. Simple the sycamore machine. So it In our new center for superconducting quantum materials in insistence. our mission is to build a next generation quantum computer in the five year timeframe that will outperform the current state of the art and move us into the region of quantum advantage. So We're we're Collaborating with righetti computing in berkeley from national accelerator lab but here in chicago and northwestern and aims with a number of other partners in the center we have we have twenty institutional partners and eighty science investigators. And it's a abroad program from material science to to To to manufacturing and scaling up build a device you build a machine and that's where the expertise for building large technology programs at fermilab is really really essential for this righetti. Computing is really essential because they have all they have the fabrication facilities in the know how to do do A full scale. Quantum built quantum computers and northwestern and aims have the material science background to improve the performance of the of the cubits for the for the next generation and our our mission has really been to attack the problem of what we call coherence namely the timescale. On which a cubit can actually perform useful logic operations so that time scale is really The frontier tackling and we're really aiming getting a tenfold improvement in coherence times for cubits and also in designing new Different geometry's on architectures for for for machines so we have That is our approach and we were projecting that we can build a machine and a five year timeframe that operates with one hundred hundred fifty cubits with higher performance and This will move into the regime for actually doing computational useful calculations on using quantum logic. That's exciting so as you mentioned the performance capabilities sort of increased exponentially somsak attitude dimensions. One is the number of cubes and other sort of the By thome would be sort of latency. Decoders carl how long can actually hold. Yes that's right so we want to improve the timescale in which The coherence time on which we can actually perform computations with with with our with these cubits so tenfold increase would would translate into a increase in computational power and so this collaboration than jin it is actually going to create something. That is practical. It's like physical machine that can be little doubt the those types of performance guy ballistics. Yes and we're gonna make it. We're gonna make it available to the wider community. Take take use of it and and and program and and do do calculations on it. That's our goal. Who gets the kookiness. The fastest supercomputer. Today's vagina that. I don't know who's the fastest and it's it's hard to get actually precise information on that So we're The the there are new and there are different architectures for building. Quantum computers of those the one i think you're referring to is based on on ion traps and that That technology i'm not really familiar with their advantages and disadvantages to using different technologies. And we're we're really laser focused on using superconductors in quantum circuits because we can engineer them. That's one of the real key. Advantages is that we can design our circuits. We can manufacture. Chips are we can build them into three dimensional architectures using using three d. s. r f. Cavities one fifty two bits and former improvement in Higgins kind lines talking about many many offers of employment from adventure computing. Yes we are. We're talking about doing computations. That really can't be achieved on on current current supercomputers using classical machines. So that's the that's the region which i termed quantum advantage so we have a have a group in in our center who are really experts nist. They're they're they're much more oriented towards developing algorithms and computational codes that can take advantage of a specific architecture so that's a whole thrust area of our center at involves involves Mathematicians and In in computational experts at nasa ames and at fermilab and in a few of a smaller partners who are real experts in this particular area it is golden harvest side of it and then there's a whole software. That's right that's right and we have. We have both in. We have real experts in both areas. My own area is more on the hardware side and and and on the material side but also in the area of Thinking about how one can use these devices for for For doing fundamental physics because that's a major mission at for me national accelerator lab. Is there accelerator lab to pro big questions about. What's the nature of our universe. What's the nature of matter. So so one driver in our center is is is. How do we take advantage of of quantum technologies according to device technologies in order to build better detectors for rare events. Such as you know the passage of of dark matter through Through a particular apparatus so That's one of our other. Drivers is doing fundamental physics with a new technologies isn't quick question on quantum computing side against. It's feel like sort of a massively padded processed machine or its going to behave differently. Well that's the quantum advantage that that you get from using cubits is that essentially you have massive parallel parallel was ation in the coupling of many cubits together so A a way to think about it. Is that if you have a single classical bit It it it's either a one or a zero But the ah quantum bit can be super position of the one in zero so So if you can do one one computational operation on a bit you can do to computational operations on cubit now if you can couple say to cubits together that gives you four possible operations you can do with two cubits and two with a two classical bits so by the time you if you get three cubits and you can couple them together to do a computations entangle them then you can do eight computations and you can see it goes exponentially with the number of cubans so by the time you're fifty three cubits you have. You have a lot of computational advantage because it goes to the power in so long as you can maintain the superposition and tangle mental of your cubits so those are the challenges but any kind of the coding expertise translate from conventional compute. Any adoptable algorithms mathematics. That's going to be different but the plan states some conventional computed on. Now this is. This is a real frontier area and We don't have the same kind of body of codes that will take advantage of of The architecture of quantum machines so the whole area of algorithm development is a really important one. And it's it's one of the really growth fields here is once we have these machines. How are we going to Make use of them so so New codes have to be written and have to be written to the specific architecture of the machine. And it's sometimes difficult to look to into the future but wendy become sort of prevalent in the economy. David supersede completely confidential computing if the cost of manufacturing is not substantially different. Wouldn't it make conventional obselete. I'm not sure about that because the For many for many of our The things that we do Classical computers are quite good so we may be able to set up and provide data to a a a quantum computer using classical computers to interface to them so Once we have the data from computation than we can analyze it with class computer. So i'd i don't see that. Classical computers are going to be disappearing in the in the future. We're and we're not going to be carrying around our iphones with a quantum computer in them. And that's right. Anybody wants to predict the future. You do it at your own. Risk doesn't consensually feel like clean processing and post processing Done by gun venture computing at and really the heart of that the heavy Number crunching done by clinton's compute. Feel like that. Well that's the way i envisioned it. At least that's that's the way it looks to me. But you know time will tell. I want to get into one. Other people titled take a dip into the veered woodham world of quantum Okay quad so so. What is quantum liquid so there My areas particularly in the area of of Of helium so helium is You know the pre the simplest of the inert gas atoms slightness it. It's a really special the whole set of inert gas atoms have closed electron shells. And so there's virtually little chemistry involved at all and helium in. It's the only substance that we have the only material we have. That remains liquid down to the absolute zero of temperature. So on their remarkable as you. Cool Helium down there to their two isotopes of helium as well. The common garden variety isotope is called helium. Four it has atomic number four because the nucleus made out of two protons and two neutrons and bound around the atom is two electrons so this this atom in its ground state is really quite inert. It has an it has zero electric nuclear spin so in the in the context of particle types It's it's a bose on it obeys What are called boasts statistics whereas the light isotope of helium is a neutron. But it's still a stable. Nucleus is a spin one half for on and so chemically they're virtually identical is just one is slightly a lighter mass than the other but but when you cool them down to low temperatures the There's a temperature called the degeneracy point where quantum mechanics takes over macroscopic -ly among all of the atoms and it's win the wave properties of an individual helium atom when the wavelength of that particle becomes larger than inter particle spacing. Then you have to take into account. They indistinguishable of these policies identical helium atoms. And that's the so called quantum regime the regime in which these these liquids behave as quantum liquids with radically different properties than a classical liquid helium. Four which i said is both particle it undergoes a a transition which was predicted by einstein and nine hundred twenty five after he was reading a paper by by bose who had sent it to a Their physique and einstein got it to review and it was bose's paper on the statistics of photons which are also both particles and einstein realized that He he took it from there and he said well what if we had particles that had mass that were also bones in. He predicted that there would be a new face. Transition even for for non interacting bozon's and that was prediction of what is now called the bose einstein condensation point yes this So what are the sort of unique property so it stays liquid at radi closed soups. You know right So over the properties of this when you when you become when helium four which becomes a bose liquid below about to greece kelvin. It becomes a superfluid it will flow just just like a superconducting. A superconducting electrons can flow without resistance the liquid itself will flow without viscosity without dissipation. So you could imagine setting up the fluid flow and tori. It'll ring in In the fluid will just continue flowing indefinitely. And that's the that's the persistent current are the superfluids stated helium four so helium three also becomes a superfluid but it much much lower temperatures so about a thousandth of a degree above absolute zero so since water the applications some practical applications. Now it's It's really The helium liquids for the most part have just been the great gift to To physicist because we learn so much about the about how quantum mechanics operates in matter based on on the studies of these liquids they they are the paradigm for understanding Superconductivity superfluity a even metal physics. They were at the heart of understanding. the basic properties of metals metals themselves even at room temperature or quantum liquids. The electrons are well below the degeneracy point in they behave collectively as a as a quantum liquid in the helium liquids were in many ways Ah paradigm for understanding this behavior so suggest mechanistically as a cool this gown bennett guests to superfluid helium four. It never turns into solid so reasonable gets the superfluid state with never go much further from there. Yeah you get to if you if you go to as you approach. Absolute zero of the liquid just becomes a pure superfluid and there are no expectations basically in its ground state is motionless is is as you possibly can make it except if you put it in motion it will flow collectively without dissipation. Yeah says that you know. Tear jim that a deep understanding of a deep understanding the physics superfluids has implications for other scientific pursuits including astronomy. You'll save for instance. It started base from situations of pulsars and extensively studies that superfluids make the interiors of dense. Comebacks tarts made most neutrals neutron stars and so serve understand the properties of superfluid. You think it has implications for maybe bent on standing neutral stocks. Behave and counselors in those types of things that's in fact our current theoretical Understanding is that Neutron stars pulsars are indeed at temperatures well below these degeneracy and they become superfluids. Neutrons are spin one. Half firm aons just like the helium three atom is and they have attractive forces between them nuclear forces that that combine them up into pairs just like electron pairs superconductor just like helium three atoms and superfluid helium three so they undergo type of both condensation. It's called bcs condensation partying cooper sri for condensation and become superfluids. Below this below this transition point so we best estimates are as that The neutrons in the interior neutron stars once the temperature goes below about about ten ten to the eighth kelvin in the interior of a star. They become superfluid. So you may think that ten to the eighth kelvin is a rather high temperature but you have to compare that interior temperature with the degeneracy temperature of the matter which is about ten to the twelfth kelvin so When neutron stars are born in a in supernova events there created at extremely high temperatures may be tend to the thirteen calvin and they cool extremely rapidly by by the liberation of neutrinos from the interior of the star which which takes the energy away in cool so they cool very rapidly. They cool below ten to the tenth kelvin. Probably in a thousand years or so so most of the pulsars that We observe are really quite cold. And exactly yes you see. Also beyond the metal inciting utah jars talked about one candidate for them seeing dark matter which is approximately twenty five percent of the universe. You're saying that in the universe is that quantum state of light mascot nichols. That forms cost me superfluid so this is sort of a hypothesis. It's not my hypothesis. It's one of the proposals for what is what dark matter might be is a light mass particles it undergoes condensation to form a cosmic superfluid. So i it sounds wild wild even for my from my point of view but but One of the big open questions in physics is a way have good evidence from gravitational observations of galaxies and galaxy structure and so forth is that there's more mass than we can account for just by observing it through electromagnetic signals so we believe. There is a significant amount of mass. That is in the form of what we call dark matter. And we'd like to know what it is has something really new Is there any way in which weekly interacts with ordinary matter. Protons and electrons and so forth. Is there a weak electromagnetic coupling. So that's one of the things we're doing in our our center for superconducting quantum materials and systems as is Seeing if we can these new detectors that Developing based on superconductors with very high sensitivity can find very weak signals associated with various proposals for dark matter. So so that's one of the things that we're doing also in the senate. We're looking for other candidates like what are called the dark photon. It's a cousin of the photon. Our looking for other particles called the accion. And so that's a. That's a really exciting Scientific driver for a developing these technologies. So you don matto A superfood than the properties new properties could seek. That be. haven't been really looking for. Yes so that's a good question. I think what are the proposals that So superfluids can have defects in them. And those defects are are properties of the macroscopic. Quantum mechanical state of the superfluid and those defects are called quantum vortices so So there are and they have a a mathematical property which makes them very stable. They're they're they have top property that that is very hard that can't be undone easily. So depending upon how fast the universe is cool during the early days of its expansion. If there was such a state that formed it may have formed under the conditions of rapid quench. In which case there would be lots of top logical defects formed in this This hypothesized a cosmic superfluid. So what are the. What are the consequences of having all of these top logical defects present. How would we How would we know that they were there. What what role would they play in in cosmetology think those are still largely open questions. Yeah yeah so conclusion. One of the things that you're most excited about stuff that's happening at the st october north different areas That companies are coming together to make lampley asians but if you go to big one or two of those made you think people make the biggest sort of leaps in the next flight years. I think we're going to I think we have a very good road to producing higher. Coherence cubits and an higher performing Microwave detectors. i think those are the two areas. I i think we have the tools and we have the The expertise to really make progress on a five year time timescale. So i think we'll see next generation quantum devices with much higher performance in five years and And including the building of of a full-scale a quantum computer at fermilab right. Yeah it's exciting. This has been great. Jim thanks so much for me. I appreciate it thank you. This is a scientific sense. Podcast providing unscripted with leading academics and researchers on a variety of topics. If you like to sponsor this podcast please reach out to info. At scientific sense dot com.

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Mail-In Voting, Chief George Merkel, and Vermont Dairy

The Dave Gram Show on WDEV

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Mail-In Voting, Chief George Merkel, and Vermont Dairy

"The. From Radio Vermont. It's the Dave Ramsey. Show on wd. It's your show. About the people places and the issues that matter the most to you. Now, here's your host Dave Graham. Wednesday June the third twenty twenty and we have good full show lined up for you this morning. We're going to be speaking I in just a minute or so with Kevin mccollum. he is a reporter for seven days, and has been doing an excellent job covering statehouse in politics, and so once a rival I think from California. not too long ago. Maybe a year ago, and we'll check on all that in a couple minutes so with Kevin but. Later on in the second part of this hour, we're going to be speaking. With chief George Markle of the Virgin's police is also president of the Vermont. Association of Chiefs of Police and. Issued an interesting statement about the death of George Floyd Minneapolis, and of course all the reaction to that over the past ten ten, or so days are nine or so days I guess it is since that happened and chief Merck will be my guest from nine thirty five to ten, and then in the second hour of we are going to be I I hope I. think talking to one of. Of Our CBS news correspondents near the top of that, and then going to a pair of people who are opposite sides of a question about the future of Vermont Dairy Industry Blogger former journalists time. Lobbyists are my now blogger. Kevin Ellis is gonNA be joining me. He has a very provocative piece out this week. Talking about how the state shouldn't be devoting Cova demorcacy money as proposed to to the. To the Dairy Industry Vermont The dairy industry in Vermont is in big trouble. Economically it's got some environmental issues, et Cetera Kevin thinks it ought to be allowed to just sort of wither away. I'm GONNA pair him. Though with young and very dynamic dairy farmer, from Orange County by they marry white voice, she is a big defender and booster of the dairy industry and Vermont doesn't WanNa hear a word of this so I'm. I'm I I. WE'RE GONNA. Keep it civil, but I'm sure there will be some pointed discussion here I think about the future of dairy in Vermont in the second hour of the program today, so that should be interesting as well, but let's start off with Kevin mccollum this morning. Kevin good piece. You have coming out today seven days I got A. Your you folks are helping me out a lot by giving me a little bit of advance, warning about what's coming and I get to i. saw the piece overnight and was a was able to figure out what's going on from Europe perspective anyway on this on this question of of mail in voting in Vermont and once she gives us. well the papers now let's call it a pre-cap instead of a recap. How's that? Yeah, that works me. Okay. What are you report? What are you reporting today? Well, so when seven days come hits the street and a few hours here There's a story in there that I. Think is headlined one person one stamp and it's. tries to get to the bottom of why the issue of whether the state should switch to a mail in vote in November is such a contentious issue in Vermont, obviously nationally There's been a lot of talk about doing this as a lot of partisanship on it. There's been a lot of vitriol. There's the president has been attacking the concept of mail in voting as For fraud, and that as I think bled down into the local debate a little bit and what you're seeing is this protracted disagreement between Republicans and Democrats in the state of Vermont about how whether we should go forward with and mail voting. Yeah it's it's. It's interesting and the The legislation passed early this year. Basically set up the governor, and the Secretary of state who are of course from two different parties Jim Communists as a Democrat Phil Scott Governor and Phil Scott is a Republican and they were tasked with basically coming up with decision about mail in voting. For Vermont this year, and and more specifically decision about whether to basically send ballots out to all voters for the November election, which is what secretary condos wants to do. and so but this is this partnership has not been. Not Been Super Smooth looking to tell us about that now, so you're absolutely right. The legislature figured well. You know if we're GONNA have an a change to the elections that the state of Vermont has in twenty twenty given the coronavirus pandemic. Let's. Let's allow that to happen. Let's give the secretary of state wide wide berth and let him make. Some judgement calls about how to do elections differently. Maybe we could have mail in be voting. Maybe we can have drop-off boxes. Maybe we can have extended hours. They had all these ideas about how they should do elections differently. And there was a push to just allow him to make those changes. And then there was a little push back on that, and they said well. You know we don't want one party making all the decisions about how the elections in twenty. Twenty, Oughta go, let's make sure that Governor Phil Scott. Has a role in that decision, so they crafted the legislation to say that Jim condos. Had to power. in consultation and agreement with Governor Phil Scott. So that's how the legislation originally was was framed, and then what happened was the two men started to go back and forth by mail, actually letters formal letters to one another saying here's what I'd like to do, and then governor Scott would say well. I have some concerns about that, so you're absolutely right. Jim condos thinks the best way to hold an election in the middle of a pandemic. Is To do it by mail in vote. If possible to mail, everybody a ballot, I the person would sign that ballot. Would fill out the ballot. Sign under penalty of perjury that they are who they say they are mail it back to their town clerk and they're done they could also take it down to the poll if they oppose if they still wanted to do that. but That's what. The Secretary of State thought would be the best course of action. The governor said No. You have some concerns with that I think we're jumping the gun. I think I really like to get us back to a state of normalcy. We're doing and all the other industries and areas of the state slowly, but surely why can't we do it in our election? And then he raised several other concerns I think one of them was What was some of his other concerns? You recall I mean I know. He wanted to return to normalcy and I know he didn't want to be the one that make the decision I mean he. He didn't think that to elected. Officials ought to be who were on. The ballot should be making a decision about how that ballot should be. should be voted on, so they will. They couldn't agree basically, and the legislature had to step in and say well. We've just got to give this power to Jim condos and that's where they are now. Yeah? And I mean the governor's kind of remarks. Stance about this sorta interesting where he's essentially saying that you know. You asked to hear from me on this and if you didn't want to hear from. You shouldn't have asked me I think there's a little bit a bit of irony. There something and and I think he sees he sees the irony there and and and so and and I don't think really. He was particularly comfortable with this role to begin with. I think he has said in past conferences that he did not ask for this responsibility, and it was him, and they asked him what he thought about this mail in voting thing, and told them what he thought that it was premature that it will, and so, and he gave them all of these reasons, he. Yeah, well, you ask. And if you want somebody's. Somebody's nudging saying no governor. You're supposed to tell what they wanNA. HEAR, yeah! And they said okay well. We'll take you out of the equation We're just we're I shouldn't. I shouldn't be so flipped, but I but I. Mean it sort of feels that way watching this whole thing. Go down and and I mean you gotTa look at the merits of the thing to if you say that the secretary of State is the chief elections officer in the state, and as you know, the buck stops there as far as conduct our elections. Maybe it makes sense to have him fly solo on this thing. Regardless. I think a lot of lawmakers wheel. That way right now that they feel that it, it makes total sense to have the chief elections official be the one to make the decision and the the idea of having Phil Scott participate in that decision and share equally in that decision was ultimately not a great, not a great move. It was well intentioned, right? They want to have sort of a partisan approach to any election change in the state but it didn't work out, so they're gonNA. They're gonNA well in many. In many many other states. The Secretary of State has immense powers over the conduct of their elections, including the conduct of you know the presidential elections, and all the state and local local elections, and and that's pretty typical. Around the country and and sure enough you know. Secretaries of state are Are. Often accused of being partisan in their conduct of Elections I. Mean You look at Georgia? the most recent election for governor down there where it was the secretary of state who ends up getting the governor, and a lot of questions raised raised there, and so you know this is a little bit of hardball, but I mean it's something that. Shouldn't be shouldn't be completely foreign to anybody either I think it's I wanted to, so we'd written version of that story a couple times in the last release, because these guys have been kind of in a standoff from more than a month now going back and forth with different proposals, and you know. Maybe we'll make a decision in. August and back and forth, and and but I wanted to do this story that comes out in seven days today to focus a little more on why the two parties seem to disagree, the merits and efficacy of mail in balloting program. They're really sh you. If you think about it, it didn't immediately. Make any sense to me why? Democrats would seem to be largely in favor of expanding of mail in voting. Switching to mail voting and Republicans in the state would not be or even nationally why that would be the case right, and so I reached out a political science professor from Middlebury. They Matt Dickinson, who was excellent and really helpful? He helped me understand and is in the story he he posits that. That there's two things going on here. So in Vermont what has happened is that the national debate has bled down into the local debate All of the partisan vitriol this all of the lawsuits that the Republican Party has has launched against states that are trying to. engage in mail in voting and all the tweets from the president about it has filtered down into the rhetoric that local politicians are using and probably the same on the democratic side, so that's one thing that's happening and making it a little complicated, the other part though he said, is that there? There is actually a fundamental difference between the parties about. About an what they view as an individual's rights and responsibilities when it comes to voting and he, he said basically that that the Republicans generally feel more like It is the responsibility of the voter to overcome any hurdles that might stand in their way to vote. That's that that this is the foundation of democracy and It's your responsibility to do it whereas Democrats feel that it's far more important to remove the barriers to voting that exists throughout this nation and historically have existed in this nation so his point. Was that look even if you. Even, if you. suggest that there's maybe people jockeying for partisan advantage here in the mail in ballot debate the mail in voting debate. there's also an underlying philosophical difference between the two parties about about voting and how it should be conducted. which I found, yeah I I. Guess on the show a few times. A very thoughtful gentlemen move is a political science professor at Middlebury and he actually I thought he made a really good point there that that is there is some an, and it's not surprising given that you know. Republicans typically are less friendly to. Get government benefits for people than Democrats are so the whole idea of. you know. Does government take a more proactive role in helping people or our? Our people asked to be more self reliant That's a theme. And yeah, and so it shows up here in in this in this surrounding elections I, mean I they're always caveats and sort of asterisks, and so on among which are that you know in some places and throughout the United States history. Certainly there have been barriers set up for voting, which were frankly not well-intentioned many. Racist and character for one thing, and and and so on, and so I think there's a wariness especially on the part of Democrats, and and a desire on by Democrats to to expand the franchise as much as as much as as it can be. You. Know it's it's a constant It's a constant talk, back and forth year. Which shows up in different ways in different places, and it's a little fascinating. The media see that the governor rather who has? So strongly disagreed with the president on so many things. Is a little bit on the same page on this question. Is that fair? Yeah, absolutely, that was another reason. I was drawn to the story because if you think about it. and you and you and you listen to what many of the Republicans in the state including. Scott were saying about mail in balloting. They were taking great pains to to to to say that they were not. Merely Toeing the Party line the National Republican Party line on this issue in any way that they didn't have an the governor made made great pains to say that he actually did not believe that mail in voting poses a substantial fraud risk. That was none concern at all, and that's interesting. The Republican governor you know is on the same page as the Republican president, but he has a different explanation, and then start drilling down the different explanations and you kinda go. okay. you know it's like a it's Kinda doll kind of timing argument and you wonder. Is that really what's going on here? Like, or is he just coming up with a different explanation that that is more palatable and makes and distances himself from the president, while still being on the same page as the president and the Republican Party, so we saw that in the we saw a degree of that difference with the the Republican Party. Position in Vermont on this Republican Party, in Vermont is very much of the belief and strongly put a statement saying that they are seriously worried about voter, fraud, and and so. It's It is odd that some of the explanations being used by the politicians in this in this debate might not be. The might not be the complete picture so I found that interesting lot. Well the and some of the fledgling conservative media in Vermont including like true North reports been very out there on the question, or or trying to promote the idea that is going to be rampant fraud if we allow this to happen. secretary of State Jim condos meanwhile is really I. Think you know his. His focus lately has been on on cove it. It's possible lingering effects into the fall and mean people talk about a possible resurgence of this of the virus in the fall, and and I think a lot in this debate kind of got kicked off. Frankly with the footage. Everyone saw from Wisconsin on their primary day. Where you know, people were standing in line at the polls for. For hours on end, trying to maintain six feet of social distancing and you know some folks ended up, not being able to vote and it, Cetera it ended up being kind of a nightmare out there and and I think that that certainly had had an effect here. Don't you think I do? Yeah, no, and so if because because of that for that exact reason. We decided that we would go to South Burlington last week and see how the. In person, voting on the on the on the school budget was being conducted as I'm sure you're aware. There was a revote on the school budget fifty four million dollars, and then there were. There was no time to do an election like that by mail. And so we went in, and we talked to people, and we watched them all dutifully, March. Wearing their masks and staying six feet apart, and we talked to the. The. The the town clerk, the city clerk there and and it was. It was fascinating, because even the poll workers that I spoke with seem to feel that the measures that were they were able to put in place everything from wearing masks to social distancing to. Elaborate. Face shields to sanitizing the pins. after people were done using them they. They felt that they really could conduct election. In this environment. Safely. Lower for two reasons one because of all those safety measures and to because of Vermont excellent track record in combating the virus. Right that if you if you do draw a line seven months into November, and and predict the that we're going to keep doing being on the subject Iran. You could argue that you know it's not going to be a major issue in November, but then you're absolutely right. A whole host of other people have stepped forward and said WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. Don't assume that this is the end of this virus and impact in this nation, it could very well could see a resurgence in the fall and look at the protests happening all over the country will everyone. Every scientist who studies this issue says this is almost certain to. trigger a resurgence of virus in some of these places and create hotspots that are going to make it harder to get control. Yeah, what does she met? Is Talk about you know the cost of going out and then making your voice heard well the the. And and and that was a really interesting exercise. I'm so glad that you went to the south. Burlington school vote last week. What was the outcome there? By the way, do you recall? The budget went down in flames badly. Sixty four percent of the vote or something that's that's what I thought. I recall, but I want. It was kind of like Like? I. Don't have every fact in my head all the time. Folks I don't know if you are at the listeners well or well aware that by now, but just in case Kevin mccollum is my guest. He's with seven days and has been covering the issue of mail in voting. In Vermont, really I think doing an excellent job getting both sides of the story you know talking to Republicans and Democrats and and and pointing out how this does we you know there. There's a thread here. That goes right to the baby to the fundamental philosophies, these two political parties that that is. Manifesting itself in interesting ways here and, but in terms of secretary of State Jim condos, one of the circle back to him. Kevin and ask you you know his. He does really talk about this issue of covert, and he wants to have elections which are I, think are sort of logistically and functionally smooth. And so I think his his thought here seems to be that. If we can get people to vote in advance by mail, or by the way you also go, you know for weeks before any election Vermont these days, and actually be cast your ballot sort of individually at your your town or city clerk's office for those things what they do, is they the crowds on election day and and some advocates with this kind of approach actually talk rather than they don't talk about Election Day they talk about election season? and so you know it's talk about flattening the curve, and and and trying to trying to basically just keep any any sort of. Social Infrastructure this being overwhelmed. That is one way you cut the crowd. Going to the polls on election day is to have people voted events or vote by mail, so there's some really practical considerations. Here I think that the secretary of State is trying to try to apply meanwhile I gotta ask you before we want to really dig into this unless you've been digging into this question about possible fraud, or or or not even so much fraud, but just sort of. Logistical difficulties on on the mail in ballot of things because You know the US Postal Services. That human institution. It's not perfect. The heaven knows that voter lists in towns remember the folks. It's not that everybody will get a ballot. It's that registered voters will get a ballad. I understand that right. Kevin you do. Yeah okay, but even so you know people move, and they forget to inform their city or town clerks, and so they're still voter list The the ballot shows up at their old address I suppose, and then what we know, right? Exactly one of the concerns that a lot of the clerks have right, so you have this filth off? You have all these different layers, which is which is why I find this story, fascinating and one of those key layers is that many of the people with the most direct experience in running elections? The town clerks have have waived a red flag at least some of them and said Hey, wait a minute. What are we doing here? You'RE GONNA. Mail every registered voter on this list a ballot and they say what will happen. What will happen if that person's not that address anymore will? Will the post office mail it back to me? Will they mail it to the forwarding? Address will throw it in the garbage. What will happen so the getting clear answers to all of those logistical questions has been really challenging because of how quickly the state is trying to ramp up on this, and because of how there hasn't been a final decision about whether to do it or not, so there hasn't been this education campaign right? Jim Kinda said one of the first. First things he needs to do once. He gets the green light to go ahead and do a mail in vote for November is an education campaign of the clerks in the state of Vermont to give them comfort level that they can you know pull this off and then to public a public education campaign about million voting, so they understand how a work and he's been stymied from doing that because he doesn't. He can't say that he's ready to move forward. Yeah, because the legislature hasn't signed off on it so right, so there's all these so, but the but the clerks if you speak to several of them and I did. Speak to one in South Burlington. At. She has significant concerns about what will happen. with potential voter fraud, not because she thinks people are bad, and we'll take advantage of every opportunity there, but just because the the unknowns are so many more when you when you do a mail in vote, there's no I think she feels like the controls that are in place to ensure that the people who show up at the polls are the people who say they are, and that no one can vote twice or whatever those controls maybe are lessened So it's this poll pushing. You're absolutely right between the the control of the election by the election's officials. In the way they have been doing it for years and years and. And this desire to expand it and make it easier and make it safer. There's just a lot of resistance to changing the way we've done something for hundreds and hundreds of years, but I also want to point out that we have absentee balloting now. Thirty people who vote in the state of Vermont choose to just get a ballot. Fill it out and mail it back in at their leisure, and all mail in balloting really does is try to push that number as you say as high as possible so that the turnout at the polls which is expected to be Well the turnout in the election in November expected to be very high and so they just trying to say wait a minute. Let's get the numbers at the polls as low as they possibly can by having mail in balloting for as you say weeks and weeks before the election. Yeah and I? Don't know if you have my strategy as a reporter Kevin, but when yours is working for the API, I would typically vote early only because I figured. I'm going to be a really busy on election day. That's that yeah, and and and. So you know that that is, that is something I. Th I mean the bottom line. Here is a decision that has to be made in order to get ballots, the printers and and order all the envelopes had Sarah. That's the route by what Datino. Well I think Jim condos. Says said that he would have preferred to have this decision made by the end of April, they blew that badly, and so now and he ally I think last week, said essentially that they needed to make a decision and then when they got the. Senate to move forward with a bill to grant him sole authority. I think he has gone forward and started to sign some of the contracts, maybe not transfer the money, but signed some of the contracts. He needs with printers to be able to conduct You have to buy this paper stock and and get the envelope sorted out and start that process I ju- Janette White Senator White was on the the head of this bill. She was leaving the designer of this bill And she said that there was going to need to be a million. And a half envelopes printed for this because they thought they might have to do half a million. Half a million mail in ballots. But every single male invalid has three envelopes, the one that comes in the one that you have to put your valid into and then the one you return to the clerk. All different sizes all out scraper. It's exactly so it's. It's a complicated process to pull off Yep. I'm in has taken years to make the transition and we're trying to do in a few months. Already I got to interrupt you and tell you that we are out of time on this segment, but I really appreciate you. Joining me Kevin mccollum of seven days. stay on top of this story. We might have to be checking in with you about it again. In in the near future. Thanks very much happy today time. Thanks all righty. Hey we're GONNA be speaking with? Virginia police chief in the President Vermont Police Chiefs. Association George Markle after the break. Stay with US folks. WE'RE OPENING UPSTAIRS AT THE WARREN STORE FOLLOWING CDC guidelines, we will allow three people at a time from ten to four Friday. Saturday and Sunday and eleven to three Monday and Thursday until further notice, or you can email. Lori L. O.. R. I. AT WORN STORE DOT COM to make an appointment. There's lots of great summer clothing fifty percent off outside and new spring merchandise upstairs. Please wear a mask. We have disposables and we will be selling organic wired ones from product think-tank. We'd love to see you stay safe mainstream Warren village. newsradio WD FM and am now back to the day Bram show. Stay with us in the second half hour on this Wednesday morning. June third folks and We are trying to address various aspects of this a national tragedy of the story that started in Minneapolis We could go Monday with the death of George Floyd was He died after having his having a police officer neal on his neck for nearly nine minutes and three other officers were standing around, and not intervening in this and obviously folks. No, there has been an outburst of anger. and sadness and demonstrations and protests around the country since the those events. Occurred in Minneapolis and yesterday, we had on the program Curtis. Reed Junior an African American man, who is the executive director of the Vermont partnership for fairness and diversity curtis done a lot of work with police departments in the state of Vermont to Try to help them. train officers to eradicate any racial bias that could occasionally shows up in in the work and Interestingly we had a a statement issued by the by the Vermont Association of Fleece of chiefs of Police, I should say on Association of Chiefs of Police, which represents local police departments around the state and Came out very strongly condemning the the incident in Minneapolis and talking about the need for a police officers to redouble their efforts to avoid these kinds of things, and also for the public in general and police officers, everyone just to try to treat each other with a little more respect than civility and kindness, and all those good things. The President of the Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police is George Markle. He's also the police chief in Virginia. And he joins us this morning on the day. Graham show here wd FM and am and the chief. Oh. Thanks very much for coming on our air. Good Morning. Good morning and I saw your statement, and I and I thought that it was very clear in direct in its condemnation of these acts of the by this officer show van of the of the Minneapolis police in the death of Georgia Floyd and We spoke earlier this morning and you were saying that One of the real one of the real. Painful things about this is just that that this kind of an incident tends to be smart. Your entire profession is that right? Absolutely I that's. That's an understatement. And tell us how that feels. I mean when you when you see video like this one. That was everybody was carrying out a Minneapolis last week. What do you what what goes through you? I just within my own department, I. Fairly comfortable speaking for everybody else. That I've talked to It was a matter of shock. It was a it was revolting and. Officers were outraged there was. There was. There's no really there's no real word that can. Portray how he felt about that that was. That was horrendous that that's. We deal with all kinds of things in the course of our duties. And violence Is a terrible part of it. We've scars on. Everybody involved both the victim and and the officer that is responding to it and whatever else. When it comes from one of our own officers that's. That's terrible. Yeah, and and I have to ask you, too about And I want to get in a little bit of this specifics of police training in how to respond to something like this. You're in a group of officers you're. You're one four at the scene of you know what turns out here to a a very petty crime I mean the passing of counterfeit. Twenty dollar bill. I think is what they were accusing Mister, floyd and and So you have A. You have four officers on the scene. In one of them. I mean I I can sort of imagine one somebody. One person just really lose his cool You know very individualized basis especially having you know what amounts to temper tantrum and and starting to do something that is a very dangerous you know obviously kneeling on somebody's neck is is is a very dangerous thing. The thing the the part of the equation. I cannot get to frankly is how the other guys don't pull them off. What we what are the when they're? I can't answer that I can't tell you what happened. I can just tell you that. there. Everybody Watch that video I mean whether you'd be civilian and police. has asked the same question. How can you stand there and let that happen? And and I can't speak for. Those people out there I can just tell you that the. Mealy on the man's neck is not an accepted practice never should have happened, and the other officers should have intervened. there's there's no excuse for that I and again. I There's no explanation for that. There is absolutely none. And one thing I want to make it clear. When I said one of our officers that that individual is not one of our officers. Vermont officers. That's not from. That may happen somewhere else, but I want to get that. When I said that is not one of our officers. that the practice that that's not a practice it's that's just not an accepted. Way of controlling person. You don't do that that that's that's. Lethal consequences as we saw. And And why these officers didn't intervene, I can't answer for them, but I can tell you. They should have absolutely and I speak from my department that if anybody ever did do that, which I, I can't believe that whatever happened I don't believe that would ever happen. I can tell you that somebody. Would be grabbing officer Yanking them off, it'd probably put them in the cruiser interminable back to the office, and then we would address out after the situation was dealt with, but that is not. That as you can see the as Astra's consequences. There's no excuse for that. Yeah, and and I I'll tell you I. It's the much more normal behavior from everything. I know and I'll tell you a little story about It's like sort of. One one police officer was going off, frankly in the and his colleagues grabbed him restrained I was a reporter for a while down in Massachusetts early in my career was actually. Please please court reporter. There was an incident where. A. Young man was accused of raping the daughter of a police officer and He ended up being arrested and brought down to this station and when. Herve the victim's father who's also a senior police officer in this department heard that This man was there. He was getting ready to basically. Go. Probably commit violence on them, frankly, and and the other officers on senior basically put them in a chair and held him there and we'll. Have to you know I will tell you. Rape is a heinous crime. And there isn't a person that. I know of that if they're heart was raped. they would have some very adverse reaction to that I'm not making a game for that, but in that case where? those officers intervened and grab that officer and restrained more or or put them in a chair. They did the right thing They absolutely did the right thing. Yeah, and and and I. I really have to believe that they did the normal thing in a circumstance like that You know well. It's not a day in and day out. Police officers should not only in the state, but around the country do tremendous acts of compassion and and goodwill and risk their lives, and whatever else unfortunately the actions of these officers, this officer and these officers. Of kind of not kind of day have. Obscured that and they tremendous way, and they've opened up a chasm of anger and distrust and The actions of a few affected. Yeah we have a listener calling. Let's go to Fred for new Good Morning Fred. Morning? Why are you interested because? My question is if civilian was daily saw what was going on the civilian decided. He would interfere with the police to protect. That guy would say some sort of impact weapon. That civlian probably would've been arrested. The aged himself, but he thinks. I'm sorry you. Your Voice is muffled. Yeah I think France question is about if if A. So these other officers are not intervening and now now a civilian who's on WHO's near the standing there by and sees this going on and sees the other officers, not intervening rice to step in and Fred says with some kind of an impact weapon. I don't know what that would be, but so now that now the civilian is getting into this melee and and. Friends Fred surmises that the civilian would end up being. Probably injured himself or herself Would, what do you think she's? Well. You know again that that's a dangerous situation for anybody to be in That that that's a judgment. Call and I would hope that I hope that nobody ever has a face at. I really can't answer that I would not anybody on the other hand you know if I saw that and I was in plain clothes. I I would. I would intervene, but. I wouldn't recommend people doing that. I shouldn't say I can't say that. That's a very very difficult. Analogy to answer you kind of. You gotTA. You GotTa look at Your Moral Compass and okay. Can I let this happen. If somebody is is obviously being choked out, I would expect. Somebody would step in and intervene regardless. Yeah, human reaction and Of course deal with the consequences afterwards. As as the question was asked, and I was beginning to answer it I'm taking myself if I was in civilian clothes, would I intervene absolutely I would. Not maybe impact weapon. Impact weapon is is not the the answer, but to grab the officer. Pull them off. But yeah. Because, somebody's very difficult to a civilian. Soften, raw. Well were there. I I? But. It's one thing I went there. Hand is pulled off another to have an impact weapon, and then that's yeah. I that's bad. I would read. Fred. Thanks for the call WANNA. Move along here, chief talking a little bit about You know we have had some concern in Vermont about bias You know. There was a big report about three years of three or four years ago now talking about stops in this. In this case, it was by the state police I know you you. You can't really comment on their operations or whatever, but it indicated that when African Americans were pulled over, they were about. Something like five times as likely to have their cars searched. And then a white driver, and the The actually less likely to have contravened found than than white drivers. In the car and so. That was I that was a big headline three or four years ago. There's there's been a lot of discussion around. That's a lot of work and I mentioned I. WE Curtis Read on the program yesterday. who is continuing to work in this field? taught talk to me about you know the progress. Do you feel like that? The local departments are. In your department and and others are are making progress on these fronts, and and CETERA. Across the board the State has. Law. Enforcement of state has become more aware and taking steps to to address these issues anytime. Something like this comes to the forefront. We have a re- requirement of responsibility to do that. I know the state police have been very proactive working with Curtis read I know the Criminal Justice Training Council and the legislature of work together to put together requirements for advisory policing and and conflict, the escalation and resolution, and I know. Each department whether it'd be state, police, sheriffs or municipal have a requirement to conduct that training with that. It's officers, so I think progress has been made. I can always Kenmore always be done absolutely. Can we always do things better? Of course we can, and then when we start thinking we've. We're doing the best job we can will then maybe it's time to take a look at it one more time, but I think as a whole. Unfortunately, the state has made Pretty good steps to to address these issues. In terms of the policing that happens kind of in the wake of an incident, like the the death of George Floyd you know as police respond to these. To these demonstrations do feel like in most instances, it has been a reasonable, or do you think that there have been some times? When the on the police have overreacted to circumstances, a lot of people are pointing to that that episode just a day or two ago, where the president walked outside the state, house to nearby of sorry, the White House to. There's a brain cramp for you. the walked outside the White House to nearby Church and. The area was cleared with tear gas and and concussion grenades, and so on beforehand and Apparently you know what people are saying is that is? It wasn't like there was violence happening. It was just the. The protesters were there peacefully and all of a sudden essentially got. Quite Quite harshly dealt with what did you think of that incident? And in general overall response since the death of George Floyd? I can't speak for the secret service or you know the protective services for the president. I wasn't there so I'm not gonNa comment on that That's That's at a level much higher than I and I I don't know the circumstances and I don't like the comment. When I, don't know all the circumstances behind that I can tell you this that I know law enforcement right now. The the instances I've seen there have been many instances where law enforcement from around the country have joined hands net with people, and and and supported them in their grief, the anger and they understand that, but we don't. Support never will support is the violence against property or people. There's no there's no room for that. Some people feel that that's that's the way to get people's attention. It's getting people's attention, but expensive and I'm a lot of cases adversely so This conversation is long overdue. It should have been this. These conversations have been going on for a long time, and and obviously something needs to be done, but you know you're always gonNA have You always gonNA have People are instances, or whatever that's that will will cause people to gasp And take a breath because they're so bad, but. We've got to do everything. We can each and every day to make sure that this sort of thing. Doesn't happen. You know both law enforcement and the civilian side of the House on the violence that goes on around our country this country. Become too violent every day we read about things and and all aspects, and it's just there's no place for this is not what America is all about, and we have to do our part both civilians police officers. To To try to bring this to an end, and and the way to do it is not through violence. It's not through anger I. Mean Anger Begets Anger. Violence begets. Violence. And and bad things have come of this and unfortunately It's here. It's on our doorstep and it's. That maybe not in Vermont, but still in all we we're seeing at. It affects everybody from the. Northern tip of Maine all the way down to. The southern tip of Florida and West who? Every, police agency and every person that watches evening. News is dealing with this. Terrible situation that's going on in our country right now. It is it is terrible. There's no doubt about that and I and I and I just I I WANNA make the point and I. We talked about this earlier this morning when when we spoke that I. Think the way I put it was that racism does not begin or end at the door of the police station Certainly there have been racist. It's just recently did that, did not? Involve police officers, although there was this weird threatened central park last week by a woman who said she was going to call the police and I guess maybe try to create a you know some kind of a bad incident like along these lines. But. Certainly that father and son in Georgia who? Took it upon themselves to enforce some existent laws or something in in the case of Mr Berry You know a young man is out jogging. Getting some exercise ends up dead, and that's just You know there's not there's no no excuse for that at all and again it did not It did not involve the police until it happened and. and and certainly this is a a sign that that. This problem of racism in the United States is is much more widespread, and we are also talking chief. I recall about the about people's education. You know what can schools do. CAN FAMILIES DO? To try to raise people with the right kinds of values on this Which I think you know presents a recruiting issue for you if if some percentage of the population. Has the wrong values than you have a recruit pool. That were you know you're going to be trying to weed people out? It's a I know. It's sometimes tough to find police officers, and so there's a tension there. Tell me about how you How you sort of test. People's values on this kind of stuff and make sure that they are they are themselves fit to be police officers? Well I can tell you that. The screening process for police officers has become more and more stringent of Montgomery Training tousled has review this in the past and the call it quality control or whatnot, as has become more and more. Pronounced as well it should be. We want the best police. Officers best applicants for police officers wearing our uniform. Obviously, there's an enormous amount of authority and responsibility regardless of whatever age you end up, law, enforcement and and. We have to make sure we have the right people. Are we always on mark? No, do we do the best we can? Yes, We have very extensive screening process, and we do everything we can, and that is sitting down and talk of the applicant. The applicant has to go through a series of hurdles to get to the point where they become a police officer that's offering bow on his or her own and There's a tremendous amount of training I. think just. In the base of course structures and don't quote me I think I'm correct. I think there's seven hundred ninety five hours worth of training that goes to a police officer just the basic course. And then on top of that, you have a field training officer period of time, which is one hundred twenty hours, and then you have post basic period of time, which is I, think another hundred twenty hours or so. You got a lot of time that goes into a police officer so. Dell's that, and that initial period of time from the day of an officer walks in the doors. I want to be a police officer. To the time they graduate from there, Kademi which certifies them to go out on the road and do the work as a police officer and field training, period, and the probationary period. There is a long time for people to evaluate. Evaluate that officer the see if they're going to cut cut the mustard as far as being a police officer. I can tell you this and it's. It's become very very difficult to become a police officer in today's Day and age for the obvious reasons, but we have a job to do. we hopefully we pick the best people the applicant pool. Has diminish? Dramatically for a number of reasons, and I would rather operate shorthanded than. With people that I don't trust and I don't have confidence in with a tough situation In this business. Tough Situations challenging situations occur on a fairly regular basis and the best you can do select the best applicant. Provide the best training to that person. Adequately equipped them, and I think more importantly you've got the the leadership philosophy. What each and every agency? It's gotTa start from the top down and it's got A. It's got to be reinforced. You can have all the policies and training you want, but you've got to have that leadership philosophy, and it's got to be reinforced each and every day, and you brought up a good point as far as you know when we were for applicants. Applicants we, we will try applicants that have that that those core values when they come to us, they have those core values that we know that they have honor integrity, and they have compassion I teach core values at my police account into teaching there from Nineteen nineteen years now two kids they get a four hour block, and then they get a floral block and community policing and I hammer those things home that it's important. that. New recruits understand the importance of their job and what we expect them to have and how one and It's. A May seem it could have far reaching effects. Well chief George Michael. The Virgin Police President of the Vermont. Police Chiefs Association. Thank you very much for joining me this morning. We're about out of time, but I really appreciate you coming on our air and talking to us about all this. Our breakfast, the question I would be. I would I would hesitate. Having people intercede unless in extreme circumstances. And got it never know what's going on your side. Thank you. All right, thank you. Back after top of the hour break for some CBS News folks stay with us. WE'RE OPENING UPSTAIRS AT THE WARREN STORE FOLLOWING CDC guidelines. We will allow three people at a time from ten to four Friday Saturday and Sunday and eleven to three Monday Thursday until further notice, or you can email Lori, l. o., R. I. AT Warren Store. Dot Com to make an appointment. There's lots of great summer clothing at fifty percent off outside and new spring merchandise upstairs. Please wear a mask. We have disposables and we will be selling organic wired ones from product think-tank. We'd love to see you stay safe. Mainstream Warren village. Now back to the Graham Show on Wd FM and am. New, our second hour of this program Wednesday morning a May. Maze over Dave come on, we're already up to June the third here and a man behind the Times. I don't know what but. Okay, so we are going to be speaking next few minutes with Leonard. Steinhorn is Pollu- political consultant. With CBS News and I believe he's on the phone with us right now. Good Morning Leonard. Morning to you. And, obviously the big story continues to be. It seems in the United States right now. These protests and demonstrations following the death of Georgia Floyd in Minneapolis on May, twenty fifth and We sounds like there was a bit of a calmer calmer night last night than some of the previous. Is that right? Yes calmer peaceful protests look most of these protests have been peaceful. Most of the people who are protesting a peaceful. The problem is few who create the problems and how that escalates into conflict so again. I would say that these are peaceful protests. Even if we have seen some pretty horrible stuff, come out of them because that's the minority of people committing those acts. With it turns into. Minority is acting out. obviously you know a lot of commentators? Conservative commentators, WANNA blame it all on and Tika There's a lot of speculation in in the more left-leaning. Parts of the Internet that maybe there are some white supremacist groups that are trying to just physically stir up trouble and. Perhaps, get some blame cast in the other direction, etc.. Is there any evidence emerging into to sort of help? Make eater argument. Will you hear all of the above and what happens in a situation like this is when you have mass protests that are met by law enforcement police, the American military and I I live in downtown Washington and literally you had drug enforcement agents out there. You had national park police out. There you had US military police out there just about everybody so when you pit sort of this force of protests against the force of might things. Things are going to happen, but what then happens is that people seize on these mass protests to create problems and again there is evidence that you have people on the far left the anarchist, and teeth, aw, Anti Fascist type people and you had people on the far right who are seizing this is an opportunity to create unrest and ultimately pin the unrest on the peaceful marchers and the civil rights, marchers, and the black lives matter marchers. And also just create chaos themselves So you know these are magnets were people who want to create trouble, which is really unfortunate, because when you think about the goal of the vast vast majority of people who are marching I see these folks streaming past my house and on my street every day, simply with t shirts that speak to messages about black lives, matter or peace and justice please respect me as a human being That's what they want to be able to communicate. Because the George Floyd murder is sort. Sort of a pinhole to a larger history, four hundred years of history of of racial injustice in this country, what these young people primarily on people out there are saying is we have to end that injustice? Now you have to treat me with the full humanity. We cannot replicate dehumanisation. That took place with George Foy and so many other African. Americans throughout our history, we must end that now, so that's a peaceful message, but unfortunately some of the people who WanNa create chaos, golomb onto that and then 'cause they're trouble. Yeah what are the things that has has developed This may sound a bit far afield for a moment. I'll try to tie it back. In that is developed in the fifty years since the civil rights unrest of the nineteen sixties, and and that era is that we've had this mapping the human genome which I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly, how? Do you to be A A. Extremely well-versed your of your political console natural, not a biologist, but I seem to recall the that it found that in in our basic up. We are a what it excessive ninety nine percent all the same. and It just it. Breaks me has really an unfortunate fact of history that people have have so focused. On the on that last one percent of of individuals and create in we, as a society of created all these divisions of race and nationality and etc, and I and I just I wonder whether. Should there be some kind of curriculum education in our schools? That sort of focuses on the the idea that when you look at another person, they had not really an other. mean. That's an important point. And there will be you know sort of research. Scientists say there may be more DNA differences among Europeans and there may be between certain Europeans and Africans and when you put all of this together, you know we all bleed red. We all shed tears. When something said comes by we all have hopes for our children, and our families We all laugh when something is funny, I mean that's the bottom. Bottom line it's our humanity, and it's a social circumstances which divide us, which is why so many people will say that race is a social construction, because in the long run we all on this together, notwithstanding any descriptive differences about the color of our skin, but we're all exactly the same and that what we've done in this in human history is to divide people based on artificial distinction, so I think in the long. Long run. You're right. We have to find a way to show the common humanity of people because you know If you continue to dehumanize somebody, then in essence what you're allowing somebody to do, a police officer with hands in pocket, looking unbothered an indifferent, keeping me on somebody's neck, and seeing their life snuffed out, because that ultimately is dehumanisation, you mentioned nineteen sixties, and when you go back to the public. Public Protests in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight and Martin Luther King went to Memphis Tennessee and support of the sanitation workers. What's so interesting is that the placards that they held were not placards about legislation or about rights. What they said was the following I am a ban, and it was all about respecting my human dignity and I think that really is the core lesson of all of this from which everything must emanate. That is a definitely a well foot, statement there and and I think I mean. Do. You think that there needs to be more explicit focus on on this particular topic and subject end. really almost curriculum in our schools. While at. You. Know what your listeners may not. That was my first book was on race. Relations in this country it's called by the color of our skin, the illusion of immigration and the reality of race and one. I Argued Back then twenty years ago and I. Continue to argue today is that this is central to American history. It's not black history. It's American history it's. It's our history. Nobody owns it in particular because we all own it collectively, and if we don't drill down and understand the roots of where we are today, then as the philosopher, George Santa Ana said were condemned to repeat it so yes, you know. Everybody should be coming out of school these days with an understanding of the history and how that history led to. To, dehumanisation, but how people collectively fought against dehumanisation in ways of reconstruction and civil rights and black lives matter to make sure that society reckons with its past, and comes true to the founding principles of this country, in which all of us are created equal so I really think that this needs to be a focus of of of of history of focus of education and also. Also because of this we are a multi cultural society. We have to be able to embrace an appreciate and enjoy the diversity that we have the the fact that people come from different backgrounds. That's what makes America such new country, and to be able to build that appreciation of the many backgrounds of American society that gives us a richer and fuller sense of who we are. Already we'll Leonard Steinhorn. CBS News. I really appreciate you joining me this morning and I'm sorry. What was the name of your book again. So it's called by the color of our skin, the allusion of integration and the reality of race, and wrote it in the late nineteen ninety S and. It's still talked about today, yes. very cool. Thank you so much and we'll talk again soon. Thanks speak soon thankful. We've got to have a discussion about the future of Vermont. Dairy and whether those farms are going to be remain an important part of our landscape through the next century. We have had a a really tough time. For the farmers out there now we are We have a proposal in the legislature which would put some money into Vermont dairy industry to try to buoy up while this pandemic continues and the economic shock waves emanate, and saw a blog post this week by Kevin Ellis. He is an occasional guest on the day Graham show here on wd Evi. FM and am and it was quite a provocative blog post. I thought it might get some. Push back from from some quarters in Vermont and the the the blog post basically It was Let's see headlined. Big Dairy is not essential and sexual keyword, because people talk about essential businesses here, big areas, not essentially view of Mr Kevin, Ellis and He is my guest on the radio program this morning. Kevin, thank you so much for joining me. and. Also, we have on the phone with US Mary White She and her husband own a dairy farm in Orange County, they have one hundred and five cows, and they are Mary tells me She's twenty nine years older Uvm, graduate and someone who is is. Very, very high on the future of dairying in Vermont wants to wants to devote her career to it. That there is a future endearing and. Doesn't really like doesn't take kindly. According to our conversations last night with some of the some of the issues raised here. By Kevin, Ellison We're going to try to keep civil here. the two of you and I trust. We will but I expected appointed. To be had here as well and Mary. Mary white I thank you so much for joining me this morning. Thanks for having me. And Mary I, I wanted to kind of get this off on the right foot here with you in particular because I felt as though less last leaving. You know you're feeling pretty. Put upon, and I and I agree this. This column would would do that to a dairy farmer I would think Iran and somebody who wants to defend the dairy industry I also Said to you and I think you agree that. This is a sentiment. The sentiments expressed here by Kevin Ellis are are fairly common in Vermont and among the non dairy sectors of the economy. People people are. there. I hear I hear of just casual remarks around the neighborhood If Vermont's farms are under that, maybe the nature of capitalism and and You know why worry about it, or etc, and so that's the main reason that I. wanted this conversation to happen because I do think that the stakes are quite high here and that these are important issues, and so but Kevin L.. Let me. Let me turn to you first and let you make cases. You kind of went I. Hear in the overall chronology of events here give me the main in the main couple of points to your calm. You oppose this funding that. as you had estimated at fifty million, I've heard a couple of others sort of figures in in the same. Rough Range, but This fifty million dollars in funny you think shouldn't happen. Well I think as I said in the blog. Post I I think. It's going to break down to forty million for. Directly to dairy and then a ten million to other kinds of small dairy and and other professors, so I think it's going to be closer to forty million and my my issue dave is. As I. Say in the headline with big dairy, and I as a former resident for twenty years of Orange County. I don't know where Mary lives but I don't consider a hundred and five cow dairy farm. The dairy I'm talking about. five hundred cow, dairy farms and bigger that are. Polluting our streams being subsidized You know we are asked to. be capitalists and yet we are asked to subsidize dairy industry that produces a product. That Th that increasingly the marketplace doesn't want. And Does not play a key role in feeding. In designing a new food system that feed hungry Vermont. and pollute our streets. And and the and the milk generally goes now to be processed by giant state dairy co OPS. like the FA. And I'm just wondering whether that money should not be better spent. creating locally designed food systems that feed for monitor's not too many and again I'm talking about the dairy here. Not to mention the human trafficking piece where we as remodelers, and I am to blame for this myself. Turn the turn a blind eye to the fact that non vermonter spar broaden here to do the work that we don't want to do. and they're illegal and they're living in the shadows and I'm and I. Just don't think that's right. Okay, let me get some of these points with Mary. Mary first off. Kevin is arguing that the the the is as much of a market as there used to be for the milk that for dairy farmers are making. What do you make of that? Yeah, so I'd like to share just a few statistics on how the dairy economy actually works in the state of Vermont so right now we have six hundred and forty dairy farms in the state. Eighty percent of those farms are certified small farms smoking under two hundred cows, so we fall into that as a for certified small farms, so just to put it in perspective, the state does. Have the numbers on how many farms in each sector so the state actually classifies large farm as over seven hundred cows, just to put things into perspective, and then between the two, there's a medium firm categories. Well eighty percent of Vermont farmers are milking under two hundred cows So the dairy industry as a whole is a two point, two billion dollar economic activity to the state, it's the largest agriculture industry in Vermont accounting for over seventy percent of the state's agriculture sales. If you added up every other agricultural industry, it doesn't even come close to what theory brings to the Vermont. Economy people are purchasing Gary Products in Vermont. We're looking at over a million dollars in annual sales just in Vermont alone. That's fluid milk. That's cheese yogurt butter, way other products as well and in Vermont, dairy farmers do more than just feet, Vermont. We accompany new. England states as well as a whole for Mont.. Pretty through sixty three percent of the total milk in New England. So when you say you were looking at some of these bigger co OPS that shit milk. St were doing our part to see the North East. series also one of the top employers in Vermont providing over six thousand jobs. So, there's there's a lot here that does show dairy his, though important to the state of Vermont and a recent poll from DP, EP are just from two thousand nineteen chosen ninety three percent of Vermont still support Vermont dairy. That's a huge percentage of people. That WanNa see very continue in Vermont. And there's a generation here of young. Vermont farmers. They WANNA be able to continue to serve our community's in that aspect. So I would agree that it's really no news to anyone that Vermont farmer have been struggling really all over the country for the past five years as we've seen a downturn in prices. So as you mentioned earlier that at the close of two thousand and nineteen and the star, twenty twenty two dairy economy was actually starting to rebound, and we were seeing those prices at a profit margin level. And then covert hit so now we're looking at possible production and a lot of other factors that come into play here. This this forty million dollar proposal isn't asking for a subsidy or any sort of bailout we actually are the only New England states that does not give direct subsidy programs to our dairy farmers There's there's nothing in place I don't even know. The last time we actually saw check from the state for any type of subsidy. So we're just asking for a fair theater the table to recoup from our denic losses. And and wants to been DEMOC is resolved which we all hope it will be soon, but who knows I gather that you. You would be happy with a going back to the status. Quo Is as was before that. as far as economic. And as far as as far as any state, support or lack thereof. so we? We have worked really hard with our. Co ops in profit cause no this price on a national level there are like I, said other New England, states that do pitch in dairy farmers and through the farm bureau. We've been working with a Senate Committee and House Committee on some proposals, but now there's nothing really in place as the plan forward to put any sort of subsidy out there for dairy farmers at this time, so I I know there's one issue lingering out there of what happened and why? Farmers were dumping milk during this pandemic with people, so desperately need these nutritional products. So one issue you happen was we lost the wholesale market almost overnight? Workplaces. Closing restaurants are closing universities, etc, and then we saw this increase in panic retail buying. So a lot of these dairy, processing facilities are only set up to process wholesale products so ten to fifty pound blocks of cheese, large bags of milk and just packaging, and that could not easily be sold in a retail setting. So what happened was is now. We have all the milk that supposed to be processed by. Wholesalers would know home. And the retail processors were working around the clock. Still are hundred hundred ten percent capacity to try to keep up with the retail demand, but that's where we saw the the temporary dislodging of where milk had to be dumped so I know our local cabinet. Plants have been running around the clock. Trying to do all we can to make sure that products are available to people that need them in dairy farmers arguing back to the community during this time. DFA I, know you mentioned earlier? They initiated a milk giveaway in northern new. York that was graciously received by the community. We're working with school lunch programs to make sure free milk is a part of every single lunch at home for students. WE'VE WORKED WITH MY AGENCY OF THE FOOD BANKS TO DONATE to tractor trailer. Loads of products to begin to the Vermont Food Bank to be processed into fluid, milk and yogurt for donations, so farmers are actively helping during this pandemic and we just want to be given the opportunity to continue to be able to do that when this is all over. Yeah I Kim Ellis? Let me ask you just a couple minutes ago before bottom of the hour break for some CBS News, but maybe we can squeeze one question from from me to Kevin and that is Other. Other industries are getting health. The restaurant industry is is getting help. The and I'm not arguing any of these undeserving by the way certainly the Hospital are hospitals are getting a lot of state health. And other sectors of our economy Why Not Dairy? Because I think it's a I well first of all I think Mary's farm should get help. And I'm not talking about one hundred and five cow dairy farm I'm talking about fifteen hundred cow dairy farm. That's two miles from my house. That sprays, atrazine, and say all over its fields pollutes everybody's water supply and the amount of money. We're going to have to spend in Vermont to clean up. The pollution of big dairy is with so far beyond our budgetary mean that our legislature doesn't know what to do about it. I am all for one hundred five cow dairy farm and I would I would say there's a A compromise here between Mary's view in mind, and that is tied of fifty million to. The kinds of water standards and Mu Shift to organic and the kind of putting cows out on grass, getting out of confinement, and to the kinds of practices that are best practices and daring, which no doubt she pursues. But. Let me, look at large dairy farms. Yup I got to interrupt right here because we need to go to this CBS news minute at ten thirty, and then a couple of words from our sponsors and I want to get married to now. Maybe address this compromise. Kevin is talking about in as we returned from the for the bottom of our break in the last thirty seconds before we go, I want to mention just after eleven o'clock we're going to be having another one of our news conferences with Governor Phillip Scott and other top state officials the COVID nineteen response the. Those folks have been doing that every Monday Wednesday and Friday today's Wednesday. We'll be carrying it. Live on wd. FM and am stay tuned for more day. Graham showed coming back up a minutes. WE'RE OPENING UPSTAIRS AT THE WARREN STORE FOLLOWING CDC guidelines. We will allow three people at a time from ten to four Friday Saturday and Sunday and eleven to three. Monday and Thursday until further notice, or you can email Lori L. O. R. I. AT Warren. STORE DOT COM to make an appointment. There's lots of great summer clothing at fifty percent off outside and new spring merchandise upstairs. Please wear a mask. We have disposables and we will be selling organic wired ones product think-tank. We'd love to see you stay safe mainstream. Warren village. It's the Dave Ramsey show on. TV We are back and continuing our conversation with Mary White. She's a dairy farmer in Orange County. has a farm. Hundred five cows. qualifies is a certified small dairy farm in Vermont. She tells us and the other guest. His Kevin LS Kevin wrote a very provocative blog post this week. Urging against any special state aid to dairy farmers to cope with the COVID, nineteen crisis and saying that essentially daring in Vermont at least large daring. Now we've refined I think the argument, a little bit, but large daring. Shouldn't get any. Yeah, any state aid and should. Kevin's view be Diminishing over time and if. I Kevin Correct me. I am I doing so far. My something up your position reasonably well. You're doing great. Okay. Thanks! And Mary White I wanted to get you to action to a couple of things Kevin saying right before we went into the break, which is, he doesn't have any problem with one hundred and five. Cow A dairy operation He is more worried about the larger farms vaults to them they're uses of pesticides, herbicides, etc, he false their their tendency to pollute a some of our streams and so let me let me turn your attention to to those Do you. Do you see any problems there or do you think that? These are all manageable in and that we should be. Hoping for the continued thriving of our larger dairy farms as well. So I definitely appreciate the support for our farm and appreciated but I do support all farms and. Whether, they're small firms, medium, farms, or large farms what I feel. It happened over the years is there is a generational gap between the family farm, and where farms are at today so within the last thirty years there was a large exit from from dairy farming and now nationally. The kids that are in school now or five to seven generations removed from the family farm, so a lot has happened over those years, and we've seen you know. In the nineteen eighties, milk and few hundred cows was a lot, and now here we are in twenty twenty as Kevin pointed out we we've got farm smoking, thousand cows, and really what happened was his family farm son Avenue to grow their business, really no different than your local hardware store, but unlike the hardware stores, these farms are not typically open to the public which left a huge disconnect and what's actually happening? So, if I'm you know a small farm versus someone who's smoking thousand cows, we are all required to fall the same practices. And for farmers have. No matter what size their farm is have worked continuously. With stations to protect our waterways, so for example, let's tackle the pollution topic for a second here. agriculture was deemed responsible for forty one percent of the phosphorus I like champlain's. And we you been. Task with the daunting figure of a sixty seven percent reduction from agriculture, so we're actually being asked to clean up more than we were deemed responsible for. Which is fine and farmers all over the state of Vermont. Large firms small firms medium firms. What have you have really banded together to answer this call and step up our practices to be able to reduce runoff pollution and be part of the solution of water quality, so for example the recent data shows from two thousand sixteen to two thousand nineteen agriculture is responsible for an average of ninety eight percent of the estimated reduction into the lake forest. Boss, so that's a huge. Huge number from agricultural alone, and that's not just coming from small firms. That's all working together. That's every single farm working with you. The an extension working with the department natural resources for using nutrient management plans until practices cover crops, crop rotations, and we're actually one of the only few industries that can help rebuild the soil, preventing future soil, erosion and runoff, so I think to say that one small farm versus a large firm should be getting. Funding is completely out of line This together and we're all working towards the same common goal. Market, just one comment on a gimmick market, so they are getting market is closed. If I wanted to transition organic, that is not possible that market has been closed for a few years. They signed up a lot of farms, a lotta firm trenches and gregarious, but that's not a thing anymore their market closed. They have quotas. They have all the milk they need I would not be able to get a market for my milk. If I transitioned organic or even to one hundred percent grass farming there, the markets are completely closed right now, and this was before coded. This is back dating a few years, but this market has not been available for new farms or transition. Okay I did want to bring in a couple of callers I believe we have Mike from more town. Good Morning. Good Morning. My heart goes out to the foam is and it really broke watching him having a dump all that milk. My question is. Why, aren't they? Processing it as nonfat dry milk because that's what I buy I. Don't use a lot of milk, so I bought. The dry mill. And make it as I need it. Is it just not financially feasible. Okay. Good Question of Mary. What can you tell us on that front? Yeah so I'll tell you from Mars so from cabinet. Agra mark. We have the capability to produce that product and we are already running our capacity for that, and this is pre coded one hundred percent capacity, so we are making my product. You're continuing to make that product that we were not able to take any milk and use it into. That system the. We were we were just maximum Meisner facility already. Okay I. Might do something else. Yeah, well. Is it feasible up this COMPA-? This capacity. I just did a little math. I buy it. in a really large big sixty four ounces, and it makes twenty quarts and the dollar seventy five would cost me thirty five I'm only paying fifteen dollars a bag. Yeah, and that's a it's a great product to use but at the same point everything was shutting is shutting down, so made it really hard. You know we couldn't just go out and buy new dryer to put in our facility overnight. That's something that takes capital of the got gotTa have people to work on it. Install it. We've got an then hire more employees to run the line, so it's. It's really unrealistic for us to be able to do that. During pandemic definitely something we might look at down the road, but it's. It's not something we were able to achieve with everything going on. You gotTA companies having. been canceled and capital investments as opposed to adding them in in this this time of the pandemic so. My you have to move along I, appreciate the call. Let's let's go to. Let's go to Jeff in Moncton and good. MORNING JEFF! Hey, guys morning. just just a couple of comments. to me, it seems like heaven doesn't have a problem with with farms. It seems like he has a problem with his neighbor you know. You know. I it just. Everything he's been saying. It seems to be turning back to the neighbor three miles down the road. and then the NEX-. Comment I WANNA make his. You know we're talking all of this about dairy and dairy farms and stuff like that, but what about the rest of us that are struggling that the people that are raising animals that are non Berry Animals you know the people that are raising the beef animals and the Chevron and the lamb, and the pork and stuff like that and chicken obviously you know we're. We're struggling just as much, but yeah. We never get any talk about anything at all. you know the real small guys like I am that? Are that are utilizing the on the farm process? for all of the new Americans you know that that Vermont inviting in you know we're. We're handicapped in a way that you know we can only help and support so many people before we. We have to basically shut our doors. And kind of. What kind of an operation do you have over there in that, are you what what sorts of animals I I read goats? Okay and I. And I'm certified for on the farm process slaughter. And my primary customer our our our new. Americans okay you know. The is and I tried to explain this to my my representatives and the governor. The couple of times I've had a chance to speak with him that you know. Vermont has an extremely. You know good, okay, door policy, and and honestly it's one of the reasons that I'm staying in Vermont. You know opposed all the everything else. That's trying to drive. People away is that we don't close our doors? You know we don't close our borders. You know we tell people come in. You know live here you know, prosper and stuff like that. The thing that people don't understand is these people come from their countries from their from their places where they grew up in the in the traditions that they grew up with. They don't want to go to the grocery store and buy packaged meat. You know they don't want to go to the grocery store. Buy packaged vegetables, so they come to us. Little farmers for only allowed to process forty animals a year. And and you know. I'm not going to be a forty animals a year. If I really if if I if I could grow enough, quick enough I could sell that in a month. On my on my farm, I'm able to do a couple a couple of months here and there because that's just what I you know, have the capability of growing but. We're so limited for these people and it never gets talked about. Okay so Jeff I do I actually also. Need to move it along, but I kinda cutting to the chase here. It's it it. It sounds like you're. You're saying that you would like to see if there's going to be subsidies for dairy. Why not? Why not subsidies and some help for? For other types of farmers is that fair? That's exactly what I'm trying to point out. Mary Way. What do you make that argument? Yeah. No, I think it's a good piece of the conversation and as I mentioned before you know Vermont, does have seventy percent of agriculture sales in dairy. Being you know the the largest. Industry so as an industry as a whole. We have a lot to lose and I know a lot of small farms do as well I encourage you to continue to contact your representatives in the State House and even work with some folks that the Vermont Farm Bureau and In maybe every situation is different, but that retail. He's talking about I. would assume is booming right now I know we have a lot of vegetable farms, area and people that do retail these and again they're they're. They're feeding feeding the people in their meeting that demand to keep their business afloat, so they're not seeing huge losses. That is a good point. Mary! I mean I actually had a couple of a couple of meat. meat farmers of one person does who does grass, fed, beef, and another person who does a range of beef and and and chickens and pork, and and it Sarah and I learned from them that in the in the with all the fears surrounding the national of food distribution chain. You know with the COVID, nineteen outbreaks in the meat packing plants out in the Great Plains and so on, there's been a huge. Bomb in demand for locally raised a meat products here in Vermont, and so these folks were actually a winter and early spring. This year seemed to be brimming were was strong, strong economy for for that sector of agriculture and. So that was interesting, interesting conversation, there Kevin Alyssa. What what are your thoughts I mean. Do you think that? That if we are subsidizing some farms, we should be spreading it out more absolutely, and you're. Caller is the perfect example of the new markets that are developing in agriculture that we need to support. Dave I would go back to what Mary said last time and I and I. I live twenty years in Orange County and I think I know exactly where she lives. the. We've been having this conversation for thirty years back. When we had fifteen hundred dairy farms were now down to just over six hundred. This. These these of Ra monitors are captive of a federal federally subsidized system that keeps them doing this. and. We are prisoners of this notion that Vermont still speckled with twenty cow hill farms, and it's no longer the case. I support those sell farms I support those small to medium size farms, if they're not polluting the industry and bringing illegal immigrants to do the work that we don't want to do, but if why should we be subsidizing? Fifteen. Hundred two thousand cow dairy farms that are polluting the streams that we have to clean up. that. Don't that don't? Produce anything that people want. I WANNA buy from Kimball. Brook dairy or Butterworth's farm. To Jack Laser up in the kingdom. That's where I buy my products. it just makes no sense. These are no longer. Farms they are, they are agriculture behemoth that make a product that no longer can survive in the marketplace. Will marry. Let me get your response to some of this. Because I mean you are a member of Cabinet Agra mark which is a large dairy cooperative. You are a farming in the. Conventional, way from what I gather. You're telling US and and so to some extent, even though you're small-farm you know it sounds like Kevin is aiming a bit at Yeh yet what you do, so talk to us about your sense of his His critique there are we in in? In a situation. Le Let me. Narrow it down and we'll break down in a couple of different questions one What do you think about this argument that the Federal Pricing System? Makes Vermont's farmers, captives, or prisoners or whatever? Yeah so as I mentioned before eighty percent. Vermont farms are still under two hundred cows and I feel like. I can't say that enough Agra mark farms, the majority of Agra mark firms are also small farms and think it's even higher than that figure in. We are still family farms I. Know these people I know these families that operate these quote, unquote large farms that you're talking about milking a thousand cows or more, and again we all follow the same regulation practices whether we're on my farm, growing ninety acres of corn, or we're on my friend's farm that is growing seven hundred acres of corn. We are all following the same practices. We are all contributing as I said before to. Improve our quality and we've come such a long way in large farms, such a huge part of it as well because they take care of the lot of the land, just as much as a small farms do so. We really need to see this as an industry as a whole again. I don't think it's fair to be singling out. Large family farms versus small family farms. We are all family farms, and we all do our part in Vermont System as far as the national pricing goes. we, we do have an issue with the way milk is price. I think there comes a point in any industry when you're supply. increases the demand for a product you see, decrease in pricing and I know at for my farm bureau we're working with neighboring. States were working with local coops. even the American Farm Bureau to try to see how we can better price milk to be able to have a sustainable future for our dairy farmers. Let's go to another listener. Calling in Karen from Hardwick is on Good Morning Karen. Goes morning. I just WANNA say that. I think it's absurd to subsidize. People are employing illegals. And they are the very people who are flooding the market with cheap milk and killing off little farms like us. Okay thank you for the call Karen. MARY WE WE'VE had a couple of mentions of this now. I have to ask you about it. And that is the the concerns about about people undocumented immigrants who are working on Vermont dairy farms. What do you? What do you make of this issue? Is it something that is? is is a real problem for dairy farms is. Is it something that is ask where the blame lies elsewhere, or what do you? How do you describe this year on mind? I think there's a lot of misconception out there you know. I I know a lot of farms the migrant workers and they enjoy working here. They WANNA. Be here, they they like the opportunity to support their families. You know it's it's not a doom and gloom situation they have. Living accommodations and there are many groups out there that make sure that this. These rights in are in place for these employees. And and Are you. Are You finding that? As time goes on any of them are many of them are are looking to settle in Vermont, are they or is it really more of a the considered kind of a temporary? Sojourn where they come up here for a few years or something in and make enough money to send back to their families south of the border and and then go back and rejoin them eventually What is the what is the? Pattern! It works both ways there are plenty of workers who bring their families with them, and they've been here for ten plus years. You know that that's not uncommon. And and do you employ any the migrant workers on your own farm? Now we do not I do not feel like that's a fair question, but now we not. Okay And I I'm wondering if you if you think that. Should, should US immigration law be changed to allow more of this and allow? It's sort of happen without all the worries about people working in the shadows and so on. And I think we're getting very off topic here when it comes to funding Immigration and the migrant workers are part of agriculture as a whole, this is in no way shape or form just specific to dairy. This is a much larger issue on scale of things. and I just think we're getting off topic here when it comes to dairy farming, Mrs. Much more national issue with all of agriculture combined not just theory that use migrant workers. Yes Kevin I just want to. First of all I WANNA. Thank Mary for doing this. This is a really hard topic. it's emotional. And I my blog posts kind of strikes at the heart of the Vermont experience and I'm you know I think there's compromise here? I think there's a middle ground and I. I'm grateful that we're just having the conversation beyond sort of the same conversation. We were having thirty years ago. I think this is beneficial and I think there's a middle ground I think if we start saying to these big farms that are polluting our environment. listen. You should, you should get an active fifty perfect. You should stop spring atrazine on your corn. You should be putting your cows out on grass in the summer, and not confine them twenty, four seven and I gotta say with regard to the migrant labor I support migrant workers a hundred percent, but I'll tell you when Mary refers to the housing that they have I wouldn't put my children that housing and I think there should be requirements around that to if we're going to allow these farms to be this big and we're going to subsidize them they need to. They need to hear to certain guidelines and regulations around environment and human rights. And one one more time that again we keep coming back to this aspect that these large farms are not following the regulations. They are falling the same regulations that we are on our small farms. You know it's it's seems to be disconnected the conversation here that the large farm is somehow breaking all these rules. Wear my on my perfect little hundred five farmer, following all the rules. That is not the case. We are all in this industry together. We are all falling the same regulations. Right or lack thereof meeting no act to fifty permit for agriculture that needs to change. What are you thinking about what we're talking about? Pollution here and you know you're talking about. Pesticides herbicides application which are two different relevant issues, but there are you know applications for herbicides have to be done by licensed applicators whether you're doing nigger coroner again. Five hundred acres of corn there are strict documentation that are to be documented, and there's so much technology and engineering behind these products now that they are the safest products that have been used in agriculture to date, and they allow us to use much less. Whether you're a large farm again in Vermont, you are a family farm in your family lives on that farm. We care about our families. We care about our communities. We care about our waterways or animals, and the environment, and we're in no way, black and chemicals into the air. Because we think that's okay, that is not what is happening here. There is strict licensing application. Documentation that has to happen for any pesticide herbicides application in. We're doing our part to improve the waterways as I said before the data is there to support that and I just wish that the public could get behind this concept that all firms are trying to do the right thing here and we are working towards a better Vermont and Healthier Vermont. Well Mary, wait I think that is an excellent summation of your case and I really appreciate you joining me this morning. To talk about these issues I agree with Kevin. It's not always easy conversation, but it's an important conversation and the fact that you're willing to participate is is to be? To, be commended, so thank you so much. Already Kevin Ellis. I appreciate you joining me this morning. the another provocative blog post and something that got this conversation often going in as I say it's an important conversation, so your contribution here is is deathly. Welcome as well alight and I. Appreciate You joining me this morning. Thank you, David. Thank you mayor. Already We've got about a minute or so ago here on the show and Wd FM and am I wanted to mention one more time that we are just after eleven o'clock has. We've been doing every Monday Wednesday, and Friday in recent weeks we have been going to a wd. Ev live broadcast of these regular news conferences with Governor Phil Sky a top state officials. They're going to be talking about the latest developments response to teen crisis by. State government. we'll be back with another edition of the Dave Graham Show tomorrow I hope you'll join us then, and then the meanwhile keep washing hands and stay healthy and remain vigilant against the corona virus. We will be talking you tomorrow. Have a good afternoon, everybody.

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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday May 16th 2019  Hour Two  Gary Richard Arnold, https://www.news-expose.org/, Left and Right Globalists, Luciferic Agenda of Dialectics, Delphi Technique, Need for How to Win In Court Course, Pro Se Legal Action,

NutriMedical Report

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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday May 16th 2019 Hour Two Gary Richard Arnold, https://www.news-expose.org/, Left and Right Globalists, Luciferic Agenda of Dialectics, Delphi Technique, Need for How to Win In Court Course, Pro Se Legal Action,

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I'd like to pick up names like Trump. I like to put I call. I called word salad names over. I'm building a dictionary over and clay and iron. Claire dot com and the new name for the democratic prairies the demon wraps, because they wanna kill babies, we have to the moment versus an elderly people's new healthcare plan. But also, I called the demo- clowning party, because they're a bunch of clowns when you see the kind of things to doing their policies, it's like you can't be serious. Try even proposed a proposal, even logical decent person would even think is considerable, but they don't I mean it's like when you see Pino rock trying kind of south, you know, deprecate himself about how he had white privilege and all other stuff, and how no one's fit to run for president. I mean, give me a break de Vito if you think people are gonna love you because you all of a sudden, become suddenly humble, when you're jumping up in the top of the, you know, the stands inside restaurants. So you're, you're already call guy probably over six foot now. You're probably going to be like ten eleven feet tall. Like you're some kind of Nafil giant in your restaurant trying to get people over this onto you have something to say have policies to say. Trump does thrown us to do is sing this morning about immigration again. Ozzy's not gonna cooperation from the demon rats or the MacLeod party, and then suppose, is trying to get ready to calm down. Don't say impeachment don't impeachment. But that's all I'm doing. They got like eight six eight investigations going on Kooning even Donald Trump's son have new show before Senate committee is sanity is abuse. It's not what they're supposed to be doing. You're supposed to be taking care of America. These people shouldn't get healthcare, even a salary because they're not doing their damn job. If I delivery. Yeah. These people are chosen and wrestled in selected by. Powerful. National, you're talking being McKinsey and company central banks that control the media, and when they moved somebody like a dope flight veto teenage dive. That's over excited and you know. I can't wait to make you know, to date some girl and probably has very little chance. At doing that reminds me of that story of what was the boys weren't or of an island. And they started, you know, carnival easy each other, and it was really bad. The flies. Exactly the Lord of the flies and he's, you know, this is what is happening right now and they want the Lord of the flies in order to go nuts. Like we see them we perceive them. But this is orchestrated Lord of the flies to diminish an attack and cold back, any resistance to keep neutralize all people listening to this show to not get involved in local politics, because they might be called some dirty name or something like that. But they've got to get involved they got the players and they'll be surprised how many people that they have that will gravitate to them, if they make a plan and get involved and the primaries are coming up. So get involved right now it's the people that are listening to this show that can make a difference in the primary, if you wait until I've heard Michael Savage ill years and years. I do the stupidest thing. And he says, how can we vote for this person that in the Republican party's Republican party put up well both crap? That's a national committee. That's not the local people he never ever as I as ours. I know encourage people to get involved in local politics and get involved in the primaries room candidates, ten those meetings before the primaries and select the person that's going to be put up by the Republican party against the savage, but, and that's where Michael Savage while eliminating in an interesting, invalid thousands appoint. He cuts -til. He cuts off the ability of the people that they themselves you and I are listeners get involved in the process and. Do that because he's supposedly considered himself a conservative. What, what why is that? I I the reason I, I don't know whether it's. Actually uses more, who was, you know, one of the prime owners of the, you know, conspiracy with his Federal Reserve. Second speculate when I see somebody who's presents himself, as conservative like Alex Jones. But then he just somebody was valid points and valid science or technology until information is because they want to control the narrative, and that means that they're egotistical rather not finding by asking better questions or someone else who has better questioned. They wanna control the narrative I'm not interested in calling their I let me finish. I want control donor control nerve, I want people to challenge me with evidence and logic that Intel information van I don't have for example. I'm contacts after the show over the last number of years of unknown approaching fifteen years on all these networks, and now my glasses for five months, but previous have channel show on their channel before the show in Colorado Springs channel show was across the country on Wednesday nights. When I want people to understand I want dialogue. I don't get I have almost nobody going to challenge. Me and my co host, don't have tough enough questions. I want you to ask me the toughest questions you can ask the using no rational human being could answer or at least present with logic to break down the problem. Icy is drunk presents with some degree of logic, which is really good. But he's got bad advisers round some of the people out of our find CRA buzzer, buzzy, scary, like John lightning bolt and Mike. Elliot Abrams, totally clearly part of the deep state and anti-american. Right. Those are the people. And Trump should get that message now. I'm working tried to actually get a direct contacts with Trump and I wanna have what's called Samuel council, which to get people like you and me and others. They can get so many minutes months. Trump on the phone in White House to talk to the guy directly and presented with information perspective. He's not getting from his advisers because what I see happening is bad decisions being made. For example, the decision of Venezuela, people starving to death right now you can't delay the six months or year because you've got the election coming up, you gotta deal mate now. Secondly Russia has nukes at our at our throat. And if something goes wrong say, with Iran because Russia, Iran directly together, putting missiles to against Israel, they can easily launch missiles against our country, and I won, they'd hit was the weapon of indignation knock on a power grid and the population of America would just consume itself. That's all what happened. People don't understand this. So Trump, you need to pay more attention you're to focus on a few things because people around you. Are controlling your narrative, and controlling the menu of items that you're going to have to choose from you need a wider range of information that provides until that you don't get from these knuckleheads. They're trying to manipulate you. For example, John lightning bolt and Mike Pompeo these other people you mentioned. They're dangerous. These are savages. They want war, they want conflict. They don't want resolution. I'm sure that if I gave the right advice Trump, he could squeeze the left, right. Testicles of Putin and the Chinese all replacing us with scarf Aetna from China. And if you wanna trade deal squeeze a hell of a lot harder. Don't own any deals with any country that trade with China, not just the embargo against Chinese products coming into America. So two point nine percent. How will this how 'bout embargoing against any country that trays or imports products from China that China? That. Dude inside of all our. Across. All right now and being trained. For actually air. Apparently the China's supposed to be the executor of the new order, of course, sculling bones with their Yale in China and Bush being ambassadors goal in bones by Nixon to China and Winston Lord going bones and bathroom China. Allen Schwartzman with sportsman's call scholarships people. Look that up a total traitor. It's trained people for gold was in China. Go look at his university. So here's my point, you have cracked should kick them all of Trump's new immigration policies would be you wanna be American friendly, you wanna be not Muslim Muslims should not be welcome here because his mom does not compete with America today. Christian ethics and constitutional Republic period. I mean, that's not even open. You see the active these two congresswoman Ileana to leave. It's insane. The comments coming out of them, and again, the liberal to media that promotes saying, people, it's same insurance stablishment. It's the same people that we talked about last. Days ago, the tens ten school admission organization, even if they don't make it to the secret societies. They are the players or the appointees around the world, for the State Department for the US army, and, and on, and on these people totally are suppressing, you know, the around the world, not only us, but you see on grow new-zealand, you know. Sevaka. We are all to be part of a world government. Then they're denying us. What would in nutrition? Parallel. They're denying central minerals elements and vitamins in order to function as an individual Baid right want that they want ended and crippled. Here's what's happening with Trump. The head of the Senate. You know is now talking about the putting a Bill, whether expend the time that these children detained from twenty one hundred days that they can actually deport most of these people back to their home country. I don't count children, so don't get released on the country, a lot of time. These these, these are taking children or the brought by non-related relatives so they can get in the country, and then do whatever the hell he wanted. Ne- never felt for cart that needs to end. And that he's in now not in a year and a half now with election day. Coming they've demonized Trump enough that they can kill him. We've got our so called sanctuary cities up and down the state of California. We've got ten cities. I show rounding the capital of Santa Cruz and other places you go up and down the highways. We've already got a so called American born people that are out there and they're jamming and, and flooding this area. It's the number one. This back in Vancouver, ID, my residency avenue taking these stupid policies in terms of drugs, even having needle exchange programs stopping these people are psychiatric drug acne to be put into a salty, and you can have an extended facility where you have normal people that are just out of work and interrupt. He right there, the last board meeting, which my friend, they carry Alexander. I attend Shiri of YouTube that you'll see was addressing directly all of this stuff. There is a nurse. It went up there. And she said, you know, providing these needles and she named him and she, you know, there's, there's accountability there in the beaches dreams are all around the children finish. Finish. I don't know if you knew have going to say okay, they're group of people here. We have normal people that are just out of work or the Lahser job. Other never to we have people are mentally ill people like, that's post traumatic stress people are madly, our depress people are basically, you know, had something bad happen to them in. They're not functioning. And then we have drug addicts. They should not be bam on passing needles facility. It can be homeless Saudi for drug addicts. You don't get any damage to get detox. You can property today. People that are thrown into this mix, and they bring out the legitimate people as a reason for over the, their evil. They're not taking care of or you know. In the counties and so forth should be taking care of them. But here's the problem. They're brought in by the CIA by Afghanistan. And if Trump had any control over, you know, the, you know, the ball bunch of other stuff, this could be ended but he surrounded by they have so much in today. You know, it's like trying to shovel back the ways from the shore almost. That at all. I really I if you need private protection of a standard because we're dealing with the military police days. What we're doing trying to attack trouble. And you're right, the next thing is the canape of trying to acetate. I think we need to actually face reality of here. The of an active KU going on. And they'll go to upset including assignation to get rid of Trump. Yeah. It's on. It's on right now. And he has to face that. Legacy merchant foods is the top recommendation from Dr bell Neagle for the Los auction concentration largest entrees, so high savannah protein, the most very entrees as well, the longest food story, light nothing like legacy foods. And if you place a regular muscular, you get twenty percent off and free shipping. Do get mercy foods for your supply for preparation and get it from legacy foods. Contact ARCHE Bill Diggle for the link, detrimental dot com. 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Now, the latest addition to the cloud party, his Blasio. What if she happening with Iran? Trump news actually more Trumpian, if I was advising Trump Russia, Iran or China. I held a lot harder. I think I think one thing every time you include the Democratic Party, we need to include the Rippon society segment of the Republican party. They are the same controlled globalist in both parties. So than the next election. These Rippon society sellouts are eliminated like Burr, bringing up Trump's son. You know, we don't need that we need to all. North Carolina to, to crossing. Why would he have to cross reference over of sun is ridiculous, isn't it? Oh, yeah. You look at all the crimes, and things are going on the United States. I kinda liked that guy was Kennedy from Louisiana is quite outspoken, and very articulate, I think a lot of America does have like anybody with a southern accent, but one of the best congressman ever from Louisiana was less. I think this last name Rarick, and he put tons of wonderful stuff in the congressional record hard core. Understood at all was a former local judge in the state of Louisiana. And if anybody I haven't looked up. Thing. Search for a long time, but I think it was his name was John Rarick. But he he's one of the patriots like Louis McFadden who called out the Federal Reserve and just nailed there. But, but, you know, there's a lot of people in fact, what surprising is. DM. What's his name? Let me cut cut this right here. This is zig, new version ski, the regionalization is in keeping with the trilateral plan, which calls for the convergence of the eastern west, ultimately, lean to the goal of world, government, national sovereignty is the longer viable concept. So he's pushing trilateral 'isms zig, Newbridge sqi founder, along with tackled Cranston. All these other people working against the constitution that I just states pushing these local councils of government. Coming. Get around the state government in federal government, they just put cogs in the controls for the cards, which is basically a division extension of the United Nations. And the goal was through the trilateral commission, the counseling, formulations and velvet burgers, terror, isn't it? Yeah. No, that's, that's what they're doing. The parallel government is almost in place. And I'm kinda kind of kind of I'm disappointed in versus -iety. They've been given a couple of heads up on what's happening in California regarding that, and they're the all this. Where the warring that's an important point. Why are they gnawing it sounds like one of the things I've learned in what I'm trying to into quieter and anything, but it's medical Joop local spiritual is a paradox is an answer to a question of nasty like, why are they not getting it? What is I, I I'm guilty of that. I've had people bring me information that was adequate and important. Focus. Dismissive, put it side, and, and continue on what, you know what you're saying is that prairie assumption because then your previous world model of what is going on. You dismiss it even if it's got solid evidence or logic behind it again. Yeah. As far as I'm concerned, I think a lot of this time. I just don't have any time you know. I'm trying to push aside, you know, normal living in order to take import and. My my, my biggest thin right now. It's not getting out and consolidate, what I fold into get out for other people to us. And we've got a lot of people out there, Jerry, you go to enough meetings, you need to do it through media, which is why we now have expand dramatically in the last few months, including adding Pippa, that I have two months ago, which makes all our shows more and more platforms, we have radio dot co or station of the UK. We've got video elevate shows converted video the only way we know the truth through audio and video, you can't go to enough meanings. You can spread yourself thin and, and basically a lot of time when people are these me's, run by the Delphi technique, and they want to hear your opinion, but just so they can dismiss it. They wanna hear you so they can vote you because you have to be with majority. Right, the different there, the differences made by bringing that up and extending knowledge through any media. Networks that you've got like God I praise you for working on that. I don't have the the, the mentality or the, the smart style understand that. And you're absolutely right. And I would encourage people that are listening to this program to help fund that specific project in expanding the information and. Take take the links we have from, let's say we have all kinds of things Spotify. Tune in I tune Stitcher, you know, etc. Cetera and just send it to other people in comments example, a lot of comments of rare on a YouTube film. We convert videos, you know, we have the videos from yesterday, for example, I have comments there love us videos, but that doesn't include all people go to blue very tune in tune Stitcher, pay John soundcloud and cetera. And when people do send this to the France links, this is important viewed listen to this war. Anthony, j yogurts memorial I was able to stay with the lady was taking care of them for last for five years after stroke, and I was permitted to a poll about fifteen of his DVD's. I think they're you know, there's probably another fifteen here and there and I might be able to pull a few more from her. But what I'd like to be able to make that available on a, you know, a continual out streaming or whatever it is where the in click on get this information. What you simply, okay, give the put it as, as DVD and put the title, and everything in it seven to me, and I'll post it up. Not only put it in my own terabyte drive. So I've got kind of an archive record of it, but I don't put up on my social media demille YouTube channels, I can do it. I got the bandwidth and everything to do that. I do one hundred five hundred videos just send them to being a Malla that'll be traffic. And I think you're listening would truly pretty. Some in. Limits flame something. And this is both in for the listening audience is for my co hosted for others. The devil doesn't care, which way he takes you whether it's financially medically geopolitically our relationship because some of your relatives kind of persecute your badly. But I've given vice to help people survive, their physical challenges their geopolitical and even financial. For example, had people call me in there asking me questions about how they can actually make an income, so they can afford, not only to live. But also by the supplements, and everything else and do medically because as a result of people go bankrupt this country have insurance even have a job. And so the problem is people's well are find hard to believe, but I can tell you and, you know, this is a fact there is no problem on earth that I cannot approach and gives you either an immediate solution or the logical way to approach and find a solution. And the problem is I'm not trying to purchase right? I used to offer myself to be able to do video. Into churches, I used to travel around pro-life to churches. I don't do that anymore. I don't go to conferences anywhere either. I mean, I think it's a waste of my time, because most of the people are jabbering or sitting things of sound entertaining, there wasn't there move on. You know, you'll falls in read Onder stand hell's going on or Jim politically, they are on the left side of the dialectic. Right. Because their tribe, I don't believe in tribal. I want the truth. And I want people very skin color nationality to face music. We knew strong nations, but we need a strong nation America. I don't care what you come from whether China Russia, whatever you need to become an American which means no matter what your skin, color is you need to speak American, you believe in the American constitution, and he got support, which is Lomb cat, which is why we shouldn't be importing from his Lama should start deporting these people. We should be shutting down Masa teach young. I injecting ration- Muslims here in America to be terrorists, people realize that a lot of things are going on the world because we tried to side to ignore things, and the problem is that even without Trump people, some Trump genius. He's a genius at business. There's no daughter's father chain him to be a blue collar billionaire to get down there with the guys. He's very efficient at it. But the problem is Trump is that he he's too trusting people. Around him, especially if they you know they admire him and they give them compliments. You know, his ego Hume's is ego he maze. Take all your great guy, at least for period of time before it fires. You. My latest disappointment is his using the term McCarthyism, which was first used in communist, you know, what was the people's world or whatever their actual magazine. And he keeps his Adamy McCarthy. I volley. Explodes. George markle. Reconnect because your phone is cutting in and out there, trying to get it works. All right. Let's back. Now, maybe, maybe you have to lick your hands or you better. I don't know. What you're saying. Basically, the summarizes he's using the term McCarthyism which fact was based on reality. Not an delusion McCarthy wasn't delusional Lizzy. No, no. And there's a book American three treat from victory there so much solid. Inference and it was communist program in order to, and they created the very term McCarthyism in, in order to create what they said was, you know, false, accusations and McCarthy was dad. Right. And when the known papers came out, he was more than dead. Right. And I. Tucker carlson. And I see, you know, are using McCarthy is and starkly and the wrong, you know of far as Rasa tude. Absolutely wrong. Joseph McCarthy was dead. Right, right. Here's the problem. Icy. And it's something I've noticed even over the last number months, trying to get in contact with the president over my laser net in from dri, my classified information that I have regarding missile defense. There's a lot of barriers out there. The people around Trump, but people in media, even when contact people regarding movies, for example, like the movie unforgiven started planned the plan. Movie, I contacted the pro-life group here in California from the pro-life league of southern California. It turns up their Catholic and this fine because they're more pro Catholics are pro-life so-called process. But when I contacted them, some of their media person in Florida, I went on your site, and it said that you said that the pope is a globalist that's obvious. I said you wanna argue it and you want to factor, you want me to be delusional light you so I on the show. Now the fact is, well, we can't have you on. We can't come on your show. I said, I'm pro-life. You're pro-life. You want this to be brought forward. So we get rid of Rovers weight and protect the board before the human race starts getting genetically hybridize with animals and machines to only make humorous fade into non existence people realize there's an endgame to this. And the problem is the end game is just on the left. People think it's all just the Democrats. No, it's not. It's on the right to, they don't care, which way they get it was like a snake pushing against himself. They just wanted to get to the other side of whatever their their goal is by a snake pushing against himself. And that's what you dot as you saw this Gipson. You know. Encase out of Hollywood because of his. Inebriation I guess from moon shadows. In fact, when they went down to attend Anthony j hill, this memorial stopped by moon shadows. I had a girlfriend that worked worked there and she reminded me of that Holland, oats song, little rich girl. But anyway, you know, we, we I don't know Sarah for a while. And I noticed that the local paper, even when recently when we went down that project realty took up half the page, but she he's worked at moon, shadows. But at men shadows Mel Gibson was handcuffed and taken away in squad car, and his comments about the Jewish involvement Zionist, or whatever it was. Yeah. You need headphones right away. Because you can't have speak rod. And you can't hear the. CD or can follow all has amazing properties of redesigning Zayed fighting cancer. 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Nitric oxide and group revision, and sim cell activation and reduction side of cats. Dr Bill uses it for pain control for regeneration techniques, organ regeneration, and for stimulation of stem cell activity of this amazing limb photon therapy this year, we'll probably have additional delays. The secrecy therapy during phase likes to obtain a fulltime, machine contact Arthur bell at neutral, medical com. Triple eight two two eight seventy one he'll prescribe the providing new politicals helpless, regeneration healing and paint control. Nothing like limited photon therapy for easy therapy for your is your pain, your joints, regeneration of organs, detoxification of the body, get a living photon machine from archipelago Neutra, medical dot com to believe two and to one stay well with neutral medical. And we welcome back now. So the, the first investing that people can do, listen to shows Louis forward that show Donald Trump into social media and Vinci, make him try to contact me for example yesterday I got a request to get an notice on the versity card for Trump. So I put it. Am my nose was you need to contact, Dr building goal to come on dramatic report radio show or video at frost, raise issues and give you specific Intel you don't know because Donald Trump is a smart guy must do. Right. But he, he wants to get Clooney's not going to get it from the people around him. He's surrounded by globalist their p neck and maniacs one have chaos. If I was president the dark side would be terrified me and it should be viably, because you'd have bodies dropping in the White House lawn is they're trying to do bad stuff. Okay. Want people understand is Trump is innocent, some degree of naievety, or he's been threatened him in his family. The if you do X, Y Z, we're going to kill you and your family. Firstly. I think we're getting almost the state where Trump has to declare a state of national martial law, because what I see the actions of the Democrats moved in this election. Because the next day, ges invite the summer lists. When it becomes clear that the fields going to start contracting from Twenty-three, including this clown, Blasi, if they can't impeach Trump, they're going to try to kill him or family. Kasane his wife, his die, his, whatever, and people are gonna get this moved to the stage. That's when Trump needs to move to something much more aggressive in the first stage would be before you care, martial law increase shown special forces around between as interface team you in the so-called secret service at, and I'm using an example here. The fasten. Juries was an example of someone who was impeached by congress by the Republicans, but never gave over the documents with the fact that they gave these guns with unlicensed numbers on them to drug cartels, working with us. They worked with the CIA with woods. Call sad or special activities, nece- I to get our kind of the drugs from the drug cartels at central and South America. And of course, also received Afghanistan, the golden triangle. The fact is the corruptions insider on government. The reason why the narcos states exist because we want him to list. There is why the fourth richest man in the role was Mexican because we want him to be there because he gives us our cut. Okay. We don't. Stolen bones Liam Russell in charge of the opium, going to China is very healthy and wars, and the expansion and deter key and other their areas. And I think what's important chopped up out, you know. Somewhat of a mercenary, or private protection for Trump. And he needs to do that. Because of you go back to William Donovan and all the people of the all brothers and so forth. The created, so call intelligence agencies, right here locally under the Panetta machine, which is real heavy duty on censorship. They have announced fit this called American alarm security, and they provide the instead of the sheriffs in the police, they subsitute them and our last meeting that we went to we were doing legitimate Brown, constitutional first amendment recording of his the door entering into the chambers that says, you know, you can't come in and. Fifteen minutes before the meeting before he didn't have an agenda. You couldn't find a damn thing there and all he was doing race recording. And they had one of the people hired by the Panama machine total. You know this. Here's embar support thing, he needed private security, that interfaces. So these secret service knows there's always one of his own private security. Protect your number two. He's info security. The fact is insulated when we had Kelly, we had to Kelly filter, I call it. Now, this guy Mick Mulvaney, is another idiot his comments, for example, five Ginette regatta novas toxic or not really good for business idiots, okay? Trump needs his his other securities. What's called infancy Kirti? He doesn't have information from people like us in the trenches that know the issues and solutions from Tampa. I know how to fix healthcare. I know how to fix the border. I could do it tomorrow. The first thing you need to do, but it was cyber wall, second thing is nobody and I already doing it. Nobody's gonna get amnesty unless they actually apply from the originating country areas but it gets returned to their home country. Everybody. Okay. They're just like the British hiring the hessian 's in order to do their Gertie work for them. This is happening throughout penins, Dan, in California. So it's not a hair for policemen that swear his oath to the constitution. They're not school like call today at first alarm security, this hired specifically by the tonight. I. I. The problem. The problem is this if we can get through to people that presume, for example, I found this desire, but it was true last week. I saw this IQ the fifty seven percent of American Democrats believe that Trump is guilty of a major crime against the state. They believe these Volvos trees, how the hell can rational American say something that's stupid after Mueller gate, ham, seventeen Democrats investigate him. Then Unity's what I call the obstruction crumbs of Levin crumbs, so that they could try to have NAT learns people kind of screw something together by pretending that somehow Trump is a criminal. He obstructed when there's no primary crime he didn't collude with Russians or no. No information, which we're talking about is like the cultural revolution in communist, China, and things are working up to that they don't care, whether it's law-abiding are not. And they're doing it as. Mentioned locally as well as nationally. Here's a real simple problem. We have three boxes. We have the witness box the voting box of the cartridge box. One of those boxes is going to come in operation. Okay Kamala Harris, and the beano rock and even you Pete Geico. And these other morons all want to take away, our guns. Now, people don't love guns. They love the fact that they have free and because they have gun now I'm not finished. I was my say twenties and thirties. But I'm really good shot. And I also have exotic weapons on building. So if you wanna bother Dr Diggle, and you wanna harm Dr deal, I'm gonna face plant you. I want to send you to your maker. Now, if you take away my guns, and you have a country like Venezuela, you starve to death. In fact, Madero actually taking away healthcare, and even drugs or even actresses from the people water, the don't agree with him now. That's what you, haven't you haven't totalitarian state, which is why the next hour we're going to talk about this with Kevin Kenny. Who's otherwise known as Mr. six pack called his poops fell, socialism stock July fourth. Family said that. When the secret police came in. If you own stopping them. Right. Then and there that it wouldn't. It was Reagan that rejected sell for. Kiva White House and instead played the movie read from Hollywood with his buddies. I totally United world federal and in less. You identify the people around Caesar, they're going to stab him. You're gonna lose you need get get rid of naive t and listen to Dr Bill eagle and his guests and send them some damn money to protect yourself, by the information that he has to help lighten you. And if you got a medical situation, I found. David earlier. Although our dear friend died of stroke. There was no need for giving example, let's say that you were going to have is medic Promessi, heart failure, or stroke or cancer. Do you think that I can provide you natural therapies would prevent stroke cancer from killing. Of course. Now, some of my hosts will avail themselves to get my help, others, don't, you know, Tim one of our previous guests and on the show is stopped about two and a half years ago. He didn't listen to my advice and as a result, he ended up with of medical catastrophe. He's now retired. Now I'm not saying this to be era them saying in this to be reality, if in and I'm not asking people to like me. Demand, respect fact and not my sake. It's for your safer. If you listen to the geopolitical information, we bring on guests that Gary, Richard Arnold, or next hour, Kevin Kenny, you're going to prosper and survive. But if you don't, whether it's health issues geopolitical or spiritual, you're going to do the opposite. Things are going to bat to happen. That's why we have our nutriments technology and I do integrate with your local surgeons and doctors and special whatever. But the same thing we don't need to have big committees. Or we can do two things. Firstly become aware of the truth, and file pro se litigant actions. We have course call how to win in court was Dr Frank graves. You can get this course, over on our diagnostic and therapeutic, you can actually do it and start taking actions. Stop thinking that notifying your local politicians is going to damn thing even going. Meaning says they're all first filing legal actions. Pro say living, it will do something. Okay. Becoming aware and telling other people to get our information on videos and information getting back, your politicians because a lot of these politicians, don't assume, they know everything they've often been an attend school or there's some kind of masonic order. But everybody's got red lines. They will not cross those red lines because there's portion of them, that's decent or reasonable or humane. Powerful is most people think. Percent of them go along to get along. And, and they have their own doubts about what's going to happen to their families, and future generations encourage you to new stash expose dot org to see some of the things that are going on that you will ever see on FOX, you know, some of the. Your information on the best of every along was our dear friend who recently died, but I tell me thing is if you have a medical problem, letting me help you so we can extend your life and help your function numbered want number to get that course how to win in court start doing proceeding and actions, don't think going to Apollo meetings or burning yourself thinking you're going to just write your politicians. They ignore you. I've been writing politicians now for years, trying to get on and get some of these politicians Michaud in ones that I think I totally agree with, like, rand Paul's pro-life, Bill. He's ono. Don't come on. I even had the legislature, Terry Collins from the valley Bama legislature. But now found the attorney involved with the pro-life group in Alabama. He's probably gonna come on. I've got to letters that was sent to be by man, my by the name of Richard Lamm came from Texas. He sent a Email address with Dr Anthony sentence, expose of skull and bones. Ron Paul said he thinks the most one of the most important pieces of information you know, get back to them later within fourteen days. He said, I'm too busy. I can't go into this right now. When I put in two thousand sixteen and ran again in January twenty nineteen rand Paul, listen, buddy, you serve us not just in your own little state of let's say, Alabama, Missouri, wherever the hell, you are, you serve American and the thing since America is we are interactive, or government. We're not separate. We are hiring the government to, to project our wheel which is why the Willis stated Alabama's to get rid of abortion now. When? Eight. Right. But gary.

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Giddy Up Podcast Season 3 Episode 1

"Everyone and welcome to season three episode. One of the giddy up podcast mon- jt. And of course. I am joined as per usual. Triple will paralympian donnie organ. Welcome dawn g tell you so could be backed by tell you. I was anxious over the summer. I thought of was a but you haven't done that. So that's fantastic. We out back for. What are we up to season. And it'd be nice ditching. You out of the star of the show. Let's not make any bones about it. It is awesome to connect their brown live on facebook. Hey miranda we'll get all their usual spec with these guys so it's a very exciting to be back and if you're listening to on the podcast of course welcome to another season of the podcast. We do streaming live on facebook around at the time but of course if you not you can always watch it on facebook or listen to on the podcast that i take this one thing. That'll straight up. There is so many gadgets and things you are responsible for. There's only one thing that really matters has pushed record. This is that would have a law. I heeded just as i started talking missy interests but we. We're a bit rusty right we to let a tick as you said a lot of take that runs these show heaps his stuff to show you got lots of images we've got lots of lots of going new segment so it is all happening. Hang on i on should. We have had like a podcast thought. Good labor with me. What could wrong with the new podcast. nothing nothing to fear it. Oh now what did you get up to the break. It's been like december since we lost to. So what have you been doing by. I cracking bike. It was it was good. All all either. The christmas period i because my birthday was wrought towards the end of the year and got. Jt got distilling kit. Can mike arn well busy. Shall we say and then beat it. All thing making jeans and thought and all sorts of recruited a bit of top talent in the asa branding sarah john let me see if we can We lock up. He by by the ben. We can see what you're looking at is very nate. Gat will hain print. I guess we're all got the print giant table see you work at a us through dodgy fingers at and seriously there's not too many lock it for good reason so anyway might that was many to spend a lot of the family do a whole lot of awesome stuff and loving what you get up to before getting up telling you if you had to drop it is it. Is it ready to drink but go ahead of. We've got a thing buddy. Experimenting might or might want to put some and the putting the fraser and we'll have a fought because it's really cold drink. Bang an explosion in your mouth but it was more like a bushfire day on billy. Chili's chili's as chilies. Tell you i can i. If you listening with less familiar. I think as i mentioned Product sort of finishing last. Finish up a deal. You have to go and get a bit of surgery. So he's a new nick. He's a picture of extra hardware in the knicks. Couple couple of screws and a couple of lights and stuff nice that's-that's that will drop out the bottom of the mature in one day so That he's into philosophy and so when you got through the airports at metal it. I think it's a i think i'm pretty good to middling other beats as well and i haven't baked yet been collectively but collectively. I guess all let medals adding up. So i'm not stopping soon bit what what's an airport anyway. Remember vaguely hearing that time. Old fashioned things that used to go in the sky and airplanes. Hopefully we'll get back there again soon. Might one could now. We've got to correct. Shall we say that everybody's but generally mainly because we hate to tell them off so we've got so much stuff to get through so it straight into segment with my very favorite singer. We can Yes we recommend. Wonderful doney now with lots of articles hebrew. Although we kick things off because the story with iran around australia particularly couple of weeks ago. I was joined. The pigeon donated year about some joy. The peaches sound of that. Was he a yankee speech. And he pissed off from trump's. Yeah that's right. Time to get away from trump faith. He was found in a in a backyard in victoria and had a little pigeons on a little tags on their on their legs and neither racing pigeons adamant for identify. Someone looked up the audio and it turned out that these pigeon was from america and thought. Wow that's incredible. He's it's always. Why in those breezy modifying or heats to ride on a sheep and all of a sudden here he is. We thought well. That's pretty amazing. And of course the security people donate. They didn't caught. Say the or appreciate you. Yeah so they do that shoot well. Let's i wanted to do. I said you know he he company. Here's a biosecurity. restoni could be carrying diseases. That's that's already bypassed customs straight into the backyard and so the word was out that well it was up. Time was up for Giant peach gonna catching him putting down at. Did i do that. I didn't do that. Well let's let's system. We've got a little pitchy. He said he's a the pigeon here. We are tied at twenty nine appeal me. Slate going jumped on a sheep and as it turned up in australia. On december twenty six so it was everyone might call it too bad at often to the and they've run premieres and united front saying to have an opinion on On these peach in bits we've got some breaking news. Don whatever we'll try the pga dot is okay Nothing wrong drive. The peach in turns out co teaching didn't actually come from america after all anyway. What she's i for foods chuck now the ring around each thing. was a fake and now authorities believe he was in australia. And biddle stri and in in the peace fight. That is exactly what we law about teachings with a sense of humor be playing the and so was it sounded someone claiming he's still hanging out in the backyard from where he landed so the guy that's how he landed into the paint fading him in the pg's hanging around and then alabama rinse happy ending. Well let's also fawns everything you that'll be the end of the aisle scare the energy santa's sleigh to me right now so so they guy that was Joined the peach and now wanted to move on to something else done because we liked bringing the we'd wacky stuff from around the world now rock collecting. Don probably not the most exciting topic. I would have thought we'll always going to be a pilot. I tell you as a young black us. I meant you. Love love them well. It couldn't spell inside. That was the end of that. Big buddy long pilot told you it and they're not so what happened. Did you find some rocks. Jim stein. I'm gonna give you a A loophole not referring to say. Don't now he's a he's a rock and you sort of like just looks like it's pretty standard rock that you'd fallen does a little bit. Doesn't it police raw stony he's got something pretty special when night yet when i cut it in half and just want you to see. Have a look at sometimes. You just need to see things. Sorry on the podcast. another reason. trina facebook or youtube. That when they open that is the kadar pin in. It is now known as the cookie. Monster jimbo avelar. That twins is that they might someone. That's my dad. Peaching apparently these legit and they're now office by one hundred thousand dollars to buy that rock and climbing started. We interesting to see what is actually sells. The tussey who they go collecting brooks does ring for rock. I don't think rocks in the front. Yano can't give a white who his pint him look cook monster and celtics now united trick late night. They know what you need to do. Now on nick's story don. This is this is something this Well we've all we've all been there. We've all actually forgotten passwords for staff. Tell me he had put them in the and the after nap dighton so we'll be past goal. It's a horrible horrible feeling and we will may not particularly when you've had to be the time off from work right and you you go into to work and you know you gotta about three hundred ceased tim's you've got to log into god. What the hell. He's at a remember him. Well i'll i'm gonna tell you a story about forgetting the password that has taken it to the next level on what he's going to put a little leverage up year you don't need to really safe dot com. See that image. That's that's bitcoin. Bitcoin by corn currently about forty. One thousand ustralian dollars worth for one little bitcoin. Now now there's it goes finally right now. there's a goya over. Cities is named stiffen. Thomas don stephan already yeah. He's he's a computer programmer. He he got onto bitcoin back in the days when it was good to get on bitcoin. He's got seven thousand two bitcoins. Now we crap. You're doing some rough numbers. That's three hundred million dollars worth of bitcoins that he owns. Cash 'em sell now sell. Well you'd love to sell on. The problem is we. Bitcoin economies you've pass would don't eat as his econ remember his password. Now you sorta go that sucks. That's probably not great at three hundred million dollar mistake now. The worst part of bad. At tony's bitcoin has very high security. And it's always to what's called a basically and what it does is it gives you tain guesses and if you don't guess your password it's permanently arises you'll be coins. Oh that's convenient for me to bitcoin. Founder isn just the problem for stiffen. Don't he's already used possibly so he's got to attempts left if he doesn't get it right he's just done over three hundred million dollars talk shop for memory loss would was. He's drop again. He's a computer program. Yeah suffering you joke. Food daddy's problem with you buddy not ones. You got to keep updating your password. Casey don have one password for everything could get hacked but sucked in monday. Can cost me for hundred mil very very costly errors. Remember you pass. Isn't it so now We we always try and cover cough. Cover off a couple of animals story. So i wanted to to introduce you to roxy the dog here and the little story about roxy went missing and that's not uncommon with dogs. I he noises. I get spooked and they run away exit. The difference is put on facebook. Monday night brings him bad community. Trump's well roxy what was found which is great news but what was interesting about rookies. Roxie was missing. I-it's turn it up family. Pretty much daza. They found they found rookie. Yeah someone fan rusty raymond the streets and took her to the bits. And i did this game and sure enough. They matched back to the. But i use kind of lapsed in between so they've moved on ninety point another dog and i thought i'd never say pool roxy again and This he's you. Surely that's a tough talk though. I-it's not made go to avert kate roxy right so rookies done very well so Now i don't know you mind pump. And what's your what's he go to. What's he sport. A choice off is in a bit on a who a lot. Millwood cup that sorta conway now. You'll know the huge fan of that nine to hash sport. Wise anything with the odds not outweigh the logic. So in other words a two horse race are two teams. Forty if someone's paying fog box. And the other ones that salute light atmosphere to retain. I'm gonna whack a couple met five bucks because to in it game on that i think make sense. Well is new and you sport on an research by by. Dr king's begun gambling sought They've research has suggested that drone racing fans a three times more likely to place a bit then fans of major sports leagues not thinking. What the hell. He's firm racing drain racing so so is it haven't seen them also expect titus looking look through a little obstacles and So this could be the next biggest sport donning. Well it's surely they're not really cool to its covid. Friendly is not a crowd so it's not odd to say why join rising fans would bits. There's probably three of them in all three lock pants. As one hundred percent night could be puts people jumping on. sports is obviously now huge It's just incredible and drawing sports and got robots sport now and you've seen the robot. Combat robot games on. There is a lot of the stuff happening. That kids are getting into. Well we look at that and go really muslim foods racing twenty gone already drawing rising exactly right so i look out for that alcohol Anyway what else you got on on everything. We got a lot now. I know you lock you. Food and chicken nuggets void. The golden childs plight sean. Snaking slinky nugget many many. Can you out of my well. Just want to introduce you. To kneel nissan nelson. Neela is the former miss earth new zealand and she's a medical student. Take i well. She's obviously you'd think pretty healthy and all that sort of stuff but some well. She just rocked the youngest booker records and she set the mocks for the most a man of chicken nuggets to be consumed in a minute. Have you got any fired is this. Oh that's just that's just a twelve pack tight from. Kfc could come on what you drinking for. Just so many she do jt off so she's what she qualified doctor. She's well. she's starting to be a medical student. She actually broke the record at easy guinness book of records. It's actually based on white. So i think she wants to under grams of Nuggets a minute. But you know honestly. I looked at that. So tell you what doesn't actually look that i. Don did you have a crack now. I haven't had a crack would always let's do it for the next show is thrown at that. Be something you'd be writing to me. I mean it doesn't xanana does it. Let's stop full nuggets often. I think i can find out exactly. She'd actually forgot to rotterdam. We'll find out a crocodile next week. Okay what do we do. You're going to have that fantastic don. It's all under great. Guinness book will record. Attempt naturally hideous. Do war took. I mean fantastic. It's good to get you in now. The last thing we want to come up in this segment is united youth of today. Don't either always taken a bloody sophie's they anyone's that are always. Yes sorry mike. Why chelsea's love a selfie. Nothing wrong with sophie. Put some times though. When you're in places that you go to visit you'd go to actually take the sites around you not just not just focus on yourself because you never know what you might miss. If you look at it you find something could be something bad could happen. Something could happen but if you stuck with your eyes looking at you fine. You're not an you bought. capture it. Oh you might want to Want to give you a little photo. He's doing the rounds at the moment on on on tiktok. A lady by the name of my archie. Now she'd gone on a holiday you yes. She's gone on holiday to new york and she actually just gone to an exhibition about the beatles and it was a showing at the metropolitan museum of art and So she just gone to these beta exhibition. Big raiders fan and well. She was walking across. The ryan decided. It was time to take a selfie because the riott itself looked a little bit like the ovum cover of the beatles. The abbey road. Yeah so. I'm gonna show you the the fire here and What is the fighter. These lovely might taken the photo now. I know how how your i saw. Its don't recognize these key. All that looks like the our buddy himself like pettis. Absolutely paul mccartney walking stir right pasta the ultimate photo bomb. She's just and seeing. The beatles. Exhibition and paul mccartney's will strike pasta. And she's missed it. She didn't she had no idea she didn't notice these into she looked at. The fight is a couple of months after us and just all like god team block. I mean that's a big loss to miss that and you can't get the guy back. These probably going varo story locked. It has absolutely gone barbara so but they got these. The lesson ron do not cape you always on you find in the hotel and not well. It's so far away for while. Gye takers dive onto selfie. Bloody even you mrs. Just tiffany. We name i don. He's the king which is absolutely true now. Well of course every time on the show. We hand the reins over to donald. Let you pick any topic you like. I always get my finger on the sense of buttons so handed over to you. Don't segment donny's peak of the week. Oh that's not it. May maybe being a very very patriotic. The one thing on all is interested in. He's who is going to take the crandall you the because you know sometimes you sort of think of Really is just a gifted to the privilege doors. Anyone really would. You're going to china loss. And i'll tell you what the young lady the youngest ryan and the youngest child the strain of if you've done on greis time greis has unfortunately had a real prick of a person in their loss. Absolute lowdown dog of mastic. Who who sexually assaulted her. And you know what. John tell you that sort of stuff. Unfortunately all i say as is no place in any way in lost for that but the reality is unfortunately it's more common than we'd like to think and the really unfortunate pace to these checks if you can think that there's something more unfortunate being sexually assaulted when you feasting by somebody you trust. Who's groomed jer. Gye take the most horrific thing is the fact that grace and any other vic to unfortunately judah the laws would not able to speak about it. I could not use their own name and come out and say what we spoke about. These podcast podcasts. Into and we mentioned that. It's a real crafting. Those i A petition for it. And what i love is crisis. Didn't give up. And she stuck with it and she was able to have the overturn was. The thirst has meinen to to be able to one china. The has changed the law so her plot to the speak-out i'm to her are nine and not has to be an alias and tell a story but actually bay this evolve was the most also thing. I've seen sears. She's new but it's it's the sort of thing that says people taking and to china an old buddy law that's been around for me knees so that it reflects tonight saudi. I just think he's awesome. Because it's too many crepes nate. To be you know be able to Have the spotlight back on then for the white race so good on greis for being. That person now might annoyed that story lot. These grabbed all the attention. And i'm wondering if you actually were intrigued with this. One assignments absolutely A photo is absolutely incredibly. Way the win and i listen to her speech. Today went for about ten minutes. And wow it was one of the most amazing speeches. I've heard on nightside that lightly because we had lots is just incredibly powerful You've probably seen some of it on the news. Radio got a little short thirty second clip e which was really at the end for is of misdeeds play that nail i ran into him towering over me blocking the door. I remember him saying. Don't tell anybody. I remember him saying. Don't make a sound. we'll hear me now using my voice amongst a growing chorus of voices that will not be silenced. Let's make some noise. That's what an incredible speech everybody by at you. That's spawn tingling stuff motto goosebumps. Which only the love that. And i'm not a big fan of the you know Buddy pumping up but when something comes from the hot and you have the courage to stand up and say you bit what he's not to lock about. That's going to be an awesome advocate for abuse victims throughout particularly the see. You know when you're yelm trying to the loss china's literally either not and she'll be very very very busy lady and couldn't think of a more worthy good on what he brilliant absolutely. It can credibly where the winner and encourage people to listen to the whole speechless. Some gyms wrought through her speech and it was incredibly role and she should be incredibly proud of everything that she's shaves and i'm sure there's probably a lot more ahead so very wordy win. Odongo choice mike now. Of course we're going to get away from something that pretty heavy topic. So we're to lighten up a little bit. We've now way when i get to talk about mcgehee stuffed on something close to home for you. Tighting gig stuff We'd get awake. You're there's probably a lot of work that people have heard. Sorry if you just drop me at the oscars just walking across mccain's audio loss. So yeah you probably had to be the stuff in the news about google. Potentially withdrawing from australia and sort of go. Whoa what the hell does that all about. And it's on the back of the australian. Federal government decided. I think that the tech giant should pay local news media companies for their product. Because they're actually saying well if people are searching by staff and you're finding news content all that news content is cost money to produce but the people who produced the news of getting nothing for it and google your your benefiting from doing that so they want google stop paying for the privilege if you lock of sharing news and and getting links etc now google and heat back and the words are signed it would dismantle a free and open service. That's being built to save everyone. Aj the internet and quite from their managing director. Google australia new zealand said the latest version of the card. That the government's requiring required google pay to link to new sites breaking a fundamental principle of how the web works and setting an untenable recent for our business internet and the digital economy so they are digging their heels in pretty hoti because they know if the straddling government is successful. In getting these through. You can bet your bottom dollar that it'd be other countries and other governments that guy he's away we can make as well and get some more revenue. Everyone's going to be going on google for the same thing so they are not market around when i say threatening to withdraw from australia now for us we gotta google. It's ninety three percent of people. Use google for a search engine stray. Somebody's absolutely the dominant search. Engines i a lot of people got on my god. What's going to happen if google do you leave so i just wanted to reassure what was actually not necessarily as bad as we think. So i'm gonna throw up outta search engine for you and it's cold duck duck guards a we'd nine but all you do is talk in duck duck go dot com into your browser and it works exactly like google. It'll show come up with search results excetera about what you'll actually The difference between duck duck go and In google is they don't track a thing. so duck. Duck duck is focused on privacy so you white suddenly get ads that the following year ran like what happens on goo because you've search for something and the next thing it's appearing in your facebook fade instagram. And you name it so when you use duct docherty's completely secure so even if google stays a lot of people moving to duck duck go anyway so So that was my little We're not gonna get at. At might all want your opinion on these 'cause you oh you've done these bring us the news. You have told us whether or not the rt go grew amongst the two of us actually thinks that giggle should be tying or because surely could just manipulate anything i want with albert. You're locked. I do so Tell me what are your thoughts. Should google suffering you. Jock saw up. Yours look tend to agree more with google. To be honest. I think the whole idea of the internet was access to free information with that regulation and now without any bias and i think as soon as you stop forcing to pay for that. It makes things difficult i think. The ron news organizations already like the age herald sun. Excetera the pie. Will they content. So you might say link for but you go to the saw it and it says you got to sign up to read the article. So i think that's incumbent of in meteorology to putting revenue model helps them money and clearly. They have through the traditional forms of people on buying newspapers and all the ad revenue. No doubt has dropped. And we don't wanna lose the opportunity to have free meteor in this country because that's fundamental society. But i think i'm more. Google saw at are distinct meteoroid concessions have to find another way to commercialize they products. So jt is a happy medium with the government. You think science height you stop the algorithms and tracking everybody's body and then you can do it for free or is it. Not just now you'll using content gets off on think about that at all. I think from the east round government pointed you. Google paid i think a title of forty million dollars in tax loss against revenue. Six billion or something crazy so often in tax so the the reality is you know the government are always chasing as always be companies. That seem to do a lot of these talk to pay their fair share of taxes. I think that's underlying the whole thing fair enough wealthy guy ladies germs with her first. Jt says google is in the more so than federal government now I do want to leave your fun stuff in take we've got some quicky jobs. These new three d. technology five using five g in china. Once you if you see the footage you on the podcast bad luck if you watching these. What's the lady down the bottom of the screen. I believe anything these days. Niassa i jays. It's using five j. I mean it's really the technology that we're excited about it. Was i five g fine company the the ad and streaming by five g apparently. But it pretty cool right. You'd love to say that in real life And safe it looks as effective is a dozen on day escape there. Is that risk to your bloody ripa. Now we we like to get into the you buddy ripa section and then. That's where we just we spell that something pretty saw don. What do you got tickled your fancy these these well. Jt same. Why live spice. Lot up for the astronomy e. r. height with a passion child abuse a high abused women and children full. Stop and one thing that got me. Excited was paces actually going to reserve my opinion for this person because i should have the opportunity to be innocent until proven guilty. However if you're innocent you probably wouldn't have pissed off when charges were laid against you're talking of course at the melbourne principal malka law firm evacuated. I'm roll. And i really give a shit because she's a allegedly abused three sisters and she bolted other to some other country to our account number words anyway to and she's being thought extradition in my world. If you have nothing to hide by you done nothing wrong. You stand there and you put forward a smarter person. Kohl's at out but when you be salsa when these charges or the allegations arise is a fair chance that he got some to heart so the fact that the extradition proceedings of teiken plights and not. What's a feis. Melk is backing the house. Ready to be guides for court or think he's a lot of good things. Take your body ripa. She will be facing the music sometimes. Seventy four against which is a considerable amount. So but as you said donnie. Nothing good at this stage. So it's all allegedly and just keeping capabilities. Happy as we have boys at work on the show to shawna chaos and nothing much. Jt's don't want to Who wanna talk to you about something. That's well go how to explain these. But i'm just gonna come right out and say we took that wild vomit while wile vomit actual wild woman buck real wiles and real woman luck with have taught mojo groot for they may sway totally ruin now. This is the result now on the actually a code ambiguities. Hypo finance that And it's not said look turns out that wyoming only actually worth an absolute fortune. What an absolute fortune. Now i'm gonna show you a picture. Here of what viola vomit looks like because this will be your first now here is that there isn't a as a thai fishermen he's Twenties all taught fishman. He found these pieces while vomit and white for that pace of wild vomit. Tony's worth two hundred and ten thousand pounds. It's to well. It's not sheets folate vomit. Now emigres is in eastern cultures. it's used for medicines and potions and as a spice in the west is used to stabilize the saint. A very fine perfumes so apparently it has a really foul smell at first but after it dries out at develops a very sweet and long lasting fragrance. So i still don't know. Scientists do not really wiles actually produce this. They think it might be because by nearer tation when they swallow squid cuttlefish that the sperm whale feeds upon. And i said i reckon the stomach can only handle little bit of it so it spews it up so really komento. I've not touched. Because he's a paycheck right so now in astrology on the federal law it's banned the importing and exporting of embassies banned the commissioner purposes. It's banned in the united states. But it's actually still legal. In the united kingdom france maldives a whole bunch of other countries and the concern wall. Is that because it is so valuable that again. It leads to wild being cute because it it leaves in their stomachs as much as i regurgitate. Some and that's what you find lying on the beach. If you catch a leaving wilder is a strong chance it will still have some in its stomach. So it's been banned by some countries but not on oil so when the jets are hunting. It's not just for their mate. Like the under this. They were here the weird thing is in sperm whales pygmy and dwarf sperm whale steak cycling. So so it's a. It's a bit of a scientist. Say they still not one hundred percent. Sure y y produce these stuff and why it's coming up. It is and if you find on the beach like that walkie-talkie going a very small fortune. Jt this let's be won't once upon a time now once upon a time i On love to sort of getting hit around the beat of like what's happened back in. The olden is or what what what have we missed now. Rash of lawson one nine probably pop up. Its chilled in a few people ease. Charles manson charles manson died november. Nineteen two thousand seventeen. but what i Was really fascinated about tell you. What else bit of research on he. He's the one that he born to a sixteen year old light. Yoku nevins dad which is not anything. Amazing he He was a cult. Leader jiji not too dissimilar to you. I make different star tells as he doesn't later people giants med. What was interesting is that he. He's influence with serve march. That started to you know to make stain. He actually didn't necessarily do himself but he put the would. And and the color a the family Would actually go and commit these atrocities on murders and all sorts of stuff. So might it's a really interesting thing just to grab a theory. No clue what was it. He myo pinup of the ever. Look at the blood they. I'm glad he's dead because he's ugly scene but done that i would've been game to telling that when he is leaving but he He's an american criminal cult leader joe laws and trade. These followers were convicted of a series of notorious modus jiji. They columns inspired the best book. Helter skelter now. Have you read that. Nakazawa have does not made side. Will i read a book review on that but anyhow she's curious real nasty piece of work john tesa. What i'm gonna do is once tom. Arm governor come fitbit effect. Not but we're gonna come up with something that we now a nine and go what people information and from now on. I'm going to give you go information of a once. Upon a time story guy that was A whole bunch of useless information. Thanks for sharing now It's time for well. This is also not a bad stinger. Thinks sony is now we. We spoke a little bit earlier about bitcoin. And the guy that forgot he's possibilities used itv's ten attempts to more and it's guy mojave. You've lost three hundred meal of bitcoin so wanna share now the story of a guy by the name of jamie house. Now he's leaving the u k. Now he's also got a slight problem that he had a hard drive or he downloaded. He's bitcoins two and in twenty thirty nine i-it's easy guard khanna through up site scored up a little bit of And i now there is a hard drive seton down the cheap someway that has three hundred ninety one million dollars of bitcoin seat known at all which well i'm glad you A the guy is in the uk. Now this is the face of the mahan james. How sorry might feel a bit. Sorry for now. He's obviously a little bit spew on that he's lost four hundred million dollars and as between goes up. That's going to be worth a billion dollars thought and few years But he's offered he's gone. You know what this is not good but hey got nothing. So he's off at ninety five million dollar reward to the council If they find it cape it on the down low and just take out line. Bother tip Dickens were she. I don't know the socil- with he's asked the council On numerous times and other kennel For the favorite of money right now central the council workers would just work for stopped digging. You'd think for the cancel at basically said In polite steve sheets. Oh that's what he would ridge. I take a good point. You are a computer geek. At all. i've got a tawny a coup state of a bitcoin and it's getting to be more worth It means all. I haven't lied bond. My i'll just that's right so it's very different. You'll your cryptocurrency and micro see held in what's called an exchange so we don't actually earn a coin at all you just some stuff on exchange but these people here in the early days and you can still do it now. You download the bitcoins directly so you in them. They're not through an exchange or anything. So that's what i down and that's what you had to do in the early days it. Bitcoin which is why as much as guys all if we could have more time again gone by a whole bunch of bitcoin the realities mice people wouldn't be able to because they wouldn't have to do it. It's quite possibly take blowing through the buddy exchange. Is you know what the money we spent. He was really only do that. Because i had no clue that i knew there was something about it and One thing's for sure if autobody through app to the tip all would be on. Active industry not asylum. And they're not interested in actually doing any excavation whatsoever. They said would have a huge environmental impact on the surrounding area. They also said there is no guarantee that i would find. It would still be working. Because it's been seating. Could obtain underwater could have been watt side. They cancel cancels to say literally bad luck. So i tell you how to fix the cops on your side. There's a on land is buried at the tip by all lovely digging up these men don this game. He was some of these. You come up we now. Speaking of sort of crypto and making money You've heard of these boy called elon. Musk must've what come on the man behind tessler and spicy six and a few things that have done fairly well. It's beta site as of about two weeks ago. He was the wealthiest man on the planet. so he's he's obviously done a few things right now during the week. This is las week He put out these little. Didn't he He put out his cryptic tweet. Now the tweet just said the top left there on the screen for those who are watching us signals. Now i wanna people have gone. This is a beautiful teeth. So they've found his company code signal advance and everyone just started buying shaving signal advance and a correction after you can see the little little Yeah triangle he and basically this is and this is really happened. The the share price went up. Eleven thousand seven hundred eight percent in three days of the back of that single tweet from alignment so it's market value. Went from fifty five million to seeks billion dollars in three days. And unfortunately he's looking at that. You're telling me that one shape or more reckoning of that is that was at about ten bucks and it went to forty dollars a share but before that it wasn't even then it was literally danny. The bottom here was with the whole senses and Point three cents to fifty two and it went up to forty bucks in three die so now unfortunately it turns out that some musket absolutely nothing to do that he was just referring to something completely separate so had nothing to do with that company and ask fit say you could see the plummet air on the graph just jumped off it domesticated enough shades or nothing eating ball and none of that. Nothing nothing to do with it. Yeah pretty amazing. Isn't it so the power of elon musk. The bizarre news segment and well august came across. These amaze me george monaco. You remember george. Markle from william exactly fantastic. Seeing osco had some absolutely correct. But guess what george. Marco wasn't his real name. And we we. We uncovered the george marco actually telling him what he's real name. Was you have to hear the audio to because there's no way could actually pronounce of it. He's the actual footage at With fans obviously guys back a wall as you'll see in the footage but you should be out of your no problem. George film offers. I would like to try one day. But i think i'm going to wait until people are not so concerned about seeing george michael and also until people stop offering me lousy parts. Lame which is what my real name. Somebody told me you were going to try and say this. But i believe them because my my real name is euro skiavo quickly know. What do they get. The foods torn on that. One of the smartest career moves of all time was to nine to george be very hard to pronounce. Think otherwise wouldn't it so Laura those design you segment. Now we're gonna move straight onto new segment by segment. We normally have Gnc or something generally gone along on the youth. that is the story of james e so going ditched going. What are we saw you again. It's time for tiktok stony we're going to talk now. I've had to be very very careful because these strings to youtube. Each little bit sensitive ran copyright music and a lot of tiktok tiktok does have a lot of good music tracks. Had to be quite selective on the tracks in this one that i'm not even going apply anything on it but for those of you that haven't got tiktok. Couldn't care less for tiktok. That's cool we get it. You can lose hours of time on tiktok off do each week. He's just bring it on a couple of videos from giants exactly right so you don't need to be well the first one. Don't you know how to be trained on these gender review. You know everyone wants to do these. Fancy thing and we'll see if it sam blue or it's fluffy pink boy or girl and runs it. Well i just wanted to share with everyone Agenda reveal well. Society didn't quite data plan. Don't yeah this is the new gender-neutral. Keith can decipher. that's exactly right so now. Of course there's been a lot of very sad reunions at apple people being out of each other for a long period of time and a lot of a lot of them have some great soundtrack album and you can get a little bit teary just say. The roar emotion of people but boy found one that didn't have music and lettuce thought was a little bit novel. Donna thought i'd share it with without views. Your who's white for it. Go nothing better that a couple of old dinosaurs. Reuniting hey tony that is very impressive. Like that's surely giant. Probably but it was funny so now of course we've got dad joke of the wake and a couple of crackers coming up but i thought you know what it's not always about don. There's other people that can tell jugs. And he's spoiled. And i thought i've got one that i wanted to she. Now you probably recognize the name end the voice but he's also a with a very very famous guests. I think we be to work it out when you see hallucinates jokes. The daily lama walks into a pizza shop. Pizza is this pace. It pays his shots and says can you me one with everything get dilemma. Can you make me one with everything. Brilliant give donny. Yeah the last time. I want to show you really has to have sound to to get the full effect and i had to mute it. Unfortunately because of the copyright law is a. but you will see and you'll still guy where that he's just the cutest thing you're ever gonna say. I'm gonna play forties because we can keep talking while we show it. You'll see he is a couple of eighty year olds and they're just doing a bit of a dance. Look look at these guys guy music. He's just absolutely go. Tell you what to hype that salmon net rocket because that is what life is all about. So you do get to see a great britain of videos on tiktok. And as i said i'll try and bringing is a few of the the good clips that i say Throughout the weak side that he's And you segment on dick to tell you what take what a lack of that is. The i have not forgotten their move. Unlike us it forgot to announce the word for tim. Not so lucky. The prison donny. What are we going for. The don't flirt of the not as is capable tiba job kager or capable or she's a capable from now on what we got about. Twelve minutes left eighty white. We don tom. This is just garbage. I take out from now on nail but from now on if you say that would then just the listeners that are so little. 'twas digest. Clean the the code word and then we'll put all the big wheel. I tape for their chance to win. What am i going to get two hundred eighty bachelor in that time to say a huge thanks to trae dot com nice handoff distributed file on board for fool twelve months. The one hundred dollars one hundred dollars. Actually roy every single weight that you can go and purchase anything like the treaty dot com website. So listen out for that very secret. Word that i'm no longer lead to repeat and you get yourself a wonderful hundred dollar. That's on now don. We bringing people some life hacks and well. Let's do the what do you got. Jt over the christmas break. I was hit dan but up doing a whole lot of cleaning. That's complete folk she it auditor. But what i can tell you is what does chicken yet law tax law now. I found what i've found is that you can clean the oven. You know when you cook and you don't have to lead on around you win loss window what you're looking at. What are you gonna dishwashing tablet. Dishwashing tablet little tap into the ball in the but use that bit of water tablets. Friday walk what what what. What by buddy cling. You'll love it. Jt gonna win. You sent these through donald. Just bullshit and well. He's taught so pickled what we're talking about. Don health and safety is the thing for you and of course what you want to advise the people that you must wear gloves. When you're holding that tablet police time to the hands really because it contains a minor is tablets and all that anything take. Did you see that that bottle distilling are some unusual. That's what you get if you hold in your living Just just make sure we got spot. It actually does work actually looked it up on the internet and there's a lot of people talking about it so it is a great hack the the other hockey's visual on again through the power of tiktok. I'm going to share these next tax for you of these. We'll talk you through it it's x. plus brilliant. I'd never thought of this one before. So he got show me the life. Hack the randomly saw one day. There is now in wooden conscious standard. Practice in your life. I'll go fast. She's just showing eggs shouldering just put and shake it off the boat. Who is he's tell you tell you you it's Is now into what we bring the. Listen very seriously actually take in anybody. Anybody can send me a law fact that we haven't used that he's an absolute crock and and we'll give it a run oregon. Way will give him to nine next week in the big wheel of what the try. Yeah good thinking it. Good thinking Old on all right now speaking about las so this has got nothing to do it because he sat down. I'm going to say mum. Now before we get into dawn breaking news we respect weakness now at least in his the fond of all information. And while i'm just gonna put something. Sharon just taught into a stone alive and it was like of work. Sharon is troll the tablets and it doesn't work so like how do we. It was tablets not the eggs on it could be too good point shower and you need to clarify for us. Was it the tablet or was it the so. Let's see Maybe sharon stone buddy. Sandra sully the light news. And she's talking about the wildfires it also. We'll bring you that news anyway. What do we got for downing this segment. I'll tell you what hat by model scouts. It they looking for helping the eggs. Thank you for clarifying the up and tablets. Do good the guy makes the to tell me if i said to you who owns who owns who is big game. That's pretty easy. answer now. Don because it told lined by bae got they've just bought it drags her you're killing me. You know what i paid for. Five hundred thirty mil guess. What what it was funny by was the alleged might have put caught. Sean australia not doing good business with us. They were gonna. I had this someone's children delivered. And i will get a pie. Another seventeen million malm brains and tell you what bega said. Not suffering you. jocks china. Will we bought sixty five hundred and thirty meal. Everything striking now go to scout banks. Dairy farmers pure as union losses. Begin daily juice company juice brothers and barry out. Oh back in. Australian hands so out well done to begum. They also purchased beijing back in twenty seventeen while. So it's good to say some of the aquatic ozzy. Brains are actually backing nause hands so yes modem that we locked on their body legends. Dad joke oh. Jt were stop brought to a time. I send the kitties familiar because you have thing nari the park in from friendly tunes any children lee sting now would be right on. Go and get yourself ready forbid guy russia take guy drinking milk. Whatever you've got to save not we talked about sperm whales and nine talks about them so then they now. He's a good time so what that says. He's body listening. Because i thought i would be too high. Is it going that was born. We know arms and no legs which is a real feeling bad about these so so anyway one he decides to go down to the beach and he gets set off the warriors age. So he's lying on. He's tally son bike. And he's enjoying the sunrise. Beautiful that when you lying on a town just walking in the sun course wearing sunscreen. Of course because you've got to be smart now a short time later. Three gorges girls walk by and then looking at him. And i home. I feel a little bit. Sorry for him so the first girl sort of look. I'm just gonna go talk to him so she has excuse me if you've ever been hugged the man with no arms and no legs replies and he says now. I haven't a tell you what i'm gonna give you now. So she leans iva and keeps you beautiful. Hug nice nine. He's a pretty tight times when it was safe to do so. And on seeing the fiscal guy the second goal says as a whole. Excuse me because look hype unite. Mind me asking as well but if you ever been kissed and again the guys will nine. Oh haven't so guys we're gonna take care of that now. So she leans. Iva gives the guy and noise beacuse. That's why when. I run in the food. She's already seen hugging and kissing side. She guys well do so. She goes over the line. She's like our high. Excuse me ask you something. Because well. she's not going for. He's and he's a body has will. Have you ever been fucked. Always gets a huge green vice thinking l. The fiscal cost me had a hug. And i go to hug. Visit goes asking you five. Had a piece. And this is the best i have. My life comes to what was him and and he's like nine or haven't and so she comes at a little bit excited. But what was. I going a little bit embarrassing hunting buddy and full public display so anyway the gill. She walks over and she leans down. We spend into his ears ease and she goes. Well gonna be fucked when the tide comes in j. o. That fulfill from chocolates. Ira dot. anyway let me that. Njit tide comes in and he makes it up the fate in that. Say looking at him she guys to do that. There's something very good. Very good donny. Now of course always loved bringing you to extract money's. I'm an lehner in that light. He's a nice still. Enjoy a few little things in life just to keep things interesting so we didn't could be. It could be them so one day. They sitting outside noticing having a little cheeky drink and a smoke. When it to ryan's jiang doesn't care. She pulls out a condom cuts off. The end puts the condo marlboro cigarettes. And continue smoking's arlene sorta gone. Who what the hell's that and johns gone. I will to condoms. She has this. Why with missy grit and the cigarette doesn't get wit suffocate. Smoking in the rhine now leans call plotting brilliant waited. You get it. In china you can get them at any chemist okay so the next eileen hobbles yourself down to the local chemist and she announces to pharmacist that she wants a box of condoms now. The pharmacists always a little bit embarrassed. He kind of looks at her a bit strangely because she's after in a variety but very delicately offseason. Whoa you know what saw is what texture and what brand of condom do you prefer somalian. Sorta contemplates the question for a moment and she just response. He said all doesn't really matter sunny as long as it feeds on a camel. Oh well tell you is. Girl from boards biden. That's very good. Very good Yes we thought we'd like that one now. We love just show given a share that some of the dick aging society. By the way i love him. We love giving to people that deserve. It cited this week I wanted even comes close to To competition for these remember last year we we put something cat around coon cheese. They decided to change they named on vibrant. That wasn't on and you might have had a slide opinion on that one now. They've come up with the replacement nine have gone public. They've announced the new nine. Don't and side the nomination for decayed of the wake. This way is to fringe at coon chase because this is the name that came up with. What yep now. If you're looking at on the screen or are you listening. Sorry should santa podcasts. Chia tasty cheese chia chase the gone from coon cheese to cheer cheese. Now don't don't know about you but are not quite sure if decatur of the wake should guard occurring jays or the marketing company that came up. We've chia chase because daddy's an absolute shocker. Jace once upon a time would have been holly vehicle about these floating over the summer on very mellow now. No pinon but seriously off. Just hard for everybody. Psych that four mukundan net cheese goes book just purely can never afford to pay the bill that marketing that he's body although for change nine hundred staff of china is take nine six times of bracket binds. Ninety five. look. I don't care about nightspot. At least they'll have a sheet one. Look imagine if you the cheese imagine if you will that change and you like it was bad enough. You'll go out there to be sold in europe fended because your name was now you gotta be body embarrassed because nine gene. Yeah there's no out of that crap really is dick. We've been very excited. And its fish back in waverly sort of doing a bit of a rush on. And because i want to share with you our media clip because each way control and bring something. It's funny and some weeks. A struggle sometimes a fallen stuff. I only go to foyer. Despite all right now he is remember. This was loss. You pre covid your remember when those these speed viral thing that i was doing a live interview. And he's keyed running the background and then the my time trying drug jiji. Yeah exactly right well. Well obviously we're more used to that now in khyber dice. But i wanted to just bring one up. Let's just say well she's on. What decide if you want if you just gotta watch. These happened on the On the bbc is. I think you've got back off. I'm telling you go filed it. Fuck what it's so should ally. What's the editor the producers. Going to be getting the ask for that might not because surely surely one or two other adjectives any other word but anyway. That's that's good foreign jay. Good fine go to declare after a bit of research. It was absolutely steetch out. That guy is actually a roth out for the baby. Say and but a lot of people are saying that genuinely think it's legit and bloody funnier so now of course. H wake donnie. We we've been bringing some great money tips and he's been on the money adler without having the pun but seriously some of the that he's given everyone of them has come home by the shaved. He hasn't put a foot wrong side. We've just got a short clip from wait on these guys money. Whisperer he welcome to two thousand and twenty one looking forward to a great year. interest rates. remain low house. Prices will continue to boonthan exciting munster twenty four months stock markets at the crypt is going well. So muscles investments have done very well. Since the big drop in march. I area on the stock exchange. I mentioned a couple of months ago a month ago. So i to milk said that if it had a drop further drop in and be worth getting into each dropped down to about tyndall a twenty max out all have bought at that range so that it has some positive news in the next Two to three months compounds back close to its previous levels mean and put my money where my mouth is and hopefully get some garth on that stock cheese guys. Go get that he's capable. We have the money. We does not meet the fate. I'll tell you what the difference between human. It's money whisperer. Put it out there and said hi ethan. Drops boy to drop j. stuff at autopsy. January should listen to him telling you now of course l. final segment sections segment of gotta buddy. Cy is the final fling. It's been a long shot. I can't speak and that's why you give everyone some great teachers. But if you're wondering what's going to happen next weekend we're going to try and stick to some relatively regular timetables put a cost. Life gets in the way and we both have jobs in commitments. Next week will be on tuesday night at eight two so you will see us at eighty two next tuesday night donnie. I'm going to throw it. I've at youth wral fonda fling and following the final fling and we might be doing a cheeky little Spoon the ways giants the final fling this the purpose of this segment each to really give us something to To consider something to contemplate and john heated. Tell you that one piece of advice. I'm going to share with the listeners viewers with us right now he something new we don he too often and that needs to be selfish and the reason i say that is quite simple is because the the realities we are so busy with partners with animals with with work with what he keeping together that so often when forget number one out self. I often talk about if you're on a airplane an ima- struck down. You've thought put yours on first. And the reason i come back to the so often. He's because it's thought it's vital that we take some time for number one and then number one the reality with what i've found is if you look after yourself then all those other things that you really care about and want to want to go well as i will will benefit from that so my advice. Jt is to give yourself at least one hour week. A touch. not just for your masters but it's tight tom. That's just for you and audie league. You don't need to justify you can turn you find sixties up first so that you're in a good position to be able to make the most of it and it's your time and jt it. It works detroit. I do it often of the time. All use the flock tank for martime might just thing in being on my own and the other thing i really love about. It is the opportunity to stop thinking just to to switch off for a little while. And if we do that we We absolutely mike spice to be able to think of all the right things and and get the most out of what we what we really care about democracy law so there is give yourself at least one error and mike great advice stony Well done and while you've been doing that i've been talking some names into the big wheel on because as you know the you drop the the code kepa and and the good people picked up on it straight away and Mutable switchboard laid out really is locked and loaded so without further ado don work on a big upgrade. And your will and we're about to go to the cliquey Good luck to everyone. One hundred dollar. Tradie dot combat jack. Coming your way to the we and we Away already wheels rising fast slowing down. And your congratulations jessica. You know. what the east. End's for doing disclaimers here. At ole tell you what you charge of honors watching the show and has heard were kepa and entered it like everybody else did happen to wing. He's in scoring any time. It'll be in the house i tested. Congratulations just one hundred dollars. Coming your way probably have to travel to get to so. Yeah that's right a have a funny feeling Yeah good luck. Pricing dad's ends but boy. I'm so that's that's all from us. We had a fantastic time hanging out with this. I don i forgot. We've waited to see a whole lot of responses and some of them otherwise supportive show with mc off so thanks everyone for joining us tonight. We certainly missed talking to you guys every week. We're looking forward to coming back in. That's a big funny lousy to after the closing that body eight So we are really looking forward to seeing you guys next. Choose tony. I the bequia look back health. See very very very very exciting south. We will catch you next week.

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