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"george lorok" Discussed on The Steve Warne Project - Sports

"Laura be considered among the greatest. Nhl tough guys of all time. Certainly of his generation like the same play right here in edmonton showroom. I would say so in fact when he came into the league. I think it was gone all lookout. Look here here's all your other tough guys. You better raise an eyebrow here because here comes this guy from montreal rings. French absolutely he was guys are frightened of russ talked yesterday about l. mcinnis there's there's a great segment we do about the olympic team in two thousand and two and russ was part of the sorta selection committee but the coaches and stuff. And then i said who's on that team. You know players. Did you help players. And he brought up al macinnis. Did this guy rusty really have the hardest shot when he came into the league. Guys really nervous about blocking. I mean how much harder can it be then other. Nhl defense he said goalies. Were afraid to get that thing you know and so i look at that iraq. That's when this guy came in right guys we're going okay. Yeah this is not good. This is not good. You know if you're a marty mcsorley or never say they were frightened or or a pro. I don't know if he was playing or these other guys are are kordic. Probably missed he. Probably mistpro a little bit but You know and i'm sure there were was the odd fight that ended up losing. Somebody gets the jump on him or something like that but man. I don't remember him. Losing too many fights no and so he's big big guy six foot three big fella but now in retirement well into retirement now. He's decided that he's going to try. And get mike tyson and and fight him. Tyson is into his fifties now so he's a bit older but and he's by the way three weeks away from his first fight in fifteen years is gonna take on roy jones junior in an eight round exhibition no. I don't know what kind of an exhibition is like. You're either fighting or you're not exhibition. I guess but anyway According to law rock it's a seventy five percent chance that the deal to fight mike. Tyson is going to happen that the deal is done. Seventy five percent. Anyway and i don't know. Is that something. You'd want to see. Because i think tyson would kill the rock well soda. Why know how does this whole idea come about these exhibition games of washed up athletes to. Let's get them together. Okay done these guys are done and so we're going to put the two of them together to fight. It's kind of a little spin off of you know like battle of the blades right. We're going to get hockey players To skate with these women in the thing. That's a stupid idea. And the and yet it's got a big big viewership. Always the celebrity factor. You got two big names. The concept is interesting. It's got that hybrid feel to it. Different sports crossing over the they're both at the end of the day into combat. But i think it's a pipe dream. I mean george lorok. Ah very good fighter among hockey players. One of the best right but a great fighter among great fighters like legit guys like did that. Nothing else mike tyson right. And you've never fought before the guy's never been in a pro boxing match before and you gotta step in there with mike tyson. I don't know if you've seen tyson in preparation for this fight with roy jones junior. No he still looks like a total bad ass like the hand speed on that guy watching him punch. He is absolutely still ferocious. I want no part of mike tyson. If i'm george rock well i agree i. I watch youtube videos or.

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