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"george janke" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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"george janke" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"People, great to work with, and there's no safe, like simply safe. Last call for phone calls, what we learned what's in store tomorrow, this day in sports history, college football coming up tonight, you know, I love a good Tuesday night, Mac gamer two. Big slight Dan, Bowling Green versus Toledo. That's a big one. It is. And Bowling Green four and two in the Mac, Toledo 5 and one in the Mac, Toledo could take the lead, but you're Ohio squad. It's 5 and one in the Mac. They're at ball state. Line is 57, Ohio is 5 and one in the Mac ball state three and three and also college basketball tonight. Big slate, Kentucky at Michigan state. I see that's the neutral site. That's in Indianapolis. Winthrop auburn, buffalo, Yukon, Gardner Webb, both of them at North Carolina. San Diego state Stanford duke versus Kansas also an indie bam over Kansas Bill self the self imposed four game suspension. Yes, he will not be present. Alabama at south Alabama and Dayton. Dan Dayton's 21st in the country. At UNLV. Late night. That's fun. What country is that? By the way, had a friend of family friend who passed away recently played at Dayton and was one of the first recruits Don Donahue ever had. In fact, Don Donahue at Dayton got him instead of 8 offer up at Kentucky, George janke passed away. My brother's married to his sister. He was a legendary radio executive in Dayton, Ohio, a larger than life personality, a wonderful man, and will be greatly missed. So I'm every Thanksgiving, smiling his face, came into the room. He was, he took over the room. He was 6 8, about 280, maybe even more than that. But everybody loved George janky. All right. This day in sports history, Pauly. Got a few 1901 Ricky pierce to the Seattle SuperSonics. He had a free throw streak of 75 games. Just wanted to mention Ricky pierce.

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