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"george farida" Discussed on The Sean Hannity Show

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"george farida" Discussed on The Sean Hannity Show

"Might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet. But it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is an often. There are unintended consequences. Then it's one mask that it's to mass than it's Well there might be massacre per. Then it's oh if you get vaccinated life goes back to normal and you won't need any mask but now there's mass again and let me just play a small. What's a little longer montas. Let me play this montage. Because there's a reason for me playing this so you understand that if you're frustrated and those people that have doubt and concerns because they've been trying to blame conservatives. I think we've been the most responsible and we have the time line. You have no idea what we have prepared for the mom and the media in terms of our coverage and i took a lot of heat when i said early on that you know what i don't mind wearing them. Member jimmy kimmel even tweeted out. I can't believe it. I agree with hannity on like okay. I just ruined my career. What did i say. Did i say i just ruined my career anyway but i believe that i was saying all right. I knew it would be short term. I was saying in january twenty twenty american medical researchers scientists doctors are going to save the world with this meaning therapeutics. Meaning the six weeks. They broke down the sequence of virus. It would normally take six years. So i had great confidence that would get to a vaccine in again. I'm urging you take seriously all these people dying. I don't want any one of you. Hearing my voice right now to be one of them or anybody you love and care about to be one of them. I've seen the worst of this thing. I've been up to my eyeballs trying to help people because most people don't do what i do every day. And that is immersed myself and all of the research and interviewing all the doctors of some. The i'd even disagree with to get as much information in your head in hands as possible and i find that even friends of mine you know. I have to walk them through the the basics the bees and see. Abcd's of this. And and i had a friend. Recently matter of fact we had george farida on yesterday. And he's seventy four years old. He's a great guy and he got tested positive. You hadn't gotten vaccinated. He tested positive. And i got him on the phone with doctor. Farid has been one of our regulars. We have a lotta regular doctors on this program. You know we've had dr oz. We've had dr nicole sapphire. We've had brian tyson on the program And you know all these great people and trying to give you as many varying viewpoints as possible to inform you to make good decisions for yourself and for your family and it gets frustrating. Just just listen to the the constant shifting. You know they've been wrong on pretty much everything. Their models were wrong. Projections were wrong. You know everybody you know andrew cuomo. Oh we're new yorkers we we're not like these countries win you walk. Is we have the best healthcare system in the entire wheeled. Well yeah that was right. Before the shift show that became new york and that led to the Executive order that put people with covert in nursing homes and all those death took place. Meanwhile donald trump's built hospitals four covert patients fully manned fully providing all the ppi imaginable every ventilator that they was screaming that they needed even though your chances we now know were about twelve twelve percent of surviving if you got on a ventilator early it's a little better now it's in the near thirty to forty two percent range. It's not one hundred percent of your at that point. It's and by the way that's why bring all these doctors the believe in the therapeutics you know if you don't know about regeneration and the eli lilly. Version of her ron. Please research it because i know more people that have had it that have gotten the infusion it saved their life literally and or even all the studies o hydroxy chloroquine eighty four percent effective. If taken early at mitigating symptoms. Why the didn't like it because donald trump said haypt it. We already knew that. The foremost expert dr daniel wallace in april of What twenty Twenty said the risk is neil number one practitioner of rheumatoid arthritis biggest practice in the country. And lupus yeah he's been dispensing hydroxy chloroquine for forty two to forty five years and the risk he said is nil that means none zero. He's had two hundred and fifty peer reviewed articles. This guy is the real deal also dealing with malaria cases. Oh put with trump says it. We can't this sanity anyone talking about. How dare you talk about her or ivermectin which is emerged as a as a therapeutic that has shown success in and again we're trying to interview the doctors that are on the front line. That are really proactive. You know rather than so many doctors states hospitals they basically been saying you tested positive for covert go home. Okay check your oxygen levels check. Your temperature temperature goes up. Take two extra tylenol temperature. Down if your oxygen drops seven you know. Usually that happens day. Six seven eight or nine. If that oxygen level drops to ninety or below you probably need to go to an emergency room. The only problem is by the time you get to the emergency room. Your lungs are an absolute adam shift show and if they get x-rayed it is a disaster. How do i know. Because i've i've i have literally walked. I can't even tell you. And i haven't talked about patting myself on the back here. Dozens and dozens and dozens dozens and dozens and dozens of people through this process. Not making the decision for them but putting them in touch with people that give them information so they can make informed decisions information. They didn't know about. Because i care about people and i'm i'm pro-life on people to live and and those able to do yesterday i get a report now every night. My seventy four year old friend. Yesterday's temperature with ninety eight point two is saturation level. On how was ninety eight which is a great number And within twenty four hours. Thanks to our friend. But by the way if i ever had to pay these doctors for all the times i've called on them i'd be poor at this point because and they've done it because they're dedicated to saving lives. They all deserve credit. You may disagree with one doctor another. I'm not telling you what dr to follow tony to learn as much as you can and a lot of the media never never talk about this generation to me is the best ivermectin hydro hydroxy chloroquine read the studies that show that it mitigates especially taken early mitigates some of the some of the symptoms of covert and then make your own decision. I'm not your doctor medical history. I don't know your medical condition. I can't decide for you. This telling you things that maybe you won't here in the mainstream media mob but you know for all the people trying to say we'll conservatives are causing vaccine hesitancy How many times. I have to say i believe in science. I believe in the science of vaccination. But i'm not your doctor. I don't know your medical history. There are some people you know. We interviewed the girl that wanted to go to. Byu and hawaii couldn't go because a vaccine paralyzed for month and she tried to get a medical exemption. There wouldn't give it to her. You know we've interviewed.

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