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Bad Dad, Family Affair, & Deadly Depression

Bad In The Boondocks

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Bad Dad, Family Affair, & Deadly Depression

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent vent any disease. Dan warned you know being a and welcome to bad in the moon docks as always. I'm one of your host. Oh stand and I'm drew. How's it going going pretty good as always but it's a night today whenever you listen to us? We have a special guest for all the different podcast. Actually this is our first. Yes from another podcast. Exactly so we're burgeon on list financial. You is complicated. There's the you with debts and bills that never stopped the U.. Who'd like to put a few bucks away the U. who'd rather by place and pay rent forever? All of you need apps and advice that work for all of you all we see is equal housing lender member. FDIC ask me on no it is from. I'm heather I'm from nature versus narcissism. This is so oh cool. I'm here I guess you are so. We've been super excited to do this. Yes we've been planning this for months. I feel alike since at least Jesus. So can you tell everybody what your podcast is about. And what they can. Listen listen for awesome yes so nature versus narcissism is true crime comedy and I cover serial killers with a multitude of different guests. We have have Other podcast hosts we have or shell. She's the main co host and then we also have like guests who want to be on the show just like friends family early random people we meet at bars. You know. It's just like anybody who wants to be on can be on We basically cover serial killers in alphabetical order are so season one was alphabetical by the serial killers name and season two. We switched it up a bit and we are doing better by location and and they don't necessarily have to be a serial killer they just have to have killed at least one person. Because we're just doing you know lesser no murderers as well so it's all over the countries all of our country ever other countries. It's a huge mix of Killers so so. If you have not ever I went and checked out nature versus narcissism. Make sure that you do it today. Yes yeah definitely. You'll get a whole bunch of episodes from October. Yes a whole lot because she did one every day. Yeah that is dedication. Where can they find that pretty much everywhere? I I always forget. My handles from Social media sites a social media site but basically if you just look up nature versus narcissism on facebook twitter or instagram Graham. You'll find me You can also look on spreaker dot com. That's usually the easiest because then all the handles are listed right there as well all right awesome okay. That was nice now. We both have little intros. I like that. Yeah yeah perfect. Perfect all right Do you want me to start or do you guys want to start. Or how do you do that. The jury I don't don't leave the good at making. It doesn't matter whatever you want all right. How about since you guys are on one podcast? One of you does one. I'll do the middle one and then there you go okay. I'll go last yellow. I'll go first them. I could go first but I'll go first. I don't know I don't mind saying it out. Go I all right take on for the team. Yes I okay okay. So our first Halloween episode. Our first collab- Halloween episode is going to be about just crimes murders. I mean that's what we're good at right so dan you take it away. Give us a murderer. Crime make it grizzly. And then we'll go from there okay. Well I'm going to talk about a man to cope today. Today is the twelve year old girl with dreams. She had a plan the out by a Lynn and becoming a veterinarian. God You really had to go there. yeah yeah. She didn't die from cancer or any other disease. You see Amanda Cope. She was a seventh grader at Sullivan. Middle School in Rock Hill South Carolina and in two thousand and one. She was brimming with hope despite living in poverty and I do mean poverty despite I sleeping in a bed that had a fan blowing over it in the cold nights of November. Up Dan to keep the cockroaches away. Oh Wow the homeless. So bad. Amanda Aner. Two younger sisters had to navigate pathways forged through the household garbage to get one room to the other look beyond horror house looking. Oh God my stomach turning already that year State Department of Social Services the the investigators already were looking into the cope family situations for two reasons. First Amanda Parents had pleaded guilty just two years ears before to allowing Amanda and her sisters to live in a mobile home. That was even worse than in the House. They were in now. It had no toilet buckets urine. MPC's filled the space. Rotten food was everywhere as well as rats. You Know Momma won't talk about Nassar Answer this Damn House ours is nothing around. DSS INTERVENE COPS OPS. Charged Billy Wayne Cope and Mary sue cope with the unlawful neglect to nineteen ninety nine and they pleaded guilty and they promised to change over the next two years. Amanda Sisters told The Herald that Billy Wayne cope remained cruel and abusive using paddle that he'd evening named Lucy to discipline them and anytime somebody naming their form of discipline is is not right. Yeah you know. Something's real released. Their once. They said Amanda was beaten black and blue early in two thousand and one. Someone noticed cockroaches crawling from the clothing and the book bags of the Cope Girls and DSS was alerted again. amandus mother were the overnight shift at a factory and her father was three hundred and eighty five pounds. Jesus Christ me. We know with money for computers and he worked part-time delivering chicken. Or I aww see why is he might have been stuffing it. I don't know who knows amid all that. Amanda was learning to play the violin at school. I remember her her walking into class. The smile was so short. A girl who wanted to know more with each passing day. That's what Jacob Dakin Bacon said. And he was a violinist himself and that suit taller. See that makes so much more sad like it's like 'cause somebody like talks about the connection that they had had with her. You know what I mean. It makes it so much more real feeling rather than just the story yes and that I met a violins one of the hardest for instruments to learn. And you know that she had that drive to steal won't to do that right and I think living in that kind of way I mean I wouldn't won't even to be seen you know but anyway Amanda would not get a chance to learn not ah lot on the night of November twenty nine two thousand and one Amanda was raped. She was sodomized and she was strangled. Angle Day can also say that she was a beautiful child he and this man. He's the assistant professor of Music Education. Asian at the University of Kansas though. He was a good teacher and she was one of the reasons that he said that he continued to teach. Amanda Cope died by all accounts a horrible death in a written statement to the Herald. Her sister said that the cope children had to live and filthy realty homes that their father was making sure his computer and desk were in good shape. That's the only thing he ever cleaned and the girls. At times uh-huh they've lived without the toilet. Pathologist testified in two thousand four that Amanda had been subjected to repeated sexual abuse. She was without a doubt the victim that terrible November Day in two thousand and one but not our father he didn't say that she was a vm. Indian system that he is the victim of a merciless. The justice system that locked him onto him as fat sexually twisted pervert and he said that they just had to found him guilty despite the presence of DNA from a sexual Predator besides him but billy Wayne Cope claimed when he was arrested in two thousand and one and when he was on trial in two thousand and four and his lawyers they always claimed that coke slept through the rape and sodomy and strangling of daughter. Come home and they blamed well but he even admitted that he did he. There's a videotaped confession of him even show when how he did it and that is a hard thing to watch exactly. I'll watch that video and it at the House. All you actually watch shaw. A video of him reenacting. You know that the police taped a it is like on the ban is just like he has no emotion of what he did. He shows the entire lifetime period that he was strangling wrangler her stuff. Evidence all fricking psychopath. Oh my God. And that was that was his actual biological daughter right. Yes yes God not not saying that. It's even better you know it's bad woman. She was only eleven Ghada data but yeah that was his real. I'm his biological belt and head does. It wouldn't be any better but it takes it to an even more and even more twisted level there is how could you even look at somebody. That's your own flesh and blood God but coke did confess to the crimes and he even staged the scene to make it look like a man strangled herself with a blanket. What oh what a s bullshit? But he also confessed to sexual abuse of all three of his daughters really but then he re candidate his lawyer said that his confessions were falls and Co worst because police told him he had failed a polygraph exam that he actually actually had passed. However I'm GonNa tell you this and I know that a lot of people say this man was not like questioned for twenty four our or any you know like yeah like three horse like some people are? You can tell me that. I failed a polygraph test. But I'm not gonNA going to say that a rape all girls I did you know about it. I MAC and understand. Sometimes people think oh a lot can get to go home or something like that. After twenty four hours of questions. I can understand that but this was not hard question. He just ride away. I kind of went to it and this man is not all there I don't know. And the loggers say that he was innocent and did not not get a fair trial. said it was no fair trial despite four courts and colluding the highest court in the land saying in other words but he was convicted in two thousand and four of Amandas rape and murder and the tear he. He said that he was asleep and that he woke up and he heard a woman screaming like screech and almost like it was a ghost or something you know and so he went to his daughter's run across the hall from where he slept. How he was? I mean he couldn't couldn't have been sleep. Welcome because he would have never made it there. It was stuff everywhere and got into a room and she she was laying on her stomach and that he jumped on top of her and wrapped his hands around or and just dumb horribly strangler and she was screaming and screaming didn't even know who was on top of her. But I think that she I meant she had an because bring under native African pounds and that he just kept hearing this wheel and he said and then he heard somebody else say daddy daddy and then after all that that he raped her and then she was just quit moving and then he then e all of a sudden woke up but there was also a broom handle. That was involved. Aw God Room Hannay Oman. So it wasn't enough for him to just like Vialli Strangle and rape has daughter but yet he had to defile her with a broom handle as well like that he is one sick bastard an old top of it. He was a reverend of I was GONNA say. Of course he was like never that. I know some people that are going. Oh Yes oh yes but you gotta love the fanatic the amid the just creeps. Yeah there's a lot of creepers and he definitely was one of them out. Question are passed on ours. Ours is a little weird are all for their self on that. I'm just saying well I could tell you guys a story I'll tell you off air Airbus. Yeah there is a there was one when we were growing up to that was in our church and he he got busted on some real real heavy charges. When I was really young for the things is doing with little boys so I mean it it happens it happens often you think oh I met well I was molested stood by a one person? Play the piano for church and I mean he was the principal for school too but I mean he was like big in the church. You know so so well respected. So that's what people do use that as a cover. Yeah I mean they they get in these positions of power and authority and trust and they think they can just take advantage. And that's exactly what they're doing. They're taking the vulnerable taking advantage of them. Yeah say but Thank Bully Holy Mr Cope. He died imprisoned heart attack. How long was he in there about ten years? He didn't off NO UH-HUH I've met but you know nowadays like it's sickening to me. A how like if you get a death penalty. It's really not a death penalty and I mean you might not even lock out. I'm not saying that everybody needs the death penalty. That gets it but for those that are truly I meant just evil on it they they say it's so expensive expensive to keep them on death row. They need some sort of other punishment but I mean I don't I don't know but that's my story. That was a mad. You really do Dr Real fast. I'm so gonNA started with yours. Every story is Bernard Mine. I thought mine were bad. That happened like about two hours away for. I tried been his also in so funny in the same here. Yeah drew story happened the same county in the same year. Chester County. Yeah he's Chester County. Far Away is that from Roy. Deal ten minutes. Sanomat area area was in November as well wasn't it. Yes Oh my God so November and in two thousand one when someone sued on that is so odd or I had their give something that gave me goosebumps. Okay all right okay. Okay so the story that I'm going to tell you guys about is actually an ongoing trial right now. in it's actually be case that made me WanNa start podcasting to begin with so was just a little back story when I first heard about this going on. I when I and I decided to podcasts. I was like this is the one that I want to cover. I WANNA make it like a serial type podcast cast and you know investigate it from the ground and Blah Blah Blah but there were so many like inner workings with this case and there were so much controversy controversy about whether or not you know drug lords and all this different kind of stuff was involved in it and people were like. I think you should stay away from it. And like this is going to get dangerous with the cartel hell and Blah Blah Blah so Needless to say I am covering it as updates come through on my patriot on page. So I'm gonNA give you guys. Basically soclean the gist of it and then like for the future stuff it all be on the Patriot surf. Anybody wants to hear updates on it be on there but so you just give just a little tease and if you want it all Patria well. I'm going to give the majority of it. I'm going to give the whole case of what happened. And everything like that and then all the way up through their arrests but like the proceedings that are happening currently like that will be the updated stuff on patriots are all right all right so I don't know if you guys have heard the veteran on it's the Rodent family massacre or the Pike. County massacre have conde's ring a bell. I don't Abbas heard of it. I'm just GONNA go out weird so I thought maybe dude. I think you would remember if you did. I love go all right. So it's like the most bizarre story that I've ever seen like being a so the quote from our Attorney General Mike Dewine said this is the most bizarre story I've ever seen being in being involved law enforcement In this was back in November of two thousand eighteen because that's right after they were captured so he basically said that the defendants in the case had an obsession with custody and controlling children that were connected to the victims Now I said Vikto over Well yes and no. They were the reason that people were killed. But Oh you'll be happy V to hear that it's not grizzly like yours with children so if you haven't heard about this yet and you're from anywhere but Ohio than I forgive give you so I forgive you guys but if you are from Ohio and haven't heard about this case it's probably because either you're really good at staying off the grid and away from the news or you've never left your home and you have zero access to media because it's been everywhere. It's it's huge region. Ohio yes so this is one of the cases that literally makes you think of how messed up the world actually is it makes you like one a hug your family family your loved ones. Tell them you love them so much. You know what I mean. It's like one of those things that makes you stop and think about everything you WanNa lock your doors and windows because you just don't even know. Oh who could possibly want to kill you and for what reasons Around here lane came to many people that we'd have a select few. That could kill us. Yeah a very select. What are you guys like way out in the boonies? If you haven't couldn't tell they actually yeah and you're living in a town of a less than five hundred series. Yes seriously. We don't lie. We Have A. We have a flashing light. You know you have one happening nowhere to eat. No fast food restaurants. One is about twenty minutes away. Oh yeah get close. Walmart is thirty minutes away. I could so diet so well down there. I need to move down there. It's great as far as you don't have to worry about anything. Kids kids play outside all the time. Don't worry about it but it gets a little boring. Sometimes you have to start a podcast. podcast oh man. Well with this case The rumor mill started up. Because it was like it was like frontlines. Frontlines is has headlines everywhere so before getting into all the updates of it. I'm going to go through the facts of the case so this happened on April twenty second. Second Twenty Sixteen so Easter weekend. Eight members of the Rodent family ranging in age from sixteen to forty four were found shot and killed in their beds and four different homes on the property according to authorities on the case at the time three of those houses had large marijuana farms which is where everybody assumed in. That's where the rumor mill started that the cartel was involved so we'll circle circle back to that in a minute but the victims here were Christopher Rodent senior. He was forty his ex wife. Dana Manley Roden. Who was thirty seven? The couple's three children Christopher road and junior sixteen sixteen. Hannah may road in Nineteen Clearance Frankie Rodent Twenty additionally Frankie Roads Fiancee Hannah. Gilly was twenty and Christopher rodents seniors in years brother Kenneth Roden was forty four and then they had a cousin named Gary Roden who was thirty eight so all of these people were murdered while Oh that is table. Yeah so it makes you wonder like how did all of these people get murdered like at the same time you know in in three different houses. Yeah crazy right. Yeah because it seems like it was with. Did they get shot. Yes good it seems like somebody would have heard you know by the time they got last exact exactly at least one person screamed or something. Yeah 'cause knocking down the door or something. I don't know God day were Sli And so at the time of the murders police said all but one of the victims were shot in the head execution style while they were asleep in their beds. Evil Eve cure evil. Yeah the elder. Christopher Roden was shot in the chest and at the scene there were three lives spared so three people were not shot by them in. This was intentional. Cops stated that the three children were still alive and uninjured. There was a five five day old daughter of Hannah Roden. The Baby Kylie was in bed next to Hannah when she was executed so the baby was still lying next to her mother like basically lying in her mother's blood Does they left the baby there. Yeah she's best fries. It's Kinda sad you yeah. I've been the sick to do that. I met at least move the baby. I now take it with you or something. He up and this is the five day old and the two other children There was a six month old and a three year old. So they're all babies. Yeah and it does make now saying that it makes it seem like Who would would do this? That is Kinda like they won't the job. Doesn't it sound like it. Yeah so anyone who listens to follows watches true crime in any way knows that the first suspects in homicides are those closest to the victims in this case we have eight individuals to whom we need to determine their circles. Obviously as Lee so the best way to describe it I think is like a pebble in waters like the ripple effect from it. Yeah so the pebble would be the victim in this case and the pebble hits the water makes a ripple effect which means the close tight ripples closest to the pebble would be like the family then extending outwards like the the Co workers. The friends you you know stuff like that you you get the point. Yeah Yeah so then you WANNA question all those people right. So you have eight victims here in this County is actually really small in terms of like their resources like their police departments stuff so they don't have like the manpower to be able to investigate in like talked people for all eight of these victims like it's it was like way too much for this county but they did they took it on So this part of the investigation is key in bringing justice to the victims. Obviously because you want to know why like what's the motive. Why were these people killed why we're every single one of the adults killed and the baby's spared yet around? You know that enclosed enough to exactly exactly and who would have motive to kill all of them like you would think that maybe somebody had problems with one or two of the individuals but every single one of them. Yeah that's Ed. They definitely did and it was definitely more than one person kind of like a family affair. Hey up the J. so knowing that I want to discuss someone named Jake Wagner Jake Wagner was an ex boyfriend of Hannah Roden and the two shared a daughter who was three years old at the time. The one of the babies was left in the House and in June of Twenty sixteen eighteen roughly two months after the murders Jake Wagner told Cincinnati dot com that there was a fifty fifty chance that he was Kylie's father and that he dated Hannah Road road for about three years before they welcomed their daughter Sophia. So all of this already is tying into the children. Jake said that. Even if he wasn't Kylie's dad he'd want mandatory visitation in order to see her regularly so that you could spend time with her little sister which fair I mean Bu- uh-huh understandable but is that the right time to be bringing all that up and puts a bulls eye on your head Bro. So his mother Jake Wagner's mother. She was an alleged murder. Accomplice with Angelo Wagner also spoke to the Ohio news outlet back then and they said they need each other Basically talking about the little girls needing each other Jake Wagner needing to have custody of them She said when they get old enough to understand understand they will really need each other. So for for this part Charlie Gilly who is also the brother of the murder victim. Hannah Kelly. He told the publication that he hired a lawyer and believed that Kylie was his daughter. So like we have all these custody issues even after all these murders it. Meanwhile even as police zeroed in on the Wagner family so as the mom the Dad Jake Wagner his brother and then both grandma's so the MOMS mother and the dad's mother mass up. This is messed up and a lot I know around here. Six adults who killed eight other adults. Yeah this this dominant sounds like some rednecks shit that go around he literally just I know. Sometimes I'll listen to them. I know that you don't listen the going anywhere so it literally. I send you guys pictures later though like this reminds me of what the area that you guys are talking about you live then it. That area reminds me of it. Like it's just out there. They all have their own land out there in the houses are like spread out on it. So it's like it's like they have their own little country that seems like yeah. Yeah that's that's how a lot of it is around here man. Yeah so even as police zeroing in on the Wagner Family Jake Wachner just couldn't resist. He just kept running his mouth. He kept talking to the media which that's another red flag. But you know it kind of sounds like other killers who returned to like the crime scenes and insert themselves into the investigations. They WanNa know what's going on. What are they getting away with? What are they hiding from? Police that police. I can't find it's like literally what he was doing. Yup How called Lord again So office forward a little bit. I'll skip some of the other details. Yes for now. But throughout the course of the investigation officials had been pretty tight lipped about the specifics of the case. Obviously but people still talk. You know there's going going to be rumors everywhere. So originally when authority authorities arrived on scene they noted that there were marijuana farms at three of the four houses. Those were the victims were found and not transpire into the rumor of the cartel has the so in the beginning. Everybody was talking around town like Oh you know they were involved in some heavy drugs of the cartels involved. That's that's who killed them and you we know druglords. Don't kill kids so that's why the kids were spared. None of that was real that none of that is what happened So let's see I have a little bit more so the suspects were So George Billy Wagner. The third was the dad he was. forty-seven Angela Wagner was the wife and the mom she was forty. Eight George Wagner. The fourth was twenty seven and Edward j they called Him Jake Wagner was twenty six. He's the reason all of the started They were indicted on November twelve twenty eighteen. They face eight counts each of aggravated murder with death penalty specifications because Ohio is a death penalty state they also face additional charges including conspiracy engaging aging in a pattern of corrupt activity aggravated burglary with tampering with evidence charges along with forgery and the forgery charges her for allegedly falsifying child custody documents which is where the grandmothers come into play like. They didn't go and shoot anybody but they forged documentation Shen for Jake Wagner to like custody of the daughter. Oh yeah so I mean. At least two of them really didn't shoot anybody I guess but The grandmothers did also help cover up the crimes so they knew that they went and shot these people and they helped cover it up In Twenty eighteen the summer of twenty eighteen investigators announced that the Wagner family was wanted for questioning and had recently moved to Alaska so even like skipped state. They moved to Alaska to get away from all this thinking that they had like gone out scot-free but like the FBI by the police. Here in Ohio were like tailing them like they had been watching them for months. Yeah well actually years if you think about it but I think I have the specific numbers. let me see 'cause there's just so much here but I did have yet here. So they had made several purchases including brass catchers to catch hatch. Spent showcasing so that they wouldn't remain at the crime scene so they thought that out they plan that out They bought a bug detector ammunition and magazine Clips. In the months leading up to the killings they also shared information on the victims properties and counter surveillance devices at locations including pets and indictment states or the indictment states including their pets Prosecutors say that the family also destroyed or tampered with evidence including including Video the video recording devices that Jake Wagner purchased a March twenty sixteen in which was the month right before the murders parts of a home security system and trail cameras as well as phones belonging to some of the victims the Wagner's were also accused of illegal monitoring various social media accounts I mean they even left behind a trail of their crimes so like they left behind parts that they used to build the silencers and the forged documents and then they were pretty sloppy they were really slide like they thought all this out. They planned all this out. They bought the silencers. They built the guns the right way they got these showcasing remover things all the ship Hans. Exactly unlike the trail of everything like the cell phones that they tapped into the social media accounts like they didn't think that they were going to get caught with that stuff. Aw there was usually on Florida's but yeah and the more that we do drew crime as like you realized how on Smart People. Yeah so there's literally I have probably sixty pages worth of information on them. But that's the gist of it. Yeah that's the gist of it. They got arrested. They're all like awaiting trial I believe one. One of the grandmother's is now out of jail. She was on house arrest for a while. and then the other one I believe she goes back to court for another preliminary. Mary hearing a really soon or she went last week. I can't remember As soon as I more updates on that that will also be on my Patriot but yeah this is like an ongoing case as they could take ten years and can take millions of dollars to you know go through this whole process for each individual the suspect and and go through the trials and you know sentence them in everything but I mean it's just sick like all three of these little children now are gonna let without any of parents it's disgusting. It's almost almost as bad as not living live in. I'm at because that's horrible. Learn even whenever they grow up. They're going to hear how their parents died. Yeah I thought about that too once. Once I found out that they were spared what it's like to live but then you think about it in the boat at what cost. Yeah because then you look. Do they have to live with you. Know they have no family emily. That's close to raise. They don't have grandparents parents. You know abuse nothing lead acid well and it was so it's so expensive to that. They actually I wish I saw the numbers. I'll have to send the numbers to you guys. At least I have them written down somewhere but They had on my gosh so much help from other Police stations and stuff like that and other Law Enforcement Enforcement Agencies to help with this investigation because they couldn't afford it and even like the trial call say they've been getting help from other counties because you know Pike County County isn't that big and they don't have the resources to fund this type of huge crime. You know what I mean. They like. They've never really seen anything this big in their county. They don't know how to handle it. They don't have the manpower. 'cause I kinda Kinda sounds like us. Why how we are not only does a shitty where you're going to have all this even experienced manpower close that even our cousin is a is a deputy tippety or something like that? Yeah cops that surround thirty miles. That's funny yeah where we used to live of It's actually not far from me at all. It's like twenty five minutes now but my dad was a cop there and we lived when I was little I was like I don't understand why this this called a village but like I get it now because of villages smaller than like three thousand people so my dad was a cop there and I thought that was small but you only have five hundred only think you he does call yourselves at town. It's really not it's more of a community. You guys are aside item. You guys aren't even An entree no. We're very a very just a sampler. A sampler exactly a UH well yeah. That's my general. Oh there you go. That's a plus. We have pharmacy think. Yeah inside a grocery store see you. You guys are like the perfect setup for a horror movie two. Oh one flashing light. We have one pharmacies. One Gas Station drives the seventy five that the deputy needed their cell phone lines depot. They hit the wrong part at the house will have no see. Hey I called nine one one three hours good luck. He's in the boonies. Oh going all over the place on time. Yeah 'cause we live down Dirt Road Elsa Oh man they're so dirty. We just got high speed Internet like a year ago Hav and his wonderful we're all of us net which is not all. They claim it sucks. It's not good the struggles guls naive in hospital. First World problems well. That was a very large and ten futile unique. You almost need like a big board order wild day on. Yeah to connect the people. Oh my God yeah you need the red string you should have seen me turn like script that stuff out when I first Yeah Oh my gosh all right you got something for us yes do thank you for asking the best for last but but it's not really. Oh that's like you said you incite table. Well okay. Well I'm GonNa be doing Christopher Frank Pittman and he was born April ninth nineteen eighty nine in Huntsville Alabama. He was convicted in two thousand nine of murdering his grandparent's Jo- joy Pittman on November. Twenty eight th. Two thousand doesn't mourn when he was just twelve years old. Wow the case drew national attention in part because of his age at the time of the crime and in part because because of his defense that the prescription drug zoloft influence his actions. That's powerful drug. Yeah it was sentenced to thirty years in prison which was reduced twenty five years on appeal at age twelve. Oh Hitmen ran away from home twice. Threatened suicide was picked up by police and combined to a facility for troubled or runaway children. He he was confined there for six days while they are who was put on Paxil for mild depression. His Father Joe sent him away from their home in Oxford Florida Boorda to live with this grandparents in Chester South Carolina where he frequently visited is paternal grandparents had been a source of stability ability stability to him for years and a life with a mother who had run out on him twice and father who pittman claimed to have been abusive. Yeah well that's a great family life really for a serial killer amazing. How many screwed up parents makes such methods of children's lives is Dr in Chester having no samples of Paxil? Oh to give pitman gave him samples of so loft instead and had a child. That young though. I'm you hear it all the time on the TV though you know under eighteen at calls all these other side right. Yeah you you really. It should not be allowed unless they're in the hospital where they it can be monitored. They shouldn't be given in new drug. Although both drugs or selective serotonin own in the room take inhibitors has a war her three times. Where y'all were talking just to make it sure would get it right? Sound smarter though that all this talk. Take away in your son. You're doing great With similar modes of selective action of roughly substituting one for or the other is usually not advisable almost immediately pittman allegedly began to experience negative side effects from the new medication. This the sister went so far as to describe him as a maniac. He reportedly experienced a burning sensation all over his body which required acquired pain medication while he complained about this X.. That so that's actually kind of confusing though because like usually when you get burning earning sensations all of your body. It's usually like a nerve thing which you wouldn't get a painkiller for not I mean it. kind of seems like he was messed up on a cocktail. It will mm-hmm it. I didn't even read all the side effects that Zo office could bring to you. But it's a lot. Yeah I'm they do get like she said it earth thing. Yeah but I'm still gonNA read unless you're of He complained about on the side effects of the drug at at a subsequent doctor's visit his dose was increased raced from one hundred milligrams daily that'll make this X.. Better yeah which he was already on two hundred milligrams daily double God. That's insane I'm really confused. I mean it was a nineteen eighty nine. Though I mean they probably don't have like the scientific information nation the studies to back up what it can do but I feel like doubling like that is definitely a no no yeah it seems like these daughters really. Were there again that we are in Chester South Carolina. That is Esther Zoloft of course as severe side effects in children including aggressive aggravated depression abnormal dreams paranoid reaction solution nations aggravate uh-huh aggressive behavior and delusions risk from overdose include potential main men reactions. Hitmen had ED in argument on the school bus. He choked fellow student later. Disturb the person playing piano in a shirt that night November number twenty eight two thousand one after receiving a paddle spanking from his grandfather. Okay that's like Albert school a paddle. At least it wasn't named he didn't have a name name we didn't hitmen went into his grandparents room and murdered them with their own shotgun which he was taught how to use by his grandfather. You had bad ad in there Yeah after the murder he set the fire to the House using a candle handle papers. It went took his grandparents car their guns this stall and thirty three dollars and left it was picked up after getting stuck two counties away for a traffic stop. And that's what got him stop. It always says it is looking at. You know it's like if you're GONNA do stuff wrong you know drop normal either Dr Smarter or just like walk well rotter. By the by be honest he was twelve. Yeah and I do understood nothing even imagined so you like join on driving a car which sucks just to say lease. Yeah but I can't Lord. I got thirty dollars video third and used candles paper the bar. You know like I guess he. I didn't even use gas or anything just only twelve on before convincing you. Total Story of Lords blackmail who had kidnapped him after murdering his grandparents in setting fire to their house. Of course she chose I. I was just GonNa say that. Because that's always cut the say exactly well when he ultimately can best. He proclaimed that his grandparents grandparents deserved what they got. Oh Wow pitman's Father testified that incident occurred. Two days after Christopher's zoloft doses had been doubled on Monday January. Thirty first two thousand five three years after the murder his trial as an adult began GAM. The case involves several important issues including considerations a mental capacity regarding his age the other issue was the impact impact of the Zoloft on US Middle State. There is also the consideration of whether his crime should be considered murder or some former manslaughter slaughter ultimately the focus of the trial was on the sole off the prosecution focused on proving that Pittman Did note the difference between right and wrong and his culpable mental status was revealed by such factors as planning the cover up so that he would escape. Ah for the fire started by the candle and the steps he took during his flight from the scene on February fifteenth two thousand five hit must must convicted of murder and sentenced to thirty years in prison and two things so what what was the year. Nineteen nineteen eighty. Nine is that when he was born nineteen ninety eight was whenever he was born. Oh Okay so i. I was confused. I said eighty nine for someone. Yeah Yeah I was like what the Hell my talking about then. Okay so now it makes more better at providence to buy I bet yeah. Yeah that's why I'm like okay. Now what I said didn't even make sense. Okay so and then second thing how do you guys feel about him. Getting thirty years at the age of twelve. I don't like it and here again. Speaking of parent I feel hike. The parents messed up. Life is Kinda want cost is depression action to begin with exactly and talk the doctor being dip shit those are talking about no so case I may give it up at the pain medicine on top of the law from it there was a whole yes he did this however I do. I do not think at twelve years old. I'm there's a whole lot of I think without the medicines that he probably wouldn't them. Yeah but he would have been thinking about. He might have been olive. He needed counseling. And I think that you know he did commit the crime so he does need punishment at the time he noise arenas still developing being until he's like twenty five so he's still if you think about it almost like an infant brain. It seems like you know he's just twelve. He's a baby. Guess until you're eighteen jangle even keep them to at least eighteen. Yeah not not thirty years down the line. Yeah he definitely needs some type of counseling. Some serious area serious Rehab prison. He should have been sent to a psychiatric. Oh yeah to get help because you're not getting the proper proper health problem like all now even nowadays like people that actually need the hell. Don't get help because they are just sentenced in the person and that's not I don't I don't really think Krizner's applies for. I meant. Yes maybe even sent him to a unit I Hospital type situation. Get his meds correct. See how he does there after the help that he needs then reevaluate. Yeah Yeah Yeah well. That's all got rough rough one did. Oh Wow I. Aw I'm so used to yours out just thought the way. I was pretty rural off the sad sad exactly because you know you feel sorry for him at the same time like Oh God he did something so bad but at the same time would he have had his life a little different. Yes yeah it's it's scary. This was fun. Yeah very crime. E Yeah great stories you. Yeah well That's all we have for this episode. We are going to have an extra episode. It's going it'd be about urban legends so keep an eye out for that one as well you guys and for my ending. Stay inside. Stay alive and don't call. All the cops are so simple as always up instagram. And I'm always drew. We're signing out to U. C. L. A.. Hey It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you in the life you want to live. CBD Medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with

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