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"Literally your thing you did it to the fan it like it is you enter. This culture would vetted this from the Germans throng with you here in America the This is definitely my favorite news the headline this week the hot pockets era. Scott five months in the emissions scandal so you remember the admission scandal where Don Parents of dumb children were buying their way into mediocre. University are no Jews had been involved so we saw we thought it was a Jew. Free skin color crime. That had nothing to do with us. Dump Gentile Dump Gentle Dental writing checks Well no we couldn't dodge this one. Michelle janavs heiress to the hot pockets. Fortune got sentenced to five months in prison and has to pay a fine of three hundred thousand dollars paid somebody to fix her daughters. Act Scores so the kid can go to USC University of Southern California as a fake beach volleyball player. When I read that I nine times way overweight. You got it is a fake beach volleyball dot even a fake rower bass or volleyball player. They play on fake beaches. Extreme Frisbee was taken so because I'm professionally obligated to find out if anyone with ethnic ish last name is a Jew Genomics Jones. I'm GONNA coming to Google hot pockets. I'm going to find out about the use of the hot pockets. Fortune and it turns out like her dad was a Persian Jew who thought let's stuff food inside little crusty things and he made a trillion dollars. She's the beneficiary that was his genius. He was that smart Ange and dumbed down a little and she couldn't even think of her own microwaveable treat and just inherited his money and bought her daughters way into. Ucf just say that we hear a lot about asking normativity. And I like this person Jewish reputation. It's not just going to jail. It is like it is not just people and women can do. It's forty yeah. We'll show you also congrats to the Little Tarantino son of Quentin Tarantino. Daniela pick Israeli supermodel. Because all models have to be referred to a supermodel there are no ordinary models right. He had his Bris and his name was revealed as Leo. Which is my starbucks name in this country so I love it my American persona. I think it's very cute. They say he was named for picks maternal grandfather Ari Sham or an Ari is lying in Hebron learning. All of this I think from the Daily Mail or something like that and Ari Means Lion. Leo is lying I like it. I think it's very cute. Leo Tarantino the Imagine Years From now Israeli Prime Minister Leo Tarantino said. Yesterday it's great. It's an amazing cultural amalgam. I liken joke but like that's not joking at Donald Trump can be like why would why would they joke about something you're Israel at your Little Tarantino? He's famous there. Yeah like he'd have a leg up by the time he's thirty years old he'll be a member of Knesset would have an amazing Army career. Your sports update. Which if you like to give us the important sports update for this week. The U Sheva University. Men's basketball team is headed to the NC Double A. Tournament Backup Vision Three Parham but we're having a Hanukkah miracle So Leah what's what's the latest with with the team so I thought it'd be really cool to give a ring to Elliott Steinmetz the legendary coach. Who took this team across the Sea Bliss Championship doing and went all the way to the NCAA tournament and coach time? It's really had some words of wisdom. You called him. Oh yes not a championship win by bracket it's pretty tough. I gave him a call to hear some words of wisdom from the world's leading Jewish coach..

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