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"general wilkinson" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Space dot com slash fox. A longtime civil servant is expected to take over the justice department. As acting attorney general wilkinson has been overseeing human resources security planning and the library at the department of justice but has been chosen to serve as the acting attorney general in the biden administration. He will head up. The doj until merrick garland whose biden's pick for attorney general can go through the senate confirmation hearing process the new york times reports that john carlin is expected to become the acting. Deputy attorney general wants lisa monaco. The administration's pick for deputy attorney. General is sworn in carlin is expected to become her top. Deputy tonge powers fox news iran calling for action on just word shortly after president biden was sworn in the foreign ministry spokesman tweeting. The world knows that only the us can fix itself in practice. Not just words. Former president trump's banned from one social media platform has been extended online streaming giant youtube announced. It'll keep in place a ban. On former president trump for an additional week the ban prevents mr trump from uploading or live streaming to his channel though his existing content can still be. Viewed trump was banned from the platform on january twelfth for at least a week for violating the site's policy against inciting violence after his supporters rated the us capitol building during a joint session of congress certifying the electoral college results for then president. Elect joe biden. Youtube said they would only terminate his account if he violates the site's policies three times in ninety days brett larson fox news negga millions jackpot continues to grow as there was no winner last night. The prize now an estimated eight hundred sixty five million dollars the biggest jackpot in more than two years. No one is one mega. Millions since september. Fifteenth powerball isn't far behind it. Seven hundred thirty million. That drawing is later tonight. Make millions and powerball played in forty five states as well as washington. Dc and the us virgin islands. I'm lisa lacerra this news even in the new year. It's hard to start a new routine. But if you're one of the thirty four percent of americans who made a resolution to be less stressed head space is here to help these days. You need stress relief. That goes beyond quick fixes. That's ed space. Hence basis your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations an easy to use app head. Space is one of the only meditation apps advancing the field of mindfulness meditation through clinically validated research. So however today's news hits you head. Space really can help you feel better heads. Basis approach to mind from this can reduce stress improve sleep boost focus and increase your overall sense of being backed by twenty five published studies on its benefits head space. Six hundred thousand five star reviews and over sixty million downloads. You deserve to feel happier and head space. Meditation made simple go to head space dot com slash fox. That's heads based dot com slash fox for a free one-month trial with access to head spaces full library of meditations for every situation. This is the best deal offered right now. Head to head space dot com slash fox today from to hotline newsfeed weather center today sunny skies northwest wind steady around fifteen miles per hour gusting to twenty two miles per hour high near forty one tonight mostly clear with wind speeds remaining consistent gusts as high as twenty two miles. Put out little around. Thirty one sunny skies installed thursday. We'd like win piney forty six. That's the latest weather checkout more news and weather on our website at have us feet dot com. Like i said you can call in and talk about what you want. Six zero three two eight three six one six zero lead seven call we do. It's mark with you and reo. So we're reading the declaration of independence on this inauguration show and i'm trying to compare sort of compare and contrast because you know this was a big deal in seventeen seventy six. They had gone through a great deal and dealt with a lot of crap and say said we wanna rule ourselves well there. Tolerance for crap was significantly lower sin america's today and that's kind of one of the points that i'd like to make here is that we have no idea what freedom actually look like or tastes like these people did have sums some idea because they're ruling power was generally overseas and relatively minor domestically and still they had enough with like a three percent tax on tea or something like that. They're significantly more to it than that. But yes i mean it's it's worth pointing out. Yeah yeah and we're looking at twenty five percent taxes on marijuana and things like that so that's okay. It's not too bad better than not having marijuana. I suppose right if we did this. If we declared our independence from the government and kick them out. That's what they did the other day in new hampshire they did. They kicked him out. Well they told them they're fired. They didn't go home. It didn't seem to work. Yeah i think the only solution here is to just stop obeying. But you know. I i look at it as i'm free anyway. I do pretty much. Whatever i want whenever i want and the government some of the things i do are not legal according to the government most of the mar but the things that you know the big things that people want to be illegal like murder rape theft aren't things i'm going to do anyway so if it's convenient to me i will obey the government. I won't murder someone just because the government said not too sure. I'll obey that law. Because i was going to obey that law anyway right but at the i'm not going to go out of my way me today and i was kind of confronted with the idea that With the fact that the government turns us all into many businesses. that's called businesses for for the sake of this conversation businesses into freelance deputies for itself. Yes so this is my biggest issue with this mask ordinance. Crap in this case it was it had it was covid nineteen rules. I was going to the dentist and i had not gotten into the office. There was being met outside the office by the Vigilant and and happy Dental person sure who asked me a list of questions. You know Do you how do you feel today. have you had a sore throat. Have you had a cough. She said in the last twenty one days. Have you coughed. Mike yes of course. I've coughed last twenty one days. I surely that's happened And have you coughed. In the last twenty one day she wanted to know if identical covid cough. And i'm like no. I didn't haven't done call like well. That's really what's the questions this is all about. And then she came to the question. Have you traveled outside of the state in the last twenty one days and the answer to the question was yes i have. But answer you gave was no The answer i gave was yes. Okay so i didn't get to the office like they cancelled my appointment and that was off. I went wow and Not immediately they've they felt bad for canceling my appointment. But they didn't want you know that whatever now like my question is how do i like in the absence of the government rules. I don't know what they would ask me. Because i don't live in a world where the government didn't and rules to these people what they would ask me so that i would you know. Give whatever answer i would give. I don't like to lie but my my truth. Telling mechanism is informed by a quaker conundrum. That was brought up in the past is what do you do when a slave catcher comes to your house and asks if you've got any slaves hidden on the property and you lie. That's what many quakers the conclusion they came to other people are like i can't lie others.

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