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"general henry clayton" Discussed on American Revolution Podcast

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"general henry clayton" Discussed on American Revolution Podcast

"Thank you for joining the American Revolution Today episode one fifty three. Staten Island and talk it. A few weeks ago I talked about General House decision to put most of his army aboard ship and sail out to sea. No one was sure where he would land, but most thought the ultimate destination was Philadelphia. When the fleet sailed away from New, York City in late, July seventeen, seventy seven. How left General Henry Clayton in command of the city with a few soldiers, most of whom were Haitians or local militia. General! How wanted his best combat soldiers with him for the Conquest of Philadelphia? In preparation for the removal of so many troops from New York, city, the British abandoned the even tiny tow- holds across the Hudson River in New Jersey which they had held a winter. Places like Elizabeth, town and boy and Brunswick. Although this meant completely abandoning, New Jersey the British did not want to leave any isolated outposts. That could be subject to attack. Putting the Hudson River between the two armies was a pretty substantial barrier for any army to cross. The river was deep enough at all points that no army could Ford it from New Jersey to New York. British forces. However, we're still spread out all over New York City area. including the occupation of all of Long Island Staten Island and Manhattan Island. This was probably about two thousand square miles of land, being guarded by only a few thousand dollars. With, the departure of House fleet, even holding that New York City area left some units relatively isolated and in areas, potentially vulnerable.

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