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"gene jaylen samuels" Discussed on Sports 600 ESPN

"It's three minutes at the vets extreme the espn the core go to my sza some athletes ruined miami's looking good last night amman richard written that over a hundred yards receiving thirty one six for saturday in november virginia tech miami coach showdown looming on the senate stadium georgia tech welcomes what's left of north carolina thirteen tori four of the season that leads off our acc yeah you know that's the thing you always see this early his the run is like he said recently tyler physically play in the past the leader receive he's syracuse n c the'state packed his dominating toward a state after the freshly quarterback blackman but syracuse mandate can score thirty five again four hundred sixty four yards a game or old baylor often so they'll be a challenge today i think rhyme fairly you know he's filing gene jaylen samuels has some athletes himself scorned they're not just winning with defense of his findlay running and throwing a good job free cities in florida state undefeated i mean winless wake forest undefeated avoided the office that live for four states going to have to play better morals a variety of fraud big 93 if you're watching these and got a may day was ninety 93 the wayne was teams in the country and find out which one does not belong i know you could argue or does it fall on but certainly if they don't always was divisive you man georgia has got a great when tradition tube it only recently it denies the level of college football now who knows run for the first time in six years ago waco navy sear 330 eastern time jimbo said no magic dust fixes there's in trouble today they are i think they're in trouble the rest disease and here's the thing before stay for me what the matter if france play last week that office of is still what it wasn't a year ago it's still in the defense is still bust in coverages there there's still a lot about florida state that they gotta get fixed in france wall obviously would have made a difference but they're not a great team like we talked about everywhere else to help back quarterback now they're going to have to be great around them consistently and they have it show that when you lose a quarterback and you go from having established guy who's maybe a heisman guy to then going to guys never taken a snap i think it affects.

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