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"gene gop" Discussed on Happy Sad Confused

"I love the first one i'm gonna say the and watch the gin and the way to new zealand where we started filming on this one i hadn't seen it had much before it from ethiopia but i didn't realize you know just how well it stands up total are sophisticated you know um there's an elegance to the story absolutely it totally holds of your existing attempts you see movies back in the day that are about the future when you watch you like air thing they got that wrong but here's the way he portrayed the future it's still holds up still seems line with where things are going total it's right on it's also the way you know in terms of your introduced to the ship and rather than being like shiny and sort of futurist tickets kind of beaten up and dirty and almost reminds you like a cargo vessel or something so there's a lot of things in there that you find familiar as well as the futuristic stuff we have to make that sort of fantasy leap was was it i wanted was it was was elie be original aliens traumatized you that can rocked world when you i saw what was the film that kind of like gene gop rain altered radio's drake solemn preschool host who was the hottest ticket of the summer was the conversation lighten values your identified with the alien because i just felt mom i feel like i just did this to you two years ago and shot a thirty minute yeah different part of the body footsore know the same was filmed the not alien that hit you at that sweet spot in terms of like i are rated filmed you remember that i.

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