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"gene dulcie" Discussed on The Virtual Couch

"So all we did the transplant put in the central line catheter. That was a little bit were deal. It was started bleeding too much like filler die whatever I do. But they just trudged through it. And then you know after about. Out. Four or five months everything successful transplant land. Well, my brother. Stop taking the anti rejection medication and his body rejected. The transplant. So. So he know of the change direction that you were heading down that. Yeah, we're talking about that time. Yeah. We did. We we mentioned that I told him I think I wanna do this and something that was he was aware of how how do you think of your brother and your job now? So every time I go into work. You know, it's funny because the the unit that we did the transplant a lot of the whole. Employees who work there though. Call me Benjamin, I'll call them Benjamin back like him walk out of the hey, Benjamin Benjamin that's not Benjamin e man out. We have something going on or say to like, one of the female, nurses, and they're like, no, that's that's that's not, you know, people there that then you end up working with them eat you remember that while a so like Toby, gene Dulcie those who's actually the educator. She's on she's on our team for the leukemia. Lymphoma society, she's educator for that department. Okay. Shoes actually a patient on the same unit with member. Other jury members story we're talking about. He was having a hard time with the treatment throwing a lot. And she offered to take them down to buy a slice of human eat pizza. Okay. So so while I've got you here ICU nurse. Stories. I mean, do you just have stories for days? Are you the one that you had a party? Somebody says tell me I see you stories. Yeah. There is a. People are different breed of people where the kind of people it's like the bodies are our career rights. We we see a lot of things. Yeah. I've seen lots lots of interesting things, we we. We're not judgmental. Of course. And and really at the end of the day. It's like you're here with me for this amount of time in my job is to deliver you healthy out of this situation. Regardless of what you make whatever you came in with whatever you did to yourself or to your body. That's not my role my role right now is to take all of them all that I've acquired over these years and get you healthy and deliver you with a heart rate and blood pressure in the day. I love that therapist saying so people come to be with their their things that they are going through and the, but with mine, it's a lot harder at times to try to sort through the reality. They're afraid of being judged. You know, how much am I going to let this person know in the ICU? It's there, you know. What's one? Yeah. Here stories that don't quite match up. But correct. Correct. And then and then, you know, you'll get the you'll give them that live from really really really is. That would happen is or my this is the one that like. It kind of gets me. The question marks. We're gonna give you drugs. We're gonna give you medication that actually can interfere with some of the drugs that you can't tell me that. Because if I don't know I give him something I can actually kill you. And I want to my mind my job or my career is trying to save you my I'm not gonna judge you taking this. We need to tell me what you've taken beforehand because if you if you've taken something that I don't know. And I come I mean, one of them that I'm just going to throw out the taboo, one is the blue Bill and a lot of people. Yes. But if you're if you are on something like that. We need to know a head of time..

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