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020. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

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020. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

"Happy holidays and welcome to spy hearts parkas for the next hour. Your hosts will go deep undercover into the world of spy movies to decipher witch films. Make the notebook list but remember this. Information is strictly for your is only. I'm agent scott. And i'm cam the provocateur and cam as it's a magical time if the my first question as always is. What are we doing this week. We are you know. Hopping in the sleigh and hanging out with gina davis samuel jackson for renny harlan's the long kiss goodnight from nineteen ninety-six. Usually we would discuss our previous experiences of the films. But i knew nothing about this film whatsoever. What about you can yeah I saw this one back on home video and because it was released at the end of one thousand nine hundred six would have seen it in. Probably the first handful of months in nineteen any seven i would think and probably i guess maybe the spring actually. This was a movie. That i remember. I'll get into it a little more later. But this was the follow up. Regina davis renting harlan from cutthroat island. Which was a kind of victorious disaster of the ninety s. And so like this movie really wasn't at least from my perspective advertiser marketed as heavily as it probably should have been so. It really didn't appeal to me when it opened in theaters so i skipped it and then got some decent reviews. You know it was definitely mixed but there were some very positive people out there talking. About how cool. This movie was in. So i rented it when it hit video and i remember enjoying it. It's not one that stuck really large in my mind. But when i think of that era i mean i'm watching stuff like you know the rock and broken arrow and a lot of where action was going versus where action was and this feels more like a kind of true lies. More of a throwback to the action that was being ushered out and so at that time. It didn't grab me. Maybe as much as it should have but i did enjoy it. I'll say that yeah. I'll save my thoughts on the film until late but i did pick up on the true lies. Vibe is very strong. It just feels like a bit of a relic in that sense. Will it does feel giving about My thoughts on it now but it does feel in many ways like kind of the curtain coming down on eighty style action. Doesn't it yeah. That's a bombastic annual face a pedal to the metal type thing. I mean we were ready for the subtlety of mike bay in the rock. So nuance for that michael bay. It's more like we shifted to more of that music video style action. Editing did exist in the past. But michael bay just amped it up an extra degree plus all the asian influence stuff coming in as well. So that's where action was going. This just feels a little more that classical action of the eighties. Yeah for sure right. Well not too bad delays but Let's get into everyone's favorite. Which is the letterbox dot com synopsis. The long kiss goodnight. What's forgotten is not always gone samantha. Caine suburban homemaker is the ideal mum to her eight year. Old daughter caitland. She lives in. Her style has a job teaching school. It makes the best rice crispy treats in town. But when she receives a bump on the head should begins to remember small parts of previous life as lethal top secret agent. You know. I kinda like that one. They took some light license. There they worked in the rice crispy treats they really set a tone there mood. Maybe shane black wrote his own synopsis for the longest good night as editing. Let box dot com right now. That's all right. I'm gonna give this one a day minus. I like it fair enough. So i have a lot of questions about this film having just watched it for the first time. But i'd like to know how it came to be. So what have you got for me camp. So this movie is a collision of two of the biggest forces in action filmmaking. Eighties nineties era That sort of pre you know the rock ninety-six kind of era And we'll start with shane. Black so shane black at the time of this. Movie is the highest Priced screenwriter in. Town is a guy who written lethal weapon. He'd written the last boy scout and at certain point. This is something that's so is not the case now. But it is certain point studios were paying screenwriters. Incredible amounts of money for original scripts. So shane black was selling scripts for a ton of money. joe eszterhas who wrote basic instinct was also making an absolute fortune selling scripts. They really were looking at screenwriters as the formula for what people want to see when i think all writers no cares about us and so Shane black was paid three point. Five million dollars for his screenplay for the long kiss goodnight. Scott does that seem. Hi sorry three point. Five million dollars correct. How on earth did they think paying him. Three point five million dollars for the script was a good idea. It was the era is just like they were looking at established screenwriters as being people they needed. You know how nowadays it's all about like a franchise name or a property. We went through this weird period in the nineties where they were just looking at screenwriters as being a brand i mean we lament now that there is no original. Ip's yeah as the. at least. I suppose i can understand. At least this is completely fresh while it takes a lot of things from other films butts. I've never heard this story exactly this way before. Yeah i mean. I don't know what it was like on the page but like shane black also wrote a couple years before this last action hero which was turned into the army film. That was a just a financial disaster and pretty much. Reviled upon release and everything i've heard. Is that the original script that shane black wrote for that. Movie was fantastic and was overhauled by about an army of writers. And so like. I think the man's scripts right very well. He became a novelist after this film before becoming director himself with two thousand. Five's kiss kiss. Bang bang since then. He's done ironman three. He did the nice guys There's also the unfortunate Predator reboot but other than predator everything. He's done a really does have a certain spark to it. He's a writer who has a ton of personality. And so i think when they were paying him this massive payday which also i should add included a bonus. Five hundred thousand dollar paycheck for being the producer on the film They were looking at him as a very important voice in action films. See i knew. I knew the name but i hadn't put any soil into that so he may i meant i remember the nice guys being quite funny okay. You see why he's gonna give credit to his name. Yeah he just was the guy. In sort of that late eighties early nineties period like he did unaccredited script doctoring for several films as well like he was someone they wanted whenever they wanted punchy dialogue shane. Black was the guy you're gonna call. Was there any other films. He made around this time apart from los action. Here as i would know lethal weapon right okay. Yeah he wrote monster squad That's another one. That's kind of a cult favorite But he did not prolific. He's got someone who was just cranking things out he did. Do script passes on predator because he was also an actor in that film but in terms of credited screenplays. No he doesn't have a lot. Okay well so you so. Shane black is written the script for longest good night and the studios like love this and so they turned to renny. Harlan and ready. Harland is a director who's very interesting and in many ways was kind of this flashing the pan but at a certain point in time ready. Harlan was one of the guys. He is finished filmmaker And he produced the most expensive finish film ever called born american. Which got a bit of a release here and that got him brought over to america where he started off in horror he did a kind of a movie called prison before he was picked up to do nightmare on elm street. Four the dream master which is not one of the greatest nightmare on elm street films but it was the highest grossing until freddie versus jason. Like i don't know fifteen twenty years later so ready. Harlan had definitely made a name for himself and so he was picked up. They looked said. You did a good nightmare on elm street film. Were giving you die hard to. Oh yeah bit of an upgrade. yeah okay good trajectory. We'd like it and die. Hard to i think as everyone knows was a massive smash. It's one that people kinda pick over. But i've always really enjoyed die hard to how do you feel about it. I didn't get as much from it as i. Different one in three. Okay they like interesting films or something to say or a different take on things whereas to just felt like. Oh it's it's John maclean but now he's an apple right. I kinda come down on the kind of descending order of like one followed by two followed by three three like a lot until you get to the finale which feels so weirdly tacked on and reshot that it just kind of loses me whereas like the second one. I always really enjoy the setting and some of the set pieces. That movie are absolutely incredible. I i just always think about the third is the so i enjoy the buddy cop thing him samuel jackson which we're going to talk about certain so that's my i was. I would come down as a one three two on diatoms and then you can get out for five. I think you are actually more popular opinion. I think most people do put three their second favorite so on the more popular cam and so ready. Harlan then goes off and does cliffhanger after die. Hard to and In terms of his next big fulop he did do the andrew dice clay film adventures afford fair line. I think actually around same time dire to That movie bit of a cult. Fave probably has held up very very poorly. I've fell so i'm just thinking of the andrew dice. Clay comedy routines of the and i would guess that movie is basically unwatchable now but Cliffhanger of course was better salone massive hit against already. Harlan is definitely established as one of the biggest action guys going and he basically has a blank check to work with after cliffhanger and ready harland has a dream. Scott and that dream is to make up pirate movie. This isn't a part so go on and so he takes money about ninety eight million dollar budget but there was a lot. I think going out the back end like this was very expensive and it was cutthroat island which i referenced. A few minutes ago starring gene davis rennie. Harlan married in nineteen ninety-three and it was a movie that was supposed to co star. Michael douglas he dropped out and matthew modine jumped on board. Cutthroat island was released with a massive massive budget and a lot of problems on the production. A lot like it was kind of like the waterworld actually came out the same years waterworld. Actually so it was kind of like you had to a waterlogged epochs coming up the same year that had nothing but bad press and came out and made worldwide ten million dollars. Oh wow it's considered one of the biggest disasters of all time like cut. Island is legendary. I felt woolworth was known as the big debate flop. Now like waterworld actually did okay. Box office wise. I bet you if you look at it probably broke even pretty close. I m vhs. Remember being excited to see it. But i never saw this film. You're talking about what was again cutthroat island. Yeah i did see it. I don't know like. I thought it was sort of entertaining enough when i was fourteen years old or something. I'd be very curious to revisit it and see if i thought it was a disaster or just kind of very weird film that people didn't latch onto but nonetheless cutthroat island bankrupted. It's studio carolco pictures. So good very legendary. Carolco produce terminator two so like it was a big deal at that time and it was done really after cutthroat island and so that movie comes out. It's a complete disaster and then reading harlan decides. He wants to bring back his wife. Gena davis in pair up the two of them again on the long kiss goodnight and so it seems by all accounts. The production was actually pretty smooth The only really thing i came across was samuel jackson character was killed During the film at a certain point and test audiences reacted very poorly. So they reshot it to make him live but other than that. It seems like it was actually a pretty smooth production but the movie did not do very well It was it wasn't a cutthroat island by any stretch but it was a box office underperformer It cost sixty five million to produce domestically it made thirty three million international fifty six for a total of eighty nine million worldwide. I mean it's better than for island. It is but it marked the end of the harlan slash davis up pairings onscreen So that was the end. Actually their marriage did break up in one thousand nine hundred eight just a couple of years after this film i was gonna see if they actually ended their partnership in real life. That's a really bad question to ask. And then you'll just writing ever the information longest night and long kiss goodbye. Who had an idea if you ever want to go back and revisit cutthroat island. I have a name for our podcast. If you'd like it. Is it pirate hearts nine spiral. Todd's all yes. Yes coming soon i mean. I don't know how many pirate movies that are really are. But the pirates of the franchise alone will give us a run for our money. Go swinging into a podcast apnea you aspire hudsonville so this will be landed at number thirty six for the year rate between the george clooney romantic comedy when he did with michelle pfeiffer one fine day and one spot above beavis and butthead do america which was a very popular film in my little world in nineteen ninety-six. Yeah i remember talking about that. And i was only nine. It's a really funny movie and It even has a rob zombie. 'em animated section. I think beavis and butthead do america underrated. I think it was actually quite strong. I comic book head. Heart's on that one. Unfortunately and so the top three for that year. Nineteen ninety-six is a big blockbuster. Year number one is independence day. Number two is twister in number three. Is the original mission. Impossible a solid. Yea ninety-six is the first major year where i become consumed by movies like i watched so many movies of nineteen ninety six and that would kind of continue the ball rolling to this modern day but up until then it was sort of a buildup and the nineteen ninety-six was like the big year for me. I feel like if if we're talking about how we were films. Time me and my family from around about ninety five. regularly Every weekend to blockbuster renting out a new film so of dissolved nineties films and the early. Not that i sold them on. Vhs mostly at home except for the big ones. I could see them awful but most of those ones you mentioned. I did state of independence site sore. Vhs all of that so yeah definitely definitely around for that. But i do not remember longest. Good night yeah definitely was overshadowed by a lot of what was going on at that time. some other notables. I'll just mention on the box office lists for that year. Some other spy movies at number sixty five. We had spy hard. The leslie nielsen comedy. That gave this podcast. Its name yes. I i am looking forward to one day guy by going to that film. Have you seen it i. I think i've seen bits of it. Oh interesting okay. I could tell you the floor any and it number sixty seven. We had harriet the spy. Which is the kids film. Did you ever see that i. I'm a host of spy. Podcast camp of now. I haven't seen it. i didn't either. I was a little. It was a little kid leaning. I think i may be wrong about this. But it might have been a nickelodeon production. And i was at that. Point likes fifteen or sixteen so just really didn't have any interest in watching it. You're more cartoon network connick guy. Es and samuel jackson. This is like you know just coming east. Shortly after pulp fiction movies released in ninety four. The big oscar seasons in ninety five and so samuel jackson at this point is just signing up and working like crazy so he had a number of movies on the top. Two hundred this year At number nineteen. He had a time to kill the john. Grisham adaptation with sandra bullock and matthew. Mcconaughey which i recall being okay. I think it was pretty decent and then you to lower ranking ones on the list at number one hundred thirty eight. There was the boxing comedy. The great white hype and at number two hundred thirteen. He had trees lounge which was obviously outside the two hundred but was worth mentioning because it was a st be semi directed film and Really worth checking out if you haven't seen it You did mentioned before about samuel jackson's character a dying in test screenings on. He didn't die in s greetings. His character died the movie dining flat-line we'll get into it layer. I imagine but is that probably with the ending. I'm guessing so it doesn't seem like they did drastic re-shoots so i'm wondering if there was just he died in the car. I when you said. I thought well. Even when i was watching the film. I thought he had died. Yeah obviously we'll talk about what happens after that. Spoil the podcast. So yeah and so you know that kind of wraps up long kiss goodnight. I'll just add a couple of things Because the box offices quite you know poor or lukewarm. However you wanna put it ready. Harlan says he blames the advertising which he thought was really confusing I'll take word for it. I don't even remember the advertising for this movie. And i do remember advertising for a lot of movies of this era. I just think it was very unconscious into advertising. Would be my guess. I wonder what the trailer looks like. Yeah i didn't check it out. I think i will though after we finish recording. This also say one thing. I always do. And you'll see on social media as i like to find alternate movie posters in all kinds of movie prices in Up of the films covering the week. And i i looked up this film just as a research before recording. The postage are a mess. Yeah you'd have no idea what film this is. So i just wonder how much of it was just that with of stink from cutthroat island that it was another renny. Harlin gena davis film. Coming up ten months after cutthroat island. I just wonder if they were like. Let's just assume this is a disaster. Let's do the bare bones. Marketing kind of thing. So of the star trek nemesis approach. Sure yeah. that's a good example. Yeah Reading ready harland to this day talks about wanting to do a sequel He says he would like to do a movie. That focuses on their twenty something year old daughter and gena davis his character would be killed star of the movie samuel jackson and says he would happily come back. I mean if on zimmer is still a working actress show Needs it. But yeah i mean we should add ready. Harlan as director. Who after this movie kind disappears to a certain degree in terms of big budget prestige films like he does Deep blue sea in ninety nine which is a favorite of mine It's a very fun movie. But after that he kind of disappears into a lot of pretty bad movies. Like twelve rounds with john cena. The legend of hercules with kellan lutz. Minehunters he was one of the directors who made a version of the fourth exorcist film So like ready harlan's seen better days at this point he's not going to be making a big budget lanka's goodnight sequel in this lifetime. I i wanna i you on that Xs four thing. Because i have no idea what you're talking about by also way that we've been talking about this film twenty five minutes aside we've About how feel about him. Sure i'll do a long story. Short exercises for. They want to make it because horror was big at this point. It's kind of in the wake of scream. All those slasher films show. And it's a french. It's a franchise people know so they get pulse writer. The writer of taxi driver Director movies like hardcore very idiosyncratic Director writer he made i reformed. I'm just a couple of years ago. With ethan hawke really good movie so anyways Pulse rate are very odd. Guy makes his version of the exorcist. Four turns out he made a pulse writer film and the studio hates it completely so they bury it and say okay ready. Harlan hiring you. We're giving you the same screenplay. Can you please shoot another version of this movie. That is mainstream friendly. And so there's rewrites going on and all this sort of stuff. They released running harlan's in the summer box office middling performer and then like maybe like eight months later. They released the paul schrader version as well in theaters in a limited run so there are two versions of the exorcist for and how different they quite different The same cast obviously in both a lot of same locations plot elements are changed in each one. Certain characters take background in you know one version versus the other It's more of an interesting experiment. Neither movies good. But paul schrader is a better one says the original version of the release snyder cut. Yeah it really was and It's a movie that i don't think anyone cared about xs four at that point but yeah that's kind of the story of exorcist. Four and i will just wrap up this whole behind the scenes section with one statement. Which is that. Samuel jackson says of all of the movies. He's made the long kiss. Goodnight is his favorite to watch at home. It's his favorite. It's his favorite. He mentioned this a twenty eighteen g q video yes. The guy that's bitten pulp fiction. Marvel films. I'm sure you could list more because you're better with this sure I feel like i'm so of leading how i feel about the film so okay. Whatever floats your samuel. We love you anyway so often ask you first because you have previous On this film how feel revisiting now in twenty twenty you know. I kind of had a blast of this movie. It's a mess on a you know in a lot of ways. It's a movie that is definitely using whatever screenplay had going and you know. No offense to shane black. I love his work but if feels like a clothesline for action sequences as so many of the eighties nineties action movies were the big pumped up over the top ones. But this feels to me like an insane comic book and there's no realism and it's just incredible action. Setpiece after incredible action step all of them pitched at a level of intensity that is just through the roof explosive I think it has a lotta fun punchy. Shane black dialogue. It's not one of his more confidence efforts. And i think we have to kind of debate whether as a shame black film versus a ren harland film in the so on this one to me feels a little bit like True romance is it a tony scott film or at quentin tarantino film. People tend to feel a little more like. It's a tony scott film. Sometimes i feel like this is a really good merging renny. Any harlan and shane black into a movie. That is in no way pretentious. It is a dumb action movie. But i think honestly we as a society have failed. Gena davis i really think this performance. Gina dave's davis gibbs and this character. And probably this movie would have done a lot better. Maybe a decade or so later At this point in time female action. Heroes weren't really the norm or something that people were really racing to the cineplex to see as much you did have linda hamilton in terminator One and two you had sigourney weaver an alien but there wasn't a ton of them and i think gina davis is doing amazing work here. But let's hear your thoughts. I think this is just a fun movie. That's kind of a mess. But i wanna hear from you. I- i text you the other day. When i watched it i is still might thus thought when i think of this film and the is a complete fever dream yup i i actually watched this was with hannah at. She decided to watch a film with me. Which is a rarity anyway and we would just the get-go confused not a complex plot or anything like that. Just confused by choices choices. They certainly make statements from the opening credit sequence. Sequences doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If it was like a bonefield in try the soundtrack to this film is insane. I won't talk to you about at link later on yup but like overall. It's a fun film. It's certainly not a christmas film. Although north diehard in my opinion. But if diehard is than this one is to I did enjoy watching it. But i just felt like it was a massive shame. And i think Channeling to what you said about gena davis because to me. Gina davis is like america's sweetheart. Yeah right because you've got league of their own in the nineties Ag like she had a lot of movies that were very much. pitched her as almost. Sometimes edging into that sort of meg. Ryan america's sweetheart kind of territory for sure. Yeah yeah exactly. So seeing her first of all that so of homemakers side of things kind of made sense but then she's like snapping necks and then she dies hair and you just think. What am i watching at this point. But let's let's take it back to square one right. Yeah this film difference pasta. That will title sequence. You've got the intro them making homemaking in that sort of thing then they have this party and i know i'm doing a walk through the film and i'm not a big fan of of walking through films with people but what i want to get to is a particular scene while she's driving. I guess have husbands home. We know exactly where you're going. Yeah may have what eighteen watching this film. And yeah he's taken. She's taking a father in law and he's asking hanging. When was the last time. You and my son i guess. And then all of a sudden Dare comes out of nowhere. And if no i think this is a metaphor for this film but it smashes through the windscreen. The old guy goes straight through it. The congress careening off the road an issue breaks. The thing's neck what is going on here. The soundtracks blaring in my is. I put my knife folk down. What's in the screen. Like oh my god. My favorite part of that is when the deer breaks through the windshield. And then kicks the father in law the face. I mean as you said. They made choices in this film. This movie takes subtlety and just pounds it into the ground of the sledgehammer Yeah i i knew we were going to get some like activate. Its by thing is even in the synopsis of the film. So i figured she was thought using skills eventually and we get that later on in the She's cutting the vegetables home. Yeah but then like that. That one i do turns up at the house. Yup who apparently broke out of prison yet apparently. Just that's just. yeah whatever. That's the one side it comes into the house with a shotgun with grenade launcher attached. Which is definitely a choice. An blows a hole in the wall and then tina davis throws our daughter. Our hole in the wall into the house thing next door weather is the tree house. I'd just ratching my head at this point camp. Yeah you know you talked about how this film felt like fever dream and i feel like it's often touching on the surreal intentionally. You know when you look at sequences like that moment. She's kind of reawakened. After the accident you have seen her looking in the mirror. And seeing you know charlie because she plays cement the as method or homemaker character but she's actually This assassin character. And you have the to talking to each other in a mirror and it feels very surreal. It's portrayed in a very dreamlike way. This movie's doing things stylistically. That feel like a fever dream in. I think intentionally that sanyo referencing. I the one wishes in solve the current murrow. The dream state since looking in the mirror. Right yeah that felt so cheap. Tv to me. It hasn't held up wells in effect. I'll say that much. Yeah yeah. I i felt like i'd say episodes of the next generation which ended a two years before this film came out the had better dream. Sequences well Everything is done very garishly. You like there's there's no attempt to kind of approach. This is not david lynch assembling things like a painter. This is very much a big action guy. Who's just over the top. In every extreme putting together character moments that are insane. This movie's insane. it really is. He's using a hammer and chisel to write a sentence and said you could use a pan. But i don't know like. I very much appreciated any harlan's style watching this movie. Maybe it's because we know what was coming and look a lot of the john. Gustaf was fantastic. A lot of the michael bay early stuff. I really like a lot but post that era. We got a lot of action movies. It looks like garbage. You know that taken era introduces all these movies. There's like this hack and slash ending work. You know like bo born did it. Well but the ones that came after that all look like you know a lot of them look like garbage watching the action in this movie. I really appreciated the rennie. Harlan style. Which is over the top insane but it looks fantastic a lot of the times. Yeah i didn't really have much of a problem with the spectacle in the action sequences that just that dream sequences Me just felt cheap. But yeah i feel like the. I've used before on some of big movies. The what bombastic Finesse with this is is literally taking the idea on the page. Doing allowed as they can. Yeah well that's very true. That is a specialty. Let's remember die hard to Deep blue sea You know cliffhanger. This is not a man known for making his small-scale character. Dramas i just find it so bizarre that he wanted to have gina davis and i suppose that leads quite talking about gina davis As an action saw i would have to imagine. She wanted to do it because she started cutthroat island as well which is also an action role. I think a linda hamilton and sigourney weaver. I think we're getting a lot of notices and people thought they were very cool. And i think gena davis who is very athletic in real life probably looked at action is something that would be fun to do and i think she's incredible in this movie. Maybe taking into gena davis now. But i think her performance here is really really strong. And there's a moment. I'll get to in a second. But she has the bona fides to be an action star. I really feel. And i think wrong era. I think in a different era. Gena davis is an action star. See i agree with your point about the era. I feel like if she done in the Or the tens now Looking back on them Maybe have been better. We have atomic blonde things like that. Where if they marks here are absolutely fine but for me. Maybe it's might be a slight difference in aid service. But i couldn't not see her as gena davis a homemaker right when i think of scenes like her in the kitchen taking out the assassin often Down as the indiana jones fridge moment and she and she she gets up. She breaks his neck Licks the custody of finger or whatever. It was meant to be bad ass moment. Where like you crunching guitars. Wairoa and like kick ass in my head just like this is ridiculous. Well i agree. It's ridiculous but i think the movie knows it's ridiculous. You have that scene early on the cutting vegetables seen which was actually kind of famous. In that time people really knew that sequence. Wow that was kind of the showpiece that they would try out on the late night tv market and everything with they would show clips from the movie but that was. It probably wasn't the trailer. I know that they played a clip of it on the siskel and ebert review episode. I remember that from back in the day but that scene ends with her like hurling a knife into the cupboard and stab a tomato. And i mean i bought. It bought that this character. Charlie was peeking out because when she does have that action sequence in the kitchen. Russia kills the assassin. She's not yet charlie to me. The transformation takes place after she strapped to that torture water wheel in almost drowned and then goes back that hotel and dyes her hair and everything and puts on the makeup. That's where that character really comes through and next thing you know she's doing shots and trying to seduce samuel jackson very aggressively and to me. That's when the switch is really flipped up. Until then. I feel like it's moments peeking through you. Know that looking the custard offer hand or giving her daughter the really harsh pep talk when she falls down on the ice died. You mentioned that. I wrote down. She must have gone to the eric. Bana parenting school. Yeah no kidding right. Yeah was in. Life is hard okay. I'm eight and then it cuts the kid with like a cast on her arm. Your broken arrests. What the hell. You're not gonna parenting mom but like gina davis you know. She's a serious actor. She'd won an oscar for the movie. The accidental tourist in the eighties. She's in the fly. Of course with jeff goldblum. She done a lot of great work and you know. She took this role very seriously. She studied bubis about split personality disorders. she said the most inspirational movie she watched was the three faces of eve which is in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven drama. I want to check that out actually just to see if there's any similarities in terms of references or anything like that But she obviously looked at this just as seriously as she would have a more serious role and i totally buy her commitment here and the moment i was going to tie i referenced a couple minutes ago. There's a scene in this movie near the end which will get to a bit later. But where she's surfing on like side turned semi-truck and a handful of years earlier. Arnold schwarzenegger had done the same thing at the end of terminator two. You know in the summer of nineteen ninety one when that movie came out and it really feels intentional that we have arnold the biggest action hero of the era doing that in ninety one and a few years later we have gena davis doing the exact same thing i think they were very much looking to make her an action icon. I hadn't connected that with terminator. Actually i missed that completely. I can see it now. You said it. And i i completely by her wanting to do this role into being action stall you always hear from actors that they love to play this sort of extremes the villain The super good guy. Because it means i get to flex their eastern i i completely i just for me. I couldn't get cost at sort of gena davis right. It didn't even work for what she did. The dyed hair and we had the makeover montage. And then she's doing shots and all like a bad ass. Like i thought she really was playing a completely different character. There and i really enjoyed seeing these two clashing versions of the character from an acting standpoint. I she did a tremendous job. Of establishing samantha and charlie as different entities play by the same person. So i tip my hat to that but for me I wish she die. So i just relaxed just playing a character that point. She is just playing a character. But like i. I suppose i couldn't policies that every scene was comical where some of the things what meant to be comical. I have to imagine though like if this becomes later. Gena davis does more action movies right like this become something that's more in her wheelhouse versus kind of an oddity because i don't think people watch cutthroat island anymore or as i think this one has become something of a cult favourite and so it's kind of like this oddity in her career versus. Maybe what would have been a trend. Had she had more success official. You look. I mentioned shelly slur on antoni blunt. But then she ain't going to mad max fury road off that i think that was just before but she did fate of the furious afterwards after a blonde. So yeah you know a bunch of action films in an space of time. I i could see. Dave is doing more of this. I suppose more might just lack of being able to get over the establishment gena davis but i i s i take my hat to what she did with the film and i feel like she took it seriously. It's interesting though. That didn't really work for you. Because i do wonder how much that was. A factor you know at the nineteen ninety-six box office. That people didn't really by her as an action hero. Maybe and to fair. I'm coming into this as well at ninety six. I was nine time. So i wouldn't have known about at the time coming into twenty twenty. My memory gena davis. I haven't seen much recently Walking but is of those films you mentioned before. She's playing more of the americas we saw. Yeah and shane black. When he first started writing the screenplay he actually wrote it with a male lead character but realized fairly early on like nana a-. This story does not work in any other way. Unless it's a female lead so it wasn't like a studio switched to a female lead. It was jane black realizing this story only works. If i'm telling it from this character's point of view. And i just wonder if like a movie now. We're just really commit to that and really put that front and center and advertise it. That way versus. I feel like this one. They were couching it a little more in selling moore's of buddy action movie versus agena gena davis vehicle and a more of a comedy. Yeah i wonder what the original male version would like. When he was seducing samuel jackson it would have been amazing as as as great. So let me up. Yeah yeah what's that one thing i know down. I suppose as wrapping up although some gena davis is betrayal is i thought it was interesting to say as a carrot to what would be like if jason born had had amnesia for longer Yeah there's a lot of born like crossover isn't there. There's a lot of like water. Rebirth moments and Yeah very similar on those moments for the skills come out. Unexpected ways Her own People turning on her because she didn't reference it but she was a counter. Assassination operative whose recruited by the us government and in the year since she's been injured and had amnesia the us government Who was it. Do you know what the spy agency was. I think it was ever. I you say the cia flash somewhere in the gas something like that. So we'll go. See i and yeah in the years since the spy agency recruited her have gotten in bed basically with the guys she was targeting in the past and have gotten corrupt because of budget cuts from the us government and so like the whole idea of her on the run from her own people. Very born like two. I mean we have to give born the The points here. Because obviously the robert ludlum novels existed before the longest But i wonder if there was a little bit of influence from those novels. I know shane black is very well. Read there's a good chance he would have. Maybe read those borne novels. And of course. The connection to brian cox that two. That's right yes showing up as her former handler nathan role Introduced in a very bizarre scene commenting on a dog licking its but but he's having fun. One of my favorite scenes in the film. I go into the most amount chuckles out. Was that scene with the old lady. I i write down in my notes. Why is that dog nibbling. Know ladies boobs. This movie's insane right like it is low art. There is nothing about eyebrow it is embracing the tacky. The obscene the absurd the ridiculous. It is just not interested at all in high class of the only moment you could say that maybe pays tribute to something. That's classy is Renny harlin rips off the pulp fiction. or reservoir. Dogs shot where we get a flashback. That gene davis point of view being in the trunk of a car. Going to be executed by you know her enemies and the shot is done the same way. The classic tarantino shot from the point of view from the trunk of a car so we have a one classy reference in a movie that is otherwise all embracing and revelling in filth. Steel steel from the best. That's right yeah. I thought it was so weird. This will be references tarantino. It also references baywatch nights. I didn't get that reference. There's a part where like someone is like rolling their eyes about what's on tv and they reference baywatch nights and no one in the universe remembers baywatch nights. Do you have any knowledge of its scott. I in the back of my lizard. Brain i have. His concept was a spinoff that was like lambasted. An awful yeah. Exactly a spinoff. Show where David hasselhoff character when he was a lifeguard by day at night. He was a private eye. So it went for more of these hard boiled crime stories and starring. David hasselhoff as mitch buchanan like. There's no lifeguards on the beach during the night. You can't really see much so exactly. Yeah it was very much a moonlighting type job for him and the show only ran for two seasons. I think it ran like forty five episodes from like ninety five to ninety seven or something like that so the fact that this is commenting on this spinoff show. That was a flash in the pan that the world has begun. I kind of love. That may have been my favorite moment to the movie. I had no idea the reference when it came because it was a british thing. But i appreciate any ways reference like that. It was amazing loved it. I'm well let's pivot onto. I think my favorite character in the film Uh give you a little hint if you'd like k Data got it yoyo. samuel jackson. mitch. Hennessy yeah i can understand why he does like to revisit. I'd his best work of his career. Cy followed but he is the funniest thing in his film. He i mean. Samuel jackson is an actor who is great with dialogue. That's why tarintino loves him so much he says. No one does turn tino dialogue. Better than samuel jackson. And i would say shane. Black dialogue applies to samuel jackson as well. He knows how to really make that dialogue for all. It's worth it just his introduction on what he's just of riot to watch pretending to be a cop and yeah skirt nagai out money. It's just funny. Yeah he plays someone who's like sleazy but weirdly confident very well in this movie and he has a really bizarre wardrobe. A lot of the time. I this character is in some ways a cartoon but also the most im- anyway sympathetic character in the movie. Yeah he somehow managed to walk the line of being completely sleazy but somehow you feel for him which is deter officer to bill paxton into the lies and yet you have that sequence where he's in the car with geeta davis's character and he's talking about how you know. He had a partner when he was a police officer. That didn't like him. And you know. He led the authorities to samuel jackson's house where he had these stolen bonds in his closet. And she's like you were framed. He's like i did it. So i am more and you still love this character like this is a guy who has very corrupt morals. But you can't help but be charmed bio he's very endearing and you're you're rooting for him very early on in the film. Even when he's trying to you know stiff main character out of more money when he's pretending to be a private investigator Yeah he's just great. And i can understand why audiences didn't wanna lose him from the film especially if it was earlier on and it's not when we think it was Do you think the movie would be true to itself. If he died. I think you have a f-. I think it would had a better ending as a in a narrative sense but i think this film by the by the end his has jumped so many shocks that it may as well just have him. Come back from basically being killed. Yeah like it's hard to argue about character surviving in a movie this cartoonish. You wonder if it's more of a a moment for that character. Die after saving them. More of a redemption that character versus ending with sexist dialogue. On the larry king show. Yeah but that's also true to the character is so i don't know yeah i mean there's definitely themes like reclaiming oneself and you'll personnel in your your image in this film and they. I feel like his awkward ended better if he had died. In the finale much. Like i feel like that's the same for john. Boyega catcher in the eighth star was film. Sure yeah. I enjoyed with samuel jackson too. They made him somewhat of a damsel in distress in this movie. I mean gena davis is character is very much a proactive agent. In this movie and his character you know he has a lot of bravado toxic. Really good game pulls out a gun all these times. Almost never succeeds is almost always captured in has to be saved by gena davis character is sos refreshing for nineteen ninety-six to have the same where samuel jackson with tears in his eyes turns. The gena davis says. I'll be waiting for you to rescue me. Yeah and he has that moment where he's like captured by the bags and he's like bound naked in a basement. And you see this point of view. Shot from his is looking up. The staircase is gena davis. Kicks open the door. And she's standing at the stairs as his rescuer. And i was kind of blown away that this shot existed in like nineteen ninety-six movie. Yeah that's refreshing. I feel like if f as we had said it had played now said this film will come out in the last ten years this would have been completely normalized. Not really a topic of conversation. But i'm glad it was something that they did in nineteen ninety six. We should also just referenced though. This movie does belong in the very much of the nineteen ninety. Some of the racial politics is will are very problematic. We need to remember. This was written directed by white guys so it has some of the fallacies of that era for sure with this character. And maybe some dialogue that Let's just say you would never say in a movie nowadays especially when he's talking about like well let's just say there's a reference to pop goes the weasel that's A little offensive. Yeah that did made me bump a little bit i did. I was chuckled with with sadness. That up to gena davis his house. So they point the Samuel jackson i. Yeah yeah you gotta love the situation that you realize. It's still pathetic that this is happening. Twenty four years later. Right and shane black. You know you think about it. He wrote lethal weapon Last boy scout he tended to really like to use black characters in his movies to make comments. So i think in some cases a lot of that is intentional on shane. Black's part to expose the sorts of things but then also he does fall into tone-deaf areas as well. Yeah and a lot of these of not. He's action films. Did true lies has the same problem. Yeah oh yeah for sure. It's something we'll be dealing with whenever we deal with these sorts of ninety sort of action movies or eighties action movies as well. One question i have for you which isn't necessarily a Samuel jackson but kind of what you said about shame black He said he has a lot of black actors in his films. One thing you mentioned the sort of military cia subplot earlier on where the visit to the white house and things like that Subtext there about military spending and aggressive act by the paramilitary groups and things like that. Because i felt that whole scene about o. I've spent your money on health care which is really odd scene. It was a honestly. I'm not well versed enough in like. Us political policy of the of the nineteenth. I would be really interested to go back and look at whether this was commenting on trends. That were going on with. This has been clinton during the clinton area. I think it's the end of his first term. Or maybe the star of his second. Yes so. I'm not sure if this was some sort of comment on clinton policies of the era or if it was just well it had to be right. There's gotta be satire to a movie where the us is teaming up with bad guys citing it's because of budget cuts and they want to stage a terrorist act to frame the muslims to get more money put into the into their organization like it feels like a satire or social commentary right or political commentary. That had to be something that. Because i bumped it and they they mentioned it again because it's kind of of the justification for alabama guys do what they did. Yeah lack of spending. It just felt like a strange avenue to go down a pulp culture action film in the mid nineties. Well that was the thing about being black was he would always work these kind of transgressive or provocative ideas into these. I mean let's you know pretty quote unquote dumb action movies. And that's why he was so popular. Yeah i can say. I mean he doesn't it doesn't hit you over the head it. Yeah no he doesn't. I was gonna say though getting back to samuel jackson just for a second wanted to signal two things. One my favorite moments. I think of him in this movie is the scene where she kicked him out of the car and he's just laying on his back smoking a cigarette. In this long protracted seen set to a assault. I can't remember what the song was like a pop song until she pulls back around to pick them up again. Like i love that sequence. I thought samuel jackson. Just milk differ. Everything was worth. Oh yeah that was a terrific scene. And i didn't know why he was lane a for a ages and i'm thinking why they kept the camera on him. It was only when he's lit a cigarette and decide taking. Oh she's coming back yeah And another thing. I don't know if you picked up on this. But this is a movie that has samuel jackson escorting around a a woman with amnesia. who has superpowers. She doesn't know how to utilize that are slowly reawakened over the course of this film. Am i talking about the longest good night or my talking about captain. Marvel you be. The judge had put those two together. Yeah right actually. That is basically the same thing. Yeah yeah and so. I am curious if long kiss good night was a bit of an influence when they were writing. Captain marvel but at least i didn't blow up a standi if this film no. That's true. Yeah i know very very good point. Yeah i don't think they would have. I think true lies was the one they were taking aim. Yeah i definitely think they were well from. Captain marvel two captain boring in my book. And that's the husband. I believe is how played by tom. These have i wrote down. She describes him at the beginning as having a good sense of humor every single one of his jokes misses the mark by so much. I'm just Speeches beginning he's like oh at least Drink and smoke or white. I do them both sides. I mean he is that ninety style of white generic actor they would cast in a lot of tv or movies. I think he kind of fits the bill though because i think he's supposed to be boring. I think she's supposed to have a boring kind of generic small town kinda family life and hey fits into that for sure. It just must be really hauch on the attitude to be like okay. We're doing a costing for a male at to. The description is beige. Yeah he's he's nothing. He's just a plot element really. But what did you think of craig. Beer co. as the villain timothy. I have thoughts. I literally just wrote down. He's just kinda gross. I think craig beer coat is astonishing in this will be like a. This is a village that i will not forget again. Like craig beer. Co. there's nothing subtle whatsoever and shane. Black has a history of writing. Very weird villains. This village is in insane. Like an craig. Berko seems to be in on some private joke throughout this movie. Everything he says is a weird look at his eyes. And i loved how over the top was. Oh yeah he's playing it to the back. There i mean he he is hamming up to the nth degree in film i do. I don't really recognize the name. No i haven't dug into his. Imdb much else. He's done a lot of tv. He's popped up a lot of things. i think. The most notable big craig beer co. role would be his role as the opponent in the russell. Crowe boxing movie cinderella man and it was a very flashy role that got a lot of attention. At the time. Greybeard goes really fantastic in that movie as well. Yeah but In terms of his performance in this he is yeah. He has guns blazing. He's having it up with the best them for film that she references william shatner not to hit He's probably all bill shannon. This fill. Oh he is like there. Is we talked about this. Movie has no subtlety but this guy is just off the leash and craft beer go. I remember seeing him. Some years ago in a The kevin pollack chat show which was a video podcast. Kevin pollack does I think he still does it. Actually i of have used the past. Tense there I hope you're doing well. Kevin pollack but had craig beer. Go on to talk about his career and all that sort of thing and crepe berko was really really funny. I remember watching that interview being like I didn't realize this guy was really funny. I thought he was just kind of dramatic actor going back and revisiting this now. I'm like oh wait. No beer go is really really funny. Ashamed not much else because he clearly has some comedy chops and so he really does. And i love how unrepentantly evil. His character is but his All seems to be having fun the whole time. That where he's like schmoozing her car in the train station. I just think like and he he and even the bit where we find out that charlie's slash samantha's daughter Caitlyn is the daughter of timothy and his reaction to this. It's this bizarre scene. Where she's saying. Look at look at her eyes before he's gonna execute both of them and the way he doesn't even look at the kid for like a solid beat before even looking and then just kind of sneering. You're like this. Character is disgusting israeli into our all twenty twenty miles of Bill paxton characters. Yeah in terms of like dudes that are just the epitome of slime in one thousand nine action movies craig. Beer goat is amazing. And i think both him in paxton know that they're giving comedic performances and are bringing a lot of. They're not winking at the camera. But they're acknowledging. The camera subtly and much like i said earlier. Gena davis an act is jim would like to have the To the extreme rose. I imagine craig love the idea of flying character because he could flex his mustache twirling muscles. Yeah oh totally and the movie knows. This character is over the top because look at his death i bang. I mean they're fighting like over this drop into like i don't even call that like a reservoir something there at niagara falls. Yeah yeah he's he's sent off this massive plummet into the water disappear and then we cut to him. Climbing out of said raging rapid like covered in blood. He goes up in chopper. It and then he falls out of the chopper after being shot multiple times onto a semi truck that then explodes people in this room. Just don't die. it's incredible. I mean this movie you just. It's funny any harland. Made a diehard movie because this will die hardest. There seems like samuel jackson one of my favorite moments of Humid involving action is where he's just tied up captive. The bad guys have gena davis like blows up the basement using like a gasoline s and it shows samuel jackson. Get blown out the window of a house fly. God knows how far in this bizarre actions shot and he gets up keeps moving. Yeah this film pantoja. If you guys have panthers over in in canada yeah we do you yes. It is to the extreme in that same with him. Flying out in going at the best western sign a wherever it was a his. Yeah and another moment to you. Know gena davis when she takes down. Craig bureauc- character. How does she do it. There's these like christmas lights that are dangling down there at the canadian. Us border at this point. Which i think is interesting. There's a big battle at the. Us canadian border one year after die. Hard with a vengeance. I don't think this was ripping that movie off. It's just. I think i guess it was a trend at the time in the ether out there but Anyway there's a flaming body hanging from up above. She like uses it as a pulley system the body drops and pulls her up. And that's so she shoots craig beer co. and it's insane it's like a complete cartoon and i loved it. I feel like the moment she shoots. The thing is to get cable to pull her up. i could just. Hey the donna donna. Donna she goes flying up. Oh yeah big time. And i had another question for you regarding an action scene. That's over the top. Scott what did you think of. Nineteen ninety s grenades in a hallway. Oh my god. I'm so glad you mentioned this. I mean the two grenades have long delays firstly in nine and we should emphasize a single grenade not a batch of grenades. I'm sorry a single grenade. So i again. I'm going to describe same people who haven't seen this film and i recommend that you do Is a lovely christmas film of kids. Will maybe do not apparent They get a grenade thrown at samuel jackson. Gena davis is unpainted. So it's ready to guard. Usually grenades have a three second time. So they 'cause look around polls some more run down a corridor shootout window and then the goes off but then the grenade blurs up off the building like there is a wall of fire shooting down this hallway behind them. They ride dipoto. And then there's like this explosion of fire coming out the window it's like i don't think grenades work that way in this film earlier on a grenade launcher shot a fridge and the fridge door dense. And it's funny. You know you think of all these world war two movies for example where there's a grenade and someone jumps on the grenade and it like stops you know. The explosion is confined under their body and saves. they're buddies or something. We've seen it in many many award movies in this movie. If someone had jumped on top of a grenade it would just cut to a faraway shot of a mushroom cloud. Space like yahoo show like martians circling the planet. The astronauts turning around and space and saying the guy fly by houston be. That's why i can't hate this movie like it's just having so much fun with action dynamics and it's doing in such a crazy insane way that that's the bit. I took away from this film. Is it in knows what it is. Which is a cheesy cheesy easy action film and it winks at the camera and it just goes with it and i like that. I appreciate that. I did to know this is a movie that going in. I really didn't have any expectations than i would just. I wonder if i even could have appreciated it. In one thousand. Nine hundred six. Or if i would have just looked at it and thought yeah run-of-the-mill action movie seeing this versus now where it really does feel like a last stand of that era. See i think is actually kind of different for me Maybe it's an age thing. Say i was nine when this came out. I imagine came out roundabout christmas as it might. I was ten i was. This was an amazing film. I wouldn't have looked any deeper than the surface which this film doesn't want you to look deeper than the surface. is an action schlock film. And it's great doing that. I am so. I think young me would have really enjoyed this. I think it's all made us picking apart. Probably too much right. Yeah yeah it. Just to me i guess. At that point i was i referenced. Earlier i was way more into like broken. Arrow van damme. Hard target which was also a of John woo film as well as the rock. The rock was a big thing for me. And i just think compared to where it was. Then you know seeing those movies and then watching this. I just don't think this one grabbed me the same way those but i mean. I don't think i'm not asking you if this meets the rock now probably silly question but would you revisit this film again. One hundred percent okay. Well that's a good thing Yeah oh yeah for sure. Yeah i feel like we're still wrapping up our thoughts. That's just have a quick shot of any final performances will make you mentioned we briefly touched. Brian cox earlier He spotted yeah as a really fun. Time in this film Isn't it to briefly. In my opinion yeah he gets his little like save the moment he gets to you know show up take dona villain with his car and you know he's a character that at least with what little time he has does make an impact it kind of brings a small amount gravitas to the film. I would say yeah for sure. Yeah we have We have vons zimmer. As caitlin the child of jean davis's character yeah Shane black loves working kids into his movies. He's done it really well. He did it in the nice guys. He didn't iron man three I think he's generally better than here. I don't think he really gets a lot out of this kid versus those movies. I mean shane black votes. One of his many tropes also. He sets most of his movies at christmas But i felt like we in terms of the kid trope as strong here so as other work. Well i mean the character bites dissipation the film when she's Hole in the wall. yeah But i think what. She has with film Child actor was hit and miss. I think you've owns zimmer. Does a good job before she had. Yeah she's she's fine Another actor actually always enjoy seeing. Papa was david. Morse as charlie thinks charlie slash cement. The thinks this is her old fiance turns out. It was actually her target. David morse is one of those actors that can turn from dislike congenial town guy to like cold dead assassin really easily and i think he's really cool here in a fairly small part but a very effective part haitham me has always been detective. Michael tritter from the house. md series. Oh yeah i think six or seven episodes but he is an absolute also in that. Tv show like you right because he is trying to take down your lead character of house ever see him. I'm just filled with rage over three two. I certainly was. I knew as soon as she saw him. He wasn't a good guy. I was proven correct. But yeah he. He is etched in my memory as an absolute asshole. So i think he's keeping that up. I think he's great in that sequence where the her whether drowning her on that water wheel keep dropping the water. I think i think that's a fantastic sequence. One of the movies best and david morse contributes a lot to that. I write down about that scene. Just fairplay to gena davis because she's clearly strapped to that wheel. Yeah you call a offering. That i mean. She's going underwater for long. Been second but that's not going to be quite harsh on your back and your risk and everything. So she went all in with that. That's the thing like she really commits throughout this movie. You really get the sense. Gena davis was working overtime on making this action. This crazy silly action look as authentic as possible for her character's standpoint She she puts the time in. And i think that's probably one of the things. I take away from this march. Even though i think samuel jackson Tops it in terms of best performance They both commit to. And i think that the film's benefit phil probably i. What is robin on. Why about film is probably just a fact By gena davis as action star of rule. Right but i think that's probably leading us into the finale ultimate question but can't journey final mentions about the film A couple of quick things. Just mention is a couple little references. They worked into this movie at the end. We see. Jeannie davis driving a convertible with like a scarf over her head. That's very much evoking Thelma and louise from few years earlier. Which gena davis of course was really fantastic in Another one at one point samuel jackson's character is watching the movie the long goodbye tv which is a Robert altman film. Starring elliott gould which is a private eye film. Really worth checking out fantastic movie and you can tell that. That sort of writing is a big influence on shane black. So it's more like shane black working in a little self congratulatory nod. You know kind of like guys what i love you know. Check out this movie. It really influenced what i do now. That's a cool north Film to be. I'm the only thing i've got you know. I think that wraps me up okay. The only note. I've got that we haven't somehow got to was painting the picture again of another scene for you. I believe it surrounded by the time they go to atlantic city. And she's in the shower. Jimmy davis yup. You get kind of a guy for like a sexy Dying hair at this point. She's having a makeover by species. Coming out as charlie it pans down on her in the shower the soundtrack in that's the other thing. I want to mention the second. Sorry the soundtrack is giving it kind of like a funky thing to pants down to her feet and you get the sexiest thing of all. And that is a non slip. Matt or i didn't notice that at all i literally saw and howled with at stop watching the film for a minute just to get my breath back Trying to give you those. Like sexy reveal gina. Davis is charlie and it's like wow she's naked in the shower pan down there's a non slip matt. Don't want her to her as well. I just turned forty. And that's what happens. He hit forty put. Non-slip matt and your bathtub used half canadian government issues until you. I've heard a man came and installed it. I didn't even know. You're showing that guy so i i did actually just jump. Remember to mention the soundtrack to this film. Yeah i from the get-go this soundtrack sign. I think it probably helps us. Film be slightly off the wall is i. I call even pick out some of the song choices but like it bounces around to almost every show you can think of and just plays it loudly. Yeah everything about this is loud. yeah. I think we sell fill and the soundtrack is not sell. No you've got the christmas music you bet. A lot of soul music A lot of fun stuff and then just like some. I don't know what that song at. The end of. The movie was during the credits. That was something else but it just bounces all over the place. I wonder shane black. This is sort of a trend of him to work in christmas music for sure. Part of me wonders. If there's a little bit of that tarantino influence too because turn tino has very much revitalize the idea of using a very kind of weird collection of music throughout your movie. And i wonder if this is that factor coming out of pulp fiction just a couple of years earlier. I just think that with tarantino. He uses it try and in haunts wherever he's doing in a scene. Yeah let's give some story something whereas this just distracted me. We'll like turn tito's the pretty much the best in the business at this sort of thing. among you know he's one of the great set using soundtracks martin scorsese's great spike lee's great but Yeah like ready. Harlot is not on that list. I enjoyed this though. It's very trashy info at trashy and fun exactly Like what she kills the day and you basically get that horror liked just horrific. This is what one of bizarre film man. merry christmas. Everyone airy christmas. Everyone okay camp here we are. We've spent an hour. We'll start talking about this film. My question to you is does the long kiss goodnight. Make the noc list. Oh it's like part of a sick part of me. Wants to put this move on the list. Because i enjoyed it so much in terms of just it's pure trashy appeal but is this a great spy film is there any spying whatsoever Not now it's a lot of assassinations. It's mostly like davis is just really good with guns and blowing things up. I think my answer is a no but it's a it's a no in terms of the movie fitting into the spy cannon over versus a decision based on my enjoyment of the movie which i enjoy. Just how insane. This movie was so much. Yeah i think. That's i think that's where i'm coming down on to. This is kind of a case of. I looked back on the the man from uncle. Example of this Where i enjoyed the film but is it making this note class. No i i got true lies on here in terms of action spy film and that does everything right for me. This film feels like it. This feels like it misses the mark. But it's a great ride anyway. Well maybe we need to explain like why does true lies. Get the us versus this getting a no. Do you have a reason in your head for me when i on the nautilus is kind of like an intrinsic feeling. It's not exercise. I just kind of knowing when i finished watching the film. So it's hard for me to put into words how i go that process but i just feel like true lies was complete film and i i bought the characters whereas i bumped on gena davis much. She commits to the I said my hat to her she. She's her own into this new conceal on the screen. But i i just wasn't buying gena davis has a spy for me. I think it comes down to true. Lies is very much trying to do spy. Action movies stuff like it feels like a pumped up james bond oma so i feel of the spy vibe in the movie versus this movie yes her characters and assassin but it feels much more like these buddy action movies of that. It has a lot of the private. I kind of film noir stuff going on. It's more of a hodgepodge of various elements verses really belonging in a spike cannon. Yeah i. I don't think anyone's going to come at us if we say the longest didn't make the not now. There's not many christmas spy films outlet so maybe missing a trick on that angle But i don't think. I could sleep at night if i put this film up with north northwest in dr. No yeah no. I think that's a good take. I think would be pitchforks. Dolan with that one. Yeah but i do recommend people watch this movie It's it's crazy exactly. Can this episode of the podcast causes coming out three days before christmas. I think this is a fantastic film to watch. It will bring you some chair in an otherwise dreary something interesting. I've never seen before. I'm glad i got to visit for the focused awesome awesome. Yeah so there we go. It's a no for me in the know from cam and as such the longest good night is not making the noc list and the dossier on the film is complete amfiled as classified but before we get into what we have coming up for the lost episode of twenty twenty. I wanna take a moment to mention another cost. That's been really helpful to us and we both really enjoy listening to. And that is the pool in griff shirt now. These guys are by to london as doesn't live in london anymore. And they cover every single movie franchise. You can think of all the best things from x. Men recently to jurassic park. You name it. They've done it or they will be doing it. And they go in. Debt the film franchise as a whole and also great top six lists new talk about the toys and things that the the films of bro out brought to us Hopefully one day we can sneak into their charlotte infiltrate them but so we'll definitely be having them on the shire sometime in the future. Sorry the poll in griff shar you can find him on all the major podcast apps. Check them out awesome. Yeah and you know they say top six six is my lucky number so that means pulling griff have a little bit of that glows well. They guy is magical Can we alluded to before. But what are we doing for the last episode of twenty twenty. We are going to do something a little bit different. We're not going to tackle one movie. We're going to tackle all the movies. We've talked about so far we're gonna do a little bit of a retrospective on the year talking about the movies that made the list. Didn't make the nocholas maybe regrets or you know feelings about how things have shaped up over the course of this year of the podcast or i guess half year for us but nonetheless we wanna do a little bit of a look back and just talk about the journey of spy hearts thus far. I think it'd make good idea to go back and look at what we cover so far. I'm really mullet choices. And hopefully we can think of some magic moments. We've had fall to look back home as well. I think it'll be a lot of fun. So check that out folks so that guy fawkes you'll mission. Should you choose to accept. It is not to watch a film for next week. As i imagine you will be stuffing your face for christmas dinner and surrounding yourself with family if you can hopefully if not socially distanced through zoom at but if you go back to some of our episodes if you haven't called them all before and we'll be discussing all the movies we've covered so far this year. Don't forget to follow as discreetly of course on social media at spy hodson. That's espy y. H a r d s on facebook twitter and instagram until next week listeners. santa.

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Top 10 First Time Watches of 2020 (featuring Josh Bell)

Piecing It Together Podcast

1:17:37 hr | 10 months ago

Top 10 First Time Watches of 2020 (featuring Josh Bell)

"All right welcome to another episode of piecing it together the podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it but today on the show is the last of our three special episodes looking back at two thousand twenty. Although this one's a little different we're doing something we've never done here before on the show We are going to look at movies. Not from two thousand twenty but just any movie that we watched for the first time last year and make a list of our favorites so You know obviously with corona virus and everything. We've all been stuck in the house washing way more movies than usual. And so we get to watch a lot of classics that we had never gotten around to or just to escaped us or you know one way or another we never got around to it and now we watched it and here. We are to talk about it so joining me. Is josh bell from awesome movie year and we each have ten movies to talk about here and there's some really interesting ones on this list so that is coming up here in a second but before we do get to that i want to remind you as always to make sure your subscribe to piecing together on your podcast app of choice and we've got a lot of piecing together coming your way in the coming weeks so make sure subscribed you can also follow us over on social media at piecing pod and join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces where we continue the conversation about all the movies. We talk about here on the show and You know we also have a patriot on over on the patriot. We we post all kinds of bonus content from piecing it together awesome movie year also my music career. Lots of great stuff. It's called produced by david. Rosen it combines all of that content into one great patriots so check that out so with all that said Let's get into this conversation. 'cause we got a lot of movies to talk about and there may be some great recommendations in here for you to go check out all right. So josh bell is back with us josh. How's it going. Oh it's going good dave. It's been at least ten to fifteen minutes since we last spoke. Yes we have been busy this last couple of weeks. Haven't we between end of year episodes and the one thousand nine hundred four season of awesome movie. Yeah i know. One podcast as much as dave rose in. But i feel like. I've been getting close to it in the last couple. Yeah you're doing. You're doing quite a bit. It's true well what we're going to do today is something new for piecing it together We always do our end a year coverage and best movies of the year and all that stuff. But we're going to look at movies that we watch for the first time this past year and make a little ranking lists of both of our list of our favorites of classics that we may just never got around to and ended up loving now and so i thought this'll be a lotta fun. How many movies did you watch this year. Did you watch a lotta movies. I watched a lot of movies. Although there are people like i feel like every time. I think i could not have possibly watched more movies. Other people on letterbox watched like twice as many but yeah. I watched the news. I was happy with the number. I think it was five hundred and fifty five seer which is certainly the most i've ever watched any. Yeah yeah. I mean in the year like this year has been i mean. What else do we have do. But sit around and watch movies and podcast about him way more movies than ever before. And it's funny going into two thousand twenty. My goal was to try to catch up and start watching more older movies. Because as you know all i ever really is. What's in the theater. And i never watched at home so i was trying. I was actively trying to do that. And then i got the biggest excuse in the world to do so. I'm i'm always trying to watch as many older movies as i can. I've been making a list like this of my favorite You know first time. Watches from other years since i think two thousand eight maybe as a post on my on my website and In various times in the past. I've had certain goals about watching Try to watch a movie. That was made before i was born like once once a week which i there have been years when i've been able to do that this year. I didn't necessarily mean. I watched a lot of movies but i watched a lot more new movies even this year than i ever have before just because i was writing about them in so many different configuration right. I'm always eager to watch as many older movies as i can for sure for sure. Well before we get into our lists. I will also mention that you know again with awesome movie year. I've been trying to step it up a little bit and actually watch all the movies you guys cover over there and so that definitely factors into my list here. I'm sure there'll be some awesome movie or movies on your list. So everyone listening. Make sure to listen. Awesome movie here. But i think one of the great things for me about doing awesome movie year is the chance to see older movies that i wouldn't necessarily have seen or didn't know about or ever and that especially this year when we've done seasons that look back further. We had a season on nine hundred. Seventy seven and a season that we're doing right now in nineteen eighty-four and there was a larger proportion of movies in those seasons that i haven't seen as opposed to when we talk about more recent years and i've usually seen more movies. So yeah get a chance to see more older movie absolutely. Yeah yeah definitely a lot of stuff. That i maybe wouldn't have gotten a chance to watch. So that's that's that makes it awesome. So let's start these lists. What do you got number ten number ten. Speaking of is a movie that we covered an awesome movie air and is a movie that i didn't necessarily expect much out of it was our documentary. Pick in our season on. Nineteen seventy seven pumping iron from directors. George butler and robert fewer eight. And i mean. I was familiar with this movie. Because it's one of the earliest movies. That brought arnold schwarzenegger to kind of public attention. It's a documentary about the bodybuilding scene in the late seventies. And it focuses a lot on schwarzenegger who was a huge champion at the time as well as blue frig know who was kind of a big challenger to schwarzenegger at the time and of course also went on to become an actor and a major pop culture figure. So it's this look at these two major pop culture figures kind of before they were famous. And it's cool as that. But it's just so entertaining. I mean this is a movie. That's really well constructed as like fun crowd-pleasing entertainment and i mean documentary. There's bits of it that are clearly manipulated in certain ways. In order to make it more entertaining. But it all works really well. And i think because these guys are in a way performers even just as bodybuilders bodybuilding about getting on stage and posing and getting the audience to be into you so they're already performers and they're clearly playing it up for the camera. Schwarzenegger is so fun to watch in this. And i mean he's essentially like a reality show villain before that kind of thing existed where he's giving all these interviews just trash-talking everyone around him and talking about how great he is and how much he messes with people and it's really fun but it also portrays again almost like a reality show villain and in a way that i think he would never portray himself now or has this beloved celebrity and politician. Who was the governor of california and is very careful about his image and he's careful about his image but in a different way in this movie You know of brash cockiness. But everyone else do rig. No is is is fun to watch and his whole weird dynamic with his father and lesser known. People like franco kalumbu. Who went on to do a bit of movie acting. And is this if you think this is just like oh. It's this kind of data documentary about bodybuilding. It's so much more than that absolutely. Yeah it's it's hard to imagine anyone nowadays putting themselves out there in that way you know especially with some of the shitty says and this is actually one of my honorable mentions. I loved it too. It was just totally ridiculous. And i don't know if it was at all what i was expecting like going in like i'd always heard of it and always knew that arnold made a bodybuilding documentary. But yeah it's a fun movie for sure. Yeah it is. And i think right. I also really didn't have the i didn't know what to expect. It was a pleasant surprise. So i go with my number ten which is one of five eighty s movies. I had to watch for a guest appearance on the binge movies podcast and it's called dead heat. It came out in one thousand nine hundred from director mark goldblatt and is one of the dumbest movies. I've seen it a long time as you know i do. I do like a movie every now. And then and it's essentially a buddy cop movie that's mashed up with zombie movie genre and in this movie. Joe piscopo is this just wisecracking detective and his partner detective. Roger mortis is slowly turning into a zombie and dying played by treat williams. And it's just so ridiculous every like buddy cop like you know cliche and all that stuff except for zombies and all of that is added into it. There's actually some really great practical creature effects mixed in. And this is a movie that i had never heard of until i watched it this year. This would have been like up there with some of the classic gore silly gore movies that you rent when you're you know twelve years old in high school or whatever you know and and just just be like this is. This is the craziest shit. And i love it and i would have loved this movie as a teenager and i really tapped into that part of myself while watching this as dumb as it is. I really tapped into it and had so much fun with it and One more point though. There's also a really bizarre. Vincent cam Vincent price cameo where he's basically standing in one spot for his whole role and it just adds to the weirdness of this just ridiculous movie. I sounds great. I think. I remember seeing you post on letterbox about it when you watched it and it sounds really entertaining from the way you describe it. Yeah it's just so strange. I hope people who will check it out one of these days. Yeah i do like that. And i love that. I mean i imagine that. That's very later. In vincent price's life and career and i love that now where it's like. We clearly had a tiny amount of money to get this famous person to show and you know we shot the whole roll while they were sitting in an office chair or whatever and we have that in movies now and it's always entertaining to see so fuddy. Well what do you got for nine. So my number nine pick is the right stuff directed by philip kaufman from nineteen eighty three and i watched this movie because i reviewed the new disney plus series of the right stuff Both of which are based on tom. Wolf's nonfiction book about the early days of nasa and the show is not great but the movie is a lot of fun. And i had never seen it was i. I don't know if maybe one best picture was one or nominated for a bunch of oscars in one thousand nine hundred three. If this was awesome. Movie your. I would've looked up this properly but it was early. A very very well known well regarded successful movie at the time But i never watched it. Never it's very very long. I think it's like three hours or almost three hours long. It was never something that i felt like. was on my radar particularly. But i'm glad i had the reason to watch it because it's so fun and weird in a way. I mean you'd think that it would be this boring historical drama which is a lot of what the miniseries the new series turned out to be. But it's got all of these really fun charismatic performances Dennis quaid is one of his earliest breakout roles. And he's just so charming. And it's all about these cocky test pilots you know who were the early astronauts at nasa and there are these guys who they don't they're not holding sacred the idea of going into space and exploration and things like that that you have that sense of on wonder in movies about astronauts i feel like now and you have some of that in this movie too but it's also just about these kind of shit kicking army guys or or navy airforce guy guys actually. Maybe i don't know military stuff. Sure military guys. You know whose jobs have previously existed. It consisted of pushing themselves like putting themselves in constant danger you know. And so they really have that sense of recklessness and it captures that it's funny but it also gives you the real history of staff And it includes aspect of the story of the book that the series the new series despite having more time leaves out which is telling the story of chuck yeager who is just just died recently but was like the early as one of the earliest most famous pilots who decided not to join nasa because he thought this astronaut program was kinda joke and then lost out on the opportunity to get the fame and fortune that these other guys got by being the first people in space but it uses that as kind of a counterpoint like his sort of missed opportunity and him as this kind of lost icon of american masculinity and sam shepherd plays him and so it's got that extra element to it that the series loses out on. So it's very long. And i understand if people might think it's too much but it's worth it and it's another thing i love. Is that after three hours. It ends on this kind of like weird just anti-climactic note like we went to space. I like that about it. So the right stuff by philip kaufman. nice nice. yeah. I have not seen it. I heard really great things. And it's come up as a puzzle piece a few times when piecing it together and it sounds like it's just a great take on that kind of astronaut story and like you know keeping fun and fresh from that point of view. Yeah i think so and again one of these movies at one. A bunch of oscars. You think it's going to be all stuffy and it's really not right right. Well i'll go over my number nine which is a fairly recent movie from seventeen armando enu cheese the death of stalin with i had never got a chance to watch. It's it's a satire that imagine this power struggle among all these political figures after the death of joseph stalin. And it's just it's just such a silly fun. Little movie All these actors are just relishing in the opportunity to play. Basically man children versions of these powerful people. Steve buscemi petty constan. Jesus guys jason isaacs so much fun with their roles and it's just as movie that like you just watching and you just have this like silly smile on your face. Old time that it's unfolding and and another thing i liked about it is i am not very good when it comes to history but that does not make it difficult to follow whatsoever because it's still just a bunch of men behaving badly and being children basically. Yeah i haven't seen that In part because i'm not really a fan of armindo nucci the whole his whole political satire mode. I never really cared for in the loop or of veep. But i will say i. I did see assume you probably did see as well his david copperfield movie. Here which is not cynical or you know political really in any way and i loved that i thought that was so hopeful and endearing and charming and so i don't think that any of his other stuff is like that but i really enjoyed. That movie is so different from his other stuff. It's crazy that it's the same person but But yeah it's very good though. Yeah so. I recommend that one right. I'm really number. What do you got so my number. Eight movie is also from twenty-seven more recent film. And i love christmas. Horror movies I've written about them in many different venues and including Did a list. For how to geek. Which is a website that i write for a lot about just how to watch various streaming things and i was excited to do a list about how to watch some christmas horror movies because i could really recommend stuff and this was one movie that i've been meaning to get to and gave me the chance to watch. It called anna and the apocalypse from director. John macphail from thousand seventeen and it is a christmas themed zombie teen musical. And so it's a lot of stuff combined that wouldn't necessarily work together but it's great at all of that stuff. It's a great zombie. Horror movie It's a great christmas. A great great christmas movie. You know. I love. When christmas horror movies can incorporate like christmas christmas things into the horror and the main character here for a long period. Has this like giant plastic or ceramic candy cane that she's using bash zombies in the head with that is just a great image. But it's also a great teen coming of age story with a lot of really sensitive well-developed character arcs for these various characters. that in this small town in scotland. And it's a great musical full of these really catchy songs. And right all the way through and you have the characters singing about their their basic. You know teen angst but even as it gets into fighting zombies. They're singing as they're fighting. Zombies and it never loses sight of being musical is just super fun all around really good performances from a bunch of actors who were not known at the time Ella camp is the main star. Who's gone on to do a few more things playing anna and it just. It's it was one of those movies. That like you were saying about ted. It's like a smile on my face the whole time. You're like so much fun to watch. And i'm glad that it was something that had been on my list or in my queue on streaming for since it came out and i'm glad i finally got a reason to watch it because it was just so much fun i've never seen a and it sounds like so much fun and it also sounds like it would make a great missing pieces episode of this podcast to like look back at that and because it sounds like it kind of takes influence from a whole lot of different places. Yeah it does. I thought of is like it's like glee meets shaun of the dead nice and i'm not really a glee as but The better the better aspects of that right and it's original songs. They're not singing pop songs. There are all original songs written for this so but it has that kind of edgar. Righty sensibility to nice. So for my number eight for anyone who listen to our top. Ten films of the year episode knows how much i loved. Bob bein tunes francis ferguson. I started going back to some of his other films. He has quite a few of them. And there's another one that i loved almost as much as francis ferguson. It's called seven chinese brothers. It's from two thousand fifteen. It stars jason schwartzman as this kind of like lovable loser type. Who very much like francis. Ferguson in francis ferguson just has no respect for any or anything is kind of just you know had it with the world's total pain in the ass in this case he's kind of more of a straight up dick more so than board or anything like that but schwartzman's character. He just kinda loves to prank people but they're just not funny at all and this is a movie that your enjoyment of is definitely going to depend on how much you can handle this character. Because he's just such a such an idiot but if you if you get into this movie and get into this character and just just connect at least the way i did with. How just ridiculous. It's point of view. Is i think there's a lot of fun to be had. And he's got a dog which is a really great dog performance. Just throwing that out there as well as actually to really great dog performances on my list. So yeah that's important. Yes eventually next year. You're going to do the top ten dogs of the year episode. I would i would love to do that. I have not seen that movie based on your description. And my experience watching francis ferguson. I do not want to see that. I could tell you for sure for number seven so my number seven is i think the only movie on this list. That's like a straight up. Classic that i should have seen probably many many years ago and had never seen before. And that is ridley. Scott's thelma and louise starring geena davis and susan sarandon which again another theme here for me. A lot of times as i watched this article. That i was writing in the before times. I wrote an article about road trip movies for a whole issue of a magazine about traveling. Tired weird things that no longer exists. I watched this as part of that. Because i knew it was a a major movie in that sort of sub genre that i wanted to include and it is a classic is the classic for a reason. So it's really funny and fun. I mean for a movie about dark subject matter. I mean there's there's attempted rape and there's murder and there's criminals on the run but it just has this this joyous sense of these two characters who've cut themselves loose from their downtrodden lives and have found a way to give the middle finger to society and to the patriarchy though it's by committing all this violence in a way that's not going to end well for them and you know you and of course everyone. Even if you've never seen those movie you know what the ending is because it's so icon. Not even like a spoiler to mention what the ending of this movie is so yeah. They're they're not gonna make it out alive and but you know that that sense of like just giving it everything that you have because this is the last moment than and only moment that you're going to have Is there and it's also like as much as it's it's really like empowering it's also the fact that the only way that they can screw the patriarchy is by ultimately like killing themselves is really quite dark. Message so but it makes those things very well and susan sarandon and gena davis are both spectacular. I feel like gena. Davis is someone who's underrated now. Susan serandon still gets a lot of great parts and a lot of acclaim but gena davis not as much. But they're both really really good and they have such good chemistry together and of course it has one of brad pitt's first roles as the sleazy guy that they pick up and he robs them but also has sex with them so it kinda it kinda unbalanced sure works out. No a very entertaining movie. I feel it's not the kind of movie that i need to like what i've never heard of this. But if you have heard of it and especially if you know the ending. I feel like that's a lot of things something for classic movies. If you feel like well. I know how it turns out so i'm not gonna watch what happens here. What rosebud is so. I'm not gonna watch citizen kane or something like that like you should still watch this. Yeah well i. I'm not sure if i've ever actually seen it like you said it's just so ingrained in pop culture like i know a lot of the big beats in it and the ending of course but I may have to put it on the list of things to to double check anyway to see if i mean. It's one of those things that like. We've talked about a lot in nineteen eighty-four four season on awesome movie year. That was on tv. And maybe you've seen bits and pieces of it. It's permeates so you don't really you're you don't have a sense of where you've seen it or not. But if you haven't there's a lot to discover their in the lesser the non iconic moments so speaking of the nineteen eighty-four season of awesome movie year. My mind number. Seven is a movie that i liked a little more than you. And your co host. Jason harris the vendors paris texas. A movie that has harry dean. Stanton harry dean stanton ing through the whole thing and And i mean it's a classic. And i understand for people who don't like it like that it is slow and it it is. You know i guess it could be described as meandering but there's some element to it of the mystery of the whole thing of this character who's just found out walking around in texas and he doesn't know where why he's out there we don't know is out there and slowly but surely is revealed this very dark impossible to have guessed story of what has happened to this character. There's just there's so much to that. That i was surprised each step of the way and it just kept me going the whole time and aside from that. I mean it's just it's beautiful to look at it. I mean it just looks fantastic. And there's just a lot of really interesting things happening with the performances outside of harry dean stanton as well and there's just a lot of this movie that i really truly loved and I i think it's a classic for reason. Yeah i mean. We went through in that episode. Both jason and i about why we didn't really care for it but certainly your perspective is the more common right. I think we got. I had multiple people in my life. Kind of shame movie after we put out our episode including one person who turned off the episode in discussed ten minutes. So maybe they would've preferred if you took the lead there. But i will say yeah i mean i don't need to go over what i didn't work for me but i will say i agree with you on the look of it. It does looks beautiful. We talked a lot about robby muller cinematographer and how great a job he did there so that is certainly true. Yeah so what do you got for number six. So my number. Six film was going from a well-known classic to something very obscure movie from nineteen seventy-one by director. John d hancock called. Let's scare jessica to death. Which is one of the all-time great horror movie. Titles and i'm pretty sure that was the primary reason that i wanted to watch it. I was on the criterion channel and it may still be on the criterion channel as part of a program of a kind of underground e seventies horror. Which is something that i like anyway. But based on the tidal and based on that designation you'd expect this movie to be something very different from what it actually is and it's really more of this slow burn psychological thriller about this woman. Jessica played by zohra lampert who i was not familiar with but is really good in in this movie. And she's just been released from a mental institution for tb reasons but obviously is not quiet stable and her husband and their best friend. They pick her up and they decide. They're gonna kinda get this new start by moving to this farmhouse in connecticut. And they're they're it's nine hundred seventy one so they're super hippies and you know. Start almost like this. Commune and they arrive in this little town. That is super creepy. And all the like old men who live in the town. Give them glares. And it's already just got this very unsettling like something is not right tone and then when they get to the house. There's this drifter who's living there a squatter because the house has been empty. And they just befriend her and decide to let her stay and she seems like she's kinda hippyish too but then obviously something else is going on with her and there's a dark history to this house and everyone in the town very suspicious of them in suspicious of the house and so it's kind of a haunted house story but also about this mysterious woman in the house but really what it's about jessica kind of losing her grip on reality and this kind of gas lighting. That goes on is that because she was just in this mental institution when she says. No supernatural shit is going down. Everyone's like oh sure of and it's just very moody and atmospheric and there's not a lot of scares in it but it just gives you the sense of wrongness that i really liked and it has this this kind of theory old narration to it. And it's one of these movies that opens and ends kind of on the same moment and it's it's unresolved and it's unclear. Sort of what is going to happen to anyone in this movie and in life as it ends and it just really envelopes you in a mood so i like that one a lot. It was a. It's a kind of cult. Classic that was avail unavailable for a really long time. And now criterion has brought it out and hopefully more people will see it. Well the description sounds great but you could have just said the title and i would have accepted it on this list because that's a great time right exactly. It's a great. I think it is a fantastic title of my only caveat. Is that the movie that you think you're getting from. That title is not what you're getting. You're getting something that awesome awesome well for my number six. I actually have a tie for unfair. It's a good reason though. Okay because in two thousand. Thirteen denise view which i probably should have looked up how to pronounce that name better. How do you pronounce his name. Josh i think it's via nerve french canadian. Yeah released two movies. That i somehow didn't see then and didn't see until this year enemy and prisoners to movies. That are right up my alley. The exact kind of thing that i love to see. And i just i just let them go unwashed but then on my birthday this year we rented a house with a home theater and i made a big list of movies to watch some of my all time favorites and some are things. I've always wanted to watch. Never got around to and we watch both of those back to back. And i loved both of them. Enemy more so than prisoners but They're both great enemy with to jake dylan halls kind of weird. You know head trip of a movie. That i'm not a hundred percent. Sure if i even fully understand yet at this point but one day i will An prisoners just a really good tour de force performance from hugh jackman and paul. Dano that just really going head to head and a good story kind of felt like a little bit like a. I don't know like like an. Hbo mini series or something like that turned into a movie. But i mean a good. Hbo mini series turned into a movie. But both very good movies from a great director that. I really have no idea how i didn't watch before but i finally got him watch this year. All right. well. I suppose that's fair. They do connect right and also connect in that. I don't like know. I think this weird because i was from a period. Where when he made a lot of movies like those especially like prisoners which is like super dark and super serious and super long. And i just found. I find those kinds of movies. Just like insufferable a lot. Because i think they're just taking themselves so seriously and i've enjoyed his more recent movies. I think when he's worked in a more like pulpy blockbuster mode i mean i like sicario. Allot i liked arrival. I like bladerunner. Twenty forty nine. I'm looking forward to june. But i think is more like Contained like serious dramas. Just do not work for me. I'll definitely take the cario over any of them but yeah no. I love the thing. Those are all good. It's just the earlier films. Like also on d which was his big breakout. You know which is a french in infringe. But you know got an oscar nomination. I think in is dreadful as far as one of these is one of these movies that has these plot twists where it's like the characters are miserable and the twist. Is there even more miserable for an even more ridiculous reason. That movie might like yeah. People really liked it. So maybe check that out. But i do. I do like the giant spider in enemies spoiler. I don't even know what it means. But it's you could spoil that it would not change a thing serious so true right. What do you got for number five so number. Five is a movie like thematically that weirdly connects. Although i hadn't realized how many thematic connections. I ended up with here but it connects to. Let's scare jessica to death. It's called home before dark. From one thousand nine hundred eighty eight by director mervyn leroy and this is a movie that i watched of because i wrote in october when rhonda fleming passed away Who is a classic. Hollywood actor and was connected to las vegas and so i wrote a kind of a tribute to her and i watched a bunch of rhonda fleming movies in a short period of time and this is a movie that she has said was her favorite role although she's not the main star of it. Gene simmons is gene simmons from kiss of course but gene simmons j. a. n. Simmons is is the start of this and like let's scare jessica to death. It's about a woman who's just been released from a mental institution and is trying to readjust and she has all these family around her. Who are helping her but really are kind of just condescending to her and gas lighting her and not trusting her when she says things about her own life and this is not a horror movie. It's a more of like a psycho drama. And the things that she's talking about are not ghosts there the fact that her husband is probably cheating on her and that her family is trying to cheat her out of her inheritance and rhonda fleming plays her stepsister who's a schemer and it's a decent performance from fleming but gene simmons really carries. This movie is just such a fantastic performance. And it's the kind of thing that in nineteen fifty eight would be thought of as quote a women's picture and could be really melodramatic but she plays it. Underplays it but she just plays it with the right amount of seriousness and sensitivity. And this movie. That is remarkably progressive about mental illness. And about the treatment of people with mental illness for the time period. And i mean she's the hero. She's the main character but it's not about oh she's hysterical and she needs to be kind of put in her place like she is right and she is. The one who is being. Mistreated and ultimately is vindicated by the end so is very effective drama. Shot gorgeous in black and white home before. Dark from nineteen fifty-eight right on. Yeah i. I'd not aware of the movie but it sounds great and it is interesting that theme. I mean we had that this year with invisible man i mean. I'm sure that was kind of in the air for you. Yeah i guess it wasn't. I hadn't even thought about it. Even though i've watched both of these movies but when i was putting this together and there's one more actually that's coming with a similar theme so which again totally unexpected nice. So my number five comes also from awesome. Movie year is three women. Robert altman smy. I robert altman movie that watched from nine hundred seventy seven. And i've always heard his name. You know turn. Around is one of the big influences for paul thomas anderson and you know how much i love paul. Thomas anderson's movies and this is basically like getting a whole new paul thomas anderson. It's like exactly the kind of thing he's made over these last fifteen twenty years. And you know it's a very weird story about these three women whose personalities their identities seem to be kind of changing away got these great performances. Shelly devolved he space sick. And it's it's just a weird movie one that it's the kind of movie that really is soon as the the credits roll. You do not stop thinking about it for a while after that. I thought about all night that night for weeks after and it just kind of just washing around your brain just trying to figure out what is going on here. But there's just so much interesting stuff happening and so much to dig into. Its just really my kind of movie. Yeah i liked that movie. And i'd seen it already so it wouldn't qualify for this. Listen but i was glad when we did that episode that it really like that it spoke to you so much and that was a movie that i think the first time i saw it. I liked it but i was a little. I mean i was baffled by it. And i think it was expected something else for some reason based on other altman movies that i've seen and i think i appreciate it a little more this time. We talked about this in the episode. I think i knew better what to expect from it and i was able to get on its wavelength A little more. So yeah. that's a good one in sort of i. I don't know if it's maybe not anymore underrated movie because i feel like it's really gotten a lot of attention in more recent years but still if people have seen stuff like the player or Gosford park or whatever and want to delve a little more deeply into altman. That's a good one to check out on some. What do you get for number four. So we'll go back to awesome move a year and my number four. Pick was from our nineteen ninety-six season. It's mike leigh's secrets and lies. Which was the can palm door winner in that year and that was why we talked about it. And i've seen a few other. Mike lee movies and i always enjoy his films. I think he is a brilliant and very unique kind of filmmaker. We talked about his process. That is something that. I don't know if anyone else really quite does the way he develops characters through improvisation and works with the actors from the earliest stages of creating a film. And i think that always leads to these characters that feel really well rounded that feel like they have so much depth to their lives beyond what we're seeing on screen and this is a movie that has a story that could easily be a kind of sensationalistic lifetime. Movie story is about this middle class or upper middle class black woman who decides to seek out her birth mother and it turns out to be this working class white woman who has kept it a secret all these years that she had a child and it's about the way that Hortense played by marianne jean-baptiste tries to integrate herself back into the life of her mother. Played by brenda blethyn. Both of whom were multi awarded and nominated for this movie and deservedly so and again it could be sensationalistic. But it's just this very rich and layered portrayal of a complicated family. We've also got brenda. Blethyn brother played by timothy spall and her other daughter who is acknowledged and who's lived with her for her whole life and also has to kind of integrate this whole concept into her sense of existence. And is this really sensitive. And anytime i feel like it could go in this like oltra melodramatic direction. It takes you in a different direction. That's even more rewarding. This was from just before. I started trying to make sure i watched every awesome movie. I have not seen it. But i probably should. Yeah i would recommend it or any. I mean if you haven't seen mike leigh films. Happy go lucky or mr turner or there's tons. I mean he's just a great filmmaker. Yeah so i will go for my number four. I just realized. I have back to back movies from the nineteen. Seventy seven awesome movie year season. It's a great sees realized. It wasn't awesome season this. This was probably the biggest surprise movie of the year overall for me new movies old movies it saturday night fever from john badham and i i think everybody thinks they know what this movie is. And you know he disco dancing. And you know john travolta dancing of the bg's in that white suit in like you get into it and it's this incredibly fucked up dark weird movie. These characters are just absolute pieces shit and you know by the time you get twitter. See and and gang rape girl the pack of their car. While i mean it's absolutely insane movie. And i cannot believe that this is like one of those classics. Everybody's mom claims to love but of course as we talked about tv at it which is probably what most people are watching but yeah for such a dark movie For this to be such a dark movie was just such a huge surprise and it's also really good like i just think that the is really interesting. I think that the You know the the connection between all the characters is really interesting to watch like in how this like almost like a gang away you know and how how they interact and all that and then on top of all that. The dance scenes really are great. Just like you've always thought. They would probably be. I mean they're shot so exciting and Just visually just cool to watch. It really. is the dance movie that you expected it to be so i mean. This movie is just great on so many levels. Yeah it's really good. I liked it. I not quite as much as you did. But i certainly enjoyed it and also felt like it was a surprise as to how complex and dark it is and and it works though The combination of the disco dancing and those serious heavy story lines. I mean the way that going to the disco. Dancing is an escape for these characters from their kind of dead end. Lives like it all makes sense and it all fits together. So yeah i. I liked it. I think the darkness may be gets a little overdone towards the end and we talked about this in our suicide and yeah yeah but but overall like i i definitely thought i thought it was quite good and i. I was impressed with how different it is from. From what people think of it so Yeah another one that i think. If you're like oh. I know what that is again like thelma and louise or something right you. Maybe don't like watch it anyway right for sure. So number three. What do you got so number. Three is a movie that i hadn't realized until i was making this list. That is also directed by mervyn. Leroy who is an incredibly versatile and prolific director so home before dark is from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and this movie is from twenty five years earlier and could not be more different is gold diggers of nineteen thirty. Three from of course nineteen thirty-three and is a pre code musical and i love pre code movies People who are not familiar. These are movies that came out in the early nineteen thirties in the period between when sound movies started and when the hays code was implemented in one thousand nine hundred eighty four that basically sanitized everything and was the regulation for movies from nineteen thirty four until i think maybe nineteen sixty eight when the cia was formed and the rating system was created and during that period like everything was essentially g. or pg rated But there's this brief period from like thirty or twenty nine to thirty four where movies were not censored and there's so much stuff that you never think of being in old movies that are in movies from this period. They're always fun to watch. So this movie is i mean it's naughty. In sort of an insinuating way. And it's a musical so it's it's really big and find and but it's also about the depression it's about these four dancers played by ruby keeler. Joan blondel alien mcmahon and ginger rogers who is so good in everything but also here who are kind of Down on their luck as everyone is and all this talk shows are getting canceled during the depression because no one has any money. So it's this big like let's put on a show us ical. They get an idea and they tried to get the financing together. And there's a whole silly romance subplot about ruby keeler's character falling in love with this air. Who's slumming it because he wants to be a composer and his. His family opposes him getting married to this chorus and then his snooty brother played by warren. William who always plays great snooty characters comes in and he tries to sabotage the marriage but then he falls in love with one of the other chorus girls. And it's super silly but it's just so sharp and so witty and so well acted. I mean it's full of great comic lines and also full of these incredible musical set pieces that were choreographed by busby berkeley. Who of course is an amazing talent. It's the source of the song. We're in the money which people know. Even though they don't know where it's from which is the opening number of this and it features ginger rogers singing in pig latin. So that alone should make it worth watching This is another one. I watched on the criterion channel. I don't know if it's still there. But i think it's showed on all the time. It's a well known film gold diggers of nineteen thirty. Three sounds absolutely wild. And another addition to your list of some really interesting titles on your list for sure. Yeah i try to keep it varied so my number three is pretty recent movie Two thousand eighteen thunder road from jim. Cummings which is honestly one of the best movies. I've seen in the last few years and i i don't know i missed it. I didn't really know about it. I think i had seen the title at some point. But i've really liked the look of the poster and the trailer for the wolf snow hollow. And so i was looking forward to that. Even though i didn't know anything about jim cummings and i watched it and it's very good like it didn't make my top ten or anything but it's a very good movie but immediately after i was like well see did this thunder road movie. I'm going to watch it. And i was just fucking blown away. It's just like such a roller coaster about this cop who is just kind of like on the verge of you know like a mental breakdown or midlife crisis after divorce. And his his His dad dying or his mom dying. Forget exactly but Yeah it's just it's it's funny but it's really dark and it's really heavy but it's also back to being funny because it's so damn dark and so heavy and He just does this character. So damn well and and i will say it's Very easy to criticize the fact that he did two movies back to back where he's a cop on the verge of a mental breakdown but his next movie is going to be completely different from what i've seen so i look forward to seeing him. Stretch out a little bit more but still. This movie is just absolutely fantastic. And the whole story of the bruce springsteen song that is based on that the The the short was based around and they couldn't get the rights to in is very funny just like adds another layer to how good this movie is. i think. yeah. I like that movie. This was actually on my list. Not my regular top ten lists but on my this list maybe last year. Because i hadn't seen it right when it first came out and i caught up with the following year. Nice and yeah. It's a really great. And like you said this sort of mix of it's like funny and dark and you're laughing at this guy as he's having a mental breakdown but and yeah. I don't know if you've seen the short i think is pretty easy to watch online and having i want to though. Yeah it's interesting. Because i had seen the short at a film festival before the feature existed And so having watched that as a self contained short and as us it's about him at the funeral of his mother and he talks about how his mother loved thunder road by bruce springsteen he plays thunder road. He plays the song on a tape player. And you hear it and he does a little dance to it. That's extremely awkward and in the feature. That's the opening scene and they didn't get the rights and so he doesn't play any just like sings the song it's even more awkward. But i i remember either way. It's this great self contained bid and it's done in a single shot. And i remember seeing the short and thinking that was great and then reading that they're gonna make that into a feature and thinking i don't see how they power. How the how could that be possible right right but he really expands it in a really clever way. So i still haven't seen the wolf of snow hollow. But i definitely want to. Yeah it's it's fun it's good. Yeah so what do you got for number two so my number two pick is the only movie that i watched twice in twenty twenty four Mainly for work purposes it is douglas mcgrath's version of emma starring gwyneth paltrow from nineteen ninety-six. Although we did not talk about it on awesome movie year but it is from that year. And i initially watched it because the new version of emma starring On you taylor. Joy was released early this year. And i was in anticipation reviewing it. And so i wanted to watch this famous version and i loved this one so much that i think it might actually have tainted my potential appreciation of the new one which i was disappointed in because i was so taken with this version from nineteen ninety-six and i think in part because again i had no expectations. I thought this is some nineties. Movie with gwyneth. Paltrow whatever and win windfall. Paul tro is so good in this movie. It is so smart and so witty and so emotionally satisfying to watch her as jane austen character. Emma woodhouse douglas mcgrath. Who's not a notable director in any way. He's kind of a minor actor he. This is what. I believe his first film as a director and his career has been pretty spotty since then but he just gets it exactly right with that tone of whimsey and y but also like it's are cast but you also need to buy into all the romances and care about them and want them to work out and yet also kind of laughing at the characters and i thought that was done really really. Well toni collette is great as the kind of awkward woman that takes under her wing is going to be the matchmaker for and so i love this movie so much and when paul chose performance in it so much that it made me really like re evaluate my entire sense of cultural who we think of now as just this like lame out of touch. Rich person who peddles vagina candles and nobody takes her seriously or respects or at all But in the nineties she was just on. Fire has an actor and so i thought about other gwyneth. Paltrow ninety s movies that at already seen like the talented mr ripley and shakespeare in love and great expectations and so i wanted to pitch an article. About how great she was in the ninety s. And so. I did that and this was like my big project for the year and i think i pitched it to six different outlets before i finally found someone who had published this article and so when i was writing that i went back and watched again and even though i've just seen it within a month or two i loved it again so not the kind of thing again. I think this is something that people would look at it and be like. I don't know it was just some random ninety thing. It's nothing like there was a bunch of jane austen. In the nineties there was clueless which is also based on emma and you know pride and prejudice with colin firth and whatever but watch it so good. It's actually on our list of things to watch. We almost watch it just like a week or two ago. It's so funny but yeah people check out that article that you did. Because because i was great. Oh thank you yeah. It's big visages. Thank you to quin huff. The editor who finally it's like okay. You can write this weird. I appreciate that though Right number two for me is blue. Ruin from jeremy sagnier from two thousand and thirteen which is a movie. I've been wanting to watch. Ever since i saw green room in two thousand fifteen which is just so fucking good and i heard that his previous film was so damn good as well and for some strange reason. I thought that that movie was the ruins. That movie where they get stuck going into like a mayan temple or something like that evil evil plans the mind controlling plan. Yes we actually. That's never saw that either but So that's kind of what scared me away. But i'm so glad i finally watch this movie because it's just as good as everyone made it out to be actually watched it right after watching murder party for awesome movie or but yeah this movie is just i mean talk about you know tension and like just revenge movies in general. This is just such a good revenge movie. Make him blair. Who's in all of his movies. I believe is fantastic. It's just so like darkly funny and Just a every scene is just like a masterclass in in this kind of movie and then straight up until the very end which i just think is just pitch perfect that ending. This is just a great great movie. And i i guess i have to listen to people and they tell me that it's so watch movies. Sometimes people are right yeah. I'm sure i was one of the people telling you to watch that. Because i was on that train for that movie really early on because i saw it at an af. I fast when it showed there in two thousand thirteen or maybe it was even in twenty twelve at the end of two thousand twelve. I don't know but whatever it was it was playing the festival circuit. And i didn't really know anything about it and i went in to see it and just was so amazed and jeremy sony. It was they're talking about it and so from that moment on i was just telling everyone how great it was and it ended up. I think it was the number one on my list of my regular top ten list that year and yeah that's a fantastic movie and he's really talented and he's gone on to do great staff green room as you re mentioned and i. I like hold the dark to his good. Yeah but Blue ruin easily the best thing. He's done so so good and I'm glad you watched. It are some so number one. What are you guys so my number one film is another movie about a potentially mentally unstable woman who is being dismissed by the people around her. Here yes there you go exactly and again not one that i had anticipated and i watched all these movies for completely different reasons and this was just a movie that i randomly that it was in my net flicks dvd. Cue which is still a thing that i have and it just kind of came up the next thing the innocence from nine hundred sixty one directed by jack clayton and it's also kind of relevant for this year because it's an adaptation of the turn of the screw by henry james which was twice adapted in two thousand twenty first into the movie the turning with mackenzie davis from the very beginning of the year which is not good at all And then also the haunting of blind manner the net flicks that a lot of people really like from mike flanagan which i have not watched but both of those are based on the turn of the screw this i would venture to say even not having watched the haunting blind manner is by far the best adaptation of the turn of the screw. Deborah kerr is the star of this version and is so so so good as the governess who comes to this remote estate to take care of these two children who are orphans and our Nominally the uncle. There uncle is their guardian. But he doesn't want anything to do with them so he hires this governess and he's not there and she starts seeing maybe ghosts or maybe she's just kind of losing it because she's a woman was we're she's a single woman in the nineteenth century you know so she must be insane but the way that this movie captures that like certainty of are there ghosts or issue going crazy and if she's going crazy like for good reason you know these children are weird and they're kind of messing with her and everyone there is just giving her these wrong. These vodka to death. It's like something is not right here and whatever it is. It's not okay and why will not anyone believe me that something is not right here so it really builds suspense and that tension and again the the performance from deborah kerr is so good and also the two kids who are actors who. I don't know what they went. Onto but martin. Stevens and pamela. Franklin are the names of these child actors. Who really give you that. And one of the things in this story is. These kids are sort of like disturbingly grownup. And i think that's a really tough thing for a child actor to play and for to be believable. And they do a really good job of that The other thing about this movie is that it looks gorgeous. It is shot in cinemascope which you would not think of for movie that is basically just takes place in a house but Freddie francis cinematographer went on to be director of a lot of like hammer movies and cool horror movies Just find these amazing compositions to give you the sense of this house. Like sort of swallowing her up in a way and the way that she feels overwhelmed. And it really uses the visuals and also the sound design in this movie to just immerse you in the world of this woman who is slowly being driven mad by something so it was definitely my favorite movie of the year of any movie. You know better than any new movie that i saw this year as well so I mean this is how stingy with my star ratings. Not counting movies. That i had already seen before. There were two movies that i saw in two thousand twenty that i gave four stars one was dreamland which was my number one new movie of the year and one was this last so there you go very good very good well. Yeah i've never seen it but it feels like from everything you're saying about it and knowing about that story. It seems like a movie. I should watch because it would be a puzzle piece for like nine out of ten new horror movie. Yeah it's clearly very influential. And jack layton is another director. He made other movies but he didn't really have the career that you might have thought he would based on this film but it's yeah it's certainly influential and the story is still being told over and over again i will. I will skip the turning though. Definitely i saw that in a theater. You know thank goodness. The theater experience so rare now and i managed to see the turning in a theater. And that was the wrong choice My number one is a movie that i really hope to get to see in a theater one day and i may be cheating here because i might have seen it as a teenager but i really don't think i did. I really think it was my first time watching this back in january and actually watch this twice this year it's john carpenter's thing from one thousand nine hundred eighty two. Of course i was so aware of many of the great creature effects practical effects scenes. In this i saw john carpenter live at the hard rock a few years back and playing the background. And and of course. I've seen clips elsewhere over the years so certainly. I was aware of a lot of the things that happened in this movie. But i don't think i'd ever actually sat down and watched it and it's just awesome. It's it's so beautiful. I mean those snowy landscape shots are just so just gorgeous and then once you get into the insides and the tension and the you know the that just like that tense feeling of not knowing who is who and all that stuff that he just. So expertly Creates which you know. It's funny because you know you always think of him like you know what king of horror or whatever but you think of usually of the effects and stuff like that. You don't think attention. But i mean yeah i mean he's that too and so there's so much going just firing at one hundred percent and You know the score of course is amazing. It gets so weird at times Kurt russell's rigging greeted. Everybody else to is so great. And i will say the ending. I'm not one hundred percent sold on once they get underground in the whole confrontation. But other than that though. This movie is freaking perfect. And i said there's another dog performance on my list. This is the single probably best dog performance. Ever unless unless actually now i think about it the dog from independence day but this is the second best dog performance ever so take that lassie and benji those dogs. Yeah that's a great movie. i've seen it. I'm sure probably multiple times and actually this year. I wrote an article defending the sort of remake slash prequel from twenty eleven. I've heard a few people defending it lately. Yeah i liked that movie with mary. Elizabeth winstead if you haven't seen it check it out and it actually connects a lot to the carpenter movie. And so i watched as i was writing. I was like skimming through the carpenter movie. And i didn't watch it in phone again. But yeah it's it's great. And yeah i have nothing but good things and it actually did play at the drive in over halloween. Oh almost went to see it. But i was weirdly. Like right after i had just watched those parts of it and i was like. I'm not gonna go do that again. Yeah but you know you miss your chance to see it at the driving. Well let's let's be hopeful. Yes maybe someday you go inside theater and they'll show it certainly the kind of thing. That theaters will show again around halloween. One of those movies. I would think so so yeah. I think this'll a really interesting list of movies. Are are twenty movies here. But do you have some honorable. Mentions you wanted to throw out there. Yeah well one is one that i thought maybe you would put on your list although maybe you had already seen it. And it's another awesome movie year movie from our nineteen eighty-four season Beverly hills cop by martin. Brest which i had not seen although i had seen beverly hills cop three and a that was a bad start but It's just a really really entertaining fun. Mainstream action comedy eddie. Murphy is so charming in it. And it's just like enjoyable to watch all the way. One of the themes of awesome movie year in eighty four was like the new development of comedy plus action comedy plus horror and it. Does that really well balancing those two things. So that movie a lot of fun. Yeah and the other honorable mention. That almost was on my list is dark. Water the hideo nakata original from two thousand to the japanese film and i. I wrote another article. This year defending remake. It was about the remake of dark water. Jennifer connelly which i actually think is a little better but i had already seen But in prepar in preparation for writing that i watched the original and is quite good too. I think if you like j. horror of like stuff like the ring. And i also watch the original ju on the grudge this year which is completely an incoherent mess and turk. Water is much better. So if you're curious about those i think it was. It was on amazon prime. When i watched it. And it's a cool kind of underrated movie in in the japanese order cannon. Not a big fan of those movies. But beverly hills. Cop is very fun though for my honorable. Mentions i have I've got two awesome movie or movies. One yard he mentioned pumping iron The other one is a racer head. another movie that i may have seen bits and pieces over the years but i don't think i ever sat and watched But yeah i can weird movie and is pretty damn cool. Ed one other honorable mention a little movie. You may have heard of called citizen kane that i watched in preparation for manque Turns out pretty good. Yeah well and that's one of those movies. I think they're saying and you're being sarcastic like oh citizen kane but lots of people have never seen citizen. Yeah like i already know like no watch citizen kane. It's good yeah exactly so yeah and eraserhead. I've like paris texas. That's a movie that we jason. I didn't quite appreciate the way that you yeah. Yeah and i didn't. I didn't like it as much as that. But but yeah. It's definitely an interesting movie. That's just say that it is an interesting movie and something that i didn't really like but i'm glad that i saw right for sure so just to finish this conversation up. I thought it would be fun to bring up one movie that we watched this year. It wasn't first time watch but something either hadn't seen in a long long time or maybe didn't give it. Its due a while back when you first saw and you you finally re watched this year. What do you have for something like that. So yeah i was kind of Going back and forth on a few things but my my choice for this is going to be a nightmare on elm street. Three dream warriors which is kind of a weird journey because i saw as a kid and i think it might have been the one nightmare on elm street movie. I saw i Because it's almost like superhero movie. And i was into comic books and stuff and that's why i liked it then and then i had revisited it at some point A number of years ago. And i was like this is not that great and then i watched it again this year because i wrote a piece on heather lincoln camp as nancy in the three nightmare on elm street movies and sort of the journey of that character in the journey of her performance. And i just really appreciate it on that level like if you watch weirdly if you make if you pretend the series is just nightmare on elm street dream warriors new nightmare and you watch the journey of heather langan camp and the journey of nancy is really fascinating and i think when i watched it that way dream warriors really clicked from and the way that nancy is sort of this haunted figure from her experiences in the first movie. And she's trying to not. She's trying to guard the next generation of kids from experiencing what she experienced and her sort of successes and failures at that and other lincoln is great and all these movies And i had a new appreciation for her in this one. So yes that's my. I like it earlier this year. I did a friday thirteenth like marathon. And i'm planning on one day this year doing nightmare on elm street so i look forward to get into one. Yeah there's overall the nightmare on elm street series has a much higher level of quality. I think friday the thirteenth series shelves. Imf jason guy so we shall see so for mine. I am going to go with bill. And ted's bogus journey. I love bill. And ted's excellent adventure. I've seen many many times. But i always remember seeing bogus journey as a i guess i would have been eleven at the time and just walking out of theater so upset that that it was just the worst movie in like. What did they do to bill. And ted and i never return to. I never watched it again. And then finally watched it in anticipation of the new on face. The music and i almost maybe liked it. More than the orig-. I just thought it was so fun. So ridiculous. So out there it really embraces. Anything goes like comic book kind of nature of the of the series which was really only the second one at that point but It's basically like a living breathing cartoon and is so all over the place But i absolutely loved it. I love station. I love death. Of course everyone loves death even if you don't like the movie And i love evil. Bill and ted i just. There's so much in that movie. That although i'm sure you know plenty of people don't give it a second chance or maybe did and just still don't like it i. I loved it the second time around. Yeah i also revisited this year because of the new one coming out and i hadn't seen it in a while. Probably not as long as you. I think i'd seen it at some point since it was out in theaters. But i i you know it's an interesting i don't hate it and but and i and i appreciate what you're talking about the way it goes for all the weird But i i love the first one so much. And i feel like the first one is such a pure concept. That bogus journey is just like. They're going for everything in part because it feels like they don't know what to do and how to make another bill and ted movies or they're just like whatever right and station is fucking. I'm sorry yeah. I i could see how someone might think that. But they're wrong. But no i mean overall like i like it and i really liked face the music and i'm a total bill and ted van. Hell you right on. Well that does it for our two thousand twenty look back episodes. And i'm so glad you were able to join me for this josh. Wanting to tell people about what's going on over an awesome movie here. Yeah well as we've been saying many times in this episode we've been talking about the films of nineteen eighty-four we're getting closer to the end of that season and so we'll have a new awesome movie year to announce fairly soon but yeah. We've been talking about a lot of fun movies. We've had some cool guests on including albert pune the director of road to hell. Which is the sequel sort of the streets of fire and some. I don't know if it's so coming up or not yet. But maybe something cool coming up. That i won't know it will already be out by the time this goes up. Okay well then we also joe esposito on our episode about the karate kid. He's the singer of course if you're the best around. Which is the best song around. So yeah it's been a lot of fun. Jason harris. We got a mention is the co host and check out awesome movie year dot com and awesome movie year on facebook and instagram. Jason allegedly is going to put some things on our instagram and awesome movie pod on twitter. And you can hear dave Offer his opinions in some of these episodes as well. We appreciate that you have been watching the movies along with. I am trying. It was my goal going into twenty twenty and then i had an excuse to actually follow through on that goal. We hope you continue. Yes i will. I will tell it. Tell everybody also where they can find some of those articles that you're talking about you have links on your site. My sight is josh bell. Hits everything dot com and you can find at least a write up what we've just been talking about which i should have a set soon. Hopefully by the time this episode comes out. Those links are on my social media. Signal bleed on twitter and josh bell hates everything on facebook. I always linked to everything that i write. So i did recently on my twitter. Do a thread of my Favorite pieces that. I published twenty twenty and that includes some of the things that i mentioned a piece on heather langan camp in the nightmare on elm street movies and my on gwyneth paltrow in the ninety s and the piece on the two thousand eleven version of the thing. I mentioned all those in there as well. Some other cool stuff so yeah follow me on social media for all my observations about movies awesome awesome. Well josh thanks as always for being here. And i will talk to you about a new movie sometime soon. I look forward to it. Did you like the parent trap or too young lindsay lohan. Discover their strange twin sisters in summer camp and switch places and you might also like young camp. Counselor is being stockton murdered. One by one by mask to sail and friday the thirteenth did you. Like reporter drew barrymore going undercover as a high school student to get a good story and never been kissed. Also like the i. Agent johnny utah infiltrating click of surfers who moonlight as bank robbers and point break. Listen to you might also like a podcast where he received. The movie suggestions didn't know you needed posted by me. Lou spalding to get moving suggestions. Like vive and many more absurd but surprisingly helpful recommendations each week our view to movies that are very different but surprising linked. And you might like both of them. I said listen for new episode. Every friday on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever else you get your podcast and then finding on social media you also like all right so hope. You enjoyed that conversation about our top ten first time. Watch as of twenty twenty. Thank you josh bell for joining me on that one and everybody. I hope you're enjoying this end of your coverage and are excited to get into some new movies but make sure you go back and watch some of these movies. We just talked about and some from the top ten films of twenty twenty in the top five documentaries at twenty twenty cause lots of great movies to check out but now it is time to start moving forward and we are planning a whole bunch of new piecing it together episodes in the coming weeks and i am always looking for new co hosts so if you enjoy what we do here on piecing it together. Megan touch with me. Moe's looking for new people to join me. And of course i love getting all my old favorites back on the show as well so always beaten everybody to come back and do episodes but love get new people too so that does it for today's episode make sure subscribed wherever it is you. Listen to podcasts. Also check out awesome movie or makes you subscribe to that while you're at it and follow us on social media at piecing pod. Join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces. i already told you about the patron. But don't forget to check that out. Produced by david rosen patriots on and Yeah that does for today. So this episode. we're looking back at classics. So i'm going to play you out with a piece of music from my first album at goes in the dark. Let's look back to that. And i'm going to go with the track. If only tonight. I could sleep which there is a great music video for directed by my friend. Doug farah a filmmaker here in las vegas. So check that out to over my youtube channel. Youtube dot com slash. Music by david rosen but Yeah this is. If only tonight i could sleep from my first album in the dark which is available on all the music services out there and joy this track and we'll be back with more piecing together coming up next week uh-huh Points west production produced by. David resin in las vegas.

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EPISODE #020: It's our Memorial Day special! So, naturally, Tom & Manda are discussing movies about people with amnesia!(?)

The Deep Dive Podcast

38:15 min | 2 years ago

EPISODE #020: It's our Memorial Day special! So, naturally, Tom & Manda are discussing movies about people with amnesia!(?)

"Most of us will spend the Morial day weekend, without families watching parades ticking golfing, just doing the things we enjoy to top off perfect weekend. May, we suggest you see our special holiday show. It's an exceptionally entertaining programs so clad, relax and spend a few enjoyable hours win the family at this theater during the Memorial Day weekend. Coming to you from an undisclosed location. Thousands of fathoms, and the, the see this is the deep dive odd cast all at one third. I'm skull. Madison. Divers. Welcome to the deep dive podcast, the first podcast to start serving the new impossible burger. True. Have you had that I have? Okay. I'm Tom Feeney writer for wing shot. Movie magazine available to them zone dot co and with me here in the bath is fear is my fellow oxygen user, MandA. What the monkey is that what that was a monkey had the hiccups or something. Hey, my name is MandA. I'm really excited to be here. Thank you to everyone who actually made it through our last episode. It was a lot of fun for me. And I'm sorry, Tom. Yeah. This one's going to be scheduled before that. We're not gonna worry about that one. Oh, okay. Norman because memorial day's. Oh, yeah. We're do Memorial Day. We are. I forgot. That's all. Yeah, I almost missed that one. But anyway, as I said, the yeah, the possible burger. So I can't no no. Okay. So, I was I was incredibly skeptical about this stuff. So the first time I had it. I was recently at DisneyWorld, and they were having the at Epcot. They're having flower and garden festival, and they have all these little kiosks where you can buy different foods as you walk around. Sure. And one of them I had this, it was almost like it was like a flat bread. That had an impossible, like Meatball with some like sauce or whatever on it, it almost like it was kind of an Indian kind of taste to it. Okay. And I was like, oh, you know, I've never tried or something like, why not give it a try? You know what I absolutely loved it. Really? I if you had not told me that it was not real meat would not have known the difference. Okay. See, that's the prizes me. It's apprised me, too. So. So that Africa back. I tried and actual impossible burger at a restaurant, which I will not name, but it is also very similar to the name of Batman sidekick. Winning with the color in front of it blew. Yep. Blooming with that. Yeah. And so, I ordered their impossible burger it was not as good as the one I had in Disney. But once again, if you had not told me, I would have thought it was just an awful burger not to be fair, though, can't really any burger. It's not be impossible burger. Well, you know, I mean it's just the brand name, but I would have called it the improbable burger, right. You know, the responsible burger trademark. Yeah. Exactly. At least. But at the very least it was not the inedible burger. Okay. Now, this has inspired me to create my own sort of meatless fish sandwich. I wanna do a fish sandwich that is not real fish. That is like fake fish and I want to call it fishing impossible. Yes. Big lead up for that was amazing. That was a big lead. Wait a minute. You can't. You already get imitation fish. Yeah. I know. But I was just, you know someone. Explain to me, how you can fake fish k with crab. But that's, that's actually made of some kind of bottom feeding chenille. So what you're saying is don't go to McDonalds, the flare fish. Oh, no. But those are so good rain. Love the filet of fish. So Memorial Day. Yes. The most important part of this podcast. We'll just back. Yeah. Now, you would think being, you know, being you that, that if we were going to do a Memorial Day show, what, what would the topic, do you think the Tom Cruise wore movies? Yeah. Or something similar to that. You would think like maybe maybe war movies, or military movies and things about flags. Yes, that would be for flag day, but we're going to do a holiday. Yes, it is. Okay. But instead, we decided to take the name of Memorial Day somewhat more literally. And so we are going to discuss movies that have to deal with amnesia or mental situations. You know that have to do with memory mistaken identities. Yeah, that kind of thing, so we decided to go off on a little bit of a diff-. Tangent here, a huge tension, a huge tangent. And speaking of tangent, MandA here is going to go first with her first pick. Yes, I forgot. Oh, let's not do that. Just one twice enough. All right. No promises though. So my first one, I've talked about it before, but it's actually one of my favorite movies ever. I chose. Mrs Winterburn really from nineteen ninety six and it, it stars or directed by Richard Benjamin. Who coincidentally, also made made in America? Yes. And one of my favorite movies of all time. Mermaids my favorite year with Peter O'Toole. Oh, I didn't know about that movie. That's wonderful. But made in America, Ted. Danson Whoopie Goldberg been love each other. They made a baby. Yes, they did with three men. That's a different medium different movie. But also Tom Selleck was in his mustache was on point. Oh, but no, this one, MRs Winterbourne from Janati six. It stars. Ricky leak Brennan freezer. Shirley MacLean obviously, like huge name cast, right? Yeah. And I don't think we're like has been in too many movies. But this is probably one of her more famous ones along with, like, what does that call crybaby? I baby good. Good movie, but can do it too. So anyways, it's loosely based on the book called I married, a dead man by someone called Cornell will rich loosely. Okay. So super loosely. But essentially the plot here is Ricky lake doesn't start off very well in her life, you know, she doesn't have a good chance for mom's gone. She's missing that. Mommy figure she has a dad who's not that very nicer. So she, what do you, do you run away? Join, you know, circus, maybe or you become like someone really famous in New York City. So she tries to do, and she meets somebody who, unfortunately, takes advantage of her in many ways, including her heart, and also, she gets a baby. So she's at a point to breaking point. Right. And she has to get on a train because she's like, well, I just wanna get out of the city. I have no money, but I'm gonna sneak my way in a train. So she does that and she ends up meeting. Brendan Fraser, and he's a very kind person very, very warm. Hearted towards her and helps her vade like being thrown off the train by the ticket guy because he actually lied says. Oh, yeah. This is my wife and, you know, whatever then bad things happen. Right. Train crashes. Yeah. And both Brendan Fraser and his wife is MRs the north more the departed. So the kind of twist here is at previous to this happening. Ricki lake tried on the ring of Brennan razors wife because they were kind of getting girl, time gal, pal. So when she survived this train wreck and never give birth to her son. She was still wearing the wedding ring, and that was her own identification. So now, she has to be MRs Brendan Fraser because the family thinks having never met his wife before that. She's his wife. And so she has to go along with this game, and it's I don't wanna spoil it because it's like I want people to watch it for what it is. But it's a really cute funny drama movie about how she navigates life as somebody else. What stranger arrive? Mrs Winterbourne thought she was family. What do we know about nothing? Now. The before they discover who she really is. I don't hear. Nobody she'll become the winter born is hiding something they all need to be treating her with summer second, take you over my knee. And thank you. Wooded warn. Special sneak preview Saturday night, and how she keeps up a lye essentially until she's kind. But Brennan freezer, he plays a twin. So that was a bit audit. I yeah. Like he the guy who he just he has a twin it is he plays himself in the weird, but he's a very snobby man. And one of my favorite scenes, because it's based in Boston, the story, they're walking down pass Paul revere house and he's talking about, like how he is child play with his younger brother was a red coat. One was a minute man, whatever. And I was just like it's so cool because that's our history. I mean, we are in the middle of the ocean right now the Atlantic Ocean. But we do hail from the New England area. At least I do. Yes. I don't you, do you weren't lucky enough? And that is something I did in my various youth years, might my, my young days was follow the freedom trail, right? Past power veers house like that one area and it's a really cool place. If you haven't been there before, but anyways, that's my first pick. It fits into the genera of mistaken identity, even though it's kind of also like like a lie lied to riches type deal. Let's see scores IMDB gave it a six point two hundred ten metacritic, even thirty nine and rotten tomatoes. Are you ready? Gave it a seven percent. Whoa, not even joking. Yeah. I I'm giving point. And because I thought it was funny. I, I got the whole mystique out of it, and I thought it was just really cute the little romance that eventually forms and I won't spoil it any further than that. You can currently right now watch it on new or Amazon prime for two ninety nine it's not available free anywhere. But if you want to catch a couple of snippets, you can, of course, find that stuff on. You. I pick nice. Yeah. Everyday piece, whatever just kidding continue. Don't don't scare me like that. Right. So my first pick is kind of like the best fast food you've ever had. It tastes great. It's satisfying. You don't feel gross afterwards, but it's still fast food. Okay. So once you're done, you kinda like move on. Yeah. Sure. So I'm talking about the nineteen Ninety-six also Ninety-six movie, the long, kiss goodnight, I've heard of it, never seen it. So this is about, as nineties of film, as you can get without having Sandra Bullock in it. It has a fresh off Pulp Fiction, Samuel L Jackson. Okay. And Gena Davis. Oh, I love her. Yeah. Beetlejuice so the long kiss. Goodnight was directed by a man named. Renny harlin. If that name does sound familiar, then you know, that he directed diehard to cliffhanger deep blue sea o of that and tragically cutthroat island, which also star Gina Davis and. That film pretty much see was good though. Yeah. That was good also had Samuel Jackson in it, right. And shark shark. Yeah. With Samuel Jackson in the sharp with, that's a whole other thing. Yeah. Sharks in the mother truck Anotion ago. Now, this movie was written by a man named Shane black. And once again, if you know that name mino-. Nope. Not in McShane, Shane black, who wrote the first lethal weapon, he also wrote the last action hero. He wrote the monster squad, which is a great great movie rate funny, monster movie. He directed iron man. Three directed kiss kiss bang, bang, and the nice guys. Okay. Yeah. So not a bad pedigree. Let let them was really funny. Yeah. So you've got these two guys who have great sort of track record, mostly for movies. So did they manage to make great movie with the long kiss? Goodnight now. Yes or no? Gena Davis plays a woman named Samantha now, she has built a new life for herself after she was found eight years earlier washed up on a beach with no memory and also being several months pregnant. Oh, wow. Now, she has her daughter and a husband, but no memories of her previous life. So it's been eight years since she was discovered incomes detective peach detective Samuel Jackson, that I know me too. He's hired by Samantha to try to look into her missing. Past now. What happens is Samantha is in a car accident. And she gets a concussion, this kind of jars something loose in her mind. And she starts exhibiting. These unbelievable fighting skill. She had no idea. She had. So, you know, I it's and it's pretty amazing. So she's. Got like all these like acrobatic skills fighting you can do all this stuff. She has no idea how or why she knows how to do this. The kitchen. African regis. What if you couldn't remember you'll real name you'll I kiss your mass goodbye. All your memories. Coming. Flooding. All the time. One bullet. At a time. Quit. The United States government twenty four hours a finer. Macur Gena Davis Samuel L Jackson, the long kiss goodnight directed by reading Harlan. So together Samantha and the detective have to find out who she really is. And why someone wants her dead? Ooh. So, yes. So the her whole pass starts to unravel, she has to leave her husband and daughter behind, because they're not safe and the two of them. And by the way, Samuel Jackson, Gena Davis have great chemistry in this movie. Right. The dialogue is like so sharp between the two of them. It's so good. And the action sequences are absolutely amazing for, for that time period for the mid nineties. Right. It's, you know at exemplifies, kind of a lot of those nineties, quick, edits and things like that, but pre kill Bill. Yeah. But the direction is really good. The dialogue is really good. The acting is really good. It's so stylish so stylishly made. Right. And, you know, the script is really the, the words are so stylized in the language is great. It's very implausible. None of this could happen, the whole scene, where Gena Davis is strapped to a water wheel being tortured, which is a little odd. But, you know, it's like I said it was the nineties, anything anything goes in the nineties, and, you know, it's a fun. It's just a fun action film to watch. Right. And, you know, you just, you know, sit down some popcorn enjoy this great example of mid-nineties action movie entertainment. So you and there are worse ways to kill a couple of hours. Be to say that now let's go to the rating showy. Yes. Six point eight out of ten on the internet movie database. It has over sixty five thousand ratings respectable. Yeah, that's not bad at all. Run tomatoes. I believe it only it was like maybe eleven or twelve which is weird. And but that's you know you don't trust rotten tomatoes, unless you sponsors winter. Yes, it is available to rent on, I tunes for two dollars and ninety nine cents. More do for three ninety nine. It gets where you're gonna go do that. Because it's a dollar deeper and why wouldn't you obviously, so the long kiss? Goodnight Gena Davis Samuel L Jackson nineties action. I say check it out. All right. Cool with that. I think a lot of these nineties movies, though. They stand up I do the do they really do weird. Right. Because you would think, okay, mo-, most generations, you know. You know they get past it cool down with it. But I can see that like leading like I said into things like kill Bill and whatnot. So yeah, yeah, I dig it and you could pretty much like they, they started the throw almost any premise at you and they, you know, and you'd buy it off. That was a good movie. All I love face. That was a good English cage John Travolta, swapping face it. How could exactly just just give it to me. I love it. Yeah. Exactly. You know, I, I have no problem with those movies at all. Yeah. That was good. Okay. I yes. Definitely different mentioned it before, too so mine. My second pick is from nineteen sixty three. Yeah. Before I warn really oh, I know. Right. Cool. Thank you, weren't that many movies made before I was. See the silent ones. Yeah. Houdini and all that. So mine is called move over darling. I have not heard of this. Yes. Okay. Let me tell you about it. It stars are very recently departed Doris day, so sad case, I know she was ninety three or ninety seven she was up there. She did. But she I love her. She's in so many conic roles, but she's in this with James garner, Selma Ritter sh- I, I've never seen here in Thelma of this in anything other than this movie, but she just seems so icon and so- classic I could see her in anything as the grouchy old lady. That's what she is. She's the human version of Oscar the grouch. Wow. Yeah. But good way because I mean you really do love Oscar. We do even though he's homeless. Yep. He's. Hey, you know what, don't make fun of his home? His I'm not making fun. But I just feel bad that nobody else on Sesame Street will help him. Well, 'cause he's homeless, but he has a home. It's the trash can is there knows is there. No shelter. It says mistreat on not helping Mr.. This is anyways, my movies called move over darling. And it stars like I said door. Stay James garner. So essentially, what happens here is James garner endorsed, a are in love their madly in love with each other things. Great. She goes onto some like marine trip she's in the marine, something like that. And she ends up getting shipwrecked on an island with another sailor guy. Yeah. Yes. And she forgets what she is because she, you know, it was an accident. She got hurt head hit whatever whatever forget. So she is. So she, essentially lives, the life of, you know, who she fabricates for herself with this other gentleman, and forgets, all about her husband about her two lovely daughters, like everything. So we then fast forward to the beginning of the movie where James garner is marrying another woman, because he's just had her his previous wife door. Stay legally pronounced dead because she's been missing for like, you know, I don't know fifteen ten fifteen years, something like that, not that long, but, you know, he's like time to move on. So he's with this woman. Bianca Bianca is just so she is the, to me of, like childish, and spoiled and annoying, but they're on their honeymoon. Right. And all of a sudden guess who pops back into the pitcher door stay and she has her memory back. Yes. And she's like, well, where's my husband wear my kids? She goes to see to the house. And, you know, everything's changed the numbers changed. It's weird. So she's like in this fantasy world understand it. Finally, she realizes that Nick, her husband James garner is going to get married or is married to this other woman. And so now it's about revealing herself to him. Hello. I'm Doris day. And on the other side of this hedge James garner who plays my husband is making love to Polly Bergen who plays his wife. Now, wait a minute. What am I saying? I and she's. That's right. And if you want to have the lab of your life. Watch them unscrambled this torrent trying in their new movie move over, darling. And then they have to figure out a way to carefully let Bianca down because they wanna stay with each other. Now they realize each other's there, live romance again. Right. So, so it comes to the end where like in court, and I, I don't want to much, but, like, basically, like, is he a bigamist when he got married again? But I mean really he like didn't know she was alive, and it's really funny. It's super awkward. It's awkward. Yes. But it's really classic moments. And I think the reason why I picked it was because it's one of the first movies I ever, remember watching my grandmother force me to watch a lot of movements. But I even my young age. I understood the premise, and I thought it was funny, and I really really enjoyed it. So don't knock old movies until you try it, exactly. Like should black and white. You have somebody. I heard so many people don't like black and white. I love black and white movie because I love interpreting my own brain. What something looks like? Yeah. You know what I mean? Just for example, Godzilla. I loved watching the original Godzilla, because it was in black and white, and I always thought he was purple. Okay. Never mind. But in a case, any case, this movie is just hilarious. It's funny. It's a doorbell. It's romantic. It's sweet. It's everything that you expect from a Doris day slash James garner collab-, which by the way James garner. I love him. He's so good looking right, maverick. Yeah. Yeah. Also on Jim Rockford and we talked about him to recently, he was in the presidential movie. Yeah. So all right scores. I am to be gives it a respectable seven point. Oh rotten tomatoes gives it a seventy eight percent. I'm giving it a nine point. Oh, that's pretty good. Yeah, it's pretty hard. I really really enjoyed and I really encourage anybody to go ahead and check it out now. It is available only for rent, which on most platforms, you can find it for three ninety nine but oh man Doris day. She had a beautiful voice. She saying so much movie too. I guess she's really known for that to be honest. She's in so many classic films. And it's just so sad that we heard the news actually today as a recording this. Yeah. That she had passed away so rest in peace doors day. We love you. Thank you for everything. And thank you for having an affair with Burt Reynolds. The seventies. Well, yeah. Which is thing definitely happened. Any case? That's my second pick. So you see, like I did kind of like the mistake Nettie identified the first one and the second one was like oh, yeah. Actually forgot who it was easier. I'm neoplasia. I had them needs. With the elementary tools. Absolutely. The lift. Right. Noth- of that now. Oh, yeah. You can go now. Thank you. My next pick is a nineteen eighty two British film called the sender. Healing. To see. Stop. This. Biz nightmare will become your reality coming soon. From Paramount Pictures. Now the sender is about a young man with MD. Who after an unsuccessful suicide attempt is taken to a psychiatric facility now. They call him John Doe number eighty three because he you know, apparently they have eighty two other junk. I don't know who they are. Getting line John Doe. So they assign him a psychiatrist. Okay. To try to see if there's any way that they could bring back or help him with his, his memory issues. Yeah. Now, the doctors played by Katherine herald, really good actress. She's starts having these really nightmarish hallucinations soon after she starts working with this guy. And he's just, you know, he's just a young guy very unassuming very kind of quiet, you know. And so for some reason, though, she starts these having these really bizarre like waking dreams. And she begins to not really know what's real and what's not anymore. This kind of the backstory to Harley Quinn and joker. That's an interesting. It's interesting. You know. But she's, you know, she believes that this new patient. Is somehow the cause of these hallucinations and it turns out, that's correct. He is what they refer to as a sender. So he's someone who can tell a Pathak -ly send his thoughts to others. Well, that's creepy. And he does this both unconsciously and consciously. So when he's asleep, his nightmares, he's sending these nightmares to the doctor. Oh, wow. Which is kinda freaky thing if you think about it, we have, you know, you have no control over what you're seeing, you're basically linked to this other person who's anxieties and fears are being projected to you. So it would be like if somebody else had schizophrenia, but you were the one hearing the voices and experiencing that. So it's a really cool really cool premise, and yeah, it is really scary. And that's. And that's probably the main draw for this movie for me. Sure. Because it's, it's very kind of the, the whole hallucinogenic atmosphere of the movie is really cool. The psychiatric hospital setting also gives it kind of that weird kind of moody moody vibe to it, though. Settings are always creeping. Yeah. And it's kind of this dreamlike atmosphere. It's not if you're looking for a gory, Slattery kind of this is not this is this is a fairly slow moving film. But that's okay because it makes up with this really great sort of atmospheric feel and it's, you know, you can't really expect to have this. It's not action packed. It's got some really cool visuals, though. And sadly, though, it does kind of fizzle out in the last act of the movie when John Doe. Eighty threes mother shows up, and it kinda turns into some going from. This psychic thing to some kind of supernatural religious kind of stuff. Because the, the mother tries to convince the doctor that he's evil that the, you know, and all that kind of stuff, but it, you know, it kind of fizzles out a little bit. But overall, it's a solid para psychological horror film. Really good performances all around the it stars Zelko, even this was his first movie. But if you if you've ever seen you, if you recognize this guy, he saw him because he's a character actor that's been in a lot of stuff right now, he is on the CBS TV series Madam secretary as the chief of staff. But this was his first very young first movie, it was directed by a gentleman named Roger Christian. Now, Chris, if you know anything about really bad movies, you will know this name because this is the gentleman that directed battlefield earth, which is considered by many to be one of the worst movies ever made battlefield. This was the sort of pseudo Scientology movie that John Travolta wanted to make and. It's awful scientologist big time. And this is a battlefield earth. Watch it just to be amazed at how bad, it is the entire film seems to have been shot at a forty five degree angle. It's terrible. But he also that pretty much almost killed his career is worse than Star Wars one. Oh my God by leaps and bounds. Yes. Okay. I can at least watch bits and pieces of star. Phantom Menace, but not battlefield earth. It is the it is an ugly movie. It is just ugly. The lighting is ugly. Ugly characters are ugly. Everything's ugly. John Travolta's ugly. During that weird. Bob Marley wig. I don't know what's going on in wait a minute. What? Yeah. Yeah. You gotta check it out, because it's that bad. But the performances were really good. And it's an enjoyable early eighties. Very atmospheric movie, it was produced entire. It was produced in England, even though the actors really are. But has it does have that feel because, you know, when you see films made made in England, they do have a different kind of a feel to it. Sure. I mean, if you see, like for horror movies if you watch let's say hell raiser. Yeah. That has an entirely different kind of feel to it because it was made in England. Okay. Yeah. And there's, there's that kind of interesting survive you get from it. So let's get to the scores showing. Yes. So this gets a six point one at ten on the internet movie database and thirty three percent on rotten tomatoes, which it does not deserve. Thank you very much. So it is available to rent from YouTube, Amazon prime video and Google play for a whopping two dollars and ninety nine cents. That's the sender. The nine hundred eighty to Paris. Psychological horror movie. Check it out. Let it fill your nightmares. I'm actually really interested in the I, I think I think we'll watch that one that one looks good. Yeah. It's a good one really good. So they ago I have a couple honorable mentions leased do sue. I was thinking like memory stuff will can think about. Yeah. How about movie overboard you ever seen that? Kurt Russell and go beyond. Yeah. So funny, so cute love that one, and then also thinking double jeopardy. Have you seen that one? That's Ashley Judd. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. That was like talking about psychological thriller. That was really, really good. Like I also found out double jeopardy, I guess, is a law that if you can't be committed we can't be convicted of the same crime rice. Yeah. I found out that, that film. Yeah. Yeah. It is not. Well, it is not in fact, referring to the game show. Toback love him. Yeah, yeah. We're pulling for you, Alex. Yeah, absolutely, sending good vibes your way man. Yeah, absolutely good guy. All right. So anything and shout outs special that you wanna talk about. Yeah. I think I've got a couple, so you know how a couple episodes ago, we talked about the belligerence podcast. Yeah. So I actually post something on our on our Instagram where they gave us at shut up there doing this really cool thing, where they're filming their podcast now and they're trying to do is that this sort of right along with them where they'll be in their car. Cool being belligerent. But I just I can't wait to see what, what they do. So. Thanks so much, the guys and all the love that you give us really, really appreciate it. We're so close to that one thousand download threshold. I mean probably by the time this goes up we may even hit that, that would be so cool, it would be, so I mean and all series. No joking aside. We've really means the world to us. Thank you so much for everyone who's listening who continued to listen. Thanks, mom. So your friends tell your friends if this tell your pets exactly secret lights pets is too. Yeah. That's coming out soon, isn't it? I believe it is. I don't think I watched the first one, I one was in bed cute. It was cute. All right. Cool. I mean, I'm always down for triple f. Yeah. So having said that we really wanna reach that marker. So if you would be so inclined, please go ahead. And subscribe to our podcast on apple podcast, Spotify overcast pod being really, you could find us in so many places, especially on our social media's the deep dive podcast on Instagram. You can also Email your feedback to the deep dive podcast at gmaiLcom. We really, really love feedback. Just just the good stuff, obviously. But if you're lucky, maybe we'll read out your feedback in the next episode. That's right. Yeah. Maybe and of all the places where you can find us the most important place is in your heart in your heart. That little what is that? Oh man. Have you joined what, what? Say heart palpitations. Yeah. No. What, what is that movie where he's a, he's a lightning buck, and then he dies and then goes up and joins a star. Oh, prince the frog. Yeah, the little little Creole, lightning bugs voiced by. What's his name taker? The guy plays ticker, Winnie the Pooh and yeah. So he I'm not gonna spoil it. But basically, he loves a star called in Vange lean. And then when he fortunately passes away, he goes enjoins that little star where that little star, we're next to eventually in, in your heart reach, but okay? Well, yeah. Please, please. Subscribe, we really appreciate it beg. We really have no shame. No shame at all. We will do whatever you want. Yeah. What MandA will do. Whatever you want. That is not in the contract. Sorry. But please guy we do release ups odes every two weeks. And a little bit of a side note here, I will be taking a hiatus what yeah. What I know I know what? No, you're not allowed to leave the bat this fear. I literally told you that you will be fine a left. You emergency number on the little fridge things that without was that it was repeated delivery. And you wonder why never came? It was the poison control number. Oh. Wonder why was delivered in a Petri dish shouldn't have eaten it expired, crows? No. But I am going to visit yield London town. So if any of our listeners happen to know some really cool shows, I can check out while I'm there, some cool obscure movies, I would love to do some research on there and he s what I will call in and correspond like the weather girl that I am live, live via satellite. So you don't have to miss me too much. Okay. Promise I promise. But that's all I got for this week's episode. I think it was pretty good. Yeah. It was it was wholesome it was wholesome. I feel good about it. I'm like, belligerence, great podcast. ES not also. But please check them out their friends, they really really are. Awesome. So that's pretty much it. What are we going to do in our next dive? What are we going to do? We are actually going to discuss video game movies. What? Yes. Insert coin here who? Yeah. Coin slot coin slot. Whatever, whatever that means to you, actually. We are trying to reach a demographic, that is much younger than yourself. So, you know. Just today too hard, people might know what a podcast is. Anyways. Yeah they'll games. All right. All right. Get your controllers ready. That's it. Let's take us out ready. I'm ready. All right in three to one thousand town. Loads. Yup. I'm not even mad at that do it. Okay. See you next week lie. Special thanks to spirits, this phonic and echo craft for our mazing theme. Music links to both artists can be found on our website, the deep dive podcast dot pod being dot com. If you like us you can subscribe on, I tunes pod being overcast or wherever fine podcasts are. This is dedicated to those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United States, armed forces. Thank you for your service.

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FMF: Thelma and Louise

Stuff Mom Never Told You

1:07:23 hr | Last month

FMF: Thelma and Louise

"This episode is brought to you by gold peak. Real brew. T go peek. Real tea is as refreshing as it gets brewed to show off the natural. Goodness t. plain and simple gold peak. Real brew tea is available in variety of flavors. Sweet sweet and georgia peach labor's like zero. Sugar also helped make the healthier choice a delicious one longtime fans will notice that gold peak had a visual makeover. The outside of every bottle has a brand new look but inside. It's the same route t you know and love. Look for gold peak. Real t. in its newly redesigned bottle wherever you grab your groceries. Gopi grill brewed tea. Stay gold the radio on. Your dash is more than radio that sirius. Xm buttons instant access to a world of exclusive entertainment including ad free music channels forever genre and decade. You can also hear your favorite sports comedy talk in news. Plus you can stream with the sirius. Xm on your phone and connected home devices so grab your phone. Dial pound two five zero and just say sirius. Xm to get twelve months for five dollars a month with a new select subscription call for offer details fees and taxes apply. Hi i'm looney raymond. I'm a travel journalist. And i want to bring you on a road trip from new york to dc. I'll share the stories. That aren't in the travel guides ready search for about the journey in your podcast app. That's about the journey. Hey this is andy. And samantha look into step owned ever told you production of iheartradio and it's time for another feminists movie friday. I think it could be a feminist movie. Wednesday schedule is shifting faucet things happening. I think it's a friday. Hey either way they might not be as listening on a friday so just to finish movie day a feminist movie day which should be every day should be every day true story. Yes quick trigger warning before we get into this. They're going to be discussions of sexual assault abuse and suicidal. Id nothing too in depth. Because we're we're talking about salman louis so if you've seen the movie that's about the extent of it but just in case also i feel like it didn't give enough emphasis to were talking about dilmun. Yeah they'll ma and louise an iconic duo that we all pretty much. No i would hope unless maybe you were born in the last twenty years then. You've never seen this movie. Maybe not go watch never heard of this movie. Go watch it should yes. We are talking about them. Louise and i actually. I just came out very strong. But i only saw this for the first time i think last year when we did our episodes episodes because it was a two-parter on women in revenge and i really really enjoyed it. I definitely knew what it was and had seen like parodies of ending. But i'd never seen it and samantha. You're saying before we reported this before we started recording they. You're not sure you've ever seen it in full. I know and i say this to the people who are like you know what says. But i of course again like i said we know what this is. I have seen pieces of this movie. To the point that i had thought i seen all of it but then when i watched and i was like wait i think i've never really seen the complete movie in one sitting so it could have been that i watched half it one time and then three months donald where i was like. Oh here it is because it used to be on cable network all the time. Yeah i don't know if it's still happening. Because i don't have cable anymore. We just stream everything so. But when i did have cable network would often have it on so and it doesn't have it on just once is typically runs three or four times within the span of period like a month. 'cause i guess they bought the rights or they're gonna use it to the full extent so i would see pieces of it and i knew each piece but when i sat down and watched sit in order. I was like wait. I don't know if i've ever fully washed. Its entire movie in one setting even to the fact that yes. I remember the brad pitt. Seen don't remember the fact that he got caught which yeah. Yeah i feel like this movie is so iconic that even though i hadn't seen it i felt like i had and they were just certain scenes that i'd just like brad pitt. Jumping on the bed. Shirtless you know the car. You're going over. The side just knew. Yeah and by the way for those who have heard today except for like if you seen a burn after reading where he plays the ditsy jim guy. His voice is completely different from other movies. It if you like fight club. If you've watched a river runs through it. Which is by. The way is the first movie i ever saw him and beautiful man. His voice is hyper inveigh. Country accent play the con artists. He plays in this movie so it may throw you off from what you know in his young days. Yeah i guess a bit of a spoiler before we get into spoiler into what we're going to talk about not about movie because it's old enough that i'm sorry time the classic now it was interesting in very sweet casting story between gena davis and him where he was the one that flustered her so much she kept messing up and at the end. They ask who should be cast. Choose like obviously the one. I could not keep out because he was fluttering me so much. And also as we're gonna get into indepth When this movie came out there was a lot of discussion around its man-hating essentially and a lot of people have pointed out. Well what star came out of this movie brad pitt. Right started his role as the. Yeah obey the ultimate movie star. Oma god he's again to me. He was river runs. It and i will die. Fight anyone who says differently. 'cause that was the first time i ever saw brad pitt and i remember thinking holy crap. Who is that dude. If he smiles like that me ever. I will think of course. He's the tortured boy in that movie Yeah unattainable tortured boy. Yeah bet okay. I know all about that. I know about the future future movie data from you and i. Yeah so we actually happened. To be accidentally timely. Because this is the thirtieth anniversary of this movie and a lot of articles are coming out right now about it so a lot. We do this a lot. Where brian around like the big numbers like oh look at this. Classic has been classic for this long and again like i said for those born twenty years ago twenty five years ago you probably have no idea or have vague idea of what we're talking about because it is thirty years old and any it is definitely one of those that a lot of women will be and lewis. Yeah and i've used that reference before. What do you know not with the. Because we haven't gotten into any trouble but definitely with co-host unladylike caroline. We've talked about stuff like that. Just because i could see us being the ones getting in trouble. I feel like you and i got in trouble at one time food festival. We didn't caught. So yes we will mischievous without getting caught and ran away very quickly. Not gonna tell that story though. It's not it's really innocent. Everyone please really. It makes me feel good. That i was kind of mischievous because this whole idea of this movie a little bit being free. You know ethically not so much. Good things we know. This was begin with the plot with bellman louise which was made in nineteen ninety-one and is released got no we've talked about before mentioned before in our series obviously and it does start the wonderful iconic jayna davis which we have talked about before with a league of their own. Who plays thelma as well as susan. Sarandon who plays louise because we talked about her from the witches of eastwick another iconic actress. Obviously still today. And of course. There's a shirtless brad pitt. In one of his first big roles and yes he became heartthrob thinks that this i think he was on many teen magazines with cowboy hat shirtless. I'm remember this. Did i know but yes i did because i didn't have the money but at it at the grocery store lines with my mother to buy groceries. It was written by kelly. Curry is often described as yes a female buddy road trip. Film comedy drama. A feminist odyssey. I liked that curry. Said she got the idea in sort of light bulb moment where she was thinking about women on crying spree and that i saw a flash where those women started and where they ended up through a series of accidents they would go from being invisible to being too big for the world to contain because they stopped cooperating with things that were absolutely preposterous and just became themselves. Yes so apparently okay. A couple of things so corey. This was her first screenplay and she allegedly base it on a friendship she had with country music singer and also just a bunch of women really connected to each sword of smaller instances of women being harassed throughout the film and they were like yes. Yes i connect with this. This needs to be made. And this was after a history of sexism in hollywood because apparently in a casting session not for this movie for. He was asked to choose women with bigger breast and less close and she along with producer. She often worked with amanda temple. Who was instrumental in this movie as well would often say you get what you settle for which is a line in the movie. So temple was able to contact. Release scott to a friend. Then named mimi hall coups. Now mimi gatlin or mimi get one who ran scott's production company and they handed gatlin the script mortgage hukou. They weren't way off on it after several rejections they were like. Is this any good. Because we think it's good people. Keep rejecting us and get connected again. Yeah a lot of the things in the script. She was like yes. I've been through this. Yes this is good. And she convinced they needed to show it to release scott with the idea that he might produce it however when he read it he later said quote. I saw what was unique about it. Immediately women tended to get parts of. Somebody's girlfriend this is about no one else but them. It had substance it had a voice and add a great outcome which you can never change. Their decision was courageous to carry on the journey and not give in right and he also later said. I'd never had trouble letting women tell me what to do all the years. I'd run my company. I'd find that women were the best men for the job scot free l. a. was run by a woman. Scot-free free london was run by a woman. I could sit around and analyze the foolishness of men. Men are fundamentally the children in any relationship so on as kylie the shown in this movie could talk about forever. Oh yeah yeah. And i know we mentioned in our alien episode but released scott has said. He is stout feminist because of his mother. I do think there's a whole separate. Issue of like lauding male feminists great allies advocates always but like the levels. I think are different. In the judgments i think are different and the standards. Yes but i think you know that. That's interesting scott. Did press corey to add more humor to to the script to appeal to everyone. In the audience including men to quote make them eat crow under the understanding they get name actresses and five hundred thousand dollars for corey. They sold the rights to scott gatling also like jodie foster michelle pfeiffer were the original names choji foster did sounds of the lambs. Michelle pfeiffer did the independent film and she now says she cannot bear to watch this movie. It cuts off. The myth regret opportunity to be fair. I know we say this often. I just don't know. If if without gena davis i mean her character in overall muc- gena davis has character. She is the powerful powerful one or the powerhouse one in typically all the movies that she's in even build us even though she's kind of me mild he's still a powerhouse and trying to maintain her home obviously not michelle pfeiffer is not but they also love bringing michelle pfeiffer to be the demure giggly woman which just beyond that and we know that her i think skills are superb but you do typically see that for her role which by the way. We've been hilarious if it happened. Michelle pfeiffer because she and the do that plays davis's character were in greece two. Which is the movie that she hated the most yes. I still remember those movies while owned. God let's see. I've never seen grease okay. Wow musicals i forget that because you're listening. I'm willing well musicals. I've told you i don't like so. Hamilton is almost all music. There's no tommy. My problem is the surprise solemn. So i think that's crease and to is the i love it because i think to me is like a cult classic of how bad it is. I love it. And it's well. I'm into i'm i i wanna do it. I will get over this series but also cr pass feminists movie friday odd batman returns true about michelle. Pfeiffer is cat woman but also interesting. The gina davis. She wanted the role of louise and she wanted it. Badly in her agent was calling like ridley scott daily like get her in and the timing just kept shifting because of director issues trying to find a director that was not released guy and eventually there was like a timeline and gena davis this 'sound like why should be the we's and then early scott was like so you wouldn't be thelma and then cheetahs davis like she. She's like no actually. I think i would be assuming the whole thing. And she signed an open ended contract and said i would do either. So that's how she got the role. Which i find really interesting. She does amazing at it. And i will say this is a very personal note. Gena davis has a really deep voice. And when i was young i was really ashamed of my voice because i thought it was really masculine really deep. But she's an actor that i always connected with because her voice is so deep on the same way. I didn't connect with her that way. I connected with her because she wasn't feminine like she wasn't she wasn't like she wasn't dripping with Being very girly and being that by like she was athletic she will. He moved in a different way and he was tall in league had a different manner of being without being seen as overtly feminine as much as i wanted to be feminine. I really wasn't necessarily like the tomboy. I wasn't necessarily the tomboy. But i definitely didn't hit the like princess either so and made me feel really awkward as she does that in a way like a being awkward girl without being either way. It's kind of like she is the middle ground that i've been looking for because when you especially when you see glamorized movies you see that glamorize and or the opposite where they're complete tomboys and also who am i right yeah. That's that's a good point. She kind of did that in an league of our own does well. So ridley scott's did approach several directors about this movie and he later accounted this story of this guy saying listen dude. It's two bitches in a car and released got said wire they bitches because they have a voice and another guy said. Oh it's small to which i said. No it's epic are being ridley. Scott and he started talking about the press. The neom landscape was the third big character in the movie and the film is an odyssey and then he went on to say like. I didn't realize when i was interviewing these guys that i was talking myself into it. So that being he talked himself into directing and this was after like had said you should do it in a couple of people that said you should do it Corey was nervous about it because she was like. Oh then it will become a big film. And i don't know what that will mean but eventually they reached a point where they're both comfortable and they both like okay. Let's do this right. 'cause obviously not just he's known for the big action films at that point in time and so this was a lot about heart typically. I wouldn't have imagined got honestly. I forgot that it was held director in this film. Either this episode is brought to you from c. l. clear if you're the type of person who cares about keeping a clean home. Tough messes can be so annoying hard water. Build up risk stains stain shower. Mold it's enough to ruin anyone's day. Luckily c. l. are clear has an entire family of products that can help to combat all of those messages. When you're armed c. 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Real t. stay gold so the film follows best friends. Thelma and louise who decided to take a weekend trip to a mountain cabin to get away from their lives in small town. Arkansas where. Thelma is housewife married to a controlling loudly firmly abusive husband and louise as a waitress dating a musician. Who has never around off of the actor who plays Toba husband her ex. Yep from all of the Quentin tarantino movies. She recommended him. She was like. I say that as a positive. But we're talking about this a little more but his character wasn't like this likable. He seemed like the typical you. But at the same time he was still one of the more loyal. The it's interesting. I haven't thought about that and we're definitely going to get into it. Okay so thelma and louise stop at a bar on their way to their destination worth elma. Who's like so into this idea like i needed vacation. I wanna have fun. She dances with a very flirty stranger named harlem and later in the parking lot. Harlan kisses her and tries to take off her clothes her consent and when she resist he gets violent and attempts to rape her. The we's arrives with a gun and threatens to shoot him. He reluctantly releases thelma. As they're walking away he insults. Both of them says he should've raped thelma. Furious louis shoots and kills harlan and the pair flee the scene true yes also. I feel like i have a lot of behind. The scenes factual said like a so susan sarandon and made it clear. It was clear script as well that it was a very split-second decision on her character's part that it was like not premeditated but he just called her. This and it was like a lesson and it was just like final straw snaps which i find really interesting and acting is amazing this movie. Yeah okay so the pair go to a motel and they discuss what they should do about the situation and they discuss it on the car ride on the way. Thelma wants to go to the police. Louise disagrees thinking. No one will believe that. The man tried to rape thelma. No one will believe them. Especially after bar. Patrons saw thelma dancing and drinking with harlan. This man and that they would be charged with murder. Eventually they decide to go to mexico or at least to louise decides to go to mexico but she insists they do it without passing through texas so while on their way. They meet a handsome and often shirtless drifter jd. Played by brad pitt. And thelma quickly becomes smitten with him and persuades in begs lewis. Allow him to ride with them for a little. While louise contacts are boyfriend. You'd have to transfer her life savings to her but he surprised her by showing up and he proposes which she refuses. Because it's obvious that he's just scared that he's going to lose her right so therefore this is what he's doing must leaves with j. d. and finds out he's a thief who is breaking parole when the pair wake the following morning how they realized that. Jd who went to a whole thing about how he liked to rob people hasn't been all of louise's savings and is nowhere to be found. The leaving louise devastated and vilma incredibly guilty so she robs a convenience store with what she learned from. Jd she had to get a play by play on what he did. Edge decided. i know i'm going to do this. Yeah i mean that's so it's such a sweet inside seen especially if you know what happens. 'cause he's so happy because she got like good sex. I and you're like wait. He definitely robbed so. Fbi closes in on the following eyewitness accounts of their vehicle. They questioned the newly apprehended. Jd they questioned louise's boyfriend they'd tap the lineup films husband who hilariously and sadly enough to me. He's like she hangs up like now. There'd be tap because she knows right he wouldn't be nicer. The head investigator played by harvey. Keitel seems to understand their actions especially given the wheezes past. And it's kind of implied. I guess the story shifts but it's kind of important i. Louise was the mastermind buying the whole thing. And then it's like a weight almaz. The one stood up this place which is important to to the alternate ending or discuss later. But he is harvey guy tells. Character is unsuccessful in convincing them to turn themselves in. so thelma tells the we's that she can turn herself in if if louise to go back. And she has jamie your her boyfriend waiting for her. But that thelma herself refuses to go back to her husband. She refuses to go back to real life. The we's argues that they are in this together. They're gonna do this together later. Thelma discusses what happened at the bar that set off the whole thing and asked if louise's response to it had to do with what happened in texas in. Louise is angry and demands thelma. Never talk about again what she had kind of already done previously. She's just been very close. Close lipped about this whole thing right. I do want to talk about with the one scene when the waitress is giving her statement and just absolutely no those ladies had nothing to do with it there too sweet a two nights one tip me really well. There's no way that they were boswell in just about how. This man's reputation was that he was sort of an and disaster by essentially with a whole. Like okay this is kind of telling harvey cocktails scared like okay. Yeah there's something a mess. Something had to have happened here. We go and then of course when the hair pulled over for speeding which is one of the funnier scenes. I thought they quickly realized they'll be caught. So thelma after the police officer tries to get louise identify her. Pull a gun on the trooper and forces him into the trunk of the police car. Which again she's doing some days like you're like weld. Am come into our own demanding like turn off the radio. Shoot the radio making little air holes for the police officer. She's been nice in the day on. Trunk you go. And as they continue their drive to mexico hilarious a truck driver makes rude sexual gestures them. They forced him to pull over after many racket and him being a dick demanding an apology from him at gunpoint which he decided that he's going to be a a real deck and just continue on even though they start asking which by the way. We've done this recently. Just for people to get empathy about think about your mother. Think about your your wife. Would you want this to happen to the people you love. And the fact that we have to even or anyone has to even suggest that for them to think about another woman as a human right but of course he didn't so they use a gun to blow up his entire rig and leave him stranded. Antique has hat which is hilarious. Yes not right. It's satisfying so the police soon. Catch up with them as they're passing near the edge of the grand canyon and film. Louise decide that in the face of spending their lives in prison that they keep going to almost address. They keep going the we's make sure that she's totally sure of this decision and it kiss hold hands the we's pushes down the accelerator and they fly over the edge and the image freeze frames car hovering in the air over the cliff. It's one of the most famous iconic imperative evenings of all time. Yes yes but apparently in the original ending at the last minute the weeds. Push thelma as the car. But serandon and davis fought against it and ultimately they got their way. Gena davis would later say. I earned my death which is interesting and also i read right before coming in to record this that the scene where thelma has sex with a brad pitt. Jd she was supposed to be naked. And they're supposed to be like you know boobs. And and gene davis. I don't see the point. And she went to susan serandon about an susan. Serandon like marched gotten said and so they put it in porting women right. But i wanted to because as i was researching this i just found so many really funny summaries of this movie so i wanted to know samantha if you had to t. l. d. r. This if you had to summarize this movie how would you describe it o. Two best friends pushed over the edge. Get their revenge and have their happy ending point. That's beautiful thing. I love I don't think i can do better than that. It's essentially add to your best friends. Discover the beauty of their friendship over all else and choose it over all else and writer dai rider. This is the enemy of writer. Die the beginning of writer die. Feel like you know. I need to look into it but i think this might mean but okay as we mentioned. There was a rod of controversy. When this movie. I came out and especially around. People say that it portrayed men in a negative light. Yeah there were all kinds of headlines like is violence would feminism is all about. this is toxic. Feminism people calling it a violent disturbing movie that it was degrading men all kinds of things like that that being said plenty of people praised it a lot of these people women but some in some have rightly pointed out that there were plenty of good male characters in the film but they weren't the main characters and were defined through their relationships with thelma. And the we's with women like how most women are defined by men and almost all movies ever all of them. Yeah or in the words of critic. Janet maslin after the film's release. Many detractors. were annoyed by quote. Something as simple as it is powerful the fact that the men in this story don't really matter which again is how women characters are it almost a majority of our movies right and i found this quote interesting. Corey said in two thousand and one bad guys get killed in every damn movie that gets made. That guy was the bad guy and he got killed. It was only because a woman did it that there was any controversy at all and i thought that was really interesting because i think she's on to something they're thinking about. Having movies we have about men getting revenge right and how we're like yeah kid and then in this movie apparently huge backlash of look at these violate women. They hate men. Oh my gosh dainty and kind of just walk away This episode is brought to you by gillette. Venus while eighty four percent of american women choose to remove. At least some people care in some way. Eighty-seven percent are happy with the results. But now there is venus for pubic hair and skin. A complete regimen of products designed specifically for that area designed to prevent bumps ingrown and each whether you're care is gone growing or their. 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A revolutionary new ev platform from gm bill for power flexibility and range ensuring. You keep the good times going. Isn't it time for everyone to feel good about driving vehicle. They love discovered the thrilled. That a waste at gm dot com everybody in so from. Rebecca nicholson over at the guardian in may twenty twenty one this year when the film was released in nineteen ninety-one. It unleashed a wave of controversy. That seemed to take its cast and crew by surprise. Gena davis and susan sarandon appeared on the cover of time magazine under the cover line. Why emma and louise strikes a nerve. The particular nerve that it struck was much debated. Was it as some critics felt thoughtlessly violent movie to women committing terrible crimes in the name of empowerment. And by the way. Where are these table crimes. They didn't murder one person. They did put a person in a trunk. Everybody else evenly yup. Okay yeah. I got a nuts about this about it being on with the article where they quote acting like men under the cover of feminism or was it a fact sandri unfair to men because it portrayed all of his mel characters as awful. Never mind that. They're not all awful is by the way a pre hashtag not all men. Yes we know that one so well where they role models was a feminist parable was that ending one of the few that has truly earned the overused iconic perfect or a cop out in the last journey at two thousand two documentary about the making of thelma and louise serandon addressed all the noise and said films at the best. Should challenge your perspective. This is at its best. Yeah and that's that's a great quote and interestingly because a lot of people are writing about this movie right now. because it's the thirtieth anniversary. Some people have said this film wouldn't even get made today and that women in fact have been losing ground when it comes to representation in entertainment and we've gone over those numbers on the show so a lot of articles to use those numbers to be like. Yeah look at how we've lost ground in fact or how they're going down. But despite the controversy the film was successful both commercially and critically it was nominated for six academy awards. I believe it's so last movie to have to actresses nominated for the best actress. Roll like the main actress from one. Movie gena davis and susan sarandon and it won for best original screenplay and when it when corrie accepted the oscar. She said for everybody that wanted to see a happy ending. For thelma and louise. This is it and yeah just as a reminder. She is one of the only few women who has won this award. And the film had obviously a cultural impact influencing them in thought and other media from recent movies to taylor swift to even the simpsons in two thousand sixteen. The us library of congress chose to preserve it in the national film registry. Yes and yes after. This movie came out. There're all these predictions that it was the catalyst for so many great movies about women and don't forget nine hundred ninety two which was the year after this movie came out was predicted to be the year of the woman but that didn't happen for the movies twentieth anniversary. In two thousand eleven rain elicits called it. The quote last great film about women and for the thirtieth anniversary gena davis said. I'm thinking hot dog. Let's sit back and wait for all this magic. Change to happen or still waiting. It really did not happen. It seems like every five years or so. There's another movie starring women. That's a huge hit. People say well now certainly everything is going to change. And it really hasn't and gena davis started organization called the gina davis institute on gender and media all about representation in media in part because of this and she's spoken about how she felt about this after. This movie came out where like. Oh i really need to think about how. This role is perceived and what roles. I'm taking susan. Serandon said i completely underestimated that. We were backing into territory held by white heterosexual males. They got offended and accused as of glorifying murder and suicide and all kinds of things. It didn't seem like a big deal. It seems like it was unusual that there would be a woman that you could be friends with in a film which we've talked about a lot right right and even for a split second. You still had the stereotype of women pinned against the women and it could've taken a really bad turn good script and made this horribly done and i think part of that would have been having even though a sweet like having one being the innocent one and the other one being the bad one as in kinda was trying to go down that route and they did a better job. Nah nah we're in this together in stories and of course we don't wanna highlight violence nor do we want to highlight suicide in any way but what does movie did is a completely different conversation about how these women were pushed over the edge but everyday occurrences the so familiar by all of us who has grown up female. We know these experiences the truck driver. Yeah i remember. I had experienced trying to drive away real quickly. Because of the things they were Insinuating towards me on the road versus a man in buying you. A drink gives me entitlement to do this. And that and this we know these people we've seen these people. Yeah oh absolutely. And that's one of the interesting things. I find about this movie which a lot of people have written about is like from know nineteen ninety one. And how can we be watching it in twenty twenty one and we're like. Oh gosh yes. They connect to all of this but also there is a really interesting dynamic in my opinion. And we're going to talk about this in a minute more. But where there's kind of this ditsy thelma who is not as world wise and kind of like yeah. Just wanna have fun. I'm just going to go do what i wanna do. And then there's the we's who is much more like i've seen seen some and trying to guide them through this journey of getting away from prison but then like they make a switch. They make a really interesting. I don't have switches the right word but they take care of each other. Like bell realized that she needs to do something because wease so upset so she is like okay. I'll take control of the situation. Whereas louisa big control up until that point which To your point i think it could have been a kind of caddy women against each other movie but it is very much like they fight but then they help each other like they support each other and they stick with each other Yeah one of the interesting coats. I read and i think we've talked about this a lot. Is i just read this quote. Where together they become a quote. Third thing where there's thelma there's the weeds but together they become something else where they're kind of transcending there. The film was life being knowing her husband's cheating on her and is so disrespectful to her and louise's life of like you know i'm in this waitress mode. I could be all these other things and they come together. And i mean thelma says it all all kinds of times movie. Where she's like. I think i'm cut out for. I made for this and i just connected with that so much because i felt that with people. I felt that with you or like right together with this woman with this friend. I feel like. I'm coming into my own like barry helping me realize my potential in what i can do right. I mean there's definitely where the hype woman the person behind you who encourages you to be the better. Of course this is not necessarily the better for say but hopefully like you have those people in your background being able to encourage you to know that you can stand on your own end or you can step forward into this world of so uncertainty you indoor standing up for yourself in general like that whole level of having that person in your life that sees when you need to be pushed and that sees when you need to be supported like there's those those things you need to be there and yeah. I don't think talk about enough because for the longest time especially in the nineties when we looked at like the headers and that was not the context of the movies. It was all like all on your own. Get what you can move on in. you know. this was not it. This is not that this was a i was protecting you. I was defending. You now have gone to this point and the truth of the matter is like we know women are not believed and in the nineties even less so and just for the mere sake of saying i took a drink. I went outside with him voluntarily. Met enough that you're sliding guilty right. Which is exactly that indication and understand that you can't trust the system because they don't believe women so in itself like yeah. This is exactly what happens. And then when you push someone to the edge what happens and then if you have some line hopefully they will have your back and what does that. Look like yeah. It's hard because washing it. You're like this. Is you know the outcome. The ultimate outcome minded. Been a great thing but you feel like the paid connected so strongly with each other and he stuck with each other. Something about is very movie. I mean jean davis character. Selma does say. I've had the best time and i feel like the first time on living. Yeah this is. I thought about talking about this in this episode. I think it's too big of a topic for now but it kind of goes back to our platonic marriage thing that just kind of thinking about. Why does this idea in my group at least of a compound of women essentially resonate so much and it feels like what. I'm watching that movie. This is kind of it is like own hashtag not all men but essentially were still living in a patriarchal system. Were i know if i were to marry even if it was someone i loved. I don't trust myself. Because i've been raised in the system not to not grow resentful and take more burden than i should take on because they feel like that's expected of me and the dude and relationship has been raised in the same patriarchal system and has different expectations. And that's not saying like it's either of our faults necessarily but that's what we were raised in right and communication is great. But i do think at a certain point. It's hard to communicate your own experience. Right somebody who hasn't experienced it So when i watched it i was like this is the vibe. I'm talking about the compound. And yeah i do think i like that. There's moments where they're angry with each other and frustration with each other but they kind of give each other space and they don't even if there were moments where they kind of have barbs at each other they don't really blame each other ultimately like they'd stick with each other and i think that's a that's a really beautiful representation of it because it's hard not to even if you're the victim or the survivor not to have those thoughts of like blame and i like that they have the who's but then kind of give space and dinner like no by i was running was that you were sticking together. And then i do like they add. There's this real shift in their characters especially film. I think who goes from being what she calls like. Sedate or louise call today. What you settle for urged the quote to really. I'm gonna rob this place to stick this in the back of the trunk iranian Sticking with you and she says a lot of lines that are really interesting. I can't go back and i feel awake. All these things and then this was filmed in utah. Which i just say. Because i did a similar road trip with my friend through utah and it was. It was equally like really were. Yeah i wasn't on the run from the law though we did a But yeah it was just like a really beautiful experienced to be in in that that space with for me and other just really close female friends and then i did wanna point out there. Those moments louise throwing away. Her lipstick trading her jewelry. I draw hat like these items of women entity that are if you're living a life on the run runner ultimately worthless or kind of like. What good does this do me right. Yeah and also. Interestingly the two main stars with thirty five and forty five when they are a cast which has been know in hollywood. You know thirty. Two's like the nvr career as a woman. Right is changing but still pretty amazing that this happened need an escape from every day. Take a sleeping trip to the roaring twenties. with june's journey. The murder mystery mobile game. Pack with adventure and injury. So why is it called june's journey. Here's the scoop. June sister and brother-in-law have both been found dead leaving their daughter orphaned but june suspect foul play and she's on a journey to prove at. That's where you come in. June's journey puts your detective skills to the test. Seek and find hidden objects in beautiful colorful and carefully crafted. 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The amount of work that he takes not just the tennis sport but into jim in the physio in the recovery after injuries it's unbelievable. She's competing his players for ten twenty years younger. The goats arena is available now listening follow on the heart. Radio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. I want to get back to being a community group. I want to continue having a soccer season. So i can throw parties again so i can go to her. Party's it really be nice to dine in instead of getting delivery for a change so i can feel safe and protected for myself and my students we each have our own reason for why we're getting vaccinated against covert nineteen. What we are spe- visit get vaccine answers dot org for information on the covert nineteen vaccines. It's up to you brought to you by the ad council about ending. Corey said to me ending was symbolic not literal. We did everything possible to make sure you didn't see a literal death that you didn't see the car land. You didn't see a big puff of smoke coming up out of the canyon. You're left the image of them flying. They flew away out of this world into the mass unconscious women who are completely free from all the shackles that restrain them have no place in this world. The world is not big enough to support them. I loved that ending. I loved the imagery after all they went through. I didn't want anybody to be able to touch them. This going be like the grease ending which they just flew off in the car for. No damn reason probably like what was happening. I grease that was an eighties right seventies. You got me thinking care seven. I think you're i think you're right. It's before but it has nothing to do. I have no doubt this has nothing do with alec that greece keeps coming up in my head. It was like 'cause will forever confused as you can tell as to why an ending of a musical which they were just supposed to drive off that they had to fly. The car had to fly. Fly gotta fly. Oh yeah that's that's a really interesting thought We're gonna talk about that more in a minute of like this kind of symbolic ending but we definitely have to talk about trauma because trauma is throughout this movie and one thing i found interesting. Is that generally you not always but the men are continuously screwing the women over in this movie and one of the reasons i found. This really interesting is because there were a lot of male critics who said especially when it came out The women pretty much deserved. What happened to them. Because of the terrible decisions they made throughout the movie which is kind of the point. It's like they missed the point. Which is yeah just more evidence of blaming women of turning around like oh. She was almost raped was hurt. Because she was doing uh-huh she was robbed. It was her fault because of what she was doing. And some of even pointed out. You know even good guy. Harvey keitel doesn't seem to realize the world we live in like he's very i want to help you and that's great and all this stuff but susan serandon has been through it like it's implied she's been through this and she knows what it looks like and she realizes what's going to happen to them if they get caught and he doesn't right right ali he's very much aware but he thinks the awful ending is death like the he thinks not the worst day and so i get like that maybe in point but i think into the tel to him. Death is the ultimate bad ending. Right he wants to save any of that Because even in the movie he actually does say as they bring out all the guns and hunt them down and like all ready to go. He was like stop. They've been screwed over so many times he actually says that as in like this is one more thing. You're implying that they're hardened criminals like well. They're armed dangerous and that are dangerous actually only hurt one person in his entire time which one person is bad enough but in the actuality of it all it's like they they're not on a killing spring as so many think as in fact yes. The cop is crying but they keep apologizing to him. I'm sorry i'm so sorry. I'm so sorry again doesn't make it right but to put them as dangerous hardened criminals not the same implications rain. What is happening. And i think he does understand that level. And i think he was put in that category as being like. Hey here's one guy. Who kind gets it but still truly cannot get it even though he got some of the puzzle pieces. Yeah i think so. I think he's the. What does this like the hours that they have said the daman of this where it's like a good guy that doesn't get that he's like doesn't get it so one producer said when they were shopping around the script. The main characters were quote basically detestable and unsympathetic will never get the audience support. And i wanna use this quote. Because i've actually heard a producer. Tell me something. Similar about what i wrote once. And then i've been thinking about this a lot and we've been kind of talking about it or around it a lot in this because the new marvel show what if people have been saying this sort of showcasing white male mediocrity because i feel like if this was a story about two men. We'd be cheering. Oh yeah they like that. Coppa the trunk like we would be we all casually if they were defending a woman more. So there's nothing higher of one. I can't defend herself. But amanda fitting a woman gets all the high praises. Yes yeah just got me thinking. I wanna come back into episode on this but i kind of talked about it and like the glorification of man but i just feel like again were saying these women who generally are pretty funny pretty likeable and are not like outright hurting anybody. Other than what we'll say is pretty villainous man and self defense and yet we or critics at this time we're saying oh my god they're so detestable. We can't like them. Whereas now i feel like a good chunk of our kind of heroes anti heroes and our big blockbuster. Movies are men. That are same thing right. Yeah and then another another idea that came up to me is kind of this whole like one prison for another so especially when you look at thelma's character who's like slowly realized. I cannot go back to my husband. I cannot go back to this life that she was living in this prison and now that she's free from it she's she's like found a talent or something she says for it in that she's like blossoming outside of it and i know i brought this up in our women revenge episode but it made me think of the awakening again because the awakening of my kate chopin. You haven't read. It is very similar to the essence of al woman who kind of you know breaks gender norms and gender conformity experiences. Freedom and away. She had before and then at the end she goes swimming. And it's implied. You're left to decide whether she intentionally killed herself. Or she just died because she didn't realize she was going to out and then she couldn't come back and it's like she was going to freedom and then once she got a taste of it she couldn't go back and so it reminds me of this. It felt the same. Like i got the states for this. I cannot go back to what it was before as they let's lot of plot points for women and especially during times of suppression or pressure. The days are seen as eccentric and so once they become something different. There's no other way to handle this woman to have her own. Demise create her own demise in the walker away which is caused. You see that with Fitzgerald cheryl's novels. You see that with hemingway's novels like either. She dies or she's in prison for his. This kind of what are the other and it does seem like a carrying that. We should come back to now that we're talking about it we should. That's definitely a good point of like to get out of this. You have to die if you found freedom you realize how miserable your life is that. There's no other option yup yup and speaking specifically for women exactly. We did to talk about because we're we always about trauma and here and the wheezes past trauma is throughout this film. Ptsd over it. You can just see the ripple effects as kind of what caused her to shoot this guy harlan. Who was attempting to rape her friend in the beginning like it was built up and she didn't want her to go through it but she was also dealing with what she had been through. That's why they couldn't go through texas. it's why she couldn't get caught or allow ourselves to call it that she wanted to go on this whole idea of not believing women louise's the you know very impactful line where she's like. We don't live in that world selma like we can't just turned ourselves in right and we don't know the exact situation but obviously with the harvey tells character. Say i know what happened in texas. She probably went down by route of trying to get justice the right way but she wasn't believes those one more triggered in which he learned. I've not ever going to get helped. And they don't believe women so that was kind of that whole level of like. Yeah there's no justice at yeah everything's As bad as i remember it being and it still follows me as what it does. Follow the guy who the actual perpetrator right. Yeah and i do find it interesting. That throughout there are these you know. There's this huge terrible incident the beginning but then there are all these like minor kind of things that we as women are used to throughout and so like one. Is you know people calling louise especially bitch. Even though you know. She's like don't rape my friends. Like oh you bitch okay. Or the the truck drivers continuously gesturing fm or calling rudely bam also he says stormtrooper of love which i looked up to make sure i didn't miss here. What he says and it is feel weird saying that. Because i do have. I personally have a lot of hangups around revenge. I get that. They're really compelling stories but it is satisfying to watch that guy get is come up. It's like honestly kill in the end. Like he was fine and yes the and he will be compensated for the livelihood maybe holds. Think twice before cat calling women again. And how many movies have we seen. Especially superhero movies. Are james bond movies or the movie starts. The woman gets killed. James bond kills everybody. That had anything to do with it. And we're like. Oh james bond right. Every show almost dramatic police crime. Any of those shows are along those lines. Yes yes so. I just i find it interesting. That when it's base towards women and women's experiences and lived experiences in that clearly a lot of women can connect to based on how this made that men were really comfortable around it and that they didn't like that women were happy that this cat caller since i find again and they they did their own vengeance instead of a man right Defending their honor which is acceptable. Exactly exactly. I find that really interesting that we can't let women have this cathartic vengeance moment but men kill all. Kill all the people you want in the name of this woman and it's a huge blockbuster hit and we're not going to have a controversy defending your home and then very briefly. I just wanted to mention that. I found in this movie very beautiful this aspect of telling friends about trauma opening up to friends about trauma. And just having that even though you know you never hear the story in full and you never really hear thelma's story in full but you kind of have this acceptance between them and understanding between them of i'm here for what you need if you don't wanna talk about it you don't have to talk about it but i understand that this thing happened to you and i'm here for you which i find really beautiful and i think that's a big part of it is because a lot of times you i totally understand the the drive but you wanna push somebody to tell you their experience but that's not always the healthiest thing or the best thing but to have kind of like okay. I'm here for you. I will occasionally check in with you and ask about it. But i'm not gonna put you about it like this. Find it very beautiful as it should be as it should be. Well if you haven't seen survey go check it out. it's great. I found it still held up. Had a of funny moments to be honest. I know it sounds great. They had a lot of funny relatable moments. Oh you you're like. Oh that's fun and just kind of that whole even to towards the end as she's talking about i found my neck. I've found my. I can do this. You know that in itself Was a funny line in. Indiana brought that joy of like well okay. Yeah again is pretty satisfying to see coming into their own coming into their friendship and really just like writer day. All in they went all in. Well go check it out. If you haven't and in the meantime if you have any suggestions for what our next move you should be pleased email as our email. Is stephanie among stuff at iheartmedia dot com. You can buy this on twitter at podcast or on instagram. It's never told you things. It's always to our super producer christina. He'd be a writer. Di she's awesome. I think so. Thanks for listening. Stefan ever told us the production of iheartradio for more podcast radio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shifts about many those mayhem day glorious on here we are bringing red tabletop via stefan's to podcast just like red table talk sisters. We have brought three generations together to talk family relationships and social issues from the perspective of three five hulas. latina's listened to read tabletop via stephens. Podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. There's more to isaac newton apples and gravity on the podcast newton's law you'll hear a different side of the father of physics who later became england's most ruthless law man to who was this ruthless detective. This hard bitten catcher totally unmoved by the please of a desperate man. It was isaac newton. Yes that isaac newton listened newton's law on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts you know the final score now. Listen to the nfl podcast. That tells you why it happened. Do they have a skill or trade. That is going to allow them to survive. Dan lobsters skopje. Oli and me babushkas. We're tape heads going inside the coaching tape. And giving fans the answers regardless of the hierarchies folks need to be servants to the head. Coach listened to tape heads on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Meaghan's Childhood Crimes

Mojo In The Morning

10:50 min | 2 months ago

Meaghan's Childhood Crimes

"John the morning show so megan's dad is selling their house their family house because he is moving right. He's been working on this new home that he's gonna be. It's gonna be a little closer. Maybe now that scott's gonna little closer to me maybe we can see each other more. It'd be we can be besties that make sure you never find out or my dad's scott. I'll talk to you later. But we'll call each other also of my dad's listening right now. There's a high probably. Please turn your radio off. Because i'm going to admit to some stuff that you don't know good not gonna turn. What are you admitting to do. I'm an adult told me he doesn't love me. That'll probably hurt more than anything else. So yeah so we were just talking about how my dad's getting my childhood house ready to sell and i moved out like what a year ago i guess now at this point is when i kind of physically moved out and i can tell that my dad is just now getting to certain projects around the house and when i tell you i'm stressed. That is an understatement. Because my dad just found the giant hole that i burned into the rug. When i set the house on fire and even realize it and i covered that up for a good twelve years. There's a statute of limitations if he didn't discover it all that time but now i'm panicking because in my head. I have a long list of all of the damage. I have done to that house. Because i moved in when i was three and moved out when i was twenty five. I did a lot of damage. And i'm panicked for what he finds next. Whether it's the whole that's drilled in between my closet and my brother's room so we could run cable to our rooms when we shouldn't have added or like all of these little things one time i may or may not have left the windows open during a rainstorm and ruined the wall. And there's like a sag in it but there's a dresser in front of it right now. He set dresser he's gonna realize. I messed up the drywall like eight years ago. I travel that. I could get it from a man. I no longer live under his roof. Isn't it funny though that when you grow up in a house that you don't treat it like it's yours and you do things you know to it. You do crazy stuff to it and then later when you have to sell it or the parents are trying to sell it. You sit there and go god. I hope they don't because you know that. When joe moved out of our house we we found all of the things that he would do wrong to the house like we didn't realize that that he would With his we'd pens and stuff like that Weeden general hit burn holes like on the carpet and stuff. Okay so this is the worst that i know. My dad hasn't found. Because i know he hasn't used my bathroom since i moved out. I can't believe i'm admitting does dad. I'm so sorry. Fixing if i can figure out how to just admit this. I used to wax myself at home and one day. I accidentally put the wax machine away when it was still hot spilled in a drawer in my bathroom. And there's like half inch of wax that is just dried at the bottom. And there's like a coleman stuff stuck in it and it's just a glued trap at this point and i'm so sorry you could just peel the whole thing out and i still pretty gumming. I took it out of hand. Was like who's going gonna shut this dr. Pretend i'd never ever did that. Can i ask you. Are you doing the same to your current home that you officially no you much nicer to that. Do you learn a lot. I was nineteen and didn't on a go. Pay to get waxed. And i went to sally's saw kit for twenty five dollars. I bought it. There's things now that i go. That's a bad decision. That back in the day was like well. I can afford this. Got a text from scott now just getting by the way is co workers are going to be the ones saying has listening to your daughter show do you know if they i hate his co workers they tell him everything or just. Imagine he's gonna come over your pretty new house that you were finally able to on your own now. He's going to wear as muddy. Boots through the carpets. And all that stuff you know how he know he will because he spent three weeks refinishing. My floors do. Do you know that when they sold my family house that they went through and did all my sisters and stuff went through and did all the cleaning for my dad to you know so that he could put the house up for sale. That my sister's found my brother's like shag pad spot like where he would end up. You know Bringing his girlfriends and stuff over to the house in full round so that he wouldn't get busted and you know underneath the stairs the house. There's like a little area that's kind of like normally a storage area like in the basement and stuff. My brother made a like a little little room in there. And my sister's pound as gross. Even say this thing with used condoms and stuff and like condom wrappers and stuff. Yeah so scott mic. You could have that instead of the the curler is or whatever the heck it stuff that meghan could be mega all the cabinets in the bathroom. What about your brother. Your brother mass in that house or are you the only person that's a mess in that well. I know my brother's done more damage because one time he brought in a like a granite countertop that he found on the streets and then he set it up as a desk on a bunch of two by fours that he cut by hand so it was never really level and i don't know if you know how much granite ways but it's like a lot and then it fell onto my dad's hardwood floors and put a huge leg just dent and scratch and so like we put a carpet or a rug over that so i don't know if he's found that yet. We just kind of you. Don't how it big daddy anything happened. They would just throw some newspaper over to my vets. Put a couch in front of it. Put a carpet over it. Was your brother a punch. The wall angry guy. He never went through that boys. Go through that. No my brother was actually. We just talked about babysitting. My brother was a great babysitter like he was great with kids and keeping them like running around the house so that they would be passed out by the time parents got home and slept really well and you had to get so in my house. We did a lot of gymnastics where we would do flips onto the couch and just like the shadow wall sconces everywhere. Because that's what we did because one of the big things that i've learned with having three boys is that three boys. I'll go through some kind of puberty thing and it's usually like middle school or just post middle school where they like to punch walls now. So so. there's drywall. Dense and stuff like that and you know in there and there's sometimes they're not real intelligent on which walls they punch because there's some walls that they punch that actually are pretty solid house. But what. I don't know if other moms and dads are listening to the show or teenagers. Who were teenagers for some reason. Boys do that mike. Did you do that when you were a teenager. Growing up like you're a punch the wall guy now. I was never punched. The wall came punch while today without getting her. I'm a tiny little man punching kind of like a boy. It was like a boy thing in our house. Where the boys would they would go through some kind of a moment with the be angry about something and then they would slam doors slam. Doors is the worst. That's the girl that's the girl thing. Mike yeah slant slams. I remember growing up. Might sisters would slam doors so so hard. My dad would take the doors off. The hinges always threatened that all. My dad didn't mess around again parent. Homeowner i'd rather have you slam doors and punch walls. Oh believe me what's up mojo in the morning. What's going on brianna. Hi yes so. When we moved my brother is younger. Still blue pay in our bedroom and he actually cut it out in the shape and then covered it up and when you went to move he My dad had like a compromise with the buyers that we would keep the pool table and movie theater furniture in the basement. If you didn't have to replace the carpet that's that is a good one. That's one of those ones where you just give it to him. Not telling the people that you're while you're giving it to them because they're going to find the right surprise when that pool table goes away. I'm sorry i thought you were done. Gina what's up. i gina. what's going on gena. She went to turn the radio off. And turn your phone off go. What's going on so you guys were talking about. Punch the wall kind of guys. I was definitely punchbowl. Kinda girl yep There was one time in particular. Where i my mom were arguing. We're in always. And i kicked by foot right through this wall and i couldn't honestly i couldn't believe it just went to the wall and My mom looked at me. And she's like oh. Your dad is not finding out about this and so we took these picture frames and we put them on the floor like so they're at floor. Height is sitting there and honestly they were there for about twelve years when you think about awkward that the picture frames down left around it and just recently. We told them that. I showed him. He's like what's beginning. Dad was twelve years ago. You cannot be upset about this funny but very funny all right. Well thank you for the call. All right what's going on mojo in the morning. Hello wireless customer with mobile numbers though. Yes okay to nine yeah okay. Four has sent a text. Landline message to you at no charge to you to hear this message. Press any key beautiful loser. They win to reply punch walls.

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Episode 003 - Living Life Turned On

Activate Millions Podcast

1:01:37 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 003 - Living Life Turned On

"Welcome you are listening to activate millions podcast where Mavericks mystics and visionary leaders gathered share leading edge out of the box wisdom. That may shock you. It may delight you but it certainly is going to shake things up a bit. Today I'm talking with my friend Katie Max of bats engagement and we're talking about living life turned on. In this episode Katie and I talked about practicing desires embodying was the divine feminine. We even talk about taking responsibility for patriarchy. We talk about leadership enrollment and so much more. One of the things that I reached out to you and I said I wanna get you on this activate millions podcast. The whole purpose of the activate millions podcast is to help those visionaries as mystics. The Maverick leaders have support in activating millions through sharing their. Wisdom like they're out of the box leading edge wisdom and I know you have some out of the box leading edge wisdom that you're sharing with your community your bad ass community. But. The thing that was really interesting to me is that I wanted to talk to you about specifically with this idea of. Giving up the push. For a more of a surrender experience and I don't know. What are your thoughts on that? Like are still forcing things to happen or pushing things? No I'm happy to say right now I'm not raped but that doesn't mean that it won't come up because I feel like so much of that push is. That I learned ray like it's it's our patriarchal. World Culture Race and as a business woman and as a leader. Like I that was when I knew and I feel like I have mastered the masculine pushing. And I've had intense consequences as a result of the push. So for me. Part of my journey has been hitting walls of burnout. I can just push push push push and I can make so much shit happened. Right Lake. But it's not fulfilling. It was really wonderful for years because I got a lot of results. But it was at the expense of me yeah while. So, there is. A real state of surrender. To my desires am I languages changed you know? Instead of pushing, it's really attracting and being tuned in to what I truly desire and. The other distinction for me, which is probably the biggest is that. I would do everything for humanity for my clients for the World War my friends floor, my community. And what I finally learned was I wasn't including myself in Yeah. I just. I'm just thinking about this program that I used to do is called Empire building and upgrading it's going to be called. Wisdom economy instead of. Empire. Awesome but one of the things that I had like in this thing is like there's you and then there's your business and most people like there's. A gap in the line between ourselves that our business and you know like what's missing the questions? What's missing usually you why are you is the thing that's missing? Out Our own business and we think it's going to be something. that. Transcend ourselves. So we're not even a part of it but how can that be you know like how can it be that? We can create something that's not a natural outpouring of who we are and that's a big journey. So and I know low. And we sacrifice ourselves right to our business and that's mean I'm loving that you're not about that anymore. I am so not about it and I will tell you I am so uncomfortable being in what I kind of experience as a space. Because it's I'm not there and I'm not. Litter. It's like I'm Henze this experience it's really that's what it is. I'm in an experience rather than trying to figure something out and by the way, I just need to say for me. Whenever, I'm trying to figure something out. That is A. Huge danger zone for me. In my head, which is a dangerous neighborhood for me. Yeah. Other than dropping into my body my. My nellie. Now. And I will also venture to say I hope this is okay. My Pussy because I'm a because I'm a woman who is integrated with all of those. Of Me now yeah before. Yeah, and so it's a matter of dropping in and I don't I don't have. The Comfort in that yet right I'm. Going to make to figure stuff out and. That was. I. Was just talking to a client today about how when we're on a new trajectory like we're moving into a whole new stratosphere stratospheric like being that we still have the habits like in our cellular memory. We still have the habits of doing things the old way so. It's it's just a journey of like not beating ourselves up when we go backwards instead of like just embracing, this is a part of that limited space of the process of moving moving forward those habits of even habits of thoughts like. I need to do things by pushing. A habit in even when we're trying to transcend that like it still has some hooks in us. Totally. Of for me. For me to like. And the only way that I can unhook from that is really by putting in practices that bring me to. Bring me to what I know is true for me and so hard what I do every single day. I tune into my desires. And I will share when I started tuning into my desires. I was like desires. What are my desires like I? I don't even really know how talk about desires because I was still optically focused on getting shit done like getting. To this next level or This doing rather than being I, think that's the. Shift Yeah. Yeah and really comfortable when I'm busy and doing and like okay they're on all this going on and then when I'm in a flow. which is really not doing and attracting. I don't feel yet like I am in that accomplished place but. What I really do understand is I know it in. My wisdom completely is aligned like Oh. Yeah. This is this is what you've been waiting for. Yeah. The ease that given better like the ease, and it's so and if so delicious like. Life gets easy and you're and you're surrounded by people who are still beating the drum of push push push. It's. Almost. Kinda like look and go. Like without laughing at them. But I still do find myself laughing at people who liked to have it be hard or whatever, and thinking me and eases delicious. Pleasurable all those yummy words and I know you're the goddess of pleasure these days. Yeah so like the push has turned into pleasure rate, that's what I'm hearing. A P transferred. Yeah you know, and that's why also brought up like my body parts because. I. It is being embodied. Yeah. Right and and that's what practice is for me. It's like going from concept and this is my struggle in the whole development world is you know like we? We talk about concepts. And then it's like we we're in such a push world fast fast giving three tips. Do this like an it's like, no, it's got to have spacious nece got. Yet you. Our bodies. Not from the neck up but lying the whole thing. Yeah. Yeah. In our body gives us so much information or gives me. A tremendous amount Yeah me too. If I don't know if you're familiar with human design but I have like this gate forty-six that's all about your body. And it's all in my chart everywhere. So like. It just as about. The love of life, but it's like being embodied and loving my and that's to me. That's the the big turn Anri you talk about that a lot. I. AM So loving that you're. You're bringing in all this language because that's really the shift right from push to surrender from half to to like desire gas. Rum Struggle. To pleasure yeah like those are the other sides of the coin and. You know I think? Really on a cultural level for thousands of years, we've only known the masculine rate it's just. and. So much has been stripped from us right at just as as a people right and it's unconscious and it it's around us through advertising and feedback. It's all around us but. Our power and this is really like might teaching is all about power because I've had a wonky relationship with power my whole life. Is Shifting from power as dominance our ober amplifying fear lack. Shame for me to power as turn on. Power being lit up, which amplifies pleasure and elevates as love like that's the true power and and it's so devine to be. Turning sixty and coming to. A whole new understanding, which is also an alignment I think with what's happening in our world. To like we cannot sustain the the way things have been, and it's it's based on greed and now things are you know as much as people are struggling right now like I think that there's a real shift and a lot of things like people realizing you can't just move forward out agreed they just make money because there's more people ten things like now he's like, I'll be you take care of the people who are there right and Yeah and I don't know if you know like we have like the turn on because it's a part of my. Piece of wisdom that I used to and I know that you're talking about term we talk about a different way like I'm talking instead of saying same energy but I talk about it like turning on every single cell of your body to be alive with that knowing that it is fully you like that's the quality lake. And you're really talking about pleasure. The first step to it right. This is so stimulating because Don I. Love About having this conversations is is really it's the same but your the way you just expressed it like total drew me in and it's it's the same but I I speak about differently than the result is that being Nina up turned on in your body? Every cell lay? Yes it's it is so luscious and I believe. We've been conditioned not to give ourselves permission to feel that. Good. Oh, yeah. Well, it and or even to feel that bad like that's the other part of it too. You know like we've been getting I I look at kids in how my kids are allowed to feel whatever they wanna feel like that's the game. Don't feel bad field by other kids who are. Afraid that because they feel bad or have a bad day that they are bad and like that really bothers me like man, you know juice the. Juice it out. You know like if you're feeling bad like feel bad figure, not not figure out get to the root of what is making you feel so bad. And then let that like that because that's a turn on like if you can know yourself that much and you can get to the, you can get to the core of the juice of what's actually. Making you sad or feel grief or feeling it than you know yourself more intimately. Through that experience than you do when you're just faking being happy which is what? It's Uncomfortable for parents to have I. Don't know why we're talking about this, but it is. It's uncomfortable I know it's uncomfortable for parents to have kids that aren't happy because then we think well, my kids aren't happy than I did something wrong? No, this is really life like in. This is the turn on for me is like this is life. When your kids can have the the richness and the experiences like they're resilient. Kids are so resilient and yeah. So like the big like it's okay to feel that good, it's also okay to feel that had and yeah, I know that you're bringing that up and I think we've been so shamed culturally like you said like. I've done something wrong or is it a reflection on me like what what's happening and and I think we move through life like that around our emotional Stadi-? And one thing I can say for women is that we just have a capacity. Emotionally. Yes. It is off the chart and yet if I look back on history and look at the messaging of hysterical or you know there's a lot of judgment about our capacity. It's really the city that feeds life it is it's life giving. US is remarkable and. I'd like. You know worked with Regina Thomas, our she's Mama Gena in the world. She does amazing work for women and one of the things that she talked about an adjust resonated in my body is as light as you can go is how dark you can go back like the the lighter you can get is because of your willingness to go into the dark into the shadow. and. There's so much information there and. And to appreciate it which I thank you for because you played such an instrumental role in my own self appreciation which has been life changing. To be able to appreciate all those aspects of are some. Yes. Is really what being a maverick and a mistake and a visionary about? Yes. Like Oh. Yeah. Old Range. We're not meant to just be in these smaller ranges it like. My desires have all of us. leashed. Yes. and. Your capacity for unleashing. This is monumental. Just have to say like you inspire me and your liberated expression of who you are. It's really beautiful Thank you. Yeah and some have learned to say and I just want to share this with you and others, which is thank you. It's true. Yes. Right and there's something really beautiful about receiving a gorgeous statement and owning it right and so I've learned to say thank you. It's rather than Oh thank you because I can sometimes go. Thank you. Nice. I love that like. Thanks so much, but you're not really taking it in. like that. I I love that. That's another. That's another thing that that brings us into presence for what's being said like it actually. Allows us to receive the fullness. It's so good. Yeah this is juicy. This is a juicy juicy conversation. You know look at how lit up we are right. I'm. I just feel liberated being able to talk about this in a way that is in like a professional setting, which is around leadership, which is around authenticity. It's like. Breaking the mold that we've created to be safe it's like no that's not gonna cut it night. I really believe now. We are asked to step into this version of ourselves. To help bring the light because it's what we're being invited into. Yeah. Yes and I love the. The idea that US being individuals like being in our unique expression is, is the light like it? No matter what I remember when I first. When I first? Saw Lady Gaga Videos I was just like so drawn in like there was just something in me and it. Doesn't matter what anyone thinks about it. There was this element of like, oh my gosh, she's. Doing something and didn't even feel that it was all about show. It was about her expressing herself. That was turn on me like here's somebody who's uninhibited by rules. She was just And she was creating your she really created our own universe and she's had to recreate based on like the push and all of that stuff, and it's it's an ever evolving journey of finding who we are in a different times in our lives to because what I had capacity for when I was younger before we had kids. is so different like I would I wouldn't even consider. Pushing myself after. After. My youngest daughter was born like she activates pure feminine energy. So when she came into the on the planet is just like Oh like I was supported by this energy. That's very feminine. And just as a little baby so there was just no room for push anymore but when I was younger Oh, my gosh. I'm with you I wrote that you know the masculine journey of. Really, trying to prove myself and a world like an a masculine world trying to prove myself in a masculine role in. Are Creating. A very. Integrated World where we can bring in our masculine but we can have it held in the space of our feminine that to me is. Yes I know. And I think I'm so glad you brought that up because I really feel like. We have our. We've honed the masculine all of us I. Mean it's it's the culture we've been raised in. So it's it's not like forsaking something. It's like Oh, my God I'm so skilled at that. I have such a profound skill set. Expands into like you know if you look at the divine masculine holding the container. Talk. And the master and containers. So I know what it is to just hold that space at. So Safin, and so grounded But then the divine feminine comes in where there's spacious nece in room for all to to arrive. All of our being ness to arrive. Without the push without shame it it's just so it's such a gorgeous. Marriage, right that can happen in internally in my body. Yes and I. Love that and it takes some time and it takes some work and we not everybody's signed up for this journey like. Not. Everyone said Oh yes I think I'll take that. Take the like. Integrating the masculine, the feminine and just having that be like there. I. Just feel like you thinking because if you would have had everything on the menu like. That is included in that choice to integrate the masculine family. No I don't think I want that to happen in that no, no no. He would not sign up for all these things but in the end all those little the struggles. The challenges that the choices that the beautiful things messy things to horrible things trauma the olive it makes room and make space for this. deliciousness. And it's work. It really is. It's like it is a for me. I really call it devotional. Might my devotional? World Right which is. Since the time I was little I have been called Ray I. mean since my first calling was four years old rave end and what was so interesting as I was in a car I'm this is so surprised me every time. I was so in the divine feminine. And I'll just share the story. So my family and I used to Golden Gate Park was born and raised in San? Francisco. And during the summer on Sundays, we go to Golden Gate Park and they had a free. band played was usually a military band and people picnic in just really just enjoyed being scorgeous park. And we would lay out the blanket and once everything was set I would leave my family and I would I was just called to mostly elders. I felt. Had so much pain and there was A. Such a sense of lost nece. If that's even a word right leg and they were just sitting there kind of checked out, am I would climb up on the bench and I would look at them in there is and I would take their hand in my hand I would cup it and I would just gaze at them all and then when they're light came on when I could see a sparkle in their eyes and I knew I was complete and I would go onto warnings. and. One day my parents just I overheard when I was coming back. I was just in my little bliss and you're like, what is wrong with her? Like she's like there's something wrong and I was like. Oh, there's something wrong with me. So internalize it and I share that because I shutdown so many natural parts of myself based on the feedback I received. May and and it was my natural state. It was the connected Seoul awareness intuitive. Love. All of this that was just natural. Known taken be years. To come back home yes. Oh, I love that. Yeah. and. We're always doing like we there's more layers of coming back home to ourselves to. And where we have lit up conversations like this, it just feels excel. Good. This is home like what everything else this is home. Right yeah. And when you talk about the. Really doing the deep work. You know that I work with Mama Gena last year already mentioned that but. I had so many coping mechanisms based on the trauma in my life. That were conscious and unconscious. And Regina has a book called Pussy a reclamation of you haven't read it I. Just I went listening I suggest you do because it's really and it's for men and women. It's it's it's not just for women and men can understand the divine feminine through this book as well. But what ended up happening as I didn't really want to work with her like. About my body and like all my body parts that's like I'm good without having to do that work. And I went to a workshop of hers. It was sixty seven dollars a weekend in New, York, and I loved it and I'm like, oh I'm not going to sign up with her no way. I'M GONNA I'm really happy to be introduced to her work and it was all very heady. Yeah. I was in the room and I was like. Oh. No. Oh No. Way. I'm so drawn to development work. So I'm always taking classes and and I love that about myself. I. Just Love Expansion and Growth and. But I did to work with her. And I think afterwards I had nervous breakdown. Were all of my strategies like we're gone. And I was like, who am I without these strategies? Like. How do I navigate no world I haven't felt safe in and I have felt judge that I felt shame that I am not okay as I am and I'm really fucking powerful take a lot of space like all of these things that I somehow could contain. After working with her, there was no containment and I sobbed wailed five to six hours a day for. Almost three months like an it went so much deeper from myself went into my lineage. It went like all of my the women in my family that were not allowed to express themselves, and I just felt so much grief and so much rage and I couldn't even believe I was allowing myself to have all of that to feel all of that. And so I just knew like just surrender. That was probably my first. Huge. Surrender. Of I'M GONNA. Let it all be. and. and. It was so terribly uncomfortable and I, just I. I say that because I think we need to as as leaders I think it is essential. We don't need to join the I think it's essential to be our full ourselves to give ourselves permission to surrender to. Whatever is up and be with that and being discovery about what's up. And and part of what I didn't do for myself. I didn't give to myself which we mentioned earlier and I almost denied myself going back to work with Mama Jean it was your last live training and I was denying myself like you don't make enough yet made enough money this year you can't do this. Oh, shame on you. And then I was like forget it I'm going because I know that's what's right and that was kind of. The tapestry that came together right like all these threads just started to make this magic and and and it is the divine. Feminine. How wonderful it we have like the teachers that come in right at the right time to help us unwind whatever needs. WHY UNWOUND and. A lot right. We have so much its and one of the things that I'm really clear that we have so much for the rest of our lives. Guess. Abundant like what we get to unwind. US. And that's a beautiful thing. Is just having the courage to be with it. Have a community that that. Whole space for that. I grau fixing anything. Let none of us to be fixed. Right? It's stress having the opportunity to be in our experience. Yeah. Well, that's I know that I. I believe that you were sharing that. That's how Mama Gena hold space and I know that that's how that's the the was the directive you know like the guidance would I started getting the work of self appreciation like it has to not have to. But like there's this witnessing component of the work of self appreciation and. In that witnessing the directives is. No fixing like no gone into fixing somebody's like what they're appreciating a wetter whether it's good bad messy. If it makes you feel uncomfortable dress. And appreciate how you're feeling about it. Not. Fixing, somebody else I mean that's a big. Ask because we're in a helps us unwind or codependency like that's the other thing that really feels. Accurate because we're so conditioned as women. To have our happiness like we were saying earlier with the kids like our happiness being dependent on how happy the people are around us and that's such a backwards way. Of living in it and I know for myself like when I'm happy I'm happy. Than that happiness just like cascades over and touches my family and they are just happier Cannoli if if I'm not happy then you know they get to be in their own happiness there. There's no responsibility for them to react to my happiness but the chances of them being happier when I'm happier there So yeah. Just. You when your process. Like you're modeling what I think the world is starving for, which is real. Yeah, right I. Mean Take all of the. Reactive. nece out the blame the shame the judgment all of that stuff to just be there this is where I am Yup. We got unwind fat stuff too because like we're so conditioned and it talked about earlier about it being. Paid, patriarchal world. Yes And you know and hierarchical Bright Lake. So there's somebody that's at the top directing as another thing like within the work of self appreciation like. Look around who's the leader well, whoever's leading at the moment? Whoever's in there doing the work at the moment that sues lenient and it just takes this. It just takes. The energy of what we've been taught. And it turns it by just turns it Alchemies, as it turns it around and. Allows us to be with ourselves with so much grace. That's. That's what I love about. The everything that we do being true to ourselves in and the capacity of like you. Finding are finding your turn on I. Know That's one of your biggest things like finding the thing that turns you on and. Just being without without blaming anyone else when you're not feeling turned on like that's the thing make if I'm not feeling turned on its like because I am not interested in the thing like it has nothing to do with the other person rate. And the MISNOMER which you've already addressed to of being turned on his always like. Thought. So turned on this so great versus I'm in absolute. Grief and rage and I will talk about myself. I am a justice being I believe in justice for all of humanity all living things all sentient beings on our planet. And and when things. Upset me and there's plenty of stuff become upset me right it's like. I can still be in my power not being a victim. Circumstances or to what I perceive is really happening and to be in my raw unadulterated feelings in my body. That's where like so much joy and pleasure is even amid very painful experiences. Yes. Yes. That's the turn on. That's turn because you get to take ownership of all the feelings without putting those feelings and make somebody else responsible for them and mean I think that that's Exactly where we get to reclaim ourselves like no, this is mine. I'm taking full emotional responsibility for this feeling. That is like grief pain whatever it is and no one else no one else on this planet is responsible for how I feel other than I than than me. That's right. You know I mean and. I go. Oh, like it. Kind of. Like I have a little trigger point like point of regular little. I don't know sometimes you get up on my little soapbox when I can see people blaming somebody else for feel. I'm just like, Oh, you're sovereignty like, Oh, you know like my heart just goes out like you're just giving the your power like. Your power on silver platter. But just take all of that own it yourself and. And that's just that's the work right and I like that. It's moving from our conditioning to. Truth right ends and one thing I want to say because I feel like this and I know from my own business that this is such a trigger word but. Really, Patriarchy isn't about men right all embodied the message messaging and so i. If We within US and around us rate and so I just I say that because I think it's really helpful because I know that when I bring up a word like Patriarchy people immediately go to. Members their conditioning. Like no, it's really it's. It's. It's what we've taken on night and I need to take responsibility. You know when I start beating myself up. I mean I can be on my soapbox about misogyny and all this stuff and you know. And then if I really stopped when I'm in my shit, right in a dark night, I, my inner misogyny is so loud right and I just and I really I so appreciate knowing that I'm responsible for doing that to myself. It's like that's something I learned I don't know how I took an honor winner whenever but it's it's in there and then I will lay on me. When I'm scared or you know or I feel like that's the right thing is i. Don't know that was you're like, and then that's a whole rabbit. Spiraling out. And now because everything is really become much more of a spiritual practice. And I feel like it's really important to put this out there like. This work is lifelong and. I'm not going to take a class of learn something. It's like non get take a class I'm going to ritual is the nuggets out of that or my new learning and create rituals that keep me connected to my truth. It's work. Yes it's one. Yes I think so too. I think you mentioned it that like we're taking these nuggets out, but it's It's an ganic process. It's not because somebody says you have to ritual lies your life in order to be like that's that's the distinction. Right like between. What we're doing, what we've been doing, and then where we're gonNA, wait like we're going into this place where we get to feel what's true for us like I love like I have ritualized like my. You WanNa know what my spirituality is like self appreciation like that's my spiritual practice daily daily daily daily daily practice every time I go away or even what I'm still practicing every day and doing my writing or my journaling like what is it that I need to do right now I just do the work asaf appreciation like okay. But it's a conversation with me and me it's not a conversation with me and somebody who's saying you have to do this work and. Not, everybody who connects with the work of south appreciation is going to take it on as their spiritual practice. I have found that the more work we've done. We've done the more attractive, the work self appreciation. Right because it just right. So many wrongs that you're you know not the wrongs that we have anything wrong with us but like it just. It sues everything in it just brings to surface everything that needs to the we become our own temples like that's how I explain it. But it's an organic process like that's. No matter what it is that we're doing. In this new new paradigm new way of being it's it's an organic something that were reaching for the desires that are ours. It's not because somebody else. told us that we need to. Have something want something it's because we want it. We're taking ownership of our desires were taking ownership of our feelings and our emotions and. The world will be a better place. You get to feed ourselves. I think this is one of the most profound things for me in this new realm that I live in. which is like. Practicing desires, what are your desires and they can start out really small but like I'm talking about Oh i I'm going to be by coastal. I'm GonNa have a gorgeous apartment in New York I'm going to keep my home in Oakland California and like. Tap into that desire and then bring it into body. So I feel feel it. Desires are a practice when I started. It was like I desire to feel better. I desire to accept my body or you know an and those aren't minimized at all because that because I had been tortured, I torture myself I'm alive. Really. Toxic relationship that I have with my body. So it but I'm just saying there's just such so much expansion that can happen. And tuning ourselves into what turns us on right. Interesting when I left. The workshop in Mexico last October we were writing about our goals and Mike what we wanted our business and what we wanted leadership and let Pablo and I had one. Because I'm inherently go-getters. So like I know I'm going to get shit done. But the piece for me was all I need to focus on. One thing being turned on. Cyber main intern on. Then I entered genetically in a match for what? I desire energetically a match for something so much better than I can't even see it. As. So in our conditioning I'm do do do it's like, no like what like what turns you? I Guess Get Because like that's that's the feeling of being activated like that. That is the same. It's exactly the same feeling it's like. Turned on, you are turned on. You are alive the energies moving through you and there's not there's no resistance like that's the magic of it like you're in the space of resistance and that is Yeah we're just and and it's a process like. Because you did my activation code and And that was a brilliant. Time. That I spent with you and immediately burst into tears as I laid sacrifice right? It was like. I. And And it's been, you know it's been quite a few months. But I it starting to really turn me on like essence that. Like is different and that does see ahead of you know like. I see this don't you see this yet oh, you guys this so hot. and. I had felt really. But there's nothing about developing a relationship with that activation. Yeah which is what I think we need to do what I need, what I desire to do with everything is being in relationship to it so that it doesn't have me. Yeah Yeah, and the thing that has us is the conditioning about what we think. Juicy. Juicy Nassir juicy what that has a lot of baggage with it. You know sacrifice. Like I don't sacrifice anything, but you're the activated the liberated expression of that type sacrifice. Is is exactly we were talking about when you were saying surrender like. You get to surrender all the stuff that no longer works anymore. Let it because it sacrificed because you hold the space for that sacrifice like it in for somebody to sacrifice. The. People around you and yourself to sacrifice what they thought. They knew about themselves like who they really are and like. Oh. That's Big Big. Big Activation and for a Powerful human. So good for you. You have this sign up for that. You know like I'll take that one. Like. Like. Oh I signed for a power trip I'm going to take that one and we're GONNA do with it. All we want. And I think I think you know when you mentioned that I just reflected on. Yeah I spent three months. Sacrificing yes. If my strategies my my. Consciousness around staying safe, right. What is safe? Right Lake all that. But like my compassion for my lineage and and to feel them like it just was like. WHOA, and it took three months and you know and interestingly enough I'll never forget I chose to call somebody. Who I thought was going to be able to to deal with it because I needed to be witnessed after like so many hours of just raw and. And so I called this person. And I was wailing and just crying and I don't even know what I was saying and fifteen minutes later she said. Okay I gotta go. So she left and I was like okay and I was fine I didn't have any second thoughts but then she called me back and she said I think you need intensive therapy. And I think you might need to get on hormones Oh Awesome. It was my medicine. This is like. This is what so gorgeous about Ed medicine doesn't look necessarily like the way we wanted to write. Yes. and. So what happened was got really grounded. And I said. Actually. Will I I want to say thank you. Thank you for calling in sharing your thoughts with me. And I also want to be really clear that I'm very clear that this is. A right of passage. And that I must have the courage to. Walk through this and it's devastatingly uncomfortable. And I want like, I'm quite want to crawl out of my skin. But I know that it is so rich and there was turn on it. Yeah and. I wanted to deny that those like this is miserable. But there was turn on because I could I was so termed to tuned into what was happening in tuned into other. Realms yes. Oh Yeah, and And it just really brought. A sense of Oh okay Katie. So you just need to be really mindful who you choose to let into this level of sacredness. was. Wrong. But I I thought this person could deal with it right but. Thank God. It's I called her because she wasn't the medicine I needed. Yeah. Able to own it fully. Like. Dab have someone say, Oh hormones and like you know therapy Andro, she also tie should get on some medication, right? She didn't realize that you were in the medicine. Yeah, and she was a part of the medicine. And I think that's that is so indicative of where people go when their feelings come up like you got to fix it, you gotta make it better. You take medicine do something to like like calmness down and it's like, no, no no, that's actually going to impede. Be. Head to. Oh my gosh. Yeah I know that there's A memory I don't have like book memories of this. I have like visceral memories of economic lifetimes are just being tapped into different cultures or whatever it is where women actually held space for each other like actually fed them in that process actually made sure that they were safe. Actually honored it in in took care of whatever needed to be taken care of like their kids or whatever, and they didn't think it was. The thing that made them need to be institutionalized. and. That's what happens. When because this power like this really is power? No, you know this or just in this conversation. And in. Our emotions are the most powerful thing on the planet and I remember doing this. Deep? Dive. into. Just, understanding what people get paid for like just like what do people get paid for? In following the trail of the most money. The interesting thing was me in that journey is like. Finding. The end of that was is the people who can make the most people feel. Doesn't matter what they make him feel good or bad get paid the most. If you think about actors athletes like. Crowds of people feeling great in horrible all at the same time in a sport sporting event in a movie. You know you're scared you're happy. You know those movies that invoked the most feelings get pay like people want to watch him. And four just who we are as as humans like we cannot turn that off it. Is it enough that it needs to equate to money? It is our value. That just took my breath away. So thank you for saying that because that that truly is is our power. It's it's our essence and we've been conditioned to stuff it away. And that's nothing is so he info? Right it's so. I mean like I just thinking about it I I just feel choked like I just like where I couldn't even let my emotions come out right and was like and now I mean I I just cry all the time. With whatever it's like I, just feel. So tuned in and I. And it's taken people in my life time to be. Okay with that right to get to. Accept like Oh something I can do what's going on and it's like, no I just I'm experiencing what I what I'm needing to experience. And thank you and. By the way for me is key to embracing all of it. Yeah. I'm so glad that you're practicing not that I need to or anything, but I just love. And love how the work seems to just pull in the powerful ones. Rate like when when I was invited into this community, it was like Oh. Yeah. That sounds really great thing. Oh. It's like conceptually, right? and. Then it was like, Oh, I'm confronted with. The. And even still. In that can a masculine moving facts which that's probably the one of the main hooks for me is lying slowing down right. Now Italy a gorgeous they cope it has been. That's been one of the gifts for me of just like Oh just being rain as. Going going but. There are times that I'll sit down and I won't have anything to say. Initially. Right. It's like I'm just blank. It's like. So I just type in Mike I appreciate myself. For an I sit with it That's part of the spiritual practice, right? Yes. Let it for like. Let it come to me. Not said I. GOTTA. Do this I appreciate this and this is like, no, let it come to me. Let it, fill me, and sometimes I'm in more of a mood than others, but it's like. It's okay to do a shorter version and and then sometimes I just think I've got like five minutes and then it's like Oh thirty minutes later apply. Awesome And it's it's totally it's the fuel that feels us down. Just, like you, you are fuel that feels me and I'm so I am grateful for this very debating and very turned on conversations. So how? Do I. Just I. So appreciate. How you show up the permission that you are a appreciate your wisdom. It's so. It's so tuned in. It that's how I experienced it. So thank you so much and thank you. It's true. Received that. To say one other thing about leadership business. Yes. Absolutely. As much as you want to say, I want to to hear it and I'm sure everything is good for everybody. So yes. Okay. So so one of the thank you and one of the things that I want to say about pushing with being a business owner. and. Being a leader. is like this whole notion around enrollment? And it's it's always up for me because it's just a conversation of like how do I bring more people into this movement that I'm creating like you know And so much of it is about just being turned on creating the space. But there's a whole conversation about like I was talking to somebody Klein yesterday and she used a Word Lake. Was it. It was like recruitment I was like like I heard that word I oh, worker. So painful rate because that the old I got to recruit people I gotta get this done and I. Offer like the attraction and so something that's really changed for me is. I'm no longer trying to convince anybody of anything. Yeah. I am putting all of me out there. And if there is a match and if there is attraction, there is ease and flow. The actual struggle was trying to get people to do something and convince them of something, and that is the old paradigm and that's exhaust. So for me. It's like I'm going to put myself out there and like to the best of my ability in my fullness in my business I've been so afraid to do. And I will attract my tribe. And those that aren't ready or are not attracted will will self select and several people who went in and I just finished doing a month long free once a week when our program. And I followed up with this woman and she she sent me a email. And I said you know, are you interested in learning more and she wrote me the most gorgeous email and she said The work you do is really deep. I really get that and I not there. I wrote her an email messages blessed her and I said Oh I am so proud of you that you know where you are right now. My. Door's always going to be open but like. Congratulations. For putting that out there in the past, I would have been like, Oh, well, let's have a conversation. Breakthrough and it's like that's none of my fucking business. Yeah Oh. Gosh. Rate like that isn't my business to do your work to get you to make a decision that ultimately is going to serve you right but. My job and that you. Just me. Right and then I'd be on pins and needles in like, oh or they're gonNa, let his like now my doors open and I'm exposed and I'm transparent and if it's a track and you feel a calling. I welcome you, and if you don't at bless you back I. Think that's really important as a business owner and leader to make that distinction between having to get people and attracting people. Yeah. And I have said this many times like the moment you say, the word get gt you're in scarcity. So just you know if you're trying to get anything, you have already moved yourself into low vibes. xactly. Exactly. That was beautiful. So thanks for sharing that and things for making it a part of our time together because I agree wholeheartedly, there is a space that get. The work I do is not for everybody not everybody wants to know themselves as intimately as knowing what they activate in the world. You know like that's a really deep and intimate conversation and not everybody is ready for that. Yeah. So and I appreciate you sharing your genius. Any last words for any Mavericks mystics visionaries out there on you like any last things you want to share that just could help somebody. Move along keep along. Keep going keep on going yeah I think the ultimate thing is to practice desires. Appreciation. So you can tune into what turns you on. And choose out of what turns yuan I'M GONNA get one more example I I had somebody that was a client and There was some out of integrity stuff that occurred. And we had a conversation and it was going anywhere. So I just said, you know what this conversation? First of all I'm not aligned with this conversation and second of all it's not pleasurable. So we can revisit stuff down the road that I'm going GonNa hang up now and take care of myself and I, hope you have a good day. It was like it wasn't reacted but it was like I can actually do things and safe things that also model like. I didn't blame her I wasn't aligned and and it was completely untouchable. So in the old for me, the Old Paradigm and the beautiful thing is she ended up texting me like three hours later and said, oh I, like I wanNA talk and it was like. That level of self care and self honoring is so important and it's a daily. Practice rape so Whatever it is that is going to turn. You want whatever it is. That is in within your desires. Like you get to create the energy field to be in creation. Right, and that's a really different aspect of being a business owner. Then like looking marketing, who are you attracted? So, anyway, it's complicated. It's messy and it's exciting and I invite everyone into the little space. operee. You are what you activates. If you haven't gotten your activation done with Don I, really encourage you to do that because it is still totally getting unpacked in my world. But I think. In my realm it's it's all about getting to know who you are what you're about what turns you want, what lights you up what turns you off. To spend time with and to tune into that, not the doing shit that keeps you in the same hamster wheel and it's a hamster wheel and just as fast as you want it to go. Right like it'll go just as fast as you're going. So these speed up and guess what it just. Doesn't get you anywhere faster. Right? Now, it may feel like you're out of breath but. Asks. Thanks for Weaving your wisdom in with me today. So appreciate you and your magic and everything that you bring to the planet with your uniqueness and you're. You're just by Brent see and. Your vitality like that's I. Just want to. Just. Really appreciate your vitality and your aliveness. You. All of that is true thing now.

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BTGs The Lioness Roar  You Deserve Better

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BTGs The Lioness Roar You Deserve Better

"Locked Talk Radio From everyone here at the rift radio network would like to welcome you to tonight special broadcast. This work is protected by creative Commons license and now a word from our sponsors. The ladies jets don't do team to join jazz and blast and co every Sunday night at eleven o'clock. On facebook and do feel swear after your. come how normal soup every Sunday night. Right. Start Virginia. This fall to experience creepiest place around take part and the ghost. Tours produced by Marty CBO and the residents of ticket prices range from eight to thirteen dollars. Bribe at group rates are available learn more and investigate the details of Mary Baldwin from the Mary Bono in college, the old western state mental asylum and much more. We're tour times ticket prices end dates, visit their website at www dot gov dot com or call five, zero, four, four, eight, two, seven, four, three, available tour dates are limited at filling up fast make sure to secure your reservations for this ball season get out of the house and become a part of history the ghost of starting tours only in Virginia's. Valley CDC. Guidelines are followed and for questions please visit www dot ghost of starting dot com or call five, four, zero, four, four, eight, two, seven, four, three, Everyone and welcome back to the lion's roar I mean shelley and I brought my husband along this time Jeff. Welcome. Last night, you had a great show on Burji MC gaps do and I get the live though. Do you mind giving a quick recap on that and let me get these out or you missed one last night. Take over for a little bit hand, the Mike Back to you Last night, we talked a part two of relationship. So if you miss that, that's got some good stuff in there tonight we're talking about you deserve better. So what does that mean in our lives we want quality and. We sometimes don't settle. Or we settle. Don't settle higher. We set a lower or. What's basically? Right around. Our comfort zones so If you want to make. Sure. It living your best life. Number One Is Ask yourself. What do you believe? What do you believe in? You believe in someone else or do you. Believe in yourself. That's important to know. When you're trying to grasp and we're all see raw seeking the very same thing you want happiness love you want validation you want to live your best life and that's What our show is focused on do because we love you and we WanNa make sure you get on a answer those questions that are perplexing you in life. I've got actually a little surprise for the listeners. Tonight's so make sure to stay tuned to that. The end of the show I will help you undoubtedly find some clarity those hard to find quests you might have personally in your life. So turn it over to you shelly I feel like. One day I do want is to make sure everyone knows we want you to call in please call in share your story, share your successes, your struggle. What can we help you with? What can you help others that you've learned through your journey? There are a lot of. Lot of its healthier that have gone through hard times. I mean I I WANNA give hope to everyone by seeing saying you know look it is possible. There is hope out there and We deserve better. So what can we help others with other women with to help them have hope and get out of the types of Jewish that there and to live their best life you don't have problems in life just lacking a little bit of information so that it's important to continue your education. And so that number is three, two, three, eight, seven, zero, three, seven, seven, we bring you live on air they'll be able to hear you on facebook as well. If you're on facebook and watching from base please I do have the basic up right here. So we'll see your comments, your comments, questions with us there But please reach out to us and. Contest because you deserve better and that's what we're talking about tonight. So I wanNa make sure the everyone understand I think the struggle I think deep down we know deserve better. But we don't know how to get there and we don't know why we're in these stressful situation or the toxic relationship. How do we get there? So in order to understand that and to take it back. You've. GotTa. Do what they call what shadow work. Look at be things in your past the blueprint you gotta go back to your childhood even and say what did I variance with my parents or one parent and? Those things are sometimes difficult to deal. It's well, it's playing. Shadow work so you don't. Be People that haven't heard that before it's basically looking within yourself at a not so great aspects. With no that's all that means is that what are you not being honest with yourself with is when you're honest with yourself. you smile. You're happy. You look like a baby almost you're you're battling in Glen. You're you're powerful. You're authentic. You're in your enjoy your in life. But when you when you're not honest with yourself, what happens? You don't be also go in and you can see this and people when they're not honest with themselves. They kinda look like drug addicts. They had that stressed look on their face. They don't feel good they and That's where we figure we've messed up in life and we don't deserve to have something better like we opponents ourselves rather than recognizing that you know I do I did the best that I could. There's a lot of things and information that I haven't been given so. Well. In her minded at that point if we if we aren't willing to look at ourselves and look at what we're doing, we've closed our might sit out we try to bury it. How can we expect to grow? We have to be open minded. When we're closed minded where it's like we're asleep and we allow other people control us you get into relationships and they demand things of you and you're just like okay here and you don't really stand wrong. You don't have boundaries when you open your mind and find out. Who you are and what you want. Then, you start to see. Where are you in opening your mind to? That's never heard. What does it? What are the mean? To me it's letting go of the things that you thought. You know that you were the things that you've been taught the things that. Conditioning program right that programming. So. In a lot of ways opening your mind is a way to reprogram your thoughts your previous training that hasn't quite worked out for you so well. Getting hit that at a little different angle. Opening your mind is just being true to who you are. Because when we go out on dates. We pretend. Men Put all this Cologne on women put perfume on put the makeup on. But as makeup it's make believe we're not being truthful with ourselves, and that's what opening your mind is is finding external things that will allow you to embrace yourself. More. And when you have your mind, you know. You start to gain back your power. You start to see what you want. You start to figure out what it is you want, and once you that you can draw those boundaries that you need. Put Your foot down when you need you. Right. You're not going there and. You give yourself the power to say, no when it's necessary instead of giving in no windows say no no one to say yes. Yes. and. So but more importantly you you'll learn to put yourself first. because. If you don't love yourself, I put yourself first. How are you going to teach others? To love you and respect you and know where those boundaries are. If you don't put those boundaries down, they're gonNA walk all every you and take advantage of that because. That's what you taught them because you didn't give them a boundary I'm glad you said that because you look at dating culture and this was on relationships that sharing last night but a go just a little bit deeper when you date someone and you jump off and sleep with them or maybe you wait a few days maybe you wait a few weeks. When the next day. You've lost everything that you've gained already with them So you you you're you wonder why guy. Sleeps with you and then doesn't call you. He he got exactly what he's looking for. Right. So what does he? Why is he leave is because he's not looking for one he's looking for many. So we get what we order. We've had an interesting conversation about that and how many think with. Double dating thing or what men are typically looking for an after and women think with the brain of here mensing with brain down there now we can just. Meet in the. Heart, you think differently, you process things different. A lot of it we have to pay attention. You know when word concentration. Attention with school God gave me a brain God gave me heart is ears you use them. Got All the equipment already. What should you do with it? Right so you know you gotta listen and see, and then you can make when you open your mind to what you're seeing. Open your mind to what you hear. Watching their actions you're paying attention. Well. You can make wise decisions. But. We only want to hear what we wanna hear see what we want to see. Or we being truthful with ourselves? Isn't that likely suffer though because we don't pay attention and try not to offer someone's trying to get your attention. God to get your attention your angels trying well, if you don't pay attention, you remain in pain. Hanes apart of life. Yeah. Inevitable deer suffer. That's better question you will get paying do suffer and suffer because you hold on you won't let go. Until the monkey and the coconut. Maybe, later. I, do get the Monkey. Get a coconut Jello. Cut It in half drill a hole string theory. There put it out. and. Grab it. You know what happens. You can just leave in the monkey will struggle and fight. Why would you have any? Same thing but. All you have to do is like, oh, so the things that happened in our lives and let go of them and you don't suffer anymore. Right? Now. Is he you got me off track. When when you're? Being ads engine. To yourself if you're in a relationship that the relationship isn't working. What should you do? Should you. Divorce. She's not. Why do you make those choices? Why there was a there is a post going around picture thing that you know. Toys life it's hard. Choices are hard every choices hard. Choose. which card you want. But what does everyone wants to know? What does my future hold for me? What's in store for my future? Right. That's what we all want to know is this gonNA, work out is is not gonNa make the right choice should have done something better that fork in the road I have gone left instead of right Well and I think when you're looking at that and is it are you? In the relationship you absolutely want. And that's love. You love is unity. Love is you know it unifies it's. Beautiful, it's delicious if you're in a relationship where you That absolutely what you want then. Work on that. Lives hard. Marriages are marriages are hard divorces are you know which? Harvey Want Now If. If, you will always be looking for something better. Than not probably not the relationship for you. And not truly what you want so. 'cause I, told you in college I had two or three different girlfriends. I went more than other like if I could just put them together and that's about the quality of your life. Are you patient enough to wait for exactly what you want or are you inpatient? And you rush out into something that you're later to regret, and this can be with furniture cars relationships. Do you want quality what direction do want to go in your life and more importantly what do you believe in and we talked about this before the show you will do something when you believe in believe in going to the gym and we go. I believe in eating healthy quality foods and that's exactly what we get. You don't have a belief. That's why I seems up and down or confusing. Sure and. Getting back to what? You. Deserve better. So. The question is operatives. We all deserve better. Are you ignoring the flags are not paying attention and are you in these situations because? You're. Not. You're looking for something better. Are you willing to work on yourself if you're in a relationship and it's not going right? Are you willing to make changes for yourself to improve that relationship? If. You're just hoping that things are going to change or doing the same things and you're doing the same things. You're just hoping against hope if everybody's just hoping something will happen and make it magically better. It's not going to. and. That's the difference between our conveyance and what you would hear preacher say is whole. Your whole pray sit and pray and God will come do everything for you and those are quite work that way. and. That's the thing with. A, lot of us have been told you know you can't hit divorce it. You know. As that's for life you're stuck in that situation. God doesn't want you to be miserable. God wants you to be happy. God doesn't want you to be in a absolutely does not want you to be in an abusive talks that relationship he doesn't want you Mitch read it. He doesn't want you to be hurting and then the kid growing up to see that kind of hurt and pain because that sets their blueprint from what they think. Is a good relationship or the only relationship that they can have when they're older. So where do programming into your kids right now is your life look how do you want their life to look? That's important. Yeah. Because not only do you deserve better, your children deserve butter. Your family. Is Beautiful and amazing, and it deserves to have a phenomenal. Fabulous. Wonderful delicious life. So I But why don't people get out of they think it's fear does guilt that fear fear of what other people think Oh, they got divorced or Oh, you know they were in a it's fear fear of others. But when you start to know who you are and find herself, you start letting go of the fear of what others thing. You Stop caring what others think about your life you start that's the day your life still like, oh, it's all matters you. You can't live your life if you're worried about other people and what other people think. Because if you love yourself if you start loving yourself validate yourself. Do you really need somebody else to validate you? Do you need someone else to love you? Do you need someone to provide or support you? Know, it's all within you. You just have to find your own voice find out who you are what when you deserve better you deserve is to give that to yourself because you are worth it. You deserve it. and. When do you start feeling that? You deserve things When you start loving yourself when you're copies fool. Not. Your fool, you say, Hey, I. Deserve Brunettes the love you start loving yourself. US started appreciating yourself. You want quality for yourself. That is exactly what is drawn to you. And you. You'll find someone who'll give that to you that reminds me maybe hope floats Sandra bullock and I didn't watch it. Oh, great movie Gena Rowlands played her mom are. Very eccentric but. Her granddaughter, we tell her I. Love you and her daughters undergo when she was. We'll watch it anyway when she was little, she never understood why her mom said instead of I love you would always say. My Cup slowest over. But that I mean she was very eccentric, but she got it. Loved. That comes when you're full of love that flows over just can be shared. So immensely with everyone and I always thought that was a great line from the movie. Judgment Be careful with judgment right because. You're going outward you're looking externally So go back within remain full, and then you love your finances nurturing you're carrying what you have overflowing from your up is what you get the other side it's what you have available to get. If you're trying to give something that you're short on. If you're cuts empty, you're only don't have anything to give. So it's important that you do that. You've got to get back to yourself. You know if you're if you love the person you're with and they love you and things are going. Having tough times things aren't going something's not quite right. That's where you know. Is Everything rainbows and sunshine out of the love and light. Did you see out there? No Real. You get problems and challenges and struggles every day. Then don't kid yourself on ignore those problems and issues tackling. Find Solution and you can maintain your piece. You can maintain your balance in life. You don't get angry and frustrated well and give I start with that shadow work and he cleaned the skeleton's closet clean your house. There were sound to me. It's like just quit ignoring the the not so nice side of yourself, right? That's all. That's all it is digging deep and go well yeah. You know I act one way on public within I act a different way behind closed doors and that's try to make that person the same. Well, not GonNa talk to pay attention not only need to pay attention to the actions of others. The pay attention to your own action. Own Your own action. Take responsibility for your own actions because if you want changes to come they start with you. When you go within yourself, you need to have a space a safe space so to speak. and. That's within your heart and that's where you meet with God in connect with God and that's where there's no abuse. There's only love during journals. So phone, right And you have out. Love. Inside you you know. It's only for you God. You've gotTa keep that space in your heart clean and clear, and you can't allow abuse or negatively those kind of things to creep in there. Those self doubts. But that Song brickhouse your. Bread. You're building housing. She's And what happened did you start building this house? And then you get mad. Watch It's like a wrecking ball comes into Knox, everything down 'cause like a stack of cards eichenbaum. Don't be on. Don't. Trust your own home kind of thing. So. Little take. So make sure you build a breakout and not a straw house or But why in relationships? Talking about deserving better. That You find out he or she lied to you. Why does that happen? That that happened, 'cause you're lying to yourself. 'cause. We go out on dates. Were representative of who we are. We played nine or ten. But we're lying to ourselves go out on a date. I. Here's a challenge for go out on a date without any makeup or Cologne or perfume, and just be you the authentic you. Can. You be honest with yourself and women don't wear makeup or have their hair. They say or I don't look good look. Nice. I don't feel good enough and that's where it's being honest with an truthful with ourselves is can you fully accept who I am if you're big big your all your tall you got big ears. Cal. Things he he? I HEAR Benefit to those years sunny because you can hear. Pick up, transmission. Your smaller works really good too. But it's more important than just being honest with yourself. So when you're when you're honest, you're real you attract just that and you. When you don't have that in side you you're out there chasing love. So and and you don't shape up against hit when you deserve better when you know hey, I'm worth. It comes to you make them chase you. and. Then when you have your. Your grounds and you're strong and what you believe in what do you believe in? Have you believe you deserve better you using poor you will be for you think rich. We'll be rich. So. Your mentalities, all your focus well, because you put out, you give get back. You know and. What you get into this world you receive. Doing some calm pool here. I mean, if you're insecure and you don't have the boundaries, that's when people take advantage of your kindness. So you've gotta pay attention to people action You got find out who you are exactly what you want from life and you have a loving relationship with yourself. You're not by yourself. You're with yourself and that's something we all struggle with your single only right and there's a huge difference. with that but when you search validate yourself and Know who you are no who you want. Then you start seeing those, you start paying attention to those subtle signs that you were previously ignore that got you into those. If you've you learn your lessons from those past relationships. You PAY ATTENTION TO SUBTLE SIGN That you're just going I knew what I want now and I love myself. I don't want to go there. And you say, no to those things before they ever get. In. These vicious cycles and The settings that it's too late you're stuck in there your traps. So you have to pay attention to those, you know what I mean if you're dating someone and they mean money. Do. and. They need a place this day. They should be able to take care of themselves. You're going to be able to take care of yourselves and then you get together. Giving and and allowing someone that wants to come in and take advantage of your kindness. You'RE NOT PUTTING UP BOUNDARIES You're. Not. Showing them and you're teaching them to take advantage of you, and that's where you have to use your voice you have to use those knows and say. Did I deserve better than that investigates investigate them why don't have any Why don't they have any money? Right? Why are they struggling? Those are important things to find out before you get involved with people because their problems will become yours. Yeah, and we walk into these pitfalls in life, and then we want to blame others when the answers are right in front of US little. Red Flag settle signs are not always so subtle even if somebody's asking you for money. Bigger dating or a place to live. Sign on a car for me Oh. I love you. Love you so much. You cosign on the car for me, but they need a place to stay and they need money and they need you to cosign on a car. and. Where what what job do they have to pay for that car or you're co-signing on I mean what happens we think about love and love is not relationships and if you know what love is. Relationships are physical and we don't have spiritual love or connection. Most of us don't or haven't yet to learn how do think from my heart. We think from our brains intelligent decisions what our brain heart things differently. Well, think we love someone and we'd seen that what we're. Probably. The best out there right now. So I'M GONNA. Let this come in and see where it goes, but it's Kinda you're still looking for something better out there. You kind of like some of those things. and. You let people take advantage of you. You cannot keep someone that's only there for a reason. You know we've said. Oh. Well. They've said that. With Your Life. You know. Yeah. Let me get in if you're on blog talk we. Well Steffi. Is probably the fact checkers and. Looking bugging bird. Now, what's Going on. So it's sorry about that if you're on the live. We Let me get out of this takeover I. GotTa. Well, let's back up to. Fees are to we're back on here Let me Responds. Any. Okay But. When we're talking about relationships when we're talking about, you deserve better it all boils down to education. So when we say education. I'll use. The monkey analogy. So. Yeah. The small monkey wants to go out with all the other monkeys got the big monkeys. That are leading the way. and. Say the smaller monkey. Follow me and he said, no, I don't want to go your way. Because it's not fun. And so. He. Goes, off on his own and having a good time. Long. The hold he comes upon a container. Ooh, what's this? So the Monkey. Opens, a container looks in. And the monkey says. I see Taco Bell I see McDonald's. I see chips and Tortillas and monkey goes ooh. Reaches in. And he gets his hand stuck. On the monkey not having any experience. Decide well, let me use my other hand. The Free It's like one of those mouse traps right? Hander stuck now. So monkey things, I'll use my foot. Monkey. Putting their. Now, I get stuff so you. Let me try the other foot. Surely, I can free myself. Now he's got. Both, hands both be. Stuck in this track. So I'll use my tail. Sticks his tailoring their tales stock lonely? The monkey has left us his head. What does the monkey do? Puts his head in now everything's stuck. No hunter trap. Compose and grabs muggy. It's Kinda like the devil. You, get trapped. Was the big issue. So. What the pointer moral of that story. is to make sure. that. You listen to. Those. That have the education that have the experience that have the wisdom can guide you. and. There are many guide books that are out there many tools, many devices as. In we ignore them we don't pay attention to those because we wanna do it our way. Yeah and if you do that without the experience without the wisdom without the education, you're going to get into many traps and you're not gonNA know how to get out. So they're very good analogy and part of that is. When we are. Lonely and just trying to go with what kind of the. In the meantime kind of situation, we ignore choose to ignore those red saw red flags on those subtle signs or sometimes not so subtle signs we've been. Set ourselves up four that pain and potential suffering. Because we forget that we do deserve better. We forget that we do have a voice. And we do have bound boundaries that we expect and should expect. People. To abide by and when they crossed those boundaries, are we saying no I not okay with that and need to. Back. Stop. This is my boundary I deserve better. Yourself enough. To when you love yourself more when you validate or something and you're not looking for somebody to do. Fulfil that within you. There's a big difference in what we allow and not I think the biggest thing that we meant. Is that we allow these things to happen. Even though we know better. We choose to ignore instead of paying attention when you talk about deserving better. Does that mean you automatically get? Something because you want it and desire at union work for it and when you say you deserve it when you deserve something when you earned it when you earn when you've done the work, you have to do the work and and and you know like we're saying the just prayer gets you there. Just pray and somebody do the work for me. Now, you have to do the work yourself. He's done something wrong. Okay. It's not. You were. Limitless. Early we at. When you work on yourself, that work is important but working on yourself, you fine. What your talents are, what your passions are, what you are good at what you enjoy those things that make you happy and you appreciate. What you're putting out there while you're contributing when you love it and you appreciate about how you validate yourself. Right Anything to add to that validated myself have you. That's A. Question you have to ask yourself are do you have to find that? You are what your role is? What your talents are? And when you take the time to get to know yourself. Fall in love with your Sowell's. Are. You doing what you love doing what you're passionate about. That's the big question. Are you working question? Are you? Are you going to a job for money or are you working doing your work doing what you love to do doing what you're passionate about? And if, you're not. What should you do? And your work and your job different your job pays the bill. Your word is your spiritual or your work on yourself. You're worked to improve your growth. You know to get to the next level to improve your life and with that spirit work and how you start to live your best life. you start seeing the things come to fruition that you've been working for. You've been dreaming about that. You know you deserve. It haven't known how to get there. Or who told you you're not good enough. You don't deserve these things in your life. You don't deserve good stuff. You don't deserve quality. And that's what you have to ask yourself. Why did you allow yourself to make these choices because you're phenomenal? You are limitless. and. When You start to believe in yourself. then. It. Doesn't matter what's brought in front of you right? It it doesn't matter when you believe I can do anything. That's what matters the most what do you believe in? Where do you WANNA go? How do you want your life? And you earn it when you put the working. Right. And so when you want something more started doing something about it, you know you are phenomenal. Phenomenal. Are Phenomenal you are amazing. You are strong. You are talented. What's your talent? You have a talent if you haven't found it yet you have one I promise you you have one buried inside you. Start Looking for that when you're off your job. Give yourself love yourself enough to give yourself the time to start seeking. Trying new things start looking into. Painting Reading Writing Music, whatever it is that you've been wrong too is most likely something that's GonNa fall within your talent you're drawn to it for a reason. You. Know it's one of those things if if we don't put out there. If we want something, we have to give it. Our plant it to get it back if you want. To, grow vegetables, you've gotTA plant, the vegetables or the fruit that you want to grow if you don't plan fat seed. How can it? Grow if you don't nurture it, how can it grow? And that's where we forget who we are with the programming. If you plant a seed. And you only water once or twice a month. What will that look like? It'll dry out and that so that see that's replanting. That's your passion. That's your love. That's your finances. That's your relationship how often and consistent are you watering? Nurturing if you're not. It just looks like that plan to water once or twice a month. Not, GonNa, look way that you wanted to. If you want to have a cactus in the desert they you only have to water once a month. Or have to water you're not really nurturing it and developing your nurturing and developing. You want something beautiful blooms that the bears fruit. And to do that, you have to nurture threat I, mean babies and plants. And a nursery for a reason I'm glad you said desert because there are many people right now living in the desert and talked to them about an ocean. Far beyond their the same you've lived in the desert your whole life there's lobsters, fish dolphins, wells, and they say, you're eighty you're crazy. I know the only rain I've seen come down. You Know Rain I've seen in this little wealthier. And what do you have to do with that person is to get bill the channel way for them to see the ocean there it exists. And that's the confinement. That people have placed on their minds that they don't recognize God is inconceivable and you must open. To that opportunity to know move. And then another analogy for is the well turtle on the Sea Turtle. You. Know Well, turtle I'm to the well. Turtle. Knows that can find small face area how much water they have within the well. You know a sea turtle comes in and says, wow, you know this is not much space. There's so much. There's all these fish there's all these animals there's all the way. You know there's all spaces so free there. And they're on, you're crazy. What are you talking about? This is what we have until the well, turtle can get out and see the ocean. They will never believe all the different amazing things there are there. So That's also how we have to look at who we are in a Lotta ways where sea turtles. But we've been stuck in a well and we don't know who we truly are. We're not a minnow in a small pond shark in the ocean we have a voice, we have boundaries have. We have the ability to validate ourselves to take care of ourselves. To support ourselves to love ourselves. and. We don't mean somebody else to do that for a because we can do it for ourselves. When we start believing in ourselves. We start realizing how much we do deserve how much we? Should be receiving and we are not going to stay in those relationships and those situations. With and not just romantic relationships but any type of relationships where you're being taken advantage of those will cease. To have that control over you because when you validate and Love Yourself? You start taking your power back. Because you do deserve better when you take your power back, you draw down rates and he say, you know what? I, divorce you. I am not going to tolerate. The way you've been treating me I deserve better than you can no longer take advantage of Mike kindness. Of Mine goodness of my hard work I'm going to work on myself. And I'm GonNa take care of myself and then you realize you want somebody that's also going to work on themselves. Take care of themselves, support themselves, what you have over and above that is what you give each other and share with each other. What's the difference between being religious and being spiritual difference? There's a huge difference what religion puts you in a box. Thing spiritual is. Open, minded, and open to I. Guess Minded Will Get a word I would use for it. Well what's Is the teaching religion any different than spiritual teachings now? So what's the difference between them what? How is it conveyed differently I'm asking you. One tells you everything's outside if? You're know if you're not. Sure where you're going with that and I'm like, what are you asking so? Thirds me those gods out there broads up there. Neverwhere and Gaza your heart. So you know that's God's within you and to connect with. God. You know you're not worrying Tammy in the clouds or being involved you're connecting on the inside that's your communication with God to where. You can when you make fat connection and you know God in new, then you can then get the guidance when you're praying are you asking for the guidance? The knowledge the wisdom, are you begging for God to fix something that you're? Frankly maybe too lazy to fix yourself like you don't pay enough God to turn on the life where you. That's just laziness. So what is the Buddha representation of? What? It's being awake being aware of the present moment right now. So everyone essentially has the Buddha or Jesus nature already inside them. God's already given you all of those tools. And being able to say Aha. Now I know what to do because I've been given the the the right or proper information, but you mentioned. Something outside of Your Comfort, zone and how fearful. Automatically get well, and that's because the majority of us or raised in a very. Closed minded type mentality. So we were taught to be fearful of things that are unknown since. He went call that. Cincinnati. Fearful sensitive. Yeah. Worrying anxiety sadness and depression list goes on and on is that is that God that's giving you all of that for the double well. I. Mean I can't even tell you how many times my aunt said I would have done this or that but I'm so scared I'll go to hell And what? People don't realize is you're in heaven or hell here on Earth it's where your hat. It's not a place somewhere else. The. Are you creating. Your. Own Heaven. Are you. Making the changes in your life to get to a place where you are living a prosperous peaceful joyous life. I haven't on our. And that's what all of us. Want we want love peace joy. Validation what we're looking for, and we all deserve that. It's okay to say now it's okay to say I deserve better than this and it starts with working on yourself. And it's OK to divorce. If if that person loves you and if you love them, you can take them back. But, you have to start making those changes and you have to draw the boundary lines or you'll be stuck in the same Rut and that same circle and wheel. That you've been in. And you're just perpetuating that hope against hope. Miserable mentality but you deserve better. And were getting close to running out of time. I apologize for the technical feed issues. Then we lost the previous feed. So hopefully, you found us on this one, we started anyone. well, I WANNA do. What do your angels want to tell you tonight so I'm going. Birdie shuffled the annual cards. What what do I pick one? What does your angel want to tell you? Well, I'm going to. Who won that? I was called to so That is the. Actually, the nine of Michael. O. Night ever off eight of Rafael the even Guardian Angel. The AIDS of rough I When this message is for you. May. There is something better waiting for you do what is right for you spiritual quest. Well, that's perfect for tonight. Very. Very true. There is something better waiting for you and you owe always yourself. To find out what that is, you do deserve better. If you're in a relationship, the just struggling instead of hoping it just gets better started doing the work. Every part of life is difficult. I. Want to see if you you can see the picture here. It's a woman. And there's The handsome man waiting over yonder. But she has to go somewhere. She has to keep walking forward saying that her efforts will get across that bridge across that bridge. That's important. That's an important detail of carton. So you've evolved you're here right now because what you're doing, you WanNa change you want something better in your life and you say, you know what I deserved better. 'cause I'm doing my work and I'm looking for better ways to do that in the evolution of you is that change and also says it's the spiritual class. And that is. Important key. Because that, going into your heart that special space that you connect with God that's spiritual quest of connecting. And embracing your own spiritual journey will help you get. Exactly, what you deserve in life? With. The aid of Rafael, it's conveying to you that your past experiences you needed to know who you are. So, they were important to teach you what you need. So be grateful for what you have learned whether that was good or positive to you at that time or moment that when you learn and taking. Away from that situation good things or or what you can strew is as bad or negative go ooh and then build upon that. That's something that I I've always. Really embraced and not everything that happens good. Battery and different happens for a reason and they are those reasons are to teach you something to help you grow and develop and. Really. Blocked from India, who will you truly are? Without those lessons I've always been grateful even for the bad things struggle. So hard times whatever you WANNA referred them out and say you experience. What was the last thing with the aid of Rafael is a location or relocation or a job change? is now in your cards. So it's a good time to do that, and that's me job or relationships Gabay as the change of some sort. So part of part of the journey. So, knowing and doing what's right for you we are almost out of time and Jeff thank you for joining me tonight. Thank you so much I. Appreciate you know I love interacting with you and I love our banner and. KEEPS QC entertaining to my job is the throw you off your little playing. Hey it's the first few episodes that we've done with The of work I'm excited to be here I'm excited to share this information, but you know you're you're typically the talker. So I do appreciate that as I get used to doing this with everyone and sharing my own knowledge and growth and journey with you and helping you improve sure to grow on your own spiritual path. Be Sure to reach out to some basic or messenger. If you have any questions, comments or feedback on this show, we would love to hear what topics you're interested in. What would you would like to know we want to connect with you. We want to share in any struggles any successes please connect with us some basic make sure to leave feedback back on the show. Become a member of the date that fan page for bridging the gap and become a follower of the roast radio network. Thank you for joining us. Tonight. All episodes are available on spotify right after each show, and so I know we had issues with the live feed on basic. You can catch the entire show I'm blocked top. War through that spotify. Link to search for the radio network for listener shows. June truckers. Probably Tune into other shows on the haunting from the old rocking chair and the Orion effect Sunday nights road talk radio, Monday nights bridging the gap Tuesday night you'll be back on that one Tuesday Evenings with Dr Mary Barrett Right before this show and the liners Rome Wednesday night crossroads radio on Thursday nights and just sort of crazy Friday night with our shows being out in the near future. Jeff. One anything left to say, I would let. Lead us out with a song. Just, you were set your goals, make your plans. Do your work. Believe in. Yourself. And you'll get there. We Love You, love you. You deserve better. You so Give it to yourself. A wonderful evening you listening. Thank you and I'm GonNa leave you with stronger by Kelly Clarkson.

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Quantum Health with the Mayor of Soultopia featuring Transformational Coach Leigh White

Open Loops: Conversations That Bend

1:11:10 hr | 2 months ago

Quantum Health with the Mayor of Soultopia featuring Transformational Coach Leigh White

"How do you go from a career in marketing to healing people from a distance across a room across the earth. You're about to find out now if you enjoy open loops. You're listening to this podcast. You like it and you don't wanna miss an episode. Make sure you follow this podcast and if you really like what you're hearing if you could please rate the show and lieber review it always helps. We're about to meet the mayor of seoul. Topa marketing background helps. Because you don't get to be the mayor unless you have a good campaign your unconscious ma. He's out to dinner to your favorite late night. Talk show for the shamelessly. Bring with loops with greg horn season conversation ship. That all right. Hey lo hab read body. Hello everyone rick bornstein here host. The person whose voice. You're listening to right now. yes yes. it's this voice in the voice in your head and sure the voice in your head has pretty good podcast to. I've liked it. I followed it. Alright your podcast in your brain and and leave it to review if you want yes. This is an interesting show. This whole open loops saying vad. You're you're partaking in now. I consider myself a cultural hypnotist. I consciousness disruptor looper a curator of the auditory experience. And of course you're here because well you want to expand at some level you want to explore the heat and realms you want to know more about what's out there you want to dream you want to fantasize you want to be hypnotized be mesmerized be taken away from it all escape intellectually in intellectually escape. I'm here because i want to challenge your belief systems in order to do that. You see the guests. I bring on day share radically unique ideas designed to stimulate your unconscious. Mind so you're forced to blow your brain open in a conscious way in force you to step into a higher version of yourself. Now open loop is just that. It's an unconscious provocation. It's what i did at the way beginning before the theme music started talked a little bit about What's this topic about. Who's this person going to be on the show. And then well. The rest of the show is completing the loop. It's filling in the missing pieces. But also the topics that i choose are designed to open up new loops so you can keep expanding and expanding over and over. Again seeking of constant expanding. Do you know the world is vibrating. It's all vibrating. it's own energy. Hear it a lot easier. You hear it in high school at theoretical physics classes. They start talking about it but the old saying if you understand if you think you understand quantum physics you don't understand quantum physics at the end of this interview. I understood a little bit more about quantum physics. And i also understood a little bit more about how they can be used in a way to help heal now that said. Have i experienced anything that my guest today. Transformational coach author writer speaker. League whites has experienced through quantum physics. Not that i'm aware of. She has a very very profound story to story that involves loss. It's a story that involves rising up from well. Circumstances that work that weren't fulfilling circumstances familiarly. That weren't Fully there but also a involves love and and and very much well if love isn't a vibrational energy that's healing on quantum plane. Yeah it's it's a very powerful thing. I really enjoyed having a ron. It was quite an interesting conversation. She she she really put her ideas. Well and why is she the mayor of salt. Tovia i you'll find out you'll find out it's it's it's pretty funny. I i like everything she's doing. I think she's a really interesting voice in the spiritual community And great voice of listen to as well so a. I won't hold back any further. You're gonna learn about quantum physics and healing today. Any even have the opportunity to use quantum physics to experience change in your daily life. Yeah we'll talk all about it here. She comes lee white today on open loops. We have lee y coach writer media birth. She is very interesting very interesting story going on here. I it started in. Tragedy led to lead to a lot of self empowerment red alleged to writing. A book led to various careers and ultimately led into the realm of my favorite. Kind of stuff here. Spirituality quantum physics quantum mechanics magic all the things that well definitely make me curious lee about her coming on the show. Greg thank you so much for having me here. I can podcast. It's such a pleasure to be here. And he said it's so well. That journey to the matching years. Yes do you think in your experience at this point. Do you think you have to go through tragedy. You get to the magic. What's your take on that. Well that's such a great question because for most pay to experience some white calf they were given a lot of. Chile's about what you can believe in what you can believe in the world of what you can say in touch and feel and then when you experience different spiritual teaches that might be in the form of a book or Life experiences that you can physically stencil feel or of a spiritual kind of experiences you have on some other client that will affect what you believe and sorry for person to wake up and see possibilities that are not I will be saying. I want to be aware of possibilities. That aren't i want to be saying that usually requires a jolt. I would cy Actually aachen tell you why much. When she's i had an amazing opportunity as a young marketing person to work in a book publishing company. I love books and the strange coincidence was that i was taking care of all of the books that are published by high house. So is lois. High wind window Right up solicited prophecy whistling. Yeah so weird that you are that. Yeah we're you internet stuff at all. Where where is your head at that time. Yeah i'm us. Well minded definitely. I was real nights ago. I growing up. You know lots of timing the action. What's time horseriding but is sort of Didn't ahead a non religious upbringing prelaunch. And i had that in mind and is really. Believe in alternative therapies. I think my mom was quite like an. We had what's herbal remedies going in that sort of thing. We definitely would have believed that. Outside of traditional medicines or traditional religions was away for us. Apart is i might ansi right. Yeah and so with me experiencing those books. I definitely read. This ellison was totally on board for that idea that is energy that flows from us and it interacts with already around us. And i had raqi stations. At that time. I gone actually a different sort of turning point on a relationship ending was very traumatic and i had a couple of two. Maybe three hundred stations. Let's nas for years in other things and nothing to do with energy. How did you okay so wait a minute wait a minute i know we this is. This is always what happens. Ambition with things go rapidly get. I mean that's that's the name of the show. That's that's the game of this whole thing where we're opening up a lot of loops here. Let me here's what. I'm curious about the bat rakipi because you you are one of the things you are now. Is your your master energy healer when you were going array back did you. What was what was the shift for you. Do you remember did actually work for you. Yeah yes. I was ahead a lot of silk down. I questioned myself. I bay betrays so like felt terrible. End sworn against all possibilities relationships are still wanted to have a family. You know sunblock seemed really impossible for me. And i went to. my physician. Had no clue what was going on other than i news. Something about energy. That i wouldn't be able to say and remember the he'll sign. Wow you really know how to use these awful other what she's talking about and she just meant drawer incident and restore feel that very warm exchange happening at a lower temperature was i did feel and i felt so pace i just felt amazing and our was growing or coming back into center marcel through having on sessions so it was very supportive. But there's no counseling conversation going on or era. That's what's weird. Are you telling the listeners right now. And you can say li i wanna hear. I want these people to experience. The truth can heartbreak. Rakia is a good solution for it. One hundred percent. And i treat women at the moment who requisitions stations. They don't understand what's happening but then livestock because why can tell them from mark's perspective what is happening is their energy is changing on plugging from things i were plugged into. And i'm on just facilitator. It's nothing really about meza person income. Just facilitating this shift of blocking and clearing different things that they plugged into that are holding them back from a better relationship with himself ryan. We had that you're gonna magnetized the relationship. I continued in sworn against relationships. It much waste. I can tell you how my husband wait. A minute is is there something magical to those not lay. Because when i decided i would be single. Forget it. It's too hot there too when i started having very cold really spiritual grains the days in my drains were so incredible having these visions of just Scenario is not about relationships. Nothing like that. Nothing you're changing in inmate and within a month wakes probably i just find a friend on a sunday night as all of you listening. We'll have don at some point. Instead of just having a west. I because i was single hopkin olivet and hang out. She saying come on that. Can i bring my boyfriends on. heard about him. Oh yeah whatever and in that you've boyfriend said gena there's this guy you should make a didn't do not while he and he told me three things about Is only one thing that was interesting. He said this call never let you down was like wow. That sounds interesting. I didn't rush into Avoided it for a while. And then when i did we got married a few years later. We're still married tonight. Kids and some me going into. I'll tell you what the change was was when i stop looking outside of sulfur. Students validation and i've run into myself in a long way with hawaii an actual care of myself. That's how that relationship showed up for me hundred percents. that's interesting. how do you know. I mean i. I always wonder about this. You know this is something. That's not a lot. We hear healers talking about clearing blocks we talk about awakening your inner self empowering and being your true self do you think there's a point where you ever know when it's their one hundred percent because i think it's very easy for someone to say that. Oh well this experience happened. And then i met this person therefore i feel more of myself but i always wondered. you almost. Imagine it's it's kind of like the gas gang. You hear the click. You know the things full. When am i going to be my full self. I guess is my question winter. All the blocks get released. Can i can. I just one procedure. Why why do. I have to keep seeing all these people after all this time. That's why ninety two now. i'm. I would say that with the story. I just mentioned the lord known resistance which is a spiritual and also applies. I guess in the quantum world where When you aunt focusing on the negative things and you have no resistance. I didn't care whether i met someone not a My standards very high now and so that can only be debt or nothing was going matter in sir because i along with that debt higher level person is magnetized to even though i didn't have the morality that's what i was. We got twenty days off. Didn't have any day doubtful. It's i just knew that it's going to be that and so in terms of your question around will each click. I know i've gotten on blocks How about this is why putting it. You will always be a match for what you're currently experiencing change what you're experiencing. It could be some work to do to go to the next level up at the next level the next level up. So if you're happy to have a partner job and that might be enough for you and a couple of nas hobbies or something nets The happy laws. You're going to be able to get to. The desert vary achievable goals for and i've worked with people that are have been People that have had horrendous. Mrs of work with a full spectrum and another that those pretty arbitrary table but when people want to do something that they think he's incredible achievement. That's where they're going to be blocks in your relationship with your cell phone that the that the treatments that caused density in your energy. That's what's gonna be coming up needing to be shifted. You're voting show you. You'll get physical symptoms that will cause you to start noticing. Why am i getting lays headlights. Why am i having different things in different parts of the body that will show us. What's going on what needs work. Yeah yeah it was very curious about your journey to. I mean you again. I don't know how much you go into this in terms of your work when it comes to healing and an empowering Looks like you work. You work with a lot of women specifically You know you want a big tragedy in your life. Is that often. do you bring that up. Do you feel like it really is important in terms of where you're at with quantum work and magic Yeah i'm curious about your relationship to that story. So i shall i she back story that interesting of sort of approaching it from different level right a much. I don't know if i'm doing it from a. I'd like to say i'm doing it from a higher level of awareness being like lights out the story. Then talk about the story but no you could talk about it. Because i i actually. The story is the way the pain landed. Were you the specific incident of it. Seems it's different than i've heard other tragedies so yeah feel free to go into it a little bit in two thousand and seeks. I experienced really tragic loss of a family number very close to my brother dying and that very suddenly and unexpectedly and he'd struggled a little bit of time ever he's lost Never at any point head what that he would take. He's unless that was what that tragedy wasn't. It doesn't sound like you know in this moment will go into the details of that story that It began a spiral are funded. Ngo works in the spirals alaw and it began the spiral way to one stiff and then another step would would lead me to another and another and another and the first step was in a few days after don on new that. Want to choose something about this issue in the wolves and i wanted to stop people thinking that this was this option. Sorry that led to may going on to co found a registered harm prevention charity for papal brief. Why suicide and then we did that for a long time. And it gave me a lot of different skills. And i grew through a lot of different aspects of self awareness and Doing meaningful things in the world. Because remember. I was like a marketing person. Before that i was working with all the big celebs older doing all the things and thinking. That was a happy life. Some what happened. When this wake-up call happened admit nothing everything that nothing infect and so win restrict back to. It's just he's standing he now and Wife doesn't seem to support us. That those kind of thoughts were really what me on very date. Part of what is it. Elaine and understanding the magic will i. I in the months after her mother's passing on saw him in house and so i had been very contue magic of law. I'm just gonna say what you say. Saw him what do you mean. I was standing in front door with my young son. And i had a completely empty. I was just you know if you've ever really in that moment we're not thinking about anything. Yeah did you sign that so again. I've definitely had like moments where i've thought about nothing. Standard-bearers washing the dishes hanging out watching whatever you're thinking about anything and it was like he wasn't like he just kind of the state is in sort of almost reached for me and with withing like as if you're wedding to someone a name behind a window that's related to. I can't say you're waiting. Really pod was interesting way. So are we talking a full as if as if he was humid or we talk. Apparitions ether to you. Okay whoa so. You actually saw as if he was still alive completely. The and a lot of things started happening. Now that we're going on. We find a lot of things started happening so as ceiling fans on itunes on tom. Now that happened in every house we moved to so our news song in lots of different things like that were happening for me end. I guess you could say that. The path to become he'll work with the on saying was yeah. That was a natural path for me. Yeah did he think for in house air filtration or was there. Is there a reason it was fans. I know i was obsessed with fans as a little kid. I dunno i do not know f- interested obviously. It's a big one case. Yeah yeah so okay. This is interesting. Stop i i'm getting the pieces of this whole thing. That there is a Well again there's a big opportunity for wayne. It's it's always interesting. That's equal in your position. Could have just started. His charitable organizations started making people more aware of mental health. Making people wear suicide making that but the fact that now you're in this realm of things that's a little more we're out there little more fringe is they say dj. I mean. do you feel that this was your path. This was gonna be your destiny. You can answer. That is the way that it's actually taking full now. Because i've treated people for a lot of different situations when you start as a healer you just kind of your practice and people start coming and different things that what the common threads is that i. My voice is a big part of the healing process and that spain real thing throughout my life is talking with people holding spice for paypal i. I wanted to be a social worker. When i was a tena. And i didn't do that on to marketing. And jeff sessions so it's still about voice who's always a media china for a really long time and it is about was anything of what was now. It is the thread that's west magnet was about people having a bitter and inspired life son acting with i know what is going to be fulfilling for them like for you. You know the Kost as a platform for you to be Doing what you're doing and its facade. Many people. I don't have an outlet where they're expressing what the truth is to. The wolves is sto true. That is that is very much what i am doing this whole thing for. I believe that there is room still for people to be a little weirder in culture. I e yeah. I think people are going to put together. And i think our presentation a weird sometimes is a little manufactured too. I think things could be messier. That's why i think podcast. It's such an interesting exchange of energy with people of what do you you think there is something to be said about messy inner energy. Does it all have to be. I mean you can get rid of the blocks but you wanna keep some of the mess around just so people stay a little fun. So as not striving protection against so. Yeah yeah i mean. I would signed that we would try to. You know that whole thing that we prison sweetness thing with unique qualities paying really on to manufactured is comes down to such a basic human native. You wanna long and you don't want to be rejected so yeah and as a quantum healer with on such a traditional working background traditional community in that sort of thing. It's definitely been a massive league familiar. How do i explain this to the world. And it's really important to find your tribe as site and in growing from the to calm. Oh go ahead go ahead. Sorry didn't you did your up. We we went into the silence. We went into the silence which also is part of the the void. The void where things are always happening. Now it's beautiful. I look. I guess lee. My question for you is this. where does yeah wearing. How because you're you're so into the quantum piece these days. How did that come up real soon. Honor exactly where this came up so going back to my journey i had received wonderful Behavior therapy support through psychology specialist group. That was for people with our of grief. That's quite complex. And we continue to in grow and decca to you know place of having a lot. More physical energy functioning off and having in place for the grave and all of that sort of thing and then later came on caught with a friend who was going through a terrible like it was just earth shattering and a no not really understand. How com- how can you be talking like this because you would traumatic things liken. It would seem strange that she could cart and she just said oh well. I'm just seeing this energy healer as what do you mean. What's an energy. He'll like even with everything i had known. I didn't not know and so she got me the lady's website and on the website. It said that this woman did a like a business coaching type of thing now. I wasn't fulfilled in my work. It had reached a point where simul simultaneous around the media talk work and so will constantly sheila. Because i'm definitely looking for this something more than as what i knew. And when i went and saw her on the fifth session Arrive in this little sort of house. she runs a problem in this candles and pods. And it's all really drawing you in. You're comfortable and as the session went on this stuff about. My brother really started coming up on us at all. You know the other thing. That was my brother. The whole direction of decision chinese to end wind. She started doing the healing using quantum processes. Where we it wasn't body works. She was in any way name. May she was sitting on the other side of the room. Like a therapist would. And i'm from that chair using her voice in probably her hands as well as aswa shocked but we did a parsis and i could feel the density shifting out of my body sort of around the foreign and vote. Wow this is really happening. This is so powerful and a message. Emotional release sar. That was maybe sewing in back in. Ended up doing the course. And that's when the thing about me teaching which live and inspired law. That is actually where that came up. So that's which will can. She doesn't fifteen. That was a long way towards twelve. It was a long time. I was even before with way back and john. I got that really clear vision. And that's when. I decided that i would study quantum healing and then went on to going to events meditation and channeling in all of the different things that it's kind of like come just the beginning during the reichen quantum healing were just the beginning for what's possible for a person as a I suppose as a not fun but as a as a tool for bringing healing through the Lists really i. You know you know no limits. What's out there. I was gonna ask. Do you think there is a difference between a rakia practitioner. That does the job and does it. Well burs ricky practitioner that really understands the quantum healing piece of it. I wanna get tribal and divide the audience tonight a. b. b. controversial. He wanted when tha that ricky. It was all about on grandmaster. Suzy who was creating that Facilitating channeling through that method. And it's all about really being in honour human. I agree with that. But the ricky energy is that is a powerful energy but to believe that one as of hilo is only channeling ricky. Like i'm jenny. Eight started sar simple. Where i'm doing this particular sacred movements and things and that is what was happening but the session that turns me around with went on seoul. A client's energy leaves their body and walk over the room. An is as it was reaching out to me in my own. God and so. I realized we're doing so much more in the sessions in these stories irs. Amazing because it's so different to when we're just sort of sitting there now fully present conscious instead when we're in that really transformative energy and things like that would happen but the client feedback on new the They were getting such massive shifts and win There are people that have been in logs. Lock especially soul family. When are showing the united states and just read he that is coming through. Its energies that. Wants to support a climb. This is so this is so not. America hadn't is the venue for this. This is the thing you know. I the other day. Say to me that she refused she turned down. This podcast I'm not even sure why i think it was. Because it didn't align with her brand. But then i said well what do you think my brand is because she is a brand expert and she said well i think you sort of play in the realm of multiple engine the aliens which crew asserted extent And topics. That aren't sue taboo for the most part for americans and dadge the duck wave may because i think she's absolutely right. I think that there's something going on in australia. And upset on other episodes before out just being more open to these ideas. I mean the idea here leave. You are a author. A year speaker that you've been incorporate crowds that that people are responding to this work. I think is you know i still think is a uniquely non-american then i don't know if you can be a public keynote speaker unless you're really really at the top in america walking about energies walking across the road. What do you think about that. I love what you're sign and that person that you're talking about. I don't think they visited california on new york an unidentified point i lived in your operation months and i loved when i knew there was there. Were so many hateful from so many places around the world and it was very modest. That's probably why fell to clone in australia. You know we have amazing. Aboriginal culture our community way we for a being acquainted with Other connection to the connection to country on the. yes the elder. The elders as i've heard the paul absolutely trouble and things. Yes i wish it really. Australians have a what do what to do to really recognize the value of that the that is very prison in from one of his On the woman that channel Reprogramming method us. She came from the us to australia. And that's where. She toured a lot of strategies that quantum message And now i think. She lives in france. But i guess i get your point that she's not living in the see. We can't do this. I'm going over there. I'm telling you right now. You heard me everybody. I'm going. I just think i my my my tribe is well i mean there there are tribes and i think my tribe is actually there so i am all here for the australians right now so you love this country. I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan of but yes yes. Let me. Let me ask you this. Then let's go down and do a little bit of the technical piece because as somebody that very much loves the a. I am a hypnosis background. Li i hypnotize people. I love learning about it. I talk about on the show a lot. I love learning about different krantz processes. What get someone in and all that stuff. I'm very curious. Are you able to break down a little beds quantum mechanics and how it works in context appealing. Yes razi question but yes. When i'm terrible science spot we have to have a way of explaining what would and i love the way that Dr georges spins has created such much evidence around the work because he As an american. I'm he had a terrible back. Injury end healed it through an intentional work. D- was in hospital in through his intention and visualizing and really anchoring into that before it happened he facilitated that healing room on his own injury. And i say data's being very much Omrim rome and what i would cite. Is that when used in these examples in my life off not as a continent hilo but when i've made decisions about what's possible for me who and what i want to become an how shop in the world. It changes something your energy absolutely and so going from that being alive form of a possibility or probability into a solid particle in your reality. That's way that quantum change happens And in terms of the work. That i do wanna know what makes this. American term parisians method unique. Yeah so i can feel rational exchange happening Between myself as the facilitator of the healing end the client is restating that healing can feel the density become apparent and then move and That's me being attuned. To which i think of big attuned as having commissioned from the creator to do l. and permission for myself to go into a room where oregon fully understand. What's happening all the time. But i'll have stayed silva in j- that's one way of explaining it way air on the person and lasting sit each other in a room or it's a non local healing way there anyway. A friend was at a funeral. And i said oh my. Gosh that's such betting. Let me say would you like me to send you a healing shit absolutely and said Texted on the guy the instructions on how to receive it and then she just right back instead. I felt that. Thank you and i wanna say it just how it works. Yeah it's it's like you're it's like Someone broadcasting radio at you need to that session you're gonna receive it. Yeah do you feel that you In terms of becoming a master energy healer does that require years of meditation. That's definitely something that i've heard. What is what is the. What's the shortcut to mastery. Give it to me. I i do feel is where the protection of was monks on a hill. The people that can turn your life around. There's a lot of value in that. Because when you do a lot of work around the study in philosophies of letting go of meeting much emotionally materially in that type of thing the more you can detach from that and be more aware just being an energetic thing really but not even having to consciously focus on that. I'm just letting go of all of these needs that you're taught to nayed and things that keep you resting in campaigning. Forgetting about your truth. That's hot wisdom would come through doing a lot of meditation along jenny australia. Unfortunately in the modern world isn't required. So you can lower line and become a regular stuff for may really give how person's going to receive the value the benefits as a facilitator over without doing sessions. I mean you have to solve never really looked into how those online things toward but to be in the trenches with paypal end on doing the work. That is how you're really experiencing. What's available to you through. You will widen your channel of energy as you go through the different levels and able to kind of run more energy through you which is With that's way you get the benefits in your ability to us by connecting with eager energies and bigger possibilities for your clients. So i think there is value in taking one time with yunan doing all levels and whether you up all the levels did you get to the top and with raking all went to just liberal too. But with the quantum method. I went to the mastery level. I had gone to the talk. She's got a what will we can do. And they'll go into amil healing and whole of other healings but for me. When i started was it wasn't even started challenge because that's another thing because i am in advancement and i wanted to do that. Save more fuel warn. Get more of a sense of things could. That's how i stay reality to be. And what had started showing up for me was the tree energy and the connection with foods and animals that that was already happening and so at some point. Four hundred to add more healing around that too much. We'll all do those other liberals that. Yeah i wanna know how powerful this woman is. I always i always think it's fascinating people at the top. I mean you know they. They use in books. Especially when i'm thinking of carlos castaneda and all the shaman stuff. They talk about people turning into people turning into butterflies and putting your hand up and causing three branches to fall up and telecom. I mean okay. I need to ask you right. Now li ye. Let's get a little weird here. The weirdest what is what is the most powerful thing you saw this master trainer. Do in front of your eyes to trips or anything like that. It's all fucked on. Ask them. We're the ones that have to have these breakthroughs and that type of thing And i think that like albert osvaldo and so many of the shaman. Teach me so much. That is so simple. it's so much of. It is around careening to deal with energy in that power working with celestial beings or other live things as you mentioned earlier in Knowing that as a possibility day for us just trying to i one of the people. I love reading and learning from his as linen. She definitely a mentioned a few interesting things in folks. A lot of at shifting which i do in that capacity to many There on the why i appear we as papal participating in the mastery level work we would always just be fascinated by how through different processes. We do things like you know your eyes would become like luminous you know so bright and wash and clean because you're working so much on your energy and just small things like that. Pity shooting into a butterfly would have yes. Yes wait a minute. I hope you can shift into a butterfly one daily. That's what i'm hoping for. I don't want i'm thinking limiting beliefs. I haven't tried to do that. Yeah that's what i'm saying. Don't limit yourself here. Who knows what certain scores is going to go next way exit. This is okay. You are Launching in august this first ever online group program using quantum methods junaid naval others to shift into living there ideal inspired life. Now look these are all these were. There are a lot of these words. Here very hypnotic We're talking ideal. We're talking inspired. We're talking things that shifting. Knokke talking i mean even as i'm reading them going. Oh a few more inspired to tell me this. What do you think what do you is an inspired life in an ideal inspired life. What what do you mean what you say that. It's when a person knows that all of their growing up ninety nine. I just wanted to pint or i just wanted to be a prime minister or whatever. That thing is The then get sort of institutionalized into wise of thinking through the school system which is very good at the institutionalization of thinking looking outside of yourself. Where mission way your whether you're good or bad and you're constantly being told to do things and how to een all of that is where these limiting beliefs and perceptions of what's possible for persons so for them to leaving entire life. That's very inspired. You'd be feeling a lot of joy which i'm telling you for most people. I do not believe that you can just be bouncing bed. Feeling a state of joy and excitement about your life is so interesting yes yeah. Let me let what's mark that for a second. He people think don't even believe in the idea of living a life badge. Joyful it's not even about experiencing joy it's about believing even deserved that joy that is such a year rakia back data. Someone the i mean can you. That is well. I'm sure we're going to get to that. But yeah that is I think it's it's a simple idea. Some saying it out loud but it's also it's really not because so many people are just chasing happiness without realizing how much of a choice it is to have the world view that happiness is possible for you moment to moment anyways absolutely and on mate hateful nowadays are usually not my clients but i made paypal that side amee and this happened in. That happened in you know. Life is hard against hotter. And i think we've just gotta stop this cova section. Where differently is that talk of. Cu believes what do you i mean. you know. you've read some of these spiritual books do you. Do you have a spell for that. Do you have some deep. Put up an energetic shield for that. I mean you just walk away. What is your take on people's negatively. Yes i will actually tell you. What i would do is i would. I would not my contact tune. My physical body forty five degrees away from them. I do not want to expose my energy inches. True that five because It's a complete. I'm gonna go will add here. It's a complete victim mentality that yes he the cause of the effect of your life named so sick of the victim mentality. i'm sick of it and You know. I'm really compassionate with him. Because i know that they're pots of. I've probably believed that. I didn't have power. And that's what victim mentality is coming from is save experienced some promote will at through from some ancestral thing where they give up their paolo and that they unsatisfied statistic conference on of doing. Yeah it's mayor that is fair. I mean look completely heartless person. I am saying to get a rise out of people but at some level but yes i know i definitely think there is a at least right now in the world. There is because of things that people are actually victims of ideologically. People have jumped on the bandwagon to be defined opportunities to be victims in every thing microaggressions rigors every sort of thing i mean people getting fired for jobs for saying things that just made someone a little bit uncomfortable. I think there's a difference between the real cases here. He will take an advantage and people jumping onto the victim bandwagon and what that speaks to. I think he's the hour of that energy field. There's such that darkness is though addictive. It's so powerful. I mean i meet people that it sounds as if they've had the same mocking points for the last ten years about society. Being in the crapper and people need to do better. And all this stuff. And i'm going i know y you're not the it doesn't seem like i don't want to spend time with the spurs is what i feel absolutely We don't wanna be getting into that Trying to defend or convert them or something like that. Because it's the journey. And i wake up. It's when we have notifies impossibility and no faith as sills as such a lost you think though that those people have to go through tragedy to get over it or could it just take princeton's what about someone that says you know. Oh god i mean. I guess yeah like you were saying right. You were saying for a while. That i'm not gonna date anybody i'm going to be all and then all of a sudden there's a healthy difference. There's a difference between that. And saying and i'm not gonna date anybody because every single man in this as bad every single woman person whoever it is is like targeting group you what is is there healthy man-hating a healthy sorry. Is there a healthy version of man-hating i guess as we really wanna ask in here. The time we'll at that time. I didn't june and fly was generally because i've done that for a long time. Now that's extremely powerful really letting woods come through the hands which are such a healing tool. And if i had been doing that would have been don one avoid unless they're like exquisite. That's what i would've been writing so why in my head. I thought i'd marry decision. It's going to be no one but it was a some. I was conscious of the had to be pretty amazing. End that just meant Often teak fire and really smart and that was what was going to be the match for me. But i didn't consciously go through it was. There are some to height on men is that it's just a silly idea. It's much more wide hating on a show. Masculine wife vein which would be a Being opposing mile female that is bush aggressive narcissistic and doesn't have the compassion or cintas. Yeah yeah no. I mean this is a this is a very very strong point. You're making here So then when it comes to radically a mayan quantum methods i mean. Are you in in this small group setting in the work you're doing now. Are you teaching people to do it for themselves. Are you running group sessions where you're healing people. I mean what is what is What the good. Quantum daily routine is supposedly. What would they all what. The daily routine would be is awareness of where. It's such a simple thing. You'll love this. It's way you're focused. Got the energy flows so the minute you wake up on aware of my thoughts and if i are on my god how am i gonna get through tonight or the xyz on drinking is coming. You know i've It's about being very intentional. It's about being very where your boundaries around who you're going to hang around with which risen icing which what we're we're citing and being aware of the need to listen to your body because it's going to be telling you when you've done enough for the day or that those type of things which is different feeling be slack and he'd sit around. That is very different. I mean i'm talking when you've just thought you really try and crack it this evening. And you're working tonight and your shoulders giving out From hunched over your computer. That is what he's saying. That's enough very different to big slack. People get a win. I wanna be intentional. Inches creative And this was going to happen. Great vision board story where someone that's worked with me for a long time ramming. She said i've got to tell you about saw might vision. Would like you said it was a good time to do it in this point in the year and the astrological cycles and things like adam She made her vision board and set an intention around receiving will money because she needed to chimes jobs and she needed to know her value. All of the things that are side and the method that she did it using was day tiled and really fuxing on how she wanted to fail and within a week she actually not just heard about a job she'd actually been hired and it was double what she was receiving. Roy moore. That's what i mean. It's about taking action as well as being intentional. And knowing what you want and that ties back in with the story around me making my husband where. I knew how hell wanted to fail. Yeah knowing how you wanna feel yeah yeah. That's a big part of this. What do you think is the. I hear that a lot of never been able to piece it fully together Indefinitely from reading Esther hicks and it's early stuff. There's when they when they talk about the law of attraction there is something about emotions your emotions out there and What why is why is that connected the quantum mechanics and and actually manifesting. This ideal inspired life. Yeah i think it's going back to that concept of taking the wive into The animas are wife into a solid particle in reality. So you wanna be aligning with that in your state of veins and not resisting that state and telling yourself on the witty and all of that sort of thing over one hundred waiting. I'm so excited on feel like it's happening right now. That would be very he. That totally works back limiting beliefs. Sundays it because they'll paintings of our wonderful long lives with people have said things and dumpings all things have worked out and this is where the brain getting the why way it will look for the evidence of when you tried it lost time and it might not be good evidence so it is clearing and quantum worker clear clearing limiting beliefs lavar. My office often hidden. Here's my question. How much of living in ideal inspired life is just cleared away limiting beliefs. You're not going to believe the life is possible for you to have freedom and joy unless you do the work to work out how you're going to get from today to that site and on that will involve taking action steps those against a possible for Nets where the work is definitely. Because i mean. I guess i'm wondering you know i. I'm imagining this this onion. I guess is the metaphor though eight. Whatever i can't be using shrimp out of metaphor here. I need to come up with something. Clever no uniform. Well i guess. I'm wondering this. Is it. Do you thing that and this is something. I wrestled with for a long time in my life. I was trying to figure out you. I need to create the vision. Or where i wanna go. I i had a big attachment for a long time of creating the vision of my life. Because i had all these disparate interests and i couldn't really put it all together and there were different career paths and i couldn't do it and then You know eventually this podcast became bird out of my various interests in my desire to have conversations with people and all that stuff but it really it took a y.'all take there as well as sorting through limiting beliefs. And i also wonder. How often is the vision just already. There is the ideal inspired life already inside his someone and you need to peel open they onion or is there still a creator part that you need both things in your experience. How many people know exactly what they want to be doing. And it's blocked with limiting beliefs versus. You need to give them a. You still need to give them the paintbrush a little bit in the pains. So they know where to go. What what are your thoughts on that. Well what is a lot of people in the quantum thinking would be starting that that whole civility already exists few on a different time lawn and collapsing. Tontons is what we do through the limiting belief clearing. Because when you don't believe something anymore that was limiting your going to stop hiding in a different way and aligning with that new lawn. And so that's why during the work around. Let's say they're a tin limiting beliefs. That need to be cleaned. We don't know that number when you beginning going through it h. One is going to be taking you to your next. I could call it a micro level of getting closer to the version of you. That's the ideal scenario. Feel inveigh in what you want to. Experience and mighty. It's that soul's journey that you came here to experience so in other words it could be. Well i mean. I i guess you kind of answered I was thinking it's schrodinger ding. Maybe it's both. You have to clear the believes but at the same time you have to create and also both things are happening simultaneously but if you focus too much on one then you're not paying attention to the other one happening in the back rights or if you just kept on information's and not taking any action. How can it manifests. And if you didn't do the limiting belief work and he kept researching the ammo Brian is not going to accept those at that. Some conscious level is not actually when you do the work that more subconscious level. It's gonna be on creating or attracting in tossing those experienced in your life that matched the belief ties in trusts. Life and feel safe are gonna keep having those negative relationship experiences until my challenge from with the duet. Do you ever keep opening the package and find another one wrapped under there. I i must say you have to do it all the time. Have you ever had some where. You're just go. oh my gosh. there's another one in. There's an look this course this twelve where you need the twenty four week course. Yeah now it'll just be a great Sacred cantata for people to do their work to show them what their next thing is a narrow definitely more time for people to be working with. Its one is exciting. Because it's a group contain aware. I've done a huge amount of one one work and had some smokers than this one will be a bigger group and win we are put into groups. What's fascinating is we will be attracted to different people that resonate with us and we learn and get so much inside from those inequity works so well. Yeah that is so cool. And you also have this. We're going to link to those this re quantum process at Can you talk a little bit about this. It seems very interesting. You click on this thing. It's have you ever wondered how you can turn a bad around what is how. How'd you stumble upon this. So i already had all my quantum tool kit and i experienced something that by moss standards was a smaller kind of setback and it was really grieving. A pitch having had an exit. An end i deploying dyke really felt very triggered really like so flat longer. The worst is not relate allowed to that entity by my standard. So right okay. What we need to do and so the tools that i use that die for. Everyone needs tonight. I felt so amazing after donna. And is what everyone needs to have. This is ridiculous because often. When we've had a real shock we will stay with that. Tillett naturally moves out on us or we get a pain in healing. Unlevel happens naturally but this one is one that he can use. Just move it shifted. Get out there and come back to your calm clarity. Just where we should be interesting. Yeah yeah wait a minute. You know what i wanna know. What would you do. If you went back into the marketing and branding world you would you make it a little more quantum how would you how would you. How would you heal the marketers. Would you heal the corporate speak. I'm curious corporate. Well what i do with people that are working in is night have a stack of the msci beliefs about many things in hand. Simple things like speaking up and in meetings and things and that will always. I know that there's going to be the lions to that. It's not really about what is going on at work. It's other stuff underneath that. That's causing them. To feel was imitations but as a quantum hilla on or iraqi healer or you can do intentional work on a much feeder sky. Watch like a buddhist monk would do this or and be sending intentions for all sentient things. You can do that kind of work that is you know. Healing the world like you say Will want meditations as well we all on that operational level where he is a marketing manager. I'd be doing what's healings on my wonderful chaim and that kind of thing. Yeah do you think it goes. I mean is there. This is the dark side. Let's get into the dark side of the corporate world. Is there anything. That is a little anti. He's in love going on here. I mean in the sense that when you're marketing is what we're talking about before does have to be a little more tight. The message has to be perfect. You're you're pressing a dream here. And oftentimes people are playing into people's lower vibrations victimhood and whatnot. I mean what would What would he a. Higher dimensional version of marketing be can can. We can marketing ever really ascend. I believe that every message is going to resonate with the people that match that and so when we can give out brands that are really very conscious brands that on running projects to plant trees. Everything you buy those sort of things those mocking messages. Not rich people. But what i know when you talk about. If someone's really sort of clinton i think what can be. Your powerful is way. When when i experience when i'm channeling is a message will be very very succinct but it will have a lot of lives and different people. Hear it and it's very impactful and way taking the human trust to include everything out of taking the human out of it and just letting the channel that message. That is very powerful. They're usually not going to make sense. They're going to be so brave kuby. Listen for words. Decide something really. Yeah mom does come through at all sorts of times and Someone i recall with about. I suppose goals and that type of thing and you wanna bay in it was the arrow nivea taos and i thought true goes. It's going for that. Target and those types of mrs i not one was actually quite long and it resides so much because on people will have their own stories about that. Error will what that journeys and dash in top. That's amazing that's amazing. We'll look this in this discussion. I now we're going all over the place it's been it's been quite a It's been quite a journey. So far and i mean look if we you know i again. I was I know i asked you earlier about the relationship to your pain. And and the thing going on because i just you know i don't dumb. I imagine you must talk about the suicide. A lot in your keynote speeches. How could you not well. I was the president of our registered harm. Prevention charity in soa spoke for that movement. I studied for suicide prevention and four bereaved community and done hates workup spokane universities and like mental health partitions that to know what a who sent experience and we have to tell them about. I wanted one. It's like on. That died when he the news and the police the whole thing and go through all the details on that and in what the grief journeys like have pointed we start to feel like a watch was coming back into our lives and what was helpful. Actual come out all those things absolutely. Did the other ladies who started this with you do they. Are they as into this magical stuff as you are. Think that was the mar. It's funny they open to none of them have studied to become his one is coach and all of the other certainly very spiritual. Yeah it's interesting. I think that grief is one of those things and mighty divorces will know. An lessees is being one that need that spirit definitely. Yeah yeah well look everybody. You have to check out the white. I mean we have. We're we're gonna link we're gonna link to this changing bad day cook. Want them fight you. Hey the free quantum process well as a check out wight dot com dot a you touch great resources there booking appointment and then you've got soul topi i which is this is that that's the name of this membership coming up. No that's that's another free community that i've had for our air. Our people that are interested in the work can join that one disavow sounds like a theme park hon. I want to go to seoul if so sounds like an amusement park. Yeah these names and things night just come through and a that is what needs to be there. Because is a new program that i'm going to be offering is very much staffing of a playground where people are experimenting with what they're creating differently that you mentioned the hawk. Yeah argue the are you the. Are you the rain. oh i don't even know. What is the person that created an amusement park. Are you the are you. The mayor of seoul tovia. I guess that that's right. Oh wow i can hope to interview the mayor mayor of salt over one dollar. Yeah i haven't meet here at st amazing being able to talk about. I'm gonna tell you. I have not talked about a lot of things that i've talked about tonight. It's really wonderful. Old good good. Well thank you. I am so happy you shared this with you. I'm fascinated by your journey on fascinated by inherently magical. You are there. It just seems a lot of things lined up here and Yeah i definitely. Everybody check out lee white author speaker ranch formation will coach master energy here. He healers and of course mayor here on new platform. Martin luther king being jenkins supply. Swear if i love it. Thank you for being a place where it save tippy magic. You know what that was such a kind thing. Say that's the goal. Life is a lot more magical when you embrace the weird. What's out there leeway. Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for coming on the shell and thank all of you for being that nickel with. We'll talk soon everybody.

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Dreaming Big 4 Divine Living  Gina DeVee

Brandaide (R)evolution

49:00 min | 4 months ago

Dreaming Big 4 Divine Living Gina DeVee

"Today on the brand revolution because if you give yourself permission to go for your dreams you give yourself permission to create an amazing brands like you will get cleared. The way will be shown. You will figure it out. Welcome to the brand revolution breakthrough brands change our world innovation and evolution others use creative destruction to disrupt the status quo on brand revolution. You'll meet brands changing the world. And the lives of those they serve. What is their contribution to our evolution. What is their secret sauce. The people making it happen. What makes the difference between those we value and remember and those that fade away into obscurity to answer these questions. We sit down with brand owners. Innovators and the pros. Who guide them. Cheryl asks the questions while you discover the path to grow your own brand be memorable and connect to the hearts and minds of your clients and customers with the brandon. Business that's built to last. And now your host cheryl hudson on today's episode gene b-shares her journey from struggling psychotherapist. Who lived at home with her parents to globe trotting entrepreneur which is led her to found the multi-million dollar women's empowerment company divine. Living gina is author of the audacity to be queen the unapologetic art of dreaming big and manifesting your most fabulous life. Gina is a speaker and success coach. Who has dedicated her career to helping. Clients connect spiritually start. Businesses create wealth and live life to the fullest genus. Mission is to uplift entrepreneurs through inspiring content. Bowl business trainings and life changing events. Hi everyone i'm cheryl. How can welcome to the brand revolution podcast. Today i have a very special guest a former coach and mentor of mine. Gena devi who has founded the divine living academy and. I'm so grateful to have you here today. Gina thanks for joining me. And i can't wait to talk to you about what's going on. Oh cheryl such a delight to see you and to be here with you so thanks for having me your welcome and you know it's like i was so excited when i heard about your book coming out because it really is. The book is so special. You know it is. Just i love. I love the title. And we're gonna talk not just about the book. But i really think it's a great starting place because it really sort of says it all the audacity to be queen and i love the tagline the unapologetic art of dreaming big and mastering the your most manifesting your most fabulous life. That's a mouthful. It is but every word there is important and it's for women like us well absolutely and you know it's like you didn't start. They're not even a little bit. And i think Our share with you just momentarily before we got on that i started listening to the book on audible and i got so engrossed the time went away. And there's so much more that we can cover. But you know you have not only the brand of gdp but you have the divine living academy and i am for those people who aren't don't know you yet the You have worked with women in coaching really for over twenty five years you know something years. Yes but you started out is in is a family therapist. Correct yes yes. I have a master's degree in clinical psychology and. I became a therapist. Because i wanted to help. People transform their lives right. And i mean not. All of your clients are women. But a large portion of women entrepreneurs i think relate to you and your brand your messaging and what is it. Do you think that has well. Let's get right to the meat of it. What is it holds. Women back in business you know and we because we go out there and try to launch something or we have these big ideas and somehow or other sometimes. Isn't there stuff inside of us. That gets them the way right. Exactly exactly i created the brand divine living for women like us because no longer do we have to choose. You know women like us. We desire it all and i just started saying that out loud. We want to have a meaningful career and divine lifestyle. And so that's what my brand divine living is all about. And that's what. I take a stand for burma myself on my own journey and with women as well and i think the the piece that holds us back is not giving ourselves permission to say what we really desired to be who we really are and to think that what we desire and are isn't okay and we've got a fit into someone else's idea of what is acceptable. Where does that come from. I mean we're is it. Social conditioning is it's centuries of way. Women have sort of perceived themselves in society or been perceived in society Yes exactly so here. I'll show you because like the hardcovers. Actually quite beautiful abbey queen In chapter three. I write all about demining. The and i write about the history of it as well and what has gone on since the ancient times that we have so revered the masculine and there's masculine and feminine energy inside of each of us male or female but the masculine has tended to lean towards mail and there was celebration when a boy was born and a boy could be the heir to the throne and the boy was the one that got the education and so for centuries a it hasn't even been cages to be female. Just just like turn into a woman and if you did your job was to bear sons. There was actually morning that would occur when a daughter was born. And so and then we've seen it throughout the ages. You know when women would be too beautiful. It was dangerous for them or if they were too smart or too wild than they got burned at the stake for so long that there has been this patriarchal society that says you know. Men are in power and men have the money and men make the decisions and so you know like any muscle that's not worked at atrophies and over the centuries. I think that you know. There's such a deep conditioning that we women need to ask for permission just to stay safe and to survive but that of course is not what our reality needs to be today because the age of queen is now within like us are giving ourselves permission in no longer waiting for it well and i think you just said something really really profound about giving yourself permission because i mean i'm speaking from my own personal journey. I mean i consider myself a late bloomer. In the sense that you know. I had a lot of internal stuff to get over. You know it was self talk self imaging. I've mastered gotten a master's in spiritual psychology. I've done everything i can think of. It came down to you know this little thing is fine. My voice share it with the world having the courage to be seen and heard. And not afraid that you're going to be dismissed or thought of as less than you know and and it's not some what. How does a woman get past that. So one of the the right about in the book are all the different archetypes that hold us back. So if the ultimate archetype is being queen in queen just means being the best version of yourself whatever that looks like or feels like you the other kind of characters with innocent. Hold us back. That have us believe the lies. And so i've categorize there's over thirty of them in the fossil there ones like little miss perfect. Who has the disease to please. There's the barter slave girl. There's a poster right. that's the woman who's like one day. She's going to be the next day she's like. I don't think i can do it. There's the ghost she's the one who's the invisible communicator won't speak her truth. So there's there's the saboteur all these archetypes inside of us that depending on what. Our upbringing was like experiences. Were that literally are the voices inside our head. Say you can't. That's not okay. That's not possible that will never happen for you And it's up to us to heal all of those areas and really get ourselves in the position of queen. Yes well you know when you talk about healing that i one of the certain things stick our head from that you hear read over the years you know and when i went through the spiritual psychology program with rana mary home at one of ron. Simple statements sticks in my head all the time. Which is he says. You know if you really get down to it we as humans everything we do is a story telling ourselves. All of our thongs are some belief that we have. And you don't if you're gonna tell yourself a story you might as well make up a good one exactly exact role that i remember those fear based thoughts. We can get in the middle of the night. We're just like spinning out. It's like i remember what my husband said to me. You're going to spin on something. Why don't you actually desire. Yes well you know. It's really been interesting in this. Is switching gears. Just a little bit. But i think it's important to see that because you have you share a lot and with your audience i think in terms of social media and lifestyle and one of the things. It's been great. Is you create these events up until up until we were in corona you were having events and i just marveled at how you have made it okay and desirable for women who were building businesses to gather in retreats with you in just someone most phenomenal places all over the world and but then there's an aspect of that beyond that. Which is you really have an amazing supportive relationship with with glenn and that has been a factor in your success. Would you say because you give them credit all the time absolutely You know it started shirl. When i gave myself permission you know people would tell me like when i you know. It's very common in the coaching industry to have a program. That's virtual and part in person and the in person events were supposed to be like ugly airport hotels non-glamorous. I'd of those ads. Like why like. I don't i. That's not where i want to go. And that's not where i want to check into. And so i just took a look at where would i wanna go and so i started just dreaming remember like my very supportive husband was like genia can't do events in paris and sydney and you know florence and butler. Ppa travel like that. And i said well why not likely. Don't go to offices we. We work from home. Why can't we. And so i just kept saying yes to my dreams. Even though it wasn't really what was going on in the status quo and then it created a whole trend. You know i started creating destination like one. Day intensive anywhere america to london paris and And then you know a whole generation. After i started doing them as well and international events as much as i love the united states. I'd i do love to travel internationally as well. So i do events where i desire to go and what i actually found from. A brand perspective became a selling point. I mean with all due respect to me in my work. Sometimes people were just like. I've never been to florence. And i want to go so they would use it as their excuse to get to south beach or cancun or sydney or wherever we were going And then yes. Glenn has been more than supportive. He's been quite the partner and we set things up so that we could Live together work together and travel the world together. Well i only bring that up because you know part of that one of the issues that comes up with women i think is in relationship is feeling supportive or is it okay for me to have my own thing and step out into the world. You know who who men there. There are men who are supportive in relationships are that and then there's some women that that becomes are they feel it's an obstacle on and i think that's important to everybody has to deal with it in their own way but you you certainly are an example in that area and i just i love what you just said about on the fact that your brand is a little It it helped her brand. Because i was going to ask you. The question is janet davita brand or is divine living. The brand you know and that's it or is it both. It's it's always. It's been a question and it was a conscious choice for me. At the beginning that i desired divine living to be the brand. Because i want it to be bigger than me in about more than me I think there was an era of personal brandon. They're still in. There's plenty of people that are very much a personal brand. I'm a very extroverted name and face of the brand at the moment but i where i see it going with Products in a clothing line and getting into things that are outside of me. I wanted the brand to be divine loving so we call it divine living by gina. Debbie so i'm very connected to it just that. I not the personal brand exactly. Well i think it's just an interesting distinction. Because obviously i work a lot with branding and trademarks and that sort of thing and trying to coach people and both as a lawyer and also hopefully mainly having understand that whether it's a personal brand or product brand or lifestyle brand. They need to have something that people relate to the side yes. I'm just another lawyer. I'm just another coach. Or you. Know what is your. What is your distinctive differentiation. You know what makes you different. And what is it. You're contributing that someone else. They wouldn't get from someone else. You know exactly. That's journey in and of itself right because you didn't evolve into divine living overnight. A did it take me years. I paid extensively for You know we hire. I've fired many branding agencies throughout the years and there was one in particular that was able to distill. This can't even take full credit for. They like really. They did a great job of getting to know me and my aspirations because at that time the brand was judy and they really came up with the concept of divine living. And i said yes. That's exactly what we do. Yeah well and you know. I relate to that because it look. I've been trying to brand aid for ten years. And i've had a vision of what it was but i mean just go back to the brand issue i actually intend. I've saved all the bad logo designs. I've gotten from faithful. Alas ten years. And i still have no logo for brandy. Because let's see. I've gotten barbed wire fences with branding irons. I've gotten martians with weird things on their heads and gotten ba for bank of america or british air. Unlike no none of those ernie. It's a journey. But i think that's important because You know in terms of the mindset issue. We're talking about women making the transformation to rise. It is okay to be seen and heard whether this it's them as the individual or as a brand there's this issue of Of you know they tend to look at someone anonymous saying they generally but some people can look at someone like you or even like me is a lawyer and they go. Oh as easy for you. You've already successful right. But they missed the fact that you know it's not it's one step in front of the one foot in front of the other every day and they keep going keep going keep investing. You know i think so many times. Hold it. well i did that. And it didn't work will join the club us. Show you my. You know like georgia's branding logo like the string of been as well. We do them for fun. Some of my seminars to show all the bad branding that it took to get to what you're seeing today And you just gotta keep going. You gotta keep going for your dream. Keep evolving keep getting mentored keep investing and keep developing yourself. Yeah well and also it's knowing how to well first of all the thought that comes into my mind is fail forward to success. You've got to fail in order to learn and keep going and then but it is. It's easy to say. Oh well that didn't work. So i quit and and so tell me what when you're coaching women. And you've coached hundreds of thousands thousands of women by now and i mean what. What are you if you had to distill it down. What is the number one or top couple of things you find that. Hold women back in terms of really being able to step out into being queen. Yes the first one for sure south permission and when you don't have self permission it comes with a whole ripple effect because that's when you know women allegedly aren't clear on what they wanna do or even what they want and it's just the statistics. Are that only one. In one hundred americans even know what they want. But i think there's so much of it is. That's just the symptom of of the core. Because if you give yourself permission to go for your dreams if you give yourself permission to create an amazing brands like you will get clear. The way will be shown. You will figure it out but until you've giving yourself permission it. It isn't clear. Because i think people think that you just get these ideas The only reason why i have going on my like what i have going on is because the work informed me i learned from actually doing it. I didn't get it through meditation or journal. Which do every day certain pieces. Yes but like most of that like you know you learn while you're doing it so i would say for sure. The number one step to being queen is giving yourself permission to be do have experience and contribute In life at its fullest. Then the next is really getting clear on your vision. I know people talk about this. But i know that from me even like we kinda sorta know what direction we're going in and what we want and we can be really big about our vision like you know we want a bigger brand and we want more money or more clients or whatever it is But like if you were to really dream as the renault consequences are limitations. What is your vision. And so i think that giving yourself permission to do dream. Kinda broad brush strokes. But then what i do. They really chunk down the and i do it in ninety day. Increments because i find that if i have ninety day goals and work backwards that what am i gonna do by the end of ninety days. The end of sixty days the end of thirty days like. There's no time for procrastination like it's like you know you're like the calendar itself really hold you accountable so i would say another step is to just be really clear on what your vision is and then organize your time around your vision. I know what's important to someone based on what they spend their time on. And what's in their counter. Are you the ceo of your own bran or help create build or mentor other emerging brands. It's vital for any online business to protect voluble brand assets including the trademarks copyrights domain names and other content which is commonly called intellectual property trademarks and brand names are also sometimes known as intangible assets. Intellectual property is the most valuable asset of your business. Young business owners often don't realize the importance of protecting their intellectual property until they seek funding or decide. It's time to sell. The first question would be investors in purchases. We'll ask you is what's your ip and is it protected. Legal protection for your online brand assets including domains trademarks and other content is an essential part of a strong business structure from the beginning of your business registered trademarks stakeout. Your exclusive place in the market with a zone of protection against later adopters of the same or similar name registered trademarks. Also serve as a weapon against fringers domain hijackers cybersquatters and old-fashioned thieves online platforms such as amazon and facebook now require a registered trademark for sellers and businesses. Without which complaints to enforce rights against infringers will be refused in my best selling book registered trademark. The business owners sky to brand protection high. Reveal a simple three step process to help you. Secure and sustain protection for your own valuable brand assets also share how to bulletproof your business online and off as my special gift to our listeners. I'll send you a free copy of my book. Simply go to registered trademark will dot com to receive your copy. Today we buy the book. You pay only for shipping and handling. Snag your copy of the owner's guide to brand protection today and make certain you're on the path to create a business and a brand that's built to last. You said something really profound which. I have reminded myself over and over again in life. Is this notion that the work informed you along the way. Because i know just just launching. The podcast is been the most amazing thing i've ever done. I mean i'm like an in my element. 'cause i've always loved meeting people that's who i am and all that and learning what people do what they're gifts artist share with the world it just it turns me on but then it was the the process of the technology. All the stuff you have to do which whether it's launching a website launching a course it doesn't matter you can get bogged down and all that stuff and then trying to find the right team and the right people but really once it started and i finally got it launched. Its legs suddenly. There's this this wave of all got this idea and wouldn't that be great and the work informs. It's just what you're saying. I'm feel informed by the process. You put one step out there. One idea out there and suddenly the universe responds with some sort of support or step or another idea to move forward a little bit different way. Have you found you a hundred percent you know. I think that we think that we need to know all the answers before we even begin or we need to know all of the house and it's just not true like you know what the next step is you take that and then you'll be informed of the next up and then the next step but i typically don't get information more than two to three steps away from where i'm at even after all these years sell its. I stay very present. in the highly Attentive to what. Those goals are to move forward. I take those steps. In the the reason why i don't go further the ninety day increments is if i'm really growing and that quickly Who is going to be at the end of those ninety days like it could never have planned the next steps from there because mitt such a higher level of consciousness so much further forward in my business Have met so. Many new amazing people had some great experiences a ninety day increments so make those next decisions when the next quarter begins well and and also i think we all in within that comes the need to be able to adapt right and go with the flow. So we're recording this during the corona virus. So i'm not sure if someone listen to it later. Hopefully we'll all be beyond that at some point soon but It brings up the need to be flexible and adapt. So how is how is that. How is the current circumstances forcing you to adapt and coach your students. And you're on house. These difficult times while the first thing that i had to do with just my mindset was witness i came in it just seemed like it was larger than life and for me i come from a spiritual inclination and so i had to remember that when you call it. God's spirit universe it's act it's bigger than the corona virus and that definitely calmed me down like i was like okay like the news was making it out to be. Even my own fears in my own head was like. Oh my gosh. This as large as i have no. It's not got his than life. The coronavirus is not so. I really got the mindset of a clean down and i remembered what was still true and something else that i write about in the book is that each of us have a divine assignment for for any given day or and then also for the destiny for our life and as a queen. It's important for me to be aware to be compassionate to be empathetic of all of what was going on for the doctors and the nurses in the people getting infected in the families that we're losing loved ones and that was not my experience and therefore it was not my divine assignment has never to freak out to be in fear or to not fulfill your own purpose. So i had to really practice self blissett plan in terms of like what is my divine assignment for that day and my divine assignment was still to share the message of being queen by divine assignment. was to continue to move my business forward in model to others that it was okay to do the same in their life. You know especially women were afraid like is it okay to be making money right now and it's of course not okay to produce some of scam take advantage of the situation. But if you haven't lifting product or service like the world needs that more than ever and so do not offer what you're meant to offer in the world and so an a third. Was you know. I didn't wait twenty years to publish my first book. A global epidemic but my book came out in march twenty twenty And so i had a global book to our plans and I was able to to stops. We hit new york and miami before we go into fourteen and we've canceled everything else And then let myself feel sad for a couple of minutes like it was. It was sad to me. I wanted to see people in hug them and signed their books. I've waited my whole life for that or who knows life anyways and You know i knew it was really a postponing. It wasn't really a canceling and one of the skills. I teach in the book as that. Everything is happening for us not to us. And if that's actually true. I had asked myself like i did this exercise. I'm thrilled. this is happening because it's okay. I'm thrilled my book. Tour got cancelled because there's like I can have it and reach out and do a bunch of podcasts. Like this one and maybe even get the word out in an even bigger way with the podcast reach than what my in person gatherings would have been I'm thrilled mrs happening. Because well i didn't just want people to buy the book actually one of them to read it and the poor reading right now more than ever aware like okay. You know the. I'm thrilled having. Because i have a publicist and i was supposed to be flying around to do a bunch of media right now doing the media from the comfort of my own home because everyone's gone virtual so i've just had to pivot and take a look at what are the opportunities of what is this time then. For what is my divine assignment right now and when the divine assignment is to be in person again and do live events again. I will happily see back because it's a very happy way to work. But i'm really thrilled about all the opportunities like this one. Right here with us cheryl. So i think it's really being acquaintances about looking to understand how something happening for you not to you. Well i i could really go deep on that. Because it's selling alignment with my philosophy. My own journey. Which is you know is that you know. We call it in spiritually collagen terms. It's called you know your spiritual curriculum and then we have one and no one's is better or worse than others were how it's just different and that we each are all going to go through experiences in life which are not what you would call. Peak experiences you know are being being in a pandemic and isolation is not necessarily a peak experience on a day to day basis on the other hand. You know the only control we ultimately have in our life is shit happens at some level and then the unexpected comes along and the only thing we can control our response and our reaction so what you were saying and sharing about on controlling your mindset and controlling your thinking and takes practice old tapes. Come in and even i mean i've been going through it myself and it's like that a meditate gotta hit the yoga mat and and i think some what i've had to say one thing is we each need to have our own tool set of tool chest are little. You know things that we can turn to that help us stay on the right path of the right thinking hundred percents And then you actually do turn things into peak experience when you do that. Yeah well and it's perhaps she can you know and i've been seeing quite a few brands do this. They're reaching out with no agenda to sell something at the moment but to really be of service to their clients in their customers and those that are doing that i think those are the people by pivoting during the crisis but being present and accessible will be who clients turn to as things improve and get better lutely absolutely so for example you know and i think you know femininity about taking a stand for the end. The masculine is about either or the feminine is about we the masculine is about i the individual and so when this all happened We we created a companion course for the book and it's called the audacity to be queen and we were going to sell it and it was actually glad my husband's idea that said you know what what about us giving it away for free and and i was like that's brilliant perfect idea so an- anyone can go get it. It's divine dot com forward slash audacity. Completely free course and so. We felt great about giving that to the community as a gesture of having positive programming. There's videos workbooks all the things. And i'm also continuing to sell my other programs products and services. You know so you can really take a stand for the and you can be giving and generous and do things for free in a pivot and adapt to the current climate And you can continue to move your brandon business forward. Wow that's awesome. Well i since. I just got the book. I better get the course. We all need a little more extra input but there was a couple of things you said that i really wanted to a i love this thing about You know giving yourself talking about giving yourself permission but about not having to give up too much of yourself and there was something you shared in the book. Your share in the book about which i really urge people to tune into. It's really fabulous book but The notion about and i've i really related to this personally because i struggle with it. I mean look. I come from a little bit different generation where there weren't a lot of women role models. There were a few. But believe me. The ones i met were all in the masculine mode. The burnt out the adrenals. The work the hundred twenty hours work harder you know and it wasn't okay you had to give yourself away. Had to prove yourself more. I spent twenty five years in that model again. I mean i blew out the adrenals. I had all the i mean i would do it all and so i just you share the book and i love it if you could just kind of talk about that a little bit about either the the women who were ended feminine energy and had you know a great place but they weren't making any money versus the ones who are like me early in their careers who were just had a life. Yes well at the beginning of my career. About fifteen years ago i would say That was very much i was. I was so. I was discovering femininity was always very spiritual and with into like just moved to los angeles and joined the feminine energy circles and it was like these beautiful sisterhood new moon circles in public and we were all broke slowly close and we're all broke. And then i looked at the wick. Because i always desire to have a better lifestyle for myself into to create greater impact which both require money and i was like who the women have money and it was like the lawyers. The investment bankers the commercial real estate broker and they were all working. These crazy like hundred hour weeks loan out there just completely in their masculine. But the money i was like really asked the question. Where are the women who are wealthy and feminine. And so that is where. I really dove into studying all things queen because queen is not effeminate. She's the masterful. Blend of the masculine and the feminine. And so when we lead with our feminity followed by our masculinity that's how we can accomplish a lot create great impact great wells and receive grip. Lifestyles yeah well you know one of the archetypes you talk about which Which is you know. What do you call the the way we project out is either acting out as the bitch or the you know. The princess are what were the other. Throw the slave girl. Whatever ray where we worked it out. But what are the things that an informed me. And i share this just from a personal perspective because in my generation as a young lawyer there there were if i was assertive i was immediately labeled by men as a bitch. Rain other words it was difficult to get to the merits of representing my client. Because they would throw this thing at me right and so then it became an again. I said there weren't a lot of role models. But i'll never forget if few familiar with Who katharine graham. Was she won the pulitzer prizes. She owned the washington post. A never forget. This is at least twenty years ago. I read an article about her. When she was very much still alive in vanity fair she was profiled in vanity fair and there was a quote about her by a from stevenson. Who had been a secretary of state or something many years ago and he said her greatest virtue was her opponents always tended to underestimate her abilities and that stuck with me and it saw me through. Because what i finally came to without having coach like you or someone you know audacity to be queen book available back then was it was like okay. Well you know. Maybe i don't have to be aggressive. Maybe i can just like lie in the weeds and be nice. And then guess what i can. Bless you and blast you and i don't mean that mean way for behalf of my clients to do what needs to be done to take care of business. Yeah i think that You know men get a bad rap in. There's certain men that need to take responsibility for Label mislabeling certain women's attributes because of a man. Behave the same way that judgment would never take place. I gotta tell you women do it to each other as well. And that's one of the things that i'm really excited about with this generation of women. I'm not talking about age at all. I'm just talking about the women that are currently on the planet. Where so much more in the creative rome than the competitive realm and it's really about collaborating in sisterhood. And it's not about taking other women down anymore play. I think that we're finally realizing the men have been doing not in a bad because i love men. I have nothing. But i mean let's face it. They've been hanging out in the locker room on the golf course and doing business for years. Even though we can hang out in the spa on the beaching con- you know where you have your next grant. So so what is what is next for divine living right now. We're being really present. Were just really excited to get the book out into the world There's a hardcover. There's a kindle version there's audible so you can go to divine living dot com forward slash book and get it anywhere. We are proud from a brand perspective. We are in Thousand target stores across the us and we're also and walmart in canada so we're very Proud that the book has gone mass and mainstream. Congratulations thank you. Thank you and We've got some cool things coming up that we're working on so if anyone wants to stay in touch all the resources are at our website. Divine living dot com. There's videos there's talk. Show there's podcasts. there's All kinds of free stuff get on our mailing list. We sent out a cool kind of magazine newsletter. Once week and then you'll be able to see all the things that are coming up at the vine living. Yeah will you did a beautiful magazine there for a while. That was a big airman. And i remember you saying that. It was a challenge and it was a big experiment and a big expense of perspective. So yes it was. Gorgeous all the archives on the website. But you did it. You know and learned a lot. Yeah so is there anything. I haven't asked you that you'd love to share I think it's been such a fun time. Cheryl you know it's just. It's one of those subjects where there's so much depth You know i appreciate you. Know from brand perspective you People can study what i've done around the whole concept of queen and how integrated that with divine living And you know. I think that just more than ever. We really need positive programming for our minds. And so i know a bit biased. But it's been great to get your feedback that the book will do exactly that. It's really gonna support you in your dreams. Whatever those are for your brand and really Maxine them out in a good way like really applying big thinking and big love and big care and big belief in them. So i hope you get the book and really use the exercises in it to make your brand go as big as you desire to be well and we do need that support. You know i realize it. I mean we've been isolating. I'm not in relationship than with my dog. The moments you know. I'm i'm i'm isolated alone and i'm on the phone and call so i it's not like i'm not with people very much with people but at the same time there's this that little voice in the head udo isolated by myself you know and so it's It's more important than ever to me to have that connection. And i think they're so one thing we didn't talk about which i think is important because it was part of my transformation. I don't know if you've seen this. This might be one more archetype for you to add in. It's a mary morrissey who i coached with. At one point. I live near a. She wasn't the lone ranger syndrome. That would be me. I was the lone ranger. Have to do it all alone. That's part of the martyr syndrome. There's nobody there for me. So i have to do it all myself. While there's a whole chapter on belonging it's a little bit towards the end of the book and the loaner is one of the people see there and how show you how to transform that one as well okay. Well i am the reformed loaner. So i mean i totally believe we all need that community and connection with each other. You know release survive so for sure for sure well. And that's one of the reasons why we offered the companion course for free so definitely go to divine living dot com forward slash audacity. Getting on that course. Because you're going to meet women from around the world who are going for their dreams such an amazing group of women and Yeah they'll be thrilled to me great. We'll count me in and is there anything on your bucket list. You haven't done. I've always liked to ask that question. What exotic location have you not been to yet. How in terms of travel a visible accomplishments. It whatever could be both you can have one yes. I definitely have a dream of of a product lines so that is a bucket list piece that i haven't done yet found and in terms of location. Where haven't i been that. I'm desiring to go. When when things opened up. I'm going to go hit some repeat places Some of my favorite loves So the iceland journey is coming up for me right now. I haven't been on the blue lagoon and is land. So that's interest There's some places in asia that i haven't done like vietnam is looking really beautiful And shanghai i haven't experienced that city. Either fantastic well i i. I foresee many more great divine living events around the world. And i can't wait to attend one thing. You say here. Yeah the next one's probably be in the mediterranean though. That's that's probably my first love. Okay well i can go. I i actually. I just have to fast that i was really taken when you were in con- a years ago because i've been there probably thirty times for the medium years ago in the music industry sco every year every year. So it's like when you were in the market that place is so it's it's also very inspiring for people to realize that they can work virtually and we talked a little bit about that before we started about this virtual. How things are shifting for all of us to being online. And i before we go. I'd like to just go back and circle on that a little bit. Because i don't think we really talk about that online. Shore you know. I mean one of the opportunities right now depending on what industry someone's in it just really utilizing all of the capabilities that we do actually have virtually you know in some ways. My life isn't that difference The and and self quarantine than when. I'm not you know. I i work from home Do many zoom calls. My team is virtual do work from anywhere in the world so and now getting even more on digital programs going and even more systems and structures in place that don't require in person attendance. It's just what the focus has been recently. And i think that there's so many industries that had an outdated way of thinking thinking that they had to go in person i mean. Obviously if you're a hairstyles or a massage therapist that's true but there's just so many industries that thought they had to go into an office or couldn't work virtually that i think are really seeing How much you can really accomplish how time you can really save. I know my team loves not having. Many of them are here in los angeles and they just love not having a commute because they actually that they can they can work more. They can be more productive because not in the car and to and from work every day. Well and i think the message from my perspective is for those people who might be listening. Is someone like you. You've been doing this for twenty years. And and it's like the rest of the world and i've been doing for quite a long time to and quite as long but you know now that i'm not going to court properly never again but You know it's it's like it. Nothing's really changed for me either. So i think that turning to people like you with your you have not only the depth of knowledge to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to really develop their messaging deal with their mindset and to actually birth something of value and significance in the world. There's that aspect but also you've been doing this kind of virtual build business for a long time. Save a lot to share in that. So i really asked connect with you so thank you. Thank you so much cheryl. Hi thank you for joining me. It's just been wonderful having you. And i'm went after things settled down are more to come back. We'll hear how the book tour the real book tour went excellent excellent so far on the virtual one and then look at the interest in going as well. Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure to be here absolutely. You've been listening to jimmy v. founder of the multi-million dollar brand divine living divine. Living is for the person who's excited about impacting. The world craves spiritual connection dares to be visible and desires to fulfill their life's purpose. That's it for today's episode. Make sure to subscribe to the show. Just text the word. Subscribe to two to zero brandit. That's 2-0 b. r. a. n. d. i. T. when you subscribe you'll instantly receive cheryl's to free special gifts. The brand guide to trademark selection and the consumer guide to trademark registration services. This election guide shows you how to select memorable and legally protectable brand names that qualify as valuable assets of your company. The consumer guide to registration. Services will help you navigate the trademark registration process and how to find trusted professional. When you need one make certain you're on the path to a business and brand built to last.

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J.Lo Removes A-Rod From Her IG, RHOP's Gizelle Calls Out Professor Wendy for Dressing TOO Sexy - Daily Pop 08/16/21

Daily Pop

43:12 min | 2 months ago

J.Lo Removes A-Rod From Her IG, RHOP's Gizelle Calls Out Professor Wendy for Dressing TOO Sexy - Daily Pop 08/16/21

"With so many meal kit services out there. It's hard to find the right one for you. Here's what i think. Sets home chef apart chef offers delicious. Exciting meals anyone can cook rotating recipe options each week. Means there's always something new once you create your home chef accountant. Set your meal preferences. It's as simple as choosing your menus for the future weeks and adjusting your delivery. They'll recommend meals based on dietary needs and cook time such as quick meals carb conscious vegetarian and even easy cleanup. Your box. Arrives at your doorstep each week with recipe cards and perfectly portioned ingredients. You get exactly what you need and if you don't think you have time to cook. They offer quick solutions of fifteen minute recipes. Microwave meals and oven ready options that save you time and effort in the kitchen for a limited time only go to home chef dot com slash art nineteen for ninety dollars off your first month. That's a value of ten free meals again. Go to home chef dot com slash art nineteen for ninety dollars off every body. Kathy monday everyone and welcome to daily pop. Today we're talking foods make-up's rake up and look who is here. The notorious herself tori spelling. Everybody to be here. We're so excited to have you. My hair is stuck in my mind. I got that was really lame guys. Jesus well let's get excited and kick things off with jennifer lopez. Alex rodriguez is everywhere except on j. Lo's instagram page. She sues s right off. She also followed him and for a rod he's still following jennifer and hasn't deleted any photos of her. Why do you think she did this. Now it's time it's time and i honestly think it was a really classy amount of time. I'm shocked that. She went through that entire central asia trip with. She probably muted right she. She started archives. Probably yes she muted ham. I'm sure she did something that wasn't seen to the public eye. But i think this was actually a really respectful amount of time that she kept following him. And there's no reason to keep doing it like they're not together. She's very much with ben. Affleck is we've all seen and it was just. It felt right. What ben was like. It's time we're shopping for houses you've got to do it. You gotta wipe it clean. I think you're right. Ben is not involved in the. But i think what happens when you get into a new relationship. Is you get to that next level. And you kinda sorta have to get rid of the x. Especially if it was a significant relationship. But that's why i always say you know in the great words of the philosopher cardi b. ring on my finger. You ain't going on my grim so i don't have to clean up anything right. That's a good point. No i agree. But i also think that she feels herself. Even if she was not with ben independently she feels very moved on from a. Rod and like put everything she needed to into. That relationship now is like i'm done with you. Mother new leaper iran will do the same. Well she could've gone slowly though like one picture at a time going way back all the way down so maybe unfaltering a different day. I don't know what all at once. i think. It was intentional. Thinks she was just like it's because they have been broken up for how long for sure and she's been with ben affleck for how it's like enough we don't i don't even think of them as a couple anymore. I also knew they were never getting married. He he thought they were getting married. I definitely getting merely yes. I totally thought they were gonna do. They weren't right the moment. That ring showed up not getting married. We've made so many bets. And they have yet to and they have yet to be paid. We they haven't brought any. We'll give you the cash when i bet i. They are not going to get married. No away person. I was like oh what. I didn't feel it wear what happened. It was behind the scenes of like a announcement up fronts. And they were there. Remember those we used to go to remember back in the day. Yeah this is like two years ago. And i don't really i didn't know what do you feel it for her. And ben thank you. Okay thank you but we wanted to this next story prompter. Let's do this right. Being got heated during last night through hostile is a potomac after some of the ladies question. Wendy for fuelling herself take a look at what went down. It's totally not the windy. That i met. It is way different from professor. Wendy substance wendy. We are often put in a bath. You can not be sexy and have substance. I don't know. I think i disagree with that. Won't be as you would never see michelle obama with her bubis out. And we'll never see oprah with her boob out right because you say don't put ourselves a box but they are like if you're a professor. You have to embody knowing that. I stand before you're someone who still has multiple decrease who still professor at one the highest institution. Who still commentators. Who still does all those things. And that does not take away from any of my accolades. I mean just brainstorming. You can't boobs right i. Yeah we're both like living proof kind of percent. You should be able to dress how ever you like. Don't you agree. I mean a thousand percent. But i feel like it's changed. It used to be that you couldn't be taken seriously. If you were sexy. It was like two different departments. Well it's all a blend it is. I think this is why disney channel kids go so extreme when they come out of that box because people can't see them as adults. That's why ariana grande is talking about sixty nine and doing the nasty things with pete davidson. Molly's irs is update with a poem. Pinger getting your life on robin thicke. You know what i mean. I have to go to the extreme. The thing that i don't understand. Is i think that wendy just honestly got that last baby offer left breasts and was like i wanna perk. These boys up. I want to do something for myself. Anything when men start working out get a new cologne all of a sudden. It's like they must be cheating. No they probably are. But i'm just one of those good for you. I really appreciate it that i am. I think yeah. I think what she made a really good point like a woman should be able to dress however she would like whatever gonna make her feel best and that does not take away from our accolades does not take away from our education or her accomplishments. Yeah but how aggravating. Does it get for you that people just put you in the fashion entertainment zone and like you can't do like being just in those two boxes. I feel like people. I don't even know what boxes people. I try to not pay attention anymore to what boxes they put me in. Because barca's one demon marcus books. Because i just don't even because then you just then you and your head about it and you don't wanna be that person i think there. I think you have to prove yourself over time. It's kim kardashian. When she started out on keeping up we never thought she was gonna be this multi hyphen at businesswoman. Whose worth over a billion dollars like yeah so you just have to stay the course ignore what people say. And what about you. Because obviously you were tori spelling you had the most one of the most icon on tv. How hard is it for people to take you as a actress who can do drama actress. Who can do these serious roles really difficult. It's still next to impossible all the time for acting projects i hear. Oh she's to orey. Yeah and i'm like okay. Well but everyone else gets cast in there to whatever right right. Tom cruise but you know yeah exactly i can do mission impossible way. I'm like for check. Honey alternates al. Roker real quick. I'll be doing the weather. I'll be talking to syria. I will be like in the in the jordan. Yeah you you just need to again. I think just stay the course that just not worry about what people say and do whatever makes you happy valley. Reinvention can keep doing it. Do whatever you want Speaking of doing whatever she wants. A hollywood actress is coming for. Madonna debra. Winger everyone gets you. We'll says she quit a league of their own because of the material girl. Deborah was set to play gena davis his role but she told the telegraph that she thought madonna getting cast. Return movie into an elvis presley film. So she bought out. Don't worry she got her. When deborah was asked about madonna's performance in the movie. She pulled her petty lever and said i think her acting career has spoken for itself. Oh jonah has not yet commented first of all. This movie is a classic acid a such a good movie. I also feel like in this particular instance. I don't even think of madonna as madonna in this movie. She fade into the movie like everybody else in his a character. And i thought did an incredible job in this goes back to what we were just talking about just you what makes you happy and ignore people because there's always gonna be somebody that comes back. How many years later talking about. No one asked deborah. We don't care. Giver madonna so. Her career has spoken for itself. Worry booting it into a series is going to be a part of the series. Now i've is. I've out crying in baseball. So get out walked out. She walked off. But i think for debra winger who was a serious actress in nine hundred ninety. Two musicians didn't do movies but every third movie you see on the docket. You know you've got donna in a in a submarine. Now everyone's doing a bunch of different stuff you have madonna mariah doing social work. Hell you had j. lo plana mate. She hadn't seen a broom. Sixteen years of that point should even know what is true. It's really true. But i also don't you feel like madonna in that movie. You like. there's madonna no. She was great she was. She was a very eclectic cast. I thought it made sense. I thought she did a good job. Got anything like this before now left because someone knows maybe somebody left because you felt like you weren't the right choice or no so. I love that. I mean this did happen with me. Once before and gena davis so i was supposed to be in. Thelma and louise y. Yeah yeah. I quit and gena davis got that role to so it's like she. Has these two movies. Wow i was going to. The truck doesn't work. And i'm not great at math but i know that doesn't add up. Am walmart around it. We're going to go to break but still ahead. Our new interview with ariana grande day. Why she's taking aim at john legend plus our komi interest in really back together. I called it. We're on rumor patrol. Ice you're right about this. Are you tired of wasting time. Making trips to the grocery store. 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It is time to go on some serious rumor. Pert shrill khloe interest in beginning back together. According to reports khloe wants to make it work again and tristan has promised to do better now. I don't know who needs to hear this. I think we're a one for one on the bets. I told you that this was going to happen again. It's just happening. The woman air met at her way to las vegas to get her ex husband out of a brothel. She does not walk away easy. Which i do i know. She is very loyal. She does stick by her man. I i've heard so many different variations of this reality that like. I don't even know what to think anymore. Like i'm having next essential crisis over them everyday. Like i don't know if they're back together and they are like up she's gonna do it. Don't you think i do you. i do. But i think it's because she wants to continue a family with them. Why is beautiful. He's a beautiful man. Beautiful beautiful baby beautiful. So i would keep it together just so i can have another baby with them. Also in. you're absolutely correct. Because we saw in the last season of crashing into the embryos are already in the oven. Yeah it's already have them in the freezer. So you're kind of damned if you do damned should know and i and i fully support. If she wants another baby with him she should do that. I'd also like. I know that you've been talking because true is now holds true out three. It's like god time flies by so fast. I feel like it. She wants and also she's a great mom. She's going to be a great mom regardless of the status of their relationship. So if she wants another baby she should just have another baby and do whatever makes her happy. I agree with that. And i think what she is doing now in our life that we can't really graph is that she's accepting him for who he is and he might not be the best partner he might not be the best lover but for her. He's a great co parent. He's a great person to get along with when it comes to their children. So she's like you know what i accept you like. You might not be for me. You might be jack. Nicholson to my jellicoe. Houston but when it comes to our kids you are going to be there for me. So why would i take a chance on somebody else at the age of thirty six. I also think she's really in place now especially with the show not going on the way it was is where she's gonna do whatever she wants and really knock gish. People think allowed to say that were no. I love her quotes on instagram. No i got a firm. Now i love it i love it to. I love her on day by day by her. Quote one hundred today. Something not good also. Don't think that they're related to try. I think they're just general quotes that she resonates with. And i don't think they're all about her personal life mcmartin. Please shut up. I don't think go back to your love to me i. I love more rumors that we need to break down rumors. Flying that shep. Sandra lee could already be engaged to her new boyfriend. Being yosef now people mad just confirm their relationship a week ago but she was just fighting in paris wearing a rock on that bigger now as you know she was previously dating. New york's governor andrew cuomo who announced last week that he was resigning after a slew accusations. Sandra is pulling a good crisis. Pr here. i think she's fell in love. I think she's happy. I think she's a gauge. I think she moved on it. And i remember hearing about them breaking up. I feel like last year right at the start of his sort of negative press. Whenever that was starting and i remember feeling. That's so sad. Like i'm upset for her. Like i know that they were together for a long time and really loved each other. And i felt him at now. Girl got your life do what you want to be engaged in paris and make with man and having time. She looked that that is an engaged. Yes yes an engaged time. I'm a huge fan of hers. And she's all about. She taught us every woman that we can make something. That's semi homemade. It's okay to use a box cake. Decided enough semi engaged or look at these men she gets yet mean. Lakes is put in a box out there really her bach block go. It's a good one. Apparently she's successful. she's i'm all for it. I'm happy for her shaving. But i think for sandra we. I watched for the last year. It was when andrew cuomo was on top and everybody loved him. It was this is the home we shared. That i'm selling. These are the things that i have to pack up my life. My fourteen years of age cuomo all of a sudden you're manson hot water and you don't want anything to do with them which i understand. Don't harvey weinstein me regular. Do not pull me down like georgina. Chapman i just think it's very interesting. That all of a sudden andrew cuomo is in hot water and she's already moved on. I think she had been moved on for a long time. As i said they have not been together for a while. Even if you pull. That photo backed up of them. If we can see it again you can tell how unhappy they are here. Look at that she is stiff. He is barely smiling. There tends towards each other. This was when they were very much together so this is probably two and a half years old. This photo not happy for a long time and that's the one thing relationships i i've said this thousand times. Sure you have experienced. Relationships ending in the public does not mean. That's when they end. They have ended years or months prior to when people hear about this question. When you look back at your past relationship. And i think in the moment. You probably don't know what to do but when you look at your past relationships. Did they end at the moment that the public us found out or did they in months in years before i go out and allowed way so yeah. I'm pretty like on the money at the time so i probably couldn't hold it in when it was over it was over. No no but don't you feel like emotionally other way for you and you can still be a couple of you know in your head. This relationship is over. we just haven't called it yet. That's what i mean that's your that. Yeah yeah i'm i can't give it to over. It's over a rod when they were on that last minute lake rekindling vacation together. That was damn over but they were trying to reset right. She put that drake song in the background with the hoops launch. That's when it was over. All right coming up is here to talk about her new memoir and how she's returning to housewives faye with us. You don't wanna miss it. Having your own home is awesome. But it's also a lot of work. The good news finding help for your projects is easier than ever introducing angie the app. The puts all your home care needs at your fingertips need a pro to fix that. Emergency leak maybe find someone to build a deck or even set your seasonal tasks on autopilot. Angie can handle all that and more expert pros. Hundreds of home projects clear pricing and the easiest way to book and pay in seconds. This is angie your home for everything home. Download the app today. This by way what happened. Why do that happy. I'm happy all in the name of getting these girls distracted. See what i do for you girls. Can i change the cream from her nose. We wanted to make it nice and who better to do that. Then former real housewife to render medley. Everybody how are you. I am -brate. I did have moments bats. I am living for it and before we make nice. We have to ask you about the reports that you are going on. Real housewives season two of the all stars. Could it be. He's make our day. Have you may just in. You know you never you never league. You never let anything come. I have to say this from this up. Because i was rushing evening nutrition and i hope you huge catch up right out here. So were the white waste. That went still hearing nutrisystem. So you're so okay. So you're allegedly going back right and And your ruin cast mates vicky gun gumbel sins randy glanville. Who tells aaron. Are you excited to spend time with them. Allegedly active talking about the book. Make it nice votes. Let's get to make it nice and tell us your confirmed and then we'll make it nice story. I've not fool. Justin knows i am. I let the you listen. A few people would like to manifest it. I will add into the magic of it. Okay i'm gonna say about manifestation we will manifest it render manifesting and regular just for about poor baby of. She's gorgeous bordered into the baby is amazing. I can't wait to meet her when she you new memoir made nice comes out tomorrow when you were writing this book. Was there anything that surprised you about yourself. You know what. I always have considered myself a strong woman but i really realized i've gone through a lot and i just kept going. I kept poor forward. I kind of had a dream and stuck to it. you know. Sometimes it took a little longer to get there but You know. I have a great mom and dad. Hi mom and dad there watching and them so much work. They're actually two miles away from me and You know all the things happen. You could just stay sort of true to yourself and on top. You have to go through some promise. Sometimes i think you know transitions are good. They make grow of course. And if you said on real housewives that that was just a slice of you but this book is the full cake ratings. All of it whipped cream top for the cherry. We wanted it all. We want to eat your cake. What would be like as fans. I are fans huge. What would be something that we would be surprised to read in this book. Well i think one of the things. That was hard for me to white. And i don't think i've ever really stress on the show. Is that journey with before richard passed. I think it's always easy to not easy. But it's easier to talk about someone you know after the past them backing up as ford light. But the accident watt speed out again. You realize how difficult now strong knee. One j- i was and our family now so i really need me pause. I when i hear stories of richard from the show or little glimpses interviews. Richard seems like a ten like richard burton. Like he was dead dude. Who treated everybody great. And you had one of your first dates at the met gala would kind of lang pretty woman is that right. It really was not valid. But he say that gal but he's shutting down. Never forget an insult of the sappy like all these less this where that he had over. Just in case. I would like a hundred grass other wounded. Okay at buckingham palace donald. Oh my god. I can't look at this beautiful legacy that these left here. Do you feel like the man that you finally me. Who is going to come into your life. Has some really big shoes to fill it. And that's why it's been so tough to get back into the dating game. Yes i've never been a big data anyway. I really am. I as i always say when anyone talks about getting sexy what we're taking me home. Now we say you have your e will be going to town hall to ask mac with never thanks with the. Yes but you know. Each relationship brings different things for both barbies. Hannah's father is perfect. It was perfect. But at time of my life richard played such a huge role in our lives. And the if there is an next person. You'll knows. I'm sure you know it'll be another chapter of my life that Only keep adding to swallow now. Well you guys. Speaking of that story book make it. Nice is available for preorder now and it hits bookstores tomorrow. Go check it out. Thank you so much to run. The is it now. So the audio is my voice. Vote asleep done and done coming to visit right. You gave us a room to say. Yeah yep fish room next. You guys are exclusive new interview at area. Undergrad day and what she says has been so hard and tomorrow set your dvr because the one and only nicole kidman is here telling us about her new role. You don't wanna miss that either. Welcome back to daily pop. It's time for today's hollywood minute. Even if you didn't love the way game of thrones ended you're going to dig this reunion. A million clark posted this picture of her and jason momoa on instagram writing. When your son and stars rolls into town you check that he can still bench. Press a collegiate. Jason responded with a bunch of hearts and says he loves her forever does he is under fire once again. See mulu who's the new star of the new marvel movie shanxi and the legend of ten rings just called out the company on twitter after their ceo called the film an interesting experiment on an earnings call because of open exclusively in theaters. Sean also happens to be. The first marvel movie led by asian actors and see moore wrote that they are not an experiment. They are the celebration of culture and joy that will persevered. After an embattled year disney has not yet commented and love conquers all including a twelve year. Fear of flying travis barker swore he'd never fly again after surviving a plane crash back in two thousand eight but he joined courtney and her family on kylie's private jet this weekend for a trip to mexico. Travis ended back in june that he was working to overcome his phobia tweeting that he might fly again. And that's the hollywood minute. I know this story really inspired you. Can you tell us why. Oh my gosh. So my dad had a fear of flying. He was in a near death experience in a plane crash. He was supposed to be on coming back from world war. Two he was eighteen. Didn't get on the flight. They thought he had died there. Oh my god is mom. Don't ever fly again. he was eighteen. He never flew again ever never flew with him every time. You never flew again so growing up. I grew up with a huge fear of flying. I'm terrified of flying because your dad. Yes you fly. Did you get on flights as a kid or no. no never. I live from my first time. I think till i was nineteen. Wow and private never. The other day took my first private flight. Terrifying terrified terrified experience. I know you think about it. that is so did you go on vacations. No that's why the house had to be that big hobby rooms every detail. Like here's a new wing congratulate. How can say. Don't go in that room. No we would drive to vegas every summer. That was the summer like for a month. Sear we're laying out in vegas. We have other things. I'm just curious about this. Yeah like back then and back then it was like we were with. Sammy davis junior and like freaks. Not try and it was cool. But it wasn't you know what's kid friendly. It was not kid friendly back. No you were going to like the rat pack bow. Yeah exactly more about this tomorrow. But ariana grande day is joining the voice today the season and she's coming for everyone especially john legend. Our inner team mentor kristen channel. We're told us how they plan to wendy. Amazing season amazing so far being a part of the voice. I love everybody's energy so much being able to work with kelly. John and blake has been so informative. And so it's like. I'm learning so much you watch it on tv. And you think you know okay. I'm going to get in there and it's going to be easy. Whatever but it's so hard and they're so season so great at it that john has been my biggest competition so far. Because i think we turn for a lot of the same voices and everybody picks john not that i blame them. It hurts but that being said everything happens for a reason. I love t mariana. With all due respect to all of the coaches. And i'm a huge fan of all of them and that is in fact arianna has been wise and her selection and she has every single category up there. There's not one that don't love them all so much luck. Kristen is ready to help team on win this season but what. She ever considered being coach. When i was actually asked by someone. I admire and look up to and watched grow. Of course. I wanted to be here for tomorrow. I mean that's obvious but my goal wasn't you know is not to be a coach. If i were asked. Of course i would. I would consider it in the law of the strong between these two. She's star and i would argue one of the best vocalist alive if not the best. Nope from you sir. I'm going to say for me to be able to watch her. Become the teacher. Now as the real false r. o. G. cannot wait for this. The voice premieres monday september twentieth on n. b. Now straight ahead. Money saving tips for back to school. We and what to do now so that your kids can go to college later. This is important stuff. It's coming up next. Welcome back we all know that found. It's time for back to school and your kids are headed back soon. Right i call it back to health. I five kids and four schools this year. And they're all starting this week. Need to worry because we have the person here to help you out and help get your kids ready for school new york times bestselling author and financial expert. Nicole lapin is here. Thank you okay. I up college. We got to start thinking about it. Now what's the best way to finance it. And how do you find. Scholarships all scholarships dot com is a good place to start and by the way. If you have a niche of any sort the more narrow the better so there's less competition out there but if you take nothing out of this segment today make sure you put your oxygen mask on first before helping others make sure you're saving for your own retirement for your own future because you're not going to be helping your kid if you're putting money away for them and then you want to crash on the couch and eat cat food when you're old. That's not real to them so telling your heads. Though they can get scholarships you know what and they can work and they can also probably get more student aid and things like that of course if you can save for them five twenty nine plans at your bank. Our tax advantaged plans. That could work now. I need to know this. Because i have a teenager going into high school. Where's the best place to get bargains on electrtonics. That's okay so apple. Rarely discount stuff but right now is back to school education pricing. And you don't even have to be a student you have to be in the educational world life. The honor system. I'm just saying but you know you should be legit either as a teacher or administrator and you can get back to school pricing as well as free air ponds for some purchases with mac books and ipads yet. It's it's nebulous. What does that count is. Yeah it's about ten percent. And then i on on about ticket. That's a lot of money. Let me ask you this question. Because i'm reading all of these debates online about when you should get your kids a credit card to establish their credit. Oh boy is that a thing that parents should be doing. I need one. I so that is exactly my point. Are you responsible with credit card. Be honest before you even think about getting your kid a credit card. They are watching your habits so you have to make sure you have it together before giving them plastic if you're not responsible with plastic. I'm sorry you have to get your own budget together and you can start. Teaching kids little lessons through allowance. How debt works. If they want to borrow money you can charge them interest. 'cause they teach this stuff in school or dad at home and you have five kids in school. When is it a good time to ask your boss for rees. because you'll like in finance. There is a great time to ask. And then there's a terrible time tax absolutely when there are good earnings out for the company much better time to ass when you just lost a client not such a great time to also make sure you're putting all of your accolades together because your boss probably has their own stuff to do. They have their own boss. Oh put together a presentation just like he would for any other client and present it as your own. This is why. I deserve as i run my own company. If you're making money for me then you get a raise but if you're not showing that you're making money this just charity. Oh my gosh yes now back to school shopping like we're all in it right now but every one has back to school new stuff. So do you buy now. Do we wear their sales from going to be coming up. Do we make our we do all the pens and all the markers and stuff like that. Wait until school actually starts. Because that's when you're getting the best prices so send the kids to school with like some pens from the kitchen or whatever around the house and then that's when you got the biggest sort of the binders and notebooks and stuff like that for close tar. Jai mondays is the day for say for kids. What's this is when you buy a lost. Four underway target right now so much coal you are always a dream. Your car casts. Where can people find it. Money rehab on iheartradio every day. You guys check it out. He's this woman is amazing and after the break mccullough. Jay rodriguez is joining us to talk about her history making emmy nomination and what's next for her after post. You don't want to go anywhere. I'm done running from myself on destiny. I'm not running. No more who. I am with her emmy nominee making history and new music. Please welcome post are michaela. Jay rodriguez everybody off. Look you made history by becoming the first transgender nominee in the best actress category. I have to know who was the first person you called and said i told you asked. I was going to make it so. I'm literally to the south of france at the time. I was doing the cans festival and had taken two weeks off because there was a lot of emotional stuff going on in my life. And i waited like ends up in the morning to hear the news. My mom was in the kitchen. Grandma was in the kitchen cooking food for all of us. And i just sat there in front of my ipad because we didn't have internet connec an internet connection because we were all up in the mountain. I was just like. Oh god oh god but it was the best moment i wish i can call somebody and told them like told you scared. I didn't even know what was going. Okay that is unbelievable what to ask. Obviously what does this mean for you and the transgender community. Obviously i mean you know this is the main thing that i say finally opens the door for people saying how exist in the world and characters these i'd feel like images that people see as this gives a broader scheme of who we are as human beings showed killed more than anything. It's so crazy because you go on a show and there's normally one maybe two people who kind of bounce off and we'll break out totally hose you guys have. Billy angelica you haley. There's so many jeremy pope. There's just so many people that are finding success in hollywood. What you credit that to our credit. That's who wind our diligence. We all collectively make sure we work together as a team and also i. I've known a lot of them before even posing all of them just farm workers striving really like crying driven actors. Who just wanted to make a change. And i think that's one of the reasons why we collectively came together. We will determine showing up on it really by the way it was so good and this is we are so devastated because it ended only after three seasons which first of all not enough. But did you feel like you got everything you wanted for blanca. Is that how you wanted things to end for her. I blunkett got everything that you deserve. The best things that she could have gotten the her kids succeed is having a really lasting sustainable relationship. A lot. people don't get to see that with winning like us. You know so. It's just a lot of things that people needed but also blocking needed as well you know. She worked hard for labor and notching to see her just like awesomely. What i'm dying. And i have to ask you this question. You are now about to make history and there's going to be a designer that is going to make history dressing the first ever transgender nominee in the best actress category. How are you going to choose. Ooh and can you tell options. An branding. And i'm really happy with the choice that i chose. An actress generally stay anything right now. Because i want us to tell you a bit of surprise but it's possibly going to be like ice. Blue made gold is kind of how like figure out which one i wanted to. But it's a really sick of. I'm so happy on partnering with her on her ou crazy. Oh my god okay. So you're also partnering with absolute for their limited edition apparel collection. You gotta tell us about that. Yes apartment but that's because i mean if one they're great company. Obviously i would love to little drink. Wine all these. I'm lightweight but also a great time that obviously partner with them because a lot of people are getting out different. How are getting out and connecting and conversing again. Why not do a campaign that promotes having fun drinking but also drink responsibly. And also knowing your barriers knowing your boundaries and knowing the limit of how you should drink and also knowing of being close to sell them if they respected if they don't that's one of the main things and also they're partnering up with bland welcome donations so it's just a collective of things which i'm all about good all about changing the world. This is a piece of changing the world and my answer them and we share this. Okay okay so whenever you when that when that emmy yes you have to come in the studio with old girl with the dress with the statue and we're going to do a segment does holding it up like dislike for all our our it right in my hand and i'm just going to like sega you got gala j. remaking actress songstress. Thank you so much for being we love you. Thank you. I appreciate it. We'll be right back with more daily. You don't wanna miss it. I have a question for you. Could a netflix deal. Bring the royal family back together. Crazier things have happened. A source told us weekly. That megan and kate are talking about working together on a netflix documentary. And the two of them are being really well. Tori kenner reality. Show bring a family back together again. Anything can happen on tv when the cameras are rolling right i think i think we scripted though like why documentary royal family. It's a baby steps in. She's never done. Tv before baby steps in. Let's go and gush about her charity. I think this is megan's way of an olive so it's long it's it's unscripted. Yes so any. Yeah it's going to be nice. Nice do you actually think this is a possibility. I think it's a big possibility. I think I do because of damage control. I think this is a big possibility. Because you have a friend have a friend who always wants to be a part of the decision making process right. Always have to feel like they are in control. I think the royal family felt like they lost a bit number to. It's not in control i think. Megan is leading k. Give back and control like oh my bringing on this netflix. It's about your charities. you can produce it. It's about the way you wanna present it. Yeah i mean. I also just think that that interview was just so explosive and just said so much that like that's a real risk no matter what and i just can't imagine them be. People have done crazier things for money. I don't know. I also don't know if it would be into. I mean listen to. I think they're probably like working towards being like amicable. But i don't think they speak off in. I don't know. I guess is the decision maker though. She's a higher up. It's like hey i think she's you guys got to do this. Yeah maybe i'm so turned around. I don't even now. We'll keep turning around because you gotta go. That's it for today. Don't miss tomorrow's show because tori spelling. We'll be back. We have no call kidman. Melissa mccarthy regina king aquafina we got a week. Y'all angry making healthy lunches. Were your kids on the show. Have a great day and be short at checkout nightly pop tonight at eleven o'clock and check on my instagram. I put up a new post and it's queue by.

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Dreena Burton and 25 Years of Plant-Based Cooking

No Meat Athlete Radio

52:23 min | 2 months ago

Dreena Burton and 25 Years of Plant-Based Cooking

"This episode is brought to you by hooked on phonics which helps kids learn to read the unique process of using hands on learning materials shipped to your home every month in combination with digital reading app to get your first month for just one dollar hooked on phonics dot com slash nobis. This episode is also brought to you by green chefs green chefs vegan and vegetarian. Recipes are high in plant proteins and rich omega threes. Go to green chef dot com slash. No meet one hundred. That's no one zero zero and use code me one hundred to get one hundred dollars off including free shipping. Hi this is hope corrine hi. This is katie from washington dc. And you're listening to the radio. All right big a this is a this is a fun one when we actually make good on a promise. We've been making for for weeks now. You're gonna we don't have a great track record with that on the podcast anyway. No brainstorm ideas on the podcast. We give them but the no this is. This is happening. We have a guest surprise guest. You've invited them. I have no idea who they are. They're not a part of this yet. We're just there's going to pop in and more drama could possibly. I mean like you know is a is a bill gates is it. Sky's limit is obama. Could be anybody could be literally any person to be your mom okay. Who it's not because you gave me a list of people not to not to invite people. It's not or something like that. Should we reveal the do not invite list. Sure only because we love right into markets and distinction. Because you've been on too many times uh-huh yeah robert. Think richie co author of based athlete. Who's been on a dozen times now. Maybe who's been said and we love. We love both those guests. I'm sure they'll be on again but I just it's so easy to invite them so we had to make it a little bit more challenging. Our guest is coming on. I told i told them countdown three minutes. And they'll be on anything got to kill the time before then. I got attacked by a swarm of yellow hornets. Yell which was the unfortunate part. We were reading the garden. And and i was digging in a little bit and both of us just got tickets. Oh that's awful. I quite scary for her. She was like they started coming at my face and so i was kinda swatting them away and And then i realized what was happening and of course. I looked down at her. Who's just sitting there like a lame duck and just getting attacked by all. These yellow jacket was digging again. She got like eight or nine eight or nine things. And how did you get probably five or six. No major allergic reactions or anything. No thank goodness. You're quite nervous about coy. But yeah i think i think events like that can actually trigger later reactions. You heard that. Oh really no i have not the next me out because i mean you just be mindful. Be aware be ready to get epi pen. Well i guess again this year all right. I guess it's gone demand. Did you see his or her name. I did gone. She left before. I could invite her so anyway so we were just i. This is i mean. Not funny. But i just watched a movie. My childhood where where mccauley kalkin gets stung by these and. Hey there she is. There's her audio. Doug you see your name i do i do. Oh what a gas nina sinful we have. We thought it was hard because you had to jump into meaning without any like preparation of how. Your video looker. Anything making sure everything's working right. Yeah it's a lot of a harebrained came up you guys. Well we were just talking about doug in his daughter got attacked by yellow jackets. This past. oh yeah. I was weeding the garden and apparently yellow jackets have nest in the ground. Which i didn't know really anything about now. It's never had any trouble with them. Before and found the nests they sworn both of us. Oh my got stung a bunch Which was a bummer. But not knoller allergic reaction for either us matt was just telling me that that might trigger it. I want in the future which ran. It can analogy. That's very frightening for the little one though right because then they tend to develop that bit affair with bugs in general and i think she's only ten months so i don't think she'll forget the nearest conscious yes subconsciously maybe forever anyway so the movie i was saying. Then we'll get to more bags com. Seen the movie my girl with macaulay kalkilya a hundred times. One summer this is. That's what i do if i like. We'd watch it a lot of times. But i don't watch many movies at all So every watched it with my daughter. And i totally forgot that the guy dies at the end called the really sad thing so i was not prepared for that but Anyway he died from beatings and he's he's allergic but it was. I'm asking these questions afterwards. So does she have a a fear b.'s. Now after that now accu didn't even think about about that. So i don't have a president that didn't happen anyway. Our guest today is drina burdening case. People did not catch that. I think has been on the podcast. These one time once or twice. I feel like it's twice but it's been number. Maybe maybe it's once. I don't know it's been a long stretch for me right. I've been doing this for a while. So it's hard to remember yes. i know. it's been a long time so you got a new book out during the time kitchen here. If you're watching the video anybody. I have had the opportunity to leave through have not cooked anything from it just yet. Only got it a day and a half ago but Yeah so as. I told you before we are doing this new format. You're the first one ever where one of us surprised the other guests and then fun and we started. I don't like the best part of our podcast. The intros in my opinion and almost everybody's opinion Where we don't have a topic and we're kind of just fooling around and so we're trying to bring that vibe to the guests dynamic and make it just sort of hanging out catching up mixed things up and yeah keep a casual. I like it exactly. Yeah congrat- on your book. By the way i really enjoy reading it and Phenomenal with it but I learned new things myself reading it. So it's always great you know. Pick up something and even being plant-based twenty five years and still learning right always learning yet. So that means you. It must have been one thousand nine. Five meantime robert cheek when Probably sprain vegan her pass because that's been he. He's one of the longest time designers europe. They with now. There's nothing out there that we are strange people then and there were no products right. There is really nothing on the market and people thought we were crazy near responsible and the radical. Well that's interesting. I was actually going to ask you some things about well. First of all how long you've been at this and you're baxter 'cause i don't really know that but i was kind of trying to think for myself sort out like what. What is it that defines your books like. What's your cooking. What's kind of a common thread through one of the things. I realize that you don't really use the fake meat substitute product to all these things. I mean it sounds like you could have cooked these things back in. Nineteen ninety six if you wanted to. Yes not using high-tech food in there that's right on the only high tech things they use. Are the clients right. Like having a good blend during and processor. But absolutely i started with the whole foods there wasn't anything available. We had one little sort of hippie. Helpfully store that was selling almond butter and being Vaccinated scoop it out and put it in containers and on the tofu so it was rather unhygienic. And that was the state of being being then. And so i learned to cook with grains and beans and starches all of those things and vegetables and Yeah there it was you know. That's that's what i knew. And that's what i grew with. So i think i became known as the healthy cookbook author. Then and i don't know. I don't know if you remember but then i found like vegan cooking became really like indulgent. We wanted to show everyone what was possible with recipes and eating and we still do to some degree. But i think we've kind of come back to saying. Hey guys you know. Like whole foods is where the foundation of the diet should be. Yes you can enjoy those foods from time to time and have some treats. But here's you know what our diet is is based on an for abundant health and wellness. And that kind of thing so so yeah really. These recipes could have been in that time. You're right so what's your what's your take on all the the new plant meets and stuff like that does that excite you at all or not so much. I'm overwhelmed with it to be honest. I feel there's so many that now look like the beyond burger. There's it seems like everyone has replicated that in some way not everyone but i have seen about eight nine ten brands. That look very much like it and it's to me. It's like it's great. It's out there of course right and for me when my middle girl she's now sixteen daughters are twenty sixteen twelve guys at very fast. Tell you super fast. But she'll go out with her friends and the friends want to go to. And w so at least you can get something now right. She can talk group here place. You're having w i've been to maybe one in my life that they're usually paired with like a kfc here with the bears. Yeah it's the root barron burgers and so she can go there and get the beyond bur- she doesn't even love it but it allows her to feel normal. That's that's yeah yeah and I think they have now the chicken nugget. So it's great. It's out there we don't buy it. I mean our kids like veggie dogs one of my daughter loves. She loves the guardian mandarin chicken. So you know we have those things from time to time but it's it's not something we enjoy a lot. You know what. I mean and they goes beyond burgers and impossible the texture and flavor. It's just not for me. I'm not. I'm not into it right but people are great. You know as long as it doesn't become. I think what you're eating every day. Do your do your kids. Do they just love that stuff. Because that's how my has been. They never they never eat meat but as soon as they tasted. That's interesting to me. Is i used to meet. And now they finally get the taste back. It's like this is a new thing for them but they love they love that stuff and we don't let them have very much but it's it's not always the fake me they love. It's the fried stuff i find it. It's like the mandarin chicken. That has that. Fried coating fries Something beyond burger. They didn't really enjoy that as much but something. That's deep fried. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah yeah and. I noticed even more once. They hit teenagers and they're out with their friends. It's kinda like that's all. They are eating teenagers right. Don't shoot yeah it's like probably it pains me when i see my kids doing that but like my sports and i really wanted guys calories so like i'm probably like let's do but i do wonder about that like years when that's all they want to eat with. Maybe isn't true at home but now it's not at home. It's not when neglect their friends. They do and you see they may like gopher sleep over something and they start cutting the potato chips and oreos and what is happening our girls. I noticed they don't they. Don't drink sodas so like whereas all the other kids are drinking coke and pepsi You know and whatever they're not into that because we never drank that so But what. I do notice is when they're having that then they come home and their bodies are telling them they want something fresh and so the reaching for fruit or having morning salad for meal like even bridget will say mom. Can we have something later tonight. Ahead this for for dinner. So the habits are their diet is a habit. So those things are there for them and who doesn't want to have a tree right. We all want have that. But you know that the founded the foundations. You believe the groundwork. And it's there for them like if fridge-freezer the or your kids vice than you're doing pretty well point the other thing they might be a lot. More sneakier can be now. Everything can be hidden on digital devices and stuff you know. That's it right. Why push on food. When there's much you know scarier things out there that you wanna you wanna be connected with you. Don't wanna push back much on the food. Yeah all right. So i like i said i. I know you as a vegan cookbook author And i have the sense that you will before you run here. I had the sense that you had been at it long before i was. I think as soon as i got online and was blogging. I think it was Gena hamshaw wrong back in the day now. She moved on. But i think she used to talk to me about about let them megan and some other things that was part of my first deduction to you So yeah so then that was. That was doesn't probably so you. You've been at it for quite a while but i you know i didn't know about. I haven't seen your online presence. That much the cookbooks. And that's what i know you as. But i didn't like where you blogging way. Back when like how did you get started with all this. And i don't think you went to culinary school or did any normal training. Okay so let me. Just give us your your vegan story in your online and how you became a kotel early. Yeah yeah thanks so yeah i started. I was working in the marketing marketing field. I have a business degree. And i was working in marketing. I'm actually from the east coast of canada. So we were there and I was doing really well like what's working as manager and had a lot of room to grow but heart wasn't in it at all. And i was already eating be and then was telling people about you know things that create and they'd say oh you really light up when you talk about this. There's anything and like you know you kind of know when you have a passion for something and my husband. And i moved out west because we could not handle climate on the east coast. We now live in vancouver area and we moved out west and his father had a heart attack. Talk back in newfoundland and His parents said you know our geologist. recommended plant-based died so this was totally unheard of in our small town and in that day and he recommended the program so they then came to me. And said we're gonna start eating plant. Based how do we do. It and i started writing down recipes. Because i thought you know it's no point in just telling them we're gonna start scratching things out and that's kind of what led to a we. We actually hadn't moved out west then but then we did move out west and I just put everything i had into. It was just kind of like. I had this vision. I wanna cookbook. I wanna do this. And i just put myself into it and This was the day when you couldn't email publishers online. You had to send proposals by mail and have returned envelope for them to send it back to you so it was a different time and managed to get one yes and that started things for me and so then the online world started to open up a new. Pc are and they were just kind of coming on the scene. And then i started. Blogging was two thousand five when it was blocked spot. I don't know if you remember that. Yeah yeah yeah it was like really rudimentary. Kind of blogging and connected. That's how everyone connected them was with blogging comments right for ace books And then my second books. So when i wrote my first book called the everyday vegan. I don't know for habit here. It's so crunchy looking. I'd love to show. I wrote then. Yeah i don't think. I have it be living again which was after the birth of our first daughter charlotte in that included a of information about raising children. And then i did eat drink and be vegan had another baby then let the megan had our third child. And that's when you probably sort of became aware with jenna and Then placard families which you know and now during his kind kitchen and i also co authored books. Dr bernard the diabetes reversal cookbook. And the crap. Yeah gotcha yeah. So i didn't end. I really was self taught. I didn't enjoy cooking much. I love food is a kid. I always love food. Didn't really have the greatest food habits but I love food. And so i think that interest was always there for me and i learned a lot from just books and old school. Tv shows the good ones. That weren't all food competitions but actually really showed you how to work with ingredients and a lot of online searching and learning and then just trial and error. And i loved when i started cooking plant based that changed everything for me because before really dislike working animal flesh and having a clean and haas contamination. Everything about cooking was unpleasant for me because of that. And then when i started cooking plant based is just like beautiful. Everything was lovely right easier. Really yeah yeah so you weren't really into cooking until you plant based is that right or yeah. Yeah didn't enjoy it. I mean i started some cooking. But i didn't enjoy much and then i started creating plant based and it felt like a freedom even though some people feel it's the opposite for me. It felt much more free to cook that way. And so that you were like was. It was an ethical decision for you to go be in in the early days now based i started i read So i was in my early twenties and you know i had a little bit of weight on not a lot but a little but my body feel good like i just did not feel good after meals my joints felt stiff and even had gout is like in my late teens and so i just my body just didn't feel good and my sister came across an article about red meat and i read that and it doesn't digest well That triggered something in me and then soon. After i came across night for america by john robbins. Who wrote the forward to this book which is so. Yeah yeah and you know just learn about how our bodies really meant to digest this meat and dairy which was so crazy right what. What a bizarre idea. But i decided to start removing the meat first and then of course the final frontier was dairy and cheese And my body felt better that it made sense to me but all the information wasn't out there right so in time with reading like peace and then when china's study came out. That was the next book. That really solidified everything i was like. Yes this is right. This is real and yelling from there. Also you mentioned the. The tv shows needed exciting. Also kind of start like once. I went vegetarian and indeed and i just stopped. I was watching the food network. And whatever else before that and for some reason maybe just because they didn't have many deteriorating. Joe's i just stopped and i still haven't really gotten back because like you said it's sort of change in different format now but but what were the. What were the ones that you liked. Oh gosh there were. Few in canada's to there was what's for dinner. A canadian show The urban peasant in canada and i loved watching In states there was bobby flay. He talked a lot about flavor pairing and ingredients and peppers. And you know how to ask going with the peppers and the hot heat Even emerald back in the day. Rachel ray but those shows were instructional. They really talked about the foods and showed you what they were and how to prepare them and the couple of canadian shows even worked with one of them work with tofu from time to time which is really really cool. I'm and now everything's a food competition so for me. Not it's not the same. It's it's nice to watch the shows. Do i still want to competition. No have tv. Maybe i don't even know where. I don't know where i would find it. I think we probably have some channels. But i don't know but i thought because after i didn't stop because we got to just i don't know why i just lost interest. The i used to watch the rate things all the time. Bobby flay will And i really just. I don't know. I just kinda learned to cook. I mean i got through cookbooks too. But that's how. I learned it. And yeah just i don't know i like the country's for a while i did watch but just not anymore and you really learn by doing right getting in doing and i find that people's sort of like sometimes there Hesitation in moving a plant based. There's that fear of cooking and it's not because they don't know how to You know cook it's cooked plant based it's just. They don't really know how to cook right. They haven't gotten used to being in the kitchen a lot. Because we've done so used to kenyans so for a lot of people. It's not about tackling recipe. It's how do i baked potato right. Or how quick. Rice matt and drina bequeaths the next question. I think we should pause for a second to thank our sponsor. This episode is brought to you by hooked on phonics. It's not easy to find the right program to help your kid. 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The line right from the from the are they trying to shake that old acton. Violence worked for me give your child. The confidence that reading brings hooked with hooked on phonics to get your first month for just one dollars go to hooked on phonics dot com slash meat. That's just one dollar for your first month. Goto hooked on phonics. P. h. o. n. i c. s. dot com slash meet. This episode is also brought to you by green chef. The number one meal kit for eating well means jeff is the first. Usda certified organic milk company. Enjoy clean ingredients. You can trust seasonally source for peak freshness go to green chef dot com slash. No meet one hundred and use code. No one hundred to get one hundred dollars off including free shipping. Here's how it works green chef. Lets you choose from a wide variety of easy to follow recipes. Perfect kito paleo and plant power diets or even if you just want to eat in a more balanced way when your food box arrives you have all the pre measured perfectly portion ingredients prepped. In ready to go. I mean you don't need to go in the garden. Risk be attacks or anything like that quick and easy with step. By step instructions that take out any guesswork. Everything is handpicked. Featuring organic veggies in high quality protein delivered to your door premeasured and mostly prepped in installation packaging. Green chefs vegan and vegetarian. Recipes are high in plant proteins and rich into mega threes. we love we love green shaft. Only we do. I have i like it because Well two things one. I was really impressed that they're vegan. Meal options actually tasted creative in absolutely delicious. And then the second part was that They were interesting recipes. That would never have never like myself are even sought out really to me. My favorite part of these things from jeff is that i mean it just eliminates the planning. The cooking is fine. I don't mind that part. it's the having to come up with the meal and find it and then go shop for. Its until i tell the story every time. But it's when you're at soccer practice in at eight o'clock or seven o'clock and you like what are we gonna do food. You realize you have been home. And then suddenly all is good. Yup go to green chef dot com slash. No meet one hundred and use code. No meet one hundred to get one hundred dollars off including for shipping. That's green chef dot com slash. No meet one zero zero and use code meet one hundred two hundred dollars off including free shipping. Thanks jeff phonics and get back to the upsad- met and i have recently been talking a lot about Like what's next for the place movement You know now that it seems to be coming a greater part of the global conversation. Does anything stand out to us like you know now that now that people are talking about it more now that it's not this french thing that there's only one store in your town that has a little bit of tofu like what do you think is is next for for the movement. Oh gosh i'm not sure. I think we're really on a bit of an as much as the recipes and and are we know. The foundations are whole foods. I really see that megan's becoming like all of these convenience foods right a lot a lot of processed foods and people are gonna start embracing them and then perhaps calling like. oh well. I'm meeting just as much as i did for her saying. It's the vegan diet right. I'm not healthy. Because of the vegan diet eight sway. But i you know so i sort of feel like we have this wonderful store here. It's a vegan store and you can get anything really you want right and it's easy to go in there and stock up on lots and lots of treats so. I don't know it's still pretty expensive to get these foods. So that's the only thing. So i'm not sure when you know that's going to be very accessible to a lot of people right. I think that that's a. That's an important topic because people were seeing. You know the beyond meat right next to the regular meat and sometimes beyond meat is more expensive and so the p. You know. I think that we're going to start. Hearing more and more people saying that while the vegan diet is too expensive. And it's i can't afford to do that when in reality if you're eating whole foods reading a lot of beans reading a lotta whole grains than it's cheaper or just as cheap or you know dirty tina to to eat this To eat a whole foods. Blimpy style. Like i may two grocery shops. Yesterday i went to a little market here. That does know spray veggies and i bought came back with like seven bags of potatoes sweet potatoes this massive cauliflower greens zucchini cucumbers and it was just massive amount of groceries for fifty dollars. And then i went to one of our health. Food stores to get a few like Cashew cheeses and non dairy yogurt and a few things like that and it was fifty dollars right so yeah i think that's i think the past ten years i've been i've been having that discussion. People were they say if he can bats expensive and then i said well no not. If you don't get the stake. Take things but i think i think you're right doug that like now. I think the vegan diet is as far as managing goes is going to be viewed as you eat a regular diet but you have you have these fake meets instead of the morning going to. I think started to not even think of vegan as a thing where you're cooking all these vegetables anymore. I don't know maybe there. But i just want to imagine all it is is a direct substitution of Regular burgers. Well that's when you say you know when when someone says oh yeah or when they find out you're vegan or something and say oh. Yeah aid beyond burger the other day. I had some vegan ben and jerry's or something like that and that's that's great. That's awesome that they're trying to things In a fully support that. But that's also. I don't want them to automatically. Connect that stuff to the playmates. Dieter to veganism yes. Of course i mean that's that's that's the big challenge. I think that we are. We are headed for and it's a good one but for sure. That's yeah it's a lot of everything to like. I noticed you can get it. Every can get a lot of this costco. And then you come home with all this packaging to it always makes me feel like there's just it's almost. It feels a lot of excess at times right. Yeah so. I talked about your Your cooking style and went to find it. But i mean what do you think i. My what i came up with was yourself is really healthy without really saying it like it doesn't say it doesn't you. Don't advertise your stuff as health food cookbooks. But most folks that don't do that are also using lots of junk ingredients and they're just kind of going for decadence And so you you manage to make things that are accessible and they're delicious and they don't take a lot of time and they take some type of not they're they're not really involved like gorman type recipes where he's been all day making this one special meal and then of course i got the family stuff aspect of of certain books is that i mean what what do you think is is your your food style and then we'll talk about how to do the direction you've gone with the new book. Yeah what do you think. Yeah i feel like over the years. I've of carved out a bit of a nation sense that people know that my recipes are really reliable and that i test them quite a lot and when they go into a cookbook. I have a group of recipe testers as well And that i use these whole foods in different ways. So i bring together like Burgers or stew or muffins or sauce in saina sort of like in unique ways. Right like in this new book. You'll see a lot of ways where i'm bringing sweet potato or zucchini into a recipe. And i'm not hiding it. I'm just using it. So that the texture the flavor the sweetness will lend something to recipe and so i think people have appreciated that. I can combine those things but still deliver flavor and eat as much as possible and the fact that they're really reliable and so when you cook dinner at home and maybe this has changed as your thoughts about but are you typically cooking these same exact recipes at home or do you have a you know the handful of staples from the first book that you're still. That's why you make a good question. There's always like favorites. You go back to right. I find right now. I loved develop recipes but the way our family is living right now. I've got lake outage shifts and doing different things all the time that i tend to work a lot with Repurposing recipes while make recipe. And then i talk about this book. It's called recipe renewal where you have a recipe one night. Then you have leftovers. I batch cook enough of it so there's leftovers and i can kind of rework into different meals Because they're coming going in different times. So i make something like pad thai well. It doesn't stay really nice after you know twenty minutes whereas if i can put together a stew and then maybe top leftovers on potatoes or work it into another casserole or pasta than it. It serves us much better in the long run and over the course of the week So i find pulled together elements more than anything But i definitely there's always like favorites that you'd go back to and it's very seasonal to lake Couple of nights ago just cold all the sudden so happy to cook soup and i made one from the new book so it just kinda depends right and when you make when you make one. Do you follow the recipe. Exactly like you from the mixed. Because i've noticed that whenever. I make recipes from our old book brooks Or recently been following a half marathon training plan that i wrote for coming up with spartan and i can't deviate from the plan. It's like i. I feel like whoever wrote. I forget it was me and i think well i must have been in a more research mindset when i thought as as i could about the perfect half marathon plan so like i can't even i don't feel like it has to do with the author says even if i think it might be wrong for my situation. I'm still like what i gotta do it. It's the weird thing that happened so you don't do that. Deviate i always recommend that people make the recipe as is first because then you really get the sense of what the flavor is and then you can change it the next time as you want. Maybe mixing for vegetables or bump up the heat level or add more acid more lemon juice. Whatever for me. I just have gotten to a place where i dislike measuring. I really don't want to measure anymore so much it's tedious to me so i can eyeball things pretty decently at this point like i've been doing it for a while then yes about a teaspoon. That's about a half cup so by generally know the recipe. I just kind of muck it altogether and then fix it up after taste it and fix that makes sense. You talked about cooking seasonably but seasonally. What about has your cooking changed. Much over the years i mean. Were you doing things ten years ago. The you swore by that. You're no longer do it all anymore. Definitely i mean. I look at some of my overseas and i think oh why was i making that. That was like either really difficult or i would never use that used as a lot of roasted garlic. Not that there's anything wrong with just everything to raise almost every second recipe. Had i remember also in one of my books never like i disliked cauliflower much. I'd never use it in a recipe. Because to me being an and now like i love cauliflower but just i think a testament to how your palate will evolve with time. You know So yeah i it's just like anything you evolve right if you're into an exercise program or something you've without over time and with agent so like anything. I i definitely see. My my cooking is evolved. And i try to take out steps so you know before i kids. I felt like it was fun to saute this. And then add this and then you know have all these different steps and now i'm like no. I want to use the food processor. Get everything there. And then you know make it happen so I try to simplify because it gets hectic right when you've got kids or visit schedule and speaking of that. You told me that your daughter is up early. You're always under Daughter to swim practice most half. So and how old is this the one whose twelve twelve. Yeah the two girls did hockey for many many years and she's in swimming so i'm quite happy. It's not a cold sport. 'cause i don't enjoy the cold. Yes she's up early a lotta days up at five fifteen or five thirty Offer swim practice for two hours So it's pretty cool. Pretty is that for summer only that all the time. All year yeah. I just started the early morning schedules this past year and of course with the last year and a half everything changed. They were doing a lot of dry land at home. Zoom drilon meetings. So i felt for the kids. Right sounds fun is love when i hated to me lessons as a kid the day when you can get in the pool and said you'd have to go to dry land stuff inside the little pool like whatever snack bar. Whatever i just. I just love that day getting water. A weird irrational. Like thing of. I hated doing lessons but i don't. I'm not afraid of it now but now well shake for. When she was five she had this one instructor that turned her off from being in the pool just because it was a male and she was like nervous with a male at the time. And there's like lots of kids there but it just i think is voice was to gruff or something and I had to bribery and get back in the pool. I brighter with a doll at worked. And now she's so you know if everything's all about bribery. So does your cooking. Have you had to focus on nutrition for athletes in any way or you just sort of keep cooking the same stuff i. I'm mindful with her and when the girls were doing a lot of hockey. That like you say the calories are always there right so it's not too low fat. Like make sure she gets a lot of nuts and seeds and avocado and hopefully that kind of thing. And i don't mind giving her d. and once in a while that kinda food but for the most part she eats like we just make sure she gets snacks like a lot of snacks. Good snacks before bed and get those extra calories in her. I don't know it seems to be working. Yeah good in competitive you have a your boys competitive soccer's yes. He's in a fairly competitive soccer. My daughter is to now. She's a younger age. So it's not quite as serious yet. She's but she's also really good player and she before she was doing gymnastics and even when she thinks he was six then she would have Three hour training sessions two or three times a week. And i go there and sit there and i couldn't believe that they were trained entire but i was actually impressed them in like she she kind of thought of does like doing her work and just wasn't always our favorite thing to do but she did it and liked it grew as a result so but then after just had no interest in getting back into gymnastics. I don't know why but then your boys old he's eleven okay and so then you see like around this like twelve thirteen age appetites just like home. They just get really hungry. I'm waiting for that to happen. 'cause he's he's definitely not the smallest by any means he's probably in the one third. You know rain one third of the bottom of third but not not far from there. But i keep like for the past year like huge nutrition plan because it's coach will pronounce weight and all that And i make spreadsheets and figured out the common the eat in how many cows system system also learning and like here's nine different meals Pick any six of them each day or any five like he's dropping out and all that and lasted for two days. He did it. And so then i realized also i don't know it's sorta like going you know harnessing the storm or something and moving things you can't you can't push against something that is that forced whether they're going gonna. They're going to do the thing. You just sort of aikido. I guess maybe better analogy and you just need to go with the energy that they had so i said all right. Here's what these foods are. do your best. I'm not worrying about it. It's up to you when you're ready to really start eating. Then let me know. And i i can help you out. But now just the way holding pattern waiting for him to to wanna start eating like that word college. I was so dedicated to it and set alarm to like get up and half in the middle of the night to eat a peanut butter sandwich so like oh we're calories on and i i just like let's forgot that like a kid doesn't do that like if you tell someone exactly what to eat. And here's the system to do it then. Then of course he's doing but there's this other factor in there that is distant don't you know it's it's their human bodies right like it's that whole mystery of their bodies will tell you like once they hit puberty i find his what it is and their muscle really starts to develop them seeing that with her daughter now like she's strong and But she gets hungry. She's she's had breakfast and then an hour later she's hungry again so yeah be careful what you wish for. Yeah that's a good point. Lead through the book. I've been doing this and i noticed that you have several recipes. The coffers supermac. You've got a pad. Thai greek costa's they saw that is from afghanistan guests. Yeah i did see that looked really good and then there was another tie as well. Tigreen so are you. Are you into of international cuisines. Now i think that's kind of always had little recipes here and there. I've always had a little bit here. And there are certainly no expert. And i think my my work is probably week in like asian cuisine. Like i don't do a lot of. I dislike sushi. Greatly the smell of the nori. I just saw me off. I love my kids like kids. Love it so. I bring it home and i'm like all just eat it and get out of here. They love it. So i don't do any of that and so that's probably where my cooking is. I'd say you know sort of my weak spot. But i do love international flavors and curry's tie flavors and all of those things so yeah i try to dabble a little bit in there. So what if not that. Then what's what's new with this book. What what's what's the new direction. Yeah that's what you call it a kind kitchen which is interesting to me because you know for a healthy thing i wouldn't put my because seventy it becomes about about this compassion and i feel like people were just want. What's for me. They want their health and all that and granted. We're doing nobody is a little different but yet about that and directness. So i was you know working through. It's always that that perspective of watch your book title gonna be in. I think that i've always approached eating this way and with my audience. Compassion to like meet people where they are and help them on their journey and not beat yourself up so like it's not just mean. Obviously the diet is kind to the animals less of a footprint on the earth in that way as well but it's also our health being good to our bodies in kind to our bodies And you know there's so. I also teach yoga and i came across this information one day that we have like sixty thousand thought today. Sixty to seventy seven thousand thoughts a day and Eighty percent of them are negative. So that's big right. We often like give ourselves this negative feedback so in how many people i've you know sort of interacted with over the years. I always feel like they are hard on themselves in shame themselves when they fall off the wagon a little bit so just of having that approach with things and I've never been that person. Did like judge where you are and give you a hard time for not doing more right like always trying to encourage so. That's kind of the idea behind the name on. The recipes. Themselves are all whole foods. Plant base no oil. I offer a lot of nut free options because that's been again with my readers important for kids in schools in school lunches and having that option for people so lots of nut free options throughout the book and the recipes are. It's a someone said to me. You know there's always an interesting ingredient in your recipe. It's like you're not hiding it. But there's something there for reason that so like i mentioned before i often use like sweet potato use it in sauces they use it in muffins You know cakes and zucchini in fritters and Chocolate sakina brad. So just kinda working ingredients in different ways but keeping it really easy for people. And then finally i really try to coach people with the recipe. So i have A section that's like from the grocery store to your chopping board so like you get your groceries. This is kinda my process yet. bring everything home. I washed the veg- kind of tell them which ones work which ones wash which was suppressed. A what things to get ready in advance. What things to batch cook and then get you set to make the recipes which are again reliable which is important for people. Yeah sure earlier anybody. It's not just geared for families. It's really for anyone who daughters By the way are they into cooking. They like to cook their own things. I wouldn't say they help. Make that would be nice. They cook their own things. So being twenty sixteen they like to just get into the wrong thing and that's fine. It's also they're different schedules. They're working at different hours on the you know with cova last year they were their school hours very different The little one will sometimes come in and help me do things so we still do. They make they cook meals. That you would have cooked or things you wouldn't normally think. Yeah they really. They probably put more avocado in anything. I would. They buy outs twenty avocado a week. As i'm not kidding they love it so much. But you know it's when you think about it. It's the fact that they're reading and their growth stages to and so it's fine But so apart from that they would like my middle girl she usually for lunch. Does a big stir fry on on the stove with tons of spinach in. It adds toe for chick peas. And then she gets out some plant based cheese and she makes this other thing with that avocado. I'm like great. Go for it. So yeah yeah it's nice you know they just wanna do their thing rather than it. Be with me or what i would give them. So they're not making dinner for the whole family. Oh gosh no no no. I get an empty the dishwasher. Yeah i hear you. There's been a bribery with that to. At least the youngest. I have her chore chart now rates fifty cents for each tour actually. It was giving her three dollars if she'd do math on summer vacation each time she'd do better with. That was pretty generous three meals. I've tried the money system. Monetary things really any prize. They eventually get to the point where they just came at the money to do it and i won't get the money it's done so i've yet dependent good finding good system like that. We've tried to tour charts nolan to science. We wake of She went to the market to the farmers market. And someone who was a young girl was Selling some jewellery that she had made with her mom and so then she wanted to come home and sell things and so we were trying to humor her and we got a couple of neighbors to come over and buy like a painting for fifty cents or whatever and now that's like offshoots do. She's like wants the money to go buy ice cream or whatever. So she's like data set up a store making everybody as where they want to sell things to people via to. He wanted to eliminate stand or something. That's very cute. Yeah into into those entrepreneur ideas. But i try to encourage going great. Yeah exactly but you know you can. You can only get your neighbors. Come by some doubt every time you can only sell so many things then you're out of things. It sounds good anyway to make money all right. Well this has been awesome The book is as of the day. We were recording. This and this will come out tomorrow. the book is not quite album pre order. It comes out with the twenty four. Is that right to twenty two yet. Thank you the twenty four and if they preordered now They can get some freebies as well. So all the information on my site on the preorder page. They order now. They get an extra e-p-o-c-h up twelve bonus recipes and then if they order to books they get recipe video demos. so there's always like freebies and treats and also have a really big giveaway on the page to so they check that out. What's your website. It's my name. Drina burton dot com. Yeah it's great for our audience doesn't know anything about incentives and free freely. We never had mentioned that. You've never done yes cool so did a burden dot com. That's the best place prieur. Obviously and then once. It's out on tuesday. It'll be everywhere. Yes it will be in stores and yet will be out there Be doing lots of stuff afterwards. Too so And yeah we can do any giveaways we can offer that to you as well. No pressure but always. We'd love to do that. Yeah can we. How can we do give way doug on the fly how can we. How can we give people a book. If if people afford their receipt to matt at athlete dot com will give you something. We'll do it drawing and they can win the book there you go. Oh yeah okay all right when a new copy of the book with now we don't want to do that so do you want to. Yeah yeah let's do yeah. Yeah and we'll mail it will. The publisher will mail it out. So you guys can just draw the name. We'll send it out perfect. Okay super so you gotta forward receipt to mad at me dot com or email. They don't need to buy it though. I'm so confused. They don't even mind which they do. This just complicated for you. Sorry i'll tell you what to do. We're going to send an email about this podcast so tractions to enter the way. We'll be ninety miles so if you're listening to this getting our email list check your email the details for giveaway perfect entrance theory bell both for having me all right. Thanks for joining us. Yeah the i guess of our new new fun thing. I like on this win. Yes it was fun all right. We're good luck with the book. Make you for the work. You do and the recipes you turn out thank you as well for all your both doing lots and lots of years and and time in in the arena the plant based world right your new books fabulous to thank you. Okay all right talk you take everyone

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Who Stole Mojo's Pants??

Mojo In The Morning

08:00 min | 4 months ago

Who Stole Mojo's Pants??

"Mojo in the morning show. I would just like to ask this question. And i know this is going to sound weird but who has my pants. Not the pants. I'm wearing pants go. So i lost my pants and i was not hanging out at a casino or playing. Any of the the betty naps. I so i. I work out after the show. I do like my my workout rehab stuff you know since my surgery and so i changed my clothes in the bathroom and i changed my my clothes in. I took my pants jeans. That i was wearing and i put him on. There's a hook on on the back of the the men's room door. I don't they have that on the women's room door to have that at all. Have you noticed it at all like. There's a hook their regain your clothes so i hung my pants up there and then i laughed and i was kind of come back and go grab him but i frigging forgot about it and didn't think of going and grabbing it back and then i went back in there when i realized my pants were in there in montana. Gone so i have no idea. Yeah and we don't have a ton of people that work in this building and we definitely don't have a ton of people that are size thirty eight thirty four. So yeah you definitely know wasn't meet. It took him right exactly unless you took him as a joke. And i think that that's why they're gone. I think it's not you. I don't see you take them off. No i think it's paul our boss. I guess 'cause remember some reason he's the guy the guy that i think that i know that that would be playing tricks on me to To take my pants. I don't know. Does he have it in them. I don't know what's the end goal with data bands. I don't know i'm and ask him if he has. I've often wondered this with people like when they see close like like do they just take people's raynham close like we have like. We talked about spike sweatshirt that he keeps wearing in the videos all time he he has a arena station. Sweatshop people have like an office sweater because it gets a little cold or something and you had. That sweatshirt has lane here. I wonder if apple hersi atlanta around purposely wear one of my oldest radius ones here. Because i'm afraid it'll somebody will take most interesting boston. The world paul corvino He's by the way coming in studio later this morning with a special guest. Paul corvino paul. Yes hi it's mojo. How are you good paul. You have my pants do i have. What do you have my pants. Your pets yes. I don't believe so i left. I left my pants hanging on the hook in the men's restroom and the the forstall the big stall and i came back to my pants meeting gone. Somebody took my pants based on the size of those who probably recover their car. I fat boy. I'm calling human resources Paul i i to me. I didn't think anybody would take them to wear either. Somebody took him just as a joke because maybe they thought they were. You know they knew they were my pants or something. But we're the only person so i would be leaky terrorism underwear. I can't get a camera that would i'm going to try to ask. Mark arena and see if we have any security cameras which. I don't think we do i think gina. Do you know the all my god gina. The clean and sweet gina would take them home. Watch the bring them back. Yeah can't hanging i wore. I wore pants to work that day. But i brought sweatpants. Because i had to go work out new my my rehab to stuff and i forgot that my pants were hanging there. I i meant to go get them and take them with me. But i screwed that up but All right. I'm going to call gina the clinton by the way i'm not gonna say who it is but this is a big thing. Paul's got a special guest. That will be. He'll be bringing in studio at nine thirty this morning. Right thirty we will be there all right. We'll see in a little bit. Okay bye goodbye boss. Paul corvino most interesting boss in the world. The only the only boss that. I know that we wanna dance. Gina the cleaning lady everybody. I wonder gina is a few weeks. Yeah she i think she does it at a different time. Hello jean jean cleaning lady everybody law. Everybody it's the weekend friday gina. How are you gina. It's mojo spike and shannon and meghan and mike and ellen. How how're you doing. Great good good. Good morning good morning gene. I got a weird question for you. Yeah have you seen my pants. I'll explain. I hung my pants on the back of the bathroom door on that little hook. That's there and i left him in there. And i came back and they were gone and i don't know if maybe they were. You know. take it and put somewhere else. But did you happen to see them at all. I didn't okay. I figured that you you'd be if you saw him. Like shannon says janet explained the genus said gena. Is that if you saw those pants hanging on the back of the door you would have taken them home and laundered them and brought them back in the next bank to give back to mojo. 'cause you're so sweet i see all kinds of things you know like under where people throwing trash or we you know but underwear in our trashier few times. What's the reasoning. Why they throw their trash in the never open them. Yeah good call. You don't need to investigate. Any further by the way shannon did grow. My underwear are the men's or women's underwear man. Oh my god. Gina my favorite thing. Will you tell everybody what you found on the couch. That big boy laughed when he used to be the night guy. Here said i said again A form. i'm sorry say one more time might didn't hear you prior terrorism party going on at night. We had no idea that happening in a cup or along couch gandhi. Even today we burn back my god. We love you so much gina. Love your mission. I haven't seen you in forever. I still come on into. I come a lot of times at night. Big boy apparently got. I hope she doesn't get that one but she does. I know she does. She's been around her two of and we love you gina. I have a great morning. Okay guy gina the cleaning lady give it up for gina. The cleaning lady. Please greatest saying we should call.

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Book Nerding with Jenna Lee

Write with Love

08:53 min | 1 year ago

Book Nerding with Jenna Lee

"Welcome to ride with love. I'm you heist. Sarah Williams Selling Author Speaker and Creative Entrepreneur. Each week I checked too passionate conspiring Olefins Janey in creative writing some are traditionally published some himselves. Everyone's Janney is different and everyone has something interesting to say. We all love love and love will be. Today's show is brought to you by Arab mazing fans and supporters unpatriotic. If you'd I'd like to help support the show and get some awesome. Bonus episodes very patriotic dot com forward slash Sarah Williams author to learn more. Now now he is. Today's show welcome to ride with love today on the show. I'm chatting said Gena Lee. Thanks for joining me today. Thank you having me no worries so we'll start out get you to tell us about yourself south and you run Jenny Sipho. Yes show say growing up I have to. I wasn't actually into writing in even rating. Actually as I was growing up I read a few books but I wasn't actually quite into rating at didn't my writing career. I was always into journal writing. Sorry I always had a journal and just put out and everything in that but I didn't actually a story riding until a few years ago. Sorry yeah basically. That's when I got into rating as as well so. When I started writing I started Rick my best Chattan way started credit booknotes. Sorry basically we started a blog with Yet promoting in the author's writing all of that work the end and we did that on the website and then started up social media cans. Sorry that was really great to like mate. A lot of people in the industry we got a lot of in day all says and yet basically three out doing that isolates alerts and rating. What's a bull sin? I thought a got my own story to tell so I started riding my best For it I'm sorry you have started riding in yeah loved it and I love dumb storytelling always had like really would imagination star. Hi yet basically started from there and then now Spain cheese or hey yeah. That's basically story up fantastic. So did you Become an indie straightaway or did you decide to date some traditional shnell routes. Yeah I'm will add looked into by sides and talk to a lot of Austin friends bad it and yeah I just like the idea. Dear of the on Bain. Indy having more creative control and it just seemed to work better for me fantastic and so what genre on route you rushing it at the moment. Yeah that's Up in the air trying to find my first series Sylvia Saga is Reverse Harem Paranormal fantasy. So that was What I started writing and that sort of changed alone now because I'm very creative in Lexus? Sink of old different things and have a lot of different stories I am writing in a lot of different John Res- like I've written is so I I of all star written Ah What would you plus a flat out when I was like small women's fiction. That sort of thing is well Sarah makes fantastic. Sorry the Subbiah. It'll be a soccer. Is that where it all started that facebook yet. That was my best folks. Excellent so tell us What the plot is of the first one? YEA sorry basically. The whole series is a bat crystal H bullock the first ones Amro. Qatari has so basically follows gal named Dara who is just yet living a normal life and then she gets some taken into web fantasy wailed as she's a princess in doesn't know anything about fantasy all of this magical wailed and she's got a a findings crystals to be to roll the Sylvia and take from her able uncle side. That's basically basically the whole that's really cool and is it Y A novel Lower Oder for the Bucks out 'cause it has got some a lot of swearing excellent. So you've written three in that series is that right yes excellent and so the second one is sort of a continuation in food or they get they roll. Yeah yes so they own continuation Make sure all mainly the M say is Dara but then is the bio point of views as well throughout the books. It's it's not finishing that saga with number three. What do you think you might run another one again number? I the end. It was quite hard to once commission like. Oh but it was good to give them a happy ending. A of. It's awesome cool. So what are you working on at the moment. Yes sir. I've Got Rabi Third Book. That's coming out next way. Next Tuesday said that will be the Currently working on a just finished. I am bargain. Survey that one's going to be a standalone. It's part Calama. K series is. Yeah this is all about Focusing in on topics that people experience I am break-ins about Gail that stuff is drinking am sorry an alcoholic and it just follows. Her journey from where Weirdo started in high school and situations in what year have life is a lot like later on and follows struggles in everything that This series is basically yes shedding light on real life experiences that will Guard for and not technique technique life. Sometimes it's not talked about actually just reveal Struggles that guy free. Sorry yeah that's awesome so is the new series that one. Yes so they're all gonna be like standalone bull but they were part of like the I M I K series so basically h ones like I am something thing yet based on a topic that Like the struggles and that sort of thing so brilliant ain't GonNa be releasing those feely regularly. Huey get sorry of ABC. Finished time bargain some Just finish that loss wakes. That's yes south Ed. The the MERRYMAN but So that I will be at all and then I've got a second one haven't set a date for that yet but they she is sometime. Yeah oh fantastic. Well that's really awesome. Wake me find you online and keep up with all the fuel releases and everything else that you do get yes. I definitely My website which is generally dot Biz survey. Is Ed. Everything's on there so you can see all my social media and also we'll thanks so much for the Geno. That was great. Thanks for having me. Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you enjoy the sharp jump onto my website Sarah Williams wolf ends up COM. Enjoy my mailing list to receive a free preview of my books. Lots of other inspiration if you'd like the shy and wanted to continue. He can become a sponsor with just a couple of dozen month going to hate tree on dot com forward forward slash Sarah volumes and remembers. Have follow me on facebook twitter and instagram. And don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and labor of you of the podcast. I'll be back next week with another loved up. Yep aside by.

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Matt Lanter of 90210, Timeless, and Pitch Perfect 3

Hollywood Real

52:09 min | 10 months ago

Matt Lanter of 90210, Timeless, and Pitch Perfect 3

"Outlander you're watching. Hollywood real james man. You're such a busy guy. Appreciate you taking the time to hang out with me my pleasure. I'm glad to be here. I was doing a bunch of research on you and that's right and in fact i watch pitch perfect three for the first time you really did. You see the one and two. Or no i did see one in tokyo's gonna say it'd be loss if you just start at three all right arm chicago. All right yeah. That was my Actually had nothing to do with the characters. i guess he was he was. he wasn't even from chicago. That was actually a joke. In the movie someone was like oh hot dogs and pan pizza deep dish pizza mike entrance like what are you talking about like chicago. And he's like. I'm not from chicago from georgia. Just one of those little funny things. That was a great great movie anyway. Yeah thanks those girls or talented. And they've really. They've built a huge franchise for universal that. Obviously he's doing really well. I i don't know if they're they're planning on doing a fourth one or not but i think they're still an audience for it so yes i think so especially internationally. Yeah yeah i feel like there's some stuff that just slates internationally as far as like film goes you know action is one of those things that translates internationally and i think that the singing the acapella are you know in comedy. In general i think also translates just internationally. So yeah you're right. Yeah now you've had a pretty long career here So far yeah. Don't make me feel too old. Did you always want to be an actress. No not at all. I grew up in in georgia. I i actually. I played a lot of sports. Baseball was like life. I actually got with the atlanta braves. I was working as a clubhouse guy batboy but we call them clubhouse attendants in atlanta. Because we worked pretty hard we would come in and do twelve hour shifts and we come to the stadium at two. Am to to offload the team's equipment and everything so anyway. We worked pretty hard but I was i was working with the braves. I worked at a at a golf course. I was going to school for a sports management degree. Actually and and acting things sort of just fell into my lap. Did you play ball yourself. yeah i did. Yeah yeah it was good. I mean i wasn't. I wasn't good enough to like make it to the next level but i enjoyed it and i played my whole life through high school and yeah put football wrestled a little bit. kinda kinda. Did all that stuff try basketball. It's too short for basketball. So yeah it was such thing. No one past me the ball which makes it fun right now but Yeah so no. I didn't just sort of it. Just sorta happened for me I was living in atlanta going to school to try to make some some money. I thought maybe i could try doing some modeling stuff from maybe track commercials or something And it wasn't a passionate with. It was just literally to try to make the ends meet. When i was you know late teens or late teens and and i saw in the newspaper of all things not on the internet but this was back when you still looked at newspapers and i saw open casting call for a male modeling show. I was like yeah sure. Let me submit myself for that. And i did. And they ended up picking me to come out on the show and I didn't know anything about it. I had never done any modeling. But they brought me out to la. We shot the show got on tv. I ended up being kicked off the show for being too fat. That's a true story Yes i was. Not i i you know the model zeke but anyway my manager who. I'm currently still to this day. Saw that show and saw me say on the show that i'd rather be an actor then a model anyway he he found my information called me and said hey. I'm a manager in la. If you really do want to be an actor let me know if you ever come out here. And that's how we connected and you know cut to four five six months later. I saved up probably about three grand packed up what i had my car and drove delay. Well so that's that's how i got here. Did you have anything holding you back in. Atlanta can eat kind of family commitments or anything. You're not really my. My parents had just been divorced And my mom had moved away. And you know i was kind of that age anyway where it was it was. I was in college and You know it was just finishing my degree finishing college and at the time i felt like i had an opportunity and i just said you know what i'm gonna take advantage of this opportunity that i think is now and if it doesn't work so what drive back and it worked so here i am like fourteen years later fifteen years later well and been doing doing well and having fun because that's the main that's the main thing is just having fun. I've been having fun so so you made the transition between modeling to acting. What is what is different about acting that you like that better. I mean truthfully. I never really. I never modeled. I booked a commercial through modeling agency. But yeah i mean. I i i know everything on the internet says model and actor but i never model i just. I think because i did that show. That was like a modeling show. That's kind of like where it comes from. But i suppose i moved out. I actually thought that okay. Maybe i could do modeling to make money when i come out. And when i moved out. I started booking acting gigs before i would book modeling gigs. The modeling gigs weren't coming. But the acting gigs were so. That's kinda. That's that's the path that i wanted anyway. So yeah yeah so it worked out. Did you go to work immediately when you landed in. La from this manager. He's pretty good or or was it. You know a lot of actors that come to la period of time where they they're just to classes and they're working so i had i had had already signed with my manager so i was with him and he was helping facilitate some meetings and stuff for me when i got out i was able to sign with an agency i signed with. Abrams artists agency which age especially for people. Yeah he sent me on like three or four meetings with some agents. I read for them. All basically auditioned for my agent and and a few of them wanted to work with me. I was really blessed. And so i worked with abrams for awhile and they started sending me out. My manager was able to give me out of small dishes and stuff and I was running out of money Three four months in. I think i'd call my dad or i was about to call. My dad like begged for some money and it was like within that week i booked two jobs at the same basically the same time. One was eight simple rules for dating my teenage daughter. Remember that show and also there was a show on fox called point pleasant at the time. And i think that only ran for one season. But i'd looked a little one liner guest spot with eight simple rules and funny enough that you know sitcoms. They do so many rewrites. Throughout the week so i booked the job and then just through pure coincidence that role basically got written out not because of me it was just the holiday do the writing and but they felt so bad but they basically found like one line for me just in the show and so i did it and a that was like it was a hotel room party and i was one of the people at the party and i was sitting on a couch making out with a girl and they dropped david spade in my lap and he goes get a room and it was a hotel room so my line was we already. Did you know that was the one line. Yeah at least they left you and they love me and they were so kind. Yeah that happens often i. I've got friends that they're on something a big movie small roles and they just keep showing up on other movies. Do you think that that is more of the production or is that more result of maintaining good relationships with everybody from the above. The line down recognizing that you know. Hey you know this is a good guy. Yeah i think it's both. I think i think i mean first of all. I don't think that many people are going to compromise their project just to have you in there as far as compromising a role or who. What really fits that role. But i do think that relationships are in any sort of business or anything mean a lot Especially so when you when you're kind of people and you're easy to work with and you produce good work You know chances. Are you're going to work again so Yeah i definitely think. There's a lot of that but you know yeah Working with certain directors. That just know that actor. They know their process that no they're going to be able to play on set and kind of Not be difficult. I think that means a lot to a director who has a lot to worry about on a film set. Yeah for sure depending on what type of film it is. They've got budget to worry about. They've got production to worry about. They've got dp tour. It's just there's a lot so when they know they can have an easy going relationship there and get the desired products desired results. Out of that actor then yeah could see easier to keep hiring them. Have you spent much time behind the camera Not on a professional level I would love to kind of get more into that. I've i've written a few things. I've written a few tv shows. And i've actually tried to to go out on those and sell them It's hard to sell show Trust yeah but i. I have a good bit of behind the camera work experience because of my wife's youtube channel and we we try to produce like you know good quality content and that's her job so i enjoy that stuff so in that regard yes but on a professional level Not so much. But i have aspirations to act. I think i think it'd be. It'd be stressful. But i i would love to direct some things and certainly sell a couple of shows that i've written and put the work into already. I've got some some great ideas for some other stuff. So you know maybe down the road yeah. Did you have formal training for acting before you move to la Outside of church plays. I did not Once i got to la I got in a lot of class. i've done a lot of. That's not true. I took i did take one acting class in atlanta where i was living. It was called at the alliance theatre in atlanta But after i got out here you know enrolled in several classes and several different teachers. And even you know voiceover classes and all kinds of stuff for me. I'm not knocking class by means because you can learn a lot but for me. I think i learned better by being on set. I learn more through hands on experience. You get that opportunity if yeah yeah true. Yeah i mean it's kind of like yeah if you don't get the opportunity then it's tough to obviously learned from being on set but but you can still try to get involved in a small thing student films things like that. You go down to usc and those guys are they're looking for help and you know you can get experienced in different ways. Yeah just creating your own stuff find a bunch of other makers that have different roles. Just make your own stuff. And now i mean fifteen years ago when i came out or were fourteen or whatever. It was It was a different thing to wasn't around. You know cannon five days weren't around you can make some really really high quality content For by comparison a small amount of money So yeah i don't. I don't know that there's any excuses now not to get involved and just go for it so true. Why do you think you get so many good opportunities. I think that i get opportunities. I mean i have to say that. I think that there's an element of talent better. I should have some sort of confidence in that area. I think there's an element of talent. I do think that. I try to be as professional as easy as i can to work with i enjoy. I enjoy being on set. I have fun on set. You know. I always try to try to keep the the mindset of is. I'm grateful i'm blessed to have every job that i have and every friend that i have the you know and i think when you come from a place of being grateful and you come from a place of not taking anything for granted. It's it shows and think people want to be around. You and wanna work with you and you know i take. I take what. I do very serious. I put my work in. And and and and. And i'm i'm kind of people and said i think you know probably every single moment. I probably have moments of frustration. Where maybe not everyone was like. That's a that's a good dude. But but i think in general you know. Yeah i think those are couple elements that you mentioned just so key to success anywhere in life absolutely. You know the gratitude the kindness. Yeah it and and it pays dividends. You know i think if it just becomes part of your being not you just aiming toward people who you think are influential. They can benefit you in the future. If if you show up that way to the world whoever they are yeah i i'm i'm christian so i feel like if i can anyway show you know jesus through how i day to day. Act around people then. I have You know i've done what i wanted to do So that's part of it for me. Too and yeah. I don't know that there's just a love kinds that you treat people with within you know it's like that old saying he treat people you wanna be treated so right. I think that's part of it. Amen yeah exactly well. I just know that you'd be you know talented very humble guy. Thank is really when we first met what really stood out to me. Oh yeah thanks. I think it was just very admirable and then guys that we know in common. They're just to the world are you. So oh yeah i do. I think being humble also is a huge part of things you know in this business like really anything could go away anytime and it all sort of fits into the same stuff you know nothing for granted and being appreciative and grateful for everything. But it's a crazy business and it's a crazy world crazy life so good good people you know like it almost takes it almost takes too much energy to be you know hard to work with and you know i don't know i don't know what kind of language is appropriate here but it almost takes too much energy to be nasty. Yeah i agree. Yeah it's and it doesn't really take that much effort to start really going out of your way to be kind to people so you might as well just spread the fives around right. Absolutely all right. Let's shift gears here. A little moon talk a little bit about your family life because okay. I know that you've got a newborn y- your your wonderful wife angela. You guys do a podcast together. Also you support her generously in her endeavors. I know she's a youtube influencers. As and so. I want to hear a little bit about that. I guess first of all do you come from a big family. No i don't i. I have one biological sister now. I've got several other Steps so now. I have a big family but yet grownup there's just just my sister and i am biologically and we. We grew up in atlanta. We really didn't have any other family in the same town or i've got family in south georgia. I've got family in ohio. So now it's just us about your family now. Do you want to have a lot of kids. I don't know i've always thought to is a great number. You know i probably because it's just my sister and i. My wife is an only child so to sounds good to her as well. But i'm not gonna lie. There's a lot of stress that comes with one. So i'm still trying to navigate how to deal with one in the whole shift. That happens because everything changes everything changes when you have a kid and so we're still navigating those waters of what is this new life I think ideally we would love a brother or sister for for our daughter. Now but yeah. We'll see. I don't know that's great. Yeah well i know you guys are gonna make great parents. You are making we think so but then there's days that we think were not good parents at all. We've already been to the emergency room because we've dropped her on her head. Everything's okay but Yeah i mean we try where we certainly love her. That's for sure and we provide so there's no lack of love even though there's that flat spot there no she's good no she's good. She's she's been totally checked out and the doctors assured us like we have so many parents come in here every day. It's okay. don't worry so we've given ourselves some grace in that area to have to. That's what we're learning. also actually. That's a big thing You gotta give yourself grace's apparent you know 'cause there's a lot of things that you're going to do wrong or you think is wrong or your question your choices and you know and i'm sure that's only going to continue especially as she grows and becomes you know a kid and a teenager and all that kind of stuff is going to be a lot of choices that you have to make apparent you. Just gotta give yourself grace to make those choices. And i just love them and do provide. Yeah they're more resilient than we think. That's true babies have survived since we were caveman. And right there are no doctors. No google right right. Yeah exactly a workout. She's still she's still kicking so far so good. When you guys were expecting you guys actually started a podcast called. Hello bump which hello baby right. Yeah we did. We did so. We thought that it would be cool to kinda journal. Our experience As first time expecting parents you know the podcast thing was kinda really coming on strong. And we kind of thought you know you and i have talked about. I'm a bit of a gearhead myself. And i like photography and video gear and audio gear and stuff like that and so we thought well what have we. What have we just like get on and do like just an audio journal and then You know because being sort of public figures are. We weren't sure if he wanted to put that information out there and share that but then we started doing it when we really enjoy just doing it. A really enjoyed being in front of microphone talking about what was going on. It's kind of therapeutic in a way kind of Fun and we just thought you know what let's make us a podcast and it could help other parents who are expecting And you know could just be fun to listen to in and we can look back on it and we can have our daughter. Listen back on it when she's twenty years old and listen to a week to week. How mom dad. We're doing when she was. You know just kicking around and in the womb. They're so we did it and and enjoyed it so much that we thought we'd go ahead and continue and more helo bump into hello baby once she was there because we were like well now. The real journey begins with raising her. So there's gotta be plenty to talk about now so that's what we're doing. We're right now currently on episode fifty four. We actually did episode of a two part episode on postpartum depression. My wife has been going through some of that. And i experienced some anxiety things myself which i actually now think was a postpartum for for a male. I mean it's all the same type of stuff. France all the same type of feelings and And so we kind of talked about a little bit a little bit on the podcast and my wife's experience with it and Yeah it's a couple heavy episodes but but we really hope that that can help other people when they listen to it they can feel a little bit more normal they can turn to it for a little bit of help here and there and you know So we're having fun with that. Yeah that seems really. Unique as far as the podcast. Doesn't i've never heard of anybody doing that. Maybe there are but when we started there there were. I think there are a few out there now. Not saying they're copying us or anything but Yes there were a couple but not really in the format that we did. There were a couple of out there. Where first of all. I think the quality was very good So we you know. We were striving to put better quality. Podcasts out there and also there were a few on there that were a few moms talking about their experience together. But i couldn't really find any that it was. It was the father and the mother talking about their shared experience. So doing a podcast. Not only is therapeutic for yourself. It helps other other parents and future parents. But i imagine that there's a value to perform worse. If you're an actor d did you ever think about that aspect of it as as being a way to kind of just sharpen your your your craft and in another area Yeah i suppose so. I do a lot of voiceover work. Has you know and hearing yourself constantly on the podcast and understanding how that sounds and other car speakers and what it does give you a little bit more awareness and control. Maybe over your your your voice which obviously plays into on camera acting as well you know you can learn to through voice acting he learned to express solely through your voice which helps in a podcast to because then you can kind of make make it a little more entertaining or you know A little more expressive just through your voice so alka seamlessly good synergy between voice acting podcasting and on camera acting. Yeah i think podcasting is great. Like you said you know there's that technical aspects so getting back to the behind the camera behind the scenes work Other storytelling because you know. There's there's a narrative you're constructing really in every episode. There is although i i i'll say that's one of our weak points i think on our podcast is that oftentimes. We don't go in with much of a narrative or a story. I mean we have a topic we wanna talk about but we. We've actually found that on our podcast. People seem to enjoy it. When we're just kind of off the cuff when we just sort of like get on and say we don't really know what we're gonna say but let's start talking and but it's kinda fun for us to because then it becomes more of a conversation between my wife and i as opposed to a structured thing. I'm not saying that's bad. You know like. I said. I think we actually could use a little more structure sometimes but a lot of times. It's it's pretty just whatever. Whatever happens happens whatever we say we say. Your content is pretty entertaining. I i recently saw youtube video on endless show. Yeah which is hello gorgeous right. Yeah so quick. Back story on that I she was a fulltime fraud. Investigators she had a big girl job at allstate right. She went in and sussed people out. That were faking insurance claims and everything and we got married in two thousand thirteen and we didn't want to be the couple that as an actor. And i go all over the place and she stays home. We basically didn't want to get married and then live apart so we kinda made a commitment that she was going to quit her job and she was gonna move with me or be with me anywhere. I've traveled anywhere. I went and We started In two thousand thirteen we started her youtube channel and her blog And she calls it. Hello gorgeous and she does Makeup you know looks reviews stuff on there. She does lifestyle stuff now to And that also allowed me to play a little bit behind the scenes and it was just something that. When i wasn't on set and i wasn't studying for something that's something that we we did together. I could exercise my creativity behind the camera. She could do her thing. I gotta tell you now that the her business now financially is much much more lucrative than a time job as fraud investigator right. Yeah i mean the the world of influencers is has changed so much in the last five six years. It's it's it's pretty crazy. There's so much opportunity for the people are willing to get in there. Do the hard work find a market for whatever they're offering but it's is really amazing that really anybody could could create a fulltime income. It's true it's true. It does take dedication though. I mean. I can't take that away from rice she. She spends countless hours between her blog her youtube. And you know just the instagram. And all that kind of stuff. I mean she i i would say she. I mean not since since we had the baby. She's sort of like tone it down a little just to be able to spend more time but seventy hours. A week is not uncommon. Well obviously it's not hard labor but man. She puts a lot of time and dedication because she. She writes everything on her blog. It's all her voice. You know her ideas for youtube. Of course shooting it and it's a lot of work but But it pays off in allows for a lot of flexibility in. You know exactly what we're doing. We're able to travel anywhere and be anywhere. Whereabouts a move to toronto for five months. And she's able to do her thing anywhere that's awesome and there's a lot of fun to it is. Yeah yeah thank. You were her makeup on that video that every now and then i'll get on the channel with her and we just have fun. Yeah there's a popular hash tag floating around. That's boyfriend or husband does my makeup and so the guys get on there and do the to the makeup and most of the people on youtube like the guys get on there and they try to just be funny and goofy and and like like they'll do like crazy makeup on purpose and i'm like i'm not doing that i'm going to get on there and i'm actually going to try to do her makeup good. I was like i've been in makeup trailers. i i know how to do girls up. I can do that. And so i actually got on there. I mean we. We did have fun with. But i tried to do her makeup good and you know i think he came out okay but a lot of guys are like afraid to get in there that they think they're gonna come off as league. I don't feminine or something. But but man i went for it. I think it was all right. Yeah of course. There was a good episode. Well she told me it was terrible color choices. I put like blue shadow. And i don't know i guess it didn't work. Whatever i think it was all right. You did your best. I did my best. Where do you think he struggled in your career of the most. I mean as an actor. I think we all have strengths and weaknesses. I think one of my strengths is. I can look at a script and i think i can break it down pretty easily in my head that i feel like i know how that scene should be played or i know how that character i can hear it whether my body does that is sort of a different thing But yeah. I feel like i'm good at knowing how should look what would make it good. I'm not good at memorization. Other factors are some are. I'm not it takes me a long time. I'll do a scene and director. You'll cut five minutes later. It's gone like i don't have it memorized anymore. But but mean i have really really been blessed my entire career. I feel like i've worked a lot. I've certainly gone through periods where it worked in those thoughts of leg. And my ever gonna work again. They certainly creep in and i think every actor does that. I've worked pretty consistently two thousand five. A guy here within like six months of being in la had actually booked a series regular gig on abc with gina. Davis and donald sutherland. Played her son which that just doesn't happen to people. They don't come out and book something like of that bag new to that earlier leak but really i mean i. I've been working since two thousand five and had some pretty amazing gigs That was a long winded answer. But what do you think your first big break was. It was commander in chief. Commander in chief with davis. Once once you've been hired as a series regular automatically Says something on your resume and other casting directors. They're aware of you because they've seen you or they've heard of you or just the fact that your resume says you were. You played opposite. Gena davis and i've got i've got all these all this real tape now with me and gena davis and oscar winner so that was that was definitely my first big break can. Yeah i just. I've done some pretty great stuff. Work for some great. People laurence fishburne feeder with him in downtown. La and booked a role on heroes after that. And well yeah. That was my first big break. Is there a point where you felt that you made it in hollywood. Yeah when i booked my very first job and ford. A vanilla latte from starbucks. I remember that day specifically. Because i didn't have much money at all and i remember the very first day that i was in a hotel. I had just worked point pleasant which we'd talked about and in the hotel they had starbucks and i was able to buy myself a small vanilla. And i legitimately thought like this is great. I'm i'm good. Because i could afford that four dollars day. So yeah that was it good. It's great to manage your expectations in a more in a more realistic way. I don't know i mean i. I don't know that. I ever really know that or think that i mean. I don't know some people might think that's silly but a with every project there's a level of like okay. Yeah i'm doing pretty good now. Continue to make some money doing this and pay my bills but actors weird man. We always just feel like our this job that we're doing our next jobs or last job and we might not work again and most most of us think that i think i mean. Unless you're like robert downey junior level. I think clearly but I don't know. I don't know i've had some people tell me like. Oh you're always gonna work. Yeah you're always going to be able to work and tv and it's just like i don't know maybe i appreciate you saying that but i don't know Yeah i don't know like. I said any job that i get. I'm grateful for it and i mean i guess i do you know i'm more choosy with things that i do. I guess i'm saying all this with a bit tongue in cheek. But is there anything that you've always wanted to but haven't been open elliott man Or somebody wanted to work with director actor. Yeah gosh I guess there's a lot of things a lot of people. I could say I really like sally field. I really like obviously meryl streep is amazing Dan to see daniel day lewis in person. Work would be incredible I really admire the career of ryan reynolds. I love that. He does comedy and also drama. Really well i would love to work with paul newman. I would love to work with. Montgomery clift who i can't. Because he's an old movie star no longer here with us. But there's so many people that i would just. I could go through and entire would've loved to have worked with them or had a conversation with them but and presently I could totally see you. Following in ryan reynolds yeah. That's that's yeah. Thanks. that's a career. I really admire him and bradley cooper. They're both sort of that. Leading man kind of thing that i kind of fit into in a way and i both love. I love doing comedy actually. Oftentimes i feel more comfortable. Doing comedy doing drama. I just keep getting cast in dramas. So i've gotten some opportunities to do some comedies but that brooding thing i don't know what it is i don't know why i i don't know why it's the mustache. Keep getting cast in dramas. I think that i mean. I guess it's great. I guess they do a great great job. But i've just. I've just been working at work a lot in doing drama stuff but yeah anytime i get an opportunity with comedy. I usually jump addicts. I'd love to in comedy. How do you keep your self sharp. I think you go through periods. If you're not working where you kind of have to knock the rust off. Once you get back on set a little bit. But i i mean watching film and tv which is pretty easy for all of us. Now you can kind of just watch. I watch objectively Sometimes i can kind of let go of that and just watch story as a story and be like a regular old viewer but A lot of times home. I'm looking at like performances and stuff like that You know so. I think when you watch some talented people and some of your favorites you can. You can pick up things that they're doing. And how they you know how they work and you can kind of incorporate all that it's almost like a almost like a superhero. That like sucks up over powers. You might not be able to do as good as them. But if you can just like take little pieces of what your favorites are doing and work on those things that maybe one day. You could be as good as they are at that. So yeah watching watching film reading scripts breaking down scripts writing. I actually think that writing my own scripts like we had talked about has given me a new perspective on acting and vice versa because now as an actor breaking scripts down you really realize every single word is very on purpose and when it's not can wiser there and so as a writer that unless that thing is serving a purpose don't put it in there so that's a great tip for actors right. Yeah yeah yeah and for writers. Try acting like not necessarily go out and go on additions but but try it you know put on some plays and skits with your friends or whatever your other writing partners and see. It's funny story. See if it works. Funny story is. It's just a story. I'd heard but sam jackson doing star wars. You know obviously star. Wars isn't a torius for sometimes wouldn't dialogue It's been said the prequels. I'm a huge star wars fan. So i love the prequels personally. But a lot of people talk about the wooden dialogue and in and the prequels. But there's a story. That goes that sam jackson was plays mace mace windu for any star wars fans out. There was on set. And he will. George was directing and he was like george. You can write this stuff but you can't say it so Yeah kind of goes in. Try saying you know try try doing it and then if it works and then you're actor can do it. Yeah but that's also part of the job is to make it work. So that's another thing. Some actors say that they hate watching themselves watching their performances or even don't watch performances. Were you in that camp. I do hate watching myself. I i do i cringe when i watch myself the first time and then if i get if i if i watch it again i feel like i can learn from myself so i do watch my stuff because like we sort of mentioned earlier if i know supposed to be played but my body. My instrument doesn't necessarily do that if i'm not watching myself. I don't know that what i thought i was doing or what i was expressing. If that's really what. The audience is receiving so. I can learn for myself but i. It's it's tough. I mean you you just you cringe the first time through because all i can see just choices that i should have made didn't make or whatever and no one else is going to see that and everyone else is going to be like the way me. It's great but that's what that's what you do. But that's what makes us all good at. Whatever we're doing is the drive to wanna be better than what you are what you're putting out there so part of being professional and in anything know you know you're going to see your stuff and wanted to be better and just what it is but yeah. Yeah but the stuff. I heard like johnny. Depp doesn't watch this stuff and that's fine. That's great. I guess but yeah i feel like i can learn from it sometimes for sure so for the benefit of actors who. Maybe they're working a little bit but they don't certainly don't have that longevity that that ten plus year track record that you do. What's the sort of advice. Can you provide help them. Get to the next level. Keep at it. Obviously if you're an actor and you've been doing it a little while you know that rejection comes all the time so you gotta push through that one of the things that i feel like was a turning point for me as an actor in my head was when i started getting cast and things and then i would be behind the camera during someone else's audition you know like they were being than they were being cast opposite me or for you know a girlfriend role or something that i was already cast in. It occurred to me that sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are. You're just not that character. And that i felt like that was a turning point for me that if i didn't get a job it wasn't necessarily because i wasn't good or you know It might have just been. I just was not inherently that character. I also learned from that experience that the casting director is your friend. You know prior to that you kind of go in there and it's a nerve racking thing to do to i hate auditioning but the casting director wants you to be great and so if you can go in there without mindset that they're your best friend they're your biggest champion. They want you to be amazing. There they shouldn't be there to add pressure so kind of like those two things when i really realized those two things. That really helped me a lot that the casting directors our friend. So don't be nervous around them. You want to be nervous in front of producers fine but they also want you to be great you know they want to find the guy but call it a day and call it a day but But that and then sometimes you know sometimes. There's nothing that you could have done. You're just not that character and you actually could have been a mate. You could actually be a better actor and the person they hired but for whatever reason that person just embodied the character more naturally. Yeah that's the that's a great perspective. On what a lot of accuracy as rejection right to these topic of rejection and failure. How do you look at that. And how does that translate to the rest of your life. I can't sit here and lie. Tell you like it. It doesn't sting sometimes still because there's certain roles that you just really you really want or you really wanna work with this material or with this director with this other actor and you don't get it and you know I mean. I can say what i'm saying but but it can still sting when you get knocked off the worst you get back up and try again. And that's as an actor you gotta do that over and over and over and over so kind of kind of trains you for the rest of life obstacles. I suppose for sure. So what are you excited about. Most these days man. Well i mean life wise. I like we talked about my daughter. Everyday's a fun adventure with my daughter. and then i've got a i got a project coming up that i'm pretty excited for. It's called jupiter's legacy it's It's a netflix. Show the superhero show So that'll be my first time playing superhero On cameron So i'm i'm looking forward to that. I think it's gonna be quite an adventure Net flicks is basically creating their own superhero. Universe in the show is going to be sort of the first The first go at that universe. So i'm pretty excited for that. I'm pretty excited to introduce these. These characters in these new heroes to the world That on on a large scale. You know that most people don't really know only the only the comic book fans might know them right so it's been out there like it's been out there. Yeah Yeah since two thousand two hundred thirteen actually. I'm not a huge comic book guy. But from what i understand. That comic book was pretty successful in that world so Yeah net flix. Bought the rights to to all this mark miller stuff and are actually bought. Bought his whole universe that he created Like a disney marvel situation. Can you set up that that show for me and kind of where your character. Yeah yeah so Yeah it's called jupiter's legacy the comic is So there's there's supposed to comics. Actually jupiter's legacy is kind of like what if superman had a kid and that kid couldn't live up to superman so it's a multi generational family thing. It's really cool. It's kind of something we've seen before about these these original superheroes and now the second generation of their kids and they have powers. But they really. It's hard to get out of the shadow of these great original superhero parents and then there is a spinoff comic jupiter's circle that actually takes place all in the past and it's all about those original six superheroes i play one of the original six So you will see me in multiple decades Yeah my superhero name is sky. Fox guy's name is george and her pretty pretty cool character. Yeah and i know. You're preparing really hard physically for that role. Yeah trying to hit the gym a little bit. You know a little bit above your superhero. You gotta you gotta try to you know back it up a little bit so all. I've noticed your transformation last couple months. Yeah thanks man. i'm working on it. You know. I know that you've supported Alzheimer foundations in the past. And you are now supporting a cause with human trafficking right. yeah Action about the to go to vegas and and talk on a little bit. The alzheimer's thing is something. I've been working with them for several years now. My grandmother passed away from alzheimer's A few years back So i saw that affected her and affected my family. And you know my mom as one of her primary caretakers and how awful z's is it really just is really really awful thing and a lot of people and a lot of families are affected and so anything that i can do to help spread awareness on that disease and two younger people because a lot of people think of alzheimer's as an old person's disease and the sad thing is just not the case. It's it's happening to people earlier and earlier even in in their thirties even So it's just really. It's a really really sad thing to see kind of the degeneration degeneration of of who they are in essence right in front of you over slowly over. The course of time is is really is tough. It's tough you know obviously for them but but for the people around them. It's just as tough because you walk in one day and they didn't even know who you are and it's weird because they're still there but they're not really there so anyway it's it's It's pretty terrible. And anything. I can do to help raise awareness and yeah well. It's great one. High profile people can use their audience in the that they have to divert that laid on. Yeah i sort of. I sort of think of it as responsibility for sure. And why is human trafficking important to you. You know i. it's it's something that Well first of all. I one of my cast mates on nine hundred zero. She's pretty much made that her life passion. Who is that. her name is anan mcchord. Oh yeah yeah. She's made it a actually by told her office. Had not vegas to speak on a little bit and She was asking me about it but But i think it's obviously it's an important subject i think to look at. The numbers is is staggering. In the places. Where it's happening. You know here you think of it sort of thing that happens overseas and in third world countries and that's that's just not the case. It happens here in la it happens in atlanta. Georgia happens in ohio. Where i'm from matter of fact i think ohio and cleveland areas like i wanna say don't quote me on. This could be totally wrong. But i think i saw. It was like one of the third largest s- largest areas for human trafficking abduction in the states ohio. And that's that's my my hometown and everything. So i just think that's another thing that the more awareness we can raise especially out of my daughter. It's something that's more on the forefront of my mind. I mean it's so sad but now when i go to the park i think about it i think about like somebody could just grab her and an awful awful awful things that could happen to her and happened to our family It saddens me and angers me and you know so anything that i can do also to help lend a voice or spread some awareness Or help raise some funds for relief. Efforts i'm happy to do. Yeah i think that's fantastic. Yeah so where. Can we find out more about you. Oh gosh projects. I am db always a pretty reliable place although my dad seems to think. Imdb as the end all be all they'll be project on there that mistaking mistakenly put on there and he's like well. You're doing this thing. And i'm like no it's mistake and he's like well i don't know it says it'll nine dp dad i would know So a good place to check things out professionally really probably my instagram twitter at matt lantern on. Both i control that. So but i'm always tweet about my my life and my projects and five got stuff that i feel is worthy of posting pictures. I feel like. I'm not good at instagram. A lot of people are really good at instagram. I feel like i'm not good at it. I need to post more pictures and stuff but You know that that's a good way You know a lot of work. Social media's lot of work to do it right to work right. it's a lot of work. I mean and i know. It's a great tool to connect with people but it is a lot of work all right last question. Yeah so you've lived a really. You're still young. But she's lived a pre full life had a a decent career and now you're starting new family. What does this mean to you is is there a takeaway that you can at this kind of the mid point in your life. Say about at all. I don't yeah. I mean i don't wanna like come off too cheesy or anything but really i mean really the stuff that i do on camera and i mean none of it means anything really. It's really about just your experiences in life and with your people that you love and your friends and your family. And i think i mentioned earlier. I'm has been fourteen to fifteen years. I've been working. I'm having fun. And that's the main thing. And if i'm not having fun i'm done. I don't wanna do it anymore. Nothing else really interests me other than just doing life and having fun. And and loving the people i wanna love and you now have an amazing experiences. Well that's what success is all about right. Yeah yeah i think so. I think a lot of times you know you can mistake success for other things you know financial success and whatever and i don't think it's about that and i think that's what keeps you having fun actually because if your level was of success just like a monetary value or something. I don't know what's past what's beyond that. Well said yeah. I don't i don't think it was well set but thank you. Thank you very much for coming on. And i really appreciate it absolutely jim. Yes yes unfortunately stronger together. My friend we will superheroes shape. That's right. I'm gonna. I'm gonna make you a superhero. Well we'll see we'll see that could happen but i'm glad to support you matt. Thank you very much. All right thanks buddy.

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Our Unicorn Diaries Episode 85  Hot-Husband & Stimpy

Our Unicorn Diaries

36:26 min | 5 months ago

Our Unicorn Diaries Episode 85 Hot-Husband & Stimpy

"Welcome to unicorn. Diaries where we will discuss sexual encounter. This podcast is strictly for entertainment purposes. Ed mature audiences between the show. Welcome to our unicorn. My name is marie. Hello everyone cute hardware. Anything i know. Just how like you now. You're not wearing anything. Well some andrew christian and the museum get it hot a baby you yourself. Oh my god just to the end of the show. Oh please don't always hard. Your cock is hard as always. We're how about this morning. Oh yeah quickey this morning. is very fast food. Sometimes you gotta get up and out quick. I'll make a mistake. That's an that one outgoing. Yeah we've been kind of. Wow nd of i've been really fucking just found a. She's been masturbating daily. When i've been out of the house tear them up. Let's the odd donning. Yes we are people listening. I'm sorry guys. I week so i finally this weekend is the dinner just for dinner. Yup yeah so. I'm excited for that. I'm not sure if any of you were coming but maybe if you are say hello to us is a small crowd. Covert things doa looking forward to that and before we do that we me in a nice gentleman for drinks. Maybe some afternoon delight. We'll see. I don't know we be prepared. That way foresaw radio show to that. He not heard they are a radio. Station is purely for the lifestyle podcasts. friends who are now as well. We are on fridays at three pm. Ten pm. He's looking at me for me. I'm like i don't fucking know. I never remember whether it's three and ten or eleven. But i believe you're correct. That was the actually up and running chiefs. Oh okay for our end and is here. I found yet. Yeah that's iphone. Yeah are you sure is. It just is everything. I'm not sure. Yeah and we had a litter interview with Bosses say we were interviewed by a screen writer slash director from iceland. His name is olaf to flourish checker. Is movie made movie. Coon eleven eleven year is an english horror. Movie is really cool. it was on netflix. I'm not sure if it's still is very good. He's done a lot of things to a lot of other things and he does Classes on skill share for a screenwriting and doing little movies. He's really really good. And he's so cool and his sight is film right. That cohen s right w. r. I t them right. Dot co please check out our interview and everything that he has to offer lee. Check them out and we haven't won the show you yes eventually. We're going gonna be interviewing him. They should cost you for these next movie. Fun but yes so please show him some love and maybe even subscribed to his site does classes on online gena subscribed to his side as well so i don't think he's gonna talk to us about well we we're not gonna okay up everything game for once. We have a shoutout to mr maturing bowl west maturing bull. I'm gentleman mr gentlemen. Thank you for your last episode number. Seventy-nine never heard anyone go into such detail about by play between men. i think you both are pushing boundaries. Thank you thank you cheering. We love you today. I know we get very graphic wherever you do in the bedroom ends up on the microfilm that we both grab yourself. You're hilarious babe. I'm not trying now and now a word from our sponsors are you lifestyle and just to you sick of all those botts photo voice actors fees ready to throw in the towel because of orders simply cushioned when we got the best done. I started view. It's old playground. The one stop shop for all your swinging needs police committee ready to connect still not convinced them for a limited time. Spent three days with us only three dollars and ninety nine cents at sea. We have talk are you down. We renamed pg welcome back. Oh i baby the cocktail of the day. It's elder fashioned restore wood flour. Honey we use in that okay. So it's two parts. Bourbon has part saint germain or any l. Clower appear that you have Two dashes of angostura bidders. And so with that. You stir all the ingredient into an old fashioned glass at isis there again and see you know at an orange twist. You is fashioned hester to burn the appeal give. Did you burn it. I didn't that. Outdoor jews donny. Love could reach over a bit more. Do like i do like an old fashioned. As pretty good optic during an s. They've cut me off time of doing choose chicken. Well finish you actually now. I think he'd had another bourbons. Rick before and also got we had that so maybe that might make the trip a while today. We have we kind of had a booty call. Yes so We'll chat and to this guy and we're going to call a him stimpy. We'll chatting on. This guy is a married guy bisexual but econo- plays alone so we not show is davis. We'd really ask questions that too much. But we use like reached out to us with austin food during. I think we are both home alone and like you know it was totally out. The blue radio wasn't yes so he said i guys what do you do in the asked you. We were doing. Come over. So i asked you and i was lay. I guess something. Like when i'm not getting involved Don't want to be involved so you get a kind of is going to be hot husband kind of thing. I was just gonna an egg on fluffer. Maybe you know that sort of thing. I wasn't really trying to know year kind of funny about being alone with the man. You not at that point now. I'm not comfortable to be alone with a man. So i like the whole part of this thing is i like the way you taught me while we're playing like that so i think it's one of the hardest parts of it right so i tell him yet but you can come over. We play but marie he's going to be here watching and coaching so eventually lives already in the bedroom. I'm just kind of laying there in underwear on waiting stroke. Always kinda knows because this is like the first time this kind of things happened before. Okay so i didn't know kind of what to expect a you the door to him. He comes upstairs. And e sees me on the bed and kind of strips instant lynch. He's not wearing velcro. Yeah he was out. It was clear that i kinda like blinked. And he was naked so he's just goes straight down on me. Well yeah he does remove. You're going aware even a handshake. Or how do you do now. not really. he's just of went for year really quick which was kind of you know what it was very animalistic. It was pure lust. Yeah i mean he was just like he was moaning and and just just saying how much he misses sucking cock and and it was. It was very obvious us that what he was saying was true. So while he's blowing. Antony you and i well he's blowing you. We're kissing which. I didn't expect us what you just in the observation seats by the bed. Well i mean i it's dispelled kinda weird. You send your because you seem the little tents and you is really sick but it wasn't really supposed to be. It was just like a little little simple little bodysuit and buy socks. This bodysuit. Looks like a superhero on a day off. Really fucking hot. So you and i are kissing while stimpy sucking cock and you're enjoying it 'cause every now and then you know you get a little a couple of between us kissing so i read. I really had no intentions of playing. Like i mentioned before but no. I'm begging and saying how hat they look asking stanley. If he's loving cock and so yeah. It was turned on. of course. yeah it's fucking hot. I'm sorry it just is and so of course you had unzip my body suit exposing my breasts. Which was like looking at you like. He really wanna to go there. Really you want to do this. And i was like okay and you started fondling my and in a pinch and my nipples and everything and of course i kinda take that as a cue to get completely make. It is always at least is one. That's kind of a given varez and stimpy is concentrating. Know your job is even look at this point. No he was like fucking devour at this point. And and i could see his car just growing hard steadily and i just reached over and i start stroking it and everything and i didn't realize this was going to happen so i didn't really know what was going to happen. I because again like you mentioned it. This wasn't this is something that we normally do. So this was all kind of knew the both of us really so you join in kind of made it more comfortable familiar. Yes so i got more interested in that point not anyway i was kind of red. Little tents didn't know what to do not a good idea what to do. So at this point i tell i tell antony that stimpy feels like he's ready and that he should return the favor so stimpy moves up so anti can blow him. I mean that the fact that you said that. I thought it was really hard. And that kind of encouraged me as well. But yeah i i kinda seize the opportunity job on these because it was fucking hard at like fuck that shit. I'm getting on. And i'm just like riding you slow and you dick guys i i. I kind of promised show at that point for you. Know you're such a fucking horse you really are and stimpy. He's enjoying the show as well. And after a while you know. He says he wants to taes mob pussy on your car with we both were like we kinda look at each other as if this a you know you're okay with that was totally fine. I love we did this a couple of nights ago and another guy i like. That's one of my things now view and having the guys clean Okay it's a part of my repertoire. Now okay so he you climb off of me and he starts going down on me and you are wet so my call before you start fucking me. It was wet. But now it's like just full of you covered in you. And he's like moaning and he's looking at both of us while he's doing as well which is kind kinda hard to and you decide to help him out so now got two miles on my coke. And you're twisting your nip losing your mom sourced in india miles. I mean it's nuts on me. I'm very close to come in this. So i tell you need you stop so. I'm not sure his deal was whether he was okay with it right but apparently well i mean you came into my mouth so and i kissed them be in night shared some lay use with him. Weaver and shivering still twisted multiple. It was hard. It was dirty as well because it's a chins bits dropping down because it was nasty but but sexy evening so stimpy is like you both in his hands all over. You have a my ass k. is he. He's okay if he fucks you right so i say anything is look at you and you're like i fine. I guess i'm in. You know. I wasn't supposed to be involved for here. I am. i knew as going to get dragged in. I just knew it. I knew it was you kinda climb upon was by the side of me and he moves up behind you and start looking doggystyle and i'm pushing back on. Rdm i'm back. I'm bucking the fucking bronco and you're watching any istra cacak. I like watching you stroke your So i'm enjoying that. And the fact that he's fucking me. It was as hot if we go. We covered pretty quick. yeah so which. I'm not used usually recover that quick. But i think because everything was so new and different and i never really stopped touching myself. What else is new. You still doing it. But i tell them. Be as a yeah. I wanna ride your fucking face. You know as he was like. Oh yeah okay. So he lays down and i. I like drag and grime so filthy holding onto the headboard just like i just grinding dry mouth busy from his forehead down to his fucking chin moving back up to his lips. And it's like you know like a nice rhythm and do it over and over length of his head was hilarious. If it was fucking hot and i was like doing it. Also and just like dragon. It mahfoud and yeah. You're in doing that so he's still hard. I just leaned as sucking him With one eye on what's going on right of me. And he's like friesinger his hips then up in like fucking your mouth and you're talking constantly and i'm looking down on while like you know right. And his face. it was really hot. He was enjoying his cock with us. Lee impre- company. I know you like that. It was covered in the following. Your lead on this like liquor with your tricks following now. So i'm so can. He's getting louder and louder inside your pussy. Yeah and you tell him that you want to see him. Come in my mouth. Yeah we're like yeah shoot your fucking load in his mouth. Glint really doing so. He tells me now. He's about to come as rock. Climb off of phase. You know and i kinda like grab grab and him by the hair and i'm talking to moms and shit tone. This is why you have to be there. Because if i'm gonna stay with my own guy. I'm not sure. What do i say more seriously. Seriously you make better new sexy voice and everything. But i was just saying. Yeah you take this fucking come. Aren't you take that low you at all in your fucking face don't you you know. You're stroking ardell as also can him as well. Yeah and you know so. He's just he's just constantly bruin is cut deeper into your mouth until he finally explodes. I didn't get no it. Just because i think i'll wanted in my face because the way you is saying the sounded so you. I'm like i got your hair in my hand in one hand and i kind of like reach down and i got your cock and the other and i'm stroking it and after he shoots his load. We are this kind of late. Lay the us. You're laying back. You haven't come right now. So you sweep of laying the kind of what watching knew. Now you'll finger fuck in yourself And i'm watching. I'm still rank in as well right. And i'll tell you the about to come as well. Yeah yeah i was just like wow okay again be is because it was just. It was filthy now. The we had the music in the sounds. He was making these two so filthy neck as the perfect way to say it. But he's he's filthy and eager very eager. Yeah and so your way again. And you're about to come. And i tell stimpy see take it. Yeah i wanna see you take his load and he's like he's like oh yeah damn rate like really look like yes. I'm gonna do this. yes sure. And he's licking your head head of your cock. And i'm and i'm stroking snoopy's cock at this point and he's licking your head and you're getting louder and i know that you're getting really close so i'm just like eddie. Both on you know talk shit to both of you. Just just over wispy during. Yeah you guys some fucking dirty. I love watching you. Yes cock and yet and it was just fucking of guy it was just fucking high a you just late. You couldn't take it anymore. Yeah so you could tell these your rather than near saying it started saying you're about the computer announcing it. So i kind of lay i push stay be hid down on your cock like a made them. Just go all the way down to balls so you could shoot your load in his mouth but he kind of pulls up at one point and he shoot. Desouza comes out. That's when i explode right into his face but then he backed down and took the remainder into his mouth. Because i was doing puts his head down. You know what the fuck coming up for. She preferred that you like it. And you're like shooting at people's we have your fucking messy you like you dislike it messy that's you i'm total opposite if you i don't own squirting i make a huge fucking like going to clean up you know in the middle of the action like okay and he tells c. guy you get is way everywhere and they'll give you guys understand this a we'd like to see the come shoe addicts and hit something preferably a beautiful face. Yeah yeah but you have a tendencies auto want to clean this up z. Does take the whole lot in math. I like on your face on your lips and then you can do that. I like taking it all in my mouth plain and simple sometimes in either way. I'm happy with it. Oh is that right. Yeah but i was kinda i. I wanted him that. I like choke on your come. That's why i was like being pushed his head down and everybody else is like. Oh man you know whatever maybe next time. He reaches out to us a lot but usually during the day. And we're not both around. I won't play with him without you. Yes so yet no. That's not my thing really. Yeah i mean fucking men wasn't your thing right and look at you now you fucking whore but maybe that's a cassette with you a cassette listen to me an eight track with you'd talking on an ancient forever. We going back so he might reached out to him two days ago and said you might be available next week. You wanna come. He didn't even ask me under. You'll be fine for both. Is that right. Like i don't have shit to do plenty whatever but guess what time it is darling. I know exactly what time it is. It's time for the dirty word of the day. You're looking at my junk. Yes am that dirty word of the day is new jersey meat hook jersey meat. Hook is any part of it all right. What is it you choose. You mean i have no idea why it's called the new jersey mitac s what. It's called north jersey south jersey. Don't fuck in now does make a difference. Julie see okay listening. You caught using sentence on. I think you've done it to me before. But i'm not sure if it was to this extent like what i'm thinking is the meat hook is obviously not book. I'm totally also. It would be like lifting you together with what else. What else would be meat. Hook ain't hook yuck close. Yeah you're right. You're right area fingers. Yes so i am thinking fucking your oss. Okay i'll do it with such force. Your feet leave the ground. No it's basically you're fucking a girl from behind and you stick a finger in her ass enough to feel her cervix. Jason o k. Food is like i don't know it was like i can i don. I don't have to try it wasn't you don't know what it's called. I guess we can just call it. The meat hook but it's it was called the new jersey. Get fucked at the same time. And i'm sticking to finger in europe. Now you're sticking to is sticking finger my okay yes. That's confused at say. That's sweet is called lousy new jersey milk stupid swan a baby. Johnny drink here but that's off. I'm sorry worse and worse this matt. You're just fucking magazine you you were very close to getting it. I mean you're like super close boys. Yeah well not always but anyway if you have any questions concerns or confessions feel free to reach out to us at six four six three seven. Four eight seven five. We want pickup. No if you'd like to support the show Patron dot com forward slash unicorn davis we have some exclusive content on their few to enjoy two dollar among dollars dollar two dollars. One dollar five dollar is it. Yeah dalla ballot fucking know. I don't know in contact us for information on our private videos. Are you working on. The mr fox ones are ready to go. I'm working on this as well. So i'm just saying what how're you district west and then we can. We drop it off through google drive. Google drive sure. People knew that popula gorgeous. It always wanted to go. Now there's no six clicks. You didn't find it. Nope i was looking for naked resorts clothing optional. Nothing powys frowned upon me. Legal really not even topless. Are you sure i'm positive. Wow interesting we'll be walking around topless boys on show. Where are we gonna stay. The recu likud lagoon resort is gorgeous. School based like the bungalows with Plunge pools in you can walk straight out into the ocean. Looks gorgeous sounds beautiful inclusive. Very nice just what we need to get away and the food is amazing to all right. What is it Baby gone value which is steamed eggplant stuff with fresh fish. Fish talked with coconut cream. Didn't that sound nice house gorging on this stuff. Nama is known to see grapes. It's like a seaweed. I mean a very good field. Looks like Green caviar. So what's it lets. It tastes like the did it say. Would it taste like or does it. Tastes like caviar not see. We let people use it. They put lime and seasons on. It should is that kind of thing so very nice. Eat it raw. Imagine so it just looks pretty nice slow we can we eat and seaweed and stuffed plan like the sound of that. Well keep cleanser so we're going to say to our listeners. In calmed out babies leasing. This is an easy say live on and kinky imagine. Oh dear i remember. When was when prince william got married. The king of fiji was that and yeah the gross ska on an eight very cool so these were and what else did he loves. Up top. Headgear is very yeah. It was just cool. Y'all think he'd westminster abbey ask you walk so they speak english but we're trying to in gene. Ooh okay. it's a mouthful unlike you abc. It is okay to our listeners. In fiji thank you all so much. Love you to pieces and we're going to attempt this. Please don't hold it against us. All right all right off to marry count one two three blue lions back to back i wa. I like the sound of that. Boola bala cut to backup wa wa booder baalu got to vow wa wa wa wa wa wa kinky kinky boola boop cut to backup huahua means with their face that pay lebel song toy. Excuse actor every member today. The karaoke machine do that guy. You they do that. I don't want you to do that. i'm sorry feed. You've got this other listeners. Yes we love you too obvious link and thanks for joining us but we're going to sign off now and go fuck about maybe. Try some meat hook. I dunno lucia messages surface. I'm curious now. I'm curious anyway guys. Thing is that long. I don't know i'm kind of curious the. Et gloves on brassieres guys. Thanks so much for joining us in keeping company. And as we always say in english lit. Laurie kinky right. Thank you all so much for keeping us company. Any questions concerns were confessions. Please feel free to drop us a line at new foreign diaries at yahoo dot com or leave us a message at six four six three seven four eight seven five also for additional says as videos and you can visit our uniform. Diaries and follow us on twitter at our uniform. We will love you for ever and ever linlong in kinky.

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Hoda Kotb

Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver

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Hoda Kotb

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Find a specialist. Today at children's national dot org slash stronger. I am thrilled that you have in here or to disperse like when it's my time with me how old yoga's now or to my god. You're in the weeds off foreign to only moly. I need the people feel this way about that children but my son. He's just the best person i know. I told him forever. It's funny he's downstairs drinking kool-aid which we just drove to the american store to get hello. I'm minnie driver and welcome to many questions. I've always loved price question app. It was originally an eighteenth century. Pala game meant to reveal an individual's true nature but with so many questions that wasn't really an opportunity to expand on anything. So i took the full mash of proust's questionnaire and adapted what i think a seven of the most important questions you could ever ask someone they are when and why will you happiest. What is the quality you like least about yourself. What relationship real fictionalized defines love fear. What question would you most like onset. What person place or experience has shaped you the most. What would be your last meal. And can you tell me something in your life that has grown out of a personal disaster. The more people we ask the moon we begin to see what makes us similar. I'm what makes us individual. I've gathered a group of really remarkable people honored and humbled to have had a chance to engage with my guest. Today is heard a copy who is really the most surprising and interesting person. Hey we probably already think. We know. I know i did. She spend the cohen co the today show since two thousand eighteen been a tireless advocate for breast cancer awareness and surviving cancer herself and became a mother later in life which gives her a perspective. Motherhood the i found extremely relatable and joyful okay so like you know these questions to hear what your aunt sasol. What would be your lost. Mail a debate this. Because i think i would have joel's salmon salmon. Every saturday ended is the best. Sam it like melts in your mouth and it reminds me of us would have that i would have really crispy crunchy delicious french fries only because my whole life. That's been my comfort food. And i would love that. I would have moms faulk levada. I close my eyes in tasted she's eighty six and she still makes it. It's delicious at. It reminds me of all the goodness in my mom. Our kitchen kids and then would probably eat about three gallons vice not allowed to eat ice cream dairy. I will eat that matter. You problem yeah wondered what i wanna eat at all. Who knows maybe feel terrible at to bury my team is mary and she's outside eating sandwich. Martinez my dog. He's gonna balk definitely married. she's like. I just have ice water. Are you stop it. Oh i got your last meal. Yeah i mean. I realize asking this question. The implicit in the question is you know. And then you're going to die or that's it it's out and it's like. Isn't that what we'd really be thinking about what mary's is like. I wouldn't be able to eat a thing. I would just drink water. I didn't know. I think it's that. What is the food that connects you most to life regardless of whether you're about to die on no i love food much when i speak to people who like you know it's fuel i just wanna i just wanna punch them really. What i. what are my favorite desserts is shake cake like a sheet birthday cake. Yeah i just want to sit on my couch. Sometimes because i make everybody's birthday nice. I suppose lemay couch. When i can't be myself when people around with big slowed and that she came and just sit there and just scoop that up like that would be when my favorite nights. I just agree with you. There is covert food that is a category of living. Doesn't get enough play. Like i like standing up in my kitchen with a sheet of mozza with really thick delicious french salted butter. And marmite and i'd like to stand up and listen to the radio and look at what's happening on the street. Total rear window. It with my mom. I am monster. I've never told anybody that hoda. I'm never admitted that thighs. Why like to do. And i like to stand up what i'm doing it. But the covert eating joel headed the idea eight when with went out of town like when the kids go to bed at jones out chirpin chicken has a rack of ribs. That has all kinds of barbecue. I literally get a roll of paper. Towels i sit by the tv on. The floor is gross. And i just go for it. And i like done with it. They to dispose of the evidence. Just in case. I've done that special trash bag for food that you don't want anyone to know the aid. I was imagining that. It's a full rack of ribs. It's not even a half rack earl. And stop myself as tmi is when i eat enough of the way have cast pour it a lot because sometimes it after an hour some but didn't have to ruin it so that you can't go back sitting on top of the plan is still okay. Every woman every woman. I know except the one he said the food was fuel understands that whoring on something to ruin it. Do you remember. In the beginning of thelma and louise. This is great scene. Gena davis is on the phone with her husband. He's being horrible and she just keeps going to the fridge and she takes out like a snickers bar and she takes it by then she wraps she puts her back in. She goes and she eats the whole thing through the whole scene. An idea that always. I pretend like i'm not going to finish the chocolate bar. The cake the bonds. The ice cream the moat. She a super thin of kate. Tiny as my friends. I didn't i was like oh i'll just have. I'll just have a little tiny piece of cake and she was like. Yeah because you can eat the rest of the kitchen when everyone else is drinking. Coffee is ryan What possum place. Our experience myself Your life i mean for the better is my kids and chronically for the worst offset sorority formal. Trying out and my brother who also went. Virginia tech was another trinity. And we were having our formal or whenever we're dancing and drinking and all the stuff and my brother runs in and i was like. Oh my brother always said he's gonna crash. Try not foremost like he hit. His buddy did it. And he said come outside. And i said what he goes outside to talk to you now. I said that he needs tell me. And he said that heart attack any tied it was like you couldn't even compute what was going on and i remember got into a car. We drove to his apartment where he shared with a bunch of other people and we laid on the bed. So remembering and i played james taylor on turntable over and over and over and over until we went home that morning. A fake. Losing him that young. I mean i went without my contacts. I'm legally i on headphones. And i would walk around campus just obliviously for most of the year i think and it's funny. It was the worst thing in the world. But i often look around where i am now and wonder you always want an added girls from your dad. You know you did it. And throughout my career. I think there were probably a few spots where he probably would have said. Well good for you. You did it. And then i would have been done but instead when you don't have that at a girl you're like mountain climb. Let's see let's see let's see and you may keep pushing yourself for something isn't coming but at the end of the day it landed a beautiful place. Now i have a beautiful family and you know all those great things happened as a result of it so i think that event was really life changing helped me in some ways and left me with unfinished business and others like you know we just weren't super close was blessed with my brother and my sister the name i used to sometimes sit in the car with them. We wouldn't say anything. I was trying something to say. Yeah i remember sitting next to my dad at the academy awards and it was so amazing that he was there and my mom was there and my sister. And he's holding. My hand is reading at the nominees and he leans over his darling. You're not gonna win. I was like what we do. He's like no. You're not going to win. Squeezing my hand he was like. It's okay win something else. It was so funny. I swear to you. I was still chuckling. When they read out kim basing his name was still laughing. You've got to be fucking kidding me. It was so perfect it was like that was the girl that i needed in that moment. God daddy when the brightest minds at the university of florida come together. Something extraordinary happens. Engineering empowers medicine. Data scientist rise. Agriculture geology fuel space exploration and artificial intelligence transforms learning research. The ideas that go on to change the world. They're launching right from here. At the collision of big ideas and massive attentional momentus becomes possible at the university of florida. Ufl dot. edu. This is a metaphor for your business. Is johnny sometimes feels like the world is throwing everything at has you and succeed. You need someone to guide you through. That's what technologies advisors do. They have the tech advice to help you. Navigate whatever challenges. You're up against a gate you safely to be for advice on solutions like x. p. s. thirteen laptops powered by vote platform calling advisor today at eight seven. Seven asked del in your life. Can you tell me about something that has grown out of a personal disaster. Yes there was. A biggie. Was working here at nbc and everything was great and worked at dateline. I was newly mary added. That was great. I went for a routine mammogram. And she l. something and she said you should get it checked so in this weird span of a week. I found out that i needed a mistake to me. And at the same time. I found out that the guy who has married to was being unfaithful and i literally was like what is happening like what happened. I understand and i wait for surgery and was horrible. So in that time afterwards i was in covering which was just laying around watching law and order and trying to figure out what i was matter about the sickness or the soon to be ex husband and in the middle of all of it. I had this weird tiffany which happens. I think sometimes when everything is any and all of a sudden. I realized i had made it and i got these four words that sort of came to me and they were new. Can't scare me. And i learned it. Were they were starting a new hour of the today show for our and i did something i've never done before i've never really liked raised my hands and pick me for this job because here's why i'm so good. I just worked really hard. I was like senior over here on the one working with you. Want to promote Over here like i was that one not the one who strung themselves with christmas lights at how good they were so in this moment with that epiphany that feeling i was having i said no what i'm going to go ask for that job and i still remember i got in the elevator thirty rock and went to the fifty second floor which was all the way up and i walked into jeff's uppers office at the time was heading up nbc. And i said jeff had Better you can't scare me. I want this job. You're who you get. He'd been through break so he understood that feeling of unstop ability kind of and i finished my speech. My heart pounding. I've never done that. People saw me as dateline person. I was aghanistan. I had a couple of producers pulling for me and i ended up getting that job. I thought to myself. Oh my god. If i haven't gotten sick. I got like i wouldn't have the courage have mojo gone up. I would have never asked waited. Like i usually do. But instead it was urgent like my life had margins. It was the beginning and an end. Like stop wasting time. That hit me was like all of a sudden light was urgent and that happened. I ended up getting it. And i thought well talk about silver lining of a yucky horrible terrible couple. Years turned into a job that turned into another job. I mean i can't even believe. I'm fifty six and i'm doing the today like how did that happen. Like how did it happen. I'm still stunned. Even now as i sit in my office wondering like wow that was weird but i think that was it going through a horse in a sickness and going through two things at once. It's like you can't really pile all your sadness in one place gotta split. Maybe that helps you in. We're way like a mad at him. Why i sick. You know that i'm white. I'm feeling better jack. And so all of a sudden like oh okay. Well you're i am. I think i made it through. Wow god i wish when the really bad hud stuff was happening that concurrent with fair and worry and fair and worry could be this idea that i know something's going to grow out of this. I i know that this is not for nothing. Is funny that we can look back. And we can see that but at the time when it's happening astonishes me that we can't comfort ourselves with what is most likely going to happen. Which is as he said. Something grows. yes. Yeah you're right. I would have loved to have known in the middle of all those days like. Don't worry a something coming because then you realize like you're only here for a minute so you do you. That's it that's all you get one right around the sun so you can tell around everyone feel better and do what you do or you can speak it. Say it out loud. What relationship real or fictionalized defines love fear. I think about this one for a while. I have a best friend who i've known for twenty years. Her name's karen. She met her husband in new orleans. We we both live there. And he's a police officer she's reporter and it was beautiful romance and over the years. I watched that relationship. And i was always in awe that because it worked on all cylinders it worked as a partnership as a romantic relationship. They connected in all ways. And i hadn't seen many relationships that were everywhere usually. It's like well. This is from my friends. This is for my husband and it seemed like they had a connection that worked everywhere and got very very ill couple years ago and sadly he passed away and it was really since his passing that i i watched karen speak about the love. She has for him in this moment and i was so struck by the death i knew was deep. I think it was watching her number one. Go to hospital room after a room. For years and years writing notes writing notes write notes talking to doctors and other doctor. I the follow up to call. Why are they doing this. What's up with the insurance. It was endless endless. She was there. She was always there and i flew to. Md anderson a few times just to beat it with them and i walked in and she was always determined and driven and had that look and meantime she was flying priests in to talk to john and she's probably like the most selfless person i've ever met and the kindest and they have a daughter who's graduating high school in. There's a lot that's happening in that world yet here. She is speaking about the love of her husband. And it was underscored two weeks ago. I was asking her this question about a priest. Who had come to visit john when he was ill and he was from india. Sit ever happen to father vol of this priest who came to see okay in india with everything that's going on with covance. She said well. He's in a remote area. Should another building a church there and said oh. Wow that's terrific shoes. They step to walk five miles but now they're building one of their community as had they do that. That's great she's just got the you know all the equipment and things that they needed they don't take and i said great and she knows some of the equipment could be expensive but anyway they got it. I said how did they ask. They get all that equipment and things to build a jerk just they just got it my said. Please tell me how they got it. And she said supplies are inexpensive in. The dollar goes a long way. And i looked at her. I said okay. I did you as she doesn't ever say and then she said her husband's name is john pallone. She called it the john mara church. Oh my goodness like debts of first of all. Her humility is beyond my comprehension. She'll never tell you she's done something good. She probably regrets that. She told me that story because she doesn't like to share that. She's doing something she just does things. You know she'll give everything away. Not mentioned chief selflessly and with great humility. Help this community build a church. She didn't wanna mention it and they because they love john called it. The john pillow church is. She says he's as close to a sancta she can. Do you think that devotion and selflessness others the cornerstones of love or those beautiful. You put it that way. I guess feeling. I see it personified people but i guess i've never broke it down but yeah this is more than a week. Click more than we have a lot in common more than. I can tell him things you know. There's a debt there that i think is rare. I don't think everyone gets to experience that kind of relationship and he John on sundays he would go off in the morning. And she's i don't know what he's doing probably and etcetera etc. She didn't want until years later. He was always stopping at this. Woman's house to sit with her husband had died. That was one of his stops in the morning and talk about it. He just did it. And i said well. I think john's probably say you are just Saints don't say so. I could be. I bet all the cool saint's say fuck it just to watch that and they have this young daughter and just i'm watching her listen. It doesn't always shake out the way that he thinks it should in quotes and that young woman what she has had what she has seen of love and what she has experienced devotion is erasable. And we'll be with her forever and it's not that one should ever have an either or either you have a dad or you have this amazing example of devotion love but how incredible that she does have that and that's his legacy is very hard when you lose someone to think about legacies because he really just you don't care you care about the leg. I just want them here. I want them here to hug and to touch and to feel and to be with and talk to but the reality is if they've played the hand and it's done what is left behind them is really genuinely what you celebrate right. Many questions is sponsored by better help online therapy whether you're struggling with anxiety or depression need help with relationships or having difficulty meeting your goals. Online therapy might be better. Help can help you. Assess your needs and match you with the professional licensed therapist and you can start communicating with your therapist and under forty eight hours. It's not a crisis line. It's not self help. It's professional counseling done securely online. That's a help gives you access to therapists with a broad range of expertise so you aren't limited by your location at bowl. You can schedule weekly video phone or even live chat sessions with your therapist. Just log into your account anytime and send message to help is committed to facilitating great matches. So it's easy and free to change counselors if needed it's more convenient and more audible than in person. Therapy and financial aid is available. My listeners get ten percent of their first month at better help dot com slash many. That's better h e l p dot com slash many. We are so close to all being together. We can sense it from hearts beating out of our chest. Baby sense that whisper. I love you too. Hugs and kisses from childhood because getting closer and closer together to learn more about the covid. Nineteen vaccines at mastercard dot. Us slash get fach support and start. Something priceless so. Tell me when we happiest. I'm my happiest in this moment. And the reason. I say that is because i've had so many beautiful moments in my life but nothing comes close to what happened to me for years ago. Where and i adopted haley. And i think when you don't think you're gonna get something because you don't know why wasn't it. Your cards and i always dreamt of being mom. I thought it was in my dna. I had some bumps in the road a divorce illness. And then you realize i think the window at passed me and almost are shocked like wait. What happened. How did i miss that window. So i would say out loud. All i wanted to schoolteacher With this job at the today show. I'm to be a schoolteacher. Because it was the closest i could get to being with kids and i was actually thinking about like how do i get my education green. Have that way and the monday. I actually watched video and it was a child in syria. The place in been bombed and he has on his face. And i just. I'm struggling within that kim. My god i wouldn't do be the mother to that child and that was like the final sign. There were so many sites before. But i think that was the side and i said if god tells you something pay attention. Stop turning your head. Stop saying not now. Stop saying it's too late. Stop stops out. And so i approached the guy who had been dating for. I don't know six months who has a grown daughter. And i was like how can i say this and i guess this will show me whether or not. He loves me enough and i said to him. I'm gonna ask you something. That's very important to me. But i don't want you to answer right now. I need you to think about it. I said i have these feelings. That i cannot wait anymore and like i have to say it out loud role explode now that feeling when you're carrying something heavy i really do and i said i would like to explore adoption with you and literally. It was like thousand one thousand two rate. I was looking at his face. And i was thinking to myself in this weird five-second vacuum everything was about to change everything. Either i was gonna say he doesn't love me enough and made it. This was over or he was going to say yes and our lives change in another way any literally meeting with on set number five. He said to me. Oh i don't need a week. I don't mean any time nesters. Yes and i literally fell on his chest and sobs because it was like finally. I said out loud in most scared of say out loud in either way. It's resolved Sat and i still saw the mysterious on. His teacher was like but anyway that was the beginning. Wow so you would have done it anyway. If that had the end of your relationship you would have chosen being a mother over being in a relationship with someone that you loved it. Was that important or actually. I never thought about excited yes. It's the mice extraordinary thing when you know something you just know. When i was pregnant with henry they do this terrible. But i suppose necessary test where they basically look at the dna from your partner and yours mixed together and it spits out. A number of the likelihood of you having a child with disabilities and it gives you a x number in x. thousand. And i wasn't in the thousands i wasn't in the hundreds i was in the teens like it was very likely and i wrestled with the idea of getting an amniocentesis because i was like. I'm having this baby no matter what they had the amnio. Because i was like i will be forewarned i will know and i was like i'm having this baby. I'm having this baby no matter what and i knew it a new. It is clear as a bell few moments in life. Where without show about things or clarity. You're right is when you know without a blake when you now you know. What's so weird. I'm sitting here in my office. I was sitting in the chair that you can't see behind you when the adoption agency texted me. And i i called it. The project might look. My phone rang and said the project ashley and she wrote me please. I i was like oh my god so i literally sat there to cut yellow pat and i looked at the clock. Like eleven fifty three. I said this is the moment like this. There will always be like a before and after and scribbled all that stuff down. And then i hit the button and i called her and she said tours she's here a light feels like but that was pretty cool. When i discovered there it was pretty amazing and it was one of those times dan still. Everything's frozen. It's like your life changes in a lake like just like that before astor. How long was it from the beginning of the process to that franco. We got the call in january. And i had talked to joel november. Wow we just moved in together. It was november december. They said it could take a year. it may take some time and i was like it's actually not taking any time it just like when it happens it happens. You know your wife is about to take crazy term. Yeah it was very quick. How amazing gosh. Well that is that was you you you sitting with your yellow legal. Pad was me waving the pregnancy test. Just as before in an ask lessons moment of like you're you don't know and then oh my god you know. Were you excited right away. I was. I've been told i couldn't have children. I'd i've been told when i was very young this this pretty awful dr eighteen years old and he basically compared all my tubes and my uterus is basically looking like a you bend in a toilet and he was like having a child or extreme day on scream down. Cloud ceo never have child now. It's like well. is that like anything. Is there anything. I could do anything i can do like eighteen. I'm sitting there in my pay gown and he goes well. You know you could have a lot of sex and see if you shake something loose. I i just remember stumbling out of that being night. This is not you know nobody. Nobody helps you deal with that concept but you it's interesting how your you know. We didn't have i say back. Then you and. I are kind of the same age but it wasn't like there was a therapist or someone to really talk to about this huge idea. Your life sort of grows around it. So when things change. When i became pregnant or i imagine when you get this cool that you are actually going to be a mother like it is actually going to happen to say. It's life changing it. I don't know there are times words. Don't really they don't really suffice. But it was epic and immense and it definitely made me feel like i was some greater power walk. I feel like i should pay for us recession. You can. i'll send you my paypal information or you can just do a direct transfer. I'd like that. It's been such an incredible pleasure talking to you. Thank you so much. I'm sorry you kramer scar off okay. So great thank you. You can watch every weekday on the today show and she will also be co anchoring. The tokyo olympics from july twenty third to august eight many questions is hosted and written by minnie driver supervising producer aaron kaufman producer. Morgan la voie. Research assistant marisa brown original music baby by minnie driver additional by aaron coffman executive produced by me. Benny driver special. Thanks to jim. Nicolay will pinson out of snow day. Lisa kasteler an oppenheim at w. k. Pia daler pescador. Kate driver and jason weinberg and for constantly solicited tech support henry driver to local families at the center of the most notorious crime in ohio's history eight people dead all from the same family calculated slander. This was cold record. Now on the five year anniversary of the pike and massacre in the middle of production on this podcast breaking news right now. A shocking confession. None of us were expecting you. Wish guilty listen to the pectin massacre returned to pike county a production of kqed studios every wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. From the dan patrick podcast network iheartradio joy road entertainment workhouse media and sugar. Twenty-three comes a new podcast westward. I and gary whiz longtime basketball player longtime executive. Very proud of my association with los angeles lakers for numerous years. And now i with the los angeles clippers working for steve bomber hopes to chains landscape of basketball in los angeles. This is the story of basketball in. La and a rivalry thirty five years in the making. This is not about the clippers unraveling the lakers from their pedestal. That will never happen but for seven. Straight years the clippers had the best team in los angeles. Listen to westwood on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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Matriarchies  with Aliette de Bodard

Breaking the Glass Slipper: Women in science fiction, fantasy, and horror

48:10 min | 8 months ago

Matriarchies with Aliette de Bodard

"At breaking the glass lipa way believe it is important to have conversations about women and issues of feminism within science fiction fantasy and horror to continue to do so. We need your help. Please consider supporting us on patriots. Join the conversation by following us on twitter. Facebook and instagram welcomed breaking the glass lipa. I'm megan lee. I'm lizzy handsome. Charlotte bond the world as we know it is ruled by men but when it comes to fiction writers can choose what power structure they create and how they depicted despite the free rein this allows authors most recently replicate the patriarchy win authors. Do step outside the familiar. Societal structures and present us with matriarchies. What do we see. Aristotle condemned societies. The place women in paula knowing then is gonna caucases for threatening masculine supremacy since then. Men have often used representations of matriarchies as a way to demonstrate that women are incapable of or should not be trusted with holding power thankfully. The tide is turning early. Feminist speculative fiction writers like joanna russ explored all female worlds and pave the way for modern writers to explore more diverse power structures in action as something more than just projected male anxiety one. Such writer is elliott to bought out who. We are very pleased to welcome in joining us. In a discussion of matriarchies in speculative fiction. Thank you so much for joining us elliott. would you like to introduce yourself to ellis. Yes thank you so much for having me here. my name is edzard. I'm an award-winning writer. Of fantasy. and science fiction Most known for the universities which is a vietnamese inflicted space opera and my latest book is fire heart tiger which is a suffolk romantic. Fantasy said i guess you could call it too much rocky awesome and that is exactly why you are here to talk about matriarchies tonight. So first of all. I'll matriarchies only of used to us. As a way to deconstruct all paradise the patriarchy there other things right and they are They have historically existed Day are also very There's been a lot of investment in mostly trying to hide that they've existed or make it so that they were those terrible the stoke in places. Because you know god forbid that women ever been charged with anything But you can trust for instance The vietnamese society before the arrival of the chinese who who subsequently colonized vietnam was very probably some kind of much marcle and or much linear and you could see it in. You can't see anymore in the recorded history but you can see it in the fairy tales and the miss that our cost down where it's very clear. The women hold the power and that lineages passed through the mother instead of being passed through. The father is actually very interesting to look at the texts and go. You get those kinds of archaeological remains within the tax off the dragon. The dragon prince who marries the queen of the mountain. But she's the queen he's just the prince a to me. That's kind of really fascinating to see how it's been thoroughly arrays. Because the received wisdom was that those things just couldn't possibly exist. What are the common themes structures of matriarchies as opposed patriarchy's. Are they set up any differently. I'm not sure. I think i mean. The problems are infection. You do see a lot of the was talking about relief but in fiction you do see a lot of them. As being explicit deconstruction of patriarchy is right which kind of muddies the water. Because a lot of the valujet done center our setup as being opposite to battery archies where they tend to be okay so you you have the slightly what i refer to as a slightly dystopia much reactive. Which is where you just swap the genders around and instead of you know Having men oppress everyone it's no women who oppress everyone And i guess the point. I'm not sure point show. That impression is not a gender specific characteristic You also i mean to me the more interesting ones are the ones where you have. A more communal supportive structure where families are more important than where there is a. There is more office space for i mean of this sounds terribly 'gender essentially since i think part of it's part of the problem they seen as being terribly 'gender essentially you have more space for children and the very fact that children are seen as something more associated with mothers than with father really tells a story there about you know who is seem to be doing what and under what circumstances and The terms on the which we're having this conversation so i don't think it's intrinsic to a particular gender much as these things are lacking currently in the conversations that we're having these. This lock is what we're seeing. Meg elliott mentioned the. You know the power is no abuse of power is not necessarily agenda thing. Didn't you read. Was it nine militants. The power the looked at the switch the whole kind of societies around and basically showed that women would do the same thing to oppress men if they were in a position of social superiority. Yeah it does. And i think it appeals to i guess the destroy paean fans particularly. Because it's kind of like well. If women were in charge it would be just as shit. But i find that. Really fucking depressing. I think it's yeah. I mean it strikes me as being very huge cop-out anything because while you know if the roles were reversed it'd be just as bad which is kind of not the takeaway i won't but also it's kind of depressing that we seem to only be able to imagine a different kind of power structure if women were kind of on top as it were what happens about potential. Obviously this is an episode talking about matriarchies but what if we imagines patriarchal state. that was not oppressive. Interesting as well. Well what if it wasn't tied to gender particularly right. And i think there's all sorts. There's all sorts of interesting things that could be done to to keep abuse of power in check right. We have some of them in place. Already you know if you compare for instance the The makeup of democracy in terms of power checks rights very superior to have a while. You know like the example was take the obsolete monarchy of the fourteenth where nobody really could say anything against the king right so i think that you have not saying. It's perfect right not by far. But you have all those balances and checks. Were in there awhile ago when it's not a wild stretched to think that we could have something similar happening in other areas. Social end of spiritual and in a bunch of fears are not necessarily the political sphere. Although you don't the political she does need doctors. I'm not saying that we're perfect again. Just you know. That's where we are now in time definitely but i think also i mean. This is another reason yet. Another reason that i love us liu lebron. She cold made that coal When she was receiving an award a couple of years ago about actually trying to find the hope in speculative fiction. And i think sometimes when we do kind of play around with these new different ideas or if we come up with matriarchies or any kind of different structure to society. We're still seeing the negative answer. I am absolutely guilty of this. Because i am a cynic through and through yes also an idealist. And the pot of me. That's an idealist wants to see something hurtful in something that doesn't necessarily have to suck Paolo corrupts absolutely in all of that sort of thing. But i do like to hype that it could be different. I mean to me does read. The question is then in check writing. I think the it's and let me put it that way. I'm a great believer the goodness of mankind but also a great believer in the fuck the also capable of terrible right and it's mostly a question of what we choose to express. Also you know what we are allowed to express is you know captain check by A for instance. If you have a society were as you hot and arguably still have where. It's okay to be totally racist in totally horrible to people if a different skin color right and that's totally socially acceptable than of course people are gonna behave that way right You know some of them are not right but it's going to be an excuse for anyone to lead. That sort of is gonna be covered rather than an excuse. Ray is going to be cover for every one who has kind of impulse tonight loose So i think to me. That's one of the great you know powers when the great features society which is that we keep each other in check. That's really the principle of community and and we also encourage you to do like terribly good things as well right. I'm not saying it's just like you know. We are just terrible animals. That must be leashed. There is a component of you have to stop people from doing whatever they want. Because there's a bunch of people for whom doing whatever they is horrible right completely. But i mean when it comes to matriarchies in fiction particular. What are the sorts of flaws that we see portrayed and all the different to the ones that we see when we're coming up with different sorts of patriarchy so what we in the real world. I kind of feel the main one i can think of is that were talking earlier at the that it's a simple gender swap Huge you know yeah to me. It really is a huge cop. Jeff like you know. If the situations were reversed there would be exactly the same thing. In of it's a very was a lack of imagination right this inability to see anything other than okay. Well it will always be the same. As a the dominance dominant people dominant. Gender will change. but we'll still keep playing by the same rules over and over again The made the bane one that depresses me. One of the ones. That depress may. Although i also enjoy some of the lampooning of it as a trip is the kind of amazonian warriors where you have lots of these cultures of old female coaches or things like that and the women are always massive. And it's like they can't imagine women being empower without having that physical superiority or there's some kind of it's almost stem harkening back to neanderthals or something like that. It's like these big women who are more ape like than human no all. There's some of media sam's of nodes where if it's okay for women to be empowered. Because she's sexy that way. You know things like the hat. What's it's still very much. I mean yeah the whole sexy catering to the male gay still happening is yes to problem in firefox tiga. I felt that it was really interesting. You have one explicitly male character which was a unit. He was called long. And i wonder why you made the only male character to have a role in it a unit was there a sort of thinking behind that i only realized after it was pointed out to me that actually the entire class was female. So i guess we can say no The i mean having Unique says courtship advisors is a kind of trope of vietnamese court drama in chinese court drama because historically does what very often happen. The unions were the only ones who could go everywhere into the forbidden city. The imperilling closure So that's the one in beijing which is the most known but there was one in which called the pineapple forbidden city which was similarly staffed mostly unix when it came to administration so dow was mostly how we got a unique a the i wanted to show women being in power so that is how we got to the empress and then everybody else sort of skewed female because i wasn't paying attention Sort of defaulted. Everybody who was around two female. I'm sure there so male guards hanging around who did not actually get a chance to get introduced A couple of. I mean about three to four years ago when i was writing house of shouted wings. I thought the you know. I was having a tremendous success. Having a female dominated cost M making space for a non male characters because it's being something that's been on my mind homage to jara has left space for male characters and not much in the way of space or role models for other types of characters especially for women and non binary characters and i sat down and ninety account of how many characters in the book can is the gender was. Actually it was about fifty fifty but when mayland female and the brought to mind something i believe. It was gena davis who said the you start. People still having the feeling that the conversation is being a equal when women speak about seventeen percent of the time. that's a seventeen not seven seventy And start having the feeling that they're totally dominating the conversation that is completely unbalanced. Speak about thirty. Three percent of the time And that certainly was shocked to discover about are actually manage to replicate that by having the feeling though was being very very very female-dominated naturally not at all so since then what i've been trying to do is have a more conscious defaulting or unconscious defaulting towards female characters. I think it's really interesting. Because actually when i was reading the book i wondered if it was a deliberate choice to have sort of presented as a matriarch that's potentially because i'm always looking for things like this but i then wondered if it was men just and it just happened to be all men in cost. I wouldn't have necessarily thought that that was anything different about that. It wouldn't have been it. Wouldn't have occurred to me that someone was trying to make a statement will say anything to different. And i can you know i. I could absolutely see that. Perhaps it just was a coincidence that there was a an empress and princess and older the the people who happen to be in this very micro story where female but because we're so not used to seeing that my mind immediately leaped to well. This must be a society based on women in power because we just never see that. Yep no i think it's really interesting that you know. Have plenty of books where you know. There's like maybe two women characters having a duel with each other and that's about the sum total of characters will not mail in the story if you'll very very lucky like you know they're not the two love interests of somebody else And i think there's still a bit of where unused to seeing it. Therefore it feels like a remarkable thing. I was just going to say that it was quite interesting. What you were saying about dominating dialogue. I remember seeing a study that someone had done a couple of days by all the amount of dialogue within films and the one that really stuck with me. Thick did frozen and despite it being about two sisters and being disney princess it was still about fifty fifty between male and female dialogue. And i was like. Wow if if you know the big big disney movie. that's supposed to be that sisterhood. Platonic lavrov than true levin. Handed still only make fifty. You really got to ask yourself. What kind of level imprint. The children's level as well. It's like no wonder we it when we get older. That's what disney needed doing all the other ones and it's just fascinating how you don't notice it right because i've seen frozen and it sets any wouldn't have occurred to me before seeing the stats right. I would have said. It's it's a movie about sisterhood. Than the must have a huge role right absolutely must be talking most of the time and actually not be. It's been a long time statistics but it wasn't. It wasn't anything that you would expect it to be remember seeing that same study and i think like yeah. There were a lot of movies where i was like you. That is not good. Didn't you know where the percentage really didn't much. My perception of how much character should have been talking right based on. I guess my mental image of the plot and mental image of. Hey these are those characters during those things well. It was the one that she came out top. That really stuck with me. Which was a horror. Film called the descent because it is all about women and there's one guy in it getting and he may be has two or three lines lending gets killed. And i looked i. When asked you for once horror is right front and showing how it should be done but that was just a one off. I mean you point to at least a dozen horror films completely all the rights but bringing bringing it back to 'em file tiger. I wanted to just come back to the long. Because i thought he was so interesting with his relationship with the empress because alway three have found trying to influence him mother. Trying to find have place in the core and then you have long. Who is that and you actually have a few minutes with. Empress glance is asking for a nod or shake of the head. And i wanted will have this relationship developed and you know what you imagine was between them because it just fascinated me the of male female interaction that you so repeatedly throughout it was just acting. Yeah well i mean to me again. you know. It's a spot of the the culture. The grew up with right to where you would have those kind of relationships. Very often courts. I mean admittedly usually it's between amfar and a union rather than an impress of which there on the generally the painted very dis- favorably for a number of but i mean to me though was very much So one one let me put it the quote unquote advantage of. Union is the did not have family. And when you're an emperor or an impressive indeed Having somebody who does not have who's just out for themselves riot rather than on behalf of their click made the difference in the advice right at least you could be reasonably sure that whatever they were doing it for their own personal gain. It's i mean it gets more complicated because you don have union having their own proteges and their own. I mean you know. There's a whole bunch of really complicated court politics very snitching societies involved Idea was simply that these two were hot. A ruler advisor. Bondo was very strong that she trust him. And that country to most of the clashes of the union extend court dramas Being very kind to unix Arguably because they're still from confucian point of view and confusions. They really did not like unix. Were kind of like seen as being greedy and against you order a thing but more importantly were very unlikely to be confusions themselves. A long was michigan. A decent guy right. He just was there for the good of the country and sincerely believed that he could advise the empress to the best of his abilities and the had really good relationship. I really liked to lock your point that cozine extent families in although you were saying earlier bat matriarchies being very strongly child-related. You've kind of gone for the idea of families but also tend on its head a little bit Tiger as well and many essential. But it's it's not quite the family. You would expect to see you know in the power balances on the relationships. You would expect to see between women with families. Yeah well. I mean it's i mean it's hard it's really a story about two different kinds of abuse rights And i'm not going super dwell on it because it's not really the main topic of this podcast but a thon goes from one abusive relationship. She has with her mother who is Mainly in motion abusive relationship To a new relationship with elvis. Who's meant to be savior from that relationship. Bert turns out to be a while. Arguably while i mean okay maybe not worse but you know a different kind of abuse right so to me was very much of the storyline in that sense huffing. Lots of women be around manda also didn't feel like i was making a statement that you know abuses interesting part of all matriarchies which is not a all what i'm going for here. Rights felt it was also important. I it was to me a very important seem to have in the book to to really show okay. These are the kinds of relationships that you can have. In of course fan has a healthier relationship with the young a fire until than she does with anyone else. And that's also something that's part of it a more positive role model. Yeah but i. I liked that you had while. Obviously her mother is abusive towards her. Mother is also a good ruler in many senses because she would do anything for her people to keep the country afloat to her people. So i like that it. It didn't just make her. You know the equivalent of the mustache twirling evil guy who just is evil because they evil you had you showed that there was something more to her she is not now the villain. Yeah no no it's you know. It's a very complex set of characters right and there's there's also more to address than just what she displaced a son rights so you know in in the limited space that are available because this is a very slim book. I tried my best to have this theory marketing as much complexity to go characters could because while you know never been a big fan of the moustache twirling villain averge to. I mean i do like it in my children's cartoons but that's about it. I also like that. You've got obviously a suffolk love story and it's mostly filled with women. Do you think that the kind of matriarch or just a female only cost is more palatable with readers who are sold from the beginning suffolk. Love story say because those kind of redes- a rita who will pick up a story about two women falling in love going to hopefully be okay with the story. Pretty much entirely filled with women Well i think it's likely but i think it's also likely that you're going to have people who are fine with you. Know with as a general principle. But yeah i think you know if if you think the you know you can have a relationship than. It's very very likely that you're also pretty much on board with the idea that women can do anything. And i mean. Nobody's been complaining about there's suffolk relationship but all my god those women. They're everywhere right. I've never have. He's not been out that long. But i've not had that kind of specific complaint about it. Well that's good. I think i'm ahead there. And i think you all i think it still to have a says a matriarchial society or just a story mostly filled with female characters. As you rightly pointed out it is still something so rare and is really. It's it's frustrating and sad that people get up in arms about it. Still mega mix jumped before. I could answer or ask an interesting question about the you touched on the fact that was novella. And you're only had unlimited number of worlds to work with. I just wondered whether because we another thing we were thinking always Like how to change the default surrounding actually anything a matriarchies patriarchy's non binary characters people that we see all too often or not. Enough of in in speculative fiction. I was just wondering whether just bringing that from a down from a broader discussion into talking about something like a novella form. i'm not a big novella rita. Only just kind of got into them on a beginning to realize that they're fantastic. And i probably been neglecting them and i really love the way you know. I've just been reading empress of Fortune and i think it's so clever how it's done. I think zen described it as an epic in miniature the. I just think that's incredible. And i wondered whether you know we took. We've got to be talking about changing the default and looking at new ways of creating societies. That are outside the gender binary or just general sytle assumptions about gender. How do you think these shorter forms like novellas kind of contribute to maybe broadening the discussion. Well i think those really being You kind of boom and novellas. Because of i mean for a number of reasons but one of which is the A former which makes it very easy to easier to help the show to one's rather than printing printing velez still remains a little complicated in terms of from what i understand. You know bottom lines. For instance of how many copies yorkshire expected to sell There's i think to me on. The vela has some of the advantages of short sou- which is you can afford to take risks with it and have some kind of you know for instance unusual narrative structure that you may not necessarily be in a position to sustain across an entire novel for whatever reason. Right You can play with a variety of points of view. You can you. Can i think you know it's a sort of very sort of very good. I would say compromise between having something that feels meeting of dot. Go shy of actually being a full novel where i feel. They're still a whole bunch of expectations. That would be applying. I think it's changing right. You're getting to see more on more. And more novels which are more diverse in terms of correct while to start with but also characters trotz setting satra bought two novellas. A really the the sort of. Okay let's experiment for if that makes sense. Yeah i think it's great i think. They're publishes like total coma kind of leading the way and Providing outlets the authors to to experiment and then also for readers to discover things a you know might not. We will know the kind of walking into the bookstore. And you see what's on the table and it's usually georgia martin. Long with other enormous quantities of of the kind of d- full books that get in an i say that as a bookseller it's just It's really really nice to see publishes You know putting money behind the shorter forms for sure and told dot com has been very good to bug bringing some kind of those very experimental but also very diverse authors on board with You know a lot of those values not just also the novels. I think most visible nevelsk to publish more than they do novels. And you know. Full disclosure published by them so obviously. I'm a little biased. There but you know when it comes to nevada you. It's it's like saying get Substantial story and wom- theme explode and it's more than a short story but it so much more contained. It's it's an idea and it's a definitely a valid market. No definitely and you know we were. We were talking about empress of unfortunate. I really liked. The paraffin valdosta gave has put out with the I loved empress. But the one that i really really really spoke to my heart was the follow up. When the tiger came down the mountain which is about tigers women on oral history and the way in which who gets to ride their history. And what kind of history. It is depending on whose writing it So some of the same themes as empress of so unfortunate but to me with a sort of more fairytale bent to it So it's kinda like a cross between the stories among wine by My winds my maternal grandmother was telling me when i was a child born in the sort of more adult and also very queer right. Yes i love novellas as well we here. If we didn't of novellas let's get back to matriarchies showing so i was just talk a little bit about kind of the when we introduce matriarchies into a story. Is there a point where say rita might get turned off if you have a matriach easy and something else ferry different about a society. Your world like it is there. Can you get too many different completely altered versions of a world. that sort of Does it become too much. I think it's mostly a question of skill right. And i mean if you put too many different than new concepts together and those not enough space for the reader to take o.'neil day. It gets very confusing to me. That's more flow of information problem rather than the concept problem. My take on it is. there's also a particular kind of reader who go like well. It was too in familiar. And i couldn't connect with the character and i'm like yes. Please deal with it because that's overwhelmingly deployed against minorities and anything that looks nonstandard and my opinion on the subject is that we could deal with like very loving explanations of elf society rights. We can also deal with stuff. That is more unusual in part of the onus is on the writer as a matter of skill and croft but also part of the onus is on the radio to come to with enough of an open mind and if the no the at least for me maybe where the wrong kind of fit into a free the writer. I completely agree though. I think it's interesting to me. When i was thinking about other female heavy or matriarchal society books that i've read in recent years. The two that i came to mind were actually written by men which i found interesting. One being a jaywalkers. The ships way. He's got matriarchal pirates which just fantastic because pirates pirates women. What's not to love. it's great. But i also really love edge in tchaikovsky's children of time but what i really like about that one is the age didn't just looked at maecha and in nature. We have plenty of examples of societies. Where women are impala and any kind of you know. Sometimes you just get this kind of You know it's unnatural for women to empower of. Of course there's a patriotic because that's just obviously like the natural order of things. Well no spiders are matriarchal. So why couldn't their animals who track will so. It's perfectly plausible for us all. Especially if we're talking speculative fiction are the best things whether it's in fantasy well science fiction world. Other beings could be matriarchal as well. It's not completely out of the realms of what we understand now. Yeah no anytime is like you. This is the way it is in nature explanation coming up by side iot or not. Unlike i mean we do lots of very unnatural things if your definition if it's a nature first off right you know we. We die fly contagious diseases. That's very natural. But i'm pretty sure that we don't actually want that to happen whenever possible. The and the other thing obviously being of the perception of nature as you were saying is just completely off right. There are lots of things happening in nature that are not. Actually you know the patriarch order. Again it feels more like cover the national statement of fact. I mean if if men really want me to be natural. I will happily eat the heads off after i had my way with them. You know what i want. Cut megan not. Now i forget about what we like him fiction on nature. I've wanted to know what it would look like if you had a book that had men and women base gate same as peacocks. He look at peacocks right. I'm the guys have this most amazing displaying On people hunting for these fantastic Female peacocks blending. Nice thing to the crime watching the guy going dude honestly. Can't you see that you know that humans still trying to steal your feather. Just i just think that it would be so wonderful. Say something like that. Where eat sold at display. It's back really definitely being on the marriage market Reverse of johnston will the women trying to pretty themselves opposite. Now we want. I wanna see society where the men elect peacocks wounding ran just being ridiculously over the top kind of getting quite like him. His feathers a coup. Be anything's fun. The minute you start tony on his head. Suddenly things were a whole lot more interesting. Who'd of thought. Funny that i think you know. A lot of people have those unconscious. I mean everyone houses unconscious bias right. But if you if you write with and that's what you still having a problem right because you generally go for What one of my writing teaches used to refer to as you know the first shelf or the top of the draw. Where right which is what. Just what the cliche is live. And that's just not terribly interesting because it's not only has it been done before but you're not really doing it because your heart senate right. You're just doing had heart. You're doing it by rote right. Yeah absolutely reaching for the devil. I suspect a lot about this personally. Like in writing. When i was working on the trilogy it was just kind of like spies teething really. It was just so many times. I just reach for. Oh it's god let's make him a man kind of thing and i think it just takes a long time. It takes a lot not just practice writing. It just felt like doing podcast talking to as many guests as we have an exploring the sorts of subjects that we've covered a you've taken that many years to kind of stop becoming so self wear on a level of the you. Can it with you when you writing is over well to sit here and have discussions that we use. We must be more self aware. You must be aware of defaulting to the default. Then it's another thing entirely when you're actually sitting on your own creating your world Physically stopping yourself from from doing the same old thing. Falling into the same old pattern is scary. Just how deep this stuff goes deep being granted this is just. It's it's sort of well worn groove in the mind now I know that you said that you didn't necessarily intend to write so many female characters into it. It's just like what lisa was saying. You default had female gods and unsettled so you might not have announced this question. But i did wonder if we have a matriarchal society where the women offending old the roles of men like chips captain and adviser and things like that. What kind of roles do we envisage men. Having the ones who stay hyme looking out to the children in complete role reversal. Or are they working side by side with women in areas of power. I think it'd be more interesting if they were working side by side with the women. But i tend to. I tend to go from the principle that i think. Simple reversals. a bit boring. A because also is also saying things about power rights also saying that the only kind of power worth wielding is like the overt political one in a very specific political. Run because you know the say concubine in the court of the emperor who's sleeping with the emperor and having powers result of that doesn't really count rights. She's just being devious. Instead of you know if you don't rather cold issues being very smart in using the assets that she has As a way to actually accent something. That is usually forbidden to her. And i'm like more power to her but instead we get threats shaming and she gets cold war Worst names because we do not admit that this is a legitimate use of power right so to me. He'll be more interesting if we had a kind of side by side and some walsum sets of really good nation. I think of what kind of power one can hold. And what why are some powers more worthy than others Also think you could have a really good thing going with Aside religious arche too much temporal power. And you do things really if there's a mostly be going off the top of my head and thinking of existing societies but. I'm sure there's more mix much as possible on that front or you could remove them entirely and hover whole new species where there's only females. Yes yeah and they're all there are few again. You have other animals that don't have any men so it's possible that i mean everything's boss move. Yeah exactly we should see more out their ideas. I think we if we can't have out their ideas in sf. Where can we have them. Yeah i was thinking about the comments around having men and thinking about what men could do the roles in a matriarch that would be different. And i think basically tying back into what we had elliott on to talk about loss. Time with motherhood. I think it's really important that we see more depictions of may jaakko societies all simply women in power who do not have their power weakened or somehow portrayed as weaker because they have children and or even having a patriarchal society represented where the man in question you know. The the king of grand kingdom is heavily involved in his children's lives by choice. Not because he's widowed and that does not emasculate him in any way and i think that that would be really w really something that i would like to see a lot of. Yeah but i feel what we still coming back to the discussion that we had bought that deal though. We're still in other point where there isn't a whole lot about parenthood and especially motherhood right january as you point when you know when the father is taking care of children this because the mumps dent. It's not because he really likes joke. I mean i'm sure he really likes children. But it's not because he really likes to the concrete work of parenting much that he wants to do it instead of the mom right. Yeah it's more like a of have no choice. The other available party is gone. I think it's really important especially now with the pandemic because all those studies about how this has affected women far more because yet has just gone back to that default of women having to look after the children women doing the high school women doing this and that and men just carrying on with their day job and complaining at the end of the day when depending nothing's wrong. Yeah yeah i feel. It's i feel like it's very much. Fragile is to gain gainesville. we've made gender towards greater gender equality rights yondo while we're you know that wasn't a perfect situation and up it was exacerbated by the arrival of gender inequality often exacerbated by the arrival of children writes a having to stay home with the kids in the lockdown kind of seems to have materially changed Things especially for women the worst right. Yeah and this is again. This is why. I just wish that we could see more hype full. Representations of different blueprints for society in speculative fiction is kind of something to show the world. Hey maybe it wouldn't be a terrible terrible thing. Maybe aristotle is thousands of years out of date in his view of it. And we should you know. Get get a different opinion. We definitely should get a different opinion so to wrap it up elliott. Would you like to give us a little pitch about five tiger and why listeners should go on by a copy if they haven't already Safar heart tiger is a suffolk. Romantic fantasy Senator game the rest is inspired by precolonial. Vietnam it's as a The golden emperor meets halls moving castle And it's a story of a quiet and thoughtful princess. Who's a diplomat and find herself unexpectedly meeting her. I love her across the negotiation table. And things get very charge from there and she's also being metaphorically and physically haunted by firing pasta seems to be following her around and she will have to make choices about the fate of her country and her own fate wonderful and as we mentioned it's a great little novella but south from toy dot com and we all love their books. Say he should also check out there other novellas as well. Thank you so much for joining us tonight and chatting about matriarchies in novellas and of the little Sex we've had along the way. Thank you very much. It was great breaking the law. Slipper is written and produced by megan lee. Charlotte bond lisa. Handsome please help us. Spread the word subscribe and leave a review on your preferred podcast platform. We want to hear from you. Let us know what you would like to hear on the next episode of breaking glass lipa.

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It's denoted by big mood. little mood. it it creates room for something in the middle. I think yes. That's why i am. I mean i admire that deeply. I hope to to get their myself. I'm also really excited to have you here. Not least because when i was thinking about your podcast i thought it's weird that i've never seen almodovar movies and i went and i looked up his leg filmography and i saw a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown and for a second. I had that confused with That john kassovitz movie like woman on the edge or something yet the one with the gena rowlands and everything and i was like wow. I always thought that was john. Cavities that's amazing Wall i think the tagline for our podcast now is an introduction to having the films of pera almodovar so if you have not seen a single one is actually a really good introduction My co-host actually had never seen an almodovar. Felt before this podcast either. And so while we were watching movies during the pandemic When i was like basically god sniper. He had not watched any of them. We decided to do this podcast. Just so that. I can like download information onto his brain About almodovar and i think so. Oliver has like a forty year career. And we are really like cherry picking the most essential film so honestly if you haven't seen any of them the podcast it's a wonderful way to start and you should watch them. Because they're so good i i want to and i feel like now i need to because i just looked this up and women on the edge is a book by somebody named samantha. M bailey. now. I don't even know what cassidy's movie i was thinking of. No he made a movie like with his wife. And with peter falk and it's very a woman under the influence a woman under the influence. That's what it is not women on the edge and not women on the precipice of a nervous breakdown. Her whichever is the the movie by almodovar but with women and precipices and edges. And i'm going to have to try to eventually explore them all but if you like women and you love color and you like eyeliner and you like balconies and you generally like just sort of like the spanish -ness of stuff On your way to go on say while we've all been trapped in our homes for the last like four sixteen seventeen months just having like the psych small little escape to madrid like every week. Or so has been a goddamn lifesaver. I mean you you have absolutely have me sold. You had me at balconies But even now even now. And what's amazing. Is i keep now. I'm just looking at his filmography. And i'm like mixing up everything with a different movies. So i saw like i was looking bad education. I was like. Did i see that was the carey mulligan movie like no. That's an education. And so i guess just really his specialty seems to be movies with titles that remind me a little bit of movies have seen or thought about seeing by somebody else and that's going to be a really exciting opportunity for me to get things mixed up but once you start watching you will be able to never confuse his movies for any other movie ever again. I appreciate your optimism and we'll fuck and see about that mm-hmm this episode of big little mood is sponsored by talk space when it comes to therapy in psychiatry. Getting the help that you need has never been so simple when you're able to access your provider from your phone or other devices. It means that your therapy can be on your schedule and time to get an appointment or travel time to an office can free up time for the rest of life talks. Space is so convenient. It can help you feel supported around. The clock talks base. Lets you send and receive unlimited messages with your dedicated therapist in the talks space platform. 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It's an average savings of over seven hundred fifty dollars for customers who switch and save in fact. Customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with progressive including discounts just for starting online or having multiple vehicles on their policy your quote online at progressive dot com. See how much you could be. Saving national annual average auto insurance savings by new customer survey twenty nineteen potential savings will vary discount very or not available in all states and situations. All right. we've got frankly question from somebody who i feel like. My answer might need to just be like. Have you considered in addition to possibly changing your life significantly smoking weed every day just to take the edge off because this sounds like a joke or like a dismissive answer. It's really not think one of the things that i want to suggest to this letter writer is smoking weed more regularly albeit like in a controlled and careful fashion because they know for some people like anxieties can get ramped up a lot higher When they smoke so I don't want to just like say like grab whatever we can find and go for broke. Just read the letter but letter to be aware that i think you should maybe try smoking more weed while you figure this out. Subject is burnout blues. I feel like. I'm suffering from burnout. I did everything. I was quote supposed to and it well in law school. I passed the bar been a practicing lawyer for more than a year. Now a fine job that pays me enough and isn't too demanding with a good work life balance a live with my boyfriend. We make each other very happy. So wider i feel satisfied. I don't particularly like my job. But the job i had before this was even worse. Actually find myself missing. When i was in school and working as a waitress. I know people tend to look at the past with rose colored glasses but i think i was happier than my boyfriend and i had a lot more time together and i had a lot more free time on my own. Now it just seems like every day is the same a log in at home work for eight hours log out eat dinner exercising. Go to bed l. afford to the weekend. But it's always over too soon. I just don't see the point anymore. Am i supposed to keep doing this until i retire. It feels like a waste. Life feels meaningless. Repetitive and boring. I'm at the point. Where i don't wanna work at all and i really doubt any job will be satisfying when i tell my boyfriend how i feel. He asks me what i wanted to instead. And all i can say is i just wanna live. I know i have some anxiety when it comes to work. I have a constant fear that i will log in one day and just be fired and i have serious imposter syndrome going on but i can usually just think through that and realizing being ridiculous these feelings of dissatisfaction and longing for something else just won't go away. How do i live with the knowledge that nothing really matters. And that i'll probably just have to suffer through life. this way. This letter really does take a turn. I was expecting an answer. The the final question would be something like. How do i figure out whether this means i need to quit. How to figure out what else they want to do with my life. Those were the kinds of questions. I was intimidating. i was not ready for. How do i just like. Buckle down and get ready for another forty to sixty years of meaninglessness yeah. You're relates in a letter. 'cause i really related to it hugely hugely i i think especially the last time i had a corporate job before a quick to write fulltime like one of the ways that i knew it was just time it was a you know a good enough job. My colleagues were nice. I mean enough money to pay my bills. Which was not the case when i quit to start writing full time and i still like most days when i drove into work. I was like you know that center divider is just right there And not not in the sense of like. Oh i've got like a plan. Just like i found myself kind of semi regularly having a sense of like. I hate this like way. Disproportionately to how bad. I think it is if that makes sense. Yeah i mean. I how what can a lot of people would consider like a dream job. I'm and i certainly don't know what else i think i would enjoy doing more. But like are definitely times for and dislike. Oh like this like the rest of my life. Going to be the best for the next thirty years When i get to like the end of my life like what will all of like any of this house like summed up to I don't know. I guess they say that at like subject line for that so it's like burn out blues but yeah this is melbourne out to my mind. This is way beyond. Yeah i like the fact that like they feel like they like nothing. They do like really matters and they're sort of like doing the same things over and over and not garnering any sort of like choi. yeah Probably means that if you can afford it what you see it's like you probably can't like go to a therapist maybe I think that that's sort of like blindness at exit sensual link. Kness that this person is describing Really makes me hope that they will check out. Something antidepressant options. I think that. Like if i'm a little bit like too quick to be like play armchair psychologist the other thing that they might just sort of need a lot more stimuli in their life. I definitely remember. I'm graduating from college. And then coming back home and just like that summer between college and unfortunately grad school. I was like wait. I'm just like hanging out and like no one is giving me book street. And they don't have like new thoughts in my head all the time and like the point of my life is to just go like work for somebody else. Like as like a cog as opposed to having like my own like really cool. Experiences like really bummed me out and so if this person is missing their school experiences their school years and so like the waitress job which sounds like for me like a recipe for a headache. But that's like what they were really into. It just might mean that like they need to just the have a lot more stuff coming up them all the time in order to feel alive. Yeah i mean one of my thoughts here was like it's it's already really difficult to lake. Find ways to build an enjoyable and meaningful life. just full stop And then on top of that. Not only has. This person had a lot of trouble with a demoralizing job It's also been during a pandemic so like it's not even just like i go to work for eight hours. I log onto my computer and do my work in like this shitty little vacuum in my living room. And then i log out. I eat dinner. And i exercise and i go to bed of. I don't wanna like say like of course you'd have to be depressed if that happened to you literature e it makes a lot of sense that you feel miserable and depressed right now. You are in a miserable situation. I understand when you say like. I don't feel like i should be this upset. Because thank goodness like able to pay my bills and like i'm not facing eviction which is certainly true. But that doesn't mean that you don't have problems and like there's a reason that people who are able to arrange their time according to how they would like the usually do not arrange it in such an order. You know people with freedom to choose their own schedules. Don't choose logging in my living room worked directly for eight hours log out eat dinner exercise go to bed so a think part of what. I'm hoping letter is that if you hear us talk about depression that it does not feel dismissive of like. Oh your problems aren't real. You just have a brain chemistry issue. You should get on medication and that'll fix it. You'll still have very real problems. Like what do. I wanna do in terms of dealing with mighty distress and and loathing of my job. That's a real question that you're going to be faced with and that will still exist. But i want you to be able to face that with a little bit more external support and assistance. Because right now if there's a party that's like normally. When i feel bad i convince myself on being ridiculous and my job right now is to make sure that i stopped caring. And i just buckle down and like get through the next forty to fifty years of meaninglessness. I don't want that for you letter writer like that. Is i believe the voice of depression trying to lake. Berate yourself into shutting down and just doing nothing but functioning and A really really. Don't want that for you. And i do think there are other ways to think about these questions And so i think not like. Don't worry medication or therapy or talking to dr saying i have. I think i have. Depression will fix these problems. It just think it will make it a little bit easier to distinguish between options. You would actually prefer versus options that you think would make your life worse. And yeah the feeling like it's all going to be meaningless. There's probably no job that would ever worked for me. That is the stuff that like. You made me think. I think there might be something deeper going on here. And none of that's to say by the way that like a horrible job can't be itself incredibly depressing like can part of what you're talking about. Let writers just like the alienate labor And so like you know. You don't feel satisfied because that's not a satisfying way to live. Is logging in and logging. Off and having almost all the time you're supposed to have as like quote unquote free time being dedicated to necessary acts of self replication. You know like we do the dishes so that we can make our next meal. We make our next meal so that we can like focus and stay awake for another eight hours. We don't necessarily do those things simply out of joy or freedom of choice. We do those things because they are required. Daily acts same with showering with exercising. You can find joy in those things. I just mean like. That's all you've got going on in your free time right. Now that's not soul restoring stuff. Necessarily i also wonder how much of their nostalgia for school and for waitressing is mount up in the house like intensely social. Those environments are Like now embarrassed. That i missed like the whole like quarantine us of the flutter Yeah i mean maybe maybe who knows. Maybe like if you go back to like an office and you're defied constantly in contact with other people all the time your job i feel really different It's just felt like we can't really know it's not like the information that we have. But i do think that just you know that. Like hamster cage feeling of like never getting to do anything other than like or three like activities is probably like like one hundred percent maybe of like why you feel so terrible and yeah i don't know like i think there would be as important like in this case i do also think like just figuring out like a different activity to try If you can sort of like muster like the energy or like carve out the time to do it. I think is really important Again like dot dependent on a lot of things Yeah think you might feel better. And i think can be. We'd yeah and you know. I'll also wanna throw out there in addition to. I do think you should talk to your doctor. I do you think you should consider talking to a therapist. And i do think you should at least take seriously the possibility of trying medication. Also say that someone who like. I have both been off and on. Sra's over the course of my life. I realize that it is not simply a question of just like grab the first one that they recommend to you in just things will be great. I realize it takes time for them to start to take effect. Elsa realized that some of the side effects are really difficult to live with. And you might need to try more than one and that it is not simply a question of like. Oh that one didn't work out for me. I'll just stop taking it and feel fine like i am very aware of how from all those Prospects are but i really do just wanna flag. Life feels meaningless. Repetitive and boring. I think that's true. And i just intellect find a way to like go through. It is again like not to say like and if you get on medication you'll be able to know does has meaning i see it now but like you'll be able to wrestle with the question of like what does meaningfulness look like. How could i find it. How might i try to seek it out. What do i think it is You'll be better equipped to try to answer those questions in your life. Not that that will answer them for you. And then beyond that. I guess i wanna give up like a positive like back on what you're saying. Please there is sort of like both like the emotional aspect of this and then like the existential aspect of right. Because you like oh. It's a little bit hard to tell like. Wear sort of like the emotional. Like nece or biochemical play ness light stops and were sort of the the south stockton begins and so i think that like for example if you were to seek treatment and maybe like better take care of like the emotional side. It gives you space to like tackle that file that were. Yeah absolutely and so he. Yeah there's also a question of like part of what you liked about those old jobs where that you had more time to spend with your boyfriend and more time to spend on your own at makes sense to me having lots of time where you get to decide what you were going to do is a good thing. That's part of. What makes your life feel like your life I really get that. that's an. That's a reasonable thing to miss. It makes sense to me. That part of what i think you also miss about being a waitress. Was that sense of somebody. Orders food from me. I go tell the cooks to make the food. And then i bring the food out. I know where my work starts and stops i know would affect my work has in the world. It's done when i finish the check with this particular table like i can see and smell and touch the fruits of my work. You know i can see it happening. And now i log into a weird computer and for eight hours i like go clack clack clack and i imagine that things happen or a pretend things happen but nothing about it is tangible nothing about it has like sort of like residence or wait that can hang onto. Yeah i don't see or talk to people you know that makes a lot of sense And so if part of what. You also decide at some point as i wanna think about possibly quitting my lake pretty good law job and waiting tables again and figuring out what else i want to do with my life. You should give yourself permission to think about that. It may very well be that the people in your life will say things like. That's a bad idea. You'll be giving up to -bility You know they might have their own reactions and you can decide whether or not you share those reactions But i you know. I don't i don't want to just say like no obviously like if you went to law school you just have to be a lawyer forever like you have to have a similar lake office job. You might just feel like i can't do office jobs. They make me want to die. And i would much rather have the sort of like other problems that come with like maybe waiting tables which him sometimes include like carpal tunnel syndrome. Or like you back pain or wearing a lot. Orthopedic shoes I waited tables for a few years in in in after. And i got orthopedic shoes and that was great. You know elsa smoked a lot of cigarettes. Those two things really helped my back feel better after work. I don't want to encourage the letter liking cigarettes. I guess i just wanna talk about like. Sometimes it can help you think about what you wanna do. If you're in a sort of flake morose place not in terms of what. We'll fix my problems but like what set of problems would be most excited to deal with and so that might be helpful. The last thing. I want to throw out. There's like sometimes when you feel this generally bad about everything that also means there's like a bigger global thing. You seem to really like your boyfriend. So i don't want to assume that but like sometimes if everything feels meaningless maybe wanna transition just a little bit probably not the case four to five percent chance just wanted to throw it out there. Everything seems hopeless and the future stretches before you like a grave. Think about doing it After transitioning and maybe that sounds fun and sexy or pivot to play the piano four hours a day. Both great ideas star transitioning and then become a concert pianist. This episode of big mood little mood is sponsored by credit karma. Credit karma has always been there to help people make better financial decisions and now they want to do more with credit karma money. Spend account you could be rewarded for good money habits credit karma. Money is a brand new checking account where you can win. Cash reimbursements making purchases. When you use your credit karma. Melanie debit card. You can win. 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See rules banking services provided by mvp bank inc member fdic maximum balance. Transfer limits apply I just really feel for this letter writer and just i know i had mentioned earlier that i was hoping to discuss burnout more. Generally with you. Because i just feel like i'm sure there are ways in which it can be an has been a really useful word but i also sort of feel like it hasn't served this letter writer well because like to reduce this huge set of problems as burnout like oh you just. You worked a little too hard last week and if you could just be sure to clock out at five every day this week and like get eight hours of sleep. You'll be ready to go. You'll find this work newly restorative in meaningful just does it seem slightly impoverished. You it strikes me as slightly impoverished language. I mean. I think there is a sort of a psych lack of firmness like a lack of like solidity around with burnt out is even supposed to mean. I think that like there's sort of a recent trend of trying to describe burn out as like Generational concept of dislike having so many things away on the that like. How are you supposed to possibly exist in the world I think the way that like. I conceive of my own occasional burnout. It's sort of something similar to like a repetitive motion. Injury denotes the mean like like. If you practice subpoena. Four hours a day you'll get carpal tunnel. I feel like there's like a way. Where if you use your brain like the same way over and over like you're not doing any real thinking and so i don't know like i think you just sort of like numbness or like dislike fog of utility That leg sometimes comes with just like doing the same thing over and over and over again And so like burn out. Like i don't know i feel like this has a suspicion i don't. I cannot confirm this. I feel like i started to see the word. Burn out more frequently somewhere around the mid 'oughts and i feel like i started to see it. I from like corporations or hr departments or like job coaches were the sort of unstated goal was to get people to be more efficient workers again So it felt a little bit like this concept was sort of like. Oh it's when like weirdly doing your shitty job that you only do because you have to because of money doesn't make you feel rested energized and fulfilled and here are all these little tweaks that you can make or that your manager can make Right culture can make yeah to to reduce burn out to see it coming and to make life a little softer on yourself And so i always find it a little like certainly i. I'm always four trying to make life easier on yourself but it also feels a little bit like if the nature of your job is like by itself. Alienating divorced from like the product of what your work creates if you're not able to dictate with like anything that you do within your work schedule if you're just completely like moving around somebody else's whims And not spending your time in any way that feels like useful or meaningful to you like burnouts. Not the word. It's like you're you're you're you're in a bad situation you're being you know from feeling dramatical so you're being tortured. If i'm feeling you know non dramatical say something like you're in a stress position being like i now in this stress position you might find that your legs cramp up. And here's some techniques to reduce it. It's like full the this this is causing it. It's not it's not a question of scale it's a question of of this. Is the nature of this work. Wake people with like draining corporate jobs where you just sit in front of a computer and do a lot of things that feel fake. It's like burn out or is it just like a horrible horrible way to live. And when you put a commute on top of it and then like have to try to sleep or have a family you have no time. That is actually yours. Like i don't know how much scented candles or or mindfulness apps are going to help with that. Yeah and yet there are so many people sort of have to work those heights of jobs. And so i don't know i guess i think out this stuff a lot because i'm sort of like the daughter of lake working class immigrant parents and i feel like they have like really never been the type of position to like derive a huge amount of personal satisfaction from their jobs. Because like job is like what you do in order to like. Go make money so that like you. Unlike your children can survive and so i feel like my parents have dealt with this particular dilemma in like very different ways. Where like my mom is a much more life just grin and bear it type of person and my dad is someone who floated from job to job. Every i don't know like here a couple of years because he would just got like incredibly bored and then he would quit and then my parents fight and then like you would just in the same cycle like over and over again and i think as i got older as sort of like us to judge my dad a little bit for not being able to stick it out for the sake of his kids are brother but now i'm sort of like This is also probably exactly what i would do Because it's really hard to like take bullshits Especially if you feel like your above it or you just feel lake. There has to be a better situation And i think for the letter writer there. It's absolutely possible that that's what it is and also it's entirely possible at like candidate blues and Once like the world starts up again they would like have like a very different experience their job because this person sounds like david at it for less than two years and so i don't know like how much of like what they've during the past year like how much of that is really like a reflection of like what their job or their career is. Rothem fill searching necessary. I think yeah. And i'm glad you brought that up to because while i am i think rightly suspicious of like when recommendations about how to address. Burn out come from ones like hr department. That's to say that. Like all you can do is like hold tight and wait for a full communist revolution because in the meanwhile you do still also have to live And so that question of does it make your life easier if you think of your job as something that you have to make bearable for yourself so that you can like fill the rest of your life with things you care about. That would make a lot of sense to me And again in that case you might want to decide how important is making a lot of money to me like if i'm able to pay my bills as a server if i'm able to like meet. He tried to get into like waiting tables fine. Dining sometimes that can be more of a longterm career prospect than waiting tables like the restaurant on the corner. Maybe that's the trade off that i'm willing to make in order to fill my time outside of work with things that i love more or maybe just like i know this like a very square thing for me to say but like maybe making a lot of money is like really important to you for like a lot of reasons and that's what it is and like you can afford to sort of like distract shelf with a lot of like really cool really expensive things. In order. To like make that hyping job more bearable. I dunno like i want to judge those people No oh my gosh. Not at all i mean. I don't think we're talking about like billionaire level stuff would be making the kind of money that like can only be rested from like the backs of others but yeah if somebody is like in a position where they're like the ability to travel is really important to me the kind of freedom and independence that like this amount of money gives me an in a position to try to make it makes my life feel really good. Yeah absolutely that that might be a choice that a different letter writer might wanna make a really think. It's just too. Yeah as you were saying like to start from the assumption that my job is not likely to be the single factor that produces the most meaning in value in my life. What decisions do i wanna make about my job given my own personal individual limitations based on like where i live my job experience etcetera. What do i want to do about that. You know for me at the time it was. I wanna quit this day job and try to make a go of writing fulltime. Anyway they can. I would rather deal with the problems of you. Know i knew my own situation. I was like i i would rather gamble on not having health insurance for a while and see if i can make it because i think the level of unhappiness idea with In even pretty good corporate job is high enough. That i'm just going to get fired. I'll be so miserable. That was worth it for me. If that hadn't paid off. I don't know what else i would have done. But i would have had to figure something else out and boy. Oh boy just didn't have health insurance for a really long time. I definitely thought it was going to be like a year. I was like. I'm just to like roll the dice and hope for the best and then it was like a decade sounds like a writing career. I wonder in the same way that you were talking about. Liked being a little bit to focus on that center. Divider like this person. Oh 'cause like the imposter syndrome of like wondering if they're going to log in one day and then feed at their fire like. Is that imposter syndrome. Or is at lake wishing and hoping Maybe think about that We can't do the souls or should for you unfortunately. Yeah but you think that's right to take that as an indicator of like. Is there another phrase for that besides imposter syndrome. Is there another phrase for this besides burnout. That speaks to. What's going on with me and you know the last. Go back letter writer lake when my boyfriend asked me like what do you want to do and i just wanna live like a really as they say sometimes youth group resonated with that. You know like i just for all that. I don't think that's going to be able to be your sort of founding principal in terms of what you do next a really get that i really get that like i wanna fuck and see my friends and hang out and maybe occasionally read a book and just really seems like we have enough like inventions. It's been long enough. Since the industrial revolution started that we should all be able to do that. Why can't we all do that all the time. I really really to it. I wish i could remember. I mean i have one that i can recommend to you. My one of my favorite things about it. Is that understand almost nothing. That's going on which is really great way to read when your brain already feels like a pair of fuzzy dice. It's nat ferber's. I found out a confidential chronicle of the nineteen twenties and his long dead newspaper reporter who worked a lot in the early ought and twenty s. And like i'm on this chapter right now. Worships like woman get foster on the mcgee scandal. And i'm just like foster was involved in the mcgee's idea. Wow i didn't see that coming. I've no idea who foster is the only mcgee i know. From that general time period is like flavor mcgee which affleck was a radio show where people were always dropping things out of a closet. I'm not describing this well but somebody listening to the show is going to know what i'm talking about. I've no idea who any of these lake. Local politicians are. What the scandals are but every time he gets a telegram just like hell. Yeah ferber you get him. I'll have to check without. Please do one day when i myself and no longer burnt out. That's what mayor of east town is for. In the meantime. I've been having so much fun. How many times people say her name on that show like just everything is like. Hey mayor mayor david second mayor. How do you want your coffee maher. There was a point very briefly. Where jean smart. Who plays kate. Winslet's mom gets very angry and says mary ann and like literally took me like two entire seconds to realize who she was talking to. Especially because like i. I've met a couple of marietta my life and i never knew any who went by mare and yet. This is a gross generalization about white people make one white people really love monty. Slavic names i do. Yeah how do you go by dan. Never that's my one thing. That was my one thing when i picked this name was like daniels. Good danny as good anybody. Who calls me dan. Just like fundamentally does not get me. And i will never talk to them ever. I'm not a damn. It's not that there's anything. It's like smoking pot every day. Not necessarily anything wrong with being a man. I am not a dan. i just felt so true to me like oh like. This is my name foreshore but dan's not a part of it. I really agree with you. You are not dan thank you. I really appreciate. That is really wanted to like a your choices. Thank you. I i want to affirm your choices to i. Our firm everyone's choices even can affirm the people who chose the wigs for mayor of east town. They're very unusual choices. jean smart swig is driving. Me absolutely bonkers. But that can't be what there several scenes where it looks like. She just walked out of a spirit of halloween store having juice number. She's wearing a gray freight wig in most seasons. Meet most episodes. It's only sees blonde right. I feel like there's been a couple of scenes where it's like very late. Blonde verging on gray. At least one scene where. It was just full grey. There might have been where it was read. Maybe i'm hallucinating. But i feel like she has had many different wigs on the show. Have you watched hack yet. I have no tax yet. How would swig situation. Like the whigs has so good. She has like a that scene. Where like a woman says in front of a mirror and she's like looking at her face a hate scenes. Because i'm just like like one other way that like a woman could possibly be introspective without like looking at her appearance. Like you don't generally shoot men looking in the mirror. Lake studying them notes literally a reflection. I don't know what ever shorthand you can get for reflecting than a reflection. Come on their house. But they're me to write the alphabet and then saying like eight x off limits but there is a scene where she is doing exactly that and then she does like a surprise like wig reveal. It's beautiful and like i don't know like the first five minutes of the show so you don't even have to like get deep into it in order till i got this like really fun. Whitworth yell and then like the hair. She has under like also really good. So i take it. This is not a show about like computer hackers. Which was what my first assumption was when you said the show hacks out It is actually about the comedy generation gap between two female comedians. Oh so no computer hacking. Not in the first six episodes that i've seen but it does. I think jean smart a place like a joan rivers easy lake old timing comedian and then she got sort of like haired with a millennial like tweet disaster person who is like your. Don't serve so old and then smart says while you're jokes now funny do. But then they're going to go like be really cool together out the show man. It sounds good. The only thing is. I'm now a little disappointed that there's not a show. Where james lake plays a hacker who has like a hacking wig. Just like hang on a second. Let me get my computer wig. Like how would you say. It's like made like a watermelon watermelon. Okay like a gallagher wig. A man do you. Do you think a person who for example hated the marvelous. Mrs maisel would may be still enjoy it. I hated the marvelous. Mrs maisel and i enjoyed hacks okay. That is helpful and was a terrible show. I we ongoing and so we should say it is a terrible show how our happily say is show however i will say that now anytime i see a top hat anywhere in the wild i have to all my husband and then we play a game where i take a picture of them and then he has guest whether he is the bomb. Duck or instrumentality. Now you've given me a lot about lots of think about today. I will say this. Ever since i did. See the bobby duke. Whenever i go to someone's house who has like a coat rack where they hang up the coats usually for the first minute or so. I'm scared especially in like period movies where there's like you know. Men walk into a building in the up their hat and coat right away. And then there's a quick shot of hanging behind them. I was like okay. It's is not gonna turn into the barbeque. I mean they probably should turn into the baba deck. That's the only way like the show. Good this is why you make such a great tv critic best ideas and you agree with all of mine You i'm so grateful to you for for coming on the show today. Do you have any last Words of wisdom for anyone who hates their job I know. I don't know. I guess like maybe there's this whole thing right now. I think they're like burgeoning discussion about whether Like the pandemic is going to lead to like a mass quitting fush hiring thing because people have been too afraid to leave their jobs because of All of the economic instability and like people read evaluating evaluating their priorities in life. And all that stuff. And i really feel like. That's going to be a really big deal. Sorry that's a very dumping say. But i also really believe in it and i hope that people sort of and all of this like a much happier or at least much more self-aware face and they started out sweat ya i mean there's definitely things that have felt like exciting restorative impossible to me here on the lake tail end of quarantine like had you had you gone back to twenty nine thousand nine hundred like here's something you're going to be doing and twenty twenty one. I would have not believed you. And i would like what sort of outrageous overall change would have had to take place within my psyche for me to be the kind of person who would enjoy this. Or who do this It's kind of shocking. But i mean we're here like at the end of the pandemic and we're also starting new jobs. I ready to say like at a tail end of quarantine. I'm sonal ready to say of the pandemic now. Not least because. I think it's tempting fate but certainly it's not like where i in march of twenty twenty which is to say like only in my living room washing my groceries. Yes i think Yes i do live in the bay area upland so everything does feel sort of like things coming to an end. But i know it's vastly different in all sorts of other places. So i should be more careful about the words that come out if i know you're doing great thanks for having me Thank you so much for being here for just reading the in my clothing choices i was gonna say i really appreciate them in detroit vibe. That like you've onto this. You know what i you're. Welcome love strives to bring a bit of the turtles energy to everyday life and it just means a lot to me that the good i hope you continue to spread that joy. Thanks for joining us on big mood. Little mood with me. Danny lavery producers phil circus who also composed our theme music. Don't miss an episode of the show had to sleep dot com slash mood to sign up to subscribe or hit the subscribe button on whatever platform. You're using right now. Also please leave us a review on apple podcasts. If you get a minute we'd love to know what you think. If you want more big mood little mood you should join slate. Plus slates membership program members. Get an extra episode of big mood. Little mood every friday. And you'll get to hear more advice and conversations interview questions with our guests and as asleep plus member you'll also be supporting show go to sleep dot com forward slash mood plus to sign up. It's just one dollar for your first month if you need some little advice or big advice and you'd like me to read your letter on the show had to sleep dot com slash mood to find our big mood little mood listener question for him or find a link in the description of the platform. You're using right now. Thanks for listening. And here's a preview of our slate plus episode coming this friday. There's no way for me to answer a question about weed without just feeling like reflexively embarrassed by myself already him in like everything i've ever said about weed sound stupid to me and yet you dress like a student. Every single day seaton's every single day. Oh my gosh based on me looking at you coming in hot video like basically like the only time we've really met so and yet the confidence with which you just said. Every day was beautiful. No i guess you're you're not wrong one of the things that Make girlfriend believes to me recently and she said it and meant it in a very tender affirming way but it also cracks me up. She was like one of the things that i really like about the way that you trust is often like a little kid. Who's been like time you can pick out your own alford tomorrow was like absolutely. I know what you mean like. Yes that's true. I often do go in for just like real joy. 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