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"gem camp" Discussed on Windows Weekly

"You did you talk about this kristie play for the game. Yeah yeah this is just a pc. So we've done them all. I'm just looking back i want. I'm gonna want to miss editor now. I was just like no no more gaming. Please the gaming gems camping. I'm just saying you know what so. I'm just going to say. I'm not surprised. He led with gaming. And i think. I said this privately. If there hadn't been so many gaming announcements from microsoft this year there wouldn't be a lot of announcements from the company. That's a good point. I mean as much as i hate to admit that i mean. How many dynamics announcements were there. Not that many out that When i marry joe's pex coming up gaming related and chided her on skype for infringing territory. That's mine back of the book coming up or show today brought to you in fact the whole year. I think it'd be safe to say brought to you by last pass. Thank you last for being a great sponsor all year long. They bought studio naming rights. Something i don't think any other podcast has ever done. I don't hear. I don't hear anybody say From the joe rogan last pass studios and ever hear that So we really. We're really grateful. It was it was a vote of confidence in us and And thank you and of course. We have absolute confidence in last pass. Why been using it for a dozen years. Steve gibson start using about ten years ago. I- harangued him until he actually went to Last passes at all right. Show me what you're doing was so impressed. He started using it still. Does we use it. as an enterprise They call the technical term is identity and access management. I am companies. These days are facing significant cybersecurity. Threats i.

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